An Experience of the Breath of Michael

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Kathleen talks about the “blue breath of Michael.” I asked her if I could share an actual experience with you concerning the power of Archangel Michael’s breath. Some of you may have heard the story before and I apologize for repeating it. It concerns one of the two times I came face-to-face with Archangel Michael. […] click on for original

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Just Breathe

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Just Breathe

Just BreatheDo you want to know yourself? Sit and breathe. Do you want to know the divine? Sit and breathe. In an overcomplicated world, this simple advice can change everything. No need to push yourself toward some amazing, grandiose personal change. No need to become unhappy trying to live up to some guru’s expectations. No need […] Click on picture for original

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Sheldan Nidle – April 25, 2017

13 Oc, 13 Kank’in, 13 CabanSelamat Jalwa! Your world continues to slowly unravel. We are finding daily how the dark and its whole host of minions are able to permit an unusual degree of “slowdowns”. This strange procedure is seemingly mitigating the reasons behind the new security prevalent in the entire delivery system. Our liaisons are now dedicated to a successful conclusion in this very complicated situation. We expect a number of unique procedures to be cleared. These can efficiently permit all upper levels of the payout system to be shortly resolved.

These various scenarios are things that pop up every day. We have determined to work out a smooth conclusion to these many acquired difficulties and to reorder the Light. We can then finally overcome the apparent tepidness of our colleagues. These tendencies are slowly dissolving and allowing the general payouts to go forward. In addition, the dark now fully realizes that its continued delays are arriving at their well-deserved conclusion. It is believed by all that some interesting counteracting effects are close to being manifested. We feel that these events are to be able to alter the current, uneasy nature of the process of general payouts. We believe as well that the present situation is coming to a crossroads

All of this is the reason the current holdup is nearing its end. We fully expect the final dispersal is approaching. The dark cabal seemingly does not realize just how desperate their current situation really is. They somehow feel that a rescue is going to happen. They are simply kidding themselves. The current situation is a ruse that is preparing to come down very hard upon them. We look forward to the inevitability of their tragic fate. We are preparing ourselves to receive them into legal custody and then to free the Light to set up the new NESARA Republic.

All of this is, of course, on the horizon. The dark in some way understands that their ruse has been discovered. It knows sincerely that their present illegal USA, Inc is close to being finished. They know, too, that the old reality can no longer hold! They know deep within just how close they are to all of these horrible outcomes starting to take effect. Insanely, they continue to strengthen the cases against them. Hence, we now expect this realm to be altered very quickly once the present set of complications can be put aside. Know that everything is truly coming together!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come today to thank you all for holding your collective vision at a time when your payouts are yet again being either slowed down or seriously delayed by the complications instated by the directors of the present process. We bless you for your great focus. We are in joy over the fact that Heaven assures us that you are not to be ignored. Remain patient, and know that your wondrous time is to blessedly unfold. The promised prosperity is indeed to occur, as is the approaching time of your freedom from debt slavery. Be joyous and know that your time is coming!

This present time is being marked by subtle alterations that most of you have as yet to experience. Heaven is making sure that all that was promised does indeed happen. At present, we have noticed that the “prosperity” packages are nearing the time when they were authorized to be delivered. It helps to know that Heaven is readying for a series of surprises that are to end the current lifetime for the de facto American government. This fact alone brings us much cheer. Your time of joy is nearly ready for you as well.

We conclude our little epiphany with a simple yet succinct message. We ask you to hold your magnificent vision and, simultaneously, to retain your inner focus. These all are to be properly given to you as two great presents, divine dispensation and, with it, divine mercy. You, my children, are the ones on this surface world to be given a number of exemptions that are to greatly enhance the experience of your Ascension! This sacred process is to lead you to many magnificent bonuses! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today, we continued to report on what is happening around you. The dark and its many needless complications are about to go away. Their forever excuses and general interference are no longer required. Let it be known that a new and joyous reality is just about upon us! Know, dear Ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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Blossom Goodchild – April 21, 2017


Hello there! I would like to continue on from last time, as I have had so many letters regarding this feeling of ‘observing’ one’s life etc. So many seem to be feeling the same. For me, it is getting stronger. Oddly enough, I was talking to my husband about the old movie ‘Cocoon’ … about a bunch of Oldies being taken off to another planet to start afresh. I have a strangely strong feeling of that! I know I won’t be whisked off … It’s more the symbolism I feeling, I guess. Any thoughts?

Greetings of a most bountiful and giving nature to One and All, Dearest Friends. Yes, we are aware of the Energy upon your Planet that is making so many feel ‘out of sorts’, as we have mentioned before. The plane fact is, that there are Energies transforming so much at this time, that it is impossible for you not to be wrapped up in it.

So much on your Planet is offering the news of gloom and doom and yet, we offer news of a different variety … of a different Energy.

For you see, Dearest Friends … now is the time when the Energies and the transformation … this change … is so strong, so prominent, that you are actually experiencing it in a physical/emotional perspective … more so than at other times of shifts and changes. The Higher the Vibrational pull that is flowing in to your Planet, the more deeply you are connecting with it … For you have ‘worked’ your way up to this point … and so much more is now possible.

The feeling of being ‘ready to go elsewhere’ as in ‘Cocoon’ … is indeed symbolic of ‘moving into’ a NEW place. A new perspective on life itself. These changes that are taking place and the imminent ones to come … on a bigger scale … and leading you into the promised land.


This I do know, my friends. Yet, in all Truth I just cannot get too excited due to the time scale being so different between us. You have none … we live by every second. Yet, I must say, I don’t think I have ever felt such a shift, personally! And therefore, very much looking forward to it settling down and looking out upon the new perspective. In the immediate future of this particular shift, how will things be apparently different to us?

That is a good question. The use of the word ‘apparent’ … for it is of the nature of ‘as far as one can tell’. As with all things , we cannot guarantee 100% what will be /take place as it is down to each individual and how they behave/react … as to what actually shall occur and how ‘soon’.

Yet, we tell you this … as your Vibration begins to settle in this Higher scheme of things … you will definitely notice a difference within yourself. For, although the ‘outer picture’ on display to all, does not look so bright … there will be Brightness within your Beings that KNOWS BETTER. That KNOWS DIFFERENTLY.

This feeling many of you are having, of being ready to move on … is simply a state of Being as you lift into a Higher frequency … and although it is still with its ups and downs … a HIgher frequency is a Higher frequency … therefore, things on all levels … have to be better … all round.

Thank you. I understand what you are saying. I guess I feel lacking in enthusiasm!  So many of us want to do ‘more to assist this change’ yet unsure of how. Therefore, we feel a little lacking in the contribution department. I know we have been told to just smile and spread Light … I get that … yet, there have been many comments of everything seeming so pointless!

Yet … how can this be so? Is it pointless to raise the Vibration of yourself … all … the Planet? Just by having a good time? To us and indeed, as you have once said yourself, Blossom … it seems like the perfect plan!

Yes … the plan is indeed Divine. Yet, not always that easy to put into practice. That’s the thing. I feel we need to move on to another level of understanding exactly what ‘a good time’ is? It’s not about holidays or partying or drinking and smoking. We somehow desire to ‘escape’ by these methods or watching a movie or mundane TV … just to zone out from reality. I am not saying ‘all of us’ … but in general it seems this way.

And yet … these very escapisms will dissipate as one rises Higher. One will be drawn into their Higher potentials and MAKE MORE OF AN EFFORT to meditate and be amongst nature. To spend time in games and fun with family, instead of sitting together in a family group where no words are spoken … because each one is so engrossed in a private world on their devices.

