The Relation Between the Moon and the Human Mind

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by Garima Roy
Fractal Enlightenment Every thing around us has an effect on something within us – be it our exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation (UVR), looking at the morning sky, taking a walk in the forest, or swimming in the sea – nature’s beauty prompts the flow of hormones and energy in our body. But not everything that’s present in nature is fundamentally good for human beings.The Moon, romanticised by poets and artists since ages, has a series of negative effects on the human mind, scientifically and spiritually. Several scientists and research institutions have conducted experiments over the years to study the effect of moon and full moon nights on the human mind and behaviour. It is concluded that moon does influence humans and other species on earth.

Moon, Conscious and Sub-Conscious

According to Quantum Physics, everything in the Universe – stars, planets, satellites or even the moon has an operating frequency. The frequency emanated by the moon affects the frequency of the mind that exerts control over our feelings, emotions and desires. The mind, which consists of conscious and sub-conscious mind, reacts to the standing and positioning of the moon in the sky. We aren’t aware of our thoughts in our sub-conscious mind as a large number of us function solely by using 10% of our conscious mind.
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Update after June Solstice 2014 and passing another Great Portal with the Tsunami of Love

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Status Update
By Eva Maria Holstein
Update of my life now after Solstice ….. : wie ich mich jetzt fühle nach der Sonnenwende …. my sensations now after going through Solstice ………..Apparently there was another great Portal to be passed for all of us on Solstice … at least it was the case for me … as apparently the downloaded flares – socalled “Tsunami of Love” was reaching their peak here in Northern Germany as from 4.00 – 9.00 a.m. … I woke up at that time groaning with heart-pains and heart-attacks … just like the other time when passing through the last portal of consciousness …when according to duality-matrix (already gone) I wass to pass over in the old habitual way of leaving my body ) and I did not but instead was led through that portal by all my celestial guides lining up at the side of the passage.
Pains and severe heart-palpitations were just the same now yesterday … but I knew more about it now … so I tried again everything to ameliorate these pains … Drank Water, hot peppermint-tea, wrote the resp. code down on my heart … well, I did eveerything I knew …ToolBox with calling up AARaphael and St.Gemain …. until I relaized … this must have been another great Portal opening up on Solstice at the Standstill of the Sun …. and it had to be passed through …..
Closed m eyes – tried to calm down all bodioy cells too and vizualized all my celestial guides of mine lning up sideways of the passage through the portal — just as they had done with the previous one ….. and then they ventured it through … being shoved, grabbed by their hands and pulled … giving me all the help they could …. and I finally made it though ….Hurrah ! For a short while — I saw with my inner third eye a field before me of the hight brilliance whiteness you may imagine — snowwhite and brilliantly shining … just had a fleetin glimpse of feeling surprised at it ….. and deeply enjoyed it too ,,,,,, it lingered on for a while and returned to the habitual shade as before ….
Now I ask myself was this the attached experience of looking into the higher realm of Spirit for some moments in the Time of Now and Zero ? and did I return then back ito the planes of our changing – floating and ascending planet again – since it is told us so many times (see Hour with an Angel of Steve B.) This may very well be the case with me here too.And after all that gloing through myself yesterday … I was quite tired all the day but this did not prevent me from doing some more work of translating in the late afternoon … which went on so happily and floatingly like never before …

I even perceived feeling better and more painless bit by bit and had during this night enjoyed the blessin of a deep and undisturbed sleep with many dreams which I cannot recall now.

All went well and I am happy to share it with all of you here too.
Namasté Evamaria

Written and posted by Contramary=Evamaria H.


La Madre Divina ☆ a través de Isabel Henn Más Códigos de Sanación 2 08 de Junio 2014

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The silverplatinum flame


Editado y traducido por Tony de Pablo
Hija Mía, han estado por ahora experimentando con los códigos de sanación y han pedido más. Se los daré con mucho placer. Ahora aquí un nuevo grupo de códigos que deben utilizar desde su corazón y el amor para que puedan tener su efecto.

35 41 553  contra el dolor de muelas

35 87 225  frente a la pérdida de apetito

31 22 778  para bajar de peso

43 14 223  contra la inflamación general

35 31 223  en lugares de supuración o inflamación

34 41 323  contra la artrosis, la artritis

83 73 879  contra afecciones reumáticas

88 21 233  contra los virus del herpes

53 23 411  para sarcoides equinos (caballos)* 


* grupo de neoplasias cutáneas semejantes al sarcoma, pero de menor gravedad y de naturaleza linfoide en los caballos.


* Nota del traductor.


