Self-Importance and Entitlement



Self-Importance and EntitlementPeggy Black and the Team talked abut our “shadow side.” (1) Prominent in my shadow side is a vein of self-importance and entitlement. It isn’t far below the surface. I can feel it. I don’t say this as if it’s unique to me. I think we all struggle with both of these conditions. It just […] click on picture for original

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Der kleine Hausdoktor – Das verborgene Ärztewissen von 1927 über Impfungen, Krebs, Ernährung, Seele, Zucker, Salz, Kaffee usw. (with Translation)

Das verborgene Ärztewissen von 1927 über Impfungen, Krebs, Ernährung, Seele, Zucker, Salz, Kaffee usw.

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Das verborgene Ärztewissen von 1927 über Impfungen, Krebs, Ernährung, Seele, Zucker, Salz, Kaffee usw.

Bewusst mit offenen Augen durchs Leben laufen… Mo & Manna berichten: Wir haben ein altes kleines Buch aus dem Jahre 1927 entdeckt. Als wir es…

Matt Kahn – Energy Update March 2017– Up-leveling Your Frequency

Matt Kahn – Energy Update March 2017– Up-leveling Your Frequency

True Divine Nature

Over the past week or so, I have intuitively sensed a palpable increase in crystalline light entering the energy fields of lightworkers worldwide. As I tune into this higher frequency, it feels like a time of energetic preparation for dramatic leaps forward in consciousness. It’s as if the external changes you’ve been dreaming to implement or act upon are being foreshadowed by the inner changes that must occur first. As a result, a variety of interesting symptoms are arising, as evidence of a global up-leveling in heart-centered frequency. Often times, the adverse symptoms are not signs of a lower vibrational reality, but indicative of how smooth or tumultuous of a time your energy field is having in synthesizing and integrating newer frequencies as outdated energies are purged.

With this up-leveling in frequency, many lightworkers are finding themselves with less of an appetite. As power is restored in the sacral chakra during this up-leveling process, digestion tends to become more sensitive or even compromised as the majority of your energy field works to integrate this amplified frequency. During this time, you may oscillate between eating less than normal, being repulsed or repelled by food in general, having desires for juice fasting, developing greater food intolerances, or even suddenly shifting into more alkaline food choices. The more high frequency you become, the more food is honored as fuel for your physical vessel, instead of used as surrogate forms of emotional comfort. If long-standing layers of ego remain active in your field, cravings for sugar, alcohol, or various forms of addictive behavior can amplify as such layers unravel to make room for more light to shine through.

While not limited to food, as higher frequencies restore your personal power to your sacral chakra, you may also find yourself becoming more definitive and discerning toward the people and situations that you can’t stomach anymore. When feeling a sense of repulsion or judgment toward such characters or circumstances, it may indicate it is time to move on to greater horizons of experience. Whether it becomes a time to plan an exit strategy or simply move on altogether, digestion can be positively affected when trusting in the wisdom of your inner knowing.

Whether you find yourself lost in old patterns, opening to new relationships, or stepping into greater possibilities of choices, it is imperative to embrace your innocence of heart as an emotional way of navigating this amplified energetic terrain. The more often you soften by loving each feeling, thought, craving, desire, resentment, or fear within you, the easier it is to assimilate to the higher altitude living of an up-leveled vibrational frequency.

As crucial layers of ego unravel, it is a time when the theme of death may linger. Whether it is sensing outdated versions of yourself coming to an end or dealing with the passing of someone you love, such experiences represent the dissolving of the past, which occurs whether or not you believe you have resolved it. The belief that unresolved matters may repeat at a future moment is a superstitious interpretation of an outdated spiritual paradigm. While we have incarnated to resolve many themes throughout our journey, both for the expansion of our souls, as well as the evolution of all, each of us is only meant to resolve specific amounts of debris depending on the uniqueness of our journey.

This means you don’t have to assume there are energies to clear or resolve within you until they arise. While a spiritual ego works tirelessly to complete their inner work as fast as possible like a child rushing through homework to have more time to play, no matter how assertively you approach your path, each moment of healing can only be resolved the instant such feelings arise. You also don’t have to worry about missing windows of opportunity since the Universe already knows the perfect moment for your healing to occur. Even when you don’t feel fully present during the arising of emotions, it’s obviously a sign that your full presence wasn’t required in order for your healing to continue.

