Moin Khan: A Man, A Motorcycle & A Mission

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February 28, 2014

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Moin Khan: A Man, A Motorcycle & A Mission

I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.

– Tennessee Williams –

Moin Khan: A Man, A Motorcycle & A Mission

Moin Khan was born and raised in Lahore but went to the United States to attend university. Frustrated with the way in which his home country was portrayed in the media, he decided to leave his comfort zone and embark on an epic journey back to Pakistan. For 18 month he lived on boiled rice and ketchup, held 3 jobs and worked 70 hrs a weeks to save up enough money to ride his motorcycle from San Francisco to Lahore, carrying only a tent, a sleeping bag, some tools and the will to tell the world that he — as a Pakistani — was just as peace-loving as anyone else in the world. He didn’t use any maps, because he wanted to get lost and let strangers be his guides. He did get lost. About 50 times a day — equaling 50 opportunities to talk to people and tell them about his country. After his triumphal return to Pakistan, he continued his ‘different agenda’ — staying on to teach women how to ride motorcycles, and distributing warm clothing in rural Pakistan. { read more }

Native -American Videos and lovely music : Wolfsheart – Sunrise at Four Corners etc.


Wolfsheart – Sunrise at Four Corners


Marina Raye – Earth Ascending


Marina Raye – Winds of Change



by soulspeak2013


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Many or you are writing to me and saying that you are experiencing a lot of “negative” vibes lately. You find yourselves out of balance, angry, disappointed, with headaches and joint pains, etc. Things seem to have intensified instead of calming down as you’ve anticipated. The reason for all of these feelings and vibes is because a few weeks ago a massive amount of cleansing energy has been released through our sun & moon onto GAIA.

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Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa, February 28, 2014

SaLuSa (1)

Dear Ones, we come with good news to inform you that the dedicated work you have put in, is about to bring the rewards that you have deservedly earnt. Our combined efforts have brought about a speeding up of the necessary work needed to bring about a notable stage in the progress required to bring the changes about. Your efforts have brought about a review of the progress made, and the decision was taken to rapidly move ahead. It means that specific events will occur that you will become aware of that will clearly reveal the commencement of another stage leading to “The Event”. Within a relatively short period you will be given irrefutable proof of the advances being made, but do not expect them to be broadcast by the main media. The dark Ones will suppress the truth and will do anything to stop progress, and that means you may have to search around to find evidence of what is happening. Continue reading

Heavenletter #4844 The Well-Being of Hearts, February 28, 2014


God said:

I do not carry ill will, not even for a moment. I certainly don’t hold a grudge. Why would I? And why would you, beloveds? Why would you hang onto negativity? If you hold it, it’s yours.  Negativity is not a virtue. Negativity may be a hanger-on, yet you do not have to hold on to it. You are not to hold anything against anyone, for then you affront yourself.

Be done with negativity. Just say goodbye to it once and for all. What would you ever want it for? What is negativity but a hard feeling in your heart? Hearts are not meant to be hardened. There are to be no strictures in your heart. Continue reading

HEAVENLETTER # 4844 – 28.2.2014 The Well-Being of Hearts DAS WOHLERGEHEN DER HERZEN




Gott redete …




Ich trage kein Übelwollen bei Mir, nicht einmal einen Augenblick lang. Ganz gewiss habe Ich keinen Groll. Wieso sollte Ich denn? Und wieso solltet ihr es denn, Geliebte? Wieso solltet ihr euch an Negativität hängen mögen? Sofern ihr sie festhaltet, ist sie euer. Negativität ist keine Tugend. Sie ist ein Mitläufer, nachgerade habt ihr euch nicht an ihr festzuhalten. Euch ist es nicht angelegen, jemandem etwas zur Last zu legen, denn dann bietet ihr euch selber die Stirn.




Seid mit Negativität durch. Sagt ihr ein für allemal Adieu. Wozu solltest du sie je brauchen mögen? Was ist Negativität denn anderes als ein hartes Empfinden in deinem Herzen? Herzen sind nicht bestimmt, verhärtet zu werden. In deinem Herzen soll es keine Verengungen geben.




Setzt euer Herz von allem frei, was es behindert. Das Herz verhärten ist hemmen. Füge dich deinem Herzen. Frische es wieder auf. Missgunst schlägt dein Herz ab. Groll macht dein Herz gereizt. Groll ist Kontrolle. Hege Groll, und du gibst den Selbst-Hinblick auf dein eigenes Herz weg.




