Why Did The Vatican Remove 14 Books From The Bible in 1684?

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By: choiceandtruth

The Vatican church, or the Roman Catholic church, has a long history of corruption and deception. Aside from literally committing acts of outright genocide several centuries ago against the Cathars, to sexually abusing children in more modern times, it is certainly one of the most corrupt organizations in history.

In the year 1611 the Bible was translated from Latin into English. Back then the Bible contained a total of 80 books and the last 14 books, which today have been excluded, made up the end of the Old Testament and were as follows:

  • 1 Esdras
  • 2 Esdras
  • Tobit
  • Judith
  • The rest of Esther
  • The Wisdom of Solomon
  • Ecclesiasticus
  • Baruch with the epistle Jeremiah
  • The Songs of the 3 Holy children
  • The history of Susana
  • bel and the dragon
  • The prayer for Manasses
  • 1 Maccabees
  • 2 Maccabees

In 1684 all of these books were removed from all versions except for a 1611 edition, which was the very first edition translated into English.

In this first edition you will also actually find that Jesus’ name is spelled IESUS and pronounced Yahashua. So why then does everyone continue to call him Jesus, when the letter J did not even being used at the time?

One of these books that is particularly interesting, is the “Wisdom of Solomon”. For those who don’t know Solomon is one of the most legendary characters from the Bible. He was the son of David and is alleged to be the wisest man that has ever lived. He is painted largely as a benevolent figure. But what you read in this book will make you question everything you were told to believe about him.

Observe the following excerpt;

Wisdom of Solomon 2:1-24

1 For the ungodly said reasoning with them selves, but not aright, our life is short and tedious and in death of a man there is no remedy: neither was there any man known to have returned from the grave.
2 For we are born at all adventure: and we shall be hereafter as though we had never been: for the breath of our nostrils is as smoke, and the little spark in the moving of our heart
3 Which being extinguished, our body shall be turned into ashes, and our spirit shall vanish as the soft air,
4 And our name shall be forgotten in time, and no man shall have our works in remembrance, and our life shall pass away as the trace of a cloud, and shall be dispersed as a mist, that is driven away, with the beams of the sun, and overcome with the heat thereof.
5 For our time is very shadow that passeth away; and after our end there is no returning: for it is fast sealed, so that no man cometh again.
6 Come on there for let us enjoy the good things that are present: and let us speedily use the creatures like as in youth.
7 Let us fill ourselves with costly wine and ointments: and let no flower of the Spring pass by us.
8 Let us crown ourselves with rosebuds, before they be withered:
9 Let none of us go without his part of our voluptuousness: let us leave tokens of our joyfulness in every place: for this is our portion and our lot is this.
10 Let us oppress the poor righteous man, let us not spare the widow, nor reverence the ancient gray hairs of the aged.
11 Let our strength be  the law of justice: for that which is feeble is found to be nothing worth.
12 Therefore let us lie in wait for the righteous; because HE is not of our turn, and HE is clean contrary to our doings. He upbraideth  us with our offending of the law, and ojecteth to our infamy the transgression of our education.
13 HE professeth to have the knowledge of the MOST HIGH, and calleth HIS self the child of the LORD.
14 HE was made to reprove our thoughts
15 HE is grievous unto us even to behold, for HIS life is not like other men’s, HIS ways are of another fashion.
16 We are esteemed of HIM as counterfeits: HE abstaineth from our ways as from filthiness: HE pronounceth the end of the just to be blessed, and maketh HIS boast that GOD is HIS father.
17 Let us see if HIS words be true: and let us prove what shall happen in the end of HIM.
18 For if the just man be the Son of THE MOST HIGH, HE will help HIM and deliver HIM from the hands of HIS enemies.
19 Let us examine HIM with despitefulness and torture, that we may know HIS meekness and prove HIS patience.
20 Let us condemn HIM with a shameful death: for by HIS own mouth HE shall be respected…..

This raises a number of important questions

  • Who is Solomon speaking of killing with a “shameful death”?
  • Why did the Vatican vote to have these 14 books removed from the Bible?
  • Why did Solomon sound so crazy and evil in this book?

It seems that Solomon was speaking of Jesus. But Jesus was born roughly 900 years after his death. Could he have prophesied Jesus’ coming? Let’s consider why this could be who Solomon was talking about;

  • They killed the SON with a shameful death
  • The SON’s actions or fashions were different from everyone else’s
  • HE claims to be and IS the child of The MOST HIGH
  • He was a righteous poor man who would look at Solomon and others like him as “counterfeits”.
  • HE professeth to have knowledge of The MOST HIGH

Then listen to what Solomon has to say:

  •  HE was made to reprove (criticize) our thoughts
  • We are esteemed of HIM as counterfeits: HE abstaineth from our ways as from filthiness: HE pronounceth the end of the just to be blessed, and maketh HIS boast that GOD is HIS father
  • For if the just man be the Son of THE MOST HIGH, HE will help HIM and deliver HIM from the hands of HIS enemies.

And one last thing I would like to point out is when Solomon says;

  •  Let us oppress the poor righteous man, let us not spare the widow, nor reverence the ancient gray hairs of the aged.

This really disrupts everything we thought we knew. Solomon really and truly sounds evil. He is also alleged to be the wisest man in history.

Interestingly, Solomon is a man who was engulfed in the occult, he worshiped multiple gods and was weak for women. And the famous Temple of Solomon is considered to be the spiritual birth place of Freemasonry, a movement that is (at the highest levels) associated with pulling the strings of major global events and argued to be the true controlling power of our world.

Whatever is really going on here, we should certainly research it further.

Below you can watch a documentary on the occult knowledge and mastery of King Solomon;


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Biblical apocrypha – Wikipedia
The Biblical apocrypha (from the Greek ἀπόκρυφος, apókruphos, meaning “hidden”) denotes the collection of ancient books found, in some editions of the Bible, in a separate section between the Old and New Testaments[1] or as an appendix after the New Testament.[2] Although the term apocrypha had been…

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  • APOCRYPHA KJV (King James Version)
    Apocrypha KJV (King James Version) from the 1611 King James Version of the Bible, provided as reference.

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Powerful Women Buried at Stonehenge

Stonehenge is giving up its secrets, and one appears to be that many influential women were buried at the ancient site.

The remains of 14 women believed to be of high status and importance have been found at Stonehenge, the iconic prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England.

The discovery, along with other finds, supports the theory that Stonehenge functioned, at least for part of its long history, as a cremation cemetery for leaders and other noteworthy individuals, according to a report published in the latest issue of British Archaeology.

During the recent excavation, more women than men were found buried at Stonehenge, a fact that could change its present image.

Photos: ‘Superhenge’ Found Buried Near Stonehenge

“In almost every depiction of Stonehenge by artists and TV re-enactors we see lots of men, a man in charge, and few or no women,” archaeologist Mike Pitts, who is the editor of British Archaeology and the author of the book “Hengeworld,” told Discovery News.

“The archaeology now shows that as far as the burials go, women were as prominent there as men. This contrasts with the earlier burial mounds, where men seem to be more prominent.”

Pitts added, “By definition — cemeteries are rare, Stonehenge exceptional — anyone buried at Stonehenge is likely to have been special in some way: high status families, possessors of special skills or knowledge, ritual or political leaders.”

Understanding Stonehenge: Two Explanations

The recent excavation focused on what is known as Aubrey Hole 7, one of 56 chalk pits dug just outside of the stone circle and dating to the earliest phases of Stonehenge in the late fourth and early third millennium B.C.

Christie Willis of the University College London Institute of Archaeology worked on the project and confirmed that the remains of at least 14 females and nine males — all young adults or older — were found at the site. A barrage of high tech analysis techniques, such as CT scanning, was needed to study the remains, given that the individuals had been cremated.

Radiocarbon dating and other analysis of all known burials at Stonehenge reveal that they took place in several episodes from about 3100 B.C. to at least 2140 B.C. Long bone pins, thought to be hair pins, as well as a mace head made out of gneiss — a striped stone associated with transformation — have also been excavated at Stonehenge.

Stonehenge Was Once A Complete Circle

As for why no children’s remains were found during this latest excavation, both Willis and Pitts believe that such corpses must have been treated differently. Pitts suspects that infants and children were also cremated, but that their ashes were scattered in the nearby river Avon.

“There is a common association between late Neolithic religious centers and the sources or upper reaches of significant rivers,” he explained.

Stonehenge’s location is also important because prior U.K. burial sites, which were often large mounds containing stone and timber chambers, tended to be erected on hilltops or other high ground, far away from where people lived.

Intricate Treasures From Stonehenge Burial: Photos

While Stonehenge was also set apart from housing, it and other later cremation cemeteries tended to be on lower ground near rivers that locals must have frequented.

Pitts said this placement is “perhaps in line with a move from a focus on male lineage and hierarchy to both genders and family or class. This reflects a parallel shift from markers of territory and land (via the barrows) to commemorations of communities.”

As for the culture(s) represented by Stonehenge, Willis said the monument was built about 1,000 years after agriculture arrived from the Middle East. The people had wheat, barley, cattle, pigs, sheep and goats, but no horses yet. They did not yet use wheels, but had well-crafted stone tools. Metalworking spread to Britain at around 2400 B.C., which was well after the early stages of Stonehenge construction.

Stonehenge, now a World Heritage Site, radiates timeless beauty and achievement, but it seems women’s status proved to be more ephemeral.

Willis said that the role of women in society “probably declined again towards the 3rd millennium B.C…both archaeological and historical evidence has shown that women’s status has gone up and down quite noticeably at different times in the past.”


YORUBA Video “Changing of the Gods”

Featured Image -- 20634


Changing of the Gods

Author, activist and performer Luisah Teish shares a powerful story of the goddess Oshun from the traditional West-African Yoruba mythology. Check out Teish in the film “Changing of the Gods” coming late 2017.


Author, activist and performer Luisah Teish shares a powerful story of the goddess Oshun from the traditional West-African Yoruba mythology. Check out Teish in the film ”

Hopi call for Prayer to restore balance in Japan and Mother Earth




Hopi call for Prayer for Japan

The Hopi have come forward with an official statement asking the world for prayers for the Fukashima Japan disaster. 2011

The message continues to be a reminder of our responsibility to the earth, the water and all life here on planet earth.

Lets all join our hearts to theirs and send cooling to the reactors. In my knowledge of Hopi I know that they believe that prayer can and does have physical effect on our world.

I (Miriam Delicado) helped to bring this message from the Hopi to the world. This is part of the work being done through this site and an honor as well. With humility, I serve the Hopi people.

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Jesus’s Call To Action!

Jesus postingJesus’s Call To Action!

Program/Date: Saturday Conference Call 08-06- 16

Host: Linda Dillon Channel for the Council of Love

Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda. I am Yeshua, I am Yeshi. I am Jesus. You know me by many names and you know me as brother, friend, ally, and champion. Not a champion of me, dear heart; a champion of you.

I’ve beckoned you and asked each and every one of you to walk with me, but now expand upon this. I ask you to talk with me, to experience with me, to express with me, and to put into action love.

This is my call to action. It is Archangel Michael’s call to action. It is Archangel Gabrielle’s call to action. It is Sanat Kumara’s call to action, and we do so on behalf of our Mother, your Mother. We do so on behalf of the Father and Mother, the One.

Now is the time of unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan, of the fulfillment of Her dreams, Her desires, Her Plan. And what is that, my beloved friends? It is the re-anchoring and rebirth of love upon this planet, our beloved Gaia. What does this look like? What does Nova Earth look like?

What does Nova Being look like, feel like, sound like, taste like? It does not sound or behave or act as complacency. Love is not merely a feeling…it is the essence and expression of divinity. It is the expression of the Mother/Father One. It is the experience of the Mother/Father One. Think of what I say – our Mother, the Divine Mother is constant and ever-changing. She is infinite and eternal.

And in the conjunction, the conjoining of the Mother/Father One is the infinite and eternal action of creation. It does not stop and start. It does not halt or interrupt. It is infinite and eternal, expansiveness, wondrous and phenomenal. And so are you. You, each and every one of you, are infinite and eternal. You are patterned by and from the Mother. You are of the Mother and that means, my beloved friends, you are of the Father.

Therefore, you are also a being of infinite, eternal creation on a very practical level. You know this and you have experienced this by the construct of aging. You are not the same person that you were at the beginning of this conversation for you have breathed, I hope, several times. You have had random thoughts, many emotions. You have created a continuum of life, of existence, simply by being who you are. You create, subtly and for some of you not subtly, by intending to continue on living and breathing, being and expanding.

There are many I could speak to about expansion and they would not have the foggiest notion what I was talking about. You do. As love-holders, as light bearers, I call you to step forward in the fulfillment of the Mother’s Plan.

Take, make and implement the decision to be the fulfillment of the Plan. In every breath be the expression of your divine design, of your mission and purpose. We not only beckon you, we stand next to you, we walk with you, we run with you, we breathe with you. You, not some stranger, but each of you are the implementers of the Mother’s Plan.

You have been given the insight, the understanding, the tools, the mechanisms, and the will to bring forth your plan within the Mother’s Plan and they are in alignment. Your heart and mind are in the alignment of love.

Now we reignite yet again the will because this is an essential part of the missing piece. It is the will to bring into physicality that which you desire. And how do you express will? It is not through intention. It is through action.

And so I beckon you, not only to the Sedona annual gathering, (1) but to your life…to your life…from the moment you awaken to the moment you awaken! You thought I was going to say “until you go to sleep,” but even in your dream time you are extraordinarily busy.

But my question to you, and my quest is, “As we walk together, is that busyness, are those actions, thoughts and feelings in alignment not only with our Mother but with you? Are they the reflection and the implementation of who you are?”

As I have walked as human, as man, as father and husband, I know what it is to have an off day. I know what it is to have a bad mood and what it is to feel put-upon. I also know when you push that aside, surrender it, look at it and laugh and say “oh my goodness, there I go again” and return to the joy and love, what is there? More joy and love. So, why would any other choice, any other state of being, any other expression of will make any sense?

You are in your heart consciousness. You have already decided and made the choice of unity and community. What I am asking of you my beloved friends and family, is with me, with Archangels Michael and Gabrielle, with Sanat Kumara, with all of us in the name of the Mother/Father One, will you take the next step? Will you walk with me, please? Please.

Go in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.



(1) 2016 Annual Gathering, The 20th Annual Council of Love Gathering, Nov. 11-13, 2016. See http://counciloflove.com/2016-annual-gathering/

Not My Idea. Whose Was It?

Sacred 104I don’t know where ideas come from. In my case, an idea sticks out and I know it wasn’t mine. Who is it that’s feeding me this information? I ask.

Michael has acknowledged some and my guides the rest, I imagine. I really don’t know.

Here’s an example of an idea that suddenly popped into my head and I’m 99.999999% sure it didn’t come from me. And it was hugely useful.

I was walking down the street, among a moderate flow of people on a sunny day when I began feeling slightly nauseous. Then I felt sad and hurt. And then another unwanted feeling and another. Overall I began to feel drained.

I started to think I should probably go home.

Then the idea suddenly popped into my head (from where, I know not) to surround myself in an impenetrable bubble, built of whatever I wanted – titanium, gold, the violet flame. I thought of it as an “energy bubble.”

I built it around myself, in my imagination – an impenetrable wall of all three – and more.

I was inside that bubble, even while being around people, and all was quiet.

The drain of energy that I felt going from me to others immediately stopped. I could breathe inside the bubble. It was amazing for me.

I’m not well-versed in energy matters. I prefer to dwell on thoughts, feelings, and behavior. So I’d never have thought of surrounding myself in a protective energy bubble.

To use St. Germaine’s word, we’re called upon to surrender to what’s using us.

The use is so subtle. I have to look closely at each thought to see whether it came from me or more likely from someone else.

Be that as it may, I’m happy to be used and I need to go with the flow, to surrender, and I know it.

But pushing off from the shore is hard.

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Heavenletter #5729 Day-to-Day Happiness, August 1, 2016

God said:
You long for something you know-not-what, yet you long for something more than what you see in your Life right now. In the beating of your heart, you say:

“God, I do feel growth, as though I am getting somewhere, and yet, and yet, there remains an ache in my heart, well, a pondering, a yearning for… something. It is like I am happy or happy enough, and then I fall into a trap of not being happy enough, feeling more on the sad side and that I am missing out on something I have long longed to realize.”

Well, dear ones, I say, it’s not so bad to be sad. It is not a horror story to feel a longing for something you may not be able to put your finger on. The kind of happiness you long for is not an emergency. Despite the wanting you feel when you think about it, more and more you recognize a general happiness, not exceeding happiness, yet, you know what? Who says that day-to-day happiness isn’t okay? Surely, it’s permissible to go down a quiet road in the country as well as a busy street in the big city.

Sometimes you interrupt your ease of happiness with dampening thoughts poured out from your intellect. You are aware that thinking so much about your degree of happiness detracts from your happiness. Your life is not exactly meant to be an exhibit.

When you are immersed in where you are and what you are doing, you do not ask yourself the question: “Am I happy?” It is not a question to ask. There is no questionnaire in life that you have to fill out and answer the way the world might suggest.

It is like when you take a trip in your car. Before you start your trip, you stop at the gas station and fill your tank. It is an automatic thing, not a big deal.

You just get in your car and drive. You look at the scenery. You feel a smoothness. You don’t dredge up cares. You are not looking for a scintillating trip. Your drive doesn’t have to be scintillating. Life doesn’t have to be scintillating.

You also don’t have to keep asking yourself: “Is the gas tank still full?” It is not a question you keep asking. Not if you want to enjoy the drive. You don’t worry yourself along the way. You don’t repetitively ask yourself: “Will I really get there? When, oh, when will I get there?”

You keep your foot on the gas pedal. Maybe you are driving to Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City exists in the world. You will reach there. Meanwhile, you keep your eye on the road. You are where you are at the moment, not somewhere else. What’s wrong with that? Only your impatience is wrong with that.

You stay within the speed limit. Beyond doubt, you are on your way. Well, sure, you are not at the debutante ball. And if you were, the debutante ball isn’t better than where you are driving right now. At the debutante ball, you dance. At a dance, you probably aren’t thinking that it would be better if you were taking a trip.

Regardless, whether on a drive or at a dance, you are on your way. You are you wherever you are. Your life doesn’t depend so much on where you happen to be at a particular juncture in illusory space and time.

Life doesn’t have to be anything but what it is. Whatever life may look like at a certain corner, it is Life, and it is taking you somewhere. You inevitably are getting somewhere.

You live your life. Whether it is a soap opera or a walk around the park, you are living your Once-in-a-Lifetime Life.

As it happens, you wind around in Life, as if you were sewing a dress. You have choices of style, material, color, patterns. On the sewing machine, you turn the dress this way and that way. And when the dress is finished, you try your dress on, and you wear your dress. Feel good in this dress. Probably you will wear a different dress tomorrow.

Whatever ride you take, whatever dance you go to, whatever dress you wear, you are still you.

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Ley Lines — The KEY To Unlocking The Matrix

Yet again we come across another mysterious force of nature known as the electro magnetic fields of the earth, Shuman Resonance or better known as ley lines.

By Magdaline

The rediscovery of ley lines in this century is unveiling (apocalypse; greek for unveiling) the secrets of Nature.

Ley lines are the luminous strands that many are pulling at today, hardly suspecting what riches lay at the end of these subtle light lines.

All ley lines lead to the planetary Grid, the primary light and energy matrix, creating, enveloping, and maintaining planet Earth, our Gaia.

What Are Ley-Lines?

A ley-line is a straight fault line in the earth’s tectonic plates; this is a scientific fact. Through these cracks in the earth’s tectonic plates the magnetic energies released are very powerful indeed.

Many people have claimed to have felt the energy surge up their body, and some have claimed that they have blacked out, as the surge was that powerful.

How Long Have Human Beings Known About Ley Lines?

Our ancestors have known about these lines for thousands of years.

Every race and culture on the planet has known about these lines yet every one had different names for these lines. All we need to do is to look at the ancient cultures of the earth.

Take the native Indians of the United States; they used to call ley lines spirit lines and their Shaman’s used to use the electro-magnetic energy in these lines to help them contact the spirits.

They even designed their medicine wheel on the spirit lines, as they knew that these lines followed a straight round line.

How did they know about these lines and the energies that they give off? The answer’s simple: the sky Gods told them.

In Europe we are lead to believe that the druids called them mystical lines, in Wales they used the same name as eastern countries; they called them dragon lines. We know that Eastern countries called them dragon lines as the sky Gods flew in dragons along these lines.

The aboriginal people of Australia called these lines “dream lines”, once again they claim that knowledge was passed on to them from the sky Gods.

The Da Vinci Code was based on Rennes Le chateau in France, which is also on a leyline. It is documented that Alexander the Great was guided by Aristotle to take control of the major dome centers of these intersecting ley lines from dark forces. Which is why he put his top General, Ptolemy to rule Egypt.

Interestingly Cleopatra, the last pharaoh along side with both of her husbands — Julius Ceasar and Marc Anthony of Rome, — were defeated by the Romans where they eventually destroyed the biggest library in Alexandria Egypt, before taking all the knowledge with them, sending us into the “Dark Ages”.

During the medieval times anyone who had any knowledge of Hermetic’s was designated a Heretic and died a horrible death. This held true for anyone who knew how to read or write- a Heresy. Leaving only the royals and the monasteries literate.

Throughout history all megalithic structures have been strategically built on top of these so called ley lines.

From the pyramids of Giza to Stonehenge, Notre Dame, Solomon’s Temple, Parthenon, Oracle of Delphi, Rennes Le Chateau, Ziggurat, the Vatican, DC Capitol, Mecca, Agia Sophia, Aztec Pyramids, Bermuda Triangle, Coral Castle, Tesla’s lab in Shoreham NY, including all Nuclear power plants, military basis and stadiums — which are also used to harness energies — like giant batteries!

Many of the sections where two or more ley lines intersect are marked with obelisks, such as Washington DC monument, Vatican Courtyard, and Cleopatra’s Needle in Central Park.

These electromagnetic lines of the earth are its veins and receive its energies from the sun that connects and effects, every living thing on this planet.

We are electrical and our atoms are surrounded by electrons (electricity). Gregg Braden explains it best by asking us where does our heart get its electrical capacity form? We are connected to the earth’s electro magnetic fields and our heart is our battery.

Many of our ancient spiritual figures knew this hidden knowledge and meditated or prayed on these lines or megalithic centers, which elevated their electrical auras, intellect, and connection to higher self, through the activation of the 7 energy centers (chakras).

Could this in fact be what the golden halos depicted on all spiritual figures throughout history represented?

Many of our top intellectual minds such as Tesla, Einstein and others all have something in common. That is, they all at some point have shared that their idea, invention, or formulation, came to them in a daydream or dream, which is in fact a meditative state of mind.

For example Einstein was very knowledgeable on the physics of the Cabala and Tesla became very close with Swami Vivikanda – where through Swami’s teachings, realized that his ideas, that would come to him in a “Aha” moment, were coming from his close interaction with these ley lines, allowing him to access archaic records.

Nikola Tesla who was born during a terrible thunder and lighting storm, used these ley lines to conduct his famous tower, which would give free energy to all.

Of course there are dark forces as well, that are, and were knowledgeable of these ley lines such as, secret societies and Hitler who was very much into the esoteric realms, and worked very closely with Maria Orsitsch, also known as Maria Orsic, who was a famous medium who later became the leader of the Vril Society.

Might I also add that days before the last Blood moon on September 28 2015, the Pope came to the US. He gave a speech at the Capitol, and then came to New York, where he went from Times Square up to Cleopatra’s needle in Central Park, and ended his trip at the Liberty Bell in Pennsylvania.

Coincidently, he went through key ley line points… hmmm… hidden esoteric knowledge?

It is interesting and we should take notice that the Swiss Lab “Cern” and the “Brookhaven Lab” in New York, both sit on ley lines and both of these labs have a Hadron Collider that directly impact these ley lines negatively and/or positively.

Cern Lab is the father of the Internet and if you look at the hadron collider at Cern, you will notice it strongly resembles a web.

Outside of Cern sits a large dome with an opening on top, same as the dome at St Basilica in Rome as well as the dome on the Capital building, and same as the top dome of Nikola Tesla’s Tower.


In addition this lab has a large statue of the Hindu Goddess of destruction “Kali”, right in front of its greeting entrance.

Seems that there is a concentrated effort, to effect and manipulate the earth’s electro magnetic fields using these technologies. In a JFK and Eisenhower speech they both warned the public, in detail and refer to this well coveted group of elites as “technocrats” – for a reason.

By controlling or influencing the geo-electrical grid they can effect the earth, and also indirectly/directly can control our thoughts and emotions artificially, because we are all connected to Gaia.

Registering, digesting and ultimately transmuting is the key. We can change the channel if we choose, turn down the volume, fine-tune the specific radio band.

The Grid Engineer has the potential for transmuting (freeing the inherent energy by releasing it from its form of bondage) the solar/celestial energies by intelligent interfacing with the Electromagnetic 1746 Grid through any of the 144 planetary Round Table holograms, or terrestrial Zodiacs on Earth.

This Grid, we must remember, is the Golden Alchemical Bowl of electromagnetic opposites, and the potential of our transfiguration from gravitationally bonded humans to Humans of Light also known as ascension.

Just because our accustomed technocratic elite (Lucifer-light bearer – aka fallen angle of music), play their favorite tunes on their radio station, doesn’t mean we have to always dance to that rhythm. We can change the channel and learn how to use the electromagnetic grid to play a more harmonic tune.

Maybe they need a machine because it is only a handful of technocrats attempting to control the masses. When enough are awake and aware the machine is- no match for us. Love and empathy for humanity is key, and right now we are still lacking this, due to the lack of true knowledge.

Instead we are all quick to step on each others toes to get to where we think we need to be in business, our personal lives, and even within the spiritual communities.

The bee hive is fragmented , programed, compartmentalized and not jiving together, which is needed to thrive together.

The introduction and understanding of the reality of the local celestial Zodiac clock system, brings us to the possible interaction between the human and the Grid. This is where the Grid Engineer and Knight of the Holy Grail become one- “alchemy”.

This unification of seeking the Grail and serving the Grid is played out in the local geomancy of the zodiac landscape, and our direct involvement in this terrestrial grid system through a heightened consciousness interaction, within a local Zodiac complex.

It may sound like a sci-fi movie to you , but these energy points all exist and even more so these technocratic elite make all their decisions and agendas based on this celestial/terrestrial knowledge.

So you better sit up, take notice and start your diligent research to unveil what they know, for we are in an informational war. If you don’t know the game then you are no match for the current architects and that is exactly what they plan on.

But how does an ascended individual voluntarily, consciously experience this huge planetary Round Table? And how does the Grid Engineer make intelligent, compassionate, and timely adjustments in the geomantic web of this vast-revolving solar table on Earth?

You are reading this because you are meant to unlock more hidden truths in order to better understand who we are, and how we relate to this planet.

“As Above So Below”

An overlay of Cabala’s Tree of Life with the mythic Round Table/Zodiac image is most illuminating. The Earth is one of the 12 resonating spheres, one of the 12 Round Table members, one of the 12 Notes in the solar octave, in the Solar Tree of Life.

Thus we can picture these relations either in terms of the Tree or Round Table. Our Body of the Sun is expressed as a 12-sphered Tree of Life, with 12 Knights, or 12 Notes; Earth is Malkuth (the 10th Sephiroth) representing appropriately, Earth (the 7th Sephiroth, Hod, for example represents Mercury).

In the human body we have the 7 chakras which are energetically interdependent and activated sequentially, beginning with the 2nd, proceeding to the 7th, then returning to the 1st, the Root, the seat of Kundalini, the fundamental creative cosmic evolutionary energy.

Similarly in this model, the Earth, has a chakra system, arranged not in anatomical but energy sequence at 7 key Dome centers. An Earth chakra, such as at the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt, or at Glastonbury Tor, England, is a huge energy vortex, several miles in immediate diameter.

