Sananda: The New Age Is Approaching

sanandaI am Sananda and I come today to prepare the way for The New Age that is approaching – The New Age that is at your feet dear children on Earth. It is up to you to grab hold of your dreams and see to it that they are realized. If the dream is sufficiently strong and alive it will manifest in just a few moments. It is the blink of an eye that counts now, as the large masses are beginning to move and then I mean they are moving towards the light. The Light is a movement just as you are. Everything is moving in one direction or another. Right now the grand movement is in favor of the Light. There are many hearts that are beginning to soften up and open up for the light.

It shines strongly on your Earth today and it impacts everybody. There are more and more who turn there faces towards the light and let it shine down into their hearts. More and more are searching for the truth in the illusionary world they live in. In order the find the truth one needs to find the light in one’s heart, as there it shines clear and pure. In there you will also find your authentic self and the courage you need to go forward.

Stop yourselves briefly for a little while each day and you will find the calm and truth that rests there. It is time to bring this out and move on now – as the New World is waiting for your arrival. The wind has changed direction and only warm soft winds are blowing today. As the strong headwind has subsided and no can longer block your work. It is GO… the operative word now and it is you that we all are waiting for. It is your light and your joy that we want to hear sounding around the Earth today. It is your eagerness and your enthusiasm that we are waiting for.

The Light is here dear children on Earth, let it fill you, let it give you force, let it give you courage so that the grand transition can start – the transition that happens within you and outside. Everybody is being transformed, look around, see and feel that the change is there, with both plants and animals. Yes, even the sun, the air and the earth can sense it. Run barefooted in the grass and receive the energies from the elements around you. They will go directly into your body, if you allow it, where they will fill every cell with the light they carry with them. This wakes up all the light that is hidden in your body. It tells everything that lives in your body that it is time to wake up. It is time for the light to wake up from its Snow White dream and appear. The time is now for all things living on our Earth to wake up from its slumber – to wake up to its truth and light. Earth is on its way to its own light and it can become an abrupt awakening for those that are deeply asleep.

Find the time to rest in yourselves. Find the time to be outside in the open. Find the time to feel and experience the light from everything that is around you. It is time now, you cannot wait any longer – the first steps should be now. It is important to stop, breath, to feel the light that vibrates all around. It seeks you now, so open up and invite in the light and love into your lives. Once you have done so things will be like a dance. The resistance is small and love vibrates greatly today – the journey will be easier than you think. Do not hesitate, but meet yourselves, it will not be so hard – you will find much love there. Love is all around you now in the form of many loving guides and beings.

The loving world is standing at the door and you all have the ability to enter into it. What are you waiting for? The door is open and we are waiting for you. You are loved far beyond imagination and understanding so you do not need to be afraid. You are very much cherished and loved so there is nothing to be afraid of. You can be secure and calm in that you enter a loving world, where only light and love exists.

I am ready to receive you. My arms are wide open and full of love. I am now sending you love and courage so that you will dare to take the last steps into the light.

Lovingly, Sananda.


» Source – Channel: Ann Dahlberg – Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Humanity’s Ascension Journey ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

There are many possibilities in front of the human collective right now. There is not one future that has been set in stone for all of you. There is not one path to your ascension. You are the ones deciding how you want to move forward in this period of evolution, and you will continue to explore different possibilities with your consciousness before you take yourselves to any of these probable realities with your physical bodies.

As you entertain different possibilities, you gain knowledge from exploring those paths, and you bring that information back with you. The same is true for you in your personal lives. You may not know it consciously, but you do these types of exploratory missions when it comes to the choices that you have in front of you. You are…

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Divine Rapport | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

So many thoughts rule the world, thoughts escaping like a mass release of prisoners. Thoughts like cars entering the freeway. Thoughts speeding on electrical connections.

Thoughts come in so many languages, and thoughts tussle with each other to make more room for themselves.

How is it that so many thoughts crisscross the Universe, zooming around at the speed of light? How busy is the human mind. There is no lack of thoughts. It seems that you hardly choose your thoughts. It’s more like thoughts grab you, unending constant thoughts. Constant appraisals and conclusions drawn, the process of thinking something like riding the merry-go-round in every direction, up and down and sideways.

