“Raw Veggies and Sprouts should be better than Wheatgrass”

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Better than Wheatgrass: Raw Veggie Juice and Sprouts

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Flickr-sprouts-canarsiebkDr. Mercola
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If you want to improve your nutrition and are itching to grow your own food, sprouts are an ideal choice.

Virtually all sprouted seeds and grains fall in the “superfood” category, and they’re really easy to grow, even if you don’t have a lot of space or an outdoor garden. But what about green grasses like wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass is grown from wheat seeds, and contains high amounts of chlorophyll. Most people juice it, but wheat grass is also available in supplement form.

My main objection to wheatgrass is I believe vegetable sprouts like sunflower, broccoli, and pea sprouts are far more beneficial as a food if you want to improve your nutrition.   If you’re going to grow sprouts, I wouldn’t put wheatgrass at the top of the list.

As reported in the featured article by the Chicago Tribune:1

“Its health benefits and curative powers were promoted in the 1940s by Ann Wigmore, a Lithuanian immigrant to Boston and holistic health practitioner.

Wigmore believed humans could benefit by following the practice of dogs and cats by eating grass and regurgitating to feel better.

She developed the wheatgrass diet, a program which, in addition to consuming wheat grass juice, avoids all meats, dairy products and cooked foods, and focuses on ‘live’ foods such as sprouts, raw produce, nuts and seeds.

The diet and its many touted health and curative claims — detoxification of the body, controlling diabetes, prevention of bacterial infections, the common cold and fever; and protection against ailments like skin problems, gout and even cancer — took off and continues to be alive and well today.”

GaiaPortal 5-31-13…”Substantial Shifting of Gaia Energy Structures Occurs at this Moment” by kauilapele

gaiaportal_logo31Just noticed this GaiaPortal post, right now. Perhaps this relates to what I sensed earlier today, in the last post.


Substantial Shifting of Gaia Energy Structures Occurs at this Moment

Substantial shifting of Gaia energy structures occurs at this moment. Although the process of reshaping Gaia’s Higher D energetic patterns has been ongoing during the past 12 years, significant acceleration occurred during the end of year gateways, and in this now moment, particularly, increase in rate of formation of structures, leading to final so-called “Golden Age” grid, is occurring.

Those aware of these energies may have sensed a strong energetic shift during the past several hours. Tiredness and “out of place” sensations are due to this shifting out of outgrown Gaia energetic patterns and acceleration of formation of Golden Age patterns.

Light Worker types attuned to the needs of Gaia will understand necessary movement patterns required by them for assisting the planet into the final grid arrangements. Understanding that movement is being called for this Higher Purpose, will ease any incurred disruption energetics.

We of ÉirePort say, to all those called to service, “Enjoy the Ride…”

James Gilliland – Gamma Ray Bursts, Solar Flares, Cosmic Rays, Shifts In Human Consciousness

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james_gilliland1As many know we are getting bombarded by gamma ray bursts, solar flares, cosmic rays and other magnetic influences due to the alignment with Galactic Plane. As many are observing the unprecedented increase in earthquake, volcanic eruptions along with severe weather, what we are not seeing is how these energies affect human consciousness. The earth is expanding, busting at the seams, yet we are expanding as well. These energies affect the bioelectric fields surrounding the human body all the way down to the DNA level. We have subtle more refined bodies; a body within a body and these bodies hold consciousness and energy. What is held within these bodies or your fields is being activated, energized and there is nowhere to hide from this process. Try as you might that wounded little child will not have its way. Within the greatest of all tyrants, the cruelest, coldhearted people is a wounded little girl or boy. We all have this to one degree or another.  The wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences are all being energized, activated and they are creating our tomorrows. The pain, sadness, anger, trespasses, unloving acts experienced in past lives and in childhood are all held within these fields. The higher consciousness and energy are activating them, bringing them up to the surface, magnetizing people, places and events to each and every one of us so that we may heal and release the past. Love is the ultimate power in the Multiverse and love is the catalyst for this healing process. It is the love of God/Creator/ Source/Great Spirit, what ever name you want to give it coming down through the dimensions that is activating this process. Continue reading

The Russians Prove Small Scale Organic CAN FEED The World !

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by Christina Sarich Natural Society News Analysis
Published 30.May, 2013
Article image

If you’ve already been through an economic collapse, you might know a thing or two about how to feed your family with little money. More importantly, you might know how to do it without pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and GMO seed. On a total of about 20 million acres managed by over 35 million Russian families, Russians are carrying on an old-world technique, which we Americans might learn from. They are growing their own organic crops – and it’s working.

According to some statistics, they grow 92% of the entire countries’ potatoes, 77% of its vegetables, 87% of its fruit, and feed 71% of the entire population from privately owned, organic farms or house gardens all across the country. These aren’t huge Agro-farms run by pharmaceutical companies; these are small family farms and less-than-an-acre gardens. Continue reading

Want to know more about Thetahealing ?

