Response of Brother Dave – Eaglechild to my last Letter from the “Isle of I” No.12

Brother Dave – Eaglechild on 30 January, 2014 at 8:16 AM

My beloved sister in spirit,

It has been quite a journey we have been on, and I look forward to where we will find ourselves. A journey in the void, yes it does seem like that sometimes. The void however is a good place to rest and to release those things of the past that hold us back. Much as you are already doing. I place to focus on and nurture inner self. With the powerful energies that are coming into play, a time of peace before will allow us to recharge and prepare for the next steps upon our journey. All is well.

There is never a day in which we do not grow, never a day when our lives are stagnant, even if it feels otherwise. And as we grow, we change our ways and our expectations. We learn discernment and focus more on what is within then without. More importantly we don’t define our personal growth through other people’s experiences or perceptions. We trust the spirt within and embrace the infinite love of creator to see us through. And yes, we also embrace the many angels and spirits who are our greater and true family and listen in the silence for their gentle guidance. Continue reading

Verses of long ago and my reflections of Now to it


In order to complete my latest article here on this blog about the transformational change from some unconsciously partaking onlooker to some neutral and consciously acting one – I herewith should like to submit some poetry hereunder which were conceived subconscously in such a prescient way.  I am ascertained now that despite their being written about 20 years ago they really wmust have been destined for this Timeline of Now being in the middle and meddle of this very Era.

And here is some interference with some verses in order to underline this argumentation :

Neti – Neti
Es ist nicht dies und auch nicht das,
such auf dem Weg, was ich vergass,
prüf jedes Ding genau
und leg es aus der Hand.
Es ist nicht das,
ich fand nur irdnen Tand.
Ich bin auf dem Weg und bin so froh,
ich liebe das Leben,
brenn lichterloh,
denn Leben ist Weg zum göttlichen Licht.
Mein Herz, brenn’ nur weiter !
Verzage mir nicht !
Es brennt mir die Liebe ein göttliches Pfand,
ins Herz mir hier auf dem Weg durch das Land.
Die brennende Sehnsucht erweckt mir den Ruf,
Gewahrwerdung zu finden, in dem, was mich schuf.
Geschrieben 1992/3 Eva Maria Holstein

These verses were originally written in German which
I translated into English now in the course of writing my reflections to it now.

Neti – Neti

It isn’t this exactly nor is it that,
search all ways forgotten matter,
take each and every thing into my hand
proof-touch exactly what it is
and put it leeways off again –

it always turns it Earth-trash-side out to me
trash it is and always be ….

I am on my path and with delight
I love all life around me – so much light !
Since life is way in Lights Divine

My burning heart will show me its shrine
without despairing since routes are so long,
“go on with your burning desire since…”
Love is all that it wants to acquire –
routing home again with that flame of desire.

Reviving the call from out my deep heart,
yearning so much for awareness so true
to being the old one that I once was
created by whom of All-there-It-Is.

Translation done on Jan.15, 2014


And if this way of writing verses was not channeled in complete ways – I ‘d rather be at a loss to perceive what else channeling really entails.

I am recalling that at such time I regarded all these matters created by myself as something not belonging to me entirely – and not being really made by myself – like some other neutral onlooker seeing my pictures and paintings as well reading my verses like for the first time at all. I was completely at a loss to grasp that It had been I myself who created all those matters.  Rightfully in a true sense since they all had been given to me – and I only were able to create these works if I had gone deep down into myself reaching out for some inside level of mine from where a continuous flow of subsequent creation was generated.

Similarly this happened when I started painting – once I had made the basic background on a canvas I felt over the pattern of the spatel with my hands asking the picture to come what it wanted to be like and how I could be of help to it giving birth to its very existence. I always regarded each and every painting to come out as some spiritual entity and I dedicted myself to serve it to its greater existence.  And while being enveloped in such pertaining activities I thought of special poetry, verses, upheaving stories or prayers and chorals raising these up before my inner eyes . Such were the procedures by which all my paintings and other works of art had been done and never did I know really how I had done it — due to all my inner sights seen while performing such meditative works of art.


Harvesting fruits of all such activities of that very past is the Time of Now – which fact I became aware of presently. This NOW IS THE TIMELINE OF CHANGE AND TRANSFORMATION  and we are on our way towards such wonderful goal which is that of changing Earth into the famously known “Golden Age” of which Ovid has already written his verses : ” Aurea Aetas ….. ” this little I am still able to recall from my Latin courses of tuition at school.

