First telepathic communication of today with Hatonn and telepathic Talk: Questioning Hatonn and AAJophiel about the “Great Portal” Nov.20, 2013





My heart`s story of today June 14th, 2016…………….

yesterday,  I was led to a blog which is old but for me completely new. It is all about Hatonn and I blogged it at once for my friends on Facebook and followers of my blog with an explicit explanation of who Hatonn is. As we have not heard quite a period from Hatonn and I had as result of my stroke lost all connection to my celestical guides I am so glad that I have now regained this old connection again and having been led to this old blog after having found him and my Higher Self in my deep heart some days before. I know that he has helped me to get there and to start again channeling him.

Hello, Hatonn, I am so grateful to you and to my Higher Self that we are again linked together – I felt this time inbetween so lonely all on my own but from the reading of yours which Marc sent me I jumped into the masses of posts to foward those to most of my friends as my big pc got broke and I had to cope with the small laptop. At least I could work again for the ascending earth and our father God and that made me content and filled my days  ro my joy.I tried to translate with Marc again but he diverted his work into a slightly dofferent direction on his own, so I left the translations there. But you know all thar of course.


H:  yes I did lead you to my old blog and then now to our past communication to give you the idea we could begin again our talks and you can get rid of your burdens which are heavy on your heart because we have learned from your prayers your tightened sorrows about the yulin festival in China –

I: yes how can I read heavenletter and have joy in my heart if there is so much pain and misery on those animals – I spoke so often with our father as nothing is impossible and everything is possible with his guidance and help. I signed already the petition to stop this cruelty – but I dread the date approaching.  several times a day I go – as you know with my Higher Self and you to the quantum space to beg our father and Franziskus to beware these poot creatures in China off these cruelties and all my tears are for the animals and the humans who have to do this event. I think these my prayers are always in the back of my heart alldays.

H: My beloved you cannot save the world but leave it to our father – I and your higher Self bless you – we know about you and your longing for harmony I do love you all the time and this love has been a long long time already and it is only still a little time until we meet again and I`ll take you then up on my ship to stay a while in our lightchambers.I embrace you together with your Higher Self.

So Long

So long my love .



Now comes my talk with Jophiel and Hatonn some years ago:


Mmust have a talk with you two AAJophiel and Hatonn ! I am calling on you !

Following my very own road through the plains of the desert towards the huge light rising on the horizon above the far-away mountains …. fading in the mist of light ….. plodding onward – never be discouraged but still so very curious and wanting to know more and more as I go on and on …..

My true and wonderful guides besides my Higher Self – are you here at my side?

Hallo – of course we are – and what sort of questions are ailing you today?

As I read from the messages of the Archangels Michael and Raphael together with our Father – the Time of Now presents us with the opening of the Ascension Portals and we are being called for our final decision whether to pass through these huge Portals or not  … we have been waiting for them to appear before us since a long long time on our long long way through the desert of our decreasing old 3-D-Realm. Continue reading

Update after June Solstice 2014 and passing another Great Portal with the Tsunami of Love

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Status Update
By Eva Maria Holstein
Update of my life now after Solstice ….. : wie ich mich jetzt fühle nach der Sonnenwende …. my sensations now after going through Solstice ………..Apparently there was another great Portal to be passed for all of us on Solstice … at least it was the case for me … as apparently the downloaded flares – socalled “Tsunami of Love” was reaching their peak here in Northern Germany as from 4.00 – 9.00 a.m. … I woke up at that time groaning with heart-pains and heart-attacks … just like the other time when passing through the last portal of consciousness …when according to duality-matrix (already gone) I wass to pass over in the old habitual way of leaving my body ) and I did not but instead was led through that portal by all my celestial guides lining up at the side of the passage.
Pains and severe heart-palpitations were just the same now yesterday … but I knew more about it now … so I tried again everything to ameliorate these pains … Drank Water, hot peppermint-tea, wrote the resp. code down on my heart … well, I did eveerything I knew …ToolBox with calling up AARaphael and St.Gemain …. until I relaized … this must have been another great Portal opening up on Solstice at the Standstill of the Sun …. and it had to be passed through …..
Closed m eyes – tried to calm down all bodioy cells too and vizualized all my celestial guides of mine lning up sideways of the passage through the portal — just as they had done with the previous one ….. and then they ventured it through … being shoved, grabbed by their hands and pulled … giving me all the help they could …. and I finally made it though ….Hurrah ! For a short while — I saw with my inner third eye a field before me of the hight brilliance whiteness you may imagine — snowwhite and brilliantly shining … just had a fleetin glimpse of feeling surprised at it ….. and deeply enjoyed it too ,,,,,, it lingered on for a while and returned to the habitual shade as before ….
Now I ask myself was this the attached experience of looking into the higher realm of Spirit for some moments in the Time of Now and Zero ? and did I return then back ito the planes of our changing – floating and ascending planet again – since it is told us so many times (see Hour with an Angel of Steve B.) This may very well be the case with me here too.And after all that gloing through myself yesterday … I was quite tired all the day but this did not prevent me from doing some more work of translating in the late afternoon … which went on so happily and floatingly like never before …

I even perceived feeling better and more painless bit by bit and had during this night enjoyed the blessin of a deep and undisturbed sleep with many dreams which I cannot recall now.

All went well and I am happy to share it with all of you here too.
Namasté Evamaria

Written and posted by Contramary=Evamaria H.


Letter from the “Isle of I” No. 16 – Reflections on Passing the Last Portal

Written and posted by Contramary=Evamaria


My dear Brother Dave,

It has been about two months ago when I wrote my last letter to you. Much has happened in the meantime – so many solar flares named by others “Tsunami of Love” – have overwhelmed and downloaded into us – in body and mind – so that it was not easy to cope with them. At least this is what I felt and moreover “Tsunami of Love” I wonder if this is the right name for it for while being affected and displaced to this socalled “Tsunami” I am able to feel some of the features of a Tsunami but at the time being when they are downloaded – I do not feel it is much love then, to be very frank! Well, love from the interpretation we are used to.

I think this name has been given for psychological reasons in order not to make us fear this new kind of solar flares since getting these anchored and manifested into our bodies is quite a task for us.  This for the so much praised “Tsunami of Love” …

It might apply a bit later in the sense of love when we shall succeed to incorporate these high and higher vibrations into us and getting used to them ..

Then I am sure it will certainly turn out a great blessing for us! It might be too some of the effects of a “new nature of Love” as displayed in upper dimensional realms which are to be entirely different from all Love which we have been used to in our former duality dimension.
This now is slipping away from under our hands and will be replaced by some entirely different one to be anchored under the Matrix of New Earth with a socalled “Golden Reality” of a peaceful and harmonious life for all of us Mankind here.

As recently channeled by Marc Gamma “The Great Change has arrived finally arrived” and we are said to be on the last leap of our Ascension Road …  the “Finish Line” of which in our clear sight !

Several days ago many of us have entered a higher realm of vibrations when passing through the last Great Portal of Conscience which I assume made Marc channel too his last post of The Great Change arrived here on our planet Earth.

As all portals given to pass for us are very individual ones according to our soul contracts and our own very plans ages ago before entering earth incarnations here … so it was mine too …

May I tell you too that now I know it was the famous-infamous “D-Day” for me too when according to planned duality matrix I was to pass over and leave earth planet here ?

I observed that several days before my body started to turn down its perfectly running metabolism bit by bit which caused many pains all over in me … and created – as I observed – much fear in my bodily cells…   and when this process ran up to its peak – what did I do ?
I did not know better than recall my great past decision “not to die in the usual way of duality but to ascend with my body alive to greater realms”!