What is it exactly you are trying to escape from?

Mmm.  I need to think about that. Reality? The mundaneness of it all?

And yet, we would say … so many of you have fallen into the trap. The trap set by those elite Beings, who do not wish success upon you. Those Beings of lesser Light who desire for you to live in a mundane existence. Where you ‘blob’ about because nothing excites you. They have programmed you to feel this way. Your inner Truth knows these Truths.

Yes. I do … and I don’t fight against such things … I succumb most of the time … well, at the moment I feel this way.

Because their desire to dampen and dispel Joy are heightening. They have to up the ante because they are so very much aware that THE LIGHT OF TRUTH AND LOVE IS SHINING THROUGH and there is little they can do about it.

So, dearest friends … are you going to sit back and let them win?

Not on your Nelly. What would you suggest?

Getting off your proverbial behinds and start taking control! These methods to keep you lulled into a sense of false security … these trickeries that make you believe something is so different from what it actually is … are merely systems to keep you at bay. To Literally STOP YOU from Being your TRUE LIGHT.


Are you not going to stand in your Light and say ‘NO MORE! We came to fulfill a mission and we SHALL see it through!’

STOP falling for these webs of entanglement that hold you in a place of ‘awaiting your fate’.

Remove yourselves from these falsities … these disguises of untruth and START FEELING /BEING WHO YOU TRULY ARE.


You, YOU need to take hold of the situation.

Yes, you are going through major transformations … and yes, this can leave you feeling a little lost … yet, do not fall to your knees and surrender … do something about it.

Start your daily meditations … exercise … eat healthily … play … share moments of Joy … take time to send your Love out to the Planet … the all that is.

Give gratitude AT ALL TIMES.

DO WHAT YOU KNOW TO DO … yet, have let slip by the way side.

Many of you may say ‘Oh, but we do not have time for all that’, ‘We have to work, we have to do this and that’.

And we say to you … MAKE TIME FOR ALL THAT.

These are your key survival methods. By doing such … you strengthen EVERY VITAL PART OF YOUR BEING.

You are preparing yourself for all that lies ahead … This is necessary. To strengthen mind, body and spirit.

If you know you have a marathon coming up, you prepare for it. You do not suddenly decide to run all those miles without preparation. It would not turn out well.

The same for walking into the New World. Much preparation is underway on so many levels … and your part is to stay strong … on all levels of self.

We say to you with all Love and respect … NOW IS THE TIME TO ‘GET A GRIP’ … to ‘PULL YOURSELVES TOGETHER’ and …

My God, I have to laugh … for I know what your next sentence is to be …


So unlike you!!! Yet … I Truly get where you are coming from. For I feel no malice … and yes, perhaps we all need a bit of a kick up the doodah! Well said!

Of course we smile and come from humour and Love. Yet whinging and whining will not get you to where you are going. Stop complaining about the state of affairs and do what you came here to do.

Shine the LIGHT THAT YOU ARE CONTINUALLY … out to the Planet. Shine that Light of yours into every situation … every circumstance … every thought that you offer to self and all.

 Just shine that Light … all the time.



Yet, it has been forgotten.

These Higher Energies coming in are here to help you. Blend with them … welcome them … they are here to help you recognize more of yourself and allow acknowledgements of wonders to come to Light.

Do you see Dearest souls? Please take a breath with is now … and FEEL what is occurring.

We are entering the next phase … a very important transformation into a HIGHER POSITIONING OF YOUR SOULSELF. YOUR SPIRIT is moving into a place that can be recognized as so much nearer to home. Where one’s self can feel so much more at ease … so much more comfortable BEING in/with itself.

And from there, Dearest Souls … it is plane sailing, as you accept the new place … as you settle down within it. You will reminisce of how tough times once were … and give thanks that those days are over. You will congratulate yourselves and all for getting this far ahead in the Divine Plan and you will rejoice in the KNOWING that LOVE … only Love … is what got you through.

Onwards Dearest souls. Never give up … never give in.

We are closer to you now than ever before as these Energies allow us to be so.



Thank you. When you were saying about ‘pulling ourselves together’ … you were so right. It is so much easier to succumb to the negative energies and just think ‘so what’. Yet … Truly that just isn’t good enough is it? So, thank you for the pep talk. I will make an effort to implement change and prepare in a more stalwart fashion. Follow on troops!

We are a gathering of Light. The more we recognize ourselves as such … the Brighter the Light we can shine. In Love and thanks to each one of you.

Ditto my friends. Ditto.


Make every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY!

Please revisit The Invocation ‘We are the Game Changers’ whenever the mood takes you … to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

The link to be able to access all my YouTubes is
Website: Blossom Goodchild

The link to be able to access all my YouTubes is here.


GCR/RV – “Elegant” – GCR/RV Commentary – Sunday – April 23, 2017


Sunday, April 23, 2017

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Sure we broke through the sound barrier last night sometime right after midnight, but did you shed a tear for the old financial system as it was completely vanished and turned off?   No funeral.  No attention.  No force.  Just transition.

Quietly.  Professional.  Elegant.

Now the ancient relics of mankind’s enslavement, papered global currencies and sovereign historic bonds, may come home to burn and convert into new digital credits.  No drama.  No disruption to value.  No hyper inflation.  Just the physical removal of all fiat instruments, replaced with asset backed credits on a quantum computing mainframe.

Simple.  Easy.  Elegant.

And as France today completes its election process (2pm EST) and world banks and markets open for business (6pm EST), will you see Emmanuel Marcon introduced as the next French Prime Minister or the end of cabal dominance in European politics?  Less struggle.  And riots or upheavals.  Just happenstance my of fact in this our new Golden Age.

Profound.  Dynamic.  Elegant.

All structural changes necessary to transition planetary control have now been completed from banking to geopolitics, military to media, and said reformations occurred all on the fly while humanity was left wildly trapeezing above all that chaos, as the earth was mercifully readjusted beneath our netless feet.  No societal collapse.  No prophesized WW3.  No spiritual Armageddon.  Just peace and prosperity.

Abundantly.  Perpetual.  Elegant.

Today is the new day you’ve all been waiting and praying for.  Sobeit.

God is with us.

So be it = Contramimi

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Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel: I Am Un-Thought Reality

Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel: I Am Un-Thought RealityVIDEO (recommended) My Beloveds, You must understand that I AM not your personal ‘God-Self,’ as if a greater and expanded ego of yours, an I AM that is just adding more of the many worlds of mind or dimensions to its imagined identity, including the idea of what you think is Source or Creator God. […] click on picture for original

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AAM to Lightworkers on Love and Peace

AAM to Lightworkers on Love and PeaceWe asked Archangel Michael to kick-off our Peace and Love Week of meditations on peace and transmissions of love to the world. Here’s what he wishes us to know and consider. Steve Beckow: Kathleen has begun the Peace and Love Project. Its first event is a week-long meditation on peace and lightworker transmissions of love […]

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The Divine Mother on Translating Love into World Peace

The Divine Mother on Translating Love into World PeaceAs the Love and Peace Project focuses our efforts towards Global Love Day (May 1), transmitting love to the world and meditating on peace, the Divine Mother provides us with a “how to,” to go about building a new world of love in form. My question to the Mother on An Hour with an Angel […] click on picture for original

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Mudras and Health


From the bending meditation of yoga to the precise relief of acupuncture, we’ve found plenty of ways to relieve our aches and pains beyond the confines of traditional medicine. Yet, there’s another method of which many Westerners are totally unaware.

Originating in India, mudra hand gestures are designed to stimulate all parts of the body—and mind. There are eight basic gestures in all, and when you see what they can do, you’ll be trying them right away!