Root (1st) Chakra – Mt. Shasta, California. Red; Raw biological life force energy- precursor to deviation into individual life forms.

Sacral (2nd) Chakra – Lake Titicaca Peru (but also includes Machu Picchu). Orange; Creation of new species and positive evolution. Specification of pure life force into individuals.

Solar Plexus (3rd) Chakra – Uluru and Kata Tjuta Australia (twin monolithic sites). Golden/Yellow; Maintenance of the vitality of earth and all of its species. Immortalization of life force.

Heart (4th) Chakra – Glastonbury and Shaftesbury, England. Green/Pink; Representing the Holy Grail and the Sacred Spear of Purpose, Respectively.

Throat (5th) Chakra – Great Pyramid, Mt. Sinai, and Mt. of Olives, Middle East. Blue; Voice of the earth emerging, listening to the will of the earth needs to be mastered

Third Eye (6th) Chakra – Mobile Chakra, Shifts every 150-200 years, currently coincides with world heart chakra in Western Europe. Purple/Indigo; Moves 1/12th of the way around the world, westward, at the dawning of every new aeon. Distills gathered wisdom of life on earth for collective advancement of consciousness, aligned with astrological sequences.

Crown (7th) Chakra – Mt. Kailas, Himalayan Mountains, Tibet. White; Broadcasts the earth’s purpose or true will.

Each dome vortex carry through the Grid, some have been activated, but otherwise humankind has either not been aware of this divine potential or not bothered to make use of them to create the intended Earth Paradise. The option, however, still remains.

Because of their heightened electromagnetic fields, the Dome enclosures were like immaculate, high consciousness meditation halls where human awareness could be healed, uplifted, even inter-dimensionally transported through the domed exit points in the Houses of the Gods, facilitated by megalithic engineering.

All megalithic structures, famous estates, obelisks, and historical sites are on these lines and can be influenced and experienced in mass, to elevate and change the current matrix.

The Hermetic Keys to the planetary Grid are inscribed on the Messenger’s mythical “Emerald Tablets”, which summarize the 7 Hermetic Principles underlying all manifestation.

These are the keys to Hermes’ Geomancy:

“The 7 Keys to higher levels of consciousness.”

  1. The Principle of Mentalism (The Universe is Mental, the All is Infinite Mind, which is the fundamental reality and the womb of all universes).
  2. The Principle of Correspondence (Whatever is Below is like unto that which is Above, and whatever is Above is like that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of The One).
  3. The Principle of Vibration (Nothing rests; everything moves and vibrates).
  4. The Principle of Polarity (Everything is dual, has poles, and pairs of opposites).
  5. The Principle of Rhythm (Everything has its tides, its rise and fall, its equal pendulum swings to the right and left, its peaks and troughs).
  6. The Principle of Causation (Every effect has its Cause, every Cause has its Effect, all proceeding by Law, never by chance).
  7. The Principle of Gender (Everything has its “masculine” and “feminine” aspects).

Experiential knowledge of Hermes’ principles through meditative interfacing with the Earth Grid leads us into the secrets of geomancy.

I believe that if more are aware of this natural phenomenon, break our mental bonds to the material matrix and take action locally as groups on these ley lines, that can be found all over the planet, then we can take back what is rightfully ours and positively manifest paradise on earth.

As the true empathetic, intellectual light beings, we were intended to be – Human (Hue=light being).

Knowledge is Power and Applied Knowledge is Freedom.

Magdaline is the founder of MaggiesHolisticsNY.com, a “essential” dietary supplement product line. She is a Holistic Nutritionist , certified in Reiki and Kundalini Yoga with degrees in the Sciences, Art History and is knowledgeable in several languages. Magdaline, has also been on various radio shows that are archived, such as PRN Gary Null, Natural Nurse and many more. Visit MaggiesHolisticsNY.com for more information on her wonderful essential dietary supplements.

Source: Dreamcatcher Reality

Heavenletter #5724 Admit That You Are Oneness, July 27, 2016

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God is always bringing us closer to Him.

God said:
What if all of life were a video game? As it is, even knowing that a video game is a product of imagination, there are many who play a video game with their whole heart and soul. You play most games with your heart and soul. With the intensity with which you play, it could be easy to believe that you think playing a game is real. And so is Life.

Even as a bystander, your take games oh-so seriously. Consider sports. Many people who watch baseball and football and hockey and so on take it to heart. The fans cheer or boo to their heart’s content. The game sure feels like life and death. And the win or loss of a favored team is talked about long after.

Life on Earth arises from far below the surface. Truth is ongoing, yet you may not pay as much attention to the underlying Truth of Existence as you do to the recounting of the surface plays. On the surface plane, the game may be well followed and adored. Oh, yes, there can be fun on the surface. Have it. Have the fun. Enjoy it. That’s what it is for.

In a skating rink, the surface of water frozen into ice holds up skaters very well – until the ice melts. The ice you see, which is water frozen, is not forever, yet great inroads may appear before you that the atoms of frozen water make possible. Hurray for ice for the platform it offers. Hurray for the occasions that ice presents.

Everyone knows a game is a game. Higher than imagination exists. Certainly, there is higher than that which is imagined. Infinity is the realest of the real and cannot be weighed or measured, yet it is worth gold.

By all means, glide on thin ice, knowing fully as you do, that you are supported by much greater than ice. Surely, the most desirable ice and the game you play supported by this temporary ice don’t light a candle to the Foundation of All Life.

Heigh ho for enjoying life in the relative world. Hip-hip-hooray for that which supports the ice you skate on. The Unseen, as shy or as invisible as it may be, is the Champion. This subtle layer of life you frolic on is so much more powerful than you imagine.

You may even really scoff at the underside of existence I refer to. You can’t touch it. You can’t punch your fist into it. You can’t shake it. You tend to think: If I can’t see the more subtle and powerful in action, how can I say that it is truly there at all?

Let’s go at this another way. You can feel pain. You may not know precisely where the pain is coming from. You don’t romanticize the pain. You may scream. No one doubts that you are in pain even though you can’t point exactly to it. No one sees the pain itself, only your expression of it.

It seems that the world believes in pain more quickly and seriously than it believes in the existence of the Source of Life called God.

Life comes from somewhere. You were born. You are more than a body, yet there is a trail from which your soul came that you cannot take a photo of.

How can there not be a God from which all comes. Heaven is not an imagined place, yet it is not a place at all. Heaven cannot fit in a place. God is not confined to a description. God and Paradise are too big to be confined. Of course, the idea of space is made up, and yet you believe in space and time. You would stake your life on them. You run your watch upon an agreed-upon time.

You and I fit into each other’s heart, only there is truly One Heart in all of existence. It is the One Heart, One Being, in which the Oneness of All exists. Admit that you are Oneness.

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New Evidence Of Vatican Concealing “Giants From Pre-Noah Age”

Introducing theDivine Mother – Part 2/2

Divine Mother 59348

(Concluded from Part 1.)

The vision I had on Feb. 13, 1987 showed me the purpose of life and the relationship that prevailed among the Trinity of Divine Beings. I’d never have arrived at that knowledge without its help.

Let me summarize what I learned.

It showed me that God is all there is – omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, etc.

If there were no physical reality – which takes in all twelve  dimensions – no differentiation into individual beings, no appearance of another to the One, then we’d just speak of “God” and there’d be no Trinity.

But, apparently, the formless, all-present God wanted to know itself, not an easy task when one is all there is, filling every nook and cranny of existence. You can’t step back from the camera and have your picture taken when you fill up the whole universe and beyond.

So God resolved to create a leela or divine play to accomplish that task. He decided to create the world, us, laws that govern both, a material dimension in which fragments of itself could grow and learn their true identity, resulting in enlightenment.

Twentieth Century Christian mystic Beinsa Douno explains why: “Why did God desire to create the world? So that He might be made manifest.” (1)

And why did God desire to be made manifest? Says Sufi Sage Ibn Arabi: “I was a hidden treasure and I loved to be known, and I created the creation so that I be known.” (2)

And why does God want to be known? Explains Paramahansa Ramakrishna: “The Godhead … has become these two [God and the devotee] in order to enjoy Its own bliss.” (3)

All the time, it’s only God who plays all roles. Said Franklin Merrell-Woolf:  “This space I produce that My Glory shall be revealed yet I alone Realize that Revelation.” (4)

To achieve its plan to become known and enjoy its own bliss, (4) God began by dividing itself in two – which ancients came to call, probably paternalistically, the Father and the Mother.

The active Mother (Shakti) stands on the inactive Father (Shiva)

The Father is the Transcendental Void, silent and motionless, empty of all things material, the Source of everything that is and is not. (5) The Mother is the breath of God (spiritus sancti), the primal force, the universal creative vibration called Aum, Creator, Preserver, and Transformer of all individuated beings and material environments (universes).

Hindus illustrate this by representing Shakti as dancing on the recumbent body of Shiva. She is active; he is inactive.

Because the Mother speaks and acts, she’s the only one of the two (Father and Mother) that we can see and talk to.

She leads us to the Father, as Swami Sivananda told us earlier. (5)

To leave the dream world we inhabit, we have to do three things:  (A) Know and realize ourselves, what Jesus called the Christ and what Hindus call the Atman, and (B) Know and realize the Mother, the Dream Weaver of  this realm of divine illusion, of instructive smoke and mirrors designed to show us who we are; and (C) Know and realize the Father, the transcendental, love-filled void from which all material things arise.

Hildegard 22The relationships that prevail among the Trinity, as seen from the standpoint of the individual, are illustrated in Hildegard of Bingen’s vision, left.

In that depiction, the Son/Christ, is inside the Mother’s creation (brown, ringed area), but connected to the Father (grey, ringed area), which, as the conditioned or personal God, is shown located within the unconditioned God or Godhead (purple).  That for me is an accurate representation of the relationship that prevails among the figures of the Trinity.

The one thing represented in Hidegard’s vision that I neglected to take note of in mine was the Godhead, denoted by the purple in her depiction and denoted by the black sky, the background for everything that was happening in my vision. I simply took it for granted.

Let me offer an example of a sage realizing the Mother.  Ramakrishna’s guru, Totapuri, only accepted the existence of the formless Transcendental God (or Brahman). However, one day, the Divine Mother announced herself to him and altered his life.

“Suddenly, in one dazzling moment, [Totapuri, saw] on all sides the presence of the Divine Mother. She is in everything; She is everything. She is in the water; She is on land. She is the body; She is the mind. She is pain; She is comfort. She is is life; She is death. She is everything that one sees, hears, or imagines. She turns ‘yea’ into ‘nay,’ and ‘nay’ into ‘yea.’

“Without Her grace no embodied being can go beyond Her realm. Man has no free will. He is not even free to die. Yet, again, beyond the body and mind She resides in Her Transcendental, Absolute aspect. She is the Brahman [Father, God] that Totapuri had been worshipping all his life.” (6)

When we know the Mother, we’ve achieved cosmic consciousness or what Hindus call savikalpa samadhi.

The next step for us is to have transcendental consciousness or what Hindus call Brahmajnana (God-Realization) or nirvikalpa samadhi (trance state in which form yields to formlessness), realization of the Father. Then we’ve had our first taste of transcendental knowledge. It will not be our last.

Each time an individual mounts another step of enlightenment in the stairway to reunion with the Divine, God meets God. For that purpose was all of life created.

Because the Father is silent and still and only the Mother speaks and moves, you’ll be hearing the archangels, ascended masters, and galactics say that they “report” to the Mother, serve her, carry out her Plan, etc.

The Mother is known to all religions. Why do all seek to know her? As Totapuri showed us and King Solomon testifies:  “She is more precious than rubies; and all things thou canst desire are not to be compared with her.” (7)

Swami Nikhilananda sums up all we know about her:

“She projects the world and again withdraws it. She spins it as the spider spins its web. She is the Mother of the Universe, identical with the Brahman of Vedanta, and with the Atman of Yoga. As eternal Lawgiver, She makes and unmakes laws; it is by Her imperious will that karma yields its fruit. She ensnares men with illusion and again releases them from bondage with a look of Her benign eyes. She is the Supreme Mistress of the cosmic play, and all objects, animate and inanimate, dance by Her will. Even those who realize the Absolute in nirvikalpa samadhi are under Her jurisdiction as long as they live on the relative plane.” (8)

This article is intended as a contribution to a cross-cultural spirituality, which itself is a contribution to building Nova Earth.


(1) Beinsa Douno, “Life is the Musical Manifestation of God,” The Wellspring of Good. Downloaded from http://www.beinsadouno.org/lib/sg.htm, accessed 21 Feb. 2005. , n.p.

(2) Muhyideen Ibn Arabi, Kernel of the Kernel. trans. Ismail Hakki Bursevi. Sherborne: Beshara, n.d., 3.

(3) Swami Chetananda, They Lived with God. Life Stories of Some Devotees of Sri Ramakrishna. St. Louis: Vedanta Society of St. Louis, 1989, 126.

(4) Franklin Merrell-Wolff, Pathways Through to Space. A Personal Record of Transformation in Consciousness. New York: Julian Press, 1973, 18.

(5) The term “Father” is often used to refer to both the conditioned and the unconditioned God, God with form and the formless Godhead, the personal and impersonal God, Siva and Mahasiva. The Divine Masculine is associated with stillness and silence.

(6) Notice the implication by an avatar (Sri Ramakrishna) that even at the highest levels of reality, bliss continues to be sought after. That persuades me again that we don’t transcend these states but go deeper and deeper into them.

(7) “It behooves … the aspirant [to] approach the Mother first, so that She may introduce Her spiritual child to the Father for its illumination or Self-realization.” (Swami Sivananda in Swami Sivananda Radha, Kundalini Yoga for the West. Spokane: Timeless Books, 1978, 25.)

(8) Swami Nikhilananda, trans., The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna. New York: Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center, 1978; c1942, 31. [Hereafter GSR.]

(9) Proverbs 3:13 and 15.

(10) GSR, 30.

Transcript ~ Archangel Michael & Universal Mother Mary on AHWAA:

archangel michaelHarmony Between the Divine Feminine and Masculine and Patterning

Archangel Michael & Universal Mother Mary

An Hour With An Angel, June 30, 2016

Link to show audio

Linda Dillon                Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow             Host, InLight Radio


Steve: Good evening, everyone, and welcome, Linda.

Linda: Good morning, good evening, good afternoon, Steve, and everybody else out there listening. You know, just before our show started, Steve, Suzie and I were chatting about a dream I had that this information and teaching is being broadcast outside this little area.

I had this clear understanding of what Michael and others have told us before. It’s that when we are having this show, whether the people actually can hear us or not, that the information and energy is sent out all over the planet. So, while I welcome our listeners, I also want to remind everyone that as we do this, we’re sending this information directly from Archangel Michael and the Company of Heaven all over the planet. Such a cool idea!

SB: It fits in with what either the Arcturian group or Hilarion were saying this week, that we have no idea the impact of sending love to a person. We think that only a conversation with that person will work if they’re having trouble of some sort. But in fact, just sending them love… And it goes against our ways of thinking, doesn’t it?

LD: It does go against our ways of thinking somehow. But, in other ways, I realize that very often, it’s far more powerful and effective to simply send love; because (and I learned this through our healing teams) that very often the conversation starts with our natural inclination to discuss it, to conquer it, to exchange ideas.

But when we start to do that, our personalities, and our delightful egos – and our thoughts about what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s helpful, what’s not – can get in the way. And when we send sheer love, sheer energy, it’s so powerful because it just goes. It’s not attached to anything. It just penetrates the person.

And, you know, Steve, when you think about it, that’s exactly what the new Tsunami of One is doing to all of us. There are no words attached. I think it’s important. You know, what’s sort of jogging in my mind is Universal Mother Mary’s reminder, or request, of each of us to fall in love with everybody and every thing upon the planet. And that’s basically what we’re doing when we’re sending love.

And, we can have the conversations because this is what we’re doing right here and with all the guests that we invite but at the same time we’re sending the love. So, I hope everybody who’s listening tonight simply opens their heart, hears the words and also receives the love in between the words.

SB: Thank you. Well, while you’re making your transition, I’ll just mention to the listeners that this show – and we’ve asked Archangel Michael to come help us with this – arose out of a conversation between Suzi, Linda and I about leadership and the resurgence of the Divine Feminine.

And the question was: When men approach leadership, they approach it with all the ‘masculine appearing’ qualities of persistence, and pushing through, and courage, and strength, and all.  Will the Divine Masculine, taking leadership positions as has been requested of us, overwhelm or threaten the Divine Feminine and work against the resurgence, the return of the Divine Feminine?

How can men participate in leadership without replicating the old order? That’s the question we had and that’s the reason we asked Archangel Michael to come on the show and help us think about this and feel into it. So, with that, I welcome Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: And welcome to you, my beloved brother and friend. And welcome to all of you.

I am Michael, also known as Mi-Ka-El, also known as Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. So let us emphasize this day, Archangel of Love, because I am all of these things, as are each and every one of you my beloved family, my beloved friends. Whether you are of the legion of blue, of purple or violet, of pink, or of yellow, of lurion or halion, of luminesa – it matters not.

Let us speak of this question, which is essential to your understanding, although there are moments when I will tease you, because I have also reminded you to be playful in your approach to life. The old paradigm of the masculine has been a blend, and I might have said a sorry blend, but I would never say that. But, it has been a blend of your old paradigms of the old third-dimensional earth, which has always been an illusion and is not in existence any longer.

And the striving, the anchoring, the becoming, the remembering of the Divine Masculine, has always been within each and every one of you. The qualities (you know but I will remind you) of the Divine Masculine and Feminine are unique and in many ways still blended. But, as I say to you this day, I am Archangel of News. I am Archangel of Peace. I am Archangel of Love. I am Archangel of Truth. I am Archangel of Art. I am Archangel of Music. I do not have the delineation into simply what you would think of as one category.

The Divine Masculine is known through the gentle strength, the valor, the courage, the wisdom, and in what you have thought as protection and provision, as standing at the head of the family, whether it is a family of one, or the family of many. And the Divine Feminine has been known as the nurturer, the creator, the healer in many ways, with the Mother’s Blue Diamond, and the bringing to fruition of what you think of again as the Divine Plan.

But many of those qualities are intermingled, combined – for the gentle strength of the Mother, the wisdom of the Mother can never be underestimated or denied, and certainly not ignored. And the Father, in the desire for provision, for protection. In so many ways that is the nurturing, that is the caretaking – yes, on another level and a different manner.

But there is not such great differentiation on our side, certainly, as there has been on Earth. But the mere fact that you, sweet Steve, Suzanne and Linda, consider this question, speaks to your evolution. And it speaks to the evolution of all who listen, and by transmitting this information this day we contribute to the transition of the human collective.

The fact that you pose the question and have the concern, expresses that you care. Now previously in many, “leadership” as you would think of it or put it (and we would not consider true leadership) but in the paradigm of leadership that has existed very often upon beloved Gaia, what has happened is the element of control, of false authority, of false grids of authority, of greed, and lust, and of not caring have contributed to a stereotypical idea of the masculine that is not even close to the masculine of our Father.

But the fact that you ask the question means that you have already shifted, and you are in the process of anchoring this new paradigm of what does it mean to be male.

Now, let me speak to all the women of the planet, and I give you all, you males, permission to listen in. There is not a woman upon the planet, regardless of gender preference, who does not love, respect, desire a strong, forthright, clear, honest man.

And when I say a strong man, it can be four-nine or six-nine. It is not a matter of size. It is the size of the spirit and the way in which that spirit manifests. The role and the desire for the masculine strength and wisdom and nurturing and caring has always been that seed within the heart, certainly of women and truly of men.

Now, in many times during dark ages, which was until yesterday, this seed within the heart, this knowing of desire which is implanted within you – because it is of truth – was often hidden and held closely and kept secret, because the existing power structure of male rulers – not leaders, rulers – was such that the women and the men kept this desire for the true masculine hidden because it was too dangerous to expose.

But that dream and that knowing of what the male in form, as the full blossoming of the Divine Masculine, has never been lost. Just as the dream and the seed of the Divine Feminine, which is within you – you are patterned upon the Mother, seeded by the Father – so that has never been lost.

Now, let me tease you. Do you really think, my beloved friends, that as you allow your Divine Masculine and Feminine to truly emerge and be expressed, that it is going to be in any state of conflict? Do you really think that as you evolve, shift, ascend, emerge, that because of that the true pattern of the Divine Masculine and the Mother’s Feminine is somehow going to change? No. Their pattern is infinite and eternal.

Now, does it shift and change and grow and morph? Yes. But it is always of love. It is always the experience, the expression, and the beingness of love. And I might suggest to you that the Mother and Father, the Masculine and the Feminine, are and always have been in perfect infinite eternal harmony. And, that is what you, each and every one of you, in the balance of your masculine and feminine, that is what you are bringing to the forefront, and the anchoring of Nova Being, and Nova Earth, and Nova Communities.

Now, your question really pertains to “old patterns die hard,” and the fact that in transition – because we are not erasing your memories, we are not interfering or ever will, with your free will, with choice and decision points – so it is in the transition (which is your sensitivity, for which we laud you) – it is in this transition point that this question has great pertinence.

It is not about, never has been, never will be, about ascendency of one being over another or over a group. Repeatedly we have said to thee we do not operate – the Company of Heaven, the Council of Love, your star brothers and sisters – we do not operate in a hierarchy.

And you say, yes, but you say there are people and beings that must have a semblance of authority and control. Absolutely. But it is not the same as a hierarchical tyranny. Because that is really, regardless of how it has been couched and the make-up that has been applied, the illusion that has been applied, that is basically what the male power structure upon the planet has been. It has been a hierarchical tyranny.

Now, most of the men that hear us this night and far beyond, have no desire – whether they know they are awake or not, there is no, or certainly little, desire to truly be in a position of power that speaks to the element of control, of lust, of false authority. Because all true authority (including mine, my beloveds) is based on the blessing, the honoring and the alignment with the Mother and the Father. That is where our service, our beings (what you would think of as your hearts and souls), that is where they belong.

And so, in this balancing of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, we know, and you will know, when the stepping forth in terms of leading the parade is required; when you are the pathfinder and using your spiritual sword, my spiritual machete to break through the underbrush, is required; and when you are in the middle and you are finding food for those who are spiritually and physically hungry and thirsty; or when you are at the back of the parade, finding that lost lamb.

Now, in the transition, there will be sensitivities. But let us also address this. The men and the women who are being asked, requested, pleaded with to step forward in your framework of what we and you call leadership, are those who have the sensitivity, the awareness, who have been flying often enough through the ascension portal, that that balance of masculine and feminine is present. So that the women who step forth have enough of the masculine that the males will listen, adhere, follow – and I do not mean follow in terms of subservience; I mean participation.

And similarly, the males who step forward will be enough of a balance that they will know not to force, but to engage, to nurture, to mentor, to lead by example. And yes, when valor and courage is required, when the male protection and provision is required, that there is not fear to declare this, to speak the truth, and even more importantly, to do the truth.

For the actions, whether it is writing an article or standing in front of the Intergalactic Council, or your United Nations, when you stand there, you do so on behalf of all. And that requires valor and courage. But it also requires the gentle wisdom and the overwhelming candor to speak the truth, to hold the line and to not give an inch when you know if you give an inch, your expression would be that you would take a yard, or a foot, or a mile.

So, it is that balance. Your concern about trying to quash or inadvertently quashing the rise of the Divine Feminine is a wonderful concern because what it speaks to is you will not march through the field and trample the flowers, that you will walk gently and you will see the flowers and you will admire the flowers and you will not walk or trespass. Not because there are signs or warnings, but because you would never wish to destroy that beauty.

So does it require – and this is particularly true for the masculines, for the males, but it is also true for the women – it requires a level of vigilance, of not rushing. And that is why we have been emphasizing this sense of human, of community, and of personal balance. If you are in such a rush to anchor Nova Earth that you do not take the time to smell those flowers, then you have missed the point.

And, that would be very, very sad, as in tragic, because what that would indicate is that you are re-engaging with the old third. And none of you wish to do that, and not because we do not wish you to do that, but because in your heart you do not wish to do that. So there is a vigilance that is paired with sensitivity, with a – not a slowness as in slow motion – but with a sense of timing that you do not find yourself pushing the river instead of going with the flow.

Now we do not speak of predestination, what some call fate, or that all is written. Because, as you know, there are billions and billions of flexible variables, zillions, that are adjusted every day within the Plan of the Divine Mother. But also, in that, the plan for the restoration of love upon the planet is about the restoration, the ascendancy of the Divine Feminine, because you are in a creation phase. But as you advance, it is not, and never has been, the ascendancy of the Divine Feminine over the Masculine. It is standing in that perfect balance, both within your sacred self and in action upon the planet.

Now, you say, “But I know I have my Divine Feminine and I am bringing her along. But I lean towards my Masculine.” Well, that is why you have chosen to be in the male form. Now it is not a 50-50 split – although, for some of you, it is. But for the women, it tends to be 60 to 70 percent, say (if you want a mathematical formula), in the Feminine. But your masculine is fully present. And vice versa. For the males, your Divine Masculine is about 60 to 70, but your Feminine and the knowing and the caring and the nurturing is still fully present.

So in this transition, what you will find yourself doing is referring to that Divine Feminine, all of you male and female, more and more. And, for the women who have denied their Divine Masculine – and who have looked to the old paradigm of ‘provide for me, protect me, take care of me’ – that is old, old belief. So you will find yourself claiming your own ability. Take care of yourself.

That does not mean that you live a singular life. The nature of divine and sacred union is that each being is in that balance. And then you come together in this blessed union and the complementarity: You fill each other out, you conjoin, and you remain independent as well, vigilant. Never to overstep, but aware that that lurks within you with reference to the old. Let me stop there. Where do you wish to begin this day, dear Steve?

SB: Well, that was a wonderful discussion of sacred union and the situation with the Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, Lord. So, thank you very much for that. Where it all goes off the rails – and, I know you know what I am about to say – is in the core issues or vasanas. You recall the circumstance with myself, where there were certain agreements with the Divine Mother, shall we say – they all went out the window when vasanas erupted.

So that’s the problem for us. I mean, we may have the best of intentions, but then something gets triggered. I mean, many of us have gone through really trying lifetimes, not even simply this lifetime, but several in a row. Especially women – burned at the stake, beheaded, on and on – the terrible things go to the women who protected the mystical wisdom. And now here we are in this lifetime and we’re clearing all that. So it can go off the rails.

And so, really a very vital part of what I am looking for is how do we operate to preserve this delicate operation that we’re carrying out of rebalancing the divine male and divine female when we are human, i.e., when we are subject to core issues, which we ourselves have created? But, how do we swim through those murky waters or traverse that raging river?

AAM: You, and I mean all of you, are being penetrated to clear those core issues. Now you have just mentioned the huge encouragement, motivator, requirement to clear those core issues. So you are being assisted in clearing them and you, collectively and individually, have decided to clear them. So, when we speak of being vigilant, it is exactly that type of thing that we are speaking of.

Because if you do not move slowly enough – in awareness, mental, emotional, but mostly heart consciousness – if you do not move slowly enough, then you are triggered by a vasana, by a core issue, and away you go. And, before you know it, you have destroyed what you have so diligently built up.

I had whispered in the channel’s ear that I wish this day to speak to honesty. And, she said “No, no, no, Michael. We are speaking of the role of leadership and the Divine Masculine this day.” But, truly what we are speaking of this day is honesty and truth. But let us use the practical term of honesty.

When you assume a role – leadership or anything else – first and foremost what you are doing, the question that starts the entire process (and it needs to be asked every single day), is “Am I being honest with myself? Am I being honest with those that I am co-creating, working, playing, living with? Am I being honest in terms of my efforts to create Nova Earth? Am I being honest in so far as I am up for this, that I am capable of this? Am I being honest in my promise to the Mother?” So, it starts with honesty.

