Saul via John Smallman: You All Have a Very Important Divine Purpose Which You Cannot Fail to Achieve

Saul via John Smallman: You All Have a Very Important Divine Purpose Which You Cannot Fail to AchieveAudio version. As you wait expectantly and confidently for humanity’s Grand Awakening, continue to hold your Light on high, and continue to hold firmly to your intent to be only loving whatever arises. Doing this is very powerful indeed because your intent combines with similar intentions held by others resulting in an exponential increase in […] click on picture for original

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The Universal Laws: What, How, and Why – Part 2/5



The Universal Laws: What, How, and Why – Part 2/5(Continued from Part 1, yesterday.) I look forward to posting more on the individual laws the Company of Heaven says are important to our ascension. Here, we begin with a series introducing the divine laws. I use the question-and-answer format to cover as much ground as I possible, as quickly as I can. What is […] click on picture for original

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Osho reveals the “trick” to meditation – and why most of us get it wrong


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Flowers (Roses) of my Senior Age – See Introduction

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Have you ever meditated before?

If you have, you probably began by “repeating a mantra” or “focusing on your breath”.

While these meditation practices are commonly taught in the western world, it’s not “true meditation”, according to spiritual guru Osho.

In fact, he says that these practices are affecting our ability to achieve true peace and enlightenment.

Why we’re getting meditation wrong

Many people approached Osho and ask him how to meditate. However, he says you don’t need to ask this question. Here’s why:

“When people come to me and they ask, ‘How to meditate?’ I tell them, ‘There is no need to ask how to meditate, just ask how to remain unoccupied. Meditation happens spontaneously. Just ask how to remain unoccupied, that’s all. That’s the whole trick of meditation – how to remain unoccupied. Then you cannot do anything. The meditation will flower.”

Osho says that by making meditation a “doing” activity (like focusing on the breath), you are finding another excuse to simply remain “outside yourself”:

“When you are not doing anything the energy moves towards the center, it settles down towards the center. When you are doing something the energy moves out. Doing is a way of moving out. Non-doing is a way of moving in. Occupation is an escape. You can read the Bible, you can make it an occupation. There is no difference between religious occupation and secular occupation: all occupations are occupations, and they help you to cling outside your being. They are excuses to remain outside…

“Man is ignorant and blind, and he wants to remain ignorant and blind, because to come inwards looks like entering a chaos. And it is so; inside you have created a chaos. You have to encounter it and go through it. Courage is needed – courage to be oneself, and courage to move inwards. I have not come across a greater courage than that – the courage to be meditative.”

So, what is “true” meditation?

According to Osho, true meditation is simply doing nothing, accepting yourself, and being in relaxed state of consciousness:

“Meditation is just being delighted in your own presence; meditation is a delight in your own being. It is very simple – a totally relaxed state of consciousness where you are not doing anything. The moment doing enters you become tense; anxiety enters immediately. How to do? What to do? How to succeed? How not to fail? You have already moved into the future.

“If you are contemplating, what can you contemplate? How can you contemplate the unknown? How can you contemplate the unknowable? You can contemplate only the known. You can chew it again and again, but it is the known. If you know something about Jesus, you can think again and again; if you know something about Krishna, you can think again and again. You can go on modifying, changing, decorating – but it is not going to lead you towards the unknown. And “God” is the unknown.

“Meditation is just to be, not doing anything – no action, no thought, no emotion. You just are. And it is a sheer delight. From where does this delight come when you are not doing anything? It comes from nowhere, or, it comes from everywhere. It is uncaused, because the existence is made of the stuff called joy. It needs no cause, no reason. If you are unhappy you have a reason to be unhappy; if you are happy you are simply happy – there is no reason for it. Your mind tries to find a reason because it cannot believe in the uncaused, because it cannot control the uncaused – with the uncaused the mind simply becomes impotent. So the mind goes on finding some reason or other. But I would like to tell you that whenever you are happy, you are happy for no reason at all, whenever you are unhappy, you have some reason to be unhappy – because happiness is just the stuff you are made of. It is your very being, it is your innermost core. Joy is your innermost core.”

So, how are we supposed to “meditate?”

Osho says that to practice meditation, you need to practice being a “watcher” of the mind:

“Watch your mind. Don’t do anything – no repetition of mantra, no repetition of the name of god – just watch whatever the mind is doing. Don’t disturb it, don’t prevent it, don’t repress it; don’t do anything at all on your part. You just be a watcher, and the miracle of watching is meditation. As you watch, slowly mind becomes empty of thoughts; but you are not falling asleep, you are becoming more alert, more aware.

“As the mind becomes completely empty, your whole energy becomes aflame of awakening. This flame is the result of meditation. So you can say meditation is another name of watching, witnessing, observing – without any judgment, without any evaluation. Just by watching, you immediately get out of the mind.”

Archangel Michael on Ascension

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Now is the time to rejoice! Mother Earth is preparing Herself to move towards Her new destiny in the higher dimensions, and many of us who are joining Her in the course of Her ascension, are feeling the joy of this exciting event. I consider this space of information as sacred as it is dedicated to the Divine Beings Whose messages of Wisdom about this glorious process I am receiving and sharing here with you. May you be inspired and blessed! With much Love, Ute Posegga-Rudel

Thursday, June 1, 2017


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My Beloveds,

I AM the All and Everything of you.

Do not think you can exclude Me forever, because I will always Remind you of Me. You cannot escape Me.

Because I AM you.

When your life fails, when all hopes fulfilled turn out to

be shallow,

– when you finally find out that life will never fulfill you,

– when you run in the circle, the proverbial carrot in

front of your blind eyes, always running to catch it, but

never ever grab it,

– when there is frustration because you feel empty with

all the things you have accumulated for pleasure and

satisfaction, even spiritual satisfaction,

– when all this fails, you realize:

Your world of thinking thought is not constructed to make things heart-sufficiently “better”, hoping that you somehow will find there the Forever what your search was for: the final glorification of your from Me separate being, a separate crown on your separate head. However you are a prisoner in your little world with a little glow in your imagined personality, and yes, perhaps sometimes a shine that seems to expand and to console you, because you now feel special with that shine which might seem to be a kind of hopeful satisfaction, but soon gone again. Not REAL.

Because it all happens in the chambers of separation, only a dim glimpse of oneness in your mind of hope to be able to fabricate somehow fulfillment on your own.

If you have forgotten Me you think that you – lonely – float somewhere with your body and mind in space, perhaps your feet on your planet earth, a being that imagines to independently wander around in cosmic domains, jealously defending the fence of your skin from all other appearances – seemingly all around you, otherness and others as your world forever.

But this is not true. You live in your self-created illusion of a false dream. Cut off from the Real World and thereby from Me.

Without Me, the Ultimate Reality of Existence, your energy is scattered, perhaps a bit bundled within the idea of what appears to you in finite time and space as a body, perhaps even a more subtle body, or let it be even a subtle body of light. It is the light of second choice.

Accept that what you do is happening in fantasy land, dreaming of yourself, as an entity in separation, perhaps even full of the marvel of transparent colours and fine smells, sometimes exciting experiences, sufficient, you THINK, because you do not yet know Me.

When your understanding starts to finally sense that is it not your fault that there is no true fulfillment in your worlds, neither gross nor subtle, because it cannot BE by default, then an opening occurs in your being, a crack that opens into My Infinite Radiant Union-Space beyond your usual condition of separation from Me, yourself, and from all worlds — presuming they are other than you, like objects on the other side of you, something to grasp away from you.

