Living on the Brink

Hatonn channeled by ContraMary

I, ContraMary am not sure how to proceed here with my new channeling from Hatonn. It does seem that I have been channeling since long ago. So I was told by another Channelmedium Sarinah and her two guides Marix and AAMichael. They too introduced Hatonn to me as my new and personal guide wanting to write through me.

I am very grateful to him having joined me and my life and I shall try my best when working with him.  And as I am what I am I always have to have some personal experience in my life which I have to sort out and use as a way of explanation for the topic that I deal with in writing. For this reason my channeled articles may fall out a bit of the usual order of channeled messages as I present myself with all my life experience still here on my path of ascension as the sample and object of Hatonn’s messages.

Living on the brink ? Yes this validates for everyone of us lightworkers, light-warriors, light-beamers like lighthouses now. We have come and progressed so far that we are walking and balancing now on the very brink of old 3-D and new 4-D i.e. between two dimensional worlds. Continue reading

The Butterfly People

In my discussion group of 2012 Scenario I came across another remarcable script of one of my fellow-members telling of “Butterfly People” as saviours for human beings.
This I wanted to share with you here as for the high vibes of this story in order to spread even more light and fill your hearts and souls with it:


September 17, 2012
The “Butterfly People” of Joplin Missouri
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I heard a story from a friend of mine who volunteered to help rebuild houses in Joplin, Missouri, about the “Butterfly People” who were seen by children during the storm. These children said that these people saved their lives.

I was interested in what my friend said, so I went online and Googled “Butterfly People”. Take a look at some of these stories… and have kleenex handy!

The stories about butterfly people coursed through Joplin, passing one by one and then by the many, tales describing what children reported seeing on that Sunday night in May as the tornado bore down. The children said the butterfly people protected them. These stories, tales of guardian angels, could be dismissed as a child’s fanciful imagination. But the stories have taken hold here. And as the months have slipped by, the adrenaline fading along with some of the terror, the stories have assumed a new, maybe even more important role. To understand why, you have to understand what this town of 50,000 went through — and what it still faces. The tornado killed 161 people. It shredded entire neighborhoods. More than 900 homes were lost. Big box stores collapsed. The destruction was complete, the landscape rendered foreign. The tornado unleashed stories about death and unlikely survival: A teenager sucked from an SUV, a toddler plucked from his mother’s arms, houses that exploded in 200-mph winds as families huddled in bathtubs and closets. For months, just about any place people gathered, the stories spilled out, including stories about the butterfly people. Read more:… Continue reading

Greetings from Herak/Sirius dated 09.20.2012

Channeled by F.H.Scheffler
Source of German Original : http://

Greetings to you dear Siblings of Light,

From your solar system we now want to inform you furthermore about the
opening of transformation to the level of 5th dimension.

In order to securely attain further realms of higher energies the main driving motors in the very best sense of it are :”To forgive yourself” and “Self-Love” of which you are already aware.
Whoever does not conform to these pre-requesites will find it difficult to attain levels of higher dimensions. It is not in vain that you are called the “Ones  on their way to Mastership in higher spheres”.

It is goes without saying that each soul has been given enough time and the framework
to attain these goals. There are no distinctions of class whatsoever. Each one follows his/her very own path of inner sense and cannot compel oneself in any way to do so .

However, one of our major concern in all these holy matters of transformation is that you must not forget one simple and so important component of ascension : “Remember to laugh again ! Continue reading

Three Days of Darkness ! Did we recently transgress another Great Portal?

It all started on Friday the 14th (not the 13th!) day of September 2012.As I had failed to establish my former mailaddress for the sake of entering the Window-ID somehow since I was shut off of all my former links to Windows and Hotmail.

Well it was my fault but  that I was entirely shut off from retrieving another mail-address. Being so much entangled lately in the new Facebook-page I had neglected to follow vital issues on secure managing the PC. –

I worked hard since then, learned a lot more about handling the PC-programs in this time until now. Moreover, I had to turn again to other aspects of my outside life like going to the shops for foodstuff etc. Continue reading


962b6-technique3-sigSolstice !
One of the two days in a year when our Sun shares with Gaia partially 50:50 daylight with night … and it is said to be a most powerful day to be celebrated everywhere.