1. Gyan Mudra

This gesture is believed to increase the air element, and to help with enthusiasm, creative thinking, and drowsiness.

2. Vaayu Mudra

This is intended to decrease the air element, and to help with an overanxious mind.


3. Aakash Mudra

This gesture aims to increase the space element, and to relieve fear, sorrow, anger, and congestive issues.

4. Shunya Mudra

This gesture decreases the space element, and helps with pain in the ear.

Try Also: Press This Point For 1 Minute And See What Happens To Your Body. Unbelievable!

5. Prithvi Mudra

This gesture increases the earth element and decreases the fire element. It also relieves fatigue and help muscles heal.

6. Surya Mudra

This gesture increases the fire element, while decreasing the earth. It is “ideal” for those with suppressed thyroid activity.


7. Varun Mudra

This gesture is believed to increase the water element. It will aid with painful joints, arthritis, and cramps.

8. Jal Shaamak Mudra

his gesture is believed to decrease the water element, and is good for those who have excessive sweat glands, runny noses, and watery eyes.

Those are some super simple ways to potentially help your body run right — and you can do them while sitting at your desk. Not bad!

Share these helpful tips with your friends below!

Originally published on Ideaspots

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AAM: Enormous Changes Are in Front of You and All Humanity.

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Archangel Michael: Enormous Changes Are in Front of You and All Humanity

AAM: Enormous Changes are in Front of you and All Humanity
4/16/2017 02:28:00 PM Message

Archangel Michael: Enormous Changes Are in Front of You and All Humanity

Dear Ones,

Enormous changes are just out in front of you and all humanity. You have strived to bring about all that is transpiring.

The physical exhaustion continues as you realise what an incredible metamorphose you are all experiencing.

Many times we have spoken of your desire and eligibility to be present as these momentous shifts were to take place, and which are occurring within your physicality and within Gaia herself.

You are the ONES bringing and holding the Light of Creation as it manifests through you, to allow the Evolution which is currently unfolding.

Once again, this is not new information, merely a reminder of all you agreed too.

Mighty Beings you are indeed, and your choice to undertake this grand assignment is acknowledged and celebrated in the highest realms.

We witness all that transpires within and around you and applaud your determination to see out this transition of consciousness as it engulfs Planet Earth.

No longer will you be controlled by anything or anyone! You have taken back your power and you are now embracing all you have chosen to undertake.

You are feeling into your roles more adequately than in the past and your knowledge and awareness increases each new day.

You are feeling “empowered,” you are feeling the expression of your “Self” in a grand way. No more ego – just a “knowing which is encoded in love.”

You no longer feel small, you are beginning to sense what it is you are achieving and a knowingness that you are on the path of freedom and that excites your cells Dear Ones.

It is “innate” this path you are on, and now you know that to be true. So much is changing in your being-ness and your belief systems are opening up to greater possibilities when it comes to your own healing. You are turning away from “main-stream” anything, be it healing, news or information of all kinds.

You are remember “who you are” – why you came and you are embracing so much more of ALL THAT IS.

Dear Ones, your excitement level and belief in the future has amped up and you now “feel” the goodness flowing back into your awareness and that fear is subsiding, as you no longer give your power away.

You are seeing the “signs” of great change and you are feeling within your Being the Grandness of your Soul. You are honouring all that you are and have a knowing that the best is yet to come because YOU are brining it forward with each new breath you take.

You are the Creators of this New Earth and you are celebrated each step you take because you now know this is just the beginning of this incredible awakening you have instigated, and now taking to the next level with ease and grace with a sense of accomplishment not felt, just a short time ago.

No stopping you now Dear Ones. All is about to be revealed and though for many it will still be “shocking,” for you who have done the hard yards, you will be able to extend the hand of Wisdom and walk gently with those just awakening.

You are the Light

You are the Love

Be that Light and that Love in all interactions with ALL Beings and see how quickly that is reflected back to you and your New Earth.

Be the change you came to Be Dear Hearts.

And so it is.


Source: Era of Light

Sheldan Nidle – April 18, 2017

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6 Akbal. 6 Kank’in, 13 Caban

Selamat Jalwa! The final few tasks are nearly complete. As delivery moves forward, each level performs a check, and with great satisfaction raises its moves to the next security point. This careful operation is to continue until all those deserving are paid. As you look at these events, you quickly realize how they are bringing us ever closer to new government, new freedoms and an overwhelming prosperity. It is also allowing for the dark to cast its last days as the major arbiter of this fear-filled reality.

The Light joyfully welcomes the coming death of the dark’s minions. Long ago, when the Anunnaki first took control, the dark changes were seemingly far away. In the midst of this dark interregnum, Heaven was slowly beginning to plant the seeds for a new realm. Despite this, the remaining 13 millennia were able to severely affect you. It left you with a stinging feeling that all was not right and that something wonderful was required to re-balance it. Such a thing is now in the process of transpiring.

A grand coalition of the Light has broken through and a whole new reality is presently forming around you. This new realm is to banish the dark and its evil ways. The old environment is to be transformed and your inner passions are at last to be a common reality. We ask your continued patience. The time of Heaven’s joy is now being readied to be your most wonderful set of ever- unfolding joys! The key is to keep your focus and know inwardly that wonders are truly at hand. Hosanna! Hosanna!

We came here nearly two decades ago, knowing that this mission was to be a most difficult one. It has proven so, but be sure that Heaven’s changes for this realm are really at hand. Do not let the inherent chaos trouble you. It is, in fact, the turbulence that these grand transformations can at times require. Remain confident and know on the inner that your moment of triumph is near. Besides, we are all here to help you achieve your destined success. These times are indeed a-changin’!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Your grand visions are assisting us in bringing in a new realm that is to be filled with peace, prosperity and Love. This land is to permit you to unleash the marvelous passions that are the basis for your collective visions. Be ready for what is very near to unfolding. As stated previously, Heaven allowed the dark to think that it was able to quickly forge its onerous catastrophe. This is, of course, not the case. Blessed circumstances have led to their downfall, and a wondrous realm is manifesting all around you.

Collectively, we need to hold this wondrous vision of a new, prosperous and sovereign realm. We know just how frustrating this complicated operation has been. Nonetheless, it is something that all of you have contributed to so magnificently. We commend you on what you have helped us to create. This is truly a joint event that you and those in Heaven have forged. We bless you for this long overdue success. You have truly made all of Heaven and Earth blush for the marvelous way that you have conducted yourselves. A giant Hallelujah for your magnificent efforts!

What is ready to occur are the final set of righteous blows that are to honor the great and courageous efforts of those in the Light that made this all divinely possible. We wish to thank those who finished all those things that are shortly to make possible the NESARA Republic and all that means to humanity and to this glorious Orb, Gaia and her heavenly Spiritual Hierarchy. Let us conclude with acknowledgement and much thanks to all for your good works!

Today, we continued with an abridged version. We intend to continue until all is put right and you freely bask in the Love and Light that you divinely deserve. Many well-earned events are near. Be ready to accept all that is beginning to manifest! Know dear Ones that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gejun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

Website: Planetary Activation Organization

‘The Team’ via Peggy Black: A Revolution of Consciousness

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April 18, 2017 by Paul Backes

We are here embracing you with our love and acknowledging you for your continued courage and awareness. These are exciting times as you and your entire planet are experiencing and undergoing a tremendous shift and change.

We realize that out of this shift and change comes tremendous chaos. It is from the caldron of chaos that ascension is made possible. When there is intense disturbance in the collective consciousness it can trigger a new level of awakening or a new level of denial.

