Divine Focus: Welcoming the Third Wave

sandra-walter-ascension-300x294Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Our third wave of 2016 is beginning to crest, with its initial frequencies heralding the New. Gatekeepers and Gridworkers have been busy for weeks, Gaia and the new grids are responding already, and we are prepared for the new arrival next week.

This is an influx of highly charged pure light which takes us to a brand new level. As always, vibrational match is key to your experience of it, however these frequencies are aimed at assisting an accelerated timeline. For the Ascension Tribe, the veils are thinning again and our realities feel more surreal than grounded. As we have learned from the two earlier waves, that is typical for these wave influxes this year. This one involves a timeline shift, so our focus is needed more than ever.

Gaia is, and will be, continually releasing codes through the new grid systems which are of a Solar-crystalline nature. It is triggered by the incoming light level, and Gaia responds to it just as our bodies and DNA are triggered to activate dormant codes during Ascension. This is preparation to receive much higher levels of Solar light. The September wave is a big jump in that process, and we are receiving an accelerated timeline to compliment that process, simply because we are capable and consciously requesting it.

It is the task of Gatekeepers, Gridworkers, Wayshowers and any Lightworker in Service to welcome this new light with humility, integrity and the Divine Love which it deserves. This level of light is a Divine gift to HUmanity. The groundwork has been laid and the Gateways have been opened for a brand-new experience; a leveling up of the Ascension process. It may not be apparent to the collective; the external realties are a terrible compass for what is actually happening, Beloveds.

This passage was always meant to have many distractions and triggers; realize that can be as merciful as it is manipulative. Some vessels are not wired for change, some are meant to loop in a reality until its extinction. Take note that is not the responsibility of the Light Tribe to monitor, watch or participate in the dissolvement of old realities. Focus on the divinity, purity and new experiences available to you in this now moment, and the acceleration will greatly assist your progress.

Experiencing the Accelerated Timeline

This passage of Revelation allows your unique skills to step forth. This is a moment to be creative and free your heart as the old energies which restrained creative endeavors, creative thought, and unique expression drop away. It is also important to honor each other’s intuitive guidance with the changes happening within you.

Some of you are veil-lifters and have the ability to assist others in seeing this new reality clearly. Some of you are natural gridworkers and have not explored that aspect. Some of you desire to create new ceremony or gatherings and have not done this. As uncomplimentary timelines collapse, the old light constraints about spiritual expression no longer apply.

Most notable will be a tremendous expansion within the heart center. As the crystalline structures activate within your body, their vibration can begin to match the incoming photonic frequencies. This prepares the physical vessel to transform itself into a conduit for the Christed Self. This is why many of you have been guided to let go of anything unnecessary. The Christ (Crystalline consciousness, Unity consciousness) has very different preoccupations than the lower Self. It functions as Oneness. During these transformational phases, it needs your attention.

Revelation, Revelation, Revelation

There are so many beautiful surprises and revelations available to you, Beloveds. Watch your response to the unfoldments as they present. Welcome every change, every shift, every revelation, every disclosure with your higher wisdom. Our collective and individual realties are very complex metaphors, and highly creative. Appreciate what Source has created with this particular brand of Ascension experience. See all of this from the cosmic perspective; the timeless immortal perspective of what is occurring on this planet.

Entanglement with the lower realities, judgment, or attachments to beliefs of the old Self cause pronounced mental, emotional and physical issues as the light increases. Embrace responsible creation through higher choices. Fill your hearts with joy and gratitude that these new realities have been designed on your behalf and are now readily available for you to experience. Many Gateways are being opened as others close; keep moving forward.

Personal Note from Sandra

I AM filled with humble gratitude to experience this beautiful leveling up and final Gatework as these waves of light enter our consciousness. Solar and Gaia Gateways will be opened on Equinox and the crest of the wave arrives September 26, extending through the 30th. This is a purer crystalline-based frequency which is aimed at consciousness shifts.

Remember this even as your physical realities begin to feel somewhat surreal, and the body adjusts to keep up. Our visions and councils are reflecting this influx already; everything is aligning in Divine perfection. Keep your focus on this intention. We Love You, We Bless You, We Thank You.

I will be focused on Gatekeeping through September 30. Join us for the Wednesday Unity Meditations to assist Christ consciousness activations though the HUman heart grid. Thank you in advance for co-creating this acceleration of our Ascension. Have a blessed Equinox and may all hearts open to this sacred and profound wave of Divine Light!

