A Second Lightworker Pitfall



A Second Lightworker PitfallAnother fear I have besides a fear of self-importance and entitlement (1) is a fear of ridicule. I fear that I’ll be deemed out of touch with reality because I tell a business associate that I work for the Divine Mother. (Ooops!) Or blurt out to another what Archangel Michael said. (Uhhhhh…..) (2) I’ve always […] click on picture for original

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What is “Divine Authority”?



What is “Divine Authority”?The Divine Mother urged us to take up our divine authority on An Hour with an Angel recently. “Build what is divinely beautiful. I give you my divine authority to do so. I will guide you. I will help you. But I entrust this to you as well. … “We are helping you. That gateway […] CLICK ON PICTURE FOR ORIGINAL

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Heavenletter #5968 Get Off the Couch, March 28, 2017

Heavenletter #5968 Get Off the Couch, March 28, 2017

God said:
Beloveds, if you use half My suggestions, you will be heads and heels ahead. You will knowingly thrive. You will use gobs more of your potential and less over-thinking.

As it is, likely you start from a certain dogged approach to Life. You learned to see Life in a certain way. In many instances, the way you learned to think is not in your best interest. There are other ways to think. Go ahead, gain a new slant on Life in the world.

The Life on Earth before you isn’t guaranteed to be a certain way. There is no guarantee that your Life will be a piece of cake. On the other hand, Oneness is 100% guaranteed. Infinity is guaranteed. Your Life will be worth it.

Change your thoughts, and you will make a difference to your Life on Earth, this Life on Earth you live right now. Right now you are passing through Life every which way. You are on, and you are off, and you may not always know which. Do not be so quick rejecting opportunities that Life offers you.

I also say that you are where you are supposed to be. I will point out, however, that you may have a long learning curve. You may think too long and too hard. Whether your thoughts are deliberated or spontaneous, either way, after the fact, there are alternatives that you see that you might wish you had chosen before if only you had thought of them, true?

Meanwhile, I ask you to not to look back. Your Life right now is what matters. It matters tremendously to you. It matters to those around you whether they know this or not. It matters to those far away from you. Just as the air you breathe has been everywhere in the far-flung Universe – this is the very air you are breathing this moment — just so, the furthermost parts of the Earth are breathing in your thoughts.

Let a dream rise, and it can be realized.

If you have led an unhappy Life – many would raise their hands now – you can change that. You can lead a happy Life. The outside does not have to change. You can live in the same house with the same people, and all your life and theirs can change because of your new thoughts and influence. Little by little, and you are ahead.

With a change in your perspective, what makes you unhappy now does not have to make you unhappy tomorrow. Give up trying to change the outside of others. Change how you look at supposed others. As you see differently, that which appears before you, is changed. This change in you doesn’t come from effort. Goodness knows, you have been trying hard for a long time. The change comes from a change within you.

Now let go. Forget that which you once considered the causes of your unhappiness. Change 1% of your outlook today. Tomorrow change another per cent. I am telling you, dear human Beings, to get new glasses. How you see is powerful.

You know there are people who live in great mansions. They have no financial worries. They may have fame and fortune and everything you would like. All that you think will make you happy may make you happy for a while. You like the new, and, you want changes to arise from outside, and, yet, in the long run, not much in the world is as momentous as it is cracked up to be. The people who live in the big mansions may not even be as happy as you are right now. Allow your happiness now.

Get off the couch.

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Mother Mary via Pamela Kribbe: The Two Faces of God

Mother Mary via Pamela Kribbe: The Two Faces of God

Dear, beautiful men and women, I am here with joy. During one of my lives on Earth, my name was Mary. I am now here with you in spirit, heart to heart. See me as an equal, as a friend, a sister. I am here in your midst with a feeling of joy and enthusiasm […] click on picture for origin

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How the Law of Free Will Operates – Part 3/3


Full bibliographic entries appear below.

Can we lose our free will?

Jesus through John Smallman: You always have free will. It can never be taken from you.

However, to reclaim it demands honesty and integrity, and doing so demonstrates that you have been corrupted, so that your image is severely tarnished, and it is likely that you will never again be trusted.  —-click on picture for original

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How the Law of Free Will Operates – Part 2/3



How the Law of Free Will Operates – Part 2/3Full bibliographic entries appear below. (Continued from Part 1, yesterday.) How are things, really, with us? What’s the true picture? Jesus through John Smallman: Most of you believe that where you are situated in that power structure is as a result of your family’s place in that structure, modified by your own intellectual abilities and […] click on picture for original

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Council of Love: Spring Equinox Celebration!


Council of Love: Spring Equinox Celebration!>Spring Equinox Celebration!  13 Chakra Activation & Balancing Time Again for Spring Cleaning! Join Linda Dillon for the Council of Love’s FREE Spring Equinox Chakra-Clearing webinar. In this year of the fulfillment of the Mother’s Plan it is vital that our energy portals be clear, balanced and ready for action. We are holding higher frequencies more then ever […] click on picture for original

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Heavenletter #5954 Be What You Seek, March 14, 2017







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Heavenletters™, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
* Our connection to God *
* Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.

