Transformation Fire – High Vibrations from Marix/Sirius

High Vibrations from Sirius

Message from Marix from Sirius – channelled through Sarinah – dated July 31, 2012

Transformation Fire

While enormous purgating programs are running through your bodies it shows up on the outside too how everything not corresponding to the golden vibration arises to be seen, to be sensed as visible and finally to be transformed completely.

Again we are conscious that these are words only which are not able to express in the least how essential are all these inner and outer transforming upheavals since their meaning is healing on all levels!

Dear friends, we your Galactic family, we are much more on your side than you can imagine.

Again and again there are Council Meetings, in which we meet the Lords of Light, the Agarthians and “last but not least” our Allies from Earth.

This to find out in how far plannings of First Contact may be conducted as foreseen and also how this revolutionary experience may be felt from part of human perspective. This all we hold for essentially important since these are experiences which might be of immense help to others again.

Thus you will be able as sage and far-journeyed beings to assist many others from far-away-star-systems also to ascend! And thus rendering an immeasurable service of honor since, regarding the embodied ascension of your souls, you are now about to take with you your very own world and all human beings around you.

Still touching the very topic which has been the reason for our meeting here today which is the individual first contact. “First Contact in a gentle individual Way” : this was the title of our last interview and we ‘d like to extend our thanks to all those working with us mutually, all messengers of light who exchange viewpoints with their Galactic families in order to receive all news and thanking all translators and your team, what wonderful beings you are! Yes it is you too who you are reading these lines now! How these wonderful souls have settled on earth in order to bring back earth and all upon it to where they had been once – as part of heaven being one with heaven !

Service for and at Light is being done in a manifold way and all those acting “igcognito” are equaling those in working publicly – they all are Stars of History !

But still this is our topic finally to be dealt with: Individual First Contact !Many energetic invitations arrived here lately and this is immensely important since now we are allowed to take up contact as we have been invited to enter your life. Keep in mind that sometimes it may last quite a while until contact to star-siblings may be established completely. We are coming in tender waves what means nothing else than : we don’t want to shock you!

We are making ourselves shown, we are flying across your homesteads, we light up and blink to you to tell you: “Hi and hello, we are heeere !” Now, our scouts may look from far like some airplanes. However they are entirely noiseless and often extraordinarily deepflying.

So we usually send out our lightful radiant greetings every night in blue and silverblue – we are beaming with our laserlike lightstreams into the sky or better sai,: we signal distinctly: “Here we are” also in rainy nights when clouds are covering your sky.

Please note that we may not break human free will and thus our signals are for all which do not want to know anything about us that they may see us as airplanes or natural signs only. Nevertheless we let us make known in a distinct way and if only for one short moment.

Contact so much desired with our family of the stars, dear friends, has been the reason for most of you to undergo this incarnation on earth.This again explains the impatience and longing imbedded in all the waves of love arriving here.

The most essential is love and trust – for these are energies which effect a sort of pull on us and we feel undoubtedly being drawn to you. We keep our promise ! You are the director and we are those reacting to your emission and this naturally for the sake of all and in the most divine sense of it.

Dear Friends, we are in fact authorized and this from our Creator himself – to start alone from ourselves disclosure and all revelation! We are empowered too to prevent everything that might disturb this essential public activity!

Once again it is pointed out here again that all matters now have been unwound to be a roller-coaster and at this point nobody will be able again to stop this “Event of all Times” from unfolding at its own pace.

We are rejoicing so much and our heart jumps high up with joy! We are thanking you with our blessings and bid you farewell for this very moment.

Thank you Marix

translated by ContraMary

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Greetings to you dear Siblings of the Stars

Greetings from Herak/Sirius
Message of Herak

channelled through Frank H.Scheffler
dated July 31, 2012

Source of German original version:

Greetings to you dear Siblings of the Stars,

today we should like to give you some additional pieces of information which have – as you name it in your realms – heated up the “Rumor Mills” considerably.
It is the matter of the present messages that the month of August will be one of revelations.

The following we shall like to comment hereto.

All energies manifested now in your solar system might be interpreted towards some opening with further big steps of Lady Gaia. Still as for known reasons we are not in a position to name exact dates and days since we are not dwelling in a linear timeline of events.
What is happening now however is the following.

