High Vibration from Marix Sirius dated 11.28.2012

I am greeting you all my readers and friends in light !

Just before you are going to read this very last message of Marix – take a deep breath please and listen to what I have to say here:

The messages of Marix just on first sight appear to be gentle, soothing but in the least way to what you are used to on the American Continent and this is why many of you in the past months did not recognize the true inner sense or meaning of these. This I am able to tell you from personal experience.

Still I am telling you to be aware of that within these messages there are some deep pieces of truth hidden as secrets which are often not being recognized as such. This is also why I am writing this pretext to make you aware of such secrets: “Please when you are reading use great awareness of your awakened condition.! Since there are some matters touched which will surprise you with the essential meaning.”

This is why I want to make you a bit more attentive to the passages of this not too lengthy message.of Marix from Sirius in service to the Light of AAMichael.

From me it is as always with great Love to your Inner Lights

Om Shanti



High Vibration from Marix Sirius

Channeled through Sarinah

dated Nov,28.2012


 Vibrations of Love

The influx-wave of Unconditional Love and Peace has not even reached its highest peak and there are already responses of those ones which once praised themselves to hold up high the flag of shadow gamers until the very end!

Not to mention the many human beings accepting light anyway as it appears that the latecomers have had saved their reserves of power just for this very timeline and era.

If we – your Galactic Family – are observing how you react to the waves of love – our hearts start to beat vividly from Love and Yearning for you !

For we know just too well, if any train starts rolling, there is no-one able to stop this move lest for the Creator Himself! Still HE is acting with your consent since your call for blending together is not to be overheard !
Since your entering the Golden Jerusalem has been made certain so is your victory about those which had placed themselves above you without acting for your well-being, breaking their oaths and having been prey of greed for a long time. Continue reading

Greetings from Herak Sirius dated 11.23.2012

Pretext from ContraMary

I have to explain something in general: I started working on PC-Internet abt. 1 1/2 years ago because I wanted to do something with spreading light. Since then I have been so busy that I did not find the time (due to lacking funds either for courses) to learn more about posting and transferrking photos from one blot to another etc. This lacking ability finds me always again when I translate a message with photos e.g. with Herak which today again has some wonderful pics in the original.

Fact is now again: I cannot transfer these pics on to this blog with my translations.

However since this message may be considered of vital essence I decided to post it without its wonderful pics but marking locally where these pics are to be included.
This was on advice of AAMichael as he considers the contents to be the most vital part of this message. It is the beginning also of disclosing secrets hitherto hidden as Herak points out also in this message. So let’s go ……

Greetings from Herak Sirius dated 11.23.2012

Channeled through Frank H. Scheffler
Source: http://www.sternensaaten.de

Our Blueprint

Greetings to you dear Beings of Light,

Today we ‘d like to report on the upcoming events of 12/12 Alignment and the Winter-Solstice on Dec.21.2012 and also on “all NOW to be disclosed secrets of the universe” which are to be found in yourself as well as in outward life.

The title of today’s channeling refers again to the book of “Keys of Enoch” explaining again one more time the importance of all Pyramidal Structures in the Universe.

Photo 1                                                         Photo 2                                  Photo 3
Pyramide in the Bermuda Triangel          Pyramide on Mars                  Pyramide in Bosnia

This entails also our call-up to learn how important is the Sacred Geometry now:
Key 314 of Enoch explains it as follows: Continue reading

If Enlightment Came With a Warning Label !

I found this article in the discussion group of Steve B. which was posted by the moderator Andrea S. with some “nevertheless encouraging words” which I thought very appropriate … but all this together very worth sharing with you my beloved readers and friends here.

Love to you all which are about to enter this shining and awakening path of light and love and also to those having progressed on it to recall what they did overcome un til now already … all my beloved siblings in light, compassion and love … I am greeting you with this post … encouraging you to hold your light and focus …keep on keeping !

from me to you


If Enlightenment Came with a Warning Label…
Mon Nov 26, 2012 8:12 pm |

Here is a blog post for you. It lines up what so many of us already know about what happens when you set your sights on enlightenment. Don’t give up, it IS totally worth the bumps…


If Enlightenment Came with a Warning Label…

So when you heard about spiritual awakening or enlightenment, what was the prize that you wanted in the end? What was the story that got you hooked?