So first of all I consciously dismissed all fear of death as such … then I tried to convince my bodily cells to do the same ….

and last of all I recalled all the promises of my Angelic Guides and my Twinflame they would line up and welcome me when I pass through the final portals … and so they did ….
I called for the help of all and foremost for AARaphael and St.Germain to help with their particular flames …. and whenever another heart-attack was approaching with stoppage of breathing I visualized the Healing Emerald-Green Flame of Raphael turning into my head chacra leftwise and going down all through my body being received by the violet flame of St.Germain transforming everything negative and not needed stuff into positive energies…..

I knew perfectly well and very consciously this was the final fight of former 3-D Matrix with its dark ideologies of death at the end of each human life in Duality against the Powers of Light for Ascension by transforming our human bodies to their pristine crystalline structure …

I reached out and grabbed the hands of all standing in line along my pathway and they grasped dmy hands and passed me on from one to the other one until I eventually reached our Divine Parents of Original Creation and my Twinflame …. and thus I had passed over and entered the greater realm of higher vibrations the socalled 5th Dimension Level !

I made it and this I was told later on in some sort of reading as I converse very often with our All-Father who told me that if I had not passed some smaller ascension entries before I truly should not have been able to make it now… As I have the age when many human lives in duality find their normal end leaving their bodies here on earth.

My dear brother, may I tell you with great joy that slowly the lights are being switched on in my body again and I am deeply grateful to all my Angelic Guides and to my very loving friend Isabel who stood by my side all the way cleansing and healing me every day in order to help.

Thank you to all you … now I am starting my new way of life getting used to all the new prerogatives of higher vibrations and there is really much to learn..

This was meant just as introductory update to some thoughts and reflections of mine which will be continued in sequence to this writing soon.

As since I passed this great portal I have been pondering incessantly on what the new realm wil entail which I now entered. It all is presently still a little bit shady and veiled but I am getting by and by a much clearer picture and then I shall write it all down in a letter to you ..

Keep well my dear Brother – I am deeply thankful to all the help ever given to me and which made me the persistent character that I am now …. still in hommage and love to the ONE and staying as humble in my loving service but as an adequate partner to all my family of light in the Time of Now!


Copyright©(Contra)Mary=Evamaria H. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

Source: Letter from the “Isle of I” No. 16 – Reflections on Passing the Last Portal


Sharing My Viewpoints on Ascension and Channeling, May 9, 2012 – Comments and Views re-blogged from this Post


  • It is more than 2 years ago when on Jean Haines’ Blog she posted an article about on May 9, 2012  with the Titel:

    ~Jean: Sharing My Viewpoints on Ascension and Channeling, May 9, 2012


    in the duration of our following discussion about this subject we shared many comments which now appear to me so valuable and prescient in a way that I decided to share it with all of you ,,, showing the “In-between-Gap” from then to now in which we have thriven further onwards by our persistent mind of “Keep on Keeping” along our individual path of Ascension. It was this time when I still did not know much about Internet and Blogging at all .. these were the prime times when I first met Brother Dave who later took me on his blog as Co-Author and with whom I have cherished a deepgoing Sould-Companionship until the Time of Now.

    Much has happened in the meantime and today I just read that in the morning I posted my very own 2,420th post ….. but it all started at that very point when we commented on Ascension and channeling about two years ago.

    I have still to disclose something else here … how I came to find this very post with all these comments on my InBox of Mail-Entry here today ,,, it is still a great riddle to me ,.. but as I meanwhile converse with my Celestial Guides quite openly I know very well that it was their particular doing here ,,,, to place such an “Erroneously Running Post” from someone else’s Blog on to my Mail-Entry ,,, so far advanced we have been in the lap of time from May 2012 !

    So for this reason I may request you to read what we commented at that time as it gave me quite some pleasure myself reading it again and how much right we were with all our hunches and sensations then, I copied it hereunder and may you enjoy

    and use it as fudder for your own thoughts which may – perhaps – raise the frequency level of your vibration still now !



    ~Jean: Sharing My Viewpoints on Ascension and Channeling, May 9, 2012

    Re-blogged from 2012: What’s the ‘real’ truth?”

    Since this is a thread about channeling, I think it is worth considering that not all channeling is intended as such but still carries a message that is greater then the author. The following video link comes to mind. John Denver singing the “Wings That Fly Us Home”. A song that I have always found highly inspirational but which carries a powerful message presented in a beautiful and empowering manner. And this is just one example out of many thousands where music and lyrics writers have carried forth divine messages. Peter Gabriels “Solsbury Hill” is another example that comes to mind immediately.

    • Jean says:

      I do love John Denver’s music! Many thanks for enlarging our ideas of the spiritual! I believe that is what David Wilcock was also talking about in his post yesterday. Hugs, ~Jean

      • It is easy to depend on outside sources, but the best source is always our own direct connection with the Divine. The work of a lightworker is to shine the light of truth and love. But to do so we must connect ourselves directly to it. Good avenues for everyone are prayer (talking to the divine and requesting answers), meditation (listening directly to the divine) and use of tools like dream journals and just paying attention to our dreams, just don’t expect everything to make sense immediately. Sometimes the information we receive must have to time to take root within our own consciousness, time to germinate and grow into a full thought, before we can understand it. The thing is that we all know the truth on a higher consciousness level. We just need to remember what we know and then the truth will set us free.

        Artistic and/or creative people, often function from a perspective where they are not bound to exact (artificial) meanings and through their creations are able to imbue their word, audio visual symbols with greater meanings, that will resonate with other people, each according to their own ability to understand. How many times have we all heard a song or viewed a painting and thought that is nice, and moved on. But then a few years later we hear or see it again and are find in it deep and soul motivating energies we did not experience the first time. That is because the first time the seed was planted and then over a greater time frame it took root within our consciousness and finally we were able to receive more of the fullness of its truth.

        Channeling is just one source of divine information for us. But the words can sometimes be their own trap, because no two of us understand the meanings of all words exactly the same, because our life experiences and and understanding changes the way we view words. Words are quite 2 dimensional and always subject to interpretation. Many of earth humanity today (more then you might expect) already know that to understand we must depend as much on our intuitive understanding as on the words themselves. Words are just symbols and we do not all perceive the symbols exactly the same. It is not a question of right or wrong but a question of understanding the energy behind the words. In the last 20 years, I have seen a constantly growing intuitive understanding emerging in all of humanity. People who I thought would never get it as they seemed so closed minded, are now awake and viewing life from a much fuller and less judgmental perspective.

        I also think it is very important that we be cautious about phrasing things in “absolute” or “polarized” terms. Even time periods are not absolute. Spirit is divine energy in motion, it ebbs and flows and though while sometimes the outcomes are somewhat predictable, like water spirit and truth always take the path of least resistance based upon the now, not the past or infinite possible futures. If resistance increases in one area, spirit will then adjust its flow of truth in another way to circumvent the resistance. Ultimately the great dam of ignorance that has held earth humanity back, will break. It has already been breached in many areas and the truth is flowing forward in many ways and through many paths. Those who thrive on fear and control are aware of the breaches and will try to patch them up leading to spirit and truth to then focus on another specific area. Because the dam has so many breaches now they cannot patch them all. Their are simply not enough of them left to manage it all. Truth and spirit have the upper-hand, and soon (in relative terms) the damn will break and all people will recognize the truth and blessings that await them. They will eventually realize all that has been kept from them.

        And on a last note, if you are in the floodpath, do the logical thing and move to higher ground knowing that the flood is inevitable. But if you don’t quite make it, don’t worry, life neither begins or ends with the physical body. You are eternal beings and have been through the cycle of life and death in this world many, many times. If you choose it, you will be able to be reborn into the rebuilt world. There is nothing to fear.

