5 Meaningful Methods of Meditation

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lotusGary ‘Z’ McGee, Contributor
Waking Times

There’s a myriad of methods for meditation. Some are easy and some are difficult. All require daily practice to perfect. Here are five of the most popular methods of meditation and what they each bring to the Meditation Table. Here’s why You Should Mix them for Maximum Mindfulness.

Mindfulness, or Spiritual Method:

A most popular method comes from Buddhist meditation practice of Vipassana. It’s all about practicing detachment from each thought and being centered in the “here and now.” It focuses on situational awareness and “in the moment” presence. There is also a focus on communion with the cosmos, which can translate to prayer, but not necessarily. The best way to commune with the universe is to ask questions as opposed to seeking answers. In the mindfulness method, answers are mere side-effects of good questioning.

How to: One can practice mindfulness in any position, even lying down. The key is presence with the present moment, and clear and concise communion with the cosmos.


Zen or Zazen Method:

Also from the Buddhist tradition, this method is all about simply sitting. It is often done for long periods of time. Its focus is mostly on posture and spine alignment with minimal focus on breathing techniques. It is the most monastic of all the methods and is therefore difficult to make progress in. Most monks practice this method while concentrating on a Zen koan or spiritual parable.

How to: The most effective positioning of the body for the practice of Zazen is the stable, symmetrical position of the seated Buddha. Keeping the back straight and centered, pretend a silver thread is pulled taut through your spine and up through your head, connecting to the ceiling.


Kundalini or Transcendental Method:


This method comes from the Vedanta Hinduism tradition and ties into different forms of Yoga practices. It focuses more on breathing patterns than the previous methods, using the power of breathing to launch one into a higher sense of self, or even a transformation of self. The electromagnetic field created by the human body is akin to the electromagnetic field created by the Earth. Transcendental method is all about tapping into the stream of energy naturally created by the relationship between the human body’s energy chakras with the environment’s energy vortexes. The main focus of this method is to ride this rising stream into infinity, to learn what needs to be learned, and then to return to the finite realms with new-knowledge in tow.

How to: Breathing is primary. Positioning is secondary. Relax your body, take three deep breaths; then proceed to take deep breaths and hold them for at least ten seconds each. This allows for the oxygen to cleanse the chakras and then release toxins through exhalation, while increasing kundalini energy.


Qigong Method or Movement Method:

This method comes from the Taoist tradition. It is all about hyper-focus on breathing techniques and/or bodily movements to cultivate and maintain life energy. This is the most philosophical of the methods, deriving most of its techniques from martial arts and meditative healing methods. It focuses on moving Qi (life force) through the body through focused breathing, mental techniques, and precise movements. This method is all about the balance and equilibrium of both inner and outer forces.

How to: No matter what Qi exercise you’re doing, imagine the Qi moving through your body as you breathe in an out. As you inhale through your nose, imagine the Qi moving through your body and down to your Lower Dantian, or naval area. As you exhale through your mouth imagine the Qi moving through the rest of your body. Repeat.


Drumming and/or Om Method:

This may be the oldest form of meditation known to humanity. The drumming method is typically used by native and aboriginal cultures, and is generally shamanic in nature. The Om method is traditionally from Vedanta Hinduism, though the sound itself is fairly universal to mankind. These methods focus on breathing and heart rhythm in accordance with, or even dissonance with, the sound and feel of the percussion or mantra.

The heart beat itself is a drum. Breathing is a drum beat that we can control. These two methods are all about transformation through vibration and the awareness of cosmic frequencies. Shamans often use drum meditation to cross physical, mental, and spiritual thresholds. It’s a bridge that carries them to a higher sense of self in accordance with the greater cosmos.

How to: Create a sacred place. Clear your mind. Breathe with intent. If you’re the drummer, infuse your intention into the drum before drumming. Begin playing or listening to the drum. Give yourself a few minutes to fall into rhythm with the beat. Fade your drumming into silence, feeling your body’s response to the beat, then return to the drum. Repeat with clear intent.

There you have it: a minor helping of meditative methods. Each have specific techniques, but they all overlap in various ways. One of the keys to becoming a meditative master is to use all the methods to your advantage, while also allowing for personal creativity by giving your meditation a signature as unique as your own fingerprint.

Remember: the heartbeat that sustains your life is acting on the same frequency that sustains the universe. The heart with which you feel God is the same heart with which God feels you. May the Om be with you.

