High Vibrations from Marix Sirius

High Vibrations from Marix Sirius
Channelled through Sarinah
dated 07.02.2013



When seamingly some road has come to an end because there does not open up a further way despite past agreements …there often opens up some portal of golden capabilities and eventual possibilities.

There has been many a talk about this and that but matters remained still hidden and were concealed from you due to believing this would deplete power and voters.

However truth always seeks its own way to come into the open and those who sacrifice themselves to expose these secrets – they are true heroes – since they risk so much and they are acting according to their soul-contracts.

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And Here He is again: Marix from Sirius with his High Vibrations !

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High Vibrations from Marix Sirius

dated 06.15.2013 through Sarinah Aurelia

Source: htt://marix-sirius.over-blog.de/

We are all One !

While we are approaching already the middle of this year 2013 the plan of First Contact with you has been no longer a mere theory since we are already midway of its execution.
Certainly many readers will think now: “But I do not see anything of it !” But our coming has been actually a fact since long as we we are already here on earth.We are sitting in offices of Governmental Agencies and Administrations where nobody will at least expect us. But we are to be recognized well since we are bearing the logo of our home-planets. The inner circle knows about it as we do not conceal our task-goal which is the joining of the Galactic Family with that one
from Earth.

It may well be that for some lightworkers this is lasting too long until the Great Event will start.This your reaction is quite understandable considering that many humans are of Galactic origin. Therefore they will not wish more eagerly than joining both their two hearts they feel beating in their breasts.

I, Marix from Sirius, Member of the Galactic Federation of Light speaking for the Team of First Contact, should like to stress this point:”There is much more movement than the outward appearance might make you suppose. Continue reading

High Vibrations from Marix Sirius through Sarinah dated 03.11.2013

High Vibrations from Marix Sirius

dated 03.11.2013 through Sarinah Aurelia

Source: http://marix-sirius.over-blog.de/

Sensual Desire in Golden Age

“I am craving in desire for you yet without devouring you …” thus would be the right expression to depict sensuality in Golden Age!

On reading these phrases do you sense any resonance?

Of course you will – since the old game of limitation has been finished and unconditional love instead will rise and be aglow in you!

Since the flow of incoming energies will sweep away from you everything that does not correspond to true all-embracing divine Love.

At first you may feel as if burned-out and emptied in your inner core – a short curtailed feeling of melancholy may turn in – however is being followed at once a highly felt bliss which will make you forget about all former clearing storms ! Transformations now are so gentle that they dock only to you – not in any case they will provide daylong tiredness or even sufferance and pain as formerly!

“Former Clearing Storms” that’s how we expressed it and still this relief and dissolution have been reached only recently for it was “The Creator” him-/herself announcing this divine decree of “Sovereignty for Lightbearers” on point of 12-21-2012 !

However shall we speak now about partnership in the new realm! Certainly our readers’ hearts will pound louder on reading that everything will become more intensive and more beautiful! Continue reading

High Vibration from Marix Sirius dated Feb.18.2013

After quite a while here is another message of Marix which shows what personal great progress has been made between Marix and his channel Sarinah regarding their nearness and intimacy. Their high increase of vibrational frequency is also felt by myself when I translate their original message in German. It flows and spreads over to me and fills my inner core with joy and sheer divine delight.

I should like you to read this message hereunder with your hearts wide opened and share this inner delight with me and make you willpower stronger again to go forward and create/manifest Nova Earth accordingly !!! Wishing you successful actions in that very way !

As always with Unconditional and Compassionate Love to,you


High Vibrations from Marix Sirius


Channeled through Sarinah dated 02.18.2013

In Life there is never-ending Ascension into heavenly Realms above – however it is getting always easier to achieve ….

While the influx of celestial energies are penetrating everything and everyone – reaching all hearts and even those totally hardened – there is free access for our all mutual being together ! And meanwhile you will be able to sense what is going on in your inside and outward around you.

Sometimes it may be felt like floating or even as if you were swimming in a pool  of love.

Whereby change in yourself may be so strong and powerful that you automatically are becoming and living your “I Am” that you verily are and always have been.

