Rewriting Human Rights

Freedoms 22If I were to choose one word to say what human rights were all about, for me, I’d say: Freedom. Freedom to and freedom from.

If you read the accounts of life on the other side, in the Fourth Dimension or Astral Plane, the most striking thing about the experience of the newly-arrived is their greatly expanded sense of freedom.

The freedom to not eat. The freedom from ageing and death. The freedom to jump into a lake, go to the bottom, and not need to breathe.

The freedom to study, to travel, to invent. On and on goes the experience of freedom in the astral world.

Now here we are at the end of a cycle, ascending. And the very first thing that needs to be restored worldwide is freedom.

Freedom to speak. Freedom to assemble. Freedom to worship as one pleases. Freedom to marry whom one pleases. Freedom to decide one’s reproductive choices. On and on the list goes of freedoms that have been eroded.

That having been said, freedom does have its limits. I’m not free to shoot my neighbor.  I’m not free to set fire to his house.

As long as we live together and human-rights violations are committed, we’ll need to have the protection of laws and law-enforcers.

But eventually the vibration we live in will have been refined to a point where bliss will be present and will push aside all desires to harm another. That would be inside the Fifth-Dimensional portal, I’d imagine.

So the situation will right itself. It’s only the transitional period we need to manage. And the chaos outside seems to suggest there’s a lot of management needed. But we’re assured that the chaos will pass and that reassurance is certainly one that I’ve accepted.

Where are the lightworker leaders in the field of human rights?  Where is the person or persons who will write a human-rights charter that reflects the universal laws and divine qualities?

There’s no need for you to be waiting for the Reval. This is something that’s needed that can be done now.

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Shift update 30/6 by Jada Alesandra Seidl

12003146_10205816932036826_2160338343693311131_nUniverseller Tag 30/3

Universelles Datum 18/9 (3+0+6+2+0+1+6=18/9)

Die himmlischen Reiche weisen uns darauf hin die Herrlichkeit und Vollendung des stellaren Raumes anzunehmen. Frequenzen und deren Codierung senden Energien des Löwen direkt von Sirius eingespeist.

Vertrauen in die eigene neu kalibrierte Intuition zu haben.

Die Gleichmäßigkeit der zyklischen Bewegung des Universums zu erkennen.

Kraft für die bevorstehenden Ereignisse.

Gleichzeitig strahlen Strömungen der Harmonie durch die uns umgebenden Schutzschilder.

Seit zwei Tagen werden einige von Euch in der Nacht auf eine ganz besondere Reise entsendet. Deshalb ist es für viele sehr schwer am Morgen aus den Federn zu kommen- ihr fühlt euch im Tagesbewusstsein sehr gerädert und schwer.

Eure Partner werden euch erzählen wie intensiv ihr in euren Traumwelten unterwegs seid (aktive Bewegung und sprechen im Schlaf).

Übelkeit und Müdigkeit sind eure Begleiter. Erst in den frühen Nachmittagsstunden kommt euer physischer Körper im hier und jetzt wieder in Schwung.

Eine Begleiterscheinung eurer Mission welche in diesen Stunden, kurz bevor wir in den Monat der stellaren Verbindung schreiten.

Bewusst werdet ihr in euren nächtlichen Reisen von den subtilen dunklen verbannten Mächten  besucht.

Jene Mächte wurden bereits vor Äonen von Zeiten durch die Hohen Räte Sirius auf Quarantäne Planeten umgesiedelt. Nun haben diese ein Tor gefunden ihre Macht in unseren Aspekten erscheinen zu lassen. Der Sinn aus Sicht der dunklen Energien dieser Operation ist es, den bereits vor sich gehenden Aufstiegs unseres Planeten in die 5. Ebene zeitlich zu verzögern.

Es ist nun unsere Aufgabe diese Energie ins Christuslicht zu führen.

Alleine durch deine Kraft, deine Macht des wahren ICH BIN leuchtest du in die verborgensten Gänge dieses Machtstruktur der schadhaften Energie.

Entsende mehrmals täglich das Christuslicht in die weiten des Universums und in alle Ebenen  aller Zeiten.

Beobachte deine Umwelt- stellst du mehr Suchtverhalten, Aggression und verbale Attacken fest?

Alles was sich hier zeigt gehört nicht zur Uressenz deines Gegenüber sondern ist ein Aspekt der dunklen Macht. Sende ihr Licht.

