Zalishia of the Pleiades: RV and Disclosure Tied; Disclosure by a “Synod” of Leaders

Zalishia of the Pleiades: RV and Disclosure Tied; Disclosure by a “Synod” of LeadersIn a reading with EBSS through Linda Dillon on Feb. 18, 2017, Zalishia of the Pleiades shares her perspective. Thank you, EBSS, for sharing her comments with us! Zalishia: Go forth bright one in the anchoring of truth, in the anchoring of love, and the anchoring of peace, and act as anchor and beacon, transmitter […] click on picture for original

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Archangel Michael on the Spiritual Significance of Ailments – Part 1/2

Archangel Michael on the Spiritual Significance of Ailments – Part 1/2In this excerpt from our Feb. 17, 2017 reading through Linda Dillon, Archangel Michael looks at the spiritual significance of a knee injury I experienced around the third week of January. What I got from what he said was that I’m not successfully bearing the weight of my responsibilities. I need his help. I post […] click on picture for original

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The Universal Law of Change February 26, 2017 by Kathleen Mary Willis

The Universal Law of ChangeThe Universal Law of Change is one of the incredible 13 Universal Laws that the Divine Mother has gifted us with at this time of Ascension on Earth. Universal Mother Mary through Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love, helps us understand it: “The core of you, the essence, the very essence of Who […] click on picture for original

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Inspiration for theWeek – Shanta Gabriel

Inspiration for the Week ~ Shanta Gabriel
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Whether You are Tuned In or Not

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

For this week’s issue, our message from Archangel Gabriel reminds us that God’s Love is always with us and all we have to do is remember to open and receive it.

The Gabriel Message Card for this week

You Are Always Receiving God’s Love Whether You Tune In or Not.

Shanta GabrielWe live in an Ocean of God’s love. I was told that you can come to the Ocean of All That Is with a teaspoon, or a bucket or a tanker truck, the Ocean does not care. The Ocean of God’s Love is eternally available. You can take as much as you need.

This is the Divine Substance in which we live, move and have our being. We swim in this Ocean like a little fish, so much a part of Divine Love that we forget that it is all around us. And yet if we only turn a small part of our attention toward this Infinite Source, our entire being is illuminated with the Light it radiates. What a gift!

I spent years feeling alone, alienated and cut off from love. I tried to fill myself with many things that did not satisfy that deep need within me. I went after all that I was brought up to believe would make me happy. I found out very early that all that the world considered to be successful proved to feel very empty to me.

It then took years for me to know how to live a spiritual life in a country that considered that to be less than important, in fact too weird, to even consider. And when I was trying to receive love and approval from outside myself, I experienced rejection and felt even more separate.

The good news I discovered was that those experiences were my soul’s requirement for sending me within myself to find the love that I truly needed. In this way I was coerced into continuing to focus on my spiritual practice, which then became a rich source of inspiration and deep abiding love.

It seems as though many people are feeling bereft of the love they so want to experience in life. If sharing my process assists one person in opening to the Divine Nourishment available to all of us, the struggles that I experienced become more worthwhile.

Receiving this message encouraged me and created a new deep awareness that even in those moments when I was not focusing on my spirit, God’s Love was continuously working to keep me nourished. I know I can trust that Divine Love is available for me always. All I need to do is open my heart and allow it to be filled to overflowing.

Divine Presence,

Thank you for holding me and blessing me with your Love. I AM now opening my receiving channels so I can fill my heart so full of your Love that it overflows into the hearts of all in the world.

May I become more aware that your Love is always with me, guiding me and protecting me, even when I am not paying attention. With every step I take may I, and all of humanity, know truly within the heart that we are not alone and that Love always exists for us. And so it is.

February 26, 2017

The Gabriel Messages #2

You are always receiving God’s love whether you “tune in” or not.
Dear One,God’s love is the energy that permeates the universe. It is the essence in which you live, move and have your being. There is no time when you are separate from Divine Love, whether or not you are aware of this fact. Divine Love is always there for you.

If you do choose to be aware that you are basking in the Light of the Universe in every moment, your life can change for the better. When you remember that you are always receiving God’s blessings, you know that you are supremely loved. No matter what you have done, or not done, you are loved. No matter how imperfect you feel, you are loved. You are the beloved child of a benevolent God who wants you to be happy, free, wealthy, and filled with love. This is what you deserve because you are you.

You have come to this place and time to hear this message. You need to remember how much your life is worth to the Creator of all that is. Bask in this possibility for a moment. Breathe in the Divine Light and know, really know, how much you are loved.

There is no one else in the world with the gifts, talents and abilities that you have. When you realize this, you can give thanks, knowing the way is now open for you to use your God-given talents and abilities to expand and enrich your life. For this you came to earth.

You also came to earth to learn the lessons your Soul has chosen to learn. These lessons may feel difficult. You may see no way to accomplish your dreams. You may not even feel as though it is okay to have your dreams. Yet within you there is a spark of light that knows that you are always receiving Divine love.

This love, which you are continuously receiving, holds the energy that can carry your dreams into the world. This love can heal all that causes you pain. This love brings hope and carries the seed of truth within its light-filled energy. It’s here for you now. Breathe in Divine Love.

The Angels are messengers of God. They carry Divine Love to those who will listen and receive all that is available to them from the Universal Presence. So ask to receive this love. You are worthy to have the love of God in every area of your life.

Remember as you go through this day, no matter what you are doing or where you are:

You are always receiving God’s love, whether you “tune in” or not.

Shanta Gabriel for

Archangel Gabriel
February 26, 2017

The Secrets of Light Field Technology Study Program

The Earth’s transition to a new heart-centered 5-D Consciousness, that we have been experiencing since 2012, has been the source of confusion at the very least.

For most people there has also been upheaval, suffering and a sense of loss as the old falls away to make room for the new paradigm. It seems that the way we have related to the world does not work anymore. For this reason, Archangel Gabriel introduced The Secrets of Light Field Technology.

We have come to the time of Imperatives, where who you are, what you do, as well as your vibrational frequency, affects all of humanity. Because the fields of pure potentiality exist in the frequencies of Light, the more people who become aware of and use this technology, the more consciousness is raised on the planet.  Archangel Gabriel

I invite you to join us using the new format for The Secrets of Light Field Technology Study Program. These powerful energetic practices from the Archangels will retrain and rewire your energy system as you bring Heaven to Earth through your physical body.Through the teachings of the Archangels, you can use intentional Light Fields to create your most empowered future as you learn to navigate the new dimensions.

“When I consciously engage the tools & practices you share, I see amazing results! Blockages dissolve, pathways open and whatever I’m trying to accomplish seems to self-assemble in ways I could never conjure on my own.”

Light is the force of all Creation.
When you align yourself with this exquisite gift, there is magic.

~ Archangel Gabriel

Join us and discover this magic for yourself.

Blessings of Divine Light,

Join the Secrets of Light Field Technology Study Program!
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Rain for Gaia and Peace for the Congo Now Meditations, Saturday and Sunday

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When Mountains are Not Mountains and Rivers are Not Rivers

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Archangel Michael on Co-Creative Partnership and Flow February 25, 2017

Archangel Michael on Co-Creative Partnership and FlowIn my reading with him (through Linda Dillon) on Feb. 17, 2017, Archangel Michael  looked back with me on our recent co-creative partnership and laid out some important elements of it, chief among them “getting out of the way.” He describes “going with the flow” as what we should be aiming for, confirming for me […] click on picture for original

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Mother Mary via Natalie Glasson: Healing Stars of The Universe

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A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon: Restoration

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A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon: RestorationRestoration In February of last year, we gave a message entitled Destabilization. As you enter 2017 the global destabilization we discussed in that communication is accelerating at a much more rapid rate. The focus of this message, however, is not on the destabilization process but rather a new sound meditation that we wish to impart to […] click on picture for original

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Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, February 24, 2017

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, February 24, 2017Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, February 24, 2017 24th February 2017. Mike Quinsey. Changes are forging ahead and much important work is taking place, literally out of your sight because it involves bases located in the Inner Earth. It is all destined to take away the power from the dark Forces to hold you “prisoners.” […]

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Sandra Walter : Creative Evolution News

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creative evolution 3

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

eclipse meds

Global Meditations occurring during the eclipse peak and our three Unity sessions on SUNday. This is a powerful Gateway for embodiment of the New HUman template, Christed/Crystalline Consciousness. Gaia’s Solar aspects, Grid activation and the massive stargate templates approaching for Solar activation on many levels.

