Deutsche Bank COLLAPSES Tomorrow Friday 9-30-2016 Expected to wipe out banking system worldwide

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German Bank insiders are confirming to SuperStation95 that Germany’s largest, Bank, Deutsche Bank” will “collapse” tomorrow, Friday, September 30, 2016.  The German government has no plans to bail out the bank and its demise could wipe out Banks in the US and other countries worldwide!

According to the insider:

System downfall tomorrow. A collapse of this bank is unavoidable now, and it wipes out everything immediately.  

Wolfgang Gerke, President of the Bavarian Finance Centre, the German bank sees in a serious imbalance.

“This is absolutely not about Peanuts. We experience real shockwaves. The Bank is in real trouble, “Gerke said the Thursday edition of the” Passauer Neue Presse “.

This is as good as a death sentence. It is insider info (presumably from the DB itself), after the financial collapse is to take place on 30 September.

MORE:  A “run” is taking place against Deutsche Bank in Germany as citizens…

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Heavenly Blessings ~ St. Francis on Harmony With the Self

Heavenly Blessings leap into sunsetSeptember 27, 2016 ~ Suzanne Maresca and Linda Dillon welcome St. Francis to the show. Our guest shared with us some of his Earthly experience in leaving behind wealth and power for a truer life.

“You can call me Frank,” he says.

Frank encouraged us to step fully into our deep personal work in order to truly embrace the unified collective experience, which we’re actually hard-wired for.

Our guest also offered some insights about how the Light emanating from the Human Collective appears.

This was a lovely surprise to have a visit with the gentle St. Francis.

Airs every second Tuesday at 9am PT/12pm ET

There is no call-in number


Heavenly Blessings is a show in which we join with the Council of Love to share gifts, blessings, stories and insights through meditation, channeling and conversation. This show aims to assist individuals on their individual journey and also to build support and mutuality with the inhabitants of earth, the higher realms, and with our star brothers and sisters. Paul Backes producing.

Music: Sasha Lazard, Angeli and Snatam Kaur, Long Time Sun

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Let Worry Go Now September 29, 2016 by Steve Beckow


Back in 1977, an eventful year for me (growth courses, gurus, trips to India), I had an out-of-body experience.

I awoke in a lucid dream, outside my body.

I rapidly returned. And I felt the transition of the spirit body from being encased or ensconced inside the physical body, to finding myself transferring to the outside  – almost seeping through.

The difference in my experience was like night and day. The etheric body was like the finest gossamer. It’s hard to find something material to compare it to, even remotely.

Put alongside it, the physical body is like an India-rubber lacrosse ball, the kind where you throw it on the pavement and it doesn’t bounce, it’s that thick?   Thwok!

This physical body does not transmit well the refined vibrations associated with the higher dimensions.

I saw this clearly when my spirit body transferred consciousness. What on the inside had been a maelstrom of emotion (long story, not necessary) was on the outside, if you will, a mere whimper.

I was shocked. That’s how dense the physical body is? You’re kidding me.

That my wailing and weeping would be reduced to a whimper? Remarkable.

I’m in a tank. I’m in a slab of flexible concrete. I’m the Pillsbury doughboy in my physical body  – compared to the will-o-the-wisp spirit body, which is finer than a baby’s breath.

This was all realized knowledge, not merely experiential or intellectual. I lived through this experience.  As with all realized knowledge, the memory remains vividly with me.


I’m saying this as a preamble to the observation that we make the dense physical body more dense when we add stress and tension to the situation.  When we introduce stress, on top of what we normally feel, we densify the physical body even more than it is already.

Moreover, when the stress or tension in my musculature increases, my awareness decreases proportionately. When my awareness decreases, the decrease is usually invisible to me because I’m now functioning on a lower level of awareness, that prevents my seeing it.

I don’t know. And I don’t know that I don’t know.

It isn’t until I relax from whatever the urgency or emergency or just plain worry is that I see how stressed I was.

We already know that the unique ways we have of speaking shape the pattern of our disease (pain [translates to tension] in the neck, pain in the rear, pain in the zorch, etc.).

But these beliefs would have little to work their ill effect on if our musculature were free of stress and tension. The beliefs would simply pass through our minds and leave. Our muscles would be in a state of release, a state I can barely imagine. However this presupposes a purification of the mind as well, just as we’ve been doing for the last four years.

In the face of stress and tension, we tense up our musculature, our bodies.  We make them into golf balls, where before they were only lacrosse balls.

When I worry, for instance, I release adrenalin into the body, in the face of which my body responds by tensing up, in a location determined by my thoughts (pain in the …).

We multiply the amount to which the finer vibrations are prevented from making their way “into” us.  We can’t receive them because our receiver set is too gross. The vibrations are too fine for our apparatus to read. Or the message gets through, but garbled.


Into this situation, enter Archangel Michael, who in my last reading (Sept. 23, 2016) asked me in as point-blank a manner as he ever has, to stop worrying. Everything was going to be OK.

I was practically bug-eyed thinking about what lies ahead, and he was reassuring me, calming me down.

I got AA Michael’s message and I don’t need events to get worse before I’ll listen. I’m to stop worrying. And, as the actor says, “Do it now.”

Can I afford to worry? I really can’t. People have been most generous in tolerating my tendencies thus far. How much more can I ask of them?

Has it ever paid dividends? Not really.

Bad strategy that needs to be released to the universe? Looks like it.

Observer to Participant, Witness to Actor, 5D Steve to 4D Steve: Let worry go. Don’t wait until things worsen. Do it now.

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Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: Understand the Divine Gift of Will, AHWAA, September 22, 2016

archangel michael

[Thanks to Kate and Mary for this transcription]

Understand the Divine Gift of Will
Archangel Michael

An Hour with an Angel ~ Link to show.

September 22, 2016

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow: Host, InLight Radio

Steve: Good evening everyone and welcome to An Hour With An Angel. I’m Steve Beckow, editor and founder of the Golden Age of Gaia, and with me today is Linda Dillon, author of the Jesus Book. Linda, the Jesus Book is being shipped I understand.

Linda: It is being shipped. Interestingly enough it is being shipped, wonderfully enough, it is being shipped all over the world; to China, obviously to Canada, to Spain, to Portugal, to Denmark. It’s just been a wonderful response. And so, you can order the book – either in black and white or in a larger form with color illustration – either on the Council of Love website or on So, it’s really exciting! I can’t wait until people have really started to read it and the reaction, the shifts that Jesus has planned as people begin to do this, start coming out.

SB: The book goes back to his earliest teachings through you, I believe. Is that correct?

LD: It is. It is a compilation of the last 20-something years that I have been channeling Jesus. He was very clear on what He wanted me to do, is to collect all the channels that I still had – because I had one computer crash – but to collect all the channels that I had and organize it into eight topic areas, eight different chapters that He wanted to address. And, it was amazing actually because as I started to do that, the channels of Jesus have always touched me really deeply, but when you put them all together, the power of that love and that teaching, and just being in that energy is phenomenal. So, I am really excited!

SB: Well, I know I ordered one and my copy is in the mail. Are there any new channelings in the book? What is the plan of the book? Is it historic or…?

LD: Oh no, it is not historic at all. In fact, the subtitle of the book is “Messages for the 21st Century”. And so the breakdown of the book; it starts with an explanation from Jesus’s perspective of what is love. And then moves into love with your Sacred Self, love in terms of Sacred Union, love in terms of family and friendships, what to do with difficult people and families who don’t reciprocate in terms of love, moves on to community and unity and Divine Qualities and then into building Nova Earth.

SB: Oh, wow!

LD: Yeah! No, it’s not historic. It’s historic in terms of forging the way for a new world!

SB: Wonderful. Well, I can’t wait to get into it. I think we have either information on the blog about how to order it, or we will have within the next day or two.

LD: And I really appreciate that, Steve. Thank you.

SB: Listen, you are most welcome, dear. Why don’t I let you settle in, or settle out?

LD: As the case may be!

SB: As the case may be! And today we are going to welcome Archangel Michael and we hope to really get into the subject of will. What is will? And, is there a collective will? If there is, how do we generate it, how do we focus it and how do we keep it from getting taken down unfortunate roads; such as the dictators of the world have taken us down. How do we tame will, etc.? With that I welcome Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: And I welcome you, for I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News, and shall I say, bringer of discussion on this controversial subject of will. And I hope to bring, and I intend to bring – note my words dear friends – deeper understanding, light, wisdom, to activate your hearts, your minds and your will, to understand what this concept, but what this reality, of your Divine Power, born of love, into action, what does this subject of will mean? For has this not, as you have mentioned dearest Steve, will has had a troubled history in terms of the use, or abuse, or misuse of will in the course of human affairs. And there are many that will decry the use of will because that is what they are thinking of, that is what they are fearful of.

But, in fact, the right use of will is but a Divine Gift. Not so much what you would think of as a Divine Quality because will is based in action. There have been many dictators – and we will just restrict this discussion to the planet of Gaia, of Earth – but there have been many dictators, torturers, those big and small, known and unknown, who have used the application of their human will to truly bring about mayhem, chaos, hatred, greed, control, aggression, war, annihilation to this planet and also to the human race.

When the Mother brought forth into form the original Creator Race – which even that sometimes has a negative connotation – we are not talking about Master Race, my friends, we are talking about Creator Race. And, what did this mean for those who were sheer energy or Angelics of various forms, and even some hybrids, who brought forth form. And, the Mother’s intent, put most simply, was to have a place of such beauty and diversity, where Her Angels could play, where they could have the experience of being in form and the delight of being in form. That original plan did not entail, and still does not entail, human beings, that humanoid form, of people being stuck in physicality.

Now part of that original race, of those first beings upon planet, was that they had the ability to create. And, you have had some monumental examples and some smaller examples of this ability to create throughout human history. And perhaps the Lemurians are a perfect example who could create from sheer ideation or thought. But even that was not in perfection.

The ability to create for these Angels in form to bring forth, was a delight that was almost to finish up the tableau. This magnificent creation that the Gaia, the Mother, the Father, the One, had brought together but that it was complete but incomplete. So that that first Race had the ability to bring forth the finishing touches, as you can think of it. Now, how does that creation take place? And yes, Sanat Kumara, has lectured you, has shared with you, he would say ‘ad nauseum’, the formulas and the methods, the tools, of how to bring forth. But think of it in this way; out of the love that you think anchors in your heart, but in fact anchors in your entire being, but the heart is a good place to think of it, born out of that, in conjunction with the energy instilled within every being, within what you think of as your physical, cellular, subatomic particles, and your esoteric, spiritual, mental, emotional particles, born out of the love is the will as well.

Now let me be practical; think of a car or any kind of vehicle you wish, love is the drivers’ seat, the steering wheel, but will are the wheels of the car. When you turn the motor of, on or off, but particularly when you turn it on, the wheels will move and you are able, by an act of will, to get where you want to go, to create and bring forth what you wish to experience, what you wish to share in terms of your beautiful, unique design, and what you planned, both from original intent and soul design, and for the particulars of this and every incarnation.

There has been a tendency – and we are not trying to say this is incorrect but what we want to do is expand your understanding – because my beloved friends, you are spiritually evolving and mature, so we can have a much broader conversation at this time. But, I digress. There has been a tendency to think of will, Divine Will, human will, as a more masculine or Divine Masculine aspect or quality. And that has been a good understanding, a practical understanding, in terms of how both masculine and Divine Masculine have been understood, comprehended, brought forth. But let us suggest to you, let us share with you, as you are moving forward, that will, Divine Will, is a composite of both the Mother and the Father because there can be, and there isn’t, any separation.

Now, we don’t want you focusing on how many angels are dancing on the head of a pin, but what we would encourage you to do, is to not think of – because it tends to be a mental process – to think of Divine Will as a simply Divine Masculine. If you do not think that the birthing of the multiverse, the omniverse, of many, many races by the Mother does not take an act of will then of course you would be sorely mistaken. So that is Divine Will.

