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Just Breathe

Just BreatheDo you want to know yourself? Sit and breathe. Do you want to know the divine? Sit and breathe. In an overcomplicated world, this simple advice can change everything. No need to push yourself toward some amazing, grandiose personal change. No need to become unhappy trying to live up to some guru’s expectations. No need […] Click on picture for original

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GCR/RV – “Elegant” – GCR/RV Commentary – Sunday – April 23, 2017


Sunday, April 23, 2017

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Sure we broke through the sound barrier last night sometime right after midnight, but did you shed a tear for the old financial system as it was completely vanished and turned off?   No funeral.  No attention.  No force.  Just transition.

Quietly.  Professional.  Elegant.

Now the ancient relics of mankind’s enslavement, papered global currencies and sovereign historic bonds, may come home to burn and convert into new digital credits.  No drama.  No disruption to value.  No hyper inflation.  Just the physical removal of all fiat instruments, replaced with asset backed credits on a quantum computing mainframe.

Simple.  Easy.  Elegant.

And as France today completes its election process (2pm EST) and world banks and markets open for business (6pm EST), will you see Emmanuel Marcon introduced as the next French Prime Minister or the end of cabal dominance in European politics?  Less struggle.  And riots or upheavals.  Just happenstance my of fact in this our new Golden Age.

Profound.  Dynamic.  Elegant.

All structural changes necessary to transition planetary control have now been completed from banking to geopolitics, military to media, and said reformations occurred all on the fly while humanity was left wildly trapeezing above all that chaos, as the earth was mercifully readjusted beneath our netless feet.  No societal collapse.  No prophesized WW3.  No spiritual Armageddon.  Just peace and prosperity.

Abundantly.  Perpetual.  Elegant.

Today is the new day you’ve all been waiting and praying for.  Sobeit.

God is with us.

So be it = Contramimi

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AAM to Lightworkers on Love and Peace

AAM to Lightworkers on Love and PeaceWe asked Archangel Michael to kick-off our Peace and Love Week of meditations on peace and transmissions of love to the world. Here’s what he wishes us to know and consider. Steve Beckow: Kathleen has begun the Peace and Love Project. Its first event is a week-long meditation on peace and lightworker transmissions of love […]

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Mudras and Health

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From the bending meditation of yoga to the precise relief of acupuncture, we’ve found plenty of ways to relieve our aches and pains beyond the confines of traditional medicine. Yet, there’s another method of which many Westerners are totally unaware.

Originating in India, mudra hand gestures are designed to stimulate all parts of the body—and mind. There are eight basic gestures in all, and when you see what they can do, you’ll be trying them right away!

1. Gyan Mudra

This gesture is believed to increase the air element, and to help with enthusiasm, creative thinking, and drowsiness.

2. Vaayu Mudra

This is intended to decrease the air element, and to help with an overanxious mind.


3. Aakash Mudra

This gesture aims to increase the space element, and to relieve fear, sorrow, anger, and congestive issues.

4. Shunya Mudra

This gesture decreases the space element, and helps with pain in the ear.

Try Also: Press This Point For 1 Minute And See What Happens To Your Body. Unbelievable!

5. Prithvi Mudra

This gesture increases the earth element and decreases the fire element. It also relieves fatigue and help muscles heal.

6. Surya Mudra

This gesture increases the fire element, while decreasing the earth. It is “ideal” for those with suppressed thyroid activity.


7. Varun Mudra

This gesture is believed to increase the water element. It will aid with painful joints, arthritis, and cramps.

8. Jal Shaamak Mudra

his gesture is believed to decrease the water element, and is good for those who have excessive sweat glands, runny noses, and watery eyes.

Those are some super simple ways to potentially help your body run right — and you can do them while sitting at your desk. Not bad!

Share these helpful tips with your friends below!

Originally published on Ideaspots

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Understanding the Segment – GCR Roll-Out Plan April 17, 2017 by Steve Beckow

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April 17, 2017 by Steve Beckow

Reader discretion is advised. However the plan outlined here sounds plausible to me.

Please don’t write us. We know no more than you.

