Reflections on the Realm of Spirit 04

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04   The Supreme Soul of   All-There-Is

Imagining all this vast so-called “Ocean” that is the Realm of Spirit with patches of its various energies which are tending to grow together by merging with the bliss of this special kind of love …. thereby also creating light and its specific sort of consciousness which will ever evolve furthermore light and various shades of color too.

One may visualize it like patches of differring nature within the waters of the Ocean which here stand for the Energy with Consciousness of Spirit …. accummulating themselves according to their alike nature into some denser fragments … thus creation of numerous differences of such fragments are being evoked.

These are the beginnings of first denser patches of consciousness of which one – so full of its own overflowing consciousness makes the decisive Quantum Leap …. changing into some other form all of a sudden viz.  some sort of a knot made of consciousness – inside like a knot and outside like a bare point –  thus becoming the First and Prime Soul of “All-There-Is”…..
How this quantum-leap was done ? It was like a flashing light going through the Consciousness of this special one … it became aware of its very own existence which made it think: ” I AM”  and thus the creation of a soul has been done.
It is some special Consciousness which bears in itself the evolution of “All-There-Is”.

And in some vast Ocean of its particular Stillness – there it is – our – the Primeordial – First – Top- Highest Soul of all. And with its first wave of special Consciousness it creates its own surrounding of Golden-Red Shine in some Vast Stillness.

There it floates from the All-Beginning and with its Special Consciousness making it dreaming and scheming and while it dreams it is creating more worlds of new patches of consciousness.

And spirit is everywhere – is the vast Ocean – “The Carrier of every and any creation” also bearing this new Red-Golden dimension being  the Home of its First High-Primeordial-Premium Soul of  Multi-Universes.

With love to all of you.


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Introduction to my Reflections referring to the Realm of Spirit which will entail all previous posts regarding the same subject too.


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03 – Transformation has been started – by Marc Gamma ~ 23.06.2014

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Tsunami of Love and more healing codes 4 – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn June 21, 2014

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The silverplatinum flame

23324_536337373051928_907460147_n(Translated from original language german)

My beloved child, I ask you today on your Solstice to open your heart wide for the energies that are flowing to you. My Tsunami of Love has reached it’s climax since some days and will now remain so. The energies are knocking at your heart saying: “open yourself and let us in”.

You feel these energies and groan another time under them. They are sent to you as golden energy from my mother ship. The name of the ship is Mesime, it means ‘Light of God’ and is Sirian. She is the biggest ship of the Galactic Federation and is slowly approaching Earth. Because of her size she can’t come too near; she would disturb the energy fields of your planet. She is the mothership of the Divine Mother and consists of my own energy, she is sending to you now.

You might feel…

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8 Homemade Detox Smoothies to Cleanse Your System

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Posted: 16 Jun 2014 01:25 AM PDT

by BembuDetox smoothies are a delicious way to detox, and one of the best detox drinks to add to your daily routine. To detox the body you need to feed it foods that help it purge itself, while at the same time provide it with the vitamins and minerals it needs to function at its best.

1. All-About-the-Berries Smoothie

Berries are your friend when it comes to detoxing because of all the antioxidants and fiber they contain. They’re just the thing your body needs to replenish itself and to help purge toxins from its various systems. Blueberries are packed with them, and raspberries and blackberries also have a lot, so we’ll use all three here to make sure it’s a detox winner.

What You Need

1 1/2 cups Berry Mix (Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries)
1/2 cup Coconut Milk
1 cup Purified Water
1/8 cup rolled oats

Instructions: Blend everything together until you reach a smoothie consistency. The beauty of berries is their easy prep. Fresh berries need a rinse before going in, while frozen you just pop right in. When detoxing organic produce is always recommended.
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Reiki Doc Protocols For Using The Angelic Healing Codes

On April 25, 2014, channeler Marc Gamma was given ten numeric sequences or codes to be used for healing purposes from Archangel Raphael.

