The Weirdest Day of the Year : Samhain-Allerheiligen “HALLOWEEN”

our ancestors before Christianity celebrated this very day – when they believed during this night the gap between two worlds of Here and There is to open only once upon a time in the year and the incarnated humans on earth could thus reunite with their ancestors of The Other World (“There”) again for one night. This is the night when spirits, fairies, ghosts of “Inbetween Worlds” may come into the incarnated worlds of our lives here enjoying and uniting with us to still all yearning love when they may be near to each other !

And this feast of celebration and joining of these two worlds – firmly separated all the rest of the year has been transmitted when the old religions were abandoned for the Christian and other religious beliefs … this feast and this very day stayed on  and became Halloween or All-Halo-Eve … And you will be able to see from the German Name of it  .- the meaning remained unchanged : “(Eve) of All-Saints” as Halow is the old Germanistic or Anglo-Saxon Term of Saint…. Continue reading

A Nice Parable of our Now-Time and “A Very Special Story”

Originally I thought today that there was no topic I could dwell on as I was still under the impression of this great Storm-Event “Sandy” and its aftermaths ….  on which I had focused the recent days with meditation and sending light to all areas affected.

But as always I felt left to the guidance solely of my spiritual mentor,  I just read a very contemporary parable treating a very old theme stinging directly into my eyes and my heart and I felt as if this had come up right out of the bible only freshened up into some modern clothing – in some simple but so truthful words and easy to understand by all attentive readers here.
That is why I deeply felt the sense of re-blogging this from the”Rumor Mills of NESARA Restore Americal Galactic News” posted by John Machaffie today.

Since we are just now undergoing a vast process of cleansing and purifying ourselves and our world affairs, it is worthwhile to support this procedure with old and ever new stories or parables like this one – as everybody can get a solid hold of this kind of clearance when remembering this story: Continue reading

High Vibration from Marix/Sirius dated 10.27.2012

Personal Preview to this message of Marix from me to all of you coming to this site :

Since beginning of this year I have been translating the messages of Marix into English. Drawn by the mild and gentle vibrations which so lovingly over-showered always my longing and yearning heart when reading the German original texts I had approached the channel medium Sarinah because I felt the strong urge to share this special vibration of Marix with as many possible other people of similar status than mine.

All this time when translating I immersed deeper and deeper into the vibrational realm of Marix and with time and increasing vibrations I sensed an ever progressing understanding of Marix messages which at the surface at first glance do not seem to reveal so much vital facts of “still-around”  3-D-World and that one to come and to be manifested by us. But lately when translating I had to shed even tears of joy and inner movements and with this last one I fully understood what was meant by Marix when he said : w”e shall arrive back in the spiritual realms of our celestial families with baggage i.e.. with our living bodies being then Archangels of flesh and blood !”  This reveals the whole essential essence of our Ascension …at this is for the first time this has been done in universal history …and this will trigger and ripple forth over all the multiverses – enriching the Divine Plan of our All-Source. …This whole impact of cognoscience made me cry – I must admit without any shame – and I just wanted to share it with you ………..

So when you read these messages – please do it  with some stillness and the loving inner core you all have! Do it with the all the love of your life and yearning for it here on Earth.!

I for myself found these words of Marix as the inner and true remedy for all my inner yearning. Let go of all former facts of outward judgment and let your heartfeelings prevail.

This reading then will do you good and in this very sense I am posting this message here on my blog with all my blessings too: ContraMary

High Vibration from Marix/Sirius dated 10.27.2012 channeled through Sarinah

Truth always finds its very own way

This year tends to incline now – there are only a few weeks left until the tower of the dark alliance will be taken out of the game. It is publicly to be watched already that justice actually is happening.

We do know how much you await the starting shot launching that disclosure will also bring to the surface our presence and that Main-Stream-Media (MSM) publicly will report so thus people my decide on their own if they want to come into contact with us or not.