We request every awakened Soul to be on board this SUNday, since this passage determines the strength of the March unfoldments. Encourage your groups, friends, communities to add as many souls to this activity as possible. Tremendous activation available with this influx. Our Higher Levels are holding the Gateways open for the collective.


In Love, Light and Service,

light intel
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Heavenletter #99999 Gott und Prashant, Januar 30, 2016


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Heavenletters™, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
* Our connection to God *
* Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.

Heavenletter #99999 Gott und Prashant, Januar 30, 2016

God said:
Hinweis: Der liebe Herr, Prashant Kulkani aus Bangalore, Indien, stellte hier seine Herzensfragen, spendete an Heavenletters und bat darum, dass Gottes Antwort auf Heavenletteres veröffentlicht würde. Wir danken Prashant für seine Offenheit, seinen Mut und seine Großzügigkeit. Seine Fragen stellen die Empfindungen vieler auf Erden dar. Beachtet bitte, dass Prashants Herzensfragen gekürzt wurden. Gottes Antwort ist in seiner Gesamtheit dargestellt. Leser/innen von Heavenletters, lest und beachtet bitte die Leitlinien für die Einstellung, bevor ihr eure Kommentare einstellt.

Prashant schrieb:

Lieber Gott,

Zunächst einmal hätte ich gerne Deine Antwort zu diesem in Heavenletters veröffentlichten Brief, so viele würden sich zum Frieden hingezogen fühlen, da das Leben auf der Erde für so viele Arten Gefahren hervorbringt.

Es gibt mindestens 50000 Probleme, die menschlichen Wesen begegnen, und ihre Anzahl steigt jedes Jahr. Mir scheint es, dass die Probleme dadurch entstehen, wie diese menschliche Gesellschaft mit starken Einschränkungen konzipiert und erschaffen wurde, und das ist für mich schockierend..

Da der Mensch so viele Bedürfnisse hat wie Nahrung, Unterkunft, Energie, Transport, Unterhaltung, Überleben, Freude usw., wurde die Ökologie zerstört. Mehr denn je ist die menschliche Gesellschaft von so vielen Aspekten der wahren Natur getrennt, und enormes Leiden wird ertragen..

Warum, Gott, erschaffst Du nicht eine Gesellschaft, die nicht von Technologie abhängt, sondern vielmehr der Realität verbunden ist, und ihren verschiedenen Aspekten von Liebe, Glückseligkeit, Frieden, Freiheit, Zufriedenheit, Bewusstsein, Leere, Weite, Transparenz und anderen Qualitäten unserer wahren, weit gedehnten Natur, die alle Macht gibt, alles Gewünschte augenblicklich zu manifestieren, ohne irgendetwas von der Erde zu benötigen (einschließlich Technologie und Industrie, welche die Zerstörung der Erde verursachen), und ebenso wenig eine Gesellschaft, die nicht diese oben erwähnten 50000+ Probleme hat. Ist es so schwierig, solch eine Gesellschaft zu erschaffen?

Würdest Du DNA bzw. Zellen verändern und neu erschaffen sowie andere Dinge, die benötigt werden, um solch eine machtvolle autarke Gesellschaft zu manifestieren? Gemäß meiner Lektüre von Büchern über andere Zivilisationen und andere Dimensionen und Planeten [Sterne bzw. Sternbilder, Anm.d.Ü] der Schöpfung, wie die Plejaden, die Bewohner des Sirius, des Arkturs, des Orions, der Andromeda, der Zeta, der Leier usw., sind ihre Gesellschaften so gestaltet, dass sie tausende Jahre ohne irgendein Problem überdauern, und ohne die Umwelt und andere Arten zu zerstören… Wenn Du denn jene Gesellschaften konzipieren konntest, warum können dann nicht menschliche Gesellschaften entworfen werden, um tausende von Problemen zu eliminieren?

Warum ist das Bevölkerungswachstum nicht vom Himmel gesteuert? Stattdessen, warum nicht die Bevölkerung auf natürliche Weise reduzieren? Warum menschliche Wesen erschaffen, um diesen wunderschönen Planeten Erde, der einst ein Paradies war, zu zerstören?

Ich bitte dich, Maßnahmen zu ergreifen, und die passende, gut geplante, gut konzipierte, wohldurchdachte menschliche Gesellschaft zu erschaffen. Sich nur auf die menschliche Spezies zu konzentrieren und Millionen anderer Arten auf Kosten der menschlichen Art zu ignorieren, ist Torheit.

Deine Heavenletters sind wunderbar, mit einer Menge von Einsichten, und förderlich für viele. Ich bitte darum, dass zukünftige Heavenletters viele der erwähnten Probleme ansprechen..

Mit Liebe zu Gott und Erde und allen ihren Arten und für die Rettung der Erde.


Prashant Kulkarni

Bangalore, Indien 

Gott an Prashant::

Mein Prashant, Mein geliebtes Kind, Herz der Liebe, der du dich in die Problematiken der Erde vertiefst, der du für das Universum sorgst, Freund der Schöpfung…

Mein Sohn, du sorgst dich um die Menschheit und die Welt und die Zukunft der Welt. Du bist leidenschaftlich in deiner Sorge. Meine Liebe für dich ist sicher. Ich benötige keine Gründe für meine Liebe zu dir, denn Ich liebe nur.

In Meinem ersten Gedanken an dich am Anfang der Zeit warst du Mein Geliebter. Bevor Ich dich schuf, warst du Mein Geliebter. Du kannst nichts anderes sein als Mein Geliebter. Liebe ist der Kern Meines Seins. Sie ist ebenfalls der Kern Deines Seins.

Bei deinem Verständnis und der Akzeptanz, dass du dir Meine Liebe nicht verdienen musst, denn du hast davon schon alles, lasse Mich sagen, dass Ich es ausgesprochen gern habe, dass du dich mit deinem ganzem Herzen und Verstand sorgst, und Ich mag es gern, dass du offen für Meine Worte und begierig nach ihnen bist, welche du veröffentlicht ans Licht bringst, damit die ganze Welt sie sieht. Dies ist ebenso Mein Wunsch.

Es ist unbesehen klar, du möchtest, dass deine Frage und Meine Worte vor der Welt platziert sind.

Du könntest nun ebenso wissen, dass du dein Herz auf Meine Veranlassung hin frei machst. Du bist mutig und tapfer nach Meinem Geheiß. Deine Frage geschieht auf Meine Veranlassung hin, denn du sprichst für viele.

Keinem menschlichen Wesen möchte gesagt werden, abzuspannen, doch dies ist Mein erstes Angebot an dich. Bitte akzeptiere Meinen Vorschlag. Ich biete dir Frieden und Ruhe an. Ich möchte dich jetzt zu saftigen grünen Wiesen geleiten.

Ich biete der Welt den Frieden an. Wir, du und Ich, stimmen darin überein, dass es jetzt an der Zeit für die Welt ist, zur Ruhe zu kommen. Ich bitte dich auch, dich an stillen Wassern niederzulegen, zum Himmel aufzublicken und eine helle und glänzende Zukunft für die Welt auszustrahlen.