This was announced on this blog on April 26, 2014. Here is the link to the post which includes the link to the original article translated to English from German:

As a board-certified physician, who is currently practicing medicine, I wanted to try these out, and see how they ‘felt’ and ‘worked’ before coming up with a protocol.

Here is a link to the summary table, in an easy to read format, that is available now to you on the web. It is a ‘work in progress’ and will be updated to reflect any new codes that are given to us. (Please note there are FOUR pages to this document. The first page only has two lines. You have to scroll down to see the other three.)

I tested on my food last night, the neutralizing ones. The taste of the food improved, and with my Reiki hand I could detect an increase in the amount of Life Force Energy coming off the plate.

I also did a test with the alcohol neutralizing code. I made the code numbers with my index finger five times over a glass of sake, a small glass from my sake set. I drank the sake in one swift series of swallows. It tasted like sake. And I waited. Alcohol takes twenty minutes to be absorbed from the stomach. At ten minutes, there was only the very faintest sign of a ‘buzz’ or ‘intoxication’–I was still clear headed. At twenty minutes, there was no change. At thirty minutes, there was no effect. I typically wake up with a dry mouth and a headache after taking alcohol. There was none. I also did not have the need to empty my bladder like with alcohol (ethanol blocks antidiuretic hormone–this is why the saying goes, ‘you don’t buy beer, you rent it’ because it makes you have to use the bathroom)

Yesterday a friend had a dog fall down the stairs. This is Bobby, a thirteen year old small German spitz who missed one of the steps. He got a cut over his right eye that was bleeding. She made the codes with a Lemurian crystal over the dog’s open cut on the eye. The bleeding stopped. The pain lessened. And today there is a barely perceptible crust where the wound had been.

Here is my protocol:

  1. Decide which purpose is the one you wish to intend for healing
  2. (for writing in air) Use index finger of dominant hand. At space between numbers, pause.
  3. Repeat number sequence with pauses several times just to make sure all numbers are okay
  4. Ask your angels, guides and deceased loved ones to correct any mistakes you might make
  5. Let go and trust. As an added measure, add the energy of Love and Gratitude to everything too.
Numbers may be written on paper and taped to the item. They may be written directly on the packaging. I wrote them in the air, and sent the intention to my entire kitchen and pantry. I also have the one for all cellular damage written in pink permanent ink on my right arm, just because intuition guided me to do so. When it washes off it will not need to be written again.
Remember, this is very powerful. It is for real. It is here for you.
Since it is new, I would suggest watching very closely while using the codes, and seek medical attention at the same time so no time is lost. This is not a replacement for medical care. It is something to help us heal on an emergency basis. Keep access to the codes table handy.
I will update you of further developments.
Reiki Doc


  1. Hi’ya Doc,
    Thank you for doing this! It is very much appreciated.
    I don’t know if it’s an Apple vs Windows thing, or my antiquated PC – but only two rows of data appear when I get in to the iCloud; and the second row is incomplete.
    Please let me know if it’s ‘me’.
    Much Love&Light to you and Ross – for All you Are, and All you Do.


  2. Hi Sonsie Luna,
    It has several pages. Are you able to scroll down? There should be four pages in the document. xo


  3. No, I’m not.
    Wish I could capture the page so you could see it. :-((


  4. OOPS!!!
    Color me corrected! And ignorant in the ways of Apple. 😉
    No scroll bar appeared on my screen; I never even considered pressing the
    page-down’ key.

    For ‘Healing Of Open Wounds’ under ‘Standard Of Care in 3D’ it only says ‘For’, nothing more. Is this complete? Just wanting to clarify for my on ‘mind’.



Direct Contact to Subconsciousness resp.” Your Higher Self ” has now been activated — Gaia through Marc Gamma – 04-05.2014



Dear humans, this is Mother Earth speaking to you and today I submit to you some particular message with merry tidings!

With this script I want to show you some easy measure how you – on your very own – may find some direct and easy access to your subconsciousness resp. to your own Higher Self.


When time and years of life ravage on you – you will find it a matter of course to go forward too. Now, what is meant by such expression so much used by you too?  It refers to something being clear and distinctive to all of you. It is your death that is meant by it – the physical one, reminding you that your body is of mortal character. Yet it is actually only your physical body being left here – however your soul will go on living on and on and on.


