Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel: Creating New Foundations to Thrive in Changing Times – Golden Age of Gaia

Dear Ones, There are moments in life when you need to acknowledge the power working through you and dedicate your lives to something greater. In times of challenge in life, it is especially important to remember what you are truly devoted to, and what is it that you are dedicated to experiencing. It is then …

Source: Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel: Creating New Foundations to Thrive in Changing Times – Golden Age of Gaia

Update from the Galactic Federation of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy

from Planetary Activation Organization

Heaven is carrying out a special divine plan that you and I are a most wondrous part of. Let us work in our own way for this most glorious new reality!


Ummac Dan ~ Galactic Federation Symbol For The Sirian Star System

6 Manik, 0 Moan, 12 Manik

Selamat Jalwa! At present, the movement of critical funds has slowed in order to be carefully protected by new security protocols. The Chinese ancient families are worried since a number of incidents are occurring that threaten the continued flow of funds. The dark cabal is doing everything possible to interfere with this growing flow. The attack on SWIFT, coupled with a general increase in the number of vital “hacks” into the money supply, is temporarily compromising overall security. For these reasons, the process caused the ancient families to order a slowing of the movement of these funds. This hold was only for a brief 48-hour period and was quickly put back into place. It is believed that this precaution led to a positive set of new countermoves, which recaptured any funds somehow lost during this period of brief stoppage. These measures enabled any difficulties to be met with new strategies, which allow these funds to be transferred from point to point in a much more secure way. Any difficulties are thus being quickly met and conquered!

We are currently getting ready to hand out the prosperity funds to those lucky enough to heed the reports about these funds in the mid-1990s. This set of deliveries is to be received by those who have mostly given up on this ever happening. The Bush family syndicate unceremoniously stole most of these funds in the period between the late 1990s and the early 2000s. These funds were recovered over ten years ago and form the basis for some of the criminal charges to be levied against this broad syndicate. We are holding off on these very special arrests until a series of diverse charges are fully authenticated and acted upon. This crime syndicate has been expanded during the past half-decade. It seems that practically every US President over the past three decades has had their hand in this enormous cookie jar. The level of corruption and just plain stealing saturates every nook and cranny of the entity that we call “USA Inc.” This entity definitely needs to disappear as fast as we are able to finish rounding up all its suspects. The end for this regime is near!


Currently, this realm is slowly transforming. The dark cabal erroneously believes that its repairs to this reality can hold. Nothing is further from the truth! Tiny rips in the space-time continuum are appearing everywhere. Heaven understands that this reality can only transform as swiftly as it is able. The edges of this reality are like a huge net caught within the turbulence of a great hurricane. This net can only tear until it is no longer able to perform its duties. This is what is quickly happening to the energy constructs that comprise this reality’s life forces. The only possibility is to transform into a much less dense construct. This higher reality is forcing surface humanity to become less and less dense and this translates into higher and higher forms of consciousness. The dark’s feeble interference cannot continue much longer with this heavenly response to the conditions at hand. Nature abhors a vacuum. Anything done to try to prevent the natural flow of energies is doomed to failure. Deep down, the dark cabal now realizes this fact and is presently bracing for the inevitable.

We can see how close our earthly allies are to their final all-inclusive victory. As just stated, there is a natural and quite heavenly force at work here. Our operations fully support this force and we expect to see pervasive harbingers of this force at work. Heaven knows just how powerful what is happening truly is. Once your basic perceptions of this grand truth become the norm, it is impossible to return to a much lower energy concept of this reality. In effect, this reality has been taken along a one-way path to a newer, much less dense normality. These alterations are affecting every aspect for change. The dark’s vile plans are unworkable. All life forms can sense how this higher energy is transforming you and all in this reality. The old ways are gone and a new set of consciousness rules is taking over. This is altering how this reality actually works and is doing so mostly at a microscopic level. You as a conscious Being are becoming aware of these changes and your inner beliefs are quickly changing. In effect, you are now on the verge of what can be called “something wonderful.”

the angel of light 1

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! Over the past few months our various associates have been finishing the final procedures to bring you your blessings. These operations were aided by the diligent legal maneuvers of several key volunteers who have discovered how to successfully thwart the legions of the dark cabal. Consequently, we can report that a series of key deliveries can be made to you shortly. We are blessed as well by the surreptitious actions of Heaven. The most sacred Beings have set the stage for a series of miraculous events that are to quickly alter how this present reality operates. Each reality is governed by a set of rules that, when so deemed by Heaven, can be altered. This is now in process. Heaven is divinely forging a new or “bridge” reality for us. While this is in effect, we can expect the power of the dark to wane and the Light’s power to grow. We thank Heaven for this blessed dispensation. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

This change in energies is related to an important set of blessed processes. Your density is again deceasing and new chakras are being added. These various procedures by Heaven are moving your consciousness upward and adding new chakras to your bodies. In committing their heinous act nearly 15,000 years ago, Atlantis’s main scientists secretly moved you lower in consciousness and increased your body’s overall density. Heaven, as noted, is now reversing this vile experiment. During the following reign of the Anunnaki, you were given false beliefs that explained these changes to you as a natural act. This is far from the Truth! Our mission is to use our mercy and grace to protect you, and prepare you as well for a most crucial need for lessons from us regarding the truth. We have been working at this for the past 3,000 years! We thank Heaven for their aid in carrying out this most divine mission!

Divine source

Gaia has spent the past 13 millennia living with two separate realities. With the final set of transformations that lead to your ascension, Gaia can return this globe to one reality. This new reality is to mirror Inner Earth and raise two firmaments in her new atmosphere. These acts are to restore her and her sister worlds to where they were when Atlantis first fell. This amazing, pristine world is to become the core for a truly wondrous solar system. This new solar system is to contain 12 main planets and a most magnificent central sun! You are to be the guardians of this most beautiful new star nation. Our mutual focus and daily prayers, as well as our joint meditations, are to help make all of this possible. Heaven is to give us all a sacred duty to assist the rest of this galaxy in its final transformation to the Light. This divine act is to be reflected in what is to be done in the countless galaxies around us! Hosanna!

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Advice to Lightworkers and Lightholders – Part 2/2 – Golden Age of Gaia

Reposted from March 2013 (Continued from Part 1.) Yesterday we looked at how lightworkers and lightholders are midwifing the new reality and listened to the Company of Heaven give us some general advice on how to conduct ourselves to fulfill our missions. Today we pick up the thread and listen to advice for those who …

Source: Advice to Lightworkers and Lightholders – Part 2/2 – Golden Age of Gaia

Advice to Lightworkers and Lightholders – Part 1/2 – Golden Age of Gaia

Reposted from March 2013, which accounts for the comments looking back on Dec. 21, 2012. I’d like to spend some time looking at the advice the Company of Heaven gives us as wayshowers, lightworkers, and lightholders as the human collective journeys towards full restoration of consciousness on Earth. SaLuSa congratulates us on picking ourselves up …

Source: Advice to Lightworkers and Lightholders – Part 1/2 – Golden Age of Gaia

The Sacred Star Rises—-by Emmanuel Dagher monthly forecast created with the intention of providing you with clarity of what’s going on energetically on the planet as a whole. As things continue to shift quickly, may these energy forecasts support and remind you that you are not alone on this journey. These updates serve over 200,000 + unique readers every month.
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The Sacred Star Rises

May 2016

Energy Forecast


Beautiful friend,

How good it is to know that we have the opportunity to connect in this way. There’s a lot for us to catch up on, so let’s get right to it.

The Sacred Star Rises

On April 15, 2016 at 1:11 pm ET / 6:11 pm GMT (World Time), a global unconditional love healing activation took place at the United Nations building, so that peace and compassion could sweep over the planet in a very real and palpable way.

Little did we know that much more than that was about to occur.

During the healing activation, a sleeping giant awakened, known as the Merkaba of humanity. More on that in just a moment.

Although the ground zero (middle point) of the global healing activation took place at the United Nations, it was the support of thousands of Lightworkers, Way-Showers, Healers, and Empaths from around the world that ensured the full awakening of the sacred Merkaba (also known as the Ascension Star) in the consciousness of humanity.

This was unprecedented, because up until April 15, the Merkaba (or Mer-Ka-Ba) of most of humanity had lain dormant and nonfunctional, due to the fact that most people were still operating from the mind, rather than the heart.

This has now changed, and I’ll share why a bit later in the forecast.

What is the Mer-Ka-Ba?

The word Mer-Ka-Ba comes from the ancient Egyptian term for Lightbody: Mer is Light, Ka is spirit, and Ba is body. The Mer-Ka-Ba is an electro-magnetic field, shaped in a uniquely configured pattern of sacred geometry.

This energy field is found in all living things in Creation. Its pattern is formed in the shape of a star tetrahedron—a three-dimensional, eight-pointed star in the shape of two pyramids, one inside the other.

mt 01

One of the main roles of the Mer-Ka-Ba is to align the mind, body, and heart. This alignment then allows the Merkaba to serve as the vehicle that transports the Spirit and the body into higher states of existence and higher dimensions. This usually manifests in several ways.

The Mer-Ka-Ba is often awakened through specific, dedicated meditative breathing methods and mindfulness-expanding practices. It can also be awakened through consistent acts and thoughts of pure love, service, compassion, acceptance, integrity, and kindness. The Self would also be included as one of the recipients of these gifts.

The Merkaba is the manifestation of the Sacred Union of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within all living things. The Merkaba also balances the Feminine and Masculine energy within all living things, creating an environment for a peaceful existence, which then becomes each being’s default vibrational setting. It enables us to experience expanded states of awareness, and restores the full remembering of who we are as Spiritual Beings.

Even though each living being has its own Merkaba, together we also have a collective Merkaba.

Together, on April 15, 2016, thousands of us awakened the Merkaba of humanity.

Humanity’s Merkaba

When the collective Merkaba is dormant, no matter how much of our time we dedicate to our spiritual practice, more often than not, it still feels quite challenging, like we’re climbing a tall mountain.

But now that together we have awakened humanity’s Merkaba, more and more people around the world will awaken to the truth of who they really are.

This will make it much easier for us to expand our own individual consciousness, remain steadfast in our spiritual practice, share our spiritual gifts openly, and feel more connected to our Higher Self than ever before. To those who are quite spiritual, this is the “Holy Grail” we often hear about from the ancient texts: “As above, so below.”

In addition, the fear that the collective has been choosing to take part in will take a major backseat over the coming days, months, and years, as a result of humanity’s awakened Merkaba. As this happens, feeling connected to our Spirit and to one another, and practicing acts of compassion for all of life, will take center stage.

Instead of just going through the mundane motions of the old day-to-day patterns of life, to just “get by,” our desire and motivation to feel truly alive will emerge at the forefront.

Many of us are already feeling this now, and it’s just the beginning! Can you imagine what the world will look like when people actually start choosing to feel alive through natural means, rather than numbing themselves through outdated patterns of fear and victim consciousness?

This is BIG. It will collectively move us even more quickly in the direction of holistic, organic, transparent, green living.

How did all of this happen?

Each person who was able to be physically present at the April 15 event at the United Nations served as an ambassador of peace and compassion on behalf of all humanity.

Each person who attended became a surrogate for the thousands of people around the world who joined us in Spirit at the exact time of the global healing activation.

Those who joined us in Spirit held the space of the “compassionate observer,” serving as the I AM presence, and anchoring nourishing and healing vibrations of compassion, unconditional love, and acceptance for all of humanity, including themselves.

The observers acknowledged that humanity has simply done the best that it could with the amount of awareness that it has had over time.

Those who served as compassionate observers may have felt an overwhelming sense of joy, and may have been moved to tears due to the amount of Love and Life being poured into our collective consciousness at that moment.

Those of us who were physically present at the United Nations combined our energies to form an energetic global Unconditional Love and Christ Consciousness grid. (“Christ” as in the original Greek word christos, meaning “crystalline” or Light-based consciousness.)

We began by looking into each other’s eyes and affirming the following:

“I see you, I love you, and I know who you really are. On behalf of humanity, I am so sorry that you may have ever felt otherwise. I see you, I love you, and I know who you really are. Thank you for seeing, loving, and knowing who I really am. We are One family. And so it is!”

We made sure to include all of our multidimensional selves from past, present, and future. We also included all of our ancestors, guides, and Beings of Light in service to the Law of One on all levels, lifetimes, and languages. The word “healing” in that moment became an understatement, as to what began taking place.

We then each visualized ourselves lovingly holding a miniature Earth in our hands, the size of a basketball. These mini-Earths acted as surrogates to our actual Earth.

We then visualized these mini-Earths being drenched with unconditional love and compassion from our heart space. We saw this love from our heart as represented by the Pink Crystal Light of the Divine Feminine, and the Emerald Green Crystal Light of the Divine Masculine.

We saw these luminous lights radiate outwards from our hearts, braiding themselves together and saturating every cell, fiber, and molecule of the Earths in our hands, and of every living being inhabiting the Earth.
We then held hands and merged our visions together, to anchor them into One unified Light field of Unconditional Love and Christ Consciousness. We affirmed that the heart and mind of every being on the planet now be fully restored to their most pristine and awakened state, in the highest and most Divine timing for them.

During this part of the global healing activation, many of us could feel the Earth beneath us move. Mind you, we were in a tall skyscraper, and I will share the significance of that shortly.

The amount of love in the room was very thick and palpable to everyone there. Something even deeper than what we had at first intended had just occurred, though no one could really put their finger on it … yet.

Amazing Synchronicities

After the global healing activation was completed, many synchronicities began to occur. I will share the biggest one with you.

The following day, at my next healing event in New York City, one of our “peace and compassion” ambassadors who had attended the U.N. event shared the following with me.

As she is a local, she mentioned that Manhattan itself is actually a sacred vortex, because of the magnetic crystals underneath the city. She mentioned that the only way that the land is able to sustain so many tall buildings, like no other city in the world can, is because of these powerful crystals underneath it.

Many of us know that crystals are amplifiers of energy. But we hadn’t realized that they would amplify our energy!

The “goose bump” moment came when that day, several of the guests who had also attended the U.N. event were mentioning the dreams they’d had the night before. Several of them were freaking each other out, because they were finding that they had all had similar dreams.

Now, I wouldn’t usually get too involved in a conversation taking place among guests at an event, but I quickly realized that what they were sharing was almost exactly what I had seen and experienced in my own dreams the night before!

The shared dream/vision the five of us had had (and none of us had ever met before that day) was of a golden, sacred geometric, grid-like veil that came down from the sky and anchored itself over the whole planet, falling gently down upon the Earth and covering it like a golden blanket.

