Inspiration of the Week – Shanta Gabriel – One Way to Bring More Balance to Life

Inspiration for the Week – One Way to Bring More Balance in Life – January 22, 2017
Shanta Gabriel <>


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Inspiration for the Week from Shanta Gabriel
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One Way to Bring More Balance to Life

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

This message from Archangel Gabriel is encouraging us to learn how to receive more gracefully on all levels.

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week

One Way to Balance Within is to Allow Yourself to Love and be Loved.

Shanta GabrielIn the midst of strong and powerful currents of energy we are all experiencing, Balance has become one of the more sought-after experiences.This card is reminding me that allowing myself to receive Love is just as important as giving it. How often do I shy away from a sincere compliment? What about those times when, for varying reasons, my receiving channels are closed to those who want to support me?

Often I find it so much easier to give love to others than allow myself to receive it. But this card makes me question that practice. If I am more focused on giving, doesn’t that block the flow of receiving? And when I start to think of all the other places that I might be shut down to receiving, like to the flow of finances or creativity, it becomes a much bigger deal than turning aside a compliment that was well-meant. None of us can afford to put a block in the flow of supportive energy toward us.

Receiving graciously the support that is being offered is an important way to demonstrate gratitude to the bounty in the Universal flow of Good toward me. When I am willing to receive, my heart is opened to new opportunities to receive more Love and Support on every level.

The biggest discovery for me is finding that just loving myself turns out to be the most empowering and fastest way to bring me back into Balance. Leaving myself swinging in the breeze without my own support and love has been an old habit and one that is no longer workable. My inner guidance surges forward to let me know in myriad ways that I have disconnected from Source energy and there are Beings of Light waiting to help me.

It does not feel good when I am closed down to receiving. I don’t have the energy I need to do what I love and would most uplift me. One of my favorite long-time affirmations is:

I Now Allow Myself to be Loved and Supported on all Levels.
In times of resistance to the flow, it is often difficult to remember, but the power of opening my heart to myself is the key to coming home to Balance within me.This Alignment to Source is the magical momentum that opens the channels. As I keep my intention for vertical access to the Divine through prayer and meditation with conscious connection to my Higher Self, it brings me back into the depth of Alignment that I long for.

It is also important to allow this Light to be active within my physical body. I am here to be a Blended Being bringing Heaven to Earth through the Light of God working in and through me. It is essential for my happiness and necessary for my Soul’s purpose to be aligned to Divine Light through the core of my being. I need to be conscious enough to allow this flow of Source energy to work in my life. When I do, it brings Vitality, Well-Being, Beauty, Creativity, Abundance and of course Balance to every area of my life.

Everything I do has this intention for Alignment at its base. I am recognizing that Love is my guiding force and living from my heart is the key for Balance. When I come from this place, the energy I feel within helps me to know that I am connected to my Soul and doing the work I came on Earth to do at this time.

Divine Presence,

Thank you for opening my heart and mind to receiving all the Love and Support available to me on every level. Let me be a clear receiver of that which I need and be very grateful for these gifts offered so generously to me. I am being cared for eternally and all my needs are being met with Grace and Ease. My heart is overflowing in Gratitude for these and all my gifts.

As I generously receive I am also able to give from my overflowing cup of Divine Energy. It feels like such a blessing to have all the Love I need so I can give back to people and situations that need my open and loving heart. May I be as generous with others as God is with me. May all of Humanity be blessed and receive the Loving Support available to them.

Most importantly as I become a more powerful receiver of Divine Grace, I am anchoring the Divine Feminine Energy through me on to the Earth. Thank you God for these and all the blessings in my life. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
January 22, 2017

The Gabriel Messages Book #53  

One way to Balance Within is to Allow Yourself
to Love and be Loved.

Dear One,

When you allow yourself to love another person. it opens channels within your being to receive Divine Love from God, the Infinite Source. There is an inexhaustible supply of this love. When you begin to freely give this Love, you are blessed with more, so you can continue to give. In this way you will never be starving forLlove because you feel you have given too much. You cannot give too much love, because the inexhaustible resource of God’s Love is equal to every demand.

There are many ways to give Love. At times the most loving thing you can do is to leave people alone to follow their own path in life. Even then, you are not shutting them out of your heart, although you may never see them again. Giving Love freely means loving yourself enough to only be in those situations which serve your highest good at all times, and which allow you to be treated in a respectful manner.

Receiving Love is sometimes more difficult than giving it, but your willingness to receive is also necessary for perfect balance to exist in your life. When you receive Love from others, you are allowing them to give. This completes the circuit of God’s love. Allowing yourself to be loved opens the door to receiving Infinite Abundance from the Universe, and creates channels for you to receive in wondrous ways from other people. This means receiving support for your life, which is important because you were never meant to struggle alone. You are a child of the Divine Source, and so are given infinite ways to receive love. Allow yourself to receive and be grateful for all the demonstrations of Love, large and small, which are given to you every day.

When you open your heart to another person, it creates an energy of Love within you which in turn brings Balance to all the systems of the physical body. When your body is in balance, it creates healing currents within itself. This is one reason that Love is such a powerful healing force. To have health in your body, you cannot allow yourself to shut down your heart to love.

When the quality of balance is active in your life, all things will seem to fall into perfect order. There will be Balance in your finances, in your health, in your household, and in your spiritual life. When you give and receive in a balanced way, you are open to the flow of Divine energy which gives Depth, Beauty and Meaning to your life. You will feel abundantly blessed in every way.


It is important to have the energy of Allowing actively influencing your life. When you allow things to happen for you, there is no feeling of pushing the river of life. You take one step and the way is open for the next, and so it goes without effort. When you push to make things happen, stress is created in your body and mind. This leads to an imbalance which may cause disease. So practice acting in Balance and Harmony with all life. Allow others to love and support you. It will then become easier to have a more joy-filled, meaningful existence as this sense of Allowing will help create the openness necessary for miracles to occur.

Step into the flow of a miraculous lifestyle. Give yourself the opportunity to be loved and supported by God and by those who love you. Let yourself give love freely, and know that it will be returned in miraculous ways. Allow yourself to receive and give love so you will create Balance in body, mind and emotions. Know that circumstances work for your highest good when you are in Balance with all of life.

Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today:

One way to Balance within is to allow yourself to Love and be Loved.
Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel
January 22, 2017
Path thru Panther Meadows

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My Beloveds! by Ute Posegga-Rudel – Jan.22, 2017

Now is the time to rejoice! Mother Earth is preparing Herself to move towards Her new destiny in the higher dimensions, and many of us who are joining Her in the course of Her ascension, are feeling the joy of this exciting event. I consider this space of information as sacred as it is dedicated to the Divine Beings Whose messages of Wisdom about this glorious process I am receiving and sharing here with you. May you be inspired and blessed! With much Love, Ute Posegga-Rudel


Friday, January 6, 2017


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My Beloveds!

It is true! Beautiful and powerful energy waves are arriving on your planet, raising the consciousness of those who can with devotion surrender to them. Therefore consciousness has potentially risen to a new level on which you easily can transcend your old world because the new light-vibration is empty of the disturbing information of your old world. It vibrates in a divine beauty and brilliance that is completely unattainable and unrecognizable by those missing still unconditional love and the willingness to receive the expanding light of higher divine intelligence.

It is possible from now for a new world to arise, a world, basically free from  suffering, a world of love and great joy. There are very, very few who  are able at this time to establish permanently this new consciousness and its spotless frequency, to maintain it and live it.

However, still it is a vibration of the mind, although of the divine mind. But it is not My Source Energy and Light, although some of my Beloveds think it is.

It is a derivation of Me, an appearance of white light from My Absolute Divine Radiant Source Condition in Which the whole universe appears to be even dark!

How would you Know!

You will understand the relative truth of the new frequency as you will notice that it is something different from you, coming to you, a vibration that is – “outside” from you – arriving from the cosmos.

I Am NOT arriving. I Am and I Am here and always have been, pervading and surrounding you and all, beyond and prior to space and time. I Have Been before the universes appeared in Me. Therefore Source does not arrive and Source does not come as an “other” or as a “new” frequency. This is a notion perceived by a separate mind set. As if I AM a part of the universe, an ascending cosmic force.

I Am your Inherent Source Consciousness and indestructible Light that has always been with you, but you have not been aware of Me. Most of you still not are.

You recognize Me as the Eternal Presence that does not “travel” in order to reach you, or to renew your world. You must re-discover Me, I must be Revealed. I AM not a missile or a cosmic ray, I AM not a ray at all.

You must allow Me to step from oblivion to the foreground. I AM Everything. My Presence is Omnipresent and without difference although what is arising in Me enjoys unlimited and infinite differences and variations.

I have always Embraced your whole being and existence, but are you aware of Me? Now, as the new waves arrive you say: this is God now. This is the Ultimate. This is Source. But Source cannot be attained. I cannot be attained. You must forget yourself in Me to Know Me.

The Ultimate is closer to you than your human heart. I Am not an alien energy coming from far. I Am not conditional, I Am Unconditional. And as Such I Am Unchanging Love, Happiness, Freedom. Not Moving but Forever Present.

I AM Your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute

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Leere ist das Tor zur Erfüllung by Ute Posegga – Rudel – Repost

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4th July, 2016 to be read together with today`s published channelling of  Blossom Goodchild..(Being on the quantum leap or not?3/3) Shortlink —————————————————————————————————————————-

Nach einem eingehenden Mailwechsel wurde dieser deutsche Text als meine Übersetzung von Ute P..T nach einigen Korrekturen anerkannt, da der Originaltext von ihr in Englisch gechannelt wurde. Ich hatte ihr diese Übersetzung unaufgefordert angeboten, weil der Originaltext von ihr eine so großartige Resonanz in meinem Herzen hervorrief und es immer noch tut.

Nach über einem Jahr sind wir wieder an diesen Punkt der Stille in unseren Herzen angelangt (siehe den Artikel von Steve Beckow:: The Heart is the Center is the Stillpoint

Mit diesem gechannelten Artikel von Ute P. verbinden sich zwei tiefgreifende Erlebnisse in meinem Leben, die unvergessen in meiner tiefsten Seele ruhen. Denn zweimal in meinem Leben habe ich diesen Punkt der Stille in meinem Herzen erreicht, als ich den äußersten Rand dieser verflossenen Dualitäts-Matrix erreichte und alle äußere Wichtigkeit des vergangenen Lebens zur Nichtigkeit wurde in der Zeit eines Augenaufschlages.- Augenblickes !

Ich würde deshalb vorschlagen, diesen Artikel von Ute zuerst zu lesen in der Übersetzung von mir oder im Original (Link ist am Ende hier aufgeführt) und dann dazu noch den Artikel von Steve Beckow, denn in meiner Blickfolge gehören diese irgendwie zusammen.

“Die Stille der eigenen Herzenstiefe zu erfahren, das ist, was uns immer noch auf dieser Wegstrecke zum Aufstieg zur inneren Balance und damit zur Auflösung der vergangenen Dualitätsprinzipien führen sollte oder zumindest uns eine solche Auflösung erleichtern würde.”

Das jedenfalls ist meine persönliche Meining dazu.

Ich wünsche allen Lesern hier ein kleines bißchen Mehr an Erleuchtung auf ihrer ‘augenblicklichen’ Wegstrecke !

In mitfühlender und bedingungloser Liebe für Alle



Geliebte, ICH BIN Sananda! Heute bin ich hier, um euch die Botschaft des Friedens zu bringen. und was seine Implikationen sind. Frieden zeigt sich mit seinen ersten zerbrechlichen Zeichen nicht nur in eurer Welt sondern vor allem in euren Herzen. Wenn ihr zum ersten mal diesen Frieden erkennt, werdet ihr dieses Gefühl vielleicht als eine Art Leere wahrnehmen und euch bemühen, wieder in den bekannten Zustand der Unruhe zurückzukehren, da ihr noch nicht imstande seid, diese neue Eigenschaft in euren Herzen zu erkennen und zu deuten. Wisst, dass mit eurer wachsenden Anerkennung dieses Friedens oder dieser Stille in euren Herzen auch die Möglichkeit des Endes von Krieg und Konflikten gleichermassen wächst.

Nun werde ich naeher das Thema des Friedens diskutieren.

Was genau passiert, wenn eure Welt in diesem Gefuehl aufzuhoeren scheint,

das ihr als Leere empfindet?

Wovon ist die Welt entleert?

In der Tat ist eure Welt ist entleert von dem Geschwaetz der Gedanken,

von den gewoehnlichen Wellen, die immerwährend durch euer Gehirn strömen,

das im grösseren Gedankenfeld existiert.

Bisher wart ihr es gewohnt, euch auf diese Art von Gedankenprozessen zu konzentrieren, wobei ihr euch jedoch nicht dessen bewusst wart, dass viele Gedanken, die durch euer elektrisches Gehirn laufen, nicht eure eigenen sind.

Aber auch dies ist nicht ganz richtig. In Wirklichkeit sind keine eurer Gedanken eure eigenen. Ihr habt nur im Laufe der Zeit die Wahl getroffen, euch mit bestimmten Gedankenmustern zu identifizieren, die ihr dann fuer eure Identitaet hieltet, da ihr ihnen durch Wiederholung Macht gabt!

Während ihr euch also mit dieser persönlichen Sammlung von Gedankenmustern identifiziert habt, habt ihr euch gleichzeitig ein Gefühl von dem geschaffen, wer ihr seid. “Ja, das bin ich,” habt ihr gesagt. Aber dabei habt ihr nicht gewusst, dass eure Ich-Identität nur eine blosse

selbstgewählte Konstruktion einer Gedankenwahl war, von der ihr wolltet, dass sie Wirklichkeit wird. Bedenkt jedoch bitte, dass diese Art von Wahrheit eine sehr oberflächliche ist und in Wirklichkeit nichts mit eurem wahren “Ich” zu hat. Diese Identität leitet sich von der Welt ab, die durch Gedankenwellen gebildet wurde und eurer Absicht, ein Leben zu leben, das sich mit diesen Gedankenmustern deckt. Und dabei habt ihr gedacht, dass diese eure Welt die Wirklichkeit ist.

Aber es handelt sich hierbei nur um einen FIlm, nicht verschieden von denen,

die ihr so gerne im Fernsehen anschaut. Dies alles ist eine irreale Welt,

jedoch habt ihr dies bisher nicht verstanden. Und darum so viel Leid und Kummer, weil die göttliche Welt nicht in dieser künstlichen Gedankenwelt enthalten ist.

Und wenn ihr nun das fühlt, was ihr als Leere empfindet, kommt es euch so vor, als ob euch euer gewohntes Leben entgleitet und mit ihm eure euch bekannte Identität. All die Aufregungen, die ihr in diesen Filmen des Lebens bisher gesucht habt, werden ploetzlich nicht mehr gefuettert, und vermissen die euch

bekannten Erfahrungen.

Aber was jetzt geschieht, ist etwas ganz Neues, und Göttliches und etwas Wunderbares, was ihr mehr und mehr zu schätzen lernt und letztendlich auch weiterhin anstrebt und nie wieder missen möchtet, nachdem ihr es ganz tief in euren Herzen gespürt habt. Es ist das, was wirklich in eurem tiefsten Selbst ist.

Diese Leere erscheint euch nur als solche, sowie auch die üblichen jetzt verringerten Gedankenwellen und -muster, weil die Felder, in denen sie sonst erscheinen, von der segensspenden Lichtenergie aufgezehrt werden. Und diese Lichtenergie hat schon begonnen, in eure Welt einzudringen.