God said:
What wonders fill your Life right now? What are you glad about today? What matters to you right now? What manna from Heaven reaches you right now? What desires for good do you keep alive in your heart?

Dear One, think along this way: Whatever goodness and mercy and joy that have reached you, recycle them. For goodness sakes, toss out what gave you heartache. You owe yourself this much.

Ah, in Life as you may live your Life, what you don’t have may seem more consequential to you than what you do have. If your mind is on worry, you may be sure you are thinking along the lines of fear and lack and all that which blocks you from realizing your desires.

Perhaps your cup runneth over right now with what you have not yet recognized. Even a push in an adverse direction is guiding you to go higher. Well, then, go higher.

Respect your existence today. Respect even the hard times. Looking back, you might even long for some of the goodness you skipped over so intent were you on the wrongs.

A sense of gratitude will lift your Life in the world. Gratitude will deliver great treasure to you. Gratitude itself is a great gift. Feeling ungrateful delivers woe. Guaranteed. Discover that for which you can be grateful.

Between your being good-natured or grouchy, which comportment delivers what you want? Which do you want to meet around the corner? Be what you want to meet. Don’t be what you don’t want to meet. Inevitably, it is yourself you will meet around the corner.

Be grateful, and, then, you will see that more to be grateful for will walk into your Life. Goodness and mercy will pile upon you. Goodness and mercy are piling up right now if you would but see. Look at your daily life with your eyes wide open. Welcome life to you as it is. Life has riches for you. Get over the concept of blame.

If you hold on to being ungrateful, more of that which to be ungrateful for will blithely into your life. This is a formula.

Oh, yes, in the relative world, everything is relative. Life is as you see it. Perhaps you don’t see well enough. Perhaps, instead of seeing all the opportunity that surrounds you, you are bent on keeping score. Turn over a new leaf. Engage in noticing blessings. By your presence, make the world a welcoming place.

If you are good at yelling foul, find blessings instead. This is how you bless the world. We are speaking of Consciousness. Go ahead and bless the world in silence, and bless the world through your view of it. Expand your horizons, and so expand the Universe.

If you want to be blessed, bless the world. There are as many ways to bless as there is to struggle. Drop the struggle, and bless the world. I never told you to take it upon yourself to condemn the world by proving the wrongs of others. Proving the wrongs of others is much like vengefulness, beloveds. Don’t give wrongs the time of day.

If you want to understand the world better, let go of preconceived ideas. Reclaim the world.

Have more confidence in yourself and not squander your Life on the offenses of others.

Be secure in Me.

Rise. Be what you seek.

Keep your eyes open. Be open. Look forward to today which has not yet unfolded itself. Look for the good. Look for the silver lining. Be gracious to the clouds. If you can’t feel gracious to the clouds, welcome them anyway. The clouds won’t stay very long. They will turn into blue sky and sunshine soon enough.

You are meant to be a Great Light on Earth. Shine your light. Start right now.

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Energy Burst Needs are Refined


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Life Tapestry Creations - Blog Banner LTCLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black Photo

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com

Summary of Brenda’s March 10, 2017, channeled 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman:   Perhaps you’ve displaying unexpected actions or reactions. Such is so because you dared to incorporate segments necessary for this earth life. Once you allowed yourself enough self-love to accept the gifts of those lives without fear, you became a different being. You’re a more complete entity than ever before while of the earth, so you have a different response to stimuli. You’re new you. 

“We’ve Graduated to Universal Adulthood” is the title of this week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly, channeled blog for www.LifeTapestryCreations.com.

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

It is not necessary to assume you have to float within new energies if you wish to be of 5D or more. Just as you do not need to like every food placed before you.

There are no longer shoulds of any kind within your being or your life on earth in this lifetime. Perhaps the new energies feel comfortable and so you will partake of them as is best for your being. Or perhaps the energies are not a need for you at this time or ever.

Before you were a 5D adult, you were spoon fed baby food as such. Every energy burst was essential to your development.

You are now a 5D adult or beyond so you can eat cake for breakfast if you wish or nothing at all.

So it is that your energy requests and needs have become more refined and specific to your role. Even though we will continue to send energies to earth, that does not mean you need or want the energies that arrive.

This is a global transition. So it is that some are just starting their transition, others are in the midst of it, and still others, like you, have different energy needs than the masses.

You will discern which energies you accept or utilize and which you have little need to adapt to.

All of which will occur within you so there is no need for you to be concerned about determining which energy bursts are appropriate for you. And you will know via your joy.

Perhaps you or one of your favorite channels note that the next few days will be filled with new energies or something of a similar nature. There is no need for you to prepare other than being open, as usual, to your joy. For your inner-being has become so tuned to your personal needs that all is taken care of without much input from you.

Maybe you are concerned that you will be blindsided because you did not prepare for an energy burst. Such is not the case for you now or anytime in the future. You are at the level of Universal sophistication in which you select the energies that are right for you – just as you react differently as an adult in a free candy store than you would as a young child.

You are now a Universal adult – meaning you can trust yourself and your actions. You no longer need to ask someone how or when to act. Any more than you now ask your next door neighbor when you should eat or what television shows you can watch.