Do not forget: the countdown is already running and whoever watches closely will note that TV-Enterprises are trying to publicise that our presence is a peaceful one.

It does not make sense at all that official administrative agencies descide beyond your heads as this will not function any longer in Galactic timelines. And anyway these agencies have been informed about our presence already decades ago.

We have met with them who administrate nations and media again and again in order to convince them to reason sensibly since we all are a big family and nothing will be able to impede our mutual meeting. Continue reading

In Memoriam of all those Brave Souls standing up against Evil in the Past Duality Timeline

As with the opening of some other great portals we are gaining another huge impact of energies which are quite different from those in early 2012 … the “Gamma-Flares” as they are called. These new energies we have to digest now which are said to be another great chance for us to strive on our path of ascension.

Concerning myself I feel much different also now so as if I have closed a former chapter of the Book of my Life and starting another one now. This status is best to be described as being “no fish nor flesh” but something in-between. We also are being told that – time running so short on us – we are challenged to clear our deepest and most hidden “core-fears” now. This all is designating this timeline of now – shortly before the cruxial date of December 21.2012 together with the call-up to remain centered and focused to our “Golden Angel of our Inner Self” ! Continue reading

I found a script which essentially resonates with me

Looking once more to Kauilapele’s blog I found his contemplation about sensing oneself more like an individual lightworker but still co-operating in unity with All – There – is.

This was some response to my thoughts as I too do not feel so much drawn to groups or sharing Mass-Meditations as I went through life as a sort of “Lonely Wolfe” and still do.

So for this reason everything that Kauilapele writes here enthralled me deeply being the response to some doubts I recently had for travelling this path so very much in my very own way. And for the sake that there there might be others out there being a bit alike me or Kauilapele I want to share this article with you concerned in a similar way :

Kp Message: A Post About “Unity”

Posted on 2012/10/19

Some of you may not align with this. Some may not understand this. Some may not agree with any of it.

No matter.

This is not a long-reading post. I am not into doing those. I do not explain all the things I do, and I do not try to figure everything out.

Many times I will go places, do stuff, wave my arms, throw ceremonial things around, look up to the sun, chant a few words, and then leave. Having no idea what I did and what happened.

All I knew was that it was MINE to do. Continue reading

Freedom and Peace ——— Declaration of my Inner Heart October, 21.2012

We all, being children of our beautiful Mother Earth – from all the angles of our world are joining on this very Day of Freedom …. breaking lose and shaking off the constraints of the dark entities having bent us so down that we nearly became slaves to them. ……
And now we have woken up and gaining with the light from skies above and from our Mother Earth below enough consciousness that we are now able to see what is going on.
We, Children of Earth and stars, we are demanding back our rights with which we were born : Freedom – Liberation – Peace  to live a decent live according to our wishes safeguarded and full of compassion and in peace with our neighbours in love and light to our Divine Source – and our beloved Planet Earth – all joining now together as one whole unity as we are ONE !Freedom is our innermost choice !
And thus we declare uni sono :
“Freedom is ours now and Peace on Earth and in Skies above!”...
while we are sailing with Gaia to our new Realm of Golden Crystal Age softly and gently singing:
“We are sailing, we are sailing through skies crystalling blue …into love so anchoring us anew …”
And all we need is Love and a little bit of divine courage given from above and below ….AND THE UNITING THOUGHT THAT WE ARE ONE !
……  and to assist you further in joining this global event  I strongly recommend to follow this Video from Cobra as a substantial help how to proceed when joining the mass meditation for freedom of us all … that we may reach the compulsive critical mass of numbers …..
Re-blogged from Oracle and Healers :

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Watch this video.  This is important.:

Let us make this day an overwhelming success !

What I am thinking now ….. being on the Road to Ascend ….

When it comes to me this Road towards Ascension has been a really long one if I consider that consciously I started it in 1987 after my mother had passed over.

