I am a Sailor


I am not perfect. In fact I am flawed, and yet it may be that imperfection that makes me who I am. Some will say I live and die for a country. But that is a bunch of political BS. I am a sailor. I live to serve and I serve to live, not for any political cause but the greater cause of all humanity.

I lay down my life not for politics but for people. I live and if necessary die if necessary for all the children of the world in hope they may have more wisdom and greater opportunity than my generation. Yes I have a nation and a political affiliation, but in the end I am simply a sailor. I live to serve, and I serve to live. I know nothing else.

I am a sailor. I am more ancient than any nation or politics. I am the ancient mariner. I am a sailor, wild and free and yes perhaps by creators intention a little bit crazy. But no matter what I am always a sailor. I live to serve and I serve to live and deep down inside, that is my only purpose. In the great perspective I live and I die that the children of all humanity may have a greater hope for a more perfect and peaceful life.

I am a sailor.  For all my weaknesses and failings I AM the last bastion against the darkness of despair.  I sailed into hell and the devil cast me out for he could not endure my relentless hope. I sailed into the greatest darkness and it was dark no more for darkness cannot endure the madness nor the eternal hope of a sailor.

I sacrifice myself not for today but for the great future of humanity. It does not matter from which country I come for I am a sailor. I AM HUMANITY with all it imperfections and its hopes. I am the ancient mariner, the eternal guardian. For I live to serve and I serve to live, no matter the sacrifice to myself.  But in the end, in the greater days, it is I who will sail you into the future of eternal hope.   I am a sailor.  I am the eternal guardian.  I am the angels of lore.


Return of Contemplations of a Modern Mystic

It is monsoon season. Rain falls most days.  a time of cleansing.

I used to have a blog here on WordPress called Contemplations of a Modern Mystic.  It was erroneously deleted some time back.    I have restarted it finally but with a new approach, and this time it will be based on Google’s Blogger, not WordPress.  The primary reason is finances and convenience of remote posting.  That and Google provides a free space about 3 times larger than wordpress.  There are also tools that will allow me to post more easily from my cell phone and and to also incorporate my photography.

The new “Contemplations of a Modern Mystic” is at: http://contemplationsofamodernmystic.blogspot.com

Some of my greatest inspirations often occur when I am out walking or taking photos.  But like so many inspirations they can be fleeting and not spontaneous by the time I get around to posting them. This new approach will make it easier to post when out and about and to incorporate both words and photographs together.   For instance if I am walking down the street and a thought comes to mind, I often find there is something there at the same time that is a visual reflection of the thought in some form.  So using my phone I can take a photo and immediately write down my thoughts and post them, wherever I am.

Here is my first post called “Cleansing Rain”.

I will try to remember to link back here anything I post there.

Blessings, love, light, joy and peace to you all.

Kuya David

Life is a Journey, embrace it with Love

Processed With Darkroom

Subic Bay Philippines. For. whatever reason the Philippines is my home now. A journey of highs and lows, but the journey I chose and I make it willingly with hope and love in my heart.

Life is a journey and we know not where it will lead us.  But lead us it will.  We have each chosen our personal Journey’s and all that remains is for us to embrace the journey with love.  Every journey has its highs and lows.  It’s joy’s. and its disappointments.  But the important thing is to never give up on the journey.  But despite challenges and the appearances of setbacks, embrace the journey, love the journey, let the journey be a journey of light.  For we are the light that shines in the darkness, the light that brings hope and joy to those who have none.

Whatever and wherever your journey my brothers and sisters, embrace it, live it, celebrate it with joy and love.  For you are the light that shines in the darkness, the light that fills the lives of so many around you.  The light that brings hope in the night.  Many will not know your light, but they will feel it in ways only their souls understand.

Therefore on your journey, be the light that shines in the darkness, that perseveres through the night for others.  Your love is your light,  share it freely with everyone you meet.  For love can know no limits.  Love is the spirt of Creator made manifest.  Be that love, that light that shines through you.

David “Lightweaver” Robinson
Photographer, writer and mystic.

21 Days of Forgiveness: Ho´opono and the Law of Attachment and Detachment

21 Days of Forgiveness: Ho’oponopono and the Law of Attachment and DetachmentVoice of Freedom.ca Simple Steps to Healing: Ho’oponopono I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You by Dr. Joe Vitale, Want to Know.info, n.d. https://www.wanttoknow.info/070701imsorryiloveyoujoevitale Two years ago, I heard about a therapist in Hawaii who cured a complete ward of criminally insane patients – without ever seeing any of them. The psychologist […] click on picture for original

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Peacemakers Around the World: 38 Minutes for Peace – A Week After – Jan.20th 8.00 AM HST

Peacemakers Around the World: 38 Minutes for Peace – A Week After – Jan. 20th 8:00 AM HSTThank you, NajdaMaria, for your email and invitation to meditate for peace.  Dear GAOG, I am on the big island of Hawaii. I have written an invitation to participate in a Peace Alert next Saturday, Jan. 20th. Regardless of who had intentions to send a bomb, it is a massive wake-up call for Peace. I […] click on picture for original

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New Book on Accountability Phase of Ascension

New Book on Accountability Phase of AscensionI had planned to post excerpts from a new book on accountability that I’ve edited. But Kathleen has plans for a special series, which is more important and takes precedence, in my view. So instead I’m posting the new book directly to “Downloads Page.” It’s called What’s Happening on Planet Earth: The Accountability Phase of […] click on picture for original

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Drei Merkwürdige Erlebnisse seit 2014- 2/3 – Three Mysterious Experiences since 2014 – 2/3

