Moon-like Flowers for the Eclipse

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I had to share these white beauties for today’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. The first is “Dinner Plate Hibiscus” and the second, a “Casa Blanca Lily.” This Fall, I’ll be planting an ancient “Madonna Lily” to join the Moon ladies in our yard.


I’ve been taking advantage of this eclipse’s almost exact trine of my natal Mercury. Lots of Lyme book writing! Wishing you and yours the most productive use of today’s energies, however that expresses itself for you.

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You Surely Belong | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, life can be beautiful, then why so often does life seem to appear in disarray? How can this be? Certainly, you don’t want to think of yourself as ungrateful, yet what is going on? Is it possible you get a rush from finding life out to be unacceptable? Do you have a hidden pleasure in dissatisfaction, as if displeasure is some kind of reward that you are entitled to? Surely, you are due some notice or recompense. You do require at least a little regard – some kind of pat on your head or your cheek pinched lightly, or at least some kind of rinky-dinky honor, some kind of recognition that says you passed this way. You don’t need a cheering section but maybe a little wave in token of your struggle. Somebody has to notice you. Indeed, you do give life all you’ve got to give…

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The Lunar Eclipse ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are happy to see so many of you in your place of expectation and excitement. We know how excited you get when you have a major occurrence in your skies, and the eclipse falls into that category. So you are preparing yourselves for something magical, something rarely seen, and more importantly, something that you can feel. Those of you who are awake are also sensitive, and you can not only tap in to the excitement of the human collective. But you also tap in to the energies of your celestial bodies, and you feel their love and the intention that they hold for you.

So of course, you can expect some emotions to come up around all of this as well. You can expect lots of changes, especially in the physical and emotional realms…

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 27 July 2018

Rainbow Wave of Light


You wonder how much longer you have to wait until events start to take place as promised. The truth is that on a higher level all is in the “now” and it is difficult to pinpoint a date for an exact happening. The most that can be said is that certain ones are destined to occur regardless of any other activity, particularly attempts by the dark Ones to prevent them happening. When the higher powers declare that certain events are to take place, you may rest assured that they will. They are beyond interference from the dark Ones, and can ensure that progress follows a path that leads to success.

Progress is not exactly held up but often concealed in such a way that knowledge of it is kept from those who would interfere with it. We know that some of you cannot understand why we tolerate such actions of…

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The Event & this week, a chat with One | Sophia Love

Rainbow Wave of Light


July 22, 2018   3:33 AM
Would whomever it was that woke me up come forward now to connect?

Yes Sophia.
It is I. It is One.
Hello. Thank you for coming forward.

I have watched you now navigate these current fluctuations of energy _____ (??? I cannot read this last word, shoot. – Sophia) They are brutal to your physical instrument, yet you are not despairing or imagining any state of disrepair.
This tendency to ride the wave is the thing I want to encourage. You are in for a storm of unimagined proportions. These, like nothing you’ve yet to feel.

You specifically as well as empirically would do well to remain always in a constant state of hydration and rest.
These frequencies are going to knock you off balance. As you see now they will instigate in your physical self what appear to be fevers and other signs…

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Erzengel Michael


Michael Engel Erzengel

Dieser mächtige Erzengel ist in diesem Moment an Deiner Seite. Er gibt Dir Mut und hilft Dir, Dich von den Fesseln der Angst zu befreien. Durch diese Karte gibt Dir der Erzengel Michael seine Gegenwart zu erkennen. Er ist das Symbol für wahren Mut, der seinen Ursprung in dem Wissen hat, dass Gottes Liebe die einzige wirkliche Macht im Himmel und auf Erden ist. Michael lässt Dich wissen, dass Du inmitten all der Veränderungen in Deinem Leben und der Herausforderungen, die diese Veränderungen mit sich bringen, sicher und behütet bist. Gott und die Engel helfen Dir, auch in schwierigen Zeiten Dir selbst treu zu bleiben.   Gönne Dir so oft wie möglich vertrauliche Zwiegespräche mit Michael. Schütte ihm Dein Herz aus und erzähle ihm von Deinen Sorgen. Halte nichts zurück. Hab keine Angst, dass Du ihm zuviel zumutest. Michael ist – wie alle anderen Engel auch – in der Lage, gleichzeitig…

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Awakening in Someone Else’s Dream ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have observed that many of you who are on a spiritual path, many of you who are awakened, are also having a very hard time being on planet Earth. It is as though you are not in the right time or in the right space. When you take into consideration how far you have to come in order to be awakened, it can seem to all of you like you have woken up in someone else’s dream.

