Philippines Journey – Test video post

Good day my dear friends.  This is just a brief test of the ability to embed videos into our WordPress Blog.   I appreciate your patience.  All photographs are my own. – Brother Dave

The following video slide show, Philippine Journey is from my time in the Philippines, 2 weeks in 2005 and 1 year from Oct 2006 to 2007 while working there for a former employer (Fraud and Compliance manger for a call center company)  This was one of the few places in the world where I truly felt at home.  Not just because of the country and definitely not because of the many challenges they face but because of the people.  For the greater part they are among the most hospitable, simple living and caring people I have ever known.   My friendships there are forever.  Perhaps some day I will return, to retire and focus on my spiritual understanding and just living life in a simple way.

And a second short slide show that focuses on the famous and often very colorful and artistic “Jeepney” a mode of public transportation and transport in the Philippines.

Thank you for your time.

May your life be blessed and filled with joy!  Brother Dave.

“Once in a Blue Moon” ….and…. “Blue Moon’s Night is tomorrow”

Re: Blue Moon –

I know the great event is still one day ahead but it will be appropriate to prepare ourselves already one night before …
Prepare as if you will be going to a big feast …

Once in a Blue Moon

Roses and Pearls – glimmering shine –
we shall ornate our Selves –
with many a rhyme …
The Magic of Moon,
the “Blue One” this time ….
let’s feast and dance
to its Glory so soon !

Let’s have a Ball and prepare !
Let’s feast the holy Magic
of silvery worlds with fairies of light,
with flowery petals
and crystal shining
all through the Night !

ContraMary Aug.29, 2012 Continue reading

I am yearning to meet my soulmate – whoever it is

There is some long stretch of life in my past and like all of us I spent much of the time in a quest for somebody to share my life with in a most possibly harmonious  way. T

The first matter I could fulfill in a way but with the latter one it grew more and more difficult as I found out I was not only looking for love but for a true friend and alike-thinking human being … which also like many of us I did not find until now.

This is expressed in my verses that I wrote so 20 years ago and which crossed my way now again :

How far is your homestead
how deep is the sea ?
My love reaches onward
attempts to reach thee.

All light of my thinking
is wishing you well,
your’re deep in this heart mine
in each bodily cell.

Enlightened love
will thus carry me through
and all daily rushing
will not longer be true.

I just want to be near you
refilled with your strength
to feel your heart sing
with mine in alike length.

ContraMary 1993

Update of Status for us All – as we are One !

This is a sort of update written on August 17, 1993
and as I found out that life is reviving itself in an ever extending spiral –
these words did not lose their validity until today.

It goes without saying that the original verses are in German –
still I translated these into English for you today :

Status Update valid for us all as we are ONE !

Years of the Moon and lunar time passed by

and thoughts of mine
now dig their way into freedom again
Skies are getting more shiny with light,
and Sun brings forward new issues of life.

Arriving here from the brink of the World
right into the center of her game
my conscious mind

may join again a new life’s chain
no asking for any “if and would” at all.

With thanks I sing a new song of love
to the World and All-There-Is in praise
to its Grace for another Chance of Life !

German original dated August 17, 1993
Translation dated August 28, 2012
bbC = both by ContraMary

and for all those knowing some German – here is the original : Continue reading

Greetings to you – Siblings of the Stars, 8-21-2012

Message from Herak/Sirius
channeled by Frank H. Scheffler
dated August 21, 2012
Source of German Original:

Greetings to you – Siblings of the Stars!

Together with my channeling of today I am announcing to you a further
huge wave of photon-energy from your central sun. This has been
mentioned already in some other and recent messages.

This highly energetic wave will reach its peak on the coming next
weekend as this was submitted from the higher realms and is considered the
first conclusion of the central solar cycle for the entire universe. The
impact of this wave will be so huge that it will be sensed eternally in all

This wave is such profound that it will feed the morphogenetic field with
everything needed for the return to Source.

Entities not corresponding to your DNA structure will experience also
further degrees of risings. There will be a shift of evolution for all
all of the planetary beings and thus the eternal spiral of All-There-Is
will be conditioned in further ascending patterns.

Recently we took from your German comments that according to your
belief the number of ships in your solar system would suffice – still
this was a false assumption.

The process of – as you would put it – the increase of the associated
fleet – has nothing to do with instructions from commanding instances in
order to place more vehicles at disposal.

This is a divine proceeding – our vehicles are self-contained biological
entities measuring independently all processing life-cycles and
energy-patterns of the individual star quadrants.

In our last channeling I cited in cooperation with our channel-medium
once again out of the Book “The Keys of Enoch” and still also today
we are able to explain almost in a perfect way the work- and
task-process of our vehicles (mentioned in the last passage here) by way
of the keys from out this book.

Since we do not want invent the “Wheel” anew – only would like to turn it a
bit on since everything has already been achieved: Continue reading

The Tone (Sound) – Wake-up Call for Mankind – High Vibrations from Sirius

High Vibrations from Sirius Message from Marix
channeled through Sarinah
dated August 22, 2012

The Tone (Sound) – Wake-up Call for Mankind

While the sun speeds up the physical restoration of human beings it is inevitable for those struggling through old disease patterns to stop their train of life for some moments in order to review it.