In Love, Light and Service,

“Mid-September Wave: Comfort in the Unknown,” by Sandra Walter, September 13, 2016, at http://www.sandrawalter.com/divine-focus-welcoming-the-third-wave/

Source link: Sandra Walter Creative Evolution: September 20, 2016

Using Reval Funds to Create a World That Works

Featured Image -- 20215

Money 22This article is intended for circulation outside as well as inside the lightworker community.


Currency holders seem to be asking themselves two questions these days:

(1) How will I spend my earnings?

(2) How will I be able to discern which organizations are legitimate and which organizations are fraudulent?

I have the same concerns.

I know how I’ll spend my earnings. I’ll put 20% away as a contingency fund. I’ll put aside enough money to pay my taxes. I’ll gift to my loved ones and take care of all the other gifting I intend to do.

I’ll set aside a percentage of what’s left for projects I intend to create. And then I’ll dedicate the rest to … what can I call it? As a provisional title? How about the Lightworker Congress? Hold that thought. More about it in a moment.

How will I be able to discern? Archangel Michael would say: Ask your heart. And I do that.

I would also add: Use credibility analysis on the organization’s communications.

Are their claims credible – that is, probable, plausible, possible, and without contradiction or inconsistency? What’s their history? What do others say of them?

We have to do our due diligence until we learn to trust our hearts implicitly. (I’m not there yet.)

Someone needs to create a central directory of charities, foundations, NGOs, etc., with an appraisal of their legitimacy – to help us all out. But that’s another matter.

Lightworker Congress. What’s a Lightworker Congress? So far it’s just an idea.

As an idea, it’s a democratic gathering of lightworkers, to decide the financial goals and targets for the Congress’s planetary-reformation work.

The Congress itself convenes to define and tackle the world’s persistent problems – hunger, drought, disease, homelessness, sexual slavery, child labor, etc.

What are we doing by creating an organization? We’re concentrating our financial power as a prism concentrates light, to create real change in the world.

Real change toward what? Real change toward a world that works for everyone. (1) We lightworkers call that Nova Earth.  You probably do as well.

Most lightworkers come from the firm belief that we can and will create a world that works – a world free of pollution, a world in which everyone’s cares and necessities are taken care of, a world that we haven’t even dreamed of yet, but are about to have a crack at building.

Free energy. Cars that run on … water, free energy, anti-grav, you name it. Medical breakthroughs that will have your head spin. And more.

Our Reval funds are what give us leverage. They give us the chance to build this new world, to irrigate this field and watch a crop of new inventions grow and a weed bed of unwanted conditions disappear.

I can’t organize the Lightworker Congress. Someone else will have to take up the ball and run with it. I’m a writer and not an organizer or an administrator.

More detail?

I envision a democratic organization of lightworkers, acting as decision-makers directing the use of funds given to the organization by other lightworkers. These other lightworkers will have participated in the various abundance programs.

These lightworkers give a portion of their earnings to the organization to be used to end the unworkable conditions in the world.

At some level of your being, you must be aware that there’s a consciousness shift going on, are you not? Do you not feel happier than last year? Is the Reval itself not an indication that a consciousness shift is going on?

How else would such a way-out idea as a Reval make any sense at all except if we’re in the midst of a raising of consciousness on the entire planet?

Our frequencies are getting higher and, in this higher resonance, things are possible that simply weren’t decades earlier.

If this were not the case, I wouldn’t have the confidence to say: We can do this. We can create a world that works. I know we can.

We have the collective will, means, and opportunity to turn this planet’s situation around – to win equality for women, to end exploitation, to level the playing field for the poor and much more.

You and I have it within our power to finance a revolution of love on this planet. Finely-targeted, strategic gifting – in this case by an organization representing lightworkers – is how to ignite that fire.

Consider this a job description. Some folks need to take this idea up and create this organization. Through it, we can all participate in creating a world that works.


(1) The phrase belongs to Werner Erhard.

Inspiration for the Week from Shanta Gabriel

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You Are A Beacon of Light

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

This message from Archangel Gabriel reminds us that we radiate our energy into the world with every thought and prayer.

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week

Your Prayers are a Beacon Calling to You the Love and Wisdom that You Seek.
Shanta GabrielThe word that most stands out for me in this message is Beacon. It makes me think of the importance of beacon lights as signals in the world, such as the Lighthouse that protects ships from wreckage on the rocks.

