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  Saul Audio Blog for Sunday December 7th

Me:   Good evening dear Saul.  Thanks for your last message.  I have just finished reading Elie Wiesel’s book “And the Sea is Never Full,” the second of his autobiographical ones, it has left me feeling rather drained and tired.  Can you give me a hug, a loving energy replacement boost so that we can commune?  That is if you are presently free to commune.  Thank you.

Saul:  Good evening John, of course we can commune.  I’m always available, in fact all of us in the spiritual realms, the non-human realms are ALWAYS available to answer your calls, the calls of any human who chooses to address us, any time and in any language.  We are here for you all, always, just call.

Me:  Dear Saul, Thank You.  You and Jesus keep telling me this, and still I doubt, and I…

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My Journal December 03, 2014 – Our journey home to Source

Our journeys are varied and unique. Sometimes the key is to let go of any concerns and just enjoy the ride.

The silverplatinum flame

Log Entry Earth Time December 03, 2014, 06:51.55 pm CEST

At the moment life flows with the usual chores. I do my cleansings, healings and energy work. Also the reiki for Kiba’s behavior and for Tom’s heart. Tomorrow we have the next visit at the vet clinic. I am curious if the healing sessions for him are successfull or at least will show an improvement. I am only glad that he takes his daily tablet without troubles. He eats it out of my palm like a treat. 🙂 My sweet Tom ❤

20141120_001713My Zen-Master Tom 🙂

The last nights I dreamed and I remember my dream from tonight. I was traveling with some persons to a for me not obvious destination. We used a bus and a train and we reached the station for them not on well-trodden and known paths but we walked across country and unknown paths. We…

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