Diese neuen Wellen des Lichts und des Bewusstseins sind die Boten des Friedens, was nichts anderes ist als die Essenz der Liebe und des reinen Seins – ein Fuehlen, das die Wirklichkeit der Unendlichkeit zeit- und raumlos widerspiegelt .

Es ist die Schwingung eurer eigenen Seelen und eures göttlichen Erbes. Es ist die Schwingung einer Welt, geboren aus dem Göttlichen Herzen, von All-Dem-Was-Ist.

Wenn ihr euer Herz wirklich in Hinsicht auf diese neue Realitaet befragt (die aber uralt ist und schon immer existiert hat), dann werdet ihr entdecken, dass die “Leere” das Tor zu einer Herzerfuellung ist, die ihr bisher noch nicht in eurem Leben erfahren habt.

Wisst, dass eine Neue Welt aus diesem neuen Ort hervorgeht, leer von allen alten gedanklichen Projektionen. Es ist die Tiefe eurer Herzen, und eine Welt, die wahrhaftig und Göttlich ist, und an der ihr teilhaben könnt, sobald ihr eurer verlorenen und falschen Identität nicht mehr nachtrauert. Ihr seid nämlich niemals eure Gedanken gewesen, ihr seid immer nur euer Herz gewesen, der Ort, an welchem sich eure Seele niederlassen wird,

und welcher die Tüschwelle ist zu Allem-Was-Ist.

Die Fundamente dieser neuen Welt gründen sich auf das unzerstörbare Göttliche Bewusstseinslicht und die Goettliche Liebe. Sie ist ewig und frei von allen kurzwelligen Gedanken und der Schattenwelt, die ihr irrtümlicherweise für die Wahrheit gehalten habt.

Darum bedauert nichts, trauert und bemitleidet euch nicht, wenn ihr diese Leere in euch verspürt, da dies nichts anderes ist als der Beginn eurer Wiedergeburt

in die göttliche Wirklichkeit.

Alle Emotionen, die Reaktionen auf das sind, was ihr als Leere betrachtet, wie Depression, Ärger und Furcht, sind nichts weiter als eure Suche nach einer Welt, die nicht existiert und immer irreal war. Ihr erwacht jetzt in der wahren Welt der Wirklichkeit, Geliebte. Und so wünsche ich mir zu erleben, wie euer Glücklichsein mit dem beginnenden Verständnis in euch auftaucht. Ich habe es mir sehr gewuenscht, euch dies nahe zu bringen, meine Liebsten,

damit ihr nicht unbeweglich in eurem Unglücklichsein verharrt, das nur auf falschen Voraussetzungen beruht. Versteht dies und seid frei ! Seid glücklich !

Ich bin Sananda an der Schwelle zum Galaktischem Zentrum!

Botschaft uebermittelt von Ute

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Emptiness is the Door to Satisfaction by Ute Posegga – Rudel

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Repost today Jan.19,2017

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Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright© 2012

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 Beloveds, I AM Sananda!

I AM here today to bring you the message of peace and its implications. Peace is not only showing its first frail signs in your world, but is appearing now foremost in your hearts.

When you recognize this peace at first, you will perhaps be moved to consider this feeling as a sense of emptiness and you are striving to regain your familiar state of  disquiet of your mind again. This is because you are not yet at the point  where you can understand this new quality that has entered your world and your hearts.

Know that with growing acceptance of this peace or stillness in your heart, also the possibility of the ending of all wars and conflicts will grow stronger.

Now I will more closely discuss the subject of Peace.

What exactly is happening when your world seems to end in this feeling, you perceive as emptiness?

What is it empty of?

Indeed, it is empty of thought chatter, of the usual waves which constantly are wandering through your brain  which itself exists in the greater thought field.

Until now most of you were used to focus on this kind of thinking process, whereby you often are not aware, that many thoughts, crossing through your electric brain, are not “yours”.

But in fact, also this is not quite correct. In reality none of the thoughts are yours. It is only that you have chosen over time to identify with certain thought patterns which then you thought were “you”, while you gave them power through repetition!

While you identified with this personal collection of thought patterns, you created a sense of yourself. You said “I” am this! But you did  not know that this “I” identity was merely a construct of deliberate choices what you wanted to think and thereby what you wanted to be true.

But notice, that this kind of “truth” is a very superficial one and has in reality nothing to do with the real “you”. It derives its identity from the worlds created by thought waves and your intention to live a life according to these thought pattern, while thinking that your world was real.

But what it truly is, is a movie that  is not different from the movies you are liking to watch on your TV! This all is an unreal world, but you never understood this. Hence so much suffering, as the Divine Reality was not contained in this artificial world of mind.

Now, when you start to feel, what you call emptiness, you experience that your usual world is fading away. And so your familiar identity. The excitement you were searching for in this movies of your life, suddenly is not fed anymore and is empty of your familiar experiences.

But what is happening is something new and Divine and something wonderful, which you will more and more come to appreciate and finally dearly desire to continue and never to leave you again, once you have felt deeply in your heart what it really IS in the depth of your very being.

This emptiness appears as emptiness and ceasing of your usual brain waves and thought patterns only, because the fields in which they appear, are consumed by the blessings of the new light and energy which has already started to invade your world.

These new waves of light and consciousness are the messengers of this peace which is nothing else than the essence of love and pure being, a feeling that reflects the reality of infinity, timeless and space-less. It is the frequency of your own soul and Divine Inheritance. The frequency of a world that is born from the Heart of God, The-All-That-Is.

If you inquire your heart truly about this new (but ancient and always-already existing) reality you will find that the “emptiness” is the door to a satisfaction you never have experienced so far in your life.

Know that a World will be created from this new place, empty of the old thought projections, which is the depth of your heart, and which is the true and Divine World, in which you participate as soon as you no longer grieve for a lost, false identity.

Because you have never been your thoughts, you have always been your heart, the to be seat of your soul and the doorway to The-All-That-Is.

The grounds of this new world are based on indestructible Divine Conscious Light and Divine Love, it is eternal and free of the illusion of short-waved thoughts and  shadow worlds you mistakenly took for truth.

So do not regret and do not grieve and do not feel sorry, when you start to feel this emptiness, which is, as I explained,  nothing but the beginning of your rebirth in the Divine Reality. All emotions based on what you perceive as emptiness, such as depression, anger and fear, are nothing but the search for a world that does not exist, and has been always unreal. Now you are awakening to the real world, my Beloveds, so I desire to see your emerging happiness because you understand.

This is, what I longed to bring to you, my dearest ones, so that you do not stay unmovable in your unhappiness, which is merely based  on false presumptions!

Understand this and be free!

Be happy!

I AM Sananda, at the threshold of the Galactic Center

Message conveyed by Ute


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright© 2012

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 Beloveds, I AM Sananda!

I AM here today to bring you the message of peace and its implications. Peace is not only showing its first frail signs in your world, but is appearing now foremost in your hearts.

When you recognize this peace at first, you will perhaps be moved to consider this feeling as a sense of emptiness and you are striving to regain your familiar state of  disquiet of your mind again. This is because you are not yet at the point  where you can understand this new quality that has entered your world and your hearts.

Know that with growing acceptance of this peace or stillness in your heart, also the possibility of the ending of all wars and conflicts will grow stronger.

Now I will more closely discuss the subject of Peace.

What exactly is happening when your world seems to end in this feeling, you perceive as emptiness?

What is it empty of?

Indeed, it is empty of thought chatter, of the usual waves which constantly are wandering through your brain  which itself exists in the greater thought field.

Until now most of you were used to focus on this kind of thinking process, whereby you often are not aware, that many thoughts, crossing through your electric brain, are not “yours”.

But in fact, also this is not quite correct. In reality none of the thoughts are yours. It is only that you have chosen over time to identify with certain thought patterns which then you thought were “you”, while you gave them power through repetition!

While you identified with this personal collection of thought patterns, you created a sense of yourself. You said “I” am this! But you did  not know that this “I” identity was merely a construct of deliberate choices what you wanted to think and thereby what you wanted to be true.

But notice, that this kind of “truth” is a very superficial one and has in reality nothing to do with the real “you”. It derives its identity from the worlds created by thought waves and your intention to live a life according to these thought pattern, while thinking that your world was real.

But what it truly is, is a movie that  is not different from the movies you are liking to watch on your TV! This all is an unreal world, but you never understood this. Hence so much suffering, as the Divine Reality was not contained in this artificial world of mind.

Now, when you start to feel, what you call emptiness, you experience that your usual world is fading away. And so your familiar identity. The excitement you were searching for in this movies of your life, suddenly is not fed anymore and is empty of your familiar experiences.

But what is happening is something new and Divine and something wonderful, which you will more and more come to appreciate and finally dearly desire to continue and never to leave you again, once you have felt deeply in your heart what it really IS in the depth of your very being.

This emptiness appears as emptiness and ceasing of your usual brain waves and thought patterns only, because the fields in which they appear, are consumed by the blessings of the new light and energy which has already started to invade your world.

These new waves of light and consciousness are the messengers of this peace which is nothing else than the essence of love and pure being, a feeling that reflects the reality of infinity, timeless and space-less. It is the frequency of your own soul and Divine Inheritance. The frequency of a world that is born from the Heart of God, The-All-That-Is.

If you inquire your heart truly about this new (but ancient and always-already existing) reality you will find that the “emptiness” is the door to a satisfaction you never have experienced so far in your life.

Know that a World will be created from this new place, empty of the old thought projections, which is the depth of your heart, and which is the true and Divine World, in which you participate as soon as you no longer grieve for a lost, false identity.

Because you have never been your thoughts, you have always been your heart, the to be seat of your soul and the doorway to The-All-That-Is.

The grounds of this new world are based on indestructible Divine Conscious Light and Divine Love, it is eternal and free of the illusion of short-waved thoughts and  shadow worlds you mistakenly took for truth.

So do not regret and do not grieve and do not feel sorry, when you start to feel this emptiness, which is, as I explained,  nothing but the beginning of your rebirth in the Divine Reality. All emotions based on what you perceive as emptiness, such as depression, anger and fear, are nothing but the search for a world that does not exist, and has been always unreal. Now you are awakening to the real world, my Beloveds, so I desire to see your emerging happiness because you understand.

This is, what I longed to bring to you, my dearest ones, so that you do not stay unmovable in your unhappiness, which is merely based  on false presumptions!

Understand this and be free!

Be happy!

I AM Sananda, at the threshold of the Galactic Center

Message conveyed by Ute


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Heavenletter #5900 Herein Lies the Major Key to Happiness, January 19, 2017

Heavenletters™, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
* Our connection to God *
* Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.

God said:
If there were only One Key to Life, what might it be?

Aha, fortunately, there is more than One Key to Life. Whatever is important to you as an individual belongs on your list. Little by little, you may choose to cross off some suggestions from your list and add a few others.

It is understandable how money would feature on your list. Everyone knows that Life on the surface is easier when you have money in your pocket. At the same time, everyone knows – at least in theory – that money doesn’t buy happiness or True Love.

Good health – everyone wants it and deserves to have it. On the surface, no one would ever desire poor health. I say on the surface because, deep down, sometimes, consciously unaware, someone carrying an illness may need this illness for one hidden reason or another. He may hang on to it, and, still, he is innocent.

It is also true that good health doesn’t necessarily bring happiness. Plenty of people in excellent health are not appreciative of their excellent health while they have it.

Individual Love also has brought pain and sorrow, for attachment often masquerades as Love. Attachment disappoints all right.

Creativity is great happiness, yet even the most accomplished creative human Beings who have great joy in creating may often be great sufferers as well.

Is there no One Key that lasts a lifetime for everyone?

We know that expectation and interpretation can be deal-breakers. You do your best, yet one bug-a-boo is expectation, and another is interpretation.

You are wise to anticipate what you want and not be so quick to disapprove of what you get. At the same time, even all the Good Will in the world does not necesssarily bear the sweet fruit you seek.

How can it be that love and joy of life are so elusive? What kind of Boot Camp is Life anyway?

Yet happiness is always possible. Love is always possible. Health is always possible, and, I, God, am far more than a someday once-in-a-while possibility.

Wisdom and awareness of happiness are always available. If available, why, then, isn’t everyone perfectly happy every moment?

Why aren’t you, My dear friends, open to receiving happiness at every turn? Why would your happiness depend so much upon the outer twists and turns in life? Even Princes and Princesses are not happy all the time. The fact that Life on Earth is built in with opposites adds to the mix.

You would claim Eternal Happiness right now if only you knew how.

The Reality of Soul is happiness even as you seek it. Of course, you desire Peaks of Happiness.

When a young child and a great Old Master paint, both know happiness yet are not thinking of their happiness while they are in the state of happiness. You experience happiness. When you start to observe your happiness, it’s not quite the same. What was once great happiness, now in retrospect, may hurt, for now peak happiness is no longer to be found

Pockets of happiness come to you from the outside, yet these pockets arrive in spurts. Something within you knows that happiness in Life goes far deeper than what occurs on the surface of Life. Here’s the thing – happiness is found within you.

The Major Key to Life is you. Within you is the Key. Within you is Everything. And, of course, I too am within you, and I offer Myself to you. Find Me. Find Me now. Inevitably, hand in hand, We are Joy to the World.

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Heavenletter #5897 You Don’t Know What Lies Before You or When, January 16, 2017

Heavenletters™, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
* Our connection to God *
* Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.

God said:
Just what is it that you fear you are missing from life? What perceived lack of Love of Life plagues you? What seems to keep happiness at a standstill from you?

How you wish you were one of those happy people who get along with life and their wives. Some people really seem to love. They know how to continue to love the same person with all their heart year after year. They love for the long haul whereas your heart seems to sink and let you down. Your heart just can’t seem to sustain itself.

All the love that Earth hands to you, sooner or later, fizzles out. Maybe it is that some people have a knack for keeping love warm while others simply don’t know how to keep the home fires burning. The flame goes out. Love goes downhill.

You don’t want love to cool down, yet, your love life let you down, or it’s you that lets love down. Surely, so far, every time, you strike out when it comes to love. You once were sure each time that your love this time would last forever.

Some people’s love stays steady. It is everything to them to give happiness, and their hearts go full steam ahead whereas your feelings of love go kaput. Your love turns sour, and bitterness becomes what’s left of your once great love. You are unable to rekindle it.

You have observed some people whose love was not a grand flame, and yet their love grew. They learned to love. Their love grew, and, in old age, they hold hands and are precious to each other. They never became spitfires.

You would give a lot to know how to sustain love. What do others have that you don’t? Of course, many over the years belong in your ranks. This is no comfort to you at all.

Stay or leave, you come to another slim chance with your eyes downcast.

Life should not be so hard.

You would love to share unwavering love, yet this has not been your fortune. You wonder why.

Not so far have you continued love. Love dwindles and then dies right in front of you.

If you had been different, or the other had been different, your life would have been different. Sustained love was not yours to be. Sweet milk turned sour. Now you cannot even blind yourself for one moment.

Whatever chances you may have had for True Love went out the window.

Your heart knew love as no more than false promise.

Anyway, had you had a love that lasted, the death of one of you would have rendered one of you bereft. In the end, what does it matter? Life always comes out in the wash. Sorry to say, what once was is no longer.

Who would have believed that the idealist you once were would become such a pessimist? You would not have believed it, yet here you are with a bitter taste in your mouth.

Now you ask for so little but to see a sunset that buoys your heart. You don’t ask for more any longer. You know that the most beautiful sunset does not last, yet you will keep your eyes on this momentary sunset for as long as it lasts. In terms of this juncture in life, a sunset serves.

Nevertheless, you don’t know what the next sunrise will hold for you. Yet first you must be awake in order to see the sunrise and walk toward it.