Remember, your reality is never set or solid, it is fluid, it is vibration and frequency. Your reality is created by the vibrations of energy, thoughts and projections of the collective. You, more than most, understand this principle.

You are witnessing as well as experiencing a frequency shift. Consider for a moment that this shift might be the result of an increase in the vibrational frequency of your planet. The resonance of the Earth’s magnetic frequency has been the same for thousands of years. This natural frequency of pulsation has been understood by your sages and measured by your scientists to hover about 7.8 cycles per second.

This resonance, this oscillation frequency has been thought of as the “heartbeat of the earth” and it is a resonance to which all humans attune in order to stay balanced. It influences human consciousness. All living things are surrounded by this natural frequency.

Over your decades, there has been an awareness and understanding that this resonance of the earth shifts slightly and corresponds to seasonal changes, solar storms and activities, movements of the planets as well as the possible effects of human emotions and behaviors.

It is important for you to understand that the magnetic field of your earth influences your brain activity, as well as your cardiovascular and nervous systems. So now you can begin to understand that shifts and changes in these fields can and do affect your health and behavior.

When there is disturbance in this magnetic field environment, it can cause sleep issues, mental confusion, anxiety, even a lack of personal energy or feeling overwhelmed. These fluctuating invisible magnetic forces are interfacing with every cell in your body.

Your pineal, brain and nervous system are very sensitive to electromagnetic energy. Your pineal will synchronize with the solar activities and any geomagnetic fluctuations offered by your earth, sun, moon and interplanetary influences.

Realize that all humans are responding to these invisible geomagnetic energy fields. Studies are being done concerning how disturbances in the earth’s magnetic field might influence violence, accidents, heart attacks, strokes, suicides and even wars. These studies have shown that during certain solar cycles there has been an increase in social unrest.

Animals, birds and water beings use the earth’s magnetic field to navigate during migration. There is a deep connection of all living things with the earth’s electromagnetic fields. You are being bathed in this energy at all times and you are responding at all times. There are those of you who are aware and sensitive to this energy field and force, this background frequency, and there are others who are totally unconscious of this and its effect on their circuits or biological systems.

What has been occurring is an increase in this vibrational frequency generated by your earth. This anomaly has come to the attention of those who measure this electromagnetic field. They have seen an increase from the usual frequency of 7.8 cycles per second to levels of 15-25 cycles per second. There have also been spikes of over 30 cycles per second.

Consider the possibility that these intensifying energies and increases in the cycles per second at which your earth is vibrating are being generated from the Galactic Centre. Consider that this very fast speed and resonance from the cosmos is stirring up energy within each and every human.

Be aware that these various frequency ranges, the cycles per second that the earth is offering, can and will trigger and activate different levels of consciousness depending on the individuals, including the collective shadow, the aspects within each person that have been repressed, suppressed and denied.

Often there will be increased violence, social discontent, terrorist attacks and intensifying acts of crime. Those who are unconscious or unwilling to heal those shadow aspects within, respond to this increase in the electromagnetic field vibration by acting out these repressed emotions. You are witnessing this each day as more of the collective shadow is being pushed to the light for healing and transformation.

The rising of your earth’s electromagnetic frequency is also creating another phenomenal event within the collective consciousness. There is a shift and a great awakening of consciousness occurring around your world. There is an awareness that something is happening. People are feeling it; there is an excitement stirring within. Individuals are feeling empowered and are beginning to place their focus on what is possible out of the chaos that is being witnessed.

These emerging resonances are stirring brainwave activities, so individuals are waking up. There is an acceleration of brain wave to alpha and theta states, which allows and invites the awareness and connection to the divine self. You are personally experiencing your own enlightenment. You are feeling more and more connected to the global community in a way that is not really describable in words.

It is a realization that you are connecting to the global consciousness, the global information field. In fact you and all beings are contributing to this global field. Your thoughts and emotions interact with and actually inform and encode information onto this geomagnetic field.

Imagine that your coherent and/or misqualified emotions and energy become a part of the magnetic field. This field surrounding your earth then acts as the carrier wave for all that is being offered by humanity. The feedback is that those energies manifest as events that you witness occurring daily. Be responsible and aware of the power of your coherent thoughts, emotions and energy that does imprint this field and creates the changes you desire. Own this personal power.

There is an interconnection among all living things and this connectedness is responding to the increased frequencies of the electromagnetic field. Many who are sensitive are feeling the intense emotions being generated by others. When this occurs, it is your opportunity to transform these collective misqualified emotions. Remember you are an alchemist.

Those who are sensitive, aware and open are realizing that they are becoming even more intuitive and expanded. Many individuals are receiving downloads of information, insights and paranormal experiences. Many are opening up to their connection and even partnership with other divine non-physical beings. There is a revolution of consciousness taking place in the collective field.

Each person will respond to this shift in consciousness in their own unique manner. However, we would like to acknowledge those who are reading our words. You are certainly the ones who are anchoring this light consciousness into your earth’s field and we are grateful for your awareness and your willingness. You have the ability to offer this service to transform misqualified energy by your focused intention, your directed sounds and your partnership with divine beings of light.

The increase in the frequency of your planet’s electromagnetic resonance is preparing humanity for another level of understanding and an awakening to their multidimensional abilities while in physical form. All is connected, the ripple of consciousness touches each and every living thing. Stay the course, remember to be anchored to your earth, fully embodied and always connected to divine source.

We are honored to offer our energy as we embrace you with our love and gratitude. You are doing great work. Divine support is always available upon request. We are complete. the ‘team’

©2017 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. Notice is given that the creation of videos by people other than the author, channel and scribe is prohibited. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this c

Video and Transcript – Jesus’ 2017 Easter Message: Set a Place for Me

Jesus’ 2017 Easter Message: Set A Place For Me
April 16, 2017

On our Saturday Conference Call, Jesus stepped forward to discuss things in the past and what to look forward to in the future: “There is always a great deal of discussion about whether I truly died and whether I truly resurrected. And the answer to both is yes, I did. And in dying I gave you the gift of karmic dispensation…”

Title: Jesus’ Easter Message: Set a Place For Me

Being: Jesus

Program/Date: Saturday Conference Call 041517

Linda Dillon Channel for the Council of Love


Let’s begin, during this miraculous time of death and rebirth, resurrection, reconstitution, with breathing the wonderful, vibrant purple. It’s that liturgical purple of Easter; that brilliant, bright purple. So, take a nice deep breath and it seems of late the most important guidance we are receiving from our guides and from the Council of Love is to breathe.

So, let’s just start by breathing, by relaxing into your chair or wherever you are and just be aware of your breathing. Bring it down into your diaphragm…no shallow breathing…really deep through your nose, holding it for a sec, and then out through your mouth.

The Council is showing me the most beautiful parade, like an Easter parade, only in this case it’s bunnies and it’s bunnies carrying Easter eggs…now how that ever got mixed up with chicken and eggs, god only knows…but there’s a parade of bunnies and they are carrying these purple eggs, these bright yellow eggs, these bright, sickening, sugar pink eggs, some pale blue robins’ eggs…

Let’s start with the purple, open your crown, open your third and fourth and fifth eye…and you remember your fifth eye is at your hairline and it is the color of tanzanite, and it is the gift from Universal Mother Mary, to be able to see with Her eyes. So, from your brow to your hairline…one big eye…and let’s watch the parade and breathe purple. That purple of woodland violets and Siberian Iris, of amethyst, bright shiny Easter purple, and taste it. Bring it up a notch to magenta, to that beautiful wine port color, to maroon, to that beautiful garnet color, chrysanthemums, a good red wine, the color of our beloved Jesus, Lord Maitreya, and the Buddha, and breathe in and taste that magenta.

