Eternal Wisdom with Uriel – Winds of Change

Uriel Winds of Change - seagull

Photography by David Wendel Robinson – Soaring on the winds of change.


Beloved family.  As I walked home from a simple breakfast at a nearby restaurant this morning, Uriel spoke rather loudly,   “Like a tempest, the winds of change are blowing.  Do not fear.”

Many are speaking these days of the powerful forces present in the earth, the powerful changes that are taking place.   And yet there is present still in your vision, in your daily life the appearances of turmoil.   Change does not come easy to humanity sometimes, so entrenched you have become in old fears and judgements.   Yet, there is an underlying wind of change that will not be denied, cannot be held back.   So much of what people are feeling are the last vestiges of fear that have been built up over many lifetimes.   So much of the illusions of turmoil are the last battles within your own selves as you seek to let go of judgement, let go of fear, let go of anxiety.  Accept yourselves for who you truly are.  Divine children of the source of all that is.   Remember that your experience in this world called Earth, Terra, etc, is the dream, not the reality.   Your reality is found within, in the love and joy you share.

Yes, in your dream there are wars, and rumors of wars.  Fear and pain and suffering of the physical nature.  Yet, in your dream there is hope, there is love, there is joy, there is peace. Remember it is a dream, but the dream does not control you, rather you control the dream.  The choice is yours.  You cannot choose for others, but you can choose for yourselves in all the ways and actions of your lives.   Remember that you chose to be part of this dream, and are masters of the dream.  To change the dream, change your own part in it.   Love, laugh, dance, help others who you may.   Be the dream you want, not the dream that others speak of.   Fear is the only thing between you and the infinite possibilities of love.  Believe in yourselves and live the love of our creator that is the essence of who you are.   Live that love fully and without judgement or condition.

Believe us when we say that there is more hope and love in your dream, then there is fear. You are that hope and love.  Know it.  Be it.

Dearest brothers and sisters, family of light and love.  You are the winds of change.  You are the tempest that will wash away the ages of karma and fear.  You are ascending to that place of knowing your true selves, your spiritual selves.  We have told you before however that Ascension is not an event.  Not something that happens in a moment but it is a process of awakening and change.  You are that process, you are the Winds of Change.

Uriel with Brother Dave

— I felt that I should share the following video with you.  A lovely performance of the song “Winds of Change” by the Scorpions with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.  Lyrics are included.

Eternal Wisdom with Uriel – Actions, Not Words



Remember that Actions speak louder than words.  What are you creating today with your actions?   Are your actions peaceful?  Are your actions loving?  Are your actions compassionate?  Are your actions Joyful?  Are you living what you want to see manifest?   It begins with you.  Right here, right now!

You, the sons and daughters of creator are the creators.  As you think and as you do, you create.   What do you want to create today?  The choice is yours.   That is your divine gift, freedom of will. The earth is in your hands now!  Live what you want to see.  You and you alone are the catalyst for change.   The smallest pebble dropped in the biggest pond, creates waves that reach the farthest shore, even if you do not see them.  You want peace, then be peace.  You want love, then be love.  You want compassion, then be compassion.  You want joy, then be joy.

Actions, not words.  Do now.  Be what you want to see manifest.

Love, light, joy, peace be with you.

AA Uriel with David

Eternal Wisdom with Uriel – Sunrise, Sunset



Beloved ones, we come to you again this day in love, and joy.

Have you heard the riddle before which came first, the chicken or the egg?  Such questions are often pondered by humanity.  From whence the beginning, which is first and which second.   Such is the pondering of 3 dimensional thought.  But what would you think if we say that neither is first or second, neither came before the other, but rather they both have equal existence in the eternal essence of creation.

We would ask you today to look at your sunrise and sunset, these marvelous creative images of your days.   Think upon this then, that neither is before the other, neither comes before or after, for such orders of linear progression are not quite real, other than in your own thoughts.   To ask the common person in humanity, it is likely they would see the sunrise and think or say, it is the beginning of the day, and then about the sunset, the day is ending.   What then if there was neither beginning or end, rather eternal progression in balance.  What if the sunset were the beginning of the day to come, rather than the sunrise?   It could be, but in the greater wisdom of life, they are but as you say “two sides of the same coin”.  Neither can exist without the other for they are one in truth and wisdom. The sunrise heralds the starting fresh of life, a time for embracing the new possibilities of living.  The sunset heralds the passing of the day but it also is the catalyst that brings to an end the experience of the past, to make way for the experience of the new day.  Life and death are no more opposites then are the sunrise and sunset.  Rather they are but different expressions of the same essence.  One celebrates the passing of what is no longer needed and the other celebrates the new beginning of what has come.   Each is one and the same.

Sunrise, Sunset… reflections of the eternal flames of being.  Each in their own way heralds new life, new choices and new opportunity.

We pray then that you will see that life is, always and eternal, and while its form and appearance in your eyes may change, it is always the same.  The old passes into the new, life into life.   There are no opposites, only progression of the life that you are.  Sunrise or sunset, both beautiful in their own way.  Both are heralds of life itself in its entirety.

We leave  you in Love, Light, Joy and Peace that you may ponder these words and find their value in your life.

Our love for you is great and without limit.  We are the same family all of us, children of the divine source by whatever name you choose to call it.

AA Uriel with Brother Dave.


And now a little treat, from Fiddler on the Roof.  Sunrise, Sunset.   Enjoy!  BE in Joy.

Eternal Wisdom with Uriel – Simplicity

Rizal park, Manila Philippines. Smile! © David Wendel Robinson 1976.

Manila Philippines. Smile! It is so easy when you try. Photo © David Wendel Robinson

Dearest brothers and sisters, family eternal.  Life is simple, and so is the greatest wisdom!

Sing, just to sing.
Dance, just to dance.
Laugh, just to laugh.
Smile just to smile.
Love, just to love.

Not everything needs to have a reason.   In truth, none of the good things do.

Celebrate life joyously in any way you can and every moment you can.

Light, love, joy and peace.
Uriel with Brother Dave – Be simple, be happy.