Now, as a matter of fact there are no such proofs from experimental scientific tests about your soul – your subconsciousness – respectively your Higher Self –  which could be drawn up by you to verify their existence in yourselves. Naturally there are quite a number of humans having passed through NDEs (Near-Death-Experiences) and as well as excellent therapists knowing together with that particular subconsciouness of their clients how to put the consciousness of the latter ones to sleep. Thus with the sole target to make that special sage being of your inner self rise resp. brought up (which are you too)  to the surface level of your consciousness.

To be more exact this is not the matter of some stage of deep of sleeping – it is still more one of deep relaxation. You thus enable your mind and intellect to retreat an simultaneously you permit the deeper layer of subconsiousness to rise up to the surface.


Let’s assume you never have known this particular stage before meaning that never before you succeeded to achieve some direct access to your very own subconsciousnes. How could this be achieved then now? I ‘d like to show you this by means of some little ritual and you will be amazed how effectively this will turn out since no practical training nor deeper meditation is needed for it.


this is just some sort of ritual to assist you bypassing or avoiding your physical consciousness in order to avail yourselves of that specific direct acess to your subconsciousness.


This particular ritual has to be followed compulsively in that order of sequence as explained and described hereunder: “Any deviation will not lead to the desired result as this is the very crux of any ritual.”

For all those regarding the expression of “ritual” as somewhat problematic we could change it to “Procedure or Process” – as the very effective result always will remain just the same.


….Take several deep breaths – and concentrate that when inhaling they go deep down. They have to be sucked in slowly into your stomach and from there be pushed out again through your mouth.


…..Afterwards – having done this sort of deep breathing – you envelope yourself and all your entire being (I Am) into some huge white ordinary ball or one of light. For all those finding it somewhat difficult to follow such imagination – we advise you just to visualize some huge white ball of any material matter in which he/she is sitting or standing.


……Visualize that this ball of light is flooding you with some wonderful energy.     White light is flowing incessantly into you from the walls of the white ball of light. Kepp your eyes shut and closed since it is some substantial help when visualization.


…..Feel into your body very consciously and try to become aware of any reaction in resonance to what you do. Enjoy deeply this most wonderful energy of your ball of light or energy and expose yourself  to its effects very consciously .


…..You will sense that after some while your body will become much lighter in weight which again will make you go even deeper into your body’s relaxation. You may even deepen this stage while imagining that more and more energies are being released to you by your white ball of energy  – effecting even more intensive relaxation which will reach the very stage when your subconsciousness becomes direct access to you.


Such direct access to you – it has been made possible only shortly ago – since all the energies of love which are flooding this planet as “Tsunami of Love” become more dominant all the more and thus all limitations from deeper dimensions could be overbridged.


When reaching this access you will note the following: “All of a sudden you will perceive a voice as if it was your very own one. You will also note that somebody is attempting to get into contact with you. In the very beginning you will likely believe that you are going crazy – however that is not so. It is that part of you trying to get into contact with you which is called “Your Higher Godself”or simply


“Your Higher Self” being thatvery part of you in eternal connection to you. However it is never been incarnated with you on physical levels.


Just try to listen to your Higher Self and even attempt to open up some sort of dialogue with it. If – after some while – you will truly recognize that you are not dreaming – that you have not gone crazy at all – then you have done it – achieved to maintain direct contact with your own Higher Self.


Only since March 30, 2014 it has been possible to reach out in such a way for some direct contact with Human Higher Selves as from that date I, Mother Earth,  have been released and freed from all negative energies.


This is Mother Earth by name of Gaia speaking, and from deep of my heart goes my love to all human beings on and inside of this Planet.