You know there isn’t a great deal of talk upon your planet, most certainly not enough talk or discussion or practice, of honesty. Yes, you speak of clarity, you speak of transparency; but the honesty with your sacred self, and of course there will be days when you don’t feel like stepping forward, you don’t feel like being in the middle of the parade, and you certainly don’t feel like looking for the lost lamb. And those are the days you should stay home and rest, or go out and play or eat ice cream. There is nothing wrong with that. But, I am not going to digress.

In this honesty, this is the foundation. Yes we know it is of love, but let us be practical. And you have talked about this, all three of you, and many of you who listen to me this night. You have to be honest. Yes, you have to be honest with each other. That does not mean ascendency. That does not mean that your honest opinion transcends or has authority over someone else’s opinion or experience.

You do not “honestly” get to translate what someone else is experiencing and going through, be it be a core issue or a broken heart. But, what it does mean is a community and a community of Gaians that does not live in fear or false illusions of what is polite or politically correct.

To honestly say, “I am observing this. I feel this,” you are not declaring that the person has to alter their behaviors. But what you are saying is given your frame of reference, whether you have been beheaded in every single lifetime, you are creating a new community where it is safe to express how you feel, what you observe. And there is no charge about whether it is accurate, correct or incorrect. It is permission that you are freely, joyously, granting one another so that you stay on track and that everyone stays on track.

Dear Steve, this should delight you because it goes back to your roots of the “growth movement.”

SB: Definitely! Definitely! What you’re saying absolutely tickles me, it does. I wanted to add that if one did this, what you’re talking about, if one spoke truthfully after a vasana goes off. You know, “I am triggered, I am angry, I don’t know why I am angry, it probably has nothing to do with you, you know, but something’s gone off.” You know, that is the answer, isn’t it? You know, the truth will set us free. Even if we haven’t the whole truth at the moment, you know, but we’re getting there, and we’re getting there, and we’re getting there and experiencing more and more release.

AAM: You are getting there.

SB: Thank you. (Laughter)

AAM: No, this is intended to be the conversation.

SB: Oh, excellent!

AAM: You are getting there. The truth is perhaps bigger (and I am not even talking about our frame of reference) than even in the human realm. The truth is also bigger than any of you initially suspects. But when you have permission – and it is a tacit and an active permission – to express one’s self, then that truth, when you honestly are truthful and honest with yourself and each other, the truth emerges, the core issue dissolves. And the joy and the love re-emerges.

SB: Right. And we don’t do that right now. Instead what we do is we try to look good and say things that might have this effect on the listener. It’s got nothing to do with the truth; it’s all a manipulation.

AAM: It is manipulation, but it is also learning. Now, this is where you bring in, in balance, the gentle wisdom of the father, because the father allows his children to speak, express. And the nurturing and the caretaking and the support, infinitely, of the Mother, who says, “Child, tell me what is troubling you?” And holds you close, because, as the innocent child, you have felt victimized, ignored, overlooked.

And so, as the result of that, what you do is you adopt behaviors or undertake actions that you think are either self-protective or self-defensive, or sometimes offensive, when you think that is what is required – when it is not at all what is in your heart.

So if you are not having success with pulling up the Divine Masculine or the Divine Feminine, what is wrong with asking for help? What is wrong with turning to us, to the Mother or Father or each other, and asking for help, for a dose of that insight and wisdom, that caring and nurturing? You did not come to this planet to be entirely self sufficient. And let me, in the same breath, tell you that you are entirely self sufficient.

You have everything within you and it is being expanded, it is growing at the speed of love. But if you wished, if the Mother’s Plan was to proceed alone, then you would be alone. But you have chosen to come to a planet – because it has always been a choice even when it has been extraordinarily difficult – you have chosen to come to a very overpopulated planet. Why? So that you would communicate, that you would share the experience of love, that you would learn and set the paradigm that you can be honest with yourself; that those fears, those boogie men have no place either within you or upon this planet any longer.

Now, does that take paying attention as if you are flying a jumbo jet (because you are)? The answer is yes. Because think of it, if you are the pilot of one of those massive airplanes, all those lives are entrusted to you. And all those people got on the plane believing that you could do the job.

So when you say to them, “There’s a bit of rough weather ahead, and could you pray? Could you send love? Could you hold the space that I guide this ship well?” Why would you not say that? You’re not declaring yourself inept. You’re declaring that you are all in the same ship, even an airship, together. And that you all proceed together.

So while you may be at the wheel, the person in the passenger seat who is a mother of five and entrusting you to bring her to safety, will assist you in every way she knows how, because she cares about you but she also cares about her children. And the CEO who sits in first class who has 5,000 employees will help you because he knows his leadership or her leadership depends upon you steering the ship.

You are in community. You have always been in community. But now what you are doing is you are redefining and waking up to what that really means. And, my beloved friends, it is powerful, it is delightful. Does it have its pitfalls? Yes.

But if you are asking each other honestly for help and saying, “You know, sometimes I have a tendency to be a little overbearing.” Or you say, “Sometimes I have a tendency when I should speak my mind, I step back and I let everybody have their say when I know what’s right.”

You have to be appropriate to the moment. And, my beloved ones, you have to not be afraid, not only in speaking your mind, your heart, your truth, you have to not be afraid of making a mistake. Because it is not just through the correct action. What you deem as mistakes, we don’t. You are learning and growing and proceeding, but it starts with communication and it starts with honesty.

SB: Thank you, Lord. We have just short of ten minutes. I wonder if I could introduce, and it’s a different topic, but it follows on something you said today and have said on other occasions. I wonder, and I know that the answer to this question is different on different dimensions (shall we put it that way) and past the dimensions. But if you can tell us in relationship to anything we can understand, let’s put it that way, how are we patterned on the Mother?

AAM: This is a delightful question. I will step aside.

SB: Thank you, Lord.

Universal Mother Mary: I am the Mother.

SB: Greetings, Mother.

MM: And welcome to you, my beloved children. Now why do you think I call you my children? And why do I call those who live and exist on other planets, other galaxies, other systems my children? Why do I call all?

You are of my pattern. And I have reinforced that particularly during this sojourn of both Gaia and humanity and all upon Gaia. I have reinforced this time and time and time again. I think it is finally taking effect.

I have birthed, I have created all. Yes, and what you think of as in concert, conjoining with the Father. But the bringing forth comes from Me.

Now is it conceivable, possible, that I would create something that did not carry my Pattern? Yes, it is. But that has not been my desire. Particularly, let us speak of each of you human beings, Gaians, angels in form, starseed, star beings, it matters not, all of you upon this Earth plane. I wanted to create a human physical reality that carried the essence, the Pattern of my Being.

And you experience this in your bodies, in your chakras, in your very breath; the in, the out. You inhale, you exhale. You bring in my energy, because it is in the air, the water, the food; everything you are. I am in and of all. And so the form, in the smallest fiber of energy that you can conceive; even before it is a fetus, my Pattern is instilled.

Now, what does this mean? It means that you have the ability to know us, to love us as we love you, to create as I create, to bring forth this place of love – because that is also the pattern of the universe that I have created, the omniverse. It is a place of love. It is a place of union. It is a place of ecstasy, and it is beyond any form of place or time or reality that you know of, because it is of One. Your pattern, your expression. When you are true to yourself what you find within is Me.

And why did I pattern it this way? So you can still know and find Me. That you remember: this is but a glimpse, a blink; yes, to play in form, to love in form, to experience sacred union in form, to replicate the truth of community, the joy of community.

You say, “How?” You tend to think – that is think – that first you have an idea, and then you plan and then you create and then you materialize. Even before an idea is born, the knowing and the fulfillment is present. Otherwise, you do not have the idea. So I am inviting you, my beloved ones, to go back. Ideation and existence is your first and second dimensions. Go back before that, beyond, and then go outside your twelve and know Me because you know your own pattern, your unique and sacred expression of Myself.

You do not need to give me a face or a form. You do not need to understand. All you need to do is to know. And in that knowing is the rebirth and the re-ignition of the Pattern. And it is already well ignited, but there will always be, long after this is completed, there will be more. Does this answer your beloved questions?

SB: Well, it certainly does, Mother. And I didn’t want to interrupt but to allow you every word on the subject. Am I correct then, in thinking, and I’m abstracting, and partly abstracting from what you said, but partly abstracting from my own research, that one of the intentions behind patterning us on various levels, on You and the Father and your relationship with the Father, is to assist us to realize You and the Father, as if it’s a trail back?

MM: Yes. It has always been a return trip, sweet one. And it has always been a journey that sometimes you have created and believed to be spectacular, and other times difficult. But that is simply illusion as well. You see, you have spoken of the Divine Feminine this day and how it is difficult for so many women who have experienced beheadings, betrayals, bereavement. But so often in those moments – because they would not yield – they knew Me more fully than ever.

And that is what they are bringing to my planet at this time. It is the unyielding connection that they may die, or choose to die, rather than deny Me. These ones are blessed deeply and have need to be your teachers and valued, because they know. Now this is not the time of creating martyrdom. But, even martyrdom and sacrifice leads you back to Me.

SB: Mother, is the …can you talk to us a little bit more about how to see the Patterning of You, or your Patterning, in nature?

MM: I have mentioned to you that the most clear way, easy way, is inhale, exhale. There is not anything on your planet or beyond, by the way, that is not on this Pattern. You say, “Well, what about the rocks or the mountains?”

You see the mountains grow, and wear down. Do you think they are just wearing down because a few thousand sets of feet have walked upon them? No. It is the inhale and the exhale. It is the shifting. Everything is in constant change and everything is eternally permanent. So, when you think of it this way, inhale, exhale, every plant, every animal. and that they change.

Now, do not think of change as what you have adopted as decline, destruction, death, disease. Change: you grow, you shift, you blossom, every phase is beautiful, but it is of your making. I do not look at my creations and say, “Oh, that planet died, and so I’d better make another one.” That energy is eternal and so it is brought into a different form. But it is the inhale, exhale – even rocks, even a grain of sand. Different rhythm, same process.

SB: Now the inhale, exhale is a metaphor that we can get readily because we do this. At another level, it would be, more generically, a process of creation and then a process of transformation. Is that correct?

MM: That is the correct. You bring in the energy and you exhale it to create.

SB: Oh, okay, so inhalation is not creation.

MM: The inhalation is the gathering of the energy. The exhale is the creation. The inhale is the gathering of the energy. The exhale is the creation.

SB: Okay. Can you give us an illustration from trees or plants of how, if we look closely enough, we can see secrets about You? And, this is my last question, Mother.

MM: When you touch a tree or a plant, especially in the spring, for example, after a long inhale as what you can think of as winter, you feel the rebirth of energy. If you score the tree, you will see the sap. It is the lifeblood, the same as you have plasma and blood.

And as you remain on planet, you ground yourself and you have roots. You have what you think of as identification of yourself. Your roots are your community, your ideas, your beliefs, your experiences with family. And so the roots of the tree have experience with the earth, with the ants, with the spiders. Sometimes it hits concrete and it feels stymied. And sometimes it is free to grow and flower.

You do not give your fellow inhabitants of Gaia nearly enough attention, love. You do not associate with them enough. So sit with them, talk to them. Honestly. Look for the Pattern. It is different and it is the same.

SB: Thank you, Mother. I’m afraid we’ve run out of time, which is not something I wish to say to you. We’ll have to have you back and talk about this at more length, Mother, I think.

MM: Yes. Go with my love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2016 The Council of Love, Inc.


This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Introducing the Divine Mother – Part 1/2

The Holy Spirit is worshipped as the Divine Mother

Evidently, there’s been a large increase in readership since 2012. (1)

It suggests to me that it’s probably time to walk through the basics … of what this site is about, to be sure, but also of what is happening outside us that is by no means the usual, normal times, etc.

No, not the manipulated news in the mainstream press, but the version of events put out by the Company of Heaven and Earth’s own saints and sages.

For me personally, there’s no other place I’d rather start than with the Divine Mother.  What motivates me to give first place to the Divine Mother?

I start with the Divine Mother because she’s the active and necessary cause (the Father is the inactive and sufficient cause) of all that we see around us, all that we are, and all that we do to realize our potential.  If we want to ascend, if we want to know God, we have to work with or go through the Mother, as Swami Sivananda makes clear:

“It behooves … the aspirant [to] approach the Mother first, so that She may introduce Her spiritual child to the Father for its illumination or Self-realization.” (2)

That’s a very general statement. Plumbing its depths reveals the Divine Plan for life (spiritual evolution), the nature of material reality, and the nature of the One.  (3)

A vision I had in 1987 (4) that showed me the purpose of life and the relationships among the Trinity. It identified who the three members of the Trinity were, without religious baggage, without even words.

The flood of bliss I felt at the time “brought all things to remembrance” – allowed me to know without thought or words what I was seeing. Observing the exponential increase in the ability to know that bliss brings was not an inconsequential feature of the vision.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at what the vision showed me and what value lies in knowing/realizing the Divine Mother.

For more on these subjects, go here: “Spiritual Essays” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/spiritual-essays/  You’ll find hundreds of articles there on the nature of Reality and the Divine Plan for life.

(Concluded in Part 2, below.)


(1) Up from 28,000 (going up to 42,000 at times) hits per day in 2012 to around 330,000 unique visits (i.e., IP addresses rather than clicks or hits) per day.  I had a reading with AAM on July 22 and asked him to evaluate the figure. He said it was a true figure with one exception: it didn’t necessarily mean one visitor one day. The same visitor could go back to the site a number of times in a day.

See “Golden Age of Gaia Demographics” at  http://goldenageofgaia.com/2016/07/12/golden-age-gaia-demographics/.)

(2) Swami Sivananda in Swami Sivananda Radha, Kundalini Yoga for the West. Spokane: Timeless Books, 1978, 25.

(3) Which are examined here: “Spiritual Essays” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/spiritual-essays/

(4) Described here: “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment – Ch. 13 – Epilogue” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2011/08/13/the-purpose-of-life-is-enlightenment-ch-13-epilogue/

Ethiopian Bible is the oldest and complete bible on earth.

Written in Ge’ez an ancient dead language of Ethiopia it’s nearly 800 years older than the King James Version and contains 81-88 books compared to 66. It includes the Book of ENOCH, Esdras, Buruch and all 3 Books of MACCABEE, and a host of others that was excommunicated from the KJV.

World’s first illustrated Christian bible discovered at Ethiopian monastery

The world’s earliest illustrated Christian book has been saved by a British charity which located it at a remote Ethiopian monastery.

The incredible Garima Gospels are named after a monk who arrived in the African country in the fifth century and is said to have copied them out in just one day.

Beautifully illustrated, the colours are still vivid and thanks to the Ethiopian Heritage Fund have been conserved.

Abba Garima arrived from Constantinople in 494 AD and legend has it that he was able to copy the gospels in a day because God delayed the sun from setting.

A page from the Garima Gospels - the world's oldest hristian book found in a remote monastary in Ethiopia

A page from the Garima Gospels – the world’s oldest Christian book found in a remote monastery in Ethiopia.The incredible relic has been kept ever since in the Garima Monastery near Adwa in the north of the country, which is in the Tigray region at 7,000 feet.Experts believe it is also the earliest example of book binding still attached to the original pages.

The survival of the Gospels is incredible considering the country has been under Muslim invasion, Italian invasion and a fire in the 1930s destroyed the monastery’s church.They were written on goat skin in the early Ethiopian language of Ge’ez.There are two volumes which date from the same time, but the second is written in a different hand from the first.

Both contain illustrations and the four Gospels.

Though the texts had been mentioned by the occasional traveller since the 1950s, it had been thought they dated from the 11th century at the earliest.

Carbon dating, however, gives a date between 330 and 650 – which tantalisingly overlaps the date Abba Garima arrived in the country.So the first volume could be in his hand – even if he didn’t complete the task in a day as the oral tradition states.

The charity Ethiopian Heritage Fund that was set up to help preserve the treasures in the country has made the stunning discovery.It was also allowed incredibly rare access to the texts so experts could conserve them on site.

A page from the Garima Gospels - the world's oldest hristian book found in a remote monastary in Ethiopia

The incredible relic has been kept ever since in the Garima Monastery near Adwa in the north of Ethiopia

It is now hoped the Gospels will be put in a museum at the monastery where visitors will be able to view them.

Blair Priday from the Ethiopian Heritage Fund said: ‘Ethiopia has been overlooked as a source of these fantastic things.

‘Many of these old Christian relics can only be reached by hiking and climbing to remote monasteries as roads are limited in these mountainous regions.

‘All the work on the texts was done in situ and everything is reversible, so if in future they can be taken away for further conservation we won’t have hindered that.

‘The pages had been crudely stitched together in a restoration in the 1960s and some of the pages wouldn’t even turn. And they were falling to pieces.

‘The Garima Gospels have been kept high and dry which has helped preserve them all these years and they are kept in the dark so the colours look fresh.

‘This was the most astounding of all our projects and the Patriarch, the head of the Ethiopian Church, had to give his permission.

‘Most of the experts did the work for nothing.

‘We are currently undertaking other restoration programmes on wall paintings and religious texts .

We believe that preserving Ethiopia’s cultural heritage will help to increase visitor revenue and understanding of the extraordinary history of this country

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The Galactic New Year on July 26th, 2016 launches us into The Blue Spectral Storm Year!

This year brings the forces of Pure Transformation, calling us to let go and surrender on all levels…

The Galactic Affirmation for this Year is:

“I Dissolve in order to Catalyze
Releasing Energy
I Seal the Matrix of Self-Generation
With the Spectral Tone of Liberation
I am Guided by My Own Power Doubled.”


In terms of the Galactic Frequencies, this year has much intensity in store for us! The energies of The Spectral Storm may not always be comfortable, but we can be assured that this year is bringing a Storm of Liberation, catalyzing necessary changes that ultimately allow for greater well-being. We are reminded to embrace and celebrate purification, catharsis, and upheaval as cleansing forces that clear the way for regeneration and renewal. Let us trust in the constructive de-construction process that may unfold this year. Let us welcome a new circulation of energies, rejoicing as it brings new configurations and empowering breakthroughs.

This is the Time to access the force of your inner spark as your ultimate source of power; to unleash the lightning of your soul; to be the calm eye of the storm amidst potent inner and outer transmutations and shifts of all kinds!

The vibration of Spectral is here to liberate us into new realms of possibilities by urging us to allow energy to travel as it needs; to embrace seeming chaos; to release rigidity, control, and fixations; to dissolve old structures and routines; to shed limitations, fears, and identities from the past.

This is the Time to welcome a new freedom, and celebrate the emergence of a greater, full-spectrum wholeness!

The Blue Storm Year calls us to be awakened Thunderbeings; agents of electric passion and purpose; alchemists of energies; empowered self-generators; embodiments of stillness dancing; lucid World-Changers living from our centers of calm resilience.

As we spiral through this annual cycle, allow the codes of Galactic Time to keep you connected to your center; to guide and inform your journey wherever it takes you; and to help you see the unfolding events of this world through the lens of cosmic evolution…


Check out the new Galactic Calendar by SkyTime!

Decode Your Birthdate and Discover Your Cosmic Identity!

Do these images prove that early Christianity had FEMALE priests? Vatican unveils frescoes hinting that women held power in the early Church

  • The 230-240 AD frescoes were found in the Catacombs of Priscilla of Rome
  • One fresco shows a group of women celebrating banquet of the Eucharist
  • Another shows woman with outstretched arms like those of a priest
  • Vatican says assertions that these women were priests are ‘fairy tales’

Newly restored Italian frescoes have revealed what could have been women priests in the early Christian Church.

The frescoes, dating back to between 230 to 240 AD, are housed inside the Catacombs of Priscilla of Rome and were unveiled by the Vatican this week.

Proponents of a female priesthood have said that the frescoes prove there were women priests in early Christianity.

The Vatican, however, has responded by saying that such assertions are sensationalist ‘fairy tales’.

A fresco is pictured inside the catacomb of Priscilla in Rome. The catacomb, used for Christian burials from the late 2nd century through the 4th century, reopened yesterday to the public after years of restoration

Newly restored Italian frescoes have revealed what could have been women priests in the early Christian church. The female pictured in this fresco has her arms outstretched as if holding Mass

Dug out from the second to fifth centuries, the Catacombs of Priscilla are a complex labyrinth of underground burial chambers stretching eight miles beneath the northern half of the city.

The area is often called the ‘Queen of the catacombs’ because it features burial chambers of popes and a tiny, delicate fresco of the Madonna nursing Jesus dating from around 230 to 240 AD – the earliest known image of the Madonna and Child.

Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, the Vatican’s culture minister, opened the ‘Cubicle of Lazzaro’ which is a tiny burial chamber featuring 4th century images of biblical scenes, the Apostles Peter and Paul, and one of the early Romans buried there in bunk-bed-like stacks as was common in antiquity.

A fresco is pictured inside the catacomb of Priscilla in Rome

A fresco depicting women celebrating the Eucharist is pictured inside the catacomb of Priscilla in Rome. The catacomb, used for Christian burials from the late 2nd century through to the 4th century, reopened on Tuesday to the public after years of restoration

A fresco is pictured inside the catacomb of Priscilla

The 230-240 AD frescoes, found in the Catacombs of Priscilla of Rome, were unveiled by the Vatican this week

A fresco is pictured inside the catacomb of Priscilla

Proponents of a female priesthood say frescoes prove there were women priests in early Christianity. The Vatican says such assertions are ‘sensationalist fairy tales’


A view shows the catacomb of Priscilla

The catacombs of Priscilla, on Rome’s Via Salaria, have been fully reopened after a five-year project that included laser technology to clean some of the ancient frescoes and a new museum to house restored marble fragments of sarcophagi.

Dug from the second to fifth centuries, the catacoms are a complex labyrinth of underground burial chambers stretching miles beneath the northern half of the city.

The area is often called the ‘Queen of the catacombs’ because it features burial chambers of popes and a tiny, delicate fresco of the Madonna nursing Jesus dating from around 230-240 AD – the earliest known image of the Madonna and Child.

More controversially, the catacomb has two scenes said by proponents of the women’s ordination movement to show women priests.

One fresco in the ochre-hued Greek Chapel features a group of women celebrating a banquet, said to be the banquet of the Eucharist.

Another image, in a room called the ‘Cubiculum of the Veiled Woman,’ shows a woman whose arms are outstretched like those of a priest saying Mass.

She wears what the catacombs’ Italian website calls ‘a rich liturgical garment’. She also wears what appears to be a stole, a vestment worn by priests.

The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests holds the images up as evidence that there were women priests in the early Christian church – and that therefore there should be women priests today.

But Fabrizio Bisconti, the superintendent of the Vatican’s sacred archaeology commission, said such a reading of the frescoes was pure ‘fable, a legend.’

Even though the catacombs’ official guide says there is ‘a clear reference to the banquet of the Holy Eucharist’ in the fresco, Bisconti said the scene of the banquet wasn’t a Eucharistic banquet but a funeral banquet.

A marble low-relief decorating a sarcophagus is pictured inside the catacomb of Priscilla in Rome

A marble low-relief decorating a sarcophagus is pictured inside the catacomb of Priscilla in Rome

A fresco is pictured inside the catacomb of Priscilla in Rome

The Vatican has restricted the priesthood for men, arguing that Jesus chose only men as his apostles. Here a man’s face from the Roman catacombs is pictured

He said that even though women were present they weren’t celebrating Mass.

Bisconti said the other fresco of the woman with her hands up in prayer was just that – a woman praying.

‘These are readings of the past that are a bit sensationalistic but aren’t trustworthy,’ he said.

Asked about the scenes, Ravasi professed ignorance and referred comment to Bisconti.

A skull is pictured inside the catacomb of Priscilla in Rome Novembe

A skull is pictured inside the catacomb of Priscilla in Rome. Lost for centuries after its entrances were sealed in ancient time, the catacombs were re-discovered in the 16th century and plundered of many gravestones, sarcophagi and bodies

A marble inscription is pictured inside the catacomb of Priscilla

Google Maps has, for the first time, gone into the Roman catacombs, providing a virtual tour of the Priscilla complex available to anyone who can’t visit the real thing

The Vatican has restricted the priesthood for men, arguing that Jesus chose only men as his apostles.

Google Maps has, for the first time, gone into the Roman catacombs, providing a virtual tour of the Priscilla complex available to anyone who can’t visit the real thing.

Lost for centuries after its entrances were sealed in ancient time, the catacombs were re-discovered in the 16th century and plundered of many gravestones, sarcophagi and bodies. Excavations in modern times began in the 19th century.

Catacombs of Priscilla

The catacombs of Priscilla, on Rome’s Via Salaria, have been fully reopened after a five-year project that included laser technology to clean some of the ancient frescoes

A view shows the catacomb of Priscilla in Rome

Dug from the second to fifth centuries, the catacoms are a complex labyrinth of underground burial chambers stretching miles beneath the northern half of Rome



Heavenletter #5716 Oneness Is Beautiful, July 19, 2016

Heavenletters™, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
* Our connection to God *
* Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.


God said:
God lives. God is alive. I live in you, just as you live in Me. In every area of Life, We are integrated. I am not a pretty add-on. I am All. There is no beginning or ending because I am All, and you are All along with Me. Not sometimes, not only when you are all dressed up, but always all the time. You go nowhere without Me. We are One Burst of Joy echoing in All the Universe.

We, you and I, are the Call of Joy. There are no bounds for Us to burst. We can only burst forth in Joy. You and I, We are Joy to the World. Oneness is beautiful in the Lake of Love in Which We Reside.

We are the most wonderful thing there can be, and We exist in Infinity. We are the gold, and We are the scraps. We are everything manmade and everything God-made. We are integral, one to the other. There is no parting. There is no separating. We are inseparably One.

There is no separating the Ocean from its waves. The Waves are verily Ocean. What possible advantage can there be in the idea of separating the Ocean? Waves are part and parcel of the Ocean.

You and I are joined in Oneness. We are Oneness Inseparable. We have no seams to show. We have no seams to be torn apart.

Do you begin to sense what Oneness feels like? Even just a tiny touch of what Oneness feels like? There are no words to describe this True Existential Presence. Oneness can only be known.

Feel yourself coming closer to a pervasive sense of Oneness. Oneness is not volatile. Not at all. It is subtle, and subtle is powerful. Subtle is most powerful, yet powerful isn’t quite the right word either, even as Oneness is subtle – subtle and marvelous – subtle and overwhelming — even as Oneness is gently absorbed.

Oneness doesn’t knock you over. It doesn’t spin you around. As subtle as Oneness is, you could swoon in Oneness just the same. Oneness revamps your sense of Oneness. Oneness is exquisite. You never want to be without Oneness.

We could say that Oneness emanates, the same way you know that spring is in the air. How would you know, without the five senses, that it is Winter? How would you know what a Lily of the Valley smells like? How would you remember from all the Vastness what sweetness flowers are and what their presence means to you. The sweetness invades you. Sometimes all you want is the Presence of Flowers. You just know.

How do you remember the essence of anything? No need to know how. You just remember. And so you know colors and remember them even when it’s been a long time since you saw a particular color and loved it with all your heart.

How do you feel love? How do you know it? How do you know different kinds of love one from another?

Why, love is universal, and love is unique.

How many colors of love are there? How many dimensions? How can love thrive when it is a vapor of some kind? When is love pure love existing for the joy of itself? How does love fill hearts, and how can it be that love can seemingly turn off. One moment love is wine, and the next moment, love may turn into vinegar. This can’t be true.

It is inconceivable that My children are not in love with Oneness at every moment. Love cannot be left out in the cold. Not for any length of time can anyone refuse the Love of Oneness, for, Heaven’s sakes, time exists not at all.

Does love come before Oneness, or does Oneness come first? Who needs to analyze when Love and Oneness are One and cannot be divided?

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What Is Kabbalah?

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Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that reveals how the universe and life work. On a literal level, the word Kabbalah means “to receive.” It’s the study of how to receive fulfillment in our lives.

Most of us, at some point in our life, have been overcome with the feeling that we are not as fulfilled as we could be. Paradoxically, often the harder we strive to achieve that fulfillment, the more it eludes us.

