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MY Beloveds, 

I AM often telling you Who I AM.

It is My always present proclamation where past and  future do not exist.

But how do you truly find Me, how do you come to Know Me? How do you penetrate the veils and transcend the realms of mind!

Can mind transcend itself? Try it!

As long as you observe mind there are two! You, the observer, and the observed, the play of mind.

But I AM not two! I cannot be observed. I can only Be You. All things AS objects vanished. Can mind ever imagine that!

Recognize mind itself by its dual condition.

As long as you observe Me as an other from your finite point of view, there are two — but I AM One!

You believe and feel: Love is the answer. However even Love is many- and multi-faced. It expresses and is felt according to your level of evolution and consciousness. On each stage of your personal evolution you always THINK you know Perfect Love now. But later you realize that the stages of deepening Knowledge of My Love are endless.

They appear to be stages of – even the enlightened – mind, that is multidimensional, fugitive, shape-shifting, multi- and inter-dimensional, always changing, in the for ever expanding realities of (spiritual) imaginations. And each time you insure yourself  that you found Me, I dissipate in undefined clouds of  hallucination, which is a trickery of mind too.

Do you understand that seeking Me never succeeds! Because you seek My Waters while punting self-consciously down into My Depths with some paddles of your sliding boat on My surface.

So how do you find Me, although this should be easy and simple, because I AM your very own and  Innate Nature?

There is no religion or mindful teaching-system that answers this question, or provides the means to find Me truly. Because religious means are made to distract you from Me,  attracting you towards their specific mind made structures as a kind of prosthesis that keeps you away from Me forever.

So to find me you must renounce all synthetic means and systems! There can be no-one and no-thing between Us, because We Are One and Only and Non-dual.

The more profound your heart desires Our genuine and pristine Oneness, the more your mind is retiring from its constant and tireless search for Me.

Your mind does not retire just by any strategy, making it silent, by suppressing its activities, by entering voluntarily a silent room of being-ness, which is merely another shape and frequency of mind, because even that room itself is mind and the silence a vessel of mind! Or using some other meditation techniques. Because also meditation and techniques are mind.

It is your desire, your deepest  heartfelt-desire, that attracts the Way to Unite with Me, beyond duality. This desire cannot by any means be fabricated by your seeking mind. Because this Desire is rooted in Myself.

I Confirm to you that the entire Process of Me-Realization Is Me Only. If you are willing to surrender your mind and body to  Me, so that it ceases wishing  to create the Great Path by its own will and imagination.

Let your mind be the leader and you will move away from Me further and further!

I AM the One that Ultimately Comes Forth in, through and as You. By a process of transforming and literally enlightening your total body-mind.

You can’t do it yourself, as if a fragment could create the Force and Totality of Existence That I Am, of Which it is a part only.

Rather, I Replace you with Myself, Overwhelming what you think is you, to let it be Un-done in Me. Only then you truly Know Me. All veils dissipated, all errors surrendered, mind Known as My True Servant.

I AM your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute



Ute Posegga-Rudel, http://RadiantlyHappy.blogspot.com

© 2016. All rights reserved.




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If enlightenment is what you desire, it is important to understand the difference!

Your definition depends on the understanding that is based on your point of view and the capacity for spiritual discrimination.

There are as many definitions of enlightenment as there are paradigms. So it seems, enlightenment is relative.

However I AM not Speaking about relative enlightenment. I AM Speaking of True or Radical Enlightenment, which is the most Profound Enlightenment a human being is able to realize.

The levels below to know and to define is your own task, as you proceed through your evolution in consciousness where you experience many forms of relative awakenings as your awareness expands. Each step then requires from you to be fully conscious on your level of present understanding, in every detail of the human faculties and how they project their content onto the universe or are being mirrored by it.

You will understand that levels are fluid and are merging into one another.  On whatever level  of awareness you stand, you will probably think that this is the whole truth.

But the more wise you become, the more you know that the whole truth can never be realized as long as you are identified with a finite person, an individual soul, a being who is living mainly from the mind, even the subtle mind and furthermore  from the heart-mind, which is based on your deeper personality or higher self.

Radical Enlightenment is not about point of view, levels and dimensions, any kind of inclusion or exclusion. It embraces all, even that which you cannot accept in this and other worlds, and everything that is dark, cruel, unjust, twisted, hypocritical, unreliable, deceitful and more. Everything you deny, never dealt with, although it stared you right into your face.

To be Truly Free requires your embrace and transcendence of all of this, – without re-action, re-sistance, contraction away from it, – your body-mind expanded and fully awake in My Divine Radiance that Is Your Natural Own State of Consciousness. Your body-mind literally fully En-lightened and Pervaded, from top to toe by the Divine Source-Light That Is Your True Nature, and even your En-lightened body-mind transcended in That Consciousness That is Pure Love and Radiance, without limitation, separation, and the otherness of light and dark.

While you embrace the totality of darkness and its appearances,  you admit that you are ALL that Exists without exception, without fear, without repulsion which is ultimately a contraction upon yourself, away from my Radiant Infinitely Expanded State that is also Yours.

This embrace is a shock for your system, it does not come with a “nice” sensation, a sweet God-idea, because it is the Power of Reality Itself That is Communicating to You the Totality of Existence.

Therefore know that you are to prepare your body-mind for this Revelation through an intense purification process which includes frequency and light – and Grace! It requires physical, emotional and spiritual strength and is not just a superficial journey in a visionary illusion-land.

It is the bitter and challenging medicine to be swallowed to heal at the very core of your being and to become whole again as the Radiance of Love and Conscious Light!

Life is teaching and inviting you constantly to integrate all your experiences in a way that you fully live them to go beyond, whatever it is, even your, what you call “good” experiences, because they are just that: experiences via the means of your body-mind. Your body-mind is but a tool to navigate through the dimensions, including through the higher dimensions with a subtle body.

But You Are in Reality Pure Consciousness and Radiant Energy and Love That does not “need” a body, not even a mind to Exist, and That does not “need” the play of dimensions.

I AM – You ARE – prior and beyond it.

To realize this, is True Enlightenment because it is always Your Most Native Divine State.

I AM Your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute



 Our GodSelf: I AM

I AM. You are – as a finite being, identified with thoughts about what you ARE – not.

I AM is not what you think. I AM begins when your vibration rises above the frequency of thought and even the Higher Mind and the total body-mind that is the cosmos. I AM is not even the frequency of the stillness of the heart in the middle of your chest. Because it is bound to a location that is body based and belongs to the mortal human psycho-physical structure.

I AM is the untouched Radiant Beauty of Transcendental and Eternal Being, prior to you and also containing you, who keeps a separate point of view, with a center and a circumference.

I AM is center-less. It Is. It is therefore “above” point of view and its ramifications.

Above: not locally above, but above as the non-dual reality.

Many of you only think “I AM”, identified with a finite body-mind and “think” that you “know” what It is. But the truth is, most of you  know nothing  beyond mind.  You merely have an idea, an intuition perhaps, a feeling about it. And what you do is to project this idea from your presumed center within the circumference, thereby creating an imagination.

Most of you are submitted to random thought patterns, suggesting you are in touch with the Real Source. But this is not so. There are veils after veils of mind disguising Me. And so you are bereft of your own Truth and Divine Reality, creating ideas of want and need about matters of ascension, ideas that would hopefully make ineffective the pain and suffering of this existence in low density. It is a hopeful escape.

Escaping the un-real creates more un-real worlds, as escaping itself is a gesture of illusion. You cannot escape, not one situation, because you always take with you what you desire to escape! It is done with the desperate hope not to have to deal with what you escape.

But what you try to escape is always something that belongs to you intimately. Be it your karma or your unwanted belief-systems, experiences, and so on. All of that IS yours, part of the work you wanted to explore and to know in this density …. and to transcend it, sooner or later.

So as you don’t like what you see here, you escape into the idea of “I AM”, imagining that you have realized it, that you have BECOME IT. But as long as you seek to escape any experience instead of fully accepting and embracing it and transcending it into unconditional love, you cannot and will not truly know “I AM”.

I AM arises naturally as the Reality of Divine Radiant Source-Existence, when you have entirely surrendered all of your experiences, high and low, because they have no binding effect on you, as you fully have relinquished your identification with and re-action to them.

I AM is not based on a point with a circumference that you call “I”. It is not based on a separate entity. I AM is not the “I” thought of that finite entity you are identified with. Because “I AM”  is not mortal, it is not mind-based.
Although “I AM” Is Everything, It does not think at all. It is free of imagination and duality, desire and any idea about something. It is not an object you can think of or observe. As long as you observe, locate or look at “I AM” It remains an idea, a hopeful wish to have realized IT already. And that you are enlighted and have no more work to do.

Such is the delusion . many of you are falling for, because of exotic and false ideas of New Age teachings.

 There I AM is nothing like an enlarged  ego-tought, a grandiose idea of false divinity where you are not required to do the real work to realize your highest truth, but instead you are stalled, lost in fanatasy-land. It is a deception to keep you from growing truly into Me, Your True Self, to know and be I AM, untouched by thought´s beliefs, concepts and thereby separate notions.
I AM merely My Realm of Perfect Happiness and Unconditional Love. This Truly is I AM. I AM not separate from you and you are not separate from Me in Truth. You Are. Thoughtless.
Beloveds, please understand that because of Love I desire your True Awakening in Me, to see you Grow and not to be stuck in the Prison
of senseless doctrines that do not serve your Divine Nature, keeping you in the illusions of mind and limitations.
I  AM your True Nature, Free and Radiant Bliss, All-Love, I AM..
I AM Your God-Self.
 Friday, October 14, 2016


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Dearest Friends!

Merely waiting for a major collective change and transition is wasted energy and time of hope with blinders on our eyes.

If we look back at the hundreds of thousands of years of our vast history, or even longer, we realize that none of the presumed enlightened cultures persisted. None! Not even Lemuria and not Atlantis. Why? Because they existed in a reality that only changes. And so  we do.
Now we could stop, to change our disposition and ask for the teaching! We could now just step back to look at the big picture, the whole scenario, and not merely at this moment of a few hundred years, or just the last 20 years, to truly understand our present situation.

And we will find out, that there have been always long periods of war – here and in the skies – after relative short periods of peace. And in case there was not an actual war, it was at least latent for a time! But what are a few hundred or even a thousand years compared to the long history of the cosmos. War has always been an issue, even in peaceful times, because the other side of peace is war.

As long as our consciousness is busy within the duality of light and dark, there is necessarily struggle between the two of them! Peace tries to prevent war, and war tries to prevent peace.

Visiting the future, Almine, (called the greatest Mystic and  Seer of our time), saw “The Coming Dark Ages and the Destructuring of Humanity” and a “flawed Golden Age”.

If we take the truth of change serious,  we notice the never ending  positive (plus) and negative (minus) movement of a sinus wave, one after the other. The positive curve naturally transiting into the negative and the negative transiting into the positive. Same with the Yin and Yang principle. There was never ever a “time” of constant “positivity”, never, and even the predicted Golden Age is supposed to last  a limited time of only 1000 years, not to mention what Almine said about it.

What? Only thousand years, my heart cries out! Is there anybody crying with me?

What I get is that most people seem to think that the Golden Age will last forever or they seem to be “content” with these few years of some relieve, alternative technologies, no wars, some love, yes, some happiness, but all soon to disappear again, because it is still duality-land.

Dear friends, did you ever ponder about this! How many times would you reincarnate in these short thousand years? Perhaps 10 times? And thereafter???

Ah, yes, we are going “back” to the planets we came from! We are going to higher and more subtle realms and dimensions! Besides that this must be earned and that there is a reason why we are here, even the subtle realms are in constant movement. In the great wisdom teachings of Ancient India about the Gods it is said, that their joy and celebrations in the heavens, after the time of a few hundred or thousands of years, according to their karma, crumbles away, their flowers die, and overwhelmed by grief, depression and loneliness they are to take a body again in the lower realms.

This all is born from the deep rooted notion of duality. And duality exists, as long as we identify with a separate body-mind. Duality is not transcended by desiring and then living on a higher plane of existence with floating cities, colors, music and some ethereal love and light.

Yes, there is evolution, but it must be evolution that transcends the separate, brain-based consciousness  into the One Field of Divine Source-Consciousness. Evolution of merely the body-mind is but another limitation and is part of duality or separation!

As we are now “waiting” for another positive, but short-timed sinus wave, it will never appear because others come to save us, but ultimately because of the law of constant change, which is mostly brought about by cosmic and planetary forces or cataclysms, as history has revealed.

There is nothing that will “save” us, while we are beings, deeply ingrained and identified with the idea of duality. Because mortality is inherent in duality. Therefore we must decide to go through a process of transcending duality!

We become what we are focused on. If we are deluded in the belief to be eternally deathless beings of truth, while helplessly bound, attached to and identified with the movements of seemingly eternal change, we are not allowed to survive as such separate entities.

But because we are in Truth Eternal Beings beyond or prior to change and duality, there is the Grace of Divine Intervention in this endless waiting time. We got this imperfect condition, to make sure we don’t forget to return to What We Are, because ultimately we desire  nothing less than our True Divine Nature, which is beyond change, suffering and limited identification with a body-mind, gross or subtle.

Each pain, each disappointment is pointing to the distortion and seeming loss of our Inherent Divinity that needs to be healed!

We came into this Universe as Beings of Radiant Consciousness, Participating in or Being One with the Source Condition! Then we stepped down to experience in seeming separation all the possibilities of creations of the One Light, that has many aspects, including the dark, that is still an expression of light, just on a very dense vibrational level, and on the lowest level, with almost the extinction of light.

To return to What We Are, the Pure and Unstained frequency of Unconditional Love has been created. It is the Graceful Means that allows to reunite with Perfect Divine Light and Absolute Consciousness, our Native State.

But as long as we hold on to the small picture of ourselves, a grave limitation to disguise Divine Reality and Unconditional Love, we will not find the perfection our heart is yearning for.

Bound to duality and opposition is to be deprived of our true happiness and thereby true Divine Nature.

As above, so below. As long as we put up merely with warm and cold, big and small, good and bad, light and dark, peace and war, we support the wars here and in the skies between the light forces and the dark forces. This will go on forever, as this is simply the nature of the reality in which a part of our multidimensional nature seeks for experiences.

Captured by the visions of duality, we are deeply impressed by the seeming grandiosity of our creations. Until we become really tired of them. Even tired of again and again temporary arising hopes and temporary regained vigour and self-enforced enthusiasm to seek in the realms of change for perfect peace …

And until we come to the conclusion that there is no real way out of this seemingly eternal dilemma – after so many trials to ride again and again the light of the positive sinus wave, with exaggeratedly hopeful joy, a compensation for the fear it might end soon again.

Who arrived at this point, is facing deep depression and hopelessness. But it is actually a good thing. Because it tells us: Beloved, you are stuck, because you are on your wrong path! It is NOT here where you really want to go! Remember? Your heart desires to go HOME, your True Home, that is not of any dimension or planet. It Is Your Native State of Radiant Divine Consciousness, Eternal Love and Bliss!

It is neither found in this nor in other dimensions. It is not found somewhere else. Like the proverbial woman who seeks desperately her pearl necklace in every corner of her house, while she forgot she had it always around her neck.

We do not need anything but to do the happy, although hard work, and develop a relationship with our own Deepest Core-Condition, by acknowledging and letting go of everything that is in between: false believes that persist as stuck energies in our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, blocking the down-pouring of the Blessed and Powerful Divine Current of What We Always have been, when we entered this Universe.

In this way we transcend all our experiences and knowledge that we have accumulated during our journey, to be Awake again as the One that does not Know separation, but is in Love with all Creations, including the apparition of duality, recognizing All as Part of the Divine Light and Consciousness That We Are.

This is the only  breaking free from all limitations, dead-ends, hopeless depressions. It is the Gift of our frustrating endless waiting time for betterment and change, if we are being willing to recognize the teaching.

According to the great sages, everything that changes is untrue. Only That Which does not change is Truth.

So we need to realize that our long waiting time for change is just a “normal” occurrence that is inherent in the realms of duality. How could it be otherwise. And so, no complaint and no desperation about it is based on reality, but rather on illusion! We are merely dealing with cosmic laws we have chosen to experience.

We must give up useless and unrealistic hopes and become real and true to ourselves in our choices:

To accept the experiences within duality as they are — or to transcend this situation by entering the ecstatic ultimate path of self-transcendence to return to our Divine Origin.

The choice is entirely up to each one of us, if we use our self- authority and higher free will. None of  this is “easy”. But let happiness be your guide!

Many Blessings on the path of your choice!

With Love,





Ute Posegga-Rudel, http://RadiantlyHappy.blogspot.com

© 2016. All rights reserved.


















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Tipping Point – The Council – Ron Head

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How to manifest – AA Michael on the latest energy update – Message from AA Michael talking about Time and the Now Moment

This came in today a few days later than I wrote Chapter 11 on my diary where I treated the same subject of change of time. And today AA Michael speaks to it what we are experiencing in the time of Now. Contramimi/Contramary
P.S. As the subjects somehow belong together I shall annex this Message also to Chapter 11.of my Diary (Shortlink : http://wp.me/p2wHrN-8yo)

HOW TO MANIFEST – AA Michael’s Latest Energy Update

Archangel Michael:

“Greetings, Beloved Ones.

