Update in the Time of Now – A very personal Tale

In development, WAIT for the finished product then smile.

In development, WAIT for the finished product then smile.

Update in the Moment of Now by Contramary = Eva Maria

More and more some certain feeling is spreading through my inner Self …

Since all these previous years I went through various sorts of grading being on my individual route to further ascension. Much has been written on such routes also I read the manifold tales of my siblings being like me starseeds and on certain contracts incarnated here on this beautiful planet of Earth.

For almost all of my life I have been searching for … which I did not really know what it was – but it had been intiated into me still in early childhood by my father who well before anybody else had been some alike scout like me – searching all his  life for more consciousness by gaining to achieve more knowledge about the network called “The World and its Backgrounds”-

Very consciously I started this search about our inner paths already soe 23 years ago after some upheaval which turned my life upside down for some “How Many a Time Again?”

And it was only about 3 years ago when I really became aware that I was a real starseed too when reading about the life-experiences of many other ones – I then fully noticed that I was not the singled outsider of this life here as I believed in former times. I was a starseed and all of a sudden I realized that that the recent pictures of amassed parts of some greater mosaique was turning into a definite and certain shape of picture which iniated some  greater consciousness of myself.

And afterwards since then I knew that I had been trodding on my specific route of ascension all my  life and towards greater consciousness of my Self. This was the great revelation I gained and since then I have been trying to plod on forward in such direction.

Much has happened to me just alike to anybody else during these previous years – and gratefully I am recalling everything that made me grow and increase my Self-Consciousness considerably on my once contracted and chosen mission here at the Time of Now.


Lately I have plucked up all my courage and trust and started to communicate telepathically with several of my Angelic Guides and also with my Twin-Flame beyond this planet. I am learning from them and do not want to cut out too all the help given to me in such procedure from many of my earthen companions here! Without their affirmations of encouragement and later their confirmations of what I had been achieved – I should not be able to write here everything that I do here at this moment.

Since 2014 something has been happening which turns out to be altogether different from past years.
Going through various grades of awareness – each with its own focus on which I centered in due measure – I now become fully aware that there is a complete new offing before us now.

There does not exist any linear time nor grading nor up- or down-categorizing any longer. Still last year we talked about it long and wide but never were able to integrate this new knowledge from outside into our inner Selves and consciousness.

Now I realized that It has turned out differently. I fully and consciously have become aware of these facts in the previous months of this year. And it makes all the difference for me now. And therefore I started this article with the above introductory phrase that this peculiar feeling is being spread through all myself now.


Yes, manifestations along our individual roads of ascencion into the outside of Now has started in fact – well, actually what I may tell from my personal part of it. There was such a growth of consciousnes in me that I know for certain all these new features of our coming  new Golden Age are being manifested in us with our full consciousness of it !

It is some sort of blending of our newly won inner consciousness with our outside activities – melrging these two focuses together into one new “Something” !

I often wondered lately how we are to effect such manifestations we were told of so many times into our new Era and Life – for the benefit and betterment of life of all of Mankind here on Earth.

Now, here they are – the first showing signals of it …when now I became aware of these parts in myself on what merger process is going on in the Moment of Now.

Thus I will stride on from the Moment of Now to the next following Moment of Now displaying all my full and awake awareness to all ongoings taking place in and outside aroung myself.

And this is the update of my Life in the ‘Time of Now’


Yours with unconditional Love and Compassion to all of you from your Sister-on-Ascension in the Time-of-Now !

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