When we speak about fulfillment, we don’t mean just being temporarily happy or experiencing fleeting senses of wellbeing. We mean connecting to the energy, and maintaining our connection to true long-lasting fulfillment.

Kabbalah is an ancient paradigm for living. It teaches that all of the branches of our lives – health, relationships, careers – emanate from the same trunk and the same root. It’s the technology of how the universe works at the core level. It’s a way of looking at the world that can connect you to the kind of permanent fulfillment you seek.

Kabbalah teaches universal principles that apply to all peoples of all faiths and all religions, regardless of ethnicity or where you come from. The beauty of studying Kabbalah is that you can’t be forced to think in a particular way. There can be no coercion in spirituality. All we can do is simply share information with you and hope that you will apply it to your life with the intention of bettering it. That’s the purpose of everything you will discover on kabbalah.com.

The knowledge we impart, the information we provide, and the tools we share must have practical results in your life, results you can feel. Kabbalistic wisdom is not based in blind faith, but practical application. Kabbalah will deepen your understanding of the universe and give you more information and tools to understand why things are happening to you, and how you can better connect to the Light of the Creator and receive the fulfillment you’re seeking.


We all want to understand ourselves better, to live more fulfilling lives, to have a richer experience of who we are and what we are here to contribute. All of us want to be happy, and in truth, most of us really want the same things out of life.

We want…
…to love and be loved
…to have the best relationships
…to enjoy financial security
…great health
…our children to be happy and safe…

…and we have questions, so many questions. Deep down, we all want to understand the meaning of our lives.

As a child, you may have even wondered, “Why was I born? What is the purpose of my life?” Then we grow up and get busy. We have to pay the rent, create a life, pursue a career, pick up the groceries. Sometimes, out of exhaustion, we lapse into a rut, a robotic existence, and stop asking the profound questions that fascinated us as children.

But do we have to? Wouldn’t we be much better off if we continued to grow and develop, to wonder about and define our purpose in life? To connect to our true potential?

We’ve all been resigned on a certain level to the ups and downs of life. One day, we’re feeling good about ourselves; the next day we’re a little depressed. One day we’re happy with our partner; the next day we break up. One day there’s money in the bank; the next day it vanishes.

Does life have to be so rocky? Can situations start at one point and just continue to improve every day? Is that possible? Is there a way to achieve what I want in my life?”

Yes, there is a way. Not only that, but you always have the opportunity to alter your destiny and achieve your true potential. Everybody can make it – no one is too young or too old or too stuck in their ways! We all have the ability to find meaning and achieve fulfillment beyond our wildest dreams and imaginings. You don’t have to live a life that seems purposeless or filled with random ups and downs. You have no limits; you can soar.


Five thousand years ago, a set of spiritual principles was communicated to humanity in a moment of divine revelation. These ancient revelations unlock all of life’s mysteries and give us the secret code that governs the universe. It’s an incredible system of logic and a phenomenal technology that can alter the way you view your life. It is the oldest sacred document in existence. This extraordinary, powerful set of tools is known as The Zohar – the original instruction manual for life, the basis of kabbalistic wisdom.

In recent years, millions of men and women all over the world have discovered Kabbalah and have changed their lives dramatically. Its timeless principles apply to everyone who seeks fulfillment.

Kabbalah provides a roadmap for getting rid of chaos and experiencing the universe the way the Creator meant for you to experience it. In learning Kabbalah, you will understand what chaos really is, and you will realize that it was never meant to be a part of your life. What’s more, you will discover powerful tools for eliminating this chaos and replacing it with unity, love, and fulfillment.

Our physical universe operates under a clear set of spiritual laws. You may be unaware of the laws that govern it. Through the wisdom of Kabbalah, these spiritual laws are explained clearly and understandably. Be better able to make sense of your life and experience the joy and fulfillment that you are meant to have.

It may seem unlikely that knowledge first communicated to people who lived 5,000 years ago could have any relevance to men and women in today’s world. We need the wisdom of Kabbalah more now than at any other time in our history. Kabbalah is not a religion, it’s not dogma, and it’s not a belief system that you have to buy into. Even more importantly, it’s not anyone’s personal opinion of how the universe works. It’s simply knowledge that was always meant to be known and shared—the birthright of humanity.


The teachings upon which Kabbalah is based have existed since the beginning of time, but the first written record of it is called The Book of Formation. This ancient document, written 5,000 years ago, attempts to help us understand the secrets of our universe.

However, two thousand years ago, the main body of the teachings of Kabbalah, called The Zohar, or the Book of Splendor, was revealed in Israel by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. While the knowledge of how the universe functions is contained in The Torah (also known as The Five Books of Moses or The Old Testament), The Zohar actually deciphers the ancient scripture, explaining that all of those stories are not just meant to be understood on a literal level. Rather, they are analogies or codes for how the universe functions in a spiritual way. In fact, The Zohar deciphers the Bible chapter by chapter.

For centuries, the study of Kabbalah was available only to scholarly, married Jewish men over the age of forty, and forbidden to all others. This tradition of hidden knowledge existed until 1969, when Rav Phillip Berg (“Rav” is simply another way of saying “Teacher”) first became Director of the Kabbalah Centre. At that time, he and his wife Karen made available the wisdom of Kabbalah to everyone, regardless of race, gender, or religious belief; this is because they believe that when we are on a spiritual path, we are seeking solely to reconnect with Light. This “Light” has no name. It is not Christian, or Jewish, or Buddhist, or defined by any other limiting description. It is just Light, far beyond the confines of any particular faith.

It wasn’t easy to make the teachings of Kabbalah available to the whole world. Historically, Kabbalah has been reserved only for the most advanced scholars. By making Kabbalah available to anyone who was interested, they were defying a 4,000-year-old tradition. But despite their difficulties, the Kabbalah Centre has grown from a small organization in Israel to a worldwide effort that has provided instruction to nearly four million students, with more than 40 physical locations and over 100 study groups in cities throughout the world.

Heaven Exposed
For seven years, Tzvi Freeman’s reweaving of ancient tales have been one of the hottest hits on the Jewish web. Now they’ve finally hit realspace for all the rest of us. The moon holds what would seem a hopeless argument with its Maker— who controls all that exists by voice-activated interface— and wins. The Heavenly Court noshes popcorn while entertained by 3D multimedia presentations— of bidders on a hot miracle contract. A psychotherapist discovers his client can’t tolerate the laws of nature— because he was trained on the supernatural track by Heaven Incorporated. And an angel from the technical support desk discovers the secret of physicality— bringing it to market as a spiritual-to-physical travel device. Tzvi Freeman has already built a reputation for poetic literary style and depth of insight with his collection of short meditations, “Bringing Heaven Down To Earth.” In Heaven Exposed, he polishes the fables of the ancients with the fiery wisdom of the Kabbalah and welds them into a golden setting of science fiction to present us with a chest of magnificent jewelry. What makes this so spectacular is that the fables and the Kabbalah are as authentic as you can get. What’s even more wondrous is that such deep wisdom could be made so much fun. As the author puts it, “G-d is found in paradox— and it is paradox that makes people laugh.”

Hyper-Modern Ancient With-It Traditional Haggadah
There are plenty of traditional Haggadahs on the market, and plenty of fun, creative ones. This Haggadah is unique in that it is both. Using the ancient technique of targum, rather than direct translation, here, in plain, spoken English, all the nuances and drama of the Haggadah come alive. The formatting and titling of sections brings the structure and flow of the Seder into the open, while the language and fun cartoons make it speak to the modern mind.

Bringing Heaven Down to Earth vol 1
Since their appearance in 1997, the 365 meditations of Bringing Heaven Down to Earth have transformed the lives of tens of thousands, Jewish and otherwise. Their combination of profound depth, practicality and straight to the point style is a winner for everyone. The meditations turn up everywhere, in corporate calendars, local newspapers, rabbi’s sermons and email signatures. The Daily Dose, an electronic spinoff, fans out through one of the largest lists on the Jewish Internet. This special hard cover edition with a classic Chuck Carter dust jacket, art motif page format, photograph and a new index is designed to be a great gift item. Acclaimed by Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Sacks, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Laura Schlesinger, Rabbi Manis Friedman and many others. Soft cover 304 Pages;


©Natalia Kadish
©Natalia Kadish

Inside your body breathes a person—a soul. Inside the body of Jewish practice breathes an inner wisdom—the soul of Judaism. We often call it “Kabbalah”, meaning “receiving.” Just as Jewish practice is received through an unbroken, ancient tradition from the revelation at Sinai, so is its soul.

Kabbalah, then, is the received wisdom, the native theology and cosmology of Judaism.

Another name for Kabbalah—one much more revealing—is “Torat ha-Sod.” Commonly, that is mistranslated as “the secret teaching.” The proper translation, however, contains the opposite meaning: “the teaching of the secret.”

Kabbalah is not a secret teaching. It is the teaching of a secret.“The secret teaching” means that we are trying to hide something from you.

“The teaching of the secret” means that we are trying to teach something to you, to open up and reveal something hidden.

Now, you might point out, if the secret is taught, it is no longer a secret. A revealed secret, it would seem, is an oxymoron.

That would be so if we were discussing an artificial secret, one that is secret only because it is shrouded in secrecy, because others don’t want you to find out. True secrets, even once taught, explained, illustrated, analyzed and integrated into your consciousness, remain just as mysterious as before. No—vastly more mysterious, for as the island of knowledge expands, so too its beach upon the infinite sea of the unknowable.

Life teems with such mysteries: What is love? What is mind? What is life? What is existence? How do they come to be? From where do they emerge? What is your soul, the person within your body? You experience all these at every moment. They are you. And yet, the more you gaze upon the depths of their mysteries, the deeper their waters become.

The deepest of all secrets are those best known to all, that which we learn as small children, take for granted the rest of our lives, live with daily—and yet never manage to unravel or grasp with our cognitive mind.

There is. Things are. I exist. I am alive. Life is not death. Darkness is not light. There is that which is bigger than me.

Kabbalah plunges into these secrets and pulls their depths into the open. It provides metaphor, parable, understanding. It shines light and opens our eyes. It inspires and guides us to use this wisdom for healing and growth in everyday life. That is why the experience of learning Kabbalah is one of “Yes! I knew that truth all along! My heart knew, but my mouth was unable to speak it!” The truths of the Kabbalah belong to every sentient being.

Yet, most of all, Kabbalah provides a sense of the beyond; the knowledge of that which cannot be known, the wisdom of mystery, the understanding that we do not understand. Kabbalah is the knowledge of wonder.

Why Is Kabbalah So Secret?

©Natalia Kadish
©Natalia Kadish

Teaching a secret is fraught with danger. The student is in danger, for he may believe he truly understands. A mystery can never be presented without the wrappings of metaphor and parable. Perhaps the student will grasp the wrappings but fail to unravel its contents, as one who chews the husk and discards the fruit inside.

The teacher is in danger, for how can he know if he is truly understood? He will teach many students, his ideas will become popularized, their essence will be lost and their meaning will be twisted into the opposite of his intent.

The Kabbalah itself is in danger, for once it has lost its integrity, immediately it is no longer “the received wisdom.” It may be wise, it may be beautiful, but it is no longer Kabbalah.

That is why, for most of time, Kabbalah was transmitted from teacher to select and trusted student, in utmost confidence. When it was written, the writings were purposely cryptic and arcane, in whispered riddles, parables and darkened allusions. At times, restrictions had to be reaffirmed to censure all but a select few from studying Kabbalah.

Only in the past few hundred years have master teachers begun to reveal these truths openly. The chassidic masters uncovered a light and provided a set of metaphors that allow all to approach that light, bringing the Kabbalah into the domain of even the simplest soul.

Yet still, a guide is indispensable, and great care must be taken to preserve the purity of the teachings.

The waters of this spring must be kept pure; they must remain living waters.Who is that guide? How do you know that you are receiving pure waters, straight from the original spring?

For one thing, pure water reflects clearly. If the teacher’s life does not reflect his teachings, his waters are impure.

Next, know that until Moshiach comes, the path within is never without struggle. If the teaching comes easily, it is not the inner teaching.

And third: It’s true that you do not need to be Jewish to imbibe the sweet wine of Kabbalah or to learn its healing paths. But the soul of Kabbalah is unlike a human soul—never can it be ripped from its body, for the marriage of soul and body is complete. Jewish practice and Kabbalah are one. If you are told, “This has nothing to do with Judaism,” you are being told a lie.

How Can Learning Kabbalah Help Me?

Kabbalah is an aspect of Torah, and Torah means “guidance” or “instructions.” Everything in Kabbalah is meant as an instruction in life. We study Kabbalah not to just to reach a high, but because we need its inspiration in everyday life, and because it provides us direction and practical guidance.

Kabbalah provides a cosmic dimension to the issues of everyday human life. Illness is a reflection of the lovesickness of the divine presence for the Infinite Light. The challenges in life are the sparks lost in the primal act of creation, coming to you to be repaired and elevated. Your life is a mission, in which you are directed to the divine sparks that belong uniquely to your soul, for which your soul has returned many times to this world until they will all be gathered.

Understanding the cosmic dimension means that nothing in life is trivial. Everything has meaning. Everything moves toward a single purpose, with a single goal. Understanding allows you to take on those challenges and to complete the journey of your soul.

How Does Kabbalah Differ from Other Spiritual Teachings?

There are many wise spiritual teachings from peoples in every part of the globe. In their practice, people find transcendence of the material world, enlightenment and serenity.

To the Kabbalist, the ultimate paradise is here now, because the Infinite Light is here now.The focus of Kabbalah is not on serenity. Neither is it on transcendental enlightenment. It provides those as well, but as a means, not as a goal. The goal of Kabbalah is inspired action. Whatever wisdom the Kabbalist gains, whatever state of ecstasy or mystic union to which he or she ascends, the end result will always be an act of beauty in the physical world.

To turn it the other way around: Many teachers will tell you to do good deeds and acts of kindness because that is one stone along the path to higher consciousness. The Kabbalist will tell you that in the moment of that good deed, you are there already. The act itself is your goal, to which a higher consciousness must lead you.

To the Kabbalist, the ultimate paradise is here now, because the Infinite Light is here now, and more than any spiritual realm, this is where the Infinite Light yearns to be discovered. Our job is to peel away the husk to reveal that light within each physical artifact of our world. To enlighten not only ourselves, but every living being, and even the inert matter of our world.

When Did Kabbalah Start?

The stories of the forefathers are painted with a palette of mystic visions, divine revelations and communication with non-physical beings. Yet the Torah, including Kabbalah, is not defined by those visions. The central event of the Jewish narrative is the mass revelation at Mount Sinai, when “all the people saw the sounds and the lightning.”

The revelation at Sinai was first and foremost an experience of inner truth.Let’s say you lived shortly after the event. Let’s say you asked those people who had been there, “Tell me what happened.”

What would you they tell you?

“We were told not to have other gods.”

“We were told to honor our parents, to not steal or murder.”

I don’t think so.

More likely, their response would be something like this:

“We saw all the secrets of the cosmos open before us. We saw how each thing is generated into being at every moment. We saw that there is truly nothing else but the one Creator, and all else is but articulations of His will.”

©Natalia Kadish
©Natalia Kadish

The commandments themselves—to have no other gods, to honor parents, to not steal or murder—these were but the content of that experience. The medium, the experience—this was the core of the message. It was in that mystic experience that our people were born—the experience of a world in which “from every direction, G‑d spoke with them.” They saw all of reality as nothing but the words of a single, unknowable origin of all things. And they came into communion with that Source.

For about a thousand years after Sinai, the Jewish experience remained defined by prophecy. Wisdom was known to the people through seers and prophets, men and women who separated themselves from human lusts and vanities to attain a clear vision of the inner realms. Yet none of these visions provided a new revelation, adding or subtracting anything from the Torah. They were simply affirming, clarifying and sustaining the shared vision of Sinai.

The era of prophecy came to a close at the beginning of the Second Temple period, but divine revelation and mystic vision never departed. Neither did the receivers of that wisdom sit at the fringe of Jewish tradition. Many, if not most, of the better-known masters of the soul of Torah were also the established masters over the body of Torah practice. Rabbi Akiva is often considered the father of the Mishnah, and both the Talmud and Sefer HaBahir describe his mystic journeys. His student, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, was responsible for the classic Kabbalistic work, the Zohar, and his opinions pervade every section of the Talmud.

At times, and in certain places, philosophical inquiry pushed aside the received tradition to dominate Jewish thought. Yet it was rarely considered the native theology, but rather a kind of grafting from alien vines. Philosophy works upward, striving to create a single vision out of disparate parts. Kabbalah does the converse, beginning with a vivid, holistic vision and attempting to transmit that vision to others. Nevertheless, especially after the Spanish expulsion, the rationalism and much of the terminology of the philosophers became integrated into the holistic wisdom of the Kabbalah. The result was an unprecedented flowering and popularity of Kabbalistic thought.

Philosophical inquiry was never considered our native theology. Yet the Kabbalah later benefited through synthesis with it.In the critical era when halachah was codified and established (from the Spanish expulsion until the mid-seventeenth century), almost all serious scholars were steeped in Kabbalah. Rabbi Yosef Caro, author of the standard code of Jewish Law, the Shulchan Aruch; Rabbi Moshe Isserles, whose glosses made that code acceptable to Ashkenazi Jewry; as well as most of the standard commentators to that code, penned Kabbalistic works as well. Even the popular synagogue sermon was often dressed and garnished with Kabbalistic references.

To most of the Jews of Muslim lands, the Zohar is as sacred as the Book of Psalms. The Chassidic movement grew directly out of Kabbalah. The original opponents to the Chassidic movement, such as Rabbi Elijah of Vilna, were masters of the Kabbalah. Many of the standard commentaries studied today on the Five Books of Moses are replete with references to Kabbalistic ideas.

That’s why attempting to understand the Jewish experience without an understanding of Kabbalah is akin to analyzing a person’s behavior without knowing what is going on in his mind. The great Jews of ages past who did not taste of the Kabbalah felt that inner soul intuitively within the Torah they studied, within their prayers and within their practice of mitzvot. In all these things, their souls shone vibrantly. Over the centuries, as the world became a more sterile, materialistic and confusing place, that soul became wearied and fell dormant. Today, the sure path for a thinking person to sense the soul of the Jewish experience is to taste of its inner secrets. Today, Judaism stripped of Kabbalah is a body stripped of its soul.

Study of Kabbalah today is vital for a yet more important reason—as an essential stage in the final evolution of humankind. We’ll get to this later.

Can You Be Creative with Kabbalah?

A received wisdom would seem to imply no room for originality or creativity. The Zohar tells us that one who creates his own ideas and calls them Torah is creating an idol.

The Kabbalist is creative, he may have illuminative visions, yet all he teaches is but commentary on received tradition.The comparison is meaningful: as an idol is a false representation of G‑d, so this idea is a false representation of G‑d’s wisdom, and “He and his wisdom are one.”

Yet, as with other fields of Torah, Kabbalah bustles with creative thought and originality. Here is how Rabbi Moshe Cordovero, a leading teacher of the sixteenth-century Tzfat rationalist-kabbalist school, explained the need and the parameters of originality in Kabbalah:

The Book of Formation says, “Understand with wisdom; be wise with understanding.”

“Understand with wisdom” means to investigate well whatever your teacher has taught you in the wisdom of the modalities. After all, in these matters we only transmit a bare outline. From that outline, each person must understand one idea from another.

You can see this in the words of our sages when they said,

©Natalia Kadish
©Natalia Kadish

“This matter is told only to a sage who understands with his own mind.” From this, you see that a person must use his own mind to compare one thing to another, and thereby extract one idea from within the other. That way he will have a procreative mind and not a barren one.Yet then it says, “be wise with understanding.” This means that when you originate and analyze with your intellect so that you may understand, you must take care to conceive the idea and explain it within the framework of the tradition of the rabbis and their terse words. The original ideas must be included in that which you have gained, whether much or little.

Kabbalists may have visions, but they do not found their teachings upon those revelations. Whatever insights they have, they view these as mere illuminations of the sacred texts and teachings they have already received. In this way, the Kabbalah remains a tree of life, with deep roots holding it firmly in place, while bearing sweet new fruits at all seasons.

What Are Some Basic Ideas of Kabbalah?

Although all extends from a single, unified vision, the subjects with which Kabbalah deals are vast and varied. Here are some major themes:

Infinite Light:
A metaphor for G‑d. G‑d is unknowable and without form, yet all forms extend from Him. The idea of unbounded light helps to communicate this idea. Yet the essence of G‑d is beyond even the infinite. And G‑d is found in darkness as He is found in light.

See: Is G‑d an It, an I, or Nothing?

Light and Vessels:
Similar to the modern idea of energy and matter. The act of creation is sustained through a dynamic of infinite light compressed into defined states of being called “vessels,” which then project the light to create a myriad of beings.

See: Kabbalah of Marriage

Ten Sefirot:
The chasm between the Infinite Light and a finite creation should be insurmountable, and yet here we are, decidedly finite projections of that Infinite Light. This is the mystery of the ten sefirot: how the Infinite interacts with the worlds it has generated through the medium of ten luminous modalities. The order of the sefirot moves from the intellectual domain through emotion and down to the domain of “dominion”—the sphere of actually getting something done. This is the “divine image” in which the human being is created. By knowing ourselves as human beings, therefore, we are able to discover the divine. And by understanding the divine, we are better able to heal and nurture the human being.

See: Sefirot, The (seven, ten)—Jewish Knowledge Base

The Mystery of the Hebrew Alphabet:
In Hebrew, there are no things, only words. The Hebrew name of each being contains its essential life-force. The infinite power of the Creator is found within each instance and object of the creation; nothing is outside of that light and nothing is void of it. The twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet express the specific articulations of that creative force. One who masters their mystery holds the key to understanding the nature of each thing.


Union of Opposites:
The entire universe is a dynamic of male and female union. The life-soul of the universe, known as the Shechinah, and the Infinite Light yearn to reunite with one another, as does the human soul yearn to reunite with its origin within G‑d. The study of Torah and performance of mitzvot brings about these unions, thereby allowing new, transcendental light to penetrate the cosmos.


The greatest of the Kabbalists, Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, known as “the Ari” (the lion), was able to explain many arcane passages of the Zohar through a doctrine of tikun, meaning “repair.” Reversing the standard paradigm, the Ari explained that the world was created in a broken state, and the human being was placed within it to gather the shattered pieces and repair its wholeness. The eventual result is the union of finite existence with the Infinite Light, beyond even that which was at the outset of creation.


How Does Kabbalah fit Into the Modern World?

In the past hundred years, science has laid bare the intricacy and sheer vastness of the physical world in a way previously inconceivable. We’ve uncovered an amazing harmony by which the entire physical universe is seen as a singularity, every particle integrally related to every other particle, a harmony by which even matter and energy themselves are essentially a single dynamic.

Kabbalah has the potential to heal the rift between the cold outer world we observe and the warm, inner world of the observer.Technology has provided us means to share and examine this knowledge that were unimaginable even a generation ago. Programming our own virtual environments enriches us with metaphor by which we can imagine what it means to create a world and sustain its existence at each moment.

Humanity should be swept away in awe and wonder, yet instead we have been left out in the cold. Ironically, in our search for the unity of physical law, we have severed ourselves from that unity, digging a sweeping chasm between the hard, material world that surrounds us and the soft, human world that burns within. In brokering that divorce, we have rendered ourselves the orphans.

©Natalia Kadish
©Natalia Kadish

Kabbalah heals that wound. It describes the world about us in the language of our own psyche. It puts us in touch with a world composed not of dumb matter but of fathomless mind.

The scientist describes the universe within the dimensions of time and space, in terms that he can count and measure. Yet not everything that counts can be counted. One of the most ancient works of the Kabbalah, the Book of Formation, describes yet another dimension: that of life, consciousness and soul. Whatever exists in time and space, we are told, is first found deep within that inner dimension.

It is a dimension with which we are intimately familiar.

The artist looks at a tree and sees not a cellular structure of carbon, but beauty, life and magnificence. The music lover hears in a string quartet not the vibrations of nylon strings and their overtone series, but the struggle for resolution within the composer’s soul. The literary critic reads within the novel’s words the thoughts of the author, within the thoughts the attitudes, within the attitudes the perception of the world that generates such attitudes, and within that perception the persona of the author himself.

So too, the Kabbalist sees within each instance of reality not its palpable, defined presence, but a divine energy sustaining all existence, ever new as the water of the rapids is renewed each moment, generating and regenerating each detail out of the absolute void, imbuing each thing with its particular properties and life, each instance of existence in its own particular way. And within that dynamic of creation, the Kabbalist sees G‑d Himself.

As it turns out, we have an affinity with this universe about us. Just as we perceive within ourselves layer upon layer of personality, deeper and yet deeper strata of consciousness, and yet within all this an indefinable core essence of being, so we can perceive deep within the universe a sentience infinitely greater than our own, and an essence that transcends knowledge and knowing altogether.

Indeed, we are the children of that unknowable essence, our minds a faint reflection of its light within the muddy waters of the material world, our souls its very breath within these corporeal bounds.

Why Do We Need Kabbalah Now?

The open study of Kabbalah today is not just because we need the inspiration it provides, but because this is a vital stage in the evolution of the world.

Spreading the teachings of Kabbalah in a form that the mind can digest prepares the world for the messianic era.The ultimate phase of this world is a messianic era in which “the occupation of the entire world will be only to know G‑d.” That doesn’t mean simply knowing that there is one G‑d, but knowing His universe as He knows it, and the wisdom behind it as that wisdom is one with Him. The preparation for that time has already begun, and we are in it.

The principal work of the Kabbalah, the Zohar, describes an age which will mirror the flood of Noah—this time with a world inundated with wisdom rather than water:

In the six-hundredth year of the life of Noah . . . all wellsprings of the great deep burst open, and the windows of heaven were opened . . .

Genesis 7:11

On this, the Zohar states:

In the sixth century of the sixth millennium, the gates of supernal wisdom will be opened, as will the springs of earthly wisdom, preparing the world to be elevated in the seventh millennium.

The sixth century of the sixth millennium on the Jewish calendar corresponds to the period from 1740–1840, indeed a period of explosive advances in technology and science. At the same time, the gates of supernal wisdom were opened through the chassidic masters of the Kabbalah.

Now is the time to partake of both wisdoms, the earthly and the heavenly, to merge them as one and flood the world until the promise of the prophet is fulfilled:

The earth will be filled with consciousness of G‑d as water covers the ocean floor.

Isaiah 11:9

For more about the state of consciousness that will be attained at that time, read Getting to G‑dliness and watch Who Needs a Temple?

Where Can I Learn Authentic Kabbalah?

Speak with your local Chabad rabbi. He may be giving a class in Kabbalah, or a class on some topic from a Kabbalistic perspective. He may be able to set up one-on-one study for you. Or he might direct you to someone who can.

JNet.org is a service that sets up one-on-one study by phone or video-chat, at the time of your choice.

Chabad.org and KabbalahOnLine.org are both constantly expanding their already extensive libraries of articles, audio, video and animation on many topics of Kabbalah.

©Natalia Kadish
©Natalia Kadish



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Imagery by Natalia Kadish. Natalia is a surrealist artist inspired by the joy received from learning Torah and contemplating the infinite. See more of her art at NataliaKadish.com.
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by Paul White

from NewAge Website

recovered though WayBackMachine Website

Reports of giant statues and kilometer-wide underground lake found beneath the Giza plateau have proven inaccurate.


The system of underground tombs which has been investigated do involve negotiation of waterways but do not contain any statues, only coffins and vaults. The mention of giant statues actually relates to the Ramses tomb in the Valley Of The Kings (K5), not the tombs of Giza. Remote sensing conducted in 1978 was not in the area of Giza but the “radar rivers” along the Sudan-Egyptian border, the work was not classified but well reported.