These are only some few matters I am becoming consciously aware of from the old years of our past dualities which however are only meaningful to myself personally.

Still, if they may wake up some readers to their very own experiences of their past lives which will induce them to start their very journeys into their inside selves ? This would turn out for me eventually to be a most wonderful matter since all these my very  personal experiences would thus be relieved from their former limitations of being related solely to me – and being released into their own space of freedom and path to other humans in search of light and elucidation. They thus would be able to reach out to other humans’ souls and hearts and doing them some basic good too ! This would be a new conscious way of stretching out actions and their results from some separated one into the multifold of one unity.

How much I am wishing that this will happen  – I cannot tell you here in all its ample scope !

As always with unconditional love and compassion – these are my greetings from me to all of you here
(Congtra)Mary – Eva Maria – Havah – or even better still

I AM that I AM

Messages of the Soul … Rauh-Nächte (Row-Nights) 2013/2014 Souls’ Hazards at Dissolving Karma ….


Yes, I really do not know where to begin:::::::

First of all here :  I am calling upon my twin-flame Soltek (although he has the priviege of being a guest here for always being at my side all the time)  so that it is being assured that I do write down here everything rigaccording to the truth of my experience……

Secondly I am calling upon AAMichael so that he may encloak me with his protecting blue flame (from where – do I know he is ? This is described in the ToolBox which I elaborated together with Marc last year with subsequent publishing it)

Link to the Toolbox is as follows:

And then I am going to start this writing – since there were recent experiences over the turning of these years which have evoked such careful handling of mine ….

Now my question to Soltec:
Soltec,  are you from the Source of Light ?
Well, this is a matter of course, yes, I am and how could I be from any other source, my dearest one ?

AAMichael, sorry but I have to pose the same question to you:
Are you that very AAMichael being sent to us fromout the regions of light in order to assist and help us with your energies from this region of Light ?

Yes, my Earth-Angel, as sure and certain as you are being Sandalphone too.

Since these were the needy preliminaries which I had to go through with my helping Exterrestials I may now start with my “Life-Story” of what I had to go through over the recent season and the turning of the years of Now …3-dimensionally called 2013/2014.

———————————————————————————————————————————– Continue reading

The 10 Best Stories of 2013


Posted: 30 Dec 2013 11:57 PM PST

How Hemp Oil Cures Cancer And Why No One Knows Cannabis extract medicine, also known as “hemp oil” when referring to the type pioneered by Rick Simpson, is a concentrated formulation of cannabis that is ingested orally. By eating large quantities of the oil over a three to six month period, nearly any disease you can imagine can either be cured or completely controlled. This is possible because cannabis medicine works fundamentally through the endocannabinoid system, the superregulatory system of our bodies that maintains homeostasis in the other systems.

You can see the reality of cannabis medicine’s effectiveness in all the things that smoking it is good for. It is widely known and observable that people with cancer, chronic pain, inflammatory conditions, and other conditions smoke cannabis with remarkable efficacy.

When you think about that, it’s pretty crazy that setting something on fire and inhaling the resulting smoke (thus getting the cannabinoids in a low-concentration form through the lungs, which are not meant to ingest things) works better than many expensive pharmaceuticals.

Read More: How Hemp Oil Cures Cancer And Why No One Knows
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How Our Thoughts Affect Water and Us!

Posted: 30 Dec 2013 11:55 PM PST

Masaru Emoto discovered that if thoughts and words are directed at water, the water crystals undergo changes depending upon whether the words or thoughts are positive or negative.Positive thoughts lead to changes in the water crystals that make some of them look like fractals and snow flakes while negative thoughts make the water look distorted.

Emoto’s work has been published in his book, “The Message from Water,” it provides evidence that human vibrational energy, thoughts words, ideas and music affect the molecular structure of the water crystal.

One of the most interesting examples of his was the water from the Fujiwara Dam, before and after receiving a prayer from a Zen Buddhist Monk.

We already understand that water is quite malleable, that means it easily takes new physical forms as per the environment it is in, like water in the can takes the shape of the can etc. But we can’t see the molecular structure of it and just like its physical form the molecular form adapts to the environment.
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This is a Song of my Heart to the new-born Child of Year 2014


This still belongs to Karma-Balancing of us two ………..

