First telepathic communication of today with Hatonn and telepathic Talk: Questioning Hatonn and AAJophiel about the “Great Portal” Nov.20, 2013





My heart`s story of today June 14th, 2016…………….

yesterday,  I was led to a blog which is old but for me completely new. It is all about Hatonn and I blogged it at once for my friends on Facebook and followers of my blog with an explicit explanation of who Hatonn is. As we have not heard quite a period from Hatonn and I had as result of my stroke lost all connection to my celestical guides I am so glad that I have now regained this old connection again and having been led to this old blog after having found him and my Higher Self in my deep heart some days before. I know that he has helped me to get there and to start again channeling him.

Hello, Hatonn, I am so grateful to you and to my Higher Self that we are again linked together – I felt this time inbetween so lonely all on my own but from the reading of yours which Marc sent me I jumped into the masses of posts to foward those to most of my friends as my big pc got broke and I had to cope with the small laptop. At least I could work again for the ascending earth and our father God and that made me content and filled my days  ro my joy.I tried to translate with Marc again but he diverted his work into a slightly dofferent direction on his own, so I left the translations there. But you know all thar of course.


H:  yes I did lead you to my old blog and then now to our past communication to give you the idea we could begin again our talks and you can get rid of your burdens which are heavy on your heart because we have learned from your prayers your tightened sorrows about the yulin festival in China –

I: yes how can I read heavenletter and have joy in my heart if there is so much pain and misery on those animals – I spoke so often with our father as nothing is impossible and everything is possible with his guidance and help. I signed already the petition to stop this cruelty – but I dread the date approaching.  several times a day I go – as you know with my Higher Self and you to the quantum space to beg our father and Franziskus to beware these poot creatures in China off these cruelties and all my tears are for the animals and the humans who have to do this event. I think these my prayers are always in the back of my heart alldays.

H: My beloved you cannot save the world but leave it to our father – I and your higher Self bless you – we know about you and your longing for harmony I do love you all the time and this love has been a long long time already and it is only still a little time until we meet again and I`ll take you then up on my ship to stay a while in our lightchambers.I embrace you together with your Higher Self.

So Long

So long my love .



Now comes my talk with Jophiel and Hatonn some years ago:


Mmust have a talk with you two AAJophiel and Hatonn ! I am calling on you !

Following my very own road through the plains of the desert towards the huge light rising on the horizon above the far-away mountains …. fading in the mist of light ….. plodding onward – never be discouraged but still so very curious and wanting to know more and more as I go on and on …..

My true and wonderful guides besides my Higher Self – are you here at my side?

Hallo – of course we are – and what sort of questions are ailing you today?

As I read from the messages of the Archangels Michael and Raphael together with our Father – the Time of Now presents us with the opening of the Ascension Portals and we are being called for our final decision whether to pass through these huge Portals or not  … we have been waiting for them to appear before us since a long long time on our long long way through the desert of our decreasing old 3-D-Realm.

Please, tell me – as I have read that Marc my Brother in Light with whom I have been working so spendidly all these previous months – he will have to stay on here until being one of the last ones before the call for ascending humans will fade out and finalized – when shall I may go and pass through these portals ?
Have I to stand by him and persevere as long as he has to do or may I go before him to my particular home again?
My heart is yearning to go but I also do not want to leave Marc and assist him with all my enlightened thoughts and knowledge of my inner  heart.

Listen to the very melody of your heart – singing here still with the one of Marc’s heart – almost up to the end of all this process of ascension and how and why do you think I, AAJophiel, are already with you and living in your inner heart?

It is me who once sealed off the Great Portal after driving the first humans out of Eden (according to the Genesis of your Old Testament of your Holy Bible). I then had to play my part as the Guardian of your former Paradise – The Garden of Eden – being the Angel in fullfillment of all our Father’s Orders and Command at the closure of the very Portal crossing it with my inflammable sword! And this I shall have to do a 2nd time now when I am closing again the Great Portal of Ascension for ever in the realm of Duality !

You and Marc and just a few others like Steve B. you will be the last ones passing through and locking after yourselves the Great Portal from the other side. So this will be our task: You are the last few passing through – closing and locking the Great Portal while I shall resume my post on the outside of it being the invincible ArchAngel barring off all what still carries negative and lower vibrating energies of the foregone matrix.

And for all who have passed on with you being the last ones – a completely new life will start for ALL OF YOU AS FULLY CONSCIOUS HUMAN BEINGS HAVING ASCENDED TO YOUR FORMER CELESTIAL SELVES !

Why do I have all this written down in Caps? Time is running out on all of you and it is imperative that your final decisions will be made by you in a most conscious way of your hearts ! And as it is such a great case of importance I have resorted to it written down in capitalized letters ! There is only such a short span of time left for all of you – let’s say just within some blink of an eye and not much more !

Evasions and talking your ways out – it is not possible and done any longer! This is the very point of no return – the huge turning point of this incarnation to avail yourselves of the given return home offered by Divine Decree of Our-All-Father !

This is the plain and straight-forward truth which I may tell you here on behalf of all your celestial assisting Angelic Forces.
We do love you so much – and because of it – we have been attempting for quite some time to repeatedly stress the severity of our messages to you.