Angels of the Earth, Ascended Masters, Mentors, Joining Link to all Friends of Inner Earth or Member of the Galactic Federation of Light! No matter what you are feeling in your inner hearts. whoever you are. the way however you live, wherever your home is. whatever profession you have or whomever you love – you may well assured that everything you did was in a rightful way and that we are very proud of you!

No matter how hard and how fateful your past years of life have been and whichever drama you have been confronted with – these past years were so very essential for you and just the phases when you possibly thought you would never find your real vocation/mission – all these phases have made you become what you are now !

Wonderful you are – powerful, strong, loving, sage and compassionate beings that you are – just about to create Nova Earth and to fill new connections to partners with life and which are about to find fullfilment in their vocation/mission in mutual joining with other human fellows of lightwork. Continue reading

High Vibrations from Marix Sirius dated 01.19.2013

One of the messages from Marix which I cherish very much. I’d like to draw your attention to the end of it because of some revelation which are so apt to this time-line. It is in my view a most wonderful read and I trust you will enjoy it in the very same way as I did.

As always with compassionate and unconditional love from yours


High Vibrations from Marix Sirius dated January 19, 2013
Channeled through Sarinah

Time of Waiting is over – as Time of our Joint Action Starting now !
Really arduous was your road into the new era and now that you have reached the opened portals you do not dare transgressing them.
Some of you are still waiting for some directives and want to see proof in the outward world!

However they themselves are authorized to ask for everything they need – it is no longer a question of asking “Please” – but more likely to step into your very own realm of power !

This, certainly is not easy, filling in one*s divine being with life since you have been stoned with anyhow media-scrap for such a long time only to keep you away from getting to know who you really are.

So it appears that there will be a new start from now on which however entails that everything burdening you must be thrown out before – everything that would impede or hinder this new life in this Golden Age. Very often this is the case with your most beloved relatives or friends who present you with your extreme limits in situations in order to teach you to get a firm hold of your very own powers. Continue reading

High Vibrations from Marix Sirius dated 12-18-12

Channeled through Sarinah


The Gift of Christ-Light is Love, Sensuality, Joy, and Inner Serenity !

— and while more and more human beings are awakening, time is on a race ! Thus to accept this light of Christ is indispensable for many citizens since without this influx they would have to conduct a far more difficult life than they do anyway now.

Sometimes when watching earth from our angle we are filled with love for you and very proud about you too since you are doing your service of light in an excellent way!

Just those being still in professional life for example which is dominated fully by duality – these lightholders, -carriers, do achieve heroic acts in a way while going to work daily again in some almost tortured way although it is their deepest wish since long ago to be freed from all these efforts.

Beloved, whoever reads these passages and wherever you are at this very moment we’d like to assure you that we do love, admire, and honour you immensely. Continue reading

High Vibrations from Marix Sirius dated 12.05.2012

Hi to all my much befriended readers:

here is another message from Marix and with regard to what I wrote as pretext to his previous message I have the immense pleasure today to repeat it here again:

Read  this message also with as much awareness that you have. Especially towards the end there are some most revealing facts mentioned …However, I do not want to bereave you of your very own delight when finding these facts ! So – please go on your very own research and enjoy the light !

Always yours with so much compassion and love


High Vibrations from Marix Sirius

Channeled through Sarinah


Salvation in Light
Just now when your train of ascension is gaining full speed it is extremely important that you throw everything off board which could increase this special period with difficulties!
Yes, easier said than done but keep in mind that there was released an immensely high frequency of pulsating light in assistance to your metamorphosis.

You may compare this pulsating light to some escalator carrying you up.

The only thing you have to do is:  you have to ascend and to keep it going! Everything else regarding transformation will be flooded away from you by the “effect of being carried up”!

Dear friends we believe you are doing such a wonderful job and this since long ago. We saw how exhausted you were and we heard your calling while we were accompanying you at your side all the time.
This is the “Actual Individual First Contact” as we called it. Continue reading

High Vibration from Marix Sirius dated 11.28.2012

I am greeting you all my readers and friends in light !

Just before you are going to read this very last message of Marix – take a deep breath please and listen to what I have to say here:

The messages of Marix just on first sight appear to be gentle, soothing but in the least way to what you are used to on the American Continent and this is why many of you in the past months did not recognize the true inner sense or meaning of these. This I am able to tell you from personal experience.

