Native American Wisdom

This section is dedicated to quotes from many different Native American Wisdom Teachers.  Sometimes the greatest truth lies in the simplest of words.

Please feel free to share words of Native American Wisdom that you have discovered here in the comments.   This is a place for all people, of all nations to walk in peace, love and friendship.

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  1. Humankind has not woven the web of life.
    We are but one thread within it.
    Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.
    All things are bound together.
    All things connect.
    — Chief Seattle, 1854

  2. “The first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes within the souls of people when they realize their relationship, their oneness with the universe and all its powers, and when they realize that at the center of the universe dwells the Great Spirit, and that this center is really everywhere, it is within each of us.”
    — Black Elk – Oglala Sioux

  3. Quote from Tecumseh from the Shawnee Nation

    So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart. Trouble no one about their religion; respect others in their view, and demand that they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life.

    Seek to make your life long and its purpose in the service of your people. Prepare a noble death song for the day when you go over the great divide. Always give a word or a sign of salute when meeting or passing a friend, even a stranger, when in a lonely place. Show respect to all people and grovel to none.

    When you arise in the morning give thanks for the food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies only in yourself. Abuse no one and no thing, for abuse turns the wise ones to fools and robs the spirit of its vision.

    When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.

    Chief Tecumseh, Shawnee Nation 1768-1813

  4. Grandfather Bear-Tata Oso, an Apache- Mexika Medicine Man said the following words while leading a Sweat Lodge, Inipi, or Temascal Ceremony.“I am proud to call myself an Indio (Indian). I am an Indian. I am a Red Man, Yo soy Indio, Yo soy Hombre Rojo”.

    These words were spoken in the Ceremony on the Aguaje de La Tuna Kumyaii Indian Reservation near Tecate B.C., Mexico, at the Spring EquinoxCeremony in March 2012.

    There were about 30 people in the sweat lodge including men, women and children. The leader of the sweat lodge, Grandfather Bear-Tata Oso, said the following: “There are some that think the word Indio (Indian) is a bad word and that we should call ourselves Native Americans or other words. This is not true,

    “A mi la palabra Indio quiere decir “En Dios.” “To me, the word Indio means “in God.”

    There are some in here that are Indios (Indians) and have Red Hearts. There are some in here that are Indios (Indians) that have White Hearts. There are some White People in here that have Red Hearts. There are White people with White Hearts; however, none of them are with us. What do we mean by that? Creator created 4 colors or races of man. These are the 4 colors of maiz (corn) : red, white, yellow and black. The color of the skin makes no difference because we are all created equal by Creator.

    The Lakota say “Mitakuye Oyasin” (all my relations). We are all one in the eyes of the Great Mystery, Creator, Wantan Tanka, and Ometeotl. We are all a small part of Creator. The color of the skin is meaningless. The color of the Heart is a different thing.

    The Indio (Indian) with a Red Heart remembers that he or she belongs to the Earth and the Earth does not belong to them. The Indio remembers that he was placed and on Earth to care for the Earth, her water, air, the skin or surface including the rocks, the mountains and the mineral resources of Earth, the plants, the animals, the birds, the fish and the creepy crawly ones that are all part of Mother Earth and each other.

    The Way of the Red Heart is the way of peace. It is a way of caring for and respecting all our Brothers and Sisters on Earth. The people with Red Hearts also respect all the elements of Mother Earth: air, water, fire and the earth herself.

    The Way of the White Heart is the way of greed, the destruction of Earth for short-term gain and war. It is a way of materialism.

    The White Heart says “I own that piece of property, that car, that home, whatever.” Those with White Hearts say that they own the air space, water, and land. They say “We can build large, high fences to keep the Indio and anyone we do not like out. We are superior to them.”

    The Indio with a Red Heart says “Creator owns that piece of property. It is mine to care for.” There is a very marked lack of possessiveness among those with the Red Heart.

    The White Heart teaches that one should distrust or even despise anyone with a different color of skin, different language, different culture or different religion (particularly non-Christian religions) and immigrants.

    The Red Heart realizes that We Are All One and that we are all a small part of the Creator of the Universe. We are not separate.
    The people of the Red heart live in a hoop, a circle. No one stands in front of them, no one stands behind them, and no one stands above or below them. All are one and equal.

