Timeline Shift in Progress

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Time Line Shift: Major Energy Causing Timeline Shifts | Ascension Symptoms

Beloved Tribe,


What is a time line shift? It is any time shift having to do with matrix glitches in time. It can and does include missing time, time running too fast or too slow, people repeating the same activity or discussion that was already seen or heard by others and overall glitches in the matrix. It can include jumping to new timeline or looping timelines. It also can happen when we jump into a new reality by upgrading our consciousness. There are many ways time shifts  can happen and no limits to what is possible. These can and do increase in times of HIGH Energy.

We are experiencing timeline shifting NOW due to the increasing energies of the Eclipse that is soon to arrive. The last few days I have noticed in increase in spirt activity in my house. I see beings and then turn to get a better look and they disappear. I see beings standing or moving, either moving quickly or standing in one spot. I have to do a double take and then they are gone. Many times with planetary events, psychic anomalies can increase and timeline shifts can and do occur. I have

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Deep in the One Ocean | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

A sense of incompleteness seems to chase you, as if there is something you are missing and may never find what this is. Yes, you have a longing, yet what has flown is emptier than your Heart’s longing. For all you know, you could be longing for a longing.

When you have a tooth missing, your tongue finds the gap.

It can’t be that your soul or part of your soul is missing, yet what is this vagueness that follows you around? You know not its name. You misplace or forget altogether what now seems to be a blank. You would like to send out a search party. Perhaps you lost your address. Could you be a missing person? Can you possibly be missing from yourself. Could you have been crossed out, and no one let you know? Why weren’t you told?

I tell you now to go…

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Eve Goodman ~ Dacw ‘Nghariad (Welsh Folk Song)

Laura Bruno's Blog

I awoke the other night from a dream telling me that Tolkien’s Elvish was based on Welsh. In my daily deluge of synchronous gifts and delights, I’ve received some odd nudges to learn Welsh, so I decided to investigate that dream. Sure enough, Tolkien based Elvish on Welsh sounds and grammar. Well, then! I completed my first lesson today.

It’s a musical language, and of all the languages I’ve had on my potential docket, perhaps one of the least practical. On the other hand, the way my life works, I wonder what surprises learning Welsh will bring. 🙂

In any case, I find it enchanting. I hope you do, too!

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January 2018 Specials

Laura Bruno's Blog


$44 Tarot Overview for 2018

So many people request Tarot readings at the beginning of the year that I felt led to make this a New Year’s Special.

Half hour tarot readings at 20% off the usual rate. Tarot readings offer an energetic check-in, the chance to ask questions about pending decisions or intentions, and represent a fun, yet powerful way to gain perspective on relationships and challenges.

Tarot readings are particularly good for people who don’t know what kinds of questions to ask me; they just want some kind of guidance because they feel unsure of what’s coming or what to focus upon. Tarot also seems to benefit those people who have exceptionally good things coming their way, yet wonder if I might be “padding the reading” or “just saying what they want to hear.” The cards don’t lie. (Neither do I – but the cards…

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Achte auf deine Träume


Achte in dieser Zeit verstärkt auf Deine Träume, lege Dir ein Traumtagebuch zu. Du selbst erhältst wichtige Botschaften durch Deine Träume. Zuweilen wachst Du vielleicht mit dem Gefühl auf, dass Du während des Schlafs gereist bist oder Anweisungen erhalten hast. Möglicherweise fragst Du Dich, warum Du Dich nicht an Deine Träume erinnern kannst. Doch die Botschaften und Erlebnisse in Deinen Träumen sind nie wirklich verloren oder vergessen. Stattdessen werden sie in Dein Unterbewusstsein integriert, damit die Weisheit und Liebe Deines höheren Selbst Deine Handlungen steuern kann. Du kannst Dich leichter an Deine Träume erinnern, wenn Du gleich nach dem Aufwachen alles, woran Du Dich erinnerst, aufschreibst. Halte einfach alles fest, was Dir einfällt, und der Rest des Traumes wird sich Deiner Erinnerung enthüllen. Lies Dein Traumtagebuch häufig durch und achte auf sich wiederholende Muster und Themen. Diese immer wiederkehrenden Traumthemen enthalten Botschaften, die Dein Höheres selbst und die Engel Dir…

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 26 January 2018

Rainbow Wave of Light

mikequinseysmIt seems apparent that the battle by the dark Ones to retain some kind of power on the Earth reached new levels when they attempted to destroy Hawaii and Japan. However, their nuclear devices were stopped from operating in accordance with orders from the Forces of Light that control events on and off the Earth. Certainly great numbers of people who have been working against those of Earth, have been arrested and placed where they can no longer cause trouble. It is a mopping up exercise that will eventually make the dark Ones incapable of interfering with the changes that have placed the Earth on a path of Light, to freedom and abundance. Much is in place ready to go ahead once the orders are given and even now the activities of the dark Ones are being curtailed to lessen their ability to cause delay.