What are now being called “segments” were previously talked about as packages with 800 numbers given out to key people, etc. The change is that the 800 numbers will not now be broadcast early in the exchange process so as to keep the exchange as quiet as possible.

800 numbers will apparently be issued later in the exchange week for anyone who has not been contacted via email. So everyone will hear.

Arrangements are being made to see that everyone who purchased currency is contacted, given an 800 number, and given instructions.

Understanding the Segment – GCR Roll-Out Plan


I have read the “Segments” post – “Segments” – GCR/RV Overview – Sunday – April 16, 2017 – that laid out a contact system to roll out the GCR. I know about this system first hand, and I’m going to give you some insight so that you don’t worry about it. Frankly, I’m part of the plan and I’m going to explain it to you.


Remember that these are Benevolent people running this thing that are the ones who are giving you Trillions of dollars because you spent $50 on a zim note! As great as that is, and you have to agree with me it is GREAT, what would your neighbor, or a person you work with, think about what they missed out on? They are going to either be PISSED, or VERY DEPRESSED.

They will have questions going through their mind…. Why didn’t somebody tell me? I’m in need. Why didn’t you tell me, or force me to see what I was missing. We the American people got screwed…etc, etc, etc…. The NPTB don’t want that, and neither do you.

So we are ALL faced with the issue “How are we going to get 50 million people to the exchange centers without alerting the sleeping public?” Good question…. do you have an answer? No, neither do I, but the Elders and the NPTB do and here is how it is going to work.

You Had No Privacy With the Cabal, Get Over It

You had no privacy with the Cabal, and so every email you send, and every bit of currency you bought, and what you do in Dinarland was recorded and documented. Of course the Cabal was interested in what a future Trillionaire was doing and not doing.

The Good news is that the Good guys have taken over the surveillance systems so that the Cabal no longer can track you and they no longer have those records either. The good guys have them. They now know everything they need to know to help you get exchanged and through the system. They know what you bought, where you bought it, and who you follow in Dinarland. They have even already checked you out. This was all thanks to the Cabal, but, now it is a HUGE benefit to the Good guys. So, get over that, and recognize the advantage and benefit that the good guys have now.

Old Plans, Now Discarded

There was the “Post it on the net” plan, but that would jam the phone centers, and get the attention of the sleeping public very quickly. Clearly, that was not going to work for 50 million people.

There was the “email every one plan,” but that was definitely going to fail for several reasons. #1) If everyone got an email at the same time, the phone appointment system would crash, and #2) If they delayed the emails, people would be telling others they got the email and it would cause a lot of confusion. Some would have gotten it already and others not, then they would not be controlled, and the number would eventually get on the net etc. Clearly, there is more problems with this plan than it solves.

Just for fun, I’ll throw in the “broadcast it on TV plan,” but only some would see it and others would not, and there would be way too many of the sleeping public that would see it. Of course this would NEVER be done, and I only included it for perspective.

What other way can you reach 50 million people, in some sort of organized sequence as not to over load the phone appointment system, and still instill confidence in the redeemers while not alerting the sleeping public? Yes, of course…. “Segments.”

New Plan, Now In Effect: “Segments”

I know you guys are freaking out over this but you have been told about this at least 2 times, if not 3 or more. The only difference is that it has been given a fancy name this time: “Segments.”

The way it works is that certain “Key” people get a private and unique number that is assigned to them. I know, because I am one of the segments. Remember that it was said that certain “Gurus” would get individual 800#s, and they would give them out to their people first, and then it would eventually show up on the net? That is this plan.

The Super (Duper) Computer

Don’t you know that the NPTB have a some sort of Galactic style computer that can make a zillion calculations per second or something like that? Of course they do. All they did was plug in the data that had been collected by the Cabal about every purchase, every GURU CC Call, every contact mailing list, and match it up with every single currency purchase, the amount of currency etc. This is a piece of cake for these super computers. All they told the computer is “break up these currency holders into 10,000 groups, by their contacts.” Then you had the segments. EVERYBODY is connected to someone in some way that will get a special 800#.

