White Eagle on Emergence and Truth

Worthy reading. Enjoy – David

Jonette Crowley, Center for Creative Consciousness

“Truth doesn’t emerge from words, rather descends from grace.” – White Eagle

A Note from Jonette:

consciousness expanding

Please enjoy the wisdom here as we enter 2016 — The Year of Emergence!

Before White Eagle channeled this, I had been spending a day in meditation. My intention was to become a ‘Nirvana Node.’ To me this means that I am a continuously open and active channel or gateway for the energies of heaven, bliss, Nirvana… whatever you want to call it. This ability to ‘transmit Nirvana’ would be irrespective of any actions…it would happen without my doing anything.

Journey to the Golden Gates

 pearly gates 2

My original journey this weekend took me to the Golden Gates that for me were guarded by… you guessed it… White Eagle. As I went through the gates I passed into an extremely high vibration, like golden plasma. Once I embodied that, I became aware of another set of…

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Sunrise – Sunset


Some people look upon a sunset and see the end of a day.  I see the first rays of a new tomorrow.   Life by its very nature has no endings,  only a continuous change filled with beauty, hope and magical inspiration.

If  you find yourself seeing and ending, look again.  Life is eternal, there is no ending, only change, and with each change there is a new hope,  a new opportunity, a new adventure.   Look not towards what has passed, but embrace the present  moment with hope and love for what is to come.

~ Kuya David