Letter from the “Isle of I” No. 16 – Reflections on Passing the Last Portal

Written and posted by Contramary=Evamaria


My dear Brother Dave,

It has been about two months ago when I wrote my last letter to you. Much has happened in the meantime – so many solar flares named by others “Tsunami of Love” – have overwhelmed and downloaded into us – in body and mind – so that it was not easy to cope with them. At least this is what I felt and moreover “Tsunami of Love” I wonder if this is the right name for it for while being affected and displaced to this socalled “Tsunami” I am able to feel some of the features of a Tsunami but at the time being when they are downloaded – I do not feel it is much love then, to be very frank! Well, love from the interpretation we are used to.

I think this name has been given for psychological reasons in order not to make us fear this new kind of solar flares since getting these anchored and manifested into our bodies is quite a task for us.  This for the so much praised “Tsunami of Love” …

It might apply a bit later in the sense of love when we shall succeed to incorporate these high and higher vibrations into us and getting used to them ..

Then I am sure it will certainly turn out a great blessing for us! It might be too some of the effects of a “new nature of Love” as displayed in upper dimensional realms which are to be entirely different from all Love which we have been used to in our former duality dimension.
This now is slipping away from under our hands and will be replaced by some entirely different one to be anchored under the Matrix of New Earth with a socalled “Golden Reality” of a peaceful and harmonious life for all of us Mankind here.

As recently channeled by Marc Gamma “The Great Change has arrived finally arrived” and we are said to be on the last leap of our Ascension Road …  the “Finish Line” of which in our clear sight !

Several days ago many of us have entered a higher realm of vibrations when passing through the last Great Portal of Conscience which I assume made Marc channel too his last post of The Great Change arrived here on our planet Earth.

As all portals given to pass for us are very individual ones according to our soul contracts and our own very plans ages ago before entering earth incarnations here … so it was mine too …

May I tell you too that now I know it was the famous-infamous “D-Day” for me too when according to planned duality matrix I was to pass over and leave earth planet here ?

I observed that several days before my body started to turn down its perfectly running metabolism bit by bit which caused many pains all over in me … and created – as I observed – much fear in my bodily cells…   and when this process ran up to its peak – what did I do ?
I did not know better than recall my great past decision “not to die in the usual way of duality but to ascend with my body alive to greater realms”!

So first of all I consciously dismissed all fear of death as such … then I tried to convince my bodily cells to do the same ….

and last of all I recalled all the promises of my Angelic Guides and my Twinflame they would line up and welcome me when I pass through the final portals … and so they did ….
I called for the help of all and foremost for AARaphael and St.Germain to help with their particular flames …. and whenever another heart-attack was approaching with stoppage of breathing I visualized the Healing Emerald-Green Flame of Raphael turning into my head chacra leftwise and going down all through my body being received by the violet flame of St.Germain transforming everything negative and not needed stuff into positive energies…..

I knew perfectly well and very consciously this was the final fight of former 3-D Matrix with its dark ideologies of death at the end of each human life in Duality against the Powers of Light for Ascension by transforming our human bodies to their pristine crystalline structure …

I reached out and grabbed the hands of all standing in line along my pathway and they grasped dmy hands and passed me on from one to the other one until I eventually reached our Divine Parents of Original Creation and my Twinflame …. and thus I had passed over and entered the greater realm of higher vibrations the socalled 5th Dimension Level !

I made it and this I was told later on in some sort of reading as I converse very often with our All-Father who told me that if I had not passed some smaller ascension entries before I truly should not have been able to make it now… As I have the age when many human lives in duality find their normal end leaving their bodies here on earth.

My dear brother, may I tell you with great joy that slowly the lights are being switched on in my body again and I am deeply grateful to all my Angelic Guides and to my very loving friend Isabel who stood by my side all the way cleansing and healing me every day in order to help.

Thank you to all you … now I am starting my new way of life getting used to all the new prerogatives of higher vibrations and there is really much to learn..

This was meant just as introductory update to some thoughts and reflections of mine which will be continued in sequence to this writing soon.

As since I passed this great portal I have been pondering incessantly on what the new realm wil entail which I now entered. It all is presently still a little bit shady and veiled but I am getting by and by a much clearer picture and then I shall write it all down in a letter to you ..

Keep well my dear Brother – I am deeply thankful to all the help ever given to me and which made me the persistent character that I am now …. still in hommage and love to the ONE and staying as humble in my loving service but as an adequate partner to all my family of light in the Time of Now!


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Heavenletter #4939 Your Heart Is a Beautiful Thrush with Beating Wings , June 3, 2014


God said:
Unleash your heart, beloveds. You have reined in your heart for too long. Your heart is not disobedient. You have been disobedient to your heart.

You have a heart of fullness, and you have kept it hemmed in. You have renounced your heart, even denounced it as if your heart were meant to be downtrodden. Your heart is meant to be lifted and revealed. The truth is you have a heart of shining gold, and you have painted it over so no one will know, least of all you. You have hidden your heart away as if your heart were inferior. Beloveds, your heart is not meant to be lackluster.