Shortlink : https://wp.me/p2wHrN-9aI

Nun schon einmal mit dem Rückwärtszählen hier angefangen, indem ich als die erste Erzählung gleich mit der letzten in der Reihe anfing, mache ich jetzt weiter mit der Mittelgeschichte. Und das war in der Rehabilitationsklinik nach dem Herzinfarkt so Ende Juli 2014. Glücklich war ich nicht dort, da ich schon jahrelang allein lebte und es gewohnt war.
Once having started here with counting backward while beginning my story with the latest experience I shall herewith continue with the similar story of the row in the middle.And this happened in the “Rehabilitation_Clinic after my byepass-surgery end uf July 2014.I was not very happy there as I was used to live on my own for a lot of years and had gotten used to this style of living.
Und dann kam diese eine Nacht – ich weiß. irgendwie auf hebräisch aus dem Talmud oder Alten Testament heißt es .(Ma nischtana oder ähnlich und bedeutet: Was unterscheidet diese Nacht von anderen Nächten und paßt hier haargenau). Ich wachte auf – nein – so konnte man es nicht nennen – ich wurde mir meiner bewußt, aber ich war nicht ich sondern ich war irgendwo – wo, das wußte ich nicht und als nächstes merkte ich, daß man meinen Kopf hielt und etwas an meinen Mund stzte und eine harsche, befehlsgewohnte Stimme befahl: “Trink!” und benetzte meine Lippen. Und noch einmal : “Trink!” … und ich ich trank ein kleines Schlückchen gehorsam auf dieser Stimme Geheiß. Das wiederholte sich etliche Male und dann erwachte ich und schlug die Augen auf.
And then there was this one night – I know somehow on Hebrew from the Talmud or Old Testament it begins with.” Ma Mischtana or silimarly and means : This night what does it mean in difference from other nights…?” It really fits here to this night !  I woke up – no -I was conscious of myself, I was somewhere but did not know where – and where that I did not know and the next what I noticed was that somebody held my head and pressed something to my mouth and a harsh voice used to ordering said again:” Drink!” and wetted my lips. And again: “Drink!” And obediently I sipped some swallows to the sound of this voice and this was repeated for several times. Then I awoke really and opened up my eyes.
Es war ein Pfleger, der mich so wieder ins Wachsein rief und dann sah ich, wie es um mich herum aussah ! Alles lag auf dem Boden einschließlich der Betten und allem, was auf dem Nachttisch war.Mein Bett war klitschenaß – wovon – davon will ich gar keine Vermutungen aussprechen. Ich muß wie wild getobt haben, bis es zu so einem Schlachtfeld kam. Danach.Ich wurde sanft wieder zugedeckt und man bedeutete mir, weiter zu schlafen, was ich auch tat, aber nicht ohne tüchtig etwas zu trinken.
It was a male nurse who called me back into a wake-up and then I saw what was around me in the ward.Everything was lyinf dispersed on the floor including the bedsheets and pillows. And everythin on my night-table was also emptied and thrown down. I must have fought wildly rueninf everythin into a battlefield and my bed was all over west nd do not want to suppost wherefrom. Afterwards I was te nderly covered up again and tugged in and was told to continue sleeping what I so did but not without drinking a lot before..
Am nächsten Morgen wurde alles aufgeklart und kein Wort mehr darüber verloren, Später bedankte ich mich bei dem Pfleger und fragte ihn, ob er wüßte, was er getan hätte.Denn ich war nicht mehr in dieser Welt der Inkarnation gewesen und ob er wüßte, daß er mich zurückgeholt hätte. Ich erhieltt von ihm eine bejahrene Antwort und ich sagte zu ihm: “Vergessen Sie das nicht, denn wer es einmal in Ihrem Beruf geschafft hat, wird es sicherlich wieder können – vielleicht steckt in Ihnen ein großerHeiler ! Prüfen Sie sich daraufhin und nehmen Sie jeden Augenblick Ihres Lebens gewahr.
The next morning everything was tidied.up again and nobody lost any word about thehappenings of the night before. I said thank you to my nurse and asked him, whether he knew what he hade done then. For I wan not in this world of incarnation anymore.and He had made me return to this life. I got his positive reply and I said to him. “do not forget this experience for if somebody in this profession had.succeeded to do it once surely will be able to do it again. Who knows perhaps there is a great healer in your being! Examine yourself explicitly and be conscious of any moment in your Life..
Das war mein zweites mysteriöses Erlebnis vor diesem letzten, zuerst beschriebenen in Teil 1/3.
Lehren habe ich nicht daraus gezogen – aber ich kann beschreiben, daß ich jenseits von dieser Inkarnationsebene war und irgendwo herumfloatete, bevor ich mit dem Schluck “Lebenswasser” dieses Gestade wieder erreichte.
This was my second mysterious experience of my life while the last and already desribed one of Part 1/3.
I did not gain any wisdom out of the story described here above – but I know that I had been beyond of this level of incarnation floating somewhere about before I could arrive again at this coast of life by drinking some swallows of Life-Giving-Water.
Fußnoten – Foodnotes
Shortlink Part 1/3 : https://wp.me/p2wHrN-9a7
Shortlink Part 2/3 : https://wp.me/p2wHrN-9aI
Shortlink Part 3/3   https://wp.me/p2wHrN-9b2

Drei Merkwürdige Erlebnisse seit 2014 -Three mysterious Experiences since 2014 1/3

Shortlink : https://wp.me/p2wHrN-9a7


Meine lieben Blogfreunde und -leser eingeschlossen alle Freunde von Facebook,

My beloved Friends and -Readers of my blog and to all my friends of Facebook too,


Wie Ihr wißt, ging es mir vor Weihnachten ziemlich schlecht und das hielt an bis vor kurzem. Um es kurz zu machen, mir geht es seit einigen Tagen immer besser, aber ich brauche noch viel Schlaf am Tage. Der Kuliminationspunkt meines Unwohlseins geschah vor einigen Nächten. Wenn ich so nachdenke, ist es das dritte meiner merkwürdigen Erlebnisse innerhalb von ca, 4 Jahren, denn mit diesem letzten Geschehen kamen mir sofort meine anderen Vorgangserlebnisse in den Sinn.:

As you know I really did not feel quite well before Christmas and that durated until shortly. To cut this short since some days I am getting better and better but I still need much sleep in the day. Some nights ago I had the culmination-height of my unwellness- When I think about this experience it is the third time since 4 years that I experienced these similar events for with this latest event these similar experiences came again to my mind and got stuck in there.