        The greatest challenge will be for those of us who have chosen to weather the times of change and after the changes to rebuild the world for all. Already, the scope of the physical calamities have been greatly reduced and mostly negated from the older prophecies and the false prophecies. There will be those who choose to transition to spirit to later be reborn into the new earth, and those who choose to weather the changes to be part of the rebuilding. That choice belongs to each of us.

        One last thought here…. It is said that the greatest prophet is one’s whose warnings do not come true, because they have so inspired others that they people themselves change their ways and the need for “dramatic” changes no longer exists.

        Blessings, love and light to all.

        • Contramary says:

          How deep and sage …thank you – Brother Dave …you gave me some further topics to dwell on thinking – I always pointed out that each human being has his/her very own truth …as I experienced so often that my speech indeed got altered in some way of its meaning before reaching the one for whom it was meant ….and that is one of the reasons that I like it simple ,,,
          all the time.To go back to simplicity via intellectual compressional structures appears to me a great achievement and even gift.
          Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me – thus adding to some more enlightment of mine.
          Love and Peace
          Om Shanti

        • Jean says:

          Thanks, Dave. I especially liked, “I also think it is very important that we be cautious about phrasing things in “absolute” or “polarized” terms. Even time periods are not absolute.” This creates so much negative energy! We don’t need anymore!!


  • Contramary says:

    Halleluja it works now !
    I have purposely not read all your comments dear Jean and Dear Community and Dear Professor of my Country unrevelling so precisely the difference between Lao Tse and Drunvalo Melchisedek:
    ” Each one coming from the adverse end of the other and ending up again from where the otherone has started – there must have been a point when they could have said hallo to the other one if they did not trod on parallel routes, isn’t it ?

    So what was my comment this morning? I wondered – you all know – here it comes again – I like it the simple way although intellectual unravelling is not an alien thing to me – and that’s why I like it simple!
    I wondered recently that due to the increasing posts of channelled messages so many jusr do not resonate with me and recalling what so often has been said to ask our inner heart for discernment I felt so much reluctant to read on and just had to put so many messages aside – simply stopped reading them up to their end.

    I thought about this my feelings and I found out that there is a period of time on our progress for ascension that these messages prove to be very helpful and enlightening for – I’d like to express it with: get going – starting on the return way and to find out about what has to be done to think and clear ones’s still 3-D-mind in order to deviate the spiritual direction adhered hitherto.
    Still after some time and much struggeling on this path everyone has to find out for him-/herself what will replenish spiritually his/her own inner heart and delights one’s soul.
    And this is done by vibration solely.
    As equally human vibration is being raised on this path to higher and higher frequencies – in the same way channelled messages will change their appeal to those reading them.

    I furthermore found out that it is not the matter of the wording or better “often teaching” of the channelled message which is beneficial and so important to the human reader but it is mainly the vibration a channelled message spreads over to the inner heart nourishing the thirsty human soul and stabilizing the once achieved vibrational grade of frequency.

    It is the frequent admonition given to us to use discernment and I think if we feel the urge to read a channelled message up to the end and when finished – if it leaves us with a certainwarm little smile on our face and in our heart – it is the right thing and the vibration of it has been beneficial to us to follow our path up and up furthermore — and I assume this is the beneficial target of all channelled messages anyway if they resonate with us in this way.

    But the flooding over of increasing messages very often do not relate to me as channelled messages of Et/3d still more of some intricate and more intellectual teaching of some already – in such a short time established personal views and fixed praisings of a newly fixed and sophisticated spiritual society which does not appear unfamiliar to me.
    I cannot help the suspicious thought that here some familiar aspects of 3-D-Matrix have only shifted to some finer and more sublime level but inherently being unchanged and pertaining to the old familiar Matrix.

    That is why I cannot accept many so-called “channelled messages” since when I use the above mentioned method of discernment :” do I feel their vibrations in my inner heart or not and do they leave a certain warm smile in my heart or not” they do not pass this test at all …..

    So for me the channellings of Salusa and the”Hour with an Angel” as transcripts (unluckily I cannot hear the videos of Drunvalo being halfdeaf these times but read his Flower of Life) and the daily message of Archangel Michael channelled by Ron H. and Marix – all these messages pass my method of discernment.
    I’d like to mention with regard to the latter, viz. Markix , that I do the translation of his weekly messages into English, so that I may tell you from my own sheer experience that his vibrations in concert with AAMichael are so dense and lively while I am translating – I am able to feel these spiritual “Higher Beings” at my side looking over my shoulder and even putting things in order when I make mistakes – not always of course but even often and more often.

    All the others channellings I regard just not being “my very Cup of Tea” although I sometimes read them and cherish some of them as very docile and philosophical enrichments – but none the less “No-Channellings” to me.

    At last and finally it is on us alone – each individual human being – to go along this our individual spiritual path in full accountability of any of our decisions and Free Will.

    Ascension also means growing up spiritually to an adult and leaving the School of 3-D-Matrix.

    Nobody can take this issue over from us – no channelled message – no Et/3d – no teaching other Fellow human – it is solely left to each of us solely to cope with this final task – we only may take the vibrational help of the messages – but doing it – keeping up our high vibrational frequencies and even achieve still higher degrees of vibrations – THIS ENTIRELY IS UP TO US ALONE!

    We have the same Issue –
    the have the same Target –
    we do not have the same Path –
    And through the Final …………….each of us has to go alone ….doing the quantum leap !

    This is the Real Truth unalterable in the end ……

    With Love to you all
    and Light of Inner Peace
    Om Shanti


Déja Vue – Short Story – in Resonance to “Faith of the Heart”


To all my readers here:  take it as a sort of comment to this wonderful message from Marc Gamma today titled: *** FAITH OF THE HEART ***

which opened up mine too with this following Short Story.

Today we all received such another amazing Message from Marc G. about the keep faith of our hearts at this Time of Change and of what Marc has called the End Game.

On perusing through this very beautiful message ..there came a story into my vision again from long ago … disclosing me today several background reasons of some of my very peculiar behaviour which at that time I never was able to explain extensively. I shall clad it literally into the form of a short story here :

It was on some New Years Eve and being a painter this
ererly aged woman who still had very young ideas and imaginations of herself had celebrated this very event with other bohemians in the Gallery of our Art Academy which was her home of doing art.

Being among many other friends of hers there in some dark backyard-building of a large city – it had been a gorgeous feast with lots of delicious food and of course alcoholic drinks too. It was quite a group of not so homogenous nationalities of us … all nationalities a bit mixed and as the Prof. of this State-acknowledged and still private Academy came from Egypt and it had been so vivid and colourful a night  feast … yes it had been a great festive event.

And what was concerning our elderly artist – she was on her own as always – and she had enjoyed this event so much and perhaps had a tiny bit too much of strong spirits and alcoholicdromks at that night.

As she lived on the other end of the city and still had to go some way by the metro to return home … she did some queer thing for a lady to do at her age … she was not a tall one …almost more of tiny size and as usually dressed in some black suit of silky cloth … a very blonde …. which made quite some contrast in her apparition…

All the guests there got slightly tired and the former so gorgeous feast was approaching the end game at this night. So this elderly female artist dressed in black with very reddish blond hair set up to her return home too. Let’s name her Iffie.

Still as so many times before – all the alcoholic drinks were doing their effect in her – Iffie knew about such effects on her mind and heart – as she had experienced it many times before.

Something bold and uncaring about socalled “done behaviour appropriate to a ladylike demeanour” took dominance of her and she went very upright (because of all the alcohol taken) consciously hiding this actual fact in her walking style –  down the street right into the city’s entertainment quarter …. not caring about ifs nor why and what.