Perhaps it was something about experiencing endless bliss and joy, or maybe it was the end of suffering, or perhaps it was about experiencing constant Oneness with the Divine. Maybe it was the answer to all your life’s questions.

It may be something else entirely, but whatever the case may be, I’m sure the bait was very shiny and attractive, yes? :lol
Rasha: Adventure in Letting Go

It turns out that they don’t give you the full story when you start playing the game. What I’m about to share isn’t meant to discourage people on the path, but simply to help them be conscious if and when these things start occurring. These things don’t necessarily mean that something has gone wrong, although it may certainly seem that way. A helpful book to those who are experiencing the following symptoms is You’re Not Going Crazy… You’re Just Waking Up!

Now, if spiritual awakening was to come with a series of warning labels, what would be printed on those labels?

Warning Continue reading

Your Guide to Planetary Energies from 11.26. to 12-02. by Pam Junghans

…and after perhaps read the former spiritual awakening  words of Angela Peregroff I
I’d like to add what Pam Junghans explains about  what our STARRY FAMILY depicts for us with their energies displayed for the coming week too. CM.

Astrology Journal
Your Guide to Planetary Energies for
November 26 to
December 2, 2012
By Pam Younghans
 THE LUNAR ECLIPSE this Wednesday is a powerful one that carries the themes of Awakening, Healing and Change. At the time of the eclipse:
  • The Moon and Sun are in harmonious aspect with Uranus, providing the opportunity for us to expand our consciousness even further into new territories and other dimensions. 
  • Chiron in Pisces squares the Sun and Moon, challenging us to heal and release the fears that have inhibited our trust in life and faith in positive outcomes.
  • A powerful Pluto-Mars conjunction in Capricorn ignites passions and our desire to fulfill a greater life purpose.
  • A Saturn-Venus conjunction in Scorpio provides the foundation for a new beginning in living our lives in accordance with our deepest, most heart-felt values. 
WITH THESE ASPECTS in effect at the time of the eclipse — especially that potentially volatile Pluto-Mars alignment — we will need to call upon our higher wisdom to guide us in utilizing the energies in positive ways. The symbolic imagery associated with the Moon’s location in Gemini seems to support us in doing just that:
“An old man leans against a spreading tree by a well and smokes his pipe. Approached by a boy about a problem, he spins out a story that relates to the boy’s situation.” (from The Zodiac by Degrees by Martin Goldsmith)
In this image, both the old man and the boy represent aspects of our own beings — in other words, we have what we need to find the solutions we seek, if we are willing go within and trust the wisdom we find there. Continue reading

The Blessed Guidance of this Week by Angela Peregroff

As this is the beginning of another week so close to the given cruxial date of ascending Earth I had the idea given by my spiritual guide to share with you from now every Monday the most deep and spiritual guiding words from Angela Peregroff to which I subscribed and found they are a most helpful blessings for my inner preparation and labour to reach ascension date of my very own at an utmost of mine:

angela@angelaperegoff.ccsend.com für Reverend Angela Peregoff (blessings@angelaperegoff.com)