My “Segment”

I already know how my contact group will work. I get my special number, I send it out to my personal contact group, and tell them DO NOT GIVE THIS TO ANYONE ELSE AND DO NOT POST IT. This number is connected to me and it is bad for me if it gets leaked out. While I have already been given advanced notice that I will have a segment, I am quite sure that there are thousands of other “Segment Leaders” that don’t yet know they are “Segment” leaders…. at least not yet. But they will be notified, and they will send out their special number to their group/newsletter list, just like they send out other notifications. Except this will be the 800# and the special instructions as well.

How It Could Work

So, the way it might work is, they send me, Bruce, TNT, maybe certain currency dealers, and others, our special numbers and we send them out to “our people.” The message and instructions say keep this quiet. Make your appointments and exchange and do not post about it. They monitor the appointments and when the call volume goes down, they send out more segment phone numbers, until they have sent them all out. Can you see that the appointments are being made and people are then exchanging and no one on the outside knows a thing about it? IT IS EXTREMELY QUIET THIS WAY. Genius!!!!

However, if one of the segments gets out of hand, and one of its members posts their special call in number on the net, that number just gets cancelled. However, all the other segments that are doing what they are supposed to be doing, are unaffected. This keeps control of the number getting on the net, facebook, or other place that it should not be. But, even when that number is turned off, it does not stop all the other segments from calling their number and setting their appointments.


It is way better than just posting it on the net, and way better than just sending out a mass email blast. It is organized and very efficient. Of course they use this super duper computer to check that every person who bought currency, has in fact made an appointment. I am sure for those who have not, they will follow up to make sure it gets done. However, I am sure that they will then post it on the net FOR A VERY SHORT TIME. This will cover whoever did not get contacted since they had no email, or whatever other reason. With this system, of contact by segments, they can get 50 million people contacted and exchanged very efficiently and quickly.

The fact that the Segments post was posted means that the segments have already been assigned and they are ready to send out the notices. Don’t worry, you are going to be in a segment group of some sort. You might even be in a couple of different segments. For my segment, I am going to tell my people to contact the people they gifted currency to as well. This will cover everybody. All you need to do now is wait and see who sends you “notice” of the 800#s and the special instructions, to set your appointment and then keep it quiet.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this must be getting ready to go since they have actually posted their plan to contact you by way of segments. Everybody in this Internet group is connected to someone who will have the number shortly. Instead of getting an email and instructions from some strange place, you will get the email and instructions from someone you know. This is better and it makes it easier for you to trust the source of the email. Make sense? Using this system, you will get the numbers BEFORE they reach the net.

Whatever you do, do not fuss and complain about this. It is a good plan and I have inside knowledge of how it will work and I trust it 100%. They want EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU TO EXCHANGE AND GET THE HIGH RATES AS WELL. Using this direct contact system, is the best way they can make sure you get the 800#s directly, from someone you know, and they will check to make sure you have made your appointment with the super duper computer that set this all up.

No matter what, it will be on the net eventually, for a very short time. But you should be done exchanging by then, and be at the store already. TRUST the plan, and be on the lookout for a contact from a TRUSTED source of yours. A call leader, a website, a currency dealer, a Guru, or other person who you know, will be the one to contact you in a familiar way. It is safe and well thought out. I will keep you up to date on its progress and soon we will all be done.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows
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Green Rooftops For Healthy Cities

Around the globe, cities are working to become
Green Rooftops For Healthy Cities

April 18, 2017 by Kathleen Mary Willis

Around the globe, cities are working to become more sustainable through green, white, and blue roofs, solar and wind energy, and an array of carbon offsetting incentives.

Here’s what’s happening in cities around the world now:

In May 2009, Toronto became the first city in North America to mandate green roofs on all new developments, including residential, commercial and institutional (with a minimum Gross Floor Area of 2,000m2 / 21,530ft2). The city’s initiative is a success story, with 260 green roofs and 196,000m2 / 2,110,000ft2 of green roof area created since 2010. In fact, according to the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities’ ‘Annual Green Roof Industry Survey,’ Toronto took the #2 spot, just behind Washington DC, for the most square feet of green roofs installed in 2014.

