To Love and be Loved…..

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To love and be loved is that essence of the universe which makes the spirit to fly. There are many ways to love and be loved. All that truly matters is that you both give love and be willing to receive it in equal measure. One cannot truly love unless one receives love. One cannot truly be loved unless one gives love. This is the true Joy of Love.

Blessings joy, love and peace.

O3 Reflections on the Realm of Spirit.

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Various kinds of energy in the Realm of Spirit (03) –  (Leaping Quantum Thoughts)

As for the vast ocean that is the parable for Spirit …. in its waters are floating unlimited ways of energy  – as energy is all- and everywhere –
like water in some ocean … and in response to its whereabouts it may slowly change into more density by building points of consciousness first  … in some quantum leap some areas may sort of become aware they are conscious of themselves … and later may change gradually into lighter freckles … and furthermore connecting and uniting to other ones of some alike nature – this becoming the very grounding of some later rule in the Realm of Spirit that alike beings of any sort will always tend to join and meet each other.

Energy will be growing patches of Consciousness –  and this becoming light by some quantum leap – and following that above described rule of uniting there will be more and more mergers …. creating bliss and last but not least some particular kind of Love …viz. that of Unconditional Nature which we name here “AGAPE”.

This way of merging and creating LOVE will greatly support the trait of Attraction to Each Other and eventually this is why “Love of Unconditional Kind” is regarded too to be “the Glue of Universes”. These are the first beginnings of the resonance to each other which grew gradually into the Law of Resonance which attracts similar beings.
with Love to all of you.


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