Let Us mend your heart, and let bygones be bygones. Disappointments don’t have to be a blight on your life. Life does indeed offer you life. It does not have to be the life you once predicted. What you can say for yourself is that you took your chances, and you lived your life, and there is more to come. You may not know yet what you are made of and what beauty lies before you or when.

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Blossom Goodchild – January 16, 2017

Hello there my friends. So many loved your audio channelling with the Light Language in it last week. Thanks for that. What’s next on the agenda?

Welcome in ALL LOVE and LIGHT to ALL … FROM ALL. These days ahead are presenting well and information coming to those of Earth certainly is ‘upping the ante’ would we say?

What information and in what way?

The pure fact that Life itself is stepping up. The Quickening beyond Quickening’s is upon you and in three months’ time, you will feel as if only a few weeks have flown by.

Be vigilant about your thoughts Dearest souls and master the art of dismissing instantly, those that do not serve. In doing so, you can CHANGE YOUR WORLD into that of a much Brighter Light … would we say … within the blink of an eye.

Yes, I do see that. I know I repeat myself, yet, I guess the continual question on people’s lips is how to wake up those who still sleep, for there seems to be so many unaware or disinterested … or simply oblivious to the worlds affairs ‘through the looking glass’ … And we need many more on board in order to keep raising the vibration to the level required.

First of all Blossom, we would say this is not a race. There is no rush, although you think there is. There is no time. So to us … all is simply unfolding in its own Divine way.


Therefore, with this thought in mind … one can release all struggle and ideas that one must have ‘this’ done in time … and one most have ‘that’ done by then … WHY?

Why must everything be under the rule of your time? It tends to put so much pressure on the soulself. Whereas, to simply let things come about in their own sweet way … allows one to certainly enjoy the entire process so much more. Wouldn’t you agree?

Yes, I would. I am realising that it doesn’t matter, with so many things. Nothing is REALLY urgent. Yet, I see so many running hither and thither trying to beat the clock.

Allow life to unfold … as it should. By letting things flow on their own course you will find a sweeter outcome, also.

As for Awakening Souls. Look back … look back Dear One’s on the Awakening of so many souls. Some who you would least expect. Such things cannot be rushed or pressurised into doing so.

As the eyes of the soul looks upon the new vista … and the hearts longing to be heard experiences a faint whisper of ‘Come. Come be with me’ … and the soul knows that the ‘me’ is none other than itself and it settles in Peace … as it recognises the comfort of self … and the Welcoming Home-coming that is offered As/In/Through Truth.

Dearest souls … over and over we say to you to recognise yourself. Why is it do you think, we suggest this? Why do we gently impose this into your thought patterns? Because … when it is understood and YOU DO SO … you will immediately realise its importance!


No longer shall restrictions hold one … chained and bound to the old way of thinking.

For there is A New Way … A New Way of thinking … A New Way of Being … to be displayed by the humans upon your Planet.

Is it not that more and more upon/within your movie screens … you see Beings of Great Might … Great Strength … Super Hero’s … who can accomplish miracles? These are not characters on a drawing board.


Did you KNOW you can fly? Did you KNOW you can move mountains? Did you KNOW that you can do and create anything you desire … just by ‘KNOWING’?

Many times have we have spoken of KNOWING.

KNOWING WITHIN YOU that you are so much more than that which you believe yourself to be.

Yes. I understand that and I KNOW you speak Truth here. Yet … I don’t know how to KNOW THAT KNOWING … from within the core of my Being. How do I get to KNOW all that so strongly, that I become it?

That is indeed a good question. Our answer would be ‘by spending time going within’. By asking to connect up with the Divine Source and to be shown the way. Ask to FEEL that Power. Ask to experience it. Ask to be shown the possibilities of it.

The more you do so … the more you FEEL it as a possibility … the more possible something begins to form in your thoughts … the closer it is to becoming. Therefore … do not dismiss such magnificence within and from yourself.


Yet, we would add most prominently … that from all these possibilities … from the deeper KNOWING of such things … these ‘things’ can only be accomplished by the KNOWING that it is the LIGHT THAT YOU ARE … and the acknowledgment of it … that allows such wonderments to take place.

For even the strongest body builder cannot conduct incredible feats such as those we are speaking of … without the POWER OF LIGHT behind the driving seat.

It is for you to KNOW YOURSELVES as the LIGHT YOU ARE. So that one thought of healing to another … allows that healing to take place. Purely by the KNOWING of the strength of LIGHT THAT YOU ARE.

So much … so much more can be accomplished when you take the time to study the self and to hook up/into one’s Higher Power.

By looking into a lake full of water … you can cleanse it? Do you believe us?

Yes. I do.

By looking onto a barren field … you can make grain grow … just by the intention. Do you believe us?

Yes I do. Yet, surely we are talking way, way into the future here!

This Dearest Blossom … these things spoken of have nothing to do with time … nothing at all.

These things could become apparent today … if one/when one … accepts the Power within and what it is capable of accomplishing.

And may we say … it is capable of accomplishing anything and everything for better or for worse.

This is why you must take time/give time to self … to go within/to be within and become  yourself.


You are in essence from THE DIVINE SOURCE. You have so much to create and make happen for the Highest Good of all mankind … the Highest Good of your Planet … the Highest Good of Everything. Think of all that you as an individual could do … then just imagine millions of individuals having the same intent for theHIGHEST GOOD OF ALL to change all that does not serve on your Planet.

When you KNOW WHO YOU ARE … you just need to think something wonderful and watch it manifest before your eyes.

We have spoken often also, regarding Vibrational pull. Your choice … one way or the other. Simple as that. Choose a High Vibration to reside in … or choose a low one … all down to the thoughts you CHOOSE to think.

The more your Vibration bubbles and hops and skips with Joy … the more your Vibration bubbles and hops and skips with Joy!

And so it is also … the more your Vibration wallows in the misgivings of self and others … the more your Vibration wallows in the misgivings of self and others.


All thoughts, no matter the circumstances, should they appear dia or miraculous can have an upside attitude towards them or a downside … You choose.

Yet, the slightest break through in a dilemma … of an ‘up thought’ … will set the upward spiral, spiralling. KNOW THIS … FOR IT IS THE KEY TO ONE”S HAPPINESS … IN A NUTSHELL!

Thank you. We are always in need of these reminders.

And that is all we are doing … reminding you all of that which you already know.

Why is it that we forget when we come through time and time again into /onto this Earth of ours?

With all respect it is not yours. It is not anyone’s. It should be FREE. And yet, SHE has allowed herself to be imprisoned for a short presentation in order for certain aspects of experience to play themselves out. Mother Earth has chosen to sacrifice much for the Greater Good of ALL. For SHE knows also, that it is indeed only for the experience of such and then she shall move on/through into a different one.

As with yourselves dearest souls, your Earthy experience is simply that … an experience for self and all. This is why we suggest to you not to take ‘it all’ too seriously. For when this experience is over … you simply move on/through to another one … of your choice. And you see how you go with that one and from there you move on … through to another and another. All the while just experiencing self in a million different forms. For there is no end … therefore … what else is there to do?

Yet, with each experience do we move deeper and develop further into the Light of ourselves?

Your choice! You see Blossom … YOU ARE LIGHT. You cannot be anything else. You can pretend to be dark for a life time or ten … should you so choose to experience that. Yet ultimately, ALL … EVERYTHING IS LIGHT … THERE IS NOTHING ELSE.

Just for an experience does one choose to display itself as something other than Light. Yet, it is only a game one is playing. It is a role in another play. A disguise in another movie … just for the ‘heck of it’ … Why not? Enjoy the ride! You choose which roller coaster, which funfair ride to go on. Sometimes you may return for more … others you learn immediately that once was enough.

Endless  …  boundless opportunities … there for the picking.

You can, in one life time, reach the Highest Heights and be very successful in all aspects of self. Yet, if you should so choose … your next experience could be of a ‘BEING’ of low esteem and untoward thoughts for all … just for the contrast … just for the experience.

YOU SEE? It just doesn’t matter … IT’S A GAME!

The only thing that is real is LOVE … THE LOVE THAT YOU ARE!

You have chosen to be in a physical body at this time … with all its challenges and tribulations of a thousand different scenarios … and yet … the only thing that animates that body … is your True essence … LOVE!

When LOVE leaves … that physical body disintegrates … it was a vessel for experiencing being a human.Yet, the driving force … the ONLY THING that allows that human to BE … is LOVE … THE ENERGY OF LOVE … for that is all there is.

Therefore, think/KNOW how POWERFUL LOVE IS … in its purest form. Then accept that YOU are that Love in its most Powerful and Purest form. It is just that you are using a human body to move around in upon the density of this Planet.


Change the world like this. Then teach it to others … not by ‘ramming it down their throats’ … Yet, by being a gentle example of it … Of LOVE.

Let it shine though you. Let its warmth penetrate into the very Beings of each one you meet. Let each encounter be an opportunity to offer your Love and Light into the deepest part of another heart. Can you tell us of anything else that could be more purposeful?

So many wonder what their purpose is while they have this Earthly experience. That! That is what it is … To offer more and more Love to everyone you come across.

You do not need to be ‘known’ as a giver of Light among your internet circles … that is not what success is. Success is … getting into bed each evening and smiling as one recalls their day of giving Love to each and every soul they came across … be it one, ten or a hundred. It matters not and if you have not met anyone that day … think of a struggling country and send your Powerful Light to those who reside within it. Send you Light to the soil that grows there. There is always someone and something in need of more of your Love and it brings YOU SUCH JOY in giving it. For you know you are fulfilling your purpose.

That dearest friends, is success. That dearest friends, is what you came here for.

You came here to spread and share your Light … Yet, now we say to you … as we have many times…




FOR IN DOING SO … You are letting yourself down …

And it is of such importance to boost yourself up … and KNOW that YOU along with your ‘kin’ are about to walk into a space in /of your experience where you amaze yourself … where you find that limitations are broken down and through this … there shall be the discovery of …

Well… just hold on to your hats!

Lovely … Thanks Guys. Until next time … I send you /we send you … so much Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays from our hearts to yours. In Love and thanks .


Make every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY!

Please revisit The Invocation ‘We are the Game Changers’ whenever the mood takes you … to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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Heavenletter #5893 Time Used to Be More Intimate with the Stars, January 12, 2017

Heavenletters™, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
* Our connection to God *
* Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.

God said:
All the difficulties that would be unknown were it not for time in the world. What an impasse time is. What havoc time incurs.

Without time, what would interrupt your peace? What would hurry you? What would make you harried?

What could you be too early for or too late? Everything would be now. What a blessing that would be.

On the other hand, in terms of the relative world, time serves a purpose. Without the world as fast-paced as you know it, how could trains run on time and school get out on time?

Alas, there is a sense in which time – this fictional time – runs the world. When there is a top layer of time in the world, the world kinda has to go by it.

Yet it would be such a blessing for the world to be not in the grasp of time.

Without time, who would eat in a hurry? Who would have indigestion? Who would have to slow down or hurry up?

Who would be a slow learner or fast learner? Without time, would such a judgment call even exist?

Without the firm illusion of time, where would haste or waste exist?

If you lived way back in primitive times, the sun would nudge you awake, and when the sun set, your eyes would close. You would be so close to nature. Ah, you may find yourself longing for such days, unhampered by all the paraphernalia of modern life.

Yet, you are rather accustomed to being hooked up to electricity. Of course, cleaning your house is a lot of trouble. You have to dust and vacuum, and you might rather be doing something else.

There is a lot that can be said for having a tepee you pick up and take along with you wherever you wish to move. Today it is a sought-off pleasure for many to go camping in the woods and to fish at a stream. Now there are more decisions to be made. No longer can you just roll out of bed, and that’s it.

Of course, time was nevertheless told in those days, only time was intimate with nature. The sun and the stars told time. The seasons told time. There was weather then too, including inclement weather.

There may still be a yearning for life as it once was. It’s true that all the amenities hold you back at the very moment they move you forward. It seems that you are less integral to your life, that life is more out of your hands.

In those long-ago days when life was more yours, looking back, freedom was more yours. Ah, the days by the open fires and sleeping under the stars. How dependent upon forces outside of you are you now, and so many of these of these forces are man-made and imposed on you.

At the same time, what would you do without books today? And for many, what would you do without TV and computers? What once did not exist may be all-important to you now. Cars of course. Public transportation. Speed faster than the wind.

Choices are greater today.

Yet is not everything part blessing and part encumbrance?

Is the world you are born into the whole making of you?

You yourself are a great deal of the making of you, and, yes, the environment – the times – you are born to play a significant part. Time certainly seems real, and, certainly, time strongly seems to march on.

And yet I say you live in Infinity which is Timelessness.

What is a Human Being to do? What are you to think? What is the course of your life to be? How do We make you count, most especially to yourself?

When Infinity and Oneness are, and time is illusory, how can non-existent time be such a power as it is thought to be? Yet it is.

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Who you are is constant and unchanging. – Johnsmallman´s Blog

Our Spiritual Destination


by John Smallman

Here in the spiritual realms we continue to be in great joy as humanity’s awakening process accelerates and more and more humans start to become aware that something of major significance is happening in their individual lives and on Earth.  The energies enveloping the planet are strengthening and intensifying moment by moment, and you truly can have no idea of the affect that they are having everywhere – on nations, governments, religious organizations, multi-national corporations, political organizations, charitable organizations, indigenous peoples, military, police, intelligence agencies, and of course work places, families, and personal relationships – ENORMOUS changes are in progress right now!

AND, nearly everyone is feeling these amazing energies of change.  Most are confused, they think that there is something wrong with them and are afraid to mention it to anyone.  Therefore there are millions and millions of humans feeling these energies and who remain afraid to talk about them because they are sure they will be thought “weird” or “woo-woo.”  Consequently it is absolutely essential that you, the Light workers, the Light bearers, the Way-showers, and all who are aware that they are beginning to awaken, daily make and strengthen your intent to be only loving, and to be so in every moment.  Humanity and the planet needs the energy that you allow to flow through you, suffusing you utterly and completely as it goes on its way out into the wide world beyond you embracing and comforting all on Earth.

This is the time for which you incarnated, this is the time for awakening, and this is the time when it is going to happen.  REJOICE!!!

“God so Loved the World that he gave His only begotten Son.” (John 3.16)  Well He/She is YOU!  This is your time of resurrection, your time of awakening, of ascension.  It was foretold in the Bible – old and new testaments – so do not bury your heads in the sand and say “this can’t be happening” or “I must be imagining this.”  What you are “imagining” is the illusory world, the one that will fade from your memories as you awaken into the Light of God’s eternal Presence and know yourselves at last as who you truly are, One forever with Source.  REJOICE!

God’s Love for all His progeny is limitless, and humanity has finally collectively chosen to open its collective Heart to allow that Love to pour in abundantly, and that is what It is doing.  You are all feeling It.  It is impossible not to feel It, nevertheless, you can choose not to recognize It for what It is and decide that you need medication or a psychotherapist to “cure” you of these weird and strange sensations.

They are strange because you have for so long been closed to them, choosing to engage only with the world outside yourselves, the unreal world that you rebuild in every moment to prevent its collapse.  As you open your individual hearts to align with your collective Heart and allow Love to flow through you freely and abundantly, as is It’s intent when you permit It to do so, you will experience the knowing that Love is everything and all doubts about It will dissolve.

