Sunrise, Sunset, the Circle of life.

Sunrise or sunset, are just different ways of seeing the same thing to me.  They both show the beauty of the circle of life.  One does not exist without the other.  Each inspires the individual according to their personal need.   I enjoy every moment of every day, but an ocean sunrise or sunset is the for me the most special of all.  It is that moment when the challenges of life fade away and everything exists in balance.  ~ Kuya David
Sunrise, Sunset, the circle of life.

Life is a Journey, embrace it with Love

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Subic Bay Philippines. For. whatever reason the Philippines is my home now. A journey of highs and lows, but the journey I chose and I make it willingly with hope and love in my heart.

Life is a journey and we know not where it will lead us.  But lead us it will.  We have each chosen our personal Journey’s and all that remains is for us to embrace the journey with love.  Every journey has its highs and lows.  It’s joy’s. and its disappointments.  But the important thing is to never give up on the journey.  But despite challenges and the appearances of setbacks, embrace the journey, love the journey, let the journey be a journey of light.  For we are the light that shines in the darkness, the light that brings hope and joy to those who have none.

Whatever and wherever your journey my brothers and sisters, embrace it, live it, celebrate it with joy and love.  For you are the light that shines in the darkness, the light that fills the lives of so many around you.  The light that brings hope in the night.  Many will not know your light, but they will feel it in ways only their souls understand.

Therefore on your journey, be the light that shines in the darkness, that perseveres through the night for others.  Your love is your light,  share it freely with everyone you meet.  For love can know no limits.  Love is the spirt of Creator made manifest.  Be that love, that light that shines through you.

David “Lightweaver” Robinson
Photographer, writer and mystic.

All Hearts on Deck – via Denise le Fay

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In one of Sandra Walter’s recent articles she used this great term ‘All hearts on deck’ indicating that, well, it was needed now. I’m borrowing it for this article for multiple reasons.

Before I go any further, this is one of those articles/information where I paused before writing it to inquire and discern at higher levels whether or not it was something I should share publicly now. Usually when what I write about is based exclusively on what I’ve experienced, there’s no need for me to check at higher levels if it’s appropriate to share certain information or not. If it isn’t I sense it and just leave those parts out of my article(s). However, in this case what I’ve experienced was connected to another person, one I admire and respect greatly for their elevated and accurate Ascension related Works. I’m talking about Sandra Walter, so, because another person’s energetic and physical Works were involved to a certain degree with what I’ve experienced, I checked in at higher levels first to decide if my experience would be insightful enough to call for it being shared publicly. I perceived it would so I’m going to go ahead and share what I’ve experienced in relation to Sandra Walter’s (weekly) Sunday ‘Global Unity Meditation’ recently. At first it may sound like I’m talking about a big negativity but I’m not. All hearts on deck remember? Not fear on deck, not weakness, retreat, shock or confusion but all Radiant HighHearts on deck… and bring your Lightwarrior attitude with you for the moment as well. 🙂

Since September 2017, I’ve repeatedly sensed that I should make a PayPal donation to Sandra Walter at the end of December this year. Every time I’ve felt this over these past months I’ve wondered what was up but didn’t ponder it any deeper than acknowledge it and try to remember to do so before this year is up. I’ve never perceived this before with her or anyone else so it has remained a highlighted question point in my awareness since September.

If you are on Sandra Walter’s mailing list and receive updates from her, then you’ve heard about her having been in a car accident Saturday, December 16, 2017. I don’t know any more about this than what she wrote in her latest notification sent out yesterday, December 19th. Evidently she is okay, no doubt feeling rather beat-up, bruised and sore from head to toe however, but her car died in this accident. So there’s my answer as to why I was sensing I needed to make a donation to Sandra by the end of December 2017. All hearts on deck. ❤

The next layer is that for the past three months I’ve experienced energetic and mental interference every Sunday when I’d try to join in with Sandra Walter’s ‘Global Unity’ meditations done weekly at 8:11 AM, 11:11 AM and 5:11 PM. I’d never experienced this before three months ago so this too was another question point in my awareness over why was this suddenly happening to me in relation to my attempting to participate in her Sunday meditations. I repeatedly experienced this same type of negative interference back in 2012, every time I’d reach a certain point within Lisa Renee’s ’12 D Shield meditation’ technique, so this is NOT something new to me or something related only to Sandra Walter and/or her Sunday meditations. This is NOT about any of that, but something else, something that some of you reading this already know all about because you’ve experienced it many times too over these arduous and oftentimes dangerous Ascension years.

In the case of my trying to join in with Sandra’s Sunday meditations over these past few months (prior to three months ago I’d never experienced any interference or problems whatsoever) it was getting increasingly difficult for me to do something that’s usually effortless and immediate. I’m very familiar with what negative interference feels like no matter what latest form it takes or method it tries; you are blocked from entering something you want to enter and/or are repeatedly interfered with in an attempt to derail you or exhaust you to the point where you just give up trying to push forward and go do something else instead. This is Team Dark remaining unseen but doing their best to prevent you from gaining access to a higher frequency. In this case it was to stop me from entering the Group Collective or what Sandra calls the ‘High Vibe Tribe’ to further Consciously Create, assist, build, anchor, Embody etc. via her Global Unity meditations.

It wasn’t so much that this happened to me, again, but it was the timing of it that surprised me and it shouldn’t have but did. Did you catch that I started doing Lisa Renee’s ’12 D Shield’ visualization in 2012 and was almost constantly interfered with? And here we are five years later during the last few months and now days of 2017 and I’ve experienced repeated interference nearly every Sunday when I’d entered Sandra Walter’s Global Unity meditations. Not a coincidence which is telling in itself.

I’m going to backtrack for a moment here and include some information that I haven’t talked much about since 2015 when it started up, again, for me only because I was so glad and relieved I’d evolved to a high enough point there for a while to be out of range from Team Dark (TD) and their always changing tactics, methods and more advanced tools. It was short-lived but so very wonderful to be free of them for a while a few years ago. Once one has tasted true freedom from TD, one never wants to ever have to be affected by them or their devices etc. again. Said another way, this old Lightwarrior Elder got a bit “fluffy” after decades of hand-to-hand combat with TD constantly. Once the attacks and interference reduced and eventually disappeared for me personally a few years back, I relaxed and adjusted to their absence, celebrated, ate too much pie, got casual and thought it was finally over blah, blah, blah. And as we all know, when one gets too much like this something often comes flying back in and kicks you in your tender privates to remind you that, It ain’t over yet dip-shit! 😐 You know what I’m saying and hopefully why I’m saying it now.

By 2015 however there were small but continuous clues I was perceiving each year that TD had changed their tactics and increased their intent from what I was familiar with, and that my past brief celebrations needed to be combined with more stealth and Higher Awareness and to not fully retire my Lightwarrior gear quite yet. I was not happy about any of this but knew that, and this is the super important part, as the negative increased/increases, simultaneously so too was the positive. I know how strange and unnatural that all sounds, and is, but there it is; the old lower negativity doing its best to survive the Universal Ascension Process no matter what while at the same time the NEW is manifesting. Books could be written about just this one aspect of all this…

In the old super Dark days of old TD would simply abduct me from the Astral while I was physically asleep and OOB, because it was so easy, fast and unseen for them. Years after this it became outright face-to-face battles with nonhuman negative aliens and demons and other lesser negative entities and myself. Years after that it became TD using living humans, Portal People, to get at me because I was getting advanced enough to not be so easily reachable by them directly so they increased using other living humans to do their attacks on me and this went on for many long and miserable years too. After that level the TD attacks, tactics, methods and devices etc. seemed from my perspective to have changed rather dramatically and overnight. This happened as best I was able to perceive, post December 2012. Stair-steps, even with them and the Separation of Worlds.

As most of you know my mom had a triple bypass suddenly and unexpectedly in late August 2014, and two weeks later while in a Nursing Home recovering from that she had a related Stroke. Needless to say my attention and energies were suddenly sucked over into all this unexpected mess since 2014, all the while consciously knowing that I was (and my mom too but in different ways due to her diminished mental state) in a very different state and place energetically and physically due to all this and that I needed to be extra wise and aware. Why? Because TD never misses an opportunity to kick someone when they’re down and do as much damage to them as possible because of it all. I’m not being dramatic nor am I exaggerating. I’m being honest about something even I would like to not have to deal with anymore at this late date within the global Ascension Process (AP).

Since the start of 2015, I’ve paid close attention to the new ways that TD influences were affecting me and they’ve all been very stealthy and unseen for the most part. It’s easy to recognize when negative aliens and monsters are trying to bash your skull in or fracture our soul, kill your physical body or drive you mad. It’s easy to recognize when negative aliens and/or monsters are using living humans—Portal People–to attack you, discredit you, disrespect you, use you and so on. What’s not as quickly or easily recognized has been TD’s post 2012 methods which have, for the most part, been about both interference with me when I want to join in with like-others to meditate to Consciously Create more NEW to benefit all, and intense periods of attempting to keep me focused on lower frequency issues, situations, possibilities, concerns and so on. In other words, onslaughts of interference when doing or attempting to do intentional Higher Work while awake such as meditations/visualizations/creation Work etc. combined with amplified blankets of unseen lowly thoughts and emotions designed to keep one in lower levels and within frequency range of direct Team Dark interactions etc. Lisa Renee has written extensively about this, and her December 2017 monthly article, which I haven’t even read entirely yet, talks about these new TD tactics.

My reasons for sharing this short recap of some of my new and different negative experiences since 2014, more so in 2015 and each year since was to show how TD have amplified their attempts to stop the Ascension Process and those of us (Forerunners etc.) Embodying and anchoring in the NEW energies. They want to survive and have prepared for this “end times” too, just as we of Team Light have. This old Duality battle is nearly over now however but these last moments of it are serious, important and not to be taken lightly. Are they going to “win” this? No, it’s a done deal already, this is just us at the physical level finishing up all the Work, layers, parts and aspects.

Back to current energies in current time.

On Sunday December 17, 2017, the day of Sandra Walter’s weekly Global Unity Meditations’ at 8:11 AM I went into meditation to join in this as I try to do every Sunday. This day however, which was also the New Moon which was conjunct the GC (Milky Way Galactic Center) during this week and last month of 2017, once I was in the meditation I clairvoyantly Saw a large dark-colored metal looking barricade blocking my entrance to higher levels of this particular meditation. My first thought on Seeing this was that it was “just me” not focused enough so I gathered up my determination and focus and tried again, and yet again. I even went around this etheric metal barricade impediment not thinking much about it honestly other than it was a minor nuisance and what the hell was it doing there! After trying this and suddenly finding myself back in front of that etheric metal looking barricade, the unexpected happened and is the point of this article.

  There suddenly in my Higher Awareness was a close up view of a lizard (Reptilian) eye and parts of the side of its scaly face staring back at me defiantly. I’ve experienced this exact event a few times many years ago with another nonphysical Reptilian being. It’s evidently the way they prefer allowing themselves to be clairvoyantly Seen; up close and only one eye and parts of one side of their head. It’s as if they’re intentionally looking through a small portal “window” from another dimensional or extradimensional level at whoever it is that they know can See them. They want to be Seen but in this small, limited way and only for a few seconds and then they close that interdimensional viewing “window”.

What this move informed me of was that the etheric metal looking barricade I’d Seen and struggled to get around was intentionally created by them. Mind you this was Sunday, December 17th, Sandra’s car accident happened the day before on Saturday, and I didn’t learn about her car accident until I received her mass emailing notice about it yesterday evening Tuesday, December 19, 2017. Am I suggesting that Reptilians caused Sandra Walter’s car accident? Of course not, although I wouldn’t put it past them to try. I’m sharing all this ONLY to connect some more dots so it becomes ever more obvious to everyone how deep into the NEW and the changes we are at this moment. Team Dark only resorts to stunts like this when they’re desperate and doing their best to derail what’s happening no matter what they do or try to do. I’m sharing all this because these cheeky bastards intentionally revealed themselves to me yet again, and this time while I was trying to enter Sandra’s Sunday Global Unity meditation. I’m sharing all this to draw your attention to the timing of it all now at the end of December 2017. That in itself is another HUGE insight as to how dramatically the global changes are about to become. All hearts on deck now. All HighHearts on deck now for not only self, for all, and for ALL everywhere. This is who we are and what we do. Rest and recuperate well and as long as needed Sandra Walter and thank you for everything you do from every level. ❤ ❤ ❤


December 20, 2017



Copyright © Denise Le Fay & HighHeartLife, 2017. All rights reserved. You may copy and distribute this article so long as you don’t alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and this URL and Copyright Notice is included.

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Jesus via John Smallman : A Chat with Jesus

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Neuer und letzter Healing Code voll Mächtigkeit – Last and New Healing Code most Powerful


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An Alle Freunde und Leser von Davids and my Blog !

Für Alle, die es angeht !

To All my Friends and  Readers of David´s and my Blog /

To All who are concerned !


Uns wurde vor einiger Zeit von der Göttlichen Mutter und ihren Helfern dieser letzte Healing Code gegeben und von der kosmischen Brieftaujbe – Marc Gamma –  gechannelt und von mir ins Englische überaetzt. Es ist der Mächtigste aller Healing Codes überhaupt und es ist das erste Mal, daß dieser Code ohne Filter direkt an die Menschheit übergeben wurde.

Some time ago the Divine Mother and her helpers gave to us the last Healing Code which was channelled by the Cosmic Messenger Pigeon – Marc Gamma – and translated into English by me. It is the most powerful code in fact and it is first time that this Code was straight given withou passing any filter to Mankind.