You have frozen your heart, putting it away for later, preserving it, so you thought, not for a rainy day but for a sunny day, or, likely, postponing it, well, until tomorrow — or forever.

Your heart is like a sun and is meant to shine as boldly as the sun. Your heart is not meant to be under a parasol as though it were to be protected from itself. The day of your heart’s sunshine is at hand. Release your heart from all you have shrouded it under and from. Nurture your heart. Let it be seen.

Your heart is strong. Don’t keep your heart in cold storage. Your heart is not meant to be a shrinking violet. Your heart is not meant to be preserved. Your heart is meant to get right out there. Nor is your heart meant to battle the elements. Rain or snow, your heart is to vibrate, to pulse, to beat, to take over, to have its day.

Its day is now. The life of your heart is now. Your heart is a beautiful thrush with beating wings, not a hot-house rose grown under precise circumstances.

Your heart is meant for wonderful things, like going out on the town, like being there to suffuse and infuse other hearts with all the love in the world. Your heart is made for love. Your heart is not meant to harbor doubts and fear. Your heart is meant to be a tiger, not some old horse stuck in a barn. It isn’t that your heart is to be wild. It is that your heart is to be what a heart is. Your heart is fine. It is not to be confined to a corral somewhere. Your heart has to be free. Have a heart, beloved. Take your heart and free it.

You have hassled your heart. You have restricted it. Your heart does not need training. Your heart is meant to be a heart. If your heart were a horse, it is to be shining white horse without a saddle. The white horse of your heart is meant to fly. Oh, yes, your heart is a flying heart. It can go anywhere. Your heart can lead a herd of hearts and keep each heart free to be all it is meant to be. Your heart is meant to be a lot. Your heart is not meant to give you a pony ride in a small circle round and round. Let go of the reins of your heart.

Let your heart have its debut. Introduce your heart to the world. Let your heart take its hat off and throw it to the winds. Your heart is not meant, not meant at all, to perform as though it were a showpiece. Your heart is meant to ride as a white charger. Your heart isn’t meant to knuckle under fear or rejection. Your heart is to ride, and you are to ride on it, following its lead. You are not qualified to lead your heart. Your heart is ahead of you.

Have you not denied your heart its longings? What would you do that for? For safety? Safety is prevention of life and prevention of love. Let your heart take you where it takes you. This is not foolhardy. This is wisdom. To get on your horse and ride it is wisdom. This is not losing your head. This is finding your heart.

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Video: Incredible ‘Pillars’ of Light Come Down from Above and Into Huge Cloud Formation in Bangkok, Thailand

Thanks to Cindy.

From Space Weather – May 31, 2014 – http://www.spaceweather.com

For years, researchers have been studying red sprites and blue jets –  strange forms of lightning that come out of the tops of clouds. On May 27th, 2014, a new form appeared.


Pilot Cherdphong Visarathanonth was in the cockpit of an A320 at the airport in Bangkok, Thailand, when he saw a white tornado-like beam dancing atop this cumulonimbus cloud.


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Planet Alert June 2014: Does Chaos Rule, or Does It Not? by Mahala Gayle

By Admin on behalf of Mahala
June 1st, 2014


How many of you feel like you are living in total chaos? Does the pressure feel very intense? Have you wondered why you need to live on the edge all the time wondering where the next dollar will come from? Are you tired of living this way, isn’t it time for a change? I have seen many people who are moving through this period of their life very well. I have also seen others who are in chaos and don’t know where to turn for help. It seems like it is the light workers who are experiencing the most difficulty right now. Could it be because they agreed to spend a lot of time helping the world to evolve into a new type of civilization?  The cardinal cross really stirred up the energy of change, and this has forced people to look at their lives and decide whether they need to change their life, or the way they look at their life.

There is another event that is happening that I was not even aware of and this is the manipulation of the time-lines by those who chose to control us. It’s like the time-lines are in chaos and this in turn causes people to be in chaos. I was told by my friend Mona, in a channeling last December that the time-lines were tangled and needed to become untangled so the time-lines could become one and we could then live in peace and harmony. I had no idea that the time-lines were being manipulated by the controllers.

According to one of Jose Argüelles’s books, the time bandits of Jupiter and Saturn stole time. This happened thousands of years ago and they caused time to manifest on a 12/60 cycle, which kept us in the lower dimension so we could be controlled. The Mayans kept their calendar, which runs on a 13/20 cycle and honors the planet Venus, the Goddess.  The Goddess energy, which is the loving heart energy, is within all of us. The ending of the Mayan calendar in December of 2012 was supposed to be the ending of the 12/60 time cycle and we were supposed to move into a 13/20 cycle of the Goddess energy. Apparently the controllers had other ideas.

In order to move into this new time-line Earth we need to acknowledge the fact that time is being manipulated and then change it. If enough of us concentrate on bringing the time-lines together, I bet we could do it because we are very powerful Beings. We could start by focusing on the manipulated time-lines coming together as one. Celia Fenn wrote an excellent article about time-lines. Check out: www.starchildglobal.com/Timetravel102.html

I think you will find her article very interesting. She talks about how the controllers are using their skill to attempt to hold Timeship Earth from moving forward, and in fact are seeking to reverse engineer time backwards so that the Future in fact becomes the Past, and we are held in another orbit where we simply have to keep reliving the past over and over again. Doesn’t that explain why so many people feel like they cannot move forward because they are caught in the past, and still processing their stuff?  I’ve heard many people say “Why is this stuff back in my face?       I thought I had released this challenge a long time ago”.

