Reiki Doc Protocols For Using The Angelic Healing Codes

On April 25, 2014, channeler Marc Gamma was given ten numeric sequences or codes to be used for healing purposes from Archangel Raphael.

This was announced on this blog on April 26, 2014. Here is the link to the post which includes the link to the original article translated to English from German:

As a board-certified physician, who is currently practicing medicine, I wanted to try these out, and see how they ‘felt’ and ‘worked’ before coming up with a protocol.

Here is a link to the summary table, in an easy to read format, that is available now to you on the web. It is a ‘work in progress’ and will be updated to reflect any new codes that are given to us. (Please note there are FOUR pages to this document. The first page only has two lines. You have to scroll down to see the other three.)

I tested on my food last night, the neutralizing ones. The taste of the food improved, and with my Reiki hand I could detect an increase in the amount of Life Force Energy coming off the plate.

I also did a test with the alcohol neutralizing code. I made the code numbers with my index finger five times over a glass of sake, a small glass from my sake set. I drank the sake in one swift series of swallows. It tasted like sake. And I waited. Alcohol takes twenty minutes to be absorbed from the stomach. At ten minutes, there was only the very faintest sign of a ‘buzz’ or ‘intoxication’–I was still clear headed. At twenty minutes, there was no change. At thirty minutes, there was no effect. I typically wake up with a dry mouth and a headache after taking alcohol. There was none. I also did not have the need to empty my bladder like with alcohol (ethanol blocks antidiuretic hormone–this is why the saying goes, ‘you don’t buy beer, you rent it’ because it makes you have to use the bathroom)

Yesterday a friend had a dog fall down the stairs. This is Bobby, a thirteen year old small German spitz who missed one of the steps. He got a cut over his right eye that was bleeding. She made the codes with a Lemurian crystal over the dog’s open cut on the eye. The bleeding stopped. The pain lessened. And today there is a barely perceptible crust where the wound had been.

Here is my protocol:

  1. Decide which purpose is the one you wish to intend for healing
  2. (for writing in air) Use index finger of dominant hand. At space between numbers, pause.
  3. Repeat number sequence with pauses several times just to make sure all numbers are okay
  4. Ask your angels, guides and deceased loved ones to correct any mistakes you might make
  5. Let go and trust. As an added measure, add the energy of Love and Gratitude to everything too.
Numbers may be written on paper and taped to the item. They may be written directly on the packaging. I wrote them in the air, and sent the intention to my entire kitchen and pantry. I also have the one for all cellular damage written in pink permanent ink on my right arm, just because intuition guided me to do so. When it washes off it will not need to be written again.
Remember, this is very powerful. It is for real. It is here for you.
Since it is new, I would suggest watching very closely while using the codes, and seek medical attention at the same time so no time is lost. This is not a replacement for medical care. It is something to help us heal on an emergency basis. Keep access to the codes table handy.
I will update you of further developments.
Reiki Doc


  1. Hi’ya Doc,
    Thank you for doing this! It is very much appreciated.
    I don’t know if it’s an Apple vs Windows thing, or my antiquated PC – but only two rows of data appear when I get in to the iCloud; and the second row is incomplete.
    Please let me know if it’s ‘me’.
    Much Love&Light to you and Ross – for All you Are, and All you Do.


  2. Hi Sonsie Luna,
    It has several pages. Are you able to scroll down? There should be four pages in the document. xo


  3. No, I’m not.
    Wish I could capture the page so you could see it. :-((


  4. OOPS!!!
    Color me corrected! And ignorant in the ways of Apple. 😉
    No scroll bar appeared on my screen; I never even considered pressing the
    page-down’ key.

    For ‘Healing Of Open Wounds’ under ‘Standard Of Care in 3D’ it only says ‘For’, nothing more. Is this complete? Just wanting to clarify for my on ‘mind’.



In Resonance to our hearts ….How to handle applying Code Nos.