Eternal Wisdom with Uriel – Children Divine


Children playing in tiles fountain, Manila Zoo, January 2007

Children playing in the tile fountains at the Manila Philippines Zoo. As jets of water randomly shoot up from the tiles, they playfully chase the water jets and try to step on them.  (Photography © David Wendel Robinson, 7 Jan 2007 – AKA Lightweaver)

Beloved brothers and sisters of light and love.  Our message today is simple.

You are each and every one children of the Divine.  There are no exceptions.

Play then as children play, dance as children dance, sing as children sing. In every moment of life in this world, celebrate your divinity as children of God.   For all the illusions of trial and trouble in the world, it is in the joy of children that lies the greatest hope.  For they are the true teachers, the true prophets.   Let them help you to remember.  Your children are not your burden, or your servants.  They are your greatest teachers.  Listen, watch, learn and then do as they do.

Light, love, joy and peace.

Uriel with Brother Dave.

Eternal Wisdom with Uriel – Judge Not!



Dearest brothers and sisters of light and love.  It is a joyous day, but then for a pure heart, every day is a joyous day.   We wish to speak with you of judgement or more specifically of the tendency of humankind to rather impetuously render judgements and the importance that you “Judge Not”.  Let us begin by saying, do not confuse judgement with discernment.

There are great changes taking place in your world consciousness.  Changes that are not always clear or understood by the conscious mind.   To a limited mind that sees more in the material world, then in the true spiritual self and world, it would seem that once again, as we lie upon the cusp of peace and love, turmoil and war rear their head as though our journey to remember the light of our beings is once again, turned back by the darkness.  But nothing could be farther from the truth.

First off, the greatest and most grievous of judgements of humanity is the judgment of duality.  Convinced as the fallen (fallen away from divine, not fallen into something) minds have been, it has long been to see everything as duality and opposites.  Even your science, says that for every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction.   Well in that statement there is a whisper of truth, but the reality is not reaction, rather it is that every action, stimulates another action.   Life is motion, energy is motion, nothing is stagnant or dead.    Action stimulates action.  It is not action then opposite reaction (though to your mind tuned to an idea opposites it looks that way).  Action > reaction is a very 3D concept.   The universe flows, not in oppositions, but in constant and eternal ways, action moves to action, moves to action, moves to action, and it continues.  No beginnings, no endings, but constant motion that expresses in many ways.   The universe seeks balance, meaning the harmonizing of energies in ways that the human mind has difficulty understanding because there is no limitation,  but never repulsive reactions.

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Prayers, positive thoughts and love for Contramary (Eva Maria)

My dear friends and family.  Please keep our beloved, friend, family, co-writer and angel, Contramary (Eva Maria) in your thoughts and prayers.  She is facing some challenges at this time.  Send her lots of love please.  She has been the foundation, inspiration, heart and soul of this blog since its beginning.

Thank you.  Brother Dave


Messages from Matthew – July 2, 2014

Seagull-7 - Version 2With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Many who cited situations in the Mideast, Ukraine, Hong Kong, and some countries in Africa, eastern Europe and Latin America expressed concerns similar to this excerpt from one reader’s email: So where is all of this new light and energy that is supposed to be hitting the earth and changing everything? I just find things getting worse and worse.

The light is changing everything that isn’t serving the best interests of Earth and her light-receptive residents, and what appears to be “getting worse and worse” is many generations of conflicting ideologies at boiling point. Everyone is being affected positively or negatively by the ever-increasing light and everything going on within individuals, which is what determines their reactions to happenings, is the natural result of heightened vibrations. As light continues to pour in and lightworkers on the planet keep generating more, gradually the boil will ebb to a simmer and ultimately to “still waters.”

At this stage of global activity, however, there is tumultuous disagreement, and worries abound about what next will be reported on the “news.” Your world is awash in information, but the majority of the populace has no idea whatsoever about pre-birth agreements and soul contracts, the dark and light forces, the purpose of karma and multiple lifetimes, or the importance of balance. They don’t know that their ancestors are from other civilizations; massive assistance is being given by extraterrestrials; or wild storms, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions are Earth’s ways of ridding herself of negativity. They don’t know that she has been on an ascension course for more than seven decades or that the speed and scope of planetary changes are unprecedented in this universe, and they know nothing about Earth’s Golden Age. You do know all of that and much more.

Please don’t think we expect you to remember everything we have said in 10 years of messages! We don’t, not by any means, but you are the beacons of encouragement, enthusiasm and confidence about your world’s future, and we urge you to please be mindful of the most cogent information we have offered. Science and spirit are one and the same—the love-light energy of Creator from which everything in this universe is created—and the following principles underlie all creations:

LOVE, which is the same energy as light and the essence of all souls, is the most powerful force in the cosmos. LOVE-LIGHT is the key to resolving all conflicts and feeling peace within! [June 2, 2014]

Love starts with self, with living so that loving self is as natural as breathing. Only then can you give and receive love. Love is contagious, unlimited, omnipresent. It is what changes bleakness of spirit into fullness of spirit, illness into health, lack into prosperity. It is the absence of love that breeds all the woes of your world, and it is filling the void with love that will cure the woes. This is not asking you to love what brings misery and deprivation and harm! It is asking you to simply feel love so you can send forth that energy—it will seek its way to the void. [excerpt from God’s message, July 4, 2013]

The energy momentum keeps strengthening the forcefulness of all thoughts and feelings, so we repeat our guidance to not think of needful conditions with a heavy heart; instead, envision Earth within golden-white light so this image and your desire for benevolent changes go out into the universe and return with additional light. [January 5, 2014]

Via the universal law of attraction that’s in perpetual operation, the low vibrations of negative feelings and thoughts are helping to continue what you want to end. [June 2, 2014]

Souls in desperate circumstances are experiencing what they chose to complete third density karmic lessons and evolve spiritually and consciously, and your society can rally as ONE to uplift the lives of those who are suffering. Your steadfastness in the light is undergirding the move toward that rally, and light beamed to Earth from other civilizations is aiding your endeavors to transform your world. [April 2, 2014]

Our overall guidance in every area where betterment is needed is, Know your godself and live your light! Knowing that love-light, the most powerful energy in the cosmos, is the “ingredient” of souls and the basis on which soul contracts are made is part of spiritual clarity, and expanding that clarity is the purpose of all physical lifetimes of every soul. The speed at which awareness is available and the scope of enlightenment being offered to your civilization at this time is unique in this universe. [June 11, 2011]

Beloved family, by living in accordance with these principles, these universal laws, you manifest what you want in your life, evolve spiritually and consciously, and speed your society’s pace in co-creating the grandness of Earth’s Golden Age.