Selig seid ihr, die ihr alle Missstände kurieren wollt. In Bezug auf Frieden, lieber Freund, machst du einen Unterschied. Glaube mehr an Frieden, als an Verunsicherung und den Grund der Angst und der Gefahrenwahrnehmung. Erregung und Furcht rühren den Kessel der Schwierigkeiten in der Welt auf. Das Schüren der Feuer ist kein Gegenmittel für die wahrgenommenen Übel in der Welt. Probleme sind nicht die Grundlage der Welt. Ich wiederhole, dass Probleme nicht die Grundvoraussetzung der Welt sind. Ganz und gar nicht. Ich sage es noch einmal. Probleme sind nicht die Grundvoraussetzung der Welt. Probleme der Bedeutsamkeit, von denen du sprichst, werden nicht dadurch gelöst, dass man das Problem ansieht.

Die Welt sieht Gefahr. Die Welt begegnet der Gefahr. Viele sehen die Welt voller Gefahr, von Gefahr umwittert. Das Gespür für Gefahr ist nicht zu deinem Nutzen, noch ist es Mein Wille für dich.

Geliebter Prashant, ein Sinn für Gefahr erzeugt Angst und Wut. Angst und Wut neigen dazu, ein Schwert der Gerechtigkeit zu erzeugen. Lege dieses Schwert beiseite. Lege es weg. Das Schwert der Gerechtigkeit ist ein Kläger. Es ist ein Ankläger. Es ist ein Schwert, das nach Sieg strebt, wo es nichts zu siegen gibt. In der Wahren Wirklichkeit herrscht Einssein. Erinnern Wir Uns an Einssein.

Viele sind wütend auf die Zustände, wie sie die Welt sieht, und auf diejenigen, welche sich anscheinend nicht darum kümmern, die nicht so von Leidenschaft und Vision entflammt sind wie du. Ganz gleich wie wunderbar es ist, sich zu kümmern, du nimmst eine harte Linie ein. Sieh mit Meinen Augen, denn die Welt schreit nach Sanftmut und Freundlichkeit und Verständnis.

Ehrenwert ist, dass du nach Lösungen suchst. Bevor du in der Welt Lösungen suchen kannst, müssen dir die Probleme auffallen. Lieber Prashant, du hattest dich auf Probleme konzentriert. Anstatt dass du dein Augenmerk auf das Schwache richtest, bist du begierig, Maßnahmen zu ergreifen, um die Welt in Ordnung zu bringen, und sie jetzt in Ordnung zu bringen. Harmonie kommt nicht von all den Aktionen in der Welt. Sie kommt aus dem Sein.

Dein Wunsch, die Welt zu segnen, ist nicht infrage gestellt. Intellekt schweift jedoch bei Problematiken ab. Intellekt bleibt bei Schwierigkeiten stecken. Er fördert die Aufmerksamkeit auf Problematiken. Er analysiert sie. Er erforscht sie. Intellekt mag Brücken über einen Fluss bauen, doch Intellekt baut keine Brücken über die Herzen in der Welt.

Du hast ein großes Herz und wünschst mit Leib und Seele wertvolles für die Welt. Gleichzeitig würdest du Mich gerne belehren, wie Gott zu sein hat. Bitte lächle, geliebter Prashant. Dein Eifer entstammt deinem guten Willen, was nichts Geringes ist. Du möchtest nur das Wohl für die Welt, und für das ganze Universum, und für alle Wesen allerorts. Um deine Ziele zu erreichen, strahle Licht aus, Prashant.

Kümmere dich um die Welt und ihre Umgebung aus der Tiefe deines Herzens. Liebe das Universum, wie du es tust. Andere Menschen, egal wie verschieden sie die Welt sehen mögen, bedürfen deiner Liebe. Sie sind Meine Kinder, so wie du, und sie begehren und verdienen deine Liebe. Durch Liebe erhöhst du das Bewusstsein der Welt. Bewusstheit übertrifft jeden Tag Konformität. Die Anhebung des Bewusstseins ist die Antwort auf alle Schwierigkeiten in der Welt.

Es gibt keine andere Heilung als die Liebe. Durchsetzung ist nicht Liebe. Erkenne Höhere Dimensionen der Liebe innerhalb dir und genauso innerhalb anderer.

Ein anderer Weg, Liebe zu zeigen, heißt: Inspiriere. Du bist hier, um andere anzuregen. Zuerst beflügele dich selbst. Komme von der Arena der Problematiken weg. Erhebe dich über die Wolken.

Wenn Problematiken deine Gedanken beschäftigen, wachsen sie. Sieh den Segen in der Welt, und der Segen wird wachsen. Liebe den Planeten. Liebe alle Wesen, ungeachtet wer oder was sie sind. Ein Betreuer der Welt sein, heißt nicht, du sollst der Orchestrierer der Welt sein.

Halte dich an anderen, weniger begrenzten Lesestoff, Geliebter. Denke erneut nach.

Es liegt nicht im besten Interesse der Leser von Heavenletters und der Welt, über die Leiden der Welt zu lesen. Die Leiden der Welt sind nicht Meine Sache, noch sind sie die deine. Unruhe erzeugt Unruhe. Fürchte dich nicht, geliebter Prashant. Angst gebiert Angst.

Die Welt und die menschliche Gesellschaft wurden in perfekter Harmonie erschaffen. Ich gab dir einen vollkommenen Körper. Ich gab ihn dir als ein Geschenk. Liebe den Körper so, wie er geschaffen ist.

Die Welt kehrt bereits in ihren ursprünglichen Zustand zurück. Gerade jetzt, indem Wir sprechen, wird sie auf den neuesten Stand gebracht. Gesellschaften verändern sich. Das Leben verändert sich. All das, wonach du dich sehnst, ereignet sich. Du wirst anfangen, dies mehr und mehr zu erkennen. Halte Ausschau danach.

Was auch immer du suchst, du wirst es sehen. Lasse die Problematiken los. In deinem Dienst an der Welt hast du bedeutenderes zu tun.

Du bist ein aufrichtiger Leser von Heavenletters. Ein Thema von Heavenletters ist, die Vergangenheit loszulassen. Der Intellekt hält die Vergangenheit aufrecht. Der Intellekt stützt sein Denken auf die Vergangenheit. Der Intellekt hat feste, auf die Vergangenheit gegründete Auffassungen. Auffassungen sind Auffassungen, sie haben kein Gesicht. Und Wahrheit allein ist Wahr.

Es gibt ein Sprichwort: Kümmere dich um das Heute, und der morgige Tag wird für sich selbst sorgen. Eine andere Art, dies auszudrücken, ist: Mach dir keine Sorgen. Sorge dich nicht länger um die Zukunft des Universums. Alles ist gut. Hättest du Meine Sichtweise, Geliebter, würdest du dies erkennen. Du würdest frei von Besorgnis sein.

All dieses, was du vor dir siehst, ist Illusion. Die noch vorhandene Welt ist nur Teil des Daseins. Sie ist Maya. Sie ist nicht die ganze Geschichte. Sei gelassen. Sei ruhig. Sei nicht länger ängstlich. Sei von der Welt sichergestellt. Du bist Seele, Prashant. Deine Seele kennt weder Sorge noch Beunruhigung. Welches Gute bewirkt ein Stirnrunzeln?

Du hattest dich in Details verstrickt. Du hattest dich in den Randbereich vertieft. Du hattest an der Oberfläche geforscht. Die Oberfläche geht nicht tief genug.

Tatsächlich musst du dich überhaupt nicht damit befassen!

Deine Aufgabe ist es, dich zu freuen. Es ist Mein tiefer Wunsch, dass du dich an der Welt erfreust. Liebe die Welt. Du musst dein Pferd nicht peitschen, um es anzutreiben. Wende deine Liebe in sanfter Weise zu. Du hast ein übergroßes Herz für die Menschheit. Gib deine Liebe deinen Brüdern und Schwestern in der Welt. Gib ihnen dein Licht.

Die Welt wird unter deiner Liebe aufblühen. Deine Mission ist es, zu lieben. Freue dich und gib Freude. Liebe dich, du, dieses schöne menschliche Wesen auf Erden, dass sich so tief sorgt.

Lasse Mich der Lehrer sein. Wer hält den Himmel aufrecht? Wer trieb die Sonne ins Dasein? Wer erschuf die Ozeane? Wer machte die Wellen? Wer hat dich erschaffen, geliebter Prashant?