Love is your nature, you are One with It, and when you allow yourselves to accept and honor this divine Truth your lives will change, the sensations of strangeness will become sensations of pure Love filling your hearts, and you will know yourselves once more.  Doubt and anxiety will fall away because they cannot be present in those who know their Truth as you will do if you will allow yourselves to do so.  Who you are is constant and unchanging, unlike within the illusion where you have different personas or masks for different situations and relationships, and to be fully aware of who you are is a divine gift from God to you, given you at the moment of your creation and forever unalterable.  How could what is One, what is God, ever change?

All that changes is the illusion, and it changes because it is illusory, which is a state of constant change, constant in the sense that is changing and being rebuilt in every moment by your collective intent to maintain it.  When the collective chooses no longer to support it it will be gone.

Those who choose to no longer be part of the collective will go with it to a new illusory arena where they can continue to play their painful games of unreality for as long as they wish, harming only themselves, and inserting into it themselves as a new and much smaller collective.  Those who make that choice, which is a choice to remain asleep, will be unaware of the enormous changes that are taking place, and will continue to experience conflict, pain, suffering, and fear until they too finally make the choice to awaken.

All will make that choice quite freely and easily when they decide that they are ready, because they have, like all conscious beings, free will and the inalienable right to sleep indefinitely or to wake up.  However indefinitely is not forever.  The illusion is completely dependent on your support to maintain it, and when the numbers in the new collective diminish sufficiently that illusory environment will also collapse.  The last few will just sleep on quietly until they finally feel the nudge to awaken, when they too will return Home.

No one is ever abandoned, lost, or discarded, every divine creation is eternal and will return into the joy of God’s divine embrace. There is no need whatsoever to concern yourselves about the fate of loved ones who appear to be completely unaware of Reality, no harm can befall them because, like all of you, they are eternally supported by God’s Love for them, and it is This that will lead them safely Home.  Remember there is nowhere else!

With so very much love, Saul.

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Heavenletter #5891 There Is More to God Than a Leap of Faith., January 10, 2017

Heavenletters™, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
* Our connection to God *
* Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.

God said:
Instead of thinking: “Woe is me,” begin to think in a richer way.

Think: “Joy is mine.”

Think: “I am love. Love is what I am. God says so. I am here to love. May every day it become easier for me to love. It is, in fact, easy to love. What is loving but to see the Beauty of God everywhere? I understand that this is the Truth of Life. God IS everywhere. Therefore, I am the Joy of God.”

Dear Children, it cannot be that I am nowhere. I exist. I have always existed. I am with you and within you. We are truthfully in Infinity together and nowhere else. No one is kept out from Infinity. Whether you are aware of this or not, this is the Truth. You have never been away from Infinity. Tell Me another story!

You are Infinity Itself! We are Infinity. We are not merely stored in Infinity, you understand. Infinity and Oneness — what more is there to say?

Ah, but in the world, there are such words as we and them  and him and her and all these precise grammatical separators in life. Strange, isn’t it? Infinity isn’t strange. Separateness is Great Fiction. Fiction is believed in. Belief doesn’t always match with Truth. And there is much more to the Truth of Me than a Leap of Faith.

In Truth, there is no man who is a stranger to you. There is nothing you don’t know. That your awareness may be submerged in a cloud of facts doesn’t mean that you are without a Great Awareness.

There are many levels you live on and within. There are many layers of awareness that are yours. If Truth were known, there is no layer of awareness that you are without.

Conscious awareness is another matter. What you already have, you don’t necessarily see. That you don’t see what you have doesn’t mean you don’t have it. We acknowledge that you don’t have awareness readily handy in your change purse.

You are here on Earth to bring your deepest knowledge out into the Conscious World. You are on a Mission to Reveal to Yourself the Secrets of Life and so bless every aspect of the Universe. This is true for everyone. And everyone also holds individual purposes that may well be more down to Earth as well.

Generally speaking, you are a Divine Being on Earth given the blessing to bring the Depths up to the Surface. This is no small blessing. This is a Great Blessing. Your success is attainable. Desire to open up the Universe.

You don’t achieve this by dint of Will. You invite it. This cannot be a chore or a task. It is a Realization, dear ones, and everyone, every single one of My children will reach this pinnacle. You are climbing the ladder now.

Do you believe Me when you hear Me speak this way? Do you believe me 10%? Here’s the thing, dear ones. You don’t have to believe Me. Believe Me or not – what you believe has no affect on the Truth. Truth is inviolable. Within Truth is where you live your Real Existence.

All the rest is no more than puttering around in life.

Somewhere within you, you are leading a very deep and fertile Life of Magnificence. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

What more would you ask for? Tell Me, would you trade the Blossoming of Your Awareness for all the diamonds and rubies on Earth, would you really?

Next to Full Awareness, everything is by no means trivial. However, in contrast, all the Treasures of the Word lack the Depth of Infinity of all that which is rising in you now.

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Heavenletter #5890 Forgiveness Is a Given. Suffering Is Not., January 9, 2017

Heavenletters™, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
* Our connection to God *
* Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.

God said:
On one hand, you don’t ask enough of life. You settle for too little. On the other hand, you demand too much. You are affronted when life takes a turn you are opposed to. Every now and then, from being placid, you become ferocious and stamp your foot at life and refuse to tolerate it. You can turn on a dime, dear ones, so affected are you by what you perceive as an attack from life.

You are not always at extremes, yet at any moment, you sometimes are.

Would that you could weather storms without so much drama. If only you would.

I am not telling you that you must always placate life. You don’t have to be a Yes-Man to life. On the other hand, it behooves you to know when to return to joy and let go of stamping your foot.

It really is for you to move on and to move upwards. You can leave uproar behind you. You can come to peace within yourself. You don’t have to drag out emotional pain. You can have loved and lost and still go forward.

Beloveds, in the long run what choice do you have? It’s not better to profess to being long-suffering. You do better to get up from suffering sooner.

If you could cut your suffering and shorten the length of its acuteness by 10%, would this not be in everyone’s best interest?

There is a misunderstanding in the world as to need for grieving and the meaning of forgiveness. Forgiveness is a given. Suffering is not. Both suffering and forgiveness are choices.

Forgiveness is not a big to-do. It is not super of you to forgive. You don’t receive a medal for it. Forgiveness is something you only have to do if you have taken offense. If you did not take life so personally, so directed at you, so offensive, what would you have to forgive anyway?

With all respect for your humanness, beloveds, what good has it been for you or anyone to take life so personally? You are not here on Earth to collect offenses. If you are here on Earth to collect anything, then let’s say you are to collect greater vision.

When did the Great Ones require retribution from anyone before they could love?

It is time for you to forgive yourself for making resentment yours.

Beloveds, who are you to demand the best from others and not from yourself? It is an offense toward humanity and to Me to hold anything against another. Every other is a part of you.

In a sense, everyone on Earth is a poor fool who has gone out into the world with blinders. Your saving grace is that you gain from experience. You learn where the Road to Joy is, and you take it. No longer do you stay on the the Road Where Joy Is Not.

Do you find joy in holding something against another? What crime has another committed but the crime of ignorance? And, tell Me, what is thinking that you, by a special dispensation, are a holy to forgive someone for being a human being? Do you begin to spot some arrogance here? What is arrogance anyway but a form of ego, I might ask.

When you act high and mighty, how are you blessing the world or anyone in it? Certainly you are not acting in your own best interest.

What has happened to your loving your neighbor? What has happened to loving your brothers and sisters? What has happened to loving yourself?

Forgive everyone now for everything. What else is there for you to do? C’mon, get off your high horse, and set the world free.

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Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel: Beyond the New Energy Waves

Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel: Beyond the New Energy WavesVIDEO (recommended) My Beloveds! It is true! Beautiful and powerful energy waves are arriving on your planet, raising the consciousness of those who can with devotion surrender to them. Therefore consciousness has potentially risen to a new level on which you easily can transcend your old world because the new light-vibration is empty of the […]

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What is “Ignition”? – Part 4/4

the-call-of-your-soul(Concluded from Part 3.)

What changes will ignition, and ascension, usher in? How will we feel?

Sandra Walter discusses some of the changes we can expect to see:

“Most notable will be a tremendous expansion within the heart center. As the crystalline structures activate within your body, their vibration can begin to match the incoming photonic frequencies. This prepares the physical vessel to transform itself into a conduit for the Christed Self.” (1)

Jeshua and Wes Annac’s other sources capture the upliftment we’ll feel once the sacred spark that we are – which some call the Self, others the Christ and Atman  – is fully ignited in ascension.

“Oh, the bliss and joy you’ll experience when fully reigniting that sacred spark that can never be put out. Your physical existence is nothing like you’ve been taught to believe, dear souls, and wonders that could only be described as metaphysical will remind you of the existence of what humans have referred to as ‘magic’ for so long.”  (2)

Regaining our previous powers, we’ll be the ones creating “magic,” they say.

“What you’ve seen as magic is really the sacred higher-dimensional power you each carry within, and with your unlocked abilities you are truly infinite and able to do, be and build anything you so desire.”  (3)

As you know, I’m not equating “ignition” with full ascension. Full ascension is Sahaja Samadhi and I believe that lies a ways further down the road.

Remember: Not all experiences happen in their fullness all at once. Our bodies could not take the power surge.  We’re going at once at amazing speed when considered from a cosmic perspective and slow speed when considered from the body’s perspective.

AAM has associated ignition with Brahmajnana or God-Realization. This occurs when the kundalini reaches the crown chakra and is the first sight of the Transcendental.  It doesn’t result in liberation (ascension). In my view, it’s truly what is being referred to as being halfway up the mountain.

Liberation from birth and death or, if you like, Third and Fourth Dimensionality comes with Sahaja Samadhi. Sahaja is a full and permanent heart opening. (4)

Sahaja means “natural.” Sahaja is our natural state, our natural self. Sahaja incinerates our vasanas or core issues. There is then no reason to reincarnate in a lower dimension.

I believe, like Sandra, something is going to happen in 2017 related to ascension.

I don’t think it’s going to be ascension itself – or Sahaja – but I do think it could be ignition – or Brahmajnana. (5)


(1) Sandra Walter, “Mid-September Wave: Comfort in the Unknown,” September 13, 2016, at

(2) “Jeshua and the Ascended Masters: If Things Don’t Seem to Arrive, then Arise,” channeled by Wes Annac, October 1, 2013 at

(3) Loc. cit.

(4) Brahmajnana is a temporary heart opening only.

(5) In olden days, in the Seventies, Brahmajnana was regarded as an exalted state – and it is. I encounter resistance in myself and skepticism when thinking of a whole world attaining Brahmajnana so I still have my work to do with the notion.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 6th January 2017


Mike Quinsey

You are at the start of a year that should prove to be exciting, even if at this stage you cannot see how that could come about. It should also be fulfilling as it will result in the coming about of many acceptable changes that have long been predicted. It will be the year when results are achieved that have long been worked for, and promise to take you into the New Age on the crest of a wave that will sweep much of the old away. At first it will seem chaotic as the dark Ones fight change as they see their dominance slipping away. Silently and without any fuss the scene has been set for the changes that will quickly help establish a new Governance for the New Age.

Realise that the challenge to be released from the evil plan of the dark Ones to permanently imprison you, has been met and has finally delivered opportunities to be completely free from their control. Those of you who work for the Light can now go forwards with confidence, knowing that this New Year will see the outward evidence that all is well, and that real progress can no longer held up. The plan for Man is well under way and is now supported by a powerful body of Light Beings from outside your Solar System There are in fact others that have also come to your aid, and their presence will ensure that no other entities can interfere with the path to the Light.

All is proceeding very well and where you may have your doubts, remember that while you remain in the lower vibrations there will be a mixture that allows the dark Ones to still play their game. You see it as a very serious situation, yet it only exists whilst karma still remains to be played out. Over centuries of time so much karma has accumulated that now has to be cleared, thus allowing the vibrations to lift you up into up into the higher realms. Those souls that are unable to rise up will continue their evolution at an appropriate level, that will ensure they have future opportunities to ascend.

True World Peace cannot be achieved until the Cabal is silenced and its minions are removed or in retreat. The process of cleansing the Earth of the dark Ones has been in progress for quite a long period of time, and is at last bearing notable results. There is disarray amongst their ranks as their power has been drastically reduced. Many are moving to safer areas and countries where they are accepted, but no matter where they hide they will be found because there is no hiding place where they are safe. Some hoped to move off the Earth but that escape route has already been blocked, and they will be called to account for their actions against those of the Light.

There is so much taking place that is out of your sight, or concealed so that the news does not get out. The tentacles of the dark Ones stretch far and wide and there is so much bribery, blackmail and deceit that you would be hard put to know what represented the truth. It is why you have been advised a number of times to use your intuitive abilities to discern the truth from falsehoods. Use a reliable source such as David Wilcock and through him you will soon learn who or what you can trust. When the time is right you will commence to learn the true happenings over the last 50 years or more, that have been clouded by falsehoods and lies.

The truth has been doctored or altered to an amazing degree that when it is revealed, will leave you utterly amazed and astonished. It even goes as far back as your recent history and even to the times of Atlantis. History will have to be re-written so that you understand the true story of your evolution. It is only in recent times that the truth has begun to surface and hitherto hidden documents have come light that support it. You must keep an open mind if you want to progress, otherwise you may get stuck and unable to move on. As most of you tend to be at different points in your evolution some revelations may be too much to accept, so set that information aside so that you can always come back to if necessary.

Some of you will undoubtedly wonder why that as a small fairly insignificant Civilisation you should attract so much universal attention. If you have not learnt why before now, know that it is because you have undertaken to ascend in your physical bodies. It has never happened before in living memory, so many other civilisations in your Universe are interested to see the results. Be assured that you are not in any way at risk as each soul is accompanied by Higher Beings. The experience should be exhilarating and undoubtedly remembered for a very long time to come, particularly as with Ascension you will find yourselves in a perfect body free of all imperfections and ageing.

Even if you were give more of the truth your head would most likely end up in a whirl. Matters are beginning to speed up again and as more of the changes come out into the open you will find it difficult to keep up with them, as you have a lot to learn in a very short space of time. The highlight for you will most likely be the arrival on Earth of your Space friends, yet meeting your brothers and sisters from the Inner Earth will certainly be very exciting. Obviously that cannot happen until there is complete peace on Earth that even now is gradually being achieved, which you will know of if you regularly read your Internet news.

The truth is coming out slowly but surely and again your intuitive abilities should be able to sort it out against outright lies or fiction. Since 2012 the amount of information being released has increased and the right souls to handle it are already with you. There has always been one great plan by which you would be uplifted at the appropriate time. That time is already with you and there has never been such a grand opportunity presented to you as now. The pathway is clearly laid out ahead and as long as you stay within the Light there is no reason why you should miss out. As time progresses more dear Ones will draw closer to you, and you can be assured that every help will be given to ensure your successful Ascension.

Dear Friends, your time has arrived to think in terms of nothing but success where your future is concerned. At our level we see you rejoicing and so happy that you have at last found your true path to the higher dimensions. Your long trek through many, many challenging experiences is at long last in its final stages. Your well earnt rewards are coming to you with freedom from the interference of the dark Ones. You are to leave the lower dimensions and fully return to the Light, having successfully completed your travels in the lower dimensions.

Your New Year has commenced, and I wish you all that you would wish yourselves. You have powerful Beings with you who lift you up when you are down and bring healing laughter into your life. As always I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light continue to brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Heavenletters # 5887 You have Great Purpose in Life, January 6, 2017

Heavenletters™, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
* Our connection to God *
* Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.

God said:
Beloveds, it must be apparent to you that there is more to life than meets the eye. I have heard you say to yourself, many a time: “There has to be more to life than what is in front of me.” Have you not perhaps tut-tutted about this sad fact?