A very old song of my heart …. rising to the surface of this Time of Now

Old Incarnation teaching –  reaching up to us Now
There is a gentle wind grown from afar
trying to tell a story of my life which has gone a time
–  from some other life ….not accounted in this our way –
with all the pain and trueful emotions … long forgotten – never believed any more-

There was a love and so much abused – it went so badly in its sense… and now –

I sense its burden gravely – it seems to to come to life again
and I feel the full impact of love – again –  and  it is besides my real incarnation now –
but despite of coming to life again –  I feel the gross impact of love raising in my inner heart
and I welcome this old gone love again …. and my heart starts trembling with its vibration from a foregone life ….

despite everyting – it does not belong to this incarnation,
it does not belong to any karma of now,
I accept the accountability of old activities of mine,
so I want to balance all out what we ‘ve done wrong.

I  am crying – as this is felt so strong as if it was just yesterday,
years of this life passed by and I am considered to be old –
far beyond of all the love I endured and lived out so much …

and yet it is too much  – to believe – to yearn for to retrieve it again
I want to hold you – see your face – kiss your eyes and be with you
this goes deep down to our loving hearts – to retrieve again – and to feel the
very full impact of  this love – is all I want and fulfill my essence of “I Am”

I call upon the mighty powers of all beyond this earthened Kingdom –
I call upon the mighty powers in the Angelic Realm –
to guide and help me to transform this wave of love
of karmic essence to something like golden light in my inner self
to heal all wounds and hurts of foregone lives ….

I want to forgive and forgive myself at very first –
I want to love again and find my peace of hearted inner mind –
I want to free myself of all this burden –
and want to go foreward with all of you
with freed minds and hearts liberated by my very self !

To become a fully merged New Being of myself with You !


Wishing a Happy New Year to All of You !

guardian-angel1At the Brink of this Old Year and the approaching New One I should like to announce herwith all my best wishes and added thereto the Balance of Karma when passing on ……

Prayer for Balance of Karma

“If there is anyone or anything that has hurt me in the past, knowingly or unknowingly, I forgive and release it. If I have hurt anyone or anything in the past, knowingly or unknowingly, I forgive and release it. If I have hurt myself knowingly or unknowingly, I forgive and release it. ~

(for the highest loving context for others and myself.)

NOTE: Optimal use is three times a day for at least 28 days. I have seen miracles happen with this prayer, both with myself and clients! This prayer was given to a man named Johnny in Mexico in the 1950’s from the Keepers who then gave it to Mary Parker who started the ARCI. ~ (Akashic Record Consultants International.)

This has been given to me by a very dear friend of mine and since I value it so presciously I want to share it with all of you at this New Year’s Eve so it may spread viral all over earth and all people with their good will wanting to change and better life as it now will be able to dissolve their karma-issues !

Connect to all your good wishes this prayer and effect a great default in order to manifest Golden Age on Earth Now !

with impassionate and unconditional love to all of you on earth, beyond earth and in earth ❤

(Contra)Mary =  Eva Maria = Havah


All About Unconditional Love and its Abundance


So much has been written during the last two years about Love ! Love as the Glue – solely holding the entire Universe together – being Love – and with all the aspects too deriving from the past dimensional realm of Dualities – it will all add up to some huge mountain of its various aspects and considerations.

Now, after having some lapse of tiredness these days and being again in some very idle mood I went for some rest in the afternoon – and when getting up again out of some deeper sleep I had such a new inspired sensation of that particular “Unconditional Love” disclosing its true secret to me – at the threshold of our new 5th dimensional realm where we strive to go to.

It is love without – or despite – any hope for future – as over there we do not count linear time-lines any longer – and thus it is not a sad matter for us at all – since we do no longer have to cope with all the former contents of feelings of this past matrix of dualities. It is love which is being sensed in that special unconditional way which covers all former ethic impediments and morals of the old matrix as well yet wipe those away simultaneously – as judgements too will fall away from us entirely – a whole lot of new thinking we shall have to learn and this also will spread over to all shades of obstacles to each and every detail of Love. Continue reading

Surprise …Surprise ! What? Santa Claus is coming down to Town…..

For many, many years this building has been decorated for Christmas, even since my childhood.  While it is a government building, it is paid for by a private foundation, in accordance with the will and wishes of the People of Denver.