Im Inneren des Sohnes lebt der Vater. Du bist hier, um Mich in der Verwunderung deines Herzens zu offenbaren.

Du schätzt die Erde. Nun schätze jedermanns Leben auf Erden. Jedermanns. Das Leben ist ein kostbares Geschenk an alle. Irdisch gesprochen, niemand möchte leiden, und die Mehrheit der Wesen auf Erden möchte bei weitem nicht, dass andere leiden. Einssein ist die Wirklichkeit.

Diejenigen, welche Nahrung und Unterkunft im Überfluss besitzen, leiden auch. Die Welt zieht Vergleiche. Die Welt beurteilt. In den Augen der Welt leidet der eine mehr, der andere weniger. Jedoch von außerhalb gesehen, weiß es niemand. Menschen, die hungern, mögen die Welt anders sehen als du, und sie könnten sich wünschen, mit all ihrer Kraft zu leben, selbst wenn sie mit dem Hunger leben. Einige, die mit all ihren äußeren Bedürfnissen reichlich ausgestattet sind, könnten wollen, überhaupt nicht zu leben. Wer kann sagen, wer reich, und wer arm ist?

Aus der Sicht der Welt ist das Leben nicht gerecht, es ist ungerecht. Das ist der Standpunkt der Welt. Sicher gibt es nach weltlichen Begriffen viele Beweise für diese Auffassung. Gehe höher und tiefer, lieber Freund. Das Leben ist unergründlich. Das Leben ist in seiner Unerforschlichkeit erstaunlich.

Halte dich nicht an den Problematiken der Welt fest, noch benenne sie. Probleme haben ein geringes Bewusstsein. Ja, es gibt Achtlosigkeit in der Welt, wie du sagst. Du, der du dich sorgst, möchtest ohne Drama vorangehen. Vom Himmel kommt Drama nicht. Drama ist von der Erde.

Und du bist Mein Licht auf der Erde. Erleuchte die Welt aus deinem Herzen. Dies ist dasjenige, wodurch du die Welt in den rechten Zustand bringst. Halte dein Bewusstsein auf einer höheren Stufe als den Ärger. Breite Licht weit und breit aus.

Träume deine Träume darüber, was du wünschst. Mögest du sehen, wie sich deine Träume erfüllen. Die Welt wird deine Träume ernten.

Sei guten Mutes. Hebe dein Herz hoch.

Gott ist im Himmel, und ebenso auf der Erde. Ich bin hier. Ich bin hier mit dir. Ich gebe dir Frieden. Beanspruche Frieden. Gib Frieden. Sei Frieden. Sei.

„Wirke im Sein.“

Ich segne dich nun..

In der Liebe zur Welt, Ich bin dein

Gott der Liebe

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The Council – The Other 99%

The Council – The Other 99%

Very often you hear about the 99% of the cosmos that is not visible to you. Even more often you are told of the equally huge percent of your DNA that is ‘junk’. And you are constantly being reminded that humans use only five to ten percent of their minds, and that most of one’s consciousness lies in the subconscious. Shall we discuss that?

What lies in all of this unknown space? In the realm of your cosmos, we would say that you do not see or allow for the huge presence of energy that is in chaos, or potential. You only conceive of ‘reality’ as being within the spectrum of your ability to perceive. And never mind about those things that some know and you are not told of.

What lies in all that unused mind and consciousness? Well, all of the things that you have shut out, all of the potential you have not been allowed to know of, all of the experience and history that you do not believe exists. And never mind all that is being hidden from you.

As for your DNA, the very huge portion that humans are calling junk is really the direct measure of their own lack of knowledge and understanding.

What we wish to tell you is that you are standing in the doorway of your consciousness and looking out at all that you have yet to learn and telling yourselves that there is nothing there. We want you to know that you are, and have always been, in the process of discovery. You have every right to know anything you wish to know. You have the ability to learn everything you wish to learn. And no one has the right to deny that to you.

Now, there is a great deal of knowledge that is actually known to some humans, but not to most. It has been hidden away. Why? Well, it preserves the status quo. But that is not going to be possible. And that is not only because the structures are crumbling. Please understand that it would never have been possible in the first place if you did not buy the story you were told.

What story? You did not need to know. You would not understand. You were not smart enough. Oh! You are telepathic? Or clairvoyant? Well, that makes you dangerous, doesn’t it? That find contradicts the story? Well, bury that! And what started out small became very, very large. What you have not been told now is greater than what you have been told.

That makes things top heavy. And what invariably happens to things that are top heavy?

Remember the fellow in the film who yelled, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore?” Well, it is dawning on humanity that what we have described above is true, and you are ‘up to here’ with it. And so there will be attempts to disclose to you, gradually, some of the things that you will need in the coming years.

Unfortunately for the disclosers, there is very little credibility left to them. Also, the rise in consciousness itself insures that not much can be hidden anymore. So we see that any gradual release of information will get away from them, sort of like the water situation in California. Information always leads to more questions, does it not? And a determined public will not be put off, as in the past.

We have told you a great many times that you were on the cusp, that great change was coming, that your new world was about to appear. And we also told you that we were speaking of your inner changes and the outer would come to reflect the inner when the time was right. Well, congratulations. You made it. You are about to have a very interesting time.

There are two published books available on Amazon that contain the collected messages received by Ron Head (that’s me). The first is The Wisdom of Michael, available HERE, and the second is It Rings True, Available HERE. A third book is being compiled now.

Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:

There are two published books available on Amazon that contain the collected messages received by Ron Head (that’s me). The first is The Wisdom of Michael, available HERE, and the second is It Rings True, Available HERE. A third book is being compiled now.

Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:


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Creating Light fo Life in the 5th Dimension

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Brought to You by the Letter A

A New Message from Archangel Gabriel

And a note from Shanta about …

Creating Light Fields for Life in the 5th Dimension

The Earth’s transition to a new heart-centered 5-D consciousness, that we have been experiencing since 2012, has been the source of confusion at the very least. For most people there has also been upheaval, suffering and a sense of loss as the old falls away to make room for the new paradigm. It seems that the way we have related to the world does not work anymore. For this reason, Archangel Gabriel introduced Light Field Technology.

We have come to the time of Imperatives, where who you are, what you do, as well as your vibrational frequency, affects all of humanity. Because the fields of pure potentiality exist in the frequencies of Light, the more people who become aware of and use this technology, the more consciousness is raised on the planet.  Archangel Gabriel

A Transformational 4-Week Study Program:

Light Field Technology™ is a system that teaches you to thrive in the new frequencies of 5D energy. During this 4-week Study Program, the Archangels will be transmitting powerful activations of energy to support your life. Inherent in the program is a Sacred Matrix that allows you to easily integrate the Light Fields into your physical reality and anchor Divinity into every area of your life.


  • 3 Pre-recorded Teleconferences.
  • Study materials providing tools and support for your transformation.
  • Empowering transmissions from the Archangels, including special weekly messages
  • Two live teleconferences built to assist your integration process, ground the frequencies and answer any questions!
  • A rich encoded Matrix of Light to empower your personal Study Program experience

“It is as if my body and spirit are at home now and you have just opened the windows so the light can come into my being more fully. What a beautiful thing you have shared. Thank you from the deepest place in my heart!”
The empowerments in the recordings assist you as you become more comfortable in your physical body while it integrates, expands and blends with your most Divine Self. Through the teachings of the Archangels, you can use intentional Light Fields to create your most empowered future as you learn to navigate the new dimensions.

“When I consciously engage the tools & practices you share, I see amazing results! Blockages dissolve, pathways open and whatever I’m trying to accomplish seems to self-assemble in ways I could never conjure on my own.”

I invite you to join us using the new format for the Secrets of Light Field Technology Study Program. I offer you these powerful energetic practices from the Archangels to retrain and rewire your energy system as you bring Heaven to Earth through your physical body.
“Your energy, your words and thoughts resonate with me completely on many levels. The tools you have shared in this series, as well as the meditations and wisdom, are truly shared with the deepest love and compassion from your heart. And my acceptance of these gifts is joyously felt to the core of my being.”