You do not arrive here on Earth all by yourself. Meaning exists for you to be here. There has to be a greater Purpose in Life than just spending non-existent time here from beginning to end. You are here for more than simply living out your years and getting through what is called Life.

When you take a ride on a ship or even a ferry boat, you are going somewhere. You are going from somewhere nearer and nearer to Me and nearer to the Truth of yourself. You are sailing somewhere. You are commuting somewhere. There is a reason. You have a purpose, which, in your present eyes, may appear as big or small.

On a cruise ship, there is another meaning to a cruise. Instead of walking in Life or driving a car home or taking a plane, you are on a cruise. You are going in one direction rather than another. You are going to or you are coming from. During the interim of your cruise, you are nevertheless, sailing.

Of course, you are free to enjoy the ride. I ask you to enjoy the ride. It is My Desire that you enjoy the ride. Do this. Let go of what prevents you. Do it now.

Certainly, your life on Earth this tour has to be for enrichment for you, those around you, and the world. No one is here without purpose, whatever you may think of it. This may not have sunk into your awareness as yet — what else is new?

Are you here to learn something? Absolutely.

Are you here to leave something behind? Absolutely.

Go ahead and imagine all the blessings that are yours to bestow upon the world. This is a good idea, to keep your eye on the blessings you are to perform.

Is it likely that you will know exactly what your purpose is? This is not a sure bet. In fact, this can be unlikely. Not impossible, but unlikely. What you can know is that there is something worthy that you will leave in your wake. Certainly, you may leave more than one beautiful aspect. You may leave many. Dear Ones, you venture forth for something. Your journey isn’t for nothing. It is for something.

It doesn’t matter who you are. You can be rich or poor. You can be educated or illiterate. There is nothing you have to be but a human Being to add grace to this world that hungers for it. Every blessing is necessary and worthy. What you see as big or little doesn’t matter for, from where I sit, all blessings are equally significant. Where I sit, size does not exist. Where I sit, all contributions are great and gratefully accepted. There is no partiality. I do not squint and take an estimate. All My children are welcome, and all My children’s blessings are equally welcomed. To reflect Myself in human terms, all My children and all My children’s contributions light My face up with Infinite Joy.

Currently, you likely measure yourself on a scale that is faulty. The contribution of the human heart can only be Great. From Greatness you came. To Greatness you return. Soon you will come to accept and live the Greatness you truly are and that I see clearly right in front of Me and wish with all My heart to pass onto you to see for yourself.

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Co-Creating a New Paradigm for 2017

Patricia Cota-Roblesby Patricia Cota-Robles, December 30, 2016,

January 1, 2017 = 1-1-1 to January 11, 2017 = 1-11-1 or 11:11

As we birth the New Year 2017, Awakening Humanity and the Company of Heaven have set the stage for a paradigm shift that will allow the masses of Humanity to transcend the negativity that has been pushed to the surface for purification during the shocking and tumultuous events that occurred in 2016.

I know that may sound too good to be true, but that is only because we have forgotten the Truth of who we are and why we are on Earth during this auspicious time. Please read this entire newsletter with an open heart and mind and ask your I AM Presence to reveal to you YOUR vitally important part in this facet of the Divine Plan for 2017. You are powerful beyond your knowing and the time for you to express your Divine Potential is NOW!

When we make the mistake of judging reality by just looking at outer appearances things can seem overwhelming and sometimes even hopeless, but nothing could be farther from the Truth. The Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth are working tenaciously to help all of us remember that we are multidimensional Beings functioning on many levels of consciousness simultaneously.

They want us to KNOW that the physical plane of Earth that we think of as being so real is actually the least real of all of the dimensions we abide in, and this physical plane is the very last dimension to reflect the changes that Awakening Humanity has God Victoriously cocreated in the Realms of Cause where everything begins.

The New Earth was birthed in the Realms of Cause on Dec. 21-22, 2012. In 2016 we reached a critical mass of energy, vibration and consciousness that allowed the Portal of God’s First Cause of Perfection to be opened to full breadth. This means that now the patterns of perfection for the New Earth are flowing unimpeded into the mental and emotional strata of this planet. These patterns reverberate with the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline frequencies of Transfiguring Divine Love, Oneness, Reverence for ALL Life, Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance.

But in order for these patterns to tangibly manifest in our daily lives you and I and the rest of Humanity need to invoke the Light of God to Transmute the surfacing negativity. Then we must empower the patterns of perfection from the Causal Body of God by deliberately focusing on them with our thoughts, feelings, words, actions, memories and beliefs.

The first eleven days of 2017 are providing us with an opportunity that will catapult the Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her forward in the Light. This Gift of Light from On High is designed to help not only Awakened Humanity, but Humanity en masse to be the Open Door for the patterns of perfection for the New Earth.

Our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven have affirmed that the greatest need of the hour for 2017 is for the patterns of perfection from the New Earth that are associated with Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance to become a tangible reality for every person on Earth. To assist with this urgent need of the hour the Beings of Light have given us an Activity of Light which I have included in this newsletter.

These selfless Messengers of our Father-Mother God said that they will empower our invocations a thousand times a thousand fold every time we participate in this Activity of Light. PLEASE listen to your Heart and be the powerful Peace Commanding Presence and the Open Door for the Light of God that is your Divine Destiny during this Cosmic Moment.


According to the Company of Heaven, an unprecedented influx of Light will be anchored on Earth through the Divinity of every person’s Heart Flame by his or her I AM Presence during the first eleven days of 2017. Then each person’s I AM Presence will be able to use this Light to assist with his or her greatly accelerated transformation throughout the rest of the year.

We were informed by the Beings of Light that this new frequency of Light will be instrumental in bringing the Truth of the patterns of perfection for the New Earth into the hearts and conscious minds of the masses of Humanity.

The realization of this Truth will be a critical factor in lifting Humanity out of fear and completing the purification of the human miscreations that have been pushed to the surface all over the planet during the events of 2016. It will also be a life-transforming factor in manifesting the patterns of perfection for the New Earth associated with Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance.

Numerically 2017 is a ONE year, 2+0+1+7=10 and 1+0=1. One is the number that reflects rebirth, transformation and new beginnings. New Years Day, January 1, 2017, will be 1 (month) 1 (day) 1 (year) = 1-1-1. Eleven days later, January 11, 2017, will be a 1 (month) 11 (day) 1 (year) = 1-11-1 or 11:11.

Eleven is the master number that reflects the transformation of the physical into the Divine. 11:11 is the sacred geometric coding within Humanity’s DNA that began initiating Humanity’s Awakening several decades ago. Many people have been oblivious of this subtle motivator for our Awakening, but with the new frequency of Light we will receive in January we are being told that will no longer be the case.

The first step in this Activity of Light is for us to Transmute the surfacing negativity.


I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity. As One Voice, One Breath, One Heartbeat, and One Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of Pure Divine Love we invoke the most intensified frequencies of the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection that Cosmic Law will allow.

Saint Germain and your Legions of 5th-Dimensional Violet Fire Archangels, we ask that you blaze, blaze, blaze the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection with the power and might of a thousand Suns in, through and around every thought, feeling, word, action, memory and belief that Humanity has ever expressed in any time frame or dimension, both known and unknown, that is reflecting anything less than Heaven on Earth.

Transmute this energy cause, core, effect, record and memory back into its original perfection and seal it in an invincible forcefield of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance.

We accept that this Activity of Light is being God Victoriously accomplished even as we Call. We also accept and KNOW that this powerful Violet Flame is increasing daily and hourly, moment by moment, with every Breath we take until this Sweet Earth and ALL her Life have Ascended into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Light on the New Earth where Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance are a tangible reality.


I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity. What I invoke for myself this Sacred and Holy Day I invoke on behalf of every man, woman and child on Earth in perfect alignment with each person’s Divine Plan and the highest good for all concerned. This is possible because WE ARE ONE and there is no separation.

As One Breath, One Heartbeat, One Voice, and One Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of Pure Divine Love, we invoke our Father-Mother God and the entire Company of Heaven to assist the I AM Presence of every person on Earth to God Victoriously accomplish this facet of the Divine Plan.

Beloved Legions of Light throughout Infinity, we ask that you gather up every electron of precious Life energy being expended by Humanity in any way during this sacred time. Purify this energy with the power and might of a thousand Suns using the New Solar Frequencies of the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.

Weave this purified energy into the collective Cup of Humanity’s Consciousness, so that every single electron of precious Life energy being released by the Sons and Daughters of God on Earth at this time will be used to cocreate and tangibly manifest Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance for every person belonging to or serving the Earth at this time.

Beloved Father-Mother God, we ask that you expand your Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love which is pulsating within the Divinity of every person’s Heart Flame forming the foundation upon which Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance will manifest.

Create from this Sacred Fire a Heart of Love. Allow this Heart of Love to expand and expand through each person’s Heart until it envelops the entire Planet Earth blessing every man, woman and child. As this Gift of Divine Love bathes the Earth, every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life on this Planet is being lifted out of the chaos into a Higher Order of Being.         (pause)

This unprecedented influx of God’s Divine Light now flows into the mental body, the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, the superconscious mind and the physical brain structure of every man, woman and child on Earth.

This Gift of Light from our Father-Mother God is balancing the right and left hemispheres of each person’s brain, and activating his or her spiritual brain centers. Through this Activity of Light each person’s pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus glands and the ganglionic centers at the base of their brain are being restored to their full Divine Potential.

Now utilizing this powerful Gift of Light, each person’s I AM Presence recalibrates the circuitry within their physical brain structure enabling them to withstand a higher frequency of Divine Consciousness than ever before. This Activity of Light heals the fragmented circuitry that has prevented Humanity from communicating with our I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven.

The I AM Presence pulsating within each person’s Heart Flame now creates the sacred space that enables that person to open their 5th-Dimensional Crown Chakra of Enlightenment to full breadth. This allows each one to communicate with their I AM Presence and with the Company of Heaven on a conscious level while reaching, day by day, ever higher into Christ Consciousness.

As I hold the focus of my attention on the Light of God that is flowing through every person’s physical brain structure, I clearly see Humanity’s physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies being flooded with the resplendent Light of God.

This multidimensional, multifaceted, free-flowing 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light expands into every cell of Humanity’s Earthly Bodies allowing the I AM Presence of each person to take full dominion of this experience.

Now, all is in readiness. Through their I AM Presence, every person on Earth will participate at both inner and outer levels in this Activity of Light, which will raise the consciousness of the masses and assist every recalcitrant soul to shift from a consciousness of separation and duality to a consciousness of Transfiguring Divine Love, Oneness, Reverence for Life, Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance.

Within the embrace of Divine Consciousness, Humanity now experiences an endless ocean of Light that flows from the very Heart of our Father-Mother God into our Crown Chakra to be anchored in our Heart Flame. With this influx of Light each person KNOWS, I AM That I AM. I AM the Open Door for this celestial ocean of Light. I AM the Light of the World, and my time for higher service to Humanity and ALL Life is NOW.

This cosmic ocean of Light now intensifies, flowing unimpeded through Humanity’s physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies. As each person assimilates this Gift from On High, they release into the Light all thoughts, feelings, words, actions, beliefs and memories that are based in the consciousness of separation or duality from ALL time frames and dimensions both known and unknown.

The I AM Presence of each person now affirms, All that I AM, all of the God Perfection that flows into my Crown Chakra of Enlightenment is manifesting through me now AS the New Earth. I AM resting in supreme God Confidence. I AM opening the 5th-Dimensional Stargate of my Heart to full breadth. I AM One with my Father-Mother God and all of the Powers of Light throughout Infinity. I AM ready now to magnetize the NEW and previously unknown patterns of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance from the New Earth tangibly into my life.”


Now new and unfathomable Golden Rays of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance from the very Heart of our Father-Mother God are flowing through the  newly opened Portal of Divine Cause into the cup of my consciousness. This Golden Light is pulsating with frequencies of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light beyond anything Humanity has ever experienced. Contained within the essence of this Golden Flame of Eternal Peace is God’s Infinite Abundance, and contained within the essence of God’s Infinite Abundance is the Golden Flame of Eternal Peace.

I breathe in deeply, and I become One with this Golden Light as I enter the secret place of the Most High Living God within my heart. As I enter this sacred space on the Holy Breath, I AM open and receptive to the impulses pouring forth from the Heart and Mind of God. My I AM Presence reveals to me that the hour has at last arrived, and the Divine Fiat has been issued by my Father-Mother God for the Divinity pulsating within my Heart Flame and the Heart Flame of ALL Humanity to be given full Liberty and Freedom of expression.

My I AM Presence rejoices in this Divine Edict and will now give me every possible assistance in manifesting the patterns of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance tangibly in my life.

I AM this very moment becoming a Keeper of the Golden Flame of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance in accordance with my Divine Destiny. My Earthly bodies are being brought into perfect balance, and the latent powers encoded within my Heart Flame are being released. The abilities I have developed over aeons of time that will assist me in cocreating Heaven on Earth are being brought into a balanced state of true mastery within me.

The Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame within my heart now expands and expands. The Blue Flame of my Father God’s Divine Power and Will is empowering the Golden Flame of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance in the hearts of ALL Humanity. The Yellow-Gold Flame of Wisdom and Illumination associated with Christ Consciousness and the Sons and Daughters of God, is enlightening every person’s mind to the Divine Truth that Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance are inseparable aspects of our Father-Mother God’s perfection.

Our Mother God, the Holy Spirit, is now directing the Pink Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love and Adoration to Breathe the Golden Flame of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance through every person’s Heart Flame, thus flooding the Earth with this Divine Essence to lift up and bless all Life. And all is well.         (pause)

I realize these are days of great acceleration due to the influx of Divine Consciousness that has been flooding the Earth since the birth of the New Earth in 2012. The vibratory action of every facet of Life is being stepped up the maximum that Cosmic Law will allow in every 24-hour period. The NEW frequencies of the Golden Flame of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance that are now flowing through my Heart Flame will assist me in maintaining balance through Earth’s Ascension process.

This will allow me to experience the bliss and joy of this glorious Activity of Light in new and profound ways.

I AM now experiencing a higher octave of my Godhood, and my Father-Mother God are able to easily move through me. My eyes are becoming blazing Rays of Light through which the Light of God will now flow to bless all Life. My hands are becoming mighty conductors of God’s Healing Power. My lips are becoming the instruments through which God’s words are formed and directed into the physical plane of Earth. My feet are walking the Path of Light. My Lifeforce is NOW the vehicle through which God enters the world to Love and serve all Life.

I now realize and accept my unlimited ability to do whatever is necessary in order to establish and expand Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance in my world and the worlds of all Humanity. Through my thoughts, words, actions, feelings, beliefs and memories I AM a mighty, balancing Activity of Light pulsating in, through and around every electron of Life on Earth.

In the name of the Infinite Presence of God, I AM, I call to my I AM Presence and the I AM Presence of all Humanity. As One Voice, One Heartbeat, One Breath, One Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of pure Divine Love I affirm:

Beloved I AM Presence enfold me now in Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance as I become a Golden Sun of this Divine Light.      (pause)

I AM a Golden Sun of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance now made manifest and permanently sustained by Divine Grace.

I AM a Golden Sun of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance now made manifest and permanently sustained by Divine Grace.

I AM a Golden Sun of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance now made manifest and permanently sustained by Divine Grace.  And so it is.

Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM That I AM.


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The Divine Mother to Currency Holders: “You are Protected”

archangel michaelWe had a rich, rich New Year’s Message from the Divine Mother, who assumed the form of Our Lady of Guadaloupe, for the occasion.

She explained on the air that it was still her, the Divine Mother, even if we addressed her by another title.  I can’t tell you how helpful such an acknowledgement is to a student of cross-cultural spirituality – the Divine has acknowledged that she took form. No more guesswork.