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What is ThetaHealing?

What can you expect from a ThetaHealing® session?


In a ThetaHealing® session you can expect to identify deeply held beliefs and blocks, reprogram the unconscious mind, and release trauma, angers, fears, and negative energy.  You will be able to replace them with Unconditional Love and positive beliefs which will better serve you.

In a session, ThetaHealing® can eliminate the need for countless hours of therapy.  New information is introduced and assimilated into your subconscious mind and down to the cellular level and DNA, altering limiting beliefs and teaching your whole self to embrace new levels of happiness, well-being and success. It is possible also to activate the 12 strands of your DNA and the youth and vitality chromosomes in each cell, strengthen the telomeres and reverse the aging process.

It is also possible to clear and open the chakras and third eye, beginning the process of connecting with the higher self and guides. Continue reading

“Nowadays Discernment is of utmost Importance” says AAMichael via Ron Head



On this day we would speak further on the subject of discernment.  This is a matter which is of great importance at this time.  It has always been important, of course, but at this juncture, when so much of your future rides upon your state of being, your evolution in consciousness, it is more important than ever.

You will wish to do that which will spur you onward, and not that which will in any way delay your progress.  The misguided wish to remain in the status quo is, however, still strong in some quarters, weakening yes, but still presenting problems for you wherever possible.

There is a flood of information available to your intellects which has reached proportions not known for many thousands of years to those on this planet.  It is in your best interest to learn how you may best deal with it.  How may you best decide what is of value to you and what is not?  What is true and what is not?  Who and what may you trust?

We could take you on a long drawn out discourse on angels, guides, ascended masters, and the creative beings.  And all of that would apply, of course.  But this will be a short message, dear ones, because the best answer is a very short one. Continue reading

Steve Beckow: “A New Day Dawns…”

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A New Day Dawns

Dawn 22A new day dawns in this best of all possible worlds.

For some there’s chaos, mayhem and violence. For others there’s expansion, harmony, and love.

Two worlds draw apart. In the one, a bright future beckons. In the other, that same bright future brings disappointment and threats to survival.

The greatest adventure this planet has ever embarked upon, which it tried unsuccessfully last cycle and saw whole continents sink below the waves, has begun.

It unfolds against a backdrop of the greatest and most extensive criminality this world has ever seen – an attempt by the world’s elite to dominate everything and eliminate most of the planet’s “useless eaters.” Continue reading

… new Message from AAMichael “…comes a growing light”

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Today we bring your attention once again the topics of self-worth and deservedness.  There is no possibility that too much stress can be put upon, nor too much attention paid to these subjects.  They indeed are things which almost all of you do not feel and cannot believe.  Why is that?

It is because you have indeed judged yourselves when even your divine Creator has not, nor will He ever judge you.  And you have many times asked for forgiveness for that which you have judged yourselves guilty of, yet mostly refused to accept forgiveness of yourselves, from yourselves.

You have heard it told you over and over that you are divine beings, co-creators with the All.  You nod your heads sagely.  Yet you cannot find the real belief of that in your hearts.

But now, dear angels on Earth, around the edges of the veil you have hidden behind all these millennia, comes a growing light.  Now comes the possibility, the maybe.  Skills, feelings, thoughts, and memories that have been unfamiliar to you for countless lifetimes are peeking through.  You feel the urge often to turn away as you always have done.  Yet more and more you find yourselves beginning to accept the possibility of the truth.  Am I?  Could I be?  Will I be? Continue reading

In Memoriam and Honor to our much beloved Poofness !

First I want to publish his last message … it is the first time I do so because I believed everybody who wanted to ..had visited the appropriate blogs which showed his messages in a re-blogged way … because that’s what I did every week when another came out ….

I cite hereunder what I wrote already as comment on Ron Head’s blog of “Oracle and Healers”:


Poof has been and ever will be the big pillar of consolation for us in all the past darkness – throwing his light like spotlight on our roads for changing old matrix and our path of ascension. We all owe so much gratitude to him as he upgraded us when we fell down again and I am sure he will watch us and our changing realm with delight from where he is sipping his “Umbrella Drink” … Bless you Proof and enjoy your well-deserved vacation where you are now !!! <3<3<3 From (Contra)Mary”

Last Message of Poof:

poofGreetings and Salutations;

So, it’s the end already, the work is done and it’s all over but the shouting! That’s what you said last week now what in heaven’s name is the hold up. NOTHING! Let’s just cut the crap and let me splain things to you if your man enough to take it. IT AINT NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE! Now there that’s as crystal clear as if Mark Twain himself had said it. Besides I said “it’s close enough to smell.” The hard cold fact is nothing is wrong and everything is rolling smoothly as this mechanical process is working pedal to the metal but some documents handed down through the generations need to be handled carefully which slows things a bit. Also, returning the “Republic” to it’s glory days is a very delicate process needs to be massaged into place. We are on a week to week schedule for final completion. Like preparing a gourmet meal the process at times is meticulous but oh is the wait so worth it. “A Promise is a Promise” the masses are next and very, very soon! Continue reading