What I then Reveal to you Is the Oneness of Me and With Me, the Beauty of Our Ecstasy, the Unspeakable Freedom and Eternity, the Breathing Breath of Clarity and Perfection.

If you Know Me you realize the short legged things you were hunting for, are a mirage only in the realms of changing features, disappearing again and again, you: unable to hold them forever. Because they are the products of flying mind and schemes, not real, but deceiving your Truth seeking heart.

With Me you awaken to the Real, the Mirror of all mirages, the Reality Ground your entire Being rests on and reaches into, in Truth.

If you choose Me you would be surrounded and nurtured by My Light That is Ultimate Light and not of the broken light in your worlds of mind.

I am prior to all of that.

I am True Happiness, I am Truth, you Original and Native State of Being is Me. Only Me.

Feel in your very heart What I Say to you and ponder Its Truth. You cannot think Me or imagine Me. You must Feel Me with heart and body. I Am here. And if you call Me with the desire of your heart, all the obstacles on the way to Me and in between will melt into My Radiant Sphere of Perfection That Is True Love and Happiness.

I AM The One God-Self of All and everything!

Message conveyed by Ute

Ute Posegga-Rudel,

© 2017. All rights reserved.

Summer Journey: Expanding into the Heart of our True Nature

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What’ll It Take for Earth to Thrive?

What’ll It Take for Earth to Thrive?One of the most humane yet in-depth investigations of what’s going on in our world, with an accent on America, is Foster Gamble’s Thrive: What on Earth will it Take? It’s been around for a while but remains one of the best treatments of the subject. There will be many opportunities to hear the total […]Click on picture for original

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Sandra Walter: Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~



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sun rays

As we enter the deeply transformative Gateway of the Equinox, it is vital that we unify as one HUman heart grid, one force of Source. I AM confident most of you are aware of what this Gateway will create for HUmanity.

This is not a passage to flail in the distractions. It is a passage to fully claim ownership of your new template, to own your embodiment, your new expression, and stand in your the Divine right to become your Higher Self in form. This embodiment phase is key to the current frequency shift already underway. Your core will need to be stable and aligned with your new template in order to receive the Solar codes and transmit them to Gaia, the old and new grid systems, and the HUman heart grid.

Embodiment feels transcendent, deeply peaceful and avatar-like, however we are transitioning in full view of HUmanity in order to Wayshow. Gravitational anomalies, linear time fluctuations, heightened mulitdimensional awareness and dissolvement of the veils are normal side-effects of a dimensional shift. However, what is occurring with the Wayshowers is unique to this planet, and we assist Gaia in revealing her Higher expression through our own lifestreams. Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension as the higher frequencies intensify, and reveal the higher truths of Divine Love by example.

We call forth the Gatekeepers, Gridworkers, Lightworkers and Wayshowers to assist in stability and amplification as the embodiment and revelation of the crystalline realm unfolds. Gateways will be opening on March 13-15 to initiate the unfoldment. Gatework and Gridwork will be consistent for the next three weeks, with the continued Solar focus. Be creative and honor your new skills as they present; all will feel very different as this unfolds.

Unity NOW: Get on Board

We request your light and pure intent to strengthen this Divine passage. Join the Light Tribe during these three 30-minute windows on SUNday: 8:11am Pacific Time, 11:11 am PT, and 5:11pm PT or meditate anytime on SUNday to feel the effects and add your energy to this collective intention of service.

Connect with the HUman Heart Grid, Gaia’s crystalline core, the Crystalline Grid, the New Grid systems, Solaris (the SUN), Great Central Sun, and Source. Meditate in stillness, focus on peace, Pure Source embodiment and the revelation of crystalline consciousness, or use the guided Christ Light Activation meditation for expansion (free on youtube or mp3 via the download link below). All methods and forms of meditation are welcome; the collective vibrational trigger and unified support is the goal.

Let us unite in peace with the intention to assist Unity/Christ Consciousness.

This is a very powerful passage for HUmanity. Please remember that as old systems break apart, your focus must stay on the higher experience, the highest outcomes. We connect in this way not only for the acceleration of the Ascension, but to train us how to connect telepathically as ONE consciousness, offline, without the need for grounded technology. This activity is more powerful outside in nature at this time. Plant your crystals, open the grids and assist in welcoming forth the higher reality.


In Love, Light and Service,

light intel

2017: End of the Ten Year Delay

2017: End of the Ten-Year DelayRecently, Matthew Ward suggested that there was a decade of delay, which ends in 2017. Its end and the powerful energy waves to come would trigger “significant changes.” “Some time ago we told you that 2017 ends the decade of delay in society’s conscious and spiritual attainment that Earth’s Golden Age master planners had anticipated […]

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Heavenletter #5785 The Fluidity of the Soul, September 26, 2016

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Heavenletter #5785 The Fluidity of the Soul, September 26, 2016

God said:
Throughout the ages, I have heard you ask Me to give you boons. I hear you. Today I heard you say:

“Beloved God, I want to ask of You to please banish stress, worry, fear from my life and heart. God, as I say this, I realize it would be better for me to ask You:

“Beloved God, please banish stress, worry, fear from everyone’s life once and for all.”

What do you think I’m working on, dear One?

I might word your question differently. I might say very simply:

God, please bring peace to this Earth. Beloved God, teach us to know love and trust and let go of uncertainty which is another name for lack of trust.

Now I say to you:

Beloveds, My whole attention is already on this – we can call it a project. It is a Peace Project. It is a Love Project.

I, too, wonder why all Our desires have not yet materialized. Then I remind Myself that there is a great rush of love and a great demand for peace.

I could also phrase this differently. Do not be offended at what I say:

Be not swallowers of negativity. Be not sheep who follow other sheep as though you were blind. Use your own heart as a bell that tolls Truth. Your heart is to ring true. When your heart rings fear, you can know you are misleading yourself.

You might say, if your house is burning down, that fear is good because it tells you to get out of the house right now. This is so, no argument there.

Let me put it another way. Fear of burning is fear for the body you are housed in. The body, as precious and vital as it is, is secondary to the Truth of You. The Truth of You is more subtle, beloveds, and of more account. Your body is temporary regardless of fire or anything else.

Swing your attention to that which is forever, and this is life itself. Life – and your life – is Infinite. This is Oneness. You have always been. You will always be. This is as much fact as the fact that your body is impermanent.

How can it be that it is so easy for you to believe in death of the body and so-seemingly difficult to believe in Life Everlasting? Death of the body is incidental. It is an incident. Birth of a baby gives joy, yet the soul of the baby is a continuation that is unstoppable. Eternity is not a myth nor is it a fool’s errand.

Why would anyone on Earth prefer body over soul?

When I put it this way, you might say: “O God, of course, I see the value of soul over body. Of course, I know the Significance of Soul.”

Yet this is in theory, beloveds, isn’t it? What you hold on to in life in the world — your body – cannot be held onto. You can’t hold on to it. No one can.

Find a way to look at death other than a tragedy. Death of the body is just an incident. It is a perceived happening.

Life Itself, life that does not depend upon a physical body, is never interrupted. The joke is that you conceive and believe that life is indeed dependent upon the body, as if the body were the whole sum and total. Ah, life of the body is what is the brief interlude.

Welcome this interlude. There are reasons for this interlude. Give it all you’ve got.

Remembering Me is the same as remembering the Fluidity of the Soul. It is not time that marches on. It is the Soul.

You are not your body. You never were. You are Soul. You live on the level of the Soul. We are Chums, you and I. We hold hands throughout Eternity.

Is there something else you would rather do?