Rooftops in Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen became the first Scandinavian city to adopt a policy requiring all new development with roof slopes of 30% or less to be green. The same law has also been adopted in Zurich.
In 2001, Tokyo mandated new buildings 1,000m2 / 10,760ft2 or larger be covered by at least 20% of greenery.

Garden Roof in Tokyo, Japan

Instead of mandating green roofs, many municipalities in the U.S. offer a range of incentives to encourage vegetation over other roofing options.

In the city of Baltimore, the not-for-profit Blue Water Baltimore, offers a green roof incentive of $2 per square foot of green roof installed. Although the municipality itslef does not provide green roof incentives, it does allow green roofs to replace other stormwater management requirements.
Chicago consistently ranks in the Top Five for North American metro regions with the greatest area of green roof installations per year. In the past, the city offered to cover up to 50% of the installation cost for green roofs (capped at $100,000). In addition, commercial development projects integrating green technologies receive expedited permits.
Washington, D.C. installed 1.2 million square feet of green roofs in 2014, more than any other North American Metro Region for the fourth year running. The capital offers a robust green roof rebate program, with base funding of $10 per square foot, and up to $15 per square foot in targeted subwatersheds. Amazingly, there is no cap on the project size for these rebates. Green roof sites are also eligible for up to a 55% discount on stormwater fees depending on how much rainfall their roofs mitigate. Additionally, sites that reduce stormwater runoff beyond the minimum requirements can earn credits. These credits can then be sold through an exchange to buildings that are unable to meet requirements. Because of D.C.’s expansive benefit package for green roofs, it’s no surprise that as of November 2015, there were 232,719m2 of green roofs, amounting to 58 acres of rooftop vegetation. http://1.usa.gov/1OcuirZ
In New York City property tax abatement has increased from $4.50 to $5.23 per square foot of a green roof, up to $200,000 or the total tax liability of the building for the year in which the abatement is taken, whichever is lesser. The application deadline extended to March 15, 2018, for tax years beginning this July 1, and ending June 30, 2019.

Brooklyn Navy Yard – Rooftop
The New York City Department of Environmental Protection offers a Green Infrastructure Grant for projects that manage the first 1” of rainfall/stormwater in targeted areas. Projects awarded a grant are reimbursed for 100% of the design and construction costs of green roof projects. Eligible projects include blue roofs, rain gardens, green roofs, porous pavement and rainwater harvesting on private property in combined sewer areas. (1)

Benefits of Green Roofs

There are many benefits to green roofs. Here are just a few:

Adding natural beauty and major aesthetic improvement to buildings, which in turn increases the investment opportunity.
Helping contribute to landfill diversion by prolonging the life of waterproofing membranes, using recycled materials, and prolonging the service of heating, ventilation, and HVAC systems through decreased use.
Green roofs assist with storm water management because water is stored by the substrate, then taken up by plants, and thus returned to the atmosphere through transpiration and evaporation. They also retain rainwater and moderate the temperature of the water and act as natural filters for the water that does run off. They delay the time at which runoff occurs, which results in decreased stress on sewer systems during peak periods.
The plants on green roofs do a great job of capturing airborne pollutants and other atmospheric deposition. They can also filter noxious gasses.
They open up new areas for community gardens, commercial and recreational space in busy cities where this space is generally quite limited. (2)

The roof on San Francisco’s Academy of Sciences

The roof on the Nanyang Technological University Campus in Singapore


(1) Information found in article by Ruby Lyon and Alan Burchell: France’s Famous Eco Roof Law Too Green To Be True

(2) Information found in article by Liam S. Whittaker: France Declares All New Rooftops Must Be Topped With Plants or Solar Panels

Shortlink : http://wp.me/p2wHrN-7AE

California’s Wildflower ‘Super Bloom’ Transforms Deserts into Paintings April 16, 2017 by Kathleen Mary Willis California’s Wildflower ‘Super Bloom’ Transforms Deserts into Paintings April 16, 2017 by Kathleen Mary Willis