    “The time has come,” say the Elders of the Red Men, “to release the teachings of Red Road (La Via Roja) to all people. We need to teach all about the Red Heart of love, compassion, peace, trust, caring for all people”.

    This is extremely important at this time since the rising of the Fifth Sun – The Return of Light is occurring now. The New Sun is gradually arising and shining on Earth at this time. This is the year The Return of Light. In order to enter the Fifth World or the Fifth Sun, we must cultivate the Red Heart. It is our choice. The time is now to decide.

    The Via Roja the Red Road is the ONLY way to survive the troubles that we on Earth face at this time.

    Many Indios or Red Men have forgotten who they are and why they are on Earth. They have developed White Hearts. Their hearts are filled with greed, jealousy, envy and materialism. Many Red Men are discovering who they really are and why they are on Earth at this time. They are becoming Beings of Light.

    Many White, Black and Yellow people are also discovering the Red Way. They are learning that they have Red Hearts and are letting their lights shine.

    This is not a Religion. This is a Spiritual Teaching. The Red Road has Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and members of many other religions as participants.

    Many indigenous groups in all parts of the world follow the Red Road and have for generations. This is not to say that indigenous cultures cannot be greedy, patriarchal or warlike peoples. Some are.

    The Red road does not require that you participate in Native American Ceremonies or wear Indian cloths. It is a way of the heart. As soon as enough lights shine, darkness will disappear from Earth.

    The Light we have been awaiting for so long is returning! A glorious World is emerging!

    We are the people we have been waiting for!
    We are the people we have been expecting!

    Dr. Arthur Cushman, Arturo Luminoso, Quetzal Tlaneztia.

  5. The Wise Man believes profoundly in silence – the sign of a perfect equilibrium. Silence is the absolute poise or balance of body, mind and spirit. The man who preserves his selfhood ever calm and unshaken by the storms of existence – not a leaf, as it were, a stir on the tree, not a ripple upon the surface of the shinning pool – his, in the mind of the unlettered sage, is the ideal attitude and conduct of life. Silence is the cornerstone of character.

    Ohiyesa (Charles Alexander Eastman) – Santee Sioux

  6. Native American Prayer

    Oh, Great Spirit
    Whose voice I hear in the winds,
    And whose breath gives life to all the world,
    hear me, I am small and weak,
    I need your strength and wisdom.
    Let me walk in beauty and make my eyes ever behold
    the red and purple sunset.
    Make my hands respect the things you have
    made and my ears sharp to hear your voice.
    Make me wise so that I may understand the things
    you have taught my people.
    Let me learn the lessons you have
    hidden in every leaf and rock.

    I seek strength, not to be greater than my brother,
    but to fight my greatest enemy – myself.
    Make me always ready to come to you
    with clean hands and straight eyes.
    So when life fades, as the fading sunset,
    my Spirit may come to you without shame.

    (translated by Lakota Sioux Chief Yellow Lark in 1887)

  7. Go Forward With Courage

    When you are in doubt, be still, and wait;
    when doubt no longer exists for you, then go forward with courage.
    So long as mists envelop you, be still;
    be still until the sunlight pours through and dispels the mists
    — as it surely will.
    Then act with courage.

    Ponca Chief White Eagle (1800’s to 1914)

  8. If the white man wants to live in peace with the Indian, he can live in peace…
    Treat all men alike. Give them all the
    same law. Give them all an even chance
    to live and grow.All men were made by
    the same Great Spirit Chief.
    They are all brothers. The Earth is the mother of all people, and all people should have equal rights upon it….
    Let me be a free man,free to travel,
    free to stop,free to work,free to trade where I choose my own teachers, free to follow the religion of my fathers,free to think and talk and act for myself, and I will obey every law, or submit to the penalty.

    Heinmot Tooyalaket ( Chief Joseph), Nez Perce Leader

  9. These sage words shoved my hearts inner movements to the surface ! I think they are prone to be read again and again to make us aware ever more in what beneficial times we live.
    Beneficial because such words here are always made available confirming and encouraging us on our way further to grow into fully conscious human beings in the light of our Source.

    Love to our Readers and all the blessings of these sage words.
    Thank you Brother Dave.