Now, you shake your head – and we will get into this conversation – and you say to me, “Then Mi-ka-el, if this is a Divine Aspect what happened? Why have we had so many who have really created an aberration of what was a Sacred, Divine Gift and part and parcel of who I am?” When humanity fell, and by that I mean simultaneously became entitled and arrogant and wanting control where none was necessary, that is a fantasy. But when that occurred, there was a delineation, a division of those who could control and those felt under control, powerless. Both are a deviation, a falling away from Divine Plan. So in this, will became bastardized and human will, which was not in alignment with Divine Will, began to be lost. Now it was never entirely lost. And, many of you have reignited your will, allowed that will to be reignited and brought forth in the restoration, not only of the Mother’s Plan and Design, but of your own plan and design. When you are in alignment, not only with Divine Will, but the Divine Will within you, that is part and parcel of who you are, then what you are doing in bringing that forward, is in fact using the power of will – and that is something that many of you shy away from and have shied away from – you are using the power of the will, the power of love, to create and to bring into action. It is a movement energy. So think of the Mother. You are bringing into action and fruition what you are desiring. That is why we have said, “Be careful what you focus on because that is part of what you are bringing forth.” Now that is a very brief introduction. Dearest friend, where do you wish to begin?

SB: You’ve raised so much, Lord, it is very difficult. Let me just get some of the questions cleared out of the way. Very, very short answers to this; is the Creator Race the same as the Elohim?

AAM: No.

SB: No. Ok. Exactly who is the Creator Race? It’s transcendental beings, is that correct?

AAM: It is beings that assumed a humanoid form with what you can think of as full awareness; so not with the limitations, the blinkers, that the current race of humans have.

SB: And with the ability to create. So now you say, beings.

AAM: Humanoid beings.

SB: Humanoid beings. The Mother created this race?

AAM: Yes.

SB: De novo. So much for Darwin. Darwin is leaving the picture on so many occasions.

AAM: But do not think of it this way, because he has played a role. Because I do not want this to – and I will not spend too much time on this – but I do not want to fuel the fire of right wing creationists either.

SB: I understand. Now, and again I’m trying to nail down some correspondences. So, are the subatomic particles you mentioned the same as what you call adamantine particles of Romma Herman?

AAM: Yes, they are very similar. Yes.

SB: Ok, very good. Is it disloyal to change your metaphor slightly and have love be the driver of the car and we’ll be the car?

AAM: (Laughing) If it makes it more understandable to you, or to any of you, you may do what you wish. You know, we don’t tend to think in terms of cars, or money, or time, as you have so often pointed out to us, so if you wish to be the driver or the car, or even the highway or the dirt road, you can do so.

SB: (Laughing) Just not the carburetor or the muffler. Ok, very good.

AAM: You can be the gearshift, my friend.

SB: (Laughing) That’s right! Now this point that you made, which is absolutely fascinating about the Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine. On one occasion I asked you if will was an attribute of the Divine Masculine and the discussion has now reached the point where…Now you’re saying, when we talk about the Divine Feminine, we’re really talking about the Divine Mother when we talk about the Divine Masculine… no, no that’s not correct, because it doesn’t go into the Divine Father when we talk about the Divine Masculine we’re not talking about the Divine Father, so I’m a little lost there. But, the point that I wanted to make is that you are saying that the Divine Mother, you call her the Divine Feminine as if there is no will there, but she is the creator, preserver and transformer of entire worlds, so she is very willful, very active. So, from that perspective, are you saying that will is like love, simply an aspect of the Divine that is in all of us that needs to be activated.

AAM: Yes.

SB: Is that correct?

AAM: Now let me correct you. And I am teasing you today. We are having a playful conversation are we not?

SB: Yes we are.

AAM: Now you say, and you understand, that the Divine Mother has created everything.

SB: Yes.

AAM: Now when people talk about, and yes, sweet friends, I am talking about many of you who are lightholders, loveworkers, you have tended to think of the Divine Feminine – and I am splitting hairs here, but it is important – that this has been more the nurturing, yes the birther, the bringer, the caretaker energy, but you have not thought of the gusto of will of the Divine Mother that has tended to be more in the Divine Masculine – not Divine Father – Divine Masculine arena. So I do not want you to think of such stringent delineation.

Now, to make it even more confusing, Divine Father, Divine Mother, in that conjoining, in that place of ultimate love, and the bringing forth of All, to which you will all return, is the blending of energies that is not either/or, but what you think of as the One and the All. And that was the distinction that I was hoping to eliminate in terms of Masculine, Feminine, Father, Mother. It is important as you become Nova Beings, which is already well, well underway, is that you realize in your core being, in your subatomic particles, in your organs, in your central column, in your spiritual DNA, however you wish to construe this, is that you have that blend of the Divine Father, the Divine Mother, the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine.

There has been a separation of these elements, these qualities, these aspects because of the preponderance of the skewed masculine, the skewed will upon the planet. So of course there has been in the rebalancing more attention brought to the knowable Divine Mother, the implementation and the anchoring of the Divine Feminine coming from the Mother.   But in the return to not only who you are, but to all, do not try and segment that Divine Father, that Divine Mother. Embrace that totality within you.

You may not know it all. You may not understand it all. My beloveds, you don’t have to. You have need to allow it to grow, to expand, to express, to learn and continue on. There are many gifts, many presents that are being unfolded so do not limit your understanding. Now, has that muddied the water even further, my friend?

SB: I think the prime muddying of the water, Lord, is that…I can’t even say what I was about to say but let’s pretend I can…that you can say things about the Mother but you can’t say things about the Father – the Father is everything. And so whenever I try to talk about the Mother and the Father I am comparing an apple with ‘everything’, so to speak. It can’t be done, really. I am getting the futility of it. Now does the Divine Masculine refer to the Father and does the Divine Feminine refer to the Mother? Or are those phrases used for other things, different things, in the simple reference to the Father and Mother.

AAM: Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, are what you would think of as the expressions of these entities, particularly the Masculine, that you feel are unknowable. So, you say, “Well, I can’t know” … and you can’t by the way… “know everything.” But you can know the qualities, the expressions, of Divine Masculinity. And even more so, you can accept that that energy – yes, in all humility you would say, “But such a tiny particle.” – but it is still within you.

So part of your advancement – and I do not wish to stray too far from the discussion of will – but part of your advancement, part of your evolution, part of your coming, is the acceptance that that unknowable is part of you as well. You see, there is so much emphasis on knowing yourself and bringing to fruition that Creator aspect of the Divine Mother – not the Divine Feminine – the Divine Mother. But there is also a part of you that simply can, if willing, accept that there is part of you that you don’t know fully; perhaps in this lifetime, perhaps not for many lifetimes, but that does not mean it is not present.

Where you are right now in terms of this evolutionary step is in the reactivation, the full activation, of your will in terms of your Divine Will, because that is the alignment of Nova Being. It is not the aberration of will that people have come to misunderstand and have a very bad reputation.

SB: Lord, can we turn to aspect of the practical now? But, just before we do I want to make mention to listeners about something you said earlier. You said, “To which you will all return…all to which you all return”. I just wanted to mention – and please correct me if I am mistaken here, Lord – but you are not talking about ascension you are talking about the ultimate return to God, after which we come out again, I understand. Is that correct?

AAM: Yes, that is correct. I am talking about the ultimate journey in that car, sweet one.

SB: Which you’re riding on, on the hood! (laughing)

AAM: I am your ornament on the hood, yes.

SB: Clearing the way for me, thank you very much! Could we – practically speaking, because we are practically minded – could we turn to the generation and maintenance and transformation of collective will? Is there such a thing as collective will?

AAM: There most certainly is! And you say, “Well how, Lord, would that work? How does it work?” Because in many ways, right now, it is just beginning to work again repeatedly upon sweet Gaia. Think of collective will in some ways as a very powerful entrainment. Now that does not mean that you are not your bug-a-bear, that you are not in charge of your will. Because this aspect of being in charge, of not having decisions made for you, of being able to proceed freely – and this has been a theme that we have talked about a great deal – it does not mean that collective will overrides individual will. You have seen that friction time and time and time again. Now, let us be very clear; when you are in alignment with your Divine Will – that is operating and reflective and literally in alignment with Divine Will – that doesn’t mean, as so many people in the past paradigms have interpreted it, that ‘I’m right and you’re wrong’. That is of the old paradigm and there is no room for it.

But think of it in this way … collective will is in fact sparked, activated, entrained, by those individuals who are willing and able and ready, and actually moving in action to show the way. Now that does not mean – think of the entrainment of a school of fish – that you are always at the head of that school of fish. Because there are many roles, including those who are in the middle of the school and do not break away but continue this wondrous pattern of cooperation and harmony, and those who are at the tail end who do not sit and sulk and think, “Oh, I am at the end of the row here.” So, it is that beauty but it is sparked by individual will.

Now, how does that work? And how does one change what has been the, shall we say, the old will, which is not Divine Will, into this alignment with Divine Will? This is one of your primary activities, actions, in terms of being the Mother’s implementers of Nova Earth and the bringing forth, the building, the creation, the anchoring, the establishment – not only of Nova Being – but of Nova Earth, Nova Collective, Nova Humanity. When there are enough of you, and I would suggest that you are basically there, to say, “We are going to go with an act of will generated by love. We are going in this direction.”

Now, the rest of humanity may not know all the fine-tuning, all the detail, but it is sufficient that they say, “Yes, this feels right, on every level, everybody. This feels right enough for me to move in harmony with this group.” That is the building of unity and community. And, in fact, it is done not just by love, but as an act, an action of will. So you say, “Well how do we do this?” And what I suggest to you, first of all there is the acceptance piece. It is the acceptance that you are in alignment – and that you have done your work, of course – that you are in alignment with Divine Will. And that you are willing to step forward, and either at the front, the middle, behind or somewhere in between, take a certain direction that is in alignment with will and love, and all the Divine Qualities, because they are all one thing anyway.

Now, what I also further suggest to you, my beloved friends, is that consciously or unconsciously, without having labeled it as such, that you have been doing this. And you actually have been doing it for some time. And, I do not simply mean since 2012, which was a landmark decision and a landmark redirection, but as a collective – not everybody, but enough of you – have been doing this for quite some time. Now, has there been exploration and a growth of trust, not necessarily in us but in your beloved sweet selves, and from that, in and with each other? Yes. Now I know that will be food for discussion, sweet one.

SB: Well, the obvious next place to go with this, and the obvious reason that I am asking you about this, is that lightworkers soon will not only be exerting their own will, but will be responding to calls to generate collective will around such things as ending hunger in Africa or sexual slavery in the world, etc. So, anything you can tell us about how will operates, or what the pitfalls are, or how we can rehabilitate ourselves who’ve had our trust so badly damaged by all our governments and militaries and police forces. So, any coaching on this new phase that lightworkers are entering into in which will is such an important aspect would be appreciated.

AAM: I would be pleased to do so. Now, has there been – and I would suggest to you for thousands of years, thousands and thousands and thousands of years – a breach of trust of authority that has occurred? Well, you know perfectly well that it has been in existence. Do not spend your efforts looking back. Now I am not suggesting to you, any of you, to be naïve, or to ignore history and the pitfalls of history. But, if you spend your time looking backwards, I am talking in terms of your understanding of time rather than simply the Mother’s time, then what you do is that is what you are doing. You are spending your time looking at past mistakes, missteps and you are always trying to protect yourself.

Now of course, there is a level of prudence, of sensibility that always needs to be in place. But as you proceed, both individually and collectively, because it is not an either/or, that is why I have used the example of entrainment of a school of fish…it is not a single fish going off and riding the currents, it is a large, large group of you moving together…and there is power and safety and wisdom and talent and a whole variety of capacities within that school. So as you move forward, do not spend your efforts and your time thinking about past atrocities.

Now the biggest element that you need to be personally and collectively cognizant and vigilant about is that ascendance of superiority, of entitlement, and of ego. Never do we wish, or would it be of love, to eradicate your delightful, sweet, powerful –sometimes disconcerting – qualities of your personality. But you cannot proceed in an egoic way that is reflective of the old pitfalls of ‘I have the answer. I am the leader. I am right, you are wrong’. Nothing will destroy your forward thrust faster than that. So, the memories, which are important, of the history of the pitfalls, are present in order that that reversion to the old third does not occur.

But as you are going forth, you are literally forging new ways. Think of – in North America there are many such examples, but we will use North America – when your settlers came to your eastern coast and they began their trek to the West, they did not know what lay ahead. They were not sure what river or pathway to take. It was a journey. And while there were many missteps, there was also a collective will to keep going, to explore and to create new places of home, to escape what had been in many ways economic or political slavery. Yes, there were many mistakes made, but to forge new pathways. And that is what you are doing. And in that, there are those of you who will be the guide at the front of the wagon train, and there will be cooks, and child minders and teachers, and those that sit and paint the landscape. Everybody is necessary. And, nobody has a more important role than another.