Southern California is enjoying a wildflower “super bloom” after years of extreme drought. The state had been under a drought state of emergency since 2014, but Gov. Jerry Brown lifted the order for all but four counties, earlier this month. The wet winter strained reservoirs to the max and replenished mountain snowpacks, which are now […] Continue reading

The Impact of Belief

The Impact of Beliefs

April 12, 2017 by Steve Beckow
The Impact of Beliefs

The wall of separation remains down. (1) No barrier exists between me here in everyday consciousness and my Higher Self and Seventh-Dimensional Oversoul. Consequently I’m swimming in bliss at this moment. Well, not consequently. I still have to breathe it in and summon it up from the heart. The heart is my connection to … […] Continue reading

Humans are Waking Up: For First Time in Recorded History, Schumann Resonance Jumping to 36+ February 2, 2017 by Edward Morgan

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Humans are Waking Up: For First Time in Recorded History, Schumann Resonance Jumping to 36+
February 2, 2017 by Edward Morgan

by sagittariuscraig

On 1/31/2017, for the first time in recorded history, the Schumann Resonance has reached frequencies of 36+.

This is a big deal. In 2014, it was considered anomalous for the frequency to have risen from it’s usual 7.83 frequency to somewhere in the 15-25 levels.

Here is what it looked like in 2014: http://imgur.com/a/KNaw2

And an article discussing how strange this was back in 2014: http://www.trinfinity8.com/why-is-earths-schumann-resonance-accelerating/

Now it is spiking at well over 30 for the past two days.

Proof: http://imgur.com/a/KUnqq

Site where this info is from (where you can track in real time): https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fsosrff.tsu.ru%2F&edit-text=

Then click on “Schumann resonance” on the left. The site needs to be translated.

According to Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schumann_resonances), the Schumann Resonance “are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere.”

It has long been suspected that human consciousness can impact the magnetic field and create disturbances in it, particularly during moments of high anxiety, tension and passion: http://sedonanomalies.weebly.com/schumann-resonance.html

According to the above article, “As human beings we have extraordinary potentials we have hardly begun to study much less understand. Creative gifts, intuitions, and talents that are unpredictable or emergent may become stabilized in generations to come. Hopefully, we can learn to understand both our emergence from an essentially electromagnetic environment and facilitate our potential for healing, growth and non-local communication.”

Many have been reporting the feeling that time has been speeding up. Could the increased frequencies have something to do with this?

People on YouTube are actively discussing these anomalies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urF_u3DpWw0

For more info on global consciousness and the “science of interconnectivity,” here’s another good resource: https://www.heartmath.org/research/global-coherence/

It includes a link to the Global Consciousness Project (http://global-mind.org/gcpdot/), which seems to correlate to the increase in the electromagnetic frequencies in the past 48 hours.

As the previously cited article (http://www.trinfinity8.com/why-is-earths-schumann-resonance-accelerating/) states:

“For many years this resonance frequency has hovered at a steady 7.83 Hz with only slight variations. In June 2014 that apparently changed. Monitors at the Russian Space Observing System showed a sudden spike in activity to around 8.5 Hz. Since then, they have recorded days where the Schumann accelerated as fast as 16.5 Hz. (The graph is usually blue with some green, and no white.) At first they thought their equipment was malfunctioning, but later learned the data was accurate. Everyone was asking, what’s causing this intermittent spiking activity?”

“Is the Earth’s frequency speeding up? Since the Schumann frequency is said to be “in tune” with the human brain’s alpha and theta states, this acceleration may be why it often feels like time has sped up and events and changes in our life are happening more rapidly.”

“These emerging resonances are naturally correlated to human brainwave activity. So this means, we are changing. Many years ago I was trained in EEG Neurofeedback, so I looked at what these accelerated frequencies might be telling us about human evolutionary change. A 7.83 Hz frequency is an alpha/theta state. Relaxed, yet dreamy—sort of a neutral idling state waiting for something to happen. A 8.5 – 16.5 Hz frequency moves one out of the theta range into more of a full calmer alpha state with faster more alert beta frequencies starting to appear. (This correlates with slowly waking up cognitively). Since the Schumann Resonance has had sudden spikes between 12 – 16.5 Hz (see pic’s white areas), I found this even more interesting. In Neurofeedback, 12-15 Hz is called Sensory-Motor Rhythm frequency (SMR). It is an ideal state of “awakened calm.” Our thought processes are clearer and more focused, yet we are still “in the flow” or “in the know.” In other words, Mother Earth is shifting her vibrational frequency and perhaps so are we. This may be one of many signs that we are AWAKENING.”