Reblogged from German Original

Translated by Contramary=evamaria

Original English Source: Direct Contact to Subconsciousness resp.” Your Higher Self ” has now been activated — Gaia through Marc Gamma – 04-05.2014


Copyright ©Contramary=Evamaria H. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given. http://


dove inside sphere

My Abracadabra Comment (Abracadabra derives from Aramaic and means: ‘While I speak – I am creating):

Beofre even starting the translation into English here I laid down for some rest and thought that I also may just as well do this kind of ritual …. which I did … and I received some wonderful effect in the course of it. I have written about it – some other channels too wrote about it and called it “Stillness of Heart” and on part of myself I have cherished twice this experience in tthis incarnation too which  always I have recalled as the most wonderful events in reality of life here.(See Link to posted scripts with such topic :

Stille in meinem Herzen – Stillness of my inner Heart –

and In reponse to some message of Sananda (channeled by Ute Posegga Rudel with following link:

I described the very same experience in a personal mail-exchan ge with her as follows:


I know that this message is truly authentic and true. I have myself experienced this emptyness
and stillness of inner heart twice in my life — it came all of a sudden with such sweetness
and flashing through my heart and stayed on for while. It was such a gentle and still great
impact of stillness that I – all myself – from my inside simply bowed down and did nothing
more than listening to this full awareness of  my inner stillstand.

Never and ever I shall forget this still emptiness filling all my inner heart with such a sweet
certainty of having a direct strong contact to the Holy and One Source.


This was now only to explain what happened to me today … this very blissful state of

I am which I have tried so often to acquire again in previous years — mining myself down  to my inner core of heart … diging like a mining labourer and eventuall had to give up to reach this state again – as I found out finally it had given to me as some divine present which I never could really reach my by my own doing ….  so what do you believe ? Today I through this very same ritual for the first time of my life …. it was the effective result of it … and I knew consciously I have arrived there where I wanted to so many times in vain ….I could not believe it really and truly but reaching this place where the stillness of my heart is … cnnot find some approbriate expression for ii but at least I wanted to tell and to share it with all of you here.

If you do not try this wonderful ritual out for yourself – something vital and essential of your life will be missing ! This is all I can tell you ….. Please, try it out and do not forget to thank Gaia for her wonderful present !

As  always with unconditional love and compassion to all of you


















This is a true story of a lucid dream I had way past ….



contd. from title

and I posted it some years before already and first wrote the poem about it in German when it just had happened. Now in this curxial year of 2014 when changes are about happening which never – ever occurred to me and other in our minds at that time when putting down the German verses after experiencing this very lucid dream in the beginnings of 90ies … this my dream of earlier times are coming true – manifesting itself for another and new Golden Age of Earth … it came to my mind again and something I marvelled and pondered about and most likely missed its very mportant meaning att all.

When casting some last and fleeting glimpse again at these wonderful Golden Mountains and its valley beneath them I noticed down in the valley the following … along a road with appletrees there weremany labourers – human people – working busy like bees – and I heard myself muttering : “Oha, they have set up some works down there to manufacture brick stones … what do they want to build up with those new bricks ? ”

I dismissed this picture from my mind altogether but now … when listening to and reading the recent two messages of AA Michael

Archangel Michael

 ( Ascension starts and ends in your Hearts –                                                                               St.Germain through Marc Gamma, March 23, 2014  Bilingual                               may take place only in your heart ! –

Archangel Michael through Marc Gamma – March 28, 2014                            



and those last two of St.Germain supplementing each other in their topics about NESARA and the restructure of New Earth from scratch …..with links of


St. Germain through Marc Gamma – dated March 14, 2014 ( bilingual)

St.Germain through Marc Gamma, March 23, 2014 (bilingual


Both of them AAMichael and StGermain deal with and teach us about the Restructure of our new society with all infrastructure in adherence to our new issues.


….And this is what I grasped with my fleeting glimpses before I had to turn away from this picture oa Golden Landscape and Valley between Golden Mountains. The last I saw was how human people ware so busy on manufacturing bricks on some country road with appletrees (eatable)on either side ..!

This is the basic and true reason why I re-post this article again here and at this very moment ! We have since that time of my lucid prescient dream progressed so far that this dream is about to manifest itself in the Momen of Now !  So let’s roll up our sleeves and start on that Great divine Job Now !