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Incoming Frequencies of Light, Most Powerful so Far Ever Received on Earth

Incoming Frequencies of Light, Most Powerful so Far Ever Received on Earth

Thanks Heru!

How are you doing Beloveds? Are you okay? You are indeed experiencing the most powerful incoming frequencies of Light so far ever received on Planet Earth. Some of you are already feeling a shift as this energy is calibrated within your energy field. Those of you whose purpose it is to merge your Essence with that of your Twin Flame in the 5th dimension will experience a phenomenal shift after the partial Lunar Eclipse later today (16:54:42 UTC) as further alignment in your energy field is achieved through the higher portals of ascension.

It is through the alignment of the Masculine and Feminine energies of the Eclipses that affords you clear passageway through the higher portals of your ascension. May we remind you Beloveds that there is nothing you have to do, just surrender, let go, and allow the shift to occur.

Unconditional love is the most powerful transmuting force in the universe. Remembering how to utilise the power of unconditional love will help you to remain in the higher states of your consciousness that so many of you are now enjoying. You are being assisted in every conceivable way in this NOW to help you stay more in your multidimensional awareness.

Perception is the key to overriding the limiting programs of your human consciousness. Expanded perception comes from letting go of all that you previously believed yourself to be and embracing the knowing that there exists nothing outside of you. Literally nothing. When you can perceive yourself as being an intricate part of the Whole-ness that exists within you, and that everything you see around you is merely a projection of consciousness into the Hologram of Life, a huge shift will occur within your energy field.

tumblr nd1zo88R9v1txygfho1 500

You are powerful beings Beloved Ones, and you hold within you the power to change your World through unconditionally loving every aspect of yourself. It is through your unconditional love that you create change within yourself and everything around you and it is in this manner that you assist Gaia and humanity in their ascension.

We leave you with one last thought. You are indeed an intricate part of the patterns of Perfection that make up the Tapestry of Life, and your contribution is priceless. You are brave and courageous Beloveds, beyond your knowing, as you have willingly taken on the task of assisting in the ascension of Earth, and you have succeeded against all odds to create great change so far.

May this message also provide you with comfort knowing that in our perception, and that of your Higher Selves, you have ALREADY ascended and all is well.

We leave you with our Absolute Love and our Blessing for a most magical NEW day!



Announcing: The Bridge to Now, the 20th Annual Council of Love Gathering, Nov. 11-13, 2016

Linda's adA message from Linda:

I hope you will join me for this life-changing workshop. Poco Diablo Resort in Sedona is a lovely setting for deep, reflective work, which is why the Council of Love is returning to this location. The scenery is awe-inspiring; a perfect place for a spiritual intensive.

“Connecting ancient wisdom and universal truths to practical spirituality in your everyday life.”

The Bridge To Now Gathering includes special musical performances, dance, meditations, channelings, and meeting with old friends and new ones.

The Bridge to Now is about connecting with the ancient wisdoms (appropriate for the Sedona setting we will be in), to your spirituality in your everyday life. Fellow Lightworkers will share their vision of the global spiritual awakening occurring today. We will tap into the inspirational spirits of Lao Tzu, Einstein, Mother Mary, the Native American chiefs, and others.

There will be time to explore the fabulous red rocks of Sedona; rise to the sun, watch the shadows march across the faces of Three Sisters and Cathedral Rock; visit a vortex as the sun sets.

The Spirit Store is offering an early-bird rate to attendees — valid until July 31, 2016 of $600. Regular price of $800 begins Sept. 1, 2016. The price does not include transportation, accommodations or meals.

This is the Flex-Pay site. Register today is $150 for the first month’s payment. Then 4 additional payments of $150 per month. This option ends August 31, 2016.

Itinerary Nov. 11-13, 2016:

  • Friday: Workshop – 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Saturday: Workshop 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Sunday: Workshop, and Check Out – 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.


We will be returning to the Poco Diablo Resort. The hotel has given us a group rate that extend three days before and after the workshop. This is the Veterans Day weekend, so you will be able to spend more time exploring the region. For more information, visit Poco Diablo Resort, 1752 State Route 179, Sedona AZ 86336.

Shuttle Service:

There is a shuttle that runs to and from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and the resort. If you plan on using the shuttle, you can contact Arizona Shuttle, and make a reservation.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation fee immediately after registration is $150.00 per person. Cancellation from June. 1-Sept 30. 10, 2016 is 50% of total workshop cost per person. No refund after Oct. 1, 2016.

Click here to register today at the Spirit Store.

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Quetzlcoatl Dragon Rose Line Legacy – The Golden Journey

Awakening the Dragon Fire
Dragon Court
Return of the Dragons
Solar Brotherhoods
Dragon Rose Line


Amarushka: HerStory
Royal Dragon Blood
Talents and Services
Current Activities

“If one knows beyond any doubt that one is of the Dragon Blood, then the doors to the infinite can be opened wide. The planet needs its Elves and Fairies back, so the saying goes.  It needs the people for whom order and empathy come instinctively and whose love of the natural world comes before all else and arises spontaneously from the depths of their eternal souls.  Above all the planet needs its Firstborn Dragons to know who they are themselves.”  — Nicholas de Vere

Drakenburg Crown

Rose Alchemy
Life Crystals Now Available
through ATP Plus!



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The Summer of your Discontent – The Council

Summer of Your Discontent

The Summer of your Discontent – The Council

Many of you are feeling as if everything has gone to #%&t, or perhaps to-hell- in-a-handbasket. This is how your current situation seems to you. And when you look around, it seems the world is a very good likeness of that, also.

Now, I have been chosen to speak to this because I am the higher self of one of you who will read this, and I also have been where you are many times in what you call the past. There is no reason for you to know any name. We do not use them here, and the one I spoke of will know my vibration instantly.

This current energy is threatening to throw many of you for a loop, so let’s look at it from this higher perspective and put it into a context that we intend will give you an understanding that you can live with short term. We are not talking long term here. This will be like everything else in your current consciousness stream. It will seem interminable and then it will seem as if it flew by. It’s almost as if you are being as easy on yourselves as you can. And that is because you are being as easy on yourselves as you can, given the situation. So, what is the situation?

First, a little scene setting. You have been told by many of your communicators that this next several months are going to bring great change. This council has told you that the most important change is what is happening in you and for you. And you have been experiencing a steady – well, mostly steady – increase in the intensity of the energy that is in many ways forcing the change.

Now this has begun to give you a feeling of urgency. The energy itself contains a feeling of urgency. Well, think back to the times you have been faced with a deadline. Is it not the same feeling? This is not exactly a deadline, but it is a definite marker and turning point. And here’s the point, you are determined to be ready.

Now often when we refer to ‘you’, we are speaking of, or including the entire you. Keep sight of the fact that by far the largest portion of you can be said to be still on our plane, still in our dimension. So in your efforts to be ready, you are discovering all of the things that will not be in synch with the coming energy and you are tossing them overboard.

You have been told this before. But there is, as you are discovering, a big difference between hearing it and living it. Now let’s give you something that might make it a little easier to get through.

Try thinking less along the lines of ‘What now?’ and more like ‘Thank goodness. Let’s get this over with at last.’ Now, we are not saying that everything after the first of ‘Nocember’ will be all hunky-dory. We are saying that life is about to become quite a bit less personally difficult. You know the shape your world is in. And so you know that there will be quite a bit of work to do to turn it back into the garden spot she was meant to be. But it is also true that if your personal life is a daily trial, there is not much time left for you to be effective in the larger sphere. True?

So we applaud you for clearing the decks as you are doing.