Also fange ich mit diesem kürzlich erlebten Alptraum wieder an. Es war ein schrecklicher und böser Alptraum mit viel Gewalt, Kampf und Verletzungen und blutfließenden Messerstechereien. Ich kämpfte die ganze Nacht und sah morgens dann, daß ich viel von meinem Nachttisch leergeräumt hatte – einfach hinweggefegst – und den ganzen Tag war ich wie benommen. Danach hatte ich Atemnot und mir ging es wirklich schlecht. Jedoch Tage vorher hatte ich in einer Meditation ein anderes Erlebnis, das sich aus dem Lesen und Übersetzen eines Artikels von der kosmischen Brietaube erklären läßt, die den bevorstehenden Quantumsprung der Menschheit beschreibt. Ich überlegte immer schon seit langem, wie das mit dem Quantensprung passieren könnte und nahm immer an, daß es wohl auf uns zu von außen kommen müßte, wie auch viele Andere auch

So, I am starting with my story with the recent last exüerience of a really bad nightmare-dream. And it was really an evil nightmare with much terror and brutal power, fights and woundings and knife-stabbings. I foughr all nifht through and the morning after I saw that I nad skimply emptkied almost everything from my night-table – simply wept almost all away. The whole day afterwards I felt unwell and dizzy and numb. Thereafter I suffered from short-breathing and I felt extremely unwell.Then I was very short of breathing but a day before I had another experience which I may explain from reading and translating an article of the Cosmic Messenger Pidgeon describing the quantum leap of mankind in the offing.

Since a long time this quantum-leap has kept me busy thinking about it. How and in which way such a quantum-leap could happen really and I always assumed that it would happening from somewhere outside of our earth coming to us like so many others were thinking too.

Aber in dieser Meditation war es ganz anders: Ich stand oben irgendwo am Rande meines dreidimensionalen Lebens und schaute  weit entfernt unten irgendwo eine andere Erde oder Planet ind da stand unser Gott-Selbst, streckte nach mir die Arme aus und rief “Spring! Mache den Quantensprung ! und jemand Anderes, mein Höheres Selbst, flüsterte neben mir: “Glaub und Vertraue !” – –

But in this experience – being a meditation – everything was different from all my thoughts.before. I stood  somewhere on the brim of my three-dimensional life and saw very remotely another earth or planet and ther stood our “God-Self” reaching his arms towards me and called: ” Jump – leap – do the quantum leap !” And somebody else, perhaps it was my Higher Self whispered at my ears ” Believe and trust!”

Und da sprang ich – direkt in die Arme von unserem Gott-Selbst – und es fing mich auf und hielt mich fest umschlungen und sagte mir, das wäre mein Quanensprung gewesen und ich wäre nun in seinem Herzen und er wäre von jetzt an in meinem Herzen – wir wären eins, Und seitdem war ich immer dort in seinem Herzen vor der kulminierenden Nacht, die ich oben beschrieben habe.

And then I leaped and jumped directly into the arms of our “God-Self” and he caught me and embraced me tightly and lovingly and said this had been my quantum-leap and from now on I would be in his heart and he would be in my heart – we two would be one as from now on And since then I was in his heart always before this culminating nightmare-night which have described above.

.Und wenn es mir schlecht ging , habe ich immer mit dem Gott-Selbst gesprochen, daß mir doch nichts geschehen könnte, da ich meine Inkarnationsebene mit dem Quantensprung verlassen hätte mehr aus eigenem Antrieb und natürlich auch auf sein Geheiß. Mir könnte doch in dieser Dimenion nichts geschehen, da ich eins mit seinem Herzen war und bei ihm hier es keine Krankheit gab. Das ging so einige Nächte so. Und seitdem weiß ich: der Quantensprung kommt nicht von außen auf uns zu und macht diesen Sprung mit uns – nein, er muß von uns selbst kommen – aus unserem Herzen und als letzte Entscheidung unseres eigenen  freien Willens. Das war auch immer mein berühmter falscher Gedankenschluß. Und das bleibt jetzt immer in meinem Ohr hängen, was mein Höheres Selbst mir vor dem Sprung zugelüstert hat : “Glaube und Vertraue!”

And when I sometimes felt very unwell I usually spoke to our “God-Self” that nothing bad could happen to me as I had left my incarnation-level with my former quantum-leap more from my own decision and naturally on his order too. Nothin evil could happen to me in this surrounding as Ihad been one wioth his heart and here no illness existed. and this happened in this way for several nights. And skince then I have known that a quantum-leap does not come to us from somewhere outside and does this leap with us – no – it must come come from our own deep heart and as the last decision of Our Free Will. This had been also my fanous false consequential thought of logic before. And srill unto now the whispering of my Higher Self has remained stuck in my ears before I leapt: “Believe and trust!”

Dann kam diese grauenvolle Nacht mit dem Alptraum und  mir wurde geagt darüber, daß von ganz tief aus meinem Unterbewußsein viel abgelagerter Müll losgeworden wäre und ich darum fast “Tabula Rasa” (Reinen Tisch) von meinem Nachttischt gemacht hätte.

Then there came this most terrible night with my nightmare and somebody said to me afterwards that I had get rid of much trash from my deep subconsciousness and this was why in this night I made almost “Tabula Rasa” (Clean Table)  ofmy night-table.

Das war mein letzes Erlebnis in dieser Reihe und ich sehe schon, es würde zu lang, wenn ich alle drei zusammen erzählen würde und dann noch ins Englische übersetzen. So werde ich jetzt Schluß machen für heute und morgen die englische Übersetzung dazu machen.  Und später das zweite und das erste Erlebnis der ähnlichen Art beschreiben .

This was my last and latest experience of this sequence and I already noticed it woul become rathera lengthy story would I accummulate all three experiences in one row. So I shall conclude my today`s story now and make the English translation of it to-morrow too. And later then the 2nd and the third one also.

Ich grüsse Euch alle und sende Euch mein tiefste Liebe . Überlegt, was ich erfahren habe mit dem Quantensprung und denkt nach – es muß von uns kommen und nicht von irgendeiner Außenwelt ! In unteilbarer Liebe und wir sind eins – und darum müssen wir den Quantensprung machen, um wirklich in der anderen Dimenion anzu gelangen und dort eins zu werden!


I am greeting you by sending you my deepest love.Please, ponder about what I have become aware of the quantum-leap and think, please, – it must nit come from somewhere world outside of ours and do the leap with us – no – We are one in love and that is why we have to do the quantum-leap in order to really arrive at the shore of the higher dimension and become an undividible part of the ONE UNITY.

Eure Contramimi/Contramary/Eva Maria

Yours Contramimi/Contramary/Eva Maria



Fußnoten – Foodnotes
Shortlink Part 1/3 : https://wp.me/p2wHrN-9a7
Shortlink Part 2/3 : https://wp.me/p2wHrN-9aI
Shortlink Part 3/3   https://wp.me/p2wHrN-9b2


What Are We About about Here?