Die himmlischen Reiche können uns im Moment nur schwer durch die Schutzschilde erreichen, wodurch ihr Abtrennung und Einsamkeit fühlen könnt.

Sie lassen euch wissen –

auch wenn es gerade nicht fühlbar oder hörbar  ist IHR BESITZT BEREITS DIE KRAFT UND DIE MACHT sich gegen die dunklen Mächte zu stellen.

Von Außen beobachtet um sicherzustellen das der Ablauf weiter im göttlichen Zeitplan läuft.

Grüße von Sirius



Releasing the Need to Control Your Life

All that’s required for enlightenment or an easier life is to release resistance and the need to control what happens to you.

The need to control life comes from the ego and is an impediment to higher consciousness. It’s only when resistance is released that the need to control fades; then, you can be open to a less stressful life that still challenges you but doesn’t bring you out of your center.

When you resist or try to control life, you create tension that manifests as obstacles further down your path.

You meet brick walls where there were once open doors, and those who struggle to find the source of this newfound difficulty need look no further than the resistance they may be showing and the control they may be attempting to exert.

Be Open

Adversity is inevitable. You can’t control whether you experience it, but you can lay down the need for control and, in doing so, learn to respond to it properly.

It’ll be easier if you respond with love and openness, and it’s funny how a simple shift in perspective births such a profound shift in consciousness while making life infinitely more joyful.

If you can be open to what your path has for you and willing to go with the flow while going out of your way to take opportunities and create new experiences, you can get the most out of your life without forcing the experiences you want.

Releasing resistance, which includes the need to control your life, could very well be the key to enlightenment or creating the life you deserve. It’s a simple concept, but acting on it can be difficult.

An Interesting Paradox

Paul Ferrini outlines the ‘one supreme addiction’.

“You think you are the doer of your life and that you have created safety, when in fact your life is about to explode and you are about to realize that you have no conscious control over what happens. You believe that you are powerful, yet you demonstrate again and again your utter powerlessness.

“This is an interesting paradox, is it not? No matter how hard it tries, the ego cannot create safety. No matter how many times the ego tries to push you out of the present moment, it inevitably brings you into it full force, because the price of denial is pain.

“The more you seek to control life the more life will give you the message that it cannot be controlled. And then you will feel powerless and try even harder to control. You see! It is a silly game. You cannot win the game, yet you can’t stop playing it either. This is the one supreme addiction.

“It has many forms. Even the attachment to risk-taking is a form of control. The forms are endless.” (1)

The Mind Strives Needlessly for Security

Adyashanti describes the secure position from which the mind attempts to operate.

“Life moves, undulates, breathes in and out, contracting and expanding. This is its nature, the nature of what is. Whatever is, is on the move. Nothing remains the same for very long.

“The mind wants everything to stop so that it can get its foothold, find its position, so it can figure out how to control life. Through the pursuit of material things, knowledge, ideas, beliefs, opinions, emotional states, spiritual states, and relationships, the mind seeks to find a secure position from which to operate.” (2)

Beyond the limited self and the ego that keeps it in motion is pure awareness.

“The mind seeks to nail life down and get it to stop moving and changing. When this doesn’t work, the mind begins to seek the changeless, the eternal, something that doesn’t move. But the mind of thought is itself an expression of life’s movement and so must always be in movement itself.

“When there is thought, that thought is always moving and changing. There is really no such thing as thought. There is only thinking, so thought which is always moving (as thinking) cannot apprehend the changeless.

“When thought enters into the changeless it goes silent. When thought goes silent, the thinker, the psychological ‘me’, the image-produced self, disappears. Suddenly it is gone. You, as an idea, are gone. Awareness remains alone.” (3)

Spirituality and Self-Harm

Many spiritual people, Adyashanti writes, are violent to themselves.

“Spiritual people can be some of the most violent people you will ever meet. Mostly, they are violent to themselves.

“They violently try to control their minds, their emotions, and their bodies. They become upset with themselves and beat themselves up for not rising up to the conditioned mind’s idea of what it believes enlightenment to be. No one ever became free through such violence.” (4)

Few seekers are ‘truly free’ because most conform to ideas and beliefs.

“Why is it that so few people are truly free? Because they try to conform to ideas, concepts, and beliefs in their heads. They try to concentrate their way to heaven.