Learning to work with Divine Light will help you to:

•    gracefully navigate and use the new 5D energy frequencies in practical ways,
•    become connected to your Highest Self and integrate divinity in your physical body,
•    and use intentional fields of Light to create your most empowered and abundant future.

“Thank you so much for leading this amazing experience! Personally I never want it to end. The connection and power have been immense.”
Light is the force of all Creation.
When you align yourself with this exquisite gift, there is magic.

~ Archangel Gabriel

Join us and discover this magic for yourself.

Blessings of Divine Light,

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If the Sages Could Have Discussed Dimensions

If the Sages Could Have Discussed DimensionsHaving had a brief glimpse of the Self, I asked Archangel Michael, in a reading I had with him on Feb. 17, 2017, to confirm that the experience really happened and that it was a glimpse of the natural Self. Steve Beckow: Can you help me understand something that happened a few days ago which […] click  on picture for original

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The Trigger: The Face or Awareness? February 22, 2017 by Steve Beckow

The Trigger: The Face or Awareness?I feel the need to add a note to my explanation of what recognizing the Self felt like. In my Feb. 17 reading, Archangel Michael said: AAM: When you have had that experience in reflection of watching your thoughts and feelings travelling by you like a train, you have been moving forward throughout dimensions. And […] click on picture for original

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Third Message from the Golden Ones – Creating New Earth through Sue Lie 2-19-17

Third Message from the Golden Ones – Creating New Earth through Sue Lie 2-19-17Third Message from The Golden Ones-Creating New Earth–Through Sue Lie 2-19-17 We are the Golden Ones, here with you all within this NOW. As you may remember, we are Gaia’s highest expression of SELF. We maintain the frequency spectrum of Gaia’s many versions of reality while she continues Her Ascension Process. From our perspective […] click on picture for original

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Sheldan Nidle – February 21, 2017



2 Manik, 10 Zac, 13 Caban

Dratzo! A slowed but steady pace is now in effect. Processes continue that put security over delivery. Those who represent the old cabal are fighting hard, and producing a series of worrisome protracted delays. It is a strategy that is returning our allies to a more cautious attitude. We are reminded of how well the dark likes complexity. It is the last stand of these dark ones and the last means of further delaying our strategy. Yet part of a new timetable is shortly to meet with success. A number of old items currently require our attention. All of the other pathways are to be reopened. The dark minions are finally to be arrested, their activities revealed and a prosperous reality unveiled. Until then, we need to ask you to be patient. Your grand reward is close to fruition. Those who have been in power for so long are shortly to be vanquished. Although our progress has been slow it is nevertheless succeeding. This corrupt and tyrannical, illegal governance is being squeezed out. A new time is nearly here!

A wondrous scenario is readying a new global financial system. It is something that is truly worth its present and surreptitious nature. Continuing the current operation in such a peculiar way assures its overall success. At present, we are awaiting a number of key steps that still need to be announced. Once these tasks are finished, we are to finally terminate the Federal Reserve Bank. This one major step legitimizes the new gold-backed global monetary system! With this behind us, a series of bold moves can support the distribution of the new Treasury-supported currencies. The new currency alone is to end the present power of fiat monies. We are looking forward to the steps that are to lead to this most welcome and required process. It can then most easily create the conditions for delivery. This in turn permits us to spread a worldwide prosperity. It also permits us to carry out a number of important clauses in last year’s Paris treaty.

There is currently a struggle between the last remnants of the dark minions and those who represent the forces of the Light. This is mainly about your freedom and those who somehow wish to keep this new reality in an odd sense of flux. This struggle exists only because the forces of the Light still doubt its prophesied destiny. When this lingering doubt is at last dispatched, the Light’s triumph is assured. This operation commenced as a sort of “pie in the sky” operation. Its success is something like that of a Hollywood story. In other words, the allies of the Light do not yet own their power. What we wish is that the various elements of the Light acknowledge its amazing power. This surface world can still not believe what has occurred. You are the ones who against all odds produced a truly great win. Use this newly acquired power to accept who you are. Be brave and wise. Let all know that you understand what is occurring across this grand globe!

We now have the beginnings of a new power structure, one that is to create a de jure Republic and out of this new arrangement, NESARA. Be proud so you can bring all of this out. The dark is destined for the dustbin of history. The old realm is actually finished and a new and wondrous understanding of this reality is occurring. It is not easy to let go of the uneasy and fearful past, but inside you is the way to a new world. Let it BE and come together in the ever-spreading brightness of this new Light and Love. The old dark ways are gone. Take this power by the hand and allow it to be. You have dispatched the old tyranny. Be smart about it all. Follow the wise edicts of the Masters. Rise up and be free! You are the ones who have suffered in silence and were afraid to acknowledge your power. Set this aside and act like you won. Be true to this and do those deeds that prove the wondrous extent of your power. It is the time for mass arrests and the formal proclaiming of the NESARA Republic! Rise up and be sovereign, prosperous and free!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! This time is especially relevant for setting up the various blessed elements for the global RV to happen. It is a sacred task for all to come together and use our various visions to ensure that the most fabulous set of beliefs happen. We deeply require events to manifest, to prove the sanctity of our joint efforts. Long ago, we came together and promised each other that our mutual beliefs were indeed real. We now need to prove this to each other. This realm has already shown the power that we jointly possess. Next, we need to continue so the global RV can happen. In this process of hope and joy, we can engender the collective boldness that is to swiftly bring in this divine era. This is thus the correct right time to end all our suppositions and manifest this new sacred reality.

Thus, it is vitally important that we use our positive visions to forge a reality that finally permits many global events to happen. Take time to bring forth joy and thereby allow us all to experience prosperity, sovereignty and other things. Let us together transform this reality. This is a time meant for miracles and visions. The dark has been targeted. It now needs to be eliminated. This world can no longer continue in its current state. Rather, it is the moment for your true liberation. This globe is bracing for a revolt of unprecedented proportions. It cannot be asked by the lame to secure the rewards of the blind. Come together my Children! Demand that those who are defeated act as such. Give out the promises of Heaven. Realize in your heart what you really are and come together to receive this holy blessing.

As previously stated, this is a time for divine action, one that is capable of transforming this surface realm and providing a divine blueprint for the kind of alterations that put tyranny to bed. Gaia understands what is happening and dearly wishes to support a quiet revolution that raises humanity to its potential. Humanity has reached a point where the heinous ways of the cabal are known to all and the cabal is defeated. It is in this Light that Love needs to soar and its victorious postures properly rewarded. This age is about creating the steps just before disclosure and altering Gaia’s mindset forever. Humanity needs to be aware of where it is now and exactly where it is now heading. We bless this and ready you for what is to be your magnificent fate. Ahead of you is a series of events that are to permit you to again live among your spiritual and space families.

Today, we have carried on with our weekly global report. You are on the verge of a new time for humanity, to forge an opportunity to experience what you have long dreamed of and at last be free of the debt that you have inherited. Know, dear Ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
Website: Planetary Activation Organization

Stargate Activated: Gateways Open for Embodiment – Creative Evolution with Sandra Walter



creative evolution 3

Our Gateway week is upon us. Gatekeepers opened for the influx on SUNday, and the energies increased immediately. This is a powerful and transitional stargate for HUmanity, which will greatly affect those engaging with Solar Cosmic Christ embodiment. This massive stargate portal from the Great Central Sun is a highly encoded geometric template. The Gateway of this week – beginning on the 222 (February 22) will trigger aspects within the new HUman templates, and launch many of you into a stronger experience of the Cosmic Christ.

In December we received the vision of a timeline division this year, which appeared as DNA splitting the higher and lower realities. The 222 also presented as a turning point – a cosmic click in the combination lock – and our first trigger that would align us, prepare us, for the March Equinox shift. The split appears as DNA because our activated DNA is the key to shifting dimensions on a personal and global level. During this Gateway, your current timeline trajectory will become clear. Embodiers may experience a dramatic blissful state of consciousness as the new HUman crystalline templates activate to a new level.