We send you blessings of Love and Light, in this Now Moment, and we invite you to open your heart to our message for you…

Dear Ones, your perception of time is currently changing.

Or, shall we say your experience of time is changing.

Lifting out of the constraints of time is part of your Ascension process.

Time was set into place for humanity to experience the third dimension of time and space.

As you are moving into the higher dimensions, these two factors of time and space will fall away.

Right now, you are experiencing your measure of time, an hour for example, differently as you go throughout your day.

You are slowly lifting out of time…

We invite you to become more and more aware of how your measures of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years and so on are beginning to blur more and more.

Your experiences in the immediate past and your future, are having less energy and your “Now Moment” is becoming the strongest experience.

This is all part of the process.

The more you remain in your now moment and give less and less energy to your past or future, the more you are removing yourself from the constraints of time.

The question is: “Why is it so important?”

One the reasons is that when you are trying to manifest something, the factor of time seems very important to humans.

In other words, you think that in your now moment, you don’t have what you desire and you are hoping that you will have it in the future.

Thus, keeping the factor of time firmly in its place.

What happens when you remove the factor of time?

Then you have what you desire NOW.

This process of lifting out of time, or removing the factor of time, will become easier and easier for you.

The first step is to focus on your NOW MOMENT as much as you can.

Existing outside of time is the higher dimensional experience of your Ascension.

Know That All Is Well, Beloved Ones.

Welcome Home.

We are walking beside you, every step of the way.

Dear Ones, you are loved beyond measure. Always.

I am Archangel Michael and I bring you this truth.”

Founder of The Telos Channel
Trance-channel for
Adama of Telos
Archangel Michael and
The Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light







Bilingual Diary/Tagebuch – Kapitel 12 / Chapter 12



Bilingual Diary/Tagebuch – Kapitel 12 /Chapter 12

Untertitel : Der Göttliche Funke

Subtitle :    The Divine Sparkle

12 ) Shortlink : http://wp.me/p2wHrN-8yU – dated October 14th, 2017

Bilingual Diary/Tagebuch  –  Introduction/Einführung : Shortlink: http://wp.me/p2wHrN-8q9


Seit dem Abschluss des Kapitels 11 sind mehrere Tage vergangen, in denen ich nicht mit dem -Schreiben eines neuen Kapitels beschäftigt gewesen bin. Auch waren die niederkommenden Energien so stark, dass sie mich in meinen Fähigkeiten und auch meinen Körper stark in Mitleidenschaft gezogen haben. Ich habe nicht viel machen können aber ich habe viel meditiert und Gespräche mit Hatonn und EEMichael gehabt und bei für mich wichtige Themen haben wir Gottvater mit all seiner Weisheit und Gottmutter mit all ihrer Liebe (Vaters Liebe natürlich auch) mit herangezogen. Und nun bin ich wieder soweit, dass ich das nächste Kapitel 12 beginnen will.

Since finishing of Chapter 11 several days has passed  in which I have not been bucy with the writing of a new chapter. And the downloaded energies also were such strong that they have disturbed my abilities and my body in severe way.I, therefore, could do much but I have meditated much instead and talked with Hatonn and AAMichael and when we had essential topics we also have turned to Godfather with all his wisdom and Godmother with all her love (naturally his love too). And now I habve reached again the point of restarting Chapter 12.

Eins muss ich hier gestehen : Immer, wenn ich einen Script neu anfangen möchte, muss ich durch die gleichen Stadien gehen, bevor ich tatsächlich an zu schreiben anfange. Alles schwirrt in meinem Kopf durcheinander: “Wortfetzen, abgebrochene Sätze, verschiedene Variationen über anzusprechende Themen usw. usw … und ich habe ein bisschen Angst, mal weniger ,mal mehr ! Davor, etwas -in dem kommenden Artikel nicht richtig bewältigen zu können.

There is something I have to confess here. Always before I want to start a script I have to go through rhe same kind of status before the real action of writing begins.Everything about the concerned topic swirls “topsy-turvey” in my mind: fractals of words or sentences broken up, different variations how to handle some themes etc. etc.- and I am a little afraid – once more and once less! Being afraid not to master in a right way the coming article.

Es ist wie beim Malen, wenn ich vor einem weissen Blatt sitze – vor dem Anfang. So ist es auch hier und ich bitte meine himmlischen Helfer Haton  und AAMichael um ihre Mithilfe und auch Absegnung meines Schreibens.Und dann ergreift mich eine Art Ekstase, ich bin gefangen in dem jeweiligen Thema und beginne den ersten Satz. Es ist mir dann, als ob ein stetiger Flut von Worten auf mich einströmt und die nächsten Tage, bis ich den jewiligen Artikel beendet habe, ist nichts weiter in meinem Sinn, als was ich schreiben will und kann. Ich weiss. dass habe ich meinen himmlischen Helfern zu danken und das tue ich auch. Ich bin in einer Art Trance, die mich auch zu anderen Schriftstücken hinführt, die mein jetziges Thema ergänzen. Und manchmal üpassiert es auch, dass gleichzeitig oder Tage danach irgendwo Botschaften auftauchen, die das thema gleichfalls behandeln. Ich nicke dann mit dem Kopfe insgeheim und sage danke für diese Bestätigung vom Universum. Das wollte ich Euch so gerne einmal richtig beschreiben, wie das alles hier bei mir vonstatten geht.

The same happens to me when painting, when sitting before a blank sheet of paper or canvass before I start. Then I do not know any other help but asking my celestial helpers, Hatonn and AAMichael, for their help and the blessing of my writing here. And then I feel seized by some kind of trace and bliss – I am deep inside the subject concerned and I start the first sentence. It appears to me as if a permanent flood of words is streaming into me and this will stay so during the next days too until I shall have finished the respective article.I know I have to thank my celestial helpers and this is what I do too. Also being in some way of trance which leads me to some essays or scripts complementing my subject. I has happened also that days after my writing messages appear dealing with the same or similar themes. Secretly I am nodding with my head then being very grateful to the universe for its confirmation. This I wanted to describe to you how exactly all takes place when I am writing any article and chapters too.

Ich sehe schon und mein Gefühl sagt es mir auch, dass dieses Schreiben mehr als ein Kapitel mich beschäftigen wird

I see already now that this subject will fill more than only one chapter.

Aber nun zum göttlichen Funken ! Es ist als Geschichte, Legende oder auch Märchen im Volke schon sehr lange verbreitet, dass wir Menschen alle von Gott, als er uns erschuf, einen göttlichen Funken seines Geistesfeuer einverleibt bekommen haben. Manche denken ihn sich in der Menschenseele aus, andere im Herzen und so weiter und so fort.

But now to write about the “Divine Sparkle”. I has spreaded as story, legend or fairy tale since olden times among peoples that we, all humans have gotten a divine sparkle of his spiritual fire when he created us. Some humans think it is in our souls, others in our hearts and so forth.

Meine Mutter machte für mich Kind daraus als eine Folge des göttlichen Funken in uns“Das Gewissen” das jeder Mensch in sich trägt. Es ist das innere Gewissen, das mit jeder Unwahheit, Täuschung und negativen Denkens belastet wird und es hat eine eigene Stimme, die ob dieser Belastungen den inneren Frieden stört. Befreien kann man sich davon nur, wenn man es einem vertrauten Menschen (Mutter oder Vater) erzählt und man eingesehen hat, dass es nicht der richtige Weg war. In vielen Religionen “beichtet” man es dem Priester oder einem Vermittler der betreffenden Religion.

Being a child then my mother made thereof “the Conscience” as consequence of the divine sparkle which is in every human. It is the human inside conscience whis burdened with every lie, deceipt and negative thinking. And it has a voice of its own which a cause of these burdens disturbs the inner peace of the human soul. To free from these burdens is only possible if one tells to a trusted person (Mother or Father) about it and one repents that his/her doings were not the right way to act. Many religions therefore have a priest or a parson to confess to.

Bei uns in unserer Familie war es so, man tat das richtige und sog. “Gute”, weil uns Gott seinen göttlichen Funken einverleibt hatte – und Gott war ja “Das Ebenbild des Guten”, das sah jeder ein und auch ich als Kind. Wir, ich, tat es nicht um der Religion willen und der 10 Gebote – da war doch der Funken in uns von Gott, und das verpflichtete und in and sog. “Gewissens-Gesorächen mit meinen Eltern überzeugten sie mich auch, dass es besser ist,  erst gar nicht etwas falsches zu tun und dann zu beichten. Dann machte es man sich ja leichter im Leben, als versuchen, von Grund aus “gur” zu sein.

In our family it was like this – the right way was done and the so-called “Good” because God has enbedded in us his “Divine Sparkle” and finally God was the image of the “Good”, everybody was convinced of it and I, being a child, too.Er, I, we do not act because of the Religion and the 10 Commandments – There the Divine sparkle was embedded in us by God and that was obliging and in certain talks about the conscience my parents convinced me too that it was better not to do anything wrong in the first place and then to confess it later on. In the latter case one did it the easier way in life than trying to be good up from the basis.

Das ist nur als Beispiel gedacht aus meinem Leben. Jedenfalls wuchs ich auf beinahe ohne zu lügen und Unwahrheiten zu sagen. Soviel über den göttlichen Funken in meiner Kindheit und Jugend. Diesen Hang zur Wahrheit habe ich mir eigentlich bis heute bewahrt.

This is only given here as an example out of my own life. Anyway, I grew up almost without lieing and to spread news and stories which were not true. So much saying about the Divine Sparkle inmy childhood and youth and this virtue have saved all through my life up to today.

In den Fussnoten habe ich die Links zu 2 Artikeln aufgelistet, die Ähnliches behandeln.

In the footnotes I have inserted Links to two articles dealing with similar topics.


Wie wir weiter sehen werden, sind für den sog. göttlichen Funken handfestere Beweise von Wissenschaftlern schon zu Beginn des vorigen Hagrgunderts erbracht worden, die wir später noch als Geheime 5. Herzkammer mit ihrem Versteck behandeln werden. Aber vorerst bleiben wir bei  dem Funken und vor einigen Jahren habe ich schon darüber geschrieben, das will ich euch heute nicht vorenthalten.:

As we shall learn furthermore scientists of the former century had publized more stabile proofs for the Divine Sparkle which we shall describe still later as the secret Space of our heart and what it is hiding. But first we shall remain at the sparkle and several years ago I have written already about it which I will give way to the outside now again.


Ein Konzept? Habe ich nicht ! Wie alles in meinem Leben – es geschieht etwas und ich lasse es geschehen. So werden diese Briefe ihren eigenständigen Lauf nehmen, ich horche in mich hinein und schreibe auf, was dann hervorkommt und hervor will.

Do I have a certain conception? No – ! Just ad everything in my life – something is happening and I leave it hereby. Such these letters will take their own run, I am listening into myself and put down in writing everything coming up willing tobe outside.

Ja, ein Konzept gibt es für mich doch! Nämlich, keines zu haben, denn da ist etwas, an das ich fest glaube:

Yes, there is a conception – namely none . and this is something i believe in firmly.

“Jedes menschliche Tun, sei es handwerklich oder geistig, erhält bei seiner Geburt/Schöpfung  von seinem göttlichem Schöpfer ein kleines Bißchen von der Seele des Menschen oder besser ausgedrückt, vom göttlichen Seelenfunken. Und diesen Seelenfunken gilt es, meiner Ansicht nach, zu achten und zu schützen, damit ein jegliches menschliche Tun und Wirken gedeihen und wachsen kann.

Each human action, be it by crafts or spiritually in mind, is given at his human birth a little bit of the human soul by his/her divine creator or still better expressed  from the divine sparkle of the divine soul. And in my opinion it is advisable to respect and protect this sparkle so that any human doing and effectiveness may grow and bloom.

Und diesem kleinen sich in meinem Tun ausbreitenden  Lichtseelchen gebe ich all meine Zuneigung und Achtung ! Es ist nicht so sehr mein Tun als ein Fördern dieser kleinen Lichtseele this little Soul of light, die ich verwaltend nur als Teil des Lichtes weitergebe, das ich von unserem, göttlichen “All-Was-Da-Ist” empfangen habe zugleich mit meiner eigenen Geburt:.  “Danke lieber Gottvater und Gottmutter, ich werde dies nach bestem Wissen und Gewissen verwalten und vermehren!”

And in the matter of I, myself, I give all my affection and my respect to this little soul of light spreading itself in all my actions. It is not this my doing alone but more a fostering of this little soul of light which I hand on administratively as part of the light which I have received from “All-what-Is-There” at the time of my birth. “Thank you dear Godfather and Godmother, I will and shall administer and augment it according to the best of my knowledge and my conscience.

End of citing

Das ist alles erst einmal, was ich über den göttlichen Funken weiss und verraten kann.

This is all for the time being what I know about the “Divine Sparkle” and to come out with it.

Wie es sich dann herausstellte, ist es das menschliche Herz mit seinen mulitidimensionalen Wesen, das uns beweist, dass der Mensch nach dem “Ebenbild Gottes” geschaffen wurde und das unser Streben nach seinem Ebenbilde bewirkt. Aber darüber mehr in Kapitel 13. Fortsetzung folgt.

As it was proved later on it is the human Heart (the spiritual one) in its mulitdimensional being which is the proof that humans have been created “In the Image of God” But more about it in Chapter 13 … to be continued ….


Footnotes :

AAMichael on Heart Openings – Part 1/2  –  Shortlink :  http://wp.me/p2wHrN-6cK

AAMichael : ” I am Protecting You – Shortlink : http://wp.me/p2wHrN-8AJ

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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Oct. 17, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Oct. 17 2017 Compiled 12:04 am EDT 17 Oct. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abus…

Message from the Arcturian Collective for October 15, 2017

We are the Arcturian Collective and we wish to speak with you today.

We send you healing rays of purple and aqua light, and ask that you visualize yourself being coated and surrounded by these healing frequencies. Much you have learned you will need to unlearn. You are in the process of expanding greatly. All is being made new within and around you. This illusion is cracking like an egg, and the harder shell that has been surrounding you, and limiting you, and telling you all that you cannot be, is simply false, and is falling away.

Are you ready to realize all that you are, all that you are not and have never been? That you are likely from the stars on a top secret mission to embody a human form so that the human collective can absorb your light language and your energy signatures? For light is energy and it changes all it interacts with. Light and energy exchange are the way that other higher fifth dimensional societies exchange ideas, energy, and ultimately thrive.

We know you on Earth are not thriving yet, far from it, but you will be, and we are eager to assist you in your missions of healing and hope across this most treasured planet, Gaia. She is such an unbelievably loving, wise and pure soul and so eager to expand with her beloved Humanity. You are so cared for from all sides. We of the skies and space surrounding your planet are breathless with anticipation of the greatest story of ascension any has ever experienced or witnessed. The ascension of an entire planet with her populations still embodied has never before been attempted. It is shockingly exciting. Also of interest is the breadth of emotions you Humans embody, for you are a very emotional race, much more than the others, and there is much to clear.

You are truly clearing for your ancestors as well, which you may have already been told. It is indeed true. The layers of cleansing and muck are deep on your planet but very real, and they are being cleared away with great relish and ferocity. It takes a strong heart and constitution to do what you renegades are doing! We salute you and honor you in your progress. Shortly we will be able to assist you more openly. If you would like this, please ask and it will therefore happen more swiftly. For we are polite you see, and always honor the prime directive in this free will universe. It is our sacred law to not infringe upon another’s will.

We must be asked. So please do ask. Ask for our healing ships to come and surround your neighborhoods with healing pulses of light and love. Ask us for insight, for news, for greetings from home, for many of you – most – are not from here. But you know this deep within, do you not? What a long and lonely road this has been for our ascending ones. We know this. You knew this before you volunteered. The reunions are coming! Be assured of this and be hopeful and at peace. The rocks in your shoes are to be removed and the heaviness of your hearts are to be made light.

Be in joy! Connect with us, connect with yourself, your higher self, for we are all connected, we are all one. Heaven has big plans for you, our light warriors of light warriors! Many happy times and new friendships are ahead. All is being made well. When the earth shakes, when the illusion breaks, when truly the apple cart is upset, know that in order to make a new world you have to remake it, and you need the right ingredients, don’t you? Well team Earth, you are the right ingredients and we are so proud of you.

Please ask for healing and assistance with expanding your heart spaces and assistance with remembering your mission, your memories, your pledges before you came here to yourself and to all of us, in how you promised to hold the light in whatever circumstances, for that is why you are here now, in this precious time! To remember who you are! And when you remember this, you will remember all that you can do, because you have done many brave and wonderful things before – it is stored in your DNA, which is coming online now, as you type, as you speak, as you remember to listen to the call of the woods, as you remember to listen to the fairy laughter in the flowers and feel their gentle buzzing energy around you….You are all of these things for we are all connected!

Embrace change for it is coming. And my friends, it is YOU. YOU are this change. Wake up and be all that you are and all that you promised to us and to yourself that you would be.

Whatever happens, choose love. Embody love. Breathe love. For love is unstoppable. Love is truly the greatest force in the universe, and it is within you.