Fleets of Spaceships in your solar system have been increased significantly and here especially in orbit of the sun.

Arrests and removal of the cabals from important positions have been started.

NESARA-Plans will be brought into effect within the next months.

Frequency of Gaia’s vibrations is short of a 19 Hz-level.

There will be no evacuations.

There will be nothing like three days’ darkness.

Sightings of our light-ships will increase.

So-called “False Flag” operations of the Cabals are being increased since they are pulling now the last rip cords.

As mentioned already in our previous channelings we endeavor – so you are willing too – to establish contacts also with smaller groups.These groups are presently now coming together on Gaia to express they are willed and prepared to open up to us .

As from the present situation we are able to inform you that there will be no “Bang”-effect as the adaption of your bodies has to be done in a gentle and careful way.
You have already presented such a great pace this we may note now already and light has become so powerful on Gaia that this is leading to an ever-increasing chaos among all individuals still thinking on basis of 3-D.
Do not let yourselves be impressed by such going-on, we always should like to tell you again and again:as long as you are staying centered in your core there will be nothing to be afraid of.
You always were and you are still divine beings there is no other way about it ! All what has been planned by your governments for your enslavement and practized on you will be dissolved in the next round and will never ever rise up again.

Finally we’d like to mention that plannings of our Creator and high frequencies of vibration will increase so much in Autumn that everything will be possible.

We too on our ships are given daily new duties which we have to come up to. This is why we are not able to tell you the exact day of our arrival which is also an arrival at yourselves.


Stay in unconditional love and walk along the very best way your intuition shows you and be overfloded from us with white-golden light.
So be it.
SELAMAT Herak Sirius

channeled by Frank H.Scheffler
translated by ContraMary

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Bindi ve Sindi (Drop und Ocean)

Bindi ve Sindi

Like a drop in the ocean vast
immersing in it so fast
so my soul will merge in Light
I am with GOD and
praise His Might !

Let the Choir of Angels sing
when we ascend with every akin
We shall whirl with their loving chime
in clearest light
from our hearts’ insight.

by ContraMary, April 2012

Waiting – Expecting – Welcoming and Listening to Hearts with Songs of Praise

What I felt on reading today’s Message of Salusa :

and my heart felt
as if the iron rings I once fastened up around my heart
to hold it strong to keep my powers chained unchanged—
the rings sprang off in one single beam
of light and  all my body jumped high
up with joy …
making me tremble with delight
so deep away I was in hiding
away from daily sun
all the times of recent pains …..

And now ?

I hear Angels sing from deep inside
and chiming bells ring out
the coming lines of time
so much – so golden – will be our lives !

Thanks arise with tears of joy
and praise with choirs great
of all the universe’s gratitude to the Divine
We are All-There-Is and going home to HIM ! Continue reading

Some Thoughts of mine and a Channelled Message from “Richard Archangel”posted today 6.13 p.m.

Never I have heard about messages from a “Richard Archangel” – ever before.

Still I have been thinking and pondering since yesterday like so many of my fellow-alike-thinkers whether I shall trust this latest message about disclosure on August 4th at the Olympic Games in London although it is from reliable sources like Steve Beckow and allied friends of his – or not. (please read my update with regard to the latter note)

Here is an update to the above as per July 29:

I’d like you all to refer to the Blog of Steve Beckow where he has posted an article that this message has  n o t   come from him but from a certain “Micah” and great discernment is being advised by Steve. Please read the Article of “Snake Oil” since thus you will be guarded against another disappointment as this message too may turn out as just one of aSnake Oil 3“false flag” in order to sow dissipation,disappointment etc. between us lightworkers. So, we all are well advised not to look forward to the 4th August, for disclosure. Steve B. has only discussed this date with Neblina as a cross-point date for the Galactics since from this day they have to take matters entirely into their own hands and are not bound any longer to discuss anything and any planning with the leaders of our planet. This does mean that disclosure will not imperatively take place on this very date. Cave canem : beware of the dog ! dear fellow light-bearers ! This could be a big trap into which we – including me – were about to stumble ! As nice this would be – this is the very thing I was pondering about all the last few days..