Bring it up to the sunshine yellow, the daffodil yellow. Put your hand on your solar plexus and feel that beautiful daffodil blooming inside of you. The herald of spring reminding us of Gabrielle’s horn, the brilliance of joy

Up to the pink, those beautiful defenders of the throne, to pink jelly beans and a sweetheart rose, of a baby’s blanket and the blush on their cheeks when they’re sleeping.

And the robin’s egg blue, that gentle wash of blue, of a sky after a summer rain, the Caribbean, the water of the robin’s egg.

Welcome into your heart this time of rebirth, this time of resurrection, of new chapters, new adventures, new times, the fulfillment of your hearts desires – which is the fulfillment of the Mother’s Dream and your dream within that dream. Go into your heart and feel the connection with Gaia as well…drop down…as she reawakens, as the fields and the trees, and the birds and the bunnies all begin a new season.

Go deeper into your heart…what is your deepest desire to bring forth, to birth, to experience and express during this next season? Be honest with yourself; this isn’t about wishing for world peace…that will come from internal peace, the deep knowing of your truth. How does your choice of Divine Qualities express as a tangible, physical thing in your life? Dig deeper and bring it up, bring that wish and desire up to your throat, up to the place of change. Allow your throat chakra to do its work.

Now, open your mouth, open your mouth and breathe out your dream, your tangible, physical dream. Be the wind and blow it out…send it out into the world. And with your third, fourth, and fifth eyes wide open, look at that dream external, out in the world and taking form, and allow it to do so. This is your power and one of your ways of creating.


Greetings, I am Jesus. I am Yeshua, I am Yeshi, I am Jesus Sananda, I am Jesus Christ. I AM. Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome my beloved brothers and sisters. Welcome to my heart, welcome to my home. Come and walk with me again and again and again; I have not stopped asking you. And I ask you to continue to set a place for me at your table, at your feast of life, at your feast of love, to include me in your plans, your dreams, your desires, and in what you do every single day.

Yes, I have the capacity to be with you in fullness and with billions of others, all simultaneously. You do not simply get a portion of me, you receive the fullness of who I am, in every sense of that word.

I come to you during this time of the gap, during this time of the pause, during this time of the stillpoint, to speak to you about stillpoint and creation and to guide and advise and invite each of you to prepare for what lies ahead. No, not in a way of drama or hardship, not in a way of storing food for years on end…that is absurd. Do you not desire the freshness of fruit and vegetables, the scent of what is just pulled from Gaia, the ground? Do you not wish to trust, not only that you are attended to but that you have the capacity, the brilliance, the talent, and the common sense to attend to yourself, to your family, to your friends, to your community? Of course you do.

There is always a great deal of discussion, which I find rather interesting and sometimes humorous, about whether I truly died and whether I truly resurrected. And the answer to both is yes, I did. And in dying I gave you the gift of karmic dispensation. That is what I have done, I have wiped the slate clean for a fresh start and I give it to you again and again and again and I give it to you again today. And I ask you, I beg you, take advantage of this because why would you wish to carry the burden of debt? And why would you wish to carry the burden of debt to you? You have enough to do…let it go and surrender to the purity, not only of yourself but to all relationships.

When you come to interrelationship with all beings that you meet, whether you know them, whether there is any meeting or commonality of beliefs or interests, there has need to be a purity that says, “I see you. I know you. I honor you. We may not walk the same path, we may not have the same interests, but I honor your path and I honor the freedom that all beings, in all realms, dimensions, universes have. Sometimes we will walk together and sometimes you will have a completely different path…and that matters not…because all is in accordance with the Mother’s Plan. So, I do not judge you, I honor you.”

But let us talk about this time in-between, what you think of as death and resurrection, and why my message to you this day is to take this time of pause and gap to prepare for what lies ahead. It is glorious, it is magnificent, it is splendor, it is fulfillment of the Mother’s Dream and it is fulfillment of your freedom and promise, as a human being, as an angel, starseed, hybrid in form. You are the fulfillment. Without you coming into the splendor and wonder and fulfillment of who you are, there is no fulfillment of the Mother’s Dream. You are the implementers of the Plan. You are the holders of what is to come.

And so, in this breath, in this inbreath, what you are doing is bringing in the Mother, the Father, the One, conjoining it with yourself and preparing, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, that you are ready…not merely in readiness, which is what you have been in the last phase of doing…but that you are ready to step forth in beauty, in truth, in clarity and calm. To be the truth of angels in form, being love in form having a human experience of physicality; being part of the restoration of this planet and I do not simply mean the soil, the water, the air. I mean the Plan, the purity, the dance, the wonder, the awe of being in form in peace, in harmony, in laughter.

Harmony, unity, is not just quiet or peaceful. It is not sitting on a rocking chair at the end of your life, it is raucous, it is playful, it is exciting, it is exhilarating. Yes, there were times when we would retreat to the garden and pray and meditate. But that was far from all we did; we would sit around a table or a rock and break bread and tell jokes and laugh and catch up on the news of the day…who was pregnant, who had the baby, who’s mother-in-law was making mayhem, and we would laugh, and we would offer compassion and we would share the love.

That is what I am asking you to do and to be ready to do it…not at some distant future when all is in order. You are the creators, the bringers, the anchors of order. You are the anchors and the bringers of freedom. You are the fulfillment of my dream.

I will come and I will join you and we will resurrect together and bring new life, new form, new promise, new tangibility to this beautiful planet. And we will do it hand-in-hand, heart-in-heart as the brothers and sisters that we are. So, prepare and laugh and breathe. I am with you, I always have been and I always will be. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

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Green Rooftops For Healthy Cities

Around the globe, cities are working to become
Green Rooftops For Healthy Cities

April 18, 2017 by Kathleen Mary Willis

Around the globe, cities are working to become more sustainable through green, white, and blue roofs, solar and wind energy, and an array of carbon offsetting incentives.

Here’s what’s happening in cities around the world now:

In May 2009, Toronto became the first city in North America to mandate green roofs on all new developments, including residential, commercial and institutional (with a minimum Gross Floor Area of 2,000m2 / 21,530ft2). The city’s initiative is a success story, with 260 green roofs and 196,000m2 / 2,110,000ft2 of green roof area created since 2010. In fact, according to the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities’ ‘Annual Green Roof Industry Survey,’ Toronto took the #2 spot, just behind Washington DC, for the most square feet of green roofs installed in 2014.

Rooftops in Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen became the first Scandinavian city to adopt a policy requiring all new development with roof slopes of 30% or less to be green. The same law has also been adopted in Zurich.
In 2001, Tokyo mandated new buildings 1,000m2 / 10,760ft2 or larger be covered by at least 20% of greenery.

Garden Roof in Tokyo, Japan

Instead of mandating green roofs, many municipalities in the U.S. offer a range of incentives to encourage vegetation over other roofing options.