And while it is true that this current energy burst might be dramatic for you – it is also true that you might not even notice it occurred. And so it is you are at a different place in your transition than most of humanity.

Allow it to be that others might be overwhelmed, changing, or fearful for you were once at the same place. It is all part of the global transition that you initiated eons ago.

If you interact with those who are in fear, you are to function as a Universal adult instead of a youth learning how to cope. That does not mean you will remove their fears, but instead allow them to know that you experienced the same on your journey to Universal adulthood.

So it is that this is a new world with inhabitants growing and evolving daily.

And so it is you also continue to evolve at the pace that is correct for you and in the ways that bring you joy instead of fear or anger. So be it. Amen.

http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com. If you would like to receive Brenda’s Blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog & Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

Copyright 2009-2017, Brenda Hoffman. All rights reserved. Please feel free to share this content with others, post on your blog, add to your newsletter, etc., but maintain this article’s integrity by including the author/channel:  Brenda Hoffman & source website link:   http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com

All Roads Lead to Home


All Roads Lead to HomeA few days ago, I said that mine was the awareness path and so I probably would not be seeing a form of God or a transcendent Light. Rather my awareness would deepen in a transformative way. However, I remarked, all roads lead to Home. I’d like to expand on that remark. Sri Ramakrishna, an […] click on picture for original

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Heavenletter #5952 Enough of Your Objections to Life, March 12, 2017







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Heavenletters™, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
* Our connection to God *
* Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.

God said:
It is not so hard to find a passion. What you have to do is to let go of all the objections in the world to it. Therefore, let objections go.

It’s not necessary for fathers of sons to regulate what star their sons are to follow.

For instance, a college professor would want his son to follow in his footsteps. The son might desire this for himself as well, or he might not. He could be many things, yet what he chooses to become, let’s say, is a fisherman.

Is it the sea he loves? Is his choice to assert himself to his father? In any case, to be a fisherman is his choice – or is it his destiny?

Some good people skip around in their choices, for their choices do not always stay. They may feel a need to choose as they choose when they choose. Or perhaps their choices are more likely something that happens to them. They simply find themselves in a different place, something like falling in love or falling out of love. It happens.

From the outside, a father could view the son as frittering his life away, yet who has the right to determine the Will of another? Who is closer to merit than another? The judger or the judged? Does one win and the other lose? Who can really account for anyone’s life and all that befalls?

Maybe you made a choice in another lifetime, and your choice occurs now in this lifetime. What is not possible in this world that suits you or doesn’t suit you?

How might your life turn around tomorrow and play out in a different style from what you are familiar with. A poor man can become wealthy, and a rich man can become poor. And, all in all, who from the outside can determine which is which or which is right or not. Oh, yes, your preference may be clear and may include its own failings. No one knows.

So this is why you take everything in your stride. If you are wealthy, rise above your wealth. If you are without money, rise above being without money.

Do you even really know the life you want, or do you just think you do?

What do you think you have too much of or not enough of? Whose bank accounts are equal, and what makes you certain they ought to be? Who has the say? Awake instead.

What treasure will tomorrow bring you? What treasure will you overlook? What will you behold, and what will you behold not?

Upon what does your life depend? Upon what do you think your life depends?

In the final analysis, your life depends on you. You may wonder about this because there is only so much you have a say in. You don’t want anyone to say to you that you deserved what the world calls misfortune or that you didn’t deserve your good fortune. Must Life be about a discussion of merit or failings?

In any case, you are the one who can say after the fact that one thing was a blessing and another was not. Later on, you could change your mind.

Whatever occurs, intend in your Life that you have picked a plum. Without resistance, you can herald the world as it presents itself to you. In any case, your life on Earth is something. No matter what, your Life is remarkable. You can make a great pie from only a few ingredients, and you can burn a steak. You can also be unaffronted by what occurs in life.

Ice cream can melt. Bread may be frozen. You may have eaten too much or not enough.

It’s okay for Life to be just as it is. You can be alive to complain or to be glad that you are given many opportunities to grow and appreciate all the twists and turns and ins and outs of this unique life that happens to be called yours.

Be wary of not encouraging anyone to feel sorry for you.

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Repost: The Divine Mother : Assume Your Divine Authority

Repost: The Divine Mother: Assume Your Divine AuthorityFolks, I feel a strong urge to repost this section of the Divine Mother’s transcript from An Hour with an Angel recently, to make sure that anyone who didn’t get a chance to read it when it first came out gets a chance. Soon we’ll find ourselves in a position of saying to ourselves: By […] click on picture for original

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AHWAA: Archangel Michael on the Source of Power and Authority

AHWAA: Archangel Michael on the Source of Power and AuthorityArchangel Michael joined us on today’s Hour with an Angel to discuss the right use of power. Following on from the Divine Mother’s clarion call to us to assume our divine authority and build her something beautiful (Nova Earth), (1) he asked us to recognize our power and use it in the service of the […]  click on picture for original

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 10 March 2017

Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 10 March 2017

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Mike Quinsey

You have been told many times that nothing is really as it seems as you have created your own reality. It reflects exactly how you have understood your needs and how to cater for them. You have also been inspired to seek the best results that will have gradually moved you onwards and upwards at an ever increasing pace. Progress has of course been ably assisted by the incarnation of souls who have been able to inspire you to greater and better things. However, as you all have freewill the final choice has been yours, but those who have ruled from high positions have not always made decisions that have been in your best interests. For century after century you have been subjected to many wars and the resultant death and chaos, that has been coming again and again on the wheel of cause and effect.