11 32…

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How To Assimilate The Energies Of Ascension More Smoothly June 9, 2014 by Reiki Doc

by Sirian Heavenre-blogged from Sirian Heaven with thanks

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Today’s lesson is practical.

A reader asked me yesterday, ‘What are post-Ascension symptoms? What should I expect?’

And the energy with it was one of, ‘how do I know I have Disease X?’

Ever the doctor, I answered with tongue in cheek–‘the symptoms are very grave and some might not be able to handle it. They are: eternal joy, positive outlook, abundance, prosperity, goodwill, happiness, lovingkindness, and peaceful heart!’

For 99.9999999 percent of the population the symptoms of Ascension are a welcome relief! 
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Neale Donald Walsh: Let’s Just Get On With It

Posted by Stephen Cook

Neale Donald WalshBy Neale Donald Walsh, CWG – June 6, 2014 –

My dear friends…  While sentient Beings sense an impatience during the process of enlargement, it is not beneficial to allow that impatience to be translated into a lack of contentment. The two are not the same, but one can, and often does, lead to another.

Enlargement that grows out of discontentment only enlarges the discontentment. Expansion can only expand what is , it cannot expand what is not. If you are not contented, you cannot expand your way to more contentment.

Every capitalistic society on the face of the earth has eventually learned that. “Bigger” and “more” is not necessarily “better.” In fact, it rarely is. Enlargement, therefore, must have its basis in Contentment or it will merely increase what is not desired.

The impatient and the discontented should, therefore, not be confused. Being impatient does not have to mean that we are not happy with “what is.” On the contrary, it can mean that we are so happy with “what is” that we desire more of that–as soon as possible, thank you.

But there is something interesting that happens here as this process leading to our own Attainment of Self Awareness unfolds. Following Contentment we become impatient to experience more of the peace and the joy that Contentment brings–we seek enlargement of that experience–and yet, a part of us stops us from expanding our experience any further.

The phase of personal and spiritual growth that we are now discussing–which I have called, in my cosmology, “Enlargement”–includes three minor steps: stopping, starting, and sustaining.

Stopping is not only the first step, it is the first sign that you are on the pathway to the Divine. The fact is that many people, having reached Contentment, do not want to go any further. In many cases it’s taken their entire lives to “get to” Contentment and they don’t want to risk losing their hard-won peace, joy, and serenity by venturing forth into the spiritually, psychologically, and emotionally unknown. Reluctance emerges. Roadblocks appear. There’s even self-sabotage. Yet the urgent inner desire to spiritually grow continues to call. And so, there’s a pulling and a tearing within. Go on/stay here, go on/stay here, go on/stay here.

Move ahead/stay put.

Venture forward/stay where you are.

It is the feeling of standing at the side of the pool. Everyone is urging you on: “C’mon, get in! The water’s fine!” You put a toe in and your body tells you exactly the opposite. Maybe you won’t go in after all. You friends smile. “You can’t do it one-toe-at-a-time, for heaven’s sake …just jump in!”

But you don’t.

Until you do.

You just dive in. Or you do it your way and ease yourself in, a little bit at a time. But eventually you’re in the water, and you’re glad you came to the party.

We see, then, that stopping is a sure sign that you’re ready to start. Stopping yourself even before you begin is an absolute indicator, a certain harbinger of things to come. So don’t be discouraged if you experience yourself stopping-and-starting, stopping-and-starting.

If you jumped right into Enlargement without hesitation, good for you. Not everyone has to take every step on the Pathway to Self-Awareness. In fact, none of the steps are required at all. You can skip all of the steps, if you like, and jump right to Attainment. But the path described here is the path taken by many people, and that is why it is being described here. We want you to know that you are on your way if you are experiencing these things.

One of the reasons that the Stop/Start phenomenon is so much a part of so many people’s journey is that often the Pathway to Self-Awareness brings up issues of self-worth.

Many people do not feel “worthy” of stepping into Attainment. They do not feel that it is “appropriate” to claim their own Divinity or to embrace Self-Awareness. So the idea of Enlargement into that State of Being feels “wrong” to them–or, at least, premature. And so they shift into a “when-I’m-ready” or a “when-I’ve-earned-it” mode. They take seminars, do workshops, go to retreats, read books, fast, meditate–whatever they feel might help them to change, to shift, to transform themselves. Transformation becomes the watchword, the desired result. When they are transformed they feel they’ll be “ready” to claim Attainment.


This explains the self-sabotage phenomenon. Because they have convinced themselves (or been told by others–often their religions) that they are not worthy, they keep pushing themselves away from the table before the feast has been served. Transformation is never achieved, because to achieve it would fly in the face of their own deepest thought about themselves.