How busy your thoughts are. How random. How often short-sided. How often harried. Thoughts often like robbers, robbing you of your peace of mind. Bundled up thoughts, thoughts rushing in, each thought trying to keep its place…

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The Council – The Invitation

The Council – The Invitation

Have you considered inviting your SELF to the party? What do you suppose it would be like if he or she were living this lifetime as you? What if, instead of having you be here as a sort of memory challenged scout ship, your higher SELF was looking out through your eyes and creating all that you were seeing? What if you lost nothing in the process, and instead gained all of the things your soul truly has hungered for in every lifetime?

Do you really understand that there is an immense portion of your being that is not here, that is not separated from you in reality, that is enriched by all of the experiences you encounter?

What you are doing at this moment – how would you do it if you were he or she? How would you feel? What would you see? How would the things that you observe around you appear if you could see them in their true nature? If you knew yourself as your divine SELF, how would you see all of the other people in your life?

These questions might seem fanciful at the moment. But we want you to understand that if you are climbing the path you call ascension, they will not appear so fanciful in your near future. You might say that this is not your reality. But we tell you that you your reality is not reality. And when your experience is the knowing of reality in its infinite truth, it will be far different than you can conceive of at this moment and from your current perspective.

When we tell you of the changes, many of you say that it cannot happen soon enough. And, invariably, you are thinking of changes to your environment. But we have gone to great pains on many occasions to explain that the environment you see will not truly change unless and until you, the collective, do. It is created in accord with your state of consciousness. That has always been true, and it always will be.

Now, you cannot change everyone. True? Who can you change? And then the million dollar question, how can you change? We will tell you a secret. It is not a secret that we have kept, but it has been kept from you nevertheless.

The causative step, the step that has changed everything, has been made. You, humanity, have decided that your world will change. That change was immediate and unavoidable. It only remains for you in body to reach a tipping point in your consciousness that will result in the biggest change your world has ever witnessed.

“Great!” you say. “But then, what can I do?”

Well, you can make that invitation that we spoke of above. Because what we spoke of is the very definition of ascension. Make that invitation, even if only by saying yes with intention and sincerity. Allow your ascension and do your level best not to impede it. There is a great deal to be done. But all you need do is to allow it to happen. And you might want to welcome change when it happens instead of decrying it when you really cannot even begin to see its final result. After all, when you are making an omelet, you do not say, “Oh, the damn eggs broke!”

 There are two published books available on Amazon that contain the collected messages received by Ron Head (that’s me). The first is The Wisdom of Michael, available HERE, and the second is It Rings True, available HERE. A third book is being compiled now.


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A Right to the Work


A Right to the WorkKrishna makes a fine point, which may assume much greater importance and relevance after the Reval than it does now. He explains that we have a right to the work, but not to the fruits of the work. His saying is a puzzle that one has to be with for a time until it makes […] click on picture for original

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The Transformative Power of Group Coherence



The Transformative Power of Group CoherenceUpdates from our recent Amazon Expedition … with a complimentary AUDIO TRANSMISSION  that perfectly encapsulates this profound experience that gifted all of us with big breakthroughs and resultant upgrade. Download “The Event Horizon” Use coupon code: Amazon ~ The Power of Group Cohere ~ It’s been three years since I have led a group deep […] click on picture for original

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 23 June 2017

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Mike Quinsey​

Events on Earth are gathering pace as uncleared karma is working itself out, and as you are experiencing it would seem to getting worse. Please bear in mind that only those who need to clear karmic debts are directly involved, and it includes those who are often viewed as innocent bystanders. As unlikely as it seems to many of you, all souls involved are able to clear old karma, as they will want to start the new cycle with as little outstanding as possible. Always bear in mind that they have pre-agreements prior to incarnating, so nothing that happens is by chance or accidental.

However, some souls may be caught up in events that leave them with an experience that was unplanned, and that will in a manner of speaking be held as a credit for them. In other words it may result in a reward of some description. It is natural that you feel great sympathy with all souls caught up in karmic situations, as you can obviously feel the grief and sorrow experienced. If possible send them your love and healing energies to help their recovery. Very soon matters on Earth will greatly improve as the positive energies of change take hold, so your experiences will become more acceptable and less upsetting.