The way they were describing this grid-like veil was right in alignment with what I had seen in my own dream.

The pattern of this grid was in the shape of a star tetrahedron—the three-dimensional, eight-pointed star made from the combining of two pyramids.

A Merkaba!

Holy moly! We all freaked out with excitement and acted like little kids for a bit, giving each other the biggest hugs I think I’ve ever experienced.

I knew that this was the confirmation I needed to fully understand what had taken place the day before, at the United Nations event. It still blows my mind to think about it.

There were a few other confirmations and synchronicities, but this one was the most relevant and specific to the awakening of humanity’s Merkaba.

Connecting with the Merkaba

If you would like to connect even more with the energies of the Merkaba, so that it can support your continued spiritual expansion, I recommend printing out a picture of one that you really enjoy, and looking at it several times a day.

You could also put this picture underneath your bed, so that its energies are present, lifting and expanding your own energies as you sleep.


There are also Merkaba pendants and other fun 3D version of them that you can wear or have in your home.

The After Effects and the Five Retrogrades

Of course, when the collective timeline shifts in significant ways, such as what took place on April 15, the after effects are not always a matter of rainbows and butterflies. The integration period can sometimes feel challenging, because the mind is being asked to literally stretch out of its previous patterns.

So if the past few weeks have been challenging for you, know that you are simply being expanded.

We also have five planets in retrograde right now, giving us the opportunity to completely shed the illusions and triggers that no longer serve our highest good.

I will share a quick overview of what planets are currently in retrograde, and what that means for us:

Jupiter – Jupiter is in retrograde until May 9. Since Jupiter is all about wealth, and being in our power, this retrograde may be bringing up opportunities for us to look at and heal any patterns of lack and of giving our power away that we may still be engaged in.

Mercury – Mercury is in retrograde until May 22. Since Mercury is all about communication, this retrograde may be bringing up opportunities for us to look at and heal any patterns of not communicating enough, or of communicating in ways that are not aligned with the most authentic, honest part of ourselves.

The key to moving through Mercury in retrograde is to speak the truth with kindness and compassion. If it is not expressed in this way, then the way we deliver or speak is probably something that we would want to look at and heal.

Mars – Mars is in retrograde until June 29. Mars is often associated with turbulence and combat, yet a more expanded perspective would be to see it as a type of fiery passion.

This means that during a retrograde, triggers that have been beneath the surface of our close relationships could come to light right now, so that they can be healed and resolved once and for all. The key to moving through Mars retrograde is to completely let go of pride, and to be open and vulnerable with those closest to us.

Saturn – Saturn is in retrograde until August 13. Saturn is often associated with karma. This means that during a retrograde, we are receiving almost a double dose of karmic intensity.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be a challenging experience, if we allow ourselves to put out into the world the kind of energy we would like to receive back. The effects will be pretty immediate, in terms of how we experience the world around us, because our world is simply a reflection of how we choose to see and treat ourselves.

Pluto – Pluto is in retrograde until September 26. Pluto is often associated with transformation. This means that during a retrograde, we have the opportunity to recreate ourselves and make a new start. Big breakthroughs will be the theme, especially on a personal level.

We can experience these breakthroughs by remaining flexible, engaged, and focused on the inner guidance that leads us to take inspired action. This is the time to fully invest our energy in healing ourselves, and to introduce innovative concepts into our lives, so that greater fulfillment and expansion can occur.

Phew, that’s a lot of retrogrades! However, once Jupiter moves out of retrograde on May 9, it will lighten the energies significantly, especially in conjunction with the effects of the other four planetary retrogrades.

Doors that felt closed will open up, and greater ease and abundance will show up for those who have been doing the inner work, helping them to let go of the need to identify with a lack mentality.

Overall, so much expansion is happening right now, for all of us. Drink lots of water, take good care of yourself, and know that you are loved beyond measure.

Till next time,

Peace and progress,


new Emm 2016 smaller pic

Make yourself at home on my website, and feel free to browse around to see if there’s anything else that you may resonate with or find support in.

©2009-2016 Emmanuel Dagher All Rights Reserved You are absolutely welcome to share and distribute these forecasts with others as you feel guided. Please make sure to keep the integrity of this article by including the author & source website link.


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A Message to Lightworkers – May 3, 2016

This week, the Collective answer a question from a Lightworker who wrote in to ask:There are many Lightworkers on the Earth at this time. Some know they are Lightworkers, and some need a little reminding now and then. However, we are all able to give and receive love, and we are all capable of manifesting (although I greatly struggle with this area). 

And the Collective have said many times in their books that we are all the bravest souls to come to the Earth at this time, to help Earth and Humanity ascend.

Are we not therefore all Lightworkers to some degree? Some of us more aware of it perhaps than others? 

Or are there people on the Earth who are not here to help Earth and humanity ascend, who are here just for the experience of an Earth life? If so, which group is the majority?
The Collective: Greetings, dear ones! We find, on this beautiful day, on your amazingly beautiful planet, that this is a very important question indeed.

We are more than happy to address this topic, though no answer we could give in such a short space, amongst a people and a planet so quickly evolving, could ever be definitive.

There is much you must answer for yourselves. But we shall offer our own Light on this vital subject.

First, understand that not all beings upon the Earth are capable of giving and receiving Love in the way and to the degree that you reference here.


Some are strictly raised, though they are indeed the minority, to live without compassion or empathy, to fulfill only those roles they are given to them by their overlords (their parents, grandparents, and others), and to fulfill those roles with complete loyalty to their class of being—that which was formerly called your ruling class—without ever looking right or left, nor questioning their place in the hierarchy, for the whole of their Earth lives.

These beings are on a journey of Ascension, just as you are, though they would never call it such. 

For they are, for the most part, not consciously choosing to Ascend to the fifth dimension at this time, as you have already chosen for yourself and your planet.

They are distressed beyond reason that their former unquestioned spot at the top of the hierarchy is now toppling all around them, and for them to think now in terms of Love and generosity, compassion and Ascension to higher frequencies, is unthinkable.

Now, not all is lost amongst these poor beings, who came here while the karmic cycle was still in place, to fulfill their role in Earth’s experiment of life in the third dimension, just as you have incarnated here, hundreds of times, in various Earth lives, to play your role in this great adventure.

Unlike you, they came in with the intention to rule, crush, own, and oppress, whereas you came in with the intention of exponential soul growth and increased awareness of Life and its varying frequencies on this planet, which your soul desired from its fullest depths.

These shadowy beings came in to continue a very old legacy that stretches back thousands of years in Earth’s history on this timeline.


And yet, many have now decided that they will not remain in the same strata they have occupied, one lifetime after another.

They are choosing to release the reins around their necks and to declare their own independence from that which has kept them in servitude to an order that claims to be higher, and is in fact, amongst the lowest density lifeforms in the Universe.

It is so that the darker beings of this group have infiltrated the new age websites, communities, teachings, and channelings, to induce more separation amongst Lightworkers and amongst Earth’s peoples, while putting forth only a slightly “new and improved” version of the third dimension, dressed up to be the fifth dimension.

Some who came here as Lightworkers have bought into these false images and ideas, and some have not . . .


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The announcement of NESARA will change the world, restoring human sovereignty. It will usher in changes that will start in the United States, then spread to all countries.

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You who are reading or listening to this message are not doing so by chance.

Jesus through John

Jesus Audio Blog for Monday May 2nd
Human consciousness is an ongoing spiritual evolutionary process that you collectively chose to undergo, and to which there are no limits. Limits are boundaries that you built around the illusory environment that you inhabit as human beings but which you are free, individually, to dismantle or move beyond. More and more of you are realizing this and choosing to move through them to an awareness of the limitless possibilities that creation offers you in every moment. Those who do come to an awareness that in Truth you are completely free! As more of you open to this wondrous Truth and acknowledge it you enlarge the gaps in the field of limitations from small individual pathways to an immense and interconnected highway that all of humanity can and will use to depart the illusion

Passing out of the limiting environment in which you have…

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Into A New Reality

The Creator Writings

For some of you, the shifts occurring now may feel as if you are starting over from scratch.  Everything are familiar with may be changing/leaving at an accelerated rate and it is challenging!  The best part about it… get to start over.  This may sound odd to you, however,

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Die Transformation der Materie

von Edwin Zimmerli

 Die Ascension-Bewegung, die seit Jahren die New Age Bewegung in den USA beherrscht, findet auch in Europa zunehmende Beachtung. Es geht um die Vorbereitung auf eine globale Transformation, bei der die Menschheit die Gelegenheit erhält, einen Dimensionswechsel zu vollziehen. Die Informationen zu diesem Themenbereich sind meistens gechannelt oder wurden auf anderen paranormalen Wegen offenbart.

Der Jüngste Tag

Über den amerikanischen Umweg erlebt auch eine Vision von Paul Otto Hesse bei uns eine Renaissance. Vor rund 50 Jahren schilderte Hesse sein Szenario vom Jüngsten Tag als ein Ereignis, bei dem die gesamte Materie schlagartig in einen höheren Schwingungszustand versetzt wird. Diese plötzliche Transformation soll durch den Eintritt unseres Sonnensystems in einen kosmischen Strahl aus Licht ausgelöst werden. Der sogenannte manasische Ring besteht aus allerfeinster unsichtbarer Licht-Materie, welche eine so hohe Vibration aufweist, dass sie sich den astrophysikalischen Beobachtungen entzieht. Der Lichtring ist eine Ausstrahlung des Sterns Alcyone – der Zentralsonne der Plejaden – um die sich auch unsere Sonne bewegt. Es handelt sich hier um einen zyklischen Prozess, der sich in 24’000 Jahren zweimal ereignen soll. Nach jeweils 10’000 Jahren Evolution in der Sphäre der Finsternis tritt unser System in die Lichtvibration ein und bleibt für 2’000 Jahre in einem göttlichen Bewusstsein. Die Materie wird dabei von der manasischen Lichtvibration durchdrungen. In diesem Zustand totaler Erleuchtung gibt es keine Schatten mehr. Tag und Nacht unterscheiden sich nicht mehr an Helligkeit. Die Trennung der Sphären ist aufgehoben. Gedanken und Gefühle werden ebenso sichtbar wie die Verstorbenen in ihren unsterblichen Hüllen. Am Tag des jüngsten Gerichts – so Hesse – werden die Würdigen auserwählt, um an diesem Zeitalter des Friedens teilzunehmen. Alles seelische Leben, das mit Christus und dem Vater eins geworden ist, wird von diesem Ur-Licht angenommen.

Schematische Darstellung eines Sonnenumlaufes
um die Zentralsonne Alcyone (Abb. aus *2)

JüngsterTag-10s.gif (19318 Byte)

Nach Paul Otto Hesse ist “Der jüngste Tag” der Eintritt
unseres Sonnensystems in die Sphäre des Urlichtes.
Der Sündenfall entspricht dem Austritt aus demselben.

Irdisch betrachtet ereignen sich beim Ein- und Austritt in die Strahlzone unvorstellbare Veränderungen. Die astrophysikalischen Gleichgewichtskräfte verlagern sich. Die Erdachse neigt sich und gestaltet die Oberfläche der Erde vollständig um. Der Eintritt des Ereignisses kommt völlig überraschend. Der genaue Zeitpunkt soll nach der Verheissung Jesu unbekannt bleiben (Vom Tag und der Stunde aber weiss nur der Vater).

Der Photonenring

Seit 1993 erfährt die Vision von Paul Otto Hesse eine Wiederbelebung durch den Amerikaner Sheldon Nidle, dessen Buch “You Are Becoming A Galactic Human” 1996 unter dem Namen “Der Photonen-Ring” auf dem deutschen Buchmarkt erschienen ist. Nidle gibt an, ein sirianischer Walk-in zu sein, ein Mensch also, der mehr von seinen eigenen multidimensionalen Aspekten oder separate Bewusstseinsaspekte aus höheren Dimensionen in seine Persönlichkeit integriert hat. In seinem Szenario landen kurz vor dem Eintritt in den Photonenring Millionen von Raumschiffen auf der Erde, um der Menschheit bei diesem Dimensionswechsel zu helfen und sie in eine neue friedvolle Kultur nach sirianischem Vorbild einweisen. Nidle hat für 1995 und 1996 bereits mehrmals einen genauen Zeitpunkt für die Massenlandungen mitgeteilt. Bisher ist aber nichts dergleichen passiert. Inzwischen ist er mit diesen Ankündigungen etwas vorsichtiger geworden. In seinen Up-dates gibt er kein genaues Datum mehr bekannt, betont aber, dass die Massenlandungen mit großer Wahrscheinlichkeit doch bald stattfinden. Die ständige Aktualisierung des Ereignisses hat Nidle’s Buch einen Erfolg beschert und viele esoterisch interessierte Leser mit dem Thema Dimensionswechsel in Berührung gebracht.

Wir sind bereits mitten drin

Für die meisten Menschen sind die Informationen über den Photonenring zur Zeit noch wenig plausibel oder zu “abgehoben”. Durch das bisherige Nichteintreffen der angekündigten Massenlandungen sehen sich Esoterik-Kritiker in ihrer Haltung – dass aus dieser Ecke sowieso nur Quatsch komme – bestätigt und schütten damit das Kind mit dem Bade aus. Es gibt nämlich auch andere, nachvollziehbare Konzepte, die von einem Transformations-Prozess ausgehen und eindeutig zeigen, dass wir bereits mitten drin sind. (Siehe auch den Artikel “Erdverbindung – Rooting / Planetare Transformation und Vorbereitung” von E. Zimmerli in Wege&Visionen 3/96. An anderer Stelle habe ich ausführlich beschrieben, dass aus der Theorie “Dissipativer Strukturen” eine globale Transformation gefolgert werden kann (siehe Artikel “Globale Transformation“).

Wie weit die Transformation der Materie bereits eingeleitet ist, zeigt sich in vielen Beispielen. Im Bereich Kommunikation ist diese Verlagerung vom Groben zum Feinen deutlich zu sehen. Während die ganz frühe Informationsübertragung noch mechanisch durch Meldeläufer oder Briefboten erfolgte, kamen später neue elektronische Kanäle dazu: zunächst Morse-Signale, dann Telefon, Fax und Computerkommunikation mit rasant ansteigenden Übertragungsraten. Jetzt wird bereits die nächst subtilere Ebene erschlossen. Überall werden Lichtleiter verlegt. Hier sind nicht mehr Elektronen, sondern Photonen (immaterielle Lichtquanten) die Informationsträger. Soeben wurden die ersten Nanolaser realisiert. Sie können praktisch energielos betrieben werden und erlauben die Entwicklung einer neuen Ära von optischen Licht-Supercomputern.