The massive stargate approaching (it looks like multi-layered geometry burning with sacred fire) has already begun to trigger DNA codes and the new crystalline templates. Engage with your sacred Ascension practices and zero point stillness during this window. Be willing to surrender the old trajectory, thought forms, beliefs, habits completely if you desire embodiment. Breathe through the stronger activations, meditate often, get outside to receive the stronger light emanating through Gaia. Gaia will be adjusting to the approaching stargate as well, however the focus on activating the Solar aspects of the grids allows this to unfold with as much ease and grace as possible. The etheric bands of light are aligned at the equator; another indication that Equinox will provide accelerated shifts in consciousness. Wayshowers, open to receive these frequencies and embodiment experiences in the Now. We anchor this into the HUman Heart grid to create a smoother experience for all.

Starseed Gatekeepers and many Gridworkers carry unique encodements within our DNA which activate at certain stages of the Ascension process. These encodements also trigger the opening of Gateways, portals, and Solar aspects of Gaia. This is why it is so important to follow the intuition when guided to travel to certain areas, or engage in Gridwork. Your DNA aligns with crystal beds, sacred sites, or ancient sites underground where you or your Divine Team have left specific codes to activate during the Shift. Your Solar Heart center becomes the mechanism for serving as a pure conduit, and reactivating those sacred aspects of your DNA in absolute presence during Gatework or Gridwork.


In Love, Light and Service,

light intel
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Opening Your Pressure Cooker

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Feb., 20, 2017

Life Tapestry Creations - Blog Banner LTCLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black Photo

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s February 17, 2017, channeled 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at  Perhaps you’ve recently experienced rages and fears causing you to believe you’re returning to 3D life. Instead, you’re merely letting off steam or deeply hidden fears allowing you to move beyond 5D if you wish. Before you decided to live in New Earth, those deeply hidden fears didn’t require clearing. But now, you need to refine yourself, and so you are with the aid of recent energies. You continue to transition far beyond what you and we thought possible before entering earth in this lifetime.

“Who Are You?” is the title of this week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly, channeled blog for

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you feel as if you cannot remove your anger shell. For just as you shift to happiness, another event sends you into a tailspin of discomfort and fear.

Such is to be expected during this time. For you are clearing deeply seated fears as are so many – you are not only feeling your anger but also that of others.

As you move deeper into this transition, you have greater abilities to sense the feelings of others. Even though now you likely believe that such is a curse, it is merely an indicator of how far you have come in a short time.

Of course, you are tired of clearing. You want your rewards for a job well-done. It is no longer enough for us to tell you how courageous you are and have been. You are tired of 3D fears. You are tired of seemingly false carrots. You are just tired.

When will you finally feel the joy you have been promised?

You are  discovering more answers to last week’s question of, “Who am I?” But those answers have not necessarily produced joy within you. They merely opened some uncomfortable places that increase or maintain your fears – and therefore, anger.

What are you to do? You cannot return to 3D – that option closed the moment you entered 5D. Just as you cannot unlearn how to read. Yet, the future seems heavy and dreary to most of you given world events and personal concerns.

You have tried many techniques to move through your current fears – only to discover something new that returns you to deep fear. Of course, you could cloister yourself in your home, but even that does not seem to create the joy it once did. It is as if you have no place to run or hide.

So it is you are allowing, maybe even forcing yourself to discover what generated this latest dark hole of fear. Is it your family? Past life memories? Politics related to past fears? Or just a general anger that seems to float about your being without any given attachment.

In the next few days, that fear bubble will burst in ways you cannot yet imagine. For the political, personal, global fears you are now experiencing are coming to a head very rapidly.

Last week we indicated you were letting off steam. The next few days, you will remove the cover of whatever product you envision in your pressure cooker. Meaning you will receive an AHA of understanding how this fear piece directly relates to you – that it is not a global fear felt by all, but instead a unique fear that is yours and yours alone.

Those of you reading these words are most likely experiencing deeply hidden – personal fears, not global fears. Your politicians, family members, and society, as a whole, are working together to help you eradicate the fear you are now exploring.

Unfortunately, your transition continues to feel as if it is one continuous clearing. That you experience joy for a few days only to have that joy removed or disrupted. So it is that you are starting to fear this transition. For what other deep fears must you clear before you experience long-term joy?

We do not know the answer to that question any more than you. For you have transitioned so rapidly and so far beyond expectations that we are no longer privy to the master plan. But we do know that you will never destroy yourselves by delving too deeply into fears you feel necessary to eradicate each time you move deeper into new you.

Which brings up your anger pertaining to rewards for a job well done. Your life seems little different from when you started this transition. And for some of you, even less secure than was true before you started. Where is your joy?

En masse you requested this latest energy burst to expose the fear you are eradicating. You have all now requested a rest, a period of peace if you will. So it is that once you remove the lid of your pressure cooker, everything will seem to fall into place easily and effortlessly.

This latest round of clearing does not make you a better person, but instead a deeper person. Someone who is able to explore greater depths of 5D and beyond.

One piece of that 5D depth and beyond is ease of creation. So it is that some of you will discover others who wish to create new social realms with you. Others of you will wish to create more personal items or a combination thereof. For the social realms include scientific discoveries, new modes of social interaction, healing, governance, education, etc. And the personal realms include everything from a new home to new or more concrete relationships.

You have never been limited to what you could create while of earth. But eons of conditioning rendered your creation skills to a few after a great deal of work. So it is, that you forerunners are finally clearing that conditioning piece. And when you decide to open your pressure cooker to explore your finished product, you will express the same amazement about your skills as we do continuously.

You are in the midst of your fear feelings so you cannot understand how we can be so joyous in describing your new you evolution for you feel as if you have taken twenty steps back.  Instead, you have just created a new product, a more 5D competent you through this pressure cooker of fear. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s Blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog & Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

Copyright 2009-2017, Brenda Hoffman. All rights reserved. Please feel free to share this content with others, post on your blog, add to your newsletter, etc., but maintain this article’s integrity by including the author/channel:  Brenda Hoffman & source website link:

Ron | Februar 20, 2017 um 10:27 am | URL:
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Montague Keen – Feb. 19, 2017

Montague Keen – February 19, 2017

The battle has intensified. It is ruthless in its pursuit of victory. The destruction of the human race and its removal from the Earth is now in your face. You would need to be blind, deaf, and dumb, not to see it. Yet some of you still cling to the hope that your enemies will protect you. Even as I connect with you, you are seeing what is being done to the people of California, to teach them and others a lesson. The Cabal is ruthless. It destroys everyone and everything that may stand in its path of total domination. What more do you need to see before you open your eyes to what you are up against. This is not a game, this is for real. Right now, it is being played out in America. Rest assured that this is a world takeover and your turn will come sooner than you think. Many realised that this was coming, and prepared themselves. Sacha Stone is one such person; listen to his wise words.

Sacha Stone’s Address to World Leaders – Breakthrough Energy Conference

Paedophiles and psychopaths are the weapons being used to take control of humanity. Satanic ritual killings are carried out in every country by those you are encouraged to trust and obey. Many of them are persuaded to go to certain islands and places of interest. While there, they are lured into child rape and the ritual killing of children. This is filmed by hidden cameras to ensure that these individuals become slaves of the Cabal. There is no escape except death itself.

What you are now seeing in America is the desperation of the paedophiles to hold on to their power. They will go to any lengths to protect each other. No other president in history has ever had to cope with what President Trump is going through now. Look at the fear and desperation on the faces of those who condemn him. Arrests have begun with the procurers of the children, first, as the protection of the children is paramount to President Trump. There are underground bases where children are held in cages until needed for sacrifice. These are not just American children. The children are sourced from all over the world. It is big business. General Flynn had big plans to deal with this problem. Look at what the Cabal has done to him!