We love you. We are eager to assist you with your transformation, your metamorphosis from where you are to all that you will become. Remember we are only guides, you are in the drivers seat. Where will you choose to go? It is all up to you. We know you can do it. Listen to the still small voice with in you, deep within your heart space, and you will find your true self. Remember the ancient truth, “Seek and ye shall find.” For surely it is very true.

We love you. In loving service, we are the Arcturian Collective and it was our pleasure to speak with you this day.

— Submitted by galaxygirl



Mike Quinsey – 13 October 2017

Shortlink : http://wp.me/p2wHrN-8yQ

Mike Quinsey

Foreword by Mike Quinsey.

Of late I have been reading Kryon’s messages that are undoubtedly the most informative of the present time, covering the immediate years ahead. They often focus on the changes that have been taking place since the end of the last Age – 2012, and the many more changes that are to come including the path to Ascension. The messages are clear that we must literally forget what we have been taught prior to 2012, as a new paradigm has commenced, revealing many truths that have not hitherto been made known to us. It seems quite clear to me that we have what you may call a “one off” opportunity to move off the old path onto the new one, if we wish to move into the higher dimensions and leave behind the lower vibrations, and the need for re-incarnation. With that in mind I am putting together extracts from Kryon’s recent messages that relate to the “Innate” which is probably new to many of you. It is important that you try to adapt your thinking to what is required to follow the new path to the higher levels of vibration.

Extracts from the messages of Kryon relating to the Innate are mainly from:

“KRYON 2017. Teaches exactly how to instruct your cells to heal.

Innate – your second brain in quantum synchronicity.

Innate is programmed for spiritual survival. Innate comes from inside each of us. Every single thing comes from the God within. Spontaneous Remission is by Innate, but it will not work where there is a negative response. Innate wants what is good for you and makes you comfortable. Innate is connected to your Higher Self and Akashic Record of the Human Being. Your brain keeps you alive (click on picture for original) Continue reading

Heavenletter #5786 Raising your Estimation of Yourself, September 27, 2016

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Heavenletters™, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
* Our connection to God *
* Our belief in ourselves *Heavenletter #5786 Raising Your Estimation
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.

Heavenletter #5786 Raising Your Estimation of Yourself, September 27, 2016

God said:
My children cannot perform only one way in terms of Life on Earth. This is the thing about Life in the World – it is a mix. You yourself are a mix. All the opposites whirl around in the world. While you are on Earth, you yourself may include all the opposites.

In terms of the world, you are imperfect. Therefore, I ask you to be gentle and generous with yourself – and, yes, others.

It is not for you to dwell on moments of your imperfection. This is also not for you to dwell on your moments of perfection ad infinitum in order to pump your ego.

However, if you must dwell on one or the other, then I tell you to dwell on your moments of perfection. In any case, look for them.

Look, I tell you that you are perfect as you are. Even with all your perceived imperfections, I tell you that you are a perfect human being. Let not your life be a race between imperfection and perfection. Where would that get you? Instead, make a truce.

At school, it’s important that you pass a test. Perhaps it is even important for you to get an A on the test. I ask you: Is getting an A, as heartwarming as it may be, really the purpose of your schooling?

Do you see how desiring an A lacks the oomph of desiring to learn? An A is a distraction. It is a detour. It is a lapse.

Put not your emphasis on grades.

More than asking how you’re doing – more than achieving a score — cast your eye on what blessings you may give to someone in the world today, and, therefore, to the world at large. Ask yourself the questions that will, likely or surely, take you somewhere.

Let Us imagine that what you give to the world and yourself are musical tones. What musical note might you cast to the world today? What musical tone would you like to?

Remember now, this is to be easy. You don’t want to be your own taskmaster. Set yourself up for joy. Avoid the trap of demanding that you follow a map perfectly. Perfectly or imperfectly, you get somewhere.

This is not grading yourself. It’s simply a catch-as-catch-can. It is an estimate, a guess. Beloveds, you are going in a direction. If you feel you have fallen short or even that you have failed the day, it’s okay, for now you can only get up and keep going forward. Why don’t you go up in your estimation?

We are speaking of how you feel, not about how much you accomplished in the day. We are speaking of an inside view, not an outer glance. Where you put your attention matters to you, and it matters to the success of the world. You draw your own map. You are absolutely on your way.

Remember this old popular song?

“Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive

“You’ve got to accentuate the positive
Eliminate the negative
Latch on to the affirmative
Don’t mess with Mister In-Between

“You’ve got to spread joy up to the maximum
Bring gloom down to the minimum
Have faith, or pandemonium
Liable to walk upon the scene

“To illustrate his last remark
Jonah in the whale, Noah in the ark
What did they do
Just when everything looked so dark

“Man, they said we better accentuate the positive
Eliminate the negative
Latch on to the affirmative
Don’t mess with Mister In-Between
No, do not mess with Mister In-Between
Do you hear me?…

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INTEL Dinar Chronicle 26.09.2016

Sunday, September 25, 2016


Thank you PinkRoses for sending this to us. ~ Dinar Chronicles

REDEMPTION EXCHANGE POINTS FROM YOSEF AND BRUCE, PERSONAL NOTES FROM CONF. CALLS, SEPTEMBER 24, 2016 BY PINKROSES· When the notifications of the toll free 800 numbers come out different dinar sites will have that information listed. Some names of dinar sites that will have or possibly have the information listed are: thebigcall.net, tntsuperfantastic.com, realtruthchatter, dinar chronicles, dinar recaps, etc.

· Yosef will post on thebigcall.net, dinar chronicles, and the realtruth site the latest rates he knows at the time we get the toll free 800 numbers.

· When the toll free 800 numbers are available, call and set your appointment. If you are bringing in someone with you, let them know at that time. Have your currency in order and know how much you have of each currency. You can bring a spread sheet with you for the exchange.

· Before you go in to your own appointment at the redemption center, you will need to inform the people you have gifted currency to or to anyone you know that has currency and has not stayed informed of the process. Tell them to call the toll free 800 number and set their appointment. When they call the toll free number, they will answer all their questions. Also, when they go in there and meet with Abbot Downing for their exchange, they will have everything there at the redemption center to help them through the process. You want to do this in order not to break your NDA after you have exchanged.

· Do not violate your NDA. After you have signed your NDA and exchanged, do not speak to anyone of date or rates or structure programs. This means no mentioning of such on the phone, in an email, text, or any other form of communication. If you violate your NDA, your funds will be taken away. If someone asks you post RV what you do, you can say something like this “I work for a trust of philanthropy”.

· The bank will have concierge services such as handling your real estate, investments, doctor appointments, travel plans, etc. Also other programs and professional help for you such as setting up your family office and trusts. They want you to succeed. You will begin a lifetime relationship with them.

· The redemption appointment will be from an hour to 2 ½ hours long.

· Post RV, you will want to set up your support team of attorneys and CPAs, etc.

· There are about 30 million currency holders. Two thirds are holding dinar, and about 150,000 have ZIM.

· There are over 7,000 Redemption centers

· Sovereign rates: Dinar – $168, Dong – $113, Rupiah-$71, Afgan-$10, ZIM- 4 digits-$1000 and up

· Regular rates: Dinar-$5 to 8, Dong-$2 to $3, ZIM-no zeros-ask what you wish

· Structure Payouts especially all with the ZIM: Structure – 65%, Personal use-35% (Yosef taking less than 1% for personal use with the extreme high rates)

· For the structure payouts we have been told you will be signing an NDA.

· When you go in tell them you wish to exchange your currency. Do not say cash in.

· In the first week they feel 89% will go in and exchange. You have the first 6 days to go in and receive the Private Negotiated Rates. If you set your appointment in the first 48 hours, you will have 20 days to get in for your appointment. I don’t know how that affects your rates. Right now the date for the public to go in is 10/09/16 and the rates will be the straight rates for the currencies.

· When the toll free 800 numbers are available, call and set your appointment. Have each currency counted. Know how much you have of each currency. You can bring a spread sheet with you for the exchange.

· The Sovereign rates or Private Negotiated rates are for those with Humanitarian Projects or Plans. These should include job creations, starting new business, helping existing businesses especially those that are failing, rebuild and provide new machinery for factories, build homes, food banks, build churches, help Veterans, help volunteer programs for schools, hospitals, etc., rebuild inner cities, help with infrastructure locally, nationally and internationally, help with food production, help ranchers and farmers, build new means of energy, provide new buses to all the schools, build new parks or improve existing parks, build senior citizen centers, provide work-study programs, help seniors, build colleges, build hospitals, build free health clinics, build schools, build training vocational schools, free tutoring centers, provide college scholarships to every child, help local municipals such as the police force, fire department, public works, etc., animal shelters, environmental issues and cleanup of the earth , oceans, rivers, lakes, etc. fund existing charities. The list is endless. State what your heart’s desire is to do for your humanitarian projects.

· For the Humanitarian projects in creating jobs, they are looking at 120,000 jobs in 5 years or 24,000 jobs every year. If you say you will do it, and not do it, they may renegotiate your payout structure and lower your rate. Be honest with them.

· At the Redemption center you will be setting up a temporary trust until you go back in a few days. You can set up some trusts at the time of the exchange. If you do, before you go in have at least 5 to 10 names picked out for your trust. Your first choices of names for your trusts maybe already have been taken.

· For your presentation of your Humanitarian projects you will have about 5 minutes to present yourself and your plans. It is suggested to have a one page bio of yourself if you wish. It is not necessary to have a bio. Also, it is recommended to have a one or two page bulletin or outline of your humanitarian projects. One paragraph each, present two to four main things you plan on doing. If you desire the Private negotiated rates, do not go little. Example: Instead of saying I want to do a soup kitchen in Oregon, you can say I want to feed the hungry on the whole west coast. Go BIG, go domestic, internationally. If that is your heart’s desire.

· When you present yourself be yourself and not someone you are not. Speak with clarity and in a control voice. You can role play ahead of time to practice presenting yourself to the bankers. It is not what you say but how you say your words. They want to see your heart’s desire to help others. Tell them from your heart how far you wish to go with your projects domestically and or internationally.

· Example what you can say: “This is what I am doing and I am looking for a partner that understands the depths of the problems our society is facing”. Again be simple, clear and confident. Be true to what you believe in and what you stand for. Do not flinch.

· After you have presented your humanitarian projects and plans. You can state to them that you want so much money (give them the amount) each year to flow out to the world and to your children for generations for longevity. Do not go in and start speaking dates and rates right away. It will show you are anxious. Josef quoted “Those who talk $ first loses”.

· Picture ten years out after you have exchanged, how much you will need each quarter. Is it $50 million, $50 Billion, $50 Trillion? Whatever the amount you will need to go forward with longevity in view. They will do the math for you and present a rate to you. Josef gave an example: ZIM 100 Trillion note at $100 will be $100 Quadrillion. Interest say 10% for 100 years (they think it be 8.5% for 100 years). You will always have a streaming income for generations to come. Other interest rates 2% to 6%.

· If you would be happy to go in and receive a certain amount say $10 million, $50 million, or another number, then tell them that is the amount you wish to walk out with and they will figure the rate. Some will be happy with that and that is their heart’s desire.

· At the redemption center they will set up bank accounts, wire money- 5 to 10 wires, provide cashier checks –2 to 5 checks. You want to have the amount and names you wish on the cashier checks before you go in on paper. You can ask for a check written out to cash, but if you lose it, the funds are lost. They will give you a bank card with funds on it before you go. Ask them for what you wish, and they will provide it if they can.

· Post redemption of your currency some ideas you can offer to a certain group to help you disperse funds: You can go to a group, give them funds for their group, and tell them for every dollar they give out to help people, they can keep 3% for themselves. Also in exchange for people helping you, you offer to support them by paying for their housing, living expenses, putting their kids through college, medical bills, vehicles, etc. You can provide part time jobs for high school students and senior citizens.

· List of jobs you can provide: lawn mowers , tutors for school classes, movers, painters, construction workers, designers, architects, landscapers, carpenters to build custom furniture, plumbers, electricians, roofers, personal shoppers, housekeepers, care takers, etc. Also the jobs you will create with new schools, businesses, factories, hospitals, etc.

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James Gilliland Update: We Are In The Last Days of The Tyrants

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James Gilliland Update: We Are In The Last Days of The Tyrants

Rumor Mill News

Here we go again more false flags in a last ditch effort to maintain the corrupt status quo. The powers that were are imploding. The Boston bombing, a complete botched false flag now has part two. Sandy Hook was also a complete failure unless you are a neutered zombie robot consumer believing the lame stream press; which unfortunately is the case for a lot of people. There is a saying, “You get the government you deserve.” If you are going to behave like ignorant sheep you create job security for the tyrants. There is an oath within most military and government enforcement agencies to protect and serve the people. Most take an oath to protect the constitution as well against enemies foreign and domestic. We need to walk our talk when it comes to foreign countries as well. I was given a refrigerator magnet showing a GI kicking a door in saying lets talk about freedom. We cannot operate in foreign countries in complete contradiction to the ideals America was founded on. Not to mention honoring international law.

The status quo has lost all sight of honor, integrity, the God given rights of all humanity succumbing to unbridled greed, power over others and in many cases genocide. We are talking about being governed by pathological liars, thieves, and murderers. We are talking about down right satanic, demonic and maniacal forces when you get down to the root of the matter. This is not conspiracy it is fact and the condition of humanity and the Earth bears testimony to this. With all the wars, man made diseases, tainted inoculations, cancerous chemicals in the food and water, extremely toxic chemtrails one has to ask how these inhumane things came to pass. Non humans do inhumane things.

There is a multidimensional war going on, an unseen cleansing and healing of both the seen and unseen malevolent forces; which have enslaved humanity for eons. Do you think you will hear about this in mainstream news? They are part of the Archon network. The same forces we talked about earlier own the airwaves. The good news is these non-human puppet masters are being taken out from the top down. It is very sad to see a puppet lose their master. They become extremely dysfunctional, physically degenerate at a rapid rate because the human body is not designed to house degenerate energies. Eventually without the puppet master to prop it up the body fails. You will see this manifest in your present leadership, those aligned with who have sold their souls the archons for power, wealth and notoriety. As the frequencies rise in Earths ascension those who cannot align with the new energies will fall. They are not frequency specific to the process and cannot adapt to the new energies. There is also the concept of Armageddon; which in its proper definition is the great uncovering. There shall be no rock left unturned. There will be no rock left unturned. You are going to see just how dirty your leadership in every institution has become. Again this has everything to do with the awakening and healing process. You are going to see narcism and arrogance to the extreme.

Your leadership has been given an ultimatum. Shift the resources, the mass uneven dispersal of wealth to the people and stop the destruction and pollution or there will be no intervention in the planetary reset. I would imagine the reset is a polar shift or some incoming object upon which they will step aside and allow the cleansing to happen. Rather than heeding the warning they took their wealth and the monies garnered from the people using it to build massive underground facilities leaving the rest of humanity to die. This was to be expected from self-serving psychopaths. There will be no warning from the lame stream media about these up coming events. Unfortunately for them their massive DUMBs, have not fared well. The multilevel underground facilities have some very dark secrets on the lower levels. It would be like seal a meal for those who thought they were going to safety. Many have been destroyed, some have been taken over by the white hats.

The vast majority of malevolent forces have been removed in a multidimensional operation. Now the clean up is on the ground in the physical. Humanity has to do its part in this operation. It is called standing in your own divinity, operating within Universal Law and severing all connections and cords to the Beast. The 9th wave the Mayans speak of is supporting this process. The higher dimensional beings do not attack the darker forces, they send healing energies and all that which cannot rise to the occasion basically implodes. Love is the ultimate power in the Universe. It is the cosmic glue that holds all things together, maintains all things and wellspring from which all things originated. The consequences of tyranny are the degeneration all people and empires built on the lack of love. The separation game is coming to an end. Unity consciousness is the end result. We are in the last days of the tyrants. Choose well in the days to come.


Heavenletter #5784 The God O’ Oneness, September 25, 2016

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* Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.

Heavenletter #5784 The God O’ Oneness, September 25, 2016

God said:
I hear you, beloveds, as you sing from the mountaintops. You sing:

“Beloved God, I just want to say: God, My God, My God of Love. God, God, God. There are times I feel a rush through My bloodstream, and this rush, this energy I feel, is Your Love pulsing through me. I can’t quite put my finger on You, yet You are resoundingly God dancing and singing so silently and happily in my heart.

“At these times, I am a blob of Silent Joy, All-Powerful Joy, Joy like Glory in Excelsis Deo. At these times, I feel — yet not comprehend — that I am You and You are I, and there is no wilderness between. There is nothing but You, God. There is nothing and no One but You, and You are all there is. Is this Truth coming from my mouth in song, God?”

Beloved, yes, I God do tell you, Yes, this is Truth coming from your mouth. Do you hear your Self — what you sing? Yes, you sing nothing but Truth, the Truth without words, the Truth of Existence. There is nothing but the Oneness of Us where We exist solely as the Oneness of Love.

All the details fade. At heart, We are One. In Heaven or on Earth, We are One until there is nothing but Oneness, and it is Our Oneness, and there are no two ways about it. There is no possibility of separation. There is no such concept as Two-ness. There is no such thought. There is no such possibility.

The concept of anything but Oneness is too far-fetched. This is a total reversal of the whole incongruity of everything existing except Oneness.

In Oneness, there is no you and I. There is only One that covers the world. Oneness exists in every corner of the world. There are no corners. There is no place. There is no confinement. There is the Oneness of Infinity.