Es sind allerdings Bedingungen an die Vergabe geknüoft und der Code ist in die Obhut der Verwaltung von Reiki Doc Carla für diesen Planeten – Gaia – gestellt worden. Er darf nicht für Profit benutzt werden und wer ihn nötig hat, wende sich bitte an Reiki Doc Carla und lese sehr aufmerksam auf ihrem Blog alle Einzelheiten dazu durch. Er ist bilingual in deutsch und englisch veröffentlicht worden und es ist ratsam, alle Bedingungen dabei zu beachten. Es ist für die ganze Menschheit bestimmt.


There are actually some conditions connected to this presentation and the Healing Code is placed into the custody of administration of Reici Doc Carla. It must never be used for any profit and all who are in need of it pleasse turn to Reiki Doc Carla and read attentively all details there. It is bilingual in German and in English publicized. And it is most advisable to adhere all conditions thereto. It is meant for the free use of all mankind.

And here are the links to the Healing Codes :

Ich bin in diesem Fall so anmaßend in Namen der ganzen Menschheit drt Göttlichen Mutter und ihren Helfern aus meinem tiefen Herzen für dieses kostbare Geschenk zu danken, das uns so ermächtigt, wenn richtig angewendet!

If I am so arbitrary to speak for all mankind to thank the Divine Mother and her helpers from my inner depth of my heart for this precious gift which empowered us all when rightly used!

Love and Affection –  Belief and Trust !





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Drei Merkwürdige Erlebnisse seit 2014 -Three mysterious Experiences since 2014 1/3

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Meine lieben Blogfreunde und -leser eingeschlossen alle Freunde von Facebook,

My beloved Friends and -Readers of my blog and to all my friends of Facebook too,


Wie Ihr wißt, ging es mir vor Weihnachten ziemlich schlecht und das hielt an bis vor kurzem. Um es kurz zu machen, mir geht es seit einigen Tagen immer besser, aber ich brauche noch viel Schlaf am Tage. Der Kuliminationspunkt meines Unwohlseins geschah vor einigen Nächten. Wenn ich so nachdenke, ist es das dritte meiner merkwürdigen Erlebnisse innerhalb von ca, 4 Jahren, denn mit diesem letzten Geschehen kamen mir sofort meine anderen Vorgangserlebnisse in den Sinn.:

As you know I really did not feel quite well before Christmas and that durated until shortly. To cut this short since some days I am getting better and better but I still need much sleep in the day. Some nights ago I had the culmination-height of my unwellness- When I think about this experience it is the third time since 4 years that I experienced these similar events for with this latest event these similar experiences came again to my mind and got stuck in there.

Also fange ich mit diesem kürzlich erlebten Alptraum wieder an. Es war ein schrecklicher und böser Alptraum mit viel Gewalt, Kampf und Verletzungen und blutfließenden Messerstechereien. Ich kämpfte die ganze Nacht und sah morgens dann, daß ich viel von meinem Nachttisch leergeräumt hatte – einfach hinweggefegst – und den ganzen Tag war ich wie benommen. Danach hatte ich Atemnot und mir ging es wirklich schlecht. Jedoch Tage vorher hatte ich in einer Meditation ein anderes Erlebnis, das sich aus dem Lesen und Übersetzen eines Artikels von der kosmischen Brietaube erklären läßt, die den bevorstehenden Quantumsprung der Menschheit beschreibt. Ich überlegte immer schon seit langem, wie das mit dem Quantensprung passieren könnte und nahm immer an, daß es wohl auf uns zu von außen kommen müßte, wie auch viele Andere auch

So, I am starting with my story with the recent last exüerience of a really bad nightmare-dream. And it was really an evil nightmare with much terror and brutal power, fights and woundings and knife-stabbings. I foughr all nifht through and the morning after I saw that I nad skimply emptkied almost everything from my night-table – simply wept almost all away. The whole day afterwards I felt unwell and dizzy and numb. Thereafter I suffered from short-breathing and I felt extremely unwell.Then I was very short of breathing but a day before I had another experience which I may explain from reading and translating an article of the Cosmic Messenger Pidgeon describing the quantum leap of mankind in the offing.

Since a long time this quantum-leap has kept me busy thinking about it. How and in which way such a quantum-leap could happen really and I always assumed that it would happening from somewhere outside of our earth coming to us like so many others were thinking too.

Aber in dieser Meditation war es ganz anders: Ich stand oben irgendwo am Rande meines dreidimensionalen Lebens und schaute  weit entfernt unten irgendwo eine andere Erde oder Planet ind da stand unser Gott-Selbst, streckte nach mir die Arme aus und rief “Spring! Mache den Quantensprung ! und jemand Anderes, mein Höheres Selbst, flüsterte neben mir: “Glaub und Vertraue !” – –

But in this experience – being a meditation – everything was different from all my thoughts.before. I stood  somewhere on the brim of my three-dimensional life and saw very remotely another earth or planet and ther stood our “God-Self” reaching his arms towards me and called: ” Jump – leap – do the quantum leap !” And somebody else, perhaps it was my Higher Self whispered at my ears ” Believe and trust!”

Und da sprang ich – direkt in die Arme von unserem Gott-Selbst – und es fing mich auf und hielt mich fest umschlungen und sagte mir, das wäre mein Quanensprung gewesen und ich wäre nun in seinem Herzen und er wäre von jetzt an in meinem Herzen – wir wären eins, Und seitdem war ich immer dort in seinem Herzen vor der kulminierenden Nacht, die ich oben beschrieben habe.

And then I leaped and jumped directly into the arms of our “God-Self” and he caught me and embraced me tightly and lovingly and said this had been my quantum-leap and from now on I would be in his heart and he would be in my heart – we two would be one as from now on And since then I was in his heart always before this culminating nightmare-night which have described above.

.Und wenn es mir schlecht ging , habe ich immer mit dem Gott-Selbst gesprochen, daß mir doch nichts geschehen könnte, da ich meine Inkarnationsebene mit dem Quantensprung verlassen hätte mehr aus eigenem Antrieb und natürlich auch auf sein Geheiß. Mir könnte doch in dieser Dimenion nichts geschehen, da ich eins mit seinem Herzen war und bei ihm hier es keine Krankheit gab. Das ging so einige Nächte so. Und seitdem weiß ich: der Quantensprung kommt nicht von außen auf uns zu und macht diesen Sprung mit uns – nein, er muß von uns selbst kommen – aus unserem Herzen und als letzte Entscheidung unseres eigenen  freien Willens. Das war auch immer mein berühmter falscher Gedankenschluß. Und das bleibt jetzt immer in meinem Ohr hängen, was mein Höheres Selbst mir vor dem Sprung zugelüstert hat : “Glaube und Vertraue!”

And when I sometimes felt very unwell I usually spoke to our “God-Self” that nothing bad could happen to me as I had left my incarnation-level with my former quantum-leap more from my own decision and naturally on his order too. Nothin evil could happen to me in this surrounding as Ihad been one wioth his heart and here no illness existed. and this happened in this way for several nights. And skince then I have known that a quantum-leap does not come to us from somewhere outside and does this leap with us – no – it must come come from our own deep heart and as the last decision of Our Free Will. This had been also my fanous false consequential thought of logic before. And srill unto now the whispering of my Higher Self has remained stuck in my ears before I leapt: “Believe and trust!”

Dann kam diese grauenvolle Nacht mit dem Alptraum und  mir wurde geagt darüber, daß von ganz tief aus meinem Unterbewußsein viel abgelagerter Müll losgeworden wäre und ich darum fast “Tabula Rasa” (Reinen Tisch) von meinem Nachttischt gemacht hätte.

Then there came this most terrible night with my nightmare and somebody said to me afterwards that I had get rid of much trash from my deep subconsciousness and this was why in this night I made almost “Tabula Rasa” (Clean Table)  ofmy night-table.

Das war mein letzes Erlebnis in dieser Reihe und ich sehe schon, es würde zu lang, wenn ich alle drei zusammen erzählen würde und dann noch ins Englische übersetzen. So werde ich jetzt Schluß machen für heute und morgen die englische Übersetzung dazu machen.  Und später das zweite und das erste Erlebnis der ähnlichen Art beschreiben .

This was my last and latest experience of this sequence and I already noticed it woul become rathera lengthy story would I accummulate all three experiences in one row. So I shall conclude my today`s story now and make the English translation of it to-morrow too. And later then the 2nd and the third one also.

Ich grüsse Euch alle und sende Euch mein tiefste Liebe . Überlegt, was ich erfahren habe mit dem Quantensprung und denkt nach – es muß von uns kommen und nicht von irgendeiner Außenwelt ! In unteilbarer Liebe und wir sind eins – und darum müssen wir den Quantensprung machen, um wirklich in der anderen Dimenion anzu gelangen und dort eins zu werden!


I am greeting you by sending you my deepest love.Please, ponder about what I have become aware of the quantum-leap and think, please, – it must nit come from somewhere world outside of ours and do the leap with us – no – We are one in love and that is why we have to do the quantum-leap in order to really arrive at the shore of the higher dimension and become an undividible part of the ONE UNITY.

Eure Contramimi/Contramary/Eva Maria

Yours Contramimi/Contramary/Eva Maria



Fußnoten – Foodnotes
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What Are We About about Here?

What Are We About Here?A high priority for the 2012 Scenario and Golden Age of Gaia is creating and promoting a cross-cultural spirituality, the subject of the next two early articles on 2012S. A reader says: “I find what you say about the end of times very intriguing. I am a Christian and I also believe that we […] click on picture for original

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Denise LeFay: Ascension: Approaching the End of a 25-Year-Long Process

Ascension: Approaching the End of a 25-Year-long Process

Denise LeFay, Transitions, 9/5/2011

We’ve reached an important point within the Ascension Process where I know it’s time I share some details I haven’t so far. I’m going to try to list them sequentially to give you a partial overview and recap (from my current perspective) of some of what’s been unfolding, what was postponed and why; the Separation of Worlds; one world with more Light, the other world with more Dark.

And of course I’ve left out plenty because all of this doesn’t need going over again now. These type of recap articles usually sound choppy and disconnected because I’m trying to cover a lot of Ascension-related ground. The material is obviously condensed down and said in really simplified terms for ease, time and space, and also from the level I was and am today capable of perceiving. As always I reserve the right to grow and perceive more tomorrow, next week, the week after…


1987–2012 is the “Nanosecond in time” as Barbara Marciniak’s channeled Pleiadians have called the very short 25-year-long period of the Ascension Process.

August 1987 Harmonic Convergence: an obvious start of the Ascension Process in 3D, but not in our physical bodies yet. Incarnate Starseeds—aka “ground crews”—continued preparing and working inter-dimensionally with other-dimensional Beings, Starbeings, Lightbeings, ETs, Ascended Masters, Angelics etc. on their individual  and Group Missions as energetic reality transmuters and changers. We planted seeds, anchored higher dimensional energies and prepared for the more intense Work coming in the years ahead.

January 5, 1999 the Eighth Wave/Galactic Underworld begins: start of the difficult and painful physical, biological Ascension Process in most of the Starseeds first.

• From 1999 on, increasing numbers of Starseed Prototypers/Lightworkers/Wayshowers were energetically activated to begin their physical Ascension Process in Waves or Groups (First Wave, Second Wave and so on) to individually embody/prototype/live the Alchemical transformational Ascension Kundalini Process through their multiple energetic and physical bodies from within the physical polarized third dimension. They volunteered to do this so they could enter the 3D Earth system and embody/prototype higher Light Energies and 6D geometric blueprints or “architecture” and insert those blueprints/architecture/templates from Source into the lower frequency Earth world and override the deliberate multidimensional negative distortions and manipulations created by the Dark Ones as feeding and fuel devices for themselves and control over humanity and Earth.

• Many years of extremely painful, difficult, and oftentimes dangerous energetic transformational Ascension work through their Physical, Emotional and Mental bodies often while under repeated negative psychic and physical attacks either directly from non-physical Dark Ones and/or from manipulated, unaware physical humans. Incredibly difficult and dangerous working conditions to say the least!

• Between 2006–2009 there were numerous multidimensional meetings between many of the incarnate Starseeds (“ground crew”) with certain higher dimensional Beings/Starbeings/Lightbeings/ETs etc. about when the Separation of Worlds would happen in 3D; when the completion of the Ascension Process would happen in 3D; and when the absolute last cutoff date in 3D would be for people who hadn’t chosen to Ascend/Evolve into increasing Unity and Responsibility over continued Separation and not taking Responsibility. [I hinted at some of this in my July 2009 article My Lightworker Strike ]

Many Starseeds/Lightworkers expected that all 7 billion-plus people incarnate on Earth now would make this current “Harvest” or Ascension at the end of this Great Cycle. I and other Starseeds/Lightworkers knew that all 7 billion-plus people would not and so petitioned for an earlier date to the Separation of Worlds. We were overruled at that time so I insisted that the First and Second Wave Starseeds plus any who were profoundly sensitive and exhausted from the density, duality and negativity, be given some sort of reprieve via a higher frequency Safe House type zone or whatever so we could even continue doing our Ascension work while we worked towards and waited for more people to wake-up enough to choose to Ascend/Evolve.

Out of my exhaustion and unending pain I insisted upon this and told the non-physical Beings that many of us incarnate Starseeds could die or become so psychically, mentally and emotionally wounded and damaged (much like many Indigos have) that we’d become incapable of continuing our Ascension Work in the physical IF we didn’t have a higher frequency space provided for us while we continued working and waiting for others at lower frequencies to decide to get on-board the Ascension train. This was immediately granted and many of us have lived for years already in these small patches of higher frequency Light Energies inside our homes and property (a Separation of Worlds) within the not-yet-fully formed ascending Earth world.

This group entered the Separation of Worlds years ago and have worked and waited in our tiny higher frequency spaces and homes for every last soul whose going to choose to ascend/evolve to do so before the Expiration Date. My term Expiration Date means exactly that; the time to choose to Ascend/Evolve or not now will expire over specific days because this current Ascension Process cannot and will not go on indefinitely.