While the ego believes, “Nothing can be unless it’s up to me,” the soul maintains a much clearer perspective that allows for spaciousness instead of rigidity or repetition. Instead of always trying to prove something to yourself by being the perfect spiritual being throughout each expansion, the soul knows it is always existing in the ideal state of consciousness for the evolution at hand. The soul knows perfection to be life’s natural state of being, instead of something to agonize over or tirelessly work on with tenacity. When rooted in the inherent perfection of the soul, everything is recognized as a part of your expansion. If you were meant to think, feel, or view each moment differently, it would have been created that way. As you allow this climate of frequency up-leveling to draw you deeper into the perfection of your soul’s perspective, you allow the outdated aspects of ego that no longer serve you to be integrated as you move into higher timelines of miraculous potential that often unfold from the inside out.

Whether you are steeped in energetic preparation for the greater expansions to come, or beginning to feel the fruits of your long-awaited labor, the stage is set for accelerations to occur as up-leveling is completed. This includes increases in synchronicity, more frequent moments of clear intuitive guidance, amplified waves of prosperity, spontaneous resolve to a long-standing healing crisis, as well as space created to manifest relationships and opportunities that better match and complement your newly-amplified frequency.

In true synchronistic fashion, this period of up-leveling gives greater spiritual meaning to the season of spring. As we spring into the next level of our conscious evolution, now more than ever before, it is crucial to move completely into our hearts, as a way of integrating ego, instead of cloaking ego in a spiritual persona.

When cloaked in a spiritual ego, there can very much be a parent-child relationship with the Universe, as the child-like ego waits with resentment or impatience for a higher power to improve its reality. As we become more heart-centered, we embrace our current climate of circumstances with ease and grace, allowing however things play out in life to be honored as milestones of perfection, even when it occurs the opposite of how you hoped it would be.

While a spiritual ego approaches the journey of expansion solely on its terms and conditions, the soul abides in harmony with life, allowing the Universe to lead the way. When not trying to do more work than arises to be resolved, and allowing everything to embraced with perfection no matter how imperfect it seems, you are able to use this crucial time of up-leveling for your evolutionary benefit. The more heart-centered you become, the easier it is to purge the remaining layers of ego and move into a reality of greater ease, flow, and joy. While you will always think, act, and feel in whatever way satisfies the highest potential of each passing moment, it is your choice to decide how lovingly you respond. The more lovingly you respond toward yourself and others, the easier it is to align with the incoming windfall of higher vibrational frequencies to catapult into timelines of greater worthiness, well-being, and expansion.

As your frequency is up-leveled, it is a perfect opportunity to use your springtime to:

  • Cleanse your body of toxins through increases in alkaline (and non-GMO) foods
  • Increase your water intake. Even add a squeeze of lemon juice and a sprinkle of pink Himalayan sea salt to increase absorption.
  • Make more time for nature, journaling, and inner exploration.
  • Exercise regularly, even if it’s just walking around the block a few times a day.
  • Create a daily list of the things you’re grateful for, the things you’re doing right, and all the things you wish to attract into your reality.

As springtime up-levels your frequency, it is a time to dream big and make bold decisions. Whatever choices you have been waiting to make at just the right moment can now be embraced and acted upon since doorways to higher realities have opened. No need to rush or worry, you cannot get this wrong in any way. Instead, may you root yourself fully in your heart and follow through with the deepest desires of change that confirm how miraculously the Universe intends to support you…Read More at

True Divine Nature

Last Week in Review: 8 News Stories from the Last 7 Days



Last Week in Review: 8 News Stories from the Last 7 Days2017 has been eventful, and news stories (good and bad) emerge each week that prove we’re at a turning point in our evolution. Some stories exemplify the good in humanity, but others make it clear we’re headed in a wrong direction. By highlighting the good things people have done, the positive stories show us that […] click on picture for original

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Deeper and Deeper into Realization


Deeper and Deeper into RealizationI was editing an article I wrote and read the sentence: “My enlightenment will come as a realization, probably, that I am love, bliss, and peace.” (1) And I got it. That is exactly how my enlightenment would come. I read on and then screeched to a halt. Have I walked past an invitation in […] click on picture for original

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Living in a Small Community?