Your Guide to Planetary Energies for May 27 to June 2, 2013 by Pam Junghans

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Your Guide to Planetary Energies for

May 27 to June 2, 2013

By Pam Younghans
Today’s photo: Auroras on May 18 over Unity Pond in Unity, Maine(photo by Mike Taylor, posted on SpaceWeather.com)
MUCH HAS BEEN cleared away in recent days. Through their square aspect last week, Pluto and Uranus have been doing a lot of work with us.
Pluto is a master at stripping off many layers of how we have learned to define ourselves, taking us down to the basic foundation of who we are. Once in the presence of that Essential Self, we encouraged to rebuild — but in new ways, as who we are and what we want to create has been changed.
And, Uranus is the master of surprise — the unexpected event that shocks us at first, but eventually liberates us to embrace some new experience or way of life. Once we catch our breath (and this can take some time), we can start to imagine how to rebuild our lives, even more authentically than before.
THIS WEEK is about adapting to the changes, trying to wrap our brains around the new reality that has brazenly taken over our familiar and comfortable landscape, and starting to brainstorm the possibilities from here. Most likely, the actual reconstruction process is a ways off, after we’ve had some time to think through what’s possible and where we want to go next. Continue reading

“Angel-Warrior” Defining another Group of Angels

Philosopher ~ Warrior ~ Angel

Posted: 23 May 2013 01:19 PM PDT

We are here on purpose.  The focus of our journey thus far has been to wake ourselves and each other up.  We’ve served as reminders and mirrors and helpers for each other.  Sometimes with a hug, sometimes with a bit more force, we’ve been saying “Hey, I know you!  Remember me?  It’s almost time.  Let’s do this.” 
Today, there are two points to share.  I suggest listening to the music here while you read.  
The first is that not all of us angels are the cherub types.  I’ve run into many, DreamHopper included, who fit into another style, completely self defined.  Allow me to introduce some common characteristics of the Philosopher~Warrior~Angel.
These are Light Warriors.  They do not travel in packs.  They are more typically loners.  They are not so moved by holding hands, singing “Kumbaya”.  This music stirs them, moves them and excites them more.  They may, in fact, by quite disagreeable and not easy to convince.  They are probably rather blunt. They are fierce, loyal to their family and love deeply.  They distrust until convinced otherwise and act as sole judge and jury in every case.
They work for Balance, for One and their work takes on actions that many would rather avoid.  They are fearless and determined and formidable foes.  They work alone and hence, in this life, may very well be “loners”.  For them, justice is paramount and all are given equal quarter.  They never act rashly, are deep thinkers and every effort is extended to benefit the Whole. Continue reading

More about “PYRAMID POWER” by Mike Quinsey


All of humanity has turned a corner, and in doing so your attachments to those things that reflected your power has been quietly released. Many of you have seen the remnants of those who put the protective shields in place originally to protect Earth.  This is when you talk about who built the pyramids. Much of the unexplainable becomes explained when you see from where humanity is now. Many of the artifacts of Earth still have no traditional explanation about where they came from or what they are doing on Earth.

These shadow memories have been intentionally blocked from you by your own design.  The pyramids have always formed a protective shield around Earth, even though they have been covered and forgotten in many places on Earth. These are not all pyramids because some are manmade pyramids that have copied the original designs with varying degrees of effectiveness.

Continue reading

Tonight’s Full Moon is a “Buddah Moon” or “Wesak”

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Archangel Gabriel: Full Moon Eclipse and Wesak Awakening

Buddha-within-Lotus-Light1Archangel Gabriel: Full Moon Eclipse and Wesak Awakening, channeled by Shanta Gabriel, May 23, 2013 at http://www.TheGabrielMessages.com

Dear Ones,

As the energy ramps up for the next Full Moon (Friday, May 24 at 9:24 PM PDT), there is a powerful spiritual focus that must not be ignored. This full moon is called Wesak or the Buddha moon and is noted as the most powerful full moon of the year. The fact that there is also a lunar eclipse – the third in a very rare series – only adds to the enhanced energy you are experiencing. (For a full explanation of the Buddha moon, see http://www.buddhanet.net/vesak.htm)

It is said that eclipses offer opportunities for course corrections, and can enable you to see what changes you may need to make in the direction you are heading. Know you are in the midst of a profound spiritual transformation, so the spiritual realm in your life is the arena where you need to look for any course correction that is necessary. Remember that you are still in the Wormhole of Radical Transformation until the June 21 Solstice, so now is the time to work on what can be done to enhance your soul path.