However, of recent times a new level of consciousness has become sufficiently powerful to provide the energies of change. As a result the people have spoken and are demanding a new path for Humanity that leads to peace on Earth. You have been made aware of the many demonstrations against the authorities that tend to ignore the will of the people. They will continue to take place until their demands are listened to and action taken. Be assured that you the people have enormous power to affect change, so use it wisely and you will reap success.

Meantime, more changes that will aid your advancement are becoming made known, and many that have been deliberately suppressed will also be unveiled. Progress into the New Age will come regardless of any attempts by the dark Ones to stop it. It is becoming evident that you are beginning to identify the shortcomings in various industries that seem to have stagnated, and still living in the past. Much of that is because they do not wish to give up lucrative sources of profit, and in so doing deny you progress into the New Age that could offer you a far better deal. Change will however come whether or not it is welcomed by them, as it is time to move on and enjoy the benefits of improvements and inventions that will lift up the quality of your lives.

With the leaking of official documents you are being given sight of information that the secret services would prefer that you did not see. They are revealing how the people of Earth are gradually being less able to enjoy privacy, and are being spied upon whilst carrying out normal every day functions. Such revelations are made possible through people you call “whistle blowers” who are protected because of their important work. They have revealed exactly what has been occurring and it is important that you know. It shows that secret activities have gone beyond the necessity for them and infringed upon your rights. The more things are uncovered the more you will demand a stop to the spying, and eventually it will be so. In the future when the vibrations have lifted up, there will be no necessity for such methods of control.

By visualising the future you bring it into being, so the more people that know the truth the quicker it shall manifest. The energy of your thoughts is constantly shaping your future, and as time passes it will become essential that you maintain a positive level where such things are concerned. Thoughts are real and have always shaped your future, and as the vibrations lift up will become much more potent. For example you will become healers using your power of thought and even greater things, and that is why you sometimes use the phrase “that faith can move mountains”. In fact in the future your power of thought will enable you to perform instant healing, and with your power of visualisation to also replicate items. You are already creating for your future, so be careful what you wish for as it may come true.

As you begin to understand more about your true potential, so your thoughts will become more specific and purposeful. The more you can see every living form in terms of Universal Love, the more you will contribute to the harmony and love around you. Life becomes a joy and so rewarding that you enjoy constant happiness. Needless to say, it is obviously helped by the presence of other souls who are also of a higher vibration. The cycle that you have just completed is a pale reflection of your true reality, but from here on things are changing for the better as the vibrations continue to rise up.

For eons of time you have had successive incarnations where you have been held down, and led to believe that you were subservient to those in power. However, with your recent awakening you have realised that you have so much more potential that has been held back. Given the opportunity you will now progress at a quicker rate and achieve whatever goals you aim for, with no limit to your ambitions. Naturally since the advent of education for all people, the Human Race has been able to achieve greater and quicker advancements. In time you could be “programmed” for whatever tasks you have elected to carry out, thus saving an enormous amount of time.

It is as well that you learn of how the future for mankind is likely to develop, and in that way you can prepare for whatever path you choose. The opportunities are endless and it is as well to remind you that you will have more than ample time to experience whatever you have planned. The Earth has been a school for those who have aspired to greater things than it had to offer, and it is your experiences that will have prepared you for your intended future.

Follow your own intuition as to the best way to advance yourself, as each soul is unique and has its own path to follow. Some may be very similar and at times you may unite with other souls who are like you. At all times you will get plenty of help and need not concern yourself as to how you will achieve your ambitions. The Earth souls are only a short way along the path of evolution and will get help to make progress as required to continue it.

Once you know exactly what you want out of life on Earth, your plans will become focussed upon success and there is no reason why you should not succeed. All souls get the same opportunity to continue their evolution, and failure does not come into it as you are helped all of the way.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


Website: Tree of the Golden Light


What a Great Fire


What a Great FireWhat a great fire a little spark lighteth. I’m still feeling the aftereffects of the glimpse of the Natural Self in mid-February. (1)  I still feel myself expanding. This is the real hydration, not the Reval, the real multiplication of our spiritual currency. I see that Galea in her transcript talked about Porlana C as […]click on picture for original

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Love: My New Religion

Love: My New Religion“Buddha was not a Buddhist, Jesus was not a Christian, Muhammad was not a Muslim. They were Teachers who taught love.” (Source) Religion overcomplicates a simple message: live from the heart. Letting love and compassion guide your thoughts, actions, and intentions is the most authentic way to connect with the Source, as rather than forced […] click on picture for original

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Heavenletter #5948 Living on the Beach of Life, March 8, 2017

Heavenletters™, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
* Our connection to God *
* Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.