In the city of Baltimore, the not-for-profit Blue Water Baltimore, offers a green roof incentive of $2 per square foot of green roof installed. Although the municipality itslef does not provide green roof incentives, it does allow green roofs to replace other stormwater management requirements.
Chicago consistently ranks in the Top Five for North American metro regions with the greatest area of green roof installations per year. In the past, the city offered to cover up to 50% of the installation cost for green roofs (capped at $100,000). In addition, commercial development projects integrating green technologies receive expedited permits.
Washington, D.C. installed 1.2 million square feet of green roofs in 2014, more than any other North American Metro Region for the fourth year running. The capital offers a robust green roof rebate program, with base funding of $10 per square foot, and up to $15 per square foot in targeted subwatersheds. Amazingly, there is no cap on the project size for these rebates. Green roof sites are also eligible for up to a 55% discount on stormwater fees depending on how much rainfall their roofs mitigate. Additionally, sites that reduce stormwater runoff beyond the minimum requirements can earn credits. These credits can then be sold through an exchange to buildings that are unable to meet requirements. Because of D.C.’s expansive benefit package for green roofs, it’s no surprise that as of November 2015, there were 232,719m2 of green roofs, amounting to 58 acres of rooftop vegetation.
In New York City property tax abatement has increased from $4.50 to $5.23 per square foot of a green roof, up to $200,000 or the total tax liability of the building for the year in which the abatement is taken, whichever is lesser. The application deadline extended to March 15, 2018, for tax years beginning this July 1, and ending June 30, 2019.

Brooklyn Navy Yard – Rooftop
The New York City Department of Environmental Protection offers a Green Infrastructure Grant for projects that manage the first 1” of rainfall/stormwater in targeted areas. Projects awarded a grant are reimbursed for 100% of the design and construction costs of green roof projects. Eligible projects include blue roofs, rain gardens, green roofs, porous pavement and rainwater harvesting on private property in combined sewer areas. (1)

Benefits of Green Roofs

There are many benefits to green roofs. Here are just a few:

Adding natural beauty and major aesthetic improvement to buildings, which in turn increases the investment opportunity.
Helping contribute to landfill diversion by prolonging the life of waterproofing membranes, using recycled materials, and prolonging the service of heating, ventilation, and HVAC systems through decreased use.
Green roofs assist with storm water management because water is stored by the substrate, then taken up by plants, and thus returned to the atmosphere through transpiration and evaporation. They also retain rainwater and moderate the temperature of the water and act as natural filters for the water that does run off. They delay the time at which runoff occurs, which results in decreased stress on sewer systems during peak periods.
The plants on green roofs do a great job of capturing airborne pollutants and other atmospheric deposition. They can also filter noxious gasses.
They open up new areas for community gardens, commercial and recreational space in busy cities where this space is generally quite limited. (2)

The roof on San Francisco’s Academy of Sciences

The roof on the Nanyang Technological University Campus in Singapore


(1) Information found in article by Ruby Lyon and Alan Burchell: France’s Famous Eco Roof Law Too Green To Be True

(2) Information found in article by Liam S. Whittaker: France Declares All New Rooftops Must Be Topped With Plants or Solar Panels

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California’s Wildflower ‘Super Bloom’ Transforms Deserts into Paintings April 16, 2017 by Kathleen Mary Willis California’s Wildflower ‘Super Bloom’ Transforms Deserts into Paintings April 16, 2017 by Kathleen Mary Willis


Southern California is enjoying a wildflower “super bloom” after years of extreme drought. The state had been under a drought state of emergency since 2014, but Gov. Jerry Brown lifted the order for all but four counties, earlier this month. The wet winter strained reservoirs to the max and replenished mountain snowpacks, which are now […] Continue reading

Love is My Addiction

Love is My New Addiction

April 18, 2017 by Steve Beckow

In a personal reading through Linda in 2014, Archangel Michael and I had this exchange:

Archangel Michael: This is your new addiction.

Steve Beckow: Addicted to love?

AAM: Yes. (1)

And it’s true. I’m addicted to love, addicted to bliss, addicted to joy.

Anyone would be who really tasted the true character of what the Divine Mother called “sacred” or Fifth-Dimensional love. (2)

I watch how I organize my life and, apart from things I do from duty, the rest I do desperately seeking love.

The rest of what he said may also be of interest:

Archangel Michael: As you gain greater insight, you share greater insight. It is that simple. So as you say “I feel more, I experience more,” you share more.

Steve Beckow: Yes, I see that. So then the corollary is to share more.

AAM: That is correct.

S: And I tell you, I’ve been sharing more these days, taking greater risks. It’s been a roller-coaster ride.

AAM: And you are doing well. This isn’t about a safe ride.

S: Yes, I know that. (3)

Sacred love reshapes our inner landscape. It’s as if hitting the “Love” key causes a lackluster scene to fade out and a scene drenched in love to fade in. It changes the channel. Is this what Ascension is like – one channel fading out and another fading in?

As the filter through which we see, it creates a landscape that’s friendly to others – friendly to their interests, plans, and inclinations. Open to them. Available to them. Wanting to assist.

Love reorders life. It rewrites our agendas. It softens everything it touches and makes us more willing to risk.

The action of love is itself opening, extending, flowing, relaxing. I don’t think we could hold or use a weapon and remain in sacred love. We’d have to make a choice.

Perhaps a touch of higher-dimensional love is why some warriors drop their weapons at last. Their action may come along with a realization, but the touch of sacred love itself would be the immediate cause of the change of behavior. All else would flow from that touch of love.

President Trump’s ordering of a missile attack on a Syrian base was another golden opportunity, another juncture in the road at which I could have taken up keeping abreast of world events again.

But doing so doesn’t hold a candle to love. I’d be distraught if I were required to do that. Galactic and higher-dimensional events maybe. The cabal’s false flags and destructive responses? Gag me with a spoon.

I’d be downcast if I had to abandon sacred love for being right about nefarious events aimed at destroying the fabric of society. Just as I reached a point where I could no longer write about pulp mills back in the mid-Eighties, I’m now spoiled by love from writing about destructive world events such as these.

We already know the outcome of the cabal’s story, but the outcome of the story of love transformed into a new world we’re writing as we speak.

So yes, it’s my new addiction. As with any good addiction, everything I do serves to get me more of it, a continuous supply of it, and the conditions to enjoy it.

And the dealer, the source, my ready supplier is my very own heart. Jesus said:

“What you are really seeking you already have deep within you, lying unrecognized because you rely far too heavily on your human form, its competences, and its abilities for stimulation and interest.

“Truly, although you do need to care for it sensibly, your human body is a distraction because you are so aware of it to the exclusion of what is real Love, and whose flame burns always within you maintaining your eternal existence. And yet you seek It, quite unknowingly, without, where It can never be found.” (4)

The humble and patient heart (5) offers one-stop shopping, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A bounteous artesian well, copious in quantity, free for the asking, and never-ending in supply.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 22, 2014.

(2) Divine Mother: Why (laughing) can we not call it ‘Mother Love’?

Let us call it Sacred Love. …

Your sense of limitation, and each of you in your unique divinity, in your expression of us, have your own parameters based on many lifetimes and this lifetime, of what you think of or feel as love, and it has been restricted and hemmed in.

Now, you have yearned to know love and this yearning has expressed in many simply as yearning, but many of you – most of you and this is part of your ascension – are breaking through that barrier as well, and coming to what you, dear Steve, have called ‘Bliss’ – what many call awakening, expansion – it matters not. But into that knowing and that experience of such unlimited, unconditional, unrestricted bliss, exuberance, joy – all of this is love. 

(“Transcript ~ The Divine Mother: New Year’s Message 2017,” December 29, 2016, at

(3) AAM, ibid.

(4) Jesus through John Smallman, Jan. 30, 2015, at

(5) Humbly and patiently awaiting our recognition that the Lord, that Love resides in the heart. As Krishna says:

There in the ignorant heart … I dwell. (Sri Krishna in Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood, trans., Bhagavad-Gita. The Song of God. New York and Scarborough: New American Library, 1972; c1944, 87.)

Fools pass blindly by the place of my dwelling
Here in the human form, and of my majesty
They know nothing at all,
Who am the Lord, their soul. (1)
(Sri Krishna in BG, 81.)