This leads to our addressing the numerous queries that can be summed up thusly: How can this be the Golden Age with darkness still in control? Darkness is not in control, and again we refer to previously offered information because it is the case now as much as when originally stated:

First we say, everything going on in your world is in response to the ever-increasing vibrations, and along with evident progress, you are seeing the remnants of what naturally follows the departure of darkness. Free from that shroud of negativity, individuals no longer are acting under its ponderous influence, but rather in line with deeply-rooted religious, political or philosophical convictions, and occasionally from deranged mental functioning that is intensified by the prevailing vibrations. [June 2, 2014]

Divisiveness over the most serious issues affecting your society will continue until the light becomes so strong that extreme stances no longer can deter constructive steps toward peaceful resolution. Rational discussions underway and those that will begin may bog down from time to time, but overall they will gain momentum; and what you call “common sense,” which still is not common to all, eventually will emerge in situations that in this moment are static or volatile. [February 3, 2014]

Millions are taking bold steps and bringing about positive change all the way from small communities to international movements. Expansion of the light that is permeating hearts and minds throughout the world CANNOT be stopped! Please do not think that only the ones in leadership positions are important—EVERY soul is essential, and simply by radiating your own light, each of you is contributing to the transformation of your world. [January 27, 2008]

The dawn of a new era in any civilization is imperceptible even to the comparatively few who may know about it. Yet, the civilization is responsible for manifesting the new era through the energy of focused thoughts and feelings. And, the positive part of prevailing vibrations is the growing awareness that something of great significance is afoot. A year ago there wasn’t even a thought in most minds that perhaps turmoil is a necessary prelude to a better world for all. Now, awakening souls—and millions are responding to this effect of vibratory levels—sense that possibly even grave-appearing situations may have good outcomes. As “may” evolves into “shall!” within collective thoughts and feelings, you will see more and more evidence in linear time of the Golden Age marvels that already you have co-created in the continuum.

Numerous readers have asked about their native countries and the questions start When will: corrupt or tyrannical leaders be replaced by individuals with moral and spiritual integrity; the economy improve; persecution of peaceful protestors end; fighting stop; refugees return home; desperate poverty be relieved? Dear ones, if we could tell you when, we would do so joyously. Activity on all of those fronts is rife in Earth’s energy field of potential, and because there are proponents and opponents in all of those situations, the energy streamers cannot proceed in straight lines. In this moment they are zigzagging all over as one side gains, then loses the lead as the other side gathers strength. The back-and-forth motion will come to an end when the energy of souls whose objectives are light-filled achieves unstoppable momentum toward a peaceful, kind and just world with abundance for all.

A reader asked us to explain the misogynistic attitude against women around the world at a time when the “female energy” rising. Is it rising? Yes, indeed it is rising, but let us start at the beginning. For millennia the low vibrations of masculine energy that dominated your world influenced men to feel superior to women and influenced women to accept their lower position. Although a few braved public opinion and railed against being barred from voting, higher education and professional careers, the others simply accepted the status to which society relegated them.

When the entry of feminine, or goddess, energy started diluting the masculine, it brought the longstanding gender imbalance to the forefront and attitudes about respective roles began to change. Women obtained university degrees, entered politics and other fields formerly the province of men, were promoted to management positions, became entrepreneurs, and successfully handled parenting and working. Men became much more involved in the rearing of children and some became stay-at-home-fathers. Yes, inequities still exist, such as greatly fewer numbers of woman than men influencing corporate and political decisions, salary and wage scales, church leadership, and birth control regulations; but as sufficient light reaches those and other discriminatory areas, they will be brought into balance.

In cultures where women are considered possessions, where the denial of rights is much more severe and deeply entrenched, change is coming much more slowly, and here another reader’s questions are pertinent: What of the extremist beliefs that are manifesting within Islam? What of the suppression of women in some Islamic societies and the endless rape of women in India? Are all these manifestations destined in the next decade or so to disappear?

Those actions being attributed to Islam are not tenets of that faith as originally inspired—rather, radical elements have been distorting the religion to justify personal convictions and actions that are based on what they’ve been taught to believe. Just as extremism in other religions will disappear as the light keeps intensifying, so it will be with Islam. Rape is the brutal act of weak men who need to prove to themselves that they are in control. Envisioning light surrounding your world will hasten the opening of minds and hearts so that cruel, unjust treatment of women and girls can cease.

A teacher in a high-poverty area has requested our ideas about how to present to the school district ways to better serve the needs of children who experience traumatic conditions in their homes and neighborhoods. There is no across-the-board way to meet those needs—each child is affected uniquely even when the sad results of impoverishment are similar. A wise and caring society pools its resources to provide its children with nurturing and other preparation they need to become responsible adults.

We are happy to offer the suggestion that the school principals meet with some parents and ask what services they feel will be most helpful. Based on that input and with the aid of selected teachers, the principals formulate a comprehensive plan that can include, for instance: tutoring in studies, child care facilities, part-time jobs for older students, lessons not available in schools, individual and group counseling, physical exams, dental services, rooms where family gatherings can be held, recreational facilities, veterinary care, transportation, tickets to special events, trips to museums and art galleries, provision of food and clothing, Big Brother and Big Sister activities, construction and repair services, vehicle maintenance, financial donations.