Resonance in the Valley of the Golden Crystal Mountains

(see Link :  The Valley in Crystal-Golden Mountains

I am standing on a mountain  at last ..

it is the mountain of I AM

calling to some other ones – standing on their very hills so remotely vast

I am calling out to them and listen inwardly – what I receive in return from them

and cherish echos they may give me in return –

recouncing it and anchor it in what is my inner core

confluent echos of all resonance here in my inner part !

Contramary April 26, 2014


How to handle the application of folllwing Code-Nos. and in Resonance to our Hearts !

Re:  Message of AA Raphael through Marc Gama with Healing Code-Nos.

Link:(Code-Numbers for Nutritional Foodstuffs and Health – Archangel Raphael through Marc Gamma –


This is a download from AARaphael scribbled hastily down after he nudged me out of afternoon rest so urgently …. and it all pertains still to the message of yesterday (link see above) where he gave us the Ancient Code-Numbers as signal of relief for us to cope well with our daily issues at this Time of Now. As this Time has arrived Now that the flood of downloaded energy has risen our frequency level of energy so high that these ancient codes may start to be applicable for us too just like in that very time when Atlantis was gifted with them.

Now there have been some queries one day after these codes have been published how to precisely apply these code-Numbers with effective success ? .. Reading again through  the Message of Yesterday I want to accummulate here what I found there and what has been downloaded to me by AARaphael on my request.

Since I conveyed these queries right away to him and Marc G. who is his German channel. I am merely the translator of such messages into English in order to enable the spreading on of those message carrying such prescious new information.

According to the response of AARaphael precise introduction of use was very intentionally not given in that particular message for the very reason that we are all asked to go very thoroughly through the text of this message and not just peruse it superficially.

Some hints are given there .. e.g. in one case: viz. to write the resp. Code-Number into the air beyond the afflicted wound.  In the lower part dealing with the Codes for nutritional foodstuff once is mentioned that the respective Code-No. is to be written on the tin or can/package of the specific food.

But what I found most intriguing is that more than once is mentioned that when very consciously handling these Code-Nos. we shall be guided into resonance with these special Code-Numbers.

And this appears to be the most essential clue to me … :

Subsequent application of these prescious Code-Numbers – since they will turn out to be one of the new treasures for human mankind here on Nova Earth – will evoke its particular resonance in our inner hearts (the appertaining effect of it is not known in the Moment of Now) but I assume this effect will lead to some convergence or sort of assimilation in us with these Codes with surprising new effects.

Comparing with ancient tales of miraculous healings in old legends and fairy tales and with Healing-Reiki-Gestures overall it is considered quite normal to write or draw the prevalent gestures into the air or to visualize them too – I presume that such measures will be quite adequate too when applying these newly given Code-Nos.

These Codes were given to us so that we may devote our thorough thoughts on them and already before applying them ponder about them and study them very intensely … in order to establish some sort of resonance in your inner heart with them and to anchor them more deeply into your inner core – your Divine I AM.

As it is the Resonance of the Code-Nos. with your Heart and your HS – your Divine I AM – that is what is the first requirement and pre-requisite for all successfull practice and handling them.

So just start practicing  them … think of all parables when “Hands were laid on” ,,listen attentively to what your intuition and heart will tell you …. but utmost essential is that at first you connect yourself to your consciousness when in such practice. These are the items which you have to observe diligently.

Rely on to your very own link from your inner heart to the Divine Source of All-there-Is.

I do hope I could have given you here some valuable hints in connection to AA-Raphael’s Message of yesterday since from what I heard of him … there will be more details to come with subsequent messages to us too.

Until then – try to practice the new Code-Numbers as often as possible – it is only some part of what we still have to learn in times to come ….. and be grateful for it … as this message is only one part among of all  the other small paths leading to the great road into the Golden Age of Nova Terra !


























My First Meeting with Raphael: channeled by John Allan

Friday, February 7, 2014

It is I, Archangel Raphael. I come to you today with and urgent message. I have moved. You will be receiving my messages through this channel. He is growing as you are. He is finding where he is needed. All of us are needed right now. He has volunteered. He is unsure if I am speaking through him or not. We will feel this together.

