Déja Vue – Short Story – in Resonance to “Faith of the Heart”


To all my readers here:  take it as a sort of comment to this wonderful message from Marc Gamma today titled: *** FAITH OF THE HEART ***

which opened up mine too with this following Short Story.

Today we all received such another amazing Message from Marc G. about the keep faith of our hearts at this Time of Change and of what Marc has called the End Game.

On perusing through this very beautiful message ..there came a story into my vision again from long ago … disclosing me today several background reasons of some of my very peculiar behaviour which at that time I never was able to explain extensively. I shall clad it literally into the form of a short story here :

It was on some New Years Eve and being a painter this
ererly aged woman who still had very young ideas and imaginations of herself had celebrated this very event with other bohemians in the Gallery of our Art Academy which was her home of doing art.

Being among many other friends of hers there in some dark backyard-building of a large city – it had been a gorgeous feast with lots of delicious food and of course alcoholic drinks too. It was quite a group of not so homogenous nationalities of us … all nationalities a bit mixed and as the Prof. of this State-acknowledged and still private Academy came from Egypt and it had been so vivid and colourful a night  feast … yes it had been a great festive event.

And what was concerning our elderly artist – she was on her own as always – and she had enjoyed this event so much and perhaps had a tiny bit too much of strong spirits and alcoholicdromks at that night.

As she lived on the other end of the city and still had to go some way by the metro to return home … she did some queer thing for a lady to do at her age … she was not a tall one …almost more of tiny size and as usually dressed in some black suit of silky cloth … a very blonde …. which made quite some contrast in her apparition…

All the guests there got slightly tired and the former so gorgeous feast was approaching the end game at this night. So this elderly female artist dressed in black with very reddish blond hair set up to her return home too. Let’s name her Iffie.

Still as so many times before – all the alcoholic drinks were doing their effect in her – Iffie knew about such effects on her mind and heart – as she had experienced it many times before.

Something bold and uncaring about socalled “done behaviour appropriate to a ladylike demeanour” took dominance of her and she went very upright (because of all the alcohol taken) consciously hiding this actual fact in her walking style –  down the street right into the city’s entertainment quarter …. not caring about ifs nor why and what.

At some weird pub of not so much good reputation she stopped and counted what remainder of money was left to her purse – opened that door and went in: there was a somewhat sordid place in some dim light with only few tables and an counter at the opposite wall. It was not crowded – only the owner and some men – appearantly of some beachcomber-types – rakled along the bar and perhaps 2 or 3 other women were sitting on a table.

It all happened in a light of some slight trance – she heard herself saying … Hallo. I am the “Sweety of Service today” … and wondered a bit about such saying herself.  She bought some beer and paid for some of the men some beers too and attended the Music Box for her favourite songs. Thus she made the foregone feast at the Art Academy a prolonged one here at this sordid location and was – I assume – a pretty change for all the men there since there were not many women or they had left already a while ago.

She danced – still always in some slight way of still being in a trance and
expressed everything out at this very moment what had been there hiding in herself deep down in her inner core – Love – yearning – sadness – happyness – not caring about any others’ looks nor probable thoughts …

….she flung her arms up high and opened them up to all the skies of this very first time of the New Year and danced a sort of invocation to the Gods above us here on Earth.  She, as a human being, just sort of vanished from earth at those moments – and when in the process of dancing she was all that she tried to voice out with it .. Happiness, Deep Sadness, Fierce Yearnings, and last not least Praise to the Creator of all Mankind …..

Thus she created her very event and feast to all celestial guides and gods here on Earth’s one of quite maldjusted location – turning this obscure place into some sage and sacred location of invocation!

Some of the men felt a bit challenged and approached her to dance with him .. he was a tall blonde one too, much younger than Iffie that highly aged artist, and perhaps a homeless one walking the beach down there in the port … but she didn’t mind – she danced with him and not withstanding his trials to make a pass on her ….

…she heard herself again saying something very strange: Do you know that we are coming from the Stars above  ??? believe me, and keep it in your mind, we are from the Stars — and she kissed him on his mouth before all these weird and somehow lost people … as if she had ben sent to them to fill this dark location with light and love.

After that she disentangled herself from her dancing partner and went out right away through the door into the darkness of the night ….. and slowly went – always with the very conscious upright style of walking to the next
tube station to get finally home … as if she had fulfilled some heavenly task
that had been given to her before…. Arriving at the other end of the town in her district – morning had come and daylight had lifted all dark events of the night into some brightness of an arising New Year’s First Day.

Daily level of consciousness hat dawned again on her and our elderly female artist, by name of Iffie,  went – very upright still in the very style of walking of still alcoholic effective drinks inside herself – to her home — and laid down to have a good sound sleep … digesting this sort of adventure she had gone through during New Years’ Eve and the early Morning of this Years’ 1st Day
still not before sending some prayer for the Year to come to our all Creator up there thanking and praising him and his Choir of Angels.


This is the event which came into the open when reading Marc’s Message
today about keeping faith of our heart.  Nevr had I forgotten it – it has been stored into my heart until it was released now.

This also was a sort of déja vue to me – as it disclosed the true background why in some periods of life  past alcoholic drinks were such a temptation to me .. I do know now …because it sometimes when I was lucky – it passed me on into some kind of sensation of being in trance and being able to uplift from all this earthen doings and feelings.

If all this has happened to me or if it was been mixed with traumatic and trance dreams … I cannot tell you here for certain … and if it is some true report of my own life … this too I cannot assure you nor affirm … might be also some event from some parallel line of life being mixed into this experience …  take it just what you feel is right from your hearts—

it always was this kind of trance which I seeked when drinking a bit too much – as it made the veil thinner to realms where we came from and it gave me some more conclusions and pereptions which cam from beyond Earth here.

Thank you Marc – for posting this very kind of message calling up on keeping our faith to our very hearts…. ”this I had known already  while in those specific moods of trance so long before – which enhanced my life in the past so much … like psychedelic dreams of the Flower-Power-People.

Namasté to all of you here – reading it !!!



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