People who fall into this Not Good Enough category (many of them place themselves there subconsciously, without even knowing they are doing it) are often the ones who unwittingly engage in those acts of self-sabotage that everyone else around them can see, and that they, themselves, often don’t recognize, as they deal with the inner yearning to spiritually grow.

Others will stop themselves because they believe the process of the Enlargement of oneself involves a choice between living a so-called “regular life” and the “spiritual life” of a “true master.” In other words, it “looks like” you can’t be a spiritual master and go bowling. Or have raucous sex. Or eat a thick, juicy steak. Or whatever else it is they’ve got it in their head that spiritual masters don’t do. And so it looks to us as if they have to make a choice. Be “in this world, but not of it,” or be “of this world, but not in it” as far as spiritual clarity is concerned.

If some of these descriptions feel a bit familiar, be of good cheer. As already noted, your stopping is a sure and certain sign that you are ready to start…for good. And, ultimately, to sustain the Enlargement of Self at your new level.

With Love,

An Ascension Unique in the Multiverse – Part 2/3

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Posted by Steve Beckow

Ascension 555First Mass Ascension

Another unique feature of the process we’re going through is that it’s a mass Ascension. Until now, only a few initiates ascended, but now the gift is available everyone who chooses and has assimilated sufficient Light, as Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman tells us:

“In past ages, the Ascension process was available only to those who incarnated as initiates firmly on the path – as disciples whose mission was to anchor as much Divine Light and to bring forth as much cosmic wisdom as possible.

“That time is past. It is a time of mass Ascension.” (1)

The Hathors through Wes Annac reminded us that “your evolution is coming about in a collective manner, and this isn’t the norm for the ascension of most planets.” (2)

SaLuSa affirmed this aspect of our Ascension:

“Although individuals have always been able to ascend, it will be the first time that mass ascension on this scale has been attempted. It will of course be successful, as it is in the hands of powerful Beings that do the Will of God.” (3)

He added:

“Never before have both the people and the Earth ascended together, but there is absolute confidence that it will successfully take place. You should feel quite pleased to be the ones who are on Earth at such a wonderful occasion. The significance of it all will not be lost on anyone, as to have such an experience is quite unique. We shall be eagerly watching the whole process, ready to welcome the latest members of the Galactic Society.” (4)

However we added an extra wrinkle to the notion of mass ascension in that we apparently decided prior to Dec. 21, 2012 that we wished to ascend with as many people as possible.
Numerous sources record this event. Here is Jesus through John Smallman: “You have made the collective intent to awaken.” (5)  Here is Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young: “ You have all, as a collective whole, decided to move forward into the next grand age of enlightenment.” (6)  And here is the Light Collective through Tazjima: “Humanity as a collective has chosen to ascend.” (7)

Archangel Michael calls “this collective decision … a huge evolutionary jump, leap.” (8)

But he reminds us that it did not create a lengthy pause: “The hiatus that has been created by the collective desire of humanity to go forward in this undertaking of magnificence, of which we have spoken a great deal, is not indefinite. The plan of the Mother does not get put on hold, on pause, indefinitely.” (9)

In fact, he recently told us, the process of Ascension has again begun and we are passing through it at the present time. On April 1, 2014, Archangel Michael reported through Ronna Herman:

“Do not take your eyes or your attention from your goal, Dear Ones, for that doorway of greater Light is nearer than you think. … Are you ready for the next awakening?”   (10)

And on An Hour with an Angel, he brought us this news:

Archangel Michael: The Ascension process does not begin in the Fifth Dimension. It has already begun. You are already experiencing it. But when you reach there ― as you are about to, by the way; that is as close as I can come without breaking my promise with the channel.

SB: Well, now, Lord, I think I need you to confirm that you’re talking about everyone and not just talking to me.

AAM: That is correct.

SB: Everyone? Okay.

AAM: Every person.

SB: Okay! There you go, folks! [laughs] Thank you! (11)

That was followed up on June 3 by this suggestion from Jesus through John Smallman:

“We have been talking for some time now about a Tsunami of Love, well right behind it is an avalanche, and that avalanche is unstoppable! Prepare yourselves to be enveloped in its brilliant white Light, open yourselves to it, float to its sunlit surface, then get up on your snow boards or skis and glide gloriously across its shining surface in a state of ecstatic enjoyment.” (12)

Tomorrow we’ll look at how the Earth is the first planet in the multiverse to have begun this new process of physical and mass Ascension.


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01 – The Heart is the Deputy of the Soul – by Marc Gamma ~ 09.06.2014

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