Morning Blessing: 11.26.12
Moonbeams Soothe The Self 
 “I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning.” – J.B. Priestly.
Expanded awareness is an absolute must for making sense of what is occurring in today’s world and beyond. Interesting, awesome and strange shiftings have become an every day event, but this week the mists of evolution that enfold us are of a harmonizing culmination. While all energy transpires on multiple levels of reality, producing numerous probable outcomes my guess is that by the time we are witnessing the full Moon lunar eclipse (11/28) later this week we will be able to say, “it’s a good week”. The lunar shower that is arriving will bestow Gaia with a “spa effect” of vitality and rejuvenation. She is ready to step into that space of deep relaxation and total peace that happens when we pamper ourselves. To be in harmony with her this week I suggest creating pampering of your own and avoid any undue stress. Take each day as it comes and flow through your week as a component of Universal Harmony.Along the way notice the responsibility you have to serve yourself, learning to receive as much as you give. That can be a challenge to embrace and embody as you have been taught that it is selfish. Consider though that selfishness is not the same as serving self. Selfishness does not consider every soul in the experience but serving Self does nothing but that. You have a responsibility this week to assimilate the balancing harmonizations that have settled upon us recently. If you make dedicated time over the next weeks to give yourself what you need your earthly experiences will be lived with a great sense of ease and embodiment. Pay attention to what is happening within you and around you and allow your internal authenticity to balance the external.In my home country last week we celebrated Thanksgiving. For many of us it was a day of appreciation and gratitude for the blessings in our lives. As your ambassador of cosmic castings each week I would urge you to also include a thank you this week for the galactic adventure we are on as we follow the tracks of the Sacred through the vast regions of Ascension. I know that I can wholeheartedly give thanks for the forever technology coming through my House of Light (the body) that is anchoring the foundation for the Age of Peace. And I appreciate of all my Spirit-Soul friends that have also commanded It in. Together we have created a flurry of excitement in Universal realms as we have worked to allow our internal experience to balance our outer realities. As a result, Divine creation is pulsing like never before and Ancient portals are steadily opening to manifest properties of Divine Connection that have never been experienced by the human element before. Not that we have never ever ascended before; o-o-o-o-hh we have that knowledge, we have just not done it in the manner we have mapped out this time around. Continue reading

The Valley in Crystal-Golden Mountains

It was in 1993 at a some very cruxial point of my life —when one special lap of the race of my life had ended and I was in the still gap of the break-off … licking my wounds and hurts and trying to overcome the period of first shocks – living from one day to the other.

It was Summer and in my annual holidays having been on my special retreat in a Camping-Trailer on the brink of some little green wilderness with such  beautiful beechtrees which I could embrace whenever I felt like …and I did …so many evenings I sat there besides them and let go of my hurt feelings and mournings.

And I was given so much help amid this beloved small enclave of mine in which I sensed myself as only another being and creature closely linked to Mother Earth.

I did some special oilpainting over the day – a copy of some illustrious German painter which was a commissioned job – and this was done in a most meditative way in utter stillness ….

And then there was a night when I dreamed a dream – I never forgot – at that time I knew that were some so-called “Great Dreams” given to human beings which at that time anyhow were described as very seldom and rare events in human life ! Continue reading

High Vibrations from Marix/Sirius dated 11.14.2012

Not a warning but an advice to be very alert when you read this last Message from Marix especially the last passage !

Love from ContraMary

High Vibrations from Marix/Sirius

Channeled through Sarinah

dated Nov.14.2012


If you knew how successful you were and are

You truly have achieved great things and its history has not ended yet for a long time since the Angels of Earth in their human bodies have just started to settle down comfortably in the 5th Dimension.

And thereby your bodies are running with your highest capacity as the process of your crystallisation is at its peak running.

One could assume you had intentionally chosen this very last period of pupation at this time in order to create a particular tension!

Basically our Ceator opened the portals already in the beginning of this year in order to make the unconditional love and the immense healing powers available to the living angels and thus make ascension for them easier.

However it is often those incarnating on earth with “The Crown of Self-Mastership” who are in some sort of containment of self-elected rigidity!
They persist to stay with those sleeping which is a most honorable service in itself. And while they persist to remain in their old 3-D-lives they attempt to wake up all those still asleep. Continue reading

Ute Posegga-Rudel: Message from my God-Self – Know True Happiness!

This is again of great resonance to me so that I decided to make it available here to all of you.

We all know this element of our former 3-D in duality that formed a vital part of our life
– us racing from event to event under the illusion to gain even more happiness from the next coming one – and as we know now – missing the underlaying happiness of life in the now !

Perhaps we are all so tired – apart of what has been done to us by the Powers That Were – by this very race we voluntarily had undergone in this so called “Research of Happiness” forcing upon us such a wild race ……  ?