“Scientist’s report that the Earth’s magnetic field, which can affect the Schumann Resonance, has been slowly weakening for the past 2,000 years and even more so in the last few years. No one really knows why. I was told by a wise old sage from India that the magnetic field of Earth was put in place by the Ancient Ones to block our primordial memories of our true heritage. This was so that souls could learn from the experience of free-will unhampered by memories of the past. He claimed that the magnetic field changes are now loosening those memory blocks and we are raising our consciousness to greater truth. The veil is lifting. The blinders are coming off. If true, it raises even more intriguing questions.”

“Whatever is happening, it’s clear that this acceleration may make you feel more tired, exhausted, dizzy, depressed, and even strange as you raise your own frequencies to be more “in tune” with the New Earth. Adaptation is not always an easy process, but keep in mind it’s all part of your own unique AWAKENING.”

What are your thoughts on what will happen if we maintain spikes of 30+?

2/2/17 update: we are now in our 3rd straight day of 30+ resonance, and it seems like it is getting more constant / stronger! http://imgur.com/a/UPAVh

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Retconned/comments/5rezz5/humans_are_waking_up_for_first_time_in_recorded/

Periscope Up

Periscope UpI put my periscope up a few days back and read some contemporary news – the latest on Pizzagate, Illuminati kingpin David Rockefeller announced as dead (rumored to have died months ago), more bombings in Syria, etc., etc. I confess I have no stomach for it. I go through guilt saying that. I’m glad to […] click on picture for original

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The Wikis are Open Again

The Wikis are Open AgainThe four wikis or databases linked to this site – First Contact, New Maps of Heaven, From Darkness Unto Light, and Other Dictionaries of Enlightenment – have been down for repairs and are now back up and running. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you (some of you wrote in). They were […] click on picture for original

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A World That Loves is a World That Works

It’s clear to me that the world would work if everyone in the world lived in the experience of what Jesus called “real love.” (1) In other words, in my view, a world that loves is a world that works. Therefore an event like Global Love Day, May 1, 2017, is for me absolutely in […] click on picture for original

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Where My Passion Lies


Where My Passion LiesWriting as a communicator and commentator on Ascension, Disclosure, the Reval, etc. is a dance. I work with the channeled messages that come out, putting the significant passages into the First Contact wiki and, when I see a new trend, as I’m adding the latest item in, I take out a large number of quotes […] click on picture for original

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Lynn on Full International Scope of Pizzagate

Lynn on Full International Scope of PizzagateMore people are invited to come forward and start blogs, discussion groups, etc. Lynn wrote in to “Contact Us” and I asked if I could post her email.  She’s considering opening a blog and I’d like to encourage her – and you. To Steve, The actress Ashley Judd wrote her autobiography which details her extensive […] click on picture for original

Shortlink : http://wp.me/p2wHrN-7yM

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Process of Re-Integration and Bliss


Process of Re-Integration and BlissI tried to describe to a friend the process of re-integration that’s happening for me right now. The various experiences that I’ve had in recent years – that the mind can be still, that bliss will make the world work, that the Natural Self was for me a deep state of peace, etc. – are […] click on picture for original

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Building the New Way


Building the New WaySince I wrote “A Second Lightworker Pitfall,” (1) I’ve been watching videos at a friend’s behest, mostly on the political scene. I confess that I could not last a week reporting on the behavior of our political leaders, as revealed in the videos I watched. All of it goes on within the intellectual domain. There’s […]


shortlink : http://wp.me/p2wHrN-7yv

click on picture for original

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A Second Lightworker Pitfall



