Greetings from Herak Sirius dated 12-30-12 “Letting go in Changing Years”

It was a great joy for me when this message from Herak arrived yesterday here at my inbox since when reading it I felt so much affirmed in all what I tried to describe since the crucial date of 12-21-12. All my senses which I tried to manifest here before receiving this message were in the right direction and this I regard as another success of light in order to believe my inner senses and following it in due course to come.

So read this and take the contents here to your inner core and let it pervade body and soul !

Channeled through Frank H. Scheffler

We are greeting You from our Hearts, dear Siblings of the Light!

Letting go when Years are Changing …..

There are three challenges essentially important for you now in order to proceed with the light-ascension furtheron:

1.) Which is the inner evolution you have undergone so far ?
2.) Look at the Light with awareness !
3.) Listen to the Sound with awareness !

We do not want to explain this in more epic proportions since this I have done already to some extent in some of my previous channelings.

First of all I’d like to state too that there was a great deal of disappointment with lightworkers and visionaries after the date of 12-21-12. With allowance of our channelmedium we may mention that we also recognized a slight disappointment in him.

Since we – from the GFL particularly – have always especially pointed out to our channel-medium and to you that the date of 12-21-12 never was to be regarded as a fixed date nor fixed point but that Lady Gaia will transgress with you into the 5th dimension in a gentle and smooth way. There would be no switch whatsoever to be activated in the universe which would be make you experience the process of change at once or “stante pede” from “just now to now” as you like to express it. This cannot be done also and whoever wanted to convince you of such fact – was solely telling stories ! Continue reading

“Restoration to Wholeness” completed – Morning Blessings for the Coming Week by Angela P.

This is the 1st Day of a new Year Encourageous Words from Angela P.
Indeed we are on the brink of a entry into another year of our life. It is so fresh, so pure and so much unknown as never before and it will ask from us all our strength and abilities to make it through in a different, fresh and pure way while deleting all what past years taught us of tricks and empowerments with vile measures of self-service.
Nobody than Angela Peregroff could have comprised these undermentioned words better for this huge enterprise we are in now and that is why I thought :”Why not re-blogging here her sage words which must have come from some much higher realm than ours? Why shall I try hard to express same matters when it has been expressed by her so beautifully and to the point ?”
Since I found out that with each and every Morning Blessings she sends me (subscribed to her blog) I am the more so enthralled by her words and their resonance in my inner heart.

With my very best wishes to all of you for

A Very Happy New Year !!!

Yours as always (Contra)Mary

Morning Blessing: 12.31.12
2012 Farewells. 
“There is a formula that goes like this: “Peace of Mind” comes when persons or a society are “centered.” Centered-ness comes from certainty. Certainty comes from only one place: the recognition of patterns. So when a person or society has recognized a pattern as great as all of Creation, there is great certainty and centeredness and there is great Peace of Mind.” – Ian Xel Lungold
Congratulations we have completed the initial stage of “Restoration to Wholeness”. You have opened yourself to new perspectives and manifested your part within the New Dimensional era. The year 2012 was about transforming consciousness, taking responsibility in helping to turn the tide, and finding balance within Self in order to get your human self and your Spirit communicating again. After lifetimes of Soul fragmentation from the immersion within duality it feels exhilarating to move toward the next transition and a new adventure here.This is truly a time to celebrate all that has been accomplished by the performance of human consciousness. We have made the great leap. Individually and collectively we are settling into new vistas of reality – even while being less evident to many. The experiences you have had in 2012 were designed to help you find your inner balance and truth. As you were undoing the distortions that had taken root in the old story, you integrated concepts like discernment, detachment, compassion and universal love of Self and others. Continue reading

Week from 12.31.12 – 01.06.13 Astrological Forecast by Pam. J.