The principals present the final plan to the mayor and city council, civic associations, sports groups, churches, libraries, store owners, restaurants, bankers, artists and musicians, technicians, mechanics, police, communication specialists, attorneys, healthcare providers—all organizations and individuals who have the capabilities. There is no limit to what a community can do for their children in needful circumstances when genuine caring undergirds combined efforts!

We take no credit for that suggestion. Similar kinds of coordinated action are achieving heartwarming success in numerous localities, and the light sent forth by the people who give and those who receive is immeasurable.

Speaking as Matthew now, I could have given my mother the idea to send only to the teacher who requested it. I didn’t, dear ones, because you are the members of civic organizations, medical clinics, churches or councils; the shopkeepers, mechanics, truck and bus drivers, attorneys, artists, teachers, doctors, coaches, carpenters, cooks. You are the ones whose collective contributions will give your community’s children opportunities to reach their potential and become tomorrow’s responsible adults.

Every one of you is loved unconditionally and myriad light beings are with you every step along your pathway.



Suzanne Ward

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Eternal Wisdoms with Uriel – True self

EArth-148-22727 Beloved family of light.  Welcome to our sharing of eternal truths for that is a portion of my purpose, to hold these truths for your awareness and growth.

Though you exist in form on this beautiful planet shown above, it is not your true home.  Before this planet was formed, you are.  Timeless, you have experienced many perceptions or places that are not currently part of your consciousness, but they are part of your greater and timeless spiritual self.   Know this simple truth, that you are formed of the very essence of creation and creator, mother and father to all life.   Your are never separate from it, you cannot be,  for how can you be separate from your own self, your public_domain_astronomy_1own essence.  You cannot be.   Though your consciousness is focused for a little while in this world seen above, it is not limited to it.   You are more even then your current awareness allows you to see.   Remember this then, that while part of you is in this world, the greater you is more than that.   You are eternal, you are formed of love, you are light, and you are joy of being.  Remember this dear ones, dear family for NOW is the moment of your awakening, your remembering.  Be it a short moment or a long moment, is up to you.   But now is the moment.  You are essence of all that is, all that you see and all that you choose not to see.  For what you experience is what you choose to experience.  Your real truth is timeless and forever, part of all that is.

Blessings, love, light, joy and peace.

Uriel with Brother David

Heavenletter #4972 If There Were No Fear, What Would There Be to Fear?, July 6, 2014

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gretchen3God said:
On one hand, you thank Me for all My blessings. You may even try to thank Me for honing you, refining you, tempering you, even sometimes as steel in a foundry, yet you fear life and death and wonder if you should be worried. Worries are not good for you. You have learned well to worry about this symptom or that.

Illness is a thought in your mind. If you had never heard of illness, the idea wouldn’t occur to you. Thoughts of illness have become epidemic. Illness is a thought picked up and learned. Don’t hold it to you. Even if you have been diagnosed, as best you are able, find a way to think about other aspects of life.

Remember, beloveds, there is no such thing as a death sentence. There is no death. The body can go poof, yes, it will. The body will fall down in abeyance to higher laws. How and when you drop off your body are yet to be determined. What is called death is perplexing to you. It’s so common, yet you cannot lie down and die at will. You cannot set the moment. And, yet, you look at the clock a lot.

Don’t set the timer. Don’t devote yourself to attending to the moment of so-called death. Don’t honor the concept of death so much any more. The same for age and things like expectancy and statistics and all those predictions. Get away from the figures that say what the incidence of flu is likely to be high this year, for instance. What sense does it make to set the table for flu? Honor what you honor. Welcome what you welcome. As for the rest, let the preponderance slide away from you.

Resign from all the palaver in the world, all the descriptions, all the cures. Be cured. Be cured of spending so much of your time and thought and heart on what is called illness or disease and trouble. Let go of holding on so tight. Let go of painful thoughts. Let go of the thought of karma unless you are thinking of karma you like.

Free yourself from patterns, explanations, sense of reprisal and/or guilt. You deserve good health. Do not consider illness a demerit. You have not been picked on. No one with a rifle is watching everyone go by and taking pot shots by formula or by random.

No one knows the odds, so don’t bet against yourself.

I will give you the odds. The odds are against illness. Come now, if there were no professionals waiting for illness to drop, how much illness would there be? If there were no pharmacies, where would there be prescriptions? This is not to blame anyone or anything for illness, for if there were no fear, what would there be to fear? Illness is a fantasy. It is not your longed-for dream, is it?

There is no question but that you can be without illness, and in an instant, so powerful are your thoughts if only you could let go of your preponderance of illness-provoking thoughts kept to you. With every inoculation, you have accepted a mind-set. Do not take such stock in illness. Do not give illness such tribute. Do not give illness and disease such credence. Do not invite them to your mind. Not even a cold.

And if illness or disease have put their claws on you, remove them with the power of God vested within you. Let go of the talons that hold you, for they are of the mind, and you don’t have to bow down before them.

If this dismissal of illness does not seem to work for you, then let go its hold some other way. You do not have to hold on to illness. You do not know the power you have. You do not know your state of consciousness. Believe in yourself and believe in Me more than you believe in illness.

Your body will drop away. This has been named dying. Your body will drop off, yet illness or disease are not obligated to take you.

The act of dying and the process of dying seem like an offense to you, almost a disgrace. It is not a disgrace. It is something that comes with the territory. Let go of the idea that leaving your body is an offense and that life is being taken away from you. Life cannot be taken from you. You are invincible. The body is not such an enormous thing. Of course, it seems like everything to you when, in actuality, the body doesn’t have all that much to do with you, for you are Being, you are Soul. These can never be taken from you. Ego can be taken from you, wrested from you. I cannot be taken from you. You cannot be taken from Me.

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Heilkraftübertragung live mit Anita Grogg vom 03. Juli 2014

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Take Care Of Your Emotional Self

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The Creator Writings

Being emotionally unavailable to others means you cannot be emotionally available to yourself. Finding the balance,

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Heavenletter #4971 Who What When Where Why?, July 5, 2014

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God said:
Nothing can contain the joy I feel. My joy overflows. Joy meets itself whenever My eyes and My thoughts and My love fall on you, My One Child, My One Self. To say that you are deep in My heart doesn’t say enough, for you are My very heart.