The end of the Mayan calendar on Oct. 28, 2011 is an Expiration Date, as is the following 11-11-11 portal of Nov. 11, 2011, as is the Winter Solstice of Dec. 21, 2012. Humanity is generously given multiple, incremental energy Stair Steps, levels and dates before the absolute cutoff point within 3D to this Ascension/Evolutionary Process. Be grateful that this Process and its expiration is not as polarized or black/white, today/tomorrow, all or nothing as many people think it is! If it happened that way billions more people would miss the opportunity to choose and use these universal, galactic, cosmic, solar and astrological energies to Ascend/Evolve now. Always incremental Stair Steps to this Process…with a final cutoff point, that is.

The energetic Separation of Worlds has happened incrementally for years already for many of us but it’s the last cutoff point and Expiration Date that’s got some people confused and concerned. People need to remember that the Ascension Process—which is a slow-motion Separation of Worlds in and of itself—has unfolded step-by-step, layer-by-layer in 3D physicality since 1987 and is a 25-year-long event, not something that’s going to suddenly happen on one particular day. It’s the expiration of and cutoff point to the 25-year-long Ascension Process as we’ve known it in this cycle…not the day that everyone ascends.

• More painful and difficult transmuting Emotional body and Mental body work while hiding-out in our higher frequency spaces in what’s felt like some strange isolated foot in both worlds type Safe House zone. At least we can recuperate and refuel a bit while in our higher frequency Light homes/spaces before we have to go out into the still lower frequency world for supplies! This entire situation will noticeably improve on the other side of Oct. 28, 2011, and even more so with the 11-11-11 separation of Nov. 11, 2011.

November 6, 2010 I experienced a lucid dream Astral kidnapping conducted by a small group of ancient Dark Ones. It was the highly unusual behavior of this group of Dark Ones and what one of them screamed at me in a fit of rage that was important. Basically, this giant-sized Dark One wanted to tell me face-to-face how much he hated me—”me” meaning all Starseeds/Lightworkers not just Denise—because I’d/we’d ruined his reality, his way of life, his reign, his energetic human food and fuel supplies, his everything.

What this unusual meeting revealed to me was that the Dark Ones reign was finally ending throughout the dimensions, and obviously many of them were and still are profoundly angry about this unexpected fact. They actually never believed this would happen and they thought they’d be able to prevent (via endless attacks) the Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers/Prototypers and Indigos from doing what we’ve done in physicality. This lucid dream kidnapping event may sound rather insignificant but it was an extremely important hand-delivered sign that the energetic Changing of the Guards was well underway and had reached the higher level Astral plane (4D) during the fall of 2010. Incremental stair steps going both up and down with this entire multidimensional Ascension Process.

March 9, 2011 the Ninth Wave/Universal Underworld begins: certain old Ascension symptoms from the Eighth Wave returned on this day, plus I perceive for the first time that the Cosmic Cavalry as I’ve called them (extremely advanced Beings of Light that reside close to Source) were on their down through the higher dimensions towards 3D physicality and Earth. This happening is going to make the incarnate Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers and Indigo’s jobs VASTLY easier and shorter!

Why are They coming down into physicality now? Because the Dark Ones are finally being unseated, dethroned, removed and redirected away from the Ascending/Evolving Earth world and its population and this magnificent happening has been increasingly easy to see across Earth since the start of the Ninth Wave. In really simplified Denise terms, some very advanced Lightbeings had to come down through the higher dimensions (which coincided with the start of the Ninth Wave) to do an intervention on the Dark Ones. This action by these Lightbeings upon the Darkbeings (Dark Ones) is another huge and very important process within the multidimensional final stages of the Separation of Worlds.

July & August 2011 required the Starseeds to embody/prototype/transmute massive distortions from within their Mental bodies (some more in their Emotional bodies) and from the planetary Collective’s Mental body also. As usual, this was a painful process in and through our physical bodies but much Dark patriarchal negativity, distortions and manipulations from within the individual/Collective Mental body were unplugged, transmuted, removed and replaced with Source-created Light codes/blueprints/architecture.

August 2011 the Cosmic Cavalry arrived within the physical world and the intervention of the Dark Ones was fully implemented. Said another way, this was the start of the Separation of Worlds from the third dimension (3D) finally. Between what was happening with the intervention by the Cosmic Cavalry, the 2011 summer Energy Work done by and through many Starseeds, major Dark manipulations and distortions within the human Mental body were transmuted and the Dark Ones took a huge blow and were multidimensionally ousted. Another Stair Step and layer to the Separation of Worlds.

This intervention has been unfolding throughout the higher dimensions since the start of the Ninth Wave, but it arrived and was fully implemented within the physical dimension and Earth world during the month of August 2011. Because of all this old lower frequency things (global systems and rulers etc.) will more rapidly disintegrate, while higher frequency things will simultaneously strengthen until the two different frequency worlds with their matching frequency populations literally repel energetically, break apart, and we have complete Separation of Worlds and timelines.

This is another reason why we’ve been learning over the years how to keep and remain within a higher frequency energy (within the lower Eye of the Storm) and keep our focus on/in our High Hearts and what we’re doing, why, and where we’re headed. It’s been so easy to fall vibrationally back down into the lower frequency patriarchal world reality which is painful, not to mention dangerous for us, but this too has been training in learning to maintain a specific level and focus (and read different frequencies of Energy) no matter what negativity and insanity is going on all around us.

• Accelerated earthquakes and weather related destruction, purging fires and floods: more in-your-face blatant negativity, lies, greed, corruption, insanity and violence for mass humanity to hopefully finally see and chose the Light over the Dark. What appears to many to be horrific destructive events around Earth are also last-minute warning signs and scare tactics desperately trying to get more people’s attention, redirect it, and shock them awake and into their Hearts enough to refocus on higher ways of living, being and perceiving. Some people got/get these difficult and shocking messages in their hearts—others haven’t and won’t.

•Further major changes coming in through the October 10th and 11th 2011 portals—10-10-11 and 10-11-11.

• I’ve been seeing 10:10 screaming at me (again) since June so I took a closer look at the dates of the remaining Mayan DAYS/NIGHTS and was amazed to discover this potent, reality-changing double whammy right around the corner! 10-10-11 is the last day of NIGHT Six. 10-11-11 is the first day of the last Day—DAY Seven! I have a draft written about just the 10-10-11 and the 10-11-11 that I’ll publish soon.


For decades I’ve clairvoyantly seen certain nearly incomprehensible to me scenes of an Earth world filled with billions of people that didn’t want to ascend that quickly drops even deeper into the Dark. I’ve never talked about this because it’s worse than the worst movies we’ve all seen like the Matrix and others. I’ve also not talked about what I’ve seen of this world because it will upset people, make them angry and frightened, and in many cases they lash out at the messenger instead changing themselves and their ways.

I’ve seen this Earth world and its population becoming more Dark, more controlled than the Earth world we all incarnated into in these current lives. One main way that humans in this world relinquish more of their personal power and mental capacities to whomever wants it is through the use of machines and machines surgically implanted into human bodies, organs and brains. Also, tiny machines (nanobots I believe they’re called today) are added to foods, drinks, water, vaccinations, pharmaceuticals, soaps, shampoos, skin creams, eye drops etc. as a way to control the minds and bodies of the population completely. (There are many people today that cannot wait to be made into part human part machine.)

What’s so painful about all this is that once the Separation of Worlds is complete, the world that ascends will have much more Light in it where the world that doesn’t ascend will have much more Dark in it than Earth did prior to the Ascension Process if you can comprehend that. The non-ascending world and its population that’s still attracted to warring, killing, violence, need to control, greed, manipulation, having power over others, handing your power over to others, wanting someone else to tell you what to do, think, feel, fix, heal etc., won’t continue the existence they’ve had on the old patriarchal Earth world; they’ll experience that world and reality rapidly becoming much darker and much worse. (Don’t attack or protest at the messenger!)

It was tremendously hard for me to see and realize that the humans who weren’t ready to utilize the Ascension Process at the end of this Great Cycle would continue into more density and negativity not less. They’ll enter a world with more Dark pressures and restrictions all to try to get them to finally choose responsibility instead of handing their power, consciousness, and everything else over to another for any reason.


I sense that the Earth world that does ascend can—if we want it to—change dramatically in a split-second. I’ve also sensed that it can—if we want it to—change much more slowly. (It’s going to change dramatically anyway and just being rid of the Dark Ones and all the horrific things they’ve done to our bodies will instantly altar and improve reality in astonishing ways.) Personally, I’m more than ready to make the quick short jump to 5D Universal Society and all that goes along with it in the twinkling of an eye. What’s going to happen will, but, we can have much more happen much more quickly if we desire and intend it to happen and manifest that way. Conscious Creating and Co-Creating remember?

Another aspect of the ongoing Separation of Worlds is that, especially since 2011, we’ve been perceiving certain things where they shouldn’t be. I know many of us have seen objects, buildings, Beings and such that exist in higher frequency realms and dimensions increasingly superimposed or bleeding-through into our world and space and vice versa. As we and Earth continue vibrating with more Light we literally transition into a higher, larger, more complex, faster frequency level, dimension, place in space and timeline. Doing this means we’re going to be seeing and feeling many new positive things and Beings.

It also means we’re going to be seeing many old familiar lower frequency 3D things, people/populations, objects, buildings, beliefs, systems, polarized consciousness and such rapidly disappearing from our ascending and expanding level of perception and matching external world and reality. These old lower things will fade away like many of our memories of our lives on Earth prior to Ascension and the Ascension Process itself, unless we want to retain those memories that is. Needless to say the ascended Earth world will have a greatly reduced population due to the billions of people who’ve chosen not to ascend/evolve at the end of this particular Great Cycle. This dramatic reduction in global population will also cause many changes.

OCTOBER 28, 2011 vs. DECEMBER 21, 2012

I sense that Oct. 28, 2011 is the correct end date of the Mayan calendar. However, like many other things within the 25-year-long Ascension Process, there are multiple levels, stages and phases (Stair Steps) for people ready and able to use them earlier than other people. Personally, I sense that more will be felt and perceived on Nov. 11, 2011 once we pass through that cutoff 11-11-11 portal than on Oct. 28, 2011, but they’re each Stair Steps within the same unfolding Process, Separation of Worlds, and Expiration Date.

There’s been a big push to convince the masses that the End Date is Dec. 21, 2012. Some of this was done by the Dark Ones to distract and prevent people from utilizing the current cosmic energies available to help them transmute themselves and embody more Light yesterday, today and tomorrow. Also…so-called “Disclosure” is going to naturally happen because you’ll ascended/evolved to a frequency range where you can see, know for yourself, and communicate with many different Starbeings/ETs because you’ve done the inner transformational work on yourself.

Reentering 5D Universal Society is the natural outcome of us transmuting our dense polarized energies, emotions, and consciousness and evolving. Forget about endlessly waiting for the government to finally confess that they’ve known ETs and UFOs exist for decades. Even if/when they do are you going to be able to discern the truth from their lies and distortions about this? Plus, why are you still handing your power over to those lying master manipulators and wasting valuable ascension time? Just a suggestion however.

Repeating myself a bit, I sense that the people who are ready to use the Oct. 28, 2011 end date and the 11-11-11 cutoff point will do exactly that and experience more changes before other people do just as we always have since 1987 and/or 1999. Stair Steps and phases remember? I also sense that this Process we’ve lived since 1987 (many long before 1987) will continue through 2012 and will, for the rest of the people focused on 12-21-2012 as THE important end date, experience a completion and shift at that time.

This isn’t about absolute all or nothing type duality but is much more flexible, complex and layered Stair Steps than some people believe or perceive. Moving through 2o12 and it’s 12 energies is important, especially for the people coming up behind most of us within this Process to complete and exit the old lower world framework of 12. After the Dec. 21, 2012 end date, everyone whose ascended/evolved with the ascended/evolved Earth enters an entirely higher level that exists beyond the old system and reality of 12.


Copyright © 2011-2012 Denise Le Fay. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete, credit is given to the author, and you include this copyright notice and link.

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Gone Fishing? No, Gone Being

Gone Fishing? No, Gone BeingI have two sides to my personality. One is the public communicator, the side you know, centering around the mission I serve for the Divine Mother. This is my onstage personality. It’s a very active and productive side. But anyone who knows me well will tell you that I have a second, offstage personality that’s […] click on picture for original

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Ron Head : Yes You Can – via Brenda Herman



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December 24, 2017

Life Tapestry Creations - Blog Banner LTCLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black Photo

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s December 21, 2017, channeled 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at  Create your 3D dreams for you’re the marketing arm of this transition. Even though we indicated something similar last year, you, en masse, requested another earth year of clearing – and of creating such fear that you would be forced to remember your creation skills. We, of the Universes, are sending energies and representatives to reinforce your marketing efforts. Self-actualization pieces will follow once the masses realize they’re capable of creating bountiful food and shelter – as you’re about to display.

“Go With the Flow” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

This recent void phase is nearly complete. So it is you are preparing for the next stage which is the creation of your 3D dreams.

Most who wish to follow you into 5D or beyond are not interested in spiritual elements at the moment for they feel their inner and outer worlds have been turned inside out. So it is they require some sort of framework of how and why to move forward. The framework you are now ready to display.

Even though you likely believe you have not done enough – that you must have more pieces to clear or others to interact with before you create your 3D dreams, nothing could be further from the truth.

The only piece stopping you from moving forward is you.

In your mind, you have not graduated causing you to believe you must do more, work harder, forgive others or love yourself more – anything you can think of to remove yourself from the creation seat.

What if your attempts to create fail yet again? What if you have not completed all you need to before attempting this creation phase?