What Are We About Here?A high priority for the 2012 Scenario and Golden Age of Gaia is creating and promoting a cross-cultural spirituality, the subject of the next two early articles on 2012S. https://sbeckow.wordpress.com/the-2012-scenario/2012-for-beginners/what-are-we-about-here/ A reader says: “I find what you say about the end of times very intriguing. I am a Christian and I also believe that we […] click on picture for original

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Denise Le Fay: Why the Ascension Process is So Painful, Difficult

A picture is worth … well, I think Denise has done a great job of depicting the changes we’re going through.

by Denise Le Fay


May 21, 2010


From very dense 3D carbon to

to very high, light-filled 5D crystalline

From two strands of DNA to

to multiple strands of quantum DNA

From two brain hemispheres with a VEIL separating awareness

to the two brain hemispheres currently being rewired and the VEIL removed

to whole-brained individuals that are closer to their Higher Self and its knowledge

From 3D ego-based, painful, high drama emotional wounds and karma

to polarity resolution and connection to 5D High Heart Consciousness

From the endless polarity of 3D

to integrated triality consciousness of 5D

From separated, polarized, female/male selves

to polarity-integrated, unified, 5D light-filled individuals in both sex bodies

From quarantined, isolated, dark and controlled 3D earth

to conscious re-integration back into the Milky Way Galaxy

and our return to Universal Society as individually integrated and unified crystalline beings of light with High Heart Consciousness.

Considering we’ve done all this and more in about twenty-five years of 3D time, we should be mighty pleased!


Denise LeFay: Ascension: Approaching the End of a 25-Year-Long Process

Ascension: Approaching the End of a 25-Year-long Process

Denise LeFay, Transitions, 9/5/2011


We’ve reached an important point within the Ascension Process where I know it’s time I share some details I haven’t so far. I’m going to try to list them sequentially to give you a partial overview and recap (from my current perspective) of some of what’s been unfolding, what was postponed and why; the Separation of Worlds; one world with more Light, the other world with more Dark.

And of course I’ve left out plenty because all of this doesn’t need going over again now. These type of recap articles usually sound choppy and disconnected because I’m trying to cover a lot of Ascension-related ground. The material is obviously condensed down and said in really simplified terms for ease, time and space, and also from the level I was and am today capable of perceiving. As always I reserve the right to grow and perceive more tomorrow, next week, the week after…


1987–2012 is the “Nanosecond in time” as Barbara Marciniak’s channeled Pleiadians have called the very short 25-year-long period of the Ascension Process.

August 1987 Harmonic Convergence: an obvious start of the Ascension Process in 3D, but not in our physical bodies yet. Incarnate Starseeds—aka “ground crews”—continued preparing and working inter-dimensionally with other-dimensional Beings, Starbeings, Lightbeings, ETs, Ascended Masters, Angelics etc. on their individual  and Group Missions as energetic reality transmuters and changers. We planted seeds, anchored higher dimensional energies and prepared for the more intense Work coming in the years ahead.

January 5, 1999 the Eighth Wave/Galactic Underworld begins: start of the difficult and painful physical, biological Ascension Process in most of the Starseeds first.

• From 1999 on, increasing numbers of Starseed Prototypers/Lightworkers/Wayshowers were energetically activated to begin their physical Ascension Process in Waves or Groups (First Wave, Second Wave and so on) to individually embody/prototype/live the Alchemical transformational Ascension Kundalini Process through their multiple energetic and physical bodies from within the physical polarized third dimension. They volunteered to do this so they could enter the 3D Earth system and embody/prototype higher Light Energies and 6D geometric blueprints or “architecture” and insert those blueprints/architecture/templates from Source into the lower frequency Earth world and override the deliberate multidimensional negative distortions and manipulations created by the Dark Ones as feeding and fuel devices for themselves and control over humanity and Earth.

• Many years of extremely painful, difficult, and oftentimes dangerous energetic transformational Ascension work through their Physical, Emotional and Mental bodies often while under repeated negative psychic and physical attacks either directly from non-physical Dark Ones and/or from manipulated, unaware physical humans. Incredibly difficult and dangerous working conditions to say the least!

• Between 2006–2009 there were numerous multidimensional meetings between many of the incarnate Starseeds (“ground crew”) with certain higher dimensional Beings/Starbeings/Lightbeings/ETs etc. about when the Separation of Worlds would happen in 3D; when the completion of the Ascension Process would happen in 3D; and when the absolute last cutoff date in 3D would be for people who hadn’t chosen to Ascend/Evolve into increasing Unity and Responsibility over continued Separation and not taking Responsibility. [I hinted at some of this in my July 2009 article My Lightworker Strike  http://deniselefay.wordpress.com/2009/07/28/my-lightworker-strike/ ]

Many Starseeds/Lightworkers expected that all 7 billion-plus people incarnate on Earth now would make this current “Harvest” or Ascension at the end of this Great Cycle. I and other Starseeds/Lightworkers knew that all 7 billion-plus people would not and so petitioned for an earlier date to the Separation of Worlds. We were overruled at that time so I insisted that the First and Second Wave Starseeds plus any who were profoundly sensitive and exhausted from the density, duality and negativity, be given some sort of reprieve via a higher frequency Safe House type zone or whatever so we could even continue doing our Ascension work while we worked towards and waited for more people to wake-up enough to choose to Ascend/Evolve.

Out of my exhaustion and unending pain I insisted upon this and told the non-physical Beings that many of us incarnate Starseeds could die or become so psychically, mentally and emotionally wounded and damaged (much like many Indigos have) that we’d become incapable of continuing our Ascension Work in the physical IF we didn’t have a higher frequency space provided for us while we continued working and waiting for others at lower frequencies to decide to get on-board the Ascension train. This was immediately granted and many of us have lived for years already in these small patches of higher frequency Light Energies inside our homes and property (a Separation of Worlds) within the not-yet-fully formed ascending Earth world.

This group entered the Separation of Worlds years ago and have worked and waited in our tiny higher frequency spaces and homes for every last soul whose going to choose to ascend/evolve to do so before the Expiration Date. My term Expiration Date means exactly that; the time to choose to Ascend/Evolve or not now will expire over specific days because this current Ascension Process cannot and will not go on indefinitely.