The work of Dr James Hurtak is referenced in the article but, the terminology and home-spun speculation about such things as the “fourth root race”, the “gods of Egypt”, the true age of the Giza structures or the nature of ancient technology are those of the writer and certainly not the beliefs or world view of Dr Hurtak, who is more concerned with serious archeological research.

The ideas and information presented reflect a wide range of sources, including those immediately cited in the article, such as the work of Graham Hancock, Peter Lemesurier, Robert Bauval, David Childress and Zecharia Sitchin.

Paul White

October 99



The Secrets of Thoth

and The Keys of Enoch

Ancient Metropolis Hidden Under Giza?

Just after the Deluge, at the dawn of the present time cycle, an era the Egyptians called ZEP TEPI, “The First Times”, a mysterious group of “gods” appeared, to initiate the survivors in the rudiments of civilization.


From Thoth and Osiris in Egypt, to Quetzacoatal and Viracocha in the Americas, traditions worldwide subscribe the origins of contemporary civilization to this sophisticated group.

Despite the misleading popularity of Von Danikan journalism, evidence from around the world, indicates these people were the hi-tech survivors of the previous civilization. Like the nuclear survival bunkers and secret research facilities of our own civilization, there were those who arose from the underground “cities of the Gods“, after the dust settled. They were the “prediluvian patriarchs”, like Enoch and Methuselah, the “giants and heroes of old”, mentioned in Genesis.


The enigmatic gods of ancient Summer, Egypt and India, all hail from the fabulous times before the Flood.

Since the declassification of the new ground-penetrating radar 2 years ago, the most staggering data has emerged of complex and labyrinthine underground systems in various parts of the world. At places like Guatemala in the South Americas, tunnels have been mapped under the Mayan pyramid complex at Tikal, which extend a full 800 kilometers to the opposite side of the country. Investigators remarked, it was possible to understand how half a million Mayan Indians escaped the decimation of their culture.

In similar fashion, the SIRA radar was deployed in Egypt as early as 1978, mapping an extraordinary subterranean complex beneath the Egyptian pyramids. Arrangements made with President Sadat of Egypt, resulted in three decades of top secret excavations to penetrate the system. At a recent meeting in Australia, one of the key scientists on the Giza project, Dr. Jim Hurtak, showed film footage of work in progress called, CHAMBERS OF THE DEEP, due to be released at the end of the century.

The film reveals the discovery of a vast megalithic metropolis, 15,000 years old, reaching several levels below the Giza plateau. While the rest of the Nu-Age speculates about a hidden chamber under the left paw of the Sphinx, the legendary “City Of The Gods”, lays sprawled beneath.


Complete with hydraulic underground waterways, the film shows massive chambers, the proportions of our largest cathedrals, with enormous statues, the size of the Valley of the Nile, carved in-situ. Researchers, risking their lives with lights and cameras, carefully negotiated rubber dinghies across subterranean rivers and kilometer-wide lakes, to penetrate sealed chambers beyond. Already, remarkable caches of records and artifacts have been found.

It is the legacy of a civilization and a technology way beyond our own. A technology capable of creating a vast underground city, of which the sphinx and pyramids are merely the surface markers. The project scientist, Dr. Hurtak, likens it to the impact of contact with an advanced extraterrestrial culture. He described it as the discovery of the Fourth Root culture, the so-called Atlantean civilization, destroyed by the last earth tumble. It presents unequivocal evidence that all languages, cultures and religions trace back to a single common source, which Dr. Hurtak refers to as the “Parent Civilization“.

The technology unearthed is way beyond machine technology, as we know it. As Arthur C. Clark once joked, “any technology beyond our own would seem like magic to us.” According to Dr. Hurtak, this was a culture who cracked the genetic code and possessed the keys of the physical spectrum, the “Higher Light Physics” of the ancients… everything old Gilgamesh went searching for in his famous trek to the lost “City of the Gods” to search the tunnels beneath “Mt. Mashu” in the desert lands.

Hurtak refers to a “language of light” and a great priest-scientist of the previous time cycle, named ENOCH, who is associated with the building of the Great Pyramid complex.


Hurtak alludes to a grand spiritual science, a science which describes a genetic stairway to the stars.

The priest-scientist ENOCH, is a prediluvian patriarch, one of the most famous and seminal characters of the previous time cycle. Father of Methuselah and great grandfather of Noah, Enoch is credited in the Bible as architect of the original Zion, the legendary “City of Yahweh”, as well as inventor of the alphabet and calendar. Enoch is also history’s first astronaut, who “is taken aloft by the Lord” and shown “the secrets of earth and heaven”. He returns to earth with the “weights and measures” for all humankind.

Known to the Egyptians as THOTH, the “Lord of Magic and Time” and to the Greeks as HERMES, “messenger of the gods“, he is even remembered in the Celtic tradition as the enigmatic wizard Merlin, who disappears up an apple tree to mythic Avalon, seeking the secret of immortality and vowing to return.

As one who attained immortality, the secret of how we “might become as gods”, Thoth/Enoch promises to return at the end of time “with the keys to the gates of the sacred land.” In the controversial Dead Sea Scrolls, revealing the lost Books Of Enoch removed from the Bible by early religious leaders, Enoch describes a wondrous civilization in the past, who misused the keys of higher knowledge and were unable to save themselves from the last cataclysm. Both literally and figuratively they lost the “keys”, they lost all higher knowledge.

Yet, Enoch, along with many traditions, even the Mayan legend of Quetzacoatal, promises a return of this knowledge at “The end of time”, the end of the present time cycle. Biblical Revelations promise “all will be revealed” at the end of the present world. The extraordinary discoveries in Egypt and other parts of the world, describe not just an advanced technology but, evolutionary path beyond our present state.

Careful scientific examination of the world’s key pyramid sites, reveal them to be sophisticated harmonic structures, not only mirroring positions of the planets and stellar systems but, designed to mimic the chakras and harmonic cavities of the human body. Even each stone within the Great Pyramid is harmonically tuned to a specific frequency or musical tone. The sarcophagus in the centre of the Great Pyramid is tuned to the frequency of the human heart beat.

Astonishing experiments, conducted by Dr. Hurtak and colleagues at the Great Pyramid and other sites in the South Americas, demonstrate the pyramids to be voice-activated “geophysical computers.” Intoning specific ancient sounds, the scientific team produced visible standing waves of light, above and within the pyramids and were even able to penetrate, hitherto, inaccessible chambers. Subsequent discoveries indicate the ancient priest-scientists employed some sort of harmonic sound technology within the temple structures.

The lost Enochian knowledge reveals the mother tongue as a “language of Light”. Known to the ancients as HIBURU, it is the primal seed language, introduced at the beginning of this time cycle. Modern research confirms, the most ancient form Hebrew to be a natural language, the alphabetic forms emerging from the phosphene flare patterns of the brain. The same shapes, in fact, born of a spinning vortex. It is a true language of light, coursing through our very nervous system.

Encoding the natural waveform geometries of the physical world, Hiburu is a harmonic language, mimicking the waveform properties of light. The “keys” Enoch speaks of, turn out to be sound keys, keys to be vibratory matrix of reality itself, the mythic “Power of the World”. The Enochian knowledge describes sonic equations, encoded within the ancient mantras and god names, capable of directly affect the nervous system and producing profound effect of healing and higher consciousness states.

As the ancient texts declare,

“If you would speak with the gods you must first learn the language of the gods.”

DNA, the ancient cabalistic “Tree Of Life” portrayed in the Biblical Torah, is now coming to be viewed as a live vibrating structure, rather than a fixed tape recording. Many modern scientists, regard DNA as a shimmering, waveform configuration, able to be modified by light, radiation, magnetic fields or sonic pulses. The legacy of Thoth/Enoch suggests this “language of Light”, the harmonic science of the ancients, could actually affect DNA.

The evidence in Egypt, indicates this was the grand 6,000 year genetic experiment attempted by the Egyptians, the quest for immortality and the stars, a quest described by the great ones of old, a quest initiated by Gilgamesh so very long ago. The Egyptians were not fixated on the afterlife, as thought by early Christian translators but, focused on creating a higher type of human. Along with many ancient cultures, they believed DNA came from the stars and was destined to return.

The knowledge of Thoth/Enoch implies humans are meant to evolve beyond our present terrestrial form, as the Bible tells us, “we may become greater than angels”.


The Egyptians record stories of the “Star Walkers“, occasional individuals who, like Enoch, travelled “beyond the Great Eye of Orion” and returned, to walk like gods amongst men. Despite the bleaching of semi-divine beings from modern consciousness, could it be possible, as the ancient texts insist, we are destined to “become as gods”?, are the Mayan “Lords of Light” and the Egyptian/Tibetan “Shining Ones” really a higher form of human?

According to many earth legends, such beings are supposed to return regularly, at the beginning and end of each time cycle, the 13,000 year half-point of our solar system’s 26,000 year zodiacal orbit around galaxy centre. Because of conditions on our galactic orbit, these 13,000 year intervals or “worlds”, seem to be separated by cataclysmic upheaval.

According to the “calendar in stone” of the Great Pyramid, which describes the so-called “Phoenix Cycle” of our galactic orbit, the present time period ends (converted to our present calendar) in the year 2012 AD. The Greek word PHOENIX, derived from the Egyptian word, PA-HANOK, actually means, “The House of Enoch”.

The Enochian knowledge suggests, these regular cataclysmic changes act as an evolutionary agent provocateur, to quicken the resident life forms to the next evolutionary phase, prior to exodus from the womb planet. Human evolution may proceed more rapidly than previously thought.


The evidence now appearing, records civilizations before us, who mastered the physical continuum and progressed beyond this world. There were also those who failed. We, too, have equal opportunity to make it or break it.

The discoveries emerging from Egypt, describe the existence of a world wide pyramid temple system in prehistory, mounted like antennae on the key energy meridians, which were employed by ancient priest-scientists as a musical system to stabilize the tectonic plates of the planet… cataclysmic geology at it’s finest.


From the mother tongue word JEDAIAH, meaning “the way of the Word” or “the power of the Word”, the ancient JEDAI priests used the language of Light to tune the planet like a giant harmonic bell. Much is being rediscovered in the last days of this time cycle.


In the words of Dr. Jay Franz, of the Omega Foundation,

“even if we don’t dare to name it, there is a universal feeling of something impending on the world stage.”



Recommended reading

  • THE GREAT PYRAMID, Peter Lemesurier.
  • THE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN, Zecharia Sitchin.
  • THE KEYS OF ENOCH, J.J.Hurtak. Library of Congress 76-55939
  • SERPENT IN THE SKY, John Anthony West.

Neale Donald Walsh: What is Spiritual Growth?

Posted by Stephen Cook

neale donald WalshBy Neale Donald Walsh, CWG – May 23, 2014 – http://cwg.org/index.php?b=594

My dear friends…

Contentment is a great place to me. Many people spend their entire lives seeking to be there. And when–or if–they reach a place of “contentment”, they are willing to let things rest right there. Getting to Contentment is enough for one lifetime. It is more than enough. It is truly an extraordinary achievement, and, truth be told, most people do not make it.

So why go on? Why–in a sense–not be “content” with Contentment?

Well, of course, you can’t go on if you are “not content” with Contentment, because that means, by definition that you have not reached Contentment. So the first thing we can understand about the reason to go on is that it has nothing to do with the state of Contentment somehow not being “enough.” It has nothing to do with need, or frustration, or dissatisfaction with Whom or What we are.

If our desire to move forward with our own evolution springs from one of those feelings, then we may have actually moved backward. Or, perhaps, we never arrived, after all, at the place where we imagined ourselves to be.

So the first message we receive when we reach the place on the Evolutionary Journey called Contentment is that–as Conversations with God says so perfectly, “there is nowhere we have to go, nothing we have to do, and no way we have to be, except exactly the way we are being right now.”

Boiled down to its essence, this translates into a simple matter of Self Acceptance. Yet, for most people, Self Acceptance is not such a simple matter. Indeed, it may be the hardest thing in life to achieve. That is why it is such a wonderful accomplishment for a Being to reach a state of Contentment. And to be able to sustain such an experience is a sign of beginning mastery.

Yet there are grander places to which a soul may travel. There are grander experiences within the framework of human life which may be had. And the state of Contentment is by no means a state of total wakefulness. Or, to put it in other words, Self Acceptance does not equal Self-Awareness.

To accept your Self as you presently are does not mean that there is no greater version of your Self that you can experience.

It simply means that you are satisfied with your Self and that you have no need to go further, no need to be “more,” no self-imposed or other-imposed requirement to be somehow even “better.”

It means that you have understood the Ninth Illusion of Humans: Superiority Exists.

(You will remember The Ten Illusions of Humans from the extraordinary book, Communion with God:

1. Need Exists
2. Failure Exists
3. Disunity Exists
4. Insufficiency Exists
5. Requirement Exists
6. Judgment Exists
7. Condemnation Exists
8. Conditionality Exists
9. Superiority Exists
10. Ignorance Exists

The first five of these are The Physical Illusions, having to do with life in your physical body. The second five are the Metaphysical Illusions, having to do with non-physical realities, or ideas held in your mind.)

The idea that Superiority Exists can create a “need” within the mind to experience something other than what we are experiencing right now. This need, too, is an illusion. It is the First Illusion of Humans, and the false idea upon which all other false ideas regarding Life are based. It is the First Mistake. It is the Prime Misunderstanding. It is, in a sense, the Original Sin. (There is no such thing as “sin,” of course. The term is used here as a figure of speech.)

So, Contentment is a State of Being in which we realize that Superiority is an illusion. It is impossible to be superior to exactly what you are being right now. This is another way of saying that all things are perfect in God’s world. God needs nothing to be any different than the way it is being right now.

Why, then, bother to change? Why bother to change anything, much less our very selves?

The reason to change

The reason to change is the same as the reason to do anything. Conversations with God tells us that there is only one reason to do anything at all: to announce and declare, become and fulfill, express and experience the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever we held about Who We Are.

CwG puts this succinctly in the following phrase:

Every act is an act of self definition.

This is profoundly true–and it is understood by very few people. It is embraced by even fewer.

It is important to realize here that “grander” does not in any way mean “better.” A thing being bigger does not equate to a thing being superior. “Grander” means simply that: larger. Within the context of the statement above from CwG , it means “a larger version” of the greatest vision we ever held about ourselves.

A tree is not “better” because it is larger today than it was fifteen years ago. It has simply grown. It has become no “better” than it was before. It is in no way “nicer” or “wiser” than it was when it was a seedling. The tree knows nothing more now than it knew then. But it has GROWN. It has become more of what it always was, from the very beginning. It is simply exhibiting more “treeness.” It hasn’t become something other than what it was, but it has become more of what it was.

The reason for a human to change is not to become “better,” but simply to become a larger version of what that Being already is. This process of becoming larger is the process of growth–and growth is the process of Life itself. Therefore, you could not stop the process if you wanted to, without stopping Life itself, and that is something you cannot do.

You can, however, slow it down.

(Not in real terms, but in terms of the Illusion you are living, which you call human life. In real terms, you always were, are now, and always will be, exactly what you are right now: Divinity, to the max. You cannot be “partly” Divine, for Divinity is a State of Being that is indivisible. It is non-reducible. It is Wholeness itself. It is the All In All being All In All. Yet, inside of the illusion that the All In All has created, called Time and Space and Physical Life, you can slow down your experience of Who You Are, and you do…in order that you may “experience the experience” more completely, more fully, more long-lastingly, more “divinely,” than you could if you experienced it All At Once. When you understand this, you understand the reason that you created all of the illusions, including the Illusion of Time.)

When you “slow down Life” you do not actually slow down Life at all, but merely your experience of it. It is like running a DVD in slow motion. Every picture is already on the DVD. You are simply telling your playback machine to run them past the scanner more slowly.

Consciousness is the playback machine of your mind.

The higher your consciousness, the more pictures you see at once. It’s like looking at a film strip, laid out on a light table before you. You can look at the film one frame at a time, with a magnifying glass, or you can look at the whole strip and see all the frames at once. The frames exist simultaneously, but you can, if you wish, view them sequentially. Thus, the reality on the table before you is sequentaneous.

(A wonderful description of sequentaneosity is found in the final CwG dialogue book, Home with God in a Life That Never Ends.)

With Love,


What happens when we ascend from here ?

Looking into the Blog of Steve Beckow I cam across this description of the first ..named “Mental Plane” to which we ascend first after leaving the 4th dimensions the so-called “Astral Plane”.

As I thought it might be of interest to many of our readers and friends here … it might be as well some sort of explanation about the decrease of so many channeled messages which do not flood in so numverously than before …..  this sort of growing greater stillness throughout the entire internet might give us more spare space and time to think and follow our very own thoughts in our individual way until we reach the threshold of such ascension into the first plane of 5th dimension. Somewhere here it is said that we – arriving at this stage – shall leave all that is bound to the former 4th dimensional Astral Level too which comprises also all our former Angelic Guides on which we relied so strongly before. Ascending will also mean to us … becoming our very own angels ourselves and relying solely on this newly won Higher Intuitions and Thoughts of ourselves.  So we are being well advised to enlighten ourselves about this first Mental Plane to which we shall ascend – meanwhile – while we are waiting for the sweet threshold or spot at the our individual Ascension Portal …. Be wise like in the song of the clever and sage Maiden who put oil on their lamps well before as to light their way when the “Holy Bridegroom of all” is appearing on his way to them ….. !  Prepare also in such way to gain enough knowledge beforehand – have faith in your hearts – and stay centered in it as your Higher Goodself is waiting that you are proceed on your way to him/her too and to re-unite with the ONE-OF-ALL !

And here is the re-blogged long article of some valuable tuition about the 1st plane which is called the Mental Plane of 5th Dimension :


The Mental Plane – The First Heaven

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Last revised: 26 May 2009


The First Subplane of the Mental Plane: “The Blind Puppy is Beginning to Open His Eyes”

Ed. The Mental Plane is also known generally as Heaven, the Celestial Plane, the Creative Sphere, and the Devachan.

The First Subplane is known as the First Heaven, Fourth Plane, Eidos, and the Plane of Color.

General References to the Mental Plane

When spiritual realisation dawns they are dead to the astral world and they begin to live in the world of spirit. (1) (Silver Birch, SBA, 57.)

(1) I.e., the Mental Plane.

The astral body is left in a state similar to sleep and the mental body is the [vehicle] used to enter the mental plane. (1) This same principle applies for all of the successively higher planes. (A.D. Mattson, WOB, 45.)

(1) When one visits the Mental Plane from the Astral Plane.

I have taken a number of trips out into the mental plane and it is most interesting. You get there before you know it whereas in the astral plane you are conscious of your going. / This is due to the difference in the rate of vibration of the two planes.

For example, if you can send a thought around the world in no time at all, this can be compared to the mental plane. If you send a picture around the world, it takes longer than the thought – and this can be compared to the astral plane. In the astral body, you are slower when you are moving because you are moving through denser atmosphere – denser vibrations but not as dense as the physical world. (A.D. Mattson, WOB, 42-3.)

The third and fourth spheres (1) are bright and beautiful, more like a glorified earth with their exquisite foliage and flowers and beautiful scenery. There are many intermediate planes in each sphere and these are more or less observed through the mentality and spiritual unfoldment of those who live there. Really it is an extension of a similar faculty on earth, where a beautiful scene will produce exaltation in one individual while another regarding it is quite unmoved.

Many of the higher spheres and interior states have originated by the combined thoughts of Exalted Beings from Higher Worlds and none are permitted to enter them until they have been purified and are advanced in Spiritual perception. But those who by Prayer, Faith, and especially Love, have their feet firmly planted on the right road while still on earth, rise rapidly from sphere to sphere. (John Heslop, FMABL, 9.)

(1) There is no way to know for certain what the “third and fourth spheres” are as John Heslop uses the terms. However, from the fact that he says that “none are permitted to enter them until they have been purified,” it would seem probable that they are spheres of the Mental Plane; most likely the Mental Plane proper as distinct from the upper regions of the Mental Plane, which are often distinguished from the latter by being called the “Causal Plane.”

The increasing beauty and radiance of the Higher Spheres can hardly be described in words. Every faculty and bent of mind receives its fulfillment here. Thus, there is the artistic sphere, (1) where the aspirations of your finest artists, poets and musicians are realized. (John Heslop, FMABL, 9-10.)

(1) I.e., the Mental Sphere.

Sphere Five (1) is a difficult one to pass: “It is a critical sphere where attunement has to be made in a man’s various traits (2) and all unharmony done away.” (3) It is also the parting of the ways, where is chosen the future part of the spirit. “It is a kind of sorting-room, as one should say, wherein are the inhabitants, in the course of their sojourn there, classified into their proper groups, (4) and proceed onwards in that special branch of service for which they most properly are fitted.” (5) (Lord Dowding, at times citing Arnel, in G. Vale Owen, LBV3, in MM, 59.)

(1) Arnel’s description appears to be of the first subplane of the Mental Plane or “First Heaven.”(2) This could be a reference to the Judgement. (3) All unharmony is done away with prior to the Second Death. (4) These are the Soul Groups.(5) Once having passed through the Judgment and Second Death, spirits are then free to choose the special branch of service to which they consider themselves most properly fitted.

Sphere Five … is a sphere where some, nay many, stay long. It is a critical sphere where attunement has to be made in a man’s various traits and all unharmony done away. A difficult sphere for many to pass, and where many delays are constant to be found. It is therefore that we raised the Temple, for the need was great. It is still new, and we have yet to find how it will serve, and doubtless, as experiment continues, modifications in detail will be made.

But some there are who come and look round them and find nought for them here to learn or to compose within themselves. These quiet, strong ones pass onward, blessing as they go, and the way they take is brighter for their passing; and those who are at hand are gladdened and take courage from the sight of them. It might be otherwise on earth. But those who come so far aloft as to Sphere Five are of no mean grace, and to such the beauty of a spirit more beautiful and strong than they but adds grace to their grace, and certifies to them the reality of the Brotherhood of All. (Arnel in G. Vale Owen, LBV3, 65.)

Self-Acknowledged Inhabitants of the Mental Plane

When I say mental, by the way, I usually mean “of the mental plane” – which is not the same as “being intellectual”…. When I say “of the mind,” I’m talking about a level of consciousness that I equate with being spiritual – “of the mind of God,” really. (H.P. Blavatsky, BR, 69.)

Having progressed out of the “astral” or “plane of illusion,” (1) a being becomes little by little more radiant because the form is gradually “at-oneing” itself with creative force. (Philip Gilbert in PTS, 67.)

(1) To the Mental Plane. Please note that every plane seems like a land of illusions to one who has graduated to a plane higher than it.

I did not do this [attendance at Electrical College] on the astral plane – I did this work in the realm of the mind. The plane of thoughts is much more refined and powerful than the astral plane. It’s free of the emotional, sentimental swill most people thrive on, but which must be transcended if you are going to develop clear thought. (Nikola Tesla, NTR, 58-60.)

My true life has begun now; the dream condition has ended. (1) (Sigwart, BOTR, 35.)

(1) Sigwart has passed from the Astral Plane into the Mental Plane. Sigwart had an unusually short stay in the Astral Plane, probably because he had an enlightenment experience while in the body: “I became a different human being during my last two years on earth because I found inner self-recognition. Therefore I was calm, happy, and surrendered myself to my fate for I knew and believed. Passing away and rebirth, all that had become clear to me. The truth had penetrated me and … then the divine calm overtakes you.” (BOTR, 19.)

It matters little which world you happen to be frequenting… Self-discipline will always raise you above the negative vibrations at the astral level and adjust you to the vibrations of the mind at the more rarified mental level. (Mike Swain, FMW, 77.)

When you wake on the mental plane, you will realize that you / are and always have been a son of God. Will you feel that you always have behaved as such, even when you were in the cocoon-stage on earth; half-defunct caterpillar and half butterfly-to-be? (Mike Swain, FMW, 88.)

I am still but a newcomer in that strange world of which we sang:

Heaven is our home. (1) (Philemon [Archdeacon Wilberforce] in LFOS, 45.)

(1) “Heaven” is the Mental Plane. A newcomer would place Philemon in the first subplane or First Heaven.

[Frances Banks] is now in the Creative Sphere. (1) (Helen Graves in TOL, 131.)

(1) I.e., the Mental Plane. Again, a swift passage.

The discarnate being who has conveyed this message (1) has remained in touch with the earth and has followed, step by step, since his death at the beginning of the century, the progress of science, the Great War, which has been continued in the economic war. He has, through communion with the inner mind of his friends who still exist in physical bodies, perceived the change in man’s spiritual outlook, perceived his urgent need for some cogent assurance of a spiritual world. Because a man dies, it does not follow that he loses touch with the earth, with that state of Penia – poverty — from which he rose into the delights of the plane named Illusion, from which he penetrated into the world of Eidos — pure form — to the human soul the Heaven World, (2) the ultimate goal. For while on earth the human soul has, in rare moments, perceived that world but has not passed beyond it even when in the loftiest mystic trance. (3) (F.W.H. Myers in RTI, n.p.)

(1) That is, F.W.H. Myers himself.(2) The Fourth Plane or first subplane of the Mental Plane, the “First Heaven.” (3) Perhaps Myers’ soul. But, in this book, Paramahansa Yogananda is witness to the mystic having passed to the Buddhic Plane, at least; many, not in this book, like the Buddha, Ramana Maharshi, or Franklin Merrell Wolff almost certainly have passed higher. Myers appears to generalize from his own experience.

I have adventured some thirty-five years ago upon a post-mortem existence. …. Yet … I have not attained to the Fifth plane. (1) (F.W.H. Myers, BHP, n.p.)

(1) By the Fourth Sphere, Myers probably means the First Heaven and, by the Fifth Sphere, the Second Heaven.

Philip Gilbert Ascends to the Mental Plane

It seems that I was already attuned to a more rapid vibration than the astral, even when on earth. (Philip Gilbert, PTS, 70.)

My Unknown Teacher seemed to suggest [that Philip was an advanced spirit] in the messages I had from him. (Alice Gilbert in PTW, 108.)

There is a most wonderful young man building up, but in a blaze of light – brilliant white light – he is very advanced. (Medium to Alice Gilbert of Philip Gilbert in PTW, 224.)

He is far more advanced than you realized on earth. He is working very hard. (Mrs. Robert, medium, to Alice Gilbert of Philip Gilbert in PTW, 225.)

As one acquires more knowledge and power, provided that one is in tune, one’s consciousness seems to expand, one’s whole tempo seems to accelerate, only one can’t stand it for too long. Because, as I told you at first, I’ve deliberately attached myself to the astral plane to work and to await you. (Philip to his mother, Alice Gilbert, in PTW, 174.)

There is a new phase of existence beginning for me – very interesting. I am learning to keep two minds going, in a manner of speaking. I just don’t know how to explain it. I can function mentally in two aspects of myself. I can be with you keeping an eye on your doings and I can also be having a maths. Lesson! I have not yet tried to do my helper job as well as doing maths. That would be more than I can cope with yet, as it demands all my resources. … Advanced people here can actually project a sort of shadow image (equipped with power to think) of themselves into several situations, whilst their real Being is somewhere else. (1) I think your Teacher once said something similar, but I am now trying this out and it is very queer. The project image of me is attached by a thought-ray to my real Entity. (Philip to his mother, Alice Gilbert, in PTW, 207.)

(1) Could this be what is meant by “Presence Form”?

I was allowed to expand my consciousness for a longer period. I found that I could bear the increased light frequency and the surge of power for a much longer space – at least, it seemed to me. I think it is because all this time I’ve been in a sense gradually absorbing it owing to the frequent calls on the auric power of the Chief that I make, to support me in my activities against the less ‘amiable.’ Anyhow, I ‘rose,’ though it is not really rising in height and, much to my pleasure, I found I could actually float and function for a time as an entity in this higher phase. I spent most of the time trying out motions and thought power. It was terrific. (Philip to his mother, Alice Gilbert, in PTW, 177.)