You have asked for this. You have prayed for this. And often you have doubted that it would come to pass. Well, bar the door Katie, ‘cause here she comes.

Enjoy your new selves.

I am being told that I have covered it, so I thank you for the chance to speak with you. Good day.

Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:

Das Ho’oponopono-Heilgeheimnis

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Das Ho’oponopono-Heilgeheimnis

Das Ho’oponopono-Heilgeheimnis hat seinen Ursprung in Polynesien

Das wunderbare Ho’oponopono-HeilGeheimnis hat seinen Ursprung
in Polynesien. Die Methode hat das Leben von Millionen Menschen
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Weitere interessante Hintergrund-Infos
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finden Sie hier bei Wikipedia – Zitat:

„Hoʻoponopono“ wird im Hawaiian Dictionary[2] als eine geistige Reinigung definiert, als Familienkonferenz, in der zwischenmenschliche Beziehungen durch Gebet, Aussprache, Schuldbekenntnis, Reue und gegenseitige Vergebung wiederhergestellt werden.

Der Begriff hoʻoponopono setzt sich zusammen aus der Kausativ–Vorsilbe hoʻo- für ‚eine Handlung in Gang setzen‘ und aus dem Wort pono, dessen Grundbedeutung etwa richtig oder Richtigkeit ist.

Jedoch hat pono ein sehr breites Spektrum an Bedeutungen und steht als Substantiv für Güte, Rechtschaffenheit, Moralität, korrekte Handlung, Wohlergehen, Wohlstand, Fürsorge, Nutzen, natürlicher Zustand, Pflicht. Als Adjektiv bedeutet es moralisch, angebracht, richtig, gerecht, anständig, genau, tugendhaft, ordentlich, nützlich, erfolgreich, präzise, angemessen, entspannt, erleichtert. Als Verb heißt es zudem sollen und müssen. (Als welche Wortart ein Wort fungiert, hängt in der hawaiischen Sprache von der Stellung im Satz ab.)

Die Verdoppelung ponopono bedeutet richtigstellen; in Ordnung bringen, überarbeiten, regulieren, ordnen, berichtigen, aufräumen, sauber machen, etwas ordentlich machen.

More about Hatonn – Comet ISON is an Intergalactic Mothership and A Gift from Source Creator

Pleiadian Council, Archangel Michael, and Source Creator via Goldenlight: Comet ISON is an Intergalactic Mothership and A Gift from Source Creator

comet-ison31-1024x701Pleiadian Council, Archangel Michael, and Source Creator via Goldenlight: COMET ISON is an Intergalactic Mothership and A Gift from Source Creator, channeled by Goldenlight, December 3, 2013 at

Your world is going to forever change as our intergalactic societies intersect. This beautiful starship exists to bring together and form the new intergalactic societies between earth and the star nations represented on this intergalactic ship.

Greetings we are the Pleaidian Council and Archangel Michael and we wish to speak to you tonight of our large intergalactic mothership in your sky which is being referred to as COMET ISON, but is indeed one our our largest motherships as has been spoken of in other messages recently.

The reason this “comet” has been apparently “disappearing”, “disintegrating”, or otherwise vanishing or changing is because we have the ability to change the form of our ship at will. We can appear as a comet, many stars, a planet, or any other type of apparition/hologram that we wish. The reason we have chosen the form of a comet is so that the people of planet earth would take notice of our ship for indeed we are crossing the threshold of the time when our intergalactic relations are beginning to form…first in your minds, hearts, and awareness, then in individual visitations, then on a larger scale as your awareness, consciousness, vibration, and frequency continue to raise as your civilization on earth enters into the Golden Age. Continue reading

The Secret Recipes For The Cure Of All Diseases In A 3,500 Year Old Book!

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Have you ever heard of the famous Dr. Richard Shultz? Well, if you have, then you’ve probably heard about his ancient and super-healing technique which he uses. And you should also know that this simple, but very effective healing technique was mentioned in the Bible, almost 3,500 years ago.

Before we start with this article, let me say that this is an interview with the famous Dr. Shultz. In this article he is going to tell us more about his healing techniques and what types of healing methods he uses.

Dr. Shultz: “Hello everyone. Well, how should I start? I usually get letters from all over the world, and many different around the worlds are very satisfied with my simple, but very effective healing techniques, which I describe thoroughly in my books and my video recordings. You should all know that I don’t want to hide my knowledge. In my last book, I’ve explained everything – in details, so that everyone can cure themselves in their own homes, without needing me.

There are many different simple techniques and recipes for full body cleansing. So, people who are interested in making homemade herbal – tinctures, teas, mixtures, etc. can make them in their own home. I will give my readers all my recipes and directions, on how to make them and how to use them.

Dr. Markus: “Dr. Shultz, you are a Doctor that claims that there is no incurable disease? Am I right?

Dr. Shultz: “Well, I think that there isn’t such a thing – incurable disease. I think that there are people who don’t want to recover from their disease or some health problem, and people who don’t want to change their bad habits. I’m using an ancient healing and hygiene technique, which has been mentioned thousands of years ago in the Bible.”

Dr. Markus: “Dr. Shultz, human beings are the only organisms in the world that are sick? Why is that?”

Dr. Shultz: “You got that wrong. Human beings are not the only one sick. Plants and animals are also sick – plants and animals, which are under the influence of the sick man. First, you need to know that the main causes for diseases are: inappropriate habitat, unhealthy diet and not having particular goals in life. The human being is created to live in natural, to work every day, to eat fresh plants and to enjoy the company of his family.

But, the modern man has decided to live his life outside the nature, in dirty cities, without any physical activities, processed and toxic foods (most of it is from animal origin). And the main goal is to run and get the money, which will buy him the poison that will destroy his life and his health. In this kind of life, man doesn’t have any friends and because he lives un-natural life – he will be depressed and anxious, which in fact is the body saying “Do you want to destroy me?”

Dr. Markus: “So Dr. Shultz, are you trying to say that depression is the most dangerous form of disease – caused by the unhealthy way of life?”

Dr. Shultz: “Well yes. First, you need to know that the most difficult patients are the people who are “doomed”, in spiritual way and they want to die. So, depression is the most common disease of the modern man, which usually leads to a mind state, in which the person doesn’t want to live anymore. The Bid Pharma makes a huge profit on the so-called “depression pills”, which can put out the fire – temporarily. But, the biggest problem is that these depression pills can’t solve the actual problem.

Dr. Markus: “So, this means that there won’t be any sick people in villages, right?”

Dr. Shultz: “Well yes, we can say that there aren’t any people in villages, who suffer from depression. And you can hardly find depression in the villages, because people are physically active. But, there are other diseases in villages, because many people who live in villages consume unhealthy and processed foods, smoke and drink lots of alcohol. And, when the younger generations become older, they want to move out and live in the city. So, they leave the village, and the people who remain in the village can’t form a family, because there is no one left around.

Dr. Markus: “Dr. Shultz, what do you actually do with patients who don’t want to be treated?”

Dr. Shultz: “I can’t help people, if they can’t help themselves. But, I had a few cases where the parents brought their kids – 18, 20, 22 years old and said to me – please Dr. Shultz, save our child, they want to kill themselves. Once, there was one depressed girl. I took her for a walk, along the coast of the ocean in California.

So, we walked and we talked. The girl spoke to me with a dead voice, she said that the was sick of life and she wants to kill herself. It was January. Let me say that I’m a martial arts instructor as well. So, when we walked a little more, I caught her by her hand and by her led and I threw her in the cold ocean. The little girl started to scream – “Are you crazy, are you trying to kill me?” Well, I just told her to swim to the shore and we ran to the office so she could change her clothes. She was soaking wet and cold. So, when she changed her clothes, she was more than happy, and you know what she told me: “Doctor Shultz, how do you call this therapy – I feel much better now.”