“But Freedom is about the natural state, the spontaneous and un-self-conscious expression of beingness. If you want to find it, see that the very idea of ‘a someone who is in control’ is a concept created by the mind. Take one step backward into the unknown.” (5)

It’s Time to Let Go

To take Adyashanti’s advice and ‘step backward into the unknown’ is to relinquish the control over your life you’ve struggled to maintain since day one, and you’ll feel a supreme sense of relief when you finally let go of it.


Most of us, including me, have yet to let go of it completely.

It helps to have guidance from spiritual teachers who are aware of the difficulty of detaching from the known, but ultimately, it’s a personal process that requires deep soul searching.

Meditation and other forms of consciousness expansion reveal vibrant states of being beyond the chatter of the mind, and the need to control life will fade along with the chatter and resistance that once seemed impossible to transcend.

As you slowly release your grip on life, you’ll finally begin to see clearly.

You’ll know without a doubt you’re connected with something much greater than the physical world, and openness to this cosmic consciousness will help you release the rest of your resistance and welcome the lessons placed on your path.


  1. Paul Ferrini, Silence of the Heart. South Deerfield, MA: Heartways Press, 1996, 28-9.
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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness, June 28, 2016 –

Archangel Michael and the Divine Mother: Harmony Between the Divine Feminine and Masculine and Patterning

archangel michaelArchangel Michael has been asking us to take up his invitation to leadership and that posed a dilemma for me.

How does the divine masculine respond to a call for leadership without overwhelming or threatening the divine feminine?

This is a time of the resurgence of the divine feminine. How does the divine masculine fit into that program, in terms of leadership?

AAM said that the old patriarchical paradigm was one of hierarchical tyranny, founded on not caring. The new paradigm does away with hierarchy, respects free will, and is founded on caring.

He discussed how earthly relationships are meant to reflect the divine relationship of the Heavenly Father and Divine Mother, who are always in harmony. Relationships should not be about ascendancy.

He then went over the nature and opportunity of sacred union. He said much more but let me stop there.

Airs every second Thursday at 4pm PT/7pm ET

There is no call-in number

In the course of his answer he mentioned again how we were patterned on the Divine Mother, seeded by the Heavenly Father.

I asked him, in the last ten minutes, exactly how things were patterned on the Divine Mother, restricting ourselves to what we lightworkers know and can understand (i.e., I was not asking for an answer from the absolute level of reality).

To my surprise, Michael stepped aside and the Divine Mother came through to answer the question.

She discussed patterning in nature and our social ways and conventions.

We agreed that the patterning was designed to give us assistance in knowing first her and then the Father.  The purpose of life is to realize who we truly are – and who we truly are is God, the Mother/Father One.

Understanding 3rd-5th Dimensionality life patterns helps us understand divine patterns. How a woman and a man create life (a baby), for example, is a metaphor for how the Mother and the Father create life (an individual soul).

Preconditioning us to the one (physical procreation) makes us open and available to the knowledge of the other (the divine creation of life), when we hear about it. That’s one example of patterning as a pointer to the nature of Reality and our essence.

Well, you can see how energized I was from the discussion. Come join us.


Suzanne Lie: Preparing For First Contact, Chapter 13. The Arcturians/Pleiadians – Merging With Your Fifth Dimensional SELF

InTheCrystal copyGreetings, we your Arcturian, Pleiadian, and higher expressions of your SELF, are in the process of joining with your fifth dimensional and beyond energy fields. This joining, which will occur only when you are ready, will flow into your third/fourth dimensional energy fields.

When you/we blend that which is an octave jump beyond your present resonance, with your baseline resonance of third/fourth dimensional, you will move into an entirely different operating system.

By operating system we mean that you will process reality in a different manner with your fifth dimensional operating system than you processed reality with your third/fourth dimensional operating system. As an example, in your physical world you are ruled by time. On the other hand, in the fifth dimension you are ruled by “the HERE of the NOW.”

In the third/fourth dimensional reality there is space,
But in the fifth dimensional world there is here.

In your third/fourth dimensional reality there is separation,
But in the fifth dimension there is unity.

In your third/fourth physical reality there is limitation,
But in the fifth dimension and beyond there is multidimensionality.

In your fifth dimensional reality:

  • Motion transmutes into resonance
  • Thoughts transmute into realizations
  • Pain transmutes into freedom
  • War transmutes into peace
  • Sleep transmutes into higher dimensional travel
  • Meditation transmutes into multidimensional knowing
  • Individuality transmutes into ONE
  • And the planet transmutes into Unity with its Galaxy

Do you see the vast difference between the two octaves of reality?