I have been fascinated by the idea of guiding lights since my association with Archangel Gabriel in 1990. He has continuously spoken of the importance of letting our inner light radiate into the world and has given many different processes to encourage that practice.

It’s important to remember that Divine Light contains both the presence of God’s Love and the power of Infinite Intelligence. Both of these empowering attributes are necessary for us to lead a life that is fulfilling from a soul’s level as well as from the purely human.

When we are in alignment with the Infinite Intelligence, Divine Wisdom and Love becomes available for us. The wisdom within our hearts becomes accessible and we find new levels of clarity and certainty to enhance our daily lives.

We have been told for many years that Love is the greatest healer there is. When we invite the Light of God to work in our lives, we begin to create a resource that we can allow to work in every area of our life where healing is needed. This power of Love within God’s light is so profound that it can bring new high-frequency energy into our hearts, and from there into our blood stream to enhance our health and well-being.

Many studies have been done demonstrating the efficacy of prayer. When we pray with a full heart of gratitude, it can raise our vibrational frequency and attract to us what we need. Paramahansa Yogananda said that our thoughts are prayers and we are always praying. The benevolent presence of the Universe is continuously providing what we are focused on in full, loving commitment to our happiness. The problem is our focus of attention is often on what is lacking or what we intensely do not want to receive. This intensity of feeling is what is active in the Law of Attraction. Our feelings so profoundly affect our ability to manifest the life we most want. To change the course of our experience, we need to place our attention on our intentions for the life we want to live.

Knowing that I am radiating energy into the field around me is like a beacon light is important. If I wanted to express Divine Light to the world, I would make sure that my heart is full of Gratitude. When my heart is full of gratitude, I can more easily see there is Beauty everywhere around me. I am so filled with this natural beauty that I feel like my heart is bursting with Love. It thrills me to let Divine Love shower through me like a waterfall, and my very cells begin to dance with Life Force. When I allow this fullness of being, I naturally become a Beacon of Light and radiate this presence into the world. The feelings within me are powerfully magnetic, so the radiance of this pure Joy becomes a magnet for more of this delicious experience.

Divine Presence,

May every thought in my mind be a blessing to the world. Help me to raise my vibrational frequency through my prayers and love so that my every thought is a Beacon of Light to the world. May all that I do, think, or say be in Alignment with the highest Will of God working in my life.

Thank you for your blessings of Grace and Divinity in every area of my life. May the Light that shines from me carry Divine Intelligence and Love into the world in every moment. May this Light bring more awakening and peace into the heart of each person on the planet. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
August 7, 2016

The Gabriel Messages Book #27

Your prayers are a beacon calling to you the Light and Wisdom you seek.

Dear One,

Just as a ship at sea can find the land it is seeking through the beacon light on shore, so is the power of your prayers. The guiding light of your prayers sets an intention for your life that leads the way to all you require for an abundant, healthy and joy-filled life. Prayer is an alignment with God’s energy. It connects you to the abundant Source where all is provided. Prayer is not something you save until there is a dire need. Prayer is a way of aligning your thoughts to create the opening for miracles in your life.

When you pray you are sending out a powerful thought which is like a beacon light. This thought not only attracts what you are asking for, it sets a pattern of energy for the highest good in your life. It increases your conscious awareness of the power of great possibilities. Prayer creates a shift in your attitude so you can be a magnet for your good.

Your prayer does not have to be an elaborate ritual. Simple words that work for you are the easiest way to attune yourself to God. Prayer acts as a reminder that there is a Higher Power available to assist you in every area of your life.


Knowing that an attitude of gratitude can lift your awareness, it is often helpful to begin your prayers by giving thanks for that which already exists in your life. Proclaiming Divine Order is another powerful prayer when you don’t know what else to ask for. When Divine Order exists in your life, you live in harmony, love and abundant joy.

Sometimes God seems very far away and too vast to comprehend. At those times, calling forth your guardian Angel is like calling on a friend, someone to talk to and pour out the deepest feelings in your heart. Know that it is all right for you to ask for what you want. The abundant resource of spirit is equal to every demand, and you deserve to be happy, and abundantly blessed. It is often helpful to know the qualities you desire to attract to you when you pray. If you are lonely and asking for a mate, know clearly what you want in a life companion. These qualities could include a deep heart connection, understanding and harmony. When you ask directly for the qualities behind the physical attributes, it allows for a greater opening in your consciousness so you can receive at a deeper level.