Still I am telling you to be aware of that within these messages there are some deep pieces of truth hidden as secrets which are often not being recognized as such. This is also why I am writing this pretext to make you aware of such secrets: “Please when you are reading use great awareness of your awakened condition.! Since there are some matters touched which will surprise you with the essential meaning.”

This is why I want to make you a bit more attentive to the passages of this not too lengthy message.of Marix from Sirius in service to the Light of AAMichael.

From me it is as always with great Love to your Inner Lights

Om Shanti



High Vibration from Marix Sirius

Channeled through Sarinah

dated Nov,28.2012


 Vibrations of Love

The influx-wave of Unconditional Love and Peace has not even reached its highest peak and there are already responses of those ones which once praised themselves to hold up high the flag of shadow gamers until the very end!

Not to mention the many human beings accepting light anyway as it appears that the latecomers have had saved their reserves of power just for this very timeline and era.

If we – your Galactic Family – are observing how you react to the waves of love – our hearts start to beat vividly from Love and Yearning for you !

For we know just too well, if any train starts rolling, there is no-one able to stop this move lest for the Creator Himself! Still HE is acting with your consent since your call for blending together is not to be overheard !
Since your entering the Golden Jerusalem has been made certain so is your victory about those which had placed themselves above you without acting for your well-being, breaking their oaths and having been prey of greed for a long time. Continue reading

High Vibrations from Marix/Sirius dated 11.14.2012

Not a warning but an advice to be very alert when you read this last Message from Marix especially the last passage !

Love from ContraMary

High Vibrations from Marix/Sirius

Channeled through Sarinah

dated Nov.14.2012


If you knew how successful you were and are

You truly have achieved great things and its history has not ended yet for a long time since the Angels of Earth in their human bodies have just started to settle down comfortably in the 5th Dimension.

And thereby your bodies are running with your highest capacity as the process of your crystallisation is at its peak running.

One could assume you had intentionally chosen this very last period of pupation at this time in order to create a particular tension!

Basically our Ceator opened the portals already in the beginning of this year in order to make the unconditional love and the immense healing powers available to the living angels and thus make ascension for them easier.

However it is often those incarnating on earth with “The Crown of Self-Mastership” who are in some sort of containment of self-elected rigidity!
They persist to stay with those sleeping which is a most honorable service in itself. And while they persist to remain in their old 3-D-lives they attempt to wake up all those still asleep. Continue reading

High Vibration from Marix/Sirius dated 10.27.2012

Personal Preview to this message of Marix from me to all of you coming to this site :

Since beginning of this year I have been translating the messages of Marix into English. Drawn by the mild and gentle vibrations which so lovingly over-showered always my longing and yearning heart when reading the German original texts I had approached the channel medium Sarinah because I felt the strong urge to share this special vibration of Marix with as many possible other people of similar status than mine.

All this time when translating I immersed deeper and deeper into the vibrational realm of Marix and with time and increasing vibrations I sensed an ever progressing understanding of Marix messages which at the surface at first glance do not seem to reveal so much vital facts of “still-around”  3-D-World and that one to come and to be manifested by us. But lately when translating I had to shed even tears of joy and inner movements and with this last one I fully understood what was meant by Marix when he said : w”e shall arrive back in the spiritual realms of our celestial families with baggage i.e.. with our living bodies being then Archangels of flesh and blood !”  This reveals the whole essential essence of our Ascension …at this is for the first time this has been done in universal history …and this will trigger and ripple forth over all the multiverses – enriching the Divine Plan of our All-Source. …This whole impact of cognoscience made me cry – I must admit without any shame – and I just wanted to share it with you ………..

So when you read these messages – please do it  with some stillness and the loving inner core you all have! Do it with the all the love of your life and yearning for it here on Earth.!

I for myself found these words of Marix as the inner and true remedy for all my inner yearning. Let go of all former facts of outward judgment and let your heartfeelings prevail.

This reading then will do you good and in this very sense I am posting this message here on my blog with all my blessings too: ContraMary

High Vibration from Marix/Sirius dated 10.27.2012 channeled through Sarinah

Truth always finds its very own way


This year tends to incline now – there are only a few weeks left until the tower of the dark alliance will be taken out of the game. It is publicly to be watched already that justice actually is happening.