Do you realize that within your daily, physical life, you exist within BOTH realities?

You are in a day-to-day, minute-by-minute, second-by-second process of integrating a frequency of Light into your third/fourth dimensional body, which is an octave jump beyond the frequency of Light that you have ever experienced in any of your incarnations on Gaia’s physical planet.

Fortunately, your many incarnations in the Pleiades gave you the experience of resonating to a fifth dimensional body. Also, your experiences in the Violet Temple of Venus gave you the experience of actively shifting your resonance into the next, higher octave.

Since the Pleiades and Venus are primarily fifth dimensional, the encasement of your consciousness has already resonated to the higher fourth and/or fifth dimensions. Furthermore, both the Pleiades and Venus have a baseline frequency of the higher fourth and threshold fifth dimension.

From these perspectives you may say you are starting your journey at the midpoint on your traverse to “the peak of the mountain.” On the other hand, during your incarnations on the greatly wounded version of dear Gaia, on which you have taken your current incarnation, you begin your journey at the bottom of a very deep valley.

“Yea, though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you fear no evil for thou art with me.” That “thou,” who is ONE with your Higher Self, lives within the resonance of the “All That Is.” Whether or not your third dimensional self is aware of it, you are in constant connection with your Higher Self.

This connection is the best blessing that can be found as you journey through the valley of the shadow of the third dimension. Within this deep third dimensional valley is the shadow of ALL of the third/fourth dimensional incarnations that you have ever taken on planet Earth.

Before you can reach the peak of the mountain, which is through the valley, you must confront, live, love, heal, and set free all of the shadows of your Self that you have spent during uncountable incarnations believing that you were just physical. But how could you go through all of these experiences in a time-bound reality such as Planet Earth?

The answer is you cannot. You will need to move into your fifth dimensional states of consciousness and beyond in which you live within the NOW of the ONE. Within your fifth dimensional states of consciousness you know that you are not JUST the body that is having the difficult time adjusting to the fifth dimensional Light.

YOU are the valley, YOU are the mountain, AND YOU are the peak. But YOU are also the valley of the shadow of death. But death is not an ending. Death is a transition from one frequency of reality into a higher frequency of reality.

Ascension can feel very similar to your physical body dying. In order to ascend, or die, you must LET GO. Now when we say, “die,” we do not mean die as in your physical body no longer exists. When we say, “die,” we mean that you die to the old belief that you are ONLY your physical body and that if something happens to your physical body it happens to YOU.

Now, while you are wearing your physical body it does appear that what happens to your physical body happens to you, especially while still operating under your third/fourth dimensional operating system. However, when you allow yourself to expand into your fifth dimensional operating system, you realize that YOU are the essence that is within your body.

YOU are the “beingness” that makes your physical body be alive. Therefore, YOU have the ability to expand the consciousness of that physical body. You have the ability to raise the peak of the mountain while you are climbing the mountain.

In other words, while you are walking through your daily life in which YOU are wearing your third/fourth dimensional body, you can simultaneously move through the ongoing process of transmuting your third dimensional physical body and your fourth dimensional astral body into your fifth dimensional Lightbody.

Your major challenge with this transmutation will be that no matter how much you have studied, no matter how much you are sure about:

Who you will be,
Where you are going,
What it is like to return to your ship
When this transmutation will occur or
How you will flash into Lightbody,

The physical body that you are wearing cannot fully understand your process.

Therefore, there is always doubt. Your process is to love that doubt, embrace that doubt, for doubt is the sum total of the third dimensional reasoning that you have learned so that you can confront a third dimensional reality that is NOT based on Truth. In fact, your third dimensional reality is based on illusion.

Therefore, rather than release your doubt, make that doubt your very best friend. Allow that doubt to come into your awareness and say, “Are you sure about it? Let’s go into meditation and confer with our higher expressions of Self.”

In this manner, YOU are in the driver’s seat. It is wonderful that you read many things, that you study many things, for you expand your mind and activate your Multidimensional mind when you expose yourself to unique stimuli.

It is also very wonderful when you allow yourself to slowly, carefully, and bit by bit, integrate this new information into your physical reality and into your own physical body. In this manner, you can calmly experience the transmutation that you must be willing to let go of everything that you have learned, studied, and/or worked hard to achieve in your physical reality.