To say that We, you and I, are intertwined does not say enough. There is really no weaving of us. I AM, and that tells the story. It is not totally accurate to say I AM you or to say You are I, even though those are true so far as they go. There is One, and there is no distinguishing you from Me nor distancing Myself from you, yet, of course, We do contrive to do that. We do that all the time, and there is that rascal Time getting in Our way, messing up all Our discourses. Because of fictitious time, what We say incurs this or that, now or then, etc.

The Truth is that there never was a time when there ever was anything but I and I AM. There never was a time when you were even a tiny inch outside. The reducing of All That Is into sections of time, contracting, contrasting Truth and time, making one dependent upon the other when there is truly no need brings up the question When and for what duration, how long or how short. The same goes for the sense of space that consumes you and its question of where. When and Where also bring up sequence and precedent, before or after. You do begin to see that time and space are two ends of the same stick. Even time and space are not separate any more than We are or ever were or ever will be.

Because of time and space, ins and outs rise up, and complication sets in. Complications are not real. Complications are a set-up.

Perhaps ego is a child of time and space, a construct of time and space. Without time and space, how could ego, false as it is, exist, or appear to exist? Time and space gave birth to a clown, a tiny clown that blows itself up to be big. Without the concepts of time and space, where would selfishness come from? Where would all this identity and you and me and mine and yours come from? There is only One of Us.

Only, in the world of time and space, all this ownership creeps in. The idea of space yields to the idea of not enough room in the inn for all. From space comes the idea of displacement. I could go on and on, and I often do. From time and space come the ideas of protection and defense, and protection and defense arise from ownership which is a false fact. Regardless of deeds and liens and contracts in the world, there is no ownership. There is assumed ownership, understood ownership, yet ownership does not have a leg to stand in.

Time and space say differently. They are Jokers in a deck of cards.

The reality of the world is one thing. Reality is another. Much can be seen in hearts in the world, yet the only real is love. All these other manifestations are pure malarkey. They are the Emperor’s clothes washed and hung out to dry. They can even be proven in the physical world, yet how far in space or time does that take us? Nowhere.

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Saint Germain through Méline Portia Lafont ~ The current unfoldings ~ July 3 2014

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Conveyed through Méline Portia Lafont
Greetings, I AM Saint Germain
It is with heartfelt sincerity that I compliment Humanity for being such brave hearted souls and kindred spirits through this manifestation of the new world. The new world is in its full remake program where a recalibration is the festivity of that event. There are various ways, offers and pathways given to you all to climb the famous and gigantic tree of life. Be careful to not fall off the branches that hold you together during your climb. Those branches function as a rooted reality that holds you just as much in your vibration and reality as you allow yourself to be in.
The more you are out of balance or the more you are outgrowing this reality, the more the branch will become unstable to sustain you ~ meaning the branch is functioning as your vibrational reality. Time to…

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The Oracle Report, Friday, July 4, 2014

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Crescent Moon Phase: expand

Moon in Libra

Ruling Mahavidya: Dhumavati (The Goddess of Mirrors) and Kali (The Destroyer)

Skill: remain open and flexible

Negative Imprint: strong-willed to control others, willing others to comply

Positive Imprint: strong willed to self-direct, willing to extend to others

Today’s energy stirs great passion.

There is a tremendous amount of energy that can be harnessed today.  Take some time to think about where you are and where you want to be (mentally, physically, emotionally, etc.)  The degree of the position of the Earth today is the energy of “a fire worshipper meditates on the ultimate realities of existence.”  It is alchemical energy, able to create magic.  It arouses and stokes an inner fire.  What does your heart truly desire?  The Universe hears and responds to this today.  If the thing that is blocking you is you, there is an abundance of energy to push you out of that.  The energy enables us to self-direct more effectively.

Some people will respond negatively to the passion that is incited today.  Anger, inflexibility, manipulation, aggression, and controlling behavior are manifestations of this.  Issues of dependency, appreciation, and recognition also arise.  These are signs that something needs to change or shift.

An interesting feature of today’s energy is the ability to morph space-time.  This means the past and the future are fluid and ripe for re-imprinting.  Changing your view about a perceived loss or failure from the past will change your future.  Can you take hold of the reins of your mind?

The principle of resonance (like attracting like) is also strong today.  We are pulled toward those people, places, things, and ideas that are more akin to our soul’s code and the destiny of our lives.  Psychic-type communications are also heightened.

The theme this month is revolutionary liberation.  Today’s energy goes a long way toward this.  Though we are aware that we are in the midst of a powerful energetic window of time that could be used for nefarious purposes, we also see the opportunity to harness passion for positive expression.  The Spirit of Liberty reigns strong today, no matter where on Gaia Sophia you are.

In celebration of my favorite thing – freedom – I’ve posted the story of my initiation with the Mahavidyas on the About page here  Scroll down to “Initiation with the Kalis.”  Many people have asked me to tell the story of my first encounter with the Wisdom Goddesses.  I am happy to tell it today.

Click here to listen to the July 1 “Galactic Connection” radio show where I was Alexandra Meadors’ guest.  We take an in-depth look at what’s happening right now and how we can navigate it.)

The Oracle Report

The Grand Illusion of Time



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July 3, 2014 | By and reblogged from there to here



ku-xlargeFree Spirit, Guest
Waking Times

Time is in essence a grand illusion that has taken a hold of our consciousness and conditioned our reality to believe in it, thus we then become enslaved by the illusion and suffer the karmas associated with it. Bound to the ticking of the clock, we slowly but surely create our own death. The entire infrastructure of the 3rd dimension is built around time (scheduling, dates, sequencing and chronological order) and thus reinforces the illusion.

Understanding Time can also open up dimensional pathways to other worlds/times/realities that serve as a bypass for the inevitable collapse scenarios.