The physical realm is still in a free-floating state of process, as the warm Jell-O-like energies mold into the new world that you are creating in 5D. So when you look at your life and see the changes you want to make, do not focus on the physical doing-ness that would be the past 3D tendency. All of life begins with a spiritual focus and then filters down into the grosser physical level.

What is most necessary is your connection to your inner spirit, and you have an opportunity to do that in a way that is unprecedented. In fact, having your focus on a project of any kind would be helpful because many people are finding the free-floating feeling to be the most uncomfortable. It can be misinterpreted as emptiness or loneliness when in fact it is a void space just waiting to be filled with something wonderful, such as the dreams you hold in your heart.

Throughout 2012, and especially from the Solstice of December 21, you have been setting your energy course into motion. All the intentions, desires and clarity that you have created have been a focus currently manifesting as a formal structure yet to be in a form that you can recognize. But if you look within your heart, you will see how you have changed. You can feel the new consciousness, the new awareness that is just behind your heart at a pure Soul level, ready to take flight. It is as if you are growing the wings that you so longed to create in your life, the wings of your spirit unfurling in this new time so you can fly.

The Temple of Your Inner Spirit

There is a sense of magic in the air, do not mistake it. Let it draw you away from the outer focus of your world and create a new temple within your heart for your dreams to become clear. This Temple of your Spirit is a safe haven for you to return to again and again. It is there your Angels await you. They are waiting to soothe you and show how they honor your commitment to your ascension process. They are asking you to remain patient with this process and not to focus on what is still unseen in the world around you. They want you to see that when you turn within to the sacred temple within your heart, the action has been taking place there in great abundance.

Within your inner temple, the Eternal Fire of your spirit is burning with a force it has never achieved in your lifetime. You are gathering a powerful team of masters and angels waiting to assist you in the ascension of your soul as well as the planet. For these beings are very concerned, not only with your soul process, but also with the ascension of planet Earth into a new revelation of Light. The beings you have gathered to you are from many realms depending on your vibrational frequency. Some are Light Beings that have been with you since your very first incarnation and others are new for this time. All have been called by your soul for the fulfillment of your destiny in this lifetime. Latent within you are the seeds of dreams  your soul is longing to manifest. These seeds are now awakening for you to call them forward into this potent time to help you create your new world.

It is a spiritual focus that is required for you now and there is not much you can do on the physical realm to force your dreams into fruition. However you can energize them, you can help them to gain vitality and grow juicy with Divine energy, and you can fertilize them with the compost of your emotional history. By doing this, you attract the assistance of those from the realms of Awakened Consciousness waiting to serve you. Indeed, you would be surprised how many Beings of Light are ready to serve you and carry your intentions into the world.

The Silver Lining in the Dark Clouds

As the dreams that may have been dormant begin to awaken, you have most likely noticed uncomfortable feelings coming into your awareness. These can feel like dark clouds erupting from the deep recesses of your subconscious carrying all the things about yourself that feel the most shame-filled, that cause you the most pain, and can lead to a sense of discouragement if you let the clouds take you over. What we want you to know is that there is a huge silver lining in those clouds that offers you the ability and the opportunity to finally clear away those sticky, habitual trains of thought and emotional upheaval. You can put to work that team of empowered Light Beings gathered about you who are willing to go where you command them.

This is a massive opportunity for you because the energy of this full moon eclipse carries the spiritual power to open the gateways to new consciousness. The Light Field of Freedom is there to help finally clear anything that stands in the way of your ascension. Wesak honors the day of Buddha’s enlightenment when he perceived how freedom lies behind the suffering and moved into Self-Realization. You can use that profound energy during this time as well. Recognize these old feelings as a learned response that is not who you are. It may be possible that it never was you, but a way you learned to behave because of your upbringing and environment as you grew.

There is pain in your heart mostly for the suffering you believe you brought into the lives of other people. Although you know that you would make new choices from the perspective of your growth in consciousness, you still have the feelings that cause you pain. It is this pain that you are being asked to lift from the sacred places of your heart. The Wesak Full Moon is a great opportunity for you to release patterns of suffering into the eternal fires of Heart Wisdom burning in your temple. Though you may have thrown it away many times; though you may have processed these painful memories with scores of therapists; though you may have asked and prayed for forgiveness, NOW is the time when the energy is strong enough to disintegrate these experiences and free you to move on.

Recognize clearly that the forgiveness you seek is there for you and offer yourself a huge field of Compassion. You have tried so hard to serve those who you feel you have wronged. You have tried so many ways to make amends for the past, and yet the pain has remained. Take the experiences that burden you, the pain that enslaves you and the old patterns of behavior into your temple now. Offer them to the Eternal Fire of your spirit and know that this time, you have all the support you need to really let go and be free. It is a new time and it is not possible for you to make your ascension dragging these old burdens from the past with you. They are not who you are, but now with the new awareness you carry and the help of your team of “Soul Specialists” you can make the shift of consciousness that will free you to move on.