Now when we say “let go” that does not mean you need to leave your house, stop paying your bills, not go to work, etc. What we mean is that you must “let go” of the illusions that you have believed during your long duration of wearing an Earth vessel.

Most important, “let go” of the illusion that you have lost your ability to remember to share your daily reality with your higher dimensional expression of Self. In other words, what you have lost is your natural innate connection with your fifth dimensional, and beyond, expressions of your Self.

Whilst you are still wearing a human vessel, you will experience times in which you must be fully focused on your third dimensional life. There are also times when you will sleep or meditate so that you can experience your fourth dimensional vessel and your fourth dimensional life.

And, there are especially times where you need to meditate in order to remember how your fifth dimensional consciousness feels. You may also experience this feeling in your fifth dimensional dreams. If you have these 5th dimensional dreams, please be sure to write them down the very second that you awaken for they will not remain in your third dimensional brain.

We remind you to document your experiences because it is important that you hold onto the faith that you have in your SELF and the faith that you have in your process. Most important, please hold on to the faith that you have in your inner Self, in your fourth dimensional Self, in your higher Self, in your fifth dimensional Self and in all the higher versions of your self that are YOU.

But which of these Selves of YOU, which of these many expressions of your SELF will you have the ability to have faith in? Our answer is you must have faith in all of them. You must have faith in all of YOU. You must have faith in all of your Selves. For faith represents your action of surrender.

If you can surrender into every person, place, situation, and moment that you have ever experienced in any of your incarnations, then you will be able to have that faith to surrender in to the higher expressions of your SELF that have guided you through every one of these experiences in every one of your physical incarnations.

If you can remember this process, you will be able to go back into all of these myriad realities and send them Unconditional Love and Violet Fire. You can also remind them that they/you were just wearing an Earth vessel within that NOW to learn more about living on a planet that is on the cusp of the transmutation into the next octave of reality.

Furthermore, in all of your Earthly incarnations you needed to experience being human to more fully understand humanity. You needed to understand the workings of the third/fourth dimension, as you move into your chosen mission of transmuting that third/fourth dimensional reality into the fifth dimension.

This deep understanding of third/fourth dimensional Earth teaches you to Unconditionally Love Gaia’s transmuting reality. Your deep understanding also assists you to:

Unconditionally Forgive all that you experienced in all of those third/fourth dimensional realities and Unconditionally Accept that everything that you have ever experienced was a component of that which you chose to experience to best prepare for Ascension.

It is then that you will be able to Unconditionally Love that YOU who is within this process of finding the Multidimensional You that has already ascended and who already inhabits many higher dimensional frequencies of reality.

This conscious merging with your own Multidimensional SELF connects you with the line, the lineage, the multidimensional lineage, of the You within this NOW that YOU have always been.

Blessings. We are happy to see so many of you fully awakening and preparing to assist Gaia with her Ascension.

End of Transmission


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Preparing For First Contact, Chapter 13. The Arcturians/Pleiadians – Merging With Your Fifth Dimensional SELF. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. June 29, 2016.

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Suzanne Lie: Preparing For First Contact, Chapter 12. The Arcturians – Your Expanded Sense of SELF

LookUPinTreesWe, the Arcturians, would like to ask how YOU are doing? When we say you, we mean the “Awakened humanity,” for unawakened humanity is unable to even imagine that anyone would be able to communicate with Beings that are invisible to their third dimensional perceptions.

In fact, there are still many humans who can only believe that reality is ONLY third dimensional. They may concede that something else happens when they meditate or dream, but the explanation need to be rooted within their third dimensional thinking.

To our perception, we can see that there are several realties that exist within your NOW. There is the reality of those who only believe in their third dimensional world, and can’t even imagine that any other component of their life is “real.”

There is a reality in which some believe that their fourth dimensional meditations and dreams are an offshoot of their physical self, who is their “real self.” Hence, these meditations, and dreams “may be” some form of communication from their inner self. However, their physical self is their highest and/or primary self.

There is also a reality in which Ones think or believe that their dreams, meditations and imagination may be arising from their inner self to assist their ego self through daily life.

Fortunately, there is also a growing amount of humans – but still a small percentage – who believe that there is a higher dimensional component of their own Being that resonates to a higher dimension of reality.

Some of this group believes that their higher resonance can – and does – assist them with their daily 3D life.

Do you, our fully Awakened Ones, understand now why your transition into the higher realities is taking so long? On the other hand, there are also many humans who are fully awake to, and aware of, their own Multidimensional nature.