I, God, tell you that you are ageless. You are spaceless. You are Greatness. You are the Water of Life. You are the Sun of the Sun. You are Bright Light Shining.

You are Magnificence Knowing Your Self. You see as I see, and you see nothing but My Reflection in the World. You no longer hang between two worlds, with one foot in Heaven and the other foot in the pretentious world.

You are the Wings of Angels. There is One Angel. There is One God, and you are It.

Your heart is a Sunburst of Light. There is no Universe. There is no world. You are Everything.

I granted you a Fertile Mind, and your mind went off in so many directions, you didn’t know how to see. You sought the High, and you sought the low. You sought Knowledge of the world which was not nearly as useful as Oneness.

Once upon a time, you collected Wisdom. This is when you didn’t know that you, your Self, are the Fount of Wisdom and Love, Its One Self. You lacked nothing. God never was a fantasy. The fantasy was that you were not God in the Highest when you ever were the God o’ Oneness. Nothing exists outside you.

True, no man is an island. You are Life Itself. You are the Founder of Life. You are the Fountainhead.

You put on a clown’s clothing and thought you were a clown. You tipped an imaginary hat. How ignorant of your True Self you once were.

Sometimes you bumped into your Self and identified your Self as God. In Truth, you accompanied Me everywhere even as there is no where and no one else but the I-ness of Me as I exist in you. You simply could not accept the Glory of Your Self, not exactly in modesty, but in pride. Wow, you were an individual expressing the One God, and you put your hand over your mouth and guffawed at the idea.

The God that exists never put you out of the Garden of Eden. You denied your Self. You wanted freedom, not having a clue to the freedom of Self-Realization.

What did you think Self-Realization was but realizing the One God as your Self? You holed your Self up in a Pod of Individuality.

From time to time, you might have called Me your Higher Self or Source. How many names for God did you find so you could put your name further down the line?

You do not walk on Earth, nor is your head in the clouds, for you are the Rising Sun, and You are I and I am You – Oneness Supreme.

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Imagineering – September 21, 2016 by Steve Beckow

City of the Future 456 I was contemplating how I could possibly supervise four large organizations and continue to write, after the Reval.

And I was building org charts in my mind, playing with this concept and that, and talking to my assistant.

And I suddenly saw us carrying the same vision and playing with it. Teasing something out of it here and adding something to it there. Fleshing this part out and recalibrating that part.

But fundamentally we were carrying the same vision.

This was realizational knowledge. I saw the matter in a flash and after that it was a settled question: Just express the vision well and unequivocally and ensure that everyone who comes on board can support that vision and bring it into reality.

Let me give an example of a vision.

Let’s take one of the four organizations – the Lightworkers Congress. (1) The function of the Lightworkers Congress is to channel lightworker’s contributions into collectively-funded, globally-focussed efforts to end world problems like hunger, drought, homelessness, pestilence, lack of sanitation, disease, etc.

That’s its purpose and I saw a number of us all carrying the same vision and working toward the same end.  That’s how we’d accomplish our task – by working with, refining, extending, and elaborating our shared vision.

I asked myself what word represents what it is we’re doing when we work this way and the word that came to mind was imagineering – not my word, but Walt Disney’s. We’re using our imaginations to engineer the end of global unworkability together.

We’ll soon have the equipment and then it’s our turn at bat.  Our turn to show what we can do. Our turn to turn this world around.

Just like the imagineers in my contemplative vision, we need to carry the shared idea with us that we can turn this world around, that we have the knowledge, the foresight and (soon) the means to transform the circumstances of our world such that life works out for everyone.

Holding that shared vision is the foundation upon which we generate and project our collective will to eradicate the global problem or condition of unworkability in question.

There has always been more than enough gold for global transformation in all areas of life and soon the first of the more-than-adequate funds to work our transformation will begin to flow.


I’m having a minor spiritual experience as I write this. It started earlier this afternoon and is beginning again, as I write.

I walked to the store and asked myself as I began my walk, “How can I make this walk contribute to world peace?” And I began waving the magic wand of my awareness around myself,  affirming, “I surround myself in peace.”

And I could very palpably feel it. Surprisingly so.

This sense of palpably feeling it was brand new to me. Oh, this was peace! Oh!

Then I lost my awareness of it in shopping.

Now here I am writing and that same palpable peace has come knocking again. It grows when I take the wand of my attention and circle my body with it.

Just like the energy bubble I built the other day when guidance suggested it, this is a peace bubble and it’s even more profound in its impact.

Peace is much more than a mere cessation of hostilities. It isn’t even a void of any sort or a subtraction of something.

It’s full of something so substantial, right, and profound that I cannot find words to describe it.  There’s nothing to compare it to. But then I say that about each new divine state I visit.

As with bliss and love, one can go deeper and deeper into peace and the deeper I’ve gone, the more incredible is the sense of solidity and certainty, appropriateness and fulfilment.

I’ve only had brief glimpses of a peace that deep. But it’s changed my mind on the subject. I feel like an ingenue, saying “I never knew….”


(1) The other three are: the Golden Age of Gaia, the Michaelangelo Fund, and the Gender Equality Fund.

‘The Team’ via Peggy Black: Matrix of Unlimited Time

Peggy BlackWe are here, honored to be offering these insights and perhaps a shift in your perspective of the reality with which you interface. We know you as expanded multidimensional beings, focused within the hologame/hologram of limitations.

You are here in this dimension to experience what is offered and to transform all limitations that you encounter.

From our observation, one of the limitations that you embrace is the concept of time. Time is woven into all aspects of this third dimension to which you find yourself tethered. So we are inviting you to begin to stretch your concept of this thing called time and realize that you are unlimited and timeless.

We have requested our transducer to share a transmission we offered a decade ago regarding this subject.

 Time as Fluid Flow 2005
==We noticed that you had a friendly relationship with time yesterday.

Yes, I was conscious of being in the NOW more fully and able to relax with the timing of all my appointments.

==Yes and there was a nice flow, even some extra time between events and appointments. There was no struggle. You stayed in the NOW of each experience.

==Spacious time lives in the NOW. Your beliefs/programs and your energetic stance of struggle creates time being rather restrictive.

==Time in your earthly hologame is a sacred belief. It is firmly anchored in your matrix and in all the programs that operate your mental activities. Most humans have some form of this rigid belief about time.

==There are many rules and countless ways to measure time here in this dimension, in this matrix of earth planet and in this hologame on which you are presently focused.

==We realize we have just pushed against your concept of time. We can sense your inner questioning about how this might work.

==Let us offer this, most all humans have experienced time being rather fluid. You can recall when doing a job in which you are bored, time seems to crawl and move slowly.

==There are times in which you are totally engaged in a project or activity and time seems to disappear and you wonder, “Where did the time go?”

==This is your perception of time. Remember energy follows thought. Time follows thought. Your thoughts about time arise from your belief system about time.

==As a human you are engaged with time because it is one of the matrices of this planetary game. However, as a multidimensional being you can and do step out of this earthly limited matrix of time. It is a matter of awareness and a matter of practice.

==It is a willingness to look at your beliefs around this concept of time, to question your beliefs about time, notice how you worship time, how you covet time, how you wrap your activities in limited time. Notice your struggles and seeming stress that is created from these beliefs. Notice how mass consciousness holds these beliefs about time.

==We realize that asking you and others to look at the matrix of time in a new way is similar to asking a fish about the water in which it swims or the bird about the air in which it flies.

==In order to understand the concept of time that we are suggesting, one must first know and investigate just how the energy matrix of time controls and run your life.

==Begin to notice where time stalls for you and where you allow it to flow.

==Begin to notice how often you truly stay in the present moment of NOW.

==Practice bringing your awareness into each NOW.

==Notice what you say about time and how you share with others your limited beliefs about time. “There is not enough time.” “I never have enough time.” “Time is running out.” “Time is speeding up.” You get the idea.

==Honoring your multidimensional awareness and allowing yourself to stretch into that unlimited magnificent energy matrix that you and others truly are will certainly assist you in this interesting investigation and offer insightful discoveries about time.

==Play with this…allow this to be fun…it does not have to be so serious. Time is not as sacred as you and others have made it. It is flexible and it is fluid.

==Remember it is from the NOW that you can and do step out of time.

==Notice and acknowledge yourself when you experience time as a new spacious form.

==Notice and acknowledge when you experience a synchronicity. This is time being fluid.

==We will continue this at another time.

==We appreciate your chuckle at our attempted humor.

==Be at peace, Beloved.

Matrix of Unlimited Time 2005
We are here and ready to continue to assist in your quest for time.

==You are here now and ready…again it is perception. In your reality it feels like it has been several days since you have scribed with us. Imagine, in our reality it has just been a shift in your focus.

==Again we say that time is fluid, it is not contained in your clocks or the pages of your calendar. Those are tools created as a way of measuring this thing called time.

==It is important that you continue to investigate and query your own personal time matrix. These are the beliefs that you were given by your family and society; they are only programs within your system.

==If you could open up your personal file about time you would begin to understand it is just another agreement that you assumed because it felt solid and everyone said it was solid. In the earthly hologame it is a part of the game rules. Everyone will honor time and give it the power to run the show.

==What if time is fluid? How would that affect your day and the participation in your earthly life?

==Just for a moment, let us imagine that past, present and future are all happening and shifting simultaneously. It is only your perception that places them in the rigid sequence.

==Imagine that events in your future could shift the events from your past which would alter your present “NOW.”

==As a multidimensional being this is how you would and could address this concept called time. As a being locked into the third/fourth dimension moving into the fifth dimension, this is what is happening here on your planet.

==The rigid beliefs that you have been taught about time and which are held as laws are just programs in your bio-computer.

==The rules of life on the earth plane are arranged around time. We can hear your comments about being late for appointments, waking up on time, catching a plane at a certain time, important dates and events happening at a given time.

==We realize that time as you know it here on planet earth is important to recognize and be aware of because it makes playing the game understandable. However, it is not the only recognized system of time in the universe. It is a limited system.

==We are inviting you to sense your limited beliefs about time and then begin to allow your consciousness to become more fluid and watch how your perception of time becomes more fluid.

==Expand into the matrix of unlimited time where with just a thought you could and would be anywhere on the timeline. Imagine that with just a focused thought you could be present at any event or be present anywhere at any time.

==Remember, outside this reality time is fluid and it is with your focused, expanded consciousness that you travel time.

==We feel that this is a big stretch for you and we can sense your time pressure to move on with the other activities of your day.

==Play with this concept, allow yourself to imagine just what you would do if you could travel time. Make it a playful and joy-filled experience.

==We are delighted that you focused your time this morning and allowed us to connect, sharing this information.

Be at peace, Beloved.

We have offered this insight about time to stretch your perception and invite you to play with this rather limiting view. You are magnificent beings living in a physical reality. We honor you and all that you are here to transform and anchor. We are always available to support you as you shift any limitation your encounter.

the ‘team’

Note from me: It was an interesting request from the ‘team’ to share these two transmission that were taken down eleven years ago. I have over 200 transmission in this format and style. blessings Peggy


©2016 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. You may  share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. www.morningmessages.com FREE 88 messages available

“‘The Team’: Matrix of Unlimited Time,” Channeled by Peggy Black, September, 2016, at www.morningmessages.com

Divine Focus: Welcoming the Third Wave

sandra-walter-ascension-300x294Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Our third wave of 2016 is beginning to crest, with its initial frequencies heralding the New. Gatekeepers and Gridworkers have been busy for weeks, Gaia and the new grids are responding already, and we are prepared for the new arrival next week.

This is an influx of highly charged pure light which takes us to a brand new level. As always, vibrational match is key to your experience of it, however these frequencies are aimed at assisting an accelerated timeline. For the Ascension Tribe, the veils are thinning again and our realities feel more surreal than grounded. As we have learned from the two earlier waves, that is typical for these wave influxes this year. This one involves a timeline shift, so our focus is needed more than ever.

Gaia is, and will be, continually releasing codes through the new grid systems which are of a Solar-crystalline nature. It is triggered by the incoming light level, and Gaia responds to it just as our bodies and DNA are triggered to activate dormant codes during Ascension. This is preparation to receive much higher levels of Solar light. The September wave is a big jump in that process, and we are receiving an accelerated timeline to compliment that process, simply because we are capable and consciously requesting it.

It is the task of Gatekeepers, Gridworkers, Wayshowers and any Lightworker in Service to welcome this new light with humility, integrity and the Divine Love which it deserves. This level of light is a Divine gift to HUmanity. The groundwork has been laid and the Gateways have been opened for a brand-new experience; a leveling up of the Ascension process. It may not be apparent to the collective; the external realties are a terrible compass for what is actually happening, Beloveds.

This passage was always meant to have many distractions and triggers; realize that can be as merciful as it is manipulative. Some vessels are not wired for change, some are meant to loop in a reality until its extinction. Take note that is not the responsibility of the Light Tribe to monitor, watch or participate in the dissolvement of old realities. Focus on the divinity, purity and new experiences available to you in this now moment, and the acceleration will greatly assist your progress.

Experiencing the Accelerated Timeline

This passage of Revelation allows your unique skills to step forth. This is a moment to be creative and free your heart as the old energies which restrained creative endeavors, creative thought, and unique expression drop away. It is also important to honor each other’s intuitive guidance with the changes happening within you.

Some of you are veil-lifters and have the ability to assist others in seeing this new reality clearly. Some of you are natural gridworkers and have not explored that aspect. Some of you desire to create new ceremony or gatherings and have not done this. As uncomplimentary timelines collapse, the old light constraints about spiritual expression no longer apply.

Most notable will be a tremendous expansion within the heart center. As the crystalline structures activate within your body, their vibration can begin to match the incoming photonic frequencies. This prepares the physical vessel to transform itself into a conduit for the Christed Self. This is why many of you have been guided to let go of anything unnecessary. The Christ (Crystalline consciousness, Unity consciousness) has very different preoccupations than the lower Self. It functions as Oneness. During these transformational phases, it needs your attention.

Revelation, Revelation, Revelation

There are so many beautiful surprises and revelations available to you, Beloveds. Watch your response to the unfoldments as they present. Welcome every change, every shift, every revelation, every disclosure with your higher wisdom. Our collective and individual realties are very complex metaphors, and highly creative. Appreciate what Source has created with this particular brand of Ascension experience. See all of this from the cosmic perspective; the timeless immortal perspective of what is occurring on this planet.

Entanglement with the lower realities, judgment, or attachments to beliefs of the old Self cause pronounced mental, emotional and physical issues as the light increases. Embrace responsible creation through higher choices. Fill your hearts with joy and gratitude that these new realities have been designed on your behalf and are now readily available for you to experience. Many Gateways are being opened as others close; keep moving forward.

Personal Note from Sandra

I AM filled with humble gratitude to experience this beautiful leveling up and final Gatework as these waves of light enter our consciousness. Solar and Gaia Gateways will be opened on Equinox and the crest of the wave arrives September 26, extending through the 30th. This is a purer crystalline-based frequency which is aimed at consciousness shifts.

Remember this even as your physical realities begin to feel somewhat surreal, and the body adjusts to keep up. Our visions and councils are reflecting this influx already; everything is aligning in Divine perfection. Keep your focus on this intention. We Love You, We Bless You, We Thank You.

I will be focused on Gatekeeping through September 30. Join us for the Wednesday Unity Meditations to assist Christ consciousness activations though the HUman heart grid. Thank you in advance for co-creating this acceleration of our Ascension. Have a blessed Equinox and may all hearts open to this sacred and profound wave of Divine Light!

In Love, Light and Service,

“Mid-September Wave: Comfort in the Unknown,” by Sandra Walter, September 13, 2016, at http://www.sandrawalter.com/divine-focus-welcoming-the-third-wave/

Source link: Sandra Walter Creative Evolution: September 20, 2016

Lightworker and Activist: Where’s the Divide?

Sacred 15How do lightworkers and social activists divide their labor?

We tend not to do both. Why is that?

I can only speak for myself. We none of us can do it all. We do tend to divide down into specialized efforts. I don’t see how it could be any other way.

For me, the division is around what must be done immediately and what, longer term.

The social activist and whistleblower work, act, and react to threats in the here and now, to protect our security, financial positions, etc.

The activist is foiling the efforts of the dark to take over our financial and political process. They’re getting into harm’s way for us, putting work, reputation and lives on the line.

The lightworker faces much less risk. Lightworkers attend to what needs to happen in the longer term to create an environment where threats to our security and financial position are gone; they no longer exist.  They envision that future and then bring that vision into reality.

The longer term may be a longer financial term, as with the funding of humanitarian projects after the Reval, or it may be the much-longer term in which the structures and flows of Fifth Dimensionality are planned, financed, and built – as much as lies within our domain to create.

The lightworker is promoting, yearning for and building the world that lies beyond our Ascension, but can be drawn here quicker by our longing – and building. Remember that the process of creation is facilitated by us doing actions consistent with our longing – in this case, actively building.

Each plays a part. The activist with the sword of peace drawn in protection of us all; the lightworker, like the SeaBees (Construction Battalions), coming in usually after the threat has been seen to but still somewhat in harm’s way, to build the new.