Many different civilizations in the past have honored the planet Venus. In fact our government and the Masons who set up our government use the planet Venus in their calculations. Venus is the only planet in our solar system that rotates backwards. Venus rules Taurus and that sign rules money, so for our country to become prosperous we needed Venus in a good position in the birth chart of the USA. In the USA chart the planet Venus is conjunct Jupiter (which is a very good aspect) and the Sun and Mercury are all in the sign of Cancer.

The chart was also set up for the Sun to be conjunct the star Sirius which is very powerful. Our country did become great although now it is in the process of change with Pluto on 13 degrees Capricorn opposing our Cancer Sun. I was expecting a major event to happen in regard to our government because of the last cardinal cross. As far as I am concerned this event happened on Tuesday, May 27 when President Obama signed a bill that will give Monsanto the power to do whatever they want to with their genetically modified food.

I thought how could this happen? This will affect everyone in our country. Then my husband said to me nothing is as it appears. He said that many countries in Europe, and other countries have already banned GMOs and they will not buy any seeds or crops from Monsanto. And he said the farmers will not buy the seeds either because most of them do not want GMO crops, so the energy will fall back on itself. He said just wait and see what happens.

I also think that when people become aware of this bill and the effects of it, we may just see the beginning of people standing up and saying — no more we’ve had enough of this control. Then when the government starts trying to control our food supply the people will get angry and start to rebel. With Pluto (the transformer) opposing the USA Sun, I am sure it will continue transforming our government.

I find it interesting that the next manifestation of the cardinal cross will be on July 4, 2014. Washington, D.C. will be the center of attention during this cross. The meaning of the Sun opposing Pluto means that there will be people in our government who will attempt to dominate, coerce, or remake others. Naturally this will cause resentment and, if the individuals do not combat these tendencies, there may be problems. This transit is likely to bring about conflicts over power and authority. I think this cross will mark the beginning of a major change in the USA.

I think we really need to focus on getting the time-line straightened out. I do not want to live in chaos anymore, and I don’t think other people do either. We need to create what we choose to experience, not what other people think we should experience. It’s time to take back our power and become the great Beings we were meant to be. We can do this in a peaceful way with the power of our mind which is, or will be shortly, connected to our hearts. Our heart brains are more powerful than anything else in the world. If many people who think with their hearts gathered together look what we could accomplish, there is nothing we could not do.

Live in love, light and happiness. Love is soft and gentle so walk softly on this beautiful planet. We are the newest and the best creation in this Universe and many people from other galaxies are here watching to see what happens to this planet. When we finally find ourselves living on the New Earth we will be able to access all dimensions, at least one through thirteen. Let’s give the observers a good show to watch and surprise them by starting to live in love, peace, and happiness.

And don’t forget that Mercury may stir up some challenges in its retrograde period which will last for almost all of June.  Maybe it is time to change our perception of Mercury retrograde. We could see it as a planet that brings us lots of knowledge in a calm way.     So Be It

Written in love and light!              ***** Mahala Gayle *****


I wish to thank everyone who donated to my grass cutting fund. It is so nice to have it professionally cut and the edges trimmed.  My husband is not able to do that kind of work anymore although he is able to weed the flowers and I am looking forward to seeing the Dahlias in full bloom.

I can be reached at planetalert@hotmail.com   or by snail mail at 5028 S. 179th Pl  SeaTac, WA  98188

Lots of love and blessings to everyone.        *   Mahala    *

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The Oracle Report, Monday, June 2, 2014


Crescent Moon Phase: expansion

Moon in Leo along with the Black Moon – conjunction around 6:00 pm ET/ 10:00 pm UT

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi (The Paralyzer, The Storm-Calmer)

Skill: believe

Negative Imprint: losing faith and hope; fear of the future

Positive Imprint:  maintaining faith and hope; enthusiasm for the future

Today is one of the most powerful days of the month to gain knowledge, experience, wisdom, and strength.  This will happen in various ways.

Interests, talents, skills, aptitudes, and creativity that have become dormant or untapped in our lives come to the forefront.  The situations and circumstances that develop in your life today conspire to expand these parts that lie deep inside.

The inner strength of others teaches us something.  Our ability to maintain even a glimmer of light today goes a long way in the collective of humanity.  Think about how effective a roaring fire blazing out from your heart would be.  How do you stoke that fire?  Go outside for a moment, breathe in the air (no matter the “quality”), and reconnect with nature (no matter how little nature there is where you are at the time).  In that moment, open up to the knowledge that a renaissance is happening on Earth.  Dare to be enthusiastic.

New perspectives are offered from those who are new to something.  You may be the one with more experience or you may be the novice.  If prompted to speak your opinion or ask a question about something that is meaningful to you, voice it.  This is especially true for collaborations today.  The addition of different perspectives will enrich it for everyone.