In the Singularity of Source, there is no time – only an Infinitely Conscious Presence of Being that exists in all forms and all spaces at once. As one comes to recognize Source, one is freed from the bonds of time and all karmic causality is destroyed. In the Immortal Timeless Presence of Source – the past (or the future!) have no power and one becomes a Karma Immune Being. This is an extremely powerful vibratory state to exist in and by residing here one is free from ALL conditionings, delusions, illusions and cycles of time.

Karma no longer has power over one because the Law of Cause and Effect needs a temporal (time) bubble to exist within.

Outside of time, nothing can precede anything or condition any future moment, for there is no future to affect. In the same vein, the energy of the past peels away from one’s being and becomes nothing. The causal links between the past and the present are severed, thus no karma can possibly ripen or even exist in the Timeless State. As for the redemption and forgiveness of karma, the embodiment of Source Presence is the most powerful – and ultimately the only real mechanism behind karmic cleansing. Source was and always is free from karma. Karma is simply a denser shroud that cloaks our Original Innocence. Timelessness is inherently innocent for there is no time in which anything different can stain it.

For many people, it is absurd to believe that time is an illusion, for it appears to be reflected everywhere and appears to exist as a fundamental, inherent and unchangeable condition of this dimension. Thus we appear to be trapped within it and there seems no mechanism for transcending time.


It is very important for readers to understand what time is. In essence, it is nothing other than a mental construct created by the ego-mind to separate out perceptions and events into an order, so that the sensations arising from them can be assimilated and made sense of.

Truth – Beings in the 3rd dimension can only ever perceive one thing at a time.

It may appear we can perceive many things in the linear dimension at once, but in reality, the linear mind can only handle one perception at a time – no matter how ‘bunched up’ these perceptions seem.

The mind in the 3rd dimension cannot perceive directly the Timeless Singularity of Source, for the mind exists within duality, and within duality all things appear distinctly separate. In order to perceive all of these distinctively separate phenomena, the mind projects a ‘holding space’ for these phenomena called space-time. The space aspect creates a medium for distinguishing everything and providing a contrast between one phenomenon (object, sound, smell or any other kind of sensation) and another. 3-dimensional space has no inherent reality of its own and cannot be perceived to exist as a ‘stand-alone’ phenomenon. It always requires some kind of phenomena so as to be distinguishable. The construct of space allows the mind to see where one form ends and another begins.

However, once one penetrates the realms of the subatomic – there is simply a sea of superstrings that are not at all separately grouped, in relation to the 3D objects that contain them.


There is no boundary between the superstrings in me and the superstrings outside of me. The illusory sense of boundary that exists within 3D is transcended.

Readers can reflect on this. Where does the ‘me’ start and the ‘me’ end?
What is the ‘me’? Where is the ‘me’?

One can reflect deeply and find that space is simply a mental vacuum – a mental space – where mental projections can be inserted into. Because the sensations that the mind perceives are externalized, this mental space then appears to exist outside of oneself and have a distinct reality of its own. Belief in its inherent reality then creates the illusion of the 3rd dimensional spatial matrix. The illusion of space then gives rise to the notion of distance, which is nothing other than a mirroring of our own separation from Source.

This illusion was spawned so early in our formative years that we have come to forget there is any other way of perceiving reality. The transcendence of the illusion of distance (a concept created by the mind) results in the ability to bi-locate and teleport. As the energies from the Central Sun reach their zenith, this will then facilitate bodily teleportation and the subsequent Ascension as one is able to stand outside of the limitations of the 3D matrix of space-time.

One can also enter the microcosm in this state. Once I was able to see into the space between the outside and the inside surface of a quark as described here:-

These superstrings are in everything and have no size. They constantly are seen to rotate, flicker in and out of existence, and birth new strings that break away and form new superstring structures elsewhere. They emanate an extremely powerful golden light. The surfaces of individual quarks appear as shiny rainbow translucent membranes. One’s consciousness can zoom in to see billions of superstrings creating an infinitely intricate fractal pattern that exists between the inside and the outside of the quark – collapsing that particular duality. In the space between the perceived “outside and inside” of a quark, a hundred billion or so superstrings intersect that minute space. The inside surface of a quark appears to move independently of the outside surface creating hyper-dimensional torsion that allows for the formation of wormholes allowing the superstrings to pervade the entire volume of this inner quark-scape. The superstrings sometimes unravel and create the impression of golden highways where trillions of encoded symbols rush down their lengths. It is possible to enter one of the symbols itself and enter another level of quantum reality where particles looking like plasma balls fire out rainbow vibrations in all directions. These plasma balls all appear to emerge from the whiteness and all of them appear to be intrinsically intelligent sub-quark light beings.

The whiteness itself appears as a cylindrical glowing tube that glows almost brightly enough to obscure the “interior”. In places the light reveals particles within that appear to be shaped like a torus (dough-nut shape). They sparkle, glisten and fold in upon themselves in almost inconceivable ways to give the impression of a continuous mutation of form. At this level we are seeing dimensions several billion times smaller than the thickness of the external membrane of a quark. The energy is intense here, and rainbow bolts of lightning appear to be projected out of the torus structures. The arrow of time appears to point in all directions at once and events within some pockets of this reality appear to flow in retrograde. There is enough energy buried in one of these torus structures to provide all the power humanity would ever need. All of the energy of the entire Universe flows through each of these structures and thus they are infinite resources of energy.

Time is inherently bound up with the illusion of the spatial matrix, for it is nothing other than a supplementary construct created by the mind to prevent ‘the box’ filling up with everything at once! Everything can and does happen at once within Singularity Consciousness. Time is another form of contrast that orders perceptions of all kinds of sensual phenomena into a manageable stream, that can then be analysed by the mind. Linear time is an endless, incomplete continuum that always requires another perception in order for its existence to be continued. Thus the mind can never be in the Presence and instead continues to habitually grasp for the next experience.

There is never a completeness of experience, for it is always open ended. One perception leads to another – and another – and so the illusion continues indefinitely. In the awareness of the higher dimensions there is a deeper completeness. Linear time then becomes a circle and transcends its own illusion! In this ‘completion of the circle’ one sees oneself as Source Presence that does not require a location in space-time to exist. In the stepping out of the Presence of Source the wheels of time turn once again!