Heavenletter #5781 Keep God by Your Side, September 22, 2016

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Heavenletter #5781 Keep God by Your Side, September 22, 2016

God said:
A great part of being yourself in all your glory is to love all those you come across or who come across you.

There are no accidental meetings. You already know that.

There is a shared history. There is a shared past, and there is a shared present. At the very least, you are passing images. All those you cross paths with – whether physically or more subtly – you are on your way to Enlightenment together.

You don’t have to know your past history or the meaning of a current meeting. You can know that there is purpose. If you really want to get on a fast path to Enlightenment, remind yourself that you are meeting everyone you come across with a Divine Purpose on Earth as it is in Heaven.

No one meets by accident, no matter how accidental or incidental or insignificant a meeting may seem. There is a purpose. Be glad you are meeting again. There is something for you to see, to do, or not to do, and to elevate. A meeting today no matter how by chance-seeming, no matter if for half a moment, perhaps holding a door open, perhaps someone who asks you where the library is – it doesn’t matter — you can know this is a great moment. Chance-seeming meetings today are meetings of friends to enjoy, or friends to make, or maybe meetings for repairs. Whether you meet once and never again, or whether it is your one-hundredth meeting, the purpose is to elevate each other.

You don’t have to know the specifics of a particular meeting. You graduate by greeting the person before you. Enjoy meeting. Look into each other’s eyes. It may sound trite to say that love heals all wounds, yet the Truth of this saying is exactly the point of bumping into each other. Smile. Bless. Love. You are at a true meeting-place.

When you have company come over to your house, you make them welcome. You offer something to drink and some snacks for your invited guests. For the people you bump into on the street, consider yourself the host. Serve smiles, blessings, and welcome. This is true for misdialed numbers on the phone as well. This is true for random people you happen to think of as well. Don’t mutter under your breath about someone you happen to think of who may have done you wrong. Think of something they once did that was nice.

Look forward to all the meetings you have today. Bless the larger world, and bless all those you meet no matter what the circumstances. Even if it is a fender-bender, something good is being attended to.

There is never a need for harsh meetings.

Do not think for one minute that I am suggesting you pretend friendliness. Don’t fake it. Whatever the transaction may be, take care of it fairly and courteously. So be it.

You can say what’s so and avert an angry path at the same time. You can, in effect, make amends with each other before there is a confrontation to amend. Be calm ahead of time. Let go of fear of being taken advantage of or cheated or neglected or whatever your overt or hidden fears may be.

You have choices. If you prefer courtesy and friendliness, then reveal your courtesy and friendliness. You are not a lost soul who must protect your domain. If you do indeed require assistance, call Me in. I am with you whether you are aware of it or not. Calling Me in serves to have you notice Who is beside you, and Who always is.

What is it that you think you require from the world and everyone within it? What do you fear you are being denied? Why would you perceive a need to be threatened? What negativity are you thinking about others, and why must you?

Let life in the world be a resting place. Get away from thoughts that plague you. Such thoughts are old. Such thoughts are getting to be worn out. It’s time to consider thinking new thoughts. I have to ask you why you would hesitate to include Me when you engage with anyone.

Include Me. Have Me in the midst. You don’t have to announce Me. I will be silent. Is this a huge decision? Why wouldn’t you have Me? What do you imagine is at stake? Invite Me in, and you are more aware.

Wave Me over. Say, “Come on over here, God.”

For Heaven’s Sakes, bring Me in.

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Update from the Galactic Federation of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy


from Planetary Activation Organization

The new banking system, the prosperity and the freedom that comes with new governance require avid participation from you. The world that you have grown up with is suddenly going to “explode” right in front of you.

Take the time remaining and use it to come together and thank all in Heaven for these truly grand events.


Ummac Dan ~ Galactic Federation Symbol For The Sirian Star System

4 Ben, 16 Zip, 13 Caban

Dratzo! Since we first arrived en masse at the end of your 20th century, we have learned in detail how your world works. We have allied ourselves with your Ascended Masters and their numerous Earth allies. In addition, we have had extensive planning sessions with our Agarthan cousins. All our meetings, along with our lengthy scientific study flights and accompanying record-keeping, have prepared us for what is currently taking place on your planet’s surface. Surface humanity is now at a crossroads. Those who seek the Light have achieved much and are finally ready to begin announcing the terms of their incredible triumph. A new global financial system, worldwide freedom and new governance symbolize this victory. Two decades ago, the dark’s minions decided to forego the surrender that their former masters, the Anunnaki offered them. This refusal led you into two decades of unnecessary wars, government-contrived terrorism and a general series of continued corruption and misguided violence. This prolonged era of misdeeds is coming to an end. The much-sought time of peace, freedom and prosperity is about ready to begin.

As this new time starts, we wish to tell you a few more things about ourselves. Our primary intention is a full disclosure. This can permit us to be more open about how we relate to you. We dearly intend at that time to open a broad communication with you. Many still believe that thought of this world being visited constantly by ETs is nonsense. We intend to dispel this concept shortly. When we were told decades ago by Heaven to put this special first contact mission together, we were somewhat skeptical. Our Science and Engineering fleets had unanimously labeled your civilization as not yet ready for contact. Our sudden intervention to save your Sun, combined with a number of decrees from the Federation’s Spiritual Council, was a forerunner for what later happened. Hence, we enthusiastically endorsed this huge commitment to your planet and its people. We sent a rather large fleet and started to interact with all dedicated to the Light, such as its many active proponents. It has taken us nearly two decades to achieve countless initial objectives.


The result of these years of getting to know each other is that the Earth-born elements now fully accept us as a part of this very diverse team. Our liaisons regularly plan and advise with other parts of this group. We understand their plans and have contributed to what currently is the final schedule for this immensely complex operation. We are thoroughly dedicated to this project and know when we can, in the near future, land and interact with you personally. Thus, our mentors can make their daily preparations knowing when all of this is to actually happen. This surface world of yours is going to be surprised when what we have discussed unfolds. The new banking system, the prosperity and the freedom that comes with new governance require avid participation from you. The world that you have grown up with is suddenly going to “explode” right in front of you. This immediately needs you to accept a number of game-changing events. It becomes incumbent on you to listen, carefully review them and act.

This rapidly changing reality is being set up to allow you to discover how wondrous your environment has become. This is a new world in which you are to be given a great deal of vital information. You need to receive it all and take the time to review it. Governance is to be dedicated to repeating all of this a number of times. It is essential that you understand what is to be expected of you. In addition to all of this, some of you are to be the first to begin, with a huge learning curve about the new prosperity and its relationship to the new and friendlier financial system. These experiences are to help you achieve your dreams and spread an ever-growing global prosperity. Along with these special events is to be governance that truly requires your active participation. Community groups are needed to interact with this governance at local and regional levels. We intend, as well, to provide some guidance and enable you to fully participate in our contact procedures. Your time as a sort of “mushroom” is truly ready to come to a rapid end.

RejoiceANO.gif c200

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! This time is especially sweet to us! The great works of our associates are finally coming to fruition. Long ago, Heaven told us that a time was to come when the Anunnaki and their minions were no longer to rule this realm. This long-awaited time is emerging. Those who came to us centuries ago and set up spiritual secret orders dedicated to the Light and its good works are on the edge of monumental success. The Light has forced the last of the dark to contemplate their surrender and arrange for it. All of the major minions have informally surrendered and special dates approved. The dark’s last acts are at present being carried out. We can prepare to rejoice shortly. Glory to Heaven for all of these magnificent blessings! The transformations required are almost ready to occur. These glorious deeds are due in great part to your continuing focus and support. Take the time remaining and use it to come together and thank all in Heaven for these truly grand events.

What is now occurring is a long and very eventful strategy that originally began at the conclusion of the Second World War. The American minions and their followers had finally achieved their centuries-old goal. They had become a vital part of the Anunnaki’s post-war plans. America was founded, not as a potential world power, but as an alternative. We Masters wanted to set an example and give the world a blessed alternative to the global minions that ran this realm. We knew that one day, the Anunnaki was to be turned toward the Light, and this globe needed another example for running a large nation. However, America was in reality being torn apart by two vastly different ways of running it. These differences came to a head in the last half-decade. In the present time, the “powers that be” and their evil agenda are being done away with. A new time is arriving for all peoples.


America at present is to lead this realm into a new period where freedom, prosperity and equality are unbounded. Those who have kept this nation, and the world in general, in bondage no longer are to be in any position to resist this new way. The old perceptions long taught you are to go. Your vision and focus on a new state of Being are to triumph! America’s history is to be revealed and openly discussed. Use this amazing history as a point to avoid even the most evil of agendas in this wondrously evolving realm. Stay strong and be willing to listen and learn all about America and its amazing prophecy! We have many other things to tell you as well. The deeds and lies of the dark need to be made known and the energy of these deeds transformed to Light and sheer blessedness. You are in transition to a new consciousness and are to be treated to true, and newly growing, wisdom. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today, we carried on with our weekly report. As you can see, many exciting events are ready to take place! Some of these may astound you at first. Remain patient and focus on the good that is to show up! Know, dear Ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Equinox Verses of Laura and her Photo Version

May 2016 panoramic

‘Twas the Weekend ‘Fore Autumn

The Weekend ‘Fore Autumn


‘Twas the weekend ‘fore Autumn and all through the yard,

All the plants were a’thriving, including the chard.


The bees dined on asters; the cushaw had grown.

The mums nearly bursting, the yard freshly mown.


Thai basil hummed purple; eggplants danced in the breeze–

The garden so fragrant, it drew many a sneeze!


Sweet potato vines covered the sides of the trough,

And on sedum and zinnias, butterflies sipped on and off.


For the first time in years, the holly had berries.

Boltonia blossoms delighted the faeries.


As Fall Equinox split the light and the dark,

Those flowers all giggled at anything stark.


The Robinhood roses had been blooming since June–

So hard to believe ‘twould be Halloween soon!

The Photo Version

As promised, here’s the photo version of ‘Twas the Weekend ‘Fore Autumn:

The Weekend ‘Fore Autumn


‘Twas the weekend ‘fore Autumn and all through the yard,

All the plants were a’thriving, including the chard.



The bees dined on asters; the cushaw had grown.

The mums nearly bursting, the yard freshly mown.


Thai basil hummed purple; eggplants danced in the breeze–

The garden so fragrant, it drew many a sneeze!


Sweet potato vines covered the sides of the trough,

And on sedum and zinnias, butterflies sipped on and off.


For the first time in years, the holly had berries.

Boltonia blossoms delighted the faeries.


As Fall Equinox split the light and the dark,

Those flowers all giggled at anything stark.


The Robinhood roses had been blooming since June–

So hard to believe ‘twould be Halloween soon!


Today I Begin Anew

One of my most powerfully insightful and healing moments occurred in 2002 right after I had totally lost a personal injury lawsuit for my brain injury — a lawsuit I had not begun, but which at the time seemed like my only way to support myself as I remained almost totally unable to work enough to support myself. As a consolation, a friend flew me from Seattle down to Northern California and we stopped at a bookstore in Santa Cruz.

I could not read more than five minutes without migraines at that time, but I opened a book to a page suggesting I imagine myself as having complete amnesia. In that moment, I forgot about the law suit, the injury, the witch hunts from workers comp, discouraging comments from doctors, family and friends. I forgot about lifelong programming and manipulation, and I allowed myself to forget about all my former plans for life. In that moment, I was free.

As we walked down the street, people kept staring at me and smiling, telling me I was glowing. I could read the menu at the restaurant with no problems, and I was able to eat foods to which I normally had allergic reactions. I did not manage to maintain the total amnesia and spontaneous healing, but I never forgot the feeling. Eventually, I restructured my life so that it matches much closer to the amnesiac me. There is great power when we “begin anew.” Thank you, Jamie, for this message, which is much needed by many right now — individually and collectively.

Sophia’s Children

Sunrise at Stonehenge. PD-US photo from WikipediaToday I begin anew.

Over the last week or so, I found that message – Begin Anew – arising within and around me more than once.

First it simply arose in my awareness. Begin anew.

Then, as I was walking, I noticed a bumper sticker on a car that passed: Begin Anew.

Amazing, right?

Having a more focused Muse Walk on Friday (“Walking the Muse” as I call it), once again it arose clearly in my awareness.

Today I begin anew.

Yesterday morning, as I sat in my morning practice that bridges Dreamtime with waking into the new day, I was moved to pull a book from my bookshelf and opened it to the first chapter.

Can you guess what the title of the first chapter was?

Morning sunlight streaming through the trees. PD-US photo from PD pictures.net. Morning sunlight streaming through the trees. PD-US photo from PD pictures.net.

Yes, you guessed right: Begin Anew.

After I followed the intuitive nudge

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‘Twas the Weekend ‘Fore Autumn

The Weekend ‘Fore Autumn


‘Twas the weekend ‘fore Autumn and all through the yard,

All the plants were a’thriving, including the chard.


The bees dined on asters; the cushaw had grown.

The mums nearly bursting, the yard freshly mown.


Thai basil hummed purple; eggplants danced in the breeze–

The garden so fragrant, it drew many a sneeze!


Sweet potato vines covered the sides of the trough,

And on sedum and zinnias, butterflies sipped on and off.


For the first time in years, the holly had berries.

Boltonia blossoms delighted the faeries.


As Fall Equinox split the light and the dark,

Those flowers all giggled at anything stark.


The Robinhood roses had been blooming since June–

So hard to believe ‘twould be Halloween soon!


September 16 Full Moon Eclipse 

Really important information here that relates to yesterday’s post about frequency: “Eclipses bring strong Endings and New Beginnings.” Get clear on what needs to go, so that you can welcome the resulting upgrades.

Rubys Readings

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

By Ruby

September 2016

The “Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse” in Pisces is on Friday, September 16th at 3pm EST and 2pm CST. This Eclipse is going to be quite intense due to its involvement with Mercury in Retrograde in Virgo, and Mars in Sagittarius, and then “wounded healer” Chiron, which is also Retrograde in Pisces. Whew that’s a mouthful huh, well actually in Astrology it really is, so let me break this down for you and make sense of it all.

Eclipses cause crisis and bring strong endings and new beginnings. This Eclipse is in Pisces which can help us to release something, and Full Moon’s are all about letting go! Pisces is also the sign of goodbyes, releasing or letting go. So you know what you need to do during this Eclipse! This Eclipse Season started back on July 29th, and a lot has…

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September 2016 Specials

Halfway through September already! Time has certainly gone surreal this year!

Laura Bruno’s Blog


I’ve been having so many 44, 444 and 144 synchronicities that it’s time to resurrect the $44 Tarot Special. I’m also feeling led to offer Intuitive Life Path Assessments for $144 this month. Please see details below:

$44 Tarot Readings

Half hour tarot readings at 20% off the usual rate. Tarot readings offer an energetic check-in, the chance to ask questions about pending decisions or intentions, and represent a fun, yet powerful way to gain new perspective on relationships and challenges.

Tarot readings are particularly good for people who don’t know what kinds of questions to ask me; they just want some kind of guidance because they feel unsure of what’s coming or what to focus upon. Tarot also seems to benefit those people who have exceptionally good things coming their way, yet wonder if I might be “padding the reading” or “just saying what they want…

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Dramatic Visual of Why Frequency Matters

The topics of “resonance,” “harmony” and “frequency” have become especially common in phone sessions as people continue to get more sensitive to the energies in and around themselves. Many people feel unexpected and tremendous relief when they remove themselves from disharmonious influences that they considered either minor irritations or “must have’s” in their lives. In fact, they feel so much better that the sense of relief practically shouts itself from the rooftops.

They then feel a combination of guilt and elation that they “feel so much better with this person or situation out of my life. How is this possible? I can’t deny it, but they’re my ____[parent/sibling/spouse/job/best friend/random person I run into]. I feel bad for not hanging out with them, but I just can’t do it anymore. My body won’t let me. Should I feel bad? What’s going on?!”

What’s going on is what I call “frequency sorting,” and although it can seem surprising, it’s not a bad thing. It doesn’t mean one person is “evil” and the other “good.” It doesn’t mean one person is “right” and the other “totally wrong.” It just means, these people or situations are “not a match” or “not a match right now.”

But why is it such a big deal, and why does the body care so much?

The easiest illustration I can show is this video of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse, which shows how disharmonious frequency affects physical structures. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the wind that causes the bridge to sway; however, the continued frequency of that wind eventually causes the bridge to buckle and fall apart. The wind and the bridge are not compatible, and if the bridge had been able to remove itself from the wind or to create a buffer from that wind, then it would not now be “one of the world’s largest manmade reefs.”

Can this kind of resonance that destroys serve a larger purpose? Sure. In this case, “Gallopin’ Gertie” inspired the complete redesign of bridges across the world, because no one wanted a repeat of this level of destruction. But if your body is the bridge, or you’re on the bridge, and someone’s or something’s presence starts rocking your heart rate, hormones and any semblance of inner peace, self preservation strongly advises getting out of the way of that frequency. In the beginning, not much damage occurs, but with sustained exposure, look what happens:

Be gentle with yourself. Perhaps the frequencies between you two just happen to create highly destructive resonance waves right now. It might not mean forever. Frequencies do change, but if you notice, the wind sustains no damage. Only the bridge. The bridge is rockin’ and rollin’ and going all topsy turvy. If the wind said to the bridge, “I don’t know what you’re talking about! I’m just blowing. It’s your problem.” Well, yeah, in this case, it is the bridge’s problem, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a very real problem. The bridge collapsed with sustained exposure.