There is much to be positive about today, but it may become harder to remember this because the Moon will move into the same energetic area as the Black Moon (exact conjunction at 6:06 pm ET/ 10:06 pm UT).  As we go through the day, the Moon will get closer and closer to the Black Moon, which means the potential for encounters with our shadow sides and the shadow sides of others grows.  This signals and opportunity to learn something – not something to fear.  (If you are new to the Oracle Report, you can look up the sign of your own Black Moon in the Appendix of my book on the Black Moon available for free download on the Books tab.  Then refer to Chapter 2 for an explanation of the Black Moon in that sign.  This will give you insight into the core fear that holds you back in life.  It shows you how you tend to project your shadow side onto others if you are not aware.)

Shadow sides are strong today and tomorrow, but this is especially true for Leos or Aquarians and those who have the Black Moon in Leo or Aquarius.  Remember that you are undergoing a significant death and rebirth process.  Be kind and gentle with yourself.  Pace yourself and give yourself time for answers to appear.

Since everyone’s shadow sides are triggered to some degree today, we want to give people space.  Mercury’s impending retrograde is already producing flare-ups in how people are communicating with each other.  Though the energy is prompting us to stand up for ourselves, we want to keep things respectful.  Also, be patient when driving and traveling.

If you find yourself struggling today, re-read yesterday’s report in the Archives to understand the double power of Crescent Moon phase energy that we are under through Wednesday.

Bagalamukhi, the aspect of the Wisdom Goddess Gaia-Sophia who is known as The Paralyzer, works with us to teach us how to stop, disengage, or relieve things.  If there is something you want to stop doing, disengage from, or get relief with, ask her to facilitate this.  She calms any storms that are brewing or have been raging.

But let’s circle back now to the main message for today’s report:  Today is one of the most powerful days of the month to gain knowledge, experience, wisdom, and strength.

Click here for the link to interview on “Galactic Connection” with Alexandra Meadors – May 27, 2014.   (2:08 pm ET 5-29-14: Link repaired.  Listen to the interview and you will understand the reason for the interference.)

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Your Beauty

The Creator Writings


As you move through your day, take time to acknowledge the intrinsic beauty of you. It need not be heralded with trumpets and great song; it can be the most quiet moment when you recognize the way your body moves, how your smile

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Mensaje de María, la Madre Universal: “Vengan y suban ahora mismo a esta ola de Amor”, a través de Linda Dillon.



Mensaje de María, la Madre Universal: “Vengan y suban ahora mismo a esta ola de Amor”, a través de Linda Dillon.

Saludos Yo soy María, la Madre Universal, la Madre de la esperanza, la Madre del Cambio, la Madre de la constancia, la Madre del Amor. Hijo mío, ¿no crees que puedo hacer milagros? Si eso es lo que crees, entonces es tiempo para que esa creencia sea removida; es más, es hora de que todo el sistema de creencias de la humanidad basado en la escasez sea removido. Yo te llamo a mi orilla; Yo los llamo a la ola azul de mi abrazo tierno. Les llamo a la plenitud de este Tsunami de Amor. He gobernado SIEMPRE las olas, los vientos, el aire, la luz. Gaia es mi hija bendita; juntos te invocamos a este Tsunami para que conozcas nuestro Amor; para que sepan el poder de nuestro Amor, y así lleguen a conocer y a entregarse a su propio poder y a su propia fuerza. Benditos los invitamos ahora: no el año que viene, no el mes que viene, es ahora de que vengan y se unan a mí en el Amor. Ahora no es el momento para vacilar ni dudar. Ahora es el momento de ser valientes, de mostrar un valor inigualable de entusiasmo, compromiso y empuje hacia adelante. Ahora es el momento para fijar una octava más alta: la renovación del Amor y el cumplimiento de mi plan sobre el planeta. Si tú no das un paso adelante, ¿quién lo hará? ¿Quién hablará en tu nombre? ¿ Quién caminará tus pasos? ¿Quién tendrá tu poder de elección? No aborten la misión. No elijan dar ni un paso atrás en este momento del tiempo. Hay momentos para ser el sagrada niño observador, pero este no es uno de ellos. Este es un momento de la acción; de la conciencia del corazón; de dar un paso adelante en las olas a pesar de que ustedes piensen que no pueden ser capaces de nadar. Amados ustedes son fuertes y boyantes ¡Desplieguen sus alas; desplieguen sus alas de agua y vengan a subirse a la ola conmigo! Vengan a bailar con los espíritus del agua y con los Sanadores de Tralana. Entonces vengan y sumérjanse profundamente con las ballenas y los delfines. Vengan a caminar por el suelo de mi océano con sus antiguas antípodas (*). No teman, ustedes saben que pueden hacer esto mis queridos; no permitan que este antiguo miedo a la duda nuble su visión y su corazón. Yo te ruego: únanse conmigo en este momento mientras me convierto en la ola, mientras me convierto en el amor, mientras me convierto en el cambio. Reclamen su derecho: el derecho que les he dado hace eones y que es estar en la totalidad de su ser; estar en la totalidad de lo que ustedes han elegido ser. Ustedes han venido a Gaia en este momento para ser los despertadores; siendo los nuevos patrones, para ser los mostradores del camino, para ser libres. Ahora es el tiempo. Arrojen los grilletes de lo viejo y vengan conmigo. Vengan a mi orilla, a los sagrados lugares solitarios, a la inmensidad de las montañas y los valles, a las Ciudades de Luz. Vengan conmigo a la mar azul de tu cielo, y sí, incluso a los lugares de caos. Reclama tu libertad y declara tu Amor; declara tu Verdad: ustedes son hijos e hijas de mi corazón y ya no hay espacio en este bendito planeta con nada menos que el Amor. Les invito: no se queden en casa; hagan de Gaia su hogar, que es donde se encuentra su ser, queridos, el hogar de la Nueva Tierra. Así que rechazas mi oferta: ¡¡¡NO!!! ¿Puedo crear milagros? Sí: pero ¿cómo vas a saberlo si optas por no estar presente? ¿Cómo podrás conocer la plenitud de mi Amor si mantienes la puerta de tu corazón cerrado ? Les ruego mis niños, ábranse a recibir. Les espero. Vayan en paz. Adiós. (*) Antípoda: Este es completamente el término que usó la Madre ¡Tuve que buscarlo literalmente! Básicamente significa opuestos. Lo que ella está diciendo es que como es arriba, es abajo ( Ley Universal ). Podemos caminar sobre las olas y caminar por el suelo del océano. Podemos estar arriba, en los reinos superiores y estar en Gaia. Podemos hacerlo todo. (Canalizado por Linda Dillon a las 3:33 a.m. del 2 de junio de 2014) NdT: La autora visualiza que este Tsunami de amor comienza el 8 de junio próximo Original en inglés: http://counciloflove.com/2014/06/universal-mother-mary-come-ride-the-wave-right-now/