I told her this is the famous hydrotherapy – and ancient therapy that improves the blood circulation in the human body, especially in the brains of people who are depressed. So, when you do more physical activities – running, swimming, etc. you will notice that the results are amazing. I also told her and her parents that she could do this hydrotherapy in her bath tub or a shower cabin. She should take 1 min hot shower and then 1 min cold shower. She needs to repeat this process for 7 times. And I also told her that she should walk, swim, run, ride a bike – and the depression will simply disappear. So, she followed my advice and she never had a problem with depression, ever again. But, of course, this type of hydrotherapy healing technique is rarely used, just in the most severe cases and at the insistence of the parents.

Dr. Markus: “Dr. Shultz, we all know that the water healing treatment, mentioned in the Bible, is used very often. So, do you use the water treatment in the treatment of all diseases?”

Dr. Shultz: “Well, this type of hydrotherapy treatment is a powerful technique – but not powerful enough, I’m afraid. Your body needs to cleanse itself of toxins, so it can be healed. You should know that the main pollutant in the body is the colon – and it needs to be cleansed first. I had patients who had terrible headaches for seven years. And when these patients cleansed their colons, their headaches stopped immediately. You got that right – the constipation can be the cause of a headache. When you are done with the colon, you should cleanse the other body organs as well – especially the liver, which is the main filter in the human body. And then, you need to cleanse the gallbladder, kidneys, bladder, etc.

Dr. Markus: “What kind of healing techniques do you use to cleanse the body”

Dr. Shultz: “First, let me mention that I use only natural plants and herbs. If you want to cleanse the colon, then your best options are plums and apples. I usually give them to my patients in the form of freshly squeezed juice. If you want to cleanse the liver, then you should use herbal teas and tinctures. For kidney cleansing you should use bearberry tea. Or you can use freshly squeezed lemon and orange juice, with some olive oil in it. These ingredients are the best natural ingredients for melting kidney stones.

Dr. Markus: “The Bible says that God created all human beings to feed on plants and to use the plant leaves for healing”

Dr. Shultz: “Well yes, the human beings are herbivores, by anatomy. And like all the other herbivores, humans should also eat fresh plants – because boiling, baking and roasting destroys all the healthy nutrients in them. This is why I recommend freshly squeezed juices to all of my patients. So, I recommend drinking just water (non-carbonated) and 2-4 liters of freshly squeezed juices in the first 3-4, and sometimes even 30 days.

So, after they are done with this juice program, I usually switch my patients to the raw-plant foods healing program. The juice healing method should last for at least 5 days. In some patients it’s just 10 days, and in others, more severe cases, maybe 30 days. But, all patients should consume herbs, in the form of teas and tinctures – which will stimulate and improve their immune system, blood circulation, it cleanses the body and it boosts their functions and the healing process.

Dr. Markus: “So, are you saying that herbs are so powerful?”

Dr. Shultz: “Yes, herbs are extremely powerful “tools”. Take this for example – a famous US dealer, from the 10th century has witnessed the powerful effects of the Echinacea plant, which was used by the Native Americans. So, he used that and he visited many different cities in America – holding the Echinacea tincture in one hand, and a very poisonous snake in the other.

Then, he gathered many people on the town’s square and let the snake bit him in front of all people. So, he drank this Echinacea potion and he stayed healthy. People were amazed and shocked at the same time. He managed to sell many of these Echinacea tincture bottles.

Dr. Markus: “So, are you trying to say that Echinacea is your favorite plant?”

Dr. Shultz: “Actually no, my favorite plants are garlic and red peppers. Garlic is extremely powerful antibiotic and it’s a part of all my medical treatments. In my books, I have many different articles about the healing powers of this amazing and super healthy plant. Well, I can also say that red hot peppers are also very useful and healing plants. This plant improves the blood circulation, and this is very important because the blood will circulate more in the diseased part of the body. This actually means that the blood will bring more immune cells, food and other healing ingredients to that part, and it can heal much faster.

We also had some severe bleeding cases, in which the doctors or the other medical equipment couldn’t help – but, when we applied cayenne pepper on the bleeding, it stopped in just few seconds.

Dr. Markus: “You’ve mentioned that there aren’t any incurable diseases. What about AIDS?”

Dr. Shultz: “Well, I would like to say that I’ve had a few patients, who had AIDS and they’ve all been in a state of decay. So, I’ve used my usual healing program and just after 1 week, I’ve noticed some improvements. In such severe cases, it took several months, even a year to find a cure.

Dr. Markus: “Dr. Shultz, what do you think about cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease”

Dr. Shultz: “It’s the same – you can cure these diseases quickly as the common cold, but only if the patient is disciplined and willing to cooperate. In just 10 days, some patients will experience the results of the healing process. I have mentioned this in my book.

Dr. Markus: “Dr. Shultz, is there something you would like to highlight about this healing technique?

Dr. Shultz: “All people should know that one of the most important things in treating these terrible diseases is the support of their family. So, if patients are surrounded by negative people, who discourage them by their behavior, then this is a big problem. Well, some people say that I’, too extreme – because some people think that I’m suggesting that they should leave their job if they feel suffocated, to leave their wife who demoralizes them and destroys them (in spiritual way). But, I think that the most important thing in human life’s is to do everything to save it.

Some people attacked me because I told a woman, who was very ill – to remove all the pictures from the wall of her desisted son, who was 5-years-old. She was looking at these pictures and mourned for her son. So, I finally did it – I picked up all pictures from the fall, put them in a suitcase, throw them in the basement and she got her walls painted. After some time, the woman was healed. You shouldn’t think about ugly and bad things in the past. You should stay away from negative and bad people and only think positive. As I said, you should get the support of your friends, family and relatives that really care about you.

Dr. Markus: “Dr. Shultz, your books and video materials have fascinated many people around the world.”

Dr. Shultz: “As I said, I get letters from people all over the world, and many different around the worlds are very satisfied with my simple, but very effective healing techniques, which I describe thoroughly in my books and my video recordings. You should all know that I don’t want to hide my knowledge. In my last book, I’ve explained everything – in details, so that everyone can cure themselves in their own homes, without needing me. These simple and effective techniques are very useful. They can help you cleanse your body, and make very useful tinctures and herbal remedies, which you can use them by yourself. You can find all the recipes and directions in my book.”

We really hope you enjoyed this article. And please don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family. Thank You.

Who Is Hatonn?

Who is Hatonn?
“I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Commander in Chief, Earth Project Transition, Pleiades Sector Flight command, Intergalactic Federation Fleet-Ashtar Command; Earth Representative to the Cosmic Council and Intergalactic Federation Council on Earth Transition. You may call me “Hatonn”.

God Aton created a fragment of Himself called, “Hatonn” a 9-foot tall being who oversees intergalactic affairs throughout this Universe.

Hatonn is well known throughout the Universe.

Hatonn, has one of the most advanced computer systems in this Universe.

Hatonn has current up-to-date information available in realtime on what’s been going on, on planet earth…he provides humanity with Truth, so that we can free ourselves from rise up in the Light and Love of the Universe.

Who is God Aton?