About the Author

Gary ‘Z’ McGee, a former Navy Intelligence Specialist turned philosopher, is the author of Birthday Suit of God and The Looking Glass Man. His works are inspired by the great philosophers of the ages and his wide awake view of the modern world.

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Script for a guided Meditation – Joining the Divine Circulation From Your Father SUN to Your Mother Earth established by your Conscious Breath

eva_640px-Landscapes-Road-to-the-SunPreface: on occasion of  the liberation of our Mother Planet Gaia on March 30, 2014 I thought it approbriate to accummulate here some of former meditations in assistance to Earth being channeled to us humans incarnated here so that we were given substantial auxiliary tools from heaven too. …… With much love and compassion as always from Contramary= Eva Maria


Channeled, written and first posted Re-blogged from Summer 2012 by Contramary

Source: http://wp.me/p2wHrN-2ML

It is bilingual … for Spanish translated Text with Video


please scroll down here !


I thought about this meditation for quite a while as it is closely linked to the one I posted here before. It follows the same schedule explained in my meditation scheme titled Meditation : Breathe the Divine Circle from Father Sun to Mother Earth and Return to Father Sun….and it was supposed to be a guided meditation on a video. So I made a special script using the former meditation schedule as basis for it in English, German and the translation of it into Spanish was made by Adriano Silva of Blog Despertando.Me. As the latter was a mainly a Spanish blog the latter Spanish version of my script was used for
the Spanish video. The video thereto is a most beautiful one done by Eduardo Duendes still unfortunately there is none video either for the English original-version nor the translated German version of the Script.

As it is a beautiful meditation according to my belief and had been done with the substantial help and support of AAMichael (as I was told by his channel) I do really will not wait any longer requesting to let me have the video without any guiding voice to find myself somebody to “bespeak” it in English and German could be done by myself – that is the reason why I want to share it with you now. It is not possible that I am the speaker of the English version as I do pronounce everything in real  what could be described as the English way of Oxonians which is not much appreciated on the North American Continent. But the real problem remains that I do get the Preserved Right of the original maker of this beautiful video for this special production.  so I shall leave it now at this stage: I shall share the original meditation script in English with all of you and deliver the link to the video with the Spanish Guidance simultaneously which is


And here comes the Script for this original meditation in English:I tell you what many of my friends did: reading the meditation script and watching the Spanish video with the voice turned down at the same time.

Continue reading

The Inner Sun


Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon


According to the Hathors, our life force (or sekhem) is “birthed” in the solar plexus (the Third Chakra), and from here this subtle life force radiates throughout the body while simultaneously descending into the First and Second Chakras where it becomes a primal power for the ascent of consciousness as well as “sexual” energy.

This sound meditation energizes your solar plexus and gently elevates the quality of your own life force, which has a direct bearing on your consciousness. Continue reading

Verses to be cited as Meditative Phrases : “Stillness of my Heart”

Pink RoseStillness in my Heart

Be still. there is a gentle wind from far
and all the leaves are joining in the song –

be still and and grace upon you will make you
listen to their never-ending thankful choir:

“We are all one and belong alone to



endowed with miracles of light
from his eternal Might
will make us shine again – once
we have forgiven ourselves’ sin.”

And then again:

I am that special leaf in a tree
and bloom in the sea,
a weed in the meadow,
crystal shine in the snow.

(All is quiet. All is still. Then I  know more for me in his Will.)

ContraMary 2012


German Original  dated 1992

Stille in meinem Herzen

Stille, es kommt ein Wehen auf,
und all Blätter im Baum stimmen mit ein.

Es rauscht hervor ein ewiger Gesang,
sei leise, dann hörst auch du diesen Dank:

“Eines sind wir alle und gehören IHM allein,:
das Wunder des Lichtes ward uns verlieh’n,
es wird wieder leuchten, wenn wir uns verzieh’n.”

Dann bin ich Blatt im Baum
und Blume im See,
ein Halm auf der Wiese
und Kristallicht im Schnee…..

(Alles ist ruhig . Alles wird still, weiss ich erst. was Gott mit mir will!)

ContraMary 1992

Galactic Fleet over Mexico

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Ho Need to spare here any more words !  Hurrah !

