In the Time of Change … from “Lineage” to the “Moment of Now”


by Contramary

For quite a while I have been busy with my thoughts about Time Changing and vanishing from us in the very way we have been accustomed to it under the old Matrix of Duality. Then our entire life had been ruled and destined by what I ‘d like to name “the Lineage of Time” – be it in Grammar of our languages as “consecutio Temporis” or common colloquial conversation as Presence – Past – Future …. driving everybody’s Life with timetables and according schedules and we obediently accorded to it all our living style here on earth.

Driven we were and rushing to and fro under the strict reign of clocks – watches – which were some “Musts” for us in order to cope with our daily issues of life to some satisfaction … Satisfaction of whom …?   All we wanted to be padded on our shoulders after a hard days- activities or even pad ourselves on our shoulder literally with some “Well Done” feeling.

This was the past Lineage of Time domineering all our life and enslaving us in some all-over sense very deeply.


Now – we have traversed in recent years through some allover-change and have to cope with the change of Matrix too. There is some entirely different style of life being installed with a different Matrix too and we are being told with the old disappearing Matrix of 3rd Dimension entailing foremost Duality … to get used to this all-over change and manifest some new Era called and previewed “The Golden One” with a much better life for all of Mankind here having decided to manifest this here on Planet Earth on her ascension way to some other stellar location than before.

So I might name the All-over-Trend of Now for all of us humans here in concern of our dealing with the above described movements evolving for us is: ” Let go of old patters entailed in the vanishing old Matrix of Duality ” !

Yes this is the All-Over-Trend for us now which is widely being followed from what I can take it from the topics of many posted  articles which are entailing this “Pre-requesite” now. There are so many posts and people – all working for this what we call change and ascension of Planet Earth and us with her – which manfests itself into this very great challenge expressed in this very slogan of “Let-Go” for all of us humans in the Now.


If I am using such expression of “Now” in this context … this applies to the Term of Time undergoing some alike change … Changing from Duality and its previous somewhat harsher dominating reign of mankind on Earth here … it  will be transformed entirely under the new manifested Matrix of spiritual evolved realms without any duality.

What does this mean ? Has anybody out there really taken up the red thread of this changing Linear Time following it down to its deeper roots ?
What are we told now about time in the very new sense of it ?

Time is of Now ! It is also Zero-Time ! Time may be expressed only as of Now … But do we really comprehend all these expressions wich we use now widely in respect of this new character of time ? – being closely connected to this upcoming New Golden Era ( which still has to be manifested by us as we are being taught by our celestial guides and of the Angelic Realms).

Time of Zero-Point ? However come to think truly of it … Zero is considered being a cipher – it is the Nil, or Nullo… there is no point at all in it … yet we are experiencing in this very moment how time for us undergoes  some sort of shrinking process – offering us less and lesser space to deal within with our chores to be done daily.


This is what we have to cope with  … the shrinking span of time …. and to me it appears as if the former yet now shrinking lineage of time is being reduced to Zero (considered as the cipher Nil or Nullo) leaving only a very tiny span of it …. and eventually will reach the reduction to a ” Point or Dot” in the end of this procedure.

Then we truly shall have arrived at the Time of Nil or the Dot …. which we have to deal with at that moment. So what does this all will entail for us:

Time has ceased to be linear altogether –
Time will be moment after moment
Time will always be in the Now

If all the lineage will have disappeared …. there will also be no more any duality – or better expressed “Differences arising from Duality”-
There will be no good – nor bad – nor forward and backward  … you may be left to think this trail out unto its very end.

There will be – deriving from this logic pondering … even no ascencion … no upper realms of above or below earth – nor even any enumerating in sequences of counting up and down – it will cover all scientific fields and those of mathematics as well  as this might produce before our very eyes that we also eventually have to let go of all pre-requisites which originated our former thoughts – expressions which we still are being used to practice now.


Thus the prerogative of linear time has reached to the deepest roots of our human culture developed in all the periods of life under the old but vanishing Matrix of Duality. And all of this origins depending entirely on the conception of linear Time – all of these will have to be abandoned together with the Matrix containing them. At this very moment and stage I challenge all of you – always talking so much of getting and breaking off with all past ethical, spiritual, and cultural ways of structuring our former lifestyles – come and follow me into the deepest background of origins – domineering our past lives of duality until now … and look around what all you will have to let go !!!