These fully aware humans are more than ready to fully activate their fifth dimensional perceptions in order to perceive the reality that resonates just beyond their Beta Wave/third dimensional consciousness and even their Alpha Wave/fourth dimensional consciousness.

As we have stated many times, one can only perceive the reality that resonates to their state of consciousness. On the other hand, there are a rapidly growing percentage of humans who are beginning to awaken to higher states of consciousness.

Therefore, they are beginning to remember their dreams, trust their “imagination” enough to turn it into a “new idea,” allow brand new thoughts and ideations to enter their minds, and trust the inner messages that suddenly appear in their mind, or their body, as they go about their daily life.

These are the Ones who will be able to consciously embrace the reality that Earth is NOT the only planet that has sentient life. Many of this population can even embrace the fact that Earth humans are NOT the most evolved “sentient Beings” in your huge galaxy.

Do you see the challenge for Earth? There are many very different populations of humanity who think and believe in very diverse ways. How can the population of Earth reach a cohesive state of awareness in which everyone can, at the very least, accept that others can perceive very different versions of reality?

We, your Galactic Family, can understand how difficult it must be for those of you who can embrace fifth dimensional states of consciousness, perceptions and experiences, while you are also living and surviving within your daily third dimensional reality.

We wish to commend you for finding the myriad unique ways in which you are adapting to a very difficult and extremely unique experience. Since Earth became the “melting pot” of many different Star Beings who came from many different areas of your Milky Way Galaxy, as well as from the Andromeda Galaxy, there is great diversity within one planet.

The type of planetary diversity that Gaia enjoys is quite unique, but part of the reason for this variety of inhabitants is because Beings came from many different Star worlds to settle on Earth.

For example, many Pleiadians, Sirians, Draconians and Venusians, as well as members of other surrounding galaxies who wanted to have the experience of being on a free will planet, that was based on separation and the Law of Cause and Effect.

Some Beings came from different Galaxies, such as the Andromeda Galaxy, to explore and often stay within the experience of ascending Earth. We would like to speak a bit about the Andromeda Galaxy.

First, we want to put into perspective that Earth is not even a dot on a universal map: This map marks in yellow the three “local galaxies” of your own Milky Way Galaxy, the Andromeda Galaxy, as well as the Triangulum Galaxy.

Being aware of the evolution of your personal consciousness greatly influences your “sense of Self.” You start as an infant in whom your sense of Self is connected with the One who feeds and cares for you. As you mature into an adult you sense of Self depends greatly on what you do and how your state of consciousness influences what you are doing.

If your state of consciousness is driven by fear, then you may feel that you need to work “hard” and face many disappointments. This fearful state of consciousness creates a sense of SELF in which you are “a victim” who is unable to find love and safety in a hostile world.

However, if you can find a way to rise above the difficulties of daily life, your sense of Self will expand into feeling like the victor. When you are able to transmute your sense of Self from a victim to the victor, your sense of Self will include your ever-expanding ability to gain mastery over your life. Hence:

  • As you realize that you have found the way to rise above that which formerly held you down, you gain a sense of being – your independent, personal Self.
  • As you can realize that there are higher dimensional versions of your Self who are in continual connection with you – you gain a sense of being your Multidimensional Self.
  • As you gain a conscious connection with your own higher expressions ofSself – you gain a sense of being your Higher SELF.
  • As you gain a conscious connection with your Higher SELF, you remember that you have come to Earth to assist with planetary Ascension. You can then recall that, in order to achieve your chosen mission, you will need to extend you sense of Self to encompass your planetary Self.
  • As you become increasingly comfortable with your “planetary Self”, you begin to expand your sense your Galactic Self.

As you merge with your higher, planetary, and Galactic sense of Self, you regain your multidimensional perceptions that became lost during your many incarnations on the troubled planet of Earth. It is via your expanded perceptions that you begin to remember:

  • The Home-world or Starship from which your Higher Self guides you within every moment of the NOW.
  • Why you came to Earth within this vital NOW of transmutation.
  • How you can communicate with the higher expressions of Multidimensional SELF.
  • How you can follow the directives of your own Higher Self to remember the mission that you chose before taking this embodiment.
  • How you can remain grounded within your third dimensional reality while your consciousness is intertwined with your higher dimensional expressions of SELF.
  • How you can remember and fulfill your pre-birth contracts.
  • How you can assist others and the planet to move into and through the higher sub-planes of space/time and into the fifth dimensional NOW of the ONE.