At some weird pub of not so much good reputation she stopped and counted what remainder of money was left to her purse – opened that door and went in: there was a somewhat sordid place in some dim light with only few tables and an counter at the opposite wall. It was not crowded – only the owner and some men – appearantly of some beachcomber-types – rakled along the bar and perhaps 2 or 3 other women were sitting on a table.

It all happened in a light of some slight trance – she heard herself saying … Hallo. I am the “Sweety of Service today” … and wondered a bit about such saying herself.  She bought some beer and paid for some of the men some beers too and attended the Music Box for her favourite songs. Thus she made the foregone feast at the Art Academy a prolonged one here at this sordid location and was – I assume – a pretty change for all the men there since there were not many women or they had left already a while ago.

She danced – still always in some slight way of still being in a trance and
expressed everything out at this very moment what had been there hiding in herself deep down in her inner core – Love – yearning – sadness – happyness – not caring about any others’ looks nor probable thoughts …

….she flung her arms up high and opened them up to all the skies of this very first time of the New Year and danced a sort of invocation to the Gods above us here on Earth.  She, as a human being, just sort of vanished from earth at those moments – and when in the process of dancing she was all that she tried to voice out with it .. Happiness, Deep Sadness, Fierce Yearnings, and last not least Praise to the Creator of all Mankind …..

Thus she created her very event and feast to all celestial guides and gods here on Earth’s one of quite maldjusted location – turning this obscure place into some sage and sacred location of invocation!

Some of the men felt a bit challenged and approached her to dance with him .. he was a tall blonde one too, much younger than Iffie that highly aged artist, and perhaps a homeless one walking the beach down there in the port … but she didn’t mind – she danced with him and not withstanding his trials to make a pass on her ….

…she heard herself again saying something very strange: Do you know that we are coming from the Stars above  ??? believe me, and keep it in your mind, we are from the Stars — and she kissed him on his mouth before all these weird and somehow lost people … as if she had ben sent to them to fill this dark location with light and love.

After that she disentangled herself from her dancing partner and went out right away through the door into the darkness of the night ….. and slowly went – always with the very conscious upright style of walking to the next
tube station to get finally home … as if she had fulfilled some heavenly task
that had been given to her before…. Arriving at the other end of the town in her district – morning had come and daylight had lifted all dark events of the night into some brightness of an arising New Year’s First Day.

Daily level of consciousness hat dawned again on her and our elderly female artist, by name of Iffie,  went – very upright still in the very style of walking of still alcoholic effective drinks inside herself – to her home — and laid down to have a good sound sleep … digesting this sort of adventure she had gone through during New Years’ Eve and the early Morning of this Years’ 1st Day
still not before sending some prayer for the Year to come to our all Creator up there thanking and praising him and his Choir of Angels.


This is the event which came into the open when reading Marc’s Message
today about keeping faith of our heart.  Nevr had I forgotten it – it has been stored into my heart until it was released now.

This also was a sort of déja vue to me – as it disclosed the true background why in some periods of life  past alcoholic drinks were such a temptation to me .. I do know now …because it sometimes when I was lucky – it passed me on into some kind of sensation of being in trance and being able to uplift from all this earthen doings and feelings.

If all this has happened to me or if it was been mixed with traumatic and trance dreams … I cannot tell you here for certain … and if it is some true report of my own life … this too I cannot assure you nor affirm … might be also some event from some parallel line of life being mixed into this experience …  take it just what you feel is right from your hearts—

it always was this kind of trance which I seeked when drinking a bit too much – as it made the veil thinner to realms where we came from and it gave me some more conclusions and pereptions which cam from beyond Earth here.

Thank you Marc – for posting this very kind of message calling up on keeping our faith to our very hearts…. ”this I had known already  while in those specific moods of trance so long before – which enhanced my life in the past so much … like psychedelic dreams of the Flower-Power-People.

Namasté to all of you here – reading it !!!



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Update in Connection with Lady Gaia through Evamaria dated 4.18.2014 No.1


gaia-IIAbout three weeks ago our Mother Earth has been freed finally from all hidden and secret dark hindrances and has been enjoying since her new returned happy life to the fullest. Lady Gaia – no more the wounded and worst inflicted former being … now being connected again to her twin planet of higher 5-d-dimension and starting her newly gained happy life with all of us.
I think the utmost outskirts of her happiness have reached me too because since her liberation I have sensed a complete different feeling of vibration than before. Yes, I am still overwhelmed with some stretches of tireness in the middle of my days – but I am waking up in the morning much much earlier and the habitual feeling in the morning of being sort of hollowed out during the night has left my body …. quality of dreaming has changed too altogether … there are phrases or sentences spoken to and heard by myself when rosing out of my morning slumber.

01ec7-hiddenbeachmexicoToday I woke up in a slow-motion way – getting more and more conscious lf being in a dream.
I was looking over some kind of a brim of where I was – my sort of plate or level into some cave or secondary levelled landscape beyond mine – underneath my special one – as sometimes many “pott-holers” may experience once and again. Listen to what I saw and took fully into me …
“Underneath my sort of basic plate was a great opening freeing my looks into some panoramic green-crystallic landscape – so shining in some spring-green up into my eyes around a vast meadow bordered around by trees, bushes, and great oval spots of what I recognized as this light grey-green Irish Moss … a wonderful healing herb too …. and before there was some voice saying repeatedly the phrases : “Paper made from Wood and Cannabis” ! …made from wood and Cannabis …. !”

a0c31-theeyeofafricamauritaniaI felt as if I was laying on my very own plate and looking over its brim into this wonderful “Down-Landscape” marvelling and thinking : “Well I know I am dreaming – but it is wonderful and very new … again I hear some phrases which must have a meaning to us all! and I remembered that lately I came across some Article about “vendor-plates being established for the first time as proof- genuine devices not to be falsified in the State of Utah – being made of Cannabis – Lineseeds now that the Marihuana-Law has been released and this Plant is to be legally cultivated again. Since it bears so many benefits – it will prove to become so beneficial to all mankind on our new Earth. “Nova Terra” that will be the name of our Lady Gaia where we are summoned to build a new and happy life of harmony with all beings on, in, and beyond her in due course.
Still lieing on my tummy on my plate of existence of the Now and looking over its brim into that beauty of what was underneath me as through a large focussed zoom of a photo- camera … I saw two human people coming towards me … their faces with a happy shining light of peacefulness and as if they knew what I was observing they responded to my telepathic communication .. yes we are full of harmony, peace and happiness … all is very true what you may perceive here …. we are greeting you …. here is our welcome !

By such final welcome of them … I was arising from my morning slumber eventually and with my eyes still closed but wide awake in my heart I went again through all that I had seen some short while before and recapitulated it in order not being overwhelmed by any forgetfulness of the day.

As I have had my very first communication with Lady Gaia – our Mother Earth – when being freed (link to it : http:// Gaia speaks ….. Today is the most particular date of March 30, 2014

I somehow do know today that this last night was a precious gift too from Lady Gaia to me – showing me the inner country of Agartha of Hollow Earth …. with such greatly promising fullfillment of future Moments of Now to all of us. I am filled with such huge gratitude to her and to all what will still be meant for us to grasp and take up from her future hints like this one of “Paper from Wood and Cannabis” for our coming new infrastructure on “Terra Nova”.

Thank you Mother Earth – Great is Lady Gaia evermore !
and still at this very point I recall what a very wise man of the old folks of Yoruba (West Africa) once told me: IA .. they call you IA; MY LOVE; as this is the name of our great great Mother of all … it is IA ! And you are IA !”