Diese Bewegung von der Mechanik über die Elektrizität hin zu Information, Licht und Bewusstsein ist auch in anderen Bereichen feststellbar. Während man sich vor hundert Jahren beruflich noch hauptsächlich mit greifbaren Dingen beschäftigte, verarbeiten heute immer mehr Menschen immer größere Informationsmengen. Die Menschheit hat sich innerhalb weniger Generationen ins Informations- und Lichtzeitalter hineinkatapultiert. Auch in der Wissenschaft ist die Entwicklung zum Subtilen feststellbar. Vor rund 90 Jahren entdeckte Einstein die Relativität von Raum und Zeit und die Äquivalenz von Materie und Energie. Kurz darauf erkannte er den Zusammenhang von Materie, Gravitation und Raumzeitkrümmung. Wenige Jahrzehnte später wurden die paradoxen Gesetze der Quantenwelt erkannt. Sie sagen uns, dass es eigentlich keine feste Materie, sondern nur Wahrscheinlichkeitsfelder gibt, die wir durch Beobachtung zu Teilchen verfestigen. Seither befassen sich neue physikalische Theorien fast ausschließlich mit energetischen Feldern in komplexen mehrdimensionalen Räumen. Die ursprünglich konkrete Materie, die man untersuchen wollte, hat sich in subtilere Bereiche verflüchtigt. In den neusten Erkenntnisforschungen arbeiten hochkarätige Wissenschaftler wie z.B. der Neurologe Stuart Hameroff und der Quantengravitationsphysiker Roger Penrose interdisziplinär zusammen und begründen mit anderen Wissenschaftlern eine neue Ära der Physik. Es ist eine Quantenphysik des Bewusstseins (Postquantenphysik, PQM). Sie  befasst sich mit der Frage, wie durch Quantensuperpositionen in den Mikrotubuli unseres Gehirns die materielle Welt (Illusion) erschaffen und allenfalls transformiert werden kann. Der Physiker Jack Sarfatti spekuliert sogar über die Möglichkeit einen Quantensuperchip nach dem Vorbild der Mikrotubuli zu realisieren. Mit solchen Chips liessen sich materielle Objekte wie z.B. ein Neutronenstern in Bewusstsein verwandeln. Vor dem Hintergrund dieser “wissenschaftlichen” Entwicklungen erscheinen die metaphysischen Transformationskonzepte schon beinahe unspektakulär.


Leben im Wellenmeer

Immense Veränderungen haben sich im unsichtbaren Bereich des elektromagnetischen Spektrums manifestiert. Hier hat sich das Gesicht der Erde in den letzten Jahrzehnten radikal verändert. Stellen wir uns ein ausserirdischer Besucher vor, der vor 100 Jahren der Erde einen Besuch abstattete und der die Fähigkeit hat, mit seinen Augen das ganze elektromagnetische Spektrum zu sehen. Er würde heute unseren Planeten nicht mehr wiedererkennen. Wo zuvor ausser ein paar natürlichen Quellen (Erdmagnetfeld, Blitze, sichtbares Licht, kosmische Strahlung) nichts war, ist jetzt alles voll. Das ganze Spektrum hat sich mit unzähligen Sendern gefüllt. Das Netz und seine Nutzung wird immer dichter. Allein in Europa werden zehntausend neue Mobilfunkteilnehmer pro Tag verzeichnet! Das neue weltumspannende Mobiltelefonsystem, das künftig mit bis zu 65 Satelliten arbeiten wird, verzeichnet einen Neu-Teilnehmer pro Sekunde !
Wir sind umgeben von Strahlungsenergie und leben in einem Meer aus elektromagnetischen Wellen. Da die natürlichen Impulse im Meer der künstlich erzeugten Schwingungen untergehen, kann frische direkte Information aus dem Netz des Lebens nur noch über Bewusstseinsresonanz durch gezieltes Anwählen bzw. bewusste Einstimmung gewonnen werden. Eine Folge davon kann sein, dass der einseitig technisch fixierte Mensch mit der Zeit eine Ansammlung von Disharmonien erfährt, die seine Gesundheit gefährden können. Das Wellenmeer zwingt uns diesbezüglich zu einer Bewusstseinsevolution.

Natürliche elektromagnetische Felder der Erde

Becker-Frequ1.gif (3785 Byte)


Ionisierende Strahlung mit höherer Lichtfrequenz und extraterrestrische Quellen sind weggelassen.
Ausser Blitzen, dem natürlichen Erdmagnetfeld und dem sichtbaren Licht ist das Spektrum praktisch leer.

(Abb. aus *7)

Künstliche elektromagnetische Felder aller Art.

Becker-Spektrum2.gif (5369 Byte)


Die Höhe der Schraffierung deutet für jeden Bereich die Anzahl der vorhandenen Quellen an.
(Stand: 80er Jahre – heute sieht das Spektrum durch moderne zusätzliche Quellen wie z. B. die Mobiltelefone noch einiges bedeckter aus)

(Abb. aus *7)

Wendepunkt Harmonische Konvergenz

Dass wir an einem ganz entscheidendem Punkt angelangt sind, wird durch die Genforschung offenbar. Wir entschlüsseln den Code des Lebens und können damit in die Schöpfung eingreifen. Der Mensch erlangt göttliche Schöpfungspotenz. Ohne entsprechendes Bewusstsein wird das Spiel hier sehr gefährlich. Die Ansicht, der Mensch sei nutzloser Irrläufer der Evolution, zeigt nicht das ganze Bild.

Synch-Beam-klein.gif (6075 Byte) Das Transformations-Konzept von José Argüelles gibt eine übergeordnete kosmische Sicht. Wie bei Paul Otto Hesse wird auch hier postuliert, dass sich die Menschheit seit längerer Zeit in der galaktischen Nacht befindet, die mit einer Bewusstseinstrübung einhergeht. Seit dem Jahr 3113 v. Chr. wird unser Sonnensystem jedoch durch den galaktischen Strahl in die Synchronisation mit dem galaktischen Zentrum geführt. 12 Etappen à rund 400 Jahren dienen der Vorbereitung. Die letzten rund 400 Jahre leiten die Transformation der Materie ein, wobei die eigentliche Umwandlung auch wiederum erst im letzten Teilstück dieses Fraktales stattfindet. Jede der 13 Etappen ist durch eine spezielle schöpferische Energiepulsation gekennzeichnet. Die Evolution wird durch diese galaktischen Strahlenimpulse geführt, die eine Transformation der Materie zum Ziel haben.
(Abb. aus *1)

Die eigentliche Wende geschieht erst ganz am Schluss durch die Bewusstseinsrevolution, welche die äussere Entwicklung introvertiert und dadurch die Transformation der Materie abschließt. Als Initiator der Harmonischen Konvergenz kann man Argüelles auch als den Vater der Globalen Meditationen bezeichnen. Damals, am 16./17. August 1986 meditierten erstmals weltweit Hunderttausende, um den bewussten Anschluss der Erde an die galaktische Synchronisation zu vollziehen. Der Zeitpunkt markierte den letzten 26-jährigen Abschnitt des Maya-Kalenders, der im Jahre 2012 endet. Seither schließen sich jährlich mehr Menschen diesem und auch anderen Meditationsprojekten an. Inzwischen sind es mehrere Millionen. Durch die Vernetzung mit modernen Kommunikationsmitteln lassen sich diese kollektiven Bewusstseins-Synchronisationen zunehmend effizienter organisieren. Mit der Harmonischen Konvergenz begann die aktive Bewusstseinsrevolution unseres Planeten. Teil davon ist das Umsteigen auf den Kalender der Mayas, der auf die natürlichen Schwingungszyklen abgestimmt ist und uns wieder mit den schöpferischen Energien verbindet. (Informationen in deutscher Sprache hierzu haben Johann und Andreas Kössner in A-3860 Heidenreichstein ausgearbeitet).


Der galaktische Code

Maya-Rad-micro-2s.gif (3788 Byte)

José Argüelles, der einen Doktorgrad in Anthropologie besitzt, entschlüsselte den Tzolkin, den heiligen Kalender der Mayas (Licht-Matrix). Er enthält ein multidimensionales Organisationsschema für Evolution. Basis ist eine Matrix von 260 Feldern, die aus 13 Zahlen und 20 Symbolen gebildet sind und ein harmonisches Vibrations-Modul darstellen. Die Zahlen stehen für 13 grundlegende Muster von Strahlungsenergie (Radioimpulse), die sich jeweils durch ein Spektrum von 20 Frequenzbereichen hindurch transformieren.

Tzolkin-4s.gif (9135 Byte)

Unser System befindet sich nach einer längeren Periode der Dunkelheit und Bewusstseinstrübung seit dem Jahre 3113 v. Chr. wieder im galaktischen Synchronisationsstrahl, der uns im Jahre 2012 in volle Übereinstimmung mit dem galaktischen Zentrum bringen wird. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt ist die Bewusstseinsbegrenzung überwunden und die Transformation der Materie abgeschlossen. Erde und Menschheit erfahren einen Dimensionswechsel.

Das letzte, dreizehnte Strahlungsmuster ist seit 1618 wirksam und leitet die Transformation der Materie über verschiedene Vorbereitungsschritte ein. Die eigentliche Transformationsphase hat erst mit dem zweitletzten Frequenzabschnitt ab 1973 begonnen und der letzte Abschnitt von 1992 bis 2012 vollendet sie.

Kosmische Strahlen als Steuerimpulse der Evolution?

1973 haben Astrophysiker erstmals kosmische Strahlen festgestellt. Seither scheinen sie in Länge und Intensität zuzunehmen. In den letzten Jahren haben regelrechte Bombardements stattgefunden, für die es bis heute noch kein widerspruchfreies Erklärungsmodell gibt. Die sogenannten Gamma Ray Bursts sind inzwischen Gegenstand intensiver wissenschaftlicher Forschung. Sie tauchen in unterschiedlicher Länge und Grössenordnung auf. Ihre Herkunft bleibt mysteriös und ihre Energie ist zum Teil so groß, dass die Grenze der physikalischen Gesetze überschritten scheint. Zudem weisen sie ein merkwürdiges Spektrum auf, das auf eine immaterielle Quelle hindeutet.

Im Konzept von Argüelles ist der Mensch also kein krebsgeschwüriger Irrläufer der Natur, sondern Erfüller eines großen Evolutionsplanes. Der galaktische Code informiert und vitalisiert über Strahlungsenergie den Code des Lebens (DNS) und treibt die Evolution voran. Die technische Entwicklung ist dabei lediglich eine äußere Spiegelung des erwachenden inneren Potentials. Das Handy entspricht der telepathischen Fähigkeit, die Fernbedienung der Telekinese, das Internet der Vernetzung der menschlichen Gehirne zu einem globalen Bewusstsein, usw. Die Herausforderung für die Lichtarbeiter besteht darin, alternativ zur rasch voranschreitenden äußeren Technologie eine innere Technologie des Bewusstseins zu entwickeln.

Hinweise für eine durch Impulse geführte Evolution gibt es tatsächlich. Untersucht man die entscheidenden wissenschaftlichen und erfinderischen Entdeckungen, die das Leben und die Kultur der Menschheit maßgeblich verändert haben, so stellt man fest, dass sie auf intuitiven Eingebungen basieren. Ferner deutet Tatsache, dass neue Erfindungen und Ideen unabhängig voneinander praktisch gleichzeitig auftauchen, ebenfalls auf dieses Phänomen hin. Gemäß dem Maya Kalender begann 1618 das letzte von 13 Strahlungsmustern, das die Transformation der Materie vorbereitet. Interessant ist, dass gegen Ende des 17. Jahrhunderts die Infinitesimalrechnung gleichzeitig von Newton und Leibniz entdeckt wurde. Diese neue Mathematik öffnete die Tür für die weitere wissenschaftliche und technische Entwicklung, welche die Transformation der Materie massiv vorantreibt.


Bewusstsein und Wahrnehmung erschaffen Realität

Gemäss Argüelles hat also die eigentliche Transformation bereits 1973 begonnen und wird von 1992 bis 2012 vollendet. Die Folgerung sein Konzept sei falsch, weil sich die Materie bis jetzt immer noch fest anfühlt, wäre verfrüht. Man muss sich bei dem ganzen Thema darüber im Klaren sein, dass die materielle Erscheinungswelt eine Illusion ist. Die Mystiker haben dies schon immer gesagt und die Quantenphysik hat gezeigt, dass ihre Erkenntnis stimmt. Es gibt keine von Bewusstsein und Wahrnehmung unabhängige Realität, die für uns relevant ist. Feste Materie außerhalb unseres Bewusstseins gibt es nicht. Die multidimensionalen Partikel, welche die Basis der Materie bilden, werden erst dann fest, wenn wir sie durch Beobachtung in die dritte Dimension hineinziehen. Die gegenwärtige Festigkeit der Materie ist allenfalls ein Resultat der kollektiven Bewusstseinsschwingung oder mit den Worten C. G. Jungs ausgedrückt: Der kollektive Traum hat sich manifestiert.

Inzwischen dringen die Erkenntnisse der Quantenphysik über die Medien immer mehr ins Bewusstsein der Bevölkerung und renommierte Physiker wie Paul Davies wagen vorsichtige Schlussfolgerungen wie z. B. diese:

“Die unheimliche Sklaverei, die alle mit Spin ausgestatteten Teilchen dazu zwingt, den vom Experimentator festgelegten Winkel einzunehmen, erweckt den Eindruck, als ob der Geist die Materie beherrsche.”

Wir dürfen annehmen, dass in bereits wenigen Jahren ein kollektives Erwachen aus dem bisherigen dreidimensionalen Traum stattfindet. Argüelles spricht von einer Zeitkompression, welche die Menschheit seit der Harmonischen Konvergenz in die letzte Phase der Transformation hineinbeschleunigt. Es gibt hier interessante Zusammenhänge und Parallelen zur Timewave Zero-Theorie von Terence McKenna und zur Erweiterung der DNS, die den Rahmen dieses Beitrags allerdings sprengen würden.