Never lose sight of the fact that you live in a freewill society and it is the reason that events are sometimes unpredictable. Nevertheless, where actions are being considered that can lead to turmoil and are not due to karmic reasons, Higher Beings will do their best to influence the outcome without over-riding your freewill. However, it has been very difficult to guide you and keep you on a path that lifts you up out of the lower vibrations. The last three cycles of Humanity have sadly ended in failure, although it would be true to say that your experiences have enabled many souls to lift up their vibrations, whilst others have slipped back. So it is with complete joy and happiness we know that your present cycle has reached the point where Ascension is assured for many, many souls. Souls of Light have helped create the pathway to it, whilst another one is active that takes souls to a new Earth where they will continue their evolution. Again I assure you that you that if you so desire, you will always have a link with souls where there is any kind of a love bond. In the higher vibrations time is not experienced in the same way as on Earth, and passes so quickly you soon realise that All is in the Now. It may sound so different to what you have been used to on Earth, but realise that you have probably spent more time in the higher realms than on it.

Many souls ask what is life all about and what is the purpose, and the immediate answer is experience. You are gradually returning to the higher vibrations and will ultimately become a Galactic Being, although it is quite a way off at present. Your immediate aim to rise above the dual energies of Earth is most important and well worth every effort or sacrifice you make. There are no short cuts and every soul has the same opportunities to ascend by rising above the negative energies of Earth. It is a hard challenge when you are surrounded by people who live a “normal” life lacking in real understanding.

You so to say, have to insulate yourself against the negativity, by for example keeping your aura intact and in place at all times. This is achieved by your power of thought that is in fact much more powerful than you imagine. In your mind’s eye see your aura like a cocoon around you, and providing it is not damaged you are protected. Assuming you know your prominent colour, use it and see it as pure, bright and unblemished. Negative souls most likely have dark and murky colours that lack the light. The energies are felt by other people and are partly responsible for a feeling of either love or repulsion in some of the more extreme cases. This partly explains why you feel more at ease and relaxed with some people and not others. It means that you will be instinctively drawn to some people as opposed to others.

You have probably read that the Earth provides more opportunities to evolve than anywhere else, because you are likely to face challenges every day of your life. Those of the main importance will obviously stand out, as they are not merely trivial. So be careful how you handle yourself and treat all others as you would be treated. This way you will not go far wrong, and be generous if possible with your time and assistance. Consequently good karma is created and collected by you, and it is very much like your saying “one good turn deserves another” Where you work for reward that is clearly different, but if the intent is to be helpful it becomes more positive. It comes down to being helpful where you can, and even a few kind words can sometimes lift a person up.

Since you cannot know why a particular soul has chosen a certain type of life, it follows that all should respect each other for that reason. The world is a place that holds many different beliefs and customs so these should be understood for what they can do for a soul’s evolution. Each has teachings that try to make god-like people, but in some cases have become distorted, negative and self-promoting. Basically religion is a disciplined teaching that demands obeyance and focusses on love and prayer. However, it was never meant to separate people from each other or cause the many historical wars that have resulted. Things will change as peoples understanding grows and they cease to be so reliant on organised religion.

Remember that you are immortal and you have all the time in the world or beyond, so do not be concerned if you feel that you have not done what you would have liked to have done. Sometimes your life plan focusses on some particular aspect of living that you need more experience with. So be assured a life is never wasted no matter what type of situation you find yourselves in, and of course your Guides will be working with you at all times. They have your best interests at heart and know what challenges you were set before you incarnated. However, with your freewill you can also follow your own interests and are given many opportunities to enjoy yourself, but not of course at the expense of others. Sports and simiIar pastimes teach you how to be considerate and play fair.

The future is not so far away from bringing out the long awaited changes, and know that the people involved are not idle and continue to make plans for it. The issue is still finding a time when it is safe to go openly ahead. However, slowly but surely the news gets out and goes around, so people can be prepared.

The days are getting nearer when you will be able to freely talk about the truth regarding your immortality, and religion will be revised to include the new truths that are to be revealed. It will be so because many souls will prefer to follow their beliefs for the time being.