A Second Lightworker PitfallAnother fear I have besides a fear of self-importance and entitlement (1) is a fear of ridicule. I fear that I’ll be deemed out of touch with reality because I tell a business associate that I work for the Divine Mother. (Ooops!) Or blurt out to another what Archangel Michael said. (Uhhhhh…..) (2) I’ve always […] click on picture for original

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Portal to Ascension: Full Disclosure, April 19-23, 2017



Portal to Ascension: Full Disclosure, April 19-23, 20175 Day Global Online Summit April 19-23, 2017 This event is a call to release all information, conscious awareness and advanced technology so that we may usher in FULL DISCLOSURE and create a new reality on Earth, based on the principles of unity, transparency, higher consciousness and love! 5-Day Full Access Pass $144 Register at […] click on picture for original

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Planetary Gridworker by Michael Isherwood

Planetary Gridworker

The planetary grid network is a living consciousness matrix that is encoded with the blueprint or original instruction set for the divine plan of humanities spiritual evolution. Much of our mission as Starseeds is to extract the alien machinery and fallen entities which obstruct, siphon or damage the energies in the planetary grid system. Deeply hidden in the organic matrix of our planet is the mirror image of the cosmic projection of our Galaxy of Stars, which is the multidimensional hologram of the Cosmos. When we are describing planetary grid work, we are describing the consciousness body (holographic geography) which is representing the map of the Galaxy on earth. When we consciously understand this interplay, we can help support consciousness evolution by dedicating ourselves as conduits to express the divine plan for planet earth. We currently refer to this level of participation or conduit, as a Planetary Gridworker. Over the ages the spiritual science of gridworking has also been referred to as the “Templar”. Templar defines a person who comprehends planetary architecture, and the math behind the geometries of earth consciousness that is built in the geomantic structures. Templars can sense how the spiritual-energy current moves in the earth and how to create or work with the geomantic structures to help increase or direct that energy for the greater good of the whole planet.

Planet Grid Shifts

Currently, the planetary body is undergoing a space-time reorganization that ripples out many strange anomalies that influence the quantic field. As a result, there are new patterns of electromagnetic disturbances, interruption or distortions in the collective field. The quantum field, also referred to as inner space-time, is rippling these effects into the unmanifest layers of the core manifestation template, otherwise known as the blueprint matrices that make up the layers of morphogenetic fields in the earth. Gridworkers may feel the Blueprint structure in the planetary field transforming completely with the shifting timelines, and this feels like something very different, extraordinary and even bizarre is occurring in the earth fields. It feels like it is a new design that is encompassing our consciousness with the necessity to learn a foreign language, and yet it feels distantly familiar and vastly powerful. The Blueprint alterations impact the dark matter template, and this appears to have direct consequences to altering and changing the Earth Elements, and the elemental structure of the earth body.

Gridworker Mission

As a Planetary Gridworker there are a variety of possible tasks and jobs that may be presented during phases of the Starseed mission that are relative to the current planetary crisis or issues that are directly impacting the earth body and collective consciousness, at any given time.

Many of us work with past, present and future timelines simultaneously, to effect positive changes in the future evolutionary direction of humanity on the earth, and beyond. We each have a personal mission directive based on our special talents and skills, and those skill sets fit into the position we have that connects our service work with the larger group in the Starseed and Indigo mission. Most Planetary Gridworkers that are active now on the earth have come from the future time cycle from other Star systems, universes, planets and even from the future earth, in order to help the lowest density fields of the earth and humanity undergo Ascension and/or liberation from the NAA.

As a result of the Starseed mission, many Star people are more aggressively targeted with psychotronic mind control, psychic attacks or dark interference from human or non human sources, in order to prevent that person from awakening and realizing their specific mission. Our service mission with the earth is generally co-created in pre-birth agreements that are written into our Lightbody via the core manifestation body template or 12 Tree Grid.

