Letter from the “Isle of I” No. 16 – Reflections on Passing the Last Portal

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My dear Brother Dave,

It has been about two months ago when I wrote my last letter to you. Much has happened in the meantime – so many solar flares named by others “Tsunami of Love” – have overwhelmed and downloaded into us – in body and mind – so that it was not easy to cope with them. At least this is what I felt and moreover “Tsunami of Love” I wonder if this is the right name for it for while being affected and displaced to this socalled “Tsunami” I am able to feel some of the features of a Tsunami but at the time being when they are downloaded – I do not feel it is much love then, to be very frank! Well, love from the interpretation we are used to.

I think this name has been given for psychological reasons in order not to make us fear this new kind of solar flares since getting these anchored and manifested into our bodies is quite a task for us.  This for the so much praised “Tsunami of Love” …

It might apply a bit later in the sense of love when we shall succeed to incorporate these high and higher vibrations into us and getting used to them ..

Then I am sure it will certainly turn out a great blessing for us! It might be too some of the effects of a “new nature of Love” as displayed in upper dimensional realms which are to be entirely different from all Love which we have been used to in our former duality dimension.
This now is slipping away from under our hands and will be replaced by some entirely different one to be anchored under the Matrix of New Earth with a socalled “Golden Reality” of a peaceful and harmonious life for all of us Mankind here.

As recently channeled by Marc Gamma “The Great Change has arrived finally arrived” and we are said to be on the last leap of our Ascension Road …  the “Finish Line” of which in our clear sight !

Several days ago many of us have entered a higher realm of vibrations when passing through the last Great Portal of Conscience which I assume made Marc channel too his last post of The Great Change arrived here on our planet Earth.

As all portals given to pass for us are very individual ones according to our soul contracts and our own very plans ages ago before entering earth incarnations here … so it was mine too …

May I tell you too that now I know it was the famous-infamous “D-Day” for me too when according to planned duality matrix I was to pass over and leave earth planet here ?

I observed that several days before my body started to turn down its perfectly running metabolism bit by bit which caused many pains all over in me … and created – as I observed – much fear in my bodily cells…   and when this process ran up to its peak – what did I do ?
I did not know better than recall my great past decision “not to die in the usual way of duality but to ascend with my body alive to greater realms”!

So first of all I consciously dismissed all fear of death as such … then I tried to convince my bodily cells to do the same ….

and last of all I recalled all the promises of my Angelic Guides and my Twinflame they would line up and welcome me when I pass through the final portals … and so they did ….
I called for the help of all and foremost for AARaphael and St.Germain to help with their particular flames …. and whenever another heart-attack was approaching with stoppage of breathing I visualized the Healing Emerald-Green Flame of Raphael turning into my head chacra leftwise and going down all through my body being received by the violet flame of St.Germain transforming everything negative and not needed stuff into positive energies…..

I knew perfectly well and very consciously this was the final fight of former 3-D Matrix with its dark ideologies of death at the end of each human life in Duality against the Powers of Light for Ascension by transforming our human bodies to their pristine crystalline structure …

I reached out and grabbed the hands of all standing in line along my pathway and they grasped dmy hands and passed me on from one to the other one until I eventually reached our Divine Parents of Original Creation and my Twinflame …. and thus I had passed over and entered the greater realm of higher vibrations the socalled 5th Dimension Level !

I made it and this I was told later on in some sort of reading as I converse very often with our All-Father who told me that if I had not passed some smaller ascension entries before I truly should not have been able to make it now… As I have the age when many human lives in duality find their normal end leaving their bodies here on earth.

My dear brother, may I tell you with great joy that slowly the lights are being switched on in my body again and I am deeply grateful to all my Angelic Guides and to my very loving friend Isabel who stood by my side all the way cleansing and healing me every day in order to help.

Thank you to all you … now I am starting my new way of life getting used to all the new prerogatives of higher vibrations and there is really much to learn..

This was meant just as introductory update to some thoughts and reflections of mine which will be continued in sequence to this writing soon.

As since I passed this great portal I have been pondering incessantly on what the new realm wil entail which I now entered. It all is presently still a little bit shady and veiled but I am getting by and by a much clearer picture and then I shall write it all down in a letter to you ..

Keep well my dear Brother – I am deeply thankful to all the help ever given to me and which made me the persistent character that I am now …. still in hommage and love to the ONE and staying as humble in my loving service but as an adequate partner to all my family of light in the Time of Now!


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