For some it is a very individual act of will; ‘I am doing this and I am bringing my piece to this undertaking. I do not want the bigger picture. I simply want to work with 12 women who have been sold into slavery and to help them regain the sense of who they are and claim their lives.’ That is as important as the bigger picture. Everybody has to be respected – yes has to be respected and valued! Because what happens in the reversion to the old is that sense of value and respect of honoring was lost. And so one of the biggest things that I guide you on is the importance of maintaining, not only the sense of community, but the value and the honor and the respect of every being.

There will be such a plethora of undertakings. Depending on your slant, your preference, your guidance, your mission, you will feel that your project, your undertaking is the most important thing on the planet. And that is fuel for you. That, with the love of your undertaking, fuels your will to get going. But it does not give it primary importance in the fabric and the tapestry of the whole. Every single thread is important. So the balance – and to speak to balance – we are not recommending to you, we are not guiding you to become so driven, so overly focused on projects that you forget the balance of who you are. And that you reflect that balance and the perfection of that balance to one another.

There are times when, as community, you will work flat-out diligently. But if there is not a balance in the consistency of the whole, of time for self, time for reflection, time for prayer, time for play, time for love, then what you are creating is not in alignment with the One. It is not in alignment with love. Now, in all of that – yes you can think of it as the third piece of guidance – vitally important is the clarity of communication. Now this is where will has need to be balanced and tempered with the love.

Too often, in many of your societies, will has taken a primary place in conversation. That rather than genuine conversation being a give and take, not only of information, but of love, of heart, of understanding, of confusion, you tend to rush through conversation because all you want to do is make your point, convince the other person and move on. That is not communication and that most certainly is not of love. The communication, yes Saedor, that we encourage – Saedor has worked for your star families for thousands and thousands of years.

So, what does this communication mean? In many ways, my beloved friends, it also means permission, safety, security, open-heartedness. It is the ability, not only to express oneself and to hear yourself truly heard, it is also the ability and the gift of listening, of hearing – without a feeling of being told what to do or reprimanded or directed – but of truly hearing, listening to what is being said. Not simply to push forth your agenda or your desires, but that there is a mutuality of exchange. There are times my friends – and you have heard me both seriously and in humor say to you when something is either incorrect or incomplete – you have need, yes need – this is part of love and will – you have need to say to one another, when there is a perception – because that is all you have to go with – yes sometimes you say, “Oh it is a knowing, Lord.” And I suggest to you that it is a perception, that perhaps someone that you are speaking to is either veering away or not on the right path or that they are not truly hearing or listening to you. You have need to grant tacit and active permission in your new world to truly communicate, on the mental level, on the emotional level, on the heart level, on the will level.

And to be clear, not only with whom you are communicating with, but with yourself. ‘I really want to get this done!’ That is your will bringing forth ‘I want to get moving in action’. Now, is that Divine Will or is this your ego will? And if it is ego will, are you willing to hear somebody say, “Slow down. We haven’t taken x, y, z or this or that person and their needs into account.” Now I do not say this in the way to say that you are going to discuss, discuss, discuss and nothing ever gets done. That has also been a pattern and it has been a pattern of lightworkers and loveholders as well. No, this is a time of action. In every realm we are saying, “Let’s get going!” But not to sacrifice genuine communication. So that is our guidance…that is the beginning of our guidance. Am I clear sweet friend?

SB: Very clear, Lord. Let me just confirm, are you saying that one of the elements of creating collective will is in that moment in which one is making an appeal or putting forward an idea, listening to the other people, making sure that they feel that they have been heard without allowing the discussion to go on forever, but allowing others the opportunity to present their perhaps objections, perhaps refinements. Is that the case?

AAM: That is exactly the case because in community, collaboration is going to enhance – not indefinitely delay – but enhance. Because what you are doing is coming together with the best parts of you to truly create for self and for the collective. That is how the entrainment happens. Everyone is saying, “Yes. This is a great direction. Let’s go!”

SB: I think I am beginning to get the picture. Lord, I have to apologize for the noise in the background. The workmen have started on the outside of the building. What – in terms of final statements because we are nearing the end of the program – what do you advise lightworkers who are looking forward to beginning work soon, what is the most important thing to remember about the subject of generating will, perhaps collective will, but perhaps will within yourself, what is the one thing they need to keep in mind as we approach this new phase of activity.

AAM: What I would ask of you, what I would suggest to you, and that is to each of you, do not wait. Begin embracing and working with this aspect of will that perhaps you have placed aside. You say, “Well we are not in a full position.” What I suggest to you is that much creation comes about because you willing it. So begin to work with your Divine Self Will. Play with it. See the harmony between your heart and your solar plexus, your head and your solar plexus. Begin to embrace what has always been within you. Welcome it home like a long lost friend, as if you have an extra set of eyes, or an extra set of hands that you didn’t even know about…or a brand new car, my friend.

SB: (Laughing) Thank you very much. Are you going to be on the hood of every car, Lord? Can you do that?

AAM: Oh yes I can!

SB: You can, that is an amazing talent.

AAM: One of a few. Go with my love.

SB: Thank you, Lord.

AAM: Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

©2016 Council of Love, Inc.


This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

“Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: Understand the Divine Gift of Will,” An Hour With An Angel, Channeled by Linda Dillon, September 22, 2016, at

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Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel September 29, 2016 by Paul Backes

Angel of Light - gabriel - marleneDear Ones,

At this moment in time, you are completing a year of Self Mastery. The discovery of who you are on a more deep and expansive level has been a revelation of consciousness. The awakenings that have occurred for you this year are only now coming into your conscious awareness.

You may doubt that truth of this idea as you have only noticed a blank state of expansiveness that feels like being spaced out in the void space or even stuck. What you are experiencing, however, is a level of Divine Neutrality that you have never witnessed.

Even those who have relied on their emotional states to inspire and guide their lives are starting to recognize the wisdom coming from within their inner beings as a new system of Balance opening inside.

You who have taken stock of your creative offerings have felt the urging from within and the glimpse of the new gifts coming forward. The freedom this new expression offers is beyond comparison and is like nothing you have ever known in your lives to this point in time.

There are new realms of activated and illumined Truth coming forward to be nurtured and introduced into lives that are starving for alignment with your soul’s highest destiny. There are profound new frequencies and connections for you in this divine neutrality that is being offered. Enlightened wisdom is now available that springs from your true expansion into the Light of God Source energy, and now you have the freedom to express it in a way you have never known.

When you look at your life, the evidence of this freedom may not be clear. Your true evidence is in the Balance and Harmony you feel in yourself. The respect and love that you are beginning to perceive for who you are, is reaching a new level as you begin to access the gifts of your soul’s expression on the Earth.

It may not be what you think you see, although if you allow yourself a peek at your life from a different level of awareness, you will notice how, in your state of new Balance, unimaginable Beauty is awakening in your world as well. The requirements for your new awakening into an illumined life have been acknowledged by your very soul’s presence  — active and secure in your physical body for the first time ever! This is a profound statement.

You are embodying what you have been wanting to activate. You have been taking steps that have been focused, longing to express your creativity in the world and seeking confirmation that your reality is changing. Now you are beginning to see the evidence, maybe in small ways, but true examples of your ability to not only access the higher frequencies, but to bring them consciously into your physical form and fully embody your soul’s gifts. All is within the Divine Neutrality of your soul working actively in your physical form.

Soak in this experience of Divine Neutrality in this Equinox portal and let it expand through your energy system so that every cell is firing with the codes of Balance. The awakening that so many are thirsting after is here, not with trumpets and fanfare, but in the quiet openings into Balance that are found within your breath.

The simplicity of this expansive state is misleading. You thought it would be louder, more explosive in nature with perhaps more visions, color and sound. And yet this quiet connection to the breath of life, this awareness of the Beauty unfolding within you and your immediate world, along with the simple emerging of your soul’s gifts, is what it means to awaken.

Within this awakening, you simply are who you are meant to be. The revelation is that you have become your soul’s expression in the world, and it all comes to you from a divine sense of Balance. You simply become the blended being of divinity and human that happens naturally as you immerse into God’s Light within your breath. Your awakening focus then becomes that sense of expansive presence in whom you live, move and have your being.

The gift of Group Consciousness was working during this Equinox Portal of Possibilities because so many people around the world were focused on Balance. This increased your ability to have a full experience of the Unified Field of Love, Neutrality and Balance. We are activating that field that exists within a direct divine connection as it fully expands your human envelope, so that your energy system can transform and receive the Power of Divine Loving Intelligence.

When you immerse yourself in this Divine Intelligence, it feels so whole and balanced that you think you are not actually in an altered state. It is so natural to who you are that you don’t feel you are experiencing anything special. This experience is your state of Pure Balance and Divine Neutrality that we are speaking of.

We of the Angelic Dimensions are opening this state of consciousness for you so you can continue to be fed by the higher frequencies of Light and let that energy do its work within you. You are here to simply relax and receive with an open mind and heart.

We are expanding the energy frequencies so you can fully experience Divinity working within you on the Earth. As you come into the experience of full immersion into Divine Awareness, you cannot go back to where you were. You are being transformed from the inside out in this moment in time, the Equinox of September 2016.

The Archangels are with you and guiding the process of awakening into your own angelic form through this time. The Light Body empowerment we are offering you may include wings that expand with the Light of illumined consciousness as it anchors your new crystalline DNA structure. Do not limit the formation of new life awakening within you. As you bring this Light through your physical form, creativity knows no bounds.

What is being offered and is now working through your human body is more support and a more empowered creative flow than you have ever known. Quiet your action in the world, focus on your breath, and allow your heart’s intelligence to speak as you align with your Soul. This Alignment is your direct connection to the Divine, and as such brings your gifts forward into daily life. Let Life fly free through you and know you are profoundly loved.

I am Archangel Gabriel, you are blessed, and so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel
September 22, 2016

“The Equinox Message from Archangel Gabriel,” Channeled by Shanta Gabriel, September 22, 2016, at

“Ready to Receive the Spirit”

Sacred 333The Fourth Dimension in the afterlife – which the not-dead … or still-living … call the Astral Plane – sees people sort themselves out.

The darkly inclined are irresistibly pulled to the Dark Planes or Winterlands.

Lighter souls gravitate to the Summerlands.

Movement is usually upwards. Except for the seriously dark, sunk in resentment, most other people find themselves yearning to progress.

Now here we are, allegedly in the Fourth Dimension, but handicapped in a way that none of the denizens of the Astral Plane are. They’re free of this dense, carbon-based physical body; we’re not.  Their spirit doesn’t walk around in an Ironman suit. But we clank around inside these flesh-and-blood machines.

The will of those in the Summerlands causes things to happen and appear, in their malleable domains; our thought may cause them to happen but the process is so slow as to usually go unnoticed. Compared to a resident of the Higher Summerlands, we live a deprived existence.

We have to deal with the exigencies of living in a dense, carbon-based body. With the energies rising, we become like a dog with a heavy coat in summer.

We’re uncomfortable. It feels as unbearable and uncontrollable inside as it appears to be outside. That probably reflects the fact that the outside world is mirroring our chaos in the face of the rising energies.

With Ascension, we’re in a totally-new situation. Soon these dense, carbon-based bodies will transform into lightbodies. Not too many lightworkers have reported back what life in a lightbody is like. But some of us have had moments, or spells, of transformative love and bliss.


Apparently transformative love is where we’re headed, according to Archangel Michael. But let me come to that in a minute.

For now, let me illustrate our process over the last four years.

Picture a road that leads from a city called Anger to a city called Love.

Anger —————————————————————–> Love

Some people don’t live in Anger. Perhaps they live in Resentment or Jealousy or Fear. But all roads still lead to Love.

We’ve been, in this last four years, on a journey of cleansing ourselves of our core issues and conditioned behavior – deconstructing the constructed self – to become more normal and natural (Sahaja = natural), higher-dimensionally speaking. This is the journey from Anger to Love and we’ve been on it.

On that road, everyone will be where they are. There’s no schedule, no clock to punch. It’s perfectly acceptable to choose not to ascend.

Many of us have just been keeping up recovering from what the rising energies release in us or draw out of us. For many others, the cleansing processes are speeding up or getting simpler. We’re beginning to taste our first experiences of what Jesus called real love, what I call transformative love.