Previously I’ve been told that she was Mary, mother of Jesus, but never had a clear admission from her herself. That acknowledgement will help in the study of avatarhood.

One of the matters discussed was did the Divine Mother give us her assurance that currency holders who acted as stewards of the Mother’s wealth would be protected from such things as kidnapping and torture. She not only said “Yes” (period) but then went on to explain at length how that could be.

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She re-defined what Jesus called “real love” as “sacred love.” She explained that even sacred love is only Seventh-Dimensional. The Love that the Mother and the Father are … the One is …  is absolute love, and so deeper still.

She discussed how creative chaos weakens control and there then arises the opportunity for change.

I suggested to her that we didn’t come down to Earth this time to be devotees, singing her praises and performing devotional rituals. We came here as servants, as stewards to build Nova Earth and asked her to tell us what we needed to know to do her work.

This particular show will probably be my favorite for the leads she’s given me in explaining cross-cultural spirituality.  It’ll also be of interest to currency holders.

Transcript ~ The Divine Mother: New Year’s Message 2017

Divine-Mother-3New Year’s Message 2017

The Divine Mother as Our Lady of Guadalupe

An Hour with an Angel
December 29, 2016
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Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow: Host, InLight Radio

Steve: Good evening, everyone. Linda is going to be channeling Mother Mary, the Lady of Guadalupe, which to me is simply the Divine Mother in form, and it’s going to be our annual New Year’s message.

Linda: That’s right – much to my surprise as I began to meditate today, the Mother has come forth as Our Lady of Guadalupe – whom I haven’t heard from in this aspect really for years. But when she first came it was to talk about miracles and creation, so maybe this is very fitting. (PAUSE)

Divine Mother: Greetings. Yes, I am Universal Mother Mary, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, Mother of Love. But I also come to you this day as Our Lady of Guadalupe – as Maria de Guadalupe.

I come to strew flowers and roses at your feet, to crown you with stars, to invite you to this time of fulfillment – the fulfillment of your dreams, your hopes, your promises, and mine, sweet ones; to welcome you and to remind you that this is a time of miracles. Yes, I have come and I have spoken to you about the miraculous and about miracles – as you would call them – long ago.

I come this day as Maria, as Our Lady of Guadalupe because for many of you it is your most recent knowing of my presence upon your planet in the very physical manifestation of miracles, of trust, of joy, of faith, and yes, fulfillment.

I remind you and I especially share with you, for those of you who do not know the story or the unfoldment of my beloved Juan Diego – a simple man, a simple peasant, that I had chosen to be my emissary upon this Earth – just as I choose each of you my beloved children, mis niños.

Too often you shy away, thinking that I am the unapproachable Mother, the Supreme Being, the Infinite and Eternal, Changeable and Unchangeable, the I AM. Well, let us step back down, let us meet in the middle on this wondrous planet, in this wondrous time of bringing to completion one chapter and bringing through fulfillment of this portion and this segment of our unfoldment. When I say ‘our’ I do not simply mean what you construe as the Father and I, or even the Sacred Trinity. I mean our – our family which you are part of, that you have always been part of. And yes, in this new year, in this new time – in my time, 2017, this illusion of separation disappears. No, it is not simply evaporating. Allow, surrender and recognize the isolation, the separation; this tragic belief disappears.

As humans, enmeshed in many illusions that have been a human creation, there has been this belief system that has grown up and in many ways solidified, that there is the Godhead and then there are the various kingdoms of the Angelics, the Archangelics, the Seraphim, there are the Ascended Masters and the enlightened beings, there are the star family – the Star beings, and then there are the human beings, and the animal kingdom, the mineral kingdom – and on and on.

But you do not conceive, not in your everyday knowing, practice and simple breathing existence, that we are one – that we are a family of one. Now I understand, my beloved ones, that at times it is difficult for you to conceive as I speak of truly the Omniverse or the outer galaxies or other universes, that you have either difficulty or little interest in truly comprehending and grasping that.

But in this universe, this reality even that you think of as Gaia or your solar system, your planetary system, which by the way, is much larger than you think! Conceive of this – anchor this truth that I remind you of this day and this year – we are one. I am not some distant Deity needing to be praised, adored, honoured, prayed to. You do this because you love me and you love us and of course those prayers and that adoration is heard and received graciously and with great glee.

But what about just talking? What about just visiting? What about simply sitting together? My sweet family, you have placed me at a distance. You have placed me out of reach. You have placed your family out of reach. And so often that has come to be the fulfilment of the belief, that you do not fully feel our presence, our assistance, our guidance, our help, or our love. And that is the most important factor.

This is the time of the fulfillment of the family plan. Think of this – in this family plan – that of all the levels of intervention and assistance and things that you ask for, the most important, the most critical for all concerned is that you feel and that you be and that you are in the love. That is everything – that is the Father – that is the Mother – that is the One – that is the All.

And if you are not in the joy of that love, if you are not in the action of that love, if you are not in the ‘up close and personal’ experience of the love, then you do not have the wherewithal to go forth in the actual creation of this planet of Nova Earth and the fulfillment of Nova Being – you are already ‘in and out’ of the fulfillment of your ascension.

When is the final watermark? It is this creation process, it is not only you accepting and anchoring and being the fullness of your creator self – because you can do that quietly sitting in your room or the privacy of your office. It is taking the actions, being in the stillpoint, the silence, the spaciousness, the dreaming, the expression, the fulfilment of your hopes.

This is not – I am not simply your Mother ordering you about, telling you what to do! Consider with me for a moment what the Mother Energy is. There are reasons why you have this paradigm, this archetype. It is the Mother Nurturer, it is the Mother Disciplinarian, it is the Mother who ‘course corrects’ you as you grow. It is the Mother who sees you grow into the truth of fulfillment, the evolution of your maturity on every level.

I want you, I ask you, I invite you – I plead with you – discuss your hopes and dreams, your plans with me in the silence of your heart, in the excitement of exchanges. I will let you know – Mi-ki-el, Yeshua, St Germaine will let you know if there is a course correction to be had. Do not, my beloveds, think of any of us as further away than your fingertips – this is what is necessary and desirable, it is what you have always yearned for and what you are most afraid of, and it is time for this fear to be gone.

I am not a thundering punishing Mother – nor is the Father for that matter! As humans in this expression of free will you often make what you, in your judgment – you may call it discernment, but then you fall into judgement – you often make mistakes, missteps, and then you often halt – stop dead in your tracks – cowering in some ways and so fearful that you have misstepped that you fall and ask for mercy or want pity. Sweet angels, there is no such thing as mistakes.

Are there deviations? Yes, most certainly – on a very grand scale (laughing) and on a personal scale. And has it created situations where there has been need for course correction? Most certainly. We are capable of adjusting. We are capable of more than you can ever imagine, but we want you to imagine, we want your desire, your plans, your heart, the love to explode with potentiality – with the knowing and the belief in miracles. The roses will bloom all over your planet.

That is why I have come, because as the Mother in this form, you can expect tangible physical evidence, and I will make this known – no, I am not giving prophesy – that is not my way. I will show you so that you will build your hope and desires, so that you will come to know that you are my ‘Juan Diegos’. You are the children of my breath and you are as close as my breath – and I am as close as your breath!

Do not push me away, please. You have been waiting, some of you patiently and some of you not, for the physical tangibility – the fulfillment of this segment – of our family plan. Do not negate it – do not look to the external chaos that now reigns in the United States, Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa. Everything is being ‘shook up’. Think of it as a beautiful snow globe and in that chaos, in that creative chaos – yes, of your Sixth Dimension – is the beauty. It had need to be shook up, just as long ago I had Juan Diego shake up the Catholic Church, and then again as Pope John XXIII to shake up the Catholic Church!

When you are creating change, things have to be shaken up. Now, could it have been smoother? Most certainly! But we work with you because of free will. So be it. Because in that, in many ways the miracles, the co-creations of you and I become more tangible, more obvious. You have always said as you have cried in the darkness of the night, or the darkness of your soul or your passage, “Mother – give me a sign.” Well, my beloveds, I am giving you many, many signs. Not to increase the chaos, but to shake it up enough that there is a new understanding in this of your year 2017, that there is a different paradigm that is emerging and that will solidify and will be the new reality for Terra Gaia. It is not simply done to shake things up, the old – like an old mound of clay reworked – it is taking the creative atoms in the very air you breathe and reforming, restructuring, creating anew.

You say to me, “Well Mother, I don’t know how to do that”, and I correct you my child – you have always known. This is a time in many of your traditions where you have exchanged gifts of one sort or another, but I want you to go back and to think even as a child, whether it was Christmas or Hanukkah, or your birthday, when you wished for a certain item – when you wanted that brand new bicycle so that you could fly down the street – and you would tell your parents. But mostly you would lie in bed at night and you would think of that bright shiny bike – not your father’s second-hand one – dear old bike – but your own bright new shiny bike, and you would daydream about it during school and walking home or on the school bus. And then, lo and behold, you would receive that gift! All of you have a very personal example of this kind of dreaming, of this kind of creation.

You say, “Yes, but Mother – creating a new planet and eliminating the old isn’t that simple.” You were shown very early how to bring things forth. And then you say to me, “But Mother, there are so many all over the planet that have never had a new bicycle or enough to eat, or who have lived in the shattered ruins and buildings of war.” And that is the truth. Your job – our family undertaking – is to correct that. Our family is very large but completely conceivable, whether it is the animals, with the waters, the air, or your neighbors across the globe, your star family – we are not distant family – your distant family are those who live on Cee Cee Cee in the far reaches of the infinite Universe.

This time to begin to think as one, so for those who have never brought forth their creations you are doing it for them, you are teaching them how, you are bringing them along, you are renewing their trust, their faith, and most importantly their hope – and all that is because you are love. We proceed together as never before, so when I say to you in this time and this year that I strew roses at your feet, I mean this literally. I am with you – I am with you in the fullness – the absolute nature of love. Will you do this with me, my sweet ones? I know you will, because you have chosen as this branch of the family to go forth in form – as angels in form – to do this work. And for this I thank you.

Now, dearest Steve – my son – where do you wish to begin?

SB: Well, thank you so much Mother. I’d like to take a minute to speak to listeners and tell them how rich this message is that you’ve just given us. You’ve acknowledged that it’s you that’s in form as Our Lady of Guadalupe – well, that kind of acknowledgement can only come from you, so thank you for that. (1)

In past centuries, masters, gurus or teachers who wanted to ascend had to go through trials and tribulations. Even Ibn Arabi called you a hidden treasure. (2)

You’re a treasure and yet hidden and something that people had to find at sometimes considerable personal cost. And yet here we are in this generation and you’re  available to us, not only in this way as on a radio program but in many other ways.

Now you’ve acknowledged that we’ve come to do your work. We are not, as far as I can see, to be your devotees – singing devotional songs and carrying out ceremonies, etc – not necessarily. Some of those will come in later, but we’re here to serve you. We’re here as servants. We’re here to be your stewards in financial welfare for example

I know that a lot of our listeners would like to hear from you your answer to the following question – are Lightworkers who deal in foreign currency for the purposes of irrigating planet Earth and undertaking the various programs like ridding the world of pollution and hunger and poverty protected from things like kidnappings, torture etc?

DM: Yes.

I can elaborate. Let go of the fear, first and foremost. Because as you know, the fear halts and freezes and destroys – eats like acid – it destroys trust, and it also in the freezing mechanism stops you from going forward.

Now the short answer is yes. But understand how this going forth happens, and there are many, many aspects and we will not get dragged down into that minutia. But think of it in this way – think of it in the most simple way my child. You have a crush on a boy or a girl – oh, you are about fifteen, fourteen, and these days perhaps twelve – but you are madly infatuated and your heart is going pit-a-pat at a million miles an hour because this is your heart’s desire! But you are shy, you are not confident – you are afraid of rejection and so you never ask this boy or this girl out – you hardly even talk to them.

And then of course the big occasion comes and you see the ‘heart’s desire’ go to the party, the dance, the Bar Mitzvah, with somebody else – and you are devastated. But you are devastated because you were too afraid to step forward, and then you think, “Well, the Mother let me down” – even though I was right next to you, cheering you all along, knowing that the expansion of your heart even in this tender romance, not the fullness of Love that I speak of, but that you were afraid to try.

When you drop into fear, “Will I be harmed, will I be tortured, will I be shunned, will I be separated from what I love most about my life?” That puts you into fear rather than the forward thrust of excitement and courageousness and bringing forth. Now, having encouraged you to go forth, having provided the mechanisms for that to occur, do you really think in our divinity, in our family, that we are going to arrange for a rogue bandit to harm you? You are mightily protected!

You often say, “What is the Company of Heaven doing?” Well, you can rest assured – we are protecting you. That is a promise.

SB: Thank you Mother. I’m sure that will have a lot of people relax more. The handling of money is going to raise enough problems unto itself without having to worry about that one.

Mother, you talked about Love and I’ve had such difficulty trying to express the fact that true love, what Jesus called ‘real love ,’ what I’ve called ‘transformative love’, others ‘universal love is … I’ve said different … than romantic love.

Well, maybe different – maybe I should never have said different – it’s much deeper, as someone said recently.

Could you talk to us a bit about the difference between the ordinary love that so much of us feel – which is wonderful, it’s fine – and real Love? The Love that you just described as being the One, the All, You, the Father?

DM: Oh, I would love to! Why (laughing) can we not call it ‘Mother Love’?

Let us call it Sacred Love. Let us call it love. You have this expression, ‘In for a penny – in for a pound’. Why human beings, you wonderful angels, have dropped into this limitation of love, now that is dissipating, dissolving, disappearing – you notice that we are giving you a new set of ‘disses’ – dissolving, disappearing – yes, dissipating. Your sense of limitation, and each of you in your unique divinity, in your expression of us, have your own parameters based on many lifetimes and this lifetime, of what you think of or feel as love, and it has been restricted and hemmed in.

Now, you have yearned to know love and this yearning has expressed in many simply as yearning, but many of you – most of you and this is part of your ascension – are breaking through that barrier as well, and coming to what you dear Steve have called ‘Bliss’ – what many call awakening, expansion – it matters not. But into that knowing and that experience of such unlimited, unconditional, unrestricted bliss, exuberance, joy – all of this is love. What is love? Love is union – it is family union, and I mean that in the sense of we have spoken today – that we are One. Love is union, it is that Sacred Union in many of you look for sacred partners, and we encourage this because it is part of the growth and evolution of the human race, the species, and the human kind – the Gaians.

But you don’t really have that until you have entered and incorporated – yes, you might call grounded or anchored – but it really is an incorporation of the love with us. When you come – let us do it right now – be the love with me that you are in the infinity. It is experiential, but it is union. It is the knowing all at once of everything. Some have called it enlightenment. As you have said, some have suffered and died for this experience – you do not need to. I am inviting you to come into this with us in form. I don’t want you to leave your bodies. There are many who will, but there is no necessity. You are to anchor the love and to come to know it, even although it is union I urge you, I want you, I desire for you to know it personally because it is from this that you create the new, that you understand fully and completely how to create the new in union with us, in Sacred Partnership with us.

SB: Mother, can I intervene for a moment? Can I just point out to listeners that . . . because I’m more or less in a state of bliss at the moment . . . that in this state of bliss, in this higher dimensional experience that the Mother is referring to of love, things simply become clear, and I think you said once, Mother, that, “I will bring all things to remembrance” – bliss brings all things to remembrance, Love brings all things . . . now, could you explain to the listeners a little bit about how that is . . . how it is that bliss brings – and Love brings – all things to remembrance?