Visualization can also assist your prayers. Imagine that you are a lighthouse on a rocky shore, a beacon of light. Feel the expansiveness as your light reaches out into the world around you. Know that your light is attracting your good to you and that you are assisting others by your beacon. When you become this light in your thoughts, it expands your consciousness and prepares the way for you to receive even greater light. It creates a new level of calming faith within you. So let your light shine. You are meant to be this beacon of light shining forth into the world for all to see.

Each person has this ability to shine, because each person is a part of the light, love and wisdom which is God. When you recognize this power within you, it will create the energy for miracles to occur. Believe that all the good in the universe is available for you, just because you are a beloved child of the Creator.

As you shine your light into the world, know that you are not alone. The abundant energy of God is pouring into you to assist you in keeping your light strong. Know that the Angels are also available as companions on your path, ready to assist you when you ask. You are a magnet for your good when you remember:

Your prayers are a beacon calling to you the Light and Wisdom you seek.
Shanta Gabriel for

Archangel Gabriel
August 7, 2016


Inspirationen von meinem Höheren Selbst – Nr. 41

Abrakadabra – Mein Kommentar

Als ich diese Inspiration zum ersten Male las – befand ich mich plötzlich in einer kreiselnen Bewegung.

Ich sah ein Bild vor mir, wie sich dieser Gedanke wie eine Spiralbewegung von selbst rund um den Punkt des Erkennens kreist … ich sehe es direkt graphisch …. Es geht um das wahre Erkennen einer Situation und um deren Anpassung an die Person, die diese Situation betrifft. Zuerst muss die Erkenntnis geweckt werden, dass sich eine Situtation – vor allem wenn sie eine Herausforderung bedeutet – nicht dynamisch darauf zu reagieren imstande ist. Erst wenn erkannt wurde, dass die jeweilige Situation von der betreffenden Person beherrscht werden kann und nicht umgekehrt, wird sich die Situation dieser Person anpassen. Dadurch wird

sich diese anfängliche kreiselnde Bewegung erschöpfen und dieser Prozess wird sich dann endgültig hiermit auflösen.

Altes neu aufgepäppelt”Gesammelte FitzelFatzel über die Zeit im Jetztpunkt‏”

green hearts bar6887c-pure_water





altes Bild: vom Tropfen, der ein Überfliessen im Wasserglas auslöst – ein Tropfen zuviel  !

neues Bild: Featured Image -- 15492von jetzt……

den Nullpunkt haben wir immer noch nicht erreicht, aber wir leben jetzt in der “Time of Ascension” und haben einiges in der Zwischenzeit geschafft…….

Wir sind noch immer auf dem Weg zum Grossen Quantensprung der Verwerfung nach dem weisen Spruch:” Der Weg ist das Ziel – das Ziel ist der Weg !”  23.April 2016

sctoll down

Mein Kommentar dazu : habe gar keinen richtigen nur das, was ich machen wollte, hat nicht ganz geklappt. “Ich wollte nur schnell aufschreiben, was mir so im luziden Traumzustand – oder war es der Alphazustand – an Gedankensplitter eingefallen war. Ich bin dann aufgestanden und habe diese Seite so betitelt “Gesammelte FitzelFatzel über die Zeit im Jetztpunkt‏” ! Ja, das hatte ich vor, einfach wie in einem Brainstorm Stichpunkt aufzulisten, die mir zu dem Thema “Zeit im Jetzt” und “Zeit als lineare Folge” einfallen würden. Im Alphazustand erschien alles so verständlich und leicht. … So habe ich damit angefangen und plötzlich sauste mir ein “Download” dazwischen und ich schrieb automatisch wie unter einem Diktat diese Gedanken hier auf.

Es sind gehannelte Gedanken aber bitte, fragt mich nicht von wem gechannelt. Ich nehme an, es kommt von meinem HS namens EREN. Das war nur so ein Gedanke von mir und ich werde es noch herausfinden … aber jetzt bin ich rechtschaffen müde und werde dann nach dem Posten die Nacht für mich vollends einläuten.

Alles Liebe und viel Licht wünscht euch allen Contramary=Evamaria

Luzide Träume über die “Zeit im Jetzt” und früher als “lineare Folge”.
(Downloadings on Contramary-Evamaria)

18.03.2014  homemade bubble recipe

Zeit im Jetztmoment : wenn neue Erkenntnisse beim Menschen einsetzen – verändern sie etwas in ihm -z.B. die Sicht – Anschauung über bestimmte Erlebnisse, Ereignisse um ihn herum.
Folge: er ist nicht mehr, der er vorher war – und seine Erlebens-Basis ist verändert worden.