Living in a Small Community?I bumped into some folks from out of town in a neighborhood restaurant. They were actually reading the Golden Age of Gaia when they saw me. Leaving that pleasant surprise aside, I think that one part of the conversation we subsequently had should be reproduced here, while respecting their anonymity. They wanted to give me […] click on picture for original

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Celestial Project Management – Part 2/2


Celestial Project Management – Part 2/2What boss would say what Michael does below? Who would you rather work for? A boss like this or….? He’s setting the new paradigm. I get to be the first person to act it out on this plane of existence. Not like I understand all of what he says from the get-go. I usually have […] click on picture for original

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To Muslims of America, I Apologize


To Muslims of America, I ApologizePresident Trump’s stated intention to close the US off to incoming Muslims spurs me to re-issue an article written in late 2008 to the effect that Muslims did not cause 9/11 and have been used as the (intended) scapegoat ever since. Al-Qaeda, ISIS and other “terrorist” organizations are alleged to be “New World Order” fronts. […] click on picture for original

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“Power Corrupts”



“Power Corrupts”We have a saying that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. That saying has a spectrum of applicability. It’s very relevant to some like Hitler, Stalin, Idi Amin, etc. It’s not relevant to others like Jesus, St. Germaine, Gandhi, etc. We have another term which we apply to this latter group: “self-mastered.” What does […]

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Celestial Project Management – Part 1/2


Celestial Project Management – Part 1/2The emails that you send us with your feedback are very helpful. They help us steer the craft, so to speak. Also helpful is the mirroring I – and others – get from the celestials and ascended masters that we’re able to speak to. In our case that would either be in radio interviews or […] click on picture for original

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The Spectrum of Realized Knowledge


The Spectrum of Realized KnowledgeIntellectual knowledge, experiential knowledge, and realized knowledge all fall into a spectrum within any one dimension. And between dimensions, I think. Restricting myself to realized knowledge here, it runs the gamut from a flash of recognition, an “Aha!” or Eureka moment all the way to infinity. I was going to say “all the way to […] click on picture for original

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How the Law of Free Will Operates – Part 3/3


Full bibliographic entries appear below.

Can we lose our free will?

Jesus through John Smallman: You always have free will. It can never be taken from you.

However, to reclaim it demands honesty and integrity, and doing so demonstrates that you have been corrupted, so that your image is severely tarnished, and it is likely that you will never again be trusted.  —-click on picture for original

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How the Law of Free Will Operates – Part 2/3



How the Law of Free Will Operates – Part 2/3Full bibliographic entries appear below. (Continued from Part 1, yesterday.) How are things, really, with us? What’s the true picture? Jesus through John Smallman: Most of you believe that where you are situated in that power structure is as a result of your family’s place in that structure, modified by your own intellectual abilities and […] click on picture for original

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How the Law of Free Will Operates – Part 1/3


How the Law of Free Will Operates – Part 1/3We write about that which we need to know. I don’t know the whole panorama in which free will, personal responsibility, the desire to control, choice, victimization all swirl around together and appear as the round of life in which each of us is embedded. So I wanted to see what our sources were saying […] click on picture for original

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Opening Up to Miracles


Opening Up to MiraclesIn trying to step up to the plate and meet the celestials and galactics at a place where I think I can be of use to them, I come across the denying self again, that nagging voice that denies my ability, resolve, etc. “You can’t do that. Who do you think you are? Get off […]

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All Roads Lead to Home


All Roads Lead to HomeA few days ago, I said that mine was the awareness path and so I probably would not be seeing a form of God or a transcendent Light. Rather my awareness would deepen in a transformative way. However, I remarked, all roads lead to Home. I’d like to expand on that remark. Sri Ramakrishna, an […] click on picture for original

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The Gift of Porlana C – Part 3/3