This very common experience unites you and breeds the compassion that you have within you. Now, you are correct that the lifetimes that you’ve lived on other worlds have been easier and better. You have known some very wonderful lifetimes and experiences in this galaxy, and it is also true that there’s a part of each of…

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Invite Your Dreams to You | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, alas, it would seem you see a greater proportion of struggle in your life on Earth than you take joy home with you after work as a gift for the kids.

Everyone knows the expression: “Chin up!”

This expression bears taking a look at. How did this conjunction of two words come into existence? Is it possible that literally positioning your chin up has an effect on you that leads you to greater joy? It can also be possible that putting your chin down equates to feeling less hopeful.

Long in the world have you been told to sit up straight! It is likely that such common well-known expressions in your language set the tone of your day.

Take the expression: “Don’t be down in the mouth.” Not being down in the mouth may correlate with fewer wrinkles. Why not? There are smile lines and frown lines…

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Achte auf neue Gedanken und Ideen, die zu Dir kommen. Sie sind Samen für wunderbare Schöpfungen, die Du mit göttlicher Hilfe realisieren kannst. Durch diese Karte bitten Dich Deine Engel, eine Inventur Deiner Erwartungen vorzunehmen. Welche Ereignisse und Erfahrungen erwartest Du heute, morgen oder für die Zukunft? diese Erwartungen sind die Samen Deiner Intentionen. eine Intention zu haben bedeutet, dass Du Dir ein Ziel gesetzt hast und beabsichtigst, es zu erreichen.  Deine Intentionen bestimmen Deine Erfahrungen. Die Engel bitten Dich, Deine Intentionen mit Liebe zu wählen und sie mit Liebe zu erfüllen. Sieh Dich selbst und andere Menschen als glücklich, erfolgreich und zufrieden. Durch solche spirituell orientierten Vorstellungen unterstützt Du Dich selbst und andere. Die Engel können Dir helfen, negative mentale Bilder durch Kraft spendende, positive Gedanken zu ersetzen, wenn Du sie um ihre Unterstützung bittest.

Bildquelle: Fotolia

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Rentner arbeiten nicht zum Spaß


Diesen Artikel fand ich im Jahr 2016 auf der 1. Seite der Braunschweiger Zeitung:
Sieht so der Lebensabend aus, weil die Rente nicht reicht?
Leider ja, und es wird zunehmen 😦
Die Gerenration 50+ und auch die jüngeren steuern geradewegs darauf zu….
Wiegst du dich in trügerischer Sicherheit, das deine Rente reichen wird?
Ich zähle auch zu der Babyboomer-Generation – doch ich bin dabei, mich vom staatlichen Rentensystem unabhängig zu machen. Es gibt wunderbare Möglichkeiten und es ist im Grunde ist es ganz einfach!

Bitte lese auch dir zuliebe den Artikelaus der BRIGITTE WOMAN:, denn es geht auch um dich!

Wenn du danach aus aus der Falle Altersarmut heraus willst, lass uns darüber reden, wie ich dich dabei unterstützen kann!

Altersarmut: Warum das Geld später nicht reichen wird

Daher JETZT das Ruder selbst in die Hand nehmen! Lass uns darüber reden, wie ich dich…

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War & Economic Disparity ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun exploring the possible timelines for your next big leap forward. We have examined the different ways in which humanity can make that leap, a leap that will take you to a time of less economic disparity and less war.

Now, there are timelines that exist where a great deal of corruption would need to be made part of the public record, and there are timelines where the changes that will occur would be the result of an outpouring of compassion, due to more awareness of the situation that you are currently in.

There is a link between war and economic disparity. It is usually the poor who fight in the wars and the rich who profit from them, and the possibility for a great deal of exposure of this truth is a…

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Glory Hallelujah! | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

What seems in the offing to say to you this morning regards the non-existence of time. Hallelujah! Time does not exist, so how can I speak of it, for time has no existence, let alone glory. Yet something seems to be on My calendar to convey to you in the presence of love on this precisely-encircled date. Of course, I speak in an instance of Infinity which is out of time.

It must be I want to tell you of My roaring love for you. My heart treasures every thought of you. No doubt, I want a thought of you to escape My heart, which can only be love. You are My treasured thought. You are holy to My existence. A thought of you is uppermost in My heart.