Not that I felt being left alone …this feeling I had already when being a young child. But when I had completed all the ceremonial events of bidding farewell to her I was left – so I recognized – with a heap of débris concerning our so weird relationship of hate and love which so often occurs between the “Old Queen and the Uprising young Daughter” in 3-D.  This has been depicted so colourful in the Fairy Tale of Snowhite.

I realized – although we had made up in a big style (after which she died two days later) that there was still a great heap of inner issues left for me to deal with. And to start on this heap I consciously made a serious decision to review and recapitulate all my life and try to give it a very new start into some other direction. I did not know then in which way I was to turn, however I picked up my spiritual research which I had hitherto only done halfheartedly.

This research took me to many places offering spiritual help and enlightening – reading so many books of various directions promising absolute relevation etc.  I attended spiritual classes demanding to follow up rigid principles – and found out that all those societies of spiritual enlightenment which did not charge large financial amounts (which I did not have) were those I had to be aware of most as these wanted myself and inner being more than everything else. Continue reading

Greetings from Herak/Sirius dated 10.11.2012

Channeled through Frank H. Scheffler
Source of German Original:

Dear Siblings of the Stars – we are greeting you !

From our outer posts in your solar system we are greeting you and it is with satisfaction that we may report to you that all procedures of changing your world defined by Principles of Duality into a Galactic one are being renewed and persevered day after day.

This we’d like to manifest with an example. All of those watching their inner proceedings over the past recent years will have certainly noticed that their energies have shifted. Apart from the bodily side-effects deriving naturally from this transmutation you will have noted that you have become more sensitive, more aware of your feeling and brightly hearing etc. intuition and decisions by heart have elevated many of you to a stage where thinking by way of your mind and brain has been shoved into the back.

A substantial part of you has made decisions to change its lifestyle – be it for moving to other places or changing jobs.
All these movements within the range of the morphogenetic network are being transferred to other human beings and thus intentionally demonstrated – also converted and manifested into activities.
We’d like to give you some additional information about this morphogenetic network or plasma-field: Continue reading

High Vibrations from Marix/Sirius dated 10.13.2012

Channeled through Sarinah

Part of the “One Whole”

While – on one part – some deeply hidden inner issues of yours are boiling up to the surface, your individual process of ascension will – on the other side – entail a bit of imbalance and even sadness of your being. However these will be followed by phases of joy and clearance. Your field of consciousness is being widened immensely so that e.g. channeling will not be necessary any longer since you may be able to converse with us directly just like with friends.

It is very important that this a.m. almost automatical dissolving takes place since all these hidden matters may leave you only after you having seen them again or better: felt again. Besides you are about to let go of your “old life” and of course it has to do absolutely with something of the nature like bidding farewell for good. Thus are the explanations why you are feeling so tired and sad too. Since the energy of the Central Sun will melt down everything not capable of being taken on with you into higher realms. Continue reading

…LIVE KRYON CHANNELLING… …”The Recalibration of GAIA”….

Kryon Channelings

Live Kryon Channelling
March 18, 2012
As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

The information below is free and available for you to print out, copy and distribute as you wish. The Copyright, however, prohibits sale in any form except by the publisher

“The Recalibration of GAIA”

This live channelling was Given in Melbourne, Australia
March 18, 2012

To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Melbourne, Australia 2012.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. The family before me is known and I will say it yet again, that there is no mystery about who sits here and who may be listening or eventually who may be reading. It comes together in a timeless state, which is not the reality that you share at this moment. It’s a reality that I have of a timeless place in a quantum state filled with the potentials of those I know who will hear and read this message. So, although it may seem for you in the room to be now, it is all now for me.

I wish I could take you back several thousand years. Slowly, as the time goes backwards, the buildings would disappear and everything would be reduced to dirt, and the indigenous would show themselves. If you took a look at what the indigenous were doing then, they had two things that they emphasized and two things that occupied all that was important to them. The first was the honoring of their ancestors, and the second was the honoring of Gaia.