We realize that one of your greatest challenges is the balancing of your third/fourth dimensional reality with your newly down-loaded fifth dimensional states of consciousness, as well as with all your ever-expanding fifth dimensional perceptions.

Because you are the pioneers for a new frequency of reality, you are among the minority of humankind who has volunteered to enter into the NOW of transition from a third dimensional time/space reality into a fifth dimensional reality, that is based on HERE and NOW.

Many of you brave pioneers to a new octave of reality are concerned about the level of chaos in your third dimensional life. We remind you that chaos always precedes change. The chaos reveals that which no longer works in your new higher frequencies. As uncomfortable as this chaos may be, we ask you try to embrace the chaos.

When you embrace chaos, it is no longer your enemy. Embracing chaos allows you to discover and live the newest version of your SELF that you are now ready to download into your ever-expanding sense of Self. In this manner, chaos is not your enemy, but your friend who is showing you what cannot expand into the higher dimensions.

The thoughts, emotions, energy fields and thought forms that are interdimensional are paving the way to assist you to fully adapt to living within a Multidimensional reality in which your physical laws of time and space no longer function.

Those whose sense of self only included their third dimensional consciousness and reality will likely miss many of the higher dimensional events that will only be perceivable to those who have expanded their consciousness, and hence, their sense of self, into the fifth dimension and beyond.

If one is “just a 3D human,” they will not be able to perceive the return of their fourth and fifth dimensional perceptions, as they are busy with the demands of their physical life. They will not find time to meditate, expand their consciousness and see auras, or feel the call of their own Higher Self.

That is not a good or a bad choice. It is simply their choice. Not everyone wearing a physical body has incarnated on Earth to experience and assist with planetary Ascension. There are millions of kind and loving people who are not interested in this type of information.

Therefore, we say to those of you who are ready to share their experiences to look first into the aura of the One to whom they are speaking. Look just above their head to see if they are consciously connected with their higher dimensional expressions of Self. If you perceive a void, you will know that they are not ready to enter into the experience of Ascension.

Talk about the weather or address your joint victories and challenges, then go about your way. We say this to you so that you do not have the difficulties that many “harbingers of change” have experienced when they attempted to move into the next higher frequency of reality.

If you feel it is your choice to work with the population who is not ready for planetary shift, then blessings to you, and remember to be patient. We remind you all that each and every one of you are loved and supported by your higher dimensional family and friends. We also remind you that you did NOT leave our higher dimensional reality.

  • In fact, when you bi-located into your Earth body, you expanded your “sense of Self” down from the frequency from your Galactic Self…
  • Then you expanded your frequency into the frequency of your Planetary Self…
  • Then into the frequency of your Higher Self…
  • Then you expanded your awareness of being your Multidimensional Self
  • And finally, you expanded your sense of Self to include your experience of being your personal Self.

Therefore, you did NOT diminish your true SELF in any manner. However, the time, separation, polarity, and hard work of the third dimension made many forget that your human self is, actually, the lowest octave of your Multidimensional SELF.

Many of you have chosen to address unresolved issues from other incarnations, to more greatly empower your self-esteem and expand your sense of Self to embrace the higher dimensional expressions, as well as your current physical embodiment.

But, please remember that you have NEVER LEFT your higher dimensional expression of your Self. What did occur is that during your long excursions into the third/fourth dimensions of reality, your “sense of Self” became limited to your third dimensional self.

This experience is much like feeling your feet walking in muddy water, feeling your body in the clearer water, and experiencing the air and sun on your upper torso and face.

YOU are your feet in the muddy water.
YOU are your head with the breeze and the higher Light.
YOU are also the Light that caresses your face and makes the crown of your head tingle.
Please remember that YOU are also the mud through which you walk.

Feel all of these expressions of your self within the NOW of the ONE.
Realize that you are also “the Now of the ONE” that you feel entering your crown.
You are “All in All.”

As you peak deeper and deeper into the fifth dimensional reality that is increasingly intermingling with the fourth dimension astral world of your meditations and dreams, and your third dimensional life on physical Earth, your Sense of SELF is expanding to include more and more frequencies of your innate Multidimensional SELF.

We, your Galactic Family, remind you to send your ever-expanding sense of Self deep into the core of Gaia’s planet Earth to ground your Multidimensional, human energy field with Gaia’s Multidimensional, planetary energy field.