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Transcript ~ Archangel Michael on the Source of Power and Authority, March 30, 2017

Transcript ~ Archangel Michael on the Source of Power and Authority, March 30, 2017

April 9, 2017 by Paul Backes

Thanks to Kate for this transcript. Archangel Michael on the Source of Power and Authority An Hour with an Angel, March 30, 2017 Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love Steve Beckow: Host, InLight Radio Steve Beckow: Good evening Linda, you’re just back from holiday? Linda Dillon: Yes, it’s been really interesting. And, you […] Continue reading

Periscope Up

Periscope UpI put my periscope up a few days back and read some contemporary news – the latest on Pizzagate, Illuminati kingpin David Rockefeller announced as dead (rumored to have died months ago), more bombings in Syria, etc., etc. I confess I have no stomach for it. I go through guilt saying that. I’m glad to […] click on picture for original

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Heavenletter #5976 via Gloria Wendroff: Loosen Your Reins

. . . .

Heavenletter #5976 via Gloria Wendroff: Loosen Your ReinsGod said: No matter what you may be going through, no matter how laborious a situation may be for you, there is always an end to it. Always. This means that even while you are going through a tense time, you can loosen up a little. Soon or late, a troubled time will leave one […] click on picture for original

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Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi: How to Elevate your Vibration

Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi: How to Elevate your VibrationToday we would like to focus upon the topic of deliberately changing your vibration. Certainly we are not denying that your reality is incredibly captivating. The duality that you exist within offers you a constant barrage of varying experiences in which to focus upon. What we would like to focus your attention upon is how […] click on picture for original

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A World That Loves is a World That Works

It’s clear to me that the world would work if everyone in the world lived in the experience of what Jesus called “real love.” (1) In other words, in my view, a world that loves is a world that works. Therefore an event like Global Love Day, May 1, 2017, is for me absolutely in […] click on picture for original

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Where My Passion Lies


Where My Passion LiesWriting as a communicator and commentator on Ascension, Disclosure, the Reval, etc. is a dance. I work with the channeled messages that come out, putting the significant passages into the First Contact wiki and, when I see a new trend, as I’m adding the latest item in, I take out a large number of quotes […] click on picture for original

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Lynn on Full International Scope of Pizzagate

Lynn on Full International Scope of PizzagateMore people are invited to come forward and start blogs, discussion groups, etc. Lynn wrote in to “Contact Us” and I asked if I could post her email.  She’s considering opening a blog and I’d like to encourage her – and you. To Steve, The actress Ashley Judd wrote her autobiography which details her extensive […] click on picture for original

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Process of Re-Integration and Bliss


Process of Re-Integration and BlissI tried to describe to a friend the process of re-integration that’s happening for me right now. The various experiences that I’ve had in recent years – that the mind can be still, that bliss will make the world work, that the Natural Self was for me a deep state of peace, etc. – are […] click on picture for original

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Blossom Goodchild – April 6, 2017

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Blossom Goodchild – April 6, 2017

I wasn’t planning on trying to connect with you until tomorrow. Yet, If I am correct I feel you close and am more than willing to give it a go now, if you are?

We thank you for responding. For yes, we would be more than happy to ‘chat ‘with you at this time.

I was wondering if you could talk to us about this feeling I am experiencing regarding ‘Being the observer’. Since my newsletter the other day, many have responded saying they feel the same. I just don’t feel fully part of the world at the moment. I’m here, yet, not in it. That’s the best I can do to describe it.

Dearest Souls of Earth … with your ever transforming Energies taking hold … like a storm in a tea cup …


Meaning … with the Greatest LOVE that, that which you are experiencing NOW … is nothing more than that. The changing Energies are swirling your personal Energies around within themselves. As if confined to a tea cup and hence the intensity that is driving them. This is why ‘LIFE’ seems so topsy turvy. This is why you do not feel to be in control … for we would say that most of you are experiencing this feeling of NOT BEING GROUNDED. And you are not! Yet, we do not consider this to be of any great disruption to the well-being of all.

No, it doesn’t feel ‘disrupting’. It just feels like I am ‘removed’ from Earth’s goings on, even though I am very much aware of being within those ‘goings on’.

The plain and simple fact Blossom, is that this transferring of Energies as they merge with each other … from outer incoming … with self-rising … are having the effect of one caught in a vacuum. Neither in one place or another … Yet, weightless.

This is due to the incredible POWER that is entering into your Planet at this time. You yourselves, have walked towards this vantage point and have now arrived here … in a place that makes one feel ‘out of it’ … as you would say.

To have the feeling of ‘The Observer’ is because that is exactly what you are doing. You are observing the body/the soul that is you, from a new Higher perspective. It is as such, as if you are ‘looking upon’ oneself, as opposed to looking from within. Just for now … just for a short while.

May we ask … do you find yourself judging?

Judging myself or the situation?


Well, not really judging. As I say … just outside, looking in. I sort of feel detached from any feelings about any of it. That’s the odd thing.

May we advise that this is exactly where you are meant to be within the soulself experiment. You are moving into Higher grounds, which leaves you off balance as your feet find themselves in limbo as you rise, so to speak. You have had one foot in one dimension and one in the in-between space for quite some time. Now you find both feet are in that in-between space and it leaves you ‘floating’ … looking down upon that which once was.

Soon … and we mean soon , for it is not right and fitting for you to be left dangling this way for too long … you will find yourself feeling even more ‘dizzy’ as you reach closer to the Higher Energies that you are to place your feet firmly down upon/within … and to find yourself grounded within that Higher state /position.

What should we expect when we land?

A feeling that you have been yearning for. It shall become you … in its natural state.

That’s good, because I find myself once again … experiencing that feeling of ‘What’s it all about Alfie’. As I have done many times. I am neither high nor low in my thoughts … just … neutral. Yet, knowing life should feel so much more exciting than this.  I know our thoughts create our reality … yet, I feel in this   ‘Oh whatever!’ kind of space.

And again we remind you to be vigilant. Vigilant of your thoughts and how you conduct them … How you behave with them. How you categorise them. How you discard or bring them forth, depending on their agenda.

Dearest souls, REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE.




Now more than ever are your forces of Energetical Grace ready to bombard your world with Love.

This is the time as you move on up/through that you exude in LOVE. You excel in forgiveness and you do not waver from the road upon which you so valiantly walk.


Oh! We try! Yet, so many are feeling downtrodden with Earths display of odd behaviour. No one knows who to Trust or believe … and yet, we continue to have faith and knowing in that all will be well, eventually. Tell me … were channellers channelling this same stuff back when the dinosaurs were around? Because, it sure seems to me like we’ve been hearing this for a real long time now.

That is because you HAVE been hearing it ‘for a real long time now’. This change … this supersonic (?) change HAS been going on for a real long time now.

We wonder if you are misunderstanding … how huge a transformation this actually is. For if you Truly knew … you would be in amazement at how much has been accomplished and how close to the finishing line we are now.

And … we were told that five years ago. Truly, I have let go of the WHEN … it’s just this phase I am going through of the ‘WHY?’.  Yet, on another level … on another day … in another mood … I know all these answers. How’s about you tell us something we don’t know?

With pleasure. We shall embark upon a story of great relief to all.

Is it a story or a Truth?

That is for your soul to discover. Once upon a time …

There was a group of Highly intelligent Beings that were chosen to come to Earth at the most important time in history to this date. They knew why they were chosen, yet, forgot much reasoning when they arrived, as this was part of the plan of renewing self-discovery. As time went on … all memories of the chosen mission faded and life became without ‘source’. Life seemed to deaden the senses as opposed to uplift … and for a while … the Planet Earth simply … pottered along .

