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To whom it may concern here :

Beginning  with my writing has been done with last letter No. 1 – and although Isabel was totally glad about it since she does not prefer to be dragged into some spotlight at all – she has – meanwhile according to the advice of her Twinflame and her HS descided now to accept these kind of letters in due course. Although she pointed out that she will have to elaborate on this issue a little while.

Thank you dear Isabel for this decision.

In our talks of yesterday there was especially the topic of “Looking into the Moon” wich I regard quite important for all of us here. In the duration of this talk there appeared two different topics regarding with Isabel and her very sight and with myself of my sort of hearing ablilities.

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Isabel said in our Chat:


” and I do not see so well todaystarting all with the reddish sight of the day before yesterday –  and the moon was just the same last night. Appearantly my sight’s abilities are changing too. Twinni told me it is increasing – and the realm of my sight are being increased even with regard to the infrared and ultraviolet ranges so that I eventually will be able to look into even other dimenions if I understood him rightly.


There are some spots within the range of my sight which are not sharp at all –

and as it is now I never had it before – and I feel dizzy now too




 This was the concern of Isabel regarding her eyes and her sight  –  which made me remember what I experienced with my hearing at late evenings.

“this is quite interesting ….perhaps I tell you now what I experienced lately with myself… as you know my hearing abilities have increased from bad to worse – always when somebode standing before me and talks with me. This depends on which tone-level of his/her voice and of course on the measurement of speed how eachone is expressing him/herself. Some voices with a higher pitched level are not being heard by me at all.
Still now and this already since quite some time – I am hearing the following when lieing on my bed late in the evening :  there is a huge mixture of speeches – some sort of conglomeration of all that is being talked – sang – about around in the block of housing around me … as if all the words and sounds are being thrown on to some heap of all together – I cannot conceive single phrases or words – but it is quite overwhelming what arrives at my ears then. All these houses around me are built like in a form of a horseshoe around me and as I live i the seccond next house to the opening … it all flows and passes by my ears into the street there …. adding to the noise of cars passing by in that “throughroad” there.

I do know intuitively somehow that my hearing ability is being increased too to some wider range and later – I am certain – I shall be able to hear into wider ranges as well. Kryon once mentioned something like it – and possibly this is the same with your sight as well – which is being evolved into some sort of wider farsight while with me this will concern the far-hearing and telepathic connection too. … What is the opinion of the Twinni in this respect

“she follows a good route here “


“do you hear a bit better lately ?
“You with your sight and I with my hearing issues – nay – practically not – if not a very tiny bit but not much better – since my daughter I do not hear at all when she is speaking – as I am not pleased by the frequency level of her voice… I do understand a little from Sade  and there is nobody else around me ….

“I did something with you working with reference to cleansing and healing.”

“But Isabel – I do not mind much – I shall buy some device for this hearing shortly but not now as my ears are hurting presently so that such a device for better hearing will not approbriate at the moment. – there are quite some symptoms of ascension which I have to undergo and because I am aware of such fact I do not mind much.
Since I know the reason for it I am trusting that once this will end up in a good sort eventually – regaining my normal abilities again but in a wider and inreased sense of it.

” I do know all about this way of hearing in some way – this I experienced already in my former job – when all of us were sitting together having breakfast – there was some huge turmoil of voices – like some wave overwhelming me in a way – and I usually switched off all of it according to my wishes – listening in to some groups once and again.”

“yes, our bodies are going through some fine developments with quite some substantial symptoms. Even despite carrying glasses I do not see well enough … my eyes are steadily running out and are blarred – but even here I can cope with it in some way if I want to …..
No, even with the mixmax of voices – that I do know too being in the same room ….still this is something quite different what I am receiving in the evening … just imagine, this is some entire block of housing built like a horseshoe around and opening up on one side to some “through-road” with some steady flow of cars. This sounds as if all voices and sounds are balled and heaped together in some great turmoil and wanting to get out of this narrow space of our backyard led into the opening to the road. And as I live in the 2nd house on this opening all of this heap of sounds passes by me in a sort of flow ….

It was quite different earlier in my life – and in my childhood I very often turned and switched everything off and never been seen  participating in talks since I had gone into “Otherlands” then.

According to my view there were quite some very interesting aspects which may other lightworker may share in life-experiences as well in the moment of now. They thus may be confirmed in their views and awareness in case they have had alike presumptions about their failing abilities of now.

This concludes my letter No.2 today – and in such respect I am not able to foretell that such letters will be published in sequential order as some sort of diary — yet if there are again some new and interesting aspects arising in our chats – I shall report about it continually.

And it is “ta da” here for now until …meeting you soon again …
as the old witches say:  merry meet – merry part – merry meet again ….

And as always with unconditional love and compassion – as additional glue of the universe –
greetings from my heart
Contramary = Evamaria


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