At this very point I’d like to quote Steve Beckow : Continue reading

Points – That’s what we are in the interwoven Net of Light

Good Day to all the “World Ado’s” of Now !

It’s me again, ContraMary, catching up with some moment of stillness here while the sun with its shine is lovingly embracing  the flowers around on my balcony and sunshine freckles are painted through the rose-bushes’ leaves deprived of their blossoms now but still bearing fruits in all their growth.

In this stillness of life – apparently in one of its rare and seldom breaks – I read my poems of 20 years ago again – and again I sensed this urge and nudge to settle down for one translation …which I did herewith ..

And pictures of that time so long ago came vividly again into my mind :

Professional life and existence wavered at that time and all around me – a formerly what so appeared to be a firm’s happy family – it fell apart pressure-wise by new bosses and none-whatsoever management – but we being watched all the time and judged for selecting to be put out of work …

And there I was – midway between new management and all the rest of personnel – watching too as they above me did – but all the time also pressed by them to spy on those which are to fall into selection-row and all the time being one of alike my fellows. I did not know what to do first but after I found out about myself that I was praying all the time and speaking with God Almighty I put up some self-guarding measures.
Sol I placed spiritually as I was – on my door of office big guardians – One leopard and one chaplan black – naming them
“Barack”and “Bardak”. These names came to me from my inner core -and it was only years later that I found these names were just some righteous ones.
So I got over these times and there was a plant in my office which I had grown from a tiny one into a huge sensation growing all around me on the window as if it was to safeguard me …and I became unseen from the door … hiding me with all its lovely green.
So I spent about two more years battling and struggling through all upset of minds around me, meditating in the breaks, always on the alert, and spending most of the daily hours in such human pressures on human beings lest to say the vibes and atmosphere was deep black there.

And this is what brought me near to the sources of my heart – keeping to eternal truths which  I believed in so long – keeping in line with my basic ethics of life although pressed Yes I now know what this was all about …it was me in the front row of fight – in crossroads of light and dark – and so much hurt was in my heart to see my friends all fall apart in their despair to keep up existence of former life ….

And such was the time which gave me this gift: of words coming up from my inner heart and core as I shovelled so deep into the realms of myself … rabbit holes to hide therein – and I came out again with the golden treasures of new thoughts which I wrote down
so fast as I could in order not to lose these gifts again….

And here it is- some other translation of my German verses of 20 years ago – as I know now – my Guardian Angels from enlightened spheres had helped me and the Felines to overcome so dire a time …And so my gratitude goes to all of them assisting me at those crossing roads of Life in the past 20 years ago.

These are some ot my truly lived our life-periods and how I came to make these verses: Continue reading

Greetings to you dear enlightened Siblings of the Stars

Greetings from Herak/Sirius

Channelled through Frank H. Scheffler
dated July 21, 2012
Source of German Original:

Greetings to you dear enlightened Siblings of the Stars

On your way back to regain your full consciousness you recently entered cellularly a phase which will separate “Chaff from Wheat”.
What is the meaning of the above saying?

There are processes initiated into your development of fully conscious Galactical beings which are impeding every further fall-back of your development.
Once the crystal seeds are activated in your body there is no more any energy which may be able to stop this progress of development.

We should like to point again to the Book “The Key of Enoch” and here especially to Key 311. Continue reading

Stille in meinem Herzen – Stillness of my inner Heart –

Today is Sunday and I’d like to wish all of you such a Sunday with all the Stillness of your Hearts creating yourselves as a Retreat of Stillness and Light to restore your spiritual strength for the coming week.
These verses I wrote already 1992 and rereading these now, I thought with amaze that they displayed such deep spiritual wisdom 20 years ago – when time around me was not mature enough to grasp these inner knowledge. At that time I was under some huge stress and a full impact of a professional changing life ..let’s put in more pictorial way:

I felt like being in a melting pot of change boiling up all hidden and secret human vices coming plainly to the surface around me in my professional life. At that time I drew myself more and more into my inner spiritual core (meditating even in lunch-breaks) and whenever I was free and so much dwelling in myself – words and sentences came up to my mind and I had to write them down. This carried me through all this time of great  upheaval and turmoiled evil around me.