Consider this a ritual of Spiritual Activation for the ascension of your soul.

A Freedom Ritual for Your Soul

Imagine that you are standing in the Temple of your Heart. Make it magnificent. Create the most beautiful and power-packed space you can imagine. It can be a natural setting that moves you or the creation of supernatural opulence. Whatever you need most. It is helpful if there is vastness and expansive vistas that allow you to sense the exalted expression of this time and place.

In the center of your temple, see the Eternal Fire of your Soul burning brightly. Surrounding this fire are all your most beloved guides, masters and angels. Know that you are safe and these beings are here for you. Being in your inner temple stirs you deep within and awakens in your soul the desires that you came into this life to attain, complete or learn. Your sweet guardian angel is holding you in wings of pure love to help you feel safe. She is letting you know that you are ready, and the time is right to pour your burdens into the fire like the dross they are. You are holding a box that contains the burdens, the experiences and the suffering you feel for the situations of the past. Your soul’s team of Divine Light Beings surround you with Love. When they raise their arms, you feel your consciousness lifting. They are helping you to gain the vibrational frequency that you need to rise above the old patterns. As they do this you feel an impulse of freedom to let go that you have never experienced. You are compelled to toss that box of old patterns into the Eternal fire and let it burn.

You are surprised at how easy it is to let go. It just happens as you follow the impulse from your heart. This is the grace that only comes when you are in alignment with your Soul.

As soon as you let go of your burdening box of old memories, a powerful Violet Transmuting Flame covers you from head to foot. Your energy field is filled with the brilliant Violet Light of your I AM Presence. You are enveloped in Love, Forgiveness and Grace. As you breathe in this Violet Light, you can sense every cell in your body awakening to a new frequency.

You have never felt so free!

You can sense the Beings of Light that surround you beaming Love and Joy through their hearts. And you feel enveloped in the power of their love. You know you have crossed a threshold into new life by letting go of what is no longer you. And it was so easy, so safe, so appropriate. There is nothing else you could have done. Your soul’s team of angels gather you in their wings of Pure Light now. They are inviting you to take the next step. Allow them to escort you toward a Gateway to your New Life in the powerful 5th Dimensional world of Peace now being created.

There are massive Archangels standing at the Gate, and you are ushered through this opening with all the honor you deserve now. Let yourself be led through this gateway and breathe in the Joy of this new world. Let yourself join in the celebration of the heavenly realms, and know you are blessed and cared for as you begin this journey. You are being congratulated for your courage. When one soul has the willingness to let go of their old way of being and calls forth the assistance from the realms of Awakened Beings, the pathways to the Divine are revealed in a new way. The path is opened for those who follow behind you. In celebration, glorious activated energy from the many realms of Light rush in to assist you in your new life path.

We Say Awakening is Simple, not Easy

It does not matter how many times you have made this attempt to let go and be free, or fell on your knees to beg assistance. Nothing matters now except for you to remember the greatest dreams of your soul. Couple that with your willingness to let go and move into new pathways of Light. Accept the Grace being offered so you can participate in the creation of a new world that is based on Peace, Cooperation and Love. These are the motivating factors that will allow you to create the foundations of the life you are choosing from this point on.

Do not let the simplicity of this process negate the power that it holds to set you free. Remember that the vibrational frequencies of this time are more profound than any you have ever experienced, and know you have energetic assistance from the realms of the Great Mystery representing the new world of Divine Love that awaits you. If it seems like magic, just know that you hold the hands of the Greatest Magicians you have ever known. Your dreams are important for they hold the keys to the doorways of your soul’s evolution, and every step of the way you are being held in Wings of Pure Light. You are deeply, eternally cared for, and loved beyond your wildest imagination. Let this profound Truth carry you into the life where you really choose to live. And so it is.

Copyright: May 22, 2013
Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel

Permission is given for this post to be shared as long as it is used in its entirety and credit is given to the author(s) with the website posted.

Drinking Water and its Toxic Hidden Chemicals

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The Hidden Toxic Chemicals in Drinking Water and How to Remove Them

Water has amazing healing properties and it is one of the most powerful manifestation compounds. When water is charged with certain frequencies that harmonize well with our body, it can increase our frequency when we drink it. In theory, if we can keep our body’s frequency above 62 MHz, we should not have to worry about getting sick. This is due to the fact that harmful micro-organisms have a hard time thriving in a body that operates above 62 MHz.

As mentioned at NaturalSociety.com.

Water is a universal solvent cleansing every part of the body including the cells. At the highest level, water is a transporter of energy, thoughts and frequencies. I have said for over 40 years, “Water is so intelligent; it created humans to move itself around.” Let’s see why…

According to Masaru Emoto, Ph.D., a water researcher and author of Messages from Water volumes I, II & III, water contains a consciousness that can be influenced through prayer, music, light wave forms, written words, thoughts and more. It is NOT just gases in a liquid form.