God said:
You favor the concept of more and more. You live this concept of more and more. There is something you can’t quite put your finger on, yet you crave it. More wealth, more food, more stimulation, more sedatives, more and more “something”, and yet nothing seems to satisfy. Whatever this more and more you crave may be, you don’t have enough of it. Something is missing — something you are meant to have and you don’t see that you do.

You know you don’t want to slough off on Life. You don’t want to be idle in Life. Perhaps it is a High Purpose that you are missing. You don’t exactly want to drift from day to day. Oh, you might wish to be at the beach every day, basking in the Sun, yet you don’t even live near the ocean, or you may even drive by it every day on your way to work where you feel cooped up.

It’s possible that your Life on Earth is simply a search, yet what you are searching for, you don’t quite know. No one knows, yet you keep seeking.

As you desire more and more, even as you don’t know what it is, you are seeking it. What you crave could be more of Me, more closeness with Me, yet you may find yourself stuck, unable to establish yourself in more of Me. You wish, yet you perhaps feel that your pocket of God has a hole in it. No matter how you wish and how you try, you are not aware of More of Me. Unwittingly, you just haven’t had the deep pleasure of Me. You would if you could.

Whatever it is that you crave, you haven’t grasped it, and you really don’t know its name. You may live with this sense of not quite touching that which you are supposed to have — or supposed to give.

There is something about Life that you want more and more of. No matter how forlorn your present Life may feel, you want to live longer and find this buried treasure you are seeking. Somehow, no matter what, you just can’t seem to get enough Sun, even when you lounge at the beach all day.

Everyone is at the Beach of Life. There is no absence. There is the Ocean, and there is a shore, yet you feel you are not quite where you belong to be.

Your search is for more of your Self. You eat, yet not enough of the Fruits of Life. Perhaps Love passed you by. No matter how much Love, it is not enough. You are seeking still and left wanting.

There has to be more to Life than what you have, probably more than you seek. You see hints of this missing factor. You have had glimpses, yet glimpses are not enough.

What is it that is not enough? Not even satisfaction today is enough, for you know there is greater satisfaction.

Well, dear ones, perhaps Life itself is the Chase of a Lifetime, and you chase a dream. Beloveds, you are supposed to dream. Dreaming seems to be as close as you have come. How would you seek unless there were indeed something to seek? You are designed to seek more and more Joy until you discover that you are the Joy you seek.

Dream your Joy, and so call it to you.

You have held the idea that you are supposed to have Endless Joy — and you are right. Pull yourself closer to Joy. Get Joy. Satisfaction is not quite enough for My children. Yes, it is Joy you seek, Unlimited Joy. Joy is Truth. Despite yourself, have Joy. Give yourself Joy. Big Self, little self, give yourself Joy.

Joy is in this moment, Beloveds. Take Joy in this Moment of Infinity, for you reside in Infinity.

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Shocking Proof of God’s Existence Inside the Human Body

Shortlink :http://wp.me/p2wHrN-7mw

Hilda van der Laan shared Fragrance Of Flowers’s video.

Shortlink : http://wp.me/p2wHrN-7mp


My thought about this Video is:  GOD´S BEAUTY OF LOVE IN NATURE !

or. ” Nature is praising THE ONE CREATOR ”

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“Creation Energies” by Brenda Hoffman



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Life Tapestry Creations - Blog Banner LTCLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black Photo

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com

Summary of Brenda’s March 3, 2017, channeled 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman:   The next few days, you’ll shift within yourself declaring, “Not on my watch, my earth. I’ve worked too hard for eons not to experience the peace, love, joy, and sparkles of New Earth in this lifetime.” And so it is, you’ll communicate with others via your inner voice and demolish the last vestiges of 3D earth that control you and others.

“This is Our Earth Now!” is the title of this week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly, channeled blog for www.LifeTapestryCreations.com.

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

The next few days might be trying because some of you are shifting your being in ways you did not imagine possible when you entered earth in this lifetime – as if shedding your original skin to form a new being out of dust.

When you entered earth in this lifetime, you were a human being with karma from past experiences and with human DNA. You are no longer that being.

For you are adapting to your new Universal being. Your Universal segments from many planets and other locations are now part of your original human. And your DNA adapted to accept that number and range of segments. Before achieving that segment increase, you eliminated the karma, the continuous loops that have been your past human experiences.

You are no longer a human. Even though that thought might be frightening to some, it is time to glory in all you can now achieve. For you are no longer you – the human you – of last year or the year before.

Perhaps you are ‘chomping at the bit’ to explore your new being. Much as an infant explores it’s environment once it moves about on its own. You wish to try this, this and this. And so you will. But unlike an infant, you will not experiment, taste, try, and explore for years before becoming an adult. Instead, this exploration piece you are most likely in will be short-lived. For you have tested yourself for months knowing that you were approaching this piece of Universal maturity.

As if you enrolled in a geometry class and you hired a tutor to help you explore the basics before the first day of that geometry class.

You have experimented for months with joy, learning what brings a smile to your entity. And so it is you know the direction you will focus upon, but you wish to taste, test a few additional pieces to see if tutoring included pieces you might wish to explore.

