Today’s Sunflares in my Life



” Protuberances … Protuberances !” I heard myself muttering these terms whenever I woke up in the early rise of today’s morning.

Having had quite some exciting and wearing two days before – I found it so tiring not leaving this somewhat tiresome days here in the habitual easy way I do when about to fall asleep.
I tossed around and changing from being very tired to being hilariously wide awake … it was only some very slight shade of sleep which I could reach out for in the beginning night…

I think all of us know about such kind of exstatic moods in times. Short and sweet – falling into some sort of deep refresching sleep appeared to me yesterday “Mission impossible” altogether. Tried to get up several times – taking some food – eating oats with cream/milk and sweetened with honey and a dash of butter too … nothing doing …. but anyway there must have been some sudden moment in the night … I was off in a flurry – hurry and had left earth here to go to my dearest friend beyond in order to fill up all reserves again….

Vividly dreaming was being followed then – but I never were able to recall them exactly – only knowing such dreams were not of the serene and calm sorts.

Only when dawn was creeping along the roofs here in town … and just as slightly as this pale-pink daughter of our all Father Sun it also dawned on me too – waking up gradually –
and I muttered lowly “Protuberance”!  “Protuberance”?   and fell asleep again…

This happened to me several times and every once in a while when I woke up I said it again: “Protuberance”!  “Protuberance”??? ….  And after a while stirring up again I remember asking myself: “what was this word like that I said before?”  Ah, yes, it was
“protuberance” ! I only knew I did not want to forget this particular term again !


And it was next when I recalled it again in that special sort of way: ” Protuberance, yes,
that is where I am lieing on – sleeping on – stretching on out ! I am sleeping on protuberances!”

After that I calmed entirely down as if I had grasped this very fact eventually and I was not to forget about it again.

“I was sleeping and being laid on protuberances!”

All this might have taken quite some time well into the morning since when finally I woke
up actually and really – truly – I knew for certain that I had been sleeping on a basic platform of protuberances and also it came to my mind that these are being threwn on to us and Mother Earth from our Father Sun.

This was the kind of knowledge that was downloaded to me in the early morning hours of today. And it might have been also the very reason why I actually was able to get up from
bed only a quarter to twelve ( 11.45 a.m.) – never all these years before I had been so late!

Quite often I do find some weird things in my bed when rising in the morning – some special word – some picture – sometimes a song – and also not so seldom some laughter too. The other night I woke up in the still of the night by laughing out loud and deep from my heart … shaking loud with laughter as in my dream the dry voice of my son-in-law had cracked some joke dryly     dielaughing           and in his own particular way



And I did not want to miss sharing with all of you that from yesterday to today which was the very  word:   “Protuberance” !”

This I regard as the true gift from our Father of All-There-Is for today March 27, 20914 !

“Thank you Fathet – with all that I can find in the core of my heart together with my Higher Godelf and grasp with both of my hands – I am reaching out to you with all treasures that I have in essential very essence and together with deepest thankfulness – I lay it all out before you dedicating myself to you  too !


As always with so much unconditional love and compassion and added thereto with “Protuberance” it is me sharing this with you

“Merry meet –
  merry part –
  merry meet again!”