  10. This speech was posted by Allan Atkinson in the 2012 Scenario Discussion Group and I was so much enthralled by it that I want to give it a home here on this page too.
    I here should like to give all reward and my compliments to Allan trying to share these sage words with all of us and
    it is only my humbly me that tries to follow his line here……

    From: Allen Atkinson

    Sent: Saturday, June 9, 2012 9:58 AM
    Subject: [2012Scenario] Lakota Prophecy – Chief Arvol Lookinghorse

    Lakota Prophecy – Chief Arvol Lookinghorse

    Lakota Prophecies
    Mitakuye (my relative), I, Chief Arvol Looking Horse, of the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Nation,
    ask you to understand an Indigenous perspective on what has happened in America, what we call “Turtle Island.”

    My words seek to unite the global community through a message from our sacred ceremonies to unite spiritually, each in our own ways of beliefs in the Creator.

    We have been warned from Ancient Prophecies of these times we live in today, but have also been given a very important message about a solution to turn these terrible times around.

    To understand the depth of this message you must recognize the importance of Sacred Sites and realize the interconnectedness of what is happening today, in reflection of the continued massacres that are occurring on other lands and our own Americas. I have been learning about these important issues since the age of 12, upon receiving the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe Bundle and its teachings.

    Our people have striven to protect Sacred Sites from the beginning of time. These places have been violated for centuries and have brought us to the predicament that we are in at the global level. Look around you. Our Mother Earth is very ill from these violations, and we are on the brink of destroying the possibility of a healthy and nurturing survival for generations to come, our children’s children.

    Our ancestors have been trying to protect our Sacred Site called the Sacred Black Hills in South Dakota, “Heart of Everything That Is,” from continued violations. Our ancestors never saw a satellite view of this site, but now that those pictures are available, we see that it is in the shape of a heart and, when fast-forwarded, it looks like a heart pumping.

    The Dine have been protecting Big Mountain, calling it the liver, and we are suffering and going to suffer more from the extraction of the coal from there and the poison processes used in doing so.

    The Aborigines have warned of the contaminating effects of global warming on the Coral Reefs, which they see as Mother Earth’s blood purifier.

    The Indigenous people of the rainforest relay that the rainforest are the lungs of the planet and need protection.

    The Gwich’in Nation has had to face oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge coastal plain, also known to the Gwich’in as “Where life begins!” The coastal plain is the birthplace of many life forms of the Animal Nations.

    The death of these Animal Nations will destroy Indigenous Nations in this territory. As these destructive developments continue all over the world, we will witness many more extinct Animal, Plant, and Human Nations, because of mankind’s misuse of power and their lack of understanding of the “balance of life.”

    The Indigenous people warn that these destructive developments will cause havoc globally. There are many, many more Indigenous awarenesses and knowledge about Mother Earth’s Sacred Sites, her Chakras, connections to our spirit that will surely affect our future generations.

    There needs to be a fast move toward other forms of energy that are safe for all Nations upon Mother Earth. We need to understand the types of minds that are continuing to destroy the spirit of our whole global community. Unless we do this, the powers of destruction will overwhelm us. Our Ancestors foretold that water would someday be for sale. Back then, this was hard to believe, since the water was so plentiful, so pure, and so full of energy, nutrition, and spirit. Today we have to buy pure water, and even then the nutritional minerals have been taken out; it’s just empty liquid. Someday water will be like gold, too expensive to afford. Not everyone will have the right to drink safe water.

    We fail to appreciate and honor our Sacred Sites, ripping out the minerals and gifts that lay underneath them as if Mother Earth were simply a resource, instead of the Source of Life itself.

    Attacking Nations and having to utilize more resources to carry out destruction in the name of peace is not the answer!

    We need to understand how all these decisions affect the Global Nation; we will not be immune to its repercussions. Allowing continual contamination of our food and land is affecting the way we think. A “disease of the mind” has set in world leaders and many members of our global community, with their belief that a solution of retaliation and destruction of peoples will bring Peace.

    In our Prophecies it is told that we are now at the crossroads: Either unite spiritually as a Global Nation, or be faced with chaos, disasters, diseases, and tears from our relatives’ eyes. We are the only species that is destroying the Source of Life, meaning Mother Earth, in the name of power, mineral resources, and ownership of land, using chemicals and methods of warfare that are doing irreversible damage, as Mother Earth is becoming tired and cannot sustain any more impacts of war.