Still when a child I watched people around me and wondered how some of them craved for some event or to get some certain things and daydreamed about them – talked about them if …. and how happy they would be …. and afterwards when some “Now” presented it to them, I thought and expected then the foretold “happiness” !

They were happy for a certain time then and I – being a child – thought this would prevail. But it did not because soon afterwards there came up another issue which they craved for in much the same sense than before…. Continue reading

The Portals of 10/11 and 11/11 were flung open wide

This is as usual a very personal story of my very own experience.

Since I am not a very analytic character of summarizing and explainting –  synthezising a possible result of all thereof what I read and resolve with my mind .- I have to come to conclusions always through may own undergoings with my bodycells and thinking about these experiences.

This is why I always have to write about these my very personal experiences in order to clear out my resolutions for myself and to share these with you my readers.

I shall gladly then leave it to more analytic minds to find their summarizing as I am only one of all those offering gladly my lively experiences to all of you …just being one more perhaps as some proof what is happening to all of us in a personal way.

So this is my true-life-story what I underwent these days of Nov.10t/11th recently :

Considering the time lag from me to you – I underwent two nights before in my
so-called dream (which was not a dream) something which I may consider now only as a “Great Experience”: Continue reading

The Election Day and after …..

This is a most personal update status of myself that I want to share with you and in which I am confessing my deep spiritual love for him whom I call “Barry O.” in my heart as well as for his family in the US and his roots in Kenya with such amazing characters as were told in the film of his ever so awesome sister Auma Obama …
(Whenever you come across this film presented before election here on some German TV-Channel please do not miss this chance to watch a wonderful film of his Kenyan Family .)

So here we go with sharing my updated status about “Barry O”and what I experienced personally on Election Day:

He was my “Hero”at first sight  – I saw him laugh and my heart cried out
with joy melting in his shine – and so it has been all these 4 years and I saw the night before election a most beautiful film, by his Sister Auma Obama, here in the German TV late at night up. 2.00 a.m. – explaining so much spiritual and deeper background facts about this Obama family and their deeper spiritual issues and personal human greatness of which the majority of people have not knowlege at all. This family is spicked full of amazing characters of which the U.S. president is only the natural “tip of the iceberg”.

Urged by my own personal wish to offer my share in support of  his re-election with my spiritual lovelight  I decided on going through some spiritual experience of love as an “Experiment with Myself”: Continue reading

Greetings from Herak/Sirius dated 10.31.2012

Channeled through Frank H. Scheffler dated 10.31.2012

Source: http://sternensaaten.de

Balancing  of Energies for Change in 2012

After passing the last great portal of 10/10/2012 magnetic fields have broken down furthermore and this will mean that in various regions of your planet you are perceiving stars and  moon in different colours and not appearing in forms you have been used to.
Since the process of change continues transmuting your basic body-system from carbon to some crystalline system thus your body will soon no more be compelled to follow all electro-magnetic adjustments

Galactic entities create their body-processes via the command of crystalline structure deriving from Source which will be steering everything. In one of our next chanelling we shall refer back again to this very fact.

We’d like to express again our gratitude to our medium for having contacted us in some conscious way in recent months.

As I have transmitted to him only there has appeared a vehicle from the system of Orion suddenly when we had one of last meeting of contact. These entities have chosen this very moment of joining very consciously in a very calm and still moment of timeline. Continue reading

The Healing Power of Poetry

Preface of me – that is ContraMary here on this Blog

I am like all of you, the 99,9% of all common people, also nothing outstanding, still what you call and count among the ordinary people with my very special individual share of life and belief like all of you.

With my posting  I am trying  to adhere to the special issues of this blog once created by my Brother in Light named Dave – as Co-Author and Founder of this Blog – viz. Messages of love, light, hope and truth to assist humanities journey towards spiritual awakening and ascension.