First telepathic communication of today with Hatonn and telepathic Talk: Questioning Hatonn and AAJophiel about the “Great Portal” Nov.20, 2013





My heart`s story of today June 14th, 2016…………….

yesterday,  I was led to a blog which is old but for me completely new. It is all about Hatonn and I blogged it at once for my friends on Facebook and followers of my blog with an explicit explanation of who Hatonn is. As we have not heard quite a period from Hatonn and I had as result of my stroke lost all connection to my celestical guides I am so glad that I have now regained this old connection again and having been led to this old blog after having found him and my Higher Self in my deep heart some days before. I know that he has helped me to get there and to start again channeling him.

Hello, Hatonn, I am so grateful to you and to my Higher Self that we are again linked together – I felt this time inbetween so lonely all on my own but from the reading of yours which Marc sent me I jumped into the masses of posts to foward those to most of my friends as my big pc got broke and I had to cope with the small laptop. At least I could work again for the ascending earth and our father God and that made me content and filled my days  ro my joy.I tried to translate with Marc again but he diverted his work into a slightly dofferent direction on his own, so I left the translations there. But you know all thar of course.


H:  yes I did lead you to my old blog and then now to our past communication to give you the idea we could begin again our talks and you can get rid of your burdens which are heavy on your heart because we have learned from your prayers your tightened sorrows about the yulin festival in China –

I: yes how can I read heavenletter and have joy in my heart if there is so much pain and misery on those animals – I spoke so often with our father as nothing is impossible and everything is possible with his guidance and help. I signed already the petition to stop this cruelty – but I dread the date approaching.  several times a day I go – as you know with my Higher Self and you to the quantum space to beg our father and Franziskus to beware these poot creatures in China off these cruelties and all my tears are for the animals and the humans who have to do this event. I think these my prayers are always in the back of my heart alldays.

H: My beloved you cannot save the world but leave it to our father – I and your higher Self bless you – we know about you and your longing for harmony I do love you all the time and this love has been a long long time already and it is only still a little time until we meet again and I`ll take you then up on my ship to stay a while in our lightchambers.I embrace you together with your Higher Self.

So Long

So long my love .



Now comes my talk with Jophiel and Hatonn some years ago:


Mmust have a talk with you two AAJophiel and Hatonn ! I am calling on you !

Following my very own road through the plains of the desert towards the huge light rising on the horizon above the far-away mountains …. fading in the mist of light ….. plodding onward – never be discouraged but still so very curious and wanting to know more and more as I go on and on …..

My true and wonderful guides besides my Higher Self – are you here at my side?

Hallo – of course we are – and what sort of questions are ailing you today?

As I read from the messages of the Archangels Michael and Raphael together with our Father – the Time of Now presents us with the opening of the Ascension Portals and we are being called for our final decision whether to pass through these huge Portals or not  … we have been waiting for them to appear before us since a long long time on our long long way through the desert of our decreasing old 3-D-Realm. Continue reading

Hatonn Speaks The Truth….about how the Light wins!


These Laws were given forth by Creator God Aton of Light, and The Creation, and are also called The Laws of Balance. —

A. The highest command of The Law of Creation is:
Achieve the wisdom of knowledge inasmuch as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of the Creation.

B. The highest command of The Law of God is:
You shall Honor God as the Ruler of the human races and follow His Laws for HE is the “King of Wisdom”.

We attain spiritual perfection by learning and wisely following the Laws given forth by God and Creation. We learn through the Spirit of God within us how to live in harmony and balance with all of Creation.

The Laws are as follows:

1. You shall have no other gods than the Creator God before you and abide with the Laws of the Creation which encompasses all. Also known as the “Law of One”.
2. You shall not make for yourselves idols and false images to worship as gods for therein you give power into the hands of evil.
3. You shall love the Lord God with all your heart, soul and being (you must love yourself as God and God as yourself).
4. You shall not use the name of God irreverently, nor use it to swear to a falsehood.
5. Remember God’s “day” and keep it holy. (Every day is God’s “day”.)
6. You shall honor your mother and father.
7. You shall not murder your fellow man. (Killing to preserve your life or of your family is not murder)
8. You must not commit adultery.
9. You must not steal (materially or emotionally).
10. You must not covet or envy that which belongs to your neighbor.
11. You must not impose nor force your free-will upon the free-will of another. Also known as “The Law of Non-interference.”
12. You must not judge (condemn) others, but you must wisely judge all behavior and actions which are contrary to the Laws of God and The Creation.
13. As you sow, so shall you reap. Also called “The Law of Cause and Effect.”
14. You must honor all commitments made in service to God, the Father, the One within.
15. You must obey the wisdom of God for the responsible and balanced procreation of your species.
16. You must do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Also called “The Golden Rule”.
17. Evil (adversaries of God) must always wear a sign of their evilness. (By their fruits you shall know them).
18. You must not commit the act of slavery (physical or emotional) upon any human being of Creator God.

With the communion of the Spirit of Life within us, we must first wisely understand and follow the Laws of Balance, and secondly, we must wisely know where our responsibility begins and ends within the Creation upon this wonderful Planet Earth.

The first question to ask is how can I maintain my life in “harmony and balance” with the rest of “creation”? The answer is, you begin with the pure desire to know Truth. We must recognize that we are limited in our perception of Truth, and that God knows the best pathway for us to travel in His service. So we must then surrender our “will” (ego) to that which is God’s Will.

“In your daily prayer you must ask God for the loving Light of protection, guidance, power, wisdom, knowledge, truth, integrity and courage in order to best serve His Will and not your will (ego)”.

Then in our quiet corner we must meditate. We must listen. We must wait upon our Father-God who is within us (our God-Spirit) to give us that which we need to sustain us in His service. Our will and His Will must become one again.


  1. Hatonn! It is an honor to find your webpage. I am Ryley, a celestial traveler trying to help the whole of humanity the best I can. I appreciate any help you can offer, or any well-wishes or thoughts. Regardless, I am thankful to have been able to find you.



  2. 7. You shall not murder your fellow man. (Killing to preserve your life or of your family is not murder)


    7. Thou shalt not take the life from any living thing. Life comes only from God, who giveth it and taketh it away.

    One is vastly different from the other. God is merciful, loving and just. Which one is unconditional love and which is the love of reasoning.

    Wish I never learnt to read, then I’de probably have found Truth myself

  3. The Law of One is universal, cosmic, and is present throughout all the known universes. I wrote a poem published years ago in the early 90’s in UNICUS magazine on this TRUTH. It will become more known in the coming days of the Creators plan for humankind, and the concepts of the Law of One be re-introduced to the world as it was in the beginning. We await for the return of those who serve the Creator. We are all one. Truth-Light-Love-Peace…………..Very soon!

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Humanity Has The Violet Flame, And Now We Know How To Use It

Humanity Has The Violet Flame, And Now We Know How To Use It

We were born as slaves in the age of Kali… now we’ve got the Violet Flame and we know how to use it… and this knowledge is now creating the Golden Age of Enlightenment. 

You may be sitting at your computer somewhere… searching the internet for something to bring hope.  Most of the news looks bleak… and for many they receive their daily confirmation that life basically sucks and that humanity is doomed.

There is error in this thinking, if someone believe these things, then you are ultiimately another cause of you see as lacking in the world.  What you see lacking in the world, is what is lacking within you.

Many of us are on a quest… we search websites…. bookstores… visit gurus… visit sacred sites… all of this is about the return to self.  We are curious about who we are, and where we’ve come from… most humans were not born with this information… and then through life, we rediscover these things… we rediscover self.


Along this path of self-discovery is to know that humans are being of Light… walking bio-plasma and minerals, that gives off an electomagnetic field… we have auras.. chakras… every thought is a spark of light… every movement of a finger-stroke to the computer keyboard, involves Light… if you reading this… Light is generated on numerous levels in order to provide you with the experience.