Elektromagnetische Nullzone und Lichtkörper

Im Zusammenhang mit dem Dimensionswechsel im Jahr 2012 taucht fast immer der Hinweis auf den Eintritt in eine elektromagnetische Nullzone auf. Es ist unklar, was damit genau gemeint ist. Wenn es sich dabei um die kurzzeitige Ausschaltung des Elektromagnetismus handelt, ausgelöst durch göttliche Intervention, so würde für einen Moment alle Materie verschwinden. Die Elektronen der künstlichen Schöpfung würden nicht mehr auf ihren Bahnen gehalten. Zeit und Raum sind während dieser Phase nichtexistent. Im nächsten Augenblick ist alles ausgelöscht, was nicht durch eine lebendiges Feld (Lichtkörper) mit den höheren Dimensionen verbunden ist. Die gesamte künstliche Schöpfung, die aus dem gefallenen dreidimensionalen Bewusstsein erschaffen wurde, wäre mit einem Mal weg von der Bühne. Eine effizientere Reinigung kann man sich kaum vorstellen. Es ist möglich, dass ein solcher “Hausputz” bereits früher stattgefunden hat und der Grund dafür ist, dass wir von den früheren Zivilisationen ausser natürlichen Zeugnissen nichts mehr finden.

Es ist auch denkbar, dass wir durch die Nullzone von unseren dreidimensional geprägten Energiemustern befreit werden. Die Lichtkörperarbeit zielt darauf ab, die Nullzone zu nutzen, um die Transformation in den Lichtkörper bewusst zu vollziehen. Wird diese Arbeit durch genügend Menschen realisiert, bildet sich eine kritische Masse, die das Feld des Lichtkörpers für alle verfügbar macht.


Transformation, Ascension-Bewegung und der Lichtkörper sind mit dem christlichen Auferstehungsgedanken verbunden. Der Dimensionswechsel wird als die große Chance verstanden, die dem Menschen den Aufstieg in den kosmischen Christus ermöglicht.

1995 kam aus der wissenschaftlichen Ecke ein Buchbeitrag zum Thema Auferstehung. Autor ist der renommierte Mathematiker und Physiker Frank J. Tipler. Sein Buch mit dem Titel “Die Physik der Unsterblichkeit – Moderne Kosmologie, Gott und die Auferstehung der Toten” hat in wissenschaftlichen Kreisen Kontroversen und Empörung ausgelöst. Tipler beweist mathematisch, dass die Nachahmung (Emulation) des gesamten Universums möglich ist. Er zeigt sogar, dass auf Grund der Beckenstein-Grenze alle möglichen materiellen Universen bis hinab zum Quantenzustand repliziert werden könnten, sobald die Computerkapazität mindestens 10 hoch 10 hoch 123 Bits umfasst. Dies beinhaltet natürlich auch sämtliche mögliche Leben einer Person inklusive alle Gefühls- und Erinnerungszustände, die auf Nervenimpulse mit Quantenübertragung zurückgehen. In ferner Zukunft, so Tipler, werde die Gesamtleistung aller Computer dem weit überlegen sein. Molekulare Nano-Roboter, die sich selber vermehren können, würden darauf programmiert das ganze Universum zu erobern und zahlreiche Quantensupercomputer zu bauen. Wenn die Gesamtleistung so groß sei, dass die erforderliche Kapazität zur Speicherung aller möglichen menschlichen Simulationen nur noch einen Bruchteil davon ausmacht, würden die Toten als Informationsbits auferstehen. Beim Lesen des Buches läuft es einem kalt den Rücken hinunter. Das Leben scheint in diesem Zukunfts-Szenario auf die Basis reiner Informationsbits reduziert. Was an den Berechnungen dran ist, ist weniger entscheidend. Bemerkenswert ist vielmehr das Auftauchen eines solchen Beitrages in unserer Zeit. Seine kühle mathematische Nüchternheit schockiert und rüttelt einen wach. Er zeigt, welche immensen technischen Möglichkeiten vor uns liegen könnten und wirft die Frage auf, ob es zwischen Wirklichkeit und der vollständigen Information über Wirklichkeit einen erkennbaren Unterschied gibt. Letztlich führt er jedoch auch vor Augen, dass wir in einem Bewusstseinsuniversum leben, denn nur da macht der Begriff Information überhaupt einen Sinn.

Im Vergleich zu Tipler’s Buch bietet die Ascension-Bewegung einen tröstlichen Gegenpol. Glücklicherweise ist es wahrscheinlich, dass die Bewusstseins(r)evolution über “innere Technologie” den kosmischen Christus noch vor Tipler’s künstlicher Emulation des Universums realisiert. Auch wenn sich zwischen einer Wirklichkeit und Tipler’s Informationsbits über diese Wirklichkeit vielleicht kein wesentlicher Unterschied nennen lässt, so fühlt sich doch die Vorstellung der bewussten Teilnahme am kosmischen Christus intuitiv viel besser an.

Buchempfehlung: Gernot Brückner: Gespräche mit dem Unbekannten Band 1-3
(Diese Bücher bestechen durch Klarheit und praktischen Nutzen. Sie beschreiben die Wirkungsweise der Neuen Energie bzw. welche neuen Gesetze es jetzt zu beachten gilt.)

*1  José Argüelles: The Mayan Factor
*2  Paul Otto Hesse: Der jüngste Tag
*3  Sheldon Nidle/Viginia Essene: Der Photonen-Ring
*4  Erich Jantsch: Die Selbstorganisation des Universums
*5  Elisabeth Sahtouris: Gaia
*6  Frank J. Tipler: Die Physik der Unsterblichkeit
*7  Rober O. Becker: Der Funke des Lebens

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When we ascend……..


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When We Ascend Do We Still Stay On The Earth With Those Who Have Not Ascended?

By Sabrina Reber

QUESTION: I read on a post about Ascension that when people ascend they will continue to live here with the people that are still stuck in 3-D. That would mean the ascended will still be living in violence etc…. Is this true? It seems this is not completely correct. If a person has moved above the old ways of thinking and into a higher form of consciousness, then it will be very hard for them to relate to those stuck in 3-D.
I would think it would be like living in “hell” to those who have ascended.

There are a lot of different beliefs about what ascension is. And to be honest, I can not tell you for sure that my belief is the highest and most accurate, as truth is relative to our state of consciousness and level of vibration….however, I can share with you my own personal ascension and what I have come to understand what ascension is from my own higher self and the spiritual teams that I work with. From what I understand, there is “personal ascension” and “planetary ascension”.

We will talk about personal ascension first……and to be honest with you, personal ascension is an ongoing event.
The soul is constantly ascending. At this time on our planet many of our soul’s are moving into “completion,” meaning that we will be transcending and healing 51% of our karma or distorted energetic imprints that are held within our chakra system. Right now we are experiencing a lot of chaos on the planet because a large portion of us are being purified and our distortions (negative feelings, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, karma etc..) are coming to the surface to be released. Oftentimes, this will surface as irritation, anger, extreme emotional instability, confusion, bodily aches and pains etc….not to mention that our spiritual teams are drawing situations to us to help us balance our karma or unbalanced energy from all of our previous lifetimes…we are having to prove that we are learning and transcending the need to re-create additional karma.

We are being purified and our vibrations raised high enough for our spiritual self to be able to safely merge with our physical being breaking the seven seals over our chakra system that have kept us limited, veiled and stuck in the reincarnation wheel of duality.
When the spiritual self merges with the physical being it is a huge energetic blissful, powerful event ~ many people will call this enlightenment, satori or unity consciousness where we will have the experience of our unity with all beings…. including the Creator Of All That Is ~ this is what I call the FIRST major aspect of ascension where we begin to rise above duality because we will no longer be solely working from the ego….at this point our soul will be activated, soul memories returned and our spiritual self, as well as, our ascended spiritual teams will begin working with us to help us assist humanity with their ascension as well. So technically yes, those who have attained personal ascension will remain with those who have not ascended because part of our ascension role is to be of SERVICE to those who have soul contracts to ascend with the planet.

After we go through our personal ascension, we go through a very intense process of grounding the high vibrational energy of our spiritual self into our physical body……after the merging has occurred it will usually take 2-3 years before we are ready to actually step into service assisting humanity. This 2-3 year time period can be intense because the old us is falling away ~ we will continue to ascend in consciousness very quickly, we will be downloaded with information and our entire being will be greatly expanded. This does not mean that once we merge with our spiritual being, we are done with ascension ~ actually the real journey begins. Lots more work will need to be done as we will still have 49% more karma to balance, transcend and integrate within our being. Our SERVICE work is part of this balancing of energy, as well as, us learning how to continue to refine our lower self and its negative behavioral patterns…..we are learning how to be an ascended master.

So yes, we ascend in vibration and level of consciousness, we merge with our spiritual self, we begin to work in unison with our spiritual self and spiritual teams, we continue to go through blissful gateways of ascension and activations all while we remain in 3D with those who have not ascended their consciousness. We do this in service to assist others in preparation for MASS PLANETARY ASCENSION. Usually, people who ascend first have ascended on other planets and they have a soul contract to come to this planet to assist those who have soul contracts to ascend with the masses on the planet.
The largest amount of people will ascend in consciousness when the Earth makes her ascension……everyone is being prepared for this NOW…..and some people still may not even be aware of what is going on with them.
Their lives may be falling apart and they have no idea why, that is why it is so important for this kind of information to be released so people don’t think they are going crazy when they are really ascending in consciousness with the Earth.

Planetary Ascension is when the Earth moves up from her current dimensional level into a higher dimensional level. Currently, we are moving from 3D into 5D. The Earth is a highly evolved spiritual being that continues to ascend just like we do. Every 26,000 years the Earth and all beings have the opportunity to make this spiritual leap into a higher vibration. The ascension of the Earth is divinely directed, and we are actually a part of her ascension as much as she is a part of our ascension. The more people who choose to raise their vibration, the faster the Earth is able to raise her vibration.

The more people who ascend and merge with their spiritual self, the more LIGHT is anchored onto the Earth because we become a bridge ~ a bridge person is someone who is able to bring in LIGHT from our connection to our spiritual self through our body out into the grid systems of the Earth…..we are one with our spiritual self and one with the Earth….we are no longer in duality blocked from our divine connection to Source. For me, this is the true meaning of a LIGHTWORKER….one who has activated the LIGHT within them, and are therefore able to feed higher vibrational energies into the Earth Grid assisting the Earth and ALL beings rise in vibration as well. Our energy fields actually become planetary activators and we activate others by grounding our LIGHT into the Earth.

From what I understand the Earth and the Creator have decided to wait as long as possible to give humanity ample time to raise their vibrations high enough so our energetic systems will be able to withstand the high vibrational energies that will be dispersed on this planet that will catapult the Earth into the higher dimensions. There is a divine timeline and the divine timing has been set within a specific range. Just like human beings….the Earth has a spiritual self and a chakra system and she too is experiencing her kundalini rising at this time preparing and purifying her system to merge with her spiritual self, which will raise the entire Earth into the vibrations of the 5th dimension.
When the kundalini rises in a human being, and we merge with our spiritual self it is an ecstatic, powerful, blissful, loving, light filled event.
The feeling is beyond words. I can only imagine the enormity of this event for those of us who are choosing to remain on the Earth and ascend with her. It is going to be the biggest party and celebration in the universe….in fact the Earth’s ascension will be the catalyst for many other planets ascension as well… we are all ONE and we directly effect each other.

So right now on our planet we are experiencing individual personal ascensions and planetary ascension……those who have not already purified their energetic system, raised their kundalini and merged with their spiritual self are being prepared NOW to do so.
Their enlightenment/ascension may happen before planetary ascension or it could happen at the exact time the Earth ascends…..the majority of humanity will not be ascending off of the planet….we have chosen to remain here to help ascend the planet. Heaven will be made on Earth….heaven is a state of christ and buddhic consciousness where we ALL realize we are ONE, and we express our unity through peaceful and loving interactions. We are extensions of Source, therefore we are god’s and goddesses. When everyone has awakened their energy fields to this kind of unity consciousness, we will realize that what we do to another we do to ourselves and we do to the Creator ~ because we are ONE. When we integrate this unity consciousness into our being we will ALL create heaven here on Earth and live in joy, peace, oneness, abundance, health and full consciousness.
“Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Matthew 6:10
“Now I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away. Also there was no more sea.” Revelation 20
(To the Jewish mind the sea was a place of separation and evil….it was the place for the dead…..we were not meant to take the Bible so literal. The Bible is symbolic and has deeper meaning that can only be understood with an expanded consciousness.)

Ascension is not a free ride. Those who are choosing to ascend have work to be done.
Our energetic systems must be purified and cleared enough to raise our vibration high enough so we will be able to withstand the very high vibrational light that will be vibrating throughout the Universe when the Earth makes her final ascension into the higher realms. Several years ago, I was shown the light that will be dispersed onto the Earth, it is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and it will transform everything in it’s path. After I was shown this vision, I was asked to write a book that would help people work through the emotional clearing that needs to be done in order to clear the density from our being. If you would like support on your ascension process you can purchase the Raise Your Vibration Book here:

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Love Lost, Love Found, Love Lived Again

Love lost. Love found, Love lived again. Often this is the cycle of life. Look not for beauty, though it may be there. Look not for generosity, though it may be there. Look for the constant and unconditional caring even during the darkest of times. That is the true sign of Love. Look for the love that does not fear and does not judge, and does not give up.


HEAVEN #5638 Wie und wo sind Illusionen

Gott sagt:
Termine sind eine Form der Zeit, und Termine sausen vorbei. Wie schnell sich Zeitpunkte ansammeln. Zeitpunkte sind fast ein Hokuspokus, ganz gleich, wie geordnet sie gesehen werden können.

Weil sich die Zeitpunkte ansammeln, kommt es, dass sie unwirklich erscheinen. Einst wurdest du zu einem bestimmten Datum geboren, und du wurdest ein Jahr alt. Jetzt bist du vielleicht fünfzig oder sechzig Jahre alt – oder einhundert Jahre alt. Die Jahre, die langsam vorbei gegangen sein können, vergehen jetzt vielleicht wie im Flug und erscheinen wie ein Strohfeuer. Wie unwirklich bestimmte Daten jetzt erscheinen mögen. Zeit verwüstet den Lauf deines Lebens. Wo ist der Schnee der Vergangenheit.

Du hast möglicherweise das Gefühl Karten gespielt zu haben mit Kalenderzeiten. Zeit scheint so stumpfsinnig, eine Markierung, irgendein Bruchteil, um was anzuzeigen? Etwas anzuzeigen, das nun unsichtbar scheint und nie war. All die Heiterkeit und all der Kummer – sie scheinen nicht mehr real zu sein. Sie waren nie mehr, als eine Skizze der wilden Einbildungskraft. Zeit war immer erdichtet. Es gab sie nicht. Des Kaisers Kleider. Man hat Zeit einander mit einem Augenzwinkern zugebilligt, weil jeder sie huldigte, als ob sie heilig wäre.