The end of the Mayan calendar on Oct. 28, 2011 is an Expiration Date, as is the following 11-11-11 portal of Nov. 11, 2011, as is the Winter Solstice of Dec. 21, 2012. Humanity is generously given multiple, incremental energy Stair Steps, levels and dates before the absolute cutoff point within 3D to this Ascension/Evolutionary Process. Be grateful that this Process and its expiration is not as polarized or black/white, today/tomorrow, all or nothing as many people think it is! If it happened that way billions more people would miss the opportunity to choose and use these universal, galactic, cosmic, solar and astrological energies to Ascend/Evolve now. Always incremental Stair Steps to this Process…with a final cutoff point, that is.

The energetic Separation of Worlds has happened incrementally for years already for many of us but it’s the last cutoff point and Expiration Date that’s got some people confused and concerned. People need to remember that the Ascension Process—which is a slow-motion Separation of Worlds in and of itself—has unfolded step-by-step, layer-by-layer in 3D physicality since 1987 and is a 25-year-long event, not something that’s going to suddenly happen on one particular day. It’s the expiration of and cutoff point to the 25-year-long Ascension Process as we’ve known it in this cycle…not the day that everyone ascends.

• More painful and difficult transmuting Emotional body and Mental body work while hiding-out in our higher frequency spaces in what’s felt like some strange isolated foot in both worlds type Safe House zone. At least we can recuperate and refuel a bit while in our higher frequency Light homes/spaces before we have to go out into the still lower frequency world for supplies! This entire situation will noticeably improve on the other side of Oct. 28, 2011, and even more so with the 11-11-11 separation of Nov. 11, 2011.

November 6, 2010 I experienced a lucid dream Astral kidnapping conducted by a small group of ancient Dark Ones. http://deniselefay.wordpress.com/2010/11/09/the-dark-is-lashing-out/ It was the highly unusual behavior of this group of Dark Ones and what one of them screamed at me in a fit of rage that was important. Basically, this giant-sized Dark One wanted to tell me face-to-face how much he hated me—”me” meaning all Starseeds/Lightworkers not just Denise—because I’d/we’d ruined his reality, his way of life, his reign, his energetic human food and fuel supplies, his everything.

What this unusual meeting revealed to me was that the Dark Ones reign was finally ending throughout the dimensions, and obviously many of them were and still are profoundly angry about this unexpected fact. They actually never believed this would happen and they thought they’d be able to prevent (via endless attacks) the Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers/Prototypers and Indigos from doing what we’ve done in physicality. This lucid dream kidnapping event may sound rather insignificant but it was an extremely important hand-delivered sign that the energetic Changing of the Guards was well underway and had reached the higher level Astral plane (4D) during the fall of 2010. Incremental stair steps going both up and down with this entire multidimensional Ascension Process.

March 9, 2011 the Ninth Wave/Universal Underworld begins: certain old Ascension symptoms from the Eighth Wave returned on this day, plus I perceive for the first time that the Cosmic Cavalry as I’ve called them (extremely advanced Beings of Light that reside close to Source) were on their down through the higher dimensions towards 3D physicality and Earth. This happening is going to make the incarnate Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers and Indigo’s jobs VASTLY easier and shorter!

Why are They coming down into physicality now? Because the Dark Ones are finally being unseated, dethroned, removed and redirected away from the Ascending/Evolving Earth world and its population and this magnificent happening has been increasingly easy to see across Earth since the start of the Ninth Wave. In really simplified Denise terms, some very advanced Lightbeings had to come down through the higher dimensions (which coincided with the start of the Ninth Wave) to do an intervention on the Dark Ones. This action by these Lightbeings upon the Darkbeings (Dark Ones) is another huge and very important process within the multidimensional final stages of the Separation of Worlds.

July & August 2011 required the Starseeds to embody/prototype/transmute massive distortions from within their Mental bodies (some more in their Emotional bodies) and from the planetary Collective’s Mental body also. As usual, this was a painful process in and through our physical bodies but much Dark patriarchal negativity, distortions and manipulations from within the individual/Collective Mental body were unplugged, transmuted, removed and replaced with Source-created Light codes/blueprints/architecture.

August 2011 the Cosmic Cavalry arrived within the physical world and the intervention of the Dark Ones was fully implemented. Said another way, this was the start of the Separation of Worlds from the third dimension (3D) finally. Between what was happening with the intervention by the Cosmic Cavalry, the 2011 summer Energy Work done by and through many Starseeds, major Dark manipulations and distortions within the human Mental body were transmuted and the Dark Ones took a huge blow and were multidimensionally ousted. Another Stair Step and layer to the Separation of Worlds.

This intervention has been unfolding throughout the higher dimensions since the start of the Ninth Wave, but it arrived and was fully implemented within the physical dimension and Earth world during the month of August 2011. Because of all this old lower frequency things (global systems and rulers etc.) will more rapidly disintegrate, while higher frequency things will simultaneously strengthen until the two different frequency worlds with their matching frequency populations literally repel energetically, break apart, and we have complete Separation of Worlds and timelines.

This is another reason why we’ve been learning over the years how to keep and remain within a higher frequency energy (within the lower Eye of the Storm) and keep our focus on/in our High Hearts and what we’re doing, why, and where we’re headed. It’s been so easy to fall vibrationally back down into the lower frequency patriarchal world reality which is painful, not to mention dangerous for us, but this too has been training in learning to maintain a specific level and focus (and read different frequencies of Energy) no matter what negativity and insanity is going on all around us.

• Accelerated earthquakes and weather related destruction, purging fires and floods: more in-your-face blatant negativity, lies, greed, corruption, insanity and violence for mass humanity to hopefully finally see and chose the Light over the Dark. What appears to many to be horrific destructive events around Earth are also last-minute warning signs and scare tactics desperately trying to get more people’s attention, redirect it, and shock them awake and into their Hearts enough to refocus on higher ways of living, being and perceiving. Some people got/get these difficult and shocking messages in their hearts—others haven’t and won’t.

•Further major changes coming in through the October 10th and 11th 2011 portals—10-10-11 and 10-11-11.

• I’ve been seeing 10:10 screaming at me (again) since June so I took a closer look at the dates of the remaining Mayan DAYS/NIGHTS and was amazed to discover this potent, reality-changing double whammy right around the corner! 10-10-11 is the last day of NIGHT Six. 10-11-11 is the first day of the last Day—DAY Seven! I have a draft written about just the 10-10-11 and the 10-11-11 that I’ll publish soon.