Now I know, I was carried and protected by my guardians from above. So I wrote many verses and little articles in these times.
As I came across these verses again today I translated some of them and should like to share them with you for this very day: Continue reading

The Moment

Life is a mystery. We never know when all that is important to us will fade away. Therefore live each moment as though it is the only moment. Be happy, be productive, be loving, be charitable. Celebrate and share the day with all you meet and covet nothing but this moment that exists right now.

Fill every moment then with Joy, love all you see even if only for the instant. The future is naught but a dream unfulfilled. This moment is all that matters and what you live NOW is that upon which your life will be built and measured.

~ Brother Dave

First Contact in a gentle-individual Way

High Vibrations from Sirius

Message from Marix
channelled through Sarinah
dated July 19, 2012

First Contact in a gentle-individual Way

We are very glad now being allowed to notify you that first contact will take place on a small-scale namely in some sort of testing phase! This will enable us to optimize the program of our merging due to practical experiences we shall gain from these tests.

Do not forget beloved ones that there has not been such an event ever before so it is important for us to see how far our plannings are in consent with reality. Such is the meaning thereof that we shall conduct First Contact on an individual scale with our Allies yet also with each one Lightbearer so he/she wishes it. Such is our irrevocable confirmation that the great event of meeting together of all of us will follow successively. Continue reading

I want to share with you some Morning Blessings

As I get daily Morning Blessings from Angela Peregroff some of them are so wonderful and brighten up my days in such an enlightened way that I want to share them with you which may be also in need of some guiding lines for the day ….


As a soul, all the attributes of God are within you. At the innermost level of your being you know this.

Your intuitive awareness of your true nature, along with your innate urge to have your awareness fully restored to its original clarity is what compels you to desire to be fully awake to the Truth of who and what you are in relationship to the Infinite.

Soul liberation is freedom without limitations!

You are spiritually liberated when you are fully awake, mindful and knowledgeable, aware of illusions, and not influenced by external conditions that can adversely influence your thoughts and stream of consciousness.

My advice to getting there — Always perform the necessary right actions that will enable you to cooperate with the Power that nurtures and sustains the Universe.

And always be thankful.



News of the Day from Marix

I just came from the German Facebook-Page of Marix with which I am closely linked due to my translations of his messages.
Since recently there are new quotations of the day made by him which I deem quite valuable. They are quite short and right to the matter without any longwindings. So I
translated the last one into English as I did not want to miss the opportunity of sharing it with you hereunder :

News of today from Marix:

Thus we make the new world an official one.
We have overcome all entire positions of celestial experiences and we are now prepared to install our lives to all that is new.

During the last 6 weeks our entire DNA-system has been re-arranged ..literally and in the picture as well – all our new operational systems have been installed and restarted afresh. Thus we are true and genuine members of 5-D Consciousness and far away from all normal activities.

We are still integrating all these alterations (especially on our cellular level) and try to find our very fundamental basics in this new realm.  Still there is one matter sure: all those having done their homework of their inner core properly ..for the purpose of focussing..they will not need the 3-D-holographical system of reality any longer.
5-D is our Home now and even if we still have to interact with the 3-D-world for some time we have taken an Oath of Mastership. This for us in order to partake ourselves in the realms of One-Consciousness.
That is why we have left our inner world of duality for a better one ….

Translated by ContraMary on 07.16.2012

To me these words of Marix were so elucidating and full of consolation and I assume this will go exactly for others lightworking fellow-humans too. Since we are working hard in these times  it will be good for us to know in some short essence what has been achieved by our works so far. Thank you Marix.

Meditation : This is the structure of my socalled “Pocket-Short-Medi”

Posted by ContraMary dated 7.13.2012

After the world-meditation at the event of the Alignment of some Stars with the Moon and the Sun producing the awesome spectacle of the “Sun-Eclipse” a new Transition Portal had been opened and since then we are overshowered with another full impact of sunflares which are to change our DNA accordingly.

In order to avail ourselves of as much of these new energy-flares as possible and to transfer these also to the inner heart of Gaia we are repeatedly told to anchor and toground ourselves firmly to our Mother Planet the Earth.