Physical transmutation of the body (Ascension work) causes our being to move into alternate temporal realities where time appears to run at a much faster rate. This causes all of our karmic processes to speed up and accounts for the experiences of those undergoing all kinds of emotional and spiritual processing in a much shorter time than the conventional norm.

The apparent appearance of accelerated time is due to the contrast between the timeless dimensions and this linear dimension. Our own perceptions of time are influenced by the powerful energies of the higher planes and the stream of higher vibrating energies creates the sensation of altered temporal realities. When this is understood time is then seen to slow down and dilate.

This temporal dilation can allow for some remarkable experiences, such as the ability to teleport 2.4 billion light years or so across space in the blink of an eye (read Keys to Immortality).

There are no limits beyond the constraints of time and distance and one then becomes an embodied intergalactic traveler, able to traverse the Universe at will. Huge networks of wormholes within 10th dimensional superstrings open up billions of galaxies that can be explored by the higher-dimensional Timeless self.

It is a truly mind-blowing experience to be presented with such an astonishing expansiveness of reality. However, that is the norm in the Universe, and it is only the belief in the limitations of the linear world that we find ourselves confined to one planet amongst a dying species whilst the Cosmos surrounds us waiting to be explored..


About the Author

Free Spirit is a Spiritual Master and a Teacher of Ascension after spending his whole life in pursuit of spiritual understanding. He is also the author of Keys to Immortality (his third book) and has some public discourses on You Tube. He also builds Merkabah structures to enhance dreaming as well as teaching dreaming workshops and providing personal and in depth spiritual mentoring to VIP clients.

His website is at and his You Tube Channel is here

His Facebook Page features public Discourses and is here

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa 4 July 2014

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Sirian Heaven

SaLuSa (1)

Even those of you who are aware of time moving quicker are surprised that it appears to be going faster than ever. This in itself is a clear signal that changes are continuing to rapidly take place that will lead you further into the New Age. So do not doubt for one moment that they are setting up a scenario that will see the end of the old Age. There are signs for all to see but unfortunately very few are aware of them or their significance. In general terms what might be noticed is that the old style leadership is changing. No longer are those simply out for personal power and wealth able to fool people so easily. Instead those with a more moderate approach and with honest policies are being accepted, and they came into this period of time specifically to lead you forwards to your intended destiny…

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A Message from Your Family of Light

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Blue Dragon Journal


A Message from Your Family of Light

Greetings, dear ones, we are your Family of Light. We welcome you into the expansive energies of July. Summer reigns in the north and winter in the south latitudes.

Do you feel our energies in your heart these days? We are ever present, watching over you, guiding you quietly with nudges and notions. And when you “tune-in”, you can feel us there, as your heart chakra flares with gentle warmth.

Do some of you wake up in the morning with an unfinished conversation lingering on your lips, as you speak to someone who isn’t yet visible to your waking eyes? Or with a fully open pineal gland, are you blissing out and sometimes having a difficult time coping with the functions of your remaining 3D portions of your life?

Transitions, transitions and yet more transitions are underway. All is in a profound state…

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Archangel Raphael and Archangel Metatron via Natalie Glasson: The Laws of Creation in This Time

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Openhearted Rebellion

archangelsArchangel Raphael and Archangel Metatron: The Laws of Creation in this Time, channeled by Natalie Glasson, Jul. 2, 2014, | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

With blessings and love, we, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Metatron, come forth to greet you in this exciting period of evolution upon the Earth and the inner planes.

It is a time of evolution of the physical body, emotional body, and mental body, especially due to the fact that these three bodies have been instigated into a spiral of transformation and activation in order to exist in deeper oneness with your spiritual body, soul and the Creator. Thus activating all that is heavenly within the core of your being to be fully present within all aspects of your being.

No longer can one shy away from the light and truth of their being, it is time to fully embrace the supreme vibrations and consciousness of your true self.

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Make The Most Of It

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The Creator Writings

There will be times where your life experience will seem arduous, tiring and downright complicated.  Do not despair, my beautiful child!  Remind yourself that the tedious moments will pass;

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Heavenletter #4970 Lily-like Sensitivity , July 4, 2014

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gretchen3God said:
You may consider that lily-like sensitivity and subsequent hurt feelings are virtues, yet it is not smart to call excessive emotional involvement in hurt feelings high on the scale of virtues. First of all, there is more going on in the world that needs your attention than your hurt feelings. Do you imagine you bless the world with your tears? It’s good you have such a vent, yet it is not good that you overwork that vent and make it a frequent gusher.

Sensitivity has its place, yes. However, if your sensitive feelings, even for the sake of others, lay you low, then certainly it is not a virtue but rather a weakness. You may well be flying under false colors to call excessive sensitivity a strength.

Look at it this way, beloveds: If you were physically excessively frail, overly delicate, pale, would you consider such frailty a virtue? It may bring attention to you, yet it may be attention that keeps you wiping your tears and doting on your frailty.

Nor am I suggesting that you be cold-hearted. Heavens, no. Cold-hearted insensitivity and hard-heartedness are far from the way to go.

Of course, you are understandably thinking, how do you possibly lower your sensitivity ratio? How do you stop this track you are on?

One way might be to draw yourself up sharp and understand that frequent hurt feelings can be like soaking in a hot bath too long or too often and may well be self-indulgent. A bath has its place, yet your soaking in it again and again is not likely its place.

Overwrought sensitivity may lead to bitterness. I know you don’t want to become a bitter person. Hurt feelings may well be tantamount to your gaining a vision of the world as cruel and uncaring. You started out as a caring person who now may feel too sensitive for this world, and your very sensitivity may lead to resentment toward this perceived uncaring world that does not honor and respect and treat you and your sensitivity well. It is not a giant leap from repeatedly hurt feelings to bitterness.

In any case, feeling wounded a lot isn’t a contest you want to win.