As student remembering self, and how the universe operates, we learn that the electromagnetic field that we can influence goes far beyond what our eyes can perceive…. therefore we can actually still “work” with Light that we cannot see…  even a wifi signal is a Light that cannot be seen… it’s not a concept open for debate.

This is why I hope this message reaches many who are rediscovering our power to influence the world around us… can you imagine the world right now, as it will be, when humans focus on the unseen Light, instead of the unseen dark.

Yes there are people in position of infuence who conspire againt the rest of us… it is now time to move beyond them… It is now time to go beyond conspiracies… beyond the fake show that is presented to the public… in order to retain our privilege to even remain on the planet…. many beings do not know that there is a great sorting taking place… our Creator is needing to divide us up… those who seek inner power… and those who seek power outside themselves.

If you’re seeking inner power, at some point you begin to do light activations… this is important because we are in a freewll situation, heading towards self-mastery… our design and growth is based on calling in our own upgrades… no other being has that power.

And so we remember our power to call in the upgrade using Light that cannot be seen… can you imagine the world right now, if the ‘average person’ suddenly began to use the violet flame and other colours…. to manifest a cleaned up world… and that would basically be ‘day one’ in the larger scheme… imagine if we shared the planet… our talents… our love, power and wisdom… through our sheer will to remember who we are, and that we are infinite being of unlimited power…. EACH of us….

I have watch the masses struggle with almost completely destroy the planet, and then deny responsibility… no one… not Jesus, or anyone, can be responsible for your own growth… no one is responsible for you if you do not want to be present…. if you are attracting death, no one can save you…. if you basically texting in a bubble, holding a brain damaging cell phone to your ear… no one can save you from your own powerlessness.

WARRIORS OF LIGHT USE THE VIOLET FLAME… hey anyone really, but it is like a samurai sword… anyone can swing a sword around, but there are levels of mastery, that some shall naturally achieve and for others, it is a process… life is an ongoing process… we are infinite, so we are obviously going through an ongoing process of a soul having a physical experience, awakening from the illusion into the fullness of love… as we get to the fullness of love…the collapsing of our magnetosphere will result in a “no more linear time”.

There is a warrior within each of us that longs to know and experience one’s true power… and so with that energy I suggest to you that if do your part and work with unseen Light, that both you and the planet can be cleaned up, “in the blink of an eye”… that’s not to say mother earth won’t take her rest over the next 2000 years, while earth may be facing a potential evacuation for this restoration period… there is a possibility that we now, not later… not for another generation… but here… and now… we perform the magic trick on a global scale, of working with the unseen Light… in this case… the violet flame.

The violet flame is the flame of transmutation… it’s a shortcut… it is a gift from our Creator… we don’t really need to pick up the garbage… wash the recycling…  what we need is to use the violet flame, to take a shortcut into something good… truth be told, do any of us really want to spend the rest of our lives living on garbage radiation dead zone?

In order to use the violet flame, you will need to be agree to serve God’s will, without feeling ripped off.


Indian in the machine

A Description of Life In The New Age


More research

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HEAVEN #5679 Freude bin ich

Gott sagt:
Die materielle Welt ist nicht so wichtig wie sie in Szene gesetzt wird, das ist jedoch nebensächlich, weil die materielle Welt überaus wichtig ist für jeden und jede, da ihr euch doch auf ihr lebend vorfindet. Die Welt ist ein Mammut-Unternehmen.

Nicht-Zeit und Nicht-Raum ist etwas, wovon ihr hört und was ihr mit Vorsicht aufnehmt, wenn ihr es überhaupt aufnehmt.

Wenn du in einer Gefängniszelle sitzt, bist du in einer Gefängniszelle. O. k., o. k., man hat dir gesagt, dass du Gedankenfreiheit hast, doch es fühlt sich für dich so dringend an, aus der tristen Zelle heraus zu kommen, in die du irgendwie geraten bist. Du kannst zwar ein Lippenbekenntnis für Freiheit ablegen, aber wenn du die Freiheit nicht fühlst, erfährst du Freiheit nicht, und du bist nicht frei. Du kannst dir das nicht hier und jetzt einbilden.

Es kann sein, möglicherweise, eines Tages wirst du Göttliche Freiheit erleben. Wenn du das erfährst, wirst du zurückschauen und dir sagen:

„All dies sah ich nicht, weil ich eine solche Sicht nicht für real hielt, geschweige denn als erreichbar. All die Energie, die ich verschwendet habe zu meinem Schaden, während ich es doch hätte lieben können, in der Welt der Illusion zu leben. Wenn das Leben auf Erden sowieso nur Illusion ist, warum denke ich, ich müsse so auseinandergezogen sein und eng eingeschnürt?

Es scheint, ich wurde verdrahtet zum Leiden anstatt zur Freude. Ich tat mir das selbst an. Ich habe dazu geneigt, mein Leben entweder stolz oder beschämt zu verbringen. Aufgeblasen im Stolz oder erschöpft in Ungnade.

Ich war der temperamentvolle Star der Show. Zuviel Fokus auf meinem kleinen Selbst, Gott, nicht wahr? Dies war die Situation, in der ich lebte. Ich fügte mich ein. Ich passte mich ein in die Landschaft, wie ich sie sah oder andere sie sahen. Ich fiel einfach in die Falle, mich anzupassen an diese Welt. Ich versuchte alles zu mögen, was alle anderen zu mögen schienen, und ich übersah die Wichtigkeit dessen, was für mich die größte Bedeutung gehabt hätte, wenn ich es auch nicht hätte benennen können. Ich bin nicht sicher, dessen Namen jetzt zu kennen. Es ist ein guter Tipp, jetzt, wo ich darüber nachdenke, dass dieser schwer fassbare Name Freiheit ist.

Ich vergeudete mein Leben an ich weiß nicht was. Ich kann nicht ertragen, mir zu sagen, dass ich mein Leben verschwendet habe. Ich habe immer geglaubt, ich habe alle Zeit der Welt. Ich hätte mehr genießen können, aber offensichtlich war Genießen nicht hoch oben auf meiner Liste. Der ernsthafte Wolf führte das Rudel.

Jetzt, obwohl ich mich weiser nenne, wundere ich mich: Ich scheine ein Fisch auf dem Trockenen zu sein. Ich mühe mich ab auf trockenem Land, wo ich doch ins Wasser gehöre. Wehe mir.”

Meine Lieben, anstatt von Weh zu sprechen, sage „Freude bin ich” „Freude bin ich, morgens, mittags und nachts.” Sei sie!

Wende das Blatt für dich selbst. Sage:

„Gott liebt mich. Gott liebt mich aus Seinem ganzem Herzen. Gott ist mein Freund. Ich lasse meinen Blick auf Gott ruhen. Ich heiße Gott willkommen bei mir. Ich halte Gott in meinem Vertrauen. Ich habe die Welt angeschaut, um mit all der Begeisterung zu sein, die ich anscheinend aufbringen kann, doch jetzt schaue ich auf Gott und ich danke Gott für Sein Hier-bei-mir-sein, wo immer ich gerade sein mag. Die Sache ist die, dass ich mit Gott bin und Gott ist mit mir. Es ist mir gleichgültig, dass die Wahrheit kitschig tönt, denn mit Gott ist alles möglich. Alles Beliebige ist möglich. Alles und jedes ist möglich. Ich bin möglich.”