All roads lead to Rome, and the head of the snake, the Jesuit Pope. Malachy Martin warned humanity what would happen when the Jesuits took over, and now you are seeing it for yourselves. Do your own research. Look at the wars instigated by the Vatican. Look at the slaughter of humanity carried out in the name of the Vatican. The unsuccessful attempt to exterminate the Irish people, carried out by the Jesuits, you were told was a famine. But this was not so. IT WAS PLANNED AND OVERSEEN BY THE JESUITS. These Jesuit games would end if the Irish studied their ancient history and understood who they are, and exposed the lies taught by Rome. This would expose Rome and all it stands for. The power of the Cabal would disappear in a puff of smoke.

2017 is the year in which all will be revealed. The Cabal is scared, as it has a lot to lose. Each and every one of you, can make a difference. Will you remain puppets of the Cabal, or will you choose truth and freedom. I ask you to look for yourselves at the truth about Rome.

Jesuit Pope Francis I. 666 Mark of the Beast. Final Warning Video

What is happening in America, you will see repeated all over your world. Brexit has delayed what is planned for Europe. So Blair has been sent back to England to try to get the Brexit decision overturned. Who on Earth could ever believe what Blair (Weapons of Mass Destruction) says! Fear is being used; it is, after all, their favourite weapon to get the masses into line.

Laugh at him. Show him that you know his game. You are awake.

Your priority is to support the recovery of the children who were stolen, abducted, and removed by government agencies etc, for ritual human sacrifice. These children are held in cages, often under government buildings, army bases. Listen to their cries for help. I beg you, do not abandon them. Those involved in such entrapment must be exposed. Do not assist or support them in any way.

Together, you can free yourselves from the shackles of such evil. See it for what it is. The picture is being painted in America so clearly. See also how easy it is to buy the sheeple, to protest whatever the Cabal wants to bring down. The Illuminati are being exposed and they do not like it. They prefer to control you from the shadows.

Trust your own judgment and your own research. The truth will set you free. Humanity has been totally controlled for 2000 years. Religion was designed for this very purpose. It is the cosh that keeps you in line (well, it did, until you awakened). It is all based on lies and their invention of HELL, which has been used relentlessly. I assure you, it is all fiction. When love is the basis of how you live and all that you do, then ask yourself, why would you need anything else? LOVE IS ALL. That is the bottom line.

Please continue to send love to those who are locked up in jails by the Cabal, all over your world. Your justice systems are owned and controlled by the Cabal, and take orders from it, as do all your governments. Humanity has not known freedom since the Vatican takeover, 2000 years ago. It believes it owns you. This is why you need a birth certificate, a passport, a death certificate, etc. NO MAN IS FREE. Americans may sing about ‘the land of the free’ but you have only to look at their legal system of Maritime Law (controlled by England, not the USA). That tells you a lot. You find LIES, LIES, LIES, everywhere you look. Your liberty was taken by stealth. It is time to take it back.

My dear, these attacks are debilitating. This is their objective. But your will power is intact.

It is always darkest before the dawn, and the dawn is coming.

Always, your adoring, Monty.
Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

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Transcript ~ Galea of Neptune Returns to Speak of Intergalactic Language & Porlana C, Jan 31, 2017 February 20, 2017 by Paul Backes

Transcript ~ Galea of Neptune Returns to Speak of Intergalactic Language & Porlana C, Jan 31, 2017[Thanks again to Ellen for this transcription] Galea Of Neptune Returns To Speak Of Intergalactic Language & Porlana C “We speak of Saedor as a method of communication, and a method of communication that will come to pass upon your planet as well. But sweet angels, are you heart-speaking Saedor to yourself? Are you being […]

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The Andromedans via Natalie Glasson: Aligning Yourself with Your Ascension February 20, 2017 by Paul Backes

The Andromedans via Natalie Glasson: Aligning Yourself with Your AscensionAudio version.  Video version. We, the Andromedans, come forth with an important message and reminder to share with you. We are overseeing and supporting your ascension at this time as are many light beings on the inner planes. We wish to support you in moving in harmony, as one with the ascension energies and waves […] click on picture for original

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Blossom Goodchild – Feb.20, 2017

Blossom Goodchild – February 20, 2017

Well, here we are again my friends. The time is flying by. It’s very noticeable to me that something that took place maybe only yesterday, can seem as if it was a fortnight ago! Time feels very warped.

Welcome to you and may we offer words of consolation?

By all means. They would go down well. (Just paid out a lot of money to have 100 copies of A NEW DAWN printed and the cover design is off centre. Long story!) So, my mood was a little ‘off’ to say the least. Yet, had it in my diary to channel today, as I am pretty busy right now.

We are fully aware of you working on changing your attitude and indeed, your mood about this matter and we commend you for this. Do you see how far you have come, in not allowing ‘anything’ to mar your Vibration?

Well … it did for a while!

How long?

Ten minutes.

And in future days there shall be no time delay at all … for you shall have improved your … attitude/thought patterns … to such a degree that you can INSTANTLY go to the space of ‘It doesn’t matter’.

Yep. That’s the thing that does it for me. With all annoying things, I just think   … ‘When I am not on this Planet any more … will this matter?’  And the answer is always ‘NO!’  Before we get on to the follow up from the last channelling, can we have a little chat about the Energies at the moment? I mean … FAR OUT BRUSSEL SPROUT! I am so wiped out this week and on Valentine ’s Day, from midday onwards, I could hardly bring my eyeballs down from up in their sockets … I was flat out!

The Energies that are entering and being absorbed are at their strongest ‘resolution’(?) Some are feeling it more than others. Yet know, that at the same time as one feeling ‘Off the Planet’ as you would say … One’s Vibratory rate is increasing dramatically.


When will it subside?

Well, this Higher Energy is to continue for … EVER! There will always be increased flow of Energy as the Vibration rises. For in its rising … it brings about even more Higher Energy … if you follow our meaning?

I do.

That is not to say however that you shall feel ‘Off planet’ for the rest of your days.


Your body will accustomise itself and re-adjust … through every step of the way. May we add also, that when one is feeling ‘knocked about’ in this way … there is also a great deal of ‘downloading’ and ‘uploading’ going on.

Explain the difference when dealing with us humans, as opposed to computers?

Downloading is YOU receiving information … Uploading is US receiving it from YOU.

OK … I guess that segues neatly into my last paragraph of last week’s channelling, concerning my friend who woke up with the two purple puncture marks on her arm, and you said that indeed, it was an agreed part of the experiment that ‘We are’  … for some humans to assist in this way, so that one can monitor how we are doing? Well,that’s sort of my interpretation.

And it is correct and to the point. You see, Blossom … your body’s are ever expanding into a Lighter form of themselves and there is ‘A Team’ of workers who’s responsibility, by choice, it is to make sure that all is running smoothly … in general, regarding this.

There are countless teams overseeing countless things regarding THE HUMAN BEING … and within those countless teams, there are countless sub – teams etc. You … the HUMAN RACE are so important to ALL.


Because of your opportunity to BE human. This experiment is ‘one of the largest’ that has been undertaken … and we have no consideration at this point, that it shall end … only ever move forward and up into a Higher category of itself.

There have been, may we add, other experiments that were not so successful and so they were terminated. Keeping in mind of course, that each ‘Soul-Light’ agreed to be part of any experiment. Nothing is taken on against one’s will.

So, what then are these markings? Others have written in to say they have different kinds. One soul had pyramid shapes below her chest.

They are forms of ‘prints’ that are left from utensils used. Yet, shall we tell you something else? With many volunteers, we can … seal/heal … these ‘imprints’ immediately, for there is no need for them to be … shown/noticed. Yet, for others, it assists them in their Earth journey for these marks to be left visible for a short while … for individual reasons of knowing and growth.

We state categorically … that ‘Our Kind’ … DO NOT … NEVER HAVE … AND NEVER WILL interfere with one’s physicality in a way that  … would/can  … harm both the physical form and the emotional mental state.

