Another Letter from the “ISLE of I” No.12

I do not know whether this letter has been published – I thought so – but found out today that it is not to be retrieved from my blog at all – so for the sake of keeping the right order of follow-up I post it here again or for the first time. I do not know … but just to be on the safe side it is being done here ….. to share it with all of you here !

Love and light in unconditional ways from yours


Dear Brother Dave,

it has been quite a while since my last letter to you and today I feel like trying to pick up the left-off-ends in this sequence again and to go on describing how I am feeling after these really bewildering weeks over the changing years.

Bewildering for me because at first I caught something like a “Galactic Flu” since last Solstice and the month of December 2013 and adding thereto some Karma-Balancing from more than several thousands years ago has successfully turned everything of my daily life here together into a huge turmoil and some sort of chaos for me. All these issues together bound into some vast network made up this great challenge to me in every respect – be it in body, mind, heart or spiritual understanding !

But – thanking God and all my spiritual extraterrestial helpers – it is over now and I am recovering bit by bit and when I on my own (that is the normal case for me here) I secretly and with awe try to find out what all the above turmoil had made out of me now.

I am looking on- and into myself like into a mirror – considering what I am in the Now.  Suffice to ascertain that I have become something differring from my old Self. But what exactly – I do not still know.

I am surprised at some new characteristic features of mine that appear now to open up on the surface of myself. There ist e.g. I do no longer like to read anything anymore of other theories or spiritual advising articles – be they channeled ones or some very creative contemplate reflections. I just feel into  one or other one – feel their vibes – read one or two passages …. and I have enough – no more interested in finding out what others have found for themselves as being their spiritual truth.

I am not an egomaniac but I just am not interested any more in anything else (to compare with mine) than to find my very own way to go and this collaboration with Marc G. gives me all the chances to direct my thoughts in my way using our exchange of thinking along some spiritual paths of us two (which of course differ also a lot) as incentives for initiating my further roads to go along. As there is one matter that I know now for sure – and this I have accepted and integrated into myself too – each one of us starseed – has to find out about his very own aspect of light and subsequently his/her very own kind of mission according to our own soul contract. And this is the essential reason for not comparing or following other advices lest our own personal quests and findings.

It may differ in due course – this my attitude – but I am content with the situation as it is since I believe – this mutual co-operation with somebody else may use up so much power that not much is being left to care for my personal spiritual quest.

Acknowledging this fact I made up my mind to limit my work to those whose vibes do create some powerful resonation in my inner heart. I should so much like to add your work also to mine and Marc’s but for the special particularity of your situation this is at present not possible in the way I should like it to go ahead with. Perhaps at some later period when many of your present issues will have brushed out of your life and you will have a bit more time for yourself and your spiritual work – you will be able to start mutual work with me to much more wonderful effects ? This is still my hope as I always cherish so much what you are writing about in your very own personal way of letting your thoughts ripple through your words into my inner heart ! There is so much still left that I could learn from you and pick up on your personal way of thinking a little bit as some initial new ignition for my own personal thinking!

My dear brother – just a raw drawing of my updated life now : there seem to be some more limitations bounding my life-style together into some focus to be united more and more to the very essential truth of myself.

Becoming more united – sensing to be one with All-There-Is – has eventually finalized almost all of previous diversities of duality with the effect that all my former interests have gone too. Turning into what is being originated from the innermost chamber of my heart makes me as curious and eager to know more and more about myself and all that is linked to my original home where I am said to have come from….

This my brother is the update of today for you in order that you know where I am exactly standing now at this very Now.

I am feeling like a circus-artist balancing and stepping on a high rope – forward and holding the end of ithis rope in one of my hands .. pacing forward into the unknown and lengthening the rope myself as if preparing my own narrow road
(which in fact is that particular rope held in my hand) …..

So, it is again the life of a pioneer and adventurer and it takes all the power of my heart to find my own way now.

Dear Dave, hold yourself together in some similar way and as much as it is possible and you are able to. I know we all are in such similar positions and shall end up in a most successful way and our way towards it – it is our goal at the same time !

So long my dear Brother-in-Light – keep well until next time !

Yours in unconditional love and compassion