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Here I am and i just want to give you a clue when the next following Tools of our precious ToolBox will be published by subsequent posts.
So that you are in the know and always come here when wondering when the next one is coming out.
With so much unconditional love and compassion to all of you !
Make ample use of the tools since they are so effective … proven out by myself since I started translating them ..Contra)Mary
<3<3<3 Love is the glue of all universes ! <3<3<3

Hier bin ich wieder und ich möchte euch nur einen Hinweis geben darauf, wann die nächsten Werkzeuge aus der ToolBox/dem Werkzeugkastren veröffentlich werden, So dass Ihr alle Bescheid wisst und nach den Werkzeugen suchen könnt, wenn sie nichrt auf meinem Blog erscheinen sollten. Dann clickt bitte “Healing4You” an. Das ist der Originalblog von Marc Gamma , auf dem diese Posts zuerst erscheinen …in Deutsch und English und etwas später wohl auch in Portugiesisch (wenn nicht dann auf “Auras,Cores e Números” …

So viel noch jetzt in Deutsch zur weiteren Erklärung hier von mir – in mitfühlender und bedingungsloser Liebe zu Allem-Was-Ist denn .:

“.Liebe ist der Klebstoff des Universums”  

und : Vor allen Euren Entscheidungen schaut erst auf euer Herz und hört darauf, was es euch sagt, denn die Weisheit des inneren Herzens übertrifft immer die des Kopfes und wird euch glücklich machen, wenn ihr darauf hört !<3<3<3  (Contra)Mary

Hilarion – August 24 – 31, 2013

Oracles and Healers


Beloved Ones,

Life upon your planet is changing rapidly as it moves into a higher dimension and octave. That which was familiar no longer works as before and many things that didn’t work before are now manifesting. Those who have held the vision of peace and goodwill in their hearts are seeing these qualities being reflected back to them in their daily lives in many ways. Those who make a practice of silently blessing others as a way of being are now beginning to be blessed in turn.

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Pam Junghans: August 26 to September 1

Today’s photo: Auroras on August 23, 2013 over Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada (photo by Jonathan Tucker, posted on
AUGUST HAS BEEN a powerful month. We have had many opportunities to reach new levels self-awareness as we’ve gone through a sometimes-challenging, but definitely-fruitful reevaluation process.
As the lunar cycle wanes this last week of the month, one stage of that process comes to completion. At the same time, planetary aspects continue to both challenge and support us in making further progress on our evolutionary journey.
ON MONDAY, two oppositions challenge us to look beyond our previous perceptions: Uranus in Aries opposes Venus in Libra, and Neptune in Pisces opposes the Sun in Virgo. When planets oppose each other, they bring to our awareness two very different options in how to handle certain issues. But they do not ask us to choose between the options; instead, they require that we find value in each polarity and learn how to utilize both in our decision making.
Uranus in Aries charges forcefully onto the scene, carrying a banner proclaiming the need for independence, personal rights and autonomy. In comparison, Venus in Libra floats in on air, singing songs of love, cooperation and harmony. It is hard to imagine these two extremes ever coming to an agreement, and yet they each offer a valuable perspective that we must consider now.
THE URANUS-VENUS OPPOSITION challenges us to take another look at important relationships, and asks us if it is time for us to make changes. If we’ve been overly self-absorbed, ignoring the needs of others or even discounting the importance of relationship in our lives, it may be time to reconsider our priorities.
On the other hand, if we’ve been living our lives according to another’s criteria, or defining our value and our happiness by whether or not others are happy, it may be time to remember the importance of honoring our own needs, whether or not this pleases others.
A SECOND OPPOSITION also occurs on Monday — the Sun, having just entered Virgo, is now positioned opposite Neptune in Pisces. Again, we are challenged not to seesaw between the options represented, but rather to find where we are on the range between the opposites, and to recalibrate based on what will bring us into better balance.
The stance of the Sun in Virgo is based on a perceived ideal and the effort that must be given to move in the direction of that ideal. The belief is in our ability to control through effective, practical, disciplined action. Providing the opposite perspective, Neptune in Pisces lives in a world where dreams come true and angels create miracles — all we need to do is sit and wait.
Clearly, the healthiest answer again lies somewhere in the middle of these extremes. We have opportunities with Monday’s opposition to let go of some of our need to control outcomes and to trust in the unfolding of our lives. On the other hand, we also are encouraged to do our part to make sure our “real world” is organized in a way that allows us to take advantage of the magic.
And that’s just Monday…
REVIEWING the rest of the week’s planetary aspects, it looks like we have lots of opportunities to come to new understandings, through interactions with Mercury almost every day: Continue reading

World’s oldest temple, Göbekli Tepe, built to worship Sirius?

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World’s oldest temple, Göbekli Tepe, built to worship Sirius?


New research has revealed that the world’s oldest known temple, Göbekli Tepe in southern Turkey, was probably built to worship the star Sirius.

Göbekli Tepe is at least 12,000 years old and has been intensively studied by archaeologists since its discovery less than a decade ago. The remarkable site is comprised of numerous temples made with pillars weighing between 40 and 60 tonnes and with intricate depictions of bulls, snakes, foxes, lions and other animals carved into the stone. Yet the awe-inspiring site was supposedly built by ‘primitive’ Neolithic men who lacked sophisticated tools, causing speculation as to how it was built and why.


Giulio Magli, an archaeoastronomer at the Polytechnic University of Milan in Italy, looked to the night sky for an answer to the latter. After all, the arrangement of the pillars at Stonehenge in the UK suggests it could have been built as an astronomical observatory, maybe even to worship the moon. Continue reading

Read and marvel at what is said about Ascension by St. Germain

I found this in The Discussion Group of Golden Age of Gaia and so much worth sharing here too………………

Series of live channeling Saint Germain ~ Serie 1 part 3 about Ascension; what it is and what to expect during it (august 1, 2013) ~ By Méline Lafont

Beautifully said Saint Germain, thank you! I think this will help so many people.  Thank you again.  I do would like to ask a question.  A lot of people would like to know about the process of ascension.  I think they understand what it is but how exactly does one ascend and how will we know when we ascend?
What will we feel, what will we see in our conscious state?  So many different channelings talk about this but maybe they don’t address the actual process of you know, are we going to be lifted, are we just all of a sudden just going to disappear.  If you could just talk about how are we going to know in the conscious state what will be seeing and feeling during our individual ascension as we move up.
Saint Germain
Ascension is a large concept.  It could not be put into words in that way to be fully grasped by humanity, how ascension really is.  But let me try to explain it in the best way possible.  Ascension is an ongoing process.  It is not a process that you do only once and you are there. No. 
All the ones who have reached a higher level of consciousness even though they feel they are ascended and they have all the knowledge they desire and required to ascend, even then, you keep on evolving infinitely.  There is no stop.  There is no higher level to achieve.  It is a continuous process.  A never ending story.   Continue reading