Es kann sein, du möchtest in erster Linie verlautbaren, dass du recht hast. Du opferst eine Menge, um vor einem Anderen herauszukommen. Es muss so sein, du siehst dich nach einem Streit um. Was gewinnst du deinem Dafürhalten nach? Lasse los, lasse los. Lasse jedwede Feindseligkeit los, die noch erhalten geblieben ist. Feindseligkeit ist Gift. Anhand welchem Anrecht möchtest du dein Herz vergiften? Das macht keinen Sinn. Es macht Sinn, dein Herz wieder in Stand zu setzen. Dein Herz war nicht bestimmt, für den Mangel an Empfindsamkeit aufseiten eines Anderen das Bauernopfer zu sein. Das Herz in deiner Brust ist dein eigenes. Es ist kein Freiwild für jemand, der eben mal vorübergeht. Dir steht es nicht an, dein Herz wegzugeben. Einzig in Liebe sollst du vom Herzen her geben. Einzig in Freude.




Sieg über einen Anderen trägt nicht Freude an sich, oder es ist eine kurzlebige Freude. Vielleicht meinst du, du strafest jemanden mit deiner Verbitterung. Falls es dir gelingt, jemanden zu bestrafen, ist das ein Verlust. Auf jeden Fall strafst du dich selber.




Du darfst dein Herz nicht verschließen, für niemanden. Dein Herz ist wie eine Blume, die sich der Sonne öffnen muss. Dir steht es nicht an, dein Herz zu einem Opfer zu machen. Du sollst dein Herz nicht verraten. Gib dein Herz der Liebe und einzig der Liebe weg. Möge dein Herz der Liebe Schwung geben. Möge dein Herz seine Lauterkeit wahren, welche Liebe ist. Gib dein Herz nicht der Unwahrheit auf. Anstatt dass du für was auch immer an Untaten einem Anderen grollst, welche er begangen haben mag, begrüße dein Herz mit offenen Armen. Durchlüfte es. Verbitterung, Missgunst, Verletzung und all das, lasse sie los. Nimm dein Herz nicht als Geisel. Nimm die Freiheit deines Herzens nicht fort. Verkaufe es nicht. Treibe nicht Handel mit ihm. Öffne es.




Dir ist es, Meinen Thron zu erben. Gewisslich musst du lernen, dich selber zu regieren, bevor du Andere regierst, und niemals sollst du ein Ahnder anderer Menschen sein. Du bist jemand, der angelegt ist zu lieben. Vergib dir selber für deine Übertretungen. Ziehe das ganze Furnier ab, was du auf dein Herz gedrängt hast.




Herzen sind bestimmt, weich zu sein. Dein Herz ist bestimmt, weich zu sein. Beginnend am heutigen Tag, komme auf den richtigen Fuß. Jedwede Feindseligkeit, die du bewahrt hast, hat jetzt weggewaschen zu werden, sodass du im Leben vorankommen kannst. Wirf aus deinem Geist alles hinaus, was nicht dem Wohlergehen deines Herzens und der Herzen Anderer gemäß ist. Jemand, den du etwa für die Rauhheit deines Herzens verantwortlich hältst, ist nicht verantwortlich. Du bist es. Du gabst deinem Herzen statt, abtrünnig zu werden. Niemand sonst ist zuständig. Einzig du. Du hast dich selber verwundet. Es bist du, der sich am Irrtum eines Anderen andockte und ihn zu deinem eigenen machte.





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The Upanishads

translated by Sri Aurobindo Chapter One. I. Section

Aitar Upanishad
Brihad Upanishad
Isha Upanishad
Kasha Upanishad
Kena Upanishad
Mandu Upanishad
Mundaka Upanishad
Shwe Upanishad

upanishad image 225x300 The Upanishads   1. Hari OM. In the beginning the Spirit was One and all this( universe) was the Spirit;
; there was nought else that saw. The Spirit thought, “Lo, I will make me worlds from out my being”.

2.These were the worlds he made : ambhah, of the etheral waters, maricich,
of light, mara of death and mortal things, apah, of the lower waters.
Beyond the shining firmament are the etheral waters and the firmament is their base and resting-place;
Space is the world of light ; the earth is the world mortal ; and below the earth are the lower waters.