    I ask you to join me on this endeavor. Our vision is for the Peoples of all continents, regardless of their beliefs in the Creator, to come together as one at their Sacred Sites to pray and meditate and commune with one another, thus promoting an energy shift to heal our Mother Earth and achieve a universal consciousness toward attaining Peace.

    As each day passes, I ask all Nations to begin a global effort, and remember to give thanks for the Sacred Food that has been gifted to us by our Mother Earth, so the nutritional energy of medicine can be guided to heal our minds and spirits. This new millennium will usher in an age of harmony or it will bring the end of life as we know it. Starvation, war, and toxic waste have been the hallmark of the Great Myth of Progress and Development that ruled the last millennium. To us, as caretakers of the heart of Mother Earth, falls the responsibility of turning back the powers of destruction.

    You yourself are the one who must decide. You alone – and only you – can make this crucial choice, to walk in honor or to dishonor your relatives. On your decision depends the fate of the entire World. Each of us is put here in this time and this place to personally decide the future of humankind. Did you think the Creator would create unnecessary people in a time of such terrible danger? Know that you yourself are essential to this World. Believe that! Understand both the blessing and the burden of that. You yourself are desperately needed to save the soul of this World. Did you think you were put here for something less? In a Sacred Hoop of Life, there is no beginning and no ending!
    Wise and sage words for all of us to behold ! There is so much for all of us – irrespective of
    our race or nationality – to learn from the old folks and we may be well advised to listen to
    their teaching with our hearts and follow sequence.

    In this very sense I am your
    with love, compassion and peace.

  11. Look at me – I am poor and naked, but I am the chief of the nation. We do not want riches, but we want to train our children right. Riches will do us no good. We could not take them with us to the other world. We do not want riches. We want peace and love.

    Chief Red Cloud – Sioux

  12. “O Great Spirit whose voice I hear in the winds,
    I come to you as one of your many children.
    I need your strength and your wisdom.
    Make me strong not to be superior to my brother,
    but to be able to fight my greatest enemy:

    Chief Dan George

  13. The beauty of the trees, the softness of the air,
    the fragrance of the grass speaks to me.
    The summit of the mountain, the thunder of the sky,
    The rhythm of the sea, speaks to me.
    The faintness of the stars, the freshness of the morning,
    the dewdrop on the flower, speaks to me.
    The strength of the fire, the taste of salmon, the trail of the sun,
    and the life that never goes away, they speak to me
    And my heart soars.

    Chief Dan George

  14. My friends, how desperately do we need to be loved and to love. When Christ said that man does not live by bread alone, he spoke of hunger. This hunger was not the hunger of the body. It was not the hunger for bread. He spoke of hunger that begins deep down in the very depths of our being. He spoke of a need as vital as breath. He spoke of our hunger for love.

    Love is something you and I must have. We must have it because our spirit feeds upon it. We must have it because without it we become weak and faint. Without love our self-esteem weakens. Without it our courage fails. Without love we can no longer look out confidently at the world. We turn inward and begin to feed upon our own personalities, and little by little we destroy ourselves.

    With it we are creative. With it we march tirelessly. With it, and with it alone, we are able to sacrifice for others.

    Chief Dan George

  15. Lakota Prayer

    Wakan Tanka, Great Mystery,
    teach me how to trust
    my heart,
    my mind,
    my intuition,
    my inner knowing,
    the senses of my body,
    the blessings of my spirit.
    Teach me to trust these things
    so that I may enter my Sacred Space
    and love beyond my fear,
    and thus Walk in Balance
    with the passing of each glorious Sun.

    According to the Native People, the Sacred Space
    is the space between exhalation and inhalation.
    To Walk in Balance is to have Heaven (spirituality)
    and Earth (physicality) in Harmony.

  16. There is a road in the hearts of all of us, hidden and seldom traveled,
    which leads to an unkown, secret place.
    The old people came literally to love the soil,
    and they sat or reclined on the ground with a feeling of
    being close to a mothering power.
    Their teepees were built upon the earth
    and their altars were made of earth.
    The soul was soothing, strengthening, cleansing and healing.
    That is why the old Indian still sits upon the earth instead of
    propping himself up and away from its life giving forces.
    For him, to sit or lie upon the ground is to be able to think more deeply
    and to feel more keenly. He can see more clearly into the mysteries of
    life and come closer in kinship to other lives about him.