Es ist ähnlich einem Eintopf deines Lebens, der aus vielen Zutaten gemacht wurde. Ihr erinnert euch an einige Punkte, beileibe nicht an alle. Da ist das Gefühl, dass euch die illusorische Zeit auf dem Trockenen hat sitzen lassen. Geliebte, Zeit war nie, jedoch schien sie euch zu drücken und zu ziehen und euch in tausend Teilen zu verspritzen.

Euer Leben lebte sich selbst episodisch und charakterisierte diese Weise oder jene. Einiges aus eurem Leben könnt ihr nicht vergessen, und an einiges aus eurem Leben könnt ihr euch nicht mehr erinnern. Euer Leben mag euch jetzt wie ein verblasstes Bilderbuch mit fehlenden Seiten erscheinen. Alles war so wichtig einst. Jetzt scheint alles unwesentlich.

Es war einmal, da waren diese Gelegenheit und jener Anlass von größter Bedeutung, und nun sind diese Zeiten verschwunden, alles Staubflocken die nicht existieren. Dies ist der Zaubertrick der Zeit – Zeit hat es nie gegeben – und jetzt täuscht sie dich in dem Glauben, dass das, was nie war, nun verschwunden ist, so sagen es die Wahrsager der Welt.

Was für ein Schauspiel! Was für ein Drama! Ihr könnt in der dritten Klasse gewesen sein, und es war von solcher Wichtigkeit, dass ihr einen Vortrag halten musstet. Was bedeutet dies heute noch? Natürlich, ihr habt einen Vortrag unter großem Applaus gehalten, oder ihr ward ein Reinfall. Erzählt mir, meine Lieben, was hat dies mit irgendetwas jetzt zu tun? Was hat es jetzt für eine Bedeutung, dass ihr beklatscht oder ausgepfiffen wurdet?

Wo ihr eure Zeit verbracht habt, war eine ebensolche Täuschung, denn Raum ist auch erfunden. Natürlich, was macht es für einen Unterschied, dass beides, Zeit und Raum, erfunden sind, wenn ihr zu jener Zeit mit ganzem Herzen daran geglaubt hattet?

Wenn ein Verfahren gegen euch vor Gericht aufgrund einer falschen Anschuldigung stattfand, und ihr gingt ins Gefängnis, welchen Unterschied machte es für euch, dass diese erfunden war? Unabhängig davon sitzt ihr an einem unwirklichen Ort namens Gefängnis. In jedem Fall verbringt ihr Zeit im Gefängnis. Die Zeit, die ihr dort verbringt, heißt Strafe.

Die Wirklichkeit von Zeit ist, dass da keine Zeit ist. Dennoch rennst du darin herum. Du glaubst du tust das. Du kannst Zeit nicht zurückhalten, und du kannst sie nicht einholen. Du tanzt zur Pfeife der Zeit, als wärest du in einem Kino, einen Film der einen oder anderen Variante betrachtend. Der Film wird abgebildet. Für eine Weile, für eine nicht existierende Weile, betrachtest du den Film, der Leben genannt wird. Es ist eine Filmtheatervorstellung und du nennst sie die deine.

Die wahre Geschichte der Erde besteht aus einem Bauteil, und das ist die Liebe. Liebe ist die Eine und Einzige Wahrheit des Lebens. Liebe ist etwas Wahres und wert, gelebt zu werden.

Liebe ist Einheit, und das ist der Deal.

übersetzt von: Uta Steger-de Gruyter


Heavenletter #5638 How and Where Are Illusions, May 2, 2016


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God said:
Dates are a form of time, and dates whiz by. How quickly dates accumulate. Dates are almost a mumbo-jumbo, no matter how orderly they may be seen.

As dates accumulate, they come to seem unreal. Once you were born on a certain date, and you became one year old. Now you may be fifty or sixty years old – or a hundred years old. The years that may have gone slowly, now fly by and seem like a flash in the pan. How unreal dates may seem now. Time ravaged the passage of your life. Where are the snows of yesteryear.

You may have a sense of having played cards with calendars of dates. Time seems so obtuse, a blip, some kind of fraction denoting what? Denoting something that now seems invisible and never was. All the joys, and all the sorrows – they no longer seem real. They never were but a sketch of wild imagination. Time was always fiction. It didn’t exist. The Emperor’s Clothes. It was mutually recognized with a wink as everyone gave homage to time, as if it were holy.

It is like a stew of your life was made of many ingredients. You recollect a few points, by no means, all. There is a sense that illusory time left you high and dry. Beloveds, time never was, yet time seemed to push you and pull you and spatter you to smithereens.

Your life lived itself as episodic and characterized this way or that. Some of your life you can’t forget, and some of your life you can’t remember. Your life may seem now like a faded picture book with pages missing. Everything was so important once. Now it all seems immaterial.

Once upon a time, this occasion and that occasion were of the utmost importance, and now this time that is all fluff and doesn’t exist, has vanished. This is time’s magic trick – time never existed – and now it fools you into believing that what never was has now disappeared, so say the soothsayers of the world.

What a play! What a drama! You could have been in third grade, and it was of such importance that you had to give a talk. What does this even mean now? Of course, you gave a talk to great applause or perhaps you bombed. Tell Me, dear ones, what does this have to do with anything now? What does it matter now that you were applauded or booed?

Where you spent your time was also an illusion because space is also trumped up. Of course, what difference does it make that both time and space are trumped up when, at the time, you believed in them with all your heart?

If a case against you in a court of law were trumped up, and you went to jail, what difference did it make to you that it was trumped up? Regardless, you sit in a fictional place called jail. To all intents and purposes, you spend time in jail. The time you are to spend there is called a sentence.

The reality of time is that there is no time. Nevertheless, you run around in it. You believe you do. You can’t hold time back, and you can’t catch up to it either. You dance to the tune of time as if you were in a movie theater watching a movie in one version or another. The movie is projected. For a while, for a non-existent while, you watch the movie called Life. It’s a picture show, and you call it yours.

The real story on Earth is made of one component, and that is Love. Love is the One and Only Truth of Life. Love is something true and worth living for.

Love is Oneness, and that’s the deal.

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Earth’s Ascension.

As we know, the Earth is proceeding with her Ascension as part of her own evolution process in this universe and the Starseeds and Lightworkers on Earth are assisting that to occur. During the process of Ascension, all those of humanity who can align their vibration to that of the Earth’s ever increasing light frequency will ascend with the Earth. The other Kingdoms; animals, elementals, minerals, plants; will automatically ascend with the Earth.

Up until now, the only option available when anyone wished to ascend from a planet was to raise the frequency of light of their subtle bodies, i.e. their mental, emotional and lower spiritual body. Their physical body would die.

When the Starseeds came to help the Earth, included in their many blueprints they were to create, was one for a new blueprint to allow people who were ascending to also raise the frequency of their physical body to the level of light required to enter the 5th dimension. The benefits of this blueprint would mean no physical death need occur when one ascended. It also meant that after raising one’s physical body to a higher frequency of light (and therefore still actually having it, in some form) if that person ever wished to visit a 3rd dimensional planet in the future, they could simply lower the density of the physical body and use that as their body.

Originally, it was thought that this blueprint may not be created in time for the current situation of Earth’s ascension, but would be in place for other planet’s ascensions in the future. However, after the Starseeds arrived on Earth, the Earth Mother requested extra assistance from other universe’s in order to hurry the blueprint along so that it could apply to humanity for her own ascension. This occurred. Since their arrival here, the Starseeds and many Lightworkers have continued to create this blueprint daily. It will be completed in time for Earth’s ascension.

Therefore, what is occurring now is that each person who chooses to align themselves to a higher frequency of light by moving further into love (i.e. being heart based) and not following fears, ego, mind or other third dimensional patterns, is absorbing this blueprint. As they, and the Earth, continue on the ascension path, they are literally adopting the blueprint as it is being created.

This means that all the people who are now choosing to ascend can ascend without ‘dying’. Of course, just choosing to ascend is not enough. One’s vibration also has to be increased for that to occur. So, discipline is required by an individual to ensure they are following the optimum path.

So what we have on Earth now are two sections of humanity:-

1. People who are choosing not to move out of fear based third dimension patterns of ego and mind. Those people will consequently be unable to clear the dense energies in their subtle bodies (as described earlier). This will prevent their light increasing sufficiently enough to ascend. These people will eventually attract situations that will cause the death of their physical body, permitting them to reincarnate on another 3rd dimensional planet. As to when such an individual would ‘die,’ it would occur at a point when the light frequency of Earth reached a level that was no longer comfortable for that individual to live with. Many people have already gone, more will go. This will occur both individually and en masse.

2. The second group are people who are choosing to live from their heart; meaning they are living in a loving and helpful way, without judgement or criticism. This behaviour cleanses the dense energies in their subtle bodies and allows ascension to take place. These people are automatically adopting the new blueprint that will allow their physical body to be raised in light frequency, as well as their subtle bodies. Once the blueprint is in place within an individual, providing that person continue to increase their own light by staying in the divine flow/heart base, the remaining sections of the blueprint will be absorbed by that individual as they are created. So, by the time the Earth ascends, that individual will have the entire blueprint in place needed to make a smooth transition along with the Earth to her new state of being in the 5th dimension. Living in the 5th dimension is different. Everything looks lighter and finer because it is of a much lighter frequency. The biggest change will be the visible harmony that exists there and the instant manifestation that arises from thought. There is no linear time in the 5th dimension. It operates in the now, often called the eternal moment. Therefore there is no time between the time you think a thought and its creation. This takes a bit of getting used to! The people, who have stepped into the loving flow of divine order and are choosing ascension, will be getting life lessons now to show them the fast manifestation of their thoughts. This helps teach responsible action of our thoughts, in order to have this area under control by the time we ascend.

This is wonderful news for everyone. The people choosing ascension now have the opportunity to ascend without dying. The people who are choosing to stay with 3rd dimensional learning (which will occur for them on another planet), will be able to ascend without dying, when they are ready.

As we know, there were 144,000 Starseeds and millions of Lightworkers who came to Earth to help her ascend. It is understood that upon the Earth’s ascension completion, Starseeds are generally returning home (most via the banquet!!). In fact, most Starseeds will depart before or just prior to Earth completing her ascension.

Many Lightworkers will also be going home (also via the banquet!). However, there are a considerable number of Lightworkers who intend to stay on the Earth in the 5th dimension to assist people to adapt to their new circumstances. Working on a completely harmonious planet in the flow of divine order, without pain or suffering, is quite different than experiencing life on the 3D Earth.

The option for people to ascend with the physical body in this planet’s ascension is an addition to the original plan for Earth. It occurred because the Earth longed for humanity to be given the opportunity to take their physical body with them, rather than having to experience body death. She succeeded in her wishes.

Earth’s current position
The Earth is proceeding swiftly with her goal of becoming a 5th dimensional planet. The codes required and the balancing needed is almost completed. She is already partially in the 5th dimension now and some people are already there with her, preparing for the transition of humanity. It is unknown when the final transition will occur, as the timing of this will be the choice of the Earth Mother in accordance with divine order.
Codes were released recently on Earth that were incorporated into the Earth’s Ascension blueprint that brought about the final stabilization of the Earth’s axis. This means that although there will be some minor cleansing undertaken by the planet to cleanse specific areas of pressure and dense energies, which will result in some flooding, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, wherever possible this will proceed with a minimal or non existent loss of life. The 2010 volcano eruption in Iceland , flash flooding in Srinagar and the earthquakes in New Zealand had no loss of life. Disasters where loss of life does occur can attract and be of assistance to individuals who are choosing to leave Earth at this time.

The original request by the Earth when she first called for help was for beings to come here and act as light beacons. The intention was for them to incarnate and permeate the Earth with light, thus allowing Earth’s dense energies to be cleansed through the use of light. In this way, there would be no need for major disasters and chaos bringing pain and suffering, not only to humanity but to her other life forms as well. Golden etheric rods have been placed over the entire Earth’s surface, bedded deep into the structure. At this moment in time, only a few are still to be placed. This completely stabilises the Earth, preventing the possibility of any type of axis tilt to occur.

Just a reminder that anytime we choose to agree with disaster theories that speak of massive chaos or an axis tilt occurring, we are adding the energy and power of our thoughts to that scenario. We may also have our own fixed beliefs about this. If this is the case, then any channelling you receive will confirm those beliefs, even from highest realms of light. They have no choice, as this is a requirement of universal law. It applies to all beliefs. Beliefs can colour all channelling received. Unless you are able to completely detach from your own beliefs and you are able to ask or receive precise truth from the higher realms without still hanging on to the idea of wanting to be right – then channelling will definitely be coloured by, and appear to confirm, your own beliefs. Releasing our beliefs permits a new higher truth to enter the space. Many disaster type communications we hear are channelled from lower dimensions (regardless of where they say they are from) and are unable to see the current higher picture. They are holding on to older created scenarios that have been dramatically changed with the advent of the immense work done by the Light Force on Earth.

We are creators, so think wisely. Remember that in the 5th dimension our thought are instantly manifested. Perhaps it is a good idea for us to start treating our thoughts with that same respect right now.

All will proceed now for the highest good.

Sandy Stevenson

October 2010 ©

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The most comprehensive list of Ascension Symptoms.


After checking out as many websites about Ascension symptoms (and websites number in the thousands now) , many of the various lists seem to have repeating themes
and symptoms. Here’s the list for anyone who is interested but bear in mind, not everyone will be experiencing all 60 symptoms listed here. We are all going through this process differently and each of us may reflect different symptoms. Some may resonate with 4 or 5 items, some of you may experience up to 20.
All this to say that, you are not alone, thousands of people around the world are also going through something similar.And please remember to consult your doctor if something is beyond irregular!

1. Changing sleep patterns: restlessness, hot feet, waking up two or three times a night. Feeling tired after you wake up and sleepy off and on during the day. There is something called the Triad Sleep Pattern that occurs for many: you sleep for about 2-3 hours, wake up, go back to sleep for another couple of hours, wake again, and go back to sleep again. For others, the sleep requirements have changed. You can get by on
less sleep. Waking at night between 2 and 4 a.m. Much is going on in your dream state.
You can’t be there for long lengths of time and need a break. This is also the ‘cleansing and releasing’ hour. You might even experience periods of deep sleeping. You are resting from all the acclimating and are integrating, as well as building up for the next phase.

2. Activity at the crown of the head: Tingling, itching, prickly, crawling sensations along the scalp and/or down the spine.
A sense of energy vibrating on top of the head, as if energy is erupting from the head in a shower. Hair standing on end, goose bumps.