Without any further comment from me here is what the constellation of stars and planets are telling us for the coming week and entering another new year with a different matrix and differing issues as well:

Happy New Year to all of You !

with unchanged and unconditional love to all of you from


Photo: “Runaway star” Zeta Oph (the bright blue star in the center of this photo) is moving through space at 24 kilometers per second. The colorful band in the photo is called an “interstellar bow wave,” and is caused by Zeta Oph’s stellar wind compressing and heating interstellar material as it plows through space. (Astronomy Picture of the Day for December 29, 2012; photo credit to NASA, JPL-Caltech, Spitzer Space Telescope)
THROUGHOUT 2012, and indeed, for many years prior, we have had a sense that something BIG has been underway on energetic/spiritual levels. Life experience has seemed to corroborate that internal knowing, as many of us have gone through a rapid succession of life-changing events. As a result, we have been feeling a bit like the “runaway star” Zeta Oph, shown in today’s masthead, which is moving through space at the rate of 15 miles (24 kilometers) per second!
Now that we have reached the end of 2012, many are wondering “where to now.” Without that mountain peak to aim for and work toward, where does our trail lead? Continue reading

A Follow-up of Yesterday’s Post

I have browsed a bit through the internet in the meantime until now, reading a bit here and there and much about how the so-called “Ascension-Day” had been felt for the well- known channels which in a way cover the main pages of ascension and are being re-blogged and discussed in some covering way.

Shall I be totally honest ? Matching the ethics of our higher realms now?  I am getting a bit and more so frustrated with all these deeply spiritual passages and explanations continuing the discussions well known from the last year in some unchanged way …. which eventually lead to openly publish the feelings and personal issues of the human filters or channels and not much more ….

This is not in any way a sort of judgement or criticism but solely describing my feelings when starting to read these channeled messages creating in me a deeper unlust to go on reading. Continue reading

My very Personal View on the Last Week

What shall I write here ? The last week went by for me in a “whush”! So quick and so fast as never before and this will even aggravate in the months to come … so I have read.

I felt tired too and slept a great deal of the days too – waking up in the night several times too – with some difficulty I did what had to be done for restoring foodstuff etc. in my household and my former hesitation of going out appeared to have increased also. It seems to me that when I enter my Home again after a “Must-Shopping-Tour” as if I enter a different reality with a different matrix and differing priorities.

This is what I am experiencing now and with a slight turn around with wanting to affix the new realities I am sensing always that I take on the post of a separate observer aware of any visible and audible hint to grasp and to find my very own way into the Now of 2013!

And that is why I kept quiet this week passing so fast .. I may tell you that I was  not disappointed at all as I did not expect anything else as from 21. December 2012 but for the change of Matrix altogether and for the amalgamation of all possible timelines … leaving only that one for us to manifest our new Matrix and reality on Dear Mother Earth ! Continue reading

Angela P.:The Blessings of this Morning for the Coming Week

There is not much to comment on this blessings and Angela’s channeled thoughts today ! I tend to you all m good wishes for these coming days again and make yourselves a wonderful shining enlightened X-mas !

Yours (Contra)Mary

Morning Blessing: 12.24.12
The Awakening World 
“. . . the soul is immutable energy; it can never be destroyed; it can only be transformed.” And through great cycles of evolution, we will inevitably realize that “. . . there is absolutely nothing to transcend, but only all of Creation to unite with.” – Jeffery Wolf Green

Blessed holiday musings to you during the time of year when humanity resides within the one moment called Eternity. This past weekend millions and millions of hearts participated in a celebration of Awakening. It was a time when many quietly resided within their lives, within their own pleasures and within the great deep peace that flowed from their inner beingness. My holiday wish for you is that you gift yourself with the time and space to absorb all of the Divine Light structures that are making their way here this week because of that event.

Along with the hustle and bustle of holiday socializing, kids being home, family visiting, holiday meal preparation, and last minute Christmas shopping there needs to be some “alone” time for yourself or you will miss the true holiday gift that is being distributed this week. Continue reading

Dec.24 – 30 Astrological Forecast of Pam Junghans

So what are telling us the stars in this coming weeks ? For many of us it will be the “Week after Ascensing Date” and we shall have enough time to get used to the new impact of enery-influx with which we have been showered again since the crucial date.

Make the best out of it and take the leisure time to make your body and inner heart to get used to it during these holidays !