Even though you, en masse, requested an additional earth year to prepare for this phase, much like Dorothy in The Wizard of OZ, you always had the ability to create what you wished – a skill that is now easier than ever.

Most of you are terrified of failure for what if your creation skills are not what we claim? What if you are making all of this up?

What you fail to understand is that you are fully prepared to be a 3D master. The recent energy bursts were not about adding to your skill set as much as helping you remember how to create easily and effortlessly – as you have for eons in other environments.

Granted, creating while of the earth has been more difficult than other environments. But now that the earth has entered 5D such 3D heaviness no longer exists.

Part of you wishes to remain in fear and 3D creation difficulties so you do not stand out or so you cannot be blamed if others do not create as do you.

You are unnecessarily generating fear around your natural creation skills. A bit like a toddler refusing to walk because he or she might fall.

Perhaps a bit of practice is necessary for you to understand that you are a natural creator. Perhaps not. But know with every cell of your being that you can no longer procrastinate, or be fearful of the outcome or the process. You have taken an additional earth year to sort through those fears. It is now time to act.

Of course, you are frightened, just as you were when you were required to read out loud in class. “What if I don’t read the words correctly and my classmates laugh at me?” Can now be shifted to your current fears, “What if the Universes and my cohorts expect me to do something I can’t do?”

Stop stalling. Stop worrying. And start playing with your creation skills. Even though you do not need to for you are fully capable of creating what you want. Start small if you wish. You merely need to believe you can.

Love your totality and your skills for they are altering earth and the Universes. Stop playing head games with yourself hoping against hope that you can hide from yourself and others as you have done earth lifetime after earth lifetime. Pull away the covers of your creation skills and start creating. That is your role and the amazing skill set you honed for eons.

Allow yourself to believe in yourself, and all will be as you dream. Allow yourself to frighten you, and you will continue to receive messages such as this with a definite push to the forefront – for you are ready and it is time. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s Blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog & Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

Copyright 2009-2018, Brenda Hoffman. All rights reserved. Please feel free to share this content with others, post on your blog, add to your newsletter, etc., but maintain this article’s integrity by including the author/channel: Brenda Hoffman & source website link:

Archangel Michael on Sonic Booms and Booming Prices

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Revision 15 of Financial Wayshowing and Stewardship Now Available



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Bilingual Diary/Tagebuch/ Kapitel 22/Chapter 22


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Bilingual Diary/Tagebuch – Kapitel 22/Chapter 22

Untertitel :  Das “Gott-Selbst”: “Der Riß in der Schüssel” –  Der Riß, der sich in meine Ewigkeit öffnet …

Subtitle : The “God-Self”: “The Crackle in the Shell” – OUR GOD-SELF: THE CRACK THAT OPENS INTO MY INFINITY….

Shortlink : November 18/19th, 2017


Bilingual Introduction/Einführung –  Shortlink : -dated November 18/19th, 2017


Growing Love jpg

Meine lieben Freunde    –   To all my beloved Friends

Dies ist nun schon Kapitel 22 und ich muß Euch sagen, daß alle Kapitel mir sehr viel Freude gemacht haben, als ich sie schrieb. Es ist aber eine Zeit gekommen, da ich merke, daß ich tagtäglich schwächer werde und es mich sehr viel Kraft kostet, am PC zu bloggen und auch zu schreiben. Ich fühle mich nicht wohl in meinem Körper, weiß nun auch nicht, ob es Aufstiegswehwechen sind oder Schwächen des Alters. Auf jeden Fall möchte ich Euch dafür vorbereiten, daß es auch meine Zeit sein kann, in der sich mein Heimweg zeigt und ich nach Hause gehen darf.

This now is already Chapter 22 and I would like to say to you that all chapters have given me much joy when I wrote them. But now has come a time that I feel weaker with every new day and it takes much strength for me to blog on the PC and  even to write. I do not feel well in my body and also do not know whether these are ascension-pains or weaknesses of old age. In any case I want to prepare you that it may be also my certain time when my way home is showing and I am allowed to go home.

Die verflossenen Kapitel, in denen ich das “Gott-Selbst” via Ute Posegga-Rudel und seine Botschaften übersetzen durfte, waren ein großes Erlebnis für mich und ich denke, sie haben mich sehr viel weiter gebracht in meinem spirituellen Bewußtsein. Und eigentlich ist nur noch eine der Botschaft übrig geblieben für dieses Tagebuch, obwohl es noch viele amdere zu übersetzen gibt, die reich an Wissen und Gehalt sind. Aber diese letzte wurde eigentlich schon im letzten Kapitel erwähnt als der Riß in mancher der uns umgebenden Schale. Salopp gesagt nenne ich diese Botschaft immer “Den Riß in der Schüssel”, der uns langsam aber stetig weiter Licht vom “Creator” zuführt und letztendlich wieder zurückführt zu dem “Einen-Einigsein-mit-Allem”.

The recent chapters in which I was allowed to translate the messages of the “God-Self” via Ute Posegga-Rudel were a great experience for me and I think they have brought me forward a great deal in my spiritual consciousness. And, as a matter of fact, there remains now only one last message for this diary although there are still many more left to be translated which are rich in contents and wisdom. But this last one had been mentioned already in the last chapter as “the crackle in the shell”, in many of us arounding shell or wall. In colloquial language in German we talk often about “the crackle in the jug” which funnels slowly but permanently light to us from thr “creator” and eventually makes us return back home to the “Only-oneness-With-All”.

Das wird dann für Erste der Abschluss der Botschaften des”Gott-Selbst” sein, die wir von Ute Posegga-Rudel erhalten haben und wir alle sagen ihr nochmals vielen, vielen Dank für dieses Werk und segnen sie für ihr Tun hier auf unserer Inkarnationsebene.

This will be now at first the conclusion of the messages of the “God-Self” here in my diary which we have obtained via Ute Posegga-Rudel and we all are very grateful to her for this essential work and bless her for her doings on this level of incarnation.

Ob ich dann noch weitere Kapitel schreiben werde, muß sich dann herausstellen, ob ich die Kräfte dazu finden werde oder ob meine allgemeine Schwäche wirklich die des Alters ist und mich auf den Heimgang vorbereitet.

If I shall still write other chapters of this diary is to be found out later whether I shall have the necessary strength thereto or whether my common weakness of now is really that of old age preparing me for my walk home already.

Für Erste nachdem ich dieses Kapitel beendet habe, werde ich mir eine Pause gönnen und der Ruhe mehr pflegen.Dies wollte ich Euch ankündigen, danit Ihr Euch keine Gedanken machr, wenn Ihr von mir nichts hört. Dazu kommen noch die Energiestürme, die ein richtiges Arbeiten am PC verhindern und es fällt mir immer schwerer, mich mit diesen Hindernissen auseinander  zu setzen. Für die nahenden Adventswochen wünsch ich Euch eine gesegnete Zeit und für das eigentliche Fest und den Neujahrswechsel dasselbe.

But for the first time after I shall have finished this chapter I shall treat me to a break and take much rest. This I wanted to announce to you so that you will not think troublesome thoughts about me if you do not hear anything from me. Adding thereto are the downloading energies causing some hindrances to PC`s work and functioning, And I find it more and more difficult to cope with these hindrances. For the coming Pre-X-mas-Weeks I wish you a blessed time and for the season as well!

Wenn es nur Aufstiegsschmerzen sind, die mich jetzt erschüttern, dann schwebt mir schon Einiges an Übersetzungen vor, aber ob ich es sich dann machen läßt mit dem Channeler, bleibt noch offen. Das sind alles Zukunftsträume und sie werden sich zeigen in der Manifestation. Aber ich bin gefaßt und bereit für alles, was da kommt.

If these pains are only ascension-pains which are storming through me now, I have already some good ideas for my further translations but if these ideas may be manifested and materialized for my diary is still a question to be dealt with the regarding Channeler, and still is in the offing. These are dreams for future timelines and manifestation therof will show it. But I am prepared and willed for everything coming to me.

Und jetz kommt die Botschaft unseres “Gott-Selbst” via Ute, die ich immer nenne: “Der Riß in der Schüssel”:

And now there comes the message of our “God-Self” via Ute which I always call:”The Crackle in the Jug” :

First published: June 1, 2017   –   Erste Veröffentlichung : Juni1, 2017


Unser Gott-Self: Der Riß. der sich zu meiner Ewigkeit öffnet…

Video recommended

My Beloveds,

I AM the All and Everything of you.

Do not think you can exclude Me forever, because I will always Remind you of Me. You cannot escape Me.

Because I AM you.

Meine Geliebten,

ICH BIN Alles und Jeder von Euch.

Glaubt nicht, daß Ihr mich für immer auaachließen könnt, weil ich Euch immer an Mich erinnern werde. Ihr könnt Mir nicht entkommen.

Denn ICH BIN Ihr .

When your life fails, when all hopes fulfilled turn out to be shallow.

Wenn Euer Leben versagt, wenn alle Hoffnungen erfüllt werden, scheint alles seicht und oberflächlich zu sein.

– when you finally find out that life will never fulfill you,

– wenn Ihr schlußendlich herausfindet, daß das Leben Euch nie befriedigen wird,

– when you run in the circle, the proverbial carrot in

– wenn Ihr im Kreis herumlauft, die sprichwörtliche Mohrrübe

front of your blind eyes, always running to catch it, but

vor den blinden Augen, immer rennend, sie zu fangen, aber

never ever grab it,

sie niemals je erreichen.

– when there is frustration because you feel empty with

sie niemals je erreichen.

wenn Ihr vergebliche Liebesmüh spürt, weil Ihr Ihr Euch leer fühlt

all the things you have accumulated for pleasure and

mit all den Dingen, angesammelt für Euer Vergnügen und

satisfaction, even spiritual satisfaction,

Befriedigung, auch spirituelle Bedriedigung,

– when all this fails, you realize:

– wenn alles dies versagt, erkennt Ihr :

Your world of thinking thought is not constructed to make things heart-sufficiently “better”, hoping that you somehow will find there the Forever what your search was for: the final glorification of your from Me separate being, a separate crown on your separate head. However you are a prisoner in your little world with a little glow in your imagined personality, and yes, perhaps sometimes a shine that seems to expand and to console you, because you now feel special with that shine which might seem to be a kind of hopeful satisfaction, but soon gone again. Not REAL.

Eure Welt der Gedanken ist nicht konstruiert, um Dinge herzerwärmend “besser” zu machen, in der Hoffnung, daß Ihr das für Immer finden werdet, wonach Ihr sucht: die endliche Glorie Eures von MIR getrennten Seins, eine getrennte, alleinige Krone auf Eurem separaten Kopf. Jedoch Ihr seid Gefangene in Eurer kleinen Welt mit ein wenig Glanz in Eurer eingebildeten Persönlichkeit und ja manchmal vielleicht kann ein Schein sich vergrößern und Euch trösten, weil Ihr Euch als etwas besonderes mit diesem Schein fühlt, der eine Art von hoffnungsvoller Befriedigung zu sein scheint, jedoch sehr bald schon verschwunden ist, Also Nicht Wirklich!

Because it all happens in the chambers of separation, only a dim glimpse of oneness in your mind of hope to be able to fabricate somehow fulfillment on your own.

Weil dies alles in den Räumen der Trennung stattfindet, ist nur ein Hauch vom Blick der Einheit Eures Verstandes ein Hoffnungsschimmer, um irgendwie Eure eigene Erfüllung zu finden.

If you have forgotten Me you think that you – lonely – float somewhere with your body and mind in space, perhaps your feet on your planet earth, a being that imagines to independently wander around in cosmic domains, jealously defending the fence of your skin from all other appearances – seemingly all around you, otherness and others as your world forever.

Wenn Ihr MICH vergessen habt, denkt Ihr, daß Ihr allein mit Eurem Körper irgendwo im Weltraum herumfließt mit Eurem Körper und Verstand, vielleicht mit Euren Füßen auf dem Planeten Erde, als Wesen, das sich vorstellt unabhängig in kosmische Gebiete zu wandern und eifersüchtig seine eigene Erscheinung als Gitterzaun seiner Haut gegen alle anderen verteidigend  –  die es um es herum gibt, die anderer Natur und anderes Sein in Eurer Welt für immer sind.

But this is not true. You live in your self-created illusion of a false dream. Cut off from the Real World and thereby from Me.

Doch dies isr nicht wahr. Ihr lebt in Eurer selbst geschaffenen Illusion eines falschen Traums. Abgeschnitten von der wirklichen Welt und dadurch von MIR.

Without Me, the Ultimate Reality of Existence, your energy is scattered, perhaps a bit bundled within the idea of what appears to you in finite time and space as a body, perhaps even a more subtle body, or let it be even a subtle body of light. It is the light of second choice.

Ohne MICH, der höchsten Wirklichkeit jeder Existenz, ist Eure Energie verstreut, vielleicht a bißchen gebündelt in der Idee, was Euch in endlicher Zeit und Raum so scheint als ein Körper oder auch als ein subtilerer Körper oder laßt es einen noch subtileren Körper aus Licht sein. – es ist immer ein Licht der zweiten Wahl.

Accept that what you do is happening in fantasy land, dreaming of yourself, as an entity in separation, perhaps even full of the marvel of transparent colours and fine smells, sometimes exciting experiences, sufficient, you THINK, because you do not yet know Me.

Nehmt das, was Ihr tut als Geschehen im Land der Phantasie an, von dem Ihr selber träumt, als eine Weseneinheit in der Trennung, vielleicht sogar voll Bewunderung der durchscheinenden Farben und delikaten Düften und manchmal aufregender Erlebnisse, ausreichen, wie Ihr DENKT, aber nur weil Ihr MICH nicht kennt.