Matters cannot revert to events…

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The unreal is weakening in the Presence of Love, and it is dissolving.

Jesus through John

Jesus Audio Blog for Thursday January 25th

All across Planet Earth the energy fields of humans are moving toward each other, and melding, blending, and integrating, in evermore harmonious cooperation as the Tsunami of Love continues to strengthen and intensify. Yes, there are still conflicts arising, suffering is still being inflicted on the weak, as your various news agencies keep on reporting, but while this is occurring a massive release of old buried hatreds and resentments worldwide is taking place. The intensity of the loving attitudes and behaviors arising everywhere is leading to the disclosure of much shameful conduct that has been ongoing, but hidden, for eons. It is no longer possible to hide behaviors that prey on the weak and the innocent, they are being disclosed and brought to a close as the perpetrators are brought to justice.

Love is the infinite field of divine Power in which all…

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Speedbumps, potholes, and Brick Walls | The Council via Ron Head

Rainbow Wave of Light


Let us begin today by pointing out to you something that many of you tend to miss when it occurs. You have been passing through a short period of quiet. The momentous amount of change that you are bringing about is happening in what you may characterize as a series of waves. This is an opportunity for you to rest and regain your centers. Its cause, however, is how energy moves on all levels, both micro and macro. Take advantage of it while you can because, although it is a time to catch your breath, it is also a good time to prepare for the next wave.

This message will be comparatively short. What we wish to bring to you is a preparatory overview of what will be your 2018. And waves are a very good metaphor for what you are about to experience. For years now, you have told…

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Do You Really Come from the Stars | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

How puzzling it is to you how Life seems to pop up in the raw? It so happens you are fashioned by every bit of Life, every incident, and, yet, how can this be? Really? Everything has an affect on you? Every incident in your Life, the lovely and the unlovely? Every person whose path you cross? Those who charm you, and those who besmirch you, the ones who speak up and those who say not a word, all those who seem to brighten your spirit as well as those who dash it? Really? Every word spoken across the world or whispered in your ear, early in Life or late in Life, every word spoken to you or spoken to someone else? Every word that gives happiness or troubles you? How can this be? Surely you are greater than the sum total of what you hear and see…

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You Always Create that which Serves You ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You take yourselves to the precise circumstances in your lives that you need to experience in order to clear the very specific emotional trauma that you are carrying. As conscious creator beings, of course you do not want to create something that will trigger you emotionally and get you to have to face that trauma and clear it.

But here is the thing that so many of you have yet to understand – you are always going to create that which serves your greatest and highest good. Sometimes that also aligns with what you desire for yourself, and sometimes it involves creating the exact opposite.

But all of this, all of the experiences that you have, are about creating the new you. And therefore, you are always moving in a positive direction, no matter what…

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The Symphony of the Galaxy Coming Together ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have taken the essence of humanity and combined it with the essence of your galactic brothers and sisters to see what would be created out of the combining of those essences. This is one of the ways in which we keep ourselves occupied. Here is what we have come up with. If the essence of humanity is combined with the essences of all of the other collectives in the galaxy, what is created is a beautiful sound and beautiful light show.

You see, when you all come together, there is like a symphony that is created. It is purely magical and distinct to this galaxy. Everyone at this time is in the process of figuring out what their role is going to be in the coming together of all of the beings that are…

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How to Serve God | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

HL180128God’s response to A Course in Miracles, Lesson 298:

That is a prayer well worth receiving, and giving as well.

Did you know that prayers are a giving?




When you give Me a prayer, you give Me yourself. You return the gift to the Giver. Gratefully accepted, your prayers. Gratefully accepted are you. Thank you for asking Me.


God, what a Gentleman you are. More than that, of course, but that also … Now what else would You like to tell me?


I would like to tell you that you are doing well with HEAVEN. I like what you are doing, how you have edited. HEAVEN will meet the common consciousness very well.

Have no concern about eliminating sections as you see fit for any reason. For delicacy, for clarity, for appeal. No problem. I cover everything again from one angel or another. Nothing…

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The Three Little Pigs II | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Harken to the NEW! Add the word New to your vocabulary. Be new. Ah, yes, release the old. The fact is that you are New today. Be a Breath of Fresh Air. Reach new Heights. Reach new Lengths. Introduce yourself to your Self.