Later, one goes through another sort of emerging process (1) and acquires further power. I shall not do that till you come. It is a willed and conscious act, not like death on earth. We shall be able to do it together. (Philip to his mother in PTW, 124.)

(1) Probably a reference to the Second Death on transition from the first to the second subplane of the Mental Plane – or from the First to the Second Heaven.

My consciousness seems to be more and more in that luminous glow which is an ecstacy. (Philip Gilbert in ITE, 7.)

I am not physical at all now. I am very magnetized. (Philip Gilbert in ITE, 8.)

There are hardly words to give the nature of my new experience (1) – I glow; the body which is the static ME is a form still; very powerful but composed of light irradiated particles – it is of the nature of flame. But this flame is creative. It can be moulded by my Ego at will or consolidate into an ordinary astral shape or blend in an ecstacy of mutual comprehension with others like me or with the more advanced. An inner withdrawal into a focus is the secret for acquiring transcendental knowledge. (Philip Gilbert in ITE, 8.)

(1) Philip is almost certainly by now in the First Heaven.

I have surged outwards – now this shining luminosity must cloak itself and dip into the grey shadows and bring them into life – I am back in ‘lower astral’ but differently – I do not use the earlier techniques; I go in a dark cloak through which gleams light. (Philip Gilbert in ITE, 9.)

I lose the individual that you knew to an extent – but a pin-point remains and the thought image it builds is what you would see now – an ovoid glow. (Philip Gilbert in ITE, 9.)

First Impressions: “All Hell Breaks Loose!”

When you have progressed far enough to emerge at the mental level, your previous life shrinks down into its negative aspect and all hell breaks loose! You will find yourself becoming emotionally unstable. Necessarily so: for you are / already operating on a mental wave-length. Previously you had been “programmed” to operate on the astral, or emotional, wave-length. But while you are gearing yourself to the mental world, your emotions will take the bit in its teeth and you may think you’ve been kicked by a run-away cart-horse. (Mike Swain, FMW, 77-8.)

I am not in the so-called “Astral Sphere” nor in the “Devachan Sphere” at present, but in a middle realm. (1) I have advanced farther in a shorter time than many others because of my interest in everything spiritual during my life on earth. (2) (Sigwart, BOTR, 28.)

(1) It is likely that Sigwart is in the first subplane of the Mental Plane., or First Heaven, prior to the Judgment and the Second Death. He may be still in his astral body. His rise was very rapid.(2) Cf. Paul Beard: “Except possibly for a brief space for readjustment, the easy-going enjoyment of Summerland is not for eager souls of sterner temperament because its experiences would already be worthless to them. They bypass it, or, to put it more accurately, they come to the next life having already lived at a level of consciousness beyond that at which such an existence could ensnare them. It holds no necessity for them. Hence they do not meet the experience.” (LO, 92.)

It is impossible to over-emphasize the degree of freedom in this new world, or the joy each and all has in it. (W.T. Stead, BI, 130.)

The lowest heaven is higher than the most wonderful vision of its bliss that you ever had. (Julia Ames, AD, 52.)

We are remote from earth consciousness. When you return [from your sleep travels], you “leave us behind” for you have to reduce your “frequency” very considerably to get back to the physical. (Philip Gilbert in PTS, 80.)

Come into my world for a few minutes now and try to visualize it. It is a shimmering world, shifting and blending. …

There are many … spots of thought-created environments made “permanently” for our use by the higher people. (1) An advanced being can develop enormous powers of exteriorizing thought without it turning into dense matter. He can hold such images fixed, and yet withdraw his surface attentions from them – leaving them in the background of consciousness. They project these images so that other people can live in them. (Philip Gilbert in PTS, 68.)

(1) Probably angels.

Myers on the Plane of Color

(4) The Plane of Color. Existence in this state is not governed by the senses. It is more directly controlled by mind. It is still an existence in form, and therefore an existence in substance. That substance is a very rarefied matter. It might be called an air of matter. The Plane of Color is within the terrestrial zone or within the corresponding starry zone wherein the soul previously had experience of a physical existence. (F.W.H. Myers in RTI, n.p.)

Fourthly, all that life which is apparelled in form as it is known to man, all those lives in ever finer and finer bodies which are connected with the material universe. (F.W.H. Myers in RTI, n.p.)

The hour comes when his spiritual perceptions awaken, when he seeks to escape from the memory-dream, when, in short, he realizes his own increased intellectual powers, and, above all, his capacity for living on a finer plane of being. Then he passes from the State of Illusion (1) and enters upon an existence which few communicating intelligences have ever attempted to describe to man. (F.W.H. Myers in RTI, n.p.)

(1) Myers’ term for the Astral Plane.

As long as Soul-man would live mainly in form, he must be content to be a Super-terrestrial being. That state contains many degrees, many vehicles of expression. They differ in the rates of vibration; the finer they are, the greater your spiritual and intellectual perceptions; the wider your grasp, the loftier your experience of that Mystery we call God — the goal of all spiritual attainment.

Now, in the state beyond Illusion, when you are living consciously and are sensible of your subtle body, you dwell in a world which is the original of the earth. Briefly, the earth is an ugly smudged copy of the world wherein dwells the subtle soul in its subtle body. You are doubtless aware that the copyist, when he produces his painting of a masterpiece, usually fails through being unable to convey the soul of the work in question.

The measurements may be correct, coloring and line excellent, but the life is not within it; so you are left cold and aloof, you are merely stirred to a petty irritation when you perceive a copy of an old master you loved. The earth, as you know it, is this unreal thing–a copy of a masterpiece. It is a shadow with all the defects of a shadow. It is, at times, distorted and grotesque; at times, a mere dim outline. Animation is absent. The true life is not expressed in it.

Within the subtle world of which I speak you will perceive a variety of forms which are not known on earth and therefore may not be expressed in words. Yet there is a certain similarity, a correspondence between the appearances of nature and the appearances on this luminiferous plane. Flowers are there; but these are in shapes unknown to you, exquisite in color, radiant with light. Such colors, such lights are not contained within any earthly octave, are expressed by us in thoughts and not in words. For, as I previously remarked, words are for us obsolete. However, the soul, in this plane of consciousness, must struggle and labour, know sorrow but not earth sorrow, know ecstasy but not earth ecstasy. The sorrow is of a spiritual character, the ecstasy is of a spiritual kind. These two transcend imagination, but they finally lead the soul to the borders of the Super-terrestrial region. (F.W.H. Myers in RTI, n.p.)

The soul becomes possessed of a new awareness as well as of finer perceptions when he decides to go upwards rather than downwards on the ladder of consciousness; and, therefore, he enters the Fourth plane of being. On earth the average man’s normal ego is largely controlled by the body’s desires, though the spirit inspires its life and at times lights up the darkness of the human brain with luminous flashes. Still, the spirit, or what I call the deeper mind, can only faintly impress itself upon the ego. Now, in the Fourth stage the spirit is able to enter, with greater intensity, into the time measurement which I call the soul or ordinary consciousness. This soul becomes sensible of the change through his greatly increased intellectual powers. With that increased awareness there comes greater concentration. The memory of the earth life, in its details, is for the time being lost. As long as the soul dwells in form he is subject to the rhythm of the universe and, therefore, to some form of time. Conceive time and appearance as one symbol.

The soul bears with him, however, the fundamental emotional memory, or rather retains contact with it in the first stage on the Fourth plane of life. This plane of color might be more aptly termed “The Breaking of the Image.” For on this level of consciousness the soul learns how to control form, learns by myriad experiences the ghostliness of all substance. In the anterior period of his evolution he has been controlled largely by substance. Slowly the graven image is broken, slowly the ego learns so to draw from the higher soul or spirit that he can, at will, break up his form and break from all forms, all appearances about him.

Of course, each individual’s experiences vary enormously. I take as my example a sensitive Soul-man who makes definite progress upwards, who does not, as do so many, journey with the undulatory motion of a sea wave, up and down, up and down, though always reaching a little in higher than before.

Now this sensitive Soul-man realizes first of all that he has entered a world of myriad colors, lights and sounds. He is sensible of a body entirely dissimilar from the human body. As regards appearance, it can only be described as being apparently a compound of light and colors unimaginable. The shape of this form is influenced by all the ego’s past acts so far as they have impressed themselves on his deeper consciousness. This colored compound may be grotesque, bizarre in form, may be lovely beyond words, may possess strange absurdities of outline, or may transcend the loftiest dream of earthly beauty.

In this many-colored region the form vibrates with extreme intensity, for now mind expresses itself more directly in form: so that we can hear the thoughts of other souls. At first only one at a time may break upon that hearing. But after a while we become sensible of the fact that we may hear the thoughts of several souls, each apart and distinct from the other. We dwell in a world of appearances in some respects similar to the earth. Only all this vast region of appearances is gigantic in conception, terrifying and exquisite according to the manner in which it presents itself to the Soul-man. It is far more fluidic, less apparently solid than earth surroundings.

This many-colored world is nourished by light and life in a greater purity, vibrates at an unimaginable speed. The souls, who dwell within the first zone, realize that with increased consciousness they have gained a far greater sensitivity. A hostile Soul-man’s mentality may, with a powerful projection of thought, blast and wither some part of your body of light and color. You have to learn how to send out protecting rays. If on earth some other man or woman was your enemy and you hated one another bitterly, you will encounter this man or woman on this luminiferous plane; the old emotional memory will awaken when you meet. For love and hate draw you inevitably towards those souls who are in the pattern of your particular design which is ever shaping and reshaping in the tapestry of eternity.

You will understand, therefore, that pain and pleasure, joy and despair are once more experienced. Again, however, they differ greatly from the earthly conception of them; they are of a finer quality, of an intellectualised character. Mightier is their inspiration, more profound the despair they arouse, inconceivable the bliss they stir within the deeps of your being.

On this luminiferous plane the struggle increases in intensity, the efforts expended are beyond the measure of earthly experience. But the results of such labour, of such intellectualised and spiritualised toil and battle also transcend the most superb emotion in the life of man. In brief, all experience is refined, heightened, intensified, and the actual zest of living is increased immeasurably. (F.W.H. Myers in RTI, n.p.)

Mary, Martin and Margaret, his wife, (1) have deeper, richer natures, and soon pass on to a higher level [than their parents]. In this world they evolve in the spiritual, creative sense, and weary, therefore, of the monotony of an existence within earthly memories.

So they set out on the higher adventure. They bid farewell to their parents and leave behind them the old grey colleges, the Gothic church and the quiet, cloistered surroundings which seemed, at one time, to satisfy all their needs. The cause for this change is to be found in the creative impulse which stirs anew in them; which seeks a higher and a greater awareness, a new enterprise, and surroundings that are no longer shaped out of earth memories, but in appearance, construction and being, are beyond any conceptions they had formed of reality when they inhabited their physical bodies.

These three are, indeed, on the level of the Soul-man and so, though they experience grief at parting with their friends and relations and the old university town – now imaginatively conceived – yet they do not hesitate, for they have received the summons to the next state of being, to the world of Eidos. Their ardent and more spiritually active natures compel them to take this upward step, to make a leap in evolution and, because their perceptions have become finer, enter into the enjoyment of a loftier world, magnificent, exquisite, full of strange beauties and forms that may still be, in some respects, reminiscent of earth. These are, however, infinite in variety. They are composed of colors and lights unknown to man. There, on this level, will be found a perfection in outward form, in surface appearances; a perfection only occasionally realized in the creations of the greatest of earthly artists. (F.W.H. Myers, BHP, n.p.)

(1) Myers is depicting a fictional group of people passing from the Astral to the first subplane of the Mental Plane.

Language Fails us

Words are for us obsolete. (F.W.H. Myers in RTI, n.p.)

In taking you beyond the etheric plane, I run out of language. We are then among the super faculties for which you have no words. (Sir Ronald Fraser in AL, 177.)

Faculties on the Mental Plane

Mental Body

Once you have got beyond the earthly pull, once you have passed the stage of earthly association and reached the span of spiritual life to which you are thus entitled, (1) you emit a light, an aura, a radiation, which indicates who and what you are. (Silver Birch, SBA, 67.)

(1) I believe Silver Birch is referring to the Mental Plane.

We (1) can identify some of the higher teachers by the radiance of [their] appearance, by their light that comes with the message; because often there is no form of any kind. There is a thought, accompanied by radiance. (Silver Birch, SBA, 60.)

(1) Silver Birch is speaking about levels of existence much higher than the First Heaven, but the First heaven becomes the first level of existence where his words probably begin to have significance.

You are a very complex mechanism, in case you didn’t know it. You consist of a physical body; an electrical or etheric body to energize the physical; and an astral or emotional body. The etheric body is essentially the launching-pad beneath the physical and therefore part of it. Remove its launching-pad and the physical body dies. Over and above all that, you have a mental body Finally, at the hub of the entire composite, is your immortal soul. (1) (Mike Swain, FMW, 79.)

(1) Mike has left out the causal body. I am coming to the view that there are many more bodies between the mental and the soul, which higher orders like the angels inhabit.

Let us try to coordinate the physical body, the emotional body, and the mental body into one beautiful streamlined instrument. It is this instrument that will enable us to emulate Jesus and find the essential divinity within ourselves. (Mike Swain, FMW, 80.)

Remember that you are a composite being, with four energy bodies (1) that must eventually vibrate in unison. (Mike Swain, FMW, 85.)

(1) The physical, etheric, astral, and mental bodies. I am assuming that Mike does not consider the soul itself as a body.

[We are] consciousness in a mental body that does not age or decay. (William James, ADJ, 124.)

On leaving the Third level of consciousness (1) we assume a subtle body which, in beauty and in shape, no longer resembles the physical body. (F.W.H. Myers in BHP, n.p.)

(1) The Astral Plane.

Now, these beings wear a subtle body and they enter a world I would call Super-terrestrial; for they still abide within the ether. Ether is a bad term; but I cannot find another word to define that air or, I would rather say, fluid or emanation which is of the material universe. Pray remember that ether is the ancestor of matter as you know it. (F.W.H. Myers in RTI, n.p.)

There are many people here, but they don’t have arms and legs; in fact, they almost don’t have a physical appearance at all. We see each other with our minds. (Eileen Garrett, PP, 155.)

On the higher planes we escape from form and appearance. We can live in an outline. We can express ourselves in color or light, color and light which may not be perceived by the feeble senses of man. (Frederic W.H. Myers, BHP, n.p.)

Now I no longer have an astral body…. To borrow David’s terms, the astral body stays with the spirit until he is ready to leave the “vestibule.” In occult terms, I suppose you would say that I am using my mental body. (Stewart Edward White in PP, 203.)

The beta body is the mental body. … Betty was quite aware of the astral body, but when she was working from the other side, she found it very cumbersome. …

Those of us on the mental plane can extrude into the astral plane and develop an astral counterpart of what we looked like in any given lifetime. To work through David (1) I have to extrude myself into the astral plane. Part of his astral body and part of my astral extrusion become like two hands holding each other. I’m not using David’s and he’s not using mine; we are just holding on to each other. David has given up the use of some of his will so that I can will the use of his speech patterns. It’s very complicated to explain, but easy to do. (Stewart Edward White in PP, 204.)

(1) David Kendrick Johnson is the medium White is speaking through.

The mental chair, (1) then, would appear as something analogous to a plan or design for the physical chair.

Leichtman: Could you sit on it?

If you were on the mental plane, you could do the equivalent of sitting on the chair, but you must remember that people on the mental plane have no equipment to sit with, in the conventional sense. (Laughter.) On the mental plane, you have a somewhat different shape. (Stewart Edward White in PP, 217.)

(1) White has been using the example of a physical chair, as reflected in its Astral, Mental, and Buddhic counterparts.

Leichtman: Unlike our physical bodies, the mental body would not have dense organs that stay in one position, would it?


Leichtman: It’s in constant circulation, isn’t it?

There are organs of a sort, but they are made of mental matter and operate differently than physical organs. You do have what might be called “thought fingers” and “thought toes,” but bear in mind that we are talking about the complete mind of a whole being, not just the intellect as it is thought of in the physical plane. (Stewart Edward White in PP, 217.)

Intelligent thought … is one of the principal ways of activating the beta body [i.e., the mental body] and becoming focused on the mental plane. (Stewart Edward White in PP, 207.)

I want you to try to understand what is difficult, even for me, though I can see it more, now. Real life – real – the core of existence, is spirit – shading ‘downwards’ into mind, and further still into body, with many gradations and impingings in your present stage, of one into another, so that it’s hard to disentangle. I have shed the body as you know it, but I still have a body, yet my life is mental, verging on and aspiring into a spiritual, but far from wholly that – very far. You, in touch with me mentally (and spiritually) are living your real life with me. Your body, which in fact was so often away from mine, is not your real life. (Philip to his mother, Alice Gilbert, in PTW, 165.)

It is from the spirit eye that rays of power can be flashed – and from the finger-ends. (Philip to his mother, Alice Gilbert, in PTW, 126.)


We can shut our consciousness if we are skilled enough. (Philip Gilbert in PTW, 138.)

Your present surroundings are, in a sense, your creation, in that you are mentally so unemancipated; your nerves and senses convey to you your perception of life. If you were capable of focusing your ego or daily consciousness within your deeper mind, if in short you trained yourself to pass into a thought compound from which form, as the senses convey it, were absent, the material world would vanish. You would no longer perceive it. If you were sufficiently developed spiritually you might be able to escape form altogether, though actually this is not possible until you have had numberless further experiences. (Frederick W.H. Myers, RTI, n.p.)

The soul becomes possessed of a new awareness as well as of finer perceptions when he decides to go upwards rather than downwards on the ladder of consciousness; and, therefore, he enters the Fourth plane of being.

On earth the average man’s normal ego is largely controlled by the body’s desires, though the spirit inspires its life and at times lights up the darkness of the human brain with luminous flashes. Still, the spirit, or what I call the deeper mind, can only faintly impress itself upon the ego. Now, in the Fourth stage (1) the spirit is able to enter, with greater intensity, into the time measurement which I call the soul or ordinary consciousness. This soul becomes sensible of the change through his greatly increased intellectual powers. With that increased awareness there comes greater concentration. The memory of the earth life, in its details, is for the time being lost. As long as the soul dwells in form he is subject to the rhythm of the universe and, therefore, to some form of time. Conceive time and appearance as one symbol.

The soul bears with him, however, the fundamental emotional memory, or rather retains contact with it in the first stage on the Fourth plane of life. This plane of color might be more aptly termed “The Breaking of the Image.” For on this level of consciousness the soul learns how to control form, learns by myriad experiences the ghostliness of all substance. In the anterior period of his evolution he has been controlled largely by substance. Slowly the graven image is broken, slowly the ego learns so to draw from the higher soul or spirit that he can, at will, break up his form and break from all forms, all appearances about him.

Of course, each individual’s experiences vary enormously. I take as my example a sensitive Soul-man who makes definite progress upwards, who does not, as do so many, journey with the undulatory motion of a sea wave, up and down, up and down, though always reaching a little in higher than before.

Now this sensitive Soul-man realizes first of all that he has entered a world of myriad colors, lights and sounds. He is sensible of a body entirely dissimilar from the human body. As regards appearance, it can only be described as being apparently a compound of light and colors unimaginable. The shape of this form is influenced by all the ego’s past acts so far as they have impressed themselves on his deeper consciousness. This colored compound may be grotesque, bizarre in form, may be lovely beyond words, may possess strange absurdities of outline, or may transcend the loftiest dream of earthly beauty.

In this many-colored region the form vibrates with extreme intensity, for now mind expresses itself more directly in form: so that we can hear the thoughts of other souls. At first only one at a time may break upon that hearing. But after a while we become sensible of the fact that we may hear the thoughts of several souls, each apart and distinct from the other. We dwell in a world of appearances in some respects similar to the earth. Only all this vast region of appearances is gigantic in conception, terrifying and exquisite according to the manner in which it presents itself to the Soul-man. It is far more fluidic, less apparently solid than earth surroundings. (F.W.H. Myers, RTI, n.p.)

This many-colored world is nourished by light and life in a greater purity, vibrates at an unimaginable speed. The souls, who dwell within the first zone, realize that with increased consciousness they have gained a far greater sensitivity. A hostile Soul-man’s mentality may, with a powerful projection of thought, blast and wither some part of your body of light and color. You have to learn how to send out protecting rays. If on earth some other man or woman was your enemy and you hated one another bitterly, you will encounter this man or woman on this luminiferous plane; the old emotional memory will awaken when you meet. For love and hate draw you inevitably towards those souls who are in the pattern of your particular design which is ever shaping and reshaping in the tapestry of eternity.

You will understand, therefore, that pain and pleasure, joy and despair are once more experienced. Again, however, they differ greatly from the earthly conception of them; they are of a finer quality, of an intellectualised character. Mightier is their inspiration, more profound the despair they arouse, inconceivable the bliss they stir within the deeps of your being.

On this luminiferous plane the struggle increases in intensity, the efforts expended are beyond the measure of earthly experience. But the results of such labour, of such intellectualised and spiritualised toil and battle also transcend the most superb emotion in the life of man. In brief, all experience is refined, heightened, intensified, and the actual zest of living is increased immeasurably. (F.W.H. Myers, RTI, n.p.)

(1) The Mental Plane.

The preceding remarks, outlining a more rarefied existence in the Super-terrestrial zone, must be regarded as merely a rough tracing of a very varied state of being. For instance, in that more spiritualised state there are many forms of expression. In it the soul wears several bodies, passing from one to another as he advances. These become more and more subtle indeed, the fineness of their texture cannot be grasped or understood by even a super-scientist. One law prevails, however, your soul is only aware of those beings who possess bodies vibrating with the same intensity–that is, unless he puts himself into a state analogous to that strange sleep known as hypnosis.

When thus conditioned he may go back, temporarily descend a rung of the ladder and make mental contact with a soul who inhabits a denser shape. He can even descend into Hades, enter its fog and come into touch with human beings. He is thereby frequently caught in the dream of the earth’s personality; and it is as if the memory of his experiences on a higher plane were temporarily anaesthetised away. So he is incapable of conveying to earth–save with rare exceptions–any interesting or remarkable information. Caught in the cocoon of earth memories, which frequently are not his own, he can merely speak of trivial material affairs. It is as if he were a drugged bee in a hive, a bee sated with honey.

His awareness on the luminiferous plane has vastly increased, but usually he cannot convey a sense of it to those individuals he may endeavor to contact if he chooses once more, like Orpheus, to go down into Hell in search of the beloved. These remarks will explain why so few ever receive any spontaneous impression of the departed. Indeed, men and women are as ghosts to us, and only when they seek us with faith and with love do they obtain any convincing suggestion of ourselves, of our earth personality. Such a search is legitimate and will neither hurt nor distress the one who is summoned or sought. (F.W.H. Myers, RTI, n.p.)

In his journey up the ladder [man] is gradually emerging from that darkness in the sense that the light becomes brighter, more continuous. When he reaches the Fourth stage his awareness is as brilliant as an ordinary man’s awareness is feeble. There are far fewer gaps of unconsciousness, for the spirit can make a surer and more consistent contact with the soul by reason of the fineness of its body and its greater subtlety, by reason of increased intellectual activity on his part. The blind puppy is beginning to open his eyes at last.

Pray examine the picture of the night sea again. It is almost continually illumined by the beacon of the lighthouse. Only at long intervals does darkness descend. Now how is it possible to convey to human beings, by the primitive rude sounds called words, the implications that arise from this far greater awareness? For instance, the intensity of the thought processes of the emotional life seem limitless when compared with the sluggish movements of the human brain, with the crude passion that is roused in the stirring moments of earth life. Take the intellectual activity of a slug or a snail, compare it with that of a man and you will understand how different is the mental world of the soul on the Fourth plane from that of the human being. (F.W.H. Myers, RTI, n.p.)

In this respect he resembles a light house that stands upon a rocky coast on a starless night. Darkness impenetrable covers the sea; every now and then it is lit up by a ray of light which flashes across the waters, illumining their surface but feebly and momentarily. Man’s consciousness appears thus to me now. In his journey up the ladder he is gradually emerging from that darkness in the sense that the light becomes brighter, more continuous. When he reaches the Fourth stage his awareness is as brilliant as an ordinary man’s awareness is feeble. There are far fewer gaps of unconsciousness, for the spirit can make a surer and more consistent contact with the soul by reason of the fineness of its body and its greater subtlety, by reason of increased intellectual activity on his part. The blind puppy is beginning to open his eyes at last. (F.W.H. Myers in RTI, n.p.)


Our conception of space differs entirely from yours. I can give you a faint glimpse of it if I use the wireless message as an illustration. I have but to concentrate my thought for what you might call a moment and I can build up a likeness of myself, send that likeness speeding across our vast world to a friend, to one, that is, in tune with me. Instantly I appear before that friend though I am remote from him; and my likeness holds speech–in thought, remember, not words–with this friend. Yet, all the time, I control it from an enormous distance; and as soon as the interview is concluded I withdraw the life of my thought from that image of myself, and it vanishes. Of course, I can only make this contact with those on my plane who are familiar with me and, therefore, are in my rhythm.

This trivial illustration of the power of thought to give reality to itself is mentioned here merely in order to show you how much nearer we have come to the Creative Principle. We are gradually learning how to live within and without form, learning how ghostly is the most tenuous substance. We are becoming aware of the fluid, flowing character of mind. We understand how it can control energy and life-force, those units which nourish all manifestations and appearances. (F.W.H. Myers, RTI, n.p.)


We are progressing into Light and yet more Light. To us, now, (1) references to the “golden Throne of God” which formed part of our religious instruction on earth, now reveal definite hidden Truths. The Utmost of such light is beyond our comprehension, which is still limited, or even our highest aspirations. (Frances Banks, TOL, 144.)

(1) Banks is referring to the Mental Plane.

Light here is literally the substance and matter of our thought life. Thus, as our thoughts become attuned to the vibration of Creative Divinity, so the substance of our bodies changes, becoming less dense and reflecting more Light.

We carry our own Light. The greater therefore the selflessness and illumination of our minds and the most positive our response to the higher frequency of vibration, the purer and brighter is the Light transmitted by us. (Frances Banks, TOL, 144.)

Time and Foreknowledge

Time, of course, is different. There’s no such thing as clock time here for we are able to eliminate time as well as space, since we are able to will ourselves to be anywhere at any moment of earth time and are able to look ahead so far into what you call the future that this also transcends the earthly idea of time. (Arthur Ford in WB, 14.)

What you call “looking into the future” is only that ability through clairvoyance or attunement when you escape the three-dimensional boundaries of the physical world and see what will be your future. You behold the effect of the cause you put into motion, what your free will has created. But this does not affect time itself, only your relation to it. (Silver Birch, SBT, n.p.)

Life on the Mental Plane


We are not dependent on the sun for light – we ourselves are, to an extent, luminous – in ratio with the degree of our advancement. (Philip Gilbert in PTS, 31.)

Sounds and Colours

Now, a human being cannot imagine a new sound, a new color or feeling; so it is impossible for him to conceive the infinite variety of new sounds, colors and feelings experienced by us on the Fourth stage. (F.W.H. Myers, RTI, n.p.)

No Class Distinctions

There is no distinction of the classes. (W.T. Stead, BI. 130.)

No Races

There are no black people as you know them on earth. No matter what colour you are on earth you all end up here the same. On earth people would do better to take people for what they are and not for the colour of their skin, as many Godly souls have been coloured on earth. On meeting them here you cannot tell the difference. I am afraid on your earth plane there will be much bloodshed before this is recognized. (Arthur Conan Doyle, LH, 18.)

All is One

That which I am learning here, (1) in this wider state of consciousness, is a joyous apprehension of the vast wonder of the unity of Creative Mind in which all, ever atom, every soul-fragment, every Group Soul, every creative thought, is One. (Frances Banks, TOL, 144.)

(1) On the Mental Plane.