It was then decided by the Highest councils that assistance was required. Not to interfere with this Golden Plan, but to give it the needed boost, as much had been reviewed and it was deemed necessary to do so.

Hence, those from other realms began infiltrating wisdom as a reminder of why you Earthlings came … To assist you in reconnecting with your True Source and to get The Game Plan back into full swing.

Over eons now … much help has been given. We, The Federation of Light chose to offer ‘pearls’ of Light, for it is our souls desire to help you remember the Bright Lights that you are … And the reason you came. And why it was YOU …. Each One of YOU In particular, that wanted to be here and change your Planet into a Brighter Star to reside upon.

How keen, how very keen you all were. It is a saddened soul that wishes to depart from your place of residency early. For once there was such eagerness to be there.

Try to see it from our view point Dearest Souls … You are so very nearly there. Do not give up now. Not now, when you are over the border and walking into FREEDOM.

THE LIGHT THAT YOU ARE shines from within you. You do not always feel it, for it appears to you dampened. Yet, we see you … the Truth of you … and we have such admiration for the Warriors of Light that you are.

One day … One fine day … YOU WILL LOOK BACK in disbelief at how things once were.

Remember too, that all is not as it appears to be. 

Yes… I feel also, very much as If I am in a play, within a play, within a play, within a movie!

That is also relevant to these times of Energetic change. When eventually your feet land on Higher ground … you will feel much more in ‘character’. Having much more of a grasp of the role you are here to portray.

We ask you to KNOW … to ACCEPT … to HONOUR … the reality of this experience/experiment.

It is in perfect alignment … with all that is.

It cannot be anything else.

For it is a Divine Plan.

Yet, a pretty odd way of displaying its Divinity.

And we would say … that Divinity has many guises. Yet, in the Truth of itself … DIVINITY is the underlying working within everything … for there is NOTHING else other than PURE DIVINE LOVE.

How easily it can be disguised to make one think there is trickery afoot. Yet … we say THAT ALL IS LOVE … even when it appears not to be.

All you need is to BE TRUE TO YOURSELF.






You will not feel so despondent. You will ‘Get it’. Yet, we remind you … it is up to you …. The strongest of the strong … to hold fast in thought word and deed … BE of DIVINE LIGHT … and let that Light lead the way.

Thank you. Through these little upheavals, it is so easy to forget this and allow the ‘sluggishness’ to take over. I guess one gets tired of it all, now and then.

May we also remind you, as a pick me up … that your weather Blossom, with its storms and winds and rains, has not passed you by empty handed … shall we say. These conditions, all over the world carry with them ‘loaded ammunition’ … to deter one as far as possible from the Truth of themselves.

Yes, again thank you.  Nice reminder not to fall by the wayside and succumb to these niggly nasties!!

It takes just a thought process to change the attitude and bring one back into alignment.

Sometimes it feels like it needs a whole lot more than that!!

Yet, not so.





Thanks so much … nice to be back in touch. It is odd being in a showbiz world for a time, where none of this is even mentioned. Yet my!  How the Light shines in so many of these young ones. It is a delight to feel. Until next time chaps … thanking you. I somehow feel something is going to happen soon … and you gotta laugh at that statement!! In Love, Light and Gratitude,Me … Blossom Goodchild … signing out.


Hello again. I know, I know I am fussy. Yet I have to say, when reading over our chat from yesterday, I wasn’t really satisfied with your answer regarding telling us something we don’t know. Because we already know that which you offered. Did we just get waylaid?  You said it was a story of great relief to all?

Greetings to you Blossom and ALL. Indeed, as with many chats we embark upon, we sometimes do not get round to saying all we need to say, as we lead off into other tangents and then time runs thin. Much like many conversations that take place with so many on Earth.

So, what would be the something we don’t know and be of great relief? No point beating around the bush.

We would say to you, that of course you know everything anyway. Yet, we realise that is not what you wish to hear. So, let us start by introducing to you the concept that, although logic and reasoning do not cooperate with what we have to say … none the less it is a new thought pattern, in that … further down the track in your life’s span … there is to be a significant transformation in your entire Earthly body. Although human Beings shall be recognised as such … the appearance shall have changed greatly to adapt to the new conditions.

So, presuming this isn’t to be in my life time? (I hit 60 this year)

You will be surprised at the rate in which change comes in future days.

With all respect … if its anything like ‘now’ … I doubt it.

Yet Blossom, once certain basics … once foundations are in place … is it not easy to build upon them?

Yes. I guess so. So what sort of changes?

Well as you know, your bodies are transforming on a moment to moment basis to adapt to the Higher frequencies that are blending with your own. The changes we speak of will be subtle, yet recognisable. Perhaps less cumbersome in physicality. Is it not your animals /mammals adapt to their environment? Then so shall it be with you, also.

Keeping in mind, that your senses are the first to become heightened. This, for many, is already coming to fruition. You say you are in need of your mobile phones and your internet. It is not that these shall disappear (for a while) yet, your own senses shall work more efficiently when it comes to communication. Your technology shall abound beyond reason … as you know it, at this juncture. So much shall be made available to you as the Higher lifestyle is presented and understood.

You see Dearest souls, look upon it in this fashion. Fifty of your years ago, when one was to view a movie of futuristic nature … one certainly did not believe that this would become a reality … yet it has.

Now, when you look at most of your movies, they present technological images and ‘magic potions’ and ‘wizardry’, and that which you know as sci- fi … and indeed, they are presented well.

ALL that can be created in movie form can and will become your reality. This is not rocket science. For it takes but a thought to then create something into Being.

Yet, again, we ask you to create thoughts of Joy and Love and Peace. Much that you are given to view is of a more violent nature. This is not profitable for mind, body or soul.

I guess when you look at how far we have come technologically; all that you say is feasible. That then leads on to the matter of whether, down the track … we return for another round in our Earthly coil or, as it has been suggested … as a possibility … do we simply transform into a Lighter body and no longer have the need for death? ( as we know it ).

We would say, that is definitely for another session. Although we have mentioned it briefly in days gone by.

Yes, but I have a memory like a sieve and to be reminded of things never harms. Thanks for this brief little extra … Can I be honest with you guys? Sometimes I just don’t feel that we have covered much ground in any one particular conversation … and it makes me doubt … myself and become a little despondent. I feel ALL our conversations should be mind boggling!

And we would say to you Blossom … that sometimes … we are merely ‘chewing the cud’. Just touching base and connecting. These messages are not necessarily designed to blow one’s head off every time. They are designed to uplift and remind. Now and then we throw in a curve ball …

I know! I guess there is so much we could discuss … yet, we keep it on this same level.

We are satisfied with this level Blossom. You must remember too, that always there are new souls finding these messages. So we try to cater for all.

We are not here to be known as extremists. We are here to gently encourage and support.

Thank you. I wasn’t having a go at you, well maybe I was … I was just saying how I was feeling. Maybe it’s because I still have a lot of my ‘showbiz’ head on at the moment. Maybe the two don’t go together. Although I don’t see why they cant?

They can … They did. We never leave. Although certain Energies may make it feel like we do.

How can we leave … when we are ONE?

Thank you.  I’ve got to go now … Love ya.

Yet, we ask you not to go in a despondent fashion … there will be many that are grateful to you for this message in particular. Each soul walks their journey at their own pace, in their own space. Do not underestimate how these messages touch the heart.

Ok. Thank you again … leaving despondency behind then … off I go.


Make every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY!

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