See from a New View. Add New Layers to yourself Include New Dimensions. There is One Truth. There are no New Truths.

Beloveds, I state the obvious. Life in the World is ever new.

Today’s day doesn’t come again.

There is no same old. Never. No day repeats itself.

This is another way of of My saying to you:

“Wake up, Godlings! A New Dawn never before seen is dawning.”

I continue now:

Newness is upon you. Remind yourself that you are in the midst of Life. Somersault yourself into Today. This is your chance right now.

Today spin Cartwheels, and why not?

You belong…

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Your Place in the Great Awakening ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

It is the fortune of humanity to be sitting where you are at this time. It is very fortunate that you have arrived where you are, because you could have taken a much different approach to shifting your consciousness. The position that you are in now is one where you can usher in the golden age of humanity with ease and without the need for catastrophes.

What you have in place on the planet are awakened beings, scattered all over the planet. These beings are beings of service, and if there is one thing that we see among the awakened that is very encouraging, it is that desire that you have to be of service and to usher in this great awakening.

Those of you who are anchoring in the higher frequencies and looking to…

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A Seeker of My Knowledge | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

You may have played around with the idea, how I, in the same manner as a genie, might bestow upon you the whole contents of My Creative Intelligence just like that.

Ho,Ho! What a plum this could be for you in this world, even as I say once again, Beloveds, because of Our Oneness, all My Children already possess the Totality of Knowledge naturally, yet may not have it so quickly at the tip of their tongue.

In your daydream of such an explosion of Knowledge in the world, it may not have occurred to you that you could be overstepping? Taking too big a bite in one swallow? That you could fry your mind? Be blown away?

Beloveds, assimilating and understanding are not quickies. You can’t just sit down and absorb an encyclopedia all at once. Something has to settle in, and you get comfortable. Something has…

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What Is a Divine Soul but an Angel? | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


Dear Mother Divine, I had a dream last night. Lauren and I were on some kind of mission, perhaps we were spies, perhaps in a movie. We were up in a plane or spacecraft, and we could see the galaxies below us. It was so beautiful, the night sky beneath us rather than above, all lit up. In the dream I think, How can that be done? How can we appear to be so high up.

A pilot answers something like: A plane goes so high and this had been photographed, so we were seeing the picture of the night scene, not the actual night scene below us. It was so lovely to see the stars from above them.

Were we flying above the galaxies? Was God the pilot? Or an angel? And were we spies from earth?

Mother Divine:

It was a true experience. You visited other realms…

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A Mass Awakening ∞The Pleiadian High Council of Seven

Rainbow Wave of Light


“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

The occurrence of a phenomenon on your world is worth getting excited about. The occurrence of several phenomena is the start of a movement. It is a sign of an evolution of consciousness. You’re going to experience anomalies, outrageous events that are inexplicable to your logical minds. You are going to see things that you did not think were possible, and it is all going to happen simultaneously, in different parts of your world.

These events and occurrences are going to have an effect on the collective consciousness. A mass awakening, an awakening of more individuals at one time than you have previously seen, is going to occur. And those who once believed that you were weird for believing in what you believe, are going to look to your for support…

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Twiddling Your Thumbs |Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

There may be value in twiddling your thumbs. In every exercise and every movement you make, there is value. In crying, there is value. In laughing, value sings to the High Heavens.

Of course, in silence there is value. In everything under the Sun, there is value.

In every dance, in every song, there is value. In all the nursery rhymes, there is value. In hop-scotch, there is value. In pattycakes, there is value. In cartwheels, value abounds. In standing on your head. In shaking your head Yes, there is value.

There is more value going on than you have any idea of.

In every beat of your heart. In all activity, and in all repetition, there is more going on than you know.

Goodness and mercy are heard around the world.

You are either tightening or loosening yourself. Embracing has value. Playing solitaire has value. Playing poker…

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The Miracle of Healing | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Within Healing lies a relationship through which confidence is imparted. Without effort, something passes through the doctor who imparts healing and the patient who absorbs healing. It is also possible that it is the patient who creates the healing the doctor brings. Something happens that is beyond calculation. Which one is the healer or the healed isn’t so easy to say.

A cheerful attempt at camaraderie and determination to heal and to be healed go only so far. Healing cannot be reproduced or manufactured. It cannot be faked. Healing comes just like that. It comes when you are not looking. There is a connection between the healer and healed. It is definitely not style We speak of. It is not about impressing one Will upon another’s Will. Not at all.

Christ was not looking for a name for himself. In healing, domething deep happens, or it does not…

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