DM: Think of it as all the barriers, all the walls, all the sense of delineation, because what is isolation and separation? It is this false belief in delineation, all the delineation disappears – evaporates, so all things come to remembrance, and part of that remembrance, my sweet ones, is remembrance of the future. Now, what do I mean by that? Often you will turn to me, and I hope more often. Now, you’ll say, “Mother, I don’t know how to do that. I don’t know exactly what my next steps will be.”

When you are in the Love, you do know, and if for some chance you feel that you don’t know, Beloved, it is because there is no need to know – you simply proceed in the truth and the might and the power – the stewardship – of who you are.

Long ago the Father has said that this is a family business – oh, I would not refer to it that way, but this is a family unified blissful undertaking. When you are in the Love you are basically reviewing, remembering, bringing up to current date and data, the blueprint of existence. I do not mean the Akashic Records. That is slightly different. I mean the entire blueprint.

SB: I have two more questions for you if I may . . . the first is, just what you just said, am I correct in thinking that underneath our core issues and conditioned behaviour and the other detritus of lower dimensional existence we’re already united, we’re already in union – we’re simply restoring our awareness of that by alleviating, by getting rid of these vasanas, these core issues, and the conditioned behaviour that results from them, as if it’s an ‘overburden’ which we just lifted off. Underneath that we’re already united are we not? We don’t need to do anything?

DM: We have always – eternally and infinitely and in the moment – always been united as One. So you are getting rid of the illusions, the core issues – yes, important, the vasanas – yes important, the false beliefs – yes, but you are already – we are already One. This is not what you need to seek out or create or discover – you will remember and you will know.

SB: Thank you for that. The last question I have – what we talked about is Sacred Love, as real Love, true love. I’m assuming that that’s a Seventh Dimensional experience we’re having, and I hope you’ll confirm that for me in a minute, but the Love that you are, the Love that the Father is, the Love that the All The One is – that has to be an experience of the highest Absolute, so again even real love is only – or what Jesus called real love – is only one step on the path. Is that correct?

DM: That is correct. Now, let us explain. When you are in – within the human experience, in the Seventh Dimension of Love – now you tend to think, “Then I have to go Eight, Nine, Ten – and so on”. From there it is the perfect access point to all Love – the Love. Your expression in experience of that is Seventh Dimensional, flowering out into all existence, all dimensions, all realities, all timelines, so you are the blossoming of Love in your Being as well, and as you blossom you ablate the next blossom and the next blossom and the next blossom – I was not simply being emphatic when I have suggested to you that each of you touch and participate in 144 million other lives.

Current – what you think of current – times, yes, some are on other planetary systems, many are on board ships, but this is your experience of Union. And that experience is also allowing you to be in true genuine – what you would term as authentic – relationship, marriage, partnership, because that is truly what a marriage is. Not all the legalities that have come to be put in place – marriage is the union in love of two souls in form. That is it – and that is everything.

SB: Oh Mother – Is there anything you want to say in closing?

DM: Yes. As we have suggested, why I have come forth as Our Lady of Guadalupe, as Maria, as Mare, is to speak to you of miracles. Not miracles of Above or Below but of All. You are the fulfillment of these miracles. You are the wonder of my Heart, you are the wonder of my Soul, my Being, our Essence, our Love. Keep me close – I am your Mother. I wish to live with you within your heart, your soul and your life. I am with you – let us go forth in this fulfillment.


SB: Farewell Mother.


(1) One hears rumors of the Divine Mother’s incarnations and manifestations but seldom an acknowledgement from the Divine Mother herself that is She who has incarnated or manifested. Given western skepticism of incarnations of the divine, this kind of acknowledgement from the highest source anyone will ever speak to is invaluable.

(2) “I was a hidden treasure and I loved to be known, and I created the creation so that I be known.” (Muhyideen Ibn Arabi, Kernel of the Kernel. trans. Ismail Hakki Bursevi. Sherborne: Beshara, n.d., 3.) Andrew Eardley contributed to this transcription

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Heavenletter #5880 Match the Light of the Stars, December 30, 2016

Heavenletters™, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
* Our connection to God *
* Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.

God said:
You stand in the midst of Heaven, and you know not where you are. Rather, you find cause to worry where you are and what you are doing all over the place and yin and yang, here and there, this way, that way.

For what end do you wander the Earth looking for something more than you presently receive? For what end? For what end, beloveds ones, but to Be? By seeking and even wandering, you are fulfilling My Will for ever and anon. This is Our Holy Contract.

To Be means to Be beyond borders. To Be means to be above the world.

You fear that while you are stationed on Earth, something is at stake. There is nothing at stake. Your Presence, as is Mine, is assured. There is nothing you are missing by Being. There is nothing more to Be but what you really are. Being is Infinity, and Infinite, you are. You are the New Visionary of the Universe.

Does a star wonder who or what he is or where? What boundary must a star know? Does a star have to know east or west or what a neighborhood is named and by what authority?

Stars have no questions to ask. Stars shine Light. They have nothing to answer. They simply reflect Light. And so are stars blessed, and so are you blessed.

Truly, what more do you have to do than to be Light? What more can you do but Be Light? Consider yourself the Fortunate of the Fortunate. Accept with Grace the Great Calling that has been given to you.

I gave you Light to Shine so that you will shine Light from the High Heavens. I didn’t ask you to be shy. I didn’t ask you to hold back out of modesty. I said: “Shine the Light I give so that all may shine and see My Light. My Light, your Light — shine Light simply, profusely, profoundly and Infinitely.”

Light needs no instruction. Sometimes, you can use some reminding not on how to shine but rather to remember to shine. Hey, shine for all you are worth. This is not a form of pretense. Naturally, you don’t shine your Light by looking down at your feet.

Look at no one’s feet. Look up beyond the Heavens and match the Light of the Stars. Tell me, what is more pressing than shining the Light you are meant to shine? You don’t do this by effort, you understand this by now. You shine simply and naturally with all the Love in your Heart.

In Life, you are to look up and light the world so that all may see what is destined to shine. The Majesty of the Universe is set before you so you may radiate your Light and sing it as part of a Chorus of Angels. You will clearly resonate with the Universe to the Tune of My Light. Look at Me, and say, “Yes, I will.”

Say: “Yes, God, I shine Your Light that is also mine, and I shine it for Your Glory.”

You know that the world craves more than its daily bread. Everyone on Earth craves the Magnificence of Daily Light.

Catch up with yourself. Leap ahead. A thousand giant steps are not too many. You are not a lone shadow that skulks around. Stand up right now and start the Issuance of Light.

Light is taking over. Nothing else is. Darkness is a thing of the past. The past is no longer worthy of you. Light has been Lit, and now Light stays lit for all the world to be reminded of Light and to establish Light in the eyes and hearts of all.

Shine on, Practitioners of God’s Light. It is you who is fulfilling Destiny. You and I serve. We serve the world as Inseparable Beings. You are serving it now, and you are serving Me aplenty. This moment has come.

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Heavenletter #5879 Your Daily Thoughts, December 29, 2016

Heavenletters™, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
* Our connection to God *
* Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.

God said:
Life sure seems like a mystery, a mystery filled with magical moments, and even miracles. Don’t miss the magic and the miracles. Certainly don’t put your time and energy on studying all the trials and misfortunes.

When you come down to it, all of Life on Earth is a miracle. Who could make up how babies are conceived and born? Who could, as a matter of fact, make up the entire Miracle of Life? And who could conceive of anything so fantastic as Life as it lives its ways out in the world?

There are separate little houses that people live in, and separate little cars that people spend time in and drive around in during the day and may fall asleep in at night. And there are places like wigwams and igloos and domes and homes on the range.

There are places along the way where you can go in to buy food and cooked meals and other sundry things. There are snapshots and paintings and facts and fiction, many facts and fiction that are impossible to keep separate.

Everything has been thought of, it seems, and then something new is thought of and merchandized.

There is nothing new under the sun, and yet there is. There are rainbows and thunderstorms all on the same Earth and new each time. Life on Earth is compelling, and Life on Earth is bizarre. There are matters like jokes, and there are operas that are stories told and sung to the tunes of beating hearts.

What is there that has not yet been discovered on Earth and in Heaven?

Life on Earth in a body is no more than the blink of an eye.

You arrive. You stay. You leave and go on somewhere else even as there is only Oneness and nowhere else but with Me, of Me, to Me, a Great Font of Love as We speak.

How can it be that Love is ever forgotten on Earth, and yet it sure seems Love has, too often, been cut out and excluded, as if Love were forgotten, or scavenged and not even considered.

What ridiculousness is this? What irony? One extreme is ravaged and forsworn for another, as if Love doesn’t really matter, as if business comes before Love. As if there are interchangeable parts of Life. As if all parts of Life are equally worthy or unworthy, and difference is of no import. Did you ever hear of anything so impertinent? As if nothing on Earth really matters. As if Love does not matter more than what money can buy.

You live in a challenged world. There may be undignified signs in the world that point you in various directions. Go by My Sign. Remember Love. If you remember nothing else, remember Love.

Let smallness not be made big. Let smallness be forgotten. Remember Me.

Let suffering become forgotten.

Let goodness and mercy be your daily thoughts.

Let Hearts be softened throughout the Universe. Let thoughts be transformed throughout the Universe. Let there be Roads of Joy that you walk on. Let the Sun shine in your heart. Let naught but Love be known and renowned.

Let hearts meet and be interchangeable with all other hearts. Let all hearts sing out. Let every heart be claimed forever and ever. Hearts are to be One.

Let all lift their feet up above the Earth and ascend to Heaven in the wink of an eye.

Let all the Good that is predicted float across your vision.

Let everyone look at Earth and say, “Ah, this is good.”

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Welcoming the NOW Year: Assisting the Global Trajectory

Creative Evolution with Sandra Walter <>
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Welcoming the NOW Year: Assisting the Global Trajectory
Creative Evolution with Sandra Walter <>

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now year

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

A Happy NOW Year to all as we experience the final Gateway of 2016 this weekend. All Lightworkers are encouraged to connect with this palpable, powerful influx of Divine Light available. Revisit last week’s article for recommendations.

Many are experiencing a pure level of Cosmic Mother frequencies, which is birthing a new platform for higher states of consciousness to be anchored on the planet. Whether you view the return of the Divine Feminine energies as a being, a state of consciousness, a fractal of Source, or a balancing frequency does not matter. It is the nature of photonic light to demand order – and the breaking apart of old systems, beliefs, habits and emotional baggage should be evidence enough that the light is doing its work. Forgive, clear, be grateful and request the highest light for all concerned. Use the vesica piscis symbol in your grids and Gatework to open pillars of light with your crystals, and connect with the Cosmic feminine aspect of Source. This also opens the gateways of the heart and Ascension column.

Collective Timeline Assistance

As the timelines continue to morph and respond to the collective consciousness, there are some beautiful gifts being offered to HUmanity.


In Love, Light and Service,

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A Glimpse into the Past by Maryham via Natalie Glasson, A Gathering with Mary Magdalene and Jesus

Natalie-Glasson-2-300x296Audio version. Video version.

As I viewed the scene before me, my heart glowed with such delight; I felt as if a golden well of light had awoken within the core of my soul overflowing into my entire being. My body shimmered and pulsated in rhythm with the light unfolding. As if reflecting the truth emerging within my being, a blazing fire had been created in the centre of our gathering.

Friends, family, and members of the Essene community sat in a large circle around the fire. Everyone was busy talking, sharing, laughing and expressing their truth, the atmosphere was lively as the sun disappeared beyond the horizon surrounding us in a darkness which seemed to only enhance the love present within our community.

Jesus sat opposite me, tonight he was dressed in pale blue robes, every inch of his body and face emanated love, a love that seemed to touch my heart and seep into the depths of my soul without him even looking at you.

He always had this wonderful ability, that even when it seemed he was not focused upon you, that his attention was elsewhere discussing an important matter with the person beside him, it still felt as if he was giving you his complete attention as if he was completely present with you and no other. I found his ability to be breathtakingly astonishing. It healed the wounds of separation in my heart each time I was in his presence.

Tonight, Jesus was sitting close to Mary Magdalene; his face was lit with amusement as words passed his mouth that I could not hear. Mary Magdalene dressed in the same coloured pale blue robes, threw her head back expressing a laugh which seemed to emanate the magnetic femininity of her essence.

There were always children surrounding Mary Magdalene and Jesus wherever they went and tonight was no exception. Children of all ages were attracted to the innocent nature of these two sacred beings who appeared to exist in complete oneness and harmony when they were together. Jesus lent forward, his left hand resting on the shoulder of a young boy knelt beside him. His eyes glimmered as he shared his words with the children sitting at their feet. Before long they too laughed loudly with great amusement.

I felt prompted within to step forward, the golden chalice given to Jesus at his birth by his grandmother, Anna, held in my hands. Anna had come to me earlier that day to deliver the golden chalice into my hands describing to me my purpose for this evening. Now with the golden chalice held in front of my heart, I began to meditatively walk around the fire, slowly and thoughtfully, drawing the energy of Mother Earth up through my feet, into my heart chakra and entire being.

As I completed my third circle around the fire the attention of the community was now upon me. I stood with the fire warming my back and my heart emanating to Jesus and Mary Magdalene before me. My eyes first met Grandmother Anna, sitting on the left side of Jesus, her eyes carried her energy to me and reminded me of all the wisdom she had imparted to me before the ceremony.

My actions at this moment were guided by her, I was barely 14 years old, with my confidence waning slightly at the honour and responsibility of my role in the ceremony, Grandmother Anna’s energy enthused me with such strength. Next, I gazed at Mother Mary dressed in deep blue robes, she almost seemed to be invisible against the night sky as she sat next to Mary Magdalene. She was holding Mary Magdalene’s hand as it rested upon her knee. Grace filled my being as Mother Mary, so familiar to me, smiled and nodded gently for me to begin.

Inhaling deeply, I centred my focus upon my heart chakra. I allowed all the joy that my soul embodied to fill my heart chakra flowing upwards into my throat chakra. I opened my mouth and allowed my soul to sing, my voice gentle yet strong, soothing yet alive filled the space between us all. We became one; each person was one with my voice, and I was experiencing complete unity with our community.

My soul sang through my voice without the intervention of my mind, a song we were all familiar with, a song that spoke of the love of the Angelic Kingdom for each man, women, and child upon the Earth. There was a moment of silence before another familiar song was expressed which spoke in a language unknown to us. All I knew was that the song spoke of the eternal and infinite connection that all can experience with the Creator.

The tone, rhythm, and speed of my voice changed as a new song echoed in my ears. A language we all understood describing the dance of the divine feminine and divine masculine as they intertwine and merge together. The sacred being channeling through me spoke of the presence of the divine feminine and divine masculine on the inner planes and how this existed in unison and harmony within each of us.

An energy and aspect of each being upon the Earth that required to be honoured, nurtured and embodied. While the song did not speak of the physical union between the divine masculine and divine feminine upon the Earth, instead the unison of two aspects of the Creator, intention, and embodiment, present within every being. It did speak of an energy of creation being born from the synthesis of the Creator’s intention and embodiment or nurturing energies, which we label the divine masculine and divine feminine.

The song began to focus upon the creation born from the Creator’s intention and nurturing energies. As the last words left my lips in almost a whisper, an image of a beautiful baby girl was left in the minds of all. With this vision pulsating in the third eye of our community, we all experienced a deep-seated familiarity and connection to this soul, as if she was already a part of our being, community and family.