Archangel Michael described that love for me in my last reading with him through Linda Dillon, Sept. 23:

“When we speak of love, we speak not only of romantic passion [what I, Steve, call “ordinary love”]. We talk about a depth of perception and connection of balance and sincerity, of trust and the ability to expand, and latitude and permission that goes far further than what many human beings are talking about.” (1)

Definitely. Way farther than what many human beings are talking about. Most human beings have had little or no experience of real love and so they don’t have a reference point for understanding. Michael went on to discuss the situation facing us.

Archangel Michael: Many human beings thus far … don’t have a reference point and the human psyche, again thus far, has difficulty comprehending things when there is not a reference point.

Steve: Well, yes, of course, that does make sense. But even if there is a reference point … I’ve had many peak experiences in which I, for a short period of time, experienced that love. But I’d never been able to walk around in it [prior to my heart opening on March 13, 2015] and be with it for hours and see how it comes and goes, the way it keeps anger and jealousy and resentment away. I’d never luxuriated in it and observed it. So that’s what’s missing for people.

AAM: Yes, and that is what is coming. That is the focus of this rebirth.

When the Mother talks about, when we talk about the rebirth of love upon this planet, that is what we are talking about. (2)

Well, whooopeeeee! Where we’re going is into transformative love.  I can certainly welcome and speak to that.

We are in for a good time.

Transformative love is a love so strong that it holds feelings like anger and hatred at bay. We’re buoyed up by this non-ordinary love and, though we may have started its flow by thinking of a single person, when it arises, it cannot be contained in the channel of personal love. It overflows its banks in a second. It has to be universal.  It has to be sent out to the world, to all and everyone.

Transformative love is a different world, a big cut above our ordinary state of being. In transformative love, we want to hug the whole, wide world. How can we not have the world work out for those around us?

All the discussion of cosmic orgasm? Transformative love and bliss are really what they’re pointing at.

Conscious awareness? Transformative love goes on in the space of conscious awareness.  The two go together.

Transformative love is above-the-line consciousness, universal love, etc. I’m trying to locate it using the terminology of different movements.

We’ll be drowned (that is, the ego will be drowned) in a sea of love. We won’t have to earn it or work for it or stand on our head for it. It’ll simply be the accepted background and predominant quality of life.

And “that is what is coming”? Hallelujah.


All of this cleansing, purifying, deconstructing has been – if you’d like it in a Biblical context – to make us fit vessels to receive the Spirit. What is “the Spirit”? Well, the Divine Mother is the Holy Spirit and receiving her Spirit must mean exactly what’s happening: We receive the Mother’s tsunami of purity, discernment, love and grace and allow ourselves to be transformed.

God is love and the Mother’s energies are all and only love.  To receive the Spirit is to allow in, digest, and assimilate the love the Mother is sending us at the heart of the Ascension process.

It’s been a slog. We’ve been separated from our gossamer spirit bodies all our lives. We’ve carried on in heavy bodies susceptible to disease, decline, and death.

And for the last four years, we’ve been in rehabilitation and recovery.

Ready to receive the Spirit.

Ready to blossom. Ready to unfold. Ready to ascend.

Thanking Our Benefactors


galactic federation SanJAsKaI was writing an article on future technology when I came across this quote in the First Contact database, (1) from Wes Annac’s sources:

“Even many conscious souls who’ve learned a lot about us through communications we give or any other route have yet to see everything we have to offer, and even your cabal who’s built their own versions of the technology they’ve been given from off-world entities with service-to-self-based agendas, haven’t seen the likes of the Logos-fueled, higher-dimensional technology we’ll happily share with your planet.”  (2)

I became quite choked up reflecting on the magnificent horizons that are opening for us – brought to us by others. Not by dint of our own labors, although we have labored, but given as a free gift, with nothing asked in return, except that we stop warring on ourselves and others.

Abundance given as a free gift, technology, healing modalities, the consciousness shift itself – all given freely to us.

And it occurred to me that the greatest gift (in both senses of the word) that we can give in return is a really graceful thank-you and our love.

The cultivation of gratitude, it seems to me, will be the wisest investment of our time in social terms. Everything about what lies ahead will go better with gratitude. We’ll be constantly receiving.

Our turn will come to pay it forward to another civilization. We’re the first to ascend en masse and in a physical body.  You can bet your boots that our services will be in demand in other Ascensions and we’ll have a lot to say, I’m sure.

At that point, another civilization will be receiving from us and repaying us with gratitude. And so on it will go.

The love that we feel comes up from our own heart – not the heart chakra, but the spiritual heart, the soul, Christ, Atman, two digits to the right of the breastbone.  Most of us think it comes from others or we don’t give a thought to it at all.

But in reality it comes from Source, along the mysterious “fiber optic” that connects our heart to the Transcendental and Absolute One, and out into the world, where people, recognizing our love and feeling it, have their own hearts triggered and feel their own love as well.

Gratitude and love are the coin-of-the-realm, the spiritual currency of the higher dimensions.

They’re also the two indispensable abilities for a civilization about to be graced and blessed by complete strangers from unknown places.

If people are looking for new jobs, consider learning protocol and other ambassadorial skills. Because we’ll need people to stand in front of us and gracefully thank our benefactors.


(1) At

(2) “Our Universal Family: Keep Excelling to New Heights,” channeled by Wes Annac, November 22, 2013 at

Transcript: Mary Magdalene ~ Focus On What You Love! Heavenly Blessings, September 13, 2016

Heavenly Blessings leap into sunset[Thanks again to Ellen for this transcript]

Mary Magdalene ~ Focus On What You Love!

“If you focus on what you love and the love of your beautiful, sacred self, the balance of your masculine and feminine, your angelic, your wingmaker, your galactic, your human self – then you cannot go awry.”

Heavenly Blessings, September 13, 2016

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 7:28 to 12:18]  Link to show

Mary Magdalene: Greetings, I am Mary Magdalene. I am the Magdalena. Thank you and welcome, welcome to each and every one of you. And it is my honour and pink delight to be here with you this day – here with you this day and here with you always.

I come to you not as angel, not as archangel, not as master, but as sister and friend and ally, one who has walked this beautiful planet Gaia and who knows what it is to be woman and wife and mother and daughter and friend and sister, in both the figurative and the literal sense.

And yes, I do come to bring you the energy, anchoring the energy into these beautiful bodies – the energy of the divine feminine in balance, in conjunction and conjoining with the divine masculine. Never has it been either/or. Why would you simply have one when you can have it all? That is not the way on this side and it is not the way of Nova Being.

Yes, this is a time on your planet when we are working with you, the Mother’s Tsunami of One, anchoring the divine feminine, re-anchoring the divine feminine, re-anchoring the love, but it is not to the exclusion of the divine masculine. Both these qualities, both these energies, both these essences of existence have been lost and ignored for far too long.

But because there has been so much emphasis on the masculine, it is a time where the focus is being brought during this phase primarily to the divine feminine. But let us be very clear – it is not to the exclusion of the divine masculine. [The] masculine upon this planet of love (so much like pink and gold Venus) became so distorted. That is not meant in any way, shape or form as a criticism or a critique of males, individually or collectively.

But the idea, the belief system on both sides – masculine and feminine, but let us begin with the masculine – of what it means to be a ‘real man’ has been ridiculous. And out of those belief systems grew the system of control, of abuse of power, abuse of authority, the belief that somehow that strength meant not feeling, not being gentle and kind and considerate, was lost by and large. And that is not at all what it means to be masculine.

And when I say that, I mean the masculine that sits in both male and female, because there are many, many women who in order to strive, survive, thrive, succeed in the masculine realm of what the planet had become, had adopted these traits as vigorously as any man. And that is not the truth; it is not even close to a reflection of who you really are.

My beloved Yeshua, the love of my life – the love of every lifetime! – was a ‘real man’ in the real sense of the word. And he was kind and gentle and loving and strong – as strong as granite, as strong as wind, as strong as water, as strong as love. He came to teach the messages of love, to remind all of us that that is the only truth from which all else grows.

And the strength of that love allowed him to be strong, to go forth and to teach which was contrary to many people’s ways of thinking, to persist and endure regardless of those who laughed at him, who denied him, who persecuted him and eventually killed him. But the strength of his love and the belief in the knowing of who he is endured and continued.

But that strength, that masculine strength, the ability to stand against a whirlwind of shame and agony, denial – that is the beauty. And what it did was instil in all of us, to help bring to the surface in all of us that strength and kindness and gentleness and laughter, and the ability to create. And it was not defined as “now I am in my masculine self” because it was married in perfect balance with the feminine, with the divine feminine.

As you all know, I had my own training, my own journey that I brought forth, yes, as divine complement and as human complement to Yeshua. But regardless, if the unfoldment and the history had been different, I still would have had and would have continued in my own journey which was one very similar to my beloved: trained, a channel naturally, a bringer of ceremony and ritual, and an outrageous nature, also fearless.

I had lived in a time where there was much push and pull, particularly within Judaic society, because there was a belief and custom that women were the head of the household, and yet more seen than heard and that they belonged in the home. And at the same time, parallel to all of this, there was a strong tradition of the feminine goddesses and the incorporation of that, even in a patriarchal world.

So as I stepped forth, and as we are speaking about bodies and physicality, as I stepped forth in those times and in your times, would be considerable beauty and grace, sensuality, sexuality. I was often brought to task for being so outspoken and so clear in what I knew to be true and the pathways that lie ahead, then and now.

You see, my beloveds, the strength of the divine feminine is but a reflection of the strength of the masculine; the strength of the masculine is nothing but a reflection of the strength of the feminine. And so it goes, bouncing back and forth in unity, in balance, in perfection.

Too often again, in the abomination of what has occurred with the definition and the belief systems associated with masculine and feminine, the feminine has come to be noted as submissive – and in many ways, a sexual object, a place for men to relieve themselves, to plant their seed, to bear children. That is a gift. Yes, intimacy is a gift, the ability to bear children – we are the only ones that can do it! That is a gift, it is a strength, it is a purpose. But it is far, far from the soul purpose, and it is certainly not ever intended to be a way of secondary citizenship or submission.

The masculine, divine masculine and divine feminine, stand, flow, exist, create – conjoined, intertwined, interwoven as One. The definitions and the delineations are for purposes of creation and understanding and going forth similarly in form. Yes, you have chosen your gender, but you are the brilliant anchors of this unified energy of the Mother and the Father. Never can it be an either/or.

Many of you who have chosen at this time particularly – but many of you have done this repeatedly; there tends to be a preference, myself included – but those of you who have incarnated during this time in the feminine have a particular leaning towards the anchoring of the divine feminine.

Sometimes there has need to be an imbalance, a greater attention paid to what has been lacking in order to bring back the balance, and that is why there are more women upon this planet at this time than men. It is to anchor that divine feminine energy.

Now that is not to negate the divine feminine that grows and blossoms in the men, to which we all say, “Hallelujah!” It is about time. It is about what Yeshi and I anchored so long ago, and that is the paradigm not only of partnership but of two individuals, strong, vibrant, alive, vigorous, physical, who stood together as masculine-feminine/masculine-feminine, both in the authority and the love of who they are that allowed that sacred union, that brought to the forefront that sacred union.

If either one of us had been tethered to the old paradigms – that yes, is still being eliminated in your time – then it never would have worked. I for one would have kicked and screamed and cried and begged Yeshua to not make such a public statement of his ministry. If I had been in submission, I would have made his life miserable and he mine.

Instead, we lived in the moment, dearest Suzanne, that you have been talking about of the ‘eternal now’ because that is truly all that exists. You do not live in the future; you do not live in the past. Yes, it is all one time, but truly the only place you are perceiving is your now.

And in your now, welcome, embrace, live in that balance and that harmony of the masculine-feminine divinity – in the true meaning of what that is.

Sweet angel, where do you wish to begin this day?

Suzi: Oh Mary, thank you so much. As always, I will thank you for coming to talk to us. I am always in awe that I get to do this and it’s always a wonderful job.

There’s so many things! The first thing that’s coming to mind is that what we pay attention to grows larger in our lives, and it’s feeling to me that that’s becoming actually more literal every moment that passes. Because if I’m not paying attention to the American election, things are going to carry on anyway, and I’m imagining that my best and most efficient way of helping this whole process along is to not pay that much attention to it and just keep my own frequency and vibe high.

So we have awareness of the situations but we don’t delve into them. But is there going to come a point where that’s not even going to be part of our experience any more?

Mary Magdalene: If you are asking, sweet one, if the American elections will be part of your experience, [laughter] I will give you a mixed answer which is ‘Yes’ and ‘No’!