Sometimes, you’re not the bridge, but you find yourself in a highly non-resonant situation of someone else’s drama. You’re like the person in the car on the swaying bridge. A bridge can’t easily walk away from a situation, but the person in the car on the topsy turvy Tacoma Narrows Bridge needed to make some fast, courageous decisions if they didn’t want to go down in Puget Sound.

In the bigger picture, good things can come of these situations, even if the bridge  collapses, but do you want to risk collapse? The design of future bridges created safer suspension and buffers to prevent this sort of thing from happening as easily again. Perhaps your body’s just warning you to remove yourself from destructive resonance until you can change your own frequency so that you become less vulnerable to that specific frequency of wind. Perhaps, your body’s increasing malfunctions order you to walk away from abuse or negativity or falsehood. Maybe you’ve developed a hypersensitivity to narcissists or sociopaths, in which case, you can save yourself a lot of trouble by proceeding with high alert caution  or — more often than not — getting out of the car and carefully running for your life.

A lot of people have recently developed extreme sensitivity to denial. Generally, coming out of denial leads to awakening, but it also destroys illusions and weak foundations in the process. Depending on how fully invested people feel in the denial, premature awakening could trigger a nervous breakdown or equivalent “collapse.” Once someone has awakened from denial, though, continuing to hang around people who live and breathe the lie, who embody the lie takes a huge toll on the body. Mismatched, disharmonious frequency sometimes feels horrible to both parties, but sometimes only one person needs to get away. No judgment here, really: think of the wind and the bridge. The wind didn’t feel a problem, but the bridge sure did! Again, the need to remove yourself from disharmonious frequency does not necessarily indicate who is right or wrong. It just “is” a need to remove yourself in order to avoid collapse.

Yes, sometimes positive new things come from a needed collapse, but often, we can embrace equally or even more positive new things by sidestepping collapse. You decide. In these chaotic times, learning to trust your body can help determine who or what to include in your life experience. What frequencies do you wish to engage? What frequencies feel supportive and strong? Which ones dis-integrate you? If you’re on what I call an Integration Lifetime, then you have a soul imperative to integrate. Choose wisely.

All the layers of your being matter. If you need to “see it to believe it,” then you might get to witness your own, personal “Gallopin’ Gertie.” If you can trust your feelings and act on those, then life can bring what David calls “Ease ‘n’ Please” instead of “Trauma Drama.” Bridges can get you from point a to point b, but the journey becomes far more interesting and difficult if the bridge collapses. You might still reach point b — perhaps your soul will insist upon it! But if you’re too afraid to address issues of frequency, resonance and harmony now, then it becomes ironic to call this “the safe choice.”

Listen to your body; cultivate your soul. If you need a stabilizing force in the wind so that you have the presence of mind and heart to decide, just ask. Just like the person in the car caught on the buckling bridge, you are not as alone as you feel right now. Help can arrive, but if you find yourself on a swaying, buckling bridge when help arrives, you might want to get out of the car!

Wishing you discernment, courage and strength in these chaotic times… find the right frequency for you, and all this chaos begins to feel empowering and good! But frequency is key.

Quick Medical Intuitive Insights to Common Issues

This is a repost of a 2009 article, but these issues continue to resurface. I receive so many of the same questions from people that I thought I might share a few general tidbits here. These aren’t meant to replace medical advice, of course; they’re meant to give you pause and reflection on what your body might want to tell you through your symptoms. If these don’t resonate with you, there may be a deeper soul issue wanting to come through. Please feel free to contact me for a personalized reading. ‘Til then, enjoy!

Hip Pain/Hip Issues: People rarely call me for this issue on its own, but I notice it a lot when I do general energy reads in coaching sessions. People are always amazed when I ask out of the blue how their hips feel!

Hips represent where our steps begin and where our legs connect to the rest of our body. As such, they often blow out, get stiff, dislocate, ache, or even break when people begin to contemplate a major life change. I find it interesting to note if it’s the hip of the dominant leg (the one you first step with) or the non-dominant one, as this can tell you where you are in the process of your decision to change.

Skin Flare-Ups These often have to do with visibility issues and the “face” you show the world. I’ve written more extensively on skin issues here.

Lack of Motivation: i.e. wanting to change, but not feeling focused enough or engaged enough to follow through with a course of action. This often occurs in conjunction with Candida Overgrowth. Candida vibrates to the type of victim that feels oppressed or overburdened by all the worlds concerns, be they family, job, or other “one-way” relationship. (For an in-depth discussion of Candida, you might enjoy this interview between colleague Elicia Miller and myself.)

I also find that motivation struggles arise when the supposed goal really does not reflect the deepest longings of the soul. In this case, the “prize” is simply not enticing enough to move through the required work. In some cases, the so-called prize might even represent a kind of prison. I recommend writing an uncensored list of 101 Wishes to see what comes up. Any patterns? Any surprises? Life coaching and/or Intuitive Life Path Assessments can also help to clarify goals and deeper longings.

A fair number of people have a mortal fear of achieving their soul’s dream. Yes, I said “mortal fear” as in fear of death. On some level, they associate this dream with the stoppage of time into permanent bliss. Doesn’t that sound a bit like, um, heaven? Death?

Souls are like little children who believe everything we say and take it literally. Sometimes we need to unpack the symbols, words and metaphors we use to describe or envision our “goals.” Sometimes we need to shake them out and iron them flat, remove any wrinkles lest our souls see boogie men or monsters in ordinary wishes.

Time does not freeze-frame when the soul steps into its life purpose. Yes, sometimes souls choose to leave the body when they’ve finished their goals or when it’s clear they will never finish them in this incarnation; however, that does not mean that yours will. Finding your life path is a road to liberation IN the body. It’s a means of experiencing “the kingdom of heaven within you.” By allowing your soul to receive what it came here to receive, you help to reconnect the spirit and earthly realms. You can give yourself permission to do this in body. If you had wanted to bliss out in the heavenly realms without experiencing any of the 3D effects, then you wouldn’t have bothered to take on a body. You have one now; have fun in it!

Thyroid/Neck/Throat Problems: Most people recognize that the throat chakra represents how they share their voice in the world. Many people do not know that the ears and the throat are part of the same chakra: how you hear and how you’re heard. If you have examined and re-examined the ways you speak your truth yet still have imbalances in the throat/neck/thyroid region, you might want to look at how you hear. Do you talk over others? Interrupt them? Do you shut out clairaudient awareness, explaining it away as “just a silly thought”? Since nature craves balance, a lack of listening will sometimes present itself in the same way as too much silence. In macrobiotics they say that everything eventually becomes its opposite: something overly yin eventually becomes yang; something overly yang eventually becomes yin. If you can’t figure out what’s happening with your throat, check your ears.



Heavenletter 5779-What would you like your life to be? September 20, 2016

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Heavenletter #5779 What Would You Like Your Life to Be?, September 20, 2016

God said:
Let go of that whole idea of tit for tat, for this gets you nowhere.

Of course, if someone is wonderful to you, you want to reciprocate in kind. Loving is a goal you set for yourself yet not for anyone else. Be the love you long to receive. In love, you do not take offense.

If someone offends you, there is no need for you to give back in kind. You retaliate only when you feel resentment or outright anger.

The question to ask yourself is what do you gain from this anger? Smugness, perhaps. The last word, perhaps. An impasse, perhaps. What would you want those for?

What do you want your life this round to offer you?

If you would like expansion, expand.

If you would like friendship, be a friend.

If you would like respect, be respectful.

If you would like good manners, give good manners.

If you would like to be loved, then love yourself first.

If you would like to be begrudged, then begrudge others.

If you would like to be nagged, then nag.

If you would like to be unappreciated, then don’t appreciate.

If you would like to be discounted, then discount others.

If you would like an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, count offenses. There is no need for you to specialize in being offended. It is not recommended.

Live that which you desire.

By and large, you give what you get. With exceptions, of course. And here’s the thing:

Be love without courting love. Be kind without thought of return. Be wonderful without any expectation of payback. This way, you will never be disappointed.

Receiving is not something owed to you. Of course, you want the world to behold you favorably. And, of course, you deserve it. Your deserving is true. What matters is that you deserve. All God’s children deserve. Then know yourself as worthy. You don’t have to prove that you deserve, and no one is obligated to prove your worth to you.

I am the Proof of your worthiness. Your worthiness is not in question. It is a given.

Whatever has not been given to you, give to yourself. Do not wait for leftovers, beloveds. No leftovers for you.

Desire with all your heart, yet know in the very fiber of your being, that you do not require a testimonial from the world. Desire of itself is reward enough. You are a being who desires. Desire goodness for the world and everyone in the world, including yourself.

You are not owed anything. Nor are you obligated to owing. Owe yourself. Deliver yourself from need. Needing is a trap you set.

Don’t specialize in dependency upon gain, material or otherwise.

Love is not to be looked at as an object. Love is something you give without thought of favor.

Let sending out the Light of Love be your favorite thing to do.

Do not abrade yourself. Love yourself. Give yourself love. Be good to yourself for My Sake. Enrich the world with Our love.

Let your life be a statement of love.

Let your life be made of beautiful jewels that sparkle and give joy. Wear life well. It is yourself that you see everywhere. Be happy to see yourself in whatever form you may appear. You are the real goods.

You are beyond your own belief.

In life, register goodness and mercy. My children are exponents of Me. Carry Me well. Emulate the King of Heaven, for you are My emissaries. Embody Me well. I send you before Me to welcome the world and everyone in it. It is for you to speak and act on My behalf.

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God and the Godhead – Part 2/2

(Concluded from Part 1.)

The gunas – aka the Trimurthy – are identical with the Mother’s energy. Her energy has been called “Aum.”  Let’s look at the significance of the word “Aum” from this angle. (We could look at it from many other angles.)

Aum can be visualized as a sine wave, composed of an upward incline, a plateau, and a downward incline.

  • Akar is the upward incline: Rajas, creation, Brahma.
  • Ukar is the plateau:  Sattwa, preservation, Vishnu.
  • Makar is the downward part: Thamas, transformation, Shiva.

Sine wave 33

The Divine Mother does not only create this universe using the gunas, but all the universes of the multiverse.

The Divine Mother is herself a direct emanation of God, beyond universes and dimensions.  I think we sometimes associate her only with this one world, when she is the author of all worlds.


Let me include the third Member of the Trinity now. Just very briefly. However, even from a short treatment, one does begin to see the picture the puzzle pieces present – the perennial philosophy behind the world’s religions.

Take the divine spark of the Father (the unconditioned Brahman or Godhead) and introduce it into the temple provided by the Mother – namely, the human body and in particular the heart – and you have the third member of the Trinity: us, the Divine Child.

However, when discussing the Trinity as referring to the levels of reality, sages usually ignore the physical body that the spark is housed in and consider the spark alone as the third member of the Trinity.

Speaking only of the spark, Jesus called it the “Christ.” Hindus call it the Atman or Brahman-within-the-individual. Our eternal essence is a spark of the Divine, a lamp always burning on the altar of the heart, a firebrand plucked from the burning.

It’s the task of the individual to descend into unknowingness of its essence and then to emerge into knowingness again.

Why does the Godhead (ultimately) or the Mother (operationally) assume various forms? Sri Ramakrishna explains:

“The mother cooks different dishes to suit the stomachs of her different children. Suppose she has five children. If there is a fish to cook, she prepares different dishes from it — pilau, pickled fish, fried fish, and so on — to suit their different tastes and powers of digestion.” (5)

I said earlier that I shied away from studying the personal God and the transcendent Godhead because of my aversion to my earthly Father.  Fortunately the Godhead has provided other forms for me to worship; in my case, the Divine Mother.

When I interviewed her on An Hour with an Angel in 2012, the Divine Mother confirmed that the Trimurthy/gunas was an example of her providing different forms for her children to worship.

Divine Mother: [The Trimurthy] is much the same as we have been speaking of. It is a way in which my beloved children can come to know me and to have that experience. It is formless, and yet it is form.

It is a way of connection, and it is a way of understanding and entering into a higher vibration of being. So it helps the emergence into my energy.

Steve Beckow: Sort of like stair steps?

DM: That is correct.

SB: Okay.

DM: And you have all been climbing! (6)

If we can grasp the larger picture, we can see, at least conceptually, what the world’s religions are wanting to tell us: They want us to see that we go up those stair steps of enlightenment the Divine Mother is describing to complete our journey home to God. (7)

When we restrict our vision to Third Dimensionality, at each stage of our departure from it, we would ordinarily realize another level of the Trinity. (I’m not sure if this process is being followed in our Ascension or whether the gradually-rising energies are doing the same work for us.)

First we realize the Christ or Atman in fourth-chakra enlightenment; then the Mother or Holy Spirit in sixth-chakra enlightenment; and then the Father or Brahman in seventh-chakra enlightenment.

Life’s purpose is for each of us to realize who we truly are – God. God’s purpose in creating life was to have the pleasure of meeting itself in a moment of our enlightenment.  When any one of us realizes who she or he truly is, God meets God.

In my view, deciding to know about them  – and, even more so, knowing them – launches us on one of the most rewarding adventures we can embark on in life. The deeper we know the Trinity, the deeper is our bliss.


(5) Sri Ramakrishna in Nikhilananda, Swami, trans. The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna. New York: Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center, 1978; c1942, 81.

(6) “The Divine Mother: Come to Me as I Come to You – Part 1/2,” Oct. 17, 2012, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2012/10/17/the-divine-mother-come-to-me-as-i-come-to-you-part-12/. The stair steps I refer to are: Choosing a form of God, worshipping that form, seeing its form in a moment of enlightenment, and knowing its formless aspect in another moment of enlightenment.

(7) Because very few people are familiar with the term “Godhead,” I’m returning now to the everyday use of “God” to mean the “Godhead.”

Blossom Goodchild – September 17, 2016

Blossom Goodchild – September 17, 2016

Hello, Oh Light Beings of enormous wattage! So many enjoyed your talk last week regarding the codes. It was indeed interesting. Would you like to continue on that line today?

Welcome Brightest Blossom! The subject of coding is naturally one that could take up many conversations. Our thought pattern being loaded with questions many would like answering and yet, we would not wish to confuse and bemuse.

Happy to be confused and bemused if you feel it right to continue. I mean … for instance … this coding that is everywhere … where exactly is everywhere?

What do you consider everywhere to be?

Within everything. Yet, is that just in our realm? Does it pertain to other dimensions also? Etheric realms etc.? You get my drift I am sure.

We do indeed. Our reply would be that of the positive … in that, it is the very nature of manifestation itself. Therefore, ALL THAT IS … coincides with its ‘residential’ code.  Meaning that the Energy of something … let us say ‘wood’ … has a basic code to it. Then it is adjusted, depending on what kind of wood it is and where it is situated and how tall it chooses to be … how many leaves … how many branches etc. … You can see why/how this could be bemusing!

Ok. So does the code exist in different dimensions?

Yes indeed. Although again … if we were to speak perhaps of parallel life ’times’ … there may be the same ‘tree’ and yet, because it is in a different Vibration … the coding would be the same basic foundation … plus the factor of the Energy Vibration within THAT parallel ‘kingdom’.

I feel the need to ask … Are there no end to parallel lives?

Good question and the correct assumption. For … to get really complicated … every new thought can take you into a parallel life.

Is every parallel life in a different Universe?

No. It is simply in/on a different Vibration. As for instance, your Elemental realm. It is within /around your world yet, cannot be seen due to the different/finer Energy Vibration that Elementals reside in. It is therefore, the same within ‘jumping’ into a parallel existence. You do it all of the time yet, you are mostly unaware of it.

It is difficult to form the question. Let us call this life I am in right now … L1. When I jump into L2, L3, L4 etc. does the same coding come with me … and adapt … or is it a different ‘computer’ coding altogether? If you see what I mean?

We do. And yes … it is a different computer coding for it is in a different Energy system.

This jumping stuff is very confusing.

Yet, so simple that you don’t even have to know you are doing it.

I don’t understand how one can keep jumping with every thought … because does that mean, say … my husband is jumping in and out and over with me in just one conversation?

We see the complications of ‘trying’ to understand. Let us put it like this to assist. In a movie you have little scenes … there is ‘action’, then there is ‘cut’ … A little ‘frame’ has been created that will be part of one big movie. It is sort of like that. Yet, words again here are so inadequate when one is moving in and out of lives.

You see Blossom, it is all about/around ENERGY. Because everything IS Energy. Yet, Energy … the pure basic element of it … IS LOVE.


Therefore, anything deriving from that fundamental Truth is coming from the Highest intelligence there is. For you at this place in your timeline … that intelligence is unfathomable. It is incomprehensible. One cannot imagine. Yet, we say to you … the dance of LIFE itself is ever changing and improving upon itself.

Just to stop you there, so we can try and keep on track. We have, through movies etc. been led to believe that one jumps through a portal or vortex in order to come into a different time zone or parallel existence. Yet, you are saying this is not so?

No, we are not saying that. For there are different degrees of ‘jumping.’ For want of a better way of putting it.

There is your ‘every move, every thought’ degree … and there is your fully physical extraction into somewhere you may or may have not been before.

What is the difference?

A great deal.