    Chief Luther Standing Bear

  17. I just visited this page and read all prayers scripted here.
    All I know is that this page is becoming more and more an altar laden with all the wisdom of our native folks to be honored and cherished by every human being of the world …as we all are “One” each one adding up to all of us “Earthlings” here – about to build up and manifest a new world of harmony – peace and compassion on Earth in ascension. .

  18. I re-blogged this script and the link to the appertaining videos from Laura Bruno’s Blog since I believe it Is Now-Time that the old wisdom of our native folks and the celestial knowledge of our friends ex terra are to meet on a crossroad. And it will fit here on this site in a wonderful way.
    I do hope you will like and share this video by forwarding it to friends and lightworkers that you know.
    with compassionate and unconditional love as always yours (Contra)Mary

    Red Crow: Native American Prophecy
    Video abspielen

    New post on Laura Bruno’s Blog

    Indigenous Prophecies and Starknowledge
    by laurabruno

    “Everything is coming to a time where prophecy and man’s inability to live on Earth in a spiritual way will come to a crossroads of a great problem.” We must remember how to live spiritually on Earth. Remember that “water is sacred; the air is sacred.” We and the trees breathe together. “We have a common destiny with the tree.” Red Crow shares prophecies about this time in America and speaks of the connection between Ireland and Native Americans. He ends the video with a special song for honoring and healing:

    More below on the shift and our own personal responsibility to heal ourselves and our planet. Thanks for the link to this video, Lucas:

    laurabruno | March 7, 2013 at 11:57 pm | Tags: Human DNA, Human Evolution, Native Americans and Ireland, Prophecy 2013, Starknowledge | Categories: Interviews | URL:

  19. Black Elk

    On a mountain, in a forest there sat an Old Woman and her Granddaughter…. They await the Sunrise.

    The valley and meadows below them are covered by a blanket of mist. Each tree and blade of grass is adorned by dew drops, like pure diamonds. Every creature of the Great Earth Mother awaits the Sun – the new day -a new life. The silence is loud.

    The old woman, an Elder loved by all who know her, draws the girl child under her blanket and folds it around her little body. They share the warmth of an everlasting moment of Love. The Old One speaks softly as the Sun rises in celebration of the new day – She speaks for happiness, health, and abundance for all People.

    She sprinkles the golden corn pollen on the sweet Earth as an offering to the Sacred Keepers and sings her song of Beauty.

    She looks into the awe filled eyes of the child and says…….”Where do you begin and I end? Where do you end and I begin? We are one. We are the Circle, the Circle is All.

    My thoughts are inside your thoughts. I live there now inside you, even when you do not see me any more. I am with you, we are Always. Remember………

    Your Grandfathers and Grandmothers are inside of you. They are the blood that flows through you. They speak to you. Learn to hear them. They pass their wisdom on to help – through you. All people have good medicines, and they pass it to the next generation of their people. Only that which is pure is kept and passed on.

    Listen and bring back the values. Honor all Life, all people, all the Earth and the Sky Nations. You my child, are all these and more – Remember – remember…tell the Children of the People this….Remember us around the fires, and when you sit in the circle and walk along these Paths – remember – tell them for us……
    Maka Wicahpi Wicohan
    Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creation
    Standing Elk

  20. Black Elk (1863-1950) – Oglala Sioux

    Black Elk’s Earth Prayer
    Grandfather, Great Spirit, once more behold me on earth and lean to hear my feeble voice. You lived first, and you are older than all need, older than all prayer. All things belong to you — the two-legged, the four-legged, the wings of the air, and all green things that live.

    “You have set the powers of the four quarters of the earth to cross each other. You have made me cross the good road and road of difficulties, and where they cross, the place is holy. Day in, day out, forevermore, you are the life of things.”

    Hey! Lean to hear my feeble voice.
    At the center of the sacred hoop
    You have said that I should make the tree to bloom.
    With tears running, O Great Spirit, my Grandfather,
    With running eyes I must say
    The tree has never bloomed
    Here I stand, and the tree is withered.
    Again, I recall the great vision you gave me.
    It may be that some little root of the sacred tree still lives.
    Nourish it then
    That it may leaf
    And bloom
    And fill with singing birds!
    Hear me, that the people may once again
    Find the good road
    And the shielding tree.