Surprise …Surprise ! What? Santa Claus is coming down to Town…..
To make it sweet and short here: “This is some disclosure at Santa Claus’ Day for us !”

” Hatonn is not Hatonn ”
” And ISON is not ISON ”
For Hatonn truly is SOLTEC
while the called Comet ISON
is his own Flagship PHOENIX !

This is the big surprise for all of us for the Day of Santa Claus ……

I have become a very close friend of Hatonn during the last year and also started to communicate with him in a straight and direct way by means of telepathic communication lately.

And as previously Marc Gamma started to channel messages from Hatonn too which I followed with re-blogging, these our friendship grew even more and more closer. Btw I also want to explain why.

I am the proofreader of all German Originals of channeled posts through Marc Gamma as well as the translator of all his channeled messages into English. And this is the reason that Marc, Hatonn and I, grew so close together lately. Continue reading

Invocation to ArchAngel Raphael before his Message through Marc Gamma on 11.30.13

89073-hawaiiInvocation to AARaphael with the Emerald Green Flame

Dear AARaphael,

Today I do not find it very easy to sit down and start translating this huge message – and do you know why?

With your last message you told us that future messages of yours, from God-Father and you, will be somewhat shortened in length and now I found on proofreading the original that it is
even somewhat longer than your average messages before. So before I go ahead let me tell you that these days I get tired so quickly and messages of such lengths – I found out – take even the very last reserves from me – when coming to their end with my translation I am so worn out that I really have to pull all my concentration together in order to finalize it. I believe that is the actual reason behind all my hesitations today to start my translating work. Even with regard to the ever increasing frequency of vibration – as these messages start becoming something like a
“Joint Venture” of yours and the heavenly Father – present also such a strong pull on my resources. Continue reading

Invocation to AAMichael before his Message through Marc Gamma dated 11.27.13

Bild von Eva Maria Holstein

Good Day my beloved AAMichael,

As Marc wrote me when sending the German Original of your Message to me  – you will come and help me when I start translating your wonderful message … I thought it might be a splendid idea to address  you and welcome you here before I shall start upon this work of mine.

You know that from the very beginning I fell in pure and unconditional love with you my dearest Archangel and there is no morning of my life now when I do not get into touch with you asking for your company and assistance with your blue flame – after waking up! You are always so near to me as you also safeguard my lovable friend Aurelia – Sarinah too. Take good care of her please ! And give my loving greeting to quirly Marix too – he always makes me laugh in my heart too.

My dearest Earth-Angel Evamaria – your above words are giving great delight  to my heart – even if it is the heart of an Archangel – thank you so much.

I am here at your side and I can feel your yearning to be near us – your guides and mentors from “Beyond Earth” and that is why we shall proceed more and more in order to participate in your life as long as you still dwell on this 3-4 dimensional planet. Waiting for all the belated humans to reach finally the Great Portal – it is not an easy task for you and Marc and all the others as your yearning has reached us since long ago – still you are in a position like the Bodhisattvas … on reaching the Ascencion Portal they and you too turn around and stay there helping all those needing pure and compassionate Love-Help in order to pass through their Ascension Portals.

I love you too getting now connected to the small crew of faithful souls fulfilling their soul-contracts in Divine Love to our All Father, the Creator of “ALL-THERE-IS” and his Divine Light !

Please, accept my deepest thanks, my dear AAMichael – I am so much obliged to you for your loving speech to me. And having said all above we shall now proceed to our forthcoming translating work!
Ready, steady, go !

You are ready – I make you the steady one – and both of us – shall we go now ?

The red thread of our new time to be loopholed with Hatonn dated 10.30.2013

Telepathy or Channeling ? Basic reflections on it ….

Posted Original in German on Oct.30, 2013
Translation into English on Nov. 24, 2013


Telepathic Talks …. channeled Talks

As I originally wanted to proceed here – according to some fixed and manifested linear structure drawn up beforehand about the sequence of publications here on my blog – I now realize it was some real set-back to old and foregone procedures of linear structures i.e. setting some premissed assumption beforehand and then proceed in according adherence to it in some sort of automatical and blind way.