This is getting a bit too far down the rabbit hole for me to follow to be honest. Not sure I am getting this.

It is indeed of great magnitude and perhaps a little too intense for us to explain.

If I was a scientist or physicist, would you be able to?

It makes no difference as to what one does Blossom. It is more the requirement of being able to put into simply formed words, something that is so intelligent in its workings and codings that it doesn’t make any sense!

You are right there.

The fact is …

Here we go …

This … all of this … that you are … that you know … the world that you consider yourself to be functioning in … doesn’t exist … in real terms. It is all in your imagination. Would we say … to assist … it is one big video game?

Yes. I have heard of this. This is nothing new … in that, it is all an illusion … even though I cannot and do not understand it … I can however accept it.

Therefore, capabilities on all levels are just a ‘switch’ in thought within that Game are they not?

Don’t ask me!!

In a video game you can programme different levels of that same level. ie. Easy, medium, hard … and you adapt accordingly. Yet, it is just a switch over of a button to ‘give you what you are choosing’.

You live your lives through choice. All that comes to you, all that happens to you is because of the choices you make … through thought. Nothing is set in stone. You change your codes as you go … as you experiment … as you experience … as you LIVE … as you LOVE.

And yet, these codes don’t actually exist?

In The Game they do.

Yet, The Game doesn’t exist?

Not in reality.

Then where.

In your mind.

 How come the mind can persuade itself to believe that I am a physical being in reality?

Because that is the programme. That is The Game you have chosen to be in … right now.

How far does this Game go?  Does it stop when I take my last breath on Earth?

Absolutely not.

Oh shoot me now!

Blossom … you are doing well to keep up so far!

So when does it stop? When do we reach the last square on the board?

You don’t. Yet that is not to say that you cannot and do not come in and out of The Game … when you choose to co-exist in Higher Vibrational realms that merely observe The Game and do not participate.

Well, that is what I sort of meant about when we pass over.

Yet, we then go into ‘realms’ of ‘what level’ of thought you choose to move into when you do.

For each one, each individual’s passing is unique. For each individual is unique … in its own thought … in its own story.

AND depending on one’s understanding of Being or not Being a FULL participant of/in The Game … will then determine whether or not when they ‘pass through’ the Earthly Vibration … they remain in The Game … or not!

Drugs … I need more drugs!

May we say here … to bring you back to Earth …

Lost my parachute!! Sorry!

All this … all of this that we are speaking to you about … MATTERS NOT!

Your essential purpose for/of your existence is to KNOW YOURSELF … and that means …



All this trying to understand about codes and dimensions is TRULY unnecessary at this stage of The Game. If you understood it all … what difference would it make? Would you change the coding? No. For it does it itself. Would you jump into a different lifetime? No. For you are doing that without even having to think.

What is there to change?

Only … ever … always … your thoughts about who you are. Continue to change those into a more Loving, receiving, giving, understanding, more compassionate way of LOVING YOURSELF.

That is all you need to do. That is all you are here to do.

For in doing so … you are changing the codes so dramatically … that the codes themselves then move into a different level … a different category … a different frequency of number sequences that vibrate beautifully to match that of your ever enlightened hearts.

Basically then … something I realised many moons ago … in order to get the hang of this Game … in order to get on top of it … and play it to the best of my /its ability … all I need to do, is spend each and every moment in Love. I haven’t mastered it yet … practice makes perfect!

You have hit the nail on the head.

Yep and after today’s session, something needed to hit me on the head to bring me back to my senses! Loving you muchly! And in such Gratitude for your LOVE.

We are always ‘in mind’ to each and every one. Be of great JOY. Such wonderful changes are there to greet you …further ahead.

Yep, so I’ll just keep on walking in that LIGHT and that LOVE. xxx


Make every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_DDBfwTX1g&feature=youtu.be

Please revisit The Invocation ‘We are the Game Changers’ whenever the mood takes you … to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.


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Heavenletter #5777 Goodness and Mercy for All, September 18, 2016

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Heavenletter #5777 Goodness and Mercy for All, September 18, 2016

God said:
When you think about it, what is so hard about giving goodness and mercy to all your neighbors and all your brothers and sisters? What is so hard about this? What can possibly prevent a Child of Mine from goodness and mercy to all?

Be in abiding Truth. Be One with Me and all others. Only on Earth does anyone depart from the Oneness Principle of Life. Take a look and sign your name. Your name is Oneness.

You are here on Earth for a short passage in Eternity. You live forever in Infinity but on Earth in the bodily form of you. You know that everyone’s physicality goes away, drops off, falls to the ground. You name this dying. In your perception, dying is too awful to contemplate. Worse than dying is living without Universal Love.

It is true that you, the soul of you, doesn’t out on one second of Life, I ask you again and again — What prevents you from living in peace with all around you?

I have even seen there may be whole classes of people you do not personally know that you may have been taught are different from you, and, therefore, some of you may consider these people as fair game for you to be unkind and merciless to. How can this be?

What gall. What arrogance. What a waste of life, to consider yourself the decider of what I, God, have created. Can there be foolishness greater than this? C’mon now.

When you consider yourself better than another, you feel the prickling of a rise in ego. You pat your ego on the head. Surely, there are other directions in which you can find your identity. What else but ego can give you the right to obscure the Beingness of others. How can you conceive of daring to do this?

Here’s the story: There is no one greater than you, and there is no one lesser than you. Never mind what the world may say. The world is as mistaken as you. The world view is not a true indicator of what is and what is not.

There is One God, and One Being under God. Wherever you look, you look into a mirror of yourself.

It is fallacy to dismiss even one other let alone whole groups of people who are as under My care as you.

Bullies take advantage of others and feel self-righteous. What is there for a bully to be proud about?

If you consider yourself superior to any other on Earth, you have a lot to learn.

There are those of you who may consider yourselves less than others. You also have a lot to learn.

It would seem that the so-called superior and the so-called inferior have a lot to learn from each other. Both of you are off-base.

You understand that I promote peace and not resentment. Whatever you may resent, take another look. You who like to take the role of superior place a crown on your head and put another down. You are colossal in your arrogance and ignorance. You are superior in your error of heart and vision. This is not to be smug about.

I send no one away from My Kingdom. I welcome all.

Learn from Me and accept all. Be as a brother or sister to everyone the way you have observed good will in congenial families.

Look, you are all My Guests on Earth for a short while. Even guests are to be hospitable to other guests.

I welcome you, and I ask you to welcome everyone on My Behalf. Please note that everyone is also you. Be My Love and be Love accordingly.

Be good-natured to all who roam the Earth with you. Be One with Me.

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At Standing Rock, a Sense of Purpose: “This Is How We Should Be Living”


By Sarah van Gelder, yesmagazine.org, September 14, 2016


Protecting the water and sacred sites brought people here. The experience of being here is changing lives.

Drive from Bismarck, North Dakota, to the Standing Rock encampment, and the sign that something unusual is happening is abrupt: a checkpoint staffed by the National Guard. Continue south, past rolling grasslands with an occasional farmhouse, until there is nothing but open space. Catch a glimpse of the Missouri River meandering back and forth, and a flock of white pelicans circling overhead.

Miles later, by the side of the road, stands a small encampment—tents, a camp kitchen, a group of people watching the road warily, banners declaring water, not oil, as sacred. Across the road is the bulldozed earth in an area that Standing Rock Sioux consider sacred. This is where the security forces with dogs attacked the people who call themselves water protectors.

The most dramatic moment, though, comes with the approach to the main encampment. Suddenly, just below the road, is a wide field covered in tents, teepees, and trucks. Lining the main entrance is flag after flag, each representing one of the indigenous nations that has offered its support to the Standing Rock Sioux and their fight against the Dakota Access pipeline.

The impact is powerful. So many people have traveled hundreds or thousands of miles to make this pilgrimage. When people first meet, they ask each other where they’re from. Some are old friends, but many represent tribes that have been estranged or enemies for generations. Many spoke of the arrival of representatives of the Crow Nation, who have a long history of supporting coal mining and working at odds with other tribes. They too came to support Standing Rock.

The purposefulness here overcomes everything—the determination that this time the damage will be stopped. This time, before the water is poisoned or another sacred site is bulldozed, the protectors will step in.

That sense of purpose pervades the camp. While some plan the next direct action or post on social media, others split wood for fires, sort the river of donations flowing unabated into the camp, or cook for thousands of people in makeshift camp kitchens.

This time, before the water is poisoned or another sacred site is bulldozed, the protectors will step in.

I had arrived with Sweetwater Naanuck and her friend Kim Morera, pulling a horse trailer, and as we set up our tents, a young man on horseback came by to check on us. Later, a small all-terrain vehicle pulled up with jugs of water for the horse and the campers. Others stopped to offer donated kitchen supplies, food, and a garbage pickup. Naanuck set out to find people to complete the banners for the Northwest tribes’ “Paddle to Standing Rock,” and soon returned with a crew of young people.

Up at the ceremonial grounds by the entrance, hundreds line up for dinner. No money changes hands. The flags whip in the wind. A prayer, then a speech, then a song fills the air.

Life at the water protectors’ encampment is much like life was for millions of years of human evolution—close to the earth, near a river, clustered in family and community camps. There’s a rightness to these connections and to the feeling that people here will help you when you need it.

Here, with a purpose that threads through generations, work, celebration, and activism are a seamless whole. Young people ride through the camp on horseback among tents and teepees. Are they providing security, learning traditional animal caretaking, or just having fun together? Elders tell stories of Wounded Knee, say prayers, and sing. Are they educating the next generation, building coherence, or guiding the actions? These things are not separate. They are all of a piece, all about rebuilding indigenous ways of life and standing against further destruction.

People come and go. Some depart after a few days or weeks, but their reluctance to leave shows. Others are making plans to live in wood-heated tents and teepees through North Dakota’s bitter cold winter.

This is how we should be living, one person at our camp says. We give what we have to give, and take what we need.

Protecting the water and sacred sites brought people here. But the experience of being here is changing lives and creating renewed unity across indigenous nations, and with it a purpose and power and confidence that will not be easily extinguished.

The Power of Balance and Balancing Power – Update from Shanta Gabriel

Update from Shanta Gabriel
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The Power of Balance and Balancing Power

Every year the Equinox is a time when all of Nature expresses the perfect balance of light and dark. When we tune into the power of this natural order within all things, we are able to reset the energy systems within our own bodies. From that place of Balance within, we can use the powerful frequencies of Divine Light to bring more Balance into the world.

On this Equinox day of September 22 at 4:00 pm PDT, I will be conducting a teleconference to help reset your energy systems so we can continue to experience the natural order of Balance on all the days of the year. In the Northern Hemisphere, we are entering the season of autumn and reaping the last harvest before winter sets in.

Joining me for this empowering Equinox day of Balance will be Shamanic Astrologer Kelly Beard, who will bring new insights and astrological coherence into our time together. The expansiveness of the planetary possibilities at this pivotal time in history provides extraordinary opportunities for us to use the support available to create the changes we want in our lives, and ride the big waves of high-frequency energies.

When we are in a group that is holding such an exalted purpose together, it offers an excellent opportunity to pray together and bring blessings and beautiful intentions for Balance to the world. A special time will be set aside during the conference for this purpose.

Through my class series Walking with the Archangels Through Life, I have been blessed by new messages that carry the transmissions of the Archangels whose resonance is within the seven main chakras of our subtle bodies. The message from Archangel Metatron carries so much power and blessing energy that I wanted to share it with you.

The first line of his message is intriguing and includes some angelic humor. My interpretation is that when we allow the illumined consciousness of the Archangels to work through us, we experience an expansion that stretches us into new territory. We never go back to being the same after that level of expansion.

My experience has shown me truly that the teachings of the Archangels enlighten each of us with a powerful connection to the Divine Source of Light. This expansion has been significant for my life, and I am sure many will agree. Whatever vehicle of enlightenment we use blesses the world through us.

Please join us for this special Equinox event! 

All in Balance, Shanta

A Message from Archangel Metatron

Illumination is mine, expansion is thine. Through these teachings, your Earth plane becomes enlightened with the pure Source energy.

The fields of Transcendent Thought are a reality that can bring new levels of Harmony and Joy into your life. As you access new fields of high-frequency connection, your evolution as Source Energy Ever Expanding into the New Dimensions of Earth increases.

Through your personal work in aligning the chakras, you have been growing more deeply connected to the spiritual core of your being. This then allows you to use this focus on the chakras as a meditation tool to bring more alignment into every area of your life.

When you open yourself to the currents of Divine Light from Source energy through your Crown chakra in meditation, you prepare your body to receive greater frequencies without damage or upheaval to your nervous system. In fact, meditation with Light is one of the most soothing general tonics you can use for an overstimulated nervous system, which so many of you energetically sensitive souls are experiencing.

The gifts you receive from this ancient and angelic form of meditation are far greater than they appear in the moment. You are tapping into levels of Divine Grace that you have never experienced.

Far more transcendent awareness becomes available when you allow yourself time to sit in these beautiful fields of Golden Light. It is the realm of the Angels working in your life to bring Divinity into your daily practice and uplift your life on all levels.

This daily immersion into Light through your meditation will bring new dimensions of Grace into your life. It is important to remember to call forth Divine Grace into your world so you can live in a field of Grace and Ease at all times.

Know that the River of All Creation flows through you in mighty currents and provides all the energy you need. With this awareness you can access greater levels of Love and Intelligence through the power of Divine Light as it flows into your energy system, greatly enhancing your life. Not only is this empowering for you, but through this activity you become a blessing to the world.

Even though you are seeking Illuminated Consciousness from the Source, we also want to take you back to your roots. We mean this literally, because accessing the wisdom of Infinite Intelligence requires a Grounding System that allows you to bring it into conscious awareness. The grandeur of Exalted Consciousness is too expansive to become a permanent fixture in your earthly life without the momentum and anchor of a root system that assists you to bring these exalted states back to human awareness.

You can live in wholeness when you keep a rooted system of connection to the Earth that allows you to stay clear and to live in greater Harmony with all aspects of your self. The provisions you have been making to open the channels through your chakra system ignite the frequencies necessary to spark inspired action in your life.

Creation of new life requires accessing your Divine Potential and Expansive Insight. Using the pure descending current of consciousness through your physical form anchors these higher frequencies on the Earth. This descending current is what allows your light body to develop. Through your conscious awareness of Divine Light, you are creating the power of Divine Development. Accessing the wisdom of Infinite Consciousness is a goal many are seeking outside of themselves, when in truth this attunement is only possible within the refined current of your being.

The melding of Divine Consciousness with human awareness is an inside job. The pressure you feel to achieve these states is only the Infinite Presence working in you, spurring you on to greater heights of understanding so you can create ordinary ways of life that are sparked with Divinity on all levels. We say ordinary because that is how you think, but from our perspective, there is nothing ordinary about human life on Earth. Your life is an extraordinary adventure. It would help you if you only would believe this were true, because from our perspective it is.

Allow Divinity to pour through you from the highest Source energy bringing Divine Light through every aspect of your life. Whenever two or more are gathered, as it is said, an opportunity to bless all of humanity and Earth with the high frequencies of Creative Solutions and over-arching grandeur takes precedence. We are partnering with you to bless all of life.

Use this opportunity to change the world and bring Heaven to Earth. Spread heavenly Grace and Divine Love throughout all humanity. Uplift the frequencies of your life so all humanity may know they also have the gifts they need to thrive in greater ways than they imagine possible. Use the power of your blessing to impulse a new wave of consciousness that can bring forth all that is required for Harmony within all beings and throughout all life. Loving care of the Earth is only a blessing away.

Your ability to access these higher states of consciousness creates the responsibility to bring them to Earth so all may thrive in awakening of new more conscious way of life.

We have said that all humanity now has a chance to awaken in ways that were only possible for a few in other generations. Whenever new life is required on Earth, new openings into the gateways of Heaven occur. This is that time.

Access the Portal of All Possibility through your focus of awareness and bless the Earth with an exalted Breath of Life. You are the masters of this new time, and it is through your blessings that a new Golden Age on Earth is born. It is why you chose to be here now — to usher in a new age from the realms of chaos. You are here to establish a foundation that empowers the proverbial Phoenix to rise out of the ashes of the old paradigm and creates Light Fields that allow Harmony, Well-Being and Peace to prevail on the Earth.

And most of all, you are here to anchor the Divine Love that you are on an Earth that is parched, and needing to be fed and nourished by what only your Love can give. New life awaits your blessing. Give it freely and you will receive in ways you have never known.

Above all remember that all is well and so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Metatron
September 15, 2016

New Guided Meditation
Currents of Divine Light – mp3

In this deeply empowering meditation, there is a transmission from Archangel Gabriel that invites the new frequencies of Light to activate the Force of All Creation to blend your Divinity with your humanity, so you expand into a state of Blessing and become a Beacon of Light to the world.

You will experience the activation of Faith in your heart bringing you into your natural state of Love with an alignment to the Light of Source Energy. From this place you can remember that you are never alone.

Using the Microcosmic Current of the breath, you are connected to the Manifestation and Liberation Currents of the body. This breath technique is said to be the most powerful technique in Qigong for elevating spiritual awareness. Regular practice increases strength, intelligence and vitality, according to Taoist systems.