This came to my heart and mind again – only very now – since Lady Gaia has been freed entirely floating off with all of us to our former starry place and location where we have come from originally – since that date of liberation I have been thinking of Lady Gaia and her name too and quite often —

So let us sing with her floating through spaces acccording to all divine decrees. “We are sailing … we are sailing … homeward bound through all the skies ……. we are almost there with our beloved All-Mother of our Planet … being free again which we shall be too in due course according to the Will and Wish of God Almighty and our Starry Family! Hailing you – we can barely await to unite with you again ! ❤ Love, love, love is all that matters now !!!

This is an update too – of my life and re-ported in great loving gratitude to all around me !


This is a true story of a lucid dream I had way past ….



contd. from title

and I posted it some years before already and first wrote the poem about it in German when it just had happened. Now in this curxial year of 2014 when changes are about happening which never – ever occurred to me and other in our minds at that time when putting down the German verses after experiencing this very lucid dream in the beginnings of 90ies … this my dream of earlier times are coming true – manifesting itself for another and new Golden Age of Earth … it came to my mind again and something I marvelled and pondered about and most likely missed its very mportant meaning att all.

When casting some last and fleeting glimpse again at these wonderful Golden Mountains and its valley beneath them I noticed down in the valley the following … along a road with appletrees there weremany labourers – human people – working busy like bees – and I heard myself muttering : “Oha, they have set up some works down there to manufacture brick stones … what do they want to build up with those new bricks ? ”

I dismissed this picture from my mind altogether but now … when listening to and reading the recent two messages of AA Michael

Archangel Michael

 ( Ascension starts and ends in your Hearts –                                                                               St.Germain through Marc Gamma, March 23, 2014  Bilingual                               may take place only in your heart ! –

Archangel Michael through Marc Gamma – March 28, 2014                            



and those last two of St.Germain supplementing each other in their topics about NESARA and the restructure of New Earth from scratch …..with links of


St. Germain through Marc Gamma – dated March 14, 2014 ( bilingual)

St.Germain through Marc Gamma, March 23, 2014 (bilingual


Both of them AAMichael and StGermain deal with and teach us about the Restructure of our new society with all infrastructure in adherence to our new issues.


….And this is what I grasped with my fleeting glimpses before I had to turn away from this picture oa Golden Landscape and Valley between Golden Mountains. The last I saw was how human people ware so busy on manufacturing bricks on some country road with appletrees (eatable)on either side ..!

This is the basic and true reason why I re-post this article again here and at this very moment ! We have since that time of my lucid prescient dream progressed so far that this dream is about to manifest itself in the Momen of Now !  So let’s roll up our sleeves and start on that Great divine Job Now !

Yours  as always with unconditional love and compassion

Contramary=Eva Maria



It was in 1993 at a some very cruxial point of my life —when one special lap of the race of my life had ended and I was in the still gap of the break-off … licking my wounds and hurts and trying to overcome the period of first shocks – living from one day to the other.

It was Summer and in my annual holidays having been on my special retreat in a Camping-Trailer on the brink of some little green wilderness with such beautiful beechtrees which I could embrace whenever I felt like …and I did …so many evenings I sat there besides them and let go of my hurt feelings and mournings.

And I was given so much help amid this beloved small enclave of mine in which I sensed myself as only another being and creature closely linked to Mother Earth.

I did some special oilpainting over the day – a copy of some illustrious German painter which was a commissioned job – and this was done in a most meditative way in utter stillness ….

And then there was a night when I dreamed a dream – I never forgot – at that time I knew that were some so-called “Great Dreams” given to human beings which at that time anyhow were described as very seldom and rare events in human life ! Continue reading

Today’s Sunflares in my Life



” Protuberances … Protuberances !” I heard myself muttering these terms whenever I woke up in the early rise of today’s morning.

Having had quite some exciting and wearing two days before – I found it so tiring not leaving this somewhat tiresome days here in the habitual easy way I do when about to fall asleep.
I tossed around and changing from being very tired to being hilariously wide awake … it was only some very slight shade of sleep which I could reach out for in the beginning night…

I think all of us know about such kind of exstatic moods in times. Short and sweet – falling into some sort of deep refresching sleep appeared to me yesterday “Mission impossible” altogether. Tried to get up several times – taking some food – eating oats with cream/milk and sweetened with honey and a dash of butter too … nothing doing …. but anyway there must have been some sudden moment in the night … I was off in a flurry – hurry and had left earth here to go to my dearest friend beyond in order to fill up all reserves again….

Vividly dreaming was being followed then – but I never were able to recall them exactly – only knowing such dreams were not of the serene and calm sorts.

Only when dawn was creeping along the roofs here in town … and just as slightly as this pale-pink daughter of our all Father Sun it also dawned on me too – waking up gradually –
and I muttered lowly “Protuberance”!  “Protuberance”?   and fell asleep again…

This happened to me several times and every once in a while when I woke up I said it again: “Protuberance”!  “Protuberance”??? ….  And after a while stirring up again I remember asking myself: “what was this word like that I said before?”  Ah, yes, it was
“protuberance” ! I only knew I did not want to forget this particular term again !


And it was next when I recalled it again in that special sort of way: ” Protuberance, yes,
that is where I am lieing on – sleeping on – stretching on out ! I am sleeping on protuberances!”

After that I calmed entirely down as if I had grasped this very fact eventually and I was not to forget about it again.

“I was sleeping and being laid on protuberances!”

All this might have taken quite some time well into the morning since when finally I woke
up actually and really – truly – I knew for certain that I had been sleeping on a basic platform of protuberances and also it came to my mind that these are being threwn on to us and Mother Earth from our Father Sun.

This was the kind of knowledge that was downloaded to me in the early morning hours of today. And it might have been also the very reason why I actually was able to get up from
bed only a quarter to twelve ( 11.45 a.m.) – never all these years before I had been so late!

Quite often I do find some weird things in my bed when rising in the morning – some special word – some picture – sometimes a song – and also not so seldom some laughter too. The other night I woke up in the still of the night by laughing out loud and deep from my heart … shaking loud with laughter as in my dream the dry voice of my son-in-law had cracked some joke dryly     dielaughing           and in his own particular way



And I did not want to miss sharing with all of you that from yesterday to today which was the very  word:   “Protuberance” !”

This I regard as the true gift from our Father of All-There-Is for today March 27, 20914 !

“Thank you Fathet – with all that I can find in the core of my heart together with my Higher Godelf and grasp with both of my hands – I am reaching out to you with all treasures that I have in essential very essence and together with deepest thankfulness – I lay it all out before you dedicating myself to you  too !


As always with so much unconditional love and compassion and added thereto with “Protuberance” it is me sharing this with you

“Merry meet –
  merry part –
  merry meet again!”

My Latest True Life-Story With Some Essential Request Of Vanaja And Me.

Dated March 21, 2014
lotusyantra11In adherence truthfully to the very essence of the widely used chants of charm “Abracadabra” (deriving from Aramaic “I create while I am speaking) here is my introductory preface to this post.
Howdy to all of you fathful visitors to my blog here !
I spent another night with luzid dreaming i.e. I am thinking laying awake all the time not catching any time of sleep – still this was some weird sort of sleep as time proved itself another illusion (as they always telling) as I got up very eary and despite of all quite refreshed altogether. I woke up as so many times before with some phrase – today it was the title of my post here – and I knewall that I was pondering about in the night would be done at its best if I tell the truth – the whole truth how I was iniated to write and post this lot here.
In sequence of order it all started yesterday when Marc Gamma told me in the Chat of my Facebook to look into my mail-inbox because he had received some mail which was directed to me. How this happened will remain some other sort of riddle to us both. I told you from the start here it is a true life-story and not without some inexplicable weird ongoings !
On reading this mail there was a request of some lady by name of Vanaja Ananda asking me to help her with some letters being archived at her post since 2012 and to assist her to make these go viral in the entire Internet …
The trigger to ask me was for her that I translated last week’s St.Germain message channeled as video-audio-clip in German through Marc Gamma which convinced me on the spot that this mail was just another one of those rather weird matters happening to me lately. It was my comprehension to regard this as an additional issue in my life from the Ascended Master St.Germain to come up to Vanaja’s request and affix this post to the next upcoming message of St.Germain on NESARA -or better – post them near to each other.
So here we go: I myself do not know what is the real reason and basic background for my procedure here but as it was a challenge of my inner heart too I responded at once to Vanaja telling her that I was willing and prepared for all assistance I should be able to give to her.
So here we go and I just will copy our mail-exchange here:

Response of Brother Dave to the Letter from the “Isle of I” No. 15


Here I am again as always – I do cherish always the response of my Brother in Light Dave to my letters which I am writing here at home which really turns out to be an isolated Isle of mine – which I enjoy greatly.