We do know how much you await the starting shot launching that disclosure will also bring to the surface our presence and that Main-Stream-Media (MSM) publicly will report so thus people my decide on their own if they want to come into contact with us or not.

Do not forget: the countdown is already running and whoever watches closely will note that TV-Enterprises are trying to publicise that our presence is a peaceful one.

It does not make sense at all that official administrative agencies descide beyond your heads as this will not function any longer in Galactic timelines. And anyway these agencies have been informed about our presence already decades ago.

We have met with them who administrate nations and media again and again in order to convince them to reason sensibly since we all are a big family and nothing will be able to impede our mutual meeting. Continue reading

High Vibrations from Marix/Sirius dated 10.13.2012

Channeled through Sarinah


Part of the “One Whole”

While – on one part – some deeply hidden inner issues of yours are boiling up to the surface, your individual process of ascension will – on the other side – entail a bit of imbalance and even sadness of your being. However these will be followed by phases of joy and clearance. Your field of consciousness is being widened immensely so that e.g. channeling will not be necessary any longer since you may be able to converse with us directly just like with friends.

It is very important that this a.m. almost automatical dissolving takes place since all these hidden matters may leave you only after you having seen them again or better: felt again. Besides you are about to let go of your “old life” and of course it has to do absolutely with something of the nature like bidding farewell for good. Thus are the explanations why you are feeling so tired and sad too. Since the energy of the Central Sun will melt down everything not capable of being taken on with you into higher realms. Continue reading

High Vibrations from Marix/Sirius dated 10.01.2012

Channeled through Sarinah


Ascension – Fast and Save …

More and more powerful is the Call-up of the Golden Angel growing nowadays. You cannot simply miss hearing it. Even those having slept for long in the cold world of duality now set out on their quest to find out about the meaning of life itself.

Even in public life there are sparkles to be seen sprayed so that matters are evaluated in their shining lights which correspond to true life and not to what was pretended to be true. Since the mind-control does not work any longer once a certain limit of clearness has been reached. All those manipulating people still  have to keep in mind that people are joining together – standing up against them which do not act for the good and wellbeing of the “little ordinary guy” and in his very sense.

This is why there are explanations of solidarity are arising and citizens not in need are standing up for those in want and those which are compelled to savings cutting down their ways of living. Please, do not abandon such ways of activities – keep it up – since the more citizens are devoting themselves to such services of light the better it will be and ensure your success Continue reading

Time to be tested…………………. High Vibrations from Marix/Sirius

Message from Marix/ Sirius

Channeled through Sarinah

dated August 10, 2012


Time to be tested …………

As the path on which we meet has been prepared and brushed clean since long ago, it is comprehensible that you often feel as if before undergoing a final examination. And thus it is so, however it is not you being concerned with this exam but the entire situation on the worldly stage is about to be examined. Everything not corresponding to the highest level of frequency will be dissolved.

As the power you are exerting being a collective is at least as mighty as ours – this is to be mentioned solely that it is worthwhile to demonstrate in the streets and for instance demand justice, peace, solidarity for others concerned or to sign a petition.

This does mean that if you join another huge majority of fellow humans in a much enlightened and mutually enlightened appeal e.g. by way of a co-operate meditation – all similarly pulling for the same issue – you will reach sucessfully your target. Continue reading

Transformation Fire – High Vibrations from Marix/Sirius

High Vibrations from Sirius

Message from Marix from Sirius – channelled through Sarinah – dated July 31, 2012

Transformation Fire


While enormous purgating programs are running through your bodies it shows up on the outside too how everything not corresponding to the golden vibration arises to be seen, to be sensed as visible and finally to be transformed completely.

Again we are conscious that these are words only which are not able to express in the least how essential are all these inner and outer transforming upheavals since their meaning is healing on all levels!

Dear friends, we your Galactic family, we are much more on your side than you can imagine.

Again and again there are Council Meetings, in which we meet the Lords of Light, the Agarthians and “last but not least” our Allies from Earth.

This to find out in how far plannings of First Contact may be conducted as foreseen and also how this revolutionary experience may be felt from part of human perspective. This all we hold for essentially important since these are experiences which might be of immense help to others again.