Yours  as always with unconditional love and compassion

Contramary=Eva Maria



It was in 1993 at a some very cruxial point of my life —when one special lap of the race of my life had ended and I was in the still gap of the break-off … licking my wounds and hurts and trying to overcome the period of first shocks – living from one day to the other.

It was Summer and in my annual holidays having been on my special retreat in a Camping-Trailer on the brink of some little green wilderness with such beautiful beechtrees which I could embrace whenever I felt like …and I did …so many evenings I sat there besides them and let go of my hurt feelings and mournings.

And I was given so much help amid this beloved small enclave of mine in which I sensed myself as only another being and creature closely linked to Mother Earth.

I did some special oilpainting over the day – a copy of some illustrious German painter which was a commissioned job – and this was done in a most meditative way in utter stillness ….

And then there was a night when I dreamed a dream – I never forgot – at that time I knew that were some so-called “Great Dreams” given to human beings which at that time anyhow were described as very seldom and rare events in human life ! Continue reading

Meditation : This is the structure of my socalled “Pocket-Short-Medi”



ce4c8-salardeuyuniPosted by ContraMary dated 7.13.2012

re-blogged April 01,2014   channeled, written and posted by Contramary

After the world-meditation at the event of the Alignment of some Stars with the Moon and the Sun producing the awesome spectacle of the “Sun-Eclipse” a new Transition Portal had been opened and since then we are overshowered with another full impact of sunflares which are to change our DNA accordingly.

In order to avail ourselves of as much of these new energy-flares as possible and to transfer these also to the inner heart of Gaia we are repeatedly told to anchor and toground ourselves firmly to our Mother Planet the Earth.

But how will this be done in a most adequate way?
We are Lightwarriors, Lightbeamers, Lightholders and Starseeds.

Bound by our soul-contracts we are to take in as much of the new light-energy as possible and to spread it far and wide over all the world so that we nudge as many human beings still asleep out of their slumber.

This is our task and our issue at these times now.
With the great help of ArchAngel Michael we have drawn up a matching Meditation of Breathing for everybody in order to anchor him-/herself firmly to Gaia in the coming periods of unsettlement and turmoil and to spread the blessings of the the new light-energies to all around us.

Once you get the hang of the method hereunder it will be easy for you to practice this everywhere – be it outdoors waiting for a bus or train, queuing for something or stopping in a traffic jam – and naturally also at home or walking in always beautiful Nature’s environment.

Everywhere you may now disperse the healing blessings of our Sun – the Father of our Universe – onto our beloved Gaia – our Mother – and right into her inner heart and core.

Thus it is on us completing the circling energies between The Father (Sun) and the
Mother(Earth) as active agents and fulfilling also our promise once given before we came here.

How this is done:

Meditation of grounding yourself firmly to Gaia Continue reading

Free-Energy Devices will Revolutionize Our Way of Life – Part 1/2 and Part 2/2

Part 1/2

Free Energy 33Continuing with our look at new technologies that will be introduced in the future, the introduction of devices that draw on “free energy” will cause a revolution in our technological world and social life. SaLuSa tells us:

“In the future you will change over to appliances or machines that have completely safe energies. Generally speaking all motive power will come from the free energy that is all around you. Your governments have been aware of it and its applications for many years, and some have adapted it for their covert operations. The ancients were also aware of free energy, but were not sufficiently advanced to apply it to the extent that you will be able to do very soon.

“We simply await the time when we can safely contact you, and introduce many new concepts that will ease your daily tasks and provide a better quality of life. Speed and efficiency will make more time available to you, and that applies to land, sea and air. These changes are all part of the plan to uplift Mankind, and they will take place with extensive help from us.” (1)

The Pleiaidans through Wes Annac explain that free-energy devices have been around since the 1930s but they have been sequestered by the cabal:

“That which you know as free energy-based inventions have been around since, at the very most recent, your 1930s and in many cultures before your current society. The blueprints and templates for such inventions were presented before many and while such happenings and the knowledge of them are suppressed today, the revolutionary inventions of many inventors were again, suppressed for ‘national security’ reasons and in many cases funneled into the various military industrial complex projects as well as used and enjoyed by the elites of your world and only the elites of your world.