And here is the last one from him and sharing it with all of you does gives me much delight here.

As always with unconditional love and compassion from Contramary=Evamaria

homemade bubble recipe

My Dear Sister,

Once again I am behind in responding. Seems to be a habit, or perhaps it is just a matter of timing, finding a point in the ebb and flow of energies where I can express myself while balancing the responsibilities of current in the now life.

Well, it seems that you have been having quite the time, and our association with Isabel has been stabilizing in many ways. Interesting how the two of you have been sharing communications with spirit as well. You are on a strong path, and It looks good on you spiritually speaking. Remember to believe in yourself. Living and being what you have learned is more important I think now then trying to absorb more. Allow yourself time to take in all that you experience and to balance it. There is no rush on the path to ascension, as there is no time. When we release our concepts of time and space, we flow in the now. We continue to learn, but loose any sense of urgency, which stems only from time space illusion. There is no urgency, no goals now, only being in the constant flow of the now. — When we merge with the energies, rather then observe or study from outside, we cease learning and become the knowledge. (That last line is Uriel speaking rather loudly).thankyouflowers4

I have experienced the vast influx of energies as being “all over the place”, but overall positive. The most recent full moon was extremely powerful, and its effects seemed to go on for days. But then, astrologically, I am a true moonchild, with the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Uranus all in the sign of Cancer, as well as my Ascendent being directly on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer, leaning just a tiny hair towards the Gemini. Suffice to say, if there was a single phrase that describes me it is that “I feel, everything”. Throw in my Mars in Scorpio and well, that is a lot of water splashing about my life. The moon is my mother, who brings me to knowledge through feeling. It is no wonder that I crave the presence of large bodies of water, especially oceans, for their movement is akin to my spirit.

Well, the moment is at hand and I must relieve my Aunt’s morning caregiver. Perhaps tonight I will respond more on other matters and posts.

Love, Joy and Peace,
Your brother in spirit and truth

Secure Your Internet Privacy By Jordan Fried


Secure Your Internet Privacy With This Guide
By Jordan FriedThere’s a lot of talk these days about internet privacy and online security. With over two billion people accessing the internet on a regular basis, it’s about time you started protecting yourself!

So, I figured I’d put together a little guide to some of the most popular security precautions and privacy measures available to you online.

In this easy-to-follow guide I’ll show you how to make your internet life more secure, starting right now.

What it is: Two-factor authentication is available with a large number of popular sites and services. In a nutshell, it’s a simple feature that prompts you for a password and then a short security code that is sent to your phone.Here’s an example: If you’re logging into your Gmail account you’d need to type in your username and password—then you’d be logged in. With two-factor authentication, you’d need to wait for Google to send you a text message with a short code, and then type that in before you could access your account on a new machine. Continue reading

Heart Consciousness: Transforming to the Light Mind and Divine Body

March 14, 2014 | By | Reply

Flickr-light-Josep Ma. RosellPeter Borys, Jr., Guest
Waking Times

Only from within heart consciousness can we transform to the Light mind of intuitive knowing and doing. A Light mind of pure knowing and action that brings infinite love and creativity into this dimension is needed to enable the Divine to fully express in the physical frequencies of consciousness. In this article, we will discuss the role of the Light mind in embodying the Divine infinite consciousness within the physical body on Earth. We will describe the Light mind as frequencies that transcend the consciousness of the physical body, emotions, thought, and etheric energy, yet remain as a slower oscillation of the Divine for the purpose of incarnate experience. Thus, the Light mind is not our full expression of our soul and spirit being of Divine infinite consciousness. Continue reading

Video: Flotilla of UFOs Filmed from International Space Station


From NASA/ISS Live Stream –

This footage was filmed from the International Space Station (ISS) at 12.26am on Wednesday March 10, 2014.

This recording of the live stream appears to show what looks like a very large and colourful flotilla of UFOs heading our way.

The first appears at about 1 minute into this, but keep watching… soon  many more join in the fun. It looks to me as if they’re  being ‘birthed’ from a seriously huge mothership.

Video streaming by Ustream

Read more…

As I cannot retrieve here the respective video … please click on the link of  ….. Read more — by whih you will reach the Golden Age Of Gaia-Page where the video will be shown …….

Chatting – Manifesting Ideas – Writing – Letter No. 2 – Notes of Recent Chats with Isabel – Letter No. 2




To whom it may concern here :

Beginning  with my writing has been done with last letter No. 1 – and although Isabel was totally glad about it since she does not prefer to be dragged into some spotlight at all – she has – meanwhile according to the advice of her Twinflame and her HS descided now to accept these kind of letters in due course. Although she pointed out that she will have to elaborate on this issue a little while.

Thank you dear Isabel for this decision.

In our talks of yesterday there was especially the topic of “Looking into the Moon” wich I regard quite important for all of us here. In the duration of this talk there appeared two different topics regarding with Isabel and her very sight and with myself of my sort of hearing ablilities. Continue reading

Chatting – Manifesting Ideas – Writing – Letter No. 1 – Notes of Recent Chats with Isabel

Featured Image -- 9446

This is my first letter to Isabel Henn – my dearest friend from our Facebook-Chat !

I first should like to develop some sort of workpiece-title for this communication to be started in writing via the Internet.

The title is as follows: Chatting – Manifesting Ideas – Writing – Letter No. 1

Yes, my dear Isabel what do you hold of it ? We have not known each other for quite a long time  and still we do have befriended eachother in some better and deeper way than most of other connections of many years! We feel so free and unimpeded to pronounce matters concerning us quite privately and deeply and never there has been some misunderstanding nor feelings of being insulted personally which always goes to faulty rest-remaining egos.  This is one of the seldom times almost the first one that I never sense any sort of reactions in which I have to discover some personal features of accepting messages or argumentations. Thus it is wonderful to experience this sort of views and opinions with you here – since it always has been with me too that I want to deal with the matter in question only and in order to obtain some clearance about it. I never want to approach anybody else in a personal way when uttering some critic nor live out any lust of my ego – and therefore I never find some need to go about expressing myself in some cautious way. You always give me your full comprehension and understanding – and this is the reason why I feel some completely new feeling of approaching sombody else in all respect. Continue reading

Another Letter to Brother Dave from the “Isle of I” No. 15

love meDear Brother-in-Light Dave,

Since my last letter to you something has been enfolding slowly here with me. And since I am chatting quite often with Isabel some matters came into the open which I thought would be valuable enough from their new spiritual aspects – to be manifested as well in some sort of letters to her which at first was not so much approved by herself – since she does not like to be pulled into some spotlight – but advised by her Twinflame and her HS – she eventually gave in and I promised her to write about her in some gentle and refined way trying my very best not to afflict anything to her in writing that made possibly her feel uncomfortably with.