And here is the astrology of the coming week as always on Mondays with loving wishes for blessed days:

Photo: Lunar halo seen outside of Madrid, Spain (photo by Dani Caxete, Astronomy Picture of the Day for Dec 3, 2012)
CHOP WOOD, carry water. Life on Earth appears, at least externally, to continue much the same as usual, even in these days after the end of the Mayan calendar. And yet, there are those whose lives have been affected in profound ways recently, who will agree with the theory that this month represents both a major ending and an initiation into a necessarily new phase of life. Continue reading

Sleeping Eagle (repost)

I originally wrote this back in the mid 1980’s when I was publishing a newsletter called “The Eagle’s Cry”.   I posted it on this site  exactly 6 months ago (June 22nd) and I woke up this morning with it running through my head.   I felt strongly it should be shared again as it very much reflects what humanity is now experiencing in these days of ascension and awakening.   Perhaps it will speak to you, the way it has spoken to me for decades.

Sleeping Eagle now awakens
Darkness reigns no more supreme
Voice of spirit now is sounding
Rising to Heavens Glorious realm
Divine love erupting forth
Cleanses flesh and mind of limitation
Awaken child of Eagle’s Dream
Awaken to the life that is yours.

Blessings and Light to you all in this wonderful time.  Do not fear, neither doubt, everything is unfolding as it should, just not as quickly as some hoped, but all is in accordance with the Divine Plan.  Open your minds, hearts and spirits and see the waves of light that cascade across our world in so many ways already.


Let me tell you how I am feeling today – One Day after 12-21-2012

It might all be different from what is now supposed or elaborated – but as this most “meditative ?” – rather sleepy day for me has passed – I now may share with you what I recall from yesterday in the review of it all :

Yes something happened ! I recall also that for a very short moment I wondered
about some sort of feelings as a few have sensed also as grudgy !

I too felt surprised for a very short moment that I was sort of angry or
frustrated — then just skipped it because in my belief it did not suit the new
dimensions I had thought I reached then which were running as such (talking with myself) : “Anyway reached or not reached – we have crossed this crucial date and are about to enter the Age of Aquarius leaving the Patriarchal Matrix of Duality and 3-D – and no grudge nor any frustration have to do with this New Age ! Skip it, Mary !”
Now hearing that many had some similar experience … it crossed my mind whether
these feelings were the last ones of previous angers’ rest of the dimension we
just left ? Just to get rid of them entirely in a quick, fast and speedy way of
letting them go in the very last moment ? So if it were the last chance to get rid of them ? Continue reading


This is it ! The Sun will shine on us in some double degree …. We have reached the Great Portal being opened for us all who want to enter the higher realms of light densities!

Here is what Angela Peregroff says today in her morning blessings of my – our – new life in the beginning of the Golden Age.

Yours well-wishing (Contra)Mary

The Morning Blessing

The Company of Heaven is trumpeting a new dispensation, “The Body of God is expanding-unfolding and amplifying new levels of potential, new awareness…a whole new World, and the Realms of Light and Illumined Truth are now making available these new potentials for the Humanity of Earth.”  Can you hear their joyous shouts of celebration? Continue reading

Today’s Morning Blessings from Angela Peregroff

All is said regarding our “Flight of Ascension” of tomorrow … and  – for me – thus it is left to summarize here the essence of Angela’s blessings as solely one deep truth basically underlying all human lives and with one outstanding feature:”This we shall take with us into our lives of the new matrix of the new and higher realms !

“The world is a sacred vessel,” says Lao Tze in the Tao te Ching.

It is a vessel that pours out to us neither more nor less than the consciousness that we pour in. Everything we see in the world is an effect; its cause lies in consciousness.”


And for this reason I am sharing it with all of you and my deep wishes and thanks to everyone having joined our jubilant chorus of striving together with united hearts and mind …and finally having achieved our target ….

Let us all thank God having endowed us with such a strong willpower and light that we may stand here before the final great portal of 2012 waiting for the opening of it!

Let us transmit our deep thanks to all extraterrestrial and Inner-Earth-Helpers and of the Angelic Realms who came forward when we felt exhausted and filled up our reserves anew !

Thanks – Thanks – Thanks Again All around Us !

We shall meet again in a better world !

Yours (Contra)Mary in Love – Light and Gratitude

The Morning Blessing
“The world is a sacred vessel,” says Lao Tze in the Tao te Ching.