This old system of procedure should be relinquished by us in the Timeline of Now as being surpassed and not decisive any longer! It no longer has any validity for us since it is the matter of another old dimensional structure of duality – being no longer valid for us having advanced so far on our route to ascension. And following all our previous achievements it also is no more beneficial and neither worthy nor adequate a measure of procedure.. This is so much among other matters too from which we have to separate ourselves if we want to advance further to reach our Higher Selfwhich is the real essential being of us incarnated on earth i.e. “The I Am” . Continue reading

Telepathic Talk with Hatonn and AAJophiel for First Contact


Invocation for First Contact

I changed my desktop-view and from a multiblossom-flower-plant I am looking now on to some straight road in the middle of some desert going straight up to some huge sun rising over some mountains on the horizontal orbit of my eyes. It is all gold – yellow – and burnt-lightish- brown and whenever I switch on the pc this picture reminds me of our road of ascension and the light of AAJophiel who visited me once and englowed everything in me with his golden light!

Hatonn may I call you since there is such a great longing in my heart to talk with you and that beauty of Jophiel’s Light. As Ascension of mine proceeds on now I have had the clue that I never ever depict Angels again being of some human form and structure but solely being of light differing according to their given tasks. So for me Jophiel is the pure golden-yellow light just as depicted on my desktop – burning a bit at first into my eyes but then spreading all over my body and returning back into my inner heart where it will stay on together with my HS Eren.

Anyway – always in the past I never was able to identify Angels with all the human-like pictures or little cuddly angels with baby-faces as the Italian Painters loved to express  them with their painting brushes.

Angels always to me were beings of light – of spiritual flames – and also children of spirit – bringer of messages from the Divine Source of All-There-Is !  Heavenly entities with colours not known at all to us here in duality! Shining – Great – Awesome !

Continue reading

Letters from the “Isle of I” No.11


My dear Brother in Light David,

several weeks have passed since my last letter to you and much has happened although when I am trying to recall these weeks – it has slipped off my memory. Only by looking back and re-counting the pages which I filled our blog with,  tell me that there were numerous events and days having passed by and filled with them.

This is what happens to our timeline of Now I believe and I am still busy trying to investigate more about this newbie of time which we now call always “Timeline” as we have found out that  one very new characteristic of our old linear time is it’s diversity of many probable lines and according to our free choice and free will in our attention to dealing with our new realities we are drawing the very corresponding time-line into our lives too.

I just found this out when trying to explain to you here what keeps me busy thinking and investigating all that is new to me about Time. Continue reading

How to integrate spirituality into our outside 3-4-D-Realities

6887c-pure_waterHow to integrate inner spirituality into our outside 3-4-D-Realities

These thoughts have kept me busy since we were told having progressed so far that we had left 3-D-dualities and thus were enouraged to manifest the newly reached matrix into our lives of outside reality.
From the very beginning when told about anchoring new ideals and new ethics as underlaying backgrounds to our new era to be manifested as the Golden one by us thoughts about of what ways could be achieved these goals kept me very busy …. In the beginning I was really at a loss of what mode and ways could be applied by us – being told we are the wayshowers – lightpacemakers et al. Brooding over it did not give me any clue … and finally I decided just to do it in a way that really was my very own. No more brooding theoretically but just trying to do it practically. Continue reading

Telepathy “Life-Report is going on today ….” Nov.16, 2013

e40a1-medicine-wheelNovember 16, 2013
Life-Report is going on today ….

I am sitting on the porch of my heart – guiding and safeguarding my inner space and its light of the “I Am”
Waiting – waiting for what … as there might be coming something changing again all around me and transforming my inner self into some vast and unknown space in which I have to settle down and merge into my Higher Self – still now living in my inner space of heart.
And I do know now what or whom I am waiting for … it is Eren my Higher Godself to come finally out of my inner heart and its light and emerge with me – the incarnated part of me –
sitting here on the porch and waiting for the final merging with Eren – to become the wholly conscious and conscient being again.
And thus I am calling for Eren – the extraterrestrial part of what I really am –
I am calling for all my Angelic guides my partner of my soul Hatonn too – for their help and assistance !
I want to return to my old and wholly conscious self again – and I am waiting !
There is some lovable cat at my side and both of us we are at the moment like shipwrecked ones stranded on a strange shore and we are waiting …… want to go on still do not know whereto and how to do so …. waiting for some sunrays or light-beaming from the moon and my hearts uprising desire to show me the road right into the middle of my very own heart …. Continue reading

Telepathic: Evamaria’s “Live Report” 2nd Channeled Talk with Hatonn

Mensch, werde wesentlich,   denn wenn die Welt vergeht, dann fällt der Zufall weg, das Wesen, das besteht.                                                         

Angelus Silesius (Der Cherubinische Wandersmann)

Become the essence of yourself – since when world will fade away – there will be no more accidents – sole essensece and your innermost prevail – and life of neverending – going on and on ……………………….