When your understanding starts to finally sense that is it not your fault that there is no true fulfillment in your worlds, neither gross nor subtle, because it cannot BE by default, then an opening occurs in your being, a crack that opens into My Infinite Radiant Union-Space beyond your usual condition of separation from Me, yourself, and from all worlds — presuming they are other than you, like objects on the other side of you, something to grasp away from you.

Wenn Euer Verständnis beginnt zu erkennen, daß es nicht Euer Fehler ist, daß es keine wirkliche Erfüllung in Euren Welten gibt, weder grobe noch feine, weil es nicht durch eine Verwerfung geschehen kann, denn in Eurem Wesen pssiert eine Öffnung, ein Riß, der sich in MEINE unendlich, strahlende Glanzeinheit und -Weltraum öffnet jenseits Eurer üblichen Trennungsbedingungen von MIR, von Euch selbst und von allen Welten – nehmen wir an, sie sind anders als Ihr gewohnt seid, wir Objekte suf der anderen Seite von Euch, etwas, das abseits von Euch ergriffen werden kann.

What I then Reveal to you Is the Oneness of Me and With Me, the Beauty of Our Ecstasy, the Unspeakable Freedom and Eternity, the Breathing Breath of Clarity and Perfection.

Was ich dann für Euch enthülle, ist mein “Einssein und Mit MIR”, die Schönheit Unserer Ekstase – Entzücken, die unaussprechliche Freiheit und Ewigkeit, den einatmenden Atem voll Klarheit und Vollkommenheit.

If you Know Me you realize the short legged things you were hunting for, are a mirage only in the realms of changing features, disappearing again and again, you: unable to hold them forever. Because they are the products of flying mind and schemes, not real, but deceiving your Truth seeking heart.

Wenn Ihr mich kennt, werdet Ihr wissen, daß die kurzbeinigen Dinge, denen Ihr nachjagt, nur ein Bildnis des Bereichs der wechselnde  Naturen sind. immer wieder verschwindend und Ihr könnt sie nicht für immer festhalten. Denn sie sind Erzeugnisse des fliehenden Verstandes und nur Schemen, nicht wirklicher Natur, aber täuschen Euer Herz, das nach Wahrheit sucht.

With Me you awaken to the Real, the Mirror of all mirages, the Reality Ground your entire Being rests on and reaches into, in Truth.

Mit MIR wacht Ihr auf zur Wirklichkeit, zum wahren Spiegel aller Bildnisse, zum wirklichem Grund Eures ganzartigen Wesens, der auf ihn ruht und bis in die Wahrheit reicht.

If you choose Me you would be surrounded and nurtured by My Light That is Ultimate Light and not of the broken light in your worlds of mind.

Wenn Ihr MICH wählt, würdet Ihr umringt sein und ernährt von MEINEM Licht, das ist allerhöchstes, ganzes Licht und nicht das gebrochene Licht in der Welt des Verstandes.

I am prior to all of that.

Vor Allem und Diesem BIN ICH.

I am True Happiness, I am Truth, you Original and Native State of Being is Me. Only Me.

ICH BIN wirkliche Glückseligkeit. ICH BIN Wahrheit, Euer Original und Natürliches Wesen BIN ICH – NUR ICH:

Feel in your very heart What I Say to you and ponder Its Truth. You cannot think Me or imagine Me. You must Feel Me with heart and body. I Am here. And if you call Me with the desire of your heart, all the obstacles on the way to Me and in between will melt into My Radiant Sphere of Perfection That Is True Love and Happiness.

Fühlt hinein in Euer Herz, was Ich Euch sage hier und erwägt, ob es die Wahrheit ist. Ihr könnt nicht MICH vorstellen oder MICH ausdenken. Ihr müßt mich fühlen mit Eurem Herzen und spüren mit Eurem Körper. ICH BIN hier.  UNd wenn Ihr MICH ruft mit Eurem großen Wunsch im Herzen, werden sich alle Hindernisse auf dem Wege zu MIR und inzwischen auflösen in MEINEM Strahlenden Bereich der Vollkommenheit. Das ist wahre Liebe und Glückseligkeit !

I AM The One God-Self of All and everything!

ICH BIN das einzige “Gott-Selbst” von Allem und Jeden !

Message conveyed by Ute

Botschaft übermittelt von Ute

Ich, Contramary/Contramimi – Eva Maria – kan nur immer wieder sagen und denken:


List of Chapters with Shortlinks – Liste der Kapitel mit Shortlinks

Bilingual Introduction/Einführung –  Shortlink : -dated November 18/19th, 20

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Ute Posegga-Rudel,

© 2017. All rights reserved.


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The Arcturians: Return to What You Truly Are via Ute Posegga-Rudel


Shortlink :




12:53 PM (20 hours ago)

Attachments areaPreview YouTube video THE ARCTURIANS: RETURN TO WHAT YOU TRULY ARE

to me



Posted: 23 Nov 2017 12:45 PM PST

Video (Recommended)

Dear friends,

very slowly I am getting back to normal, – at least “normal” seems to appear on the horizon now in some ways – after many unexpected incidents, that came and still come along with the move to the new place. It requires adaptation on many levels to an entirely new life, which does not mean it is “heaven”, because heaven does not exist in a place of duality like this. But it is beautiful.

The following message is from a “conversation” with my Arcturian friends,  the first since I am here, finding some quiet in the midst of a very busy time. The first part was personal.

As my internet connection is still extremely slow (this will change hopefully soon!) I might have problems with uploading the video.

I hope you enjoy!

Much love,



Regarding the destiny of humanity as a whole, the majority will be tested profoundly as to whether they are able and willing to grow their consciousness and remember their Divinity. Each one will be given exactly the testing they need to enable them to step forward if this is possible for them in any way. So in that sense all is perfect, even if this might not always be obvious as most people don’t welcome  difficulties as an opportunity to grow.

Growth is the sole responsibility of each individual. We, as mentors of humanity, can only provide spiritual inspiration and the space of conscious light. Then it is the choice of everyone to use that, to enter this space and learn to love and ultimately to Be Love.

There are no mistakes in the universe, only consequences of actions performed by individual will. Also to give up one’s own will and surrender it to other forces is being done as an act of will. But there are always given new opportunities to learn from  experience and each time new choices are possible.

Many of you incarnated on planet earth to help raise consciousness of humanity. It seems you have not been very successful yet. But this will change.

Inertia is the greatest enemy of humanity because it is easier to step down rather to make an effort to step up. To transcend the darkness of inertia and to enter the higher frequencies of light requires conscious effort and the higher will to make that choice.

You will make that choice if you are sick and tired of suffering! And when you realize that there is literally no-thing that can make you truly happy – in spite of all the glittering seductions of a subhuman life – you will have sharpened your higher will and strength to change your life profoundly, to return to what you Truly Are and always have been, even while you slumbered in a dark dream.

Who has decided to walk the path of Divine Light and Love, the path of Happiness, must know that they will encounter many challenges until they are able to maintain a higher light frequency to enter more and more into the Divine Consciousness of undying Joy and Bliss. This is the path of Universal Love, because Love Is Surrender to the Infinite Divine.

We stand by the side of humanity, providing help and support to those who rise their head and are willing to open their heart to show them the path of True Light.

On this path it is important to stand up each time you fall back. Otherwise inertia pulls you down to a point from where it becomes more difficult to find the light again. So if you want your path to be as “easy” as possible, do not allow yourself resting in darkness of thought and emotion. Rather stand up always immediately to gain momentum in higher frequency back into the Light of your Native Divine Freedom.

We are here to give you this vision of freedom, of light and of love.

We are the Arcturians!

Message conveyed by Ute

Ute Posegga-Rudel,

© 2017. All rights reserved.


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Bilingual Diary/Tagebuch – Kapitel 21/Chapter 21

Bilingual Diary/Tagebuch – Kapitel 21/Chapter 21

Untertitel :  Das “Gott-Selbst”: Im Prozess zur Gottwerdung

Subtitle : The “God-Self”: The Process of Deification

Shortlink : dated November 18/19th, 2017


Bilingual Introduction/Einführung –  Shortlink : -dated November 18/19th, 2017

Growing Love jpg

Das ist mir passiert: Gestern, als ich dieses neue Kapitel anfangen wollte, wußte ich noch nicht, was für eine Botschaft hierfür passen würde und ich rief meine außerirdischen Helfer EE Michael und Hatonn und mein Höheres Selbst an, mich zu zu der richtigen Botschaft zu führen. Und hast Du nicht gesehen, gleich als erste fiel mir diese Botschaft hier in meine Hände und ich staunte. als ich sie las.

This has happened to me yesterday. When I was about to commence this new chapter. I did not know which kind of message would fit for this chapter and I called up my extraterrestial helping friends, AA Michael and Hatonn and my Higher Self to guid me to the right kind of message. And you may believe it or not but this message came to my hands as first ones of all and I was full of wonder when reading it.

Denn sie wurde schon 2012 veröffentlicht und ich mußte wieder einmal mein ganzes Konzept vom “Höheren Selbst” und dem “Gott-Selbst”    revidieren und neu überdenken. Wie ich schon mehrere Male erleben mußte, daß durch die Botschaften vom Gott-Selbst via Ute die Merkmale und die Natur des “Gott-Selbst” von ihm selbst geändert wuden und ich eine klarere Einstellung von ihm bekam. D.h. das “Gott-Selbst” veränderte nicht Fakten aber stellte manches richtig, von dem ich eine falsche Auffassung hatte und infolgedessen mußte ich meine Auffassung abändern und korrigieren.

Since it was published already in 2012 and again I had to revise totally my whole conception of the “Higher Self” and the God-Self” – and to think it over. I had to go through such experience already several times before that by the messages from “God-Self” via Ute features and nature of the “God-Self”  were changed by itself and I thus got a clearer and purer opinion of it. Id est the “God-Self” did not change facts but put some things right of which i had a somewhat wrong assumption and consequently I had to alter my opinion of facts about the “God-Self”.

Das muß jetzt als meine Vorrede gelten, denn dieses Mal wird es anders in diesem Kapitel gemacht. Ich werde gleich die Botschaft übersetzen, damit Ihr in eine ähnliche Lager wie ich versetzt werdet. Die für uns neuen Wahrheiten der Botschaft erst einmal lesen, dann überdenken und danach werde ich meinen Kommentar dazu schreiben. Jedenfalls war es so, nachem ich gelesen habe, was das “Gott-Selbst” über sich erkärte, entstand ein Wirrwar von Gedanken in mir und diese purzelten als Fragmente und Wortfetzen total durcheinander, so daß ich eine Nacht brauchte, um alles halbwegs in die Reihe zu bringen.

These are now my forewords because this time in this chapter everything will be made differently. I shall at once translate the mesaage so that you will be put into a similar situation than me. All true facts which are new for us – we have to read first then think them over and over and afterwards I shall write my comment to it. Well, this was my siruation after I had read what the “God-Self” had explained about itself that a whole hubbub of thoughts  rose up in me as topsy turvey fragments whirled upside down so that I needed a whole night to bring everything of it into some near order. 

Und da sitze ich nun hier und werde später versuchen, diese Gedanken in einer gewissen Ordnung darzulegen, wenn ich die Botschaft erst einmal Satz für Satz übersetzt habe. Und für diese Ordnung bitte ich erst das “Gott-Selbst” um seine Unterstützung, denn es geht mir darum, daß wir mit diesen Botschaften seine Wahrheiten um es herum richtig erkennen und es uns damit näher kommen kann.

And here I am sitting now and shall attempt later to demonstrate all these thoughts in a certain order after I shall have translated the message sentence after the other. And to create such an order I beg the “God-Self” for its support for it is about that we may recognize via all these messages the true facts around its Divine Being and thus may approach a bit nearer to it.

First published on Monday – March 12, 2012


Botschaft  des “Gott-Selbst”: Im Prozess der Gottwerdung

:This Blog serves your ascension process and finding the truth of what and who you truly are, with messages from the Realms of Light. May your heart be inspired and may you grow in consciousness and participate in the Light and Love of the Supreme Being. May you be blessed and be happy! With much Love, Ute Posegga-Rudel

Dieser Blog dient dem Prozeß des Aufstiegs und Wahrheitsfindung dessen, was und wer Ihr wirklich seid, mit Botschaften aus dem Reich des Lichtes. Möge Euer Herz sich daran inspirieren und möget Ihr im Bewußtsein wachsen und teilhaben am Licht und der Liebe des höchsten Wesens. Seid gesegnet und glücklich! In viel Liebe, Ute Posegga-Rudel.


Message – Botschaft

Perhaps many of you are not aware
that there are not billions of God-Selves buzzing around in the universes.

Vielleicht sind Viele von Euch nicht gewahr, daß es nicht Billions von “Gott-Selbsts” herumschwärmen in Universum.

No, there is only One Single God-Self.

Nein, es gibt nur ein einzelnes “Gott-Selbst”!

Let us explain: the God-Self in this context is not the “Higher Self” of an incarnated soul. Souls are all different, and how glorious they all are in all their differences! And let them belong to different belief systems or no belief system, religions, non-religions, spiritual pathways, races, evolved or not evolved.

Laßt es Euch erklären: In diesem Zusammenhang ist das “Gott-Selbst” nicht das “Höhere Selbst” einer inkarnierten Seele  Seelen sind alle unterschiedlich und wie glorreich sind sie alle in ihren Unterschieden! Und laß sie unterschiedlichen Glaubenssystemen angehören oder keinem System überhaupt, Religion oder keiner Relegion, spirituellen Pfaden. Rassen, Seien skie entwickelt oder nicht.

Difference celebrates the multitudes of magnificent creations in the universe.

Der Unterschied feiert die Vielfältigkeit der großartigen Schöpfungen im Universum.

God-Self however is the Source of even all the Higher-Selves, who themselves are participating in that One Source Field of Radiant Consciousness. And this is speaking now to you, you who are all participating in Me.