It is a vessel that pours out to us neither more nor less than the consciousness that we pour in. Everything we see in the world is an effect; its cause lies in consciousness. If you desire to live beautifully, creatively, prosperously, or abundantly then you must make certain that the ideals you are living are in accord with those qualities. The Universe will always reward you according to your inner alignment. If your present station in life isn’t exactly where you desire to be then you may want to consider a new mental diet. Your freedom lies in your ability to choose what you will believe or not believe in. In Religious Science we say, “Right action follows right intention (belief).” While in truth there is no wrong intention or belief, when our desires and beliefs are aligned, we’re more right with ourselves than when they are in contradiction. If you desperately want to live beautifully you cannot walk around finding fault with the world. You must cultivate a consciousness that will produce only beauty. When you walk this life in a state of contradiction; when your actions don’t match your thoughts – your good will seem to fall from your hands at every turn.

Now that we have that straight – GO. Get out there and show them who’s boss! Continue reading

Merry Christmas – Essence of the Christos

Copyright © David Wendel Robinson

The next few days will be quite busy for me, so I wanted to post my Christmas Wishes for all my friends and family worldwide. This is a remarkable year in ways that will soon reveal themselves. By the time the New Year arrives, our world will have changed in unexpected ways, some obvious, and some not so obvious but it will be better in so many ways both great and small.   How much so will depend on each individual.

May all your christmas wishes come true, may your new year bring happiness and love with it. May you find the way to love all you meet every moment of every day unconditionally. Remember that as you give so also you receive. Be happy, and keep near those you love. But if they or you are far away, hold them tight within your heart, prayers and meditations.

Let us remember then the essence of the Christos upon which the this holiday is based.

The Master Yeshua (Jeshua, Jesu, Jesus, Issa, etc, depending on country and region and by many names through the ages and many lifetimes)  taught a very simple way of living.  What he taught was never intended to be a religion, but rather a way of life for all people regardless of religion or belief. Continue reading

Another Great One on Ascension taken from a Personal Reading of Steve B.

This is an additional one to last Monday’s interview of Steve B. with AAMicha-El. This one derives from a personal reading of Steve as many of the topics therein may also apply to a greater amount of people. All personal topics for Steve have been taken out …. and I think you might be interested what else advice AAMicha-El has to give us all:

This has been published by Steve in our Discussion Group which I mentioned many times before.

Love to you all from me too


Steve Beckow writes herein :


“This is an edited version of a personal reading I had with Archangel Michael Dec. 18, 2012.

It became clear early on that much of the material was very useful to others and so I asked his permission to share it. I have removed much that was personal. Many thanks to Ellen who turned this around in a matter of hours so that we all could have the benefit of it before Dec. 21, 2012.

Reading with Archangel Michael for Steve Beckow, December 18, 2012

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael, warrior of peace, archangel of love. Welcome. Welcome, my beloved brother and sister [D’Arcy]. Welcome to this time of unfoldment, of what you think of as miraculous, and what we have all waited for, for eons, since the time of the Creator race that now returns.

You are already underway, and the journey has begun in earnest. But yes, my beloved friends, I understand that there are queries and questions, questions of the heart and questions of the mind. So where do you wish to begin?

Steve Beckow: Lord, the first thing I would like from you are my marching orders. [Much of this discussion removed.] Continue reading

…and here is another one from Zingdad : Two Days before Ascension Date

Since I am fully dedicated to Zingdad as well I want to share my like for him with you as soon as his thoughts came on my blog …..

…and what struck me as something essential he said was:


“You see, friends, I made a very simple mistake. I confused the marking of a process for the process itself. I confused the celebration of an ongoing and gradual change for the change itself.”


Love from (Contra)Mary

21 December 2012 – What will happen?

Dear friends

As I write this on the 19th of December, just two days before (possibly) the most anticipated date in history, I feel compelled to publicly address the accelerating influx of messages that I have been receiving that have all asked, in one way or another “what will happen on the 21st?

To begin to answer this, I would like to offer you a little anecdote from my childhood:  It was the day before my 5th birthday. I was standing in the kitchen on tip-toes peeking over the lip of the counter at my mother who was icing my birthday cake. I was puzzling over this thing: “today I am four but tomorrow I will be five“. I couldn’t figure it out. “How will I change tomorrow that I will suddenly be a ‘bigger boy’“. Suddenly when people ask my age, I will hold out a whole handful of fingers. Suddenly, tomorrow, I will change in some magical way and BE FIVE! I looked again at what my mother was doing and I wondered if the magic was in the cake. Was it the eating of that magical confection that would instantly make me leap up in stature and maturity that would transform little four-year-old-me into a big-boy? Too puzzling!