Im nächsten Zeitmoment ist er dann also verändert – vielleicht mit grösserer Kenntnis, Wissen, Bewußtsein, Intensität seines Willens, alles neue Gegebenheiten in ihm, die ihn den dazugehörigen Zeitmoment dann anders durchlaufen und möglicherweise wieder neue kleine Erkenntnis-Stücke in ihm aufsteigen lassen.

Es findet also eine Interaktion zwischen dem Menschen und der Zeit des Augenblickes statt … und nur durch diese Interaktion wird den beiden Teilnehmern ermöglicht, sich zu vergössern und das menschliche Bewußtsein des Selbst zu verändern.

Die Zeit dabei spielt eine mehr fließende und elastische Rolle, denn der Inhalt des betreffenden Momentes – des Zeitpunktes – wird dabei variabel und unterliegt auch einer Veränderung, die wiederum in die Sicht des in ihr befindlichen Menschens hinüberwechselt und diese neuen Erkenntniss-Stücke in ihm dann hervorbringt.

Es ist eine immerwährende Interaktion zwischen Mensch und “Zeit im Punkt”, wobei sie sich gegenseitig sozusagen befruchten, ergänzen und wellenförmig holistisch weiterverbreiten .


Während also die Zeit des Nullpunktes oder des Jetzt im Augenblick immer elastische Eigenschaften hat , weil sie der dauernden Interaktion mit dem Menschen ausgesetzt ist – sozusagen ein Streben nach stärkerer Intensität in sich – ihren Inhalten – aufbaut, die durch die immer bewußtere Interaktion mit den Menschen hervorgebracht wird – ist die lineare Zeit der alten Dualitätsmatrix eine immer starrer werdende durch die Zeitenfolge, da die Erlebnisse der Menschen aus der Zeit der Vergangenheit Verhaltenmuster erzeugen, die zuerst sich als festgefügte Gedankenmuster stabilisieren und dann sich verkrusten als immer starrere Normen im menschlichen Verhalten bis in die Zeit der Zukunft.

Kurz und einfach gesagt, die alte lineare Zeit führt letztendlich zu starren Strukturen, die sich vom eigentlichen Leben abwenden und mit ihm kollidieren müssen. Sie führen folgerichtig in aller Konsequenz des logischen ‘Denkens zum Konflikt mit dem menschlichen Sein, bis zum Sterben aller einstigen geistigen Lebensinhalte weil letztlich die Anpassung an das wahre Leben nicht mehr möglich ist.
In letzter Konsequenz führen sie völlig am Leben der Menschen vorbei und haben durch die rigide Aufrechterhaltung und Erziehung der Menschen die von oben verordnete Dominanz über die Menschen gewonnen und die Menschheit in die Sklaverei der sie beherrschenden Zeitlinie und ihre Konsequenzen geführt.

Die neue Zeit des Augenblickes ist elastisch, sie ist variabel durch die dauernde Interaktion mit dem Menschen und dadurch lebt sie als Partner der Menschheit stets in Anpassung an das menschliche Leben und befruchtet holistisch das ganze Universum in einer Wellenbewegung, die ihrerseits sich einmal punktuell aber auch wellenförmig ausbreitet. Die neue Zeit des Augenblickes lebt mit dem Menschen und zeugt immerfort neues Leben, weil sich die Inhalte mit jedem Zeitmoment weiter verändern und ihren Einfluss auf das innere Wachstum des Menschen geltend machen,.
Das sind die gravierendsten Unterschiede zwischen der sog “alten” und der “neuen” Zeit.

Die Auswirkungen der neuen Zeit im Jetzt sind fürs erste unabsehbar – denn sie führen alle zum
“Grossen Quantensprung der Verwerfung (Default)” als Ziel unseres geistlichen Aufstiegs.

Nächtliche Gedanken, sofort festgehalten, nachdem sie luzid geträumt in mir auftauchten….Believe


Inspirationen von meinem Höheren Selbst – Nr. 40

Abrakadabra mein Kommentar (aus dem Aramäischen: Ich erschaffe während ich spreche):

Bilder steigen in mir auf –

Malgedanken sind sie und

verdichtete innere Wirklichkeit.

Sie haben ihren Sinn erfüllt,

wenn Gedankenstürme sie erregen

und sich wellenförmig dann bewegen

überflutend alles hier auf neuer Erde.