This message comes through my Higher Self and carries the energies of Light and Love.

Mike Quinsey.


Website: Tree of the Golden Light

July 2017 Special and Availability

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I’m posting the July Special early, because things are about to get even busier, with less predictable internet and phone access. Due to its popularity and my own scheduling with the relocation, I’ve decided to run the $77 email special for one more month. August will feature new specials.

Please note that I will not return any email session answers the last week of June through July 4th. I will still be able to quickly schedule appointments and create invoices via my phone, but we will not have wifi at our new place until June 27th. We have plaster walls, which means phone emails need to remain short to get through. We’ll be back and forth between locations multiple times this coming week, and our schedules will unfold day by day.

Phone and email sessions will resume after the 4th of July. If you have pressing questions, I would…

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Die Engel bitten Dich, dem Wohlergehen Deines physischen Körpers mehr Aufmerksamkeit zu schenken. Du wirst gebeten, gesunde Kost zu essen, Dich regelmäßig körperlich zu betätigen und Giftstoffe wie Nikotin und Alkohol zu meiden. Mit dieser Karte bitten Dich die Engel, verstärkt auf die Bedürfnisse Deines physischen Körpers zu achten. Vielleicht widersetzt Du Dich dieser himmlischen Führung, und die Engel sind schon verschiedentlich mit diesem Thema an Dich herangetragen. Sie erinnern Dich daran, dass der Körper wie ein Instrument ist, das eine größere Harmonie ausstrahlt, wenn es gut gestimmt ist. Dein Geist ist der Musik eines Flügels vergleichbar, und die Engel bitten Dich, diesen Flügel in guten Zustand zu halten.  Deine Engel wissen, dass Du Dich wunderbar fühlen wirst, wenn Du dieser Bitte folgst. Mehr Energie und Glück sind die Belohnung dafür, dass Du den Anweisungen der Engel nachgekommen bist. Sie werden Dir auch helfen, Dein Verlangen nach schädlichen…

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Past Lives & Integration ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

When you are faced with something in your life that you find more than just upsetting, you are looking directly at something from one of your past lives that you are still carrying with you because you need to experience some healing, some release, some resolution, and some clearing around that particular circumstance. You are not blank slates when you are born into your physical bodies. You have with you at the moment of your birth an agenda and many different aspects that are seeking some sort of resolution or redemption.

You often come in contact with these aspects of you through the traumatic experiences of your current life. You are always giving yourselves opportunities to release that which is no longer serving you, that which has been a burden on you for quite some…

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Our One Truth | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloveds, I gave you My troth. We are betrothed. I give it to you now. We are Truth. The Truth is that We are One.

Beloveds, it isn’t so much that you are to trust Me. From the world view, how can you trust Me, rely on Me, depend upon Me when, at any moment, something untoward and inexplicable can happen to you in the blink of an eye? From the world view, somehow, somewhere, when you expect it or when you don’t, in whatever manner it may occur, your body will lie down, and it is bye-bye for you — as you may see it.

Yeah, you feel certain that you can trust Me about about your body’s dying all right! You can count on Me for that. It will inevitably happen. How and when, you don’t know. You do know that a moment will come when…

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Archangel Gabrielle: There’s No Such Thing as Mild Abuse

Archangel Gabrielle: There’s No Such Thing as Mild AbuseThe Golden Age of Gaia plans a Gender Equality Week from July 1 to July 7, 2017. To help orient us, we asked Archangel Gabrielle to come on An Hour with an Angel this week and speak to the subject. A paraphrase of some of the things this real, live Wonder Woman, superhero, said is […] ckick on picture for original

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From Reactivity to Normalcy: The Practice of Ascension


From Reactivity to Normalcy: The Practice of AscensionThe background to the article I wrote yesterday (1) – the beginning of that particular journey – lay in an Enlightenment Intensive I did perhaps ten years ago now. I’ve told the story of how I processed a mammoth vasana there, only to find that the place I ended up in was … normal. Not […] click on picture for original

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This is Joy: City of Joy’s 11th Class Graduates

This is Joy: City of Joy’s 11th Class GraduatesThis is Joy: City of Joy’s 11th Class Graduates, 89 Women Join 849 Others by email Read the graduation recap from Christine Schuler Deschryver, Director of City of Joy and V-Day Congo. On June 15th, the 11th class graduated 89 women from the City of Joy. They have joined 849 other women who were educated, […]Click on picture for original

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Ute Posegga-Rudel : The Arcturians The Light of Renewal


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Wait a little longer – and everything will be accomplished in a new world.