In this manner, while the third/fourth and fifth dimensional energy fields merge into ONE, people and planet also merge into ONE. Those of you that chose to take an Earth vessel within this NOW to assist Gaia with Her transmutation will be transmuting your Self while you are simultaneously transmuting Gaia.

You are assisting with the birth/creation of fifth dimensional “New Earth” with the core of third dimensional Earth. You are also sending the seed of your fourth dimensional dreams and aspirations of a NEW LIFE to grow within the core of the planet, while you also plant that seed within the core of your personal Earth vessel.

  • As you expand your sense of self to include your Planetary SELF…
  • You expand your consciousness to include your Galactic SELF…
  • Which expands your sense of self to include your fifth dimensional SELF…
  • Who awaits unification with the YOU on fifth dimensional New Earth…
  • As well as the Lightbody YOU within your Starships and Home-worlds!

It has been a long wait for our brave pioneers who volunteered to “assist Gaia with Her Ascension.” Many of you have served countless incarnations on Gaia’s third dimensional expression. Therefore, you have grown to love Gaia as your Mother. We want you to know that Gaia also loves you as Her children.

We suggest that you begin to consciously perceive the changes in your perception of “time.” When you are busy, try to remember to take a moment of the fifth dimensional NOW to go inside and FEEL your Multidimensional SELF within you.

Embrace that being your Multidimensional Self is as normal as having two arms and two legs. Also, take a moment to feel the many versions of your “sense of Self” within the NOW of each moment.

In this way you will assist yourself to incorporate all that you have learned in your third and fourth realities with the fifth dimensional NOW of your ever-expanding “sense of Self.”

Please remember that the members of your Galactic Family are always within you. Thus, you are never alone!

Within the ONE of this NOW, WE are YOU.

The Arcturians and the members of your Galactic Family.

YouTube Preview Image

Ascending Earth

Preparing For First Contact, Chapter 12. The Arcturians – Your Expanded Sense of SELF. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. June 27, 2016. http://suzannelieph


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S. Hahner Bild: S. Hahner

Gott, die Engel und die aufgestiegenen Meister, die Dich lieben, schützen und führen, wachen in diesem Moment über Dich. Diese Karte versichert Dir, dass Du Teil einer Ehrfurcht gebietenden und mächtigen Gruppe wohlwollender Wesen bist. Sie umgeben, führen und lieben Dich ohne Unterlass. Wenn Du in Gefahr bist, werden sie Dich mit der Kraft der göttlichen Liebe trösten. Wenn Du verwirrt bist, werden sie Dir Ihre Führung ins Ohr flüstern. Wenn Du diese Karte ziehst, bitten Dich Deine Engel und Führer, öfter mit Ihnen zu sprechen. Kommuniziere mental mit ihnen über alles, was Dich bewegt, und es wird nicht lange dauern, bis Du Beweise ihrer Existenz erhältst. Bald werden die Engel Dich damit beauftragen, anderen Menschen zu helfen. Falls Du jemals Zweifel an Deiner Fähigkeit hast, anderen zu helfen, bitte die Engel um ihre Unterstützung, damit Du diese Ängste loslassen kannst.

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Tagesenergie vom 17.06.2016



von Alexander Wagandt | Jun 17, 2016 | Tägliche Tagesenergie | 0 Kommentare

Die heutige Tagesenergie steht unter der archetypischen Energie der Sonne. Sonnenenergie ist dabei ein energetischer Ausdruck der Lebenskraft per se und bietet Dir damit auch einen Zugang zu Deinen eigenen inneren Energien und Potentialen. Allerdings gilt es hier das rechte Maß aus Ruhe und Aktivität zu finden.

Auch im Außen sind überall starke energetische Umbrüche zu erkennen. Ich empfehle Dir, sofern es Dir möglich ist, das energetische Potentiale in kreative Prozesse zu leiten, oder Dein Bewusstsein in Deine Mitte zu lenken und Dir, falls nötig auch ausreichend Ruhe zu erlauben. Gehe, falls es Dir möglich ist, in die Natur und lasse Dich auch sonst nicht hetzen oder gar unter Druck setzen. In der Ruhe liegt die Kraft.

Falls Du räuchern möchtest, passt Dammarharz, Himalaya Wachholder, oder Weißer Salbei aber auch Sternanis besonders gut.zur heutigen Tagesenergie.



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