For some of your joy pieces have fallen by the wayside as others have captured more of your being. Such is neither here nor there for your new being other than helping you focus on what you wish to achieve now that you have transitioned from an earth being to a Universal being.

Perhaps you do not yet understand that most of you initiated this earth life with thoughts of remaining human instead of transitioning to a Universal being. You transformed yourself beyond your expectations, as well as ours.

Once you declared yourself a Universal being – after the innumerable obstacles along the way – you moved outside our realm of knowing who you would become. Just as humans cannot truly understand or know another human.

So it is you are flying free to explore your new environment. And even though we of the ethers are here to encourage, report new energy bursts and outline your possibilities, you have transitioned beyond what we know to be your next action or activity.

And so it is you must declare yourself free from all outside influences – including us of the ethers.

Perhaps this thought is frightening for you expect us to know more than you. You never expected you and those of the ethers to be equal. So just as you no longer need to give power to 3D humans, you no longer need or should give us more power than you.

We can inform you of our experiences and what we know is happening in the ethers that you might not yet allow yourself to know. But we cannot tell you who you are. Any more than you can tell your friend, spouse, co-worker or neighbor how they should respond to any stimuli.

We are equal to you. Not better nor worse – but equal. This will be difficult for those who expect us of the ethers to provide you with direction and purpose.

More than ever, you must depend on your joy to lead you for you have outgrown us, just as you once outgrew the directives of your parents.

For those of you frightened by this thought, remember the joy you felt when you realized you no longer needed to report your movements to your parents – that you were free to be you.

So it is you have transitioned to adulthood of the ethers. Even though you might not feel like an adult of the ethers, you will when you realize you no longer require constant watching.

You are becoming our tutors as we observe how you Universal adults acclimate to your new responsibilities and life. The key component of which is, “Where is your joy? Who are you now?” Not who you should be. Not who we of the ethers expect you to be, but who you truly are.

Perhaps you are concerned that your key role of transitioning earth/humanity to love and joy has been forgotten or lost. In truth, you are more qualified to do so now than was true when you entered earth in this lifetime. For you now have more skills than you or we thought possible when you first entered.

So it is that the crumbling of 3D will happen more rapidly than originally thought possible. Not only will you be instrumental in that crumbling, but you will be instrumental in creating New Earth as well as new Universal beings. And you will do so by following your joy.

Some of you are confused. For you cannot see the joy in current political actions – merely more infighting, anger, and rage. So it is you are physically shifting 3D earth. And as rapidly as you are shifting 3D now, you will create the Universal earth of love and joy – within this earth lifetime. For your skills are far beyond anything you or we once imagined.

You are learning to use new capabilities just as was true with your first job. And just as was true then, you cannot fully describe your job responsibilities to those who do not experience it.

You are you as a new physical and emotional Universal graduate. Enjoy your freedom – and the new capabilities you will exercise once you believe you have them and/or you are called upon to use them. So be it. Amen.

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Heavenletter #5947 Logic Goes Only So Far , March 7, 2017

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Heavenletters™, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
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God is always bringing us closer to Him.

God said:
Everyone on Earth wants to understand everything. You may say to yourself or to someone:

“If only I could understand. If only I could understand why such and such happened, why the flowers in my Life wilt, and why scrimmages and heartache befall to everyone, rich or poor. How can suffering exist at all, God, in a world You made for us to have joy in?”

Hark, Beloveds. It is your conjecture that your pinpointing a cause will make you feel better. All of Life, in terms of Earth vision, even if you could trace all the begats, so long as you uphold a sense of loss, your heart aches. In your terms, Life gives, and Life takes away, as if Life comes down to arithmetic.

There is a deep world belief in having to have and having to keep close by your side whatever you believe you possess. You keep it close to you for fear of Life’s taking it away from you at the other end of the rainbow.

If all of Life is but imagined, and the having to have is part of your imagined Life, then how can anything that does not exist be taken from you? Ah, logic goes only so far. When push comes to shove, logic does not serve.

At the same time, what exists in the world that is not just an idea? Therefore, have ideas that settle your grievances. Have acceptance rather than grievance. Grief does not have to be valued, nor would I ask that you be heartless and fluff off whatever occurs on Earth.

Go ahead, howl at what you see as loss. How many times must you howl? How long a period of non-existent time does the world say you are to howl? Even the world seems to say that a year is long enough to wear black, yet, even the world has not enacted this as a law, and, yet, even in this contemporary day and age, access to grieving is easy.

Of course, the grief you feel is not something you prolong at your insistence, and yet, your grief goes on and on and recurs even when you are not expecting it. Suddenly, grief rattles your heart. Put your arms around the grief, and then move on, for the sun is still shining.

Perhaps your grieving makes you feel closer to what matters to you.

Okay, so something meaningful to you is irreplaceable. There are no two alike. Life is a diamond with many facets. Do facets have to have names like sorrow and pain? Remembering makes your heart ache, and you live your life despite your heart’s aching.

Realization of forgetting also makes your heart ache, and you live your life despite this particular kind of ache. Ah, heartache carries its own sweetness. It tells you that once you had a great love or two or more.