Needless to say, my birthday arrived, the friends came, the five candles were lit, the friends sang that excruciatingly embarrassing song, I blew out the candles and we ate the cake… but nowhere in that arcane, magical ceremony did I actually change. I didn’t feel any different. I ran to the mirror as soon as I could and noticed with considerable disappointment that I didn’t look any bigger or older (no trace of a moustache and so on).

You see, friends, I made a very simple mistake. I confused the marking of a process for the process itself. I confused the celebration of an ongoing and gradual change for the change itself.

And with that I can segue directly to the 21st of December 2012… Continue reading

High Vibrations from Marix Sirius dated 12-18-12

Channeled through Sarinah

The Gift of Christ-Light is Love, Sensuality, Joy, and Inner Serenity !

— and while more and more human beings are awakening, time is on a race ! Thus to accept this light of Christ is indispensable for many citizens since without this influx they would have to conduct a far more difficult life than they do anyway now.

Sometimes when watching earth from our angle we are filled with love for you and very proud about you too since you are doing your service of light in an excellent way!

Just those being still in professional life for example which is dominated fully by duality – these lightholders, -carriers, do achieve heroic acts in a way while going to work daily again in some almost tortured way although it is their deepest wish since long ago to be freed from all these efforts.

Beloved, whoever reads these passages and wherever you are at this very moment we’d like to assure you that we do love, admire, and honour you immensely. Continue reading

Greetings from Herak Sirius dated 12-18-12

Channeled through Frank H. Scheffler

We are greeting You from our Hearts,dear Siblings of the Stars and Light!

New Perspectives

We are facing now alignment of energies in a complete new era with new perspectives. The latter will lead you to levels of consciousness for which you have prepared yourselves in countless incarnations.
You have made great efforts to reach empirical values for each life here on this planet. Sometimes there were only short episodes which you experienced and again there are other not ever ending  stories of repeated experiences with their opening of their secrets which you had targeted before.
And not were the goals and the events always so sharply to perceive!

A great part of you which incarnated now on earth have been here on earth at all times since you wanted to experience ever again what is meant to be incarnated in the early Middle Ages within early levels of human development and also being present in contemporary times of Now. And so many times again you were allowed to experience repeats which you wanted to have here.

Anchoring on the coming date of 12-21-12 you will regain remembrance of all these experiences so that you will be able to follow which efforts you have undertaken in order for your soul capable to avail herself of all horizons of experience on this beautiful planet.

Quite often you were thirsty to experience adventures for recognizing again in calm moments in how many depths a soul may descend down. Frivolity, simplicity solely, and challenging issues again, and very essential responsibilities in all your incarnations
have done their deal to make you what you are now.

In these days until December 21, 2012 please go deep down to your core again and allow yourselves all amenities needed by your soul so that she may feel herself really at home.

All of us, the Galactic Federation and all Ascended Masters, Angels and ArchAngels : we are wishing you to go through really deep

heart experiences on this crucial date of 12-21-12!

We shall see each other on the other side !


So be it.
SELAMAT  Herak Sirius
Channeled through Frank Scheffler-
Source: http://sternensaaten .de
Translated by ContraMary

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> > under following conditions:
> > 1) Always name author of every article/message/post in accordance with
> > original signature
> > 2) Contents of this post are not permitted for commercial cause nor be
> > altered in any other way
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> > 5) All texts and contents of post on this website remain in the possession
> > of author if not marked otherwise.


Here they come : the last messages before Ascension Date from Herak and Marix compiling again what – from their view – we have achieved so far with all their good and loving wishes for us for the coming crucial date.

And if there should be anything that make us feel out of order (funny in this very sense !)  we should remember that we call for help to AAMich-El and the Divine Mother as said in the Interview previously by AAMicha-El .

Do not forget : Gaia and us – we are the central focused point of all the Galactic Helpers and friends having accummulated around our orbit in order to watch and help us in an event never happened so far before :

“We do ascend with our living bodies into higher densities and realms of high frequencies of Light !”

So long – good Bye Duality – Welcome Unity and unconditional Love !

