Letters of my “Isle of I” No. 13

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Discussing the Subject of: “Free Fall” – “Floating in a Vast Void” – and “Being in the Quantum Leaping Jump of Now”

My dear Brother Dave,
Questions Marks are the very ones of this ever decreasing old time schedules of our old 3-D Matrix !

I found out today that these marks that I am putting everywhere which reigns my life and existence of Now. We are telling each other repeatedly since some few years past that we are to “Keep on Keeping” meaning to proceed impregnably on our once chosen individual way of ascension …

Today after some deeper meditations and telepathic communications with some of my Angelic Guides I came to following conscious notification:

“Progressing onward on this my road of ascencion with some great assistance of my guides too this will entail for me too becoming aware of letting go even deeper embedded ideologies of the our past matrix of duality. I never grasped before fully consciously what this might become the correct meaning of such discarding.”

Everything which was manifested in my former life particularly involving ethical and philosophical belief and some constructive lines along which to adhere to in daily life and to strive for – most of it has to be abandoned too – due to being falsely taught outlines from childhood on – and I am aware now if I have to abolish the major part of this hard learned socalled “Facts of Life” as underlying basics to align with …. it makes me feel as if all the solid former columns of my life has been dragged away from under my feet that make me flow now in some empty void … ”

I assume it is all so easy to write about it – this great “letting go” which I noticed all over the internet when reading spiritual articles about the times of Now – or Zero-Point.

Even the many channeled messages being published now with admonitions of how to proceed furtheron or trying to give us some update of our present platform already achieved –

I doubt whether all these channels with all their collaborated works of extraterrestrials and with publishing their messages – do they once come to a similar halt in order to grasp fully the essence of our present standing or being – or are perhaps many of them feeling quite uncomfortable to hold still for a while and reflect what this is that I name the essential meaning for themselves of our “quantum leaping jump” entails individually for each of them ?

I again became fully aware of such sensation today and it recalled some alike feeliing in me when I was about 4 or 5 years old and which I described in some former writing of mine on my blog …titled something like “On a warm August-Summer-Evening ”  when my Father explained to me the constellation of the stars in the skies above us and I then realized all of a sudden that I – the very insignificant little person on earth here – was reduced to the tiny size that Mankind – which ieach and everyon of us all here – is in truth and reality ….

Something more magnificent and much greater beyond everything here on earth – viewing and imagining the entire Universe of All-There-Is just descended on my mind and then into my heart … and for the first time of my life I sensed it totally:more being in the “Free Fall” all through the Universe than being floating in a vast void as it is now – with nothing more stable structure to hold on …. Please look up link  : On a warm August Evening with Skies full of Stars ….   http://wp.me/p2wHrN-8V

This is what came to my awareness of today too and simultaneously I had again the very same feelings to that momentum of my childhood when talking and pondering about the starry skies of August with all its beautifully shining stars. I am feeling as if in a “Free Fall”  or is it the “Quantum Leap” that we are in in the Now to some coasts still to be visualized – constructed and manifested for some new ways of upraising lives ?

Becoming aware of such sensations in some true essence of it – well, it is not easy at all – it is quite a hard thing to-do – looking into this very truth and at the same time letting go of all manifested and solid background of before-life – becoming so consciously about all this and break away from it … it is similar to jumping into a quantum-leap into some unkown realms.

And if there were not the loving guidance of my Angelic Guides and other Mentors from beyond this planet – it might have made me stumble into some very desperate moods of Duality !

As being reduced to the tiny one of myself – it was the spiritual nudge via my father – having been a searcher on his spiritual quest all his life – it was then expressed under the still then underlying Matrix of Duality.

He did not know all that we do today – that it is the love of our all Divine Father and Mother who made us to great loving creators too since we are the offsprings of them. That is what we were re-given from them as our old refound Angelic state now.
But striving forward with the last remainijng and not left-off-ends of former backgrounds of Love, Truth, and feeling the Oneness  with all living beings of the entire universe – since these are the rest of remaining good ethics from our former Matrix … I feel blessed nevertheless with all these divine gifts which make me going on even in some stronger sense of it  to what is designed as our highest goal of our return way home … to where all creation has begun once.

So I am in some “Free Fall” as mentioned above or still better expressed ” Floating in a Vast Void” before I reach so much Consiousness of Myself again that will enable me to crreate the new Realm of Golden Era on our ascending planet Earth too.

And this is my answer to this very state of presence (the last expression of following from some “consecutio tempore” being outdated too – it’s old Matrix-Thinking) :
“What off it – I do not mind – it will not disturb me in any way – not a bit – “IN GOD WIE TRUST”  and that’s what I do with all of myself – with love of my inner greater heart linking myself directly and straight to our all Creator of “All-There-Is” !

Dear Brother Dave, this is what I had to pour out of my heart to you today since I know it will be fully comprehended by you too.
It is good to exchange sometimes what is being felt in our inner-worlds between us who are on similar strives and paths.

So, in this very sense – I am calling out to you : “keep on keeping!” and until next time i am with unconditional and compassionate Love to you
yours Sis’ in Light Mary

1 thought on “Letters of my “Isle of I” No. 13

  1. Ahh, my dear sister Mary,

    It would seem that I am a bit tardy in responding, but as you know there has been a significant increase in demands for my time regarding family matters.

    Like you, I seem to float in and out of situations. Yet, floating is not a bad thing. Do you remember when we discussed the damage to my care by a hit and run driver? And how we pondered the reasons and what good may come of it? Well today, I finally got my car back from repairs. It was quite costly, as the rear axle had also been damaged. I am surprised the Insurance company did not total it, but I am glad they did not. It is not a new car but new enough it has a few small nice features. It has a lot of mileage and has seen better days, and yes there were the rattles and noises galore from years of heavy use by previous owners. Note however that I just said “were” not “are.” I got my car back and it felt so comfortable to sit in it, like seeing an old friend again. But in driving, I noticed immediately that the ride was a little bit smoother and the ever present rattles were significantly reduced. It would seem that “repairs” from the damage also served to smooth over a few “age related” issues. So from a mystery of why, came an opportunity to improve.

    We never seem to know what the next moment, day or week will bring until they become our reality. And yet, if we stay positive and do not dwell on the outward issues that stem from materiality and fear, we may find ourselves surprised by the outcomes in a pleasant way. It is true that in the deepest night, light shines the brightest.

    I might write more but my body and mind call for rest. But first time for mediation and to contemplate the words of Divine Mother that were recently shared with me.

    May we always live in the NOW of Infinite love and know neither fear or worry. Only that we are complete in the NOW and the love of our creator.

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