The energies of the indigenous were focused on the land, but not just a land that would give them water or food, but the actual energy of the dirt of the earth. Many of you know of what I speak if you have studied their lives. It is no different from the indigenous all over Earth, for this was intuitive that Gaia is the energy of what you would call Mother Earth, and it was aligned with humanity in a society that was not nearly as complex as yours is now. Instead, they experienced the overwhelming energies of being in alliance with the planet and with those ancestors who had gone before. Continue reading

About Ringing Cedars – Eco-Villages in Russia? ……………………………………. Very Interesting Ideas (VIP)

This I found well worth of being reblogged and to be spread far and wide as some essential piece of knowledge which could – among many other new and refreshing ideas – lead us into new ages and values of living together. ( In this respect I think also of the early “Kibutz-Idea of the Jewish settlement in Palestine), I found this article on Jean Hains’ blog and was so enthralled with it that I decided to re-blog it here in its entirety. Enjoy reading it and I wonder whether it makes you as curious of the outcome as me. Anyway I think I ‘ll buy the “Ringing Cedars Books” myself to learn more about the idea if even Mr. Medvedev is supporting these ideas and Mr. Putin is supporting Mr. Medvedev in it ! VIP Very Interesting Post indeed! CM=ContraMary

Russia to become an eco-village nation? – by William Klotke

Posted on October 4, 2012

This post was suggested by M, who was in my workshop last weekend. (I’m sorry, but I can’t get a better Source for it.) I do believe this article is referring to what I call the Ringing Cedars books – here is the link on Amazon. If you aren’t aware of them, they are an amazing collection of information and workable ideas. ~J

Anastasia (The Ringing Cedars, Book 1) [Paperback]

Vladimir Megre (Author), Leonid (Editor), Dr. Sharashkin (Editor) Continue reading

High Vibrations from Marix/Sirius dated 10.01.2012

Channeled through Sarinah

Ascension – Fast and Save …

More and more powerful is the Call-up of the Golden Angel growing nowadays. You cannot simply miss hearing it. Even those having slept for long in the cold world of duality now set out on their quest to find out about the meaning of life itself.

Even in public life there are sparkles to be seen sprayed so that matters are evaluated in their shining lights which correspond to true life and not to what was pretended to be true. Since the mind-control does not work any longer once a certain limit of clearness has been reached. All those manipulating people still  have to keep in mind that people are joining together – standing up against them which do not act for the good and wellbeing of the “little ordinary guy” and in his very sense.

This is why there are explanations of solidarity are arising and citizens not in need are standing up for those in want and those which are compelled to savings cutting down their ways of living. Please, do not abandon such ways of activities – keep it up – since the more citizens are devoting themselves to such services of light the better it will be and ensure your success Continue reading

Light Meditation to join NYC PeaceWalk on Oct.7, 2012

From Hatonn/ Sirian Lightship channeled through ContraMary dated Oct.2.2012
This link of  :   leads to the call up of this planned walk in New York :SUNDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2012 Please join us at 2:30 pm for an opening event with the walk leaders at the NY Academy of Medicine (1216 5th Avenue @ 103rd).

Silent Peace Walk Around Central Park, NY



Please join us at 2:30 pm for an opening event with the walk leaders at the NY Academy of Medicine (1216 5th Avenue @ 103rd).

Feeling that this activity needs some substantial assistance of as many of us as possible  I have written a meditation in the endeavor to help all those wanting to accompany this walk spiritually in every way,

This is how I may be of help following the call-up copied above. Everyone wanting that Peace is ruling all over our beautiful planet is invited here to share this Silent Walk of Peace by reading these meditation words or even meditating with these words. Peace to the wounded Earth and to the suffering people in the countries slain with war – foremost in Northern Africa and the Middle East Countries …are the issues foremost here. We all want Peace ! Continue reading