Invocation to ArchAngel Raphael before his Message through Marc Gamma on 11.30.13

89073-hawaiiInvocation to AARaphael with the Emerald Green Flame

Dear AARaphael,

Today I do not find it very easy to sit down and start translating this huge message – and do you know why?

With your last message you told us that future messages of yours, from God-Father and you, will be somewhat shortened in length and now I found on proofreading the original that it is
even somewhat longer than your average messages before. So before I go ahead let me tell you that these days I get tired so quickly and messages of such lengths – I found out – take even the very last reserves from me – when coming to their end with my translation I am so worn out that I really have to pull all my concentration together in order to finalize it. I believe that is the actual reason behind all my hesitations today to start my translating work. Even with regard to the ever increasing frequency of vibration – as these messages start becoming something like a
“Joint Venture” of yours and the heavenly Father – present also such a strong pull on my resources. Continue reading

Message from God through Marc Gamma

Your Celestial Father is always at your Side – Message from God through M. Gamma ~ 04.07.2013

God[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

Beloved humans here on Earth. It is again I who is speaking to you. And this time I’d like to give some entirely different message. My channel has been given some great support regarding the needy translation of messages into English.

This was somewhat limited in the past since this channel has not been able to translate subtle matters  accordingly to the complexity of messages given by us. This now is some matter of the past and I am thanking Eva Maria that she is willed and prepared to her working for the light by elaborating the translations of this channel’s messages.

However getting to today’s special and original topic. Don’t be scared today I am not dealing with ascension ! This will happen anyway and you will decide when it is the right time to go.

I’d like to lay some entirely different subject to your heart – which concerns the “Church” and its attempt to sweep everything  under the carpet which could impair its appreciation and also its clerical reputation. The Church and it’s so called High Ornated Dignitaries become increasingly aware that they are running out of time. They are learning about their misconducts appearing more and more to the surface and humans come to ask questions about it like:

“May this be true and possible?” Continue reading

Messages of God: about doubting …..

14th June 2013 of Badeem – Sirian Starseed

Doubt is the cause If your hopes will not come to realization –
Messages from God  June 14.2013

The characteristic feature of doubt generally derives from non-awareness that one may not be able to acknowledge one’s own allround full responsibility for his-/herself and his/her pertaining reality of life. Only if you are able to acknowledge your true inner greatness it is that you will make yourself also aware that it is only doubt which impedes you from being aware that limitations always are defined soley by yourself.

If you doubt you will adjust your order to the Universe in such way that you will – as result thereof – experience doubt. Since the universe always will give you back in accordance to your order.  Such is the universe obliged to give you everything needed for your further and greater growing. Everyone getting aware of this fact is on the road to eliminate doubt. Once there is no longer any doubt all limitation will have disappeared. Limitations are of restrictive nature and therefore they are not desirable. Only those which have become aware of their very own limitations will have truly lived. And those which never were prepared to acknowledge or tried out their limitations – are the ones which do not know what true living actually means. Continue reading