For decades I’ve clairvoyantly seen certain nearly incomprehensible to me scenes of an Earth world filled with billions of people that didn’t want to ascend that quickly drops even deeper into the Dark. I’ve never talked about this because it’s worse than the worst movies we’ve all seen like the Matrix and others. I’ve also not talked about what I’ve seen of this world because it will upset people, make them angry and frightened, and in many cases they lash out at the messenger instead changing themselves and their ways.

I’ve seen this Earth world and its population becoming more Dark, more controlled than the Earth world we all incarnated into in these current lives. One main way that humans in this world relinquish more of their personal power and mental capacities to whomever wants it is through the use of machines and machines surgically implanted into human bodies, organs and brains. Also, tiny machines (nanobots I believe they’re called today) are added to foods, drinks, water, vaccinations, pharmaceuticals, soaps, shampoos, skin creams, eye drops etc. as a way to control the minds and bodies of the population completely. (There are many people today that cannot wait to be made into part human part machine.)

What’s so painful about all this is that once the Separation of Worlds is complete, the world that ascends will have much more Light in it where the world that doesn’t ascend will have much more Dark in it than Earth did prior to the Ascension Process if you can comprehend that. The non-ascending world and its population that’s still attracted to warring, killing, violence, need to control, greed, manipulation, having power over others, handing your power over to others, wanting someone else to tell you what to do, think, feel, fix, heal etc., won’t continue the existence they’ve had on the old patriarchal Earth world; they’ll experience that world and reality rapidly becoming much darker and much worse. (Don’t attack or protest at the messenger!)

It was tremendously hard for me to see and realize that the humans who weren’t ready to utilize the Ascension Process at the end of this Great Cycle would continue into more density and negativity not less. They’ll enter a world with more Dark pressures and restrictions all to try to get them to finally choose responsibility instead of handing their power, consciousness, and everything else over to another for any reason.


I sense that the Earth world that does ascend can—if we want it to—change dramatically in a split-second. I’ve also sensed that it can—if we want it to—change much more slowly. (It’s going to change dramatically anyway and just being rid of the Dark Ones and all the horrific things they’ve done to our bodies will instantly altar and improve reality in astonishing ways.) Personally, I’m more than ready to make the quick short jump to 5D Universal Society and all that goes along with it in the twinkling of an eye. What’s going to happen will, but, we can have much more happen much more quickly if we desire and intend it to happen and manifest that way. Conscious Creating and Co-Creating remember?

Another aspect of the ongoing Separation of Worlds is that, especially since 2011, we’ve been perceiving certain things where they shouldn’t be. I know many of us have seen objects, buildings, Beings and such that exist in higher frequency realms and dimensions increasingly superimposed or bleeding-through into our world and space and vice versa. As we and Earth continue vibrating with more Light we literally transition into a higher, larger, more complex, faster frequency level, dimension, place in space and timeline. Doing this means we’re going to be seeing and feeling many new positive things and Beings.

It also means we’re going to be seeing many old familiar lower frequency 3D things, people/populations, objects, buildings, beliefs, systems, polarized consciousness and such rapidly disappearing from our ascending and expanding level of perception and matching external world and reality. These old lower things will fade away like many of our memories of our lives on Earth prior to Ascension and the Ascension Process itself, unless we want to retain those memories that is. Needless to say the ascended Earth world will have a greatly reduced population due to the billions of people who’ve chosen not to ascend/evolve at the end of this particular Great Cycle. This dramatic reduction in global population will also cause many changes.

OCTOBER 28, 2011 vs. DECEMBER 21, 2012

I sense that Oct. 28, 2011 is the correct end date of the Mayan calendar. However, like many other things within the 25-year-long Ascension Process, there are multiple levels, stages and phases (Stair Steps) for people ready and able to use them earlier than other people. Personally, I sense that more will be felt and perceived on Nov. 11, 2011 once we pass through that cutoff 11-11-11 portal than on Oct. 28, 2011, but they’re each Stair Steps within the same unfolding Process, Separation of Worlds, and Expiration Date.

There’s been a big push to convince the masses that the End Date is Dec. 21, 2012. Some of this was done by the Dark Ones to distract and prevent people from utilizing the current cosmic energies available to help them transmute themselves and embody more Light yesterday, today and tomorrow. Also…so-called “Disclosure” is going to naturally happen because you’ll ascended/evolved to a frequency range where you can see, know for yourself, and communicate with many different Starbeings/ETs because you’ve done the inner transformational work on yourself.

Reentering 5D Universal Society is the natural outcome of us transmuting our dense polarized energies, emotions, and consciousness and evolving. Forget about endlessly waiting for the government to finally confess that they’ve known ETs and UFOs exist for decades. Even if/when they do are you going to be able to discern the truth from their lies and distortions about this? Plus, why are you still handing your power over to those lying master manipulators and wasting valuable ascension time? Just a suggestion however.

Repeating myself a bit, I sense that the people who are ready to use the Oct. 28, 2011 end date and the 11-11-11 cutoff point will do exactly that and experience more changes before other people do just as we always have since 1987 and/or 1999. Stair Steps and phases remember? I also sense that this Process we’ve lived since 1987 (many long before 1987) will continue through 2012 and will, for the rest of the people focused on 12-21-2012 as THE important end date, experience a completion and shift at that time.

This isn’t about absolute all or nothing type duality but is much more flexible, complex and layered Stair Steps than some people believe or perceive. Moving through 2o12 and it’s 12 energies is important, especially for the people coming up behind most of us within this Process to complete and exit the old lower world framework of 12. After the Dec. 21, 2012 end date, everyone whose ascended/evolved with the ascended/evolved Earth enters an entirely higher level that exists beyond the old system and reality of 12.


Copyright © 2011-2012 Denise Le Fay. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete, credit is given to the author, and you include this copyright notice and link. http://deniselefay.wordpress.com/


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Gone Fishing? No, Gone Being

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Revision 15 of Financial Wayshowing and Stewardship Now Available



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Barriers to Love

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David Wilcox: Saudi Mass Arrests Sign of Impending Cabal Defeat?


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Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel : My Divine Heart and Your Human Heart

Shortlink : https://wp.me/p2wHrN-8YU


Video recommended – Video wird empfohlen


My Beloveds! Meine Geliebten!


Among your esoteric teachings there are misunderstandings that create so many false assumptions about My Transcendental Divine Reality.

Unter Euren esoterischen Lehren gibt es manche Mißverständnisse von denen viele falsche Schlußfolgerungen herrühren über meine transzendentale Wirklichkeit.