3.The Spirit thought , “Lo, these are the worlds, and now will I make me guardians for my worlds”
Therefore he gathered the Purusha out of the waters and gave Him shape and substance.

4. Yea, the Spirit brooded over Him and of Him thus brooded over the mouth broke forth, as when an egg
is hatched and breaketh ; from the mouth brake speech and of speech fire was born.
The nostrils brake forth and from the nostrils Breath and of Breath air was born. The eyes brake forth and
from the eyes Sight and of Sight the Sun was born. The ears brake forth and from the ears Hearing and of
Hearing the regions were born. The Skin brake forth and from the Skin hairs and from the hairs herbs of healing
and all trees and plants were born. The heart brake forth and from the heart Mind and of Mind the moon was born.
The navel broke forth and from the navel apana broke forth and of apana Death was born.
The organ of pleasure broek forth and from the organ seed and of seed the waters were born.
1.These were the Gods that He created ; they fell into his great Ocean, and Hunger and Thirst leaped upon them.
Then they said to him, “Command unto us an habitation that we may dwell secure and eat of food.” Continue reading

10 reasons to drink in the morning warm water and lemon


In the morning when you wake up and try to start fasting while drinking a cup of warm water and lemon, simple elements but benefits.

The juice of the lemon acid has its main property in having our own body , an action contrary, that is alkalizing . The acids that characterize once introduced into the body in fact give a basic reaction , this is because during the metabolization citric acid oxidizes and the salts derived therefrom give rise to carbonates and bicarbonates of calcium and potassium which contribute to the alkalinity of the blood.

These benefits to starting your day with lemon :

1 . Strengthens the immune system : Lemons are rich in vitamin C and potassium , which stimulates the brain and nerve functions . Potassium also helps control blood pressure .

2 . Balances the PH : Drinking lemon water every day reduces the total…

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Dreamwalk, Cheyenne Rainbow Song, Flight of the Blue Raven, Sacred Mountain …

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Island mysts


Cheyenne – Rainbow song

Jeff Ball – Flight of the Blue Raven

D.May & D.Gibson – Sacred Mountain


RT: Divine Alchemy – We Are Becoming 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Beings


Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

a message from Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Sunday, 2 February, 2014  (posted 27 February, 2014)

This Activity of Light is lifting me into the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline-based frequencies of the New Earth. I accept the profound Truth that as I AM lifted up ALL Life is being lifted up with me.

I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity. I AM One with my Father-Mother God and I AM One with the entire Company of Heaven.

Through my sincere Heart Call ALL of these magnificent Forces of Light have joyously come to help Humanity’s I AM Presence raise and sustain every man, woman, and child on Earth in Christ Consciousness and the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of our Crystalline Solar Light Bodies. In this level of Divine Consciousness and Crystalline Light, Transfiguring Divine Love, the Oneness of ALL Life, and Reverence for every particle and wave of Life throughout the whole of Creation are the ONLY Reality. Continue reading

The Way of Life in The Fifth Dimension



Jim Self

a message from Jim Self
Wednesday, 12 February, 2014  (posted 27 February, 2014)

In the previous article What ARE the 3rd and 4th Dimensions? we compared the third and fourth dimensions. In this article we bring in the fifth dimension. Let’s briefly review the structures of the third and fourth dimensions.

The third dimension operates with a specific set of rules and has certain characteristics, aspects, boundaries, edges, mutations and structures. We see three main structures sustaining this dimension. Continue reading

SaLuSa – “Signs of a new time” – February 24, 2014 –


(English) by Gabriel Raio Lunar

by Sirian Heaven

SaLuSa (1)