Yes we are definitely conscious that life must be felt often like driving on a speedway -to stop driving and getting off the vehicle is not that easy and will imply courage.

Now all days passing by until we truly shall see each other – they are essential for you as each hour there are programs running in your bodies evoking in those wanting to ascend that they become more and more subtle.

Thus on the day of our arrival a direct meeting will be possible without us having to throttle our frequency of energy. As being able to come to you with our full power this will facilitate immensely our dialogue with the old governments. Continue reading

On a warm August Evening with Skies full of Stars ….

 When I got a first hunch what it is all there-is-about-out-there

It was one of these lovely warm evenings in early August … as our little family walked home rather late after having a birthday celebration of my father with friends in their lovely big garden with all the sunshine and ripening fruits of this special August time. At these times there were hardly cars or cabs and people had to do many things in the oldfashioned way – viz. themselves. So had we too walking home and it was quite a long way alongside a big municipal park with a big lake. I remember the water shining in silvery shades throught the opening of trees and bushes which were nothing like they had been during the sunny day but now at night encloaked in dark shadowy forms.  The warmth of the sunny day with all its lovely and delicate summer smells still lingered in the shadows of this night and above us there was that high August-Sky with all the richness of the stars twinkling and glittering and lightning up against the warm deep blue-almost black sky at some night in August. Continue reading

A nice fine story : How to overcome a big mishap …..

As I am a person of strong belief in pictures as I think pictures always are linked wirh direct threads to our hearts and subconsciousness I am always in search for those photos and pics which create an echo in my heart – a particular resonance – as I often feel emphatic and strongly overwhelmed by feelings of which I am not able to trace the cause … in moments like these I have a simple remedy to divert myself and my silly mind from those feelings …I go searching for pictures and sage wordings attached to them.That I did also today – as there was a huge wave of feelings overwhelming me with being lost again on a strange shore of my very own mind which tried to over-run me again with all the “ifs” and “whens” ….
I called out to my spiritual guide and than I went on my quest or search – whatever you may call it……and
I found exactly the right story attached to some pic (which I couldn’t retrieve here due to lack of knowledge of the very technique to it). But I could share this magnificent story which soothed at once my on-storming feelings of lower frequencies and that ‘s the reason why I want to share it with you here: Continue reading

Greetings to you – Siblings of the Stars, 8-11-2012

Greetings from Herak/Sirius
channelled through Frank H. Scheffler
dated August 11, 2012
Source of German Version:

Greetings to you – Siblings of the Stars

It is since some time now that we greet you as “Siblings of the Stars” and this we do because the Meeting-Point of us all is in the near offing.
The increase of energetic frequency in this cycle of suns and the central sun has been an exorbitant one and will be aggravated further until this month’s end.

Concerning us on the big spaceships we are given an interesting task viz. to support furthermore stabilization of the morphogenetic or plasma-field of your solar system.

Dissolving the Divine Decree of Free Will has been done and thus energetic justification of conscious interaction to stop the activities of the Cabals. has been granted.

As many times we could read on your Internet-pages the date of 8.4.2012 as appropriate for intervention of Galactic forces we again ask you to note that there is no relevance of daily dates with us here. We solely measure the energetic cycle of fields and on behalf of resulting figures we may conclude how to proceed further on.

This procedure based on the Sacred Geometry has been submitted in a perfect way in the Book “The Keys of Enoch”, to which we should like to refer hereunder :

First of all we should like to explain from Key 118 all what is proceeding presently in your solar system: Continue reading

Time to be tested…………………. High Vibrations from Marix/Sirius

Message from Marix/ Sirius

Channeled through Sarinah

dated August 10, 2012

Time to be tested …………

As the path on which we meet has been prepared and brushed clean since long ago, it is comprehensible that you often feel as if before undergoing a final examination. And thus it is so, however it is not you being concerned with this exam but the entire situation on the worldly stage is about to be examined. Everything not corresponding to the highest level of frequency will be dissolved.

As the power you are exerting being a collective is at least as mighty as ours – this is to be mentioned solely that it is worthwhile to demonstrate in the streets and for instance demand justice, peace, solidarity for others concerned or to sign a petition.

This does mean that if you join another huge majority of fellow humans in a much enlightened and mutually enlightened appeal e.g. by way of a co-operate meditation – all similarly pulling for the same issue – you will reach sucessfully your target. Continue reading

My Meditation in Assistance to Gaia – our Mother Earth


Today I want to share with you a meditation which I made up about more than 20 years ago which I feel still valid in our timeline as it has grown all these years in its own pace and transformation.

At first it was the time that Gaia’s health and wealth had gone from bad to worse and I felt deeply troubled on her behalf. And brooding and thinking about her it happened just as from itself. It was like being on a lively new adventurous journey as I used to visit and talk with her in my meditating journeys deep down of my inner core. It became quite a habit of mine even in that reality of my daily life …to speak to her – to thank her for her beauties as gifts to mankind …
This habit stretched itself to the way how I meditated and suddenly this special one showed up in my inner self: Continue reading

…. and besides I want to say…..