But let us get to the true heart of what you are talking about. You are in the Mother’s New Time – and let us be clear: you are not the same person, the same composition of molecules, atoms, subatomic material that you were even a month ago; and most certainly not the same person you were a year ago; and most certainly not the same person you were when much of this discussion and the decision to ascend as one in 2012…

So, radical changes have taken place. And so how you operate… that is why I am so pleased to talk about this! How you operate – you would call it your “standard operating procedures” – have so radically changed that the old simply doesn’t work or apply any longer. So those that are using that old manual are pretty much out of luck!

And might I suggest, as an aside, that those who are paying so much attention to war or elections or drama are using that old operating manual, and it will never work!

But in the ‘new’, with this refined energy – yes, what our Mother has called “refined balance” – what you are doing is literally creating instantaneously, and you are beginning to get used to this because it is a new way of existence. So your comment, your aside, which is really the heart of the matter, is what you are bringing your attention to is literally not only where you are placing your energy but what you are creating.

And that is why so much emphasis in this moment – which is eternal – is being placed upon the physical vessel as well. There has been so much misunderstanding about what entails the absorption of the lightbody, the transition to lightbody, what it means to transition from carbon to crystalline – all that doesn’t matter. That is the business of science catching up!

What matters is that the focus has turned into love, has turned into “I’m going to place my focus on what I love, and I’m not going to pay attention to what I either am not in charge of, can’t control, don’t want to control, because what I focus on will have that ripple effect of changing everything anyway – backward and forward and in the now.”

So for example, when Yeshi and I proceeded, let us say with our joint ministry, with our joint mission – because so often “ministry” has a religious overtone and that is the last thing I wish to imply – we did not sit there and worry or fuss or follow the messengers or the scribes who were telling us what was going on in Rome or in the Pharisees’ meetings or what the naysayers were talking about. That would only distract us.

So when we went to meet with people, whether it was by the sea or in a village or sitting on the side of a hill, what we talked about was the world we could create together with those we were chatting with. We didn’t spend time saying, “Have you heard about the latest coup? Have you heard about the latest hanging or crucifixion?” We ignored that because there was no point; it was not related to what we wished to bring forward.

So you are doing stellar work when you say, “Let those who are on that path and whose mission it is to pay attention to those factors, let them take care of it. That is not mine.”

Suzi: Okay, that’s good. So there are people whose job is to pay attention to it. So oil companies build pipelines through indigenous territory, and this Dakota Access pipeline now has 7,000 people gathered. It’s a very big, beautiful, unifying of tribes and of people all over the planet, and I just find it to be an exquisite happening and one of the purposeful things; well, everything is purposeful…

But what I also wonder about is… So we pay attention to the unification of people and the beauty there, and we don’t pay attention to the governor saying, “Let’s get the National Guard in here and let’s get the police in here, and let’s just make some trouble”?

Mary Magdalene: You pay attention to the fulfilment of these ancient Native American prophecies – that they have stepped forward, the browns, the reds, the whites, the yellows, to come together to build a new world, and an ancient world, and a current world that is honouring of Gaia.

Think of it in this way. You see, each sector – and there are many – is doing their job, both individually and collectively. So what is happening is that people are awakening. And if you think in terms of the Native Americans, it is not tribe-specific – it is a unified effort and all are welcome to create situations that protect what is precious, not only to the people but to the kingdoms and to Gaia herself.

Now, if the National Guard is knocking at your door and dragging you away or threatening you with their guns, of course you pay attention. But do you engage in their chaos by focusing on it, by talking about who is right, who is wrong? You already know who is right, who is wrong – nobody! because that is the old duality.

What they are doing, the National Guard or any police force, is bringing this old authoritarian energy and it is bouncing and hammering against the new realm, and the new realm, the realm of unity, of love, is saying “No!”

So you don’t completely ignore, but you don’t engage. So you send the love, you send the transformational energy for them to see what is really going on, and you send the love and support and you participate even when it is in distant observer status – it matters not, the energy is there – and you glean and receive and send the support to the cause, to the unity, undertaking, that is reflective of the new paradigm.

Suzi: Beautiful. So what we feed our energy and our attention into in any given situation… and there’s always something good to look at in anything.

Mary Magdalene: That is correct. And even when it appears as chaos, simply know it is being brought to the surface for revelation – and that is very important. This is a time when all that is not of truth and light is being brought to the surface. And it is being brought to the surface in human realm, and it is being pushed to the surface by our side.

Suzi: Alright. So I have a relationship question. Relationships have brought us quite often to an awareness of hidden issues we carry. I can see the efficiency of such an arrangement, but are we coming into a time when relationships can simply be a joy of mutual recognition and appreciation, and don’t have to trigger us because we’re pretty much good and healed and whole?

Mary Magdalene: Absolutely. And let us say this. We know that you are talking about sacred partnership/romance, but it is also true in terms of the relationships of friendship, of parent-child, of siblings. So, so often you will hear many humans, and particularly aware lightworkers/loveholders say, “I can’t be with my family. They have not brought me love. I can’t talk to my brother or sister because they judge me and it triggers all kinds of things within me, and I become a nasty person or I become super defensive.”

So in the past – and let us make that, let us push it into the distant past! – humans have used human relationships as these triggers, as these catalysts for awakening. Aside from some of your First Nations or First People, much had been forgotten about allowing Gaia and nature and the kingdoms, the birds, the animals to show what needed to be learned. And so, as that faded, what happened was the humans took up the slack.

And so what happened in the process of awakening, of clearing, of becoming, of arriving is that the human relationship, rather than being the fulfilling love that is intended – that’s the only reason there are many of you upon the planet; it is to have a variety of experiences of love and to live in unity.

So the old paradigm of using people and those you can or could love and cherish as simple catalysts is dissipating very, very rapidly, because the divine purpose, the divine will, was for these relationships – now we particularly are talking about the sacred partnerships, but family as well – was to be the conjoining of the masculine-feminine, feminine-masculine, regardless of gender, so that that could be in a place of such unity and co-creation.

There has been a tendency, if you think of divine masculine as one circle and divine feminine as another circle, that those circles have been separate, and that is not the Plan. The Plan is for the meeting in the middle so that there is, yes, divine masculine-divine feminine, but there is the centre of overlap where they meet.

Suzi: Like the Vesica Piscis…

Mary Magdalene: Yes, like the infinity [symbol]… so yes, but more than the infinity, it is the conjoining place for both. And in practicality it is intended that the male-female, male-male, female-female, it matters not, but that that place of conjoining be the physical expression of that union of divine masculine-divine feminine. Partnership is supposed to be exciting ecstasy in every sense of the word – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and far beyond!

When you have that, there is a recognition, even if you have just met the person 10 minutes ago, of the eternal linkage between the two of you. And sweet angel, it is beyond sublime! And yes, each of you and all of you deserve that.

Suzi: Wow! There are many of us, probably all of us, hard-wired for companionship and love, so of course we all want that and can have it. So it’s a wonderful thing.

I would look to a reversal of the twisting and taking control of human sexuality over our history. It’s been pretty grim and it’s a challenge to let go of the ‘how’ of that process. Is that completely up to us with support groups and people who’ve had experience to share? I know we get help but is there anything you could say about that, how we can clear ourselves of that?

Mary Magdalene: Of course, you get help from this side. And yes, sweet angel, I for one know all about how people can twist the sexuality piece into something very grim. For you know that I was much maligned as prostitute and whore because I loved physical reality – my own sensuality, sexuality, and my ability to be not only a goddess but a woman in form.

So it is important that some of this unravelling, untwisting, reprogramming, acceptance, surrender into the fact that sexuality, sensuality… because I want both to be present… physicality is joyous. It is part of the gift.

You have talked about food and how there has been a redefinition of food and nourishing your physical form. Similarly, there is and there will be much reprogramming – and it is through an openness.

There has been so much abuse and so much sexual abuse, so much sexual predation, so much sexual deviation – and I do not mean gender preference – but so much deprivation; deprivation as in “do not do sex; it is dirty, sinful, shameful” that it has need to come out of the closet into the light of day.

So the openness which is growing about the gentle acceptance that sexuality – and I don’t simply mean orgasm; I mean the totality of physicality, of the glee with one’s body – needs to come forth, not in a way… because in your society it has been either/or… so not in a way of narcissistic behaviour, but in a way that this is integral part of who you are. This is the form that you, in conjunction with your guardian angels and the Mother and many of us, have chosen. So then to deny a whole part of it is abomination!

So it is not to be completely focused on one aspect of yourself, but it is to give equal measure, balance, to all parts of yourself.

So yes, the human beings will have a great deal of mutuality and support in the various forms that you have mentioned: support groups, discussion groups, practice groups, tantra… all of this will come to the forefront. And there are those amongst you who that is your piece of your sacred mission, and it hasn’t come to the fullness yet because it has been such a taboo.

Suzi: Alright. In the meditation I believe, the phrase was mentioned “both unified and independent”. If we could have a little bit of a discussion about that because I am certainly feeling the Oneness with all things, while at the same time integrating aspects of myself is an individual process within the unified whole. Could you speak to that a little bit?

Mary Magdalene: So it is the unified… Let us go back to those concentric circles that are overlapping now. In the part that isn’t overlapping is that strong, independent self – divine masculine-divine feminine-divine self. Then think of the place where the concentric circles have joined, not only as the blend with your pieces or with another, but with the All.

When you enter into that conjoining, into that place of unification, you are unifying not only with your sacred self, not only with your sacred twin, not only with your sacred partner, but in that energy the next step is the unification with All.

Suzi: It looks like the Flower of Life to me. That’s what I’m seeing now.

Mary Magdalene: Yes, it is exactly the Flower of Life which is a very ancient symbol. So in that, you bring forth… The goal, the purpose, the gift has never been to eliminate the unique, bright spark that you are – and that is the individual, the uniqueness, the integration of all aspects. And although there is the place of unity, there is also at the same time the beauty and uniqueness of who you are. We don’t wish to destroy that and neither do you!

So often you have thought it is either/or – again to go back to that whipping analogy is that you have felt that you have had to whip your sense of self into submission to the All. And that is not the purpose or the way; that is not the path. It is to maintain, in integrity, all of who you are, and to bring that to the place of sacred union.

Suzi: With the self, beautiful.

Mary Magdalene: With yourself and with All.

Suzi: Yes! Ah, that’s lovely. Would you be able to say anything about the energies this month? It’s pretty intense, and it just feels like a moment in time if I might say “pregnant with possibilities” – how about that?

Mary Magdalene: Yes, the energy is very ‘pregnant’ – I would say “nine months plus pregnant with possibilities and about to pop!” [Laughter] So yes, you are feeling that intensity.

You, sweet one, have been pregnant and so you know what it feels like to reach that time when you know that you are due and you are really ready. And so it is “I am ready to give birth. As much as I love being pregnant, I am ready to let go of this sweet being inside of me and to allow, again, the independence of a new form completely united with me.” Cut the umbilical cord and let the new begin!

So yes, the energies have been remarkably intense because you are in that middle of the transformation. My beloved had called this “an extraordinary year”. So much of what has been “extraordinary” has been in what you would think of as the unseen realms, but the transformation of each of you and of the human race has been nothing short of extraordinary. But yes, you are on the cusp of bringing that into physicality.

Suzi: Exciting.

Mary Magdalene: We are so excited we can’t wait!

Suzi: So we’ll just keep ourselves happy and high frequency and paying attention to what matters to us and what we love, and just be love in every moment – and it’s all going to be awesome!

Mary Magdalene: If you focus on what you love and the love of your beautiful, sacred self, the balance of your masculine and feminine, your angelic, your wingmaker, your galactic, your human self – then you cannot go awry.

Suzi: Beautiful.

Mary Magdalene: Go with my love and go in peace, sweet ones. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.


This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

“Heavenly Blessings Transcript: Mary Magdalene ~ Focus On What You Want,” Channeled by Linda Dillon, September 13, 2016, at

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Porda via Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba, September 28th…/



Mushaba Platinum Light

By Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba

September 28, 2016


Greetings Dear Humanity,

I am Porda known as “Papa Force” of the Mushaba Family. I come at this time because it is most timely that I share some information with you. To humanity as a whole, I say to you that you are about to see an end to all that has been working against you for a millennium of time. You will see the total end of the lies and deceit that have controlled your lives and had you living a life of false hood without you even being aware of it.