3. Sudden waves of emotion. Crying at the drop of a hat. Feeling suddenly angry or sad with little provocation. Or inexplicably depressed. Then very happy. Emotional roller coaster.

4. Old “stuff” seems to be coming up, as described above, and the people with whom you need to work it out (or their clones) appear in your life.
Completion issues.

5. Changes in weight. A need to eat all the time – this is caused by a few things going on in your body. Since your body is going through so many changes releasing emotions and with all this work, your body requires more protein. Our food does not have the same nutritional value so you need to take additional supplements.
Food also gives us a sense of security and with so many changes within and in your environment; you feel the need to eat. OR A loss of desire for food. Also, part of you does not want to be here anymore in the Old.

6. Changes in eating habits: Strange cravings and odd food choices. Some find they are not as hungry as they used to be. Or hungrier. A need to eat often along with what feels like attacks of low blood sugar. Weight gain, especially in the abdominal area. It is an inner tube around your belly area and is happening in both men and women. It is a type of protection around your solar plexus area which is “who you are” and with the constant changes; you need this protection for now. A craving for protein.
You are requiring an enormous amount of fuel for this ascension process. Weight gain with an inability to loose it no matter what you do is one of the most typical experiences.

7. Food intolerances, allergies you never had before:

8. Amplification of the senses. Increased sensitivity. Heightened sensitivities to your
surroundings. Crowds, noise, foods, TV, other human voices and various other stimulants are barely tolerable. You also overwhelm very easily and become easilyover-stimulated.

8a. Sight: Blurry vision, shimmering objects, seeing glittery particles, auras around people, plants, animals, and objects. Some report seeing formerly opaque objects as transparent.
When you close your eyes, you no longer see darkness, but redness.
You may also see geometric shapes or brilliant colors and pictures when eyes are closed.
Colors appear more vivid — the sky might look teal or the grass an amazing green.

8b. Hearing: Increased or decreased hearing. Other symptoms are hearing white noise in the head, beeps, tones, music or electronic patterns. Some hear water rushing, bees buzzing, whooshing, roaring or ringing. Others have what is called audio dyslexia– you can’t always make out what people are saying, as if you can no
longer translate your own language.

8c. Enhanced senses of smell, touch, and/or taste.

9. Skin eruptions: Rashes, bumps, acne, hives, and shingles. Anger produces outbreaks around the mouth and chin.

10. Episodes of intense energy which make you want to leap out of bed and into action.
Followed by periods of lethargy and fatigue. Days of extreme fatigue. Your body is losing density and going through intense restructuring. One of the most aggravating ascension symptoms is constant fatigue. I mean the kind where you cannot even get out of bed, and you have to push yourself to get anything done.

11. Changes in prayer or meditation. Not feeling the same sensations as before.
Not having the same experience of being in contact with Consciousness.
Difficulty in focusing.

12. Power surges: All of a sudden you are heated from head to toe. It is a momentary sensation, but uncomfortable. In contrast, some people have felt inexplicably cold. Night sweats and hot flashes. Your body is ‘heating’ up as it burns off residue after going through wild and vivid dreams, you may wake up in a sweat and have to change your P.J’s.

13. A range of physical manifestations: Headaches, backaches, neck pains, flu like symptoms (this is called vibrational flu), digestive problems, muscular spasms or cramps, racing heartbeat, chest pains, changes in sexual desire, numbness or pain in the limbs, and involuntary vocalizations or bodily movements. Aches and Pains – toxic energy and emotional blockages in your body that need to be released more so now during ascension. Unusual aches and pains throughout different parts of your body..

14. Looking younger. You love yourself and life more. You begin to resemble the perfect you that you really are.

15. Vivid dreams. Sometimes the dreams are so real that you wake up confused. You may even have lucid dreams in which you are in control. Many dreams may be mystical or carry messages for you, wild and sometimes violent dreams.

16. Events that completely alter your life: death, divorce, change in job status, loss of home, illness, and/or other catastrophes — sometimes several at once!
Forces that cause you to slow down, simplify, change, re-examine who you are and what your life means to you. Forces that you cannot ignore. Forces that cause you release your attachments. Forces that awaken your sense of love and compassion for all. A sense of loss leading to depression – this results from changing environment , loss of jobs, residences and friends. Nothing is the same anymore; you do not react the same way to your friends or even your job which leads to a separation anxiety as a result of purging the darker and denser energy within. This process is teaching you to release all of your attachments. The change that you feel is on-going through the ascension process. The best of dealing with it is to learn to “go with the flow”.
You may have bouts of depression caused by all the changes around you – loss of job and friends and home. These are very real situations that are causing much anxiety and depression in some cases

17. A desire to break free from restrictive patterns, life-draining jobs consumptive lifestyles, and toxic people or situations. You feel a compelling need to “find yourself” and your life purpose — now! You want to be creative and free to be person you really are. You might find yourself drawn to the arts and nature. You want to offload yourself from things and people that no longer serve you.

18. Emotional and mental confusion: A feeling that you need to get your life straightened out.

19. Introspection, solitude and loss of interest in more extraverted activities: This stage has come as a surprise to many extraverts who formerly saw themselves as outgoing and involved. They say, “I don’t know why, but I don’t like to go out as much as before.” You don’t feel like doing anything. You are in a rest period, ‘rebooting, developing a preference for your own space and at most times, solitude.

20. Creativie bursts: Receiving images, ideas, music, and other creative inspirations at an often overwhelming rate.

21. A perception that time is accelerating. It seems that way because you have had so many changes introduced into your life at an unprecedented rate. The number of changes seems to be growing.

22. A sense of impendingness. There is a feeling that something is about to happen. This can create anxiety.

23. Impatience. You know better, but sometimes you can’t help it. You want to get on with what seems to be coming your way. Uncertainty is not comfortable.

24. A deep yearning for meaning, purpose, spiritual connection, and revelation.
Perhaps an interest in the spiritual for the first time in your life.

25. A feeling that you are somehow different. A disquieting sense that everything in your life feels new and altered, that you have left your old self behind.

26. “Teachers” appear everywhere with perfect timing to help you on your spiritual journey: people, books, movies, events, Mother Nature, etc. Teachers may appear to be negative or positive when you are trapped in polarity thinking, but, from a transcendent perspective, they are always perfect. Just what you need to learn from and move on.

27. You find a spiritual track that makes sense to you and “speaks to you” at the most profound levels. Suddenly you are gaining a perspective that you would never have considered before. You hunger to know more. You read, share with others, ask questions, and go inside to discover more about who you are and why you are here.

28. You are moving through learning and personal issues at a rapid pace. You sense that you are “getting it” quite readily.

29. Invisible presences. Here is the woo-woo stuff. Some people report feeling surrounded by beings at night or having the sensation of being touched or talked to. Often they will wake with a start. Some also feel their body or bed vibrate.

30. Portents, visions, “illusions”, numbers, and symbols: Seeing things that have spiritual importance for you. Noticing how numbers appear synchronistically in your awareness. Everything has a message if you take the time to look.

31. Increased integrity: You realize that it is time for you to seek and speak your truth. It suddenly seems important for you to become more authentic, more yourself You may have to say “no” to people whom you have tried to please in the past. You may find it intolerable to stay in a marriage or job or place that doesn’t support who you are. You may also find there is nowhere to hide, no secrets to keep anymore. Honesty becomes important in all your relationships. Loss of identity. You try to access the Old you, but it is no longer there. You may not know who you are looking at in the mirror. You have cleared much of your old patterns and are now embodying much more light and a simpler, more purified you. A sudden disappearance of friends, activities, habits, jobs and residences which no longer jive with you.

32. Harmony with seasons and cycles: You are becoming more tuned to the seasons, the phases of the moon and natural cycles. More awareness of your place in the natural world. A stronger connection to the earth.

33. Electrical and mechanical malfunctions: When you are around, light bulbs flicker, the computer locks up, or the radio goes haywire.

34. Increased synchronicity and many small miracles. Look for more of these.

35. Increased intuitive abilities and altered states of consciousness:

Thinking of someone and immediately hearing from them. More synchronicities. Having sudden insights about patterns or events from the past. Clairvoyance, out-of-body experiences, and other psychic phenomena. Intensified sensitivity and knowing. Awareness of one’s essence and that of others.

36. Communication with Spirit. Channelling.

37. A sense of Oneness with all. A direct experience of this Wholeness.
Transcendent awareness. Being flooded with compassion and love for all life.
Compassionate detachment or unconditional love for all is what lifts us up to higher levels of consciousness and joy.

38. Moments of joy and bliss. A deep abiding sense of peace and knowing that you are never alone.

39. Integration: You become emotionally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually stronger and clearer.

40. Living your purpose: You know you are finally doing what you came to earth for. New skills and gifts are emerging, especially healing ones. Your life/work experiences are now converging and starting to make sense. You are finally going to use them all. You absolutely cannot do certain things anymore. When you try to do your usual routine and activities, it feels downright awful.
Experiencing difficulty in being around people and places that never bothered you before

41. A Feeling of wanting to be closer to animals and plants. To some people, animals now seem to be more “human” in their behavior. Wild animals are less afraid. Plants respond to your love and attention more than ever.

42. Seeing beings of other dimensions. The veil between dimensions is thinner, so it is not surprising.

43. Seeing a person’s true form or seeing loved ones with a different face.

44. Physically manifesting thoughts and desires more quickly and efficiently.

45. Left -brain fogginess. Your psychic abilities, your intuitive knowing, your feeling and compassion, your ability to experience your body, your visioning, your expressiveness all emanate from the right brain. In order for this side of the brain to develop more fully, the left brain must shut down a little bit.
Normally the left-hemisphere’s capacity for order, organization, structure, linear sequencing, analysis, evaluation, precision, focus, problem-solving, and mathematics dominate our often less-valued right brain, no desire to read for very long, inability to focus; forgetting what you are just about to say; impatience with linear forms of communication (audio or written formats)
; a feeling of spaciness, being scattered; losing interest in research or complex information; feeling bombarded with words and talk and information; and a reluctance to write. Sometimes you feel dull and have no interest in analysis, lively intellectual discussion, or investigation.
Memory Loss – at times you may feel like you are losing your mind because you cannot remember things, places, words, what you did 2 hours earlier.. A great abundance of short term memory loss and only vague remembrances of your past.
Being in the Now is the way of the New World.

46. Dizziness. This occurs when you are ungrounded. Perhaps you have just cleared a big emotional issue and your body is adjusting to your “lighter” state.

47. Falling, having accidents, breaking bones. Your body is not grounded or perhaps your life is out of balance. Or your body may be telling you to slow down, examine certain aspects of your life, or heal certain issues.

49. Heart palpitations. A racing heart usually accompanies a heart opening. It only lasts for a few moments and means that the heart is re-balancing itself after an emotional release.

50. Faster hair and nail growth. More protein is being used in the body.

51.A desire to find your soul mate or twin soul.More than ever before, the idea that we can have a relationship that matches who we are seems more desirable.

52. Memories surface. Body memories, suppressed memories, images of past lives and/or parallel lives. We are healing and integrating all our “selves”, so expect to have some of these experiences.

53. Feeling as though you are in a pressure cooker or in an intense energy, feeling stress.

54. Feeling disoriented – a feeling of not knowing who you are, what you are doing or what you are supposed to be doing caused by the constant change going on within and around you in the atmosphere.

55. Feeling ‘out of body’. You may feel as though someone is talking, but it is not you. This is our natural defense mechanism of survival when we are under acute stress or feeling traumatized or out of control.

56. An intolerance for lower vibrational things of the 3D, reflected in conversations, attitudes, societal structures, healing modalities, etc. They literally make you feel ‘sick’ inside. You are in a higher vibration and your energies are no longer in alignment.

57. A wanting to go Home, as if everything is over and you don’t belong here anymore. We are returning to Source. dimensional-gateway

58. Your plans suddenly change in mid-stream and go in a completely different direction.

59. Anxiety and panic – when there is an energy shift in the atmosphere it also affects you. As mother earth is releasing her toxins through natural disasters, so are you. You may feel overloaded and overwhelmed by sudden change of events and crisis situations. You may be overloaded with family needs and pressures, plus more expectations from your work situation. Feeling you are going insane, or must be developing a mental illness of some sort.

60. You have created a situation that seems like your worst nightmare, with many ‘worst nightmare’ aspects to it. Overwhelming stress – as emotions are coming up within, you don’t know what is happening causing you to feel stressed and anxious. Look around you. The ruling elite are poisoning our water, air and food supplies. The fluoridation of our water has led to the calcification of our pineal glands, which in past history, were much larger than they are now. As many of you know, the pineal gland is called your “3rd Eye” and is the window to your soul and your true, divine reason for being here.

Imagine being able to tap into your true potential? Perhaps this is what the ruling elite fear the most as they certainly do not want people thinking for themselves or thinking outside the box because that would limit our need for government. You are truly more powerful than you can possibly imagine. Believe in yourself and have faith in humanity. The rest will fall into place.…/the-most-compreh…/

Image ~


Michael Isherwood's photo.
A few days ago I received another script about ascension symptoms which I think appropriate to post hereunder too. I posted it then per date of April 26 with the link:
Marie Southern: Symptoms of Energy Shifts

Marie Southern: Symptoms of Energy Shifts

As we are heading into the Age of Aquarius, new energies are encompassing our bodies and are reflected in various physiological symptoms.

Within this transition of the ages, many people will begin to feel many of these energy shift symptoms on a regular basis as our bodies are adjusting and upgrading to the higher frequencies.

HEADACHES: When the crown chakra opens or expands it can be an intense and painful experience. It might feel like a spike or rod is being inserted. Headaches are common and they can range from migraines, to cluster headaches. Women seem to experience them more than men.

They can be caused by too much energy flowing through the crown chakra, and by hormonal changes which occurs when the chakras are stimulated. Sometimes the pain can be eased by asking Spirit and your Higher Self to make an adjustment in the energy flow. When you ask for aid to ease the pain and it is part of the process that is opening and expanding your pineal or pituitary gland, the pain will only lessen.

As your vibrational rate increases, the pineal and the pituitary glands expand to accommodate the higher energy frequencies. Other glands change also, but these two are the major ones that contribute to headaches. This can last a few months, or a few years depending on what level of spiritual development that you are at and your rate of growth.

FLU LIKE SYMPTOMS: This is quite common and part of the process. Just ride it out and don’t take antibiotics which will only prolong the process. These symptoms are caused by the physical body reaction to the toxins that are released when the chakras begin to expand.