Yours (Contra)Mary

“AA-Michael”: The last Hour with an Angel before Ascension Date

This is Germany and it is already the Morning of December 18, 2012 …. I could not sleep any longer and got up early to do what I believe I have to do on the PC. and like the “Early Bird” I found my prescious spiritual breakfast on Steve B..’s Blog for you to share with me.

This is the transcript of yesterday’s interview with AAMichael – the last one before Ascension Date – and the idea just flashed through my heart to re-blog this special interview here again …… since I love these interviews as from so sage origins like AAMichael whom I regard also to have become my personal guide here like so many more elses’.

Read this with leisure in your inner heart and enjoy the deep understanding of our present situation displayed of AAMichel and Steve :

Archangel Michael: Let Us Ease This Flight to Freedom

2012 December 17
Posted by Steve Beckow

Ellen has completed this transcript in record time for your study and reflection. Archangel Michael, in the last program of the year and the cycle reveals that December 21, 2012 is the day that most of us will ascend on. But he also goes over the provisions made for those who are not quite ready and reassures them that help will be available and that they have their whole lifetime to ascend.

He tells us that each person’s Ascension is unique and suggests what we should do when Ascension begins for us.

He discusses the tragedy at Newtown and why the participants agreed to allow it. He explains that it wasn’t a cabal-directed event and that the cabal is in deep containment now.  He appeals to us to lay down all weapons.  And finally he discusses why many events like NESARA and Disclosure have not gone ahead yet to the extent that we would wish and expect.

An Hour with an Angel with Archangel Michael, December 17, 2012

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and Steve Beckow of the 2012 Scenario.

This is our last show for this calendar year, folks, and it’s exciting and we’re entering into the unknown, but we’re wrapping up this show with the wonderful guest that’s been with us right along and who kicked this off just a little bit over a year ago, Archangel Michael.

So, Archangel Michael’s our guest today. Steve, can you believe we’ve exceeded just over a year, the last show of the year?

Steve Beckow: It’s gone by so quickly, Graham. But it’s been so much fun.

GD: Indeed. Well, I’ll hand it over to you.

SB: Thank you. And before I introduce Archangel Michael, a couple of things. First of all, we’re all fluttery and nervous and happy and excited. And so you [the listeners] just have to build that in! [laugh]

And secondly, Linda, before you channel Archangel Michael, would you like to say a word about the webinar that you’ll be doing? Please?

Linda Dillon: Thanks, Steve. Yes, I would. But you’re right. I think we’re all feeling fluttery and nervous and excited, and tearful! As I’m sitting here meditating and the — not just Archangel Michael, but Archangel Gabriel, Raphael, Sanat Kumara, the whole Council of Love is here, and it feels huge. It feels phenomenal that we really are entering into not only the unknown, but a new realm of existence, a new chapter, a new book.

I am hosting, or the Council of Love I should say is hosting, a webinar on December 22nd at 1 o’clock Eastern, called just that — December 22nd, the Day After and the New Beginning. And I was guided to do this webinar because it is just that, a new beginning.

None of us knows, no matter how much information — and goodness knows Archangel Michael and the Ascended Ones have given us lots of information and lots of insights over the course of the last year — but none of us really knows what lies ahead.

And, you know, as I’ve been sitting here, Archangel Michael’s been saying, because it’s a private and a public journey in so many ways, so the 22nd, that a webinar is a chance for us to, again, come together as community, as one circle who is going through this process of Ascension — because we do know Ascension is real — but to come together and compare notes, compare experiences, take a deep breath and start building Nova Earth. Continue reading

Starting another and this most essential Week of the Year with Angela Peregroff

“Arriving Upon Ascension’s Doorway”

Needless to say on what week we are starting today ….  so much longed for and reached with our inner yearning to ……

And to keep our calm – still – collected – inner hearts I want to share with you today’s thoughts and blessings of Angela Peregroff at the beginning of this week entailing that crucial date we all have yearned – aimed for in the past years …..

So we start this week of ultimate blessings with these sage words. And all I have to add here is:”May the Light of Unconditional Love of these passages hereunder shine on you with full blast !

Yours (Contra)Mary

Morning Blessing: 12.17.12
Arriving Upon Ascension’s Doorway 
“Nowhere can man find a quieter or more troubled retreat than in his own soul.”  – Marcus Aurelius.