Signs are given, all the time, that the new is taking place and you who are on Earth at this time, are witnessing the birth of the new, right under your feet. You are at the vanguard, leading the Light and guiding as you can, knowing that you are always bathed by new energies that, day after day, have accelerated your awakening.
Thousands of human beings, taken by desire for freedom, are being assisted by higher beings who are constantly orienting and guiding them in better decisions among protests worldwide. Your communication media have tried at all costs to welch the minds of men who are still in a soft impasse, but it’s known that the light that is sweeping the Earth is to guide them increasingly and nothing can change the focus of the souls of the Earth, the focus of FREEDOM .
The commitment of warrior souls, as Snowden, is one more gas on other souls who are awakening now and see the courage and determination of beings who came to Earth at this time to bring freedom, even if it costs their lives. All beloved beings who came to this quadrant in the past and were killed by the darkness forces are again involved now, giving their share of help, help that has brought from deep sleep many asleep beings.
The witness around the world will become frequent, and more and more people will take courage and come to public to witness atrocities committed by the dark ones, as the 9/11. It’s naturally expected that many who were dressed for a long time as ” Wolves ” show them up from the Light
The work is far greater than you can imagine and dear souls engaged themselves to take on this role, under the risk of deviating themselves from the path, but you will be able to see that many of them got successful and you may see it in their actions hereafter. Mother Earth is surrounded by thousands of galactic fleets that are here to witness the great jump in consciousness. Thousands of beings everywhere are here to support you during this period, and is given to every soul of Earth one more force so they can untie the ending nodes that still keeps you stuck on Earth.
Continue to anchor Light in your hearts, supporting the souls that are in their awakening process. Wait and let them stand up with their own forces, however remain beside them, donating all Light and support in this important moment. The Return of the Goddess to your hearts also bring an immense light that soften every load that was placed in your being by the dark Ones. The Light of the Goddess will guide you definitely out of the quarantine regime, leading you to a state of deep  peace.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and the count at “zero” indicates that the planned events before the World Games are about to start and you can have a blurb with manifestations around the world, where the power of people is growing, moving the energies of freedom and justice.
Be in Peace,
Be in the Light.
Gabriel : Thank you, SaLuSa.
Note: My friends, that count mentioned by SaLuSa refers to this post: Here
Translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Carolina Barisch
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Gott redete …


Es gibt nichts, über das zu weinen wäre, Geliebte. Wir, du und Ich, sehen nicht einen Auges auf diese Bewandtnis. Meine Kinder haben eine lange Liste von Gründen, warum zu weinen sei, und Ich besehe das von einem anderen Horizont her. Ihr glaubt an Verlust. Ich weiß, dass ein Jeder zu Mir zurückkehrt, daher, so sehr Ich es verstehe und nachvollziehe, so sehr begreife Ich gleichzeitig das Unterfangen von Weinen nicht, genauso wie ihr – unbenommen wie willens ihr seid, Herzeleid los zu lassen – den Herzschmerz an euch haltet und nicht verstehen könnt, wie es hergeht, ihn nicht haben zu können. Continue reading

Children of the Sun: The Prosperity Code is Activating



Let’s Gather the Children! – Launch date: March 10, 2014.

Check your pulse… this is going to Rock the House! (and your pockets too)

Beloved Sun Family,

As now an awakened group consciousness, it’s a proven fact that we have the collective power to be a major economic catalyst for the multitude.

The only real way that we can most effectively serve the unfolding Divine Plan in this regard is to have as many of us as possible perceiving and educating from levels of unlimited plenitude. To have the ability to realize wealth, whether we desire it or not, is to walk our talk as liberated Earth masters.

The vast majority of us chose to incarnate with a highly polarized ancestral blueprint of lack. It has been our mission to transcend its deeply etched imprints in order to program the new consciousness grid with our codes of self-realization. We have spent decades addressing this issue and yet its appearance is still being felt. Continue reading

Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension via Suzanne Lie: The Greater Work



ForestAscensionPleiadian Perspective on Ascension: The Greater Work. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. February 26, 2014.


The Next Morning


Jason Speaks:


After the Arcturian left our house we both fell onto the nearby couch. We immediately slipped into a sleep/meditation, as we were not sure to which reality we were awake. How could we be talking to a Being of wavering Light one minute, then sitting on our couch the next? Gradually, we fell into what must have been a real sleep, as I had a very important dream.


When I awoke it was the next day. After I recovered from a night of sleeping on the couch with each of us pulling on one small blanket for warmth, I realized that I had slept through a very important work meeting.