This kind of ‘wheedling’ one’s way into a souls psyche … IS NOT PART OF ‘OUR EXPERIMENT’.

We would not consider such an atrocity such as ‘Your Kind’ get to hear about regarding ‘abductions’ etc.

Again, we ask you to ‘look into this’. Not via your internet … for you will not find much Truth on this subject there. Yet, to ‘look into this’ through your heart. Let your KNOWING allow the TRUTH to ‘make sense’ to you.

We ask you do this, so that, in our CHOOSING not to indulge regarding such … ‘wheedling in/through’ … we are able to keep you safe Blossom, by not entering into the matters that ‘some’ may find too intrusive, regarding their behaviours. We know you understand and we shall leave it at that.

Ok. Yet, can you tell us more about that which YOU do? I mean, for starters … When you ‘keep record’ of how we are doing via ‘chosen souls’ … do these souls go anywhere? Up into your vessels, for example?

There is no need. That would be far more effort than it is worth. This could be quite tricky to explain due to usage of words. Yet, telepathically, it could be said in one image … because within that image … all that would need to be said … is instead… simply known.

Ok. Let’s try with the words. Although, I will just explain that I am being shown an image of ‘Light Beings’, say three, maybe four, around someone’s bed. The image is beautiful and there is a wonderful glowing ‘mist’, as if the image is engulfed in this Light. Yet beyond it … all is normal.

And we shall take over from there, if we may?  You are being shown this because we are working with that soul on a different level. Within a different Dimension … through a different Dimension. So, as if to say that ‘the scene, the image’ we are presenting is ‘isolated’ at that moment in space from your ‘real world’. So, although we are checking …

I need to interrupt … what ARE you checking?

It is not blood cells or arteries or things that are known to be physical, Blossom. We are checking Light Energy. We are recording levels of how much Light Energy is circulating WITHIN the physical body. For …

Here we go, I can feel it!

You are all essentially LIGHT BODY’S … living in the human flesh … the human vessel. Yet, your Light Body remains. For explanation purpose, look upon it as if your Light Body ‘jumped into’ a physical form for a time.

When your people leave Earth’s atmosphere, they wear space suits. So, shall we say … when your Light body’s leave other realms … to be able to function in the Earthly experiment … they need Earth suits!

We are also registering, now that the Energies entering are so much stronger and Lighter … how that is effecting your Earth suits. For never before has the human form moved ahead in this fashion and it is essential, indeed an important part of this experiment, to monitor all that is occurring.

And how are we doing?

In general … the Earth suit is adapting extremely well, as we had hoped it would. There is so much involved in that which we are speaking of.

I can feel a thousand thoughts that you are sending into my head.

Correct. For there is free will. Some will choose to ‘let go’ of their suits and ‘pass over’ into other realms in your ‘normal’ awareness of what is known as Death.

Others however … many, many excited souls are happy to be here to see this experiment through and actually just allow their suits to ‘change’ … to ‘adapt’ … along with the Energies coming in … so that their TRUE LIGHT FORM CAN SHINE THROUGH the suit … for want of a better way of expression.

As the Higher Energy of self can merge and become One with the Higher Energies now able to pour in … it enables the Earth suit to BECOME LIGHTER. To CHANGE into a LIGHTER MODEL, shall we say?

Keep going … I’m following.

Therefore, we need to keep ‘tab’ of all these changes. We will add also, that naturally … everyone is different and … acting /reacting … in their own sweet way.

So just to clarify … YOU come to town … no – one goes to your neck of the woods?

Correct. There is no need.

We are reading your thoughts and we smile. No Blossom, we do not have utensils that probe!

I wasn’t thinking the way that will read! Yet, I was thinking of what your utensils actually are?

They are recorders/measurers. Yet, we understand your question. They DO NOT pierce the skin or enter in as one might imagine a needle etc doing. The ‘instrument’ is placed on the skin … that is all, and ALL information is absorbed simply by resting this implement there.

Different instruments will leave different markings. (Should markings be required) And we say this, like this, because the soul, on a particular level of itself has asked for the markings to remain, for recognition … again, perhaps just on another level of self … for different reasons.

When ‘visited by US’ … one would wake in the morning feeling refreshed and LOVED.

Those who ‘recall’ the opposite … were not visited by us. We would go as far as to say … ‘Their minds’ were visited, as opposed to them actually going anywhere … or being abducted to ‘elsewhere’.

And I feel it within my being not to ‘probe’ any further on that matter. Well, I have to say … that is all very interesting and very reassuring  for many, I am sure. Perhaps we could continue on with this next time? Your Love vibration coming through today has certainly lifted me up where I belong! Thank you my friends.

Thank you, Blossom Goodchild.

It always makes me Laugh and … take a deep breath, when you use my full name … I don’t know why.

It is because of the Energy in which we bring forth your name.

I’ve heard ‘Blossom Goodchild’ being said many times … but it FEELS different when it ‘comes through’ you .

Vibrational Energy/frequency … nothing more, nothing less … plus a spoonful of intention!

Love you Guys … Many many thanks.


Make every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY!

Please revisit The Invocation ‘We are the Game Changers’ whenever the mood takes you … to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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Heavenletter #5932 The God Sense, February 20, 2017

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HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
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* Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
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God is always bringing us closer to Him.

God said:
Music can so inspire, and lyrics can inspire. There is definitely something about music that inspires. You hum old tunes, tunes and words you didn’t even know you knew. What would the world be without music? You can’t even dare think of what it would be like in the world without music, even when music isn’t especially your thing the way it seems to be with so many.

Certainly, music has to be about more than sound. Not all sound is music.

You long to fulfill all the senses. Fortunate are you when hearing, seeing, taste, smell and touch are there for you and all around you. You crave all of the senses. Babies of all kinds cannot live without being touched, let alone thrive.

The five senses nourish you. You realize that you are starved for the five senses. They are a need. You must have them. They provide you balance in a world that often seems unbalanced to you. The senses give you your bearings.

It is no small thing to inherit the world. The senses gather you together. The senses are like peepholes connecting you to the world you are in for purpose and not happenstance.

Of course, quite rightly, there are bigger senses than the common yet spectacular five. There is the sixth sense. There are more, including a God Sense. If all the other senses were gone from you, you would still have the God Sense.

The God Sense is reflected in this way: “All is right with the world.” Even a sigh may express this. You have had Days of Glory.

This God Sense could be called Love, yet it is well-known and experienced – even if not always — that God has more of a reputation for permanency in the world than the Love Sense has. I am aware that the God Sense has also been tarnished as seen by some, yet, here I am, always here with you and for you.

Even for those who deny Me, you find you have to deny Me royally, so to speak. Even so, you are utterly unable to erase Me. If you were able to erase Me from your awareness, why would you feel it necessary to make a hullabaloo about Me?

Relish the five senses and relish the less well-known and higher senses as well. You are not an ordinary mortal, you do understand this. No one is an ordinary mortal. You are a soul who arises from many galaxies, and you travel to Earth in order to heighten Earth’s place and to discover yourself. You are a mysterious Visitor to Earth with tasks to perform and to excel in.

You are here for a reason. You may forget the reason, yet you will remember. Even if you don’t consciously remember, you will serve. This is built into you.

Even as time does not exist, there are signals that are timed to go off within you. The signals say: “Now!”

There can be rough wake-up calls. There can also be sweet melodies that run through you, and you call out: “Eureka!” Or there may be a bell that rings, and you don’t even seem to notice. Nevertheless, the bell rings, and on some deep level, you hear the bell and hear it well.

There are whole worlds going on within you. Your mind is simply boggled. You blithely don’t see or can’t see all at present. Nevertheless, something great is going on. One day you will see or, if not see, simply recognize in awe.

You will confess that you have grown. You don’t have to see your growth happening for it to have happened. Your awareness at the time is not a necessity. It’s nice, yet not essential. Your participation is guaranteed. You may not have a clue as to who you are, yet you are Who I say you are whatever you may think.

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