What ever was constricting or congesting the chakras is flushed through the blood.
Also new beliefs and paradigms are enacted the imprinted consciousness in the blood becomes toxic to the physical system because it does not support the new thoughts and contributes to confusion.

It is helpful to supplement the body with blood fortifying enzymes, herbs and essential oils to ease the symptoms. Hot lemon drinks will also help cleanse the body. Don’t work too much during this time, because you are going through a major shift in vibration. Try and take it easy, and it will pass.

NAUSEA, LOOSE BOWEL MOVEMENTS, DIARRHEA: This is a common reaction when the solar plexus chakra opens and releases the stored fear, anger and resentment held in the area. Karmic and family issues will produce gas and farting. The Bach Flower Rescue Remedy can ease these symptoms. Don’t be afraid to take it every 30 minutes if necessary.

MUSCLE ACHES AND JOINT PAIN: Increasing your vibration forces the energy through the body. When there are blockages impeding the energy flow this raised and forced energy slams into them causing these symptoms and ails. Often this is alleviated by asking for assistance from the Higher Self to adjust the flow to ease the pain. The body can quickly adjust to the higher vibration in a few moments, hours, or days.

DEPRESSION: A very common symptom caused by an increased rate of vibration.
This higher frequency forces any illnesses, viruses, or infections hiding in the body to surface.
To discover the root-cause contributing to this state examine your beliefs and decisions that are creating your reality.

It is also important to monitor your internal dialogue to learn what you are creating for yourself. Observing and realizing the state you are experiencing is not cause by the present allows it to quickly pass. The herb “St. Johns Wart” eases depression and is anti-viral too.

CRYING FOR NO REASON, FEELING EMOTIONALLY VULNERABLE: When blockages from this lifetime, and other lifetimes began to release the emotional body will react in this manner. The Photon Belt energy stimulates and contributes to the spontaneous release of these burdens.

Trying to control or resist these urges further represses and blocks the energy making things more difficult. Crying, moaning, sobbing or toning becomes a cleansing release. Use a Bach flower remedy, or an essential oil to help with the emotional body.

FLUTTERING, PAIN IN THE HEART AREA, OR BREATHING PROBLEMS: This is a symptom experienced when the heart chakra begins to open or enlarge to receive more energy. Pain sensations in the heart and not being able to breath can be very frightening because you may think you are having a heart attack.

The above symptoms are caused by the expansion of energy running through your solar plexus and heart chakra (heart and stomach area). The best solution is to relax which will adjust the energy flow. Anxiety and fear only constricts the energy thus, causing a more severe reaction. This is a normal experience when undergoing a frequency increase.

HOT FLASHES AND NIGHT AND DAY SWEATS:These are commonly experienced by both men and women. This is due to energy flowing too quickly through the body, hormonal changes, which men have too, and the body learning to adjust to the higher vibratory rate.

Some men might experience fat being stored in this area which might feel like they are growing breasts. If you are a man don’t be concerned about this, because this puffiness in the chest area will only last for a short while.

EXTREME TIREDNESS: Waking in the morning and struggle to get out of bed after a full night of sleep, or falling asleep in the middle of the afternoon is common. This is caused when the energy is shifting throughout the whole spiritual body.

This will pass in time, each person has a different time frame for some it can be weeks, for others months, for others years. If you can create a pyramid structure to sit under this will give you wonderful boosts of energy when you are lacking it. Drink lots of pure water to hydrate the cells, add crystals to energize the water.

Eat light meals with organic veggies.
Doing light physical exercise will stimulate the energy flow through the body. Bach remedies, flower essences and essential oils will also help the transition.

EXCESSIVE ENERGY: You go early to bed, exhausted, but in a couple of hours you are wide awake. This is caused by the Photon Belt energy accumulating around you, because the body’s inability to store the energy because it is blocked and congested.

It is important not to get up and be active because the energy is for healing all the subtle bodies spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, the best way to assimilate the energy is to quietly sit and read, watch TV, or listen to meditation tapes to help you go back to sleep. This might seem to occur nightly for some time.

WEIGHT GAIN: This is a very common complaint. The body feels like it is being invaded so it adds a layer of protection. If you are a Lightworker than additional water is needed to create energy. If you don’t have enough water the body will store water, which ultimately leads to stagnation. Another major factor is that with the activation of new DNA fat is needed to hold the vibration.

Body fat holds a higher vibration which is necessary to generate healing and channeling energy. Many of you also have agreed to anchor grids of light in the areas surrounding where you live. Anchoring these grids require body fat to help hold the energy. Body fat serves a very loving purpose as it allows embodiments to assist mother earth in holding her vibration.

In becoming crystalline, the body fat is evenly distributed around every cell within the embodiment. This allows the entire body to act as a tuning fork to hold a new vibration.

LOSING YOUR MEMORY OR FEELING SPACEY: This can be a frightening experience because you cannot remember what you had for dinner, and dinner was only an hour away. YOU ARE NOT LOSING YOUR MEMORY.

You are changing over from left brain function to more of a right brain function. Areas of the brain are being activated to cope with the higher energy coming in. Sometimes it is hard to speak, words come out jumbled or garbled, this situation will pass, there is no time limit on this.

EXTREME SENSITIVITY: As you open up to the higher vibration, you will find yourself becoming extremely sensitive to people, noises, light, smells, tastes, all sorts of things. This can affect the central nervous system and can be quite a difficult thing to cope with.

You do need to take B vitamins and a multi vitamin if this is happening to you. If you are allergic to these vitamins then look for a homeopathic remedy or a Bach flower remedy for extreme sensitivity.

BLOWING LIGHT BULBS AND ELECTRONICS: If this is happening to you, then you are really reaching a very high vibratory rate and will probably be a profound healer or channel for spirit. It is due to extremely high energy coming into the physical form.

It could be described as 50,000 volts of electricity coming in at once, not only can the body not cope, but it goes through the body and out again and as it does so it affects all electronic equipment.

ANIMAL REACTIONS: You will find that dogs and cats and other animals will become aware of your energy and be frightened of it or want to be around it all the time. Many animals can’t get enough of the energy. Others are somewhat frightened because they do not understand it.

FOOD CHANGES: As you vibrate higher, you will find that you no longer want the things that you used to. Coffee, tea and meat are just three of the dietary changes that people make as they begin to vibrate faster.

Meat is especially dense and can really affect the body’s energy, especially if it has hormones in it. You may develop cravings for certain foods, or go off your favorite foods. This is normal and a part of the change to the higher vibration. If you find this happening, then let it happen and explore the new possibilities.

Also, the changes to our physiological make-up are currently speeding up and there are many temporary physical symptoms that are occurring in our bodies as a consequence of this. Some of these are:

Flu-like symptoms.
High temperatures, sweating, aching bones and joints etc, but which do not respond to antibiotics.
Migraine headaches with severe pain that is not relieved with pain killers.
Occasional diarrhea.
Occasional runny nose and sneezing which lasts 24 hours and is not a cold or hayfever.
Ringing in the ears.
Heart palpitations.
Feeling the whole body vibrate, especially at night when one is in a relaxed state.
Intense muscular spasms and pain in one or more areas of the body.
Tingling in arms, hands, legs or feet.
Temporary loss of muscular power in the body caused by changes to the circulatory system.
Occasional breathing difficulties, and/or noticing stronger or louder breathing when in a relaxed state.
Immune system changes.
Tenderness in the breasts and/or genitals.
Lymphatic system changes.
Changes to skin tone and colour.
Feeling tired or exhausted from minor exertion.
Wanting to sleep longer and more often than usual.
Toe nails and hair growing quicker than usual.
Bouts of depression for no real reason.
Finding that one is delving into the past, looking at relationships and gaining clarity on personal issues.
Feeling one is doing a huge purge.
Tension, anxiety and high stress levels because one feels that something is going on but one doesn’t know what it is.

Some of these symptoms are being felt by a great many people. Many are rushing off in panic to their doctor, chiropractor, herbalist and so on and usually told that there is nothing really wrong with them. And this is the truth. For all these symptoms are just temporary and simply indicate that the above mentioned physiological changes are occurring. Some of the recommended relief remedies for the above are:

Go with the flow, don’t fight it. If you feel tired and exhausted, rest and get plenty of sleep. Drink plenty of water for you are detoxifying and dehydrating quicker than usual.
To relieve emotional tension and stress levels take Valerian. Fenugreek relieves stress on the lymphatic system and helps the detoxification.

To relieve muscle spasm take Valerian and try mud baths or a long hot soak in a bath into which you add a cup of Epsom salts.
Do this daily.
Recognize that even if you are having heart palpitations or breathing difficulties that it is the heart chakra or the throat chakra that is unblocking and that the symptoms are temporary.
You aren’t dying, just changing!

However, don’t just take my word for it.
Seek medical guidance if you are unsure. If you don’t know where to get Valerian or Fenugreek try a health food store or better still, simply say the name in your head when you need relief.

All healing energies are transmitted via the sound of the name and are just as effective said in the mind as aloud or as in physically taking them. Try it and see. Ask your angel guides or higher self to help relieve any pain.
Most symptoms seem to last a couple of weeks, then clear up. Some symptoms may reoccur from time to time.

These changes are not necessarily being experienced by everyone concurrently, for instance, a very small percentage of adults have already embodied a further 2 strands of DNA (as at 2001) and are now beginning to move into fourth dimensional awareness.

This physical change in our state of being is completely dependent upon our current level of consciousness, therefore, as we lift our perceptions to embrace ever increasing levels of truth and higher thought, so we embody further strands of DNA. This entire process is managed by our I AM presence or higher self, so we are in extremely capable and loving hands, and must therefore, learn to surrender to it.

Image ~

Michael Isherwood's photo.

NorthPoint ASTROLOGY JOURNAL Your Guide to Planetary Energies for May 2 to 8, 2016 By Pam Younghans

Photo: Aurora borealis over Harstad, Norway, on April 2, 2016 (credit: Rune H. Selnes, posted on

AS THE WEEK BEGINS, we sit with the subdued energies of the waning Moon in Pisces and five planets in retrograde (appearing to be moving backward). Monday morning, at least, will be more suited for pondering and ruminating than for making practical decisions or putting a lot of effort into accomplishing external goals. There are times in life when we are meant to be more inwardly focused, and for at least the first day of the week, the planets are encouraging us to do just that.

There are more enlivening influences on Tuesday that may stir us into motion — the Moon moves into pioneering Aries, inspiring us to consider what actions might be next on our agenda. And two harmonious planetary aspects support activity as well: a Sun-Jupiter trine helps us bring optimism and hope to our daily tasks, while a Mars-Ceres trine helps us channel our energies into the projects that we find most satisfying and productive.

Still, with Mercury and Mars both retrograde now, we’ll want to use most of our energy to focus on inner growth, allowing new awareness to blossom. We can use these insights to guide our plans and actions more successfully once these two planets are again moving forward (Mercury goes direct May 22; Mars goes direct June 29).

THE DAYS leading up to Friday’s New Moon seem to advise us to continue to reassess and adjust our trajectory, even if we feel the urge to take action. The biggest challenge will likely be on Thursday, when our reactivity is heightened (Mars-Uranus) but the outcomes of any actions we take are not likely to be satisfying, especially if we’ve done so impulsively or in anger.

The new lunar cycle, thankfully, appears to be more stable than the one we are just completing. The Sun and the Moon align for the New Moon in dependable Taurus on Friday at 12:29pm PDT (7:29pm GMT), supporting us in becoming more grounded and in touch with what we most value.

MOST HELPFUL is the earth grand trine formed at the time of the New Moon, involving the Sun/Moon in Taurus, Jupiter in Virgo, and Pluto in Capricorn. A grand trine provides support for our endeavors, but does not compel us to take action — so we must be internally motivated to take advantage of this influence.

Astrologer Bil Tierney writes that an earth grand trine provides:

“… remarkable endurance and persistence, allowing us to steadily concentrate our attention upon concrete objectives without being distracted or thrown off course. The grand trine suggests an extra measure of inspiration, insight, and vision. Creative resourcefulness is one of an earth grand trine’s special assets.”

THE SABIAN SYMBOL for the lunation is intriguing, in that it seems to call attention to both this desire to make steady outward progress, as represented by the New Moon, and the need to engage our inner processes, as advised by the plethora of retrograde planets:

“A symbolic battle between ‘swords’ and ‘torches’: Refusing to depend upon the past, the seeker turns warrior, fighting anew the eternal ‘Great War.'”

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar’s interpretation of this symbol reads in part:

“When Gautama, having sought in vain for the answers to his questions among the teachers of tradition, sat under the Bodhi Tree, he had to fight his own battle in his own way. The spiritual light within the greater Soul must struggle against the ego-will that only knows how to use the powers of this material and intellectual worlds.”

The influence of this lunar cycle will peak at the Sagittarius Full Moon on May 21 and then complete at the next New Moon on June 5.

WE WRAP UP the first week of May with a Mercury trine to the North Node next Sunday. While this is not a major aspect, it does support our getting in touch with our higher ideals and understanding how they need to be woven into our plans going forward.

And, with the Moon in Gemini next weekend, we’ll no doubt have plenty of options to consider as we think through where we want to go next. With Mercury retrograde, however, it’s best to write down all of our ideas for later review and consolidation. We can then bring them into form more successfully after Mercury goes direct on May 22.

In peace,

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Highlighted Aspects This Week 
TUE: Sun trine Jupiter, Mars trine Ceres, Mercury semisquare Ceres
WED: Sun quincunx Saturn
THU: Mars sesquiquadrate Uranus, Venus quincunx Mars
FRI: New Moon 12:29pm PDT (7:29pm GMT)
SAT: Venus semisquare Chiron, Sun trine Pluto
SUN: Mercury trine North Node
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Astrologer Pam Younghans writes the NorthPoint Astrology Journal based on planetary influences and guidance received. Her hope is to offer perspectives and insights that will assist you in utilizing current energies to enhance your life experience and accelerate your spiritual and personal growth.
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Hilarion’s Weekly Message


from Marlene Swetlishoff ~ May 1-8, 2016


Beloved Ones,

Many of you have been experiencing the feeling of sadness and observing these old emotional patterns from moments of time in your past life experience and it is good to see that you are becoming more proficient at just noting and releasing these moments as something of the past instead of dwelling in those old energies yet again. Bravo! You are regaining the mastery of your emotions! You may also have noted that these memories are those that have been buried deeply in your consciousness which go back further to more youthful experiences. This means that the cleansing of your cells is working more deeply than ever before. Let it through and intend to replace these with the pure white Light of the Christ energy.