“The very existence of such things has been kept secret while being used by the top elite classes for their own gain, and you have been kept on ancient ways to produce your own commodities and needs that such elite souls can make money off of while themselves using the better alternatives.

“Now, the very existence of such revolutionary inventions that truly have been around for nearly a century in your current culture and available in much abundance in previous civilizations of your past; these inventions are beginning to be made known and while so very little is known about these revolutionary inventions that are to truly change your Lives as you know them on a collective and individual scale, when the beginning disclosures and revelations begin to come to the fore as they truly are to so very soon, you will hear about the inventions in depth and you will be shown [them]”  (2)

SaLuSa tells us that “the hidden discoveries would have brought you into the 21st Century some time ago and avoided the collapse of your society that you are now experiencing.” (3) On another occasion he says that “you should have been able to advance your standard of living much more than it is now.”

“Free energy devices will come from us and also many sources on Earth where they have already been developed. Through deliberate policy they have been held back by the Illuminati, to protect their own investment in oil and the utilities.

“Every civilization is entitled to benefit from new discoveries, that are not given simply to be enjoyed by the privileged few, or your armed forces. The ideas for such devices that already exist were intended for the good of all, and made available to you for your independence and self-sufficiency.

“The changes will not be imposed for the sake of it, but are part of our plan to bring you the comforts and protection, that will lift your experiences to a new level and bring you joy and happiness. Following that you will be in the right frame of mind to apply yourselves to the business of preparing for Ascension. That is the ultimate goal.” (4)

He informs us that “the biggest changes will be in your present forms of travel.”

“The combustion engine will eventually disappear from use. Not only that but the new vehicles will be much quicker and safer to use. They will be using free energy which is our source of power for our craft.

“Everyone will have use of them and they will be absolutely pollution free. These changes have been planned for a long time and are ready to go ahead as soon as it is safe to introduce them.” (5)

Free energy will allow us to travel anywhere in the world, quickly, SaLuSa tells us.

Know that in time you will be able to travel anywhere in the world, by a new technology that makes distance of no consequence. Speed will be of the essence, and achieved by using free energy that abounds in the Universe.” (6)

(Continued in Part 2.)


(1) SaLuSa, Jan. 26, 2009, at .

(2) The Pleiadian High Council, “Suppressed Revelations and Impending Changes,” channeled through Wes Annac, April 1, 2012 at

(3) SaLuSa, Dec. 19, 2008.

(4) SaLuSa, May 7, 2010.

(5) SaLuSa, Sept. 19, 2012

(6) SaLuSa, Oct. 12, 2011.


Part 2/2

Free-Energy Devices will Revolutionize Our Way of Life – Part 2/2


Free-energy devices of all shapes and kinds are being developed

(Continued from Part 1.)

Free-energy technology will end our reliance on oil. Oil was never intended to be taken from the ground. Oil is what lubricates Gaia, Goldenlight’s sources tell us:

“Wonderful free energy technologies … will propel your world ‘into the stratosphere’ so to speak and reduce your dependence on oil, which is the lifeblood of Mother Earth Gaia. Removing this oil from her body is akin to removing the blood from your body. It drains her and is so unnecessary!” (1)

Matthew tells us that “sources of energy long suppressed must be developed for widespread replacement of oil, gas and coal, as no more of those elements of Earth’s body may be removed.” (2)  Read more…

Questions and answers – The Divine Mother and Isabel Henn (bilingual) March 9, 2014