The main thing is to make this Life you live today beautiful. It’s okay to grieve and still have a bounce in your step. It’s permissible to have several streams flowing at once in your Life, some free-flowing, some dammed up.

What does it mean that Life is what you make of it? This is true, isn’t it? Ah, Life also includes what you don’t make of it.

Make a truce with Life. Make peace with Life. Settle with Life at the same time as you don’t settle for the past. Sometimes Life is like a stranger you meet by the wayside.

You are enmeshed in Life. Life is your occupation. It is also your hobby. Life is the school you go to. Life is like a door ajar, and you are always invited to enter and make Life grand.

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Matthew Ward – March 6, 2017

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Everything in your world is heralding the changing of the guard, so to say. Overtly and covertly, action on many fronts is moving apace to free Earth from the elements that have kept her civilization in bondage for millennia. And, as vibrations rise, the polarization of philosophies and ideologies will thaw just as ice in the Polar Regions is and eventually there will be unity of spirit worldwide. The destiny of Earth’s peoples is to live freely, peacefully, prosperously and joyously in harmony with Nature, and we honor all souls who left their homelands to help the society create in linear time Earth’s Golden Age, the glorious world that is grandly flourishing in the continuum.

During the past months we have addressed your interests in global happenings and did so gladly, but we have neglected somewhat our messages’ primary purpose, to offer illumination and guidance pertinent to your evolutionary journey. Numerous emails sent to my mother include questions and comments that indicate misperceptions about ascension, a matter that is confusing to souls who are just awakening and perhaps also to some who are familiar with spiritual information. Ascension needs to be correctly understood, and in replying to all who wrote, we start with this recent email: “An acquaintance told me she read channeled messages stating that the Ascension event is going to happen soon. Why isn’t Matthew telling us about this and how to prepare for it?”

We don’t know what event other sources are referring to, so we shall tell you about ascension from our vantage point. First, there are two types, planetary and personal, and we begin with the former. About 80 years ago when Gaia, the soul that embodied as the planet now called Earth, cried out for help, the infusion of light from powerful civilizations that stabilized the severely weakened planet and prevented its flying into space and certain destruction also enabled it to jar loose from deep third density and start gradually rising. That was the beginning of planetary ascension location-wise.

Let us digress a moment to mention something that could be one point of confusion. Since both dimension and density are used in the context of ascension, it could be thought that they are different phases or aspects of this process instead of terms that have been used interchangeably. We add that density is the more scientifically accurate term because ascension is about energy, which cannot be measured in ways that are used to produce the dimensions of something, say a box or a plot of land.

Now then, Earth crossed the threshold of fourth density in December 2012 and will continue ascending until she is well within upper fifth density, where she originated. However, during the eons that the planet was spiraling downward into the depths of third density and was stuck there, Gaia remained at fifth density in soul evolvement status.

This brings us to personal ascension—a soul’s growth in spiritual and conscious awareness, or evolvement; this, too, is a process, not an event that would affect all peoples similarly and simultaneously. It is so that the energy surges Earth encounters are propitious events from which her humankind could benefit. But those strong bursts of energy intensify all characteristics and behavior, and while all individuals are reacting in accordance with their positive or negative basic inclinations, the planet continues its steady ascent into higher astral planes.

As to when personal ascension started, the massive light that saved Earth’s life about eight decades past was available to all her residents, so you could say that it began back then this time around for people who were receptive to the light. We say this time around because ascension, evolvement advancement, is the goal of every soul in every lifetime.

Each soul has its unique frequency, or energy streamer, that is steered by its attachments—the person’s thoughts, feelings and free will actions—into the many stages of growth within each density. Let me change “many” stages to “unlimited”—souls can regress during a great number of third-density lifetimes, and because they have all the opportunities they need to get back on track, by comparison other souls virtually dash from third density to fourth.

It is possible that the major cause of confusion about ascension is numbers. This universe doesn’t have numbered densities and neither do souls. We use numbers only to indicate Earth’s position or progress location-wise and to show evolutionary status or advancement of her humankind, and numbers of the latter can differ markedly while Earth’s location number remains the same.

The reality is, this universe is pure energy flowing with no demarcations between a lower density’s “last” streamers and the “first” of the next higher density, but rather there is a blending of the streamers because their vibratory rates are so similar. That is why you saw no dramatic changes on December 21, 2012, or in the days and weeks that followed even though Earth had started orbiting in the lowest plane of fourth density. And regardless of where the planet is, personal ascension can occur. Even during the long ages that Earth was mired in the depths of third density, some souls—God’s special messengers, other emissaries and visionaries—ascended during their light-filled lifetimes.

So then, how do you prepare for ascension? It is as simple as living in godly ways, or, as God said, “Be kind.”

“How many more years will it take Earth to reach her destination?” If there is a definitive answer, we don’t know it. You will sense time passing faster and faster as the planet enters lighter, then still lighter energy planes, and at some point you will realize that you are in the timeless, “distance-less” continuum. In this moment, dear brothers and sisters, trying to imagine life where everything in universal existence is a series of simultaneous happenings is to invite frustration. At soul level you do know that life, and when you are “out of time” linearly speaking, you will rejoice in once again being fully conscious of living in the continuum.