The Gift of Porlana C – Part 3/3(Concluded from Part 2, yesterday.) The gift of the galactics’ life-force energy, Porlana C, is allegedly providing a significant boost to us on our road towards Ascension. In order to get information on it out quickly, I use a question-and-answer format. A bibliography follows the body of the article. What relationship has the flood of […] click on picture for original

Coming Soon – More Drama, Less Trauma

Guys!! Please take note. This post is looking forward to things that will begin, in earnest, in May. I think it also goes to the transition we are currently experiencing, as the Moon’s Nodes transition from the Virgo/Pisces axis to the Leo/Aquarius axis.
This transition will take place in mid-May. The positive stuff mentioned in this post will become more true and more immediately relevant to our lives as mid-May comes and goes.
But the bottom line, for me, is that I like so many of us, could really do with some encouraging news. I had all these positive expectations about mid-May and I just could not resist the temptation to share them. I just felt this overwhelming need to shed a little light.
The Moon’s Nodes are a major influence on the direction of events and the nature of trends during their transits. The Moon’s Nodes are currently transiting the Virgo/Pisces Axis. By mid-May 2017, they will begin transiting the nearby, Leo/Aquarius axis. We are in the very earliest stages of that transition now.
Pisces is endlessly formless and endlessly expansive. And it is often otherworldly. Pisces embodies the quintessence of human spiritual, moral and ethical values, but not at all in a concrete, specific or grounded way.
Virgo, by contrast, is all about the boundaries and distinctions necessary to navigate and to harness the powerful, boundless, expansive, ungrounded and high spiritual energies of Pisces.
The dynamic of the Virgo/Pisces axis, blends the formless, ungrounded spiritual potentials of Pisces with the grounding, form-giving potentials of Virgo. This process gives the spiritual, otherworldly energies of Pisces what is required for them to manifest in useful, grounded ways.
The goal of the nodal transit of the Virgo/Pisces axis would also
be ‘pattern healing.’ [I borrowed this term from Aurora Juliana Ariel.] In other words, under this influence we would try to discover and rectify, or heal, imperfections in patterns already attached to the energies of Pisces.
During this transit, the South Node was in Pisces. The Pisces South Node made for a far, far heavier, uncomfortable (i.e. painful) transit than the upcoming Aquarius South Node will bring.
The basic archetypal forces as well as the detrimental effects of the Pisces South Node were reinforced in various ways by other influences. Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, dramatically augmented the deceptive appeal of the South Node, drawing more people to ill-fated South Node.
Nessus and Chiron are also in Pisces. Each of these two influences, each in their own way, draw more attention to the South Node and multiply and intensify the disruptive effects of South Node Pisces.
There is also the fact that so much of the history of the modern world occurred during the Piscean Age. So many flawed patterns, were laid down in consciousness during the Piscean Age, both on the individual and the collective level. Many of these patterns were deeply flawed in their origins or they have been distorted since.
In so many words, the transit of the Moon’s Nodes across this Virgo/Pisces axis was bound to be an exceedingly heavy transit for all concerned. And by all accounts, the Virgo/Pisces transit has caused difficult emotional and mental releases and deep inner and outer transformations.
Until mid-May the Moon’s Nodes will remain on the Virgo/Pisces axis. During this transit, the North Node will remain in Virgo. The South Node will still be in Pisces.
The North Node in Virgo means the Universe will still strongly favor Virgoan approaches to the solution of problems and discourage highly idealistic, highly spiritual Piscean approaches. For now, until the transition is complete, the South Node will continue to dredge up old, defective Piscean patterns for healing.
Our solutions will still need to be research-, experience- or evidence- based and highly rational, well-grounded and highly specific, with clear boundaries. Essentially solutions need to be very Virgoan to attract the support of the Universe.
After mid-May the Moon’s Nodes will be on the Leo/Aquarius axis. The North Node will be in Leo. The Universe will strongly favor Leo approaches to meeting challenges. With the South Node in Aquarius, the Universe will discourage Aquarian solutions.
It will be all about ‘pattern healing’ and, with the South Node in Aquarius, most of the flawed patterns in question – will be drawn from the Aquarius side of the axis.