The mechanism of deceit and manipulation was very powerful and was carefully and strategically put in place a very long time ago. It started even before the story of Jesus came into being. That in itself is another story that will come to light. In fact, it has already started with the release of the Book “When World’s Collide” The unwritten truth of the Black Race and Its extraterrestrial Origins written by my Son of earth, Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba. The history of control of the people goes so far back that it boggles the mind. It was a very intense and thorough process over time. It took a very strong root, and it was done in such away that those that were being controlled had no idea. They actually thought that they were free and making their own choices. How clever was that!

Through Economics, Religion and Race, is how they took over the world from the people. They, the former so called Cabal or Illuminati, not only took control of the finance of the world and separated and divided people through religion and race, they also controlled and manipulated through agriculture, for if you control the food you control the world, the medical society for they determined what was made available to the people and the people had little choice but to accept whatever was put forth in front of them, and also through education, for you control the education and what goes into someone’s mind and thinking you control them as your pawns. It’s not the fault of the people for the people were tricked, manipulated, fooled and hoodwinked. Humanity is much wiser today. It is far more difficult to fool the people for there are so many awakened beings on the earth. There is so much access to information because of the internet. It’s so much more difficult to hide the truth then anytime in history.

Humanity is on the verge of seeing great change that will literally blow their minds. It will be such a shock for so many people when they find out the truth of what has been taking place in their country, with their governments, food industry, medical industry and educational industry. However, you will begin to enjoy freedom and empowerment, financial independence and perfect health and well being in a way that you never thought possible. Then you will find that there will be many more that are aware and have been waiting consciously on these changes. These are the people that are primed and ready to make a difference. I now speak to you, those that are not only spiritual awakened, but also who in a moment will be financially flush to the hilts.

This event that has been planned a very, very long time ago as you of humanity enter the golden age of peace, love and prosperity. This is a spiritually orchestrated event that took a millennium of planning. There were those of earth that held the charge of protecting the wealth for the people so it can be available when this time comes. On the continent of Africa which will one day be the most successful thriving country of earth, you will find vast, and I mean vast resources of natural wealth that has lain dormant by designed until this day. There have also been great gold reserves in China for they were the keepers of a vast amount of gold for this moment in time you are now living in. As much gold as China may have, there is much more vast quantities of it on the continent of Africa alone along with other nature resources of great value.

The Chinese are playing their role in this time of prosperity and it is by agreement with the Spiritual Hierarchy and by agreement with the Mushaba People for they have a strong personal relationship with the Chinese people because of something that took place with the blood of the Chinese people many millions of years ago before the Chinese people came and settled on earth. It was the Mushaba people that came to their aid. Now I know that I get ahead of myself here so I will get back to my point and leave this for another moment of sharing.

To the currency holders of the world, you are the ones that have the opportunity to bring great change to the world at large through your service that have been entrusted to you before you came to Earth to participate in this new age of evolvement for Earth and Humanity. You are positioned in a place to where great and enormous wealth is about to befall you post haste! You will have a power in your hands at your beck and call, a financial power that will serve to assist in remaking the Earth and humanity. You are being charged with a very vital task. You have seen the examples before you of how those of great wealth used their wealth for their own greater good at the expense of anyone or anything else. You have seen how these examples have not cared about the people and what happens to them, how they live, how they suffer how much they are in need.

There have been a very tiny few that gave any care for the people. You see that that example is not what you feel in your heart. You see that with your wealth you are going to do it and use it very differently then those before you. This is why you will be blessed to have such an enormous amount. It will be used for the progress and development and freedom of humanity. What you do with your wealth is the telling story of your own evolvement. Those that prove not to be worthy because of selfishness will eventually loose all of their wealth. Not as a punishment but because you choose not to follow your intended spiritual destiny for humanity. You must remember that Money has its own consciousness. It’s not some dumb stupid piece of paper that knows nothing.

It carries a specific energy especially this money that is coming into your life now. It will have more consciousness than ever before. It will work with you as a partner for the greater service to earth and Humanity. If you do not keep up on your part of the agreement then the money will decide to leave on its own accord. You see, we are living in a very different time now and more are becoming aware that everything has consciousness even that which we feel is dead, or devoid of life or just a piece of inanimate substance. You currency holders will become the heroes to and for the people. Your heart will prevail on behalf of the people. You were chosen because of your integrity. You were chosen because of your dedication and commitment to truth and right and love of your fellow human being. You are not caught up in the deceit of separation by color of one’s skin or by the belief system one may believe in.

You are not in judgment of but in love of. You use the power of love to serve the people. You are your brother’s and your sister’s keeper and you will stand firm and show that truth in your actions with you great wealth and ability to serve all people.

In closing, I say prepare for your divine blessing that is so near that you can feel its breath on your face! Be happy, don’t worry for it is your time and it has arrived!

I love you all tremendously in the name of the All,

Mushaba Blessings and Love!
I am Porda (Papa Mushaba)
Anyone interested in info on the Book mentioned go to this link:

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I’ve decided to offer another Timeline Tune-Up Special because so many people contacted me in a panic in September wondering how they had suddenly begun a rapid downward spiral. Clients were crying, judging themselves for their “horrible luck” or “unevolved failure,” inquiring if someone had cursed them, and told me they were about to give up on life, Law of Attraction and any hope for their future. Dire, indeed!

In every instance, these people had — amidst the current chaotic energies — somehow gotten jostled onto a negative timeline. Because of the…

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling His Higher Self – September 30, 2016

Rainbow Wave of Light


Each day events move a stage closer to being announced, and when the situation is positive and the higher Ones are satisfied it is safe to do so they will go ahead without delay. The excitement is growing in the higher dimensions as you are approaching a momentous time that has been long awaited, and it is certain that a great step forward will soon be taken that has the potential to occur in just days. However, do not be disappointed if nothing happens as intimated, as any delay will have been for a very good reason. Regardless of delays the fact remains that nothing will have changed and those changes you expected will still manifest. There is a time and a place for every thing, and it is in your interests that the most essential decisions are taken by those who have an overall view and understanding of what…

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Planetary Update ∞The Pleiadian High Council of Seven

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“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

We are happy to give you this update, this latest transmission on your evolution. You have exceeded expectations from those you are in partnership with in the galaxy. As a result, you are able to access more energy through your crown chakras. You are activating the receptors and assimilating these energies that your galactic brothers and sisters are transmitting.

This is an unexpected development, and as a result, your physical bodies may not be entirely prepared for what is being transmitted. As you open yourselves up to these energies, you are going to find that the way in which you interact with each other is going to shift. There will be a tremendous amount of compassion and empathy felt by those of you who are already awakened, and those who are…

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Heavenletter #5789 Your Personal God, September 30, 2016

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Heavenletters™, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
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* Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.

Heavenletter #5789 Your Personal God, September 30, 2016

God said:
You like it when you sit down with Me as your personal God, My focus devoted to you. I like sitting down here with you as well, even as I know I am sitting down with My One Self.

You are the common thread, dear One. You are One with Me, so, wherever you are, I am.

We can also say then that you are the Whole Loaf. I am the God within. I am the Source of All, and I am contained within you. You might call Me your DNA. Certainly, I am the Foretold Essence of you.

We are Being. Being has no borders. Being has no limitations. Beingness is Oneness. One God, yet each human being stirs Godness. I say it again. We are One. You are not merely an adjunct. You are the Whole Package.

This is mind-boggling to you.

You really love the idea of a God Outside you. You find comfort in feeling that a God of Love holds you in His or Her Hand and carries you as a Babe in Arms.

All the while, it is You Who carries your Self. You are responsible to and for Your Self. Certainly, I am not speaking to that small version of you that you carry around and attest to. I, God, do not downplay you. It is your own vision that puts you down, swearing that it is impossible that you can be God. You are the God you do not believe in. You are the disavower of the God Within.

You swear that you are a mere body. You swear that you are a puppet on a string.

You believe in the obvious and refuse to believe in the subtle. You believe in pain and suffering. You believe a little bit in joy and bliss and cannot believe that you, your mere self, has say over what transpires in your life on Earth. You have convinced yourself that you have no great power when I say you are all powerful. Even when you believe in God Almighty with all your heart, your eyes are blinded to the Truth of what I say.

Then you ask: What is all this nonsense about Everyone’s being a God when there are higher and lesser angels in Heaven and outright villains on Earth?

I tell you, dear blinded ones, that everything that is not Oneness, is a made-up story, and you believe more in the story than you believe in God. In fact, you scoff at the idea of you as a God. You think that True Oneness is the made-up story.

If you can think of yourself as a know-nothing in this world of opposites, you can also think of yourself as a Knower of Reality. What am I, God, but a Knower of Reality?

A day will come when you can accept the God you are as the Real Goods. At present, you so fear being disappointed that you hold back from declaring yourself as the God of the Kingdom. You can’t even quite see yourself as a Resident of Heaven. You are very quick to see yourself as less, seeing yourself as a lesser human being with all these twists and turns of unmitigated ignorance you portray.

Hey, why do you prefer to specialize in ignorance and call the wrong shots? Why not get out of the cave you tremble in and consider that I know whereof I speak? What if what I say is so, and you are God on your own, which, in fact, you are. I will not call you a Fallen God, for you are risen. Without Arising to Your True Beingness, you are crestfallen. Who told you to accredit less to yourself than I say. Not I.

You who may acclaim to believe in Me and take every Word I say as the Gospel, yet you can’t seem to accept Our Oneness when I say it. If We are One, what else can Oneness mean? We are One does not mean that We are One human being. Oneness means that We are One God of the Universe.

Well, then, let this idea stir around inside the mere human being you see yourself as.

You may see acknowledging yourself as Greater than you presently acknowledge yourself to be as an act of conceit that discounts your humility. Is it not rather conceit to flaunt yourself as wiser than I?

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Nimm Dir Zeit zum Alleinsein und zur Kontemplation. Kläre Deinen Kopf und konzentriere Dich auf Deine Wahrheit und Deine Prioritäten. Treibst Du Dich selbst zu sehr an, geliebtes Kind Gottes, und machst Dir dadurch das Leben schwer? Die Engel erinnern Dich daran, dass Zeiten der Ruhe bei allen Lebewesen Teil des natürlichen Zyklus sind. Denke nur an die mächtige Eiche, die in Schüben wächst und sich dann ausruht. Sie zieht ihre Nahrung aus der Tiefe der Erde und nimmt sich Zeit, bevor sie weiter nach oben wächst. So wie für die Eiche, ist es auch für Dich wichtig, dass Du Dich mit spiritueller und emotionaler Nahrung stärkst. Während Du Dich ausruhst, nimm Dir Zeit, über die wahren Gefühle und Wünsche Deines Herzens nachzudenken. Deine Engel sprechen durch Dein Herz zu Dir und wenn Du hinhörst und Deine Gefühle würdigst, schreitest Du Hand in Hand mit Gott und den Engeln voran…

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Preparing for first contact – By Sharman the Pleiadian—Through Sue Lie – Sep 26, 2016 Chapter 25

Featured Image -- 21800

Chapter 25

We Welcome Your Nightly Visits



I, Sharman, wish to remind you that if you awaken feeling tired or feeling as if there is something that you can’t quite remember, please consider the possibility that you were busy on the Ship the night before.

You will usually forget those experiences, except when you “document them,” because the knowledge of being in a reality which is completely safe and totally loving makes it very difficult to return to a reality that often appears to be on the verge of the latest disaster.

Fortunately, many, but not all, of these “disasters” are yet another brainwashing technique that is sent out via low frequency/fear-based energy patterns. There are actually vans that drive through neighborhoods looking for those who are resonating to the fifth dimension.

Once they find someone with a higher dimensional consciousness, they send a low frequency beam of directed fear, sorrow, and anger in an attempt to lower those persons’ consciousness. If you are in the process of reminding people that they are ALL higher dimensional beings, you may be being targeted.

However, we your Pleiadian, Arcturian, Antarian, Sirian and Venusion friends and family members, (“family members,” is what we would call you on the Ship) remind you that you, as all of our “away team” to Earth, are surrounded by constant, higher dimensional protection.

This protection is amplified by Gaia’s operating system of, “energy out is energy back.” When one sends out energy that comforts, teaches and educates, that is the energy field that returns to him or her.

Also, please remember that the energy field that one sends out is amplified when it is returned to them. On the other hand, those who send out fear and anger will receive the amplified return of that negative message.