As part of the gathering that has anchored a New era of evolutionary proportions here on our beloved terra firma you should be feeling a bit nostalgic about the purpose of time past and a bit reflective about the tasks that lie ahead. We have finished the bridging of two worlds project, more commonly referred to in my writings as “the shift”. We currently stand in an interim space between what we have known and what will be. We have made quantum leaps in consciousness and ascended to the primary layers of our multi-dimensionality so the union with the next level has taken place.   Continue reading

Pam Jungjans started with a beautiful picture : Two Eagles were flying over her Head

Astrological Forecast by Pam Junghans for the Week of 12-17- until 12-23-2012

Pam Junghans started with a beautiful picture: “Two Eagles were flying over my head”…..

Yes, I  vividly see this picture before my inner eyes… Pam on her morning walk along the beach and the eagles as celestial messengers flying over her head in a beautiful morning sky….
And with this picture in mind please read with special awareness what she has to tell us here:

Astrology Journal
Your Guide to Planetary Energies for
December 17 to 23, 2012
By Pam Younghans
Photo: Green auroras create a mystical scene in Troms, Norway (photo by Arild Heitmann on December 15, 2012)
TWO EAGLES flew over my head during my morning walk today. Since I was asking for guidance in writing in today’s Journal at the time, I accept and thank these winged messengers for their assistance in understanding the energies of the coming week.
We’ve been feeling and working with very high-vibrational energies for the past several weeks, and have felt them grow in strength almost daily, especially over the past week. Indications are that the frequencies that surround us will continue to increase vibrationally in the days ahead. Continue reading

How do we feel now – only a few more days to go ?

Sunday again – time seems to be running like on a beach sands are running thought litte children’s hand …..

and we all have only some few days left to go until the big and great date of 2012 which we all had in our focus for passed years …. what will it be like for all of us ?

I think it will be of various nature – suited to each one of us in an individual way – such as life had been created for us as a mixture of soul-contract and free will for our incarnations under the 3-D-Matrix of Duality – so wisely schemed by Divine Decree of Our All Creator (The formgiving God (Shakti – The Mother-God).

And we… Human Mankind of Gaia – all in the middle of it (all are meddled up in that Divine Big Urge of Ascension) !

Long ago I previewed a particular image before my inner eye:

The relation of numbers to us: I

If No. 4 is dedicated to Earth and all above and around and in it ….. then No. 8 is the image of Heaven and Earth and the cross-over of lining the upper and lower field this is the point where one realm ends and the other is starting anew. Heaven and Earth ! Continue reading

Message of AAMichael of today – Re-blogged from Ron Head

I sense  as if the following rebloggng of AAMicha-El ‘s message of Ron Head’ blog is underlining what I posted here in the my morning of the today. And that is the reason of my reblogging here.

Please read it with all your awareness and inner light as these are not only very practical pieces of advice but very valuable ones to make you shine forward on your path :

The light your dear planet is emitting now is awesome. So make it brighter! – channeled by Ron Head

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This day we wish to ask of you two very important things.  Most of you have already noticed the need for these and are already proceeding as we shall ask.  But we shall ask anyway, if for no other reason than to reinforce what you have perceived.

Firstly, you have certainly noticed that many are beginning to exhibit signs of panic.  If asked, they would probably deny even the slightest worry or even knowledge of the impending shift.  Yet they have heard enough and possibly felt enough to know something is approaching.  And of course, their sources of knowledge being mainstream, they only expect the worst.  You have not any need to reason with, remonstrate with, or educate them.  Listening and showing that you are not at all worried will be enough.  If they do not speak of it, still your calm and assurance will affect them.

Secondly, and even more importantly, please continue to bring in the light in the same way you did on the twelve-twelve.  In this we know we are echoing what you may have heard other places.  Please know two things.  One is that each of these channels reaches somewhat different audiences.  And also, begin to understand that the information which rings true to you comes from the same place, so to speak.  We are many, but we are one.  Just as you are just beginning to remember that you also are.  And the messages, as you approach your day, call it great shift, ascension, whatever, will necessarily speak more and more of the same things. Continue reading

How do we feel now after passing the 12/12/12 Portal ?