    ” I think I have told you, but if I have not, you must have understood, that a man who has a vision is not able to use the power of it until after he has performed the vision on earth for the people to see… It was even then only after the heyoka ceremony, in which I performed my dog vision, that I had the power to practice as a medicine man, curing sick people; and many I cured with the power that came through me. Of course it was not I who cured. It was the power from the outer world, and the visions and ceremonies had only made me like a hole through which the power could come to the two-leggeds. If I thought that I was doing it myself, the hole would close up and no power could come through. Then everything I could do would be foolish…”

    Revealing this, they walk.
    A sacred herb — revealing it, they walk.
    Revealing this, they walk.
    The sacred life of bison — revealing it, they walk.
    Revealing this, they walk.
    A sacred eagle feather — revealing it, they walk.
    Revealing this, they walk.
    The eagle and the bison — like relatives they walk.

    “The Six Grandfathers have placed in this world many things, all of which should be happy. Every little thing is sent for something, and in that thing there should be happiness and the power to make happy. Like the grasses showing tender faces to each other, thus we should do, for this was the wish of the Grandfathers of the World.”

    Black Elk – Oglala Sioux

  21. I am a spirit woman, says
    I am a woman of light, says
    I am a woman of the day, says
    I am a Book woman, says
    Holy Father, says
    I am a saint woman, says
    I am a spirit woman, says
    I am a woman who looks into the insides of things, says
    I am a whirling woman of colors, says
    Holy Father, says
    With the saint, says
    With the saintess, says
    Holy Mother, says
    I am a spirit woman, says
    I am a saint woman, says
    I am a Lord eagle woman, says
    mesoamerican indian – mazatec – maria sabina – 1956


    by Pat Poland

    As I glide my way into the past,
    history … names…. send me back to my great-grandmother.
    She stands ‘cross the abyss beckoning,
    “I am here, great-grandaughter.”
    Mist floats across the gentle stream.
    I see her fingertips reaching to mine.
    Forever … it seems, to go on by centimeters of time.
    Names so familiar…. I’ve used them before.
    Places.. forgotten, resurrected on the distant shore.
    “I am here great-grandmother,”
    I call back through the misty veil.
    Page by page … leaf by leaf, like rich compost heaped
    through the years, ready to use, seeded, and fertile.
    I search for clues… a birth … a death … a will…
    a grave marking what was, yet is
    my Native heritage.

  23. .
    This appeared at RMN here. I felt it MUST be shared, and seen by many, and so I post it here.

    The website for this is

    “Indigenous Leaders from South, Central, and North America share the Prophecy of the Eagle and Condor as seen in the award winning film Shift of the Ages. The Shift of the Ages shares the story of Wandering Wolf, Grand Elder of the Maya people, and his ongoing mission to restore peace and health to our world. Please visit to view the whole film.”

    Re-blogged from Kauilapele’s Blog

  24. Read here of old Hopi-Wisdom
    Posted on July 14, 2013 by ContraMary

    See what I found posted in the Golden Age Discussion Group ! I believe I owe so much gratitude to my celestial guides which made me click on the right page at the right moment so that I can share this valuable piece of wisdom with all of you at this valuable time of Now and Change.

    With compassionate and unconditional Love to all over the world ….from



    I reposted it unaltered as I found it as a message in the Forum of this Discussion Group
    Hopi Prophecy: Blue Star Kachina & Red Star Kachina
    Posted By:

    Send Email


    Hi Everyone, not sure who knows this very old teaching. I expect some of you will be familiar with it. Don’t be too critical of the language as these are remarkable desert people, but their
    Prophecies are suprisingly good. You’ll notice that this agrees in many places with our more modern teachings & channellings on Ascension. If you look up in the western sky in the evening you can see the bright blue star & now the red one is behind it (I’ve been watching them for about a month) Enjoy, Love & Light MikeTHE HOPI PROPECY of the Blue & Red Star Kachina’s

    Do you remember back in 1997, the Hopi Elders appeared with Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf on Art Bells Coast to Coast show, they spoke to millions of wary listeners around the world as they. predicted. the coming of The Blue Star Kachina and that the Purifier, the Red Star Kachina would follow shortly after the twins had (Hale-bopp) passed from our heavens. They spoke about us seeing strange things going on with animals, frogs with six legs, rabbits with four ears, animals being born with both genders. They spoke of Earth Changes, and `Firestorms.” and they talked about the Eight Thunders Prophecies… and the Pale Prophet.