Being as ordinary like all of us 99,9% this is why my own words coming from my inner core do not always suffice to present you with the necessary spiritual support needed – however my wish to be of assistance to all my brethren and sisters on an alike path for spiritual gain and inner growing light remains with me all the time. Continue reading

Awakening: Chapter 1 – In the Beginnning

We live in an amazing time these days but in order to understand all that is transpiring it is sometimes helpful to know from whence we came. I speak today not as David Wendel Robinson or Brother Dave, but as Shak’ta’i, a soul aspect of myself that remembers some of the times before earthly incarnations, I would call this my guardian aspect.   A time of being energy, a time of soaring the universe without limitation, a time of love, of freedom, of joy.

Let me begin by saying that not one of us began our lives in this beautiful earth planet known by its intelligence Gaia.   Everyone who is and has ever been is an infinite soul that has existed in various forms for all time.   We are all aspects of our creator but gifted with our own unique awareness.  We are eternal.

Each and everyone who has entered the “Earth” experience has done so with full knowing and awareness.  We who came did so understanding the possibilities of what may take place.  This is an important understanding.  Nothing that has happened during our incarnations, could happen to us unless we agreed to it or allowed it to happen by failure to think otherwise. Continue reading

Our Journey – Peace is the Way

3-times my attempts to write a preface glitched off here …. so I try to make it short:

In this timeline of Now resonance of vibration to each other grow together with the progressing ascension – being a special mark for grouping too – due to our increasing hearts’ delight to enjoy similar matters – as is done hereby the most beautiful verses I want to share with all of you. I found them yesterday on my facebook posted by Hemant Sharma one of my spiritual friends – and I ‘d like to thank him for his sharing with us here

In the realm of Light
Full of Love & Peace
We were particles of Light

God asked: do you wanna experience my beautiful Creation ?
We nodded and began our adventure
Of this mysterious journey God is the author

In such an unknown vast Creation someone has to guide
Out of Love God gave us seven spiritual guides

We crossed layer over layer of Creation
Picking up Intellect, mind & Body
Reached this beautiful earth

Enjoying all varied emotions
We are in full motion
Walking on the rhythmic line of thoughts
We never stop
We pick up actions
To manifest our dreams

In this journey mistakes happen
Rules are broken
And Law of Karmas comes into action

Helpless we look here and there
Seven Spiritual guides are aware
We have forgotten our goal
They remind us and guide us back

With such heavy burden of Karmas how we go back
Out of Love they teach us how to Meditate
They guide us spiritually and wait
Give us energies & knowledge
That helps to come out of bondage

Clearing our Karmas we yearn to take a flight
Our seven Kind & loving spiritual guides say… alright!


Do you not think these verses are so true and wonderful for all of us ? I do so and I like to spread vibrations of these for even greater resonance with all of you ..

In Love, Light, and Peace – Om Shanti from ContraMary

I never could express it possibly better

Simply to re-blog some articles is not entailed in my like and so far I have always tried to avoid reblogging from other sites lest for a few exceptions.

But when I browse through some blogs and fall upon some scripts that reveal so much authenticity about their writers that my inner heart’s beliefs are stirred with so much resonance like this one from Kauilapele I simply have to share it with you my readers.

On reading it, one is surrounded with such a dense vibration of the situation described here that to me it seems like whirling me in a hush of a second to the writer’s side sharing his delight what made him write this beautiful description when he took his special morning coffee with his very own special delightful thoughts:

Re-blogged from Kauilapele’a Blog Continue reading

The Day after the Night of Halloween

I must have danced this last night like never before … I can still remember dreaming fractals of various life episodes truly happened and new ones I never consciously had in my life … all this ending up in a huge mosaique picture … and this is what explains to me the source of my tiredness today … even the day outside appears to be some degrees calmer and in foggy stillness as if a vast veil has been drawn over all life out there – as if after a most joyous and ravishing, overwhelming dancing feast …. when the day after it one  must recover from the past rapture in order to gain normal balance again ….

There is  profound stillness around and in me and I’m leaning back and enjoy it deeply with all of myself ….it is spreading like the still and veiled day outside from my heart all over my being : heart – body, and soul with a soft deep and gentle  comforting veil: soothing – smoothing – consoling …

Wishing you the very same …. and sending you my heart’s inner delight to you and to the “Other World” …in peace …

Om Shanti