Water has great healing features, but because of the lack of access to clean water, it is becoming more of a health hazard. Some of the toxic chemicals that are contaminating drinking water are human-made contaminants, such as pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceutical drugs, industrial solvents and other toxic wastes. Continue reading

AAMicharel: “Our Understanding of All, of One, should enter our Hearts!”



We will speak today of the continuing success of the lightworkers in opening the understanding and consciousness in your world.  We marvel at the ability of so many to avoid seeing what to us is so obvious.  Each day now it becomes more difficult to interpret events, and reports of events, in other than a hopeful and positive light.

There are still things occurring which we understand are not so easily understood in this way, but much more is surrounding you which is of a positive nature.  Of course the loudest voices are still trumpeting the tune of fear and control.  But the strains of peace, progress, freedom, love, and compassion are refusing to be pushed aside any longer.  They are there for all to hear if they desire to do so. Continue reading

Needs … “why not starting with you?”



During this wonderful time of change, it is important to remember what you need. Settling for anything less than what you truly need, want and deserve is diminishing. Step up, embrace who you will become and love yourself. After all, it has to start somewhere, why not with you? ~ Creator

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The Pleaidians remind us: ” Drinking Water is so important these Days of Change “

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with foreword from a friend :

How to “program” or “seed” your drinking water …

water has the potential to act as a means of communication. It may be programmed with purpose-energy that directs healing, manifesting, changing attitudes and emotions, encouraging growth (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) or almost anything you can imagine!!!

Read on below..
(for further study about the “memory” capacity of water I invite you to research Masaru Emoto,
best known for his claims that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water.
http://www.masaru-emoto.net/english/ )

The Pleiadian Light via Hannah Beaconsfield: A Reminder – Water!

Hannah BeaconsfieldThe Pleiadian Light: A Reminder – Water! Channeled by Hannah Beaconsfield, May 2013- via email

From the earliest material that we have sent through various channels regarding the transformation of the Earth species, we have emphasized how important it is to drink water to assist and support the changes.

This recommendation is becoming more urgent now. There is a particular surge of energy that is depleting the water reserves of your bodies and creating stress, especially on your nervous systems. Attention to the amount of water you are taking in will help you handle this energy.

There is a recurrent motif in the patterns of life on Earth, as well as on other humanoid world civilizations. It is the link between water and birth. The water-world is the source that holds all necessary elements for all levels of consciousness to bring forth new life. The birth of the ascended species on your world is occurring in the bodies of humans currently alive on Earth. This means that each individual is his or her own birth vessel. And water is a vital support for this process.

Previously, our emphasis on water has been for clearing toxins. The ascension changes require high hydration, not only for detoxification, but also as a conductor for electromagnetic energy. Without sufficient water all symptoms of ascension are much more intense and difficult to handle. In fact, if you compare a list of ascension symptoms with a list of dehydration symptoms you would find that they are very much aligned. Continue reading

“Dance of the Planets”

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Rare Cosmic Event: “Dance of the Planets” – May 24-30, 2013

planets1Stephen: Another phenomenal reason to do as Archangel Michael said and look to the skies. Plus there’s this Saturday’s (May 25) lunar eclipse (following the one on April 25). Thanks to Colleen.

By Larry Rotolo, San Diego Entertainer – May 17, 2013


From the latter part of May and continuing for a month, an amazing display of planets will play itself out near the horizon in the west-northwest part of the sky. Beginning each night right after the sun sets around May 19, a “dancing with the stars” exhibition is put on by the three brightest planets as seen from Earth: Venus, Mercury and Jupiter.

In 2013 we will get to see the most compact three-planet grouping visible without binoculars for the next 13 years. The planets will not appear this close together again until the year 2026! Added to this sight will be a beautiful apparition of Mercury.

planets2-300x146The three worlds will appear to skip about one another. The alterations in their positions in the early evening sky will be visible to the naked eye night by night. Venus and Jupiter will be very close together by May 28. Afterwards, Venus will move in a northwesterly (to the upper right) direction compared to Jupiter. At that point it will be six times as bright as Jupiter. Continue reading

…and read here what Garlic can do for your Health !

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How Garlic Can Save Your Life

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Flickr - Garlic - SantaRosa OLD SKOOLSayer Ji, Green Med Info
Waking Times

Research on garlic indicates that it may provide an ideal low-cost and safe alternative to drugs and vaccines in reducing the three most common causes of death in the world.

In a world mesmerized by the false promises of pharmaceutical industry marketing copy, as well as inundated with aggressively marketed dietary supplements, many of which are manufactured by the same companies making a killing off patented chemicals (Bayer owns One A Day, Pfizer owns Centrum), it is reassuring to know that the kitchen pantry will never fail us…

Inexpensive, time-tested, safe and delicious, many spices are attaining recognition for being, quite literally, ‘life saving,’ which is likely one reason why, in ancient times, many were worth their weight in gold.