But how will this be done in a most adequate way?
We are Lightwarriors, Lightbeamers, Lightholders and Starseeds.

Bound by our soul-contracts we are to take in as much of the new light-energy as possible and to spread it far and wide over all the world so that we nudge as many human beings still asleep out of their slumber.

This is our task and our issue at these times now.
With the great help of ArchAngel Michael we have drawn up a matching Meditation of Breathing for everybody in order to anchor him-/herself firmly to Gaia in the coming periods of unsettlement and turmoil and to spread the blessings of the the new light-energies to all around us.

Once you get the hang of the method hereunder it will be easy for you to practice this everywhere – be it outdoors waiting for a bus or train, queuing for something or stopping in a traffic jam – and naturally also at home or walking in always beautiful Nature’s environment.

Everywhere you may now disperse the healing blessings of our Sun – the Father of our Universe – onto our beloved Gaia – our Mother – and right into her inner heart and core.

Thus it is on us completing the circling energies between The Father (Sun) and the
Mother(Earth) as active agents and fulfilling also our promise once given before we came here.

How this is done:

Meditation of grounding yourself firmly to Gaia Continue reading

Power of Liberation is contained in the Quality of Light !

High Vibrations from Sirius
Marix channelled through Sarinah
dated July 9, 2012

As now the fog is thinning structures of the Golden Age are rising into the open – becoming visible.We do know that it is not easy from human sight to perceive matters behind the obvious ones. Still winds of the new age should slowly become felt by all earth citizens.

Sometimes we, the Galactic Family, are wishing that we could spill all our beans here, just to express colloquially. Everything we are revealing here is only a fracture of what you will learn at disclosure.

Often enough the Dark Gamers have tried to lead us up the garden path. They pretended to engage in negotiations with us as the old elitists presumed thus they could hold their posts and to change their black vests into white ones. Continue reading

A Dream of First Contact

Reblogged from Despertando.Me Good Vibrations from Sirius 20120229 A Dream of First Contact dated February 29, 2012

 A Dream of First Contact

I had a dream last night …I knew we, numerous starseeds were in a sort of hall but with rows of chairs like in a big theatre and we were waiting to meet our galactic family members. I was sitting among them and saw above me that there was no ceiling but a vast dark blue space …it was like a sky but one through which one could see well beyond – in such a way as there were one sky after another – space as well and I saw many many tiny lights just flooding in or in sorts of schools of fish coming to this point…and someone said: look they are already coming and stop here. The Spaceships were tiny tiny lights appearing suddenly out of space and in ever increasing numbers. I looked for the cross as I recalled they- the spaceships are said to form a cross in the sky and I found it but it was not as big as thought.Then they came in like ordinary people, in groups or even single, and I could watch how joyful they were greeted by their earthenly Starseed belonging to one another. Continue reading

The Mind of Clear Light – Dalai Lama speech summary

Following is a summary of a speech by the Dalai Lama as summarized by Alfred Lambremont Webre III.   Submitted by ContraMary.

THE MIND OF CLEAR LIGHT – Is spiritual practice really worthwhile? Is it really possible to eliminate from within ourselves the forces that give rise to suffering? As is said, “The ultimate nature of mind is clear light.” Consciousness has many levels, and although the coarser levels are affected by the defiling forces, the most subtle level remains free of gross negativities. In the Vajrayana this subtle level of consciousness is called the mind of clear light.

The delusions and emotional afflictions as well as the dualistic mind of right and wrong, love and hatred, etc., are associated only with the coarse levels of consciousness. At the moment, we are totally absorbed in the interplay of these coarse states, so we must begin our practice by working within them. This means consciously encouraging love over hate, patience in place of anger, emotional freedom rather than attachment, kindness over violence, and so forth. Doing this brings immediate peace and calm to the mind, thus making higher meditation possible.

Then, because grasping at a self and at phenomena as being truly existent is the cause of all the vast range of distorted states of mind, one cultivates the wisdom that eliminates this ego-grasping. To overcome ego-grasping is to overcome the entire host of mental distortions.