The Leo/Aquarius dynamic reconciles the rights of the individual (Leo) and the rights of the community (Aquarius) while avoiding anarchy on the one hand and oppression on the other. The South Node in Aquarius will be dredging up those defective Aquarian patterns that tend to support either anarchy or tyranny, and asking us to deal with them – to heal them.
During this transit, with the North Node in Leo, the Universe will support solutions that lead to the enrichment and empowerment of the personality, to imbue the personality with new, deeper, richer qualities. Essentially, the Universe will favor solutions based on personality preferences that are themselves based on individual personal experience.
Be mindful, too, that Leo represents the heart. It might be said that the Universe will begin favoring solutions with heart. In other words, the North Node in Leo will be supporting heart-centric solutions as opposed to the cerebral, idealistic and even spiritual ideas that Aquarius inspires in people.
With the South Node in Aquarius, the Universe will not, for example, support revolutionary, Utopian, i.e. Aquarian schemes. It will not support systematic schemes intended to liberate and enlighten but which often turn out to be oppressive. Nor will it support typically Aquarian/Uranian technological, mechanistic solutions. The North Node will be demanding, and rewarding, heart.
But the message I am most excited to put out is that, blessedly, as the Moon’s Nodes move onto the Leo/Aquarius axis, we will move into a lighter, less challenging time. Although, and I want to emphasize this, it will certainly not be a time without challenges. Although, I believe the challenges will be about combatting resistance to solutions that have heart.
The Node’s transit of the Leo/Aquarius axis will continue the deep, healing reexamination of the most fundamental ideas and ideals that structure and guide our lives. But not so much.
Such an intense and thorough re-examination and healing of such fundamental patterns is bound to be disruptive on an individual and collective level. And it will continue to happen on a global scale. But, again, just not so much.
In Aquarius, the South Node will no longer be augmented by the powers of Neptune, Chiron and Nessus, endlessly dredging up the ancient, difficult, trauma-ridden sediments of Pisces.
The sign the North Node is transiting, is the sign the Universe supports most. On the Virgo/Pisces axis, Pisces is the most spiritual of the two archetypal polarities. In the Leo/Aquarius axis, Aquarius is the most spiritual of the two polarities.
Intuitively, we would expect the Universe to push us in the most spiritual direction. On the Virgo/Pisces axis, that would be in the direction of Pisces. On the Leo/Aquarius axis, that would be in the direction of Aquarius. But that’s not what’s going on these days. The North Node is pointing us in the direction of the most worldly, least spiritual signs in question, i.e., the Virgo and Leo respectively.
While the Nodes are on the Virgo/Pisces axis, the North Node, the Node the Universe favors, is in Virgo, the more worldly choice. While the Moon’s Nodes transit the Leo/Aquarius axis, the North Node, which the Universe favors, will again be in the least spiritual and most worldly of the two poles.
World Dharma will once again pull us away from more spiritual and idealistic approaches to solving problems – away from the idea of applying off-the-shelf, idealistic or spiritual solutions.
It is exactly as if the Moon’s Nodes, the arbiters of World Dharma, have decided that those deeply etched, deeply imbedded ideals we have respected and aspired to all of our lives, individually and collectively, are precisely the problem that must be transcended and the sourc of deep trouble.
Its very much as if the Universe is now telling us, in no uncertain terms, that all the old ideals are broken and imperfect patterns and must no longer be relied upon. They must be re-examined and changed, or healed, based on fresh, new experience of the world. Where our most fundamental ideals are concerned it’s now time to go back to the drawing board.
With the North Node pulling us back toward objective experience and observation, its as if the universe is telling us to look at the damage these broken and imperfect spiritual and idealistic patterns have done and to return to the drawing board. The Moon’s Nodes are weaning us away from ideas we have held to for centuries.
So, we must look at the reality these bad patterns are creating. We must now fix these patterns if not create completely new ones. The past and all of its injustices and inequities is not to be repeated, starting immediately. Efforts based on these old, imperfect Piscean patterns will fail out of the starting gate or at least meet immediate, concerted resistance.
The broken and damaging patterns residing in Pisces and with which we have been dealing were especially numerous and varied and virulent. Toxic as they were, they also drew the mind with special power because they are so deeply etched. Removing them and correcting them did damage, and caused intense distress.