    The following is an excerpt from LAST CRY Native American Prophecies & Tales of the End Times, by Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf © 1994-2004 It has appeared in numerous articles over the web, and in magazines all over the world.

    ” The story of the Blue Kachina is a very old story, very old. I have been aware of the story of the Blue Kachina since I was very young. I was told this story by grandfathers who are now between 80 and 108 years of age. Frank Waters also wrote about Saquasohuh, the Blue Star Kachina in The Book of the Hopi, The story came from Grandfather Dan, Oldest Hopi

    “It was told to me that first the Blue Kachina would start to be seen at the dances, and would make his appearance known to the children in the plaza during the night dance. This event would tell us that the end times are very near. Then the Blue Star Kachina would physically appear in our heavens which would mean that we were in the end times.

    “In the Final days we will look up in our heavens and we will witness the return of the two brothers who helped create this world in the birthing time. Poganghoya is the guardian of our North Pole and his Brother Palongawhoya is the guardian of the South pole. In the final days the Blue Star Katchina will come to be with his nephews and they will return the Earth to its natural rotation which is counter clock wise.

    “This fact is evidenced in many petraglyphs that speak of the Zodiac, and within the Mayan and Egyptian pyramids. The rotation of the Earth has been manipulated by not so benevolent Star beings . The twins will be seen in our North Western skies. They will come and visit to see who still remembered the original teachings flying in their Patuwvotas, or flying shields. They will bring many of their star family with them in the final days.

    “The return of the Blue Star Katchina who is also known as Nan ga sohu will be the alarm clock that tells us of the new day and new way of life, a new world that is coming. This is where the changes will begin. They will start as fires that burn within us, and we will burn up with desires and conflict if we do not remember the original teachings, and return to the peaceful way of life.

    ” Not far behind the twins will come the Purifier The Red Katchina, who will bring the Day of Purification. On this day the Earth, her creatures and all life as we know it will change forever. There will be messengers that will precede this coming of the Purifier. They will leave messages to those on Earth who remember the old ways.

    ” The messages will be found written in the living stone, through the sacred grains, and even the waters. ( Crop Circles have been found in ice) From the Purifier will issue forth a great Red Light. All things will change in their manner of being. Every living thing will be offered the opportunity to change from the largest to the smallest thing.

    “Those who return to the ways given to us in the original teachings, and live a natural way of life will not be touched by the coming of the Purifier. They will survive and build the new world. Only in the ancient teachings will the ability to understand the messages be found.

    “It is important to understand that these messages will be found upon every living thing, even within our bodies, even within a drop of our blood. All life forms will receive the messages from the twins.. those that fly, the plants, even the rabbit. The appearance of the twins begins a period of seven years will be our final opportunity to change our ways. Everything we experience is all a mater of choice.

    “Many will appear to have lost their souls in these final days. So intense will the nature of the changes be that those who are weak in spiritual awareness will go insane, for we are nothing without spirit. They will disappear, for they are just hollow vessels for any thing to use. Life will be so bad in the cities that many will choose to leave this plane. Some in whole groups.

    “Only those who return to the values of the old ways will be able to find peace of mind. For in the Earth we shall find relief from the madness that will be all around us. It will be a very hard time for women with children for they will be shunned, and many of the children in these times will be unnatural. Some being from the Stars some from past worlds, some will even be created by man in an unnatural manner and will be souless. Many of people in this time will be empty in Spirit they will have Sampacu. No life force in their eyes.

    “As we get close to the time of arrival the Purifier there will be those who walk as ghosts through the cities, through canyons they will have constructed in their man made mountains. Those that walk through these places will be very heavy in their walk, it will appear almost painful as they take each step for they will be disconnected from their spirit and the Earth.

    “After the arrival of the twins, they will begin to vanish before your eyes like so muck smoke. Others will have great deformities, both in the mind and upon their bodies. There will be those who would walk in the body that are not from this reality, for many of the gateways that once protected us will be opened, there will be much confusion. Confusion between sexes, and children and their elders.

    “Life will get very perverted, and there will be little social order, in these times Many will ask for the mountains themselves to fall upon them just to end their misery. Still others will appear as if untouched by what is occurring. The ones who remember the original teachings and have reconnected their hearts and spirit. Those who remember who their mother and father is. The Pahana who have left to live in the Mountains and forest.

