Update after June Solstice 2014 and passing another Great Portal with the Tsunami of Love

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Status Update
By Eva Maria Holstein
Update of my life now after Solstice ….. : wie ich mich jetzt fühle nach der Sonnenwende …. my sensations now after going through Solstice ………..Apparently there was another great Portal to be passed for all of us on Solstice … at least it was the case for me … as apparently the downloaded flares – socalled “Tsunami of Love” was reaching their peak here in Northern Germany as from 4.00 – 9.00 a.m. … I woke up at that time groaning with heart-pains and heart-attacks … just like the other time when passing through the last portal of consciousness …when according to duality-matrix (already gone) I wass to pass over in the old habitual way of leaving my body ) and I did not but instead was led through that portal by all my celestial guides lining up at the side of the passage.
Pains and severe heart-palpitations were just the same now yesterday … but I knew more about it now … so I tried again everything to ameliorate these pains … Drank Water, hot peppermint-tea, wrote the resp. code down on my heart … well, I did eveerything I knew …ToolBox with calling up AARaphael and St.Gemain …. until I relaized … this must have been another great Portal opening up on Solstice at the Standstill of the Sun …. and it had to be passed through …..
Closed m eyes – tried to calm down all bodioy cells too and vizualized all my celestial guides of mine lning up sideways of the passage through the portal — just as they had done with the previous one ….. and then they ventured it through … being shoved, grabbed by their hands and pulled … giving me all the help they could …. and I finally made it though ….Hurrah ! For a short while — I saw with my inner third eye a field before me of the hight brilliance whiteness you may imagine — snowwhite and brilliantly shining … just had a fleetin glimpse of feeling surprised at it ….. and deeply enjoyed it too ,,,,,, it lingered on for a while and returned to the habitual shade as before ….
Now I ask myself was this the attached experience of looking into the higher realm of Spirit for some moments in the Time of Now and Zero ? and did I return then back ito the planes of our changing – floating and ascending planet again – since it is told us so many times (see Hour with an Angel of Steve B.) This may very well be the case with me here too.And after all that gloing through myself yesterday … I was quite tired all the day but this did not prevent me from doing some more work of translating in the late afternoon … which went on so happily and floatingly like never before …

I even perceived feeling better and more painless bit by bit and had during this night enjoyed the blessin of a deep and undisturbed sleep with many dreams which I cannot recall now.

All went well and I am happy to share it with all of you here too.
Namasté Evamaria

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Posted: 15 Apr 2014 01:14 PM PDT

Many of us can feel the squeezing and pushing effect of a gateway opening.
When a gateway is approaching us and Earth, we feel the energy of it days before it fully arrives.
We always have preparation time before crossing a gateway and entering into a new, higher vibrational energy space.
The energies of an approaching gateway ‘pushes our buttons’, stimulating us to let go of old beliefs, ideas, karmic or stuck energies and essentially anything that we do not need to (nor want to) drag into the new energy space.
Therefore the preparation time can be an intense experience for many.
Depending on our individual soul plan, each of us can be affected differently before and after crossing a gateway.
When we are ready on the soul level to shift up to a higher level of awareness, and also to interact with higher vibrational energies, then a gateway crossing is a significant event in our lives and soul journey.
We cannot really know what awaits us on the other side of the gateway, but we can clearly feel the pressure of the approaching energies within our physical, mental and emotional bodies.
(Mostly we just want to sleep as we feel tired with no apparent reason.)
The pressure that we feel is in fact a clear indicator of the new space that we are about to enter.
It is crucial for us to have preparation time, because our bodies needs to be ready to interact with the new energies of our new space.
Therefore we need time to release energy blockages from our physical body, old beliefs from our awareness and certain emotions that would not serve us well in the new space.
None of this is an easy task.
However, the more we manage to deal with the old, the more we will be able to benefit from our new space and all that it has to offer us, ones we have crossed over.
If we take our old ‘baggage’ into the new, that means we will still be dealing with our old issues, instead of fully merging with the new and benefiting from it.
We are having these universal events over and over again as these gateways are an extremely important part of the Earth’s and our ascension process.
We feel the pressure of the gateways and we might feel that their energies are ‘pushing’ us and that is actually correct. If we need the ‘push’ to move forward then that is what we are experiencing.
But, if we surrender to these energies and acknowledge the importance of the preparation time, releasing everything that needs to be left behind, then we will have a different experience with each gateway.
A huge gateway is opening currently and I know many of you can feel the effect of it.
Therefore I would like to encourage you all to be prepared for the crossing, so you will be able to fully merge with the new on the other side of this gateway.
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