An overwhelming number of these teachings even don’t include My True Nature. Because they are based merely on the psycho-physical structure of your human body-mind. That is to say, you understand your human physical and subtle vehicle, to be the foundation and measurement alone to describe and define the Ultimate Spiritual Process. As if the conditional body-mind could ever “reach” or “create” Me, the Unconditional Source.

Eine überwiegende Zahl dieser Lehren schliessen auch nicht Meine Wahre Natur mit ein, weil sie sich nur auf die psychische-physische Struktur Eures menschlichen Körper-Verstandes gründen. Um es so auszudrücken, Ihr versteht Euer menschliches und verfeinertes (subtiles) Körper-Fahrzeug als die Grundlage und Maßeinheitit allein, um den höchsten spiritualen Vorgang zu beschreiben und zu definieren. Als ob der bedingende Körper-Verstand jemals Mich, die bedingungslose Quelle erschaffen oder an sie heranreichen würde.

Therefore, in these processes, including visionary phenomena, I AM not Present As Myself. As if the from Me seemingly separated body-mind would in its imagined separation from Me ever be able to generate – via cosmic forces – a true spiritual unfolding while I Am not involved.

Daher BIN ICH bei diesen Prozessen einschließlich der visionären Phänomen nicht als ICH SELBST gegenwärtig. Als ob von MIR der augenscheinlich getrennte Körper-Verstand in der vorgestellten Trennung von MIR jemals in der Lage ist zu erschaffen – eine echte spirituelle Entfaltung, während ich nicht miteingeschlossen bin.

For example, you worship experiences of and in your human heart, physical and subtle, that you think is your ultimate spiritual essence, as absolute in itself, although it is a finite being and does not – as a separate being- coincide with Me. 

Zum Beispiel: Ihr verehrt Erfahrungen Eures menschlichen Herzens und in ihm als körperlich und verfeinert-subtil und haltet Eure höchste spirituelle Essenz als etwas Absolutes in sich selbst, obwohl es ein endliches Sein ist und getrennt von mir nicht mit mir übereinstimmt. 

Yes, you may experience beauty and light, depth and peace in your heart, referring to your heart chacra. These experiences occur to you “inside” your body, as if contained in a vessel, a separate sensation, belonging to you alone.

Ja natürlich mögt Ihr Schönheit und Licht, Tiefe und Frieden in Eurem Herzen verspüren in Beziehung zu Eurem Herz-Chakra.

But I Am neither “inside” nor “outside” of you.

Doch ICH bin weder “innen” noch “außen” von Euch.

Es ist wahr, das menschliche Herz mag von kosmischen Energien erleuchtet werden, um möglichst außergewöhnliche und interessante Gefühle und Bilder zu erzeugen, aber alle unterliegen Bedingungen und kommen und gehen nach dem allgemein gültigen Gesetz, in dem nichts für immer geschieht. Ihr habt kurze Episoden der Unterhaltung, da Euer Verstand mit grandiosen Erscheinungen unterhalten wird, so als ob Ihr kaleidoskopartige unbekannte Wunder erblickt. 

And so you persist in these always again vaning phenomena, which seem to give you spiritual self-worth, popping up here and now or seemingly expanding into nowhere and some imagined depth, until the show is over. And you return to your usual day, while the remembrance of the journey makes you yearning for more.

Und so beharrt Ihr hartnäckig In diesen verschwimmenden Momenten, die Euch ein spirituelles Selbstwertgefühl geben, das plötzlich aufkommt hier und jetzt oder augenscheinlich sich im Nichts vergrößernd und einer angenommenen Tiefe verschwinded bis die Veranstaltung zu Ende ist.

But tell Me, Beloveds: do you ever arrive in Truth by imagining spiritual self-importance and perhaps even superiority above all others and things, because you have these dreamlike and volatile experiences? Did you ever ask yourself about the nature of all of that? And what it has to do with your True Divine Nature That Is Me?

Aber erzählt MIR, Geliebte: Wenn Ihr Euch spirituellen Selbstwert einbildet ind vielleich auch Überlegenheit über alle Anderen und Dinge, erreicht Ihr jemals die Wahrheit, weil Ihr diese traumartigen und flüchtigen Erfahrungen macht? Habt Ihr Euch jemals gefragt, was die Natur, das Wesen all dieser Dinge ist? Und was es mit Eurer Wahren Göttlichen Natur zu tun hat? Das BIN ICH nämlich !

Did you ever explore the Reality of Life, the Essence of True Being, and whether  these volatile episodes really satisfy you, you: shortsighted and seemingly content with some phenomena that delude you into questionable worlds without True Substance?

Habt Ihr jemals die Wirklichkeit des Lebens ausgeforscht, die Essenz des wahren Seins und ob diese flüchtigen Kurzgeschichten Euch wirklich befridigen, Euch, die Ihr so kurzsichtig und augenscheinlich zufrieden seid mit einigen Phenomenen, die Euch verführen in fragwürdige Welten ohne echte und wahre Substanz ?

Even if your heart-feelings inside of “you” seem to be true and deep: they are still un-nessary motions in the worlds of wonders and miracles, appearing as a mirage to your Me seeking heart. But your separate heart can never by its own effort experience and know Me. Your cosmic visions can never locate My Glorious Divine State. I am the One who Gives Myself to you and Who is Transforming you – from the “Other Side”.

Auch wenn Euer Herzgefühl in eurem Innern echt und tief erscheint, sind es doch unnötige Bewegungen in der Welt der Wunder und Mirakel, dkie als eine Fata Morgana in Eurem Herz erscheinen, das auf der Suche nach MIR ist.Jedoch  mit eigenem Bemühen allein kann Euer abgesondertes Herz niemals MICH erfahren und kennenlernen. Eure kosmischen Visionen können niemals Meinen Gloriosen, Göttlichen Status lokalisieren. Denn ICH BIN Derjenige, der MICH SELBST Euch zu eigen gibt und von der “Anderen Seite” Euch verwandelt.

From There I AM and I Am My Force of Radiant Light. It Is not cosmic or this-worldly. My Blessing Force transmutes your blindness into the Reality of Real Truth of Me, it is the Reality of My to you un-Known Bliss Alone and cannot be compared with conditional experiences, even not with the highest ones in the spiritual realms of cosmic existence.