What is the name given to a state you can reach where you do not take your hurt feelings so seriously? When someone else has an oversight or intention and vents his insensitivity, and it lands on you, and you shrug your shoulders and don’t take it to heart — what is the word for this? What is the name of this quality when you don’t take something personally even when it was expressly personal for you? What is the name of this big-visioned quality? What is the name of this strength? What is the name of this strength that allows you to shrug your shoulders and not take something to heart, not to feel bad nor have any thought of resentment?

I believe it is called love. Love is strong. Loving yourself enough will allow you to not take your sensitivity to heart. For a moment, you will observe the poor manners or whatever it is, and you don’t let yourself get sidetracked. You decline to take it on. Redressing others’ errors simply isn’t a bus you take any longer. You go on your way, not oblivious, but simply not taking on someone else’s difficulty and making it yours.

This is one secret to youth, beloveds. This secret is equivalent to eating more than an apple a day and beats all the beauty treatments you can imagine. You are the designator of your day and the roads you take and not anyone else. You are the driver of your life.

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Sing Your Own Praises

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The Creator Writings

Imagine if you started recognizing your own worth; what would happen, what would that look like to you?  The Universe has never created a mistake…….ever.  When you indulge in self-depreciation, the only thing you are doing is telling your Inner Self that you are not worthy and deserving of The Universe’s faith in you…..and only for the comfort of others. 

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The Oracle Report, Thursday, July 3, 2014

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Crescent Moon Phase: expand

Moon in Virgo

Ruling Mahavidya: Dhumavati (Goddess of Death) and Kali (The Destroyer)

Skill: endeavor to maintain balance in all things

Negative Imprint: lashing out or lashing in from fear, anger, frustration

Positive Imprint: opening up to allow transformation

By the end of the day, some sort of wisdom finds its way to us.  Today’s energy teaches us something we need to know.

Two waves of energy, one produced by the Sun opposing Pluto and one produced by Mars opposing the Eris Point, begin to dominate.  These waves tend to make people grumpy, angry, critical, impatient, depressed, reactionary, and sharp-tongued.

But, with a little work, these waves can also help people be balanced, whole, light, open, self-possessed, and free.

This energy is made primarily by oppositions in astrology, so we notice opposites and differences.  We see how opposite or different we are from someone/others/situations or how opposite things are from the way they should be (or the way we want them to be).  Be aware of the tendency for things to be in sharp contrast.  This energy takes things to extremes and can swing back and forth quickly.

Recall also that all this month, people, places, and things are loosening, breaking, or opening up.   The energy of sharp contrasts enhances this theme.

We navigate all of this acrobatically by being aware of the course.  We see the negative potential, but we understand that underneath all of the presenting issues is the hallmark for change.  We see how, in some way in some part of our lives, we need to shift.  We recognize that we are undergoing a period of transformation, liberation, and re-alignment deeper into the mystic.

Remember, today teaches us something we need to know.

(Note for those readers who follow the Mahavidyas, the Wisdom Goddesses who are aspects of Gaia-Sophia and interface with humanity: Today Dhumavati and Kali are “releasing the Kraken,” so to speak.  [The Kraken is a giant squid-like sea creature that derives from Norse mythology.]  The Archons will attempt to use the power that is available from these potent astrological signatures to imprint reality with fear, chaos, and gloom.  Essentially, protection and buffering from these extremes spreads through the collective like the tentacles of the Kraken.  It is a metaphor.)

Click here and scroll down to listen to the July 1 “Galactic Connection” radio show where I was Alexandra Meadors’ guest.  We take an in-depth look at what’s happening right now and how we can navigate it.)

The Oracle Report

Heavenletter #4969 Blessed Are You, July 3, 2014

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gretchen3God said:
Unto yourself, you are born as your own child. You are raising yourself, beloved. It is you who educates you. It is you who shows you the way to go. Who is responsible for you? You are.

You may consider that you were born in a wilderness, in a wilderness perhaps where the people you lived with did not speak your language, perhaps didn’t seem to try to hear what you were trying to say and were, perhaps, unable to understand you or even consider that you were a person entitled to be understood.

All along you have been trying to be your own counsel. Yes, of course, your success is dependent upon you. There are no rag-tail ends to pin anything on. It is you who issue forth from yourself and your life that seems to turn on a dime. It is you who decides to turn left or to turn left. Right now, it is your turn. You precede yourself. No one else precedes you in your life. You are your own discovery, and it is you who takes your own first steps. It is you who goes around in circles. Going around in circles isn’t all bad, for, in this way, you may discover the Land of the Free.

Each country is a symbol of a quality, just as you, in your individuality are a symbol of yourself. You, the physical body, can only be a symbol of what you imagine yourself to be and may seem  like. The Truth is that you live on Holy Ground. It can only be this. What could I have created except Holy Ground?

Ultimately, each one of My children is the Holy Light that I am. In Truth, you are holy. Holy, holy, art thou who sings My song no matter how well he sings or how well he does not. The Truth is that you accompany yourself regardless of wherever road We turn down.

Somehow everyone finds himself taking the right turn, stumbling on the right turn as if by magic even as he does not yet know where it is. You are walking on and rising to your true heights no matter how humbled you may be.

The same sky shines upon all. And on every day, a holy child is born. On one of those days, the holy child born was you. Somehow the meaning of your birth was kept a secret. Most of all, it was a secret kept from you. But not forever, for now you are awaking to the fact, the established fact, that you are a Holy Child, and you are a Holy Child of Mine. You are the One I have been waiting for. And, yes, of course, you are reborn. You are reborn every day.

Beloveds, it is incumbent upon you to note yourself and welcome yourself. A child was born, and, and on this date, the child born to Creation is you. Created by My thought, created by My heart, you have rung the bells on Earth. I hear them. Now hear Me.

You are far more than a recollection of Mine. You are certainly not a reconstruction. You are a blessing to this Earth. I blessed the Earth with you. I invited you here for love. I set love before you, and love stayed, no matter how trammeled the love may have seemed. You are the renewer of love, the refresher of it, the reviver of it, the institutor of it, the one who serves love up to the Universe, for you are the DNA carrier of love who brings love out like stars at night and sun by day. Of course, I am speaking of you, My Blessed One.

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