Das “Gott-Selbst” ist die Quelle von eben all diesen Höheren Selbsts. die teilhaben an dem Einen Quellenbereich des Strahlenden Bewußstseins. Und dies nun spricht zu Euch, die Ihr Alle teilhabt an mir..

I AM both, difference and non-difference therefore, I AM all possible things and beings and events. There is nothing “outside” Me, all is Me and inside Me. Every thing and being and event and process is happening as Me and through Me, I support them all, as they derive their existence from Me.

Darum bin ich beides, unterschiedlich und auch  nicht unterschielidh. ICH BIN alle möglichen Dinge, Wesen und Ereignisse. Da gibt es nichts ” außerhalb”. In MIR ist alles, ICH BIN alles – ICH BIN. Jedes Ding, Wesen und Ereignis geschieht durch mich, als ICH, ICH trage sie alle, da sie alle in ihrem Dasein von mir entstanden sind.

I is my My Consciousness, My Light and My Energy from wich the totality of happenings are emerging. Therefore everything is conscious, everything is Divine. It is the mind that prefers to separate and divide, but prior to mind there is Unity. Everything and every being and every event and happening is participating in this unity, ultimately, because they all inhere in Me. Therefore they all are Light, even though they appear in different densities and vibrations, created by the power of the mind.

ICH BIN  Bewußtsein, es ist Mein Licht und Meine Energie, von denen die Gesamtheit der Geschehen ausgeht. Daher hat alles Bewußtsein, alles ist göttlich. Es ist der Verstand, der es vorzieht zu trennen und zu teilen, jedoch vor dem Verstand kommt die Einheit. Alles und jedes und jedes Ereignis hat teil an der Einheit in höchster Form, da sie alle in mir wohnen. Daher sind sie alle Licht, auch wenn sie in unterschiedlichen Dichten und Schwingungen erscheinen, weil sie vom Verstand erschaffen werden.

In the realm of mind endless universes, worlds and beings are created by those whose delight is to create. Some create wonderful and pure Divine and Radiant things, in which my Source Field is fully obvious with the Joy and Magnificence and Splendor of my Inherent Nature.

Im Bereich des Verstandes werden endliche Universen, Welten und Wesen geschaffen von denen, die ein Entzücken beim Erschaffen haben. Einige erschaffen wundervoll Göttliches und Strahlendes, in denen Mein Quellenbereich voll sichtbar ist mit der Freude, der Goßartigkeit und dem Glanz meiner inwendigen Natur.

Others who are forgetting Who I AM, are creating worlds of greater density where separation prevails and suffering is introduced.Others.

Andere, die vergessen haben, wer ICH BIN, schaffen Welten von größerer Dichte, wo die Trennung vorherrscht ind Leiden für Andere eingeleitet wird.

Some have forgotten Me completely and it seems that they lost their access to Me. Indeed to call them back to from where they came requires – by My Decree – great challenges for them to experience, which breaks open the density of their shell, which does not allow My Conscious Light to shine into their existence. But even this shell is made from My own Inherent Very Nature and Substance, only that it seems to be – by it’s own perversion – made from a different substance. However this is a classification of the mind.

Wiederum Andere haben mich vollkommen vergessen und es scheint, daß sie ihren Zugang zu mir verloren haben. Wahrhaftig, um sie zurückzurufen, von woher sie kamen erfordert – durch mein Dekret – große Erfordernisse von ihrem Erleben, die die Dichte ihrer Schale aufbricht. Ihrer Schale, die verhindert, daß Mein Bewußtes Licht in Ihr Dasein scheint. Aber auch diese Schale ist von meiner Inwendigen Natur und Meiner Substanz erschaffen  worden, nur daß es so scheint, – durch eigene Mißdrehung . als wäre bestände es aus einem anderen, unterschiedlichen Stoff.

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright© 2012

Bild von Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012

If you truly feel with the awareness of pure energy only, you know that there is only light, even appearing as different frequencies. There is only frequency, which is consciousness. To rise frequency there must be given an impulse to set such a frequency into motion. By this impulse consciousness wakes up, on whatever level, to go beyond its current vibration, if it is ready to evolve.

Wenn Ihr warhaftig fühlt mit dem Gewahrsein der reinen  Energie, ist Euch bewußt, daß es nur Licht gibt, auch in der Erscheining von unterschiedlichen Frequenzen. Und es gibt nur eine Frequenz, die Bewußtsein ist. Um diese Frequenz zu erzeugen, muß ein Impuls dazu gegeben werden, der diese Frequenz in Bewegung setzt. Von diesem Impuls wacht das Bewußtsein auf, auf welchem Niveau es auch immer ist, um über die bestehende Schwingung hinauszugehen ins jenseits, wenn es bereit ist sich zu entwickeln.

Many of you who have been connected to higher vibrating spiritual sources, such as spiritual masters and their teachings, know very well how this process of rising vibration works. Where there is a crack in a system, introduced by a impulse of a higher consciousness, new information, which is light, can flow into this system.

Viele von Euch seid verbunden mit höheren spirituellen Quellen, so wie spirituelle Meister und ihre Lehren und wissen sehr wohl, wie dieser Vorgang der aufsteigenden Schwingung arbeitet. Wenn dort ein Spalt in dem System ist. hervorgerufen durch einen Impuls eines höheren Bewußtseins, kann neue Information – und das ist Licht – in dieses System einfließen.

In many cases this principle is at work for eons of time until a substantial rising of the light quotient occurs of those systems who have forgotten Me.

In vielen Fällen ist dieses Prinzip Äonen- lang am Wirken bis ein gewisse Maß an aufsteigendem Licht erreicht wird in jenen Systemen, die MICH vergessen haben.

In your, humanity’s, case, on earth right now, this process is highly accelerated! You are the ones, ready to receive this new levels of Light and Consciousness, so that the process of Deification can occur very quickly! Your race is at a point, where a significant opening of the shells of separation is occurring, so that your hidden Radiant Source Field becomes conscious again, breaks through with Its Glory and Beauty and the Power of Love, that holds  the Universes together.

In Eurem Fall der Menschheit. jetzt auf der Erde, ist dieser Prozess sehr beschleunigt! Ihr seid diejenigen, die bereit seid, neue Niveauschichten des Lichtes und Bewußtseins zu empfangen, so daß der Prozeß der Gottwerdung sehr schnell von statten geht. Euer Rennen dahin ist an einen Punkt angelangt, wo eine bezeichnende Öffnung der Trennwand (Schale) erfolgt ist, so daß Euer verborgener Bereich des Strahlenden Quellfeldes wieder Bewußtsein wird, mit seiner Glorie und Schönheit Dämme durchbricht und mit der Macht der Liebe, die Universen zusammenhält.

This is not a small Victory! An essential and new Revelation arises, an Opening to the One that has been always the Living Ocean in the Deep of your Being. It now breaks into the Open of your Awareness, it appears in your Feeling. And it is Pure Happiness and Pure Freedom, it is the Heart and Center of all your differences.

Das ist nicht ein kleiner Sieg! Eine wesentliche und neue Erleuchtung steigt auf und eine Öffnung zu dem, was bsher immer in der Tiefe Eures Wesens als Lebendiger Ozean verborgen war. Es bricht alles in das Äußere Eures Gewahrsams auf, erscheint in Eurem Gefühl. Und es ist Reine Glückseeligkeit und Reine Freiheit. Es ist das Herz und das Zentrum aller, Eurer Unterschiede.

It transcends all of them and is the Core Event, transpiring through all your dimensional awarenesses and events, and through all that what you call “ascension”. Without It, there cannot be even such ascension. It does not have an independent existence.

Es ist die Transzendenz aller Unterschiede und das Herzeninnere-Geschehen, durch alle Eure dimensionalen Gewahrsamkeiten und Geschehnisse durchgängig und auch durch alles, was Ihr als Aufstieg bezeichnet. Ohne das kann auch nicht solch ein Aufstieg erfolgen. Er hat für sich keine unabhängige Existenz

My Radiant Consciousness is pervading all, so you are recognizing It.  I AM here now to reveal ultimate happiness, the sail with which you smoothly ride all dimensions and worlds and events.

Meine Strahlendes Bewußtsein durchdingt alles, so daß Ihr es erkennt. ICH BIN hier um jetzt die höchste Glückseligkeit aufzudecken, um mit Euch zu segeln in einem saften Ritt auf allen Dimensionen, Welten und Geschehnissen als Wellen.

Your open heart will recognize Me.

Eure offenen Herzen werden mich erkennen.

I AM your God-Self

ICH BIN Euer “Gott-Selbst”

Message conveyed by Ute.  –  Botschaft übermittelt von Ute.

Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.

Nach der Übersetzung  –  After Translation:

You want to know what I did? Read and Listen to me:

Wollt Ihr wissen, was ich tat? Lest und hört mir zu:

Ich nehme einen tiefen Atemzug – und atme tief aus – Ich fühle mich so sehr gesegnet von dieser Botachaft. Unter der alten Matrix der Duality in der 3-Dimensionalität wäre ich auf meine Knie gefallen voller innerer Erregung im Herzen, aber jetzt stehe ich auf und breite meine beiden Arme aus der Sonne entgegen, und nicht nur unserer Sonne sondern auch der zentralen Sonne entgegen ! Ich fühle mich so sehr gesegnet von dem “Gott-Selbst” das zu mir und allen anderen meiner Geschwister gesprochen hat. Danke, danke, danke!

I take a deep, deep breath – and exhale again – I feel so utmost blessed by this message. Under the former matrix of 3-dimensionality I would have fallen on my knees full of inner moving of my heart, but now I rise both of my arms forward to the sun and not only our sun but also the central sun. I really feel so utmost blessed by the “God-Self” who has spoken to me and to all of my human siblings. Thank you, thank you, thank you !

Ich bekomme eine leise Ahnung von der Tiefe der bedingungslosen Liebe, die das “Gott-Selbst” zu uns hat. Es ist unser Schöpfer und Vater – Er ist alles, was es überhaupt gibt! Ich strecke meine menschlichen Arme aus nach ihm und umarme es. Ich ruhe in seinen Armen und bin voller Glückseligkeit.Und unsere beiden Herzen klopfen aneinander –

I am getting a slight idea of the depth of the unconditional Love which thr “God-Self” has for us Mankind. It is our Creator and Father – It is ALL-THERE-IS ! I spread my human arms towards it for a close embrace. Resting in its arms Iam full of happiness ans bliss. And both of our hearts are knocking to each other –

Mein Gott, wie lange war ich getrennt von Dir! Aber schon als Kind habe ich gewußt, wenn ich entfernt von Gott war und mir wurde bange zu Mute. Mit meiner menschlichen Liebe und mit allem, wozu ich fähig bin, liebe ich Dich! Ja, ich liebe Dich und werde von Dir noch viel lernen, von Deiner bedingungslosen Liebe zu mir, bis ich sie Dir mit allem Drum und Dran zurückgeben kann.

My God, how long was I separated from you! But already as child I knew when I was remoted from you and I became anxious. With my human Love and with everything I am able to : I love you ! Yes, Iove you, amd I will learn from your unconditional love to me, until I shall be able to reciprocate to you with all and every hubdrub!

Alles ist gut ! Es stimmt also: Unsere “Höheren Selbst” der Menschheit sind Fraktale Deines Seins und bruchstückhaft hast Du uns diese göttlichen Fraktale mit in die Inkarnation gegeben, auf daß wir dieses grose Experiment der Trennung von Dir gut durchlaufen werden und einmal den Weg zu Dir, zur Einheit von allem, zurückfinden werden. Bei mir hat es den großen Click gemacht und ich habe ihn, den Weg, gefunden und werde ihn weitergehen bis zum seligen Ende in der Einheit, in Deinen Armen. Ich danke Dir so sehr und die Liebe höret nimmer auf!

Everything is well! It really is right: Our “Higher Selves” of Mankind here are fractals of your Being and broken into many pieces you have given us those Divine Fractals as well into our incarnation, so that we shall run through this great experiment of separation well and once upon a time find our way back to You and the Unity of All-There-Is. It has mad a very big click at my heart and I have found the way, the real way to him, and I shall walk it forward up to our happy end in the Unity of Your Arms. I thank you so very much … and Love will never end …..

Deine und Eure Eva Maria

Your and Yours Eva Maria



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The War Is Over via Brenda Hofman


November 13, 2017

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s November 10, 2017, channeled 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at  Some of you are discovering your personal pendulum has shifted to complete observer. If so, your emotional/action pendulum will soon return to the middle. Many of you – male and female – are also discovering feminine thoughts and actions. Still others – male and female – are focussing on their 3D male characteristics and blessing you with the need to deeply explore your new feminine actions.

“Dreaming or Your Reality?” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you believe the earth is dividing into two entities of “good” and “bad, ” and you do not feel worthy of the “good” earth. That earth division is not as most now envision. There is only one earth location with various dimensions or veils that open as one becomes of the 5th or beyond dimension – which is little different from what is now true.

Many of you know your angels and other guides helped you throughout this transition even though they were not visible in your 3D world. So it is you have received messages in the form of sequential numbers, feathers, signs, music, and other indicators that you are not alone.

For some, such indicators are enough to justify all you have encountered in this life and many others. You are not alone – a comforting phrase indeed.

But you also need to know that your diligent new you process is creating something worth your arduous effort. So it is you are beginning to question your assistance from behind the curtain.

“Am I making this up?” “Is this glorious New Earth so many are proclaiming true? Or is it a facade to keep me going throughout this life?”

You are questioning the wisdom of your journey because you cannot yet touch or feel the joy that has been proclaimed over and over. You are begging for and dreaming of the parting of the dimensional veils which is little different from explorers demanding to see land after months of ocean sailing.