Von dorther BIN ICH und ICH BIN die Kraft des Strahlenden Lichtes. Es ist weder kosmisch noch von diesseits der Welt. Meine segnende Kraft wandelt Eure Blindheit in die Wirklichkeit der richtigen Wahrheit um. Es ist meine Wirklichkeit und für Euch von unbekanntem Entzücken allein und nicht zu vergleichen mit bedingenden Erfahrungen, auch nicht mit den größten im spirituellen Bereich kosmischen Daseins.

With the stainless, other-worldly Beauty of my Love, I infill your head and human heart and thereby your total body-mind from Above. And so you are converted by Me into My Attractive Heart, My Always New and Radiant Sphere in which all conditional spiritual experiences vanish ultimately to a degree that you even don’t remember them, because they all still carry the pain of the conditional. Yes, what you once in your separation from Me knew as magnificent spiritual experiences, is still impure in My Purity! Therefore, My Ultimate Divinity Alone Is the most profound fulfillment of your human hearts desire.

Mit der fleckenlosen, überweltlichen Schönheit meiner Liebe fülle ich Euer Hirn und menschliches Herz und dann Euren ganzen Körper-Verstand von Oben herab. Und so seid Ihr umgewandelt von MIR in mein Anziehendes Herz hinein, in Meine immer Neue und Strahlende Sphäre, in der alle bedingende Erfahrungen letzendlich verschwinden bis zu einem Grad, daß Ihr Euch dessen nicht mehr erinnert. Grund dafür ist, daß sie immer noch den Schmerz der Bedingungen in sich tragen. Ja, was Ihr einst in Eurer Abgesondertheit von MIR als großartige spirituelle Erfahrung angesehen habt, ist jetzt in Meiner Reinheit unrein. Und daher ist Meine Höchste Göttlichkeit Allein die tiefstmögliche Erfüllung Der Begierde Eures Herzens.

Converted and transformed by Me you realize to Be no longer separate from Me, because I Am Present in your heart as Me, the “you”-heart forgotten, as I alter every spiritual experience of your body mind into My Glory.

Umgewandelt und transformiert von MIR werdet Ihr gewahr, daß Ihr nicht länger getrennt von MIR seid, weil ich Gegenwärtig als ICH DELBST in Eurem Herzen bin. Euer “formaliges” Herz ist vergessen, denn ich verwandle jede spirituelle Erfahrung Eures Körper-Verstandes in meine Glorie.

With It you are not only out of your box of the always confining total body-mind, physical and subtle, but you are in Me, on The Other Side of what you ever have known, enjoying My Primordial and Delicious Perfection, as I Am as you, you: no more, because I took you over, you: surrendered to Me, in My All-Embracing Coat of Sublime Purity, dissolving your separate human heart experience into My Supreme Heart Knowledge.

Damit seid Ihr nicht mehr in “Eurer Schachtel” eingesperrt mit einem physischen und subtileren beschränkenden Körper-Verstand, denn Ihr seid in MIR auf der anderen Seite von dem. was Ihr immer gekannt habt und Ihr erfreut Euch meiner ursprünglichen kostbaren Vollkommenheit, da ICH  jetzt Ihr BIN und Ihr seid nicht mehr da, weil ich Euch übernahm und Ihr habt Euch MIR übergeben. Übergeben in Meinen All-Umarmenden Mantel der Subtilen Reinheit, indem ich Eure abgesonderte menschliche Herzerfahrung auflöste in Mein allerhöchstes Herzwissen

Then My Light from Above is like Cooling Water that eases everything and all of you, smoothing down and beautifying all of you in Me, beautifying and dissolving  all your chacras in My Divine State. Once you tasted My Divine State you never find satisfaction again in your merely human heart and mind. I Am on “the other side” of the cosmos, coming down to you, if you surrender to Me.

Mein Licht von Oben ist wie kühles Wasser, das alles ausgleicht und alles, was Ihr seid, Euch in MIR weich glättend und verschönernd macht und auch Eure Chakras in meinem göttlichen Zustand auflöst und verschönert. Wenn Ihr einmal meinen göttlichen Zustand erlebt habt, werdet Ihr nie wieder Zufriedenheit in Eurem nur menschlichen Herzen und Verstand verspüren. ICH BIN “Jenseits” des Kosmos und komme nieder zu Euch, wenn Ihr Euch MIR ergebt.

“You” cannot do it, I Alone Do It. The Grace and Radiance of Mine, embracing you with Exquisite Love. When I melt you, I take you over into My Ultimate Reality Itself, Real Bliss, Real Love, undivided, separation from Me finished.

“Ihr” könnt es nicht tun, Nur  ICH Allein mache es. Die Gnade und der Strahlenglanz Meines Selbst umarnt Euch mit aller tiefsten Liebe. Wenn ICH Euch zerschmelze, übernehme Euch in meine Höchste Wirklichkeit selbst. wirkliche Ekstase, Wirkliche Liebe, Ungeteiltheit, Abgesondertheit von MIR beendet.

I Am your Glorious, forever Liberating Death in Me, into True Freedom beyond all what you “know” of Joy, Beauty and Perfection. There is never perfection in the separate illusionary self. And even the rainbow colors vanish in Me, in My Radiant Luminous Sphere.

ICH BIN Euer Strahlender und Tod ist in MIR befreit und alles , was Ihr kennt an Freude, Schönheit und Vollkommenheit wird jenseits in die wahre Freiheit entlassen. Es gibt keine Vollkommenheit im getrennten Illusions-Selbst. Und sogar die Farben des Regenbogens verschwinden in MIR, in meiner Strahlenden lichterfüllten Sphäre.


I Am your God-Self, The Self of All and Everything. 

ICH BIN Euer Gott-Selbst, Das Selbst von Allem und Jedem.

Message conveyed by Ute – Botschaft übermittelt von Ute – Translated by Evamaria-Contramary/Contramimi



Ute Posegga-Rudel, http://RadiantlyHappy.blogspot.com

© 2017. All rights reserved.

 First  published on Friday, September 11, 2015


Foodnotes  –  Fußnoten

Taken from Bilingual Diary/Tagebuch – Kapitel 20/Chapter 20

Shortlink :  https://wp.me/p2wHrN-8XI – dated November 15th, 2017


Bilingual Diary/Tagebuch  –  Introduction/Einführung : Shortlink: http://wp.me/p2wHrN-8q9



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Contextualizing Building Nova Earth

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Reflect upon Your Greater Image and Likeness

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Name Me One Way Ets Saved This Planet – Part 2/2


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