Now I have done already the 2nd letter and in our chat today I had the idea to start translating these sort of diaries or “notes from our chats” into English. Both her “Twinni” (thus I am calling her Twin-flame) and she agreed to it quite willingly.
Since during these chats of ours it turned out that we – at the same time – converse with her Twinni too so that it adds up to a sort of “Channel-Chat of Three” always getting some sort of confirmation on the spot from him as well when forwarding some new ideas arising from our inner hearts. Continue reading

Gespräche mit Isabel: Chatten – Ideen festhalten – Schreiben – Brief No. 2


An alle, die sich hier angesprochen fühlen ……

Der Anfang wurde mit dem letzten Brief gemacht und obwohl Isabel nicht so ganz erfreut zumute war, da sie eigentlich nicht so ins Schlaglicht des Vordergrundes gestellt sein möchte – hat sie sich denn nun doch entschlossen, auf Anraten Ihres HS und ihrer Twinflamme, diese Briefe weiter zu empfangen. Sie müsste diese für sie als Herausforderung gestellte neue Aufgabe jedoch erst ein wenig weiter bearbeiten.

Danke, meine liebe Isabel, dass du dich dazu entschlossen hast.

Im gestrigen Gespräch wurde von ihr noch einmal das Thema ihrer “Mondansicht” aufgegriffen, was ich als sehr wichtig für uns alle empfinde. Im Verlauf unseres Gespräches schälten sich dann zwei Themen besonders heraus, die das Sehen bei Isabel und das Hören bei mir betrafen.

Isabel sagte in unserem Chat folgendes:

“und ich sehe nicht so gut heute, es hat mit diesem rötlich sehen angefangen vorgestern, der Mond war letzte Nacht übrigens immer noch so. Anscheinend verändert sich mein sehen, Twinni sagte mir es würde sich erweitern, mein Sehbereich würde größer werden auch in den infraroten und ultravioletten Bereich hinein und auch so dass ich in andere dimensionen schauen könnte, wenn ich ihn heute recht verstanden habe

ich habe ein paar Stellen in meinem Sichtbereich da ist ein unscharfer fleck
und so wie jetzt hatte ich das vorher noch nicht ich bin auch wieder schwindlig”

Dies betraf das Thema Augen und Sehen – und das erinnerte mich dann an die Feststellungen, die ich abends beim Hören gemacht habe:”

“das ist ja hochinteressant … vielleicht erzähle ich dir einmal, was ich in den letzten Wochen bei mir bemerkt habe … ich kann doch schwer hören, in gewissen Massen, wenn jemand vor mir steht und spricht. Dann kommt es auf die Tonhöhe seiner Rede an und das Mass seiner Geshwindigkeit, wie die einhzelnen Sätze ausgesprochen werden. … Manche mit einer zu hohen Tonlage versthe ich überhaupt nicht, wennes um den Sinn der Rede geht. Nun aber bemerke ich, und das eigentlich schon seit langem : wenn ich abends im Bett liege bei offenen Fenstern höre ich den Schwall fast aller Reden um mich in den Häusern herum – niicht direkt, was geredet wird, aber ob die Leute streiten, Musik höhren oder in Gruppen zusammen miteinandersprechen … es ist ein grosser Mischmasch von allem, was so lautlich in diesem hufeisenförmigen Häuserblock um mich herum ausgetauscht wird. Irgendwie weiss ich, dass sich mein Hören zu einem Weithören vergrössert und ich einmal später alles hören werde, wenn ich es nicht wie ein Radioempfänger abschalte bewusst und willentlichl. Kryon hat einmal davon gesprochen … und möglicheerweise passiert das bei dir mit dem Sehen – das sich zur Fern- und Weitsichtigkeit weiterentwickelt … und bei mir wird es dann späteer das Mithören und telephatische Verbindung dieser Art werden…. Was sagt der Twinni dazu ???”
“sie ist auf der guten Spur”
“hörst du eigentlich auch sonst besser?”
“du mit dem Sehen und ich mit dem Hören …nee eigentlich nicht …. vielleicht ein ganz kleines bißchen aber überhaupt nicht viel … meine T’ochter verstehe ich z B. überhaupt nicht … die Frequenz ihrer Tonlage behagt mir gar nicht …
Sade verstehe ich ein bißchen und sonst ist keiner hier um imich herum ….
“ich habe ja etwas an dir gearbeitet mit reinigen und heilen.”
“Aber Isabel, es kümmert mich nicht gross … ich werde mir auch vielleicht ein Hörgerät besorgen, aber im Moment sind auch meine Gehörgänge immer wieder entzündet, so dass so ein Gerät dort wohl nicht gut passen würde …. es sind viele Aufstiegssymptome, die ich durchaufen muss und weil ich das weiss, mache ich mir eigentlich nichts daraus. Ich weiss ja und vertraue auch darauf, dass sich dies alles wieder einmal legt und völlig normal wird mit den erweiterten Fähigkeiten dazu.”
“Das mit dem hören kenne ich irgendwie, das war schon in meinem früheren job so, wenn wir alle zur frühstückspause zusammensaßen, da war manchmal ein derartiges stimmwirrwarr, alles ist auf mich eingestürzt quasi, ich hab dann ein und abgeschaltet, wie ich wollte und mal da und mal da reingehört”
“ja, unsere Körper machen ganz schöne Entwicklungen durch mit ganz anständigen Symptomen
Mein Sehen ist auch nicht mit der “Brillen” gut … die Augen laufen immer aus und blarren …. aber auch das ist erträlglich, wenn man den Willen dazu hat. ….. Nein das kenne ich auch mit dem Stimmengewirr aber dies hier ist ganz anders, was ich abends so empfange …. du musst bedenken esi ist ein ganzer Häuserblock der sich hufeisenfömig dann links von mir etwas zur Schnellstrasse öffnet …. das ist – als ob alle Stimmen, die betätigt werden, sich vermengen und vermischen – zusammenballen und dann aus dieser Hofenge hinauswollen und weil ich kurz vor dem Ausgang ein Haus weiter nach innen lebe – kommt dieser Haufen ungeordneter Stimmen an mir vorbei …..
Früher war das ganz anders und als Kind habe ich immer oft ganz abgeschaltet unnd manches überhaupt nicht mitbekommen, weil ich im “Anderland” war ….”
Meiner Ansicht nach taten sich da ganz interessante Aspekte auf, die möglicherweise auch andere Lichtarbeiter auf ihrem Weg zum Aufstieg gerade erleben und dadurch bestätigt werden, falls sie ähnliche Vermutungen über die Art und Weise ihrer augenblicklichen lückenhaften Fähigkeiten angestellt haben.
Dies also war der Brief No. 2 von heute – ich kann nicht voraussagen, dass diese Briefe tagebuchartig fortgeführt werden aber sobald sich wieder einige neue und für mich interessante Aspekte in unseren Chat-Gesprächen ergeben, werde ich davon weiter berichten.
Für heute sage ich erst einmal “Tschüss” bis zum nächsten Mal.
Wie immer in bedingungsloser Liebe und Mitgefühl – als zusätzliche Klebe des Universums –
grüsse ich euch alle herzlich
Contramary = Evamaria

Letters from the “Isle of I” No. 14‏



Dear Brother Dave,

This letter according to my feelings is more than due in the Moment of Now. Much is happening around us  –  in the backgrounds invisible to us – and moreover in our daily lives too – it is the all-over Change Around, In, and Everywhere of all that we are concerned with. More and more it anchors into our consciousness that we have to accord and adhere to all the new idelologies and ideas visualizing what life of ours will be in due course with more progressing change into the Golden Age of Gaia while Gaia is floating unimpregnably into locations between stars from which she once had fallen off .. way back returning to her true home-location.

