A Message to Humanity.

While this was written for for the movie the great Dictator, it may indeed be one of the greatest messages of all time.   We are in a time of great change.  A time of hope, a time of love,  but it is men that must make it happen.  Spirit will guide and help us, but we, humanity must be the instrument of its manifestation.  Each person has the responsibility to live the change they wish for.   And to stand ready in the defence of hope and love.

Now is the time to live the change. Don’t think about it, don’t wish for it. LIVE IT. BE THE CHANGE. Love, caring, compassion, tolerance and unfettered understanding with an open mind is the way.

Speech by Charlie Chaplin from the film: The Great Dictator
Music is called ‘Time’ from the Inception Soundtrack by Hans Zimmerhttps://youtu.be/-RYlAPjyNm8