My Greetings to the Sunlight sharing our Earth with Night in a like way !….

My greetings to all our companions on ascension sharing our inner lights and nights partially in a like way ! ….

On our path to ascension today we may be able to let go of secret issues of our past life which might be still stored deeper down in our inner core which we are now allowed to let go on this very day!

Send all these former secret issues away via this very narrow frontier-line between Light and Dark of this very day …off into Space to the One who will dissolve everything hidden.

Sharing more and more light on our path and while here in the northern hemisphere light slowly fades away for the rest of the year we have to accept the challenge to make our inner light shine all the more on our way and share it together consciously awakening as Fellow Sisters and Brothers on our Way to Re-Union with our Family of the Stars !

Wishing you all a Happy Solstice in this very sense I herewith share with you my individual inner light with you and greet you with Love-Light-Harmony-Peace

ContraMary …

Response of the Galactic Federation of Light to us

In response to the article “The day the Earth stood still and the Video of InLight Radio I obtained this message of Marix/Sirius channeled by Sarinah . It is a short but a very encourageng one expressing the deeply felt thanks of the Galactic Federation of Light on which behalf Marix sends all his messages. This I should like to tell you and it is my serious request to share these thanks with so many people as possible since I deem it is essential that we sometimes warm up our hearts and ! MINDS! too with these words of Love and Light from our friendly Siblings of the Stars !

They will give us new power and freshen up our “sometimes” weary minds (not hearts! though) to keep on with all our hope and verve on striving for our issues.

CM =ContraMary  And here it is:

High Vibrations from Marix/Sirius of Sept.17, 2012
Channeled by Sarinah

Response of the Galactic Federation of Lights to us

There has happened some change while we listened to your callings and thus we were able to enter your reality more and more; namely that we are that we are invited by light-working and light-beaming humans to present ourselves in public and not by governments which are still hesitating to start disclosure.

We, the galactic family would like to thank you and encouraging you : “Keep going – never relax !”
The merit goes to the social networks which are of service to you with this endeavor and if you knew how successful you are already now !
Yes, as mentioned in our recent messages it is not upon the governments but the people which introduce disclosure now!
It is the 99,9 %, the people, which has been looked upon as of so little importance hitherto and often trampled upon underfoot!

We do not like to instigate any aggression – we are quite far away from wanting to do so – We just should like to start a Call-up for “Love –
Joy – Abundance – Independence – Health, and Peace for all Mankind !!!”

Keep on keeping, please!

Disclosure has started!

First Contact is in the following Sequence is the next to come!

We are responding to your invitation!

Many thanks also to all those working tirelessly that the portals of our “Union” will be opened finally !
Our thanks also go to Steve Beckow and his co-operators on this issue ! Nothing – for the time being – could have explained everything about our coming to you in a better way than by this page :

for German readers:
or English readers:
from Steve Beckow

and the video:

Even if we cannot enlist all those speaking with us and for us by their name – we nevertheless should like to express our deepest thanks from our hearts to you. We bless you and bid you farewell for now with : See you soon dear friends …see you soon ….

Thank you Marix
Translated by ContraMary

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Update of my Status: ContraMary at present

It has been three days since I was shot off my former e-mail-address and neither was there any access to Windows and Facebook. I have been working hard all this time in order to effect some repair and to gain access to my former main mail again. Also my 2nd and 3rd Mail sent requests to reset the password which tus meant that they were blocked too.

At last I was able to create a new hotmail-address but I found out that this has a spam or something alike it. So all I contacted yesterday with the new address of ” ” be notified again that this mail presently does not work either !

I signed up for two other new mail-addresses which are: Continue reading

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Re-blogged from 20012Scenario
The Day the Earth Stood Still
2012 September 15
Posted by Steve Beckow

Graham Dewyea

When will Disclosure happen? And who will be the first one to disclose? Barack Obama? Vladimir Putin? Mexico? Peru? Brazil?

No, our governments did not get the job done. They proved in the end to be either corrupt or callous or cowardly – who knows which? No light escapes from those dark corners.

So who will be the first to disclose? Continue reading

A personal appeal to my friends and everyone

Something happened over night from yesterday to today on my PC.