Does this perhaps make you all a little frightened when realizing how much it is – we shall have to let go of ? Do not be afraid ! On all encounters of human mankind with the Angelic Realms it is ever again expressed – ” Do not fear” since there is no need to be let yourselves driven away by any fright. It is by divine decree that this most wonderful plan has been elaborated by our All-Creator similar to that when human mankind has been originated altogether in the beginning. So, use all your “contenance” and confide into whom we all are indebted to for our life ! And then pluck up all your courage and follow sequence to me descending down to the very roots of past duality and its dire challenges to us!

Here are some examples of what you may face taking my conceptions to your heart:
It comes to my mind – what really is the wide scope and range of all we have to let go. It comprises – I daresay here – almost everything that has ruled our former lives consciously and subconsciously – do you grasp really what this will be covered by our all-round Let-Go ?


And everything deriving from the Change of Time … which will cover and comprise our entire lives with aspects and backgrounds entirely different from hitherto.

I’d like to give you some example in such a context :

If Time does not entail any lineage feature any more … how can we evolve into what was named Ascension – advanced evlolution without any upward movement ?


George Bradden wrote some books about the ever-returning cycling the history of Mankind has to experience …. presenting alike issues again and again – and if solved in some certain and positive ways – those were not opposed with such issues any more …


Now lately we all speak no longer of being represented by such issues having to live through some sort of re-cycling it through our lives … but in a sort of spiralic way like in a very vivid torso … moving (again) “upward” to some sort of Bottleneck – best depicted in the cipher of 8  thrusting ourselves into the upper realms of it (8 = which is a standing lemniscate the sign of eternity)….

But if we shall have reached a stage of no difference – no upward – no downward …. what will this mean to us ?

puzzle mind

Lately I was given a picture during my nightsleep with the following explanation:

If we are not able to go through such spiralic movement like formerly – we shall too have to transgress and pervade the ever-returning cycling moments … presenting us with issues we have to solve – as long as they are challenging us.


With every re-cycled issue to us and the way we are coping with it … this will constitute the experience of our life – leaving in us new pieces of knowledge and notifications which all will increase our self-consciousness in some sort of way. Thus always going through such process and eventually achieving more consciousness of our Selves this will eventually effect more inner growth of us … and will substitute in a very new way what formerly in the surpassed Matrix of Duality was achieved by formerly linear Time. (BTW we also shall have to let go of all expressions implying to any linear constructions of language.)


Each of this experience in the Moment of Now which added to our knowledge and being integrated into us  (as Time will then have this changed quality only for us) will add up and originate changing aspects of us as well.

This may be some explanation – what this process of changing Time will mean to us in the Moment of Now … then … I am seeing before my inner eyes layers of Time of Nullo … each layer being then “Time in the Moment of Now”. And we all may then travel through these layers of Time … what will be called Time-Travelling then and study what we would like to know from true-Life-Experience in the relative layer of time of Now!

I for instance may be able then to walk along the country-road to the house of my grandparents again as I have done so often and engraving again into my heart all the tiny and unnoticed objects on my way … and review everything again in what was my true life in my childhood.

silver birch tree

This also may become the reason why we at those moments ( to come that’s what I wanted to write .!!! shush …it is linear! ) we may converse mainly telepathically and this also might be a logical consequence if in the Time of Now – presently – we are advised to start training already this very mode of conversation beforehand ….. as all this evolution will finally add up that we do not need to express ourselves neither in speaking nor writing …. perhaps painting ???

Rain Forest Path

I know what this will entail for myself too …. I shall have to let go of one of my favourite doings here … perhaps retiring to some post of expert scientist for dealing with old habits of communication becoming some odd professor for then some odd occupations ??? I do not know – but perhaps when fully conscious I may seek another good job or post similarly favourized by myself ???

Let us wait and see in full confidence in the Divine Plan as all of us will be cared for …. but first let’s go on of “letting go of substantial parts of our old Matrix and ourselves”…. subconsciously and consciously too !


I have been brooding about these thoughts for some days which I finally managed to display above here in writing… and I am still not very certain if everything I have expressed now will arrive at your end in the true sense of my thinking and meaning … at least I do hope so ….Would be fine to reveive perhaps some comments of yours so that this question here may be solved for me ?  Did I explain here all in some clear and transparent sense ? Let me know so that I can let go also of these doubts ( also belonging to the old Matrix) !!!


With unconditional love and compassion to all of you from me

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