Archangel Metatron says: Creation of new life requires accessing your Divine Potential and Expansive Insight, with the pure descending current of consciousness through your physical form to anchor these higher frequencies on the Earth. This descending current is what allows your light body to develop. Through your conscious awareness of Divine Light you are creating the power of Divine Development. Accessing the wisdom of Infinite Consciousness is a goal many are seeking outside of themselves, when in truth this attunement is only possible within the refined current of your being.

As you use this meditation, you will be gently guided through the pathways of the breath to use these natural currents of Divine Light to bring more Grace and Balance into every level of your life.

Introductory Offer! Purchase the new Currents of Light Meditation by September 21 for only $9.00. Regular price is $12.

Bonus Offer! Purchase the new Currents of Light Meditation and the Archangel Metatron Meditation together for only $25.00The Crown chakra, where Archangel Metatron is represented, feeds you with the constant spiritual energy of Divine Light. Through your connection to your seventh chakra and Archangel Metatron, you receive wisdom and spiritual insight for your daily world.

Archangel Metatron is the Master of the Void, that place of Pure Potential the physicists speak of. Metatron guides you to Unity with God and can be a guide through the interdimensional gateways. You can call on him to give you more courage when facing the Unknown.

Archangel Metatron also helps you to understand with more clarity the consequences of your actions, and can help you to recognize and resolve the obstacles in your path.

Purchase meditations here.

About Shanta

Shanta GabrielShanta Gabriel is an author, way-shower and Angel Communicator, whose life is devoted to Bridging Heaven and Earth by alignment, immersion, and connection with the Archangels with whom she has trained for over 25 years. She shares this work by facilitating and inviting people into a direct experience of Infinite Intelligence and Love transmitted through her voice.

For more information about her classes, private sessions and products, visit her site at www.ShantaGabriel.com.

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Sheldan Nidle – September 13, 2016

Sheldan Nidle – September 13, 2016

10 Cimi, 9 Zip, 13 Caban

Selamat Jalwa! Your reality is about to undergo a massive alteration in how it views this ever-changing world. Long ago, when the Anunnaki took over this planet, they saw a small group of special humans that had been altered by the Atlanteans for their own selfish purposes. Over the past nearly 13 millennia, these humans have been shaped to please the Anunnaki’s many dark desires. This process had nearly reached a point of no return when Heaven formally intervened around four decades ago. Heaven decreed that we come to this solar system and immediately begin a mission that was eventually to return you to Galactic Human status. At first, we contacted the Agarthans of Inner Earth and their associates, the Ascended Masters. These initial forays yielded only a very brief sketch of how events were staged in this reality. We then talked with the Ascended Masters’ prime associates, the special spiritual Elders and Royals pointed out by our original contacts. It took us over a decade of constant consultations to reach a number of agreements. These talks enabled us to initiate a series of plans that are only now becoming viable.

These plans call for your present reality to be significantly altered. The greatest alterations are due to your growth in consciousness, which is allowing you to accept two vital points. The first point is that you are not alone and the second is that your origins are not of this world. You came here as Galactic Human colonists in divine service to Gaia to blessedly assist Gaia’s wondrously diverse ecosystems. You were diverted from this noble path by the Atlanteans and then by their devious successors, the Anunnaki. This process flung you into limited consciousness and permitted the Anunnaki to “play” with you ever since. Our initial task was to see how Heaven and your spiritual guides were working to alter this abominable situation. So far, several plans have been presented to us that are to precede our landings. These requisite changes are to swiftly transform those systems that currently hold you in a kind of ugly bondage. These transformations are to be in operation shortly. Then, various new governances can prepare this world for our much-needed arrival.

Those who are transforming this orb deeply desire to end the reign of tyranny that has existed for the two decades since the Anunnaki left in the mid-1990s. The minions of the Anunnaki stayed in power and solemnly refused to allow the changes. Instead, they concocted schemes to prolong their position in this surface world’s “catbird seat.” This arrogance was not defeated until the very last part of your year 2015. The present moments are concerned with implementing a plan that was agreed to only at the very start of this present year. As this plan springs forward, we are observing how those who represent the Light operate in this realm. The dark minion’s degree of arrogance cannot be overstated. In spite of their defeat, they are forcing the Light to maintain this reality as though it has never changed. Yet, in fact, the dark’s grip on this realm is legally over. Agreements signed with many of their regimes point out that a series of new regulations put the Light and its new banking and monetary reforms in charge of this surface realm.

This amazing set of circumstances astounds us. This means of initial transformation belies how quickly events are moving to vastly alter this world. A new system is in place and ready to change the workings of this realm. In our realm, this would have been done years ago. Those who have given up must resign and be willing to accept proper responsibility for what they have done. The present global shame should be ended and the new governance put fully in charge. The dark minions played hard and salaciously to stay in power and they clearly lost. This giant game of waiting for the inevitable to suddenly appear has taken much too long for our liking. Despite this, those who know you swear that this current charade is appropriate, as a number of key decisions had to be made within certain needed requirements available. We have therefore acceded to these demands. We expect that those events and fundings now underway are to manifest at the chosen time. We further expect that these schedules are to be met, allowing all of you to thoroughly enjoy this long-awaited triumph!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! Over the past few decades, you have watched your lives held seemingly in abeyance, as those who work for the Light sought how best to restore the natural order of this realm. Centuries ago, the dark discovered how to use its search for oil and other natural resources as a means to distort the way this orb takes care of her charges. This sudden need to mine, manufacture and distill greatly altered the way everything operates. Gaia suddenly saw great turmoil begin to arise as the weather and tides were redirected to a new rhythm. We Masters watched in dismay as Gaia’s weather and water patterns began, slowly at first, to follow new courses. This was merely the beginning of a centuries-long attempt to seize this realm and make each aspect of it move as the Anunnaki and its minions so desired. Blessedly, this mad reordering is now failing and the old order is shortly to be restored. This was yet another sign of the dark’s failure.

The current time, dear Hearts, is about applying your marvelous vision to your true passions. A vast abundance of funds is to be distributed in the coming months to empower you. Look within and determine what project deeply drives your inner Soul and then apply yourself to it. When these asked-for funds arrive, plunge in and, with good humor, start to manifest this sacred dream. Involve yourself with others and make it a true community endeavor. Out of these are to come a new perception of this world. It is to be one in which all merge into a greater community of Love, Light and mutual caring! You are then closer to understanding the glorious realm of your desire to help others and the joy of inner accomplishments. To this end, you are to grow in consciousness and in grace.

This new world is to begin a procedure to return humanity to Heaven and to the stars. The greatest joy comes from helping one another in Love, and showing everyone the wonders of mercy. This joy is something that all of you need to experience. We Masters enjoy it most when even those who dislike one another learn how much better it is to Love and forgive each other. Hence, always keep yourself ready for the miracle that is forgiveness. Each life here is merely a stepping-stone to better understanding the power of divine grace and the miracles that ensue from applying divine mercy. It is often said that grace and mercy are the twin pillars of wisdom. Use your passions to bring this out in yourself and, especially, in others. What is unfolding here is to manifest as both a deed of grace and mercy and the joy of true forgiveness. Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Today, we continued our reports. Everywhere, Gaia is preparing this surface realm for a truly joyous surprise. Bear in mind that Heaven is diligently moving you toward a glorious return to full consciousness! Know, dear Ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Website: Planetary Activation Organization

Worldwide Visualization for a Breakthrough – Please Join Us!


Sarah Shiddian
10 hrs ·

WE ARE FREE. ❤ (Sarah)

RV/GCR/GESARA Intel Update

9.12.16 5:47:00 PM Emailed, Intel

Received anonymously via email at 5:10 PM EDT. ~ Dinar Chronicles

For Your Consideration…

All sovereign nations of the world have signed into 30 mutual binding treaties at the G20 Summit in China recently; Summarized, the treaties say human beings will no longer "do harm to the earth or its inhabitants."

These treaties, unified into one movement, is called GESARA, and it was fascinated by higher intelligence beings who wish to re-enter our society after a nearly 13 millennia hiatus.

Any nation, individual or species violating these treaties (GESARA) will be removed from society and/or the planet's surface by Heavenly mandate by Galactic Federation Peace Keeping Forces — which oversee Earth's galaxy.

Every sovereign nation in the world knows about GESARA, as well as the higher intelligent species on the surface of the Earth, and have agreed to roll out some form of non-human terrestrial life (aka "disclosure') in an organized, synced and highly disciplined manner for the safety of all.

Hillary Clinton will suddenly fall ill and pass away, at the same time, the invisible RV will release. This is a planned event that has long been scripted, although it will be made to appear random for the safety and security of the masses.

Donald Trump has chosen to spend his own money, as well as his own time to campaign, because he clearly does not desire the job of top of government diplomat, nor does he care to understand the real issues facing our country at a detailed level.

The Donald knows full well he will never be President, as such he's playing a role of informing the public, subtly and not so subtly sometimes, of the cabal's deceit in service of the Republic.

Trump also knows with just one ZIM note redeemed, he will instantly recuperate everything he's put out plus a handsome return rate — and this was a deal he made years earlier with the Chinese/Russian governments — and this is the main reason why he entered the race for President — money and fame.

All major news media outlets are covering up all truthful information: Hillary Clinton's emails / Clinton Foundation Donors / her ever declining health… because they are as guilty of treason against humanity as she and her husband are.

The God's honest truth about 9/11 implicates everyone that was involved with G7 governments before, during and after the attacks, as complicit to treason against the Republic of United States.

The US Military has fiscally been defeated by the creditors of US debt, and thus are only allowed to defend its own borders and population within those borders. They are being driven out of every other nation in the world where they have bases and interests.

Our entire political system has been so completely and absolutely corrupted, the only solution left was to let die this upcoming election cycle, and 100% replace it with a new US Republic Government System that the rest of the world agreed to via those 30 different G20 treaties.

Your new President, Vice President and Speaker of the House have all already been chosen for you, and you will be selecting from a pool of candidates that have been pre-approved by the UN Security Council.

None will be named Clinton, Trump, Kaine or Pence — as they are all playing a role to assist in the structural transition of government back to the Republic.

The Supreme Court bench, which means all justices, have been 100% replaced, as well, without your knowing, so mass panic would not commence. You will be informed of this shortly.

The global financial system has undergone a similar, yet complete structural overhaul without your awareness, and all markets globally are now under the full control of a global monetary authority that forbids high frequency trading, price rigging and/or abuse of markets, equities and commodities trading, with a 100% capital termination penalty if violated.

A vast majority of the cabal families previously running the planet for several centuries, and the higher minds that assisted these dark noble families in the enslavement of mankind vibrationally for over a dozen millennia, have been permanently removed from the surface of the earth.

Meaning, you can stop obsessing over their dominance as its like boxing with a shadow — it's not really there.

The House of Rothschild has been permanently defeated, and their banking and para-military dominance totally eliminated, never to return.

Zimbabwe's currency has been chosen as the new reserve currency of the African Continent and it's worth is invaluable by human standards because it's monetary value is based on the raw earth elements within the entire continent of Africa — which is incalculable.

Soon all of you will be stepping into a banking off-site redemption location and determining your own life's worth, without limitation, for the first and only time in the history of mankind, due to the ZIM alone.

Cannabis oil is a physically healthy and life preserving medicinal herb given to us by God.

This means smoking pot is both a healing event, and why the cabal made it illegal, as it also opens up the third eye of consciousness, which makes it much easier to see their lies.

The Lemurian continent existed, as did Atlantean continent, before the great flood in old testament times — and both will rise out of the water when the pole shifts begin to reconstitute the earth's new vibrational harmony — and both histories will be revealed to humanity in a peaceful, loving manner.

Mu (Lemuria) is Eden and the birth place of humanity. And the Pacific Ocean is where the Divine Feminine Spirit has always been headquartered. The equivalent Male Divine Spirit is located in the Atlantic.

The earth's magnetic poles have been shifting from a male dominated energy to more feminine/male balance.

This is pure human harmony or 528 Hz "the love frequency." Native Hawaiians refer to its earthly song as ALOHA.

There is no struggle but the struggle you manufacture so that you may appear active in pursuit of a man-made goal.

If you are at peace, and in the moment, you will manifest God's Will for your life, versus forcing your will into existence — which cannot sustain itself because it did not come from the Creator.

You are free.

DL Zeta: Eclipse Energies and the Unified Field of the New Time

DL Zeta: Eclipse Energies and the Unified Field of the New Time

September 13, 2016 by Angela Newberry

DL ZetaThe energies of the Sept. 16 full moon eclipse in Pisces are already filtering in, helping anchor and amplify the new time on planet Earth. This is the third in a rare triad of eclipses that began with the Aug. 18 lunar eclipse in Aquarius and amping up with the Sept. 1 solar eclipse in Virgo. These two recent eclipse series set in place a unified field of love, cooperation and peace. Over the next few days, this field will be amplified by the powerful lunar eclipse.

The lunar eclipse in Pisces may initially give rise to feelings of anger and you may have the sense of pushing against limitations and old thought patterns that are holding you in place. These energies hold the power to help us gain clarity and insight into our lives and to enter a place of greater humility, compassion, love and forgiveness. Self-forgiveness is especially important as we gain awareness of ways we have allowed ourselves to remain in old habits and patterns.

This is not a time to be concerned with the past, but a time to look to new potentials and allow yourself to be guided toward what excites you and feeds you at all levels, mind, body and soul. Set the intention to align with the unified field of this amazing energetic time, and to harness the energies of this time to empower your visions and transport you further into the new time.

The Transformative Power of Eclipses

A lunar eclipse occurs during a full moon when the earth moves exactly between the sun and moon, effectively short-circuiting their natural connection. The lunar eclipse occurs at 24° Pisces and its effects are being experienced by many. The effects of eclipses can be felt three months or more prior to an eclipse and for up to a year afterward.

Eclipses are major turning points at both the collective and individual levels. The sign of an eclipse offers clues as to the themes that are due for a change. At the personal level, the planets and houses impacted by an eclipse offer insights into the transformative changes that beacon to us on the road ahead.

During the Sept. 16 lunar eclipse, we are asked collectively and individually to examine if anything stands in the way of our spiritual expansion, visions and ability to receive the love and abundance that is our natural birthright. Pisces is compassionate, adaptable, creative, imaginative, sensitive and accepting. These are some of the ingredients needed at this time to help shift humanity. It is time to jettison old beliefs and world views that limit and enslave us and prevent us from recognizing our true spiritual nature and identity.

Our Astrology Chart Depicts the Personal Impact of an Eclipse

Everyone feels the effects of an eclipse differently. The type of impact and its intensity and duration depends on where an eclipse falls in a person’s astrology chart. If an eclipse falls within 3° of a planet or an important point in your chart by conjunction or opposition, it is of special significance to you. The nature of the planet impacted by the eclipse offers clues to the experiences that lie ahead.

The energies of a lunar eclipse have a way of magnifying any unresolved emotional issues so we can shine the light of our present-moment awareness on them. Our spiritual communion and insights are intensified during a full moon and even more so during a lunar eclipse, heightening our powers of spiritual perception. Combined, these allow us to heal and release emotional energy held in past traumas.

Navigating by Intuitive Knowing during the Eclipse

Shifting emotions during this time make it difficult to navigate in our usual way. It’ll be necessary for us to stay tuned to our intuitive knowing to understand the energetic shifts that will take place over the next few days. This is a good time to examine our beliefs and observe if we hold any beliefs that are limiting us from experiencing our true path of joy.

You may notice during this time odd and chaotic events unfolding in the world around you. You may witness others struggling with the intense energies of this time. Whatever is going on around you, hold in awareness that the powerful energies are affecting others as well. Entering a place of observing without acting is wise during this time. It is also wise to refrain from making major life decisions during this period.

Interpreting the Symbols of Events Unfolding during an Eclipse

It is helpful to observe details of events that happen during this time and interpret the symbols of these events just as you when interpret the symbols of a dream. This is a good technique to use any time, but the heightened energies of the eclipse make this time ripe for powerful insights and breakthroughs that can change the course of one’s life.

Coming Home to Center

This is a time to examine the ways in which we may be overextended. In order to step more fully into the new time it’s important to build a strong foundation to support our explorations in consciousness. It may be challenging to build this foundation when we are overextended in ways that drain our energy and distract our focus. Thought viruses, for example, tend to capture and enslave our attention in ways that are both depleting and destructive. As we bring our energy into harmony and balance and focus it toward fulfilling our spiritual purpose, we are able to make the most of the opportunities afforded by this eclipse.

Visiting the Unified Field in Consciousness

This eclipse signals a time when the veils between dimensions thin and we’re more able to tune into cosmic energy radiated by high spiritual beings, and from the stars and constellations that radiate very high spiritual energy. The full moon is a time when people of every spiritual path join together in consciousness to focus spiritual energy needed to build a world of justice, unity, love and peace. Everyone everywhere is able to join the unified field of this time in consciousness. Even if you are unable to tune in at the exact time of the eclipse, you can enter a meditative state anytime in the next few days and allow yourself to be transported.

“Eclipse Energies and the Unified Field of the New Time,” by DL Zeta, September 10, 2016, at https://madmimi.com/p/cd2ca8?fe=1&pact=6703-134230561-7679043571-7f253767d0acd95fcacbbf3b014c315b42dd5c8e

Source Link: DL Zeta’s Celestial Vision September 10, 2016

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