Universal Mother Mary – Come Ride the Wave! Right Now.

WaveGreetings I am Mary – Universal Mother, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, Mother of Constancy, Mother of Love. Child, do you not believe I can create miracles? If this is your belief then it is time for it to be washed away – it is time for all the lack belief system of humankind to be washed away.I call you to the shore – I call you to the blue wave of my gentle embrace. I call forth the fullness of the Tsunami of Love.

I have ALWAYS ruled the waves, the winds, the air, the light. Gaia is my blessed daughter – together we call you forth into this Tsunami that you may know our Love; that you may know the power of our Love, and in that come to know and surrender to your own power and might. Blessed ones I beckon you now – not next year, not next month but now to come and join with me in the Love. Now is not a time of hesitation – now is a time of outrageous courageous, valor, excitement, commitment, and forward thrust. Now is the time of the anchoring of the higher octave – the renewal of Love and the fulfillment of my plan upon the planet.

If you do not step forward, who does? Who speaks on your behalf; who walks on your behalf; who claims your power of choice? Do not abort this mission. Do not choose to stand back at this juncture of time. There are times to be the sacred observer child but this is not one of them. This is a time of action; of heart-consciousness – of stepping forward into the waves even though you think you may not be able to swim. Beloved ones you are buoyant. Unfurl your wings; unfurl your water wings and come ride the wave with me! Come dance with the water sprites and the Healers of Tralana. Then come and dive deep with the whales and dolphins. Come walk the floor of my ocean with your ancient antipode* self.

Do not fear that you can do this my beloveds – do not allow this ancient fear of doubt to cloud your vision and your heart.I beseech thee – come join with me right now that you like I become the wave, become the Love, become the change. Claim you right – the right that I have given you eons ago – to be in the totality of your being; to be in the totality of what you have chosen. You have come to Gaia at this time to be the re-awakeners; to be the re-patterners, to be the wayshowers, to be free. Now is the time. Shed the shackles of the old and come with me. Come to the shore, to the sacred lonely places, to the vastness of the mountains and the valleys, to the Cities of Light. Come with me to the blue ocean of your sky, and yes even to the places of chaos. Claim your freedom and declare yourself as Love – declare your truth – that you are sons and daughters of my heart and that there is no longer room upon this blessed planet for anything less than Love. We beckon you – not home – but home to Gaia, home to your beloved self, home to Nova Earth.

So you reject my offer – NO!!!!!Can I create miracles – Yes – but how will you know if you chose to not to be present? How can you know the fullness of my Love if you keep the door to your heart closed? I implore you child, open and receive. I await you. Go in peace. Farewell.

* Antipode – This is completely the Mother’s term. I had to look it up! Basically it means opposites. What She is saying is we are the above and below (Universal Law). We can walk on the waves and walk on the floor of the ocean. We can be above in the higher realms and be on Gaia. We can do it all.

Channeled 3:33 am June 2, 2014

A Blessing For One Who Is Exhausted – Wonderful Poem for all of us …..

June 2, 2014

a project of ServiceSpace

A Blessing For One Who Is Exhausted

May you experience each day as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder.

– John O’Donohue –

“You have traveled too fast over false ground; Now your soul has come to take you back.” In this poem, John O’Donohue, Irish poet, author, and philosopher, beautifully expresses the process of slowly returning to oneself that can heal the heart after times of suffering. { read more }

Today’s Reiki Healing, Sunday June 1, 2014

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Doctors With Reiki


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Today’s Reiki Healing, Sunday June 1, 2014

Today I did the Reiki for you while I was in the shower.  Sometimes I do that.