This is the only way that I am able to reach you now ! I cannot retrieve my in-mailbox under my old known mail-address any more as Windows has changed something regarding the former Windows ID which is now named Hotmail-Account and I have to sign in again into a hotmail-address with the ending of “com” I did so and now I am unable to retrieve m,y old inmail-box of my old hotmail-address. So I hear the incoming mails and notifications of Facebook-Friends but am unable to any way as I cannot go to the entry of my former hotmail-address.

I have been working on this issue the whole day of September 14, 2012 still without success.

So I got the idea now to connect to all of you via this message on my blog and  herewith ask my co-author Brother Dave to post this message on our Facebook-Page Illuminations2012 and on my personal Facebook-page repeatedly so that all of you are notified of this present mess until I have solved this problem and may post again myself.

I have to ask for help here but as typical for Life – these accidents always seem to look out for Fridays and everything of assistance is barred over the weekend.

Please Dave try to put off  all the nice people from working with my facebook-page for the time being so that their notifications will not crowd into my former hotmail in-box and could make my whole -window system collapse down.

Dave, could you please go to the FB-page of Marix also and post this message on his wall too?

And since I am a member of the Steve Beckow’s Yahoo Discussion Group under AAMichael perhaps you may be able to go there and after signing in, you could leave a message there too ? You arrive there if you click on the link of Steve’s blog in the section Discussion Group (à travers on top of his blog)- then you get to some further page which on top says” Yahoo group open for business” (first line) Click on and another page shows up with the link: “Yahoo groups ” in the middle of the page. If you click on there, you will get straight to the Diskussion Group of which I am am a member. There must be somewhere an email-address on the right side where you might reach the moderators of the group.

Please Dave, I ‘d be once again very grateful if you could step in in this “Mess-Schlamassel” and help me prevent further damages ! With my very best greetings and apologies for all inconvience occurring I am with all my love and light still your sister on Ascension Path


Message of Herak of 09.11.2012

channeled through Frank H. Scheffler
Source of German Origin

Greetings to you – Beings of Light !

Today we’d like to share with you further knowledge about the flow of energy which has been built and increased around planet Earth. Lady Gaia is on her way furthermore –  in order to reach with you until December 2012 the point of transition into 5th dimension and the adaption of time.

Also the solarflares of your central star are very important heralding equilibrium of this planet to the entire universe.

You will meanwhile ascertain that all linear time periods which hitherto have determined your life have disappeared entirely or partially and time is passing now in a way of being in a so-called “timeless” mode !
These holiistic structures have emerged by way of your conditioned intellectual thinking during your recent incarnations and thus are fall prey to forgetfulness now . They will be dissolved entirely stepwise in a very cautious way.

Your cell membranes are allowing further particles of photons to pervade your cell-memory to its cellular level and thus alter manifestations of old paradigms living in you. Continue reading

Light and Dark

High Vibrations from Marix/Sirius

channeled by Sarinah

dated September 10, 2012


Light and Dark

Since the road into the Golden Age has been already liberated and leveled we should like to beg you to beware of being led again into fear and awareness of lack ! As to drive you further into poverty the dark gamer would have to lead you into the energies of their targets they had foreseen for you (e.g. debating future poverty of old age to come). Do you comprehend what this entails? Only those fearing and worrying are easy to be manipulated since in most cases consciousness will be clouded in such cases. You thereby will perceive such were the plannings of the dark party for ordinary people ! Yes, it is intentionally that we use the past tense here!

As the elitists of the old order are still stretching out their tentacles to you in order to prevent that some part of mankind will ascend and to ban the slaves into their huts again. However, they will not succeed with their endeavours – not as long as we, the family of the Galactic Federation of Light, have our hand in this game and – as we do not intend in the least way to withdraw ourselves from out this encounter but to the contrary !
Beloved ones, we apologize for the drastic expression still never before outspoken and clear speech has been so important as now !

Since you know that the mainstream media are still not prepared to report truthfully worldly events and they go on attempting to create furthermore hatred, fear, envy, jealousy, separation and awareness of lack -while over-showering their readers and onlookers with these aspects.
Yet whoever has sensed the liberating scent and heard the sound of clearance of this New Age – these people are so cognizant that they are able to look at matters behind the veil. Continue reading

In Memoriam of US Astronaut: Neil Alden Armstrong

Greetings to You – Siblings of the Stars

Message by Herak/Sirius
Channeled by Frank H Scheffler
dated August 31, 2012
Source of German Original:

Photo 1 

Photo 2  Armstrong with Family

Neil Armstrong “first human being entering the Moon” (officially cited) aged 82 years has passed over into realms of light on August 25, 2012.
This is the reason why I want, together with Herak, to dedicate our message today to this very astronaut and his mission of Apollo 11 of 1969 exclusively.
Herak told me that all flights to the moon of the official American Space Program were directed to the Moon.