This time around, the health benefits of ancient ‘folk remedies’ like garlic are being confirmed by straight-laced men and women in lab coats. Which, when it comes to the conventional medical establishment, blighted as it is by the epistemological disease known as myopia, is considered the only valid way to ascertain the truth. Never mind the countless millions of people who, since the beginning of time, have used a different standard of proof: if it works and it is safe, then its true.

We all know that garlic is not shy to make its presence known. The smallest culinary dose is enough to suffuse the entire body with its aroma. Garlic also permeates the research literature: the biomedical database known as MEDLINE, provided by the National Library of Medicine, contains 4245 study abstracts on garlic, a number of which we have indexed and organized for your use on our site: Health Benefits of Garlic. Continue reading

Please read what the Hathors are messaging us via their Channel Wes Annac

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Wes Annac: The Hathors – Ascension-Effects, A Rapid Evolution and Fourth Dimensional Growth

wes_waterfallThe Hathors – Ascension-Effects, A Rapid Evolution and Fourth Dimensional Growth, channeled by Wes Annac, May 21, 2013 at http://aquariusparadigm.com

Your conscious experience as you go about it is sustained upon a frequency of reality. The specific octave of consciousness you exist upon breeds an equally-specific type of experience, and as you rise in consciousness you find the density around you growing lighter and lighter.

You will find yourselves beginning to weigh less as you go about your physical ascension processes, and one of the initial symptoms you will notice when your perceptions are kicked into a noticeably high gear will be the seeming weightlessness of your form. Your experiences will brim much more with joy and synchronicities than they do even currently and in general, you will find your moods very easy to lighten.

You will find yourselves sparkling with exuberant, Divine energy and you will attach an energy to yourselves that is recognizable in a plethora of pregnant women who seem to be “glowing” when taking in a new Life and a new soul which, in your most recent decades, will have (likely) come from the higher realms to help the Earth find Her ascension and to help Her collective awaken in time for such an ascension.

In regards to this, the entire collective of humanity is finding an increasingly pure understanding and perspective and while it does not yet seem to be so, we ask you to trust that the inner-workings of the Divine are awakening a plethora of souls who would have otherwise chosen to remain asleep. Continue reading

While you were sleeping …

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While you were sleeping…

Posted: 21 May 2013 10:08 AM PDT

Two words.  They are crawling, jumping, whispering and shouting into my consciousness.  “Do something.”
Urgently and absolutely, this is a call to act.  Last year, the Light Worker Series ended with December22nd, First Day on the JobSince then, there’s been a recovery and perhaps a bit of mourning going on from 12/21/12.  Enough already, it’s been 5 months and there is much to do.
The One People’s Trust broke the bonds of slavery for us.  Now, with the I/UV in our pocket, it is up to us to shake them off completely and get to work.  For the “owners” are still around, readying some shiny new shackles.  This is not time to stop and rest.
We exist beyond this dimension and many of us can relate to feeling wiped out each morning, exhausted from our night time “jobs”.  While you were sleeping, the struggle for freedom was in full swing.  Some of you are fully engaged in a very real “war”.  This may sound abhorrent to your light worker ears, yet if it resonates at all, consider the idea that you just may be a light warrior. 
There will always be dark, pushing for domination.  The experiment that is ending right now on earth is ending on all of its levels.  Some of us have to go. Continue reading

The Vagus Nerve and the Healing Promise of The Sudarshan Kriya

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The Vagus Nerve and the Healing Promise of The Sudarshan Kriya

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Flickr - Nerve - Cutting MonkeyFrank Huguenard, Staff Writer
Waking Times

At the center of our bodies resides a long, sinewy nerve that extends all the way from our medullas down through our chests to beyond our stomachs. This nerve, known as the Vagus Nerve, happens to be at a most fascinating intersection, not only between our two physical nervous systems (our central and autonomic nervous systems) but also between our conscious minds and subconscious minds. As such, it also acts as a bridge between our gross bodies and our subtle bodies. And it’s a nerve probably 99% of the population have never heard of nor even have a clue where it’s located. And yet the Vagus Nerve (ironically pronounced the exact same way as sin city itself, Las Vegas) may be the single most relevant organ in our body relative to our peace of mind and happiness.

