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  • It is more than 2 years ago when on Jean Haines’ Blog she posted an article about on May 9, 2012  with the Titel:

    ~Jean: Sharing My Viewpoints on Ascension and Channeling, May 9, 2012


    in the duration of our following discussion about this subject we shared many comments which now appear to me so valuable and prescient in a way that I decided to share it with all of you ,,, showing the “In-between-Gap” from then to now in which we have thriven further onwards by our persistent mind of “Keep on Keeping” along our individual path of Ascension. It was this time when I still did not know much about Internet and Blogging at all .. these were the prime times when I first met Brother Dave who later took me on his blog as Co-Author and with whom I have cherished a deepgoing Sould-Companionship until the Time of Now.

    Much has happened in the meantime and today I just read that in the morning I posted my very own 2,420th post ….. but it all started at that very point when we commented on Ascension and channeling about two years ago.

    I have still to disclose something else here … how I came to find this very post with all these comments on my InBox of Mail-Entry here today ,,, it is still a great riddle to me ,.. but as I meanwhile converse with my Celestial Guides quite openly I know very well that it was their particular doing here ,,,, to place such an “Erroneously Running Post” from someone else’s Blog on to my Mail-Entry ,,, so far advanced we have been in the lap of time from May 2012 !

    So for this reason I may request you to read what we commented at that time as it gave me quite some pleasure myself reading it again and how much right we were with all our hunches and sensations then, I copied it hereunder and may you enjoy

    and use it as fudder for your own thoughts which may – perhaps – raise the frequency level of your vibration still now !



    ~Jean: Sharing My Viewpoints on Ascension and Channeling, May 9, 2012

    Re-blogged from 2012: What’s the ‘real’ truth?”

    Since this is a thread about channeling, I think it is worth considering that not all channeling is intended as such but still carries a message that is greater then the author. The following video link comes to mind. John Denver singing the “Wings That Fly Us Home”. A song that I have always found highly inspirational but which carries a powerful message presented in a beautiful and empowering manner. And this is just one example out of many thousands where music and lyrics writers have carried forth divine messages. Peter Gabriels “Solsbury Hill” is another example that comes to mind immediately.

    • Jean says:

      I do love John Denver’s music! Many thanks for enlarging our ideas of the spiritual! I believe that is what David Wilcock was also talking about in his post yesterday. Hugs, ~Jean

      • It is easy to depend on outside sources, but the best source is always our own direct connection with the Divine. The work of a lightworker is to shine the light of truth and love. But to do so we must connect ourselves directly to it. Good avenues for everyone are prayer (talking to the divine and requesting answers), meditation (listening directly to the divine) and use of tools like dream journals and just paying attention to our dreams, just don’t expect everything to make sense immediately. Sometimes the information we receive must have to time to take root within our own consciousness, time to germinate and grow into a full thought, before we can understand it. The thing is that we all know the truth on a higher consciousness level. We just need to remember what we know and then the truth will set us free.

        Artistic and/or creative people, often function from a perspective where they are not bound to exact (artificial) meanings and through their creations are able to imbue their word, audio visual symbols with greater meanings, that will resonate with other people, each according to their own ability to understand. How many times have we all heard a song or viewed a painting and thought that is nice, and moved on. But then a few years later we hear or see it again and are find in it deep and soul motivating energies we did not experience the first time. That is because the first time the seed was planted and then over a greater time frame it took root within our consciousness and finally we were able to receive more of the fullness of its truth.

        Channeling is just one source of divine information for us. But the words can sometimes be their own trap, because no two of us understand the meanings of all words exactly the same, because our life experiences and and understanding changes the way we view words. Words are quite 2 dimensional and always subject to interpretation. Many of earth humanity today (more then you might expect) already know that to understand we must depend as much on our intuitive understanding as on the words themselves. Words are just symbols and we do not all perceive the symbols exactly the same. It is not a question of right or wrong but a question of understanding the energy behind the words. In the last 20 years, I have seen a constantly growing intuitive understanding emerging in all of humanity. People who I thought would never get it as they seemed so closed minded, are now awake and viewing life from a much fuller and less judgmental perspective.

        I also think it is very important that we be cautious about phrasing things in “absolute” or “polarized” terms. Even time periods are not absolute. Spirit is divine energy in motion, it ebbs and flows and though while sometimes the outcomes are somewhat predictable, like water spirit and truth always take the path of least resistance based upon the now, not the past or infinite possible futures. If resistance increases in one area, spirit will then adjust its flow of truth in another way to circumvent the resistance. Ultimately the great dam of ignorance that has held earth humanity back, will break. It has already been breached in many areas and the truth is flowing forward in many ways and through many paths. Those who thrive on fear and control are aware of the breaches and will try to patch them up leading to spirit and truth to then focus on another specific area. Because the dam has so many breaches now they cannot patch them all. Their are simply not enough of them left to manage it all. Truth and spirit have the upper-hand, and soon (in relative terms) the damn will break and all people will recognize the truth and blessings that await them. They will eventually realize all that has been kept from them.

        And on a last note, if you are in the floodpath, do the logical thing and move to higher ground knowing that the flood is inevitable. But if you don’t quite make it, don’t worry, life neither begins or ends with the physical body. You are eternal beings and have been through the cycle of life and death in this world many, many times. If you choose it, you will be able to be reborn into the rebuilt world. There is nothing to fear.