Don’t think that you appeared out of the blue. Nor can I say you were always a thought in…

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Awake and Aware | The Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


We are going to ask you to think about the words awake and aware in what my be an entirely new way for you. Most of you would interpret them to mean awake to what is going on around them, as they interpret it, and aware of its meaning. We, however, would like you to understand that what is going on around you is less important, for you, than what is going on within you, where that comes from, and why it is more important than anything outside of you.

You are very likely familiar with our repeated theme of your surroundings being a mirror of what is inside of you as a collective, and also as individuals. We tell you often that, even though you may not be able to reach out and change your world situation, you can change yourselves and thus have more of an effect upon…

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God’s Invitation to You | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, what if you had never heard of the concept of difficulty? Is it possible that difficulties would not be so prolific as they seem to be? Would there be one kind of difficulty after another if you had not been clued into the arena of difficulty in the first place? Had you not been told to watch out, to watch your step, to take care, pay attention, don’t fall, would there then have been so much difficulty to follow?

Had you not been warned not to fall, would you have fallen? What if danger had not been pounded into you or put at the top of the list of warnings? Would you have been so susceptible?

If all parents clearly honored their children, what then might have been?

In a Russian novel entitled The Idiot, a gentleman who carried the name of the book title had…

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Merging with Your 5th Dimensional Selves ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have the ability to sense when there is something to be gained by humanity, and whenever we sense that there is an opportunity for you all to further your consciousness evolution, we look for the ways in which we can be of service. Right now, we sense that a window is opening for all of you, and that window will grant you access to more of your fifth dimensional selves, more of your higher selves.

This access point is coming as a result of the Earth’s movement. The Earth continues to spiral up, and your consciousness is doing the same. The openness that you have all shown to receiving higher frequency energies is also a factor here. You are making it easier here for those like us to help you. You are bringing yourselves…

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The Visionary

Tania Marie

Many of you see and envision things, and are guided by inspirations, that feel out of this world and unseen or felt by others. You believe in all possibilities and the invisible because for you it is real and through you hope is cultivated for others to experience the same. It’s your inspiration that nurtures the courage to take action on what channels through you, despite there being no assurance or promise of outcome because you are the builders of the path – the visionaries – and each step is creatively innovated as you go along.

When you act on your visions this creates alignment and magnetically draws forth magickal synchronicities, potentials that can be opportunities, incredible journeys, and collective possibilities. Although some of you do this more naturally, it is within all of us to live out our fullest creative power by more courageously engaging the visions and feelings…

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Nutze die heutige Energie


Bild: S. Hahner

Wunderbare hochschwingende Energiefrequenzen

WAS willst du JETZT hinter dir lassen?

WAS willst du für deine Zukunft?

Bist du dir im klaren darüber?

Dann komm heute mit in die Voll-/Blutmond Clearing Session um 22 Uhr bei dir zu Hause!

Du verbindest dich gedanklich mit mir im energetischen Raum und lässt geschehen!

Plane ca. 45 min. ein in denen du ungestört bist. Wenn du einschlafen solltest, alles ok…

dein Unterbewusstsein wird alles aufnehmen!

Sei HIER dabei! Ich freue mich auf DICH!

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Bild: pixabuy

Gott und die Engel helfen Dir in diesem Moment, bitte sie weiterhin um ihre Hilfe und nimm die Hilfe an, wenn sie kommt (und sie kommt immer). Die Engel möchten Dich wissen lassen, dass Du zur Zeit besondere Segnungen empfängst. Vielleicht warst Du vor kurzem mit bestimmten Herausforderungen konfrontiert oder bittest jetzt in diesem Moment um besondere Hilfe. In jedem Fall umgeben Dich die Engel nun mit mehr göttlicher Liebe als jemals zuvor. Zusätzliche Engelscharen sind herbeigeeilt, um Dir mehr Liebe und Licht zuteil werden zu lassen.  Manchmal hast Du vielleicht das Gefühl, als hätten Gott und die Engel Dich verlassen. Diese Karte möchte Dich daran erinnern, dass die himmlischen Mächte nicht verschwunden sind und das sie Dich niemals verlassen können. Es ist nur unsere Angst, die uns blind und taub macht für die Gegenwart der Engel. Doch Deine Engel können Deine Ängste von Dir nehmen, wenn Du…

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