We recognized the energy she held; it was that of Mary Magdalene, and Jesus synthesised with their beauty emanating, and yet there was an innocence likened to that of the Christ Consciousness our original consciousness gifted to humanity long before my current existence. The essence of this soul seemed to dance with joy and happiness in our inner and outer silence.

I walked slowly towards Mary Magdalene, her eyes alive with excitement and gratitude. ‘This is for you, beloved one. As you know, it was given to Jesus at his birth by Grandmother Anna as a recognition of his truth and purpose upon the Earth. While we all know, his earthly days are becoming few, this golden chalice is gifted to you by Grandmother Anna, Jesus, Mother Mary and the Creator in recognition and celebration of the soul incarnating, forming and developing within your womb now.

The presence of this soul is entering the world to carry forth and continue to anchor the fusion of the divine masculine and divine feminine, which you have both connected with and embodied within your being. She will reflect and emanate the essence of your sacred union with Jesus, the union of your souls as one soul, twin flames in full realization of each other.’

‘Thank you Maryham,’ Grandmother Anna spoke, ‘Mary Magdalene, you are aware of this we know, we simply felt guided to honour the child that will bless our family and to gift you with the golden chalice which will always remind you of her truth. One day Mary Magdalene, you will gift this golden chalice to your daughter when she conceives continuing to anchor the pure consciousness that you and Jesus have awoken within many upon the Earth. Please accept our gift and the love that flows with it.’

‘Thank you all, I feel truly blessed, I gratefully receive your love, blessings, and the golden chalice, which I will safeguard for Sar’h,’ Mary Magdalene stood to receive the golden chalice, then wrapping her arms around me as tears rolled down her cheeks.

‘Sar’h!’ exclaimed Mother Mary, ‘What a beautiful and perfect name.’

‘Yes, we both received her name directly from her soul, it is her choosing, and it is most appropriate,’ shared Jesus.

Our community rose to their feet beginning to discuss the exciting news of a new baby being born into our community. I was congratulated many times for my expression of truth and the grace in which the essence of the child was anchored into all present. It meant that when Sar’h was born all would feel such a strong and meaningful connection with her. Our celebrations continued into the evening as we danced and sang until we could no longer, honouring and enjoying our divine connection with the Creator as it interweaved through our beings and lives with such perfection.


“A Glimpse into the Past by Maryham, A Gathering with Mary Magdalene and Jesus,” Channeled by Natalie Glasson, December 23, 2016, at

Sacred School of Omna

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Jesus’s Christmas Message: 2017 a Year of Extraordinary Fulfilment

Jesus postingJesus’s Christmas Message on the Winter Solstice   122116

Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda. I am Yeshua, I am Jesus, I am Yeshi. I am the eternal and infinite brother of your heart, the infinite and eternal companion of your soul, and whether you think of me as prophet or teacher or healer, I ask of you this day and every day to think of me as ally, as brother, as friend, as companion. Again I ask you to please come walk with me.

You know, so often I have heard the cries of your heart, we all have. The most consistent and persistent cry of your heart that we hear is that you are lonely, that you feel all alone, that you feel in so many ways that this is a solitary journey and that you are proceeding without the accompaniment you so yearn for. And yet, here I am and I do not even approach you alone; I approach you with legions, not only of magenta but of blue and pink, red and orange, my Mother, my Magdalena, my apostles, my disciples, my friends, all of us…we’re saying, “Hey, will you walk with me?”

In your mind and in your heart, when I pose this question to you, of course you always say, “Yes, I would love to!” And then you forget. We proceed as one circle, seen and unseen (yes I’m talking about us being seen as well) but together – you, as our ‘boots on the ground’ as it were, the Implementation Team of the Mother, the very creators of Nova Earth. I’m saying, “Will you walk with me? Or heck, can I walk with you?” How would you feel if I could just tag along? I won’t make a lot of fuss or muss…and then you will never have to feel or even sometimes believe that you are alone. You will never have to feel lonely, because my beloved friends, family, brothers and sisters, you have never been alone.

Now, I know because I have walked in your shoes, yes size 10! I have walked in your shoes, I know your position and I know what it is, even with your beloved by your side, to feel that you are alone and forgotten, that somehow the plan went awry, got screwed up, the angels and the archangels forgot or didn’t do their part and here you are stuck on this planet of bitterness, hatred and greed. That is not the truth; that is not the truth of love; that is not my truth and that is not our truth. So, think of me if you would as your constant companion, I will honor your privacy, I will honor your sacred space, but I am with you…we are with you.

Now, let’s talk about a few things from my perspective, from the channel’s perspective, from the Mother and Father’s knowing. This has been nothing short of an extraordinary year. Yes, there are times when I joke and tease and say it is an extraordinary year because I wrote a book! But in fact it is a handbook for you to help guide you so that you know the tools and the perspective that you carry to bring forth the love and joy that is not only your birthright, but is the natural state of being…that is your natural state so why would you not want to live in it?

Now, does it appear that there is a great deal of chaos still upon your planet? The answer of course is yes. I am neither blind nor deaf and we would not wish to pretend that the chaos is not present and we have talked already to you a great deal about this. But, let me suggest to you again, not only is your natural sense of being full of love and joy, you are naturally, inherently, in your very beingness, not simply spiritually but physically, fundamentally an inter-multi-dimensional being. That is the construct of this planet. That is the very definition of what it means to be human.

So, it isn’t something that you need to learn, it isn’t something that you need to be taught. What you are doing is remembering and embodying it in ways that it hasn’t been embodied in thousands and thousands and thousands of years. To be inter-dimensional is to be very fluid and Einstein has given you some wonderful explanations. Yes, that you will find online on the Council of Love. He has given you some explanations and ways in which to conceive of your inter-dimensionality.

But let us start with this very point of you asking what lies ahead for 2017. Your sense of inter-dimensional slippage that many of you have been experiencing, of spaciness, forgetfulness, the “I don’t know where I am or what I’m doing feeling” has been growing. However, remember that the clarity of the Mother is always and constantly being infused into you. It was part of Her Tsunami of Love and it is part of the Tsunami of One that is continuing to this very moment.

This sense of clarity of being inter-dimensional, of being fluid, in the flow of dimensions is becoming your normal state of being in 2017. This is particularly true for you who are light-holders, love beings, because you are slightly ahead of the wave, you have already brought into your being that heart consciousness. This is an enormous expansion, yes, what the channel has referred to as explosion. You are the light!

Let me digress for a moment…Gabrielle has told you very clearly, particularly with her recent attunement, you are in the throes of ascension. Now, Gabrielle is the communicator. Her usage of words and terminology is very specific. So, when she said ‘you are in the throes of ascension’ what do you think she meant? She is not talking about the smooth passage, the process of ascension, she is talking about the final push, the birthing and the rebirthing of you, my beloved family, and of this human race that we refer to as Gaians.

What is ascension? You know when I spoke to the people 2000+ years ago I tried to keep it simple and that is a good rule of thumb even today in 2017. Ascension is the conscious heart living of love. It is the expanded heart consciousness. When you are fully in your heart consciousness, what happens? A number of things get triggered. Your intellect, your mental capacity and what you think of as emotional capacity is cleared. Your intellect, your mental capacity expands phenomenally. Your ability to understand, to perceive, to see and to truly feel the love – not simply romantic love – that you begin to engage in – and so did I – at around twelve or fifteen or twenty-four.  You become the love, you are the love. This isn’t something again that you are needing to be taught, it is your fundamental self, it is who you are.

My beloveds, you, each of you that I speak to, that I walk with, you are the fulfillment of the Mother’s Dream, the Mother’s Promise. You are the fulfillment of the Plan. Now, we have said this to you in so many ways…what I began and I might even say in a modest way compared to what you are going to do…what I began all those years ago – and I do not just mean me, I mean Mohammad and the Buddhas, Shirdi Sai Baba, St. Germaine, St. Teresa, St. Catherine, Joan of Arc, Sitting Bull – what we began you are finishing. Now I do not mean the end of the world – quite the contrary – I mean the restoration of Gaia. And what does that restoration mean? It is the means the fulfillment Mother’s Plan.

You and I were never just an experiment. It wasn’t ‘let’s try this and see how it works’. Now, with the element of free will, have there been some experiments? Yes, but they have been of human making. In various discussions, it was important that you understood that the false grids and the paradigms of the old Third Dimension (lack and limitation, death, destruction, poverty, blame, shame, abuse, control, you name it) were deviations, scenic detours that the humans took.

But that’s not the truth of who you are, of who we are, of what this unfoldment and Plan is all about. So, while many of those things have and are playing out, they are doing so that they can be eliminated, so the illusion can be eliminated – not the memory. It is important to remember these things, not as front and center but enough that you don’t repeat.

What is coming forth is that courage and kindness, comfort and joy, for you to be the fullness of that heart consciousness, so that you take the molecules, the atoms, the sub-atomic particles of this creative chaos and mold them. You shape them and you bring them to the form of structure, of institutions, of buildings, of environments, of relationships, that are based on love, where there is simply no room for anything else.

It isn’t about a lack of tolerance for anything else. It’s simply the choice to live in joy. It’s the choice to proceed in ways that you promised the Mother and I certainly promised the Mother eons ago. Before you got here each of you, each of you were chosen and selected and yes, volunteered because there is no coercion on this side –  there never is. It was each of you saying ‘it’s important enough to me, as human, as earth-keeper, as hybrid, as full blown star beings, what is about to happen and transpose upon this planet is of such enormity, Mother, it is important to me, not only in service to you but to me that I go and that I be permitted, allowed, encouraged, supported to be part of this Implementation team.’

This was you saying “I want to see Peace on Earth. I want to see the end of violence. I want to see economic freedom. I want to see political freedom. I want to see stability. I want to experience and taste and know what Peace on Earth is, including peace with our star family as they share the wealth of their experiences with us.” So, it is not just the humans as you think of it who said ‘oh I’ll go’, it was many.

So, in so many ways, 2016 was a clean-up year. It was a year of extraordinary change for everything that has been hidden…and I don’t mean false news and false accusations, I mean what is hidden in the hearts of human beings, in the egos and the egocentric behaviors [that have] come to the surface. It was time for this to come to the surface so that it can be readily identified.

Change is in the very air you are breathing. Of course, there is always that internal/external breathe in/breathe out; that is change in its most fundamental patterning, and that my friends is the pattern, the grid, of the Mother. So, you are born and reborn in every breath. But I am also talking bigger than simply breathing.

Everything is coming to the forefront. You say, “Well, Yeshi, not everything…we didn’t have the fulfillment of what we’re waiting and hoping for.” How can you have a beautiful party and a global celebration if you haven’t cleaned house? That is what has been going on and you have been learning and accepting this expansion, this redefinition to your core of who you are. You’ve been having these senses of such love, not just emotion, or ‘I think I’m in love,’ I am talking about the truth of love, I am talking about extraordinary love, I’m talking about true love and the true love that I feel for you.

In 2016 you’ve been trying on your set of creator clothes…and darling, you’re looking fabulous! They fit you to a tee. Now you are ready to go out in the biggest sense, whether it is through a smile to a neighbor or to address the United Nations. You are prepared to go out and model these clothes, you’re prepared to go out and show the truth of who you are, gently and kindly.

There were times, and my trusty apostles were very good in reporting such, when I felt anger and distrust, distain and disappointment. These are not criminal acts, but it is also, my beloved friends, not where you want to live. So, there is that shedding of that old skin, there is the shedding of your old self and the embrace, the acceptance, the allowance, and the anchoring of your huge interdimensional, multidimensional self who lives in the fullness of heart consciousness. As you are doing that, you are doing that for millions.

You had surprised us when you had said you were going to ascend as one collective. As one who has walked as man and known the trials of that, I was touched to the core of my being because it was what I worked for. It is what I have always hoped for. When I have said ‘love your neighbor as you love yourself’ I wasn’t saying well, love some of your neighbors and leave the rest behind. Those I had difficulty with, some of the Romans, some of the Pharisees, some of the Rabbis, heck, some of my relatives, I wanted them all to know love. And that’s what you’re doing; you’re the fulfillment, in this year, not some distant time, you are the fulfillment of what I started so long ago. Thank you.

That is why I asked to tag along. That is why I offer, why I hold out my hand, my arm, in love, friendship and kinship. You are doing this in form, as humans, but never, never (think of it – that is a long time!) never have you been more accompanied in and out of form. More and more of you are seeing us and I tell you, I can’t wait to be seen.

It is going to be a year of extraordinary fulfillment…so get ready! You’re dressed, put your boots on because we’re ready. I love you, I have always loved you. I always will love you. I also have this enormous faith in you…we all do. So, go into the silence, go into the spaciousness, reset, as your year of extraordinary change comes to a close and get ready, my beloveds, for that extraordinary fulfillment.

Go with our love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.

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Heavenletter #5877 Love Expressed Again and Again, December 27, 2016

Heavenletters™, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
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God is always bringing us closer to Him.
Heavenletter #5877 Love Expressed Again and Again, December 27, 2016

God said:

If you don’t like the word gratitude, then think of the word appreciate in the case that you are more comfortable with the word appreciate.

What are they, these words, but a recognition of a gift dropped off to you? The recognition of a gift is a notice, a little nod, or perhaps even a blink of joy that says: “You gave me something. I received it. I am glad. You gave me a chance to look up.”

It is not downplaying yourself to express thanks to anyone. You are not too busy. Life is meant to be simple. Every one of My children is meant to be star-crossed. There is love in the stars perpetuated on Earth.

Everyone recognizes the great gift a plucked dandelion is that a little child hands to his mother. It takes no thought. The dandelion is a pure direct gift from the child’s heart. The dandelion wants to be given, and the child hands forth his heart. The dandelion is a declaration of the child’s love ringing over the Universe. Love is declared, and all hear the ringing of the bells whether they are consciously aware of this or not. Love reverberates. Everything reverberates. Everything is heard everywhere. Everyone is affected.

The Kohinoor diamond could not be a greater gift than the yellow dandelion. A diamond may not be nearly as great a gift as the child’s offering of the dandelion. A young child has no pause between wanting to spread joy and the declaration of it. The gift of a dandelion is Oneness signaled.

It is natural for a child of God to give from his heart, and it is natural for the receiver of a gift to acknowledge his recognition of the gift. Someone gives a gift, and the receiver says, “Thanks.” One gives, one receives, and both are as One. Both are saying, “Thanks.”

Giving a gift and the appreciation are One and the Same. A gift is given. Thanks are given. Oneness of Heart gives thanks for Oneness.

No gift is little. No act is little. The simplest acts may be great. How easy it is to bless the world and all who find themselves in the world. All may not know what on Earth they are doing here, how on Earth they got here, yet everyone is here to appreciate, as I appreciate the world I made and you. And you.

How brave it is for you to be in the world, and how propitious. You wear no armor. You carry no sword. You live in the world, and you smooth the way for all. Your Presence is a gift. You are here on Earth for a purpose. Across the board, your purpose is to bless and to spread joy.

Your gifts are lasting. The gifts you gave years ago may be remembered now long after you forgot about giving them. In this way, you are thought of. The gift you give is always yourself and not the object you hand over.

You may never know how great a gift you gave. You may never know what the gift you gave might have meant to the receiver or how it may have lifted his life. A gift is a live thing. A gift represents you. A gift is a great thing. If only you dared to declare love all the time by your very presence.

How did self-consciousness enter into the world? When did giving gifts become a production? When did Life lose its spontaneity? When did the natural become thought-out? When did giving gifts become expected, and gifts had to be good enough, fit into a mold, and be wrapped just so? When did there become a pattern for gift-giving rather than impulse?

How do you get back to the bounty main of your heart? When do you bless yourself next with love expressed and expressed again and again?
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