To activate the Starseed potential, many of us will be led to the Law of One, 12D Ray platinum white or rainbow field, Alien Implant removal as well as studying the 12 Tree Grid, in order to stimulate our spiritual awakening and consciousness memory to activate our higher potentials or skill sets. The written instruction set included in our Lightbody contains the information that defines our Consciousness history, Blueprint, star origins, spiritual purpose and role with the earth to serve the divine source plan for activating the higher evolution potentials for all of humanity. As an example, a Planetary Gridworker mission may include such tasks as:

• Providing conduit while in a body for higher frequency transmission or for the direction of running energetic currents, working to align the multidimensional connection and correction of the many planetary grid networks. The physical body acts as an acupuncture point for the earth to run higher frequencies and DNA star coding for a variety of positive applications.

• Traveling to assigned locations or remote viewing to observe consciousness records or energetic signatures that manifest impacts in the earth’s holographic Lightbody, to view false or real Timelines inserted into the field that reveal the historical record of the planet, track the source of major trigger events in the timelines, such as tragedies, war, holocaust, genocide, Blood Sacrifice, Alien Implants, abduction, breeding-hybridization programs, to recollect accurate historical records, reorganize the time fields, measure energetic impacts, and track the causality of events that manifested destructive or harmful events in time.

• Survey energetic current and spiral forces, recode EMF ray spectrum, observe how energetic current is running in horizontal Ley Lines and vertical Axiatonal Lines that impact the black and white hole spin and their systems of energy. Many of us are recoding the planetary grid network from running bi-wave code to elevate into tri-wave code or to run Trinity Wave frequency sets that feedback into the source fields.

• Reconnect Geomantic Structures, holographic geography or build light networks to help open portal systems, activate power vortices or hubs in megalithic or ancient builder race structures hidden throughout the earth, reconnect to celestial bodies and stars in collaboration with the Guardian Host. Clear black magic grids and alien technological abuse of these systems.

• Inspect, recon work or take inventory of extremely damaged planetary grid networks, damaged areas of the earth field, dormant or inactive portal systems, Alien Machinery, Holographic Inserts, and artificial intelligence technology networks used by NAA or human military organizations working with the NAA. Examples: Crucifixion Implants, Anubian Black Heart, Metatronic Reversal, Black Magic Grids, Thothian Grid, GEG, Alien Machinery.

• Identify, locate, remove and repair false records implanted in the timelines, clear out destructive events that have manifested DNA damage, as well as biological and neurological damage to the earth and humanity.

• Provide transit services for many human and non human entities that must be moved out from that time space continuum, or sent back to the Mother. Many people have been stuck in Consciousness Traps or are confused souls that do not know how to leave or evolve beyond where they have been trapped in time.

• Provide reading of rights, eviction notice and transit services for Imposter Spirits, Negative Aliens and other entities.



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Source Link: http://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Gridworker

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#FullDisclosure Update – March 25, 2017

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#FullDisclosure Update – March 25, 2017

Received via email…..

Offered from the Source of Love

209 GESERA nations led by military powers Russia, China and the US Republic have all agreed to execute a faux reality roll out strategy, that ends in full disclosure of alien life existence on the surface of the earth.

Included  in this disclosure is the multi-millennia cover up (aka cabal) designed by higher or hive minds to hide both non-human existence and the perpetual enslavement of humanity since the times of Atlantis and Lemuria.

Immediate full disclosure of such revelations would be incredibly dangerous to share, as to speak such truths to a mass audience that does not yet know it is even enslaved could quickly become a fear based suicidal event.

As  a result, this current 2016-2017 political season was deemed as a good moment to begin executing a scripted series of public events, in order to quietly roll out several smaller or soft disclosure items like pedophila, human trafficking, shadow government, first contact, genetic cloning, hybrid races,  organized global media conspiracies, metallic vaccinations, chemical aerial trails, GMOs and much more.

This particular US election cycle was chosen as was the subsequent Trump presidency as a vehicle to releasing “real truths” about all the hidden enslaved or repressed aspects of the human condition as well as up coming planetary changes that are already occurring due to inner earth pole shift.

A major transitionary event is soon to occur and drive divine human collective ascension, permanently vibrationally elevating every living cell, species and eco-system remaining on the planet… in a benevolent and peaceful manner.

Offered from the Source of Love

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