We see that you are tired and long for this process to come to a conclusion and the fact that old feelings from times of youth are surfacing means that this cleansing process is almost complete. Picture brilliant little suns shining and spinning in each of your 7 major chakras and hold this image for a few moments several times each day. This accelerates the cleansing process and will keep reminding you that you are a shining Light in this world! You are moving into the higher realms of consciousness, the true source of your personal power and into a deeper understanding of your eternal identity. There are some moments when this connection leads you to important revelations regarding your purpose for incarnating during these times.


Be at peace, Dear Ones, live, laugh and love with gusto! Life in a human body is meant to be tasted, embraced and experienced! It is therefore necessary to be a part of all that is in your immediate environment, to be in the moment of each experience with mindfulness. Do not put off and wait for another day to have your new beginning, for it is happening at this very moment. You are participating in the most miraculous times of massive transformation and this is a rare opportunity to bask in the moment to moment fluctuations as they occur. Wonderful possibilities and directions for your life experience exist and your clarity of understanding is leading you to direct your own destiny into a shining reality.

These are exciting times with many opportunities that are coming into each individual’s field of dreams. As the ‘clutter’ is cleansed from within and replaced with a greater Light of understanding, some of the desires from earlier times that each person held as their dream are being presented as a direction that one may focus upon and bring into realization and manifestation. These are the dreams that can bring you great joy and happiness as you seek to bring them forward into the current experience.


As each person manifests that which brings them fulfillment, the positive energy that is created helps the collective field of consciousness move towards expanding horizons for all. That which seemed impossible in days gone by will now be easily manifested by many people. This state of being is being supported by the influx of new energies as humanity realizes that they can create happy outcomes for themselves and that their soul wants to experience more of these moments. This is the natural state of being for each soul upon the planet.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

For ~Total energy clearing

2009-2016 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana

The Hilarion Connection©, Book One available here

Notice is hereby given that the creation of videos by people other than the author/channel/scribe of any messages from this author/channel/scribe is prohibited unless authorized by her. Permission is given to share this text message on other blogs and websites as long as the text message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and author/channel/scribe’s credit, copyright and live website links are included as the source of the messages.

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Lords Michael/Sanat Kumara: Leap & Woes,

Galactic Federation of Light

April 24, 2016 by Christine Preston


Christine: This morning, after waking-up, my experience could be described as ‘being held in the power’. I sensed something like a ‘click’ that was a little electric discharge from Archangel Michael and all of a sudden I was feeling higher. He had lifted me up to a higher place than where I was. Archangel Michael wanted to show me what people are going to experience as Adronis has announced that a shift to 4th density would take place at the end of this year. I am not saying that I experienced a physical shift in which one apparently remains in physical density but a comparable sensation.

We have heard about the Wave of photon light the solar system has encountered on September 28, 2015, as well as the second one on March 20, 2016, and we are expecting a third encounter…

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Heavenletter #5633 Heroes of Infinity, April 27, 2016

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God said:
Look, no one can see ahead of time all the questions that you might ask before you take a leap into living life.

You learn as you grow. You grow as you learn. You move forward, one step at a time. This is how you walk, one foot after the other. A pattern evolves and comes to light. This is Life – the Surprise of a Lifetime.

You walk in a mist, as it were. You may have no idea where you are or how far you have come. You may think you trudge when you are actually flying as free as a bird.

Life does not come to you prepackaged. Life is not all neat and wrapped up as you might like it to be. Life has a thousand ways – a million ways – a billion ways – to find its way to you and hand you a message.

Life is always barreling on its way to you, seemingly like the childhood game of Tiddlywinks where you flip little discs into a cup — and there you are – your Life made up of little circles reaching you. These little circles become the building blocks of your Life in the World. What a Fantastic world you are in!

Look, Tiddlywinks come in all colors, and all colors enter your Life and take their place. Life may seem incidental, accidental or coincidental, yet Life is not hit or miss. Life is indeed purposeful. Life is always leading you somewhere even as you may not have a clue to where Life is leading you or what your next step will be, yet your next step is right here before you. Take your chances.

Life may seem more like a chess game to you, and you may hear Life say to you: “Checkmate!”

Yet always, there is another move and another after that. Life is never over. You get up, and there is another Game of Life to play. There is no end-game, beloveds, for you are Heroes of Infinity. Infinity is open-ended. Life keeps going on. Life continues.

You may play your Game of Life on a hard table or on felt or on moss on the floor of a jungle. Whatever scenery you find yourself in, the scenery doesn’t begin to tell your story. Where you seem to be may well not be where you are. Where you go from here leads you to the Whole Infinite Story.

You play in a Big Game, and you are a Big Player. There are no little guys. All are equal in their power to play in tournaments, or to walk gauntlets, or to hide or run away. There is no lack of ways to play or not play. Once in, you’re in.

There may be rugged mountains to climb and green valleys to lie on your back in and chew on a dandelion while you look up at the Blue Sky. Your eyes and Sky are always meant to meet. The Sun and the Moon and the Stars as well. You are meant for each other.

What your eyes alight on, your eyes were meant to alight on and gaze at. Whatever the object may be called, it has beckoned you.  “C’mon,” it says. Whatever your eyes may rest on, why, it had been calling to you:

“Come see me, Come see how beautiful I am. I reflect your beauty whether you see my beauty or not and whether you recognize your own beautifulness or not.”

Beloveds, your eyes are a camera. You can take a picture of a junk yard, and right there before you is beauty within, immortalized in a photograph taken from the cast of your eyes. Your eyes can be the True Camera.

Your eyes and mind see the world, and so you conclude what the world is like. If your view is that the world is lacking, then please take another look. If you see gray clouds blocking the Sun, look again. Keep looking.

You are beginning to see with My eyes.

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HEAVEN #5633 Helden der Unendlichkeit

Gott sagt:
Schau, niemand kann alle die Fragen vorhersehen, die du stellen magst, bevor du einen Sprung hinein in das lebendige Leben machst.

Du lernst, während du wächst. Du wächst, während du lernst. Du bewegst dich Schritt für Schritt vorwärts. Das ist die Weise, wie du gehst – ein Fuß nach dem anderen. Ein Muster bildet sich heraus und kommt ans Licht. Das ist Das Leben – Die Überraschung Eines Lebens.

Du wanderst sozusagen in einem Nebel. Vielleicht hast du keine Ahnung, wo du dich befindest oder wie weit du gekommen bist. Du magst denken, du würdest dich dahinschleppen, während du in Wirklichkeit frei wie ein Vogel fliegst.

Das Leben kommt nicht vorgefertigt zu dir. Das Leben ist nicht vollkommen ordentlich und verpackt, wie du es möglicherweise gerne hättest. Das Leben geht tausend Wege – eine Million Wege – eine Milliarde Wege -, um seinen Weg zu dir zu finden und dir eine Botschaft zu überbringen.

Auf dem Weg zu dir ist Das Leben immer am Dahinrasen, scheinbar so wie das Kinderspiel Flohhüpfen, wo du kleine Scheibchen in eine Tasse schnippst – und da bist du nun – Dein Leben, das aus kleinen Kreisen gemacht ist, erreicht dich. Diese kleinen Kreise werden die Bausteine Deines Lebens in Der Welt. In was für einer Fantastischen Welt befindest du dich doch!

Schau, Flohhüpfen kommt in allen Farben daher, und alle Farben treten in Dein Leben und nehmen ihren Platz ein. Das Leben mag zufällig, versehentlich oder unbeabsichtigt erscheinen, aber Das Leben läuft nicht auf gut Glück ab. Das Leben ist in der Tat absichtsvoll. Das Leben führt dich immer irgendwohin, selbst wenn du keine Ahnung haben magst, wohin dich das Leben gerade führt oder was dein nächster Schritt sein wird – dennoch liegt dein nächster Schritt direkt hier vor dir. Ergreife deine Chancen!

Das Leben mag dir wie ein Schachspiel vorkommen und du magst Das Leben zu dir sagen hören: „Schachmatt!”

Aber immer gibt es wieder einen neuen Zug und noch einen weiteren nach diesem. Das Leben ist niemals vorbei. Du stehst auf, und da ist ein neues Spiel Des Lebens zu spielen. Es gibt kein Endspiel, meine Geliebten, denn ihr seid Helden Der Unendlichkeit. Die Unendlichkeit ist offen. Das Leben geht immer weiter. Das Leben setzt sich fort.

Du magst dein Spiel Des Lebens auf einem harten Tisch oder auf Filz oder auf Moos auf dem Boden eines Dschungels spielen. In welcher Szenerie auch immer du dich wiederfindest, die Szenerie fängt nicht an, deine Geschichte zu erzählen. Wo du zu sein scheinst, mag durchaus nicht sein, wo du bist. Wohin du von hier aus gehst, das führt dich zur Ganzen Unendlichen Geschichte.

Du spielst in einem Großen Spiel und du bist ein Großer Spieler. Es gibt keine kleinen Leute. Alle sind gleich in ihrer Stärke, in Turnieren mitzuspielen, Fehdehandschuhe zu tragen, sich zu verstecken oder davonzulaufen. Es gibt keinen Mangel an Arten zu spielen oder nicht zu spielen. Einmal drin bist du dabei.

Da mag es felsige Berge zum Erklimmen geben und grüne Täler, um dich auf deinem Rücken da hinzulegen und an einem Löwenzahn zu kauen, während du zum Blauen Himmel empor schaust. Deine Augen und Der Himmel sind allezeit dazu gedacht, sich zu begegnen. Die Sonne und Der Mond und Die Sterne genauso. Ihr seid füreinander gedacht.

Worauf der Blick deiner Augen auch fällt, deine Augen waren dazu gedacht zu erblicken und zu bestaunen. Wie auch immer das Objekt heißen mag, es hat dich herbeigewunken. „Komm schon”, sagt es. Worauf auch immer dein Blick ruhen mag, der Grund ist, es hat dir zugerufen:

„Komm, sieh mich, komm, sieh wie wunderschön ich bin. Ich spiegele deine Schönheit wider, ob du meine Schönheit siehst oder nicht und ob du dein eigenes Schönsein erkennst oder nicht.”

Meine Lieben, eure Augen sind eine Kamera. Ihr könnt ein Foto von einem Schrottplatz machen, und direkt hier vor euch liegt inwendige Schönheit, verewigt in einer Fotografie, die vom Blick, den deine Augen geworfen haben, gemacht wurde. Deine Augen können die Wahre Kamera sein.

Deine Augen und dein Geist sehen die Welt, und von daher schlussfolgerst du, wie die Welt so ist. Wenn deine Sichtweise die ist, dass die Welt mangelhaft ist, dann schaue bitte nochmal hin. Wenn du graue Wolken siehst, die Die Sonne verdecken, sieh nochmal hin. Fahre fort zu schauen.

Du beginnst, mit Meinen Augen zu sehen.

übersetzt von: Clemens

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= Unity Breath Meditation = (Entering the Sacred Space Within Your Heart)

This is one of the most beautiful & important meditations on Earth, as it is the beginning of all indigenous sacred ceremonies & the beginning of all levels of “Ascension” ( This is the meditation of exactly how to connect with Mother Earth & Father Sun from your heart.

This simple meditation, once it has been lived, allows you to enter into the Sacred Space of Your Heart, & without this connection that this meditation gives you, you will not be allowed to enter into your Sacred Space of Your Heart.

When your heart & the heart of the Earth & the heart of the Sun are connected together with Love, a special vibration enters into your spirit, and at that moment, the Holy Trinity is alive on Earth. Your Divine Mother & your Divine Father and You, their Divine Child are One in love.

Now you are ready for many levels of sacred work, including entering the Sacred Space of Your Heart. (Source: Drunvalo Melchizedek)

***Relationship between StarGates & The Human Chakra System:

* 3rd Dimension/Density – Planet Earth ═══► 3) Solar Plexus Chakra
* 4rth Dimension/Density – Sun ═══► 4) Heart Chakra

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Heavenletter #5637 Nothing Else and Nothing Less, May 1, 2016

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God said:
Strictly speaking, even as there are no dimensions in Eternity and Infinity, and there is no time and space, none at all, and spoken and written language can only go so far, there is, nevertheless, always more to come.There are greater heights to reach, and you do rise higher even as your feet are stuck to the ground or you are on your knees or the sun is too bright in your eyes. Heights are for you to reach, and depths as well.

How deep you are and how high. You are like the Hub of the Universe, or We can say the Navel of the Universe. The Center and the Heights and the Depths are One. It can be said that there is only Higher and Higher and nothing else and nothing less.

At the same time, all Heights are reachable. You have arms and legs and eyes and hearts and souls and desires to reach the Heights. You are meant to go for the Heights and Depths, and you are meant to reach the Heights and the Depths. You are born for them.

You are not meant to be satisfied in the trenches.

The train you ride on is called More and More and Higher and Higher and Deeper and Deeper and Vaster and Vaster.

All the Realms and Heights and Depths are within you. Within you, all exists. This is your inheritance. And, so, as you reach out and yearn, you already have. And, so, you seek for your Self. You are filled to the brim with all you desire, yet you are a bottomless pit of desire.

Is there anything the matter with that? Without appetite, would you eat?

Of course, there are limits to the physical world. You can only eat so much. You can only do so many sit-ups. You have only so many limbs and so many shoes to wear.

Yet when it comes to urgings and desires and fulfillment, Infinity comes into play. You can be all you want to be. You are meant to be all you want to be. You are to swim in love. You are to be an anchor of love that can reach everywhere. You are a God Being designed to fly across the Sun, sit on the Moon, touch all the Points of Stars and imbibe Starlight.

Of course, you are meant to be a God Being. Further, the fact is that you already are a God Being.

What do you think it means that you are made in My Image? In Whose Image would you rather be made in? You are a Chip Off the Old Block, indeed. Yes. Even if you flunk a dozen tests, even if you are bereft of limbs, tied up in knots, laid low, you, the very you as you are, fly on the Wings of Angels.

You are all of My Flights of What Might Be Called Fancy, yet I know not Fantasy. I know Truth, and Truth circles the Universe, and Truth rises up from the Universe, and so do you rise.

Do you possibly think I mean others and not you, or only you and not others? I mean the whole Gang of Representatives of God. I mean all the possible manifestations of Me. I mean each and everyone is to fly to the Heights with Me and carry the world all the way up to Heaven and keep it here.

Heaven is a State of Being, you understand. Place does not exist. There is no space, and you are to rise and follow Me into the Innocence of Love from on High.

Come with Me. I take you by the hand. Hold Mine, and off We go.

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