Free to Follow Own Pursuits

We are free, of course, to follow our own pursuits. There are no college rules or compulsory attendances but I, for one, find myself at the Halls of Learning almost continually. Again, you notice, I repeat the pattern, that avid desire for spiritual knowledge which I now realize characterized all my excursions into different experiences on earth and which I now comprehend, albeit vaguely, as having been the focus of those personalities with which I have returned to incarnation. (Frances Banks, TOL, 143.)

Ease of Living

My life here has been a very normal, healthy and interesting affair, just as my life on earth was. I have been invested with no powers generally attributed to spirits and fairies, I am still just an ordinary man with an ordinary plain, blunt outlook on life; the change has in no way altered me. The only change there is in me is my greater ability to move speedily and to act quickly. I am rejuvenated, and this is a condition which becomes more marked as time goes on. (W.T. Stead, BI, 145.)

Here you can talk for days for there is no night. It stays light all the time, and you do not need sleep. It is like one long sunny day. The only word to describe it is Paradise, for nothing on earth is remotely like it. (Arthur Conan Doyle, LH, 17.)

You may sit at the side and chat to your acquaintances, for no one here would think of snubbing you as on earth. Indeed they are all too ready to speak and invite you back home to partake of refreshments. (Arthur Conan Doyle, LH, 21.)

Desire to Serve

Many of us carry on with our same work as on earth. Here we have no need to work in order to obtain daily livelihood, we work here solely for spiritual refinement and progress; at the same time we keep in touch with our earth interests as a form of recreation. (W.T. Stead, BI, 132.)

Halls of Learning

Here, also, there are Rest Houses – Houses for Music – Houses for Scientific Research – Houses for all, and every kind of information and knowledge; and the entrance fee to each and all of these is Desire. We do not lead a life of continual cramming of information – we lead ordinary earth lives, but with a much keener social interest and much more freedom and exchange of thought. (W.T. Stead, BI, 129-30.)

Teaching faculties of every faculty known and unknown to mankind are available here, and one can study whatever subjects one wishes to master. (Donald Macleod in HT, 12.)


The loftiest spiritual beings were present at [this concert]. Very few could see them because here too, these sublime remain hidden from the less developed souls. I was able to catch a short glimpse through a kind of mist and this proved to be the culimination of these magnificent hours. (1) (Sigwart, BOTR, 69.)

(1) Sigwart was asked to participate in creating a majestic series of symphonies, which were then played for exalted therapeutic ends.

We knew not that [Christ Jesus] was present [at the concert] also. But I feel the after-glow now for His might is too powerful for us not to be made aware of His blessing. It became known to me today, and this filled me with indescribable joy and deepest thankfulness. (Sigwart, BOTR, 80.)

The clearest essence of these spiritual harmonies will penetrate the earthly spheres and should influence mankind. Much illness will be healed, pains of soul will be relived, and good seeds will be encouraged to germinate and sprout.(Sigwart, BOTR, 68.)

A roundelay by a community of the most radiant spiritual beings was the finale. They all had to float in groups through space as the crowning of the greatest event ever. (Sigwart, BOTR, 69.)


A great scientist may at once seek those surroundings in which he will have full liberty to pursue further scientific studies, though these will naturally now be of a rather different character. In life, for him, the thing and not the person roused and stirred his imagination. So he chooses to travel alone and thereby satisfies the fundamental passion or desire of his nature. Equally men and women who care more for some particular work, pleasure, or pursuit, than for any human soul, or circle of souls, will continue to be engrossed in it until the point of satiation is reached. Nor do they require intimate companionships of the usual kind although, when conditions are satisfactory, they can meet and hold intercourse with dwellers on the same plane who are kindled with like enthusiasms. Or they may be drawn together because mutual interest has been aroused, or because each is necessary to the other in a wider and more intellectual sense. (F.W.H. Myers, BHP, n.d.)


In any human contact, whether on the physical plane or on the inner planes, there is a pooling of awareness. It’s been said that in heaven there is no marriage because our ordinary contact with each other is more like a completely merging into someone else. Instead of having a conversation, it is as though both parties become one for awhile. …

Sex, particularly in marriage, is as close as this merging can be approached while in the physical life – except by the enlightened person who has learned to focus his awareness in heaven even while he’s alive in a physical body. (Stewart Edward White in PP, 211.)

In this fundamentally Mind World I which I am now, I see how unimportant is the transient sexual attraction and passion on earth among human beings, how vitally important is a rich imagination in which two minds are on the same level. So the partnership here endures even as the two journey to wider horizons, if there is sufficient imagination. (Winifred Combe Tenant, SBS, 54.)

But, in the world after death which I have called the sphere of “Terrene Imagination,” (1) men are the possessors of bodies which reproduce in shape and in general appearance the discarded physical form, though they are clothed in an ethereal substance which vibrates with a greater intensity.

In this sphere (2) there is an absence of that strenuous struggle which leads to creative imagining – creative effort. Women do not bear children though the illusion of sexual passion may be experienced as long as it is the soul’s desire. The woman possesses an etheric body so framed that it can serve her as the material shape served her various purposes, wishes and appetites on earth.

In uttering that famous saying, “But they which shall be accounted worthy to obtain that world and the resurrection from the dead, neither marry, nor are given in marriage,” Christ spoke of the circumstances that prevail on the higher planes of consciousness. While existing in the world of Terrene Imagination man remains caught in his earthly memories. He is not, therefore, resurrected and still abides within the fantasy of the earth-dream, retaining, if it be his desire, that part of it which relates to marriage.

The problem of marriage, of two husbands or of two wives, is usually solved after death by the pull of the stronger, finer affection. Each soul is either drawn to the one who is most akin and sympathetic to it, or is absorbed by whatever special passion or desire fills its nature.

A pure but passionate love experienced by a certain number of normal men and women on earth is creative in character. It enlarges and inspires the imagination so death does not put out this fire for ever. On the contrary, in the world of Illusion (3) and in the world of Eidos (4) such men and women know pure yet passionate love again. Thus they create with their whole being and because of their greater sensitiveness such self-creative experiences are often heightened and intensified, and increase the vigour of the soul.

There exists in the higher regions of the sphere of Terrene Imagination and in Eidos a harmony and freedom that may not be the lot of true lovers when their minds are dulled and they are weighed down and oppressed by a heavy material body. On the Fourth plane (5) such love changes in character, the conditions of life and consciousness being very different from those that prevail on earth. (F.W.H. Myers, BHP, n.p.)

(1) I.e., on the Astral Plane.(2) On the first subplane of the Mental Plane or the “First Heaven.”(3) The Astral Plane.(4) The First Heaven. (5) The First Heaven.

Regaining Past-Life Knowledge on the Mental Plane

Ed. For instances of regaining past-life knowledge on the Astral Plane, see here

When the time comes for us to graduate from this sphere (1) I am told that we may then be able to recall our past lives. (T.E. Lawrence, PMJ, 91.)

(1) We cannot know what sphere Lawrence is referring to, but it is most likely the Astral Plane. If so, the reference given at the head of this subsection offers examples of spirits who have attained knowledge of past lives before leaving the Astral Plane, challenging this assertion.

Only as he is crossing over from the astral into the celestial plane would he be able to make use of this knowledge [of all past lives]. (Unnamed spirit teacher through Betty Bethards, TIND, 13.)

Q: What about the knowledge that you’ve gotten between incarnations on the other side? Wouldn’t that come back to you when you left the body?

A: Slowly, very slowly, as the person is able to accept it. (Unnamed spiritual teacher to Betty Bethards in TIND, 12.)

One can, at least in my case, remember one’s last form of existence and also, to an extent, by deliberately contacting higher forms of being, visualize and look forward to one’s future existence. (Philip Gilbert in PTS, 26.)

Q: Does the remembrance of his corporeal existence present itself to a spirit, complete and spontaneously, immediately after his death?

A: No, it comes back to him little by little in proportion as he fixes his attention upon it, as objects gradually become visible out of a fog.” (Unnamed spirit communicator to Allan Kardek in WASTAK, n.p.)

In this further state (1) you will be more self-contained; a word I use to express a state of being less dependent upon other people and things for development and progress. In this sphere you will again come in contact with your whole record. A record in full, of all former states: and from this sphere, if your record has qualified to the point of allowing it, you will be given the choice of returning to earth again. Reincarnating. If your record does not qualify for choice in this matter, you will be directed either to return or to continue, according to what the Teachers – the Purified – consider will afford you most opportunity for re-creating yourself and cleansing yourself in the necessary way. It is from this sphere that spirits return to earth, but by the time the most progressed spirit has reached this state he has forgotten in detail his association with earth. I cannot give the shortest period of time which would be necessary to reach this sphere, but the sojourn in the Real World after the Blue Island is a much longer period than that of mortal life; and in each sphere as progress is made the sojourn is longer. (W.T. Stead, BI, 146-7.)

(1) I.e., after the Second Death.

I am being shown how to regain much which I knew of old. It is a fascinating existence and one I long to share with you. (Wellesley Tudor-Pole in AL, 75.)

I have now regained much of the knowledge which I had in my greater self; but only half-truths were filtered down to me in the last life, with many contradictions. (Wellesley Tudor-Pole in AL, 73.)

Just so Philip, in the first months after sudden death, whilst still in the “aura of his incarnation” says little about the great panorama of “re-incarnation” and the higher spheres into which eh withdraws later. Only as he begins to withdraw into his higher “Ego” does the pattern emerge for him. (Philip to Alice Gilbert in PTS, xxxii.)

And now, I go and you come with me to those dim recesses of far-spun web. We will explore Time – come then into those silent depths of velvet darkness where is embedded the events of your Past. Come and study, for your instruction – Come! (The Unknown Teacher to Alice Gilbert in PTW, 213.)

We went to Tibet, to that land of high peaks and violet shadows that your Teacher told you of. But it was into past scenes that we delved. We heard the rich resonance of the ancient gong which called us to the inner mysteries; we saw the great heavy shouldered yaks tugging at their loads. We stood at dawn and watched the glow of sun rise over the peaks.

We were, I think, blood-brothers in an earthly sense, in those days, but this was not our first incarnation – I can’t get any further back yet – we were monks in the inner ring., We studied what we called the mysteries, but it is really only the occult knowledge that you have of concentration, the power of thought, and the laws of inevitable consequence.

But we had original and independent minds – you aggressively so – and would not accept all. We set our face against intolerant practices, and should have died for it, but, it seems, the Grand Lama, who was inspired by your Teacher, our Chief, was shown in a vision what was happening in the remote temple where we played our little part, and by the power of his thought, arrested the knife of sacrifice just as it was poised over your heart.

We re-saw this scene and shuddered, even now, but a great sense of Peace came on us both and we found ourselves back in your room sitting on the divan by your sleeping body.

Since then, they tell me, we have chosen to re-incarnate several times – and always together – once in ancient Egypt where we were man and woman, and, once, as you saw in your sleep, in old London. There too we were man and woman – I, restless, adventurous, and a flirt, but always returning to you, who were serene, peaceful and a housewife, yet in secret practicing the occult.

So you see we have been … ‘down the time-track.’ (Philip to his mother, Alice Gilbert, in PTW, 143-4.)

Last night you and I went on a very long journey – we managed to pick up our Egyptian lives. It is not easy to do this even when discarnate and we did not get them very clearly – only a blur of images. (Philip to his mother, Alice Gilbert, in PTW, 195.)

Last night you went a very long way – we contacted the Chief. He was with us in China, in an old temple there – at least so it seemed to us – but our consciousness was raised so that all things seemed one – we could see a vast panorama. You remember nothing except that you woke well and very happy, but I am still dithering with the power which seemed to surge through us when the Master fixed his penetrating eyes on us, like rapiers, yet not harmful. (Philip to his mother, Alice Gilbert, in PTW, 202.)

There is upheaval [in the thought web] and I think of our experience in Atlantis before the volcano erupted. (Philip to his mother, Alice Gilbert, in ITE, 38.)

Ability to Consult the Akashic Records

We are particularly favored in this sphere because the akashic records are available to us. Your every thought, deed and action while you are on earth is permanently recorded on the rarified vibrations of our etheric world. These records can never be obliterated. Whenever one of the Great Masters needs to measure the development of a particular soul, he merely tunes into that particular wave-length and the Akashic records reveal his innermost thoughts. It is like watching a three-dimensional color T.V. You see everything exactly as it happened, as though you were there in the flesh. (Mike Swain in FMW, 59.)

I (1) have been in Constantinople and have stood in the very room where I once had a remarkable experience, hundreds of years ago. I have seen the walls, I have touched them, I have read the etheric records of their history, and my own history in connection therewith. …

The ether around [the Grecian] peninsula is written over with their exploits, in daring thought as well as daring action. The old etheric records are so vivid that they shine through the later writings; for you must know that what are called astral records lie layer against layer everywhere. We read one layer instead of another, either by affinity or by will. It is no more strange than that a man may go among the millions of volumes in the British Museum and select the one he wants. (Judge David P. Hatch, LLDM, Letter XXXII.)

(1) Judge Hatch is speaking from the Astral Plane. It is unsual to be able to consult the Akashic Records from the Astral Plane.

Ability to Return to the Astral Plane

When people have passed from the astral plane, they can again come back to it. Through the power of thought, they reclothe themselves in astral substance. (A.D. Mattson, WOB, 66.)

Although these men (1) are on the mental plane, they can return to the astral plane and walk among us and talk with us here. (A.D. Mattson, WOB, 66.)

(1) Mattson is discussing Francis Bacon and Martin Luther.

Contact with Earth Diminishes in First Heaven

I do not find it an easy matter to ‘speak through’ a medium. As you appreciate, I have the conviction that there that there is no necessity for this. On this level of thought, (1) telepathy is developed to a greater potential than was practiced on earth. By means of thought transference I endeavour to reach the minds of old and dear friends still in physical existence. Sometimes I am happy to think that my efforts meet with a certain response. At others the veil of illusion (even in those who should know better) inter/feres with reception and the contact is faulty or is even rejected. But this will be so whilst those on earth still cling to the theory of separativeness. (Frances Banks, TOL, 144.)

(1) Frances Banks is now speaking from the Mental Plane.

The Difficulty of Continuously Opening

Now that I have left behind the dark veils which blind the spiritual insight during one’s earthly pilgrimage, I find that I am still repeating the pattern, (1) only from another angle. No longer do I doubt as once I did. Now I know. Yet with all honesty I have to admit that Reality appears, at times, too wonderful even for my growing and expanding consciousness.

It might surprise you to learn that this reaction is a common one amongst the pilgrims I have met. The mind, you see, is only slowly, very slowly, opening to its vast potential. The veils of matter which now, to us, are represented by a loss in frequency of vibration have, so recently, been dissolved that we / can and do proceed only into each successive stage with deepening understanding and a widening of conscious awareness. To put this idea into the language and metaphor of the earth world, it is as if Cinderella had, inexplicably, become a Princess. (Frances Banks, TOL, 142-3.)

(1) The pattern of doubt.

Re-uniting with the Greater Self and the Group

Re-uniting with the Greater Self

Now I want to speak about the greater self. This was a discovery for me of enormous importance. I had always glimpsed the possibility of there being a more advanced Andrew somewhere, but he was so elusive. I didn’t really know how or where to look for him – then we met! I was slightly embarrassed. I was a new boy. He was myself grown wiser, but how were we to co-operate? He was tall – I am short. He was strong and athletic – I was wrinkled and puny. He was like an elder brother and yet he was like himself and then he looked at me and took me in his arms as you would a small child and breathed on me – that was all, and I, Andrew, became as one with this great being. It is beyond understanding or explaining but it is true. We are only a very small reflection of the self we leave outside the earth body and, when we have accepted death and entered into the majesty of passing out of the physical, this wonderful enlargement of mind and spirit is awaiting us. (Father Andrew Glazewski in AL, 92.)

I had no idea about our greater selves. Douglas has made complete contact with his, but most of us are broken pieces; the earth life body seems only to have held a small part of me and there is a much nicer Joe – in fact, far too nice a Joe, who is waiting for me, the imperfect Joe, to take over. (Sir Alvary Gascoigne in AL, 112.)

Suddenly, as the sense of expansion grew, I was conscious of a being beside me fashioned in some ways on the same mould. I turned and looked at him and I said at once, “Oh, you must have been my brother Oliver whom I never saw in earth life.”

“No,” he replied, “I am yourself.”

“But,” I stammered, “I’m still me. What do you mean?”

“Yes, and I’m still you and myself, one and the same. I have been your light reflection all through your earth life and now we can be re-united.”

I wasn’t at all sure I was in favour of this getting together and said so. He merely laughed and said, “Don’t quarrel with your hands and feet and you’ll be a much more complete Joe if we are united.”

“Well, how do we do it?” I asked.

“Don’t be in a hurry. You must learn to accept me first as your shadow or reflection. But I only reflect the highest in you.”

This disturbed me greatly. “There isn’t very much of the higher as you call it in me.”

“Well, I find there is,” was the unexpected reply; “I am the result of your effort and industry and uprightness, together with your fundamental love for the people around you. Oh, I know, lots of them irritated you beyond bearing, but you did bear with them and all that has built up an entity which is me. Now you see I am entirely you, so you can’t throw me out or brush me off. I am you cleaned up and ready to receive the higher vibrations: how do you take that? I’m a sort of bank balance on the credit side.”

“Well, I’m awfully glad to hear that I have a bank balance and of course I accept you as part of myself; I suppose as you are the upper boy you’ll take command.”

I didn’t like the idea of jettisoning my way. But he only laughed and said, “Trust me. I won’t usurp your will. We can co-operate quite easily.”

And so the oddest sort of marriage began between the two me’s, and I found I was enormously but enormously changed, stronger, happier, richer by far in understanding and in correlating events and the purposes behind them. And so I was able to take on these missions to and from Everest and Chartres, which the lesser Joe could never have undertaken. (Sir Alvary Gascoigne in AL, 168-9.)

Though D. has only been over a short time, he is already united to at least a part of his greater self and this part spoke through him. (Sir Alvary Gascoigne in AL, 59.)

Re-uniting with the Group Soul

As I lay entranced, (1) soaking in the reflected glory of the heavenly fields, I was approached by a number of souls. They greeted me kindly and told me that they were members of my group. (Donald Macleod in HT, 16.)

(1) While still on the astral planes.

Those who stand the tests … pass to another and altogether different and lighter land – and each becomes impersonal. Impersonal in the sense that they are no longer Jack Brown and Madge Black; they are now pure spirit people and their former love, which had been a personal and individual thing, is no longer for one but equally for all. All are alike to all. The purest tissue of God Love binds one and all. (William T. Stead, BI, 147.)

Men will lose all the shells of unwanted matter accumulated around them … of a soul kind (1) … and will become a spiritual and blessed company of brethren. (Anonymous teacher of the White Eagle Lodge in Paul Beard, LO, 127.)

(1) In the Second Death.

On the lower rungs of this ladder of consciousness dwell those souls who still cling to human habits of thought, to the earthly personality, to their own individual line of thought. (F.W.H. Myers in RTI, n.p.)

The higher the ego climbs on the ladder of consciousness, the nearer it draws to other kindred souls. I have already told you that there may be a thousand, a hundred, or merely twenty souls all fed by one spirit. Their consciousness of comrade-souls increases on the higher levels of existence. In time they are able to enter into the other souls’ memories, perceive their experiences and be sensible of them as if they were theirs. Mind becomes communal in the last stages, for the spirit, the unifying principle, is tending all the time to produce greater harmony, and therefore greater unity. These various individuals are merging more and more, becoming one in experience and in mind, and thus attaining to undreamt-of levels of intellectual power. (F.W.H. Myers in RTI, n.p.)

When I was on earth I belonged to a group-soul, but its branches and the spirit — which might be compared to the roots — were in the invisible. Now, if you would understand psychic evolution, this group-soul must be studied and understood. For instance, it explains many of the difficulties that people will assure you can be removed only by the doctrine of reincarnation. You may think my statement frivolous, but the fact that we do appear on earth to be paying for the sins of another life is, in a certain sense, true. It was our life, and yet not our life. In other words, a soul belonging to the group of which I am a part lived that previous life which built up for me the framework of my earthly life, lived it before I had passed through the gates of birth. (F.W.H. Myers in RTI, n.p.)

It is true, however, that, on occasions, the pilgrim meets with only one race when he makes these strange journeys into the past. Perhaps he finds the life of the Victorian era as it existed in London in the eighties, or the social conditions that prevailed in Devonshire during the Napoleonic wars, or the peasant life of the Highland crofters during the seventeenth century. (F.W.H. Myers, BHP, n.d.)

(1) He will rejoin his group on the Mental Plane.(2) That is, the Astral Plane.

Here, in the After-death, we become more and more aware of this group-soul as we make progress. Eventually we enter into it and share the experiences of our brethren. You must understand, therefore, that existence for my soul — as separate and apart from my individual ego — is dual. I lived two lives, one in the world of form, and one subjective, in the community of which I am a member. (F.W.H. Myers in RTI, n.p.)

The actual construction of the group-soul must be clearly visualised. Its spirit feeds, with life and mental light, certain plants, trees, flowers, birds, insects, fish, beasts, men and women; representatives of living creatures in varying states of evolution. It inspires souls who are on various planes, various levels of consciousness in the After-death. It feeds, also, creatures on other planets. For the spirit must gather a harvest of experience in every form. Gradually these intelligences evolve and merge. The experience necessary to the spirit is completed when all the souls necessary to the design have reached this Fifth plane. Once they become sensible of their oneness and their individuality they may go forward to the Sixth plane. There is, then, a breaking of the threads, a casting away of the dross of emotional experience, a sifting and changing on the part of all these souls. They pass once more into Hades and review, in that state, all that now lies behind them. (F.W.H. Myers in RTI, n.p.)

Men and women may not care to accept these statements of mine. They long either for an indestructible individuality in the Hereafter or for a kind of spiritual swoon in the life of God. You will perceive in my analysis of the group-soul that we are individuals and members of one whole. And when you come to the Fourth, and more particularly to the Fifth stage, you will realize how fine and beautiful is this brotherhood within the one being; how it deepens and intensifies existence; how it destroys the cold selfishness so necessary to an earth life, where one living creature must continually destroy another’s manifestation in matter in order to maintain its physical life. (F.W.H. Myers in RTI, n.p.)

Nothing that has occurred here or has been shown to me in the occurrences of my life here in Eternity has brought any change in my belief in Group Work and in the evidence of Group Souls. (1) (Frances Banks, TOL, 114.)

(1) Banks is discussing the subject from the standpoint of the Astral Plane. Her membership in one of these groups “is to come.” (TOL, 117.)

We are, to my limited knowledge, all members not of one Group but of many, and the many make up the Great Group or the Great Soul Being in which we live and move and have our being … and these great Beings unite to form further great Group Souls or Divine Beings in the Divine Company of Heaven. (Frances Banks, TOL, 115.)

In the guidance of these Groups are great Beings, watching over the progress of their cell-like clusters of souls. They work on higher mental Rays of influence, for although I know very little about them as yet, I have questioned many souls who have contacted them and worked amongst them.

These Soul Groups are extensive, yet concentrated in their classes and workshops. They realize more than we can possibly do the Divinity inherent in every particle of the Cosmos. They are able to study Divine Laws beyond our understanding. They commune together with and in the Mind of the Higher Beings whose Soul Group they constitute. They work for progress in Divine Imagination and they work as Divine Inspirational Groups. They inspire lower groups with their findings, for they still contain the lower groups within their Centres as cell-points in a vast, intricate and beautiful organism.

Amongst them are philosophers, scientists, researchers, priests, teachers. They are parts of Groups which influence and impress such movements on earth as Psychic Research, Healing movements, Religious Co-operation, the advancement of Science and all movements intended to bring Light upon future worlds. (Frances Banks, TOL, 116.)

All great aspirations, revelations and divine whisperings of intuition originate in and through the Spirit of the Group to which one belongs, i.e., the Highest Point of the Group. Thus, family sacrifices, family peace, love, harmony all originate from the Group Soul of the family; in the same way, great aspirations for service and for imparting knowledge to others and for the guiding and enlightenment of our fellows comes from the Great Spiritual Being who is the Centre Group Spirit of that particular group.

Since I left the earth I have been taught by a Teacher with whom I am in contact, mentally and spiritually. He Himself is a part of the Group Soul towards which I am progressing and of which, although I was not entirely aware, I have been a member for many ages. This Teacher is a higher Disciple, a wise and advanced soul, and is able to impart knowledge and wisdom to souls in the Group. (Frances Banks, TOL, 118.)

I thought I was doing this (1) on my own, until I learned that I was an instrument of a greater Group. That too was a thrill, to realise that our Group Work had been a preparation for this means of contact. (Frances Banks, TOL, 121.)

(1) Banks is referring to her work in the Rest Home.

The Group itself is made up of souls at all levels of consciousness, from the highest to the mediocre, but the Spirit of the Groups only Itself advances as the younger and les knowledgeable members make progress. It is a unified advance. No member of the Group can pass beyond the call and communication of other members. When the Group itself advances into the Divine Company, then there will be no ‘stragglers.’ But, as I am instructed, such an experience is far beyond the Group consciousness at this stage. (Frances Banks, TOL, 119.)

The progressing entity is drawn by the Law of Attraction to a Group progressed to that stage which will express, for him, the intensity of awareness which he is now capable of receiving. (Frances Banks, TOL, 135.)

All is expansion here, but expansion in stages. This Law is exact. No entity can propel itself forward into a Group until its emotional, mental and spiritual expansion at least is comparable with the fringe of that Group’s awareness. … Here, illusion, glamour and self-deception are of no avail. One reveals what one is. One advertises oneself even in one’s apparel. The mask has been shed with the physical body. The develop/ing Light body, its dimness or brilliance, is apparent, especially to members of the Group to which the quality of such Light permits graduation. (Frances Banks, TOL, 135-6.)

Group Souls preside over universal movements, over great causes and thus members of one Spiritual Family are often attracted to each other by mutual interests, by a special life work, as well as by external links. They work together, may indeed share their lives in partnership, or may only meet occasionally as they work in some particular project.

Sometimes, by what appears to be a perverse fate, members of the same Group are separated, born into the apparently wrong camps. Their lives become tragic, often futile in their repeated efforts to rejoin their similar companions and their rightful work. Strangely enough many never find their right niche. Often they live and die as outcasts. But, as the entire complement of a Group Soul is never in complete incarnation at the same time, i.e., there is always an integrated part of the Group on this Side, the outcasts, after their transition here and after they have gained consciousness of their state and have attained to at least some measure of Light, rejoin their own Groups. (Frances Banks, TOL, 139.)

All who are in the sphere of love and light (1) dwell in families, communities, groups, the binding force of which is love, love alone, sympathy, mutual affection. There you have less one-sidedness than on earth. It is a world of mutual loves and affections and pursuits. (Philemon [Archdeacon Wilberforce] in LFOS, 96-7.)

(1) I am presuming that Archdeacon Wilberforce is referring to the First Heaven because people do not necessarily live in communities on the Astral Plane. But I could be wrong in my attribution.

For the last few years I have been one of a band (1) who have been working on the cause and treatment of cancer and, in the fullness of time, we will give our reports and findings to mankind. It will interest you to know that Pasteur, Dr. Schweitzer, Madame Curie, David Livingstone, and some of the people who are working on this project are here. (2) Others are working on heart disease, leukemia and other chronic illnesses. (Donald Macleod in HT, 10.)

(1) Macleod being with his medical band or group suggests that he is communicating from the Mental Plane. (2) Most probably, are attending the same spirit circle, on the spirit side, on which Macleod is communicating to his son. Frances Banks also met with Pasteur.

In spirit-life we do not talk of independence. That is a fallacy of earth. Spirits are in union and communion mutually interdependent. They are joined in rapport with those from whom they have learned, or to whom they have taught somewhat. (Spirit communicator Magnus in Moses, MSTSW, n.p.)