HH Dalai Lama

The Nature of God

Throughout human history, humankind has tried to define, express or otherwise understand God the creator (or gods in the case of some older civilizations). Let me begin by saying that in 3D words it is a futile effort, but while we cannot clearly express the fullness of God, we can express aspects as best can be defined in words. To truly know God, you must look within and set aside all expectations, and embrace the fullness of unlimited love and being.

Unable to understand the infinite, rather than understanding the creator within, humanity has sometimes sought to express their understanding of the creator through human characteristics and actions, often creating multiple gods for different expressions, or even when looking towards a single God, giving that God human appearance, expressions and failings. Continue reading

Returning Back Embodied To The Divine Source


High Vibrations from Sirius
Marix channelled through Sarinah
dated July 02, 2012
Original Source: http://

Returning Back Embodied To The Divine Source

As Gaia carries into the celestial dimensions all human beings prepared to go there, it is not so easy to understand this undertaking for those which are still imprisoned in the misery of their daily issues.

Yes, earth is ascending with you which also means that your bodies have to cope with you ever increasing frequencies of energy. It is easier to grow mutually and consciously  out of one’s own aggravating vibrations – provided you are not being stressed too much!

Still, whom are we telling this, for you are such sage souls, having arrived here after a long journey from far away in order to be here when the change of cycle will come soon. Continue reading

Greetings from Herak / Sirius

channelled through Frank H Scheffler
dated July 2, 2012
Source: for German Original Message

Greetings to you Children of the New Earth

Due to the great energetical wave middle of June after the Solstice in June all energies have been set free – in order to chime in the Summer

This will lead to highly energetical activations of electricity in your bodies which, as we told you already in our last message, will induce further
alterations of your cellular structures.

Yes, you are becoming galactic beings and as thus one fine day you will return again into the lap of your source. You are fulfilling the divine plan which is your issue here on this planet namely to hold the energy level on this planet. This had been shown to you already many incarnations ago. Continue reading

A Master Speaks!

Artwork from Aquarius Channelings 

A master speaks, and the council of spiritual masters of all time and all worlds bears witness:  Elder brother (in this is a mystery) speaks. “Whosoever would be the greatest among you must be the servant of all, for that which you have received comes not to you by your labors but by the labors of your brothers and sisters. Those who have benefited you, by their labors must also be benefited by you in return, as the laborer is worthy of that which is given.

No person may achieve joy, happiness, love and all the fruits of prosperity on their own. Only by that which you give and that which you receive back are you made prosperous. Only in the sharing, through the circle of life can be found eternal life, love and happiness. Only in doing for others and in receiving from others are you prospered, and it is that which you do, that you shall be judged and known by. Covet not that which you have received in abundance for in the coveting its value is lost, but share it back with all you meet, without judgement, for judgement belongs not to you but only the Lord God creator of all that is.

For though the false priests and prophets and those who lust after power have sought to corrupt the words of all the masters, that they may control your hearts and minds, I give to you again this. Continue reading

A few thoughts on Channels and Channeling

Good day again my dear brothers and sisters of earth, planetary and the spiritual realms.  It brings me joy to again share with all, my simple thoughts on certain matters.   I expect none to agree but hope that in some manner all may be inspired to think beyond their current boundaries.

We see large amounts of information coming forth at this time regarding the expectations for the year 2012.   This information comes from many sources and with many expressions.  A large portion comes from spiritual channels that represents various non-physical or extraterrestrial entities or groups.

Whether you know it or not, most people are capable of channeling to some degree.  We find this often among creative souls who are not bound to strict structures of belief or expression who in their creative work be it writing, music, painting, etc, may channel information that comes from beyond their own selves.  They may or may not be aware of this process.

Throughout the ages, various spiritually oriented individuals have also channeled information, often referred to as oracles, sages, magi, etc they were frequent counselors to individuals of power, such as governmental leaders, and/or any individual with the means to seek their counsel.

But we must also acknowledge the existence of “fakers” those who merely possess exceptional ability to recognize people’s problems and to present information that the person may believe to be from beyond or from a spiritual or other psychic source.  These individuals may or may not have an actual connection to an alternate perception or wisdom, but their focus was more on “profit” then on truth and this will affect their message. Continue reading