Bejahe jetzt mutiger, wie weit du gekommen bist:

„Im Leben in der Welt – und in meinem Leben in der Welt – ist alles Erwünschte mehr als möglich. Alles was ich wünsche, ist in Reichweite. Alles, was ich wünsche, ist glaubhaft, glaubhaft, glaubhaft. Wahrscheinlich, wahrscheinlich, wahrscheinlich. Auf irgend eine Art, irgendwie, hat mein Leben oftmals alle Wahrscheinlichkeiten übertroffen. Warum habe ich das nicht früher gesehen?

Dass ich diese Wörter denke und spreche, öffnet für mich ein Tor weit, hin zur ganzen Welt. Jetzt wandere ich weiter durchs Leben, innerlich mit ausholenden Schritten und Vertrauen.

Sogar wenn ich durch ein Tor schreite, das sich nicht zum Schatz öffnet, den ich suche, bin ich unverzagt. Ich bin weit voraus im Leben, kraft dessen wie ich es sehe. Wie ich die Welt sehe, spielt eine bedeutende Rolle. Ich bin hier in der Welt, um mit neuen Augen zu sehen.

Da bin ich nun mit dem Leben vor mir. Ich sehe jetzt und ich lebe offen. Jetzt sehe ich neu. Ich lebe neu. Ich bin nicht der/dieselbe, und mein Leben ist nicht dasselbe. Das ist die Freie Wahl, die ich treffe.”

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Greetings, Powerful Light Bringer! by Caroline Oceana Ryan

Now is the Time — Blaze the Violet Flame of St Germain!
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If you’re at all disappointed or apprehensive about what’s happening with the US election (or the world) — this week’s Message is for you.

It’s so powerful, I’ve included all of it below.

These Messages aren’t just information. They have powerful co-Creative energies embedded in them, to support your entire life path.

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This is an amazing online telesummit, with beautifully gifted teachers and healers, and I’m honored to be part of it.

The Collective’s words and energies will be helping you release the limits of the old third dimensional programs, such as:

  • False beliefs in scarcity, lack, and stuckness
  • Victim images—feeling you have little or no power in life
  • Confusion or lack of motivation
  • Lack of passion and excitement in life

Go here to register at no cost, to get access to tomorrow’s program plus the replay, and incredible energy activations from energy workers from all over the world. 

I hope you’ll join us!

Namaste, friends!

PS  Go here to see the video replay of the Collective’s appearance on Manifesting Abundance: Practical Tools & Higher Insightsas they answer questions on creating financial abundance.

A Message to Lightworkers – June 9, 2016
The latest guidance from our friends, the Galactic and Angelic beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, Light Family! We are pleased to have this time to speak with you today.

We are aware that many around the world are dismayed at the apparent outcome of the presidential election primaries in the United States.

Particularly, there is great disappointment that the more popular candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders, has not been given the Democratic candidacy, though many more millions cast their vote for him than for his opponent.

Understand that elections have been rigged—bought, swindled, stolen, and riddled with voter suppression—for the whole of the United States’ history, as is the case in most countries.

We understand that many are now feeling that “it’s happened again, despite our phone bank and canvassing efforts. Despite our pleas and prayers to the Higher Forces of the Universe. We are again at the mercy of the corrupt—the abusers and usurpers of power.”

And yet, we would say, “Not at all!”

For understand that your very clear, very powerful individual and group intention to create a fair election, to elect someone to the presidency who is not only aware of their Divine purpose, but who is living it out fully, is still in the air.

Still in the ethers surrounding the planet, and still influencing outer events in ways you cannot yet envision.

There are no full-of-purpose, soul-expanding intentions in your world that do not affect outer events—that would be impossible.


And your planet’s current political “system” is likewise feeling the effects of these powerful expectations of fairness, equality, justice, freedom, and abundance for all, just as it is feeling the effects of the powerful energies increasingly coming to Earth, and building new waves of increasingly higher vibration throughout Her being.

There is no mistaking these powerful energy waves of higher intent, as they race out into the atmosphere, raising the level of human consciousness and calling forth every kind of higher help—Angelic, Ascended Master, and all other Divine resources of assistance.

So that far from having missed your goal, you are reaching it.

For now that the “frontrunners,” as they are called, are out as far as they can be in public eye and awareness, the veils that are quickly dropping on every level of outer life and consciousness on your planet are likewise dropping between them and the Truth of their lives.

The carefully constructed façade of “I’m the one you want to trust to get the job done” is falling and dissolving so quickly, you would be overjoyed if you could see the full details of how completely their goings on will be exposed for all the world to see.

It would have been far wiser of them not to pretend that things on the planet are “business as usual.”

Far safer for them to have hidden or carved out a plan of escape, as so many of their crowd are doing now.

For now that they are out where all can see them, they will have nowhere to hide as the truth of their real sources of wealth, their true identities, their true “bosses,” and their true intentions are laid bare for all the world to see.


And so you see the gentleman from Vermont continuing his heart-based dedication to serving the people not only of the US, but of the entire planet.

The current US president also pledged such, and has carried that out faithfully, despite his duty as a double agent, in which he has apparently played out the preferences of the far right at times, in order to lay a more perfect trap for those guilty of human rights abuses on every level.

And so understand that as with the dramatic (and tragicomic) stories in your books and films, all may appear to be darkest, just before the Light begins to appear over the horizon.

We ask that you not doubt the coming Dawn, merely because you are still in the appearance of the night.

Know that you are being sent every available help, and that the energies and higher intentions of the heavenly realms are reaching you in increasingly more powerful levels.

For as human consciousness opens to each higher level of understanding, absorbing the beauty and freedom of Divine Love and Divine Will in ever greater amounts, you increasingly open to greater and greater levels and intakes of higher Light, making your transformation from a third to a fifth dimensional planet all the more real, with each passing moment.

And so we would say, allow these strutting fools to play their part on the stage, and be glad for them.


They have, in their ignorance and love of darkness, called forth from your high heart certain activations and intentions for growth, not only for yourselves, but for your entire planet, that could not have come forward otherwise.

You have heard the (rather sexist) expression, “This is where we separate the men from the boys.”

Indeed—this is where you as humankind separate the Light from the shadows, and all they have been hiding.

And certainly, those crimes and intentions are more visible to you now, and therefore seemingly more threatening or annoying.

Yet they nevertheless come forward now so that your Light sabers of Truth and higher consciousness can more easily spot these lower vibrations and cut off their access to life on your planet.

Thank those who have come forward at this time, to play their part in this glorious unveiling of the new Fifth Dimensional human.

They too have their role in the grand Universal scheme.


And when the moment is right, they will recede from view, to be dealt with by those whose role it is to mete out justice to those who have broken Universal law and offended against all human life.

Until that moment comes, do not cease in your declarations, whether it is “NESARA now!” or “Disclosure Now!” or “Peace, Freedom, Equality for all!”

Whether it is signing petitions or carrying placards for Peace and Justice at a public gathering, or simply blazing the Violet Flame throughout the planet and this entire election process.

Or saying, to quote a phrase St Germain is particularly fond of, “Liberté, égalité, fraternité!”

For this is your new reality.

Know that you are not merely witnessing yet another “election cycle.” Even your bribed or threatened news pundits have been saying that this is not so.

Know that you are witnessing—you are creating, as powerful Divine Creators do—the unprecedented miracle of a whole new dimension, a whole new form of life on your planet.

And for that, as always, we bow deeply, with utter gratitude for your strength, your bravery, your co-Creative power, and say, as ever,

Namaste, friends and fellow Light Warriors! We see your Divinity, and we bow to it.

Whatever may occur around you, you are never alone.


Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to this original post. Thank you.

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