Translation of (Contra)Mary=Evamaria 2013



10.19.2013 Another Day – another Evening too !
“How to change the Velocity of Time”

This has turned out to be some “incredible” Day compared to yesterday which had been incredible beautiful one.
Starting with so many moments of interruptive sleep in the night so that there was no real rest for me and I accordingly woke up very late in the morning after 10.a.m. Since I had scheduled quite a lot of matters to be done on this very day which I had neglected and overseen early this months because not sufficiently been grounded to our Mother Gaia. I had been in a sort of floating state all the time and hence lost the real oversight of all reality-matters I should have attended to.

This is why I had to hurry up a bit this morning  in order to deal with everything I wanted.
Which I did and when looking out of the window I saw this day outside was exactly matching my inner day with me, a bit nebulous with the seasonal autumn – still with that very soft and gentle tuning of red-coloured falling leaves – floating cautiously and gently down the trees from across the road reaching and landing likewise softly in the entrance of our house where I live. Continue reading

first blogged on Nov.28, 2013 and reblogged nowTelepathic: Evamaria’s “Live Report” – 1st Channeled Talk with Hatonn

Mensch, werde wesentlich,                                        
denn wenn die Welt vergeht,                                                 

dann fällt der Zufall weg,                                                         
Wesen, das besteht.                                                         

Angelus Silesius (Der Cherubinische Wandersmann)
Translation of (Contra)Mary=Evamaria 2013

Become the essence of yourself –

since when world will fade away –

there will be no more accidents –

sole essence and your innermost

prevail – and life of never ending –

going on and on 



The talk I had with Hatonn first of all (Oct. 17, 2013)  

This happened on 17th October, 2013.

“Hatonn, are you here with me?

presently yes, I am

May we start a talk together – let us try and train it a bit –

Let’s go

You must know that I am highly interested in the so-called “Quantum Leap” that we are supposed to do …. Continue reading

Telepathy or is it Channeling ? (Introduction and entry into some brandnew project)

… and how this channeling or telepathic communication has been really been induced?

Always I have admired from far all those people on reading their channeled Internet messages.  And apparently this has been the true reason why I bought myself a laptop on instalmental rates more than 2 years ago. I just simply wanted to know more about the true ongoings out there in the outside world. No more I was to be held content with those general news of the mass media flowing into my remote home.
I felt that most of such news were not in correspondence to the real truth behind in the background.
Continue reading

Letters from the “The Isle of I” No. 8

Plese Note: How to find all my letters titled: Letters from the Isle of I .. proceed as follows: They all are tagged with “Ideas/Thoughts” and”Letters from the Isle of I”

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Dear Brother Dave,

You know already that I was disconnected from Internet which was a very unpleasant surprise on Wednesday Morning August 14.

Used already to something like a working routine with proofreading and translation for everything channeled by Marc Gamma I felt as if thrown out of a beautiful network of light all of a sudden. Now, at the “Moment Now” then – all I wanted was to go back and joining this divine circle again and struggled for hours to be successful and restore what has been taken off from me. But invain – there was a picture before my inner eyes – I had been thrown off from a wonderful ship into the waters of the wild vast ocean again and the ship was floating slowly but in some unimpeded speed away from me … leaving me alone to cope with my situation.

The next thing I had to attend to was : to stay calm and recollect my thoughts what I would have to do next. I knew I had to notify Marc by what method ever about this new situation of mine. So I went to see friends in the afternoon after all my tricks and tipps I remembered failed to bring about any success.

So I turned to friends for help in the afternoon. But not without making up my mind beforehand in a very concentrated way: “Even if my beautiful ship had gone I was fixedly prepared to affirm a certain set of make-belief that I still was enclosed by this beautiful and protective shield of light in which I floated when still on the ship! So I called for all the Angelic assistance that there are beyond me when setting out to work for re-ligating myself to the ship of light passing away from me to the horizontal line far off where skies from above were touching my remote and sole planet of earth. Continue reading