All planetary “operational systems” are programmed into the Core Crystals of each planet, just as the human operating system is implanted into every human. Planets can be abused, such as Gaia has been greatly abused by Her inhabitants, just as humans have be abused. By “abuse” we mean that a fearful, angry and/or sad energy field is being sent to a person or to a planet.

Personal trauma is best healed if it is brought to the surface so that one can participate in their personal healing. If someone else were to “just heal them” then they would have lost an important opportunity to fulfill their Birth Contract and clear old karmic issues for themselves.

In the same manner, Gaia, who is a living being that has evolved into being a planet, is in the process of healing Her planetary self. Gaia has learned, through Her very long life of habitation by third and lower fourth dimensional humans, that there are those humans who cannot be healed and who will not turn towards the Light.

Gaia has waited for Her humans for a long amount of what you call
“time.” But now, she has made the decision that there are those who resonate to a lower frequency who will not be able to ascend in their present incarnation.

Most of these humans are the “dark Illuminati ones,” and some of them were from the darkness before they took this incarnation and have not been able to heal themselves, nor does it seem likely that they will be able to embrace the Light within the “time” left before Gaia’s transition.

Therefore, Gaia has decided that she will no longer wait for these lost ones, as they have little chance of turning towards love, much less assisting with planetary ascension. Because of this decision, she will begin a slow “releasing process” of darkness, as well as the dark ones who created it.

Those that have served the Darkness will not be able to have a return incarnation on Her planet. Because, it will take more “time” than She wishes for a total clearing of the darkness, she has called for assistance from the higher dimensions.

Together with Gaia, we of the higher dimensions have created a plan. We have learned that our higher dimensional instructions to the third dimensionals are only effective for those who can expand their consciousness into the mid-fourth dimension and beyond.

Those who are locked into the 3D Matrix of power over others, or the 3D Matrix of being a victim to those who hold power over them, will be taken into a sub-frequency of the fourth dimension. We have made this decision because third dimensional Gaia is extremely wounded and needs to come to our higher dimensional “hospital.”

All the third dimensional ones who have served Gaia will be called on to send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire into Gaia’s Core Crystals to best amplify her innate planetary, healing abilities. The “unconscious” humans on Earth who are unable to serve their planet because they are still learning how to survive, will be taken to a fourth dimensional realm in which everything seems the same to them.

Since they were “unconscious” to the true reality of the third dimension, they will remain in the mid-fourth dimension until they are able to expand their consciousness enough to perceive, and hence inhabit, the higher sub-planes of the fourth dimension.

Those who are locked into the 3D Matrix will only be able to shift into a fourth dimensional holographic projection of a third dimensional reality that will slowly expand into the higher frequencies of the fourth dimension.

Since these humans were “unconscious” on third dimensional Earth, but are good and loving people, they will be able to play out the remainder of that incarnation in the fourth dimensional matrix that “appears” to be the same as their life has always been.

If they chose to expand their consciousness, they will be invited to enter the threshold of fifth dimensional Earth. If they are unable to perceive that invitation, as they have not been able to expand their consciousness beyond the third dimension, they will be sent to another young, third dimensional planet to continue their process of awakening.

Basically, these humans have not noticed what is really occurring in their present incarnation. Therefore, they will not be aware of what is occurring during their slow, sequential shift into a slightly higher dimension. It is because so many humans on Earth fall into this category that we, the Galactics, decided to volunteer to wear an earth vessel on physical Earth.

Since many of us had not had any third dimensional incarnations, or had only taken incarnations during Peak Societies to assist with the blooming hope of peace and love on Earth, most of us had no idea what we were signing up for.

Yes, we were briefed about the conditions on Earth during your present era, but we had never experienced such an intensely polarized reality where the dark energies had so much power over those who were attempting to live within the frequency of love and light.

We need to tell you that we “take our hats off” to you for your great courage and commitment to find love and peace in a reality so infiltrated with fear, deceit and war. It is for this reason that we are creating this collective message from all of us on the Fleets of Starships who are waiting to assist you.

Because of Gaia’s operating system of “individual choice,” we can only reveal ourselves to those who have sent out a desire for personal contact. Even then, we only have clearance to give hope and promise, as it could be dangerous for them to know too many details of our plan.
Also, as a protection for the grounded ones, we must stay within the resonance of the fifth dimension and above, or the dark ones could perceive us, which would cause great havoc in your world.

The dark ones could not harm us, but their attempt to harm us could create problems in your third dimensional reality. Also, we must keep our conversations with the grounded ones at a high enough frequency range that the dark ones cannot intercept our message.

We clearly perceive, and totally understand, why the awakened ones are anxious for the shift into a higher frequency. However, there are many inhabitants of Earth that are “on the cusp of change,” but need assistance from their fellow earthlings.

There are also those of you who are totally ready for the process of expanding their consciousness into the fifth dimensional gamma waves. There are also many of you, more than you might expect, who have already calibrated your consciousness to the fifth dimension and beyond.

As you may have discovered, daily life within the myriad lies and illusions of a third dimensional reality, while your own consciousness is fifth dimensional, can be quite difficult. It is for that reason that we invite those of you who have been able to awaken to your fifth dimensional consciousness, to communicate with us and visit our many Ships that surround dear Gaia.

In fact, many of you are visiting us within your NOW, but the deceleration from a fifth dimensional reality, back into a third/fourth dimensional reality, makes it too difficult for you to remember. Hence, we are assisting you to remember your nighttime visits to our Ships.

One of best ways for you to remember your visits is to close your eyes while your write or type your experience. Your vision has the habit of determining “real” from “not real.” Therefore, if you read what you are writing, your may fall into doubt and/or limit your transcription.

You can always “edit” your writing at a later date. Also, as you become accustomed to allowing your hand to do the writing, while your mind focuses on staying connected to the higher dimensions, you may be surprised as to the amount of information that you receive.

As we stated before, you eyes are “in charge” of determining “what is real.” You can turn that monitoring off by closing your eyes while you type or speak into a recording device. Then, when you are editing what you have documented, your vision will be able to encompass the entire message and be less likely to “judge what you are writing.”

As you all know, judgment is another common component of your third dimensional reality. Most of you have some judgments against you as a child, and have learned to be careful about what you share with others. Fortunately, after a few visits to our Ships, you will return to Earth with greater confidence in your “higher dimensional perceptions.”

Please remember that, “the reality you perceive is the reality that you live.” It is for this reason that next-door neighbors could be experiencing totally different realities than you. Also, as we said before, there are many, many frequencies of reality.

Each of these frequencies of reality offers you different situations, perceptions, and communications. We ask you each to allow your own process to guide your path.

As you remember to surrender into the FEEL of the higher dimensional energy waves that are increasingly entering Gaia’s ascending planet, your body will resonate to higher and higher frequencies.

Then, your two eyes will be guided by the visions of your Third Eye, and your hearing will be directed to that which feels like unconditional love. In other words, you will begin to focus your attention on the NOW when a higher dimensional message is coming into your consciousness.

You can then honor that information by taking the responsibility to document it and share it with others whose personal resonance matches the frequency of that energy field.

As you move deeper and deeper into the fifth dimension, you will care less and less about the myriad third dimensional distractions and remember more and more of the birth plan that you chose before taking this incarnation.

As you “live the life” that you chose before your birth, you will remember more and more about your own higher dimensional expressions. As you remember your SELF in the higher dimensions, you will be able to create a “bridge to freedom” between the illusions of the third/fourth dimensions and into your innate fifth dimensional frequency of reality.

Blessings to you all,

We are ALWAYS with you because WE are YOU

Recording of the message HERE





Starseeds have an important role in the global Ascension. They are highly evolved souls that volunteered to embody on Earth in this very moment and that lived the majority of their lifetimes on other planets, star systems, galaxies and dimensions. Many of them had millions of life times here on this planet.
That’s right, we came here to fulfill the great plan that we designed together so that mankind could have a future different from extinction. It is the first attempt in all universes, to propel an entire planet to jump from a dimension to another, while taking the physical bodies with us. This is your last life time into the lower dimensions. You may think that Ascension is a new age thing, but it is not; it has been always an opportunity for everybody but not en masse. There are beings that lived here and beyond that mastered the Self, mastered their energy, that came here on purpose to show the way; Jesus, Buddha, Kuan Yin, St. Germain are just a few of the many ascended masters, they reached higher levels of consciousness in and out of the body. They are all advanced and highly evolved beings from the stars and they have no link with religions; religions distorted their teachings for personal profit and control over the people.

What is your mission, then? First of all you have to awaken yourself fully. You have to work on you, and you have to re-establish the connection with Source and with your Higher (Inner) Self which is our greatest treasure, it is what you risked to lose when you came here. But, hey, you did it, and you knew that you would remember everything.
We always call it Higher Self as if is above us, separate from us. Well it is your highest version, your full soul consciousness and it is not separate from you, it’s you! That is why higher and inner are the same, it’s the real you that has been forgotten for so long. I know that yearning that we have inside, we desire to be fully reconnected to the full expression of ourselves, to let that stream of consciousness flow through us. Here, sometimes, we feel caged, imprisoned, restricted by the density of this body. We are used to much more freedom. Remember that you asked for it, and that the human body is one of the most advanced. Sometimes we feel lost and even lonely, we want only to go home. Home is where the heart is, that being said, you have to be aware that you asked to be here, you volunteered. No one forced you to be where you are. You came here to help. What you are trying to do is exactly what I have described before, it is that soul-level desire of expression. Slowly but surely you will know who you are.

As you reconnect to Source you will gain higher and higher awareness of your energy; how it feels, how to direct it, how to control it. You are going to feel it in your body and all around you, in all living beings. The most important thing of your mission is holding light (energy/information) into your body. You have this innate capacity to connect to frequencies of higher dimensions, to ground them into your vessel and into the Earth. Then you project them outward. This way you can change reality because you are able to bring into the world information that are missing form eons. Remember you are the observer, the one that creates reality. What kind of energy are you putting “out there?” You are a game changer, you are here to re-write the energetic system that creates our collective reality. It is an energetic phenomenon in every way, even sharing light in this way is part of it.

While you are on your path, you will develop the desire to help others that are ready to hold light in their bodies for themselves, those that are waking up. Follow this path no matter what, because it is truly your passion, your soul speaking; if you don’t listen, just because you want to fit in, or because you are ruled by the money factor, you will live an unhappy life, doing things that you don’t like. Moreover, abundance it’s just a frequency, like everything else, that you have to tune into: remove the self limiting beliefs (like “money are bad”) that are limiting the flow from reaching you. It is your right to have everything that you need to live and to fulfill your mission, your life purpose. Of course money, at this point of the journey, are needed to bring in the world something different from oil and weapons.

Yes, it is not easy for us to live in a world of such duality, we feel like if someone dropped us here. A lot of things seem so illogical to us, lack of food in many part of the world, wars, bills, jobs that cage you… it has not to be this way.
We tried and it doesn’t work. We are rebels inside and, for some time, we have difficulties to find our place in the world. We have that burning desire to live in freedom and sometimes we are scared of putting ourselves “out there.” Truth is that there is no other way, you have to be open, do not hide yourself because you are afraid. You were not afraid when you choose to come here. You gave up your place in the higher dimensions because you knew that you could bring something unique in the world; that is how brave you are!

It is very important that you become deeply aware that you are a very powerful being, that you have an impact on reality that is huge. You have to be responsible of your energy, and how you use it. Energy flows where attention goes, right? If you focus on negative things, on creating something that is not the highest good for yourself and others, you will amplify those fears much more that an unconscious being! In the same way you have a power to amplify light that is portentous!

A lot of times just because we are not aware, we allow others to steal our energy, giving them permission, or we take energy of other people into our field. That has to change and it’s up to you. Keep in mind that you are here to open the way for those who follow, so that they can wake up faster, easier and without all that pain that, instead, you can handle. This doesn’t absolutely mean that you have to keep yourself into that state.

Please do not develop the x-man syndrome! Do not approach life thinking in terms of “us (starseeds) and them.”
We are all unique expressions, facets of the same energy, no need to play the separation game. There is only us, but you have the right to protect your well being, your boundaries and to choose the people that are on your wave-length. As if it is not enough there are more starseeds on the planet that you could ever imagine, not all of them are well awake at this time and that is changing rapidly, many coud be part of the group that you insist to call “them.”