    “When the Purifier comes we will see him first as a small Red Star which will come very close and sit in our heavens watching us. Watching us to see how well we have remembered the sacred teachings.

    “This Purifier will show us many miraculous signs in our heavens In this way we will know Creator is not a dream. Even those who do not feel their connection to spirit will see the face of creator across the sky. Things unseen will be felt very strongly.

    “ Many things will begin to occur that will not make sense, for reality will be shifting back in and out of the dream state. There will be many doorways to the lower world that will open at this time. Things long forgotten will come back to remind us of our past creations. All living things will want to be present for this day when time ends, and we enter the forever cycle of the Fifth World.

    “We will receive many warnings allowing us to change our ways from below the Earth as well as above. Then one morning in a moment. We will awaken to the Red Dawn. The sky will be the color of blood, many things will then begin to happen that right now we are nor sure of their exact nature. For much of reality will not be as it is now.

    “There will be many strange beasts upon the Earth in those days, some from the past and some that we have never seen. . The nature of mankind will appear strange in these times we walk between worlds and we will house many spirits even within our bodies After a time we will again walk with our brothers from the Stars, and rebuild this Earth But not until the Purifier has left his mark upon the universe.

    “No thing living will go untouched, here or in the heavens. The way through this time it is said is to be found in our hearts, and reuniting with our spiritual self. Getting simple and returning to living with and upon the Earth and in harmony with her creatures. Remembering that we are the caretakers, the fire keepers of the Spirit. Our relatives from the Stars are coming home to see how well we have faired in our journey.

    The Pictures enclosed in this presentation are of the Human Beings, my Hopi Grandfathers… they were telling you truth… there is still time for you to change

  25. I found with Laura Bruno something I have been serching for all through my home (and yet it was in German) and never found it again. Today I found these sage words of the Hopi Elders in an article off Laura Bruno which I posted at once also on our Home page. Still for the use of this collection here I take the liberty of copying it here again (and I hope Laura won’t mind this)
    I always remember the words of the Hopi Elders, Grandfather David Monongye & John Kimmey:

    “You have been telling the people that this is the eleventh hour.
    Now you must go back and tell the people that this is the hour.
    And there are things to be considered:

    Where are you living?
    What are you doing?
    What are your relationships?
    Are you in right relation?
    Where is your water?
    Know your garden
    It is time to speak your truth
    Create your community
    Be good to each other
    And do not look outside yourself for the leader.

    “This could be a good time!

    “There is a river flowing now very fast
    It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid
    They will try to hold onto the shore
    They will feel they are being torn apart
    And they will suffer greatly.
    Know that the river has its destination.
    The elders say we must let go of the shore,
    Push off into the river,
    Keep our eyes open,
    And our heads above water.
    Look around, see who is in there with you and celebrate.

    “At this time in history we are to take nothing personally,
    Least of all ourselves
    For the moment that we do our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.
    The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves!
    Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary.
    All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner
    And in celebration.

    “We are the ones we have been waiting for!”

    Hopi Independent Nation

  26. Of course you may do so … as all tht is posted here may be shared with as many people as possible … be welcome Alicia for sharing all that you want to share ….L+L+Blessings from me to you…<3

  27. I hope it isn’t double.

    And while I stood there I saw more than I can tell and I understood more than I saw; for I was seeing in a sacred manner the shapes of all things in the spirit, and the shape of all shapes as they must live together like One Being.
    Black Elk

  28. From Russell Means: “For millennia, we Indians lived as part of the earth. We were part of the prairies and the forests and the mountains. We knew every blade of grass, every plant, every tree. We knew the winds and the clouds, the rivers and the lakes. We knew every one of the creatures that fly and crawl and burrow and run and swim – all our relatives with whom we share this earth. We are part of the earth, but not the most important part.

    We knew the universe and how it includes and interacts with our Grandmother. Before I was six years old, my grandparents and my mother had taught me that if all the green things that grow were taken from the earth, there could be no life. If all the four-legged creatures were taken from the earth, there could be no life. If all the winged creatures were taken from the earth, there could be no life. If all our relatives who crawl and swim and live within the earth were taken away, there could be no life. But, if all the human beings were taken away, life on earth would flourish.

    *THAT* is how insignificant we are.” – Russell Means

    (taken from his wonderful autobiography ‘Where White Men Fear To Tread’)

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