With this realization, my wonderful dream was gone from my awareness. I shook Sandy into wakefulness and tried to blame her for my falling asleep. After I had spent my anger on her, and she cried and ran into the bedroom, I realized what I had done.  Read more…

Life at Three Degrees Out of Phase

February 26, 2014 | By  

Julian Wash, Contributor
Waking Times

Dear Humans,

Today I wish to return to your awareness an aspect of the Human condition that resonates at the core level. It’s a doorway to a place colloquially referred to as “everyday life” where an array of vibrations loosely define the boundaries of right and wrong. It’s an illusory canvas of both shadow and light, a masterpiece commissioned by the will of the collective. And within this dynamic, rhythmic, mutable creation we find one dominating color. For now we’ll call this the color of “normal.” To my eyes it’s rather blue.

When tuned to normal some can navigate through this construct without drawing much attention. They can essentially live an entire life and make barely a ripple. It’s not that they are void of vibration –but choose to not distinguish themselves in this manner. They choose to synchronize with the greater masses within the socially-acceptable waveform of normalcy.

While in this cocoon there are no high-highs or low-lows. They find solace in seeking others for advice and solutions. They benefit from the narrow margins they must work under and the supervised nature of their roles. They do not have to make very many weighty decisions, so they are less apt to suffer any major consequences. Solidly placed within this vibration is the desire to please, cooperate and conform. Life is experienced under a veil of relative invisibility, save for the need of occasional approval and validation. Does this vibration look a bit blue to you as well?

This doorway leads not to innovation, prodigal genius or invention, but rather to one of obedience and servitude. There is nothing innately wrong with this vibration. To be clear, it serves as a “carrier wave,” allowing other frequencies and even wonton energies to hop on board and be shuttled along for the ride. People of this resonance can be controlled parasitically by the institutions they submit to.

You, my dear reader, are not simply a carrier-wave vibration. A carrier-wave vibration would not be visiting this website nor exploring content of this nature. You are at the leading edge of this waveform of consciousness, or more specifically, you’re about three degrees out of phase with it. In the following paragraphs I intend to demonstrate just how “abnormal” you are.  And in the process I sense you will see just how vital your role is to all Humankind.

All the World’s a Vibration

“Everything vibrates. Life is vibration. So is mind.  So is matter.”  – Edgar Cayce

It’s been famously stated “all the world’s a stage.” But the “stage,” like everything else, is a vibrational condensate offering merely an illusion of solidity within this three-dimensional construct. All the world’s a vibration, including that stage. And vibrations are waves of varying frequencies. They can be characterized as any number of wave forms, including the perfect symmetry of a sine wave. A sine wave forms a circle when folded over. The circle symbolizes eternity, unity and connectedness.

The circle’s cousin, the sine wave, symbolizes yin and yang and the duality of existence. It has positive and negative peaks and is separated by an equatorial “0” point. Like a circle, its degrees add up to 360. But the sine wave embodies the message of dualism, the up and down, the plus and minus, the rise and fall. These expressions are both literal and metaphorical. They are living and non-living. Whereas the circle offers a perfect neutral (as in zero “O”), the sine wave creates perfect opposition and polarity, a rhythmic cycle and an energetic presence.

In the organic expression, the heart beats in what it beats out, the lungs breathe in what they breathe out. There is a rhythm of (in-rest-out) that emulates the shape of a sine wave. In the case of lungs, the inhaled breath is oxygenated (or on the plus side of the wave) and the exhaled breathe has less oxygen (or the minus side of the wave). There is equity and balance with what comes in and what goes out and each side of the wave is a complimentary opposite of the other. The “resting point” is that silent place of perfect harmony between both energies. It is the twilight of the evening or the dawn of the morning, it’s the quintessential beginning and end. Here one will find the node of serenity and enlightenment.

Vibration of Truth

“Everything in Life is Vibration” – Albert Einstein

So we go through life day to day in a vibration of normalcy. People look to another for reassurance and recalibration of this waveform. If one deviates too greatly from the center of this spectrum they are quickly dismissed and ejected from the gathering. They are no longer considered to be part of the unified energy and collective consciousness. There is some value to this. Native Americans would ostracize evil doers from the tribe. For the guilty, this was a fate worse than imprisonment. So the template of normalcy plays a vital role. But it requires gentle care and discernment.

The enlightened offer a different ray of light to this vibration. They are able to “snap in and out” of this collective energy. By doing so they are able to see the waveform from the outside looking in, as well as experience it from the inside. People who are trapped by the waveform never get an opportunity to see the very construct that entrains them. By stepping outside the “normal” vibration, the enlightened can appeal to the collective-unconscious with concepts and ideas that transcend ordinary thinking. But the mindset of normalcy is a stubborn one indeed. This aspect, however, if allowed to remain static can ultimately lead to the demise of the species. During the cold war, such a fate almost came to fruition. Inflexible thinking and ego-driven bias almost lead to a disaster of incomprehensible scale.