        The greatest challenge will be for those of us who have chosen to weather the times of change and after the changes to rebuild the world for all. Already, the scope of the physical calamities have been greatly reduced and mostly negated from the older prophecies and the false prophecies. There will be those who choose to transition to spirit to later be reborn into the new earth, and those who choose to weather the changes to be part of the rebuilding. That choice belongs to each of us.

        One last thought here…. It is said that the greatest prophet is one’s whose warnings do not come true, because they have so inspired others that they people themselves change their ways and the need for “dramatic” changes no longer exists.

        Blessings, love and light to all.

        • Contramary says:

          How deep and sage …thank you – Brother Dave …you gave me some further topics to dwell on thinking – I always pointed out that each human being has his/her very own truth …as I experienced so often that my speech indeed got altered in some way of its meaning before reaching the one for whom it was meant ….and that is one of the reasons that I like it simple ,,,
          all the time.To go back to simplicity via intellectual compressional structures appears to me a great achievement and even gift.
          Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me – thus adding to some more enlightment of mine.
          Love and Peace
          Om Shanti

        • Jean says:

          Thanks, Dave. I especially liked, “I also think it is very important that we be cautious about phrasing things in “absolute” or “polarized” terms. Even time periods are not absolute.” This creates so much negative energy! We don’t need anymore!!


  • Contramary says:

    Halleluja it works now !
    I have purposely not read all your comments dear Jean and Dear Community and Dear Professor of my Country unrevelling so precisely the difference between Lao Tse and Drunvalo Melchisedek:
    ” Each one coming from the adverse end of the other and ending up again from where the otherone has started – there must have been a point when they could have said hallo to the other one if they did not trod on parallel routes, isn’t it ?

    So what was my comment this morning? I wondered – you all know – here it comes again – I like it the simple way although intellectual unravelling is not an alien thing to me – and that’s why I like it simple!
    I wondered recently that due to the increasing posts of channelled messages so many jusr do not resonate with me and recalling what so often has been said to ask our inner heart for discernment I felt so much reluctant to read on and just had to put so many messages aside – simply stopped reading them up to their end.

    I thought about this my feelings and I found out that there is a period of time on our progress for ascension that these messages prove to be very helpful and enlightening for – I’d like to express it with: get going – starting on the return way and to find out about what has to be done to think and clear ones’s still 3-D-mind in order to deviate the spiritual direction adhered hitherto.
    Still after some time and much struggeling on this path everyone has to find out for him-/herself what will replenish spiritually his/her own inner heart and delights one’s soul.
    And this is done by vibration solely.
    As equally human vibration is being raised on this path to higher and higher frequencies – in the same way channelled messages will change their appeal to those reading them.

    I furthermore found out that it is not the matter of the wording or better “often teaching” of the channelled message which is beneficial and so important to the human reader but it is mainly the vibration a channelled message spreads over to the inner heart nourishing the thirsty human soul and stabilizing the once achieved vibrational grade of frequency.

    It is the frequent admonition given to us to use discernment and I think if we feel the urge to read a channelled message up to the end and when finished – if it leaves us with a certainwarm little smile on our face and in our heart – it is the right thing and the vibration of it has been beneficial to us to follow our path up and up furthermore — and I assume this is the beneficial target of all channelled messages anyway if they resonate with us in this way.

    But the flooding over of increasing messages very often do not relate to me as channelled messages of Et/3d still more of some intricate and more intellectual teaching of some already – in such a short time established personal views and fixed praisings of a newly fixed and sophisticated spiritual society which does not appear unfamiliar to me.
    I cannot help the suspicious thought that here some familiar aspects of 3-D-Matrix have only shifted to some finer and more sublime level but inherently being unchanged and pertaining to the old familiar Matrix.

    That is why I cannot accept many so-called “channelled messages” since when I use the above mentioned method of discernment :” do I feel their vibrations in my inner heart or not and do they leave a certain warm smile in my heart or not” they do not pass this test at all …..

    So for me the channellings of Salusa and the”Hour with an Angel” as transcripts (unluckily I cannot hear the videos of Drunvalo being halfdeaf these times but read his Flower of Life) and the daily message of Archangel Michael channelled by Ron H. and Marix – all these messages pass my method of discernment.
    I’d like to mention with regard to the latter, viz. Markix , that I do the translation of his weekly messages into English, so that I may tell you from my own sheer experience that his vibrations in concert with AAMichael are so dense and lively while I am translating – I am able to feel these spiritual “Higher Beings” at my side looking over my shoulder and even putting things in order when I make mistakes – not always of course but even often and more often.

    All the others channellings I regard just not being “my very Cup of Tea” although I sometimes read them and cherish some of them as very docile and philosophical enrichments – but none the less “No-Channellings” to me.

    At last and finally it is on us alone – each individual human being – to go along this our individual spiritual path in full accountability of any of our decisions and Free Will.

    Ascension also means growing up spiritually to an adult and leaving the School of 3-D-Matrix.

    Nobody can take this issue over from us – no channelled message – no Et/3d – no teaching other Fellow human – it is solely left to each of us solely to cope with this final task – we only may take the vibrational help of the messages – but doing it – keeping up our high vibrational frequencies and even achieve still higher degrees of vibrations – THIS ENTIRELY IS UP TO US ALONE!

    We have the same Issue –
    the have the same Target –
    we do not have the same Path –
    And through the Final …………….each of us has to go alone ….doing the quantum leap !

    This is the Real Truth unalterable in the end ……

    With Love to you all
    and Light of Inner Peace
    Om Shanti