And all of us having decided to go with her ….we are participating in this wonderful flight – never done before in such a way just following with all our confidence in the Divine Plan of our All-Father-and-Creator… Continue reading

In the Time of Change … from “Lineage” to the “Moment of Now”


by Contramary

For quite a while I have been busy with my thoughts about Time Changing and vanishing from us in the very way we have been accustomed to it under the old Matrix of Duality. Then our entire life had been ruled and destined by what I ‘d like to name “the Lineage of Time” – be it in Grammar of our languages as “consecutio Temporis” or common colloquial conversation as Presence – Past – Future …. driving everybody’s Life with timetables and according schedules and we obediently accorded to it all our living style here on earth.

Driven we were and rushing to and fro under the strict reign of clocks – watches – which were some “Musts” for us in order to cope with our daily issues of life to some satisfaction … Satisfaction of whom …?   All we wanted to be padded on our shoulders after a hard days- activities or even pad ourselves on our shoulder literally with some “Well Done” feeling.

This was the past Lineage of Time domineering all our life and enslaving us in some all-over sense very deeply.


Now – we have traversed in recent years through some allover-change and have to cope with the change of Matrix too. There is some entirely different style of life being installed with a different Matrix too and we are being told with the old disappearing Matrix of 3rd Dimension entailing foremost Duality … to get used to this all-over change and manifest some new Era called and previewed “The Golden One” with a much better life for all of Mankind here having decided to manifest this here on Planet Earth on her ascension way to some other stellar location than before.

So I might name the All-over-Trend of Now for all of us humans here in concern of our dealing with the above described movements evolving for us is: ” Let go of old patters entailed in the vanishing old Matrix of Duality ” ! Continue reading

Update in the Time of Now – A very personal Tale

In development, WAIT for the finished product then smile.

In development, WAIT for the finished product then smile.

Update in the Moment of Now by Contramary = Eva Maria

More and more some certain feeling is spreading through my inner Self …

Since all these previous years I went through various sorts of grading being on my individual route to further ascension. Much has been written on such routes also I read the manifold tales of my siblings being like me starseeds and on certain contracts incarnated here on this beautiful planet of Earth.

For almost all of my life I have been searching for … which I did not really know what it was – but it had been intiated into me still in early childhood by my father who well before anybody else had been some alike scout like me – searching all his  life for more consciousness by gaining to achieve more knowledge about the network called “The World and its Backgrounds”- Continue reading

The Permanent Shield of Protection of the Divine Mother – Der Dauer-Schutz-Schild der Göttlichen Mutter (bilingual)




The Permanent Shield of Protection of the Divine Mother

This is to be the all-over title of this article which I was advised to write now by my extracelestrial guides last night since when I woke up I was writing already the first phrases of it in my heart.

Since about a week ago Isabel H. a very good friend of mine has been given the explicit structure how to to build a permanent protection shield of the Divine Mother …now available to all of us who want to be obtain such a marvellous shield – permanent to stay with the ones requested it from Isabel until further notice – respecting our all free will diligently – yesterday it was my turn to be given this shield too. Continue reading

Letters of my “Isle of I” No. 13

Seagull-7 - Version 2

Discussing the Subject of: “Free Fall” – “Floating in a Vast Void” – and “Being in the Quantum Leaping Jump of Now”

My dear Brother Dave,
Questions Marks are the very ones of this ever decreasing old time schedules of our old 3-D Matrix !

I found out today that these marks that I am putting everywhere which reigns my life and existence of Now. We are telling each other repeatedly since some few years past that we are to “Keep on Keeping” meaning to proceed impregnably on our once chosen individual way of ascension …

Today after some deeper meditations and telepathic communications with some of my Angelic Guides I came to following conscious notification: Continue reading

Another Letter from the “ISLE of I” No.12

I do not know whether this letter has been published – I thought so – but found out today that it is not to be retrieved from my blog at all – so for the sake of keeping the right order of follow-up I post it here again or for the first time. I do not know … but just to be on the safe side it is being done here ….. to share it with all of you here !

Love and light in unconditional ways from yours


Dear Brother Dave,

it has been quite a while since my last letter to you and today I feel like trying to pick up the left-off-ends in this sequence again and to go on describing how I am feeling after these really bewildering weeks over the changing years.

Bewildering for me because at first I caught something like a “Galactic Flu” since last Solstice and the month of December 2013 and adding thereto some Karma-Balancing from more than several thousands years ago has successfully turned everything of my daily life here together into a huge turmoil and some sort of chaos for me. All these issues together bound into some vast network made up this great challenge to me in every respect – be it in body, mind, heart or spiritual understanding !

But – thanking God and all my spiritual extraterrestial helpers – it is over now and I am recovering bit by bit and when I on my own (that is the normal case for me here) I secretly and with awe try to find out what all the above turmoil had made out of me now.

I am looking on- and into myself like into a mirror – considering what I am in the Now.  Suffice to ascertain that I have become something differring from my old Self. But what exactly – I do not still know.

I am surprised at some new characteristic features of mine that appear now to open up on the surface of myself. There ist e.g. I do no longer like to read anything anymore of other theories or spiritual advising articles – be they channeled ones or some very creative contemplate reflections. I just feel into  one or other one – feel their vibes – read one or two passages …. and I have enough – no more interested in finding out what others have found for themselves as being their spiritual truth.

I am not an egomaniac but I just am not interested any more in anything else (to compare with mine) than to find my very own way to go and this collaboration with Marc G. gives me all the chances to direct my thoughts in my way using our exchange of thinking along some spiritual paths of us two (which of course differ also a lot) as incentives for initiating my further roads to go along. As there is one matter that I know now for sure – and this I have accepted and integrated into myself too – each one of us starseed – has to find out about his very own aspect of light and subsequently his/her very own kind of mission according to our own soul contract. And this is the essential reason for not comparing or following other advices lest our own personal quests and findings.

It may differ in due course – this my attitude – but I am content with the situation as it is since I believe – this mutual co-operation with somebody else may use up so much power that not much is being left to care for my personal spiritual quest.

Acknowledging this fact I made up my mind to limit my work to those whose vibes do create some powerful resonation in my inner heart. I should so much like to add your work also to mine and Marc’s but for the special particularity of your situation this is at present not possible in the way I should like it to go ahead with. Perhaps at some later period when many of your present issues will have brushed out of your life and you will have a bit more time for yourself and your spiritual work – you will be able to start mutual work with me to much more wonderful effects ? This is still my hope as I always cherish so much what you are writing about in your very own personal way of letting your thoughts ripple through your words into my inner heart ! There is so much still left that I could learn from you and pick up on your personal way of thinking a little bit as some initial new ignition for my own personal thinking!

My dear brother – just a raw drawing of my updated life now : there seem to be some more limitations bounding my life-style together into some focus to be united more and more to the very essential truth of myself.

Becoming more united – sensing to be one with All-There-Is – has eventually finalized almost all of previous diversities of duality with the effect that all my former interests have gone too. Turning into what is being originated from the innermost chamber of my heart makes me as curious and eager to know more and more about myself and all that is linked to my original home where I am said to have come from….

This my brother is the update of today for you in order that you know where I am exactly standing now at this very Now.

I am feeling like a circus-artist balancing and stepping on a high rope – forward and holding the end of ithis rope in one of my hands .. pacing forward into the unknown and lengthening the rope myself as if preparing my own narrow road
(which in fact is that particular rope held in my hand) …..

So, it is again the life of a pioneer and adventurer and it takes all the power of my heart to find my own way now.

Dear Dave, hold yourself together in some similar way and as much as it is possible and you are able to. I know we all are in such similar positions and shall end up in a most successful way and our way towards it – it is our goal at the same time !

So long my dear Brother-in-Light – keep well until next time !

Yours in unconditional love and compassion