All of you are ready to find out now what you can do to help your own phase of this journey. All of you feel that you are ready for some sort of change. Are you feeling me yet, channel? Please continue. The change is here. Recognize it and give it power. Call forth your change now and let it come . Feel me? I am. We will work on this. Is this validation enough? Do you feel my happiness for You ? Feel Me . I feel you. Take a moment and connect. Connect to what? Me. Let your fingers flow. Let us continue. Continue reading

Invocation to ArchAngel Raphael before his Message through Marc Gamma on 11.30.13

89073-hawaiiInvocation to AARaphael with the Emerald Green Flame

Dear AARaphael,

Today I do not find it very easy to sit down and start translating this huge message – and do you know why?

With your last message you told us that future messages of yours, from God-Father and you, will be somewhat shortened in length and now I found on proofreading the original that it is
even somewhat longer than your average messages before. So before I go ahead let me tell you that these days I get tired so quickly and messages of such lengths – I found out – take even the very last reserves from me – when coming to their end with my translation I am so worn out that I really have to pull all my concentration together in order to finalize it. I believe that is the actual reason behind all my hesitations today to start my translating work. Even with regard to the ever increasing frequency of vibration – as these messages start becoming something like a
“Joint Venture” of yours and the heavenly Father – present also such a strong pull on my resources. Continue reading

Divine dispensation will be resolved now – Archangel Raphael through Marc Gamma ~ 26.10.2013

when returning to Marc my translation of this message I could not help but expressing the huge amount of sensations I had when translating these wonderful words of AARaphael and for the sake of sharing it with you I hereunder repeat what I commented to Marc with my sincere thanks to AARaphael too:

“Several times I was about to have a break-out of tears due to the sensation of relief and release when translating this message ….. everything here is so wonderful and also for me such a great confirmation of all that I expressed in my paintings in the 90ies. Among these there is one painting which I commented to at one of my exhibitions in the following way: And soon we will be at the banks of that great river washing all the dirt fromout our clothes ……”

As always with so much compassionate Love to all of you …
yours Evamaria=(Contra)Mary

Message from AARaphael about Health …through Marc Gamma

You must want “Health” and work for it – Archangel Raphael trough M. Gamma ~ 06.07.2013

AARaphael-II[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

Beloved humans on Earth,

As our celestial Father has already mentioned we are about to enrich and enlarge our messages a bit which also will include some changes. As communicated before this is due to some new translator for this channel assisting him to translate messages into English. And in such way that our messages will be increased in their length and also will penetrate deeper by elaborating more on their contents.

Today I want to discuss with you the topic of “Health”. This I did already in the past and it is a topic so important to be dealt with in some deeper sense again and again by our contemplation – since many people did not comprehend until now that they are responsible for their health yet for their disease and illness too. This is why I shall repeat and intensify the one and other matter here.

Imagine please that your body originally does not want to fall ill – let alone to suffer from pain or showing up other issues in order to obtain your attention. You need to keep this in your mind as a matter of urgency that it is up to you solely being responsible for it. Once you comprehend this fact you will know also that you may become healthy all the time of Now. Continue reading

Work on yourself …. channelled from AARaffael through Marc Gamma

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Work on yourself and you’ll make progress – Archangel Raphael through M. Gamma ~ 01.07.2013

AARaphael-II(Translated on the 01.07.2013, original language German)

My beloved humans on earth. We continue with communicating messages through this channel. We know that you were disappointed and this channel was a part of it through his contribution. Like he, you have worked on yourself and you have laid out the situation and reviewed it from different sides and angles.

Let it be and look ahead. Your view shall be to the front, because this is the direction and we will always support you, if you let us.

In this context I would like to talk about the fact, that you have made great progress my beloved humans. You have made great progress how you assess and how you look at things. This is so important, because a lot of assessing were negative. We would like to propose to see everything also in a positive light. This positive light will give you the opportunity to grow and to realize the chance you can derive from it. Continue reading