Kuya David – Eaglechild

pacific eagleKuya David

I AM Kuya David.  Kuya is from the Tagalog (Filipino) meaning brother.  I live in the Philippines now.  I AM Eaglechild (A keeper of the sacred flame and a guardian of eternal truths).  I AM a Lightweaver.   I consider myself a spiritual “unfettered” brother to all life. Walking the path that the great spirit has shown me to live to the best of my ability and yes making mistakes along the way but always seeking to learn from my errors.  When I write, I write from my heart and spirit.  I am also a photographer which is my creative and joy filled expression.

I was born David Wendel Robinson on June 24, 1952, at 4:25 AM, the youngest of 4 children.  While there was love on some levels, there was a great degree of dysfunction on others.  Childhood was often challenging at best, painful at worst.  I became very introspective even from infancy, seeking solace in my imagination and finding beauty and peace in nature that I did not have in the home.

In addition to my spiritual side, I am also an avid photographer inclined towards travel, documentary and nature.  The pseudonym Lightweaver is an expression of my creative self, my photography and of my spiritual self and purpose.

Raised in Catholicism educated in Catholic schools I once thought I wanted to be a priest.  I joke and say that I changed my mind because I discovered cameras and girls, and while that is partially true, by the time I finished High School I realized that I had “conflicts” with many church teachings and began a personal spiritual search that would encompass many years.   A journey that would lead me to examine in greater and lesser degrees different spiritual expressions and viewpoints.  And while it might seem odd to some, it was in fact some of the religious sisters who taught me to think beyond the words and teachings of the church.  To them I am forever grateful for they planted the seeds of open-mindedness and tolerance that placed me upon the path to true spiritual freedom.

In the 1980’s after many traumatic personal experiences I returned to Denver, Colorado, the place of my birth.  I started publishing a small newsletter called the Eagle’s Cry, which had a strong metaphysical focus.   It started with 4 pages and a printing of 300 copies and grew with the help of Bill John “Red Feather Heart” eventually to 24 pages and 2000+ copies.  It was distributed for free through various bookstores in Colorado.   Some copies found their way around the world carried by hand by readers.

Around that time a spiritualist minister, Rev Jackie Slater read the newsletter and then sent me the following.  She said she had channeled it some time before but felt that it was meant for me.  It has become my life mantra.  I have had many pseudonyms throughout my life including “Eaglechild”, each playing a factor in my spiritual growth and understanding.  Eaglechild though remains a part of me always, including the little chant below.

Chant of the Eaglechild
I sing my soul to God, a silent song of praise. 
A stillness of my being, a growing of my spirit

My wings are spread to catch the joy, and soar on high within.
and speak in silent whispers

My song is a wall, against the desert of despair
I am the song and my wings are God.  

May love, light, hope and inspiration of our creator fill your lives, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritual, now and forever more.

~ Kuya David – A Brother to all life and all people everywhere

brother dave eaglechild

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13 thoughts on “Kuya David – Eaglechild

  1. Your silent song of praise
    with all the love you rise
    in our hearts for God
    grew up and loud
    with change of essential life
    we are here to thrive
    with all our whims and former whee
    to an Age of Gold and praising Thee!

    There will be an
    eaglechild’s cry with joy
    and all the birds will fly so high
    up and up into the blue
    with starshine on them
    and loving glue.

    The universes sing
    great choirs will no more whim
    but praising loud the Love of God
    divine is the music of choirs so great
    dissolving all knots in celestial pace.

    ,,,and your eaglechild grown up will too
    join the glory of all there is on Earth
    prepared and willing for its greater birth….

    ContraMary to her dear Brother Dave
    in July 2012

  2. Wonderful blog oozing grace, insight and wisdom, very big thank you for sharing, sincere regards, Barry

  3. Hi,

    I came across your blog today, very inspiring!
    Last year I felt guided to start a blog to inspire and help people with this ongoing ascension process, that is life for us all.
    I’d like to ask, if you would consider to re-blog and share my material with your readers.
    I hope my energy and blog articles will resonate with you.


    Thank you for your time.


    • Dear Eva, What a lovely blog you have and yes Contramary (Another Eva) and I both agree it is harmony with us. We will subscribe and reblog articles we find interesting, and you are invited to do the same. Thank you so much for sharing this. I look forward to reading more of you blog and future sharing.

  4. This Eva Maria -by önickname (Contra)Mary and we both, David and I, welcome you here on our blog. I still have another blog listed on the column at the right side as “Mary’s Blog” but it is slightly different ….much about healing and closely linked to : “Auras, Cores ve Números” too which is created by a befriended Blogger of us too. Go and have a look at all of it and visit also our FB -Pages if you like. No obligations whatsoever as spirit will always guide us as it is guiding us….
    In love and light
    Conramary …..

  5. To Eva ! I subscribed to your blog just now and please perhaps youm click on also on “contramarygarden.blogspot.com/2013/” to find my other blog : Across the Garden of life”
    have a nice time dear Eva

  6. Dear Brother Dave–first time I’ve seen your blog–a friend shared your share of Lisa Renee’s post on Surrender. Nice to meet another June 24th baby! I’m getting ready to launch MY blog Adventures With Zeeva–will let you know. As a photographer–you may want to come visit me one day–I live in the southern Ecuadoran Amazon! Bienvenido!

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