New post on Sirian Heaven


(Translated from original language german)
What I want to share with all of you today is an excerpt from a conversation I had with the Divine Mother. Like so many times before I’ve asked her about certain matters and on which she responded. By I is meant I or Isabel, and DM is the Divine Mother.
I: Beloved Mother, you know, I explained to Eva Maria how I am imagining it about the soul – being it as an individual complex and with regard to the entire whole of All-There-Is. I am imagining it in such a way: Everything is indeed your consciousness, your substance filling into everything. Very much like an ocean of ​​consciousness and in some places there is more and denser of this consciousness, clinging together in some more density and thus a soul is being created. But it still remains to be in the same soup, yet with a different density. Yet since no soul has ever been separated not separated from this entire soup i.e. the ocean of consciousness there will be always its connection to the Whole meaning that every soul is always connected to all other souls floating in their Ocean of Consciousness. Consequently spots or locations without any soul in this very type of ocean will show up lesser densities of conscious matter. Continue reading

Der Diamantene Schild der Göttlichen Mutter

Mein spezielles Angebot zum Schutz gegen alle negativen Eindringlinge und Entitäten

Seit einer ganzen Weile schütze ich mich nun mit einem Schutzschild, zuerst mit einem Schild aus dem silberplatinen Strahl und dann mit einem wunderbaren und starken Schild, der aus der diamantenen Flamme der Urquelle entstand.

Nach einigen Vorkommnissen um Weihnachten letzten Jahres habe ich auch einige davon für enge Freunde erstellt.

Gewöhnlich habe ich sie jeden Tag erneuert, aber dies ist eine zeit- und energiezehrende Methode und darum gab mir die Göttliche Mutter den permanenten Schild, der so lange anhält, wie die geschützte Person dies wünscht.

Ein paar weiterführende Erklärungen hier dazu:

Die diamantene Flamme ist die Flamme der Urquelle, die vereinte Seele der Göttlichen Mutter und des Göttlichen Vaters, die die Ersten und Göttlichen Twin-Flammen sind. Continue reading

The Permanent Shield of Protection of the Divine Mother – Der Dauer-Schutz-Schild der Göttlichen Mutter (bilingual)




The Permanent Shield of Protection of the Divine Mother

This is to be the all-over title of this article which I was advised to write now by my extracelestrial guides last night since when I woke up I was writing already the first phrases of it in my heart.

Since about a week ago Isabel H. a very good friend of mine has been given the explicit structure how to to build a permanent protection shield of the Divine Mother …now available to all of us who want to be obtain such a marvellous shield – permanent to stay with the ones requested it from Isabel until further notice – respecting our all free will diligently – yesterday it was my turn to be given this shield too. Continue reading

How to Develop a Photographic Memory

February 15, 2014 | By | 3 Replies

Flickr - Camera - martinak15Waking Times

Editor’s Note: Here is an interesting technique that one can work with to develop a more photographic memory. Tools such as this can offer pathways to better understanding your own consciousness of for developing deeper levels of awareness and mindfulness.

Everyone wants to remember everything all the time, reach into the sciences behind it all.

Things You’ll Need

  • A dark room.
  • A bright lamp.
  • A sheet of paper with a rectangular hole cut the size of a paragraph for the text you want to “photograph”. Continue reading

The Diamond Shield of the Divine Mother

Re-image16Posted on 17. February 2014





My Special Offer of Protection against all Negative Intruders and Spirits

Since some time I have shielded myself for protection first with a shield out of the silverplatinum ray and then with a wonderful and strong shield made from the diamond flame of Prime Source.

After some happenings around Christmas last year I created it for some close friends too.

I used to renew it daily but this is a time- and energy-consuming method and that is why the Divine Mother gave me a permanent shield to last as long as the person concerned wants it to stay active.

To give you some further explanation: Continue reading

How to create an Aura Protection Shield


Short update from 25.08.2013: Yesterday evening I connected with Master Choa Kok Sui (he transitioned some years ago into a higher dimension) and asked him for allowance of this material. He granted me the use of the techniques to create an auric protection shield. He told me that it would be also in his own interest that more people can protect themselves. We both had a wonderful conversation, I appreciate his work.

These times a lot of lightworkers are being energetically attacked from the dark side. I stand under massive attacks last fall and could feel it heavy. I knew that my guide and my team were protecting me, but I helped in creating my aura protection shield, I do this since several years and my guide AA Michael told me more than once, that it would be a very good shield. Continue reading