There is entropy in all things and the waveforms of daily experience offer no exception. Without the excitation of an external influence, the ordinary waveform would soon degrade and collapse within a remarkably short amount of time. It is the continual spark of genius, the alternative views, the irreverent humor that helps provide the three-degree push the waveform of normalcy so desperately needs. A highly energetic platform will compress this wave even farther, resulting in higher awareness and comprehension. These frequencies awaken deeper understandings and solicit powerful abilities. Humanity is now beginning to resonate at these energies.

The vibration of truth has a distinctive tone. People are rapidly becoming attuned with this energy. As a result, it is getting harder to soft-soap ideas that serve a nefarious purpose. People are less likely to be bamboozled and mislead by the disingenuous and the charlatans. Those who operate three degrees out of phase have been vigilant in their efforts in helping others to see. In the words of Schoepenhouer, “All truth goes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Then it is violently opposed. Finally it is accepted as self-evident.” The state of normalcy has to recalibrate constantly to keep up with the rapid enlightenment that is now sweeping the world.

Guardians of the Waveform

There’s a special group of people I regard as the “guardians of the waveform.” It’s a mostly unorganized group of independent thinkers who can read the writing on the wall. They are neither passive nor overtly aggressive. They are more like master chess players who can see how the board is laid out. They are expert at anticipating the next move. Most importantly, they are benevolent and genuinely care about the fate of the Human race. So they communicate their ideas in various ways, through music, documentaries, websites and even through casual conversation. Because their intentions are heart-felt and noble, their message resonates.

For those who operate in front of the waveform, who can look back and see its shape and flow, your efforts are not in vain. You are instrumental in reshaping the so-called “normalcy bias,” working against energies that try to define normal in ways that are anything but. Through the eyes of a visitor from another world, normal might appear as an avid TV watcher. Normal would appear to always acquiesce to authority and never challenge the status-quo. Normal is to drink Diet Coke, eat fast-food hamburgers daily and take strong pharmaceuticals to treat the depression that was brought on by trying so hard to be normal. Normal is cheering aggressively for a football team that never cheers you back. Normal is to drink the fluoridated water and not ask salient questions about it efficacy. But isn’t interesting that this no longer sounds even remotely normal to you, dear reader? That’s because you’re slightly out of phase.

The malleable, placid form of “normal” is what the controllers strive for. They will compromise information and morality and weaken the spirit in any way possible to maintain a lower (subclass) vibration. They know that the population is capable of resonating at a much higher frequency. So the brakes are applied chemically, psychologically, and scholastically and in any other modality that serves the controllers. And then finally, when down for the count, the ones who’ve compromised their better judgment in the name of servitude will simply be abandoned and quickly forgotten.

The guardians of the waveform work in earnest to raise awareness. They walk a fine line of imparting information in small, digestible bits. If they offer too much at once, they will be dismissed as a fool or worse. If they don’t impart enough workable data then people will not take notice. The guardians of the waveform observe how the controllers manipulate mass consciousness and they work hard to rectify the damage. They must battle trolls and a myriad of other orchestrated maneuvers that attempt to damage the credibility of those who wish to raise the vibration. They must also deal with hi-jacked look-alikes that ultimately present a shadowy agenda while wearing a robe of benevolence. This is why it is vitally important to attune to the vibration of truth. Once accomplished, one cannot be fooled or tricked. I guess you can see why the powers that (want to) be are not too keen on this idea called enlightenment.

Final Thought

A properly calibrated phase shift can create amplitude in a waveform and sustain it at a higher frequency. Universe brings into creation those who can positively contribute to this energy. Such people have been somewhat rare in the past, but now that’s rapidly changing. An age of enlightenment has dawned and the powers that (want to) be are scrambling to keep control. But the shift is in place and is now accelerating faster than has ever been witnessed before.

To those living three degrees out of phase, it has not been easy on you. You’ve been alienated, misunderstood and abandoned by even those closest to you. It is an unfortunate truth that one must be out of phase with the wavelength of the collective in order to see it. If one is swept in by the construct of normalcy, the vibrational space they live in will remain invisible to them. This is why it is so difficult (if not impossible) to communicate higher truths to those who have fully adopted the uniform waveform of normalcy.