Today, Sensei Mikao Usui’s spirit came in. It has been many months where I have not had contact with him.

He directed my attention upward.

With my mind’s eye (I am a psychic and medium, so my third eye is fulling functioning)–I saw, not very high up from me, about perhaps one story up, what looked like a hole in a floor with many people standing around the edge.

I looked up and there was Usui-Sensei! To the right was Chijuro Hayashi-Sensei, with the little glasses, smiling and waving.

And in the middle of the group–there were many—I recognized the figure of Hawayo Takata-Sensei, much to my delight. I literally jumped up and down and enthusiastically waved to her (with my Light body). This was one of my first times seeing her, ever!

They bent over a little so I could see their faces clearly over the edge of the hole, and they told me to stop my Reiki that I was sending at the time for my daily healing.

They asked, if I agreed, to attune for this healing, instead.

They said it was a good time for all of the readers who are interested, and anyone who reads these words in the future–to be attuned to Reiki One.

Specifically, they said, ‘It is for anyone who knows you or of your work.’

They were all SMILING and they joined me in the attunement, which I did after I stepped out of the shower and dried off.

Here is what it means concerning you:

  • With Your PERMISSION, this Attunement is granted to you, free of charge, from all of them and me.
  • Your Guardian Angel is holding this energy for you for safekeeping.
  • In your heart-of-hearts, ASK your Guardian Angel, to give that attunement energy to you at the best place and time, for The Highest Possible Good.
  • If you are already Reiki-attuned, you have just had a Reiki re-attunement, from us.
  • If you are new to Reiki, please note you will have your hidden energy pathways in your body open up to eighty percent. This is standard for a person new to Reiki, and is just enough, but not too much.
  • All of you may experience symptoms of a Reiki Cleanse as your body energetically ‘throws off’ the old ‘gunk’ that may have settled in to your ‘energy pipes’.
  • Reiki Cleanse can make you have minor symptoms like a cough, cold, flu that are short lived. 
  • A Reiki Cleanse may also bring up some emotional or spiritual things to release.
  • Drinking lots of water and eating things that grow in the ground help to assimilate the energies.
  • A Reiki Cleanse typically does not last for more than a week, typically a day or two for most.
  • electronic devices may malfunction in your vicinity for a short time until you assimilate the new energies.
When do you give Reiki?
You don’t need to know the symbols for now. Just imagine a giant light switch in your mind. When you want to give it, think, Reiki On. And when you are done, think, Reiki Off.
When Reiki is ON, you might feel a funny sensation of energy flowing out the palms of your hands.
With Reiki One, you may give Reiki in person to anyone you like, including pets.
There are no side-effects from Reiki.
It only helps.
What else can you expect after the attunement?
You may have more vivid dreams and impressions, for example, of your deceased loved ones who will be able to contact you now that you have a boost in your vibration and energy.
You also may discover your Reiki One guide. Everyone who gives Reiki, is not alone. There is a Guide in the Higher Realms, who directs this energy to the top of your head when you ask for Reiki to Turn On. It then flows through to your palms.
Everyone who GIVES Reiki, gets a healing too. The energy, since it comes from Source, does not deplete your own personal energy.
Please practice self Reiki every day to keep the energy channels OPEN. Lay your hands on yourself when you are resting quietly, and say to yourself, Reiki ON. Spirit will take care of the rest. When you are finished, say, Reiki Off. Your inner guidance will direct you for how long to let the Reiki flow in what is right for you.
Furthermore, the Divine Mother says that your use of the Healing Codes is going to be met with more success because of your new energy healing pathways which are now soon to be functioning like they were designed to do, for you.
Aloha and Mahalos,
Reiki Doc
P.S. Usui-Sensei waves and smiles and says, ‘Domo Arigato’ and ‘See you next time!’ He bows in deep gassho.

Why Buy Organic Cotton?

Why Buy Organic Cotton?

Cotton has really great marketing behind it, but conventional cotton has some dirty secrets.

I’m sure you guys have all seen those “Fabric of Our Lives” ad campaigns, featuring happy people snuggling into cotton garments. Sure, conventional cotton is comfy. It’s also relatively inexpensive and easy to work with. What we don’t always think about with textiles is how that fabric gets onto the shelf.

We talk a lot at Crafting a Green World about eco-friendly fabrics, but we don’t always spend as much time talking about why it’s important to opt for these alternatives. They’re often more expensive and harder to find than their conventional counterparts, and I think sometimes we forget the “whys” behind green crafting.

Why buy organic cotton?

Cotton gets a lot of love as a natural fabric, but how natural is conventional cotton, really? Let’s take a look at how non-organic cotton production impacts the planet and the people who grow and harvest it.

Conventional cotton is one of the most pesticide-intensive crops in the world. In fact, 16% of the world’s pesticides are sprayed on this single crop alone. That is huge. These pesticides run off into local waterways contaminating drinking water and harming wildlife.