“How long will it take us and Gaia to transition thru the fourth dimension before we experience the fifth dimension? I found a book that did address this and gave 2032 as the date when we would begin to enter the fifth dimension.” The soul Gaia never left fifth, only her planetary body did, and we can’t say how long Earth will be transitioning through fourth because estimating in linear time what in the continuum is NOW can’t be done with accuracy. And, there is that significant difference between planetary and personal ascension.

Most lightworkers, whether they do or do not think of themselves as such, are in mid- to high fourth density consciously and spiritually and in some cases higher, the souls who came from the most advanced worlds to assist in the awakening of Earth’s peoples. That doesn’t give any of you volunteers immunity to the full range of human emotions, and episodes of sadness, disappointment, despair or other stressful feelings don’t jeopardize your status. Persons who are able to temporarily rise above their own challenges and the world’s tumultuousness briefly experience fifth density’s bliss and the sensation of such lightness that there is no awareness of being in a dense body.

As for the date 2032, we would not venture to specify a calendar year in connection with any stage of Earth’s journey—or yours—because of the aforementioned difficulty of putting varying planes of energy into a linear timeframe.

“How can I convince the religious fanatics in the family that Armageddon/ Apocalypse/End Times is NOT what’s ahead of us? I don’t want them to be left out when Ascension comes!” We have spoken about the ascension process so there’s no need to revisit that, and our suggestion applies to all whose loved ones have closed their minds to anything that doesn’t fit into their opinions about religion or any other belief system. Share your ideas and knowledge with persons who are interested, but please don’t try to convince anyone who is not receptive to believe as you do. Every soul is entitled to move at a comfortable pace toward enlightenment, and if that isn’t attained in this lifetime, it will be in another—no soul ever is “left out”—and differing convictions don’t alter the love bonds that reunite souls.

Mother, I see that the rest of the items on your long list pertain to personal ascension and several are similar. We’ll respond to all without the need for you to type any, and we begin with the evolvement status of Earth’s civilization. Those at the low end of the spectrum still are in deep third density, those at the high end are nearing the first energy streamers of fifth. The status of the great majority is mid- to high third density or low fourth, far advanced from the comparatively few individuals who are stuck in the depths of third, and as vibrations keep rising, evolutionary progress will be swifter and more apparent in the populace.

Ascension has nothing to do with physical longevity; it has everything to do with how closely a person’s decisions and actions during the lifetime adhere to the soul contract.

No, ascension doesn’t require that the person is aware of it. Many millions are evolving without knowing that they are. If they don’t associate their empathy, intuitive development, thoughtfulness and kindness with ascension while they are on Earth, they will have full understanding once they are in Nirvana.

Ascension is during the physical lifetime, not something that comes in one fell swoop at the end. It is the same with regression—and although there is no such thing as “deathbed conversion that saves one’s soul,” whatever a person does during the body’s last days or hours “gets credit” insofar as entering the part of Nirvana that corresponds to the energy of the person’s entire lifetime.

Transitioning to spirit life is not “automatic ascension.” Life in Earth’s spirit world is like a physical lifetime in that free will reigns, and Nirvana offers such a wide range of interesting activities and fascinating travel that some souls indulge in those pastimes and bypass the realm’s splendid learning opportunities. There is no judgment whatsoever for choosing that kind of life; however, souls that make minimal effort to prepare for a subsequent incarnation don’t have the ascension advantage in that lifetime as do those who prepare wisely.

Ascension is not physically leaving Earth to live on a planet in a higher density, it is journeying with Earth for the life span chosen in the soul contract. It is a misconception that there are two Earths—the “new” one to which people ascend and live in love and peace while the people who don’t make it remain on the “old” one amidst violence, corruption and greed.

There is no “completion time” for ascension in the context of readers’ questions, but in another context there is. You are not a person who has a soul, you are an immortal soul experiencing another lifetime in a body. Every embodiment—there can be many thousands, even millions in such a variety of forms, civilizations and worlds so different from what you know that you cannot imagine them—offers potential growth in spiritual and conscious awareness, the remembering of what is known at soul level: You are an energy aspect of the Supreme Being of this universe and inextricably connected with everything throughout this universe. When that is remembered in fullness, you understand that always you have been and evermore shall be an aspect of the mass consciousness that is the Supreme Being. But that is not your journey’s end—the ultimate destination is your cosmic Beginnings, the pure love-light energy of Creator, the omniscient, omnipotent Oneness of All.

Beloved family, it may seem that rediscovering soul-level knowingness and life itself become more complex and confusing as you evolve. It’s the other way around—everything becomes simpler and clearer. The complexities and confusion are where you are, they are the creations of your thoughts, emotions and decisions. For now, let the unequalled power of love guide you joyously and confidently as you continue radiating your light to all of Earth.



Suzanne Ward
Website: The Matthew Books
Email: suzy@matthewbooks.com

[NOTE from Suzy: This message is “on time” because my trip to visit family has been postponed until May.

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