Another very important aspect is that you need to take back your power and that you start to put yourself first. You are highly empathic and you want to help everybody. But if you don’t take care of yourself, you will deplete your energy. “I want to help all the people that I know” basically it is not wrong, but it can become a problem when you are attached to the outcome, when you think that you can save people (choose for them) or when you transform it into a need to please everyone. Once gain, you can’t and it is not even your job! You are not here to live up to other people expectations. Do your thing with confidence, for yourself.

Keep going, brave soul, you are never alone. Along the way you will recognize instantly those of your soul family, your tribe. A simple look is enough to understand that you know everything about them, that you know that being since always, before this lifetime. It’s istantaneous. You will pass through the fires of purification, you will suffer, it will be painful, so hard that you can’t imagine yet; but I say, once again, keep pressing on! Because one day you will be grateful for all that, trust me. As you go and let go, you will raise your vibration and attract into your life the beings you resonate with. Then you really will be grateful because they will inspire you and you will do the same for them! You will grow together hand in hand, you will understand that you are not alone as you believed, there are beings that are living and feeling what you are feeling. Did I say keep going?! Vibe with your tribe!

For this reason it is very important that you start to develop your gifts, your psychic powers, extra sensory perceptions (ESP) because they are the tools, together with your frequency, that allow you to go beyond the space-time illusion. It is not something that it is written on a piece of paper, in a book of quantum physics; it is the truth and you can feel it, and live it, if you open yourself enough. Not all your tribe may be physically with you at this moment; we are placed strategically around the world and that is not a problem because you are not a physical being, a body, and the rules of the game are very different than what they have taught us. As your ascend and your frequency increases, this will be easier and easier, because you will open to higher levels of awareness, expanded levels of consciousness. Your perception of reality will change accordingly. 

The starseed on Earth are mainly from Sirius, Arcturus, the Pleiades, the Andromeda Galaxy. Each of them have different traits and abilities but they share several key characteristics.

  • You feel different from the majority of the people, you don’t want to fit in. 
  • You always had a sense, since childhood, that you come from another place, as if someone dropped you here.
  • Sometimes you miss Home.
  • An innate fascination for the stars.
  • Concepts like teleportation, star travel, portals (wormholes) are obvious for you. 
  • A deep connection with nature. 
  • Connection with animals.
  • You have psychic gifts: remote feeling, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience, ESP etc. We all have this and much more, some of them may be dormant, others may be activated at once by events like a DNA upgrade. Do not give up, work to develop them and have faith that they will be activated for you at right moment. Learn how to control them consciously.
  • You have natural healing abilities. Train yourself in disciplines like energy healing (Reiki). 
  • Your body is less dense and it functions in a different way.
  • You are an empath: you feel emotions in a deeper way, you even feel the emotions, the energy of those around you. Be careful who you are connecting with.
  • You connect with few people, with the right ones the understanding is immediate. 
  • A passion for knowledge. (psychology, quantum physics, spirituality, astronomy) No time for small talks.
  • A knowing of a deep God-connection based on a personal opinion/direct experience. 
  • You know that you are much more than you actually know.
  • You don’t like figures of authority. 
  • A desire to reconnect with your life purpose. 
  • You are an ancient being; you are mature for your age. 
  • Your intuition is highly developed.
  • Attraction for ancient civilizations and sites like Giza, Stonehenge, Mayan pyramids etc. 
  • Painful experiences in your life and at the same time low tolerance to any kind of pain.
  • Aversion toward violence. 

If this resonates with you, then you are not a human. We have to be aware of this, not because we want to feel superior but because we have to understand that we have different exigencies, that we have to take care of our energy in every way. Stop to seek someone to come from the sky! We are the ones we have been waiting for! The rest of the family will show up at the right moment. We are the E.T.s! The Angels long believed to be legends or religious figures.

Angel=E.T.=You! We are messages, indeed we are bringing here informations in every form. Please do your research, seek your experiences, talk to your Higher Self and to your Spiritual Guides and build your opinion. All I can say is: do not underestimate this informations, especially if they resonate with you. This is all very real! Angels are, simply, beings from other dimensions. It’s the inner you! I’ll tell you a secret: they have no wings! Artists portrayed as wings what is their aura, the super glow they have around them when they are in their highest form; we all have that but it’s not visible to the naked eye, unless you train yourself. They appear to us in that form because we expect them to be that way, they choose that particular shape so that they are easily recognizable from us, but they are no less than a being from the stars! They can be in a human body or not!

Starseed are divided in many categories, indigo children, crystal and rainbow children according to the years they were born in and to their unique traits.

Indigos are strong willed, they are here to open the way and have warrior-like personalities. They are ready to face anything that is not in the best interest for humanity: their job is to change the system in any aspect from the inside out. They reject any form of authority because they know that they are their own authority. The name indigo, indicates the correspondent color in their auras (there can be other colors too along with the indigo).

Crystals are loving, have absolutely no difficulties to forgive, while rainbows are the last generation of starseeds; some are born with memories and DNA activated. They have respectively crystal and rainbow auras. All the categories, especially the new generations, have strong psychic abilities.

Personal note: this is taken from the page Starseed. Since it is one of the pages that helps the most, and since it has a lot of views every month, I wanted to put this content here to bring it even more visibility. I hope this valuable informations will help you to wake up to your higher nature!

Michele Cornacchia

Creating a New World ∞The Pleiadian High Council of Seven

Rainbow Wave of Light


“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

There is quite a bit of talk on your planet about how the changes will occur. There is quite a bit of speculation and varying opinions on how to move forward, on what will happen, and on how to create a new world for yourselves. When you consider creating a new world, new systems, new ways of governing yourselves, and living harmoniously with the plants and the animals, it takes quite an imagination to come up with ideas for how that can occur in a short period of time.

As you shift, recognize that you are not playing with the same tools that you have been. You have access to more energy, and you can create with that energy whatever you like. You don’t need to go about it the old…

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Heavenletter #5788 You Shall Be Greatness, September 29, 2016

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 September 29, 2016Heavenletter #5788 You Shall Be Greatness,

God said:
Yes, I have told you to counteract a negative thought by turning it into a positive thought. This is a step you can take. I know you strongly want to be above the low-consciousness thoughts that too often have invaded your mind.

Never underestimate the power of intention and desire. You desire to get past negativity, and so you will. You desire to get away from spiteful thoughts, and, so, it is a given that you will be free of thoughts you don’t want to keep.

Thoughts do seem to come out of nowhere, yet most of your thoughts are derived from you. They come from judgments you make. You find people guilty of not appreciating you, and you condemn them. You condemn them to your remembrance of their offense. In a small way, you wreak revenge upon them. You pay them back in kind by snide thoughts that you hold against them.

Your negative thoughts based on hostile feelings are like small doses of poison you take. You take small doses, yet they are, nevertheless, poison. These small doses are not good for you. You also poison those you blame for your thoughts. Your thoughts reach them awkwardly, yet it is your thoughts that poison you most of all.

I know you want to remove such unwieldy thoughts from your mind. You want to be greater than a petty reactor. You want to be above pettiness. You want such thoughts out of your mind. Truly, you do not want to be a small thinker. You want to be a credit to yourself, and you want to be a credit to Me.

You yearn to get out from an old frame of mind that wishes vengeance, pitiful vengeance by casting responsibility for yourself upon another.

You are smart enough to know that if you want gut feelings of happiness, you must let go of gut feelings of bitterness. Ridding yourself of bitterness is your job. No one can do it for you. Only you.

If you took on bitterness, you also can let go of it. What is the opposite of bitterness? It is letting go of holding on. The opposite of bitterness is letting go of bitterness. If salt were bitter, you wouldn’t shake it on your food. No longer do you want to pour the salt of bitterness onto your wounds.

You who would love to receive love must employ the giving of love in your life.

What you cannot withstand is your own bitterness. Therefore, no longer get roiled by your interpretation of others’ neglect of your heart. Let go of the idea of taking offense. You do not require anyone’s favor. You may desire everyone’s favor, yet you do not have to have anyone’s favor.

You are learning self-sufficiency. You are learning how to give. You might even call it forgiveness that you are learning. Forgiveness is not your aim, however. Be eager to learn to not to take offense. If you didn’t take offense in the first place, there would be no need for forgiveness.

You and everyone else live in your own worlds. Your life is what you say it is. Come to a new language in your world. Come from a clean slate.

What you are doing now is like washing dishes. Every time you use a plate, you wash it again. How good it is to have a clean plate. How good it is to wash your thoughts.

Your thoughts have been a habit. Now you choose new thoughts, not as a favor to anyone but to yourself.

If you owe anything, you owe yourself this favor. Somewhere within you, you previously claimed certain rights. Now you give up those rights. You lived in a smaller world. Now you promote yourself to useful thoughts that serve mankind rather than ego. Ego thoughts get you nowhere. It is for you to get yourself somewhere. Go where you want to go. Where you have been is not the issue. Where you want to go – this is the issue.

Issue blessings from your heart. This is your destiny. Negativity and smallness are not.

If you want to be great, think greater thoughts. You can do it. You are bursting out of old bounds now. You are reaching up to Heaven. No longer do you seek tit for tat. No, now you seek Greatness, and you shall have it. You shall be it.

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Put Everyone in Your Heart ∞The Pleiadian High Council of Seven

Rainbow Wave of Light


“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

Take everyone in your life and put them into your heart, right now. The simple act of placing another individual in your heart will facilitate a deeper connection with that person, whether any words are spoken between you. You have within you access to all other beings, but most of the time you pretend that the other beings you share this universe with are out there, somewhere.

They seem to be separate from you, and that is as you want it to be because you need to create that illusion to give yourselves opportunities to come together. The feeling of coming together brings you closer to home, closer to the Source that you truly are. So whether someone is actively in your life or not, if you want to reach out…

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The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

My wonderful, loving child; you will make mistakes. Some of them will have you blushing with embarrassment, cringing with shame or quietly crying over the pain you have caused. I am here to tell you that it is okay! (Smiling) For every mistake you make, there is an opportunity for you to learn how to make things different, better and right. Do not be hard on yourself… are human and chose your human existence to learn and grow. You are doing just fine, my Love! ~ Creator

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S. Hahner Bild: S. Hahner

Gott, die Engel und die aufgestiegenen Meister, die Dich lieben, schützen und führen, wachen in diesem Moment über Dich. Diese Karte versichert Dir, dass Du Teil einer Ehrfurcht gebietenden und mächtigen Gruppe wohlwollender Wesen bist. Sie umgeben, führen und lieben Dich ohne Unterlass. Wenn Du in Gefahr bist, werden sie Dich mit der Kraft der göttlichen Liebe trösten. Wenn Du verwirrt bist, werden sie Dir Ihre Führung ins Ohr flüstern. Wenn Du diese Karte ziehst, bitten Dich Deine Engel und Führer, öfter mit Ihnen zu sprechen. Kommuniziere mental mit ihnen über alles, was Dich bewegt, und es wird nicht lange dauern, bis Du Beweise ihrer Existenz erhältst. Bald werden die Engel Dich damit beauftragen, anderen Menschen zu helfen. Falls Du jemals Zweifel an Deiner Fähigkeit hast, anderen zu helfen, bitte die Engel um ihre Unterstützung, damit Du diese Ängste loslassen kannst.

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Shift update 28/9



Wir haben heute die Möglichkeit tief in unser Selbst einzutauchen. Der ständige Prozess der Schöpfung unterstützt dies und eröffnet das Feld der Seelenempfindung kurz bevor wir in diese Welt gepoltert sind.

Es kann durchaus sein das man in diesen Stunden in tiefen Schlaf fällt, sogenannt abgekoppelt vom Tagesbewusstsein. Bewusstes träumen öffnet dann unsere Tore der Erinnerung. Bei diesem Zugriff auf unseren bisher verschollenen Datensatz entschlüsseln wir die lineare Kausalität. Geschieht dies haben wir Zugang zu allen Realitäten. Ab diesem Zeitpunkt besteht die Möglichkeit mit unserer Hilfe die kritischen Schwellen zu überwinden und  die Energie mit einer klaren Absicht wie Weltenfrieden zu konstruieren. Konstrukte der Wirklichkeit, Verschiebung in eine neue Realität beginnt.

Das Geheimnis wo wirklich Realität entsteht liegt im Fokussieren auf die Schöpfung werden mit Hyperlichtgeschwindigkeit über dem Kristallgitternetz projiziert das Universen umfasst. Samen/Saatgut welches ermöglicht die Realität zu entfalten.

Die veränderten Druckverhältnisse welche wir in unserem Körperempfinden wahrnehmen, werden von Albumin…

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