Thus you will be able as sage and far-journeyed beings to assist many others from far-away-star-systems also to ascend! And thus rendering an immeasurable service of honor since, regarding the embodied ascension of your souls, you are now about to take with you your very own world and all human beings around you.

Still touching the very topic which has been the reason for our meeting here today which is the individual first contact. “First Contact in a gentle individual Way” : this was the title of our last interview and we ‘d like to extend our thanks to all those working with us mutually, all messengers of light who exchange viewpoints with their Galactic families in order to receive all news and thanking all translators and your team, what wonderful beings you are! Yes it is you too who you are reading these lines now! How these wonderful souls have settled on earth in order to bring back earth and all upon it to where they had been once – as part of heaven being one with heaven !

Service for and at Light is being done in a manifold way and all those acting “igcognito” are equaling those in working publicly – they all are Stars of History !

But still this is our topic finally to be dealt with: Individual First Contact !Many energetic invitations arrived here lately and this is immensely important since now we are allowed to take up contact as we have been invited to enter your life. Keep in mind that sometimes it may last quite a while until contact to star-siblings may be established completely. We are coming in tender waves what means nothing else than : we don’t want to shock you!

We are making ourselves shown, we are flying across your homesteads, we light up and blink to you to tell you: “Hi and hello, we are heeere !” Now, our scouts may look from far like some airplanes. However they are entirely noiseless and often extraordinarily deepflying.

So we usually send out our lightful radiant greetings every night in blue and silverblue – we are beaming with our laserlike lightstreams into the sky or better sai,: we signal distinctly: “Here we are” also in rainy nights when clouds are covering your sky.

Please note that we may not break human free will and thus our signals are for all which do not want to know anything about us that they may see us as airplanes or natural signs only. Nevertheless we let us make known in a distinct way and if only for one short moment.

Contact so much desired with our family of the stars, dear friends, has been the reason for most of you to undergo this incarnation on earth.This again explains the impatience and longing imbedded in all the waves of love arriving here.

The most essential is love and trust – for these are energies which effect a sort of pull on us and we feel undoubtedly being drawn to you. We keep our promise ! You are the director and we are those reacting to your emission and this naturally for the sake of all and in the most divine sense of it.

Dear Friends, we are in fact authorized and this from our Creator himself – to start alone from ourselves disclosure and all revelation! We are empowered too to prevent everything that might disturb this essential public activity!

Once again it is pointed out here again that all matters now have been unwound to be a roller-coaster and at this point nobody will be able again to stop this “Event of all Times” from unfolding at its own pace.

We are rejoicing so much and our heart jumps high up with joy! We are thanking you with our blessings and bid you farewell for this very moment.

Thank you Marix


translated by ContraMary

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News of the Day from Marix

I just came from the German Facebook-Page of Marix with which I am closely linked due to my translations of his messages.
Since recently there are new quotations of the day made by him which I deem quite valuable. They are quite short and right to the matter without any longwindings. So I
translated the last one into English as I did not want to miss the opportunity of sharing it with you hereunder :

News of today from Marix:

Thus we make the new world an official one.
We have overcome all entire positions of celestial experiences and we are now prepared to install our lives to all that is new.

During the last 6 weeks our entire DNA-system has been re-arranged ..literally and in the picture as well – all our new operational systems have been installed and restarted afresh. Thus we are true and genuine members of 5-D Consciousness and far away from all normal activities.

We are still integrating all these alterations (especially on our cellular level) and try to find our very fundamental basics in this new realm.  Still there is one matter sure: all those having done their homework of their inner core properly ..for the purpose of focussing..they will not need the 3-D-holographical system of reality any longer.
5-D is our Home now and even if we still have to interact with the 3-D-world for some time we have taken an Oath of Mastership. This for us in order to partake ourselves in the realms of One-Consciousness.
That is why we have left our inner world of duality for a better one ….

Translated by ContraMary on 07.16.2012

To me these words of Marix were so elucidating and full of consolation and I assume this will go exactly for others lightworking fellow-humans too. Since we are working hard in these times  it will be good for us to know in some short essence what has been achieved by our works so far. Thank you Marix.