All of those pesticides are no good for the people who work in those fields, either. We grow the vast majority of the world’s cotton in developing countries, and those farmers don’t have the means to implement as many safety measures in their farming operations. These farmers experience an array of health problems from coming into contact with all of those pesticides in the field.

Another little-known fact about conventional cotton is that much of the stuff grown worldwide is genetically modified. That means when you buy conventional cottons, you’re indirectly supporting companies like Monsanto, who are notorious for mistreating and bullying farmers. In India, farmers are so deeply in debt from costs associated with GM cotton that in some areas farmers are committing suicide at rates up to one every eight hours.

Feeling a little bit down about the cottons in your stash? Dont beat yourself up! I’m a big believer in using what you have and doing the best you can to make greener choices in the future. Instead of feeling guilty, be glad that now you’re empowered to make more sustainable choices next time you’re shopping for fabric.

MasterQuote12: Mary Magdalene and Yeshua on Bliss and ONEness

Our Emerging Divinity

imagesMasterQuote12: Mary Magdalene and Yeshua on Bliss and ONEness:

“Dear Beloveds. We are blended together in Bliss as we encompass your energy in ours and ours in yours. We are Bliss Personified and together we open up new vistas and roads to the Divine today.

Forever and always we touch Source and Source touches us all. We are Source. We are Love. We are Bliss. We are Abundance. We are Harmony.

There is no separation anymore – Can you feel it? Surrender now, dear ones, to the welcoming embrace of Source, your true core – Your true Divine Nature is unfolding and never will you be the same. Pull out all the stops and melt into the Bliss that is your core, that is your True Being.

Together we embrace all of humanity, we embrace all of the Universe, and we embrace all of the Multiverse. We embrace…

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Heavenletter #4938 Amazing Discovery , June 2, 2014


God said:
Let’s see now. What shall We talk about? Let’s talk about you. I love to talk about you. Do you love to talk about Me? Give it a try. See the glow that comes over you. Your attention on Me is dynamite. Want to find your way to Heaven? Talk about Me with kindred souls.

I am an Amazing Discovery, wouldn’t you say? You wonder how an ordinary soul, as you seem to think you are, can possibly find enough to say about Me. Of course, you can. Truly, you have endless thoughts about Me. We have been in Eternity together since the invention of time and the padding of space. In world terms, this is a very long time. You know Me well. You know everything about Me, yet you are uncertain, yet you will be surprised. Loosen your lips, beloved. Start talking about Me, and you will hear what you say.

You will discover that you and I are kindred souls. We have a lot in common, for, after all, We are the Simplicity of Oneness. We trim down all the excess, and how clear-cut We are. There is no longer any semblance of playing the fool or villain or anything else except the Extraordinariness you really are. You are not self-conscious. You are your Self, and how We will laugh at all your rediscoveries. You will find out how smart you are, how smart and how innocent and how much you have to give. You will dispense with cleverness and figuring out things. You dispense with façade. You know better. You are the real goods now. There is no longer any shame or sham. You are yourself, unpretentious, and you don’t mind at all to be more than you thought and, at the same time, more simple than you thought. No chimera any longer. What you say is what is so. No tomfoolery. No bargaining. Everything straight up.

At the same time, you are not a know-it-all, not by a long shot. You are aware of all you are aware of, and, still, you know you are a cadet in life. You don’t convince yourself that you know everything, or that you know more than anyone else or more than most everyone else. Life is a humbling process. Life erases your veneer. Some might see this as rock-bottom. No, My dears, humility is right-top. The least shall come forward.

There is no need to reconcile your Magnificence with your humbleness. Humbleness isn’t a show. Humbleness is a quiet awareness of Simple Magnificence, created for and by all.

You are a fellow traveler with everyone else. You do not become stuck on yourself because so much has been given to you. On the contrary, you serve others without too much thought about it. You do not erase yourself. No, indeed, you become yourself. You are not thinking so much about your arrival. You are thinking of simple giving as you go along. You think of simple giving to companions in life, and everyone is your companion on this road you take.

Everyone accompanies you in life. No one travels alone. There is always I. There is also always you. We come back to your being here alive on Earth for all. You are not self-sacrificing. Not at all. You are finding yourself and your place in the Sun.

Okay, you are serving Me. In the long haul, you are serving Me. You are not exactly serving Me as you picture a Holy Being. You are simply serving. You are serving in your Wonderfulness. You are serving in the Unity of Our Love. This is no grandstand, you understand. This is no startling performance. This is no academy award. This is simply you, going about your Father’s business yet leaving it all to Me as you serve humbly and beautifully as My Ambassador from Heaven.

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Marc Gamma: Verandering is ten slotte gekomen


28 mei 2014 

(vertaald uit Duits naar Engels door Contramary, Engels/Ned. winny)

Marc :   Lieve lezers van mijn Blog, i

Merken jullie dat ook?  Zijn jullie in staat om dit te herkennen Tenslotte heeft “VERANDERING” zich gemanifesteerd in de Werkelijkheid We zijn nu aangekomen in de zogenaamde ”NIEUWE ENERGIE” – de “NIEUWE TIJD.”