These flights to the Moon were persecuted via following missions:

1.) Landing on the Moon Apollo 11 – on July 11, 1969

2.) Landing on the Moon Apollo 12 – November 12, 1969

3.) Landing on the Moon Apollo 14 – February 14, 1971
(Report of Astronaut Mitchell and on some objects on the Moon in an earlier message of Herak)

4.) Landing on the Moon – July 15, 1971 (reported also by an earlier channeling)

5.) Landing on the Moon – April 16, 1972

6.) Landing on the Moon – December, 1972

There were plannings of three more flights which however were cancelled of the former Nixon Government for financial reasons. Official reason.

Herak submitted that Landings on the Moon were not lies however that mankind had been lied to nevertheless since the particular target of these flights were not the geological research of the Moon and the retrieval of stones but to find, retrieve, and examine extraterrestrial artifacts of the Moon.
Thereby many of the thousands of photos of the astronauts had been technically changed by NASA – but not all of them. Thus there are numerous photos showing objects in orbit of the Moon.

On behalf of the passing over of Neil Armstrong there also exists a link of Dr.Steven Greer having initiated the project of disclosure who has expressed his view about the official truth of this flight. It was an uncle of Dr. Steven Greers who had participated in the construction of the Lunar Module.

This is the Link to : (for English Original)

(translated into German too): (German Translation)

Now to the Mission itself:

Apollo 11

In the landing team on the Moon were Neil A. Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins – the last waiting in the orbit of the Moon.
They started on July 16, 1969 on Cape Kennedy whereby Neil Armstrong entered the Moon with following words:


20 minutes after Armstrong exit from the Lunar Module he was followed by his colleague Edwin Aldrin. They stayed on the Moon surface for about 2 – 3 hours and installed several instruments of research (laser, reflector, seismometers, solar wind sail).

The team returned to earth safe and sound on July 24, 1969.

Neil Armstrong never talked about events which actually took place on the Moon. If he did so in his lectures it was always hidden when he hinted at more secrets out there we could possibly imagine.

His colleague Edwin Aldrin has been a bit more talkative and told in several broadcasts that on their flight to the Moon they were accompanied by several objects.

I ‘d refer now to one special photo of the mission which is officially listed in NASA’s catalogue too, showing an object which simultaneously was on the Moon when Apollo 11 landed.
It is one of the most famous photos shot by Neil Armstrong and there are reflects in the vizor of objects clearly noticeable as well as one object beyond the lunar surface.

This is the photo known everywhere :

Photo 3  (Neil Armstrong)

NASA Photo Catalogue No.:

Now to the enlargement of Aldrin’s Vizor:

Photo 4  (with enlarged reflections of objects in Adrin’s vizor)

Explication of numbers listed on photo:
1. US-Flag, 2. Solar wind sail, 3. Shadow of Aldrin, 4. Armstrong, 5. Lunar Module “Eagle”,  6. Erroneously interpreted as Earth – some more precise enlargement  with the following object is showing which may not – in the least way – be interpreted or mistaken with planet Earth:

Photo 5  This Photo shows No.6 of previous shot enlarged in vizor of Aldrin

Thereto Herak explained that this is one of the vehicles of the Federation with the issue that they had and still have namely: to supervise all activities.

And finally I ‘d like to state hereunder some more pieces of information:

As given already in our last channeling the solar energy pulse of the last 10 days created the framework in order to speed up pace for those remaining
months of this year 2012 according to your terrestic meaning.

A big “thank you” to all lightworking humans from the Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters. Cousins of Inner Earth and Federation.
Also we’d like to thank all smaller groups contacting us and as previously told our medium directly recently – we may now declare :


So be it.

SELAMAT Herak Sirius

channeled by Frank H. Scheffler
Source of German Original:
Translated by ContraMary

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