You were gifted with a special sight. You are able to see this waveform. Your vision elicits stewardship and advice. You see the external forces acting upon the mind-collective attempting to erode its shape and remove its peaks. Together we can will this “blue” color into the light of violet indigo, and even into energies beyond that.

So a personal thank you from me to you, for your gentle guidance and assistance during this time of turmoil and difficulty, anger and despair. But most of all thank you for your “abnormality” of being able to see three degrees out of phase and lighting the path for others to a place of higher vibration.

-Until next time

About the Author

There is a certain obscurity that follows Julian Wash.  After all, any writer that starts off with “Dear Humans” might be a little hard to nail down. We sense he’s benevolent, a little crazy and we think rather enjoyable to read. Email:

**This article was originally published at The Rattle Report.**

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

Heavenletter #4843 No Ownership, No Loss , February 27, 2014


God said:

There is nothing to weep about, beloveds. We, you and I, do not see eye to eye on this. My children have a long list of reasons why to cry, and I see from a different horizon. You believe in loss. I know that everyone returns to Me, so, as much as I do understand, at the same time, I do not fully grasp the undertaking of weeping, just as you, no matter how willing you may be to let go of heartache, keep it to you and cannot understand how you cannot have it.

You do not quite get it that there is no need for weeping. You see weeping as most natural because you see change as loss. You weep for what was and which you interpret now as having gone. I had understanding of this enough, beloveds, to provide tears for you to wash away heartache. You may believe that tears never get used up, yet you think loved ones eventually are, and their love for you is used up, and, even the love in your own heart leaves, and you weep again. Continue reading

Lessons From Unconventional Money Management



Hidden Millionaires:

Lessons From Unconventional Money Management

Updated: 6/26/2013 | Article ID: INF16218

The Old School Frugalists

The last generation of frugal millionaires saw the careful preservation of cash and conservative personal finance as essential to survival. These rich individuals gained their wealth slowly through careful planning and extreme saving.

By living below their means, these individuals created freedom in their lives, and a buffer from the economic problems over the last decades. Precursors to the newest generation of frugal, yet generous millionaires, the following individuals broke many myths regarding the way that wealth can be generated and spent. Continue reading

Osho on Judgement

Openhearted Rebellion

Thanks to the Galactic Free Press.

Whenever you judge, you are doing something foolish. It does not apply to the person at all, it can apply only to the act. And that act too is taken out of context because you don’t know his whole life.

It is as if you tear a page from a novel and you read it and you judge the novel by it. It is not right; it is out of context. The whole novel may be a totally different thing. You may have taken a negative part, an ugly part. But you don’t know anybody’s life in its totality. A man has lived for forty years before you come to meet him. Those forty years of context are there. The man is going to live forty years more when you have left him.

Those forty years of context are going to be there…

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Dress Rehearsal is Done! We Go Live as We Enter March!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

golden tsunami

When I woke up yesterday with an email from telling of an X4.9 class flare that had just erupted from the sun, I strapped myself in, knowing things are going to get intense, but not knowing exactly how.  I expected the headache that always comes when the sun spits so strongly, but didn’t happen.  The moment the readings started, I knew where all that energy went… straight to the heart of Gaia.

Just before my day of readings started, something within me felt reduced to zero point.  Like a still point where nothing prior to that moment existed.  Part of me worried/wondered if I am going to be able to “see” and connect that is how empty I felt.

The moment my first lady showed up, I knew something was different in the field of Light, holy intensity batman!  The entire earth I call Eden raised her vibration to…

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Eireport: Current planetary energies have reversed direction…

Posted: 25 Feb 2014 11:29 PM PST

Not where I live they haven’t! LOL! I’ve never felt more energies! -AK

Current planetary energies have reversed direction…
26 Feb 2014

Current planetary energies have reversed direction, following a period of fluctuations, then stillness.

Reversal of direction is “temporary” and is required for next steps in the planetary “liberation” process.

Fibrous energetic “streams of entanglement” currently accompany planetary energies, intended to collect all those encountered of “lower than necessary for planetary ‘liberation’” vibration.

All is in readiness for the resultant chaotic “Node of Planetary Transformation”.