As far as we consider and observe the affairs on your planet earth we are very happy to confirm to you the already  beginning process of great upliftment and relief from many ailing situations. It is happening because of the hard work of transformation and self-purification to which many of you have submitted themselves over the last decades.

Namely, the dark blanket around your planet is in a very benign process of becoming lighter, for those who see, as more of the incoming light of higher consciousness is gaining momentum, continually and increasingly penetrating the dense layers that act like a prison wall around your atmosphere.

The importance of this is that there is and will be an ever greater opening of your heart and new deepening and widening inspiration for Divinely governed transformation of old and depressing circumstances.

As it is your own creation, we can promise you that this upliftment will happen in spite all of your doubt that a positive change would ever come about. And even as things got worse in your world every day with no real positive changes in sight.

You have turned around the wheel of fortune.

We can see the light of renewal all over your horizon and with it all over the horizon of your entire universe and all planetary systems around you.

What happens on your planet for the worse or betterment is influencing significantly your greater cosmic environment as earth exists in a very important strategic location in your universe, in terms of trading, yes, and last but not least concerning spiritual evolution.

So what happens with you, happens with all of us, and with the situation of any civilization in your universe.

So we are very interested in your well-being and liberation from the grip of negative forces. Therefore, being responsible for the universal evolution of light, we are engaged in your awakening process. What we see happening is a financial transformation that will benefit ultimately all of you. This is the beginning of wealth and happiness and the possibility of true freedom of choice how you would live your life, regarding your spiritual growth, your work and life-purpose, your environment, the place on earth to live.

We know that many of you would prefer to live freely in countries of your choice but earth is not yet a free place for all humanity, you still suffer a prison where most of you have been bound to certain conditions for entire lifetimes.

There is nothing and nobody to blame though. These limiting conditions helped you to develop awareness, responsibility for your actions and re-actions and spiritual strength.

On that basis we promise to you that a happy revolution is waiting for you that will soon reveal many surprises. Mankind will be uplifted in many ways. The burden of tyranny will be lifted from your shoulders and you will be free to learn and understand the depth of your very Divine Truth.

Until then stay tall and trust that the evil on your planet can not reign earth for much longer for you. Especially not if you consent to open yourself up to the light in every moment.

Each of you can support this process by denying the darkness its grip on you and the world. We encourage you  to merely invoke and see the light where ever you go. If pain and suffering, anger, depression and fear seems to overcome you, for whatever reason, offer it all to the light, and in an instant the light will respond and uplift you to higher frequencies, to establish new earth.

And so you will be a lightning torch, a signpost with many, to invite with joy what there is to come: your liberation from oppression and slavery together with an evolved enlightened consciousness and freedom.

We ask you to trust this process in your heart and so provide the ground on which all transformation can and will happen. By this anticipation you are the ones who are blessed to bless all others.

A Global and Universal Celebration is waiting for all of us who align with the Great Evolutionary Impulse. Feel the Light of Great Renewal and anchor it in and as your being.

You are at the threshold of the new dawn of Freedom and Universal Love.

We Are the Arcturians!

Message conveyed by Ute



Midsommer, Sommersonnenwende, Sonnenwendfeuer….

Sommersonnenwende 2017. 06:24 Uhr
Mittwoch, 21. Juni
 Mitteleuropäische Zeit.

Morgen früh ist es wieder soweit… Sommersonnenwende… am 21. Juni um 06:24 Uhr MESZ. Auf der Nordhalbkugel der Erde markiert sie den längsten Tag des Jahres und den Sommeranfang nach astronomischer Definition.