I think here with this actual video of today my prescient dream of 1st Contact may come in handy again ………

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 A Dream of First Contact

I had a dream last night …I knew we, numerous starseeds were in a sort of hall but with rows of chairs like in a big theatre and we were waiting to meet our galactic family members. I was sitting among them and saw above me that there was no ceiling but a vast dark blue space …it was like a sky but one through which one could see well beyond – in such a way as there were one sky after another – space as well and I saw many many tiny lights just flooding in or in sorts of schools of fish coming to this point…and someone said: look they are already coming and stop here. The Spaceships were tiny tiny lights appearing suddenly out of space and in ever increasing numbers. I looked for the cross as I recalled they- the spaceships are said to form a cross in the sky and I found it but it was not as big as thought.Then they came in like ordinary people, in groups or even single, and I could watch how joyful they were greeted by their earthenly Starseed belonging to one another.

One Galactic Member a tall blonde took the hand of her brother on earth and kissed it.
There was such an inflooding of joy and excitement and I was waiting for Marix as I was here on behalf of Sarinah to welcome him. I was on my own and I still waited….. while people re-united left the hall and there came some younger Man who said he was Marix when I asked him. But I was only a representative of Sarinah and told him he was meant to be welcomed by her and not by me actually. H e – in a way disappeared from my sight – and I knew all of a sudden whom I was waiting for …it was AAMichael … and so I sat down in the chair again waiting with some very few other people for Michael to appear …..I woke up …..but I think some part of me is still there awaiting AAMichael in the chair in the big hall with the several darkblue ravishing and brilliant skies above me and all the atmosphere so full of joy and blissful harmony !

I never had such a vivid dream lately and even could recall it with all my feelings and in clear sight. I think this will be a sign of them approaching earth…

I am waiting

The Foundations of Vipassana Meditatio

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Flickr - Dharma Wheel - saamiblogPeter O’Donoghue, Contributor
Waking Times

I spent 6 consecutive weeks sitting and serving on courses at Dharma Sikhara, a Vipassana centre, in Dharamkot, India in July and August 2007. It was one of the most profound experiences of my life and left a lasting impression, so now I would like to offer an insight into the technique so that you too may benefit from it.

‘Vipassana’ is a Pali word meaning ‘Insight’, to see things as they really are instead of how they simply appear to be. It is a meditation technique discovered by Gottama the Buddha over 25 centuries ago and was the key aspect to his enlightenment, being the unique element of his teaching that separated him from the many other masters of his time and since.

Gottama himself was born as a prince in Nepal, and for the early part of his life enjoyed all of the material comforts and sensual pleasures such a position brought a man. However, after some years he tired of these things, realizing that such objects and experiences offered no real happiness. He left his palace, wife and child to enter India, where he shaved his head, clothed himself in the garb of a renunciant (or sannyasin) and began leading the harsh life of a wandering ascetic. Continue reading

Michael Pilarski ~ Prayers to the Devas of Radioactive Elements

Laura Bruno's Blog

At the risk of making my own website get blocked for posting “malicious content,” as my web security claims when I opened the Friends of the Trees/ INW Permaculture Guild newsletter on my laptop instead of my iPhone, I feel this information and prayer are important enough to share. I don’t know if it’s the Fukushima information that’s objectionable or some other part of the newsletter, but here goes. Michael asked for people to share the prayer, and I believe it’s a powerful one.

A quick note for people who don’t know what a “Deva” is: “The word deva is from the Sanskrit language, meaning ‘a being of brilliant light’ and is used to indicate a non-physical being. …A Deva refers to any of the spiritual forces or beings behind nature.” More info here and here.

Prayers to the Devas of Radioactive Elements
by Michael Pilarski

Within the next…

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Ashtar speaks about Communication in the New Age



Ashtar Speaks: “Communication in the New Age” – July 24, 2013

 You know that you are about to enter an exciting and energetic time. The Lion Gate is just around the corner and brings a burst of energy which has never been experienced before on your dear planet. You will all greatly benefit from this explosion of energies.

We would love to see that you use this time to get in contact with us. Use this sacred time to connect actively with our energy. Instead of reading channellings as your preferred way of contact, try to use the direct link and tune in our energies.

This time of the Lion Gate assists and helps you to achieve the desired connection. And if you allow us to give you a hint on how to connect with us and All That Is, we are happy to do so.

Of course you are connected with All That Is every second of your Earthly life. Although you have very successfully built up an illusion which suggests that you are separated, you know in your heart that this is nothing but an illusion. In truth, you are a spark of the Source and separation is simply not possible – you cannot sever the connection between you and All That Is. Continue reading

My Personal Experience of Rajah Yoga and activating 3rd Vision

In close co-operation with “Auras, Cores e Números” I wrote down what I experienced in my life in the late eighties learning about Rajah Yoga as one of a powerful medium to activate my 3rd Vision. Only – I must admit – at that time I never was consciously activating the power of my 3rd eye but seeked solely relief from my sadness and mourning about a broken marriage then …

After trying so many tools of assistance to this matter yet without any success I turned to the only “One Source” for help. With my inner heartpained decision of calling out ” I will do what is Thy Will”  a great network of assistance had been set henceforth around me (so I am able to perceive it now) that led me eventually to learning this prescious tool of Raja Yoga in meditating in a particular way.