This was all the more true because of the involvement of Neptune, Chiron and Nessus. These bodies added to the basic glamour and magnetism of the South Node. But their effects also added to the disruptive, often detrimental effects of the South Node generally.
In Aquarius, the South Node will, of course, retain its native appeal, but it will be alone in Aquarius. Neptune, Nessus and Chiron will be behind it, still in Pisces, their influence receding. The often very difficult energies of Pisces, Neptune, Chiron and Nessus will be fading.
The Universe will again favor the more reality-, experience-based solutions, broadly speaking. Once more, the Universe will be steering us away from more idealistic and spiritual-seeming solutions, despite our natural inclination to select choose the more obviously spiritual and idealistic solution. In effect, we will be trying to conform our ideas about life to new, present realities rather than conform the present realities of our lives to ancient and flawed ideas.
South Node in Pisces makes for a far heavier transit than the South Node in Aquarius will.
So much of our history, so many individual and collective patterns, flawed and otherwise, were laid down in collective consciousness during the Piscean Age, during the last 2000+ years. The Pisces South Node, augmented by Neptune, Chiron and Nessus, would be dredging up these ancient, deeply rooted, and often deeply flawed patterns up into consciousness along with the trauma that is still associated with them. And, by the end, b mid-May, it would have been doing so continuously for nearly two years.
You don’t dredge up such large numbers of deeply rooted, deeply flawed, ancient patterns for such a long period of time without very difficult consequences of all kinds for innumerable people.
As the Nodes move onto the Leo/Aquarius axis, with the South Node in Aquarius, this upwelling and rectification, or healing, of flawed patterning will eventually include primarily Aquarian patterning. The deep, heavy, dense Piscean material will filter out of the process. We will no longer have the dynamic of the South Node in Pisces weighing heavily upon us.
There would be far fewer flawed or defective Aquarian patterns to rectify, or heal. Uranus was only discovered in March, 1781. Aquarius became an active archetypal principle very late in the Piscean Age. And Neptune, Chiron and Nessus will not be aggravating the process.
The transit of the Moon’s Nodes across this Virgo/Pisces axis, with a Pisces South Node was always going to be an exceedingly heavy transit. It was always going to mark an especially important and difficult time in the spiritual evolution of the world. It was also going to be an especially transformative time.
During the transit of the Virgo/Pisces axis by the Moon’s Nodes, we did an overwhelming amount of ‘pattern healing,’ deep pattern healing. It has been healing that brought trauma and anguish, ancient and new anguish, to the surface as part of the process.
Also, February, with its two eclipses, the final two eclipses on the Virgo/Pisces axis for roughly 18 years, was bound to mark a peak in the release of misaligned patterns residing in the Virgo/Pisces axis in the individual and collective unconscious.
While the Moon’s Nodes are on the Leo/Aquarius axis we will be urged by the Universe to choose Leo solutions to our challenges. That will mean finding solutions that are respectful and supportive of the personality’s need to explore, experiment, play and grow in richness and strength. That will mean finding solutions that are more human and humane, regardless of what established ideals tell us.
But we can expect a very big and, I think, beneficial shift as the Moon’s Nodes move onto the Leo/Aquarius axis.
Neptune, Chiron and Nessus will not be augmenting the rectification process. There will not be the immense accumulation of misaligned patterns that had built up on the Virgo/Pisces axis. And both Leo and Aquarian energies are, in the end, much easier to deal with. They are both inventive, playful, often light-hearted energies. They are tolerant of, or even demand inspiring innovation and heart-based compromise that will make life easier for all of us.
With the Moon’s Nodes on the Leo/Aquarius axis, things will be less intense, less harsh and less extreme. These energies will bring out the lighter and more colorful side of the change process.
Right now, it’s the real world (Virgo) vs, the world of spiritual ideals (Pisces). It will soon be the real world (Leo) of personalities and hearts vs. the world of ideals and a different variety of deep spiritual motivations (Aquarius). The Leo emphasis might make for more drama, but, in my opinion, it will be drama without the trauma.

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What a Great Fire


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HBO: UFO Casebook



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Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed

Illuminations shortlink :

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