Frances Bank Makes the First Contact Through Enlightenment

Do you recall that in the early communications from the Rest Home to which I first graduated for service, I recounted the story of a certain doctor, the surgeon who had, whilst in the earth body, fallen victim to drug addiction? You remember that, with him, I visited a Group and was in communication with a number of advanced Souls. On several visits I met and communed with these Minds which have reached high standards of consciousness and wisdom. Sometimes they patiently explained Group workings to me. One, a fine and illumined Soul instructed me: “Seek for your own place. Ask that Light may open your mind to that which is for you, that your vibratory rate may be increased to respond to the vibration of your Group, that you may become aware of them, for they are very close beside you.”

For long I meditated on these words.

Suddenly, as I looked upon my old friend, Father Joseph, when we were attending a patient in the Home, I beheld, not the usual brown habit with which I have always associated him, but a ‘surround’ of glorious blue which clothed him. It seemed that I looked right into him. My inner eyes were opened. I knew. His smile was gentle but all understanding as he said: “My child! Welcome home!:

The words were sufficient, the contact was made. It had been necessary for me to await enlightenment, but he had always known. I found it difficult to leave the Home and Mother Florence where I had been so happy. But the prospect of progress was inspiring. Besides, I was comforted by learning that Mother Florence would be visiting the Group to which I was going from time to time, as she too was one with it, yet perforce chose to remain at her duties in the Home until all her ‘flock’ had been safely welcomed to this side of life.

I cannot make explicit to you the ‘mechanics’ of my move to the Group, partly because I yet am not entirely cognizant of all that occurred myself, and partly because there is no pocket of thought in your mind which could ‘receive’ such information. This I can offer for your consideration and that of the readers: whilst I was meditating in my golden garden, I found myself ‘transported’ back to that Temple of Learning where once before I dared to penetrate. Only this time, Father Joseph (I now know him by another name) was with me.

Together we joined a cluster of entities about a Teacher. Immediately I experienced a rise of consciousness, an upsurge of joy, a mingling of unity and harmony which coloured my whole being. I cannot explain this in any other terms though I doubt whether they will have the same connotation for you.

I knew this was right for me. I had come into my own. There was no definite acceptance, the entire operation was unobtrusive and simple, yet I had the conviction that all was well, that I was amidst my fellow-travellers on the Way.

What is this Group called?” I flashed silently to Father Joseph. He smiled.

“What have you always sought, my child – Reality!”

Then I knew it for the extension of that reaching out for Spiritual Truth and Creative Force which, when on earth, we had termed ‘mysticism.’ Here was the first phase of the search for Mystical Union but on a higher level, and without the incubus of earth personality and the fluctuating interference of the fleshly desire body. (1) (Frances Banks, TOL, 140-1.)

(1) The desire body is the astral body. Banks is saying that all earthly desire had by now fallen away from her, another indication that she is on the Mental Plane now.

Considerations Upon First Joining One’s Group

At last came the opportunity to pursue the progress onwards (1) which I so eagerly desired. By similarities of mind and aspiration I was ‘drawn’ towards a Group. Eagerly I ‘communed’ with them. My joy was deep and strong when I realized that I had, indeed, found my own Group even though I knew myself to be only on the outer fringe of their activities. …

Gradually I became aware of my fellows as ‘arrayed’ in colours as in garments and by the depth or brightness of soberness or brilliance of their ‘surround,’ I cam to know, not only their characters, but their individual advance into the Spiritual Realms. This was indeed most revealing, yet humbling.

I saw that now I must discard the habit to which I had clung. It had served its usefulness. I must wear what I am as a garment. The thought was terrifying. What was I? Dare I stand before my Group companions in the ‘new habit’ of my thought? Would the colours be somber or bright? Long and earnestly I talked with others who were in very much the same predicament and I meditated earnestly on what I wanted to be that such may be presented in truthful Light about me. (Frances Banks, TOL, 137.)

(1) Most likely to the Mental Plane.

This is a new stage. I am still a neophyte. It is the preparatory stage (concentration before meditation in the earthly technique) of working down into oneself to discover what one really is; the utterly honest summing up of one’s faculties both mental and aspirational and then ‘letting forth’ of whatever Light has dawned into a shape. ‘Let you Light so Sine’ has a solid meaning here.

Gradually the garment evolves, the colour settles, and you are arrayed as you really are. You have assumed your Light. In other words, the surviving personality is reunited with at least a part of the true Soul body. (Frances Banks, TOL, 137.)

You can now take your rightful place in the Group, albeit only on the outer ring. Your ascent into consciousness has begun. You are clothed in raiment of Light as your fellows. Now your Light can mingle with their brilliance and become One in intensity. Thought and aspiration grow into joy and ecstacy. Channels of wisdom and knowledge open to you, beauty becomes a living reality.

This is the ‘breakthrough’ I had longed for when in the physical body. It never manifested in intensity then. Flashes of awareness but served to deepen the hunger of the personality for the soul’s radiance. Perhaps this clarity of consciousness is not possible in the materialism of earth life. I cannot know the answer to that. … All this was within me then as now, but the veil of glamour and illusion barred my sight, as it still veils Reality for most dwellers on the earth. (Frances Banks, TOL, 138.)

From time immemorial it seems that I have been attached to [this Group]. Now this is a reunion. … Every soul has its place in the Divine Scheme of Living. Every soul belongs to a Group and forms an integral part of a Group soul. I do. You do. The meanest beggar in the street / does, the greatest genius does.

A Group Soul is constituted of souls at individual levels of progress, each complementing the others to make a Whole. One is part of a Group Soul as one is part of a family in the physical sense; a family relationship may be temporary, but a soul relationship is eternal. (Frances Banks, TOL, 138-9.)

At higher levels of consciousness, Group Souls unite to form greater Units. This, I reason, must be the continued Law of Progress into Divinity which is a Unity, a Oneness, a total, mysterious and glorious whole. But only thus far dare I aspire to the Divine Plan. Here / and now I am privileged to be enabled to touch only the fringe of the consciousness of Groups working at this level and to co-operate with them. (Frances Banks, TOL, 139-40.)

I knew [Van] slightly before and now I find we are in the same group and I am honoured and grateful to serve under him.

We have a most heterogeneous group, many diplomats (including your brother [Sir Alvary Gascoigne]), and people like Halifax, whom I also knew. He is away beyond me, but tremendously influential. We all grow and develop under the immediate influence of each other. (Lord Dowding in AL, 179.)

Living as a Group

You will want to know more of my occupations [and] living arrangements…. (1) I have a new home. I share a beautiful estate with others of the Group. This place has wide sloping grass lands, trees and flowers of the most exquisite beauty and avenues of Light, I have no other words for this, for meditation and contemplation. As we here are closer in vibration to the Spiritual Worlds, the echoes of the music of the spheres along these avenues becomes a glory sweeping our thoughts and aspirations into contemplation of the Mystery of Divinity and Eternal Life. (Frances Banks, TOL, 143.)

(1) On the Mental Plane.

Like all else, we tend to live in our own communities. (Donald Macleod in HT, 17.)

The Danger of Getting Stuck in the Group Soul’s Mold

In the Fourth stage the soul becomes sensible of the group-soul, and through the awareness there arises a great change. He begins gropingly to realize the character of experience, the possibilities of mind; and in this Fourth stage if he is a Soul-man he is peculiarly liable to error. That is to say, once he becomes cognisant of the group-soul and of its many emotional and intellectual experiences he may, if a certain section of that group-soul be in a fixed mould, take upon himself its shape and remain within it for aeons of time. In this connection when I write “mould” I desire to indicate a certain special outlook. For instance, a fanatical Buddhist or a very devout Christian may be held within the groove of his earthly beliefs. For those other souls in his community are, perhaps, also, held in the chains of those particular ideas. So there he may remain, making no progress, in a thought or in a memory world which consists of the Christian or of the Buddhist dream. He is held fast in the tentacles of an octopus. This octopus is the earthly Christian or Buddhist idea of an After-life, their view of the universe as created when on earth.

Now, you will recognize that such conditions tend to inhibit progress. For it means — to use another metaphor — dwelling in an intellectual chrysalis, living in the past earthly conceptions. And it is needful that the journeying soul should come to a state in which he can at will survey them, but not be held by them, or be imprisoned in their limitations. (F.W.H. Myers in RTI, n.p.) Every Christian born upon the earth is inspired by some individualized spirit. When I write “individualized” I desire to indicate that it is a thought of God; it is not, therefore, the Whole, it is not the Fount of all life.

So there are numerous fanatical Christians who, though they led lives of rectitude on earth, committed certain intellectual sins. These might be summed up in the phrase “rigidity of thought,” “an outlook limited by fanaticism.” Briefly, they are wedded to a limited concept. In the fourth stage of existence they must learn how to escape from such a prison if they are to make further progress. These remarks apply equally to Buddhists, Mahommedans, and all those other fanatical adherents of various religions or, as in the modern world, of scientific conceptions. For science tends more and more to become a religion or special outlook for many human beings.

Now, if the soul is to pass from the Fourth to the Fifth stage he must first shake off, cast from him any dogma, any special earthly outlook which has shaped his mentality, which confines it; so that his vision is limited, and his experiences are, therefore, also limited; consciousness of reality being thus withheld from him. (F.W.H. Myers in RTI, n.p.)

The Group’s Advancement

As I begin to comprehend now, the purer and stronger the Light from each unity soul of the Group, the greater the advancement of the Group Soul Itself towards ultimate bliss of Union, towards that ineffable Light which will ever be the mystery and wonder of Divinity.

Yet each ‘unit’ must be proved, i.e. its Light must be subjected to the test of veils of density of other spheres of action. / So many units return again and again to the nothingness of dense matter, bravely asserting the lasting reality of their illumination. So often such units, clothed in their passing personalities, fall into ignorance, becoming subject to materialistic concepts.

Some are blessed on their journeys by flashes into the Light and, in rare cases, the Light gained in these spiritual Worlds holds steady, shining through the fleshly masks to bless and encourage their fellow travelers in the darkness of supposed separativeness. Light shines from the eyes of these advanced egos and is reflected in the magnetic fields which surround their dense bodies. (Frances Banks, TOL, 145.)

Reincarnation and the Group

We all try to evolve as a soul group when one of us decides to reincarnate. (Donald Macleod in HT, 17.)
























Déja Vue – Short Story – in Resonance to “Faith of the Heart”


To all my readers here:  take it as a sort of comment to this wonderful message from Marc Gamma today titled: *** FAITH OF THE HEART ***

which opened up mine too with this following Short Story.

Today we all received such another amazing Message from Marc G. about the keep faith of our hearts at this Time of Change and of what Marc has called the End Game.

On perusing through this very beautiful message ..there came a story into my vision again from long ago … disclosing me today several background reasons of some of my very peculiar behaviour which at that time I never was able to explain extensively. I shall clad it literally into the form of a short story here :

It was on some New Years Eve and being a painter this
ererly aged woman who still had very young ideas and imaginations of herself had celebrated this very event with other bohemians in the Gallery of our Art Academy which was her home of doing art.

Being among many other friends of hers there in some dark backyard-building of a large city – it had been a gorgeous feast with lots of delicious food and of course alcoholic drinks too. It was quite a group of not so homogenous nationalities of us … all nationalities a bit mixed and as the Prof. of this State-acknowledged and still private Academy came from Egypt and it had been so vivid and colourful a night  feast … yes it had been a great festive event.

And what was concerning our elderly artist – she was on her own as always – and she had enjoyed this event so much and perhaps had a tiny bit too much of strong spirits and alcoholicdromks at that night.

As she lived on the other end of the city and still had to go some way by the metro to return home … she did some queer thing for a lady to do at her age … she was not a tall one …almost more of tiny size and as usually dressed in some black suit of silky cloth … a very blonde …. which made quite some contrast in her apparition…

All the guests there got slightly tired and the former so gorgeous feast was approaching the end game at this night. So this elderly female artist dressed in black with very reddish blond hair set up to her return home too. Let’s name her Iffie.

Still as so many times before – all the alcoholic drinks were doing their effect in her – Iffie knew about such effects on her mind and heart – as she had experienced it many times before.

Something bold and uncaring about socalled “done behaviour appropriate to a ladylike demeanour” took dominance of her and she went very upright (because of all the alcohol taken) consciously hiding this actual fact in her walking style –  down the street right into the city’s entertainment quarter …. not caring about ifs nor why and what.

At some weird pub of not so much good reputation she stopped and counted what remainder of money was left to her purse – opened that door and went in: there was a somewhat sordid place in some dim light with only few tables and an counter at the opposite wall. It was not crowded – only the owner and some men – appearantly of some beachcomber-types – rakled along the bar and perhaps 2 or 3 other women were sitting on a table.

It all happened in a light of some slight trance – she heard herself saying … Hallo. I am the “Sweety of Service today” … and wondered a bit about such saying herself.  She bought some beer and paid for some of the men some beers too and attended the Music Box for her favourite songs. Thus she made the foregone feast at the Art Academy a prolonged one here at this sordid location and was – I assume – a pretty change for all the men there since there were not many women or they had left already a while ago.

She danced – still always in some slight way of still being in a trance and
expressed everything out at this very moment what had been there hiding in herself deep down in her inner core – Love – yearning – sadness – happyness – not caring about any others’ looks nor probable thoughts …

….she flung her arms up high and opened them up to all the skies of this very first time of the New Year and danced a sort of invocation to the Gods above us here on Earth.  She, as a human being, just sort of vanished from earth at those moments – and when in the process of dancing she was all that she tried to voice out with it .. Happiness, Deep Sadness, Fierce Yearnings, and last not least Praise to the Creator of all Mankind …..

Thus she created her very event and feast to all celestial guides and gods here on Earth’s one of quite maldjusted location – turning this obscure place into some sage and sacred location of invocation!

Some of the men felt a bit challenged and approached her to dance with him .. he was a tall blonde one too, much younger than Iffie that highly aged artist, and perhaps a homeless one walking the beach down there in the port … but she didn’t mind – she danced with him and not withstanding his trials to make a pass on her ….

…she heard herself again saying something very strange: Do you know that we are coming from the Stars above  ??? believe me, and keep it in your mind, we are from the Stars — and she kissed him on his mouth before all these weird and somehow lost people … as if she had ben sent to them to fill this dark location with light and love.

After that she disentangled herself from her dancing partner and went out right away through the door into the darkness of the night ….. and slowly went – always with the very conscious upright style of walking to the next
tube station to get finally home … as if she had fulfilled some heavenly task
that had been given to her before…. Arriving at the other end of the town in her district – morning had come and daylight had lifted all dark events of the night into some brightness of an arising New Year’s First Day.

Daily level of consciousness hat dawned again on her and our elderly female artist, by name of Iffie,  went – very upright still in the very style of walking of still alcoholic effective drinks inside herself – to her home — and laid down to have a good sound sleep … digesting this sort of adventure she had gone through during New Years’ Eve and the early Morning of this Years’ 1st Day
still not before sending some prayer for the Year to come to our all Creator up there thanking and praising him and his Choir of Angels.


This is the event which came into the open when reading Marc’s Message
today about keeping faith of our heart.  Nevr had I forgotten it – it has been stored into my heart until it was released now.

This also was a sort of déja vue to me – as it disclosed the true background why in some periods of life  past alcoholic drinks were such a temptation to me .. I do know now …because it sometimes when I was lucky – it passed me on into some kind of sensation of being in trance and being able to uplift from all this earthen doings and feelings.

If all this has happened to me or if it was been mixed with traumatic and trance dreams … I cannot tell you here for certain … and if it is some true report of my own life … this too I cannot assure you nor affirm … might be also some event from some parallel line of life being mixed into this experience …  take it just what you feel is right from your hearts—

it always was this kind of trance which I seeked when drinking a bit too much – as it made the veil thinner to realms where we came from and it gave me some more conclusions and pereptions which cam from beyond Earth here.

Thank you Marc – for posting this very kind of message calling up on keeping our faith to our very hearts…. ”this I had known already  while in those specific moods of trance so long before – which enhanced my life in the past so much … like psychedelic dreams of the Flower-Power-People.

Namasté to all of you here – reading it !!!



Copyright © (Contra)Mary=Evamaria It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given  Déja Vue – Short Story – in Resonance to “Faith of the Heart”             http://wp.me/p2wHrN-39s

The Next Religion Is the Religion of Consciousness


Posted: 10 May 2014 01:08 AM PDT

by Baba Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari – omtimesThe next religion will be the religion of awakening to the Infinite possibility of success with Consciousness. We can learn to embrace conscious awareness so that all in this world can live together in peace and true prosperity, instead of only a few. Then, through the Grace of God, this conscious awareness may prevent the great likelihood of natural or man-made mass devastation on our Planet Mother Earth.

As an example, just watch the animals; they are so beautiful and natural, but look deeper, they are instinctive. They don’t have to learn anything. It is sheer instincts by which their life is regulated. The egg of the bird hatches, and then when it is ready, the young bird just flies.

But that is not true with MAN. Man, too, has instincts, but man is not totally instinctive. Only in Man has the most important evolution happened. That is the dimension of “consciousness.” This dimension has given man the biggest challenge. Because only in man have bioscientists found an enzyme which enhances a drive for “self discovery.” Only man has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Man thus is a learning animal. Man has to learn everything, and his greatest challenge is to learn to be more conscious and aware.

Consciousness brings the challenge to choose. Now man has to choose between the good and the bad, and the temporal and the permanent, and move from the past and future to the Present and Presence. Man’s journey thus is to transform instinctive energy into intuitive energy, and explore the inner world of infinite possibilities of true consciousness.

The essence of this new religion of consciousness is to become aware of one’s own SELF, for the only malady of humanity is SELF forgetfulness, whose manifestation is the ego. True Growth is always a movement. A movement from unconsciousness to consciousness, from unawareness to awareness, from ego to God!

A seeker asked me the other day, “Baba, what do you think is the biggest challenge for all of us?” The Mother in my heart spoke: “to constantly remember your self”! You remember many things belonging to the past and worry about many things related to the unknown future, but don’t forget to question who is the thinker, who is the doer, and who is the one happy or unhappy. For example, at this moment you are reading these words, you are in the words, but are you conscious of who is reading? Are you aware of your self?
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Chatten – Ideen festhalten – Schreiben – Brief No. 4 – Gespräche mit Isabel H.


Ein weiteres Update von mir aus einem Gespräch im Chatraum mit Isabel H. Es ist schon eine etwas längere Weile her seit meinem letzten Update über ein Gespräch mit Isabel, aber dieses hier heute hat so viel für uns beide ergeben, so dass wir es mit euch allen hier teilen möchten …was in unseren Herzen und auch Köpfen in dieser so besonderen Zeit des Wandels sich ergeben hat.

Dies hat sich alles bei einem unserer täglichen Gespräche ergeben – wie von selbst – und so herauskristallisiert, dass es für uns beide, Isabel und mir, grosse neue bewusste Kenntniss-Placken an die Oberfläche unserer inneren Herzensebenen hervorgeholt hat.

Ich habe mit Einverständnis von Isabel und unserer geistlichen Familie aus ausserirdische Sphären einiges hier kopiert, weill alle Wiederholungen dieser Spontan-Erkenntnisse nur abgeschwächt hier erscheinen würden und ihre ursprüngliche Kraft und innere Schwingungsfrequenz verlieren würden.

Ach so, hinzufügen möchte ich hier noch, dass Isabel hier als Aspekt der “Göttlichen Mutter” spricht und ich als Inkarnation von EESandalphon (der immer mit seinen Sandalen so klappert, wenn er durch das Erdenleben hier geht)  seht auch bitte die Bilder hier an:


Also hier geht es los :

Gefühle, die ich über diese besondere Zeit-des-Jetzt  und der “grossen Veränderung” empfinde und die mir gerade heute so bewusst werden :

So und nun möchte ich einmal beschreiben, was so mein “Overall”-Eindruck ist von der Zeit des Jetzt im Moment …ist mir, als ob wir alle – für mich aber sind es vornehmenlich die Lichtarbeitergemeinschaft und jeder von uns .. so langsam Schicht für Schicht entkleidet wird … es fällt ab wie Blätter von uns, was wir irrigerweise als Identifikation mit uns selbst betrachtet haben bisher – bis nur noch das “Eigentliche Wesentliche” von uns übrig bleibt. Das ” I AM ” wie Angelus Silesius so schön sagt : vom Zufall, der wegfällt, wenn die Welt vergeht, aber nur das Wesen des Einzelnen, die Essenz des Seins, bestehen bleibt… das ist, was jetzt mit uns geschieht … nicht wahr Michael und Twinni und Mutter ??? wir werden entblösst von allem, was wir in unserem irrenden Menschenverstand als unser Selbst angenommen haben und dann stehen wir dort, wie ich es schon einmal in einem Bild ausgedrückt habe und dort auch beschrieben habe als Untertext.. “bald stehen wir unten am Flus und waschen den Schmutz aus unseren Kleidern !” …. und es kommt alles so, was ich innerhalb von einigen Jahren in den 90ern gemalt habe . ❤
Wir sind jetzt dabei … unsere schmutzige Wäsche anzufangen — damit wir rein und klar werden mit unserem einzigen Wesen, das uns bleibt – unserer Essenz des Seins – unserem “Ich Bin” !
ja, du hast recht, und es ist etwas, das ich schon seit über einem Jahr mache, zuerst sehr intensiv und ich dachte, bzw. wurde es mir gesagt ich wäre im Kern meines Wesens angelangt, aber da kommt mit der zeit dann doch noch was zu tage, was ich dann wieder loslasse
es ist einfacher, wenn wir selbst dran arbeiten und loslassen, aber für die, die sich weigern, wird es wohl etwas “gewaltiger” werden im Endeffekt
für die könnte es wie in einem Sturm werden, der alles von ihnen reißt
ich denke bei mir sind es mehr oder weniger nur noch Plaques, die ich entfernen muss
überreste der Schichten
Aber für den grossen Kreis der Lichtarbeiter beginnt die grosse Wäsche erst jetzt, denn bisher haben die meistens ihre alten Gewohnheiten und ihren Horizont geistig nur auf eine andere sublimere Ebene verschoben und von dort aus lustig und unbeirrt weitergemacht, was sie bisher immer getan haben …. darum habe ich auch dorthin dann nicht gepasst,, weil ich bewusst schon meine Wäsche angegangen bin seit etwa 1986 – angefangen mit Affirmationen von Murphy, die ich auf Kasetten gesprochen habe und mir ans Bett gestellt habe und immer wieder habe laufen lassen , um mein verkrustetes Innere aufzuweichen uns an mein Unteebewusstsein zu gelangen….
es ist gut, sich darüber klar werden zu können mit jemanden, der die gleiche Resonanz hat wie du …
ich hab in den letzten zwei Jahren sehr viel und intensiv an mir gearbeitet, aber auch schon in den jahren davor, aber auch für mich alleine, mit den Holofeelingbüchern und Dokumenten hab ich sehr viel gelernt
Michael sagte mir mal, dass es für mich nicht geplant war, zu früh zu erwachen und mit channelings in berührung zu kommen, weil mir sonst bei mir das
Heimweh noch größer geworden wäre und mir in dem Fall auch viel Enttäuschungen erspart blieben, mit vorhergesagten Landungen und sonstigem in 2008
mit der ganzen Materie bin ich erst im Winter/Frühjahr 2011 in Berührung gekommen
und da war SaLuSa sofort mein absoluter Favorit
schon nach der ersten Botschaft , da hat etwas klick in mir gemacht
ja, ich hab bewußt an mir gearbeitet anhand des MATERIALS DAS ICH HATTE, es war gutes material und hat mir auch den Aufbau der Schöpfung gut erklärt


jeder hat seinen eigenen Weg … und ich denke, es kommt vor allem darauf an, dass wir es bewusst tun und ehrlich uns bemühen.. hat Goethe schon im Faust gesagt. “Wer immer strebend sich bemüht, den können wir erlösen !”
Das ist schon alles richtig, was Michael sagt, vor allem für dich …. und du bist ja jetz dort, wo du sein sollst, was willst du eigentlich mehr ???
nur noch nach hause
ja, er ist ein excellenter Führer, der beste den ich haben konnte
er steht hier links neben mir, ich fühle ihn
und ich hab ihn am Bauch gekitzelt
kitzele für mich mit … ich liebe ihn ja auch, seit ich ihn über Sarinah kenne !!
hab ich, er lacht
wir alle sind schon sehr glücklich dran mit diesem wunderbaren Team finde ich. so viel Lachen und Humor dabei … das macht glücklich !
er liebt es zu scherzen und ich hätte fast wieder kanak geschrieben vorhin
Nicht nur Michi sondern ich meine auch die anderen alle … ich bin so gerne lustig und fröhlich und mit euch allen finde ich diese Basis wieder … ich war immer ein fröhliches Wesen ,,, umsonst hiess nicht meine Oma als Mädchen “Fröhlich” mit Familiennamen …. ich hatte immer diese gottgegebene Fröhlichkeit in mir und bin dankbar dafür … .
ich bin auch gerne lustig und fröhlich, und ja das ist eine lustige Rasselbande um uns
Die eine Oma hiess “Reich” und war nicht reich … die andere hiess “Fröhlich” und war das Gegenteil… es waren wohl für beide die Herausforderung ihrer Leben, dies zu gewinnen …
So kriege ich nach und nach die Geheimnisse meiner Familie zu wissen … und was Koslowski heisst – mein Mädchen- name : ich weiss nur, dass es mit Ziegen zu tun hat … Ziegen hüten oder Hirte für Ziegen zu sein vielleicht, denn Ziegen sind intelligente Tiere und ich mag sie mit ihren klaren grossen Augen – wenn sie einen anschauen … schwer zu hüten, alles Individualisten .. !!
Was sagen Michi und der Twinni dazu ? Sie lachen, das weiss ich schon … ich klappere auch ganz schön lustig inmitten meiner Ziegenherde umher … und tanze dort den Tanz meines Lebens jetzt …! < Bitte
Feedback von beiden !!!
sie lachen wirklich und freuen sich über deine Erkenntnisse
ja, ich habe meine so schöne und erweiternde inner Fröhlichkeit wiedergefunden und mein Mitleid – das Mitleiden mit meinen menschlichen Geschwistern hier auf der Erde – abstreifen können ich bin wieder ich … die kleine kicherned Hexe im Wald, die auf den Bäumen sass und und durch die Grünen Blätterwände schaute … ich bin so glücklich,, wieder ICH BIN zu sein !!!<3
wenn es nicht so schön wäre, könnte ich vor Glück weinen … aber dafür ist es zu schön ! In mir ist alles Licht jetzt und ich greife mit meinen Lichthänden und Fingern nach den Sternen, die meine Geschwister sind und nach den Wesen, die von weither kommen und ich begrüsse sie mit all meiner Freude …. in der Messe heisst es irgendwo : Herzen empor ! das tue ich jetzt .. ich reiche euch allen mein Herz hinaus .. auf dass es noch lichter werde …überall !
Diese innere Freude sprudelt wie aus einem lichten klaren Quell – und das ist unsere Aller Einheit mit dem Urquell der göttlichen Schöpferfamilie … sie sprengt mich förmlich auseinander und quillt aus allen Ritzen und Spalten meines Seins in alle Welt …. rast die Ley Lines hinauf und hinab und öffnet alle Nodes dem Licht aus anderen Sternenwelten, damit es hier auch seinen Dienst tue und alle hier befreie …. wir sind das jetzt, was wir und die wir erwartet haben  –  voller Sehnsucht und Verlangen – per aspera ad astra – durch das Dunkel zu gehen und in das Licht der Sterne !
und ich sende nicht nur die diamantene flamme in die ley lines, sondern auch meine ureigenste
um mitzuhelfen die balance herzustellen, schließlich IST dies die feminine ernergie
Soll ich diese Gefühle vielleicht einmal hier kopieren und oben an meine Wand als update schreiben … was meint Ihr dazu ???
brauche ich eigentlich gar nicht zu fragen … werde es konzipieren und dich mit einbeziehen …. was sagen Michi, Mutter und Twinni, Soltec, Raphael und Jophiel dazu bitte ???
sie sagen ja