This is what the following writing is all about and we, Curadora64 and I thought my personal story might fit in well as annex to her profound writing about the 3rd Vision.

As always with unconditional Love and compassion to all of you!

Yours (Contra)Mary

Durch den Garten des Lebens

Across the Garden of Life

À travers du Jardin de la Vie

Pelo Jardim da Vida

Por el Jardín de la Vida



Monday, April 8, 2013

3rd Vision – 6th Chacra

It is what we – over here in Germany –  call our – Third Eye –  and this also may be activated via Raja Yoga !
This I learned already in 1987 when I all of a sudden found myself in a swamp of some deep mess of my life turning over and breaking up my marriage with a  beloved husband of mine.
I was shocked to my most inner core … still life had to go on also on the professional side …. so I worked and I cried ,,,,,, worked and cried all the time simultaneously all my days long (had an office-room on my own) on and on …. and stayed in a huge newly-moved-in flat alone only with my two cats. And then one evening as sad and lonely as ever – something in all my mourning made me kneel down and I prayed to God Almighty : …”Your Will Be Done!”  and I surrendered to HIS Will entirely.
Help – so it seemed now to me – came instantly.  Reading some daily newspaper during a break of work I found a notice
of some church community looking for participants of married women having been left by their husband in order to build up some new group for them to discuss their painful experience.
There I went and met some nice lady telling me of a kind of meditation focusing on “The Point”.So I also went to the given address and arrived at the“Center of Brahma Kumaris” where I learned this kind of meditation which is world-widely known as “Raja Yoga”..
Raja Yoga is one of the approved methods to activate the Third Vision or Third Eye located in The 6th Chacra of our human bodies. Continue reading

My Meditation in Assistance to Gaia – our Mother Earth


Today I want to share with you a meditation which I made up about more than 20 years ago which I feel still valid in our timeline as it has grown all these years in its own pace and transformation.

At first it was the time that Gaia’s health and wealth had gone from bad to worse and I felt deeply troubled on her behalf. And brooding and thinking about her it happened just as from itself. It was like being on a lively new adventurous journey as I used to visit and talk with her in my meditating journeys deep down of my inner core. It became quite a habit of mine even in that reality of my daily life …to speak to her – to thank her for her beauties as gifts to mankind …
This habit stretched itself to the way how I meditated and suddenly this special one showed up in my inner self: Continue reading

Meditation : This is the structure of my socalled “Pocket-Short-Medi”

Posted by ContraMary dated 7.13.2012

After the world-meditation at the event of the Alignment of some Stars with the Moon and the Sun producing the awesome spectacle of the “Sun-Eclipse” a new Transition Portal had been opened and since then we are overshowered with another full impact of sunflares which are to change our DNA accordingly.

In order to avail ourselves of as much of these new energy-flares as possible and to transfer these also to the inner heart of Gaia we are repeatedly told to anchor and toground ourselves firmly to our Mother Planet the Earth.

But how will this be done in a most adequate way?
We are Lightwarriors, Lightbeamers, Lightholders and Starseeds.

Bound by our soul-contracts we are to take in as much of the new light-energy as possible and to spread it far and wide over all the world so that we nudge as many human beings still asleep out of their slumber.

This is our task and our issue at these times now.
With the great help of ArchAngel Michael we have drawn up a matching Meditation of Breathing for everybody in order to anchor him-/herself firmly to Gaia in the coming periods of unsettlement and turmoil and to spread the blessings of the the new light-energies to all around us.

Once you get the hang of the method hereunder it will be easy for you to practice this everywhere – be it outdoors waiting for a bus or train, queuing for something or stopping in a traffic jam – and naturally also at home or walking in always beautiful Nature’s environment.

Everywhere you may now disperse the healing blessings of our Sun – the Father of our Universe – onto our beloved Gaia – our Mother – and right into her inner heart and core.

Thus it is on us completing the circling energies between The Father (Sun) and the
Mother(Earth) as active agents and fulfilling also our promise once given before we came here.

How this is done:

Meditation of grounding yourself firmly to Gaia Continue reading