To cut it short again: “No more rambling – rattling – squabbling – babbling and asking for more time etc. We have – up to now – always given in to your argumentation and enough is enough ! We also have arrived at our wits’ end ! The Creator has made his very decision and has pressed the conspicuous button for Green Light  and now it is your very turn … to create what your future live-mode will be like !

My dearest Earth-Angel – this all had to be pronounced in the most serious way – and we both – Hatonn and I – we are your very last escort before all have passed through the Great Portals and still afterwards when you being the last ones will have to switch out the light and leave the negative and lower frequencies to themselves here on old 3-D-Earth or at least what remains here.

I am AAJophiel and for the rest of time-line-of Now-and-Here we shall be working closely together according to all of our contracts once concluded.

OMG, this  message was so powerful, my dear AAJophiel and my dear Hatonn, I filled with so much light and high vibrations of yours – thank you very much for entrusting me with your sage words.

Here, is Hatonn, my dearest Soulpartner. I have refrained from adding any comments hereto since AAJophiel really opened up – what appears to me like flood-doors – and I could not have said it more eloquently than him! We shall deal with our private topics very soon when we shall not be accompanied by such a great spiritual being like AAJophiel. I am here bidding you farewell and thanking AA Jophiel for his impressive eloquence and speech !
With all my love to all of you here still on earth – do not overlook the ever-faster passing of your Time-line !
Yours with impassionate and compassionate love  Hatonn.

Thank you for listening to me here and please make this today’s message viral – spread it far and wide !
Yours loving AAJophiel

Thank you both for sparing such a highly vibrational message to me  !
Eva Maria

12 thoughts on “First telepathic communication of today with Hatonn and telepathic Talk: Questioning Hatonn and AAJophiel about the “Great Portal” Nov.20, 2013

  1. This wonderful conversation fills my heart with so much energy and love for what we are doing and how everything is coming to a head. I enjoy this confirmation especially it gives a other perspective on the messages WE are publishing together.

    Much Love to Hatonn, Jophiel and YOU!

    • Muss ich dann noch übersetzen … ich habe eigentlich mit den telepathischen Gesrpächen in deutsch angefangen, wie du unter dem Tag: Evamaria’s “Life” Reportage nachschlagen kannst. Die sind z. kleinen Teil auch schon in Englishch übersetzt worden von mir …. und da ich oft nicht unterscheiden kann zwischen meinem Denken in English and Deutsch – sind diese letzten in English herausgekommen, die wiederum ins Deutsche übersetzt werden müssen.

      Schau auch einmal unter den Evamaria’s Billinguals in Deutsch nach, da ist auch so manches, was schon in beiden Sprachen vorhanden ist. Aber das sind dann keine gechannelten Sachen mit einigen wenigen Ausnahmen, obwohl ich jetzt unter dem Eindruck stehe, dass alle meine Gedichte von Anfang der 90er Jahre gechannelt waren wenn auch unbewusst. Einige Gedichte davon sind auch dort unter dem gleichen Tag zu finden. Ich habe noch einen ganzen Berg davon, die alle noch übertragen werden müssten. Aber wenn ich meine Übersetzungen für Marc gemacht habe und Korrektur der deutschen Original gelesen habe, bin ich manchmall einfach zu müde für irgendwellche weiteren kreativen Ergüsse und Arbeiten. Aber für dich und deine deutsche Gruppe on FB wären diese Sachen vielleicht sehr interessant. Vor allem hänge ich an den E.M:H Briefen Nr.1 – 9 …weil sie meine Lebensgeschichte in meinen frühen Jahren während des Krieges beinhalten……
      So, das war wieder ein langer Erguss von mir …aber ich wollte dich nicht mit so kurzen knappen Antworten abspeisen. Danke für deine Nachfrage – hat mich sehr gefreut !!!
      ❤ Eva Maria = Contramary =(Contra)Mary + Havagh …. um nur einige meiner Aspekte zu nennen.
      Da gibt es eine FB-Seite von Marix – auf der ich alle meine Publikationen ebenfalls poste, da ich mit Sarinah sehr befreundet bin …..<3

      • Du übersetzt auch die Botschaften von Marix, nicht wahr?
        Ich werde mal unter den deutschen Arbeiten nachschauen und wenn ich die Kraft aufwenden kann vllt. diese Botschaft hier übersetzen. Ich weiß du bist mit Marcs Botschaften gut beschäftigt. ❤

        • Eva, mittlerweile denke ich es ist unnötig sie zu übersetzen. Ich habe Kommentare auf eine andere Botschaft gelesen und ich weiß nicht mehr ob diese Gruppe reif ist für solche Botschaften 😦

        • Ganz ehrlich gesagt, ich übersetze alle Botschaften, die über Marc kommen und möchte eigentlich meine eigenen auch selbst übersetzen – vielleicht verstehst du das ? Ja und die Marix Botschaften habe ich auch alle übersetzt – ich vermisse sie sehr – da Sarinah mit anderen Dingen beschäftigt ist. Kannst du mir auf meinem facebook Chat eine Freundschaftsanfrage stellen?Oder gib mir den Link zu deinem bekannt ? Wäre doch schön, sich ein bißchen mehr kurz zu schliessen.
          Namasté Contramary

  2. RESPECT TO ALL, PEACE, LOVE AND HARMONIE is the way to God… God bless you all…

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