Inspirationen von meinem Höheren Selbst – Nr. 38



Mein Abrakadabra-Kommentar dazu: (Abrakadabra= während ich spreche, erschaffe ich) :

Die Bestätigung dafür, dass man zu grossen Leistungen fähig ist, muss immer erst durch eine solche Leistung bewiesen werden. Nur die Fähigkeit allein, Grosses zu vollbringen, ist kein Beweis für die eigene Grösse.

Auch Menschen mit einer solchen Fähigkeit können möglicherweise scheitern. Die Erkenntnis dieser Möglichkeit mindert in keiner Weise die eigene ursprüngliche Grösse sondern belässt die eigene wahre Grösse in ihrer ursprünglichen Kraft und Eigenschaft. Das zu erkennen, heisst die eigene Grösse wahrhaft anzunehmen.


Inspirationen von meinem Höheren Selbst – Nr. 37

Abracadabra (während ich spreche, erschaffe ich) -Kommentar von mir dazu:

Wortmagie              Magic Wording
Worte, die mir Bilder malen –             Words when painting pictures –

Sternenherzschlag,                            heartbeat of stars grow inside me,

kreisend Sein,                                    drawing circling rounds therein too
öffnen ihre Schwingen weit                and spreading out their wings again
werden Falter “kleines Glück”…         in wider sense like happy butterflies.
Blitzgedanken in der Fern,                 Flashing thoughts are to me – like lights                                                              afar so much divine,
Weisse Rose “Silberschein”,              “Silver-Shine” like white Rose’ spells smell,
lichter  Klang in Grün getauch,           lightened chime deepdipped in Green,
Seelenfeuer ohne Rauch,                  Soul-Flames without a smoke –
wasserklar !                                        like clear waters all about ! Friedenslied –                                     Song of Peace – so heavenly –
ruhevoller Augenblick,                       resting mood of moments here
Bildersprache “Kannversteh’n”,         pics are telling “Can-perceive”
“Para Dies”                                        “Paradise= beyond these days”
Jenseits – diesseits                            All-There-Is Beyond and Here
(über dies hinüber)                            (trans-evading from this world)
Wunder – schön ……….                       wonderful in every way !

E.M.Holstein 1992/3                            Translation 2013


Inspirationen von meinem Höheren Selbst – Nr. 33


Worte, die mir Bilder malen –
kreisend Sein,
öffnen ihre Schwingen weit
werden Falter “kleines Glück”…

Blitzgedanken in der Fern,
Weisse Rose “Silberschein”,
lichter Klang in Grün getaucht,
Seelenfeuer ohne Rauch,
wasserklar !

Friedenslied –
ruhevoller Augenblick,
Bildersprache “Kannversteh’n”,
“Para Dies”
Jenseits – diesseits
(über dies hinüber)
Wunder – schön ……….

E.M.Holstein 1992/3

Inspirationen von meinem Höheren Selbst – Nr. 32

Ich erinnere mich gut an diesen Werbespot – Finnen, die sauna-entblösst vor ihrer Sauna sitzen und sich rühmen, die herrlichen Kräuterbonbon erfunden zu haben, die sie gerade lutschen. Da taucht dann ein voll bekleideter Schweizer auf und fragt sie eindringlich: “Wer hat das erfunden ? Und die klägliche Antwort von den schwitzenden Finnen ist: “Die Schweizer!” …. Es ist so abstrus und gleichzeitig witzig, dass sich das in mein Gedächtnis eingegraben hat ! Contramary

Abrakadabra – ad Inspirationes im neuen Jahr


Dieser Spruch gilt heute noch allgemein als der “Zauberspruch”  der sehr oft bei sog. Verwandlungszauberei zitiert wird und daher auch oft in das Feld der Hexerei verbannt worden ist.

Bei der Überlegung, hier etwas Anderes im neuen Jahr den Inspirationen hinzuzufügen, habe ich nach einem guten spirituellen Ansatz gesucht, um diese wundervollen Inspirationen von Marc zu bereichern.
So haben wir erst einmal zu zweit entschieden, dass ich immer einen Tag/Nacht zwischen  als weiteren Arbeitsschritt in der Erarbeitung einer neuen zu publizierenden Inspiration bei mir einschalte, um nach dem Prooflesen des deutschen Originals noch eine Nacht darüber zu schlafen und dann vielleicht !  meinen Kommentar hinzuzufügen, um diesen Inspirationen noch mehr Denkanstösse zu verleihen. Continue reading