Viele sagen auch…. danach geht es wieder abwärts…. und meinen das die Tage wieder kürzer werden… bis die nächste Sonnenwende – die Wintersonnenwende – ansteht… am 21.12.17 😉

Das besondere ist, das die Sommersonnenwende zeitgleich auf der ganzen Welt stattfindet… trotz der Zeitverschiebungen rund um den Globus…. nur auf der Südhalbkugel wird der “Winter” eingeläutet und auf der Nordhalbkugel der “Sommer. Jedoch fällt dieses Ereignis NICHT immer automatisch auf den 21.06. eines Jahres… es kann durchaus auch mal an einem 20.06. bzw an einem 21.06. stattfinden. Dies ist jedoch recht selten… alles recherchierbar im www.

Am Polarkreis geht an diesem Tag der Sonnenwende die Sonne gar…

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Deine Schutzengel möchten Dich wissen lassen, wie sehr Du geliebt wirst. Die Liebe Deiner Engel ist bedingungslos und allumfassend. Du bist nicht allein. Du hast diese Karte gezogen, als Liebesbrief Deiner Schutzengel, die Dich wissen lassen wollen: Wir sind bei Dir. Wir haben Dich nie verlassen und können Dich niemals verlassen. Deine Schutzengel sagen Dir, dass Du ihre Hilfe und Aufmerksamkeit verdienst. Es gibt nichts, was Du jemals gedacht, gesagt oder getan haben könntest, was Deine göttlichen Helfer veranlassen würde, Dich zu ächten. Sie verurteilen und verlassen Dich nie für ihre Fehler, die Du machst. Die Engel sind hier, um Dich zu unterstützen und Dir zur Seite zu stehen, damit Du wachsen und anderen Menschen helfen kannst.

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Dream Your Dreams on God’s Behalf | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

That which is called Enlightenment is a natural progression. It is inevitable. As sure as the Sun rises every morning, Enlightenment will also arise within you. It is included in your birthright. It comes to you at My Behest.

Anyway, Enlightenment is a part of you right now as We speak. Stay in step with Me.

When I say Enlightenment will arise within you, I mean Enlightenment will come to your awareness of all that which you already are. You are My Divine Child no matter what you think of yourself or whatever ways the world might think of you. I am the Director here.

But, ah, for you to have the actual awareness of the True State of Affairs is another story, and one which bodes well. All is within your grasp right now. So grasp it.

Everything is connected. No one is unconnected or disconnected from…

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Die Resonanzfeldangleichung der Herzfelder zur Sommersonnenwende 21.06.2017

Heil- und Selbstverbindung an den Herzfokus

Resonanzwellen von Herz zu Herz, von Seele zu Seele
Wie die Liebe an Dein eigenes Sein Deine Anziehungs- und Herzmagnetkraft erhöht

In der derzeitigen Dehnung, Rotation, Ausrichtung und Öffnung Deines Herzfeldes verbinden sich alle Deine inneren Erlebnisebenen nun mit Deinem inneren Herzkern.
Hier kannst Du die innere Ebene des Herzwissens in der äußeren Ebene erden.
Ganz besonders im Wissen darum, dass Du wahre Verbindungen auf Seelenebene (zur Zwillingsflamme und allen anderen) nur erleben kannst, wenn Du Deine eigene Liebesschwingung komplett integrierst und auch lebst.
Die Sommersonnenwende initiiert somit Dein Erleben, Deinen Weg, Dein Ankommen, um dem inneren Ruf wahrhaftig zu folgen.
Es geht um das authentische Leben, das Weiten hinein in Deine Selbstliebe, welche Dein Resonanzfeld inniger, bedingungsloser und tiefer ausrichtet.
Du hältst die geballte Energie der Anziehungskraft, die sich aus Deinem Seelenkern freischaltet, in Dir und durch Dich.
Hier findet mit der Anziehung und Potenzierung im Halten der Energien…

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There is a Place Called “Normal”


There is a Place Called “Normal”There’s a place called “Normal.” It’s also called “Original Innocence” and “the Natural Self.” In this place, the experience of love is normal. The experience of fear is not. In it, the experience of safety is normal. The experience of dread is not. In it, the desire to share is normal. The desire to hoard […] click on picture for original

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