This is my today’s share with you :

As mentioned before I am a member of the 2012 Yahoo discussion Group created by Steve Beckow and AAMichael in 2011 and among the topics now we started a thread with the above topic by a Barry Kapp who is one of the moderators.

I found out in the time I have been a member there that many of my previous posts had been started by me in responding to some topic of this group as this group is a very lively one with many highlights of various opinions and spiritual views.

And this time it was the description of Barry K. and his question to us to share our response how we are feeling now after passing this grand portal of 12/12/12. which prompted me to transmit this sharing to you too, my dear readers:

Barry described his emotions and update in this very way: Continue reading

Some Deep Thoughts by Eckhart Tolle via Morning Blessings of Angela P. dated 12/13/12

Some of my thoughts as pretext of mine :

These thoughts are for me deep ones – it is the individual version of Eckhart Tolle how to leave the realm of forms and to enter the Kingdom of formless beings via our very own spaces of our hearts … in order to gain true happiness as all forms will be overlaid by the ever growing change from being birthed into full power and then decay again …. so these will never be able to exist for good …..

Eckhart T. points out the necessity of leaving the realm of forms in order to gain the true Yourself when going into the Stillness of YourSelf ( thus leaving the former pursuit of your thinking and scheming new creations of forms ).


“You can never make it on the level of form. You can never quite arrange and accumulate all the forms that you think you need so that you can be yourself fully.”


So we have to leave the former area of creating – thinking out new and more forms – shapes – as they will eventually undergo always Change (as all forms from creation to decay) and you will never find in them any neverending happiness and delight since it is the formless entities which for us will carry the neverending spirit of light and love for …..

So are my thoughts deriving from this article somewhat right? I’d much appreciate your personal comments on it …..



by Eckhart Tolle

We’re here to find that dimension within ourselves that is deeper than thought.

This teaching isn’t based on knowledge, on new interesting facts, new information. The world is full of that already. You can push any button on the many devices you have and get information. You’re drowning in information.

And ultimately, what is the point of it all? More information, more things, more of this, more of that. Are we going to find the fullness of life through more things and greater and bigger shopping malls?

Are we going to find ourselves through improving our ability to think and analyze, and accumulate more information, more stuff? Is “more” going to save the world? It’s all form.

You can never make it on the level of form. You can never quite arrange and accumulate all the forms that you think you need so that you can be yourself fully.  Sometimes you can do it for a brief time span. You can suddenly find everything working in your life: your health is good; your relationship is great; you have money, possessions, love, and respect from other people. Continue reading

12/12/12 is Today

We have done it ! We have reached this Great Portal presenting us with this huge influx of Divine Love and Golden Light !

Affirm the blessings of Angela P. now

Host of Love


I am a host for the Host of Love , Intelligence

that assembles within the heart of every man

at this blessed time of year.


My consciousness spreads  w i d e  with the

gift of divine connection – so wide that It’s

very presence engulfs and transforms even

the smallest atomic particles within my domain.


I am the true gift of Spirit this season and I

am grateful for the infinity of opportunities

to be such a carrier medium this day.


One by one, love touching love, we

move into the Higher image and likeness

of God Intelligence. And so it is.

And in honoring this special Event Today I want to share with you all my deep gratitude here:I have expressed my gratitude so many times here on this blog but there are left only a few things to do for me.There are only some more special addresses that I’d like to add here explicitly
once and for all on our reaching for this special date of 12.12.12.:Thanks to all of here for sharing what they feel in their hearts!

Thanks to AAMicha-El and all our Celestial Guides !

Thanks to the masses of Space Fleets and all beings working in assistance of our ascension!

Thanks to Gaia taking us with her !
Thanks to all realms of beings living on Gaia !
Thanks to the realms of plants and crystals (minerals)!

Thanks to the Divine Beings – Angelic Realms

and finally :
Thanks to the formless divine Source of Father
and ….. the formgiving creating divine Source of Mother
and the Shakti of Divine Spirit ….. !!!

since we are made again the growing into fully conscious sparkles returning home and belonging to ALL-THERE-IS and being, acting of really being ONE !!

Namasté and Om Shanti

Let us our newly gained huge package of love and Golden Light share with ALL THE WORLDS ! (Contra)Mary