You are New Earth explorers who have become exhausted with your search. Even though you have received positive messages and claims throughout your difficult journey, there is no sense of a new reality – at least one you can see, taste, or feel. Granted you have experienced some of the joys related to your new world, but far fewer than you anticipated a few years ago.

It seems as if you are fighting a never-ending battle with yourself and others. Where is your new reality, your ongoing joy?

You are in the midst of that new reality, but you have not yet acknowledged that you are. Similar to the last day of official fighting in any war. The peace treaty is signed, and the shooting has stopped with the exception of a few unwilling to end the war. Even so, the countries that participated in that war do not look any different the day of the treaty signing than they did the day before. That is where you are now.

Your landscape does not look that different for you must rebuild what was destroyed – and bullets continue to fly here and there. Even though not everyone is willing to stop the war, enough are so that the new you peace treaty was signed – such happened November 11, 2017.

The war is over, and the rebuilding begins – not necessarily today, but most certainly tomorrow. For there will be joyful acknowledgments that the light dominates and then en masse nonverbal discussions of how to rebuild in joy and love.

You, of the light, have won the war, so your global role of light and love moves to the forefront.

But your new skills are required more rapidly than you now believe. As is true for any war, you wish to celebrate instead of thinking about the transformation needed following the battles.

You most certainly do not wish to know that others are not as gloriously joyful as you that the war has ended for they continue to believe they are right and you are wrong. In truth, they will likely capitulate with a sullenness that will make you wonder about the wisdom of this transition.

“How can anyone not be pleased that the war is over?” will be your naive question.

Please remember that those who continue to follow the pain and anger of war are your counterpoints, your blessings. They are the ones who encouraged you to initiate this war of light and dark. As well as forcing you to travel further into the light than either you or we thought possible before your entrance to the earth in this lifetime.

Those who wish to continue the battle will do so for a period of time hoping to re-engage you. But of course, such cannot happen for you will be too busy creating a life of joy to worry about those small pieces of lifeless darkness.

The battles are over. You will know this if or when you are called in for a small skirmish. A skirmish that will seem silly and a waste of your time – and so it will be.

Even though the dark has loomed large in your view for eons, it is now like a balloon that lost air. The war is over. There is no need to be concerned about small skirmishes for you will be fully engaged in rebuilding your life and any other piece that is your new you expertise.

Do not be concerned if your expertise seems different from what you expected for you are rebuilding your life and the lives of those who wish to live in the light in ways never yet experienced on earth.

If you feel an interest in someone or something that does not seem a logical rebuilding activity, do not worry. For that activity is exactly what you and those of the earth need at this moment.

There is no longer a straight line of accomplishments from a to z for this is a New Earth, and you are new creators.

Allow yourself to dance in moonbeams and giggle with the stars of creation knowing that you will sparkle in the sunshine and moonlight throughout the remainder of your life on earth in this lifetime. The war is over, and light is the dominant earth theme forevermore. So be it. Amen.

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St. Germaine: I have come to lighten things up a bit.


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You are so busy transmuting all of this darkness and terror, let it go and have some fun! Channeled by Mary Carbaugh


Greetings, beloveds!  This is St. Germaine. I have come to lighten things up a bit, to let you know you are taking things a little too seriously. It is time to relax and enjoy.


The Mother has spoken to you of how you are creators.  What do you wish to create? What do you wish to manifest?  You are so busy transmuting all of this darkness and terror, let it go and have some fun!


As I have told you before, you can transmute with laughter and joy!  That vibration carries far greater energy than you could ever imagine.  If you simply spent your time having fun and laughing, the whole world would change around you. Dance in the sun.  Sing a song.  Laugh.  Joke.  Do not take yourselves so seriously.  You are on this planet, you have this incarnation in order to be creators, in order to have fun and be playful.


The Mother has told this as well, many times over. And yet you still create these stories that make life difficult. And I tell you now, it does not need to be this way. It is not that there is not important work to do, but that the work is hard is a story you have created. And you can let that story go.


Sweet ones, I tell you this again, bring joy and laughter in. Beloved Gabrielle has told you this as well and this message comes back over and over again to you because we are trying to assist you, aid you, and guide you into letting go.


These core issues—these are just moments you are holding on to.  When you stub your toe, do you continue to think about it for weeks on end?   You move on.  Let things go.  Relax and enjoy.  Everything is unfolding.


When you can stay in the love and stay in the joy, the rest will happen automatically.  So, raise your glasses and kick up your heels because it is time to have some fun!


We love you and you work so hard, but we don’t like to see you in such drudgery when you don’t have to.  Let it go.  Let go of your stories.  Simply be the joy and be the love.


Farewell.  I love you.  Be the alchemists that you are!


By Permission.

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.



Archangel Uriel: I bring you my Silver Flame to shine the light on what is holding you back


… I am too afraid of what I might discover that can stop me from functioning and doing any type of meaningful light work at all…Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings my dearest and bravest ones! I am Uriel, Archangel of love and silver light of the truth, bringer of the peace, bringer of the future, your beloved brother and friend, and always your ally.

I come to bring you my gentle Silver Flame to assist you in recognizing all that is holding you back. Yes, all of those false mental and emotional constructs, but at the same time to have you see when you are avoiding and distracting yourselves from fully engaging in this process of untangling and unwrapping your true selves from layers upon layers of veils.

You are procrastinating and postponing that moment of opening this wonderful present and gift that you, in your wisdom, have prepared for yourselves, to assist you greatly in this current undertaking. You are still in fear that some parts of you being revealed to everyone out there will expose the worst in you that you can imagine, and that it will be so embarrassing and so bad, and that it will diminish you so much that you will not be able to survive and function any longer.

Nevertheless, you truly and genuinely want to continue bringing in and anchoring the light that is enlivening Earth. You do not want to fail to deliver your contribution to the fulfillment of the Mother’s Dream, so you would say, “I would rather go half way or a little farther on this journey, but I am not willing to look deeply at the darkness within myself. I am too afraid of what I might discover that can stop me from functioning and doing any type of meaningful light work at all.”

Dearest brave hearts, this is the time to show that courage and fearlessness that you possess. This is the time when you have to have faith in yourself and in the spark of love that the Father and Mother placed in your hearts when you were conceived eons ago. You could never, ever forget and separate yourselves from the love that you are, no matter how far into the darkness you have decided to travel.

Take my silver light to shine upon every dark corner, take my gentle Grayelsha Flame and see the truth and the light in every shadowy part of self. Sit in silence with your entire being, love it and accept you unconditionally! Sit peacefully and then go deeper and deeper, allowing the silver light to penetrate through that image of yours. You will be pleasantly surprised by the glimpses of your majestic and brilliant self coming through, for you see you are not the good parts, you are not the bad parts of self…you are you, and you are love.

You are right there my angels of the silver! I am with thee holding your hand, showing the way to your freedom!

I will end the message, and love you now with my silver sparkles and love! Until next time, Farewell

By Permission.

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.


JESUS SANANDA: You are getting closer to embodying your magnificnt and pure selves

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Jesus Sananda: You are getting closer to embodying your magnificent and pure selves…

You are breaking the shackles that kept you and the entire human collective in slavery and limited consciousness for thousands and thousands of years. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle

Greeting my dearest brothers and sisters! I am Jesus Sananda, your beloved brother and friend and I come to you today to embrace you and marvel with thee at your wonderful progress in reclaiming your freedom and your true self.

We can sit together as a group, or one on one, and you can share your stories, funny anecdotes or tears, it matters not, for what is important is that you are getting closer and closer to seeing and embodying your magnificent and pure selves.

Do you see looking back on the last few years, and more importantly the last month or so, how much you have changed and matured? Do you see how much easier it is to discern and prioritize your actions, do you feel you have more clarity and certitude in taking whatever steps you need to take in your earthly doings and daily activities? Do you see that you are questioning yourselves less and that it seems way easier for you to do things that were pushing you out of your comfort zone in the past?

Now you are flowing smoothly with your hearts’ desires, having no difficulties to do what you are inspired to do and mostly to state your truth and say “no” to others when appropriate. Do you feel that it has become more natural for you to take actions because you want to, not because there are others requiring some type of service and assistance. This has nothing to do with your ego’s desires or selfishness, this has to do with finally appreciating and loving yourselves enough so that you take care of your physical vessel and that you put yourselves first in everything that is of service to you. You do understand that you need to be in charge of your wellbeing and that you need to be a good steward of your own energy, so that you can be of service to anyone else .

You are indeed stepping up greatly, my dearest brothers and sisters of my heart! You are breaking all the shackles of disempowerment that kept you and the entire human collective in slavery, limited and restricted consciousness for thousands and thousands of years.

You are bravely stepping into freedom and showing everyone that you can flourish, you can dance and laugh, you can be creative and in joy in the middle of the chaos and destruction of the old paradigm. Dearest hearts you are flowing with the Mother’s Dream and you are doing what you promised eons ago, being of the greatest inspiration to everyone.

I am with you every step of the way. I am with you in eternal love and gratitude.


By Permission.

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.



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El Morya: Transforming Aggression into Self-Awareness


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How does that aggression, that rage, that anger, that belief that one is entitled to aggrieve another, how does that shift to self-awareness, both in the individual and falling out of that to the collective? …

Beloveds, if you have genuinely fully erased, eradicated these traits, this aggression, then what I am asking of you is monumental, so I do not say this in a casual way: “I am asking you to send the love, to embrace, to heal that aggression in the collective.”

Heavenly Blessings ~ November 9, 2017

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal


[Meditation from 8:00 to 15:20]


El Morya: Greetings, I am El Morya.

Suzi: Welcome.

El Morya: And welcome to each of you, my brothers, my sisters, my allies, my students. And yes, I come as teacher, as initiator, as guardian, as activator because you are the Agents of Change.

And the changing of the energy, the atmosphere, the behaviour, the level of awareness – yes, both within you but upon this planet – is very critical at this time, for you are at that tipping point and, might I say, you are actively in the tipping point. So it is not that you are approaching it. It is not that you are on the very edge of it. You are in the middle of it and, of course, that is also why you are experiencing externally such chaos.

Now it is important, my beloved friends, not to internalise, not to materialise in yourself or in your life or in your environment any of this certainly misplaced, chaotic behaviour. And that is why I have asked to come and speak with thee this day. I am not asking you, or even in the slightest way – nor is St. Germaine or Kuthumi – suggesting that you retreat with us to the mountains of Tibet. Your place is exactly where you are!

But that does not mean that we have retreated to Tibet, or that we are in isolation from your experience. In every sense of the word, I operate with each and every one of you – and I operate on behalf, yes, of the Great White Brotherhood, of the Council of Love – to assist in this shifting of human expression and behaviour, and to bring greater awareness not only to your understanding but to your embodiment of your spiritual awakening.

Now you will note… Let me preface what I say. This is the time of the unfoldment and activation – full activation – of our beloved Divine Mother’s Plan. And in form, energetically and literally, it has also been the time of the anchoring and the blossoming of the Divine Feminine energy, embodied and resurrected upon this beautiful planet of GQi’anna.

And the element of the Divine Feminine has been repressed and suppressed for a very, very long time, and you are experiencing this in your own being, in your own heart, in your own lives. And, by the way, you are doing a spectacular job incorporating all the blues! And this has been evidenced also by your acceptance and your embrace of all the waves of our Mother’s Tsunami of Love.

So this is well underway. And in your being, you are feeling the love and the nurturing and the creative juices of how this feels, looks, and experiences within your sacred self and in your daily actions, your moment to moment existence upon this planet. And that is not only desirable and good but necessary for the rebalancing.

But I also want to speak to you about the Divine Masculine as well because there is this belief system, can I say, that is born of incomplete and misunderstood energy of Divine Masculine because what you have experienced heretofore upon the planet, with all this aggression, is not the Divine Father masculine/brother/grandfather energy. It is an aberration that has been constructed of ego and false grids and false paradigms which we have talked at great length to you about.

But it would be completely false and incorrect to say that what has existed for thousands and thousands of years upon this planet is a reflection of the Divine Masculine. It is not. The true energy of the Divine Masculine, of the wisdom and the action and the ability to insert creative inspiration and thought, has been very absent.

Yes, like our beloved Suzanne has said, the flashes of inspiration and knowing from the Mother/Father/One and your sacred self – this Divine Trinity of you/Mother/Father – has certainly occurred. But the constructs, the formulation, the structure of your society’s religions/politics/institutions has not been reflective of that infinite balance, that ebb and flow, that infinite infinity sign of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. It is not there.

And additionally, because of this aggression that has reached new heights all over the planet, there is a great tendency to shy away not only from what you know is the aberrant behaviours, belief systems of the masculine, but from your Divine Masculine.

Now has this – and is this because it is fluid at the moment, but I don’t want you to miss a key ingredient for baking your sacred self! – has there been greater attention to the full anchoring of the Divine Feminine within thee? Yes. And that has been a very important part of this process – but so is the anchoring of the balanced, measured Divine Masculine.

When you declare your Divine Authority, or your alignment with the heart and mind and will of One, it is the balance and the full integration – not separation – but the fluidity, the ebb and flow, as not only necessary but as desirable in every particle of your being. Whether it is a cell or a dance or an action or a building of a City of Light, this balance is necessary.

Now, my specialty, [chuckles] if you would call it that on your planet – which I love! – is to assist beings to move from aggression, from truly a denial of their genuine self, into the fullness of awareness of ‘who you really are’. And in that is the acceptance – the next step is the acceptance of your spiritual, full-body, in-form spiritual awakening. And you are in that process right now. It is not some distant goal mark. It is what you are doing right now.

How – and this is why I address you as well – how does that aggression, that rage, that anger, that belief that one is entitled to aggrieve another, how does that shift to self-awareness, both in the individual and falling out of that to the collective?