Wij – d.w.z. wij allemaal zijn hier bedoeld – wij zijn uiteindelijk op dat punt aangekomen waar de SCHEPPING ons wilde hebben. Wij hebben tenslotte het grote wederzijdse doel van ons bereikt door middel van goed-gerichte boodschappen, energieën van veelvoudige soorten, wederzijds samenwerkenvan veel met licht werkende mensen en ten slotte minstens ook met grootse hulp vande rijken uit spirituele hiërarchieën.


Ten slotte keren we ons naar de laatste ronde van de sprong van de zogenaamde “Finish Lijn” en kunnen we ons nu volledig en helemaal concentreren op onze eigen individuele ASCENTIE. Veelvuldige dingen hebben onze mentors/leraren uit de opperste spirituele hiërarchie ons geleerd. Veel zaken zijn ons voorzegd die zich nooit manifesteerden in de werkelijkheid en veel ervan wat zij verklaarden keerde zich in wat anders dan in de tijd van hun openbaringen/publicaties. En je hebt groot gelijk als je je afvraagt waarom dat zo is?


Spirituele hiërarchieën maken gebruik van onze manier hoe wij ons uitdrukken met woorden, denken, onze metaforen en begrippen van teksten om het voor ons iets meer begrijpelijk te maken waarvoor Spirit geen kennis van woorden heeft.

Met/door Spirit is alles een zaak van energie. Er zijn geen concepten van taal, die worden uitgedrukt met woorden, emoties en al het andere dat substantieel is voor ons menselijke wezen – dit alles bestaat niet in het rijk en op het niveau van spirituele ervaring. Er is alleen maar EEN ZAAK in het bestaan, te weten “LICHT EN LIEFDE”.

Nou, wat is er oorspronkelijk met LICHT en LIEFDE – je vraagt jezelf dat af en ik kan hierbij uitleggen: “Dat zijn slechts uitdrukkingen van Spirit om iets dichter naar ons toe te brengen waarvoor zij geen woorden noch concepties hebben. En wat is dat wat in de spirituele rijken bestaat?


Het is “ALLE –DINGEN” en “GEEN-DINGEN” (Every-thing en No-thing) in het bestaan daar en dit is altijd tegelijkertijd voor altijd en altijd. Om dit volledig in Spirit uit te leggen is niet mogelijk daar ALLES slechts ENERGIE is.
Er is – of er is helemaal geen energie en dat is de gehele kennis van Spirit en DIE probeert dit idee dichter naar onze voorstelling en waarneming te brengen. Spoedig zal Spirit niet meer inwilligen om ons verdere uitleg te geven omdat wij zullen ontwaken en dan zullen zien wat alles is dat zij zo hard geprobeerd hebben, en met zoveel geduld, aan ons uit te leggen.


Merken jullie nu hoe al die verandering in je innerlijke kern is aangekomen? Als dat niet zo is – alles is in orde en als je dat wel merkt – dan is alles ook in orde. Het is niet ter zake dienend omdat iedereen zijn/haar wens hoe te beleven in tijd heeft uitgedrukt, voor Ascentie.  Alles is in orde en zal op de juiste tijd komen. Ieder van ons zal die bereiken omdat dit in onze ziel- contracten is neergelegd. Iedereen die is voorbereid en ervoor is ingesteld in zijn/haar hart zal dit reeds hebben gevoeld en degenen zonder die sensatie – die zullen nog op dit punt komen – kan ik jullie verzekeren. Niemand zal hier worden achtergelaten en moet daar blijven omdat iedereen in staat is om op te stijgen. Het is slechts een kwestie van tijd.


Tussen twee haakjes, Spirit vertelde ons altijd dat zij een soort probleem heeft met “TIJD Als Zodanig” en dat is het waarom zij ons nooit enige informatie gaf met betrekking tot “precieze tijdpunten” noch een of andere voorspelling wanneer bepaalde gebeurtenissen zouden gebeuren. Voelen jullie dat dit waar is? En als ik jullie nu vertel dat Spirit heel goed weet – als tegenstelling – hoe jullie omgaan met “Tijd Als Zodanig’ zal dit dan een soort teleurstelling worden voor jullie of een verrassing?


SPIRIT IS  en KAN ALLES DOEN!  Zelfs betreffende de materie van tijd kan Spirit dat op alle niveaus brengen want dat is hun specialiteit.  Daar “Tijd” haar bondgenoot is want “Tijd” speelt heel goed mee en die kan worden toegepast op bepaalde prachtige manieren in het geval om sommige zaken of dingen dichter naar ons, mensheid,  toe te brengen die door ons mensheid niet geheel en precies worden gezien.


Heel spoedig zal al dergelijke spirituele lering aan ons worden gegeven en ons zal overeenkomstig worden getoond hoe spirituele rijken hun invloed op “Tijd als Zodanig”  op gebeurtenissen, emoties en gewoon op Alles-dat-is zullen aanwenden –opdat wij door onze leer ervaringen kunnen gaan.

Wees nieuwsgierig en verlangend voor alles dat zal komen! Alles zal dan duidelijk en transparant zijn en wij allemaal zullen herkennen wat het is om te ONTWAKEN.


Al mijn liefde is voor JULLIE.


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