In all this turmoil time outwardly from our hearts it is imperative to keep our inner balance and remain being the observers of all so vividly arising ups and downs of
our old accustomed life (more collapsing downs than ups, I ‘d like to say) – stay focused and centered in your inner heart, observe what is going on still not let yourselves drawn into the former fear and doubts which might be spread by many of the old order.

Share together what you have found out meanwhile, read the sage words of
enlightened wisdom of Rumi, Ghandi, Buddha, Osho and all the other Ascended.Ones.
Feel yourselves with your hearts into these wordings and cherish them as the great treasures of wisdom that safeguard you with all the light of Spirit and the Angelic Realms.

Try to connect as much as you can with the Never-Ending-Love-Story of All-There-Is
and follow up this “Trend of Love” with your very own life on your very own path.

Keep in your heart and in your mind too: we all are One  – still everyone on his/her very own path, on our return-road to become the fully conscious One again which we have been in the enlightened realms before undergoing voluntarily this 3-D-experiment.

We are on our blessed way home keeping the promise of our soul-contracts.
so: keep on keeping, beloved Sisters and Brothers ! Be blessed – Unite in your Endeavor ! Continue reading

Down to Earth Again – The Warrior that I am

After many days when we were focused on a large-scale on our celestial family of the stars – it may be healthy and advisable for us all again to “Come Down to Earth” again as we all have still to live here – possibly as deeply rooted into Gaia as we can (so it is being advised by our starry family as well) . There are so manifold and multiple issues we have to face in the vast range of all the healing we have to do to our Planet and all life upon it.

In other words – we have to be careful not getting stuck in a spiritual rut of worrying only for the ascension of ourselves but to turn our focus also to do our part to all realms of Gaia living around us.

We have to make good to all our family on Gaia what has been done on damages to her so far … and not going along only by ourselves and our very own ascension – we may be able as well as ascending by dedicating our work on issues of work to be done around us.

This again is combined to some personal and private thoughts of my very own life:
Today is the birthday of my beloved father who was born 1898 and as I know now –
he was one of the few pacemakers of Starseed helping me on this path as well – a loving and teaching father to a single child that I was. Here at this occasion I want to shout it into the world:

“Papa, I love you for what you have been doing to me and our family: You have been a great soul coming to get us safeguarded through life against cold, hunger and all evil ! Here and now I want to express my deepest thanks to you –
I think I remember every word you once said to me.

Thank you, you great Soul and bless you from my deepest heart …I will follow you on the path you tried to show me.
Thank you !”  Continue reading

Invocation to the Realms of Light

When 20 years ago it dawned on me that this kind of life was not what I appreciated I started to look consciously for literature about ethic, mysticism, religions to find out more about why I was so dissatisfied with life as it presented it to me. And as I had not the
funds needed for attending courses or lessons I went to search in all the 2nd hand bookshops and remnants for sale to read the arising grassroots-literature about spiritual growing. Thus I was safeguarded against unnecessary expenditures for all sorts of courses which otherwise I certainly had attended.

I did – on the other hand enrol for a 3-days mindcontrol-lectures (Silva Mind control) and passed some Reiki teachings (the original Dr, Usui method)  attaining the 1st and 2nd degree. As Hamburg is quite a lively town there where a lot of meditation centers offer lectures free of charge so for instance the Center of Tibetan Bhuddism I was a frequent visitor at all these centers in order to find out more about all the spiritual paths.
When I recall this time I must agree that I was quite busy then and at home I was reading everything I could lay my hands on.

These were the times when I consciously quit my former life and all the schedules pertaining to it as I sensed what great influence was excerted on us by all economic and political environment trying to convince us what was thought good for us which only aroused my suspicious mind all the more. To me everything told us wasgetting more and more empty and flat. All that was impressed on us by the Main Stream Media was so hollow and without any ethical substance …just like the goods in a Supermarket in flashing colors trying to attract consumers to spend money for ready-made products which could be done at home much easier and cheaper and also in healthier way.
I sensed some alert in my veins and that was that!
I gave my notice to the former 3-D-schedule of life in a supermarket and since then
I made m very own strides forward on my spiritual path. Continue reading

In our Heart there is a Tree it’s Name is “Om Shanti”

There is a tree
and it grows free
with bloom all over
in your heart.
So much love

It is so green
with ev’ry shade
for love it grows
with all its grades.
So much love

And birdies sing
a lovely song
because of your’s
love so strong.
So much love

Be in peace
your heart is wide
great is your guard
with love insight.
So much peace

For Angels sing
when they have found
a loving heart with
peace around,

with birds so fine
which sing in rhyme,
harmony and peace
sing the “Om Shanti”.

Feeling – Sensing – Wording August 1, 2012

Coming from wide – coming from afar-
with all our will we reach the portal –
finding us the old homely realms –
to share with all our celestial siblings so fair –
restored to full consciousness of lights –
we all live to praise the eternal might –
and love of the ONE –
returning home
we shall hasten and run …..

July,2012 Contramary