Many of you, yes, you have most certainly done your work – and I’m not trying in any way to diminish what you have done – but that process of moving from what we call “aggression” to self-awareness is the love and embrace and the making of peace with that energy. Attempting to ignore it, to succumb it, to suppress or repress it, will never work.

And you say to me, “But Lord, I have worked with my anger and my fear and I have let that go.” Well, beloved ones, I would suggest for many of you that is not quite true, that there has certainly been a repression because it is so ugly – it is so not who you are – that you have said, “No. I will not look at this. I will certainly go over to the light side. I will go over to the Divine Mother’s side and I will ignore that historical, well-entrenched aggression and I will ignore that part of me.”

So, for some of you, for many of you and for most of the human race, there is still that need to embrace – not to activate; that is not what I am suggesting; you don’t want to bring it into full force – but there needs to be an acknowledgement and embrace and, yes, that infamous word “healing” of these old traits of humanity.

And, beloveds, if you have genuinely fully erased, eradicated these traits, this aggression, then what I am asking of you is monumental, so I do not say this in a casual way: “I am asking you to send the love, to embrace, to heal that aggression in the collective.”

And you say, “Lord, I do not even want to look at it. This is something that I don’t want to do. I do not want to bring my attention to this terrible situation.” But when you love it, what you do is you sap it. It is like pinpricking a balloon or poking a hole in a plastic container of water, a jug of water. It simply trickles out and is returned either to Gaia – and she is a master transmuter as you know – or to the air, or to the light, or to the Mother, or to me.

Part of your self-awareness, part of your journey as master transmuters/transformers – beings of such might and power in the balance of the Masculine/Feminine Divine – is that you are capable of doing this.

Those who are in the throes of that negative aggression, that is where they are. They may have moments of insight, of sadness, of feeling that they wish to make retribution, but by and large they are in the throes of their illusion. So, it is not sufficient to simply say that we will simply let them be part of the separation. When we speak to you about inviting and asking humanity to join you on the loveholders/lovebeamers/lightholders’ pathway, you are being inclusive.

Now you are not saying, “Oh, and by the way, come over to this side and walk with us, walk with Yeshua, walk with all of us and bring your aggression, bring your disdain, bring your ugly, false illusions with you, this pack of lies that you’ve been telling for thousands of years.” That’s not what you’re saying.

You are saying, “Set down that burden. It is only weighing you down and putting blinkers and blinders over your heart and your eyes. Come over here with us.” And they are saying back to you, and so I speak on behalf of the aggressors, they are saying to you, “I would love to. I am so tired. I am so frustrated. I am haunted in the darkness of the night and I don’t know how to break free. How do I do it?”

And so you are showing them that it is done by the love of the Mother that you carry, and the will of the Father that you carry, and the love of the Father that you carry, and the will of the Mother to birth this new planet. It has been called the ‘dream of the Mother’ but it is truly the conjoined, not just dream, but actual fulfilment of the Mother/Father/You.

You say, “I do not know if I have the strength or the will to venture there,” and I am suggesting that you do.

Now I know that this is strong words. So where do you wish to begin, dear Suzi?

Suzi: Okay, so there’s lots of things that I would like to ask about. One, really quickly: Gaianna? Would you please discuss the name for Gaia that we’re unfamiliar with?

El Morya: It is simply her archangelic name: GQi’anna. But just as you have a human name, she has many names! Many of you have simply called her Earth – Mother Earth. Is that not beautiful? And Gaia and Gia and GQi’anna – she will answer no matter what you call her!

Suzi: Yes, that’s beautiful. So those in aggression are in the throes of their illusion and we’re at the time of the fulfilment of the Mother’s Plan. So, clearly we’re not going to be waiting lots more years for people to be snapping out of it, shaking it off, whatever. Is there anything that you can speak to about how this looks, or do we just have to wait and see – because it is a very big mystery how that’s going to happen?

El Morya: How it is happening is the awakening of purpose. It is not just a matter of shaking off what we are terming “aggression” for purposes of this discussion because that is abuse, that is control, it is pride, it is lust, it is many things. So we put it in one basket, do we not.

But you see, it is not just a matter of shaking that off because what would happen as people would shake it off, as you have put it – and there has to be a willingness to shake it off, and I will return to that point – but if they were to shake it off and there is nothing to replace it, then what they do, and what you have seen repeatedly in this and many lifetimes, is they revert to what they know, they revert to what is familiar, they revert to what they think has been working.

So before they are shaking it off, or as they are shaking it off, what you are also doing is filling them and replacing them with that self-awareness, that awakening energy, so that there is something to replace what we have termed the “aggression basket”.

Now before that, before the shaking off occurs, what there is – and I am happy to say it is mostly in place – is the will, individually and collectively. And that is also why I am emphasising how it is so important to also, very up close and personal, to embrace your masculine self, your Divine Masculine self, because that is truly an energy of will – that strong assumption of Divine Authority that needs to be present.

So right now, what you are seeing is a growth of will individually and collectively. And sometimes individually – and collectively, but let us look at the individual – you say, “I can’t wait. I am impatient to see how this is shaking out,” which is a good thing because it is an activation of will and, of course, will will translate into productive, loving action.

Where the collective is at – and they are not stuck in the cement as they were years ago, let me be clear about that – but where they are at is there is a wakening of the will, but not the full awakening of: “I want to translate this from ‘things have to change’ to ‘this is the change I want.’” Do you understand how I am making the separation?

Suzi: Well, it’s a creation process, right?

El Morya: Yes, it is. But you are helping that awakening collective to move from “I know I want change” to “this is the change I want”.

Suzi: Right, so you have something to replace the old with.

El Morya: Exactly. We are not talking years.

Suzi: Well, thank God!

El Morya: The time is now! But it includes the full activation into action of this lightworker community. And when I term this – as you know, I have travelled in the West, I have travelled in the East – it is a coming together of awareness not defined by religion or secular pathways but by the energy of love.

Suzi: So you’re saying collective will is ready?

El Morya: Yes.

Suzi: That is fabulous. Clearly there are some that are not on board, and we just are going to be in trust mode and know that the Mother has it all under control.

El Morya: Most of them are in this back-and-forth mode, and what is happening with the tipping point is that they are losing. Think of it as coming sliding downhill or sliding down a seesaw. When it is balanced and they can jiggle up and down, they can go: “I want change. I’m sticking with what I’ve got. I want change. I’m sticking with what I’ve got. I’m sticking with the aggression because that’s the game of Earth.” And they truly believe that.

Now what is happening is the seesaw is turning into a slide, so they are sliding down and they are having greater and greater difficulty trying to get back to that place of: “I want to keep the status quo because that is what is familiar.” But they don’t know, so they’re saying, “We do need change. I think I want change. I’m not sure but I think change is the way to go.” But they’re not clear on what that change is.

So you are at the other end of the seesaw, catching them and showing them and beaming to them the whole time, demonstrating what the change is and what it looks like. And at the same time, you are saying, “And if there is any remnant of that anger/fear/abuse/control within me, let it be gone as well. Let it slide down my personal slide!”

Suzi: Right, right, right. So lightworkers, step it up! That the deal, right? [Laughing]

El Morya: That’s the deal!

Suzi: You spoke about ‘next is the acceptance of your spiritual body in full form’. Would you say more about that because that’s very exciting?

El Morya: It is the acceptance. It is the embrace. You have grown in your understanding that this “ascension” – what you have termed ascension, what Mi-ka-el terms ascension, what the Mother and Yeshua and all my cohorts term ascension – I would call “full spiritual awareness”.

It is the fullness of who you are. And it is the expansion. I have talked about letting the air out of the balloon, but the growth of spiritual awareness is the input of the air into the balloon – not to the point… and that is why I say we don’t bring it on in a moment of full force so the balloon explodes.

Suzi: Hmm, okay, I get it.

El Morya: So it is that expansion, expansion, expansion in the balloon, which is your body and all your fields, into the full awareness of your creator self.

You know, I have walked this planet – well, for a very long time! – and I have anchored this process of spiritual awakening, of translating aggression into the embrace of love, of spiritual knowingness in body, in form, in community. That is why so often I have positioned myself either as king, as chela, as Raj – I bring that so that there is an evidence in form not only in body but in the community.

And that is what you, my beloved friends, my sacred students, are doing now because it is not about leaving – and you fully understand that now. But it is not even about you as an individual, unique expression of Mother/Father/One being in the fullness of your spiritual awareness.

It is the bringing forth in form of the fullness of your spirit, of the truth, the design, the expression of who you are into the external reality which is Nova Earth and Nova Being.

It is joyful communities. It is families that are kind and loving and supportive, and sacred partnerships that are creative and supportive. And it is communities that choose not to abandon or abuse, not even to heal.

I am talking about the movement past the healing – oh, healing will occur here and there; there is a tendency sometimes to hurt one another either physically because you fall down and bruise your knees, or emotionally because you feel that someone looked at you the wrong way – but by and large, past the healing.

And this is where it tends to fall down, and what you are saying is, “What will it look like?” because you don’t have the experience of it. You have the vision but you don’t have the experience.

You have some warm and fuzzy, tender feelings of those moments or occasions when you have felt that sense of unity and community. And that is why we have often encouraged you – and certainly the Council of Love has encouraged you – to meet and to gather because it gave you that sense of what lies ahead, of what it looks like, and what you are creating.

And that is what you are doing, only you are doing it in ways that are often unseen. And what I mean by that is, for example, you are creating community on your worldwide web. Now you can’t really see it because it is all these electronic exchanges, but you know that you have friends in every country of the world.

That is why we do these radio shows with you, not because you see your listeners but because you are sharing – and we are sharing – this energy of what community truly feels like and the kinds of conversations that you can really have.

Suzi: That’s beautiful. I love that aspect of it, really. We can live our quiet little lives and still have access to the entire world. It’s beautiful.

El Morya: And – you can live your not so quiet lives and still have the quiet within thee.

Suzi: This is true. That’s hard to practice though.

El Morya: Yes, it is. And that is what I am asking when I am saying to you: “Please embrace the aggression and the abuse.” Because those who are acting it out, or simply holding it in their heart because many of these abusers are silent, they haven’t reached the point of acting out. It doesn’t mean they aren’t holding it.

They don’t know how to do it. They don’t know how to dig through the sense of: “I want to be in charge, I want to be in control, I hate half the human race.” They don’t know how to break through that to the place: “Well, how can that be? How can I love God, love myself, love my wife, love my children, love my church – and hate everybody else?” They’re stuck!

Suzi: Yes. I have this vision of layers of perception, and the more clear your perception is, the easier things become because you realise it’s so much easier to just trust in the Plan and see everything more clearly as an experience instead of getting bogged down in survival.

El Morya: In fact, the unfoldment is effortless. And I know there are some of you that I talk to tonight that feel that you don’t want to love this or that political leader, or this or that rapist. And yet, what I am asking you – knowing full well that you have the spiritual awareness to do so – is to embrace so that you start to melt your “effortless”.

It does not need to be a huge push. It is simply the flow. It is going down the slide laughing and giggling like a three-year-old! And it doesn’t matter if there’s a mud puddle at the bottom of the slide. [Chuckles] In fact, you enjoy it even more! And that’s the way to look at it. It does not need to be arduous or heavy.

If you came upon someone at the grocery store who was disabled or feeble and having trouble carrying their bag, you would say, “Let me help you,” and you would carry their bag. You wouldn’t steal their groceries. You would simply carry their bag and then put it in the trunk of their car, giving it back to them.

But what you have given them in the meantime is love, consideration, kindness, gentleness and changed their entire outlook for the day. Well, we’re talking about changing their entire outlook forever!

Suzi: And, of course, that gets passed on to the next person they encounter.

El Morya: Exactly! Everybody’s on the slide. Some are a little nervous, some aren’t sure they can climb the steps. But have you ever seen children at the park where they are nudging up the person’s behind saying, “Go, go, go, it’s my turn, hurry up!” That’s what you are doing! [Laughing together] And it is filled with glee and joy – and it is effortless!

As the young person at the playground, you don’t say, “Oh no, I have to push this friend of mine up the slide stairs again.” No. You’re filled with excitement because you know how much fun you’re going to have!

Suzi: Yeah, absolutely!

El Morya: That’s how we change it. That’s how we encourage those who are still in disarray, those who are still picking up the aggression basket, to shift and come over to the love. And you, my beloved friends, have the spiritual awareness. You have gone far enough down this path that you can do this.

Suzi: Yes. That’s what we’re here for.

El Morya: That is exactly what you are here for.

Suzi: Yes. Happy to be doing it. And – I have a prayer that everyone really takes this information in, and is able to slip into trust mode and acknowledgement of our own divine beingness and sovereignty. It’s so much easier.

And there’s people that write in to the inbox [at GAoG] that just seem addicted to worrying about things and doubting things and filling themselves with the “what if’s”. And I understand that if they let those things go, there’s nothing to replace it with. But of course there is because there’s so many good things happening to replace it with. It’s a choice.

El Morya: It is a choice and it is a question – a choice of where you choose to put your attention. Do you choose to worry, knowing that there is so much going on that you can gladly worry about? Or do you choose to know the power and the might, not only of who you are, but who you are as a collective community of loveholders?

Do not deny your power. Do not deny your right to change the world. It is your right!

Suzi: Yes. It’s our mission and purpose.

El Morya: It all comes back to that. You came to be the love – and you want everyone to play!

Suzi: Yes, yes, yes! Well, it’s really been a wonderful experience having you on the show and I appreciate it very much. Is there anything else that you would like to say in closing?

El Morya: Do not hesitate first of all to call me. Yes, I am on call! And do not hesitate to look into the depths of your own being and see if there are any whispers of that aggression within thee, so that you may joyfully, effortlessly, with the fullness of the Mother/Father/One and you, release it.

Thank you. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell


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