Research indicates that a healthy vagus nerve is vital in experiencing empathy and fostering social bonding, and it is crucial to our ability to observe, perceive, and make complex decisions. Tests have revealed that people with impaired vagal activity have also been diagnosed with depression, panic disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, panic disorders, violent mood swings, fibromyalgia, early Alzheimer’s and obesity. Given the state of society today and the vast array of dis-eases associated with unhealthy Vagus Nerves, it doesn’t take a medical doctor to conclude that by healing our collective Vagus Nerves, we can heal a lot of societies woes. Continue reading

About Sharing Economy – Another Signal of Changing Matrix and Realm of Our Lives

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The new source of power is not money in the hands of a few, but information in the hands of many. –John Naisbitt

Values and the Sharing Economy

–by Rajesh Makwana, Original Story, May 21, 2013We are all painfully familiar with the plethora of statistics that illustrate how unsustainable modern lifestyles have become and how humanity is already consuming natural resources far faster than the planet can produce or renew them. In a bid to reverse these trends, increasing numbers of people are attempting to consume less, reduce waste and recycle more regularly.  The rapid growth of the sharing economy over recent years reflects this growing environmental awareness and commitment to changing unsustainable patterns of consumption. The possibilities for sharing are already endless in many parts of the world, in everything from cars and drills to skills and knowledge. The sharing economy is undeniably taking off – and rightly so.

But can sharing the things we own as individuals really address the environmental threats facing Planet Earth? To some extent the answer is likely to depend on which resources are being shared and how many people are sharing them. However, given the urgent sustainability challenges we face – from climate change to deforestation and resource depletion – it seems unlikely that even well-developed systems of collaborative consumption will, on their own, constitute a sufficient response.

Share, Unite, Cooperate from Share The World’s Resources on Vimeo.


While the sharing economy is an extremely exciting and important development in consumer behaviour, it has done little as yet to change the politics, structures and institutions that underpin and promote unsustainable lifestyles. Creating a truly sustainable world will ultimately require policymakers to enact much more radical reforms to the way we manage the world’s resources and organise economic systems. As many people involved in promoting the sharing economy recognise, it is becoming increasingly important to also support these wider goals for economic reform and world rehabilitation.   Continue reading

Breathing: “Definitions” by Michele Geyer

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Michele Geyer ~ Definitions


Michele Geyer, May 20th, 2013

Feel your feet on the ground, in the sand or the soil.

Lay your hands on your belly and breathe.

Who are you?

Expanding and contracting with your breath, your body moves to subtle, inner rhythms.

Become the air that fuels your internal fire.

Meet yourself there, without words.

Who are you?

Flames lick the bottom of the cauldron, bubbling the sea inside.

Effervescent, the aqua blues surface; thoughts cascade and fall over the rocky terrain of your mind,

Effortlessly surrendering to your origins.

Who are you?

Look within to find yourself,

Feel within to be yourself,

See yourself in relation to no thing.

Who are you?

Don’t answer; keep breathing.

Who are you?

Sacred Body Practice of the Week

Exploring the Mystical Conversation Between Body & Spirit

Conversing with Trees – Human Awareness opens up another hidden Link to the Realm of Plants

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Conversing with Trees – Human Awareness opens up another hidden Link to the Realm of Plants

To pick up the overlaying question in my blog named “Querbeet” which is German for the rough translation of “Across the Garden of Life”: How do I grow my Garden?
Being Mary in my characteristic attitude of paddling against the flow of masses …here is one of my responses to what entails bliss and happiness for me in my special Garden of Life
This was a “Must-Re-blog” that I sensed when reading this channeled conversation of “Amoran” who is – like myself – a member of “The Golden Age of Gaia Discussion Group”.

On reading about his conversation with Trees Around Him I was stunned with amazement and awe and moreover deeply moved in my inner heart with blissful and divine delight.

Still there came up another great aware manifestation of myself and I flashlight-like suddenly knew that this knowledge has been inside of me already all my life ….. and constitutes only to be another part of “My-very-own-waking-up-Path” to some fully conscious human being !  It makes me  happy without words !

And in order to share this inner bliss and happiness with all of you — it is a “Must-Post” for me here:

With unconditional Love and Compassion

Yours (Contra)Mary

To: GoldenGaia@yahoogroups.com
From: amoran.amoran@…
Date: Sat, 18 May 2013 00:59:31 +0000
Subject: [GoldenGaia] A Tree Conversation …

Hello Dear Family and Greetings!

Well, it is Friday and the Trees and I wish to share.

I am still a bit shy about such things, but our Brothers, the Trees,
are not!

On another forum, someone asked me to “interview” the Trees by
submitting solicited questions from the reader populace. I was not all
that excited, but the Trees were! Laughing now …. I shall surely
desire not to do this for a living.

When I publicly accepted I was immediately attacked and asked to
“prove myself as a true channel” …. WHOA!! Hold the ship steady,
everybody, let’s just talk about what we each are experiencing … no
pressure and no worries!!

I almost didn’t do it …. but, you see, Trees surround my house and
office and they can be pretty relentless.

To point now. The Trees wish to have their “interview” shared with you